14 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

14 Ağustos 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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EVENING STAR. WHCN I WOULD DIE . VW G w* I would not die In winter, * - r WhM future's heart I* cold; And the lowed of life are lying Low fn the frozen mould. When stormy winds are watting A dirge for the summer's doom, And nn.ieen hands are wreathing ? NThtte garlands o'er her tomb? No, I would not die In winter ' I vamUl nit die in autumn ; My saddened spirit grieves - To count the fhding (lower*. And to watoh the falling leaven ; To tee the reapers standing ' ' Amid the golden grain, And tfrCAnk of golden harvest, 1 sluui n-ver see again. r would not die in Antumn ? 1 we M not die i* summer, Be * jftk tk.-\? trelag sky. w hen th<- channel* of the brooklets, And the mountain streams are dry. When rile*, e, dreary silence, Rule* the forest and the glen ; And the pri>e of life beats only In the festfeae hearts at men. ? ? o-L Tiifil 111 But I would die in springtime, When all is height and fair, And the perfume of sweet flowers , ' Is floating through Ihe alr. . : When MWTr'sln Ikeinotmtain, i .\j.d music In the vale, 7 A?d music. only music, In every passing gale. \ ea, i would die in Spring-time! W hen evening shadow* tremble Before the ?afes of night, And the happy any is dying 1 n a dream ef pure delight. From all ea:th's fading glories ' To Haven's undying day; ' Mv world-lmarisoued ?pirit Would alaaiy tlee away To Heaven's eternal Sprlng-tirae! ? -? How thu Mew Fuel.?It is said to be a se rious thing for a girl to leave mamma, nod entrust herself to the keeping of the tnaft of herbeatt No doubt it is so, but we propose to sh w thst crcn the sterner sex Cannot sur rende* up their finglenesa without some mis givings and ttvpidatiwn. In the first place, then, ihevicti^i cf matrimony feels thai he ua.'t rnrrer.d^f up the companion* with-whom he has *> held close communion. His evenit>f. instead of being spent socially with friends* in a moonlight drive, or quiet stroll out of town, at the theatre, the armory, or the engine-b'JU?o, must be devoted to a charming young creature, Wh03o guileless heart must find very different entertainment fromth.it to which be has been scou-itcincd. lint this i- not all. Ho know.-- that, after he has bccome hound iu the silken conl of matri mony. he no longer a welcome visitant in .those ciT<4e* where, while tree, wreathing smiles aud glw?wiag eyes strove to weave a net, for his feet. lie tTn"ws that while a *? bache lor is welcome wherever be goes,1' a married man is regjud?d as csadeid. and is eroased off the bt?ok*. being 1.0 louder *? available'' to the fair. In addition to *11 those unhappy circumstance*. he has l>ec<>?ae the head of a family. Then? Throng the 1>im^ sliapcs IntOhi* mind" of moift ti'Utfisc iiik-' expensive jewelry, anvl costly chawi.-?of butchers", bakers*, grocers', and doctor's Mlb?and dnns for debts be never reaped the benefit of. Like a horse in a bark mill, ho baj a ta?k to perforin l'or others. He is no longer free to embrace poverty or wealth No wontfer "thit the young bachelor looks sad when the hour of hi* ect^ralment ap Eroaches.- No wonder that, wilh an angel at is fide, he looks wT>ful ' What Doks tt 7?Look at the man wb^ suc ceeds in life What does it ? This: Ho choos es a trade, calling, profession, or what net, and stick* to it. He digs, works, labors in it. making all thing*, all circumstance*, and a* far as may be. aii men tributary to it. Tn? successful man is always the man of enthusi asm. He invariably need everything, small, or large wub a heart?-just as ti*mzh the thin? came into (he world for his especial execution. There is not a business followed by man. if iu be reasonr ble in its nature, and is carried on in adceent place, but will be successful if tho right nvians be applied to it It is the man behind that determines the result. What can be expected of a man who has no pluck, no industry no originality; no eonrage^ Not much- It 14 tho man vf nerve, enthusiasm, intelligent and consecutive exact worker: who i< ?u<:cc?:.\il. ? -11 '? ? Tatt 7. ?f:";ns or*niE Heart.? "Youmay fp into a ball-room,'' writes the author of Human Nature, "where there are two hundred women. One hui ired and ninyty-n'uue of them you wii! pass with i*mui'h ind!.iT?r?uce as one hundred aud ninety-nine pullets; li>it"Tlie two hundredth irresistibly draws you % her. There are one hundred handsomer and niqpt^-uine cleverer ones present; bnt svje alone has the magnet that jit tracts you. No w. what i3 that magneto Is it her manner ?,hat charms ? Is it her rolce that strikes on one ot these thousand and one chords of yon? uirroos system, and makes it vibrate nsS'Mind dots on hollow glass? Or do her eyes effect rva, that you havo no time to re flect, and po opportunity tor your head to judge bow you can u?ge*t the notions they have put into it.' Or is it animal magnetism, or what the plague is it?" |y* Parson D , Orthodox, of Marble head, liked a joke; so did Parson A Baptist. The letter being near the former's house, when a shower came up, called on parson D , and requested the loan of a umbrella. ' I thought, said Parson D , ' that you liked wattr*' "So I do." ?aid the Baptist, "but I wi*h to avoid 9frimkli*g.yy i KVTEMtisxa or oim itjkamers. iVari t. Ltc.vtt' Tor Day. Union Havre New York.. Aug. 1 Au.erica Liverpool Boston Aug. 1 Ariel. ...ffMr \erk Havre Aug. 11 vVa-?hlngton.N*w York tSouth'pton.Aug. 11 Paritic Liverpool New York Aug. 11 North Star Havre..........New York. Aug. 11 Herni'i??n Southampton'.. New York. Aug. 1 -J Asia Boston Liverpool. .Aug 1 j Baltic New York Liverpool. Aug. 2>J Union .New York Havre Aug. X5 ID- The California steacitr* leave New York on the Mh a^d 'iuth cI each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL MOTELS. Browns' Hotel?t t. & K. siowr H Gilltw*. Va S A Holmes A lady, NC W fT FreacL, Pa ' .Mixs S K Ashe, do G IUrd.ng, do 11 C Jt?rr&t, Md C E Ferris A lad/, Del J O Laudr), La MIm 8 A Ferris, do 11 TLackara, I'a L W Leeds. Pa J \V Delaplain, la J F Moore, >id J C SiUon A family, Mo P F Cheecs, do P Lawsoa, Mass T S Grtsen, da A W Dunbar. Mi H C Scott, jr, do C M Kalb A lady, Ga L F LIap?ou, LC G W Farrant A daugh G Turner, Ya ?tr, Va Miss R Taj lor, Co Mr Auld A family, Md J Patlon, do 11 Ro??e,"Va Willaru** U?tel ?u. a. A J. c. w.ll^s G Stonen?a)i, Cat N Rohbins A lady, Maa? KB Wells, NY A !*olL, ski, France ' J K Tate * nelce, d<? J W lisyne* C?1 C A Conrad A bro, ?mitb. Tenu C II Well*, tfN V Karrntt. Pa G H"Bro\*n. PC J O U? ue*. Mass Col Chambers tnd Udy' W II Benton, Va Ga M 1* O'Heru Md Ml?* BUlIcmi, do - J Iglehar;. jr, d*> Miss Chamber*, do J R Irwin, La MisaFlewellea, do M Martin. Ia3? Ancelos KU Rom, do A Wi ver, Mo J M Cha'mV rr. do T> Rankjn, do A C Flrwclien, d-> B Bragg A ady, NC F M R nif/old. J Wister. Pa Miss t tlevenaon, Pa P Cool , Miss S gtcventon, do J P Bayly A lady, Va United States Hotel?a. ?. HacufST. G A Mun Of, lad J Walton, NY L Price, Md U Wheeler, DC J Y Young. NJ P Houston do J H fctwrtifh. DC K J Carlton. Mass WJ Oftbora. Kan F 1. H Monroe, do J Norris, Md J MarriMn A daughter. Hon P Kilt*. Ml Ky at e whiiifck. i)c jt>. lUrkwood HMs?~r.|.k| naiwoos JKO Davldsos. Md* A I) Fa vis A lady, NY D K Yo 'Ogee, da W II Watkina. do H U?avrZirLc t- II .M^keu, Ya S K MJs^r. MtU-N . b C Uarnev and family. I K J ffsnm tinl, da USN R J Albott Mich % J T lJovereant. Ky ? ' I Miscellaneous. 7. UNITED STATES MAIL. ? v * ? 3 s. PROPOSALS for carrying the mails of the Uni A ted State* from tot day of October, 1886, ,n 30th June, IS?, Inclusive, in the Stat* of North Carolina, will be received at the Contract office of the Post Office Department, )n the city of Wash ington. until Monday; the 27th Augast. 1885, at 3, p in., (to be decided naxt day.) ' 5666 From Raleigh, by Barclaysvilie, Averpboro Kyle's Landing, and Mary's Garden. to Fay etteville. 62 miles and back daily, In four horse coaefces. Leave Raleigh daily at p m Arrive at FayetteriUe next days by 7)< a m Leave FayettevlUe d*Uv at 5 p m Arrive at Raleigh next days bv 5 a m For form of bid, guarantee, and certificate, also for instructions, requirements, Ac., see advertise ment inviting proposals for mail service in Vir ginia, North Carolina* Ac- dated Janury lath. 1855 J AM 89 CAMPBELL, Postmaster General. Porr Orrrci Dxpaetxext, July 21, July SB? lawlw . . /V J tNO. 541.1 1\TOTICE FOR RESTORING CERTAIN i V "Lands to market In the State of Missouri.? The grant of land made by the aet of Congress ap proved June 10, 1883, to aid in the construction of a railroad "from the town of HAN1BAL to the town of ST. JOSEPM, In said State," having been adjusted as far as practicable, notick i* RRawav otVK* that all the vacant lands heretofore withdrawn and withheld from sale or entry along the rente of the *aid road, which lie outside of the limits ofsi'x milts on each side of the same, situ ated in the undermentioned townships, and parts of townships, which have not been or shall not be selected In virtue of any grant made by Congress, or legally claimed by pre-emption, and which were subject to private entry at the aate of with drawal, will be restored to private entry on and after Monday, tke HWA day of September next, at the prion fixed by the graduation act of the 4th of August. 1854, which requires the time to be de ducted, durins which the lands shall have been withdrawn and withheld from market, on the day of restoration. to wit: At the land office at PALMYRA. If9t tk of tke beue hue and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Township 55, of range 2 North half of township 51 and townships 55 and 56*, of range 3 North half of township 54 and townships 56*. 1 56* and 58* . of range 4 North half of township 54 and townships 55*. > 56*. 58*. 50* and 60, of range 5 Townships 51, 55*, 56*, &* and 60, of range 6 Townships 54, 55*, 57*, 58*, 59 and 60 of range Townships 51,55*. 57*, 58 and 50. of range 8 Townships 54, 55$. 57*, 58 and south half of 5'.) of range 9 North half of township 54, and townships 55*:. 56*, 57*.58* and 59. of range 10 North half of township 51, and township* 55. 56*. 58*, 5V. and south lialf of 60. of range 11 North half of township 54 and townships 55, 56#, 53*, 59 and south half of 00, of range 1'/ Townships 55, 56, 58. 59 and south half of 60, of range 13 At the land office at MILAN. Xorlh of the base line and west of ike fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 56*, 5&*. 59 and south half of 60, of range 14 v , Townships 56*, 5&*, 59 and south half of 60, of range 15 townships 56*, 58*, 50 and south half of 60, of range 16 Townships 56*, 58*, 59 and south half of 60, of range 17 Townships 56*, 58*, 59 and south half of 00, of range 18 Townships .76*, 58*, 59 and south half of 60, of range 19 Townships 56#, 5c*, 59 and south half of 60, of range 20 Townships 56*, 58*, 59 and south half of 60, of range 21 'I\>wnships .16*, 5S*, 59 and 60. of range 23 Townships 56*. 58*. 59 and 60. of range 23 At the land office at FAYETTE. Nortk of tkt base line and wtst of tke fijtk prin tipal meridian. Township 55, of ranges 14,15, 16, 17,18, 19, 20, ! SI, 22 and JO ?>?>??> At the land office at PLATTSBURG. Nortk oj tkr i?>e line and west of tke fiftk prin cipal meridinn. Townships 55, 56*, 5e#, 59*, and 60, of ranye 21 Townships 55, 56*, 5b*, 69 and south half of 60. of range 25 Townships 55, 56*. 58*, 59 and south half of 60, of range 26 North half of township 54 and townships 55, 56*. 58*, 58 aud south hall of 60, of range 27 North half of to>feship 54 and townships 55. 56*, 58*, 59 and s<agA half of 60, of range 28 North half of t<^pnshlp 54 and townships55, 56*, 58*, 59 and south half of 60, of range 29 North half of township 51 and townships 5?, 56*, 5t>*, 59 and south hair of 60, of range 30 North half of township 51 and townships5.*, 58*. 56* and 59. of range 31 ' North half of township 51 aud townships 55, ?, S?*, and 99. of range 32 North half of township 51 and townships 3Z, 56*, 5s* aud 59, of range i) North half of townsnlp 54 and townships55. 56* , 5tt* and 59, of range Si North frglf of township 54 and townships 55, an<* soahalf of 60. of range 3.V N*?*h half of township 54 and townships 96, 57, 58, 5M and south half of 60, of ran**e 36 Townships 54, 55. 50, 58, 59 and southhalf of ?0 of range 37 Township 55 of range 38 The townships marked thus * being only parts ofi!^rMhip* or tho** rnt bY tb* six-mile limits. Pre-emption claims which attach to any of the above lands within the fifteen-mile limits under ?{ ^ March, li?53, and under the act of h JVlarch, 1854, to any of the lands hereby re stored to market, must be proven up prior to the day fixed for the restoration of the lands to private entry, or as soon as practicable after seeing tnls no tice. ? simultaneous applications for the same tract by two or more persons or parties said tract will be Sut up at auction, and awarded to the highest bid er among such applicants according to the rule In such cases Given under my hand, at the General Land Of fice, at the city of Washington, this fourteenth day of July, A. D. 1855. By order of the President: . .w GEO ? WRITING, if 18?l.twCw Acting Commissioner. limited States Patent Office, V~ O.. Washington, July 27, 1.855. 1 N the petition of Pxaksox Caosar.of Fredo nla, New York, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 3d day of Novern ber, 1841, for an improvement in "Saw Mill* for re-sawing Boards Ac.," for seven years from th? patent, which takes place on the 3d (Llv of November. 1^55: It is ordeml that the said petition be heard at the 1 atent Office on Monday, the 22d of October next, at 12 o clock m.; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, wh, said petition ou?ht not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to hie in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty aays before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken ^ tranamitted in accordance With the rules cf the office, which will be furnished on application. , The testimony in the case will be chwed on the Ink day of October; depositions and other pa pern relied upon as testimony must be filed in the of flee on or before the morning of that d* y; the ar guments, if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be p iblished in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Mar, Wash ington, D. C^: Republican, Baltimore Evening Argus, 1 hiladblphia, I a ; Scientific American, New * erk; andPoet, Beetoa, Ma*.; ?n.e a wr. k for three successive weeks previous to the 22d of October next, the day of hearing. ?. t.shugirt, Acting Commissioner of Patents. Editor# of the above papers will please copy, and bend their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing ihu notice. jy Jto?law3vv I? ITBS STATES MAO.S.~ Post Orrics Department, > PR<?piwAic^/tratt0fl1^' J-uIys<5. ,w55- I . Va? . * for carrying the mails of the Unl ^ f from 1st (lay of Septembor, lf-56, to .10th day of June, 1859, inclusive, in the State of ^}L hei:eeeWr?l Contract Office of the 1 o*t Office De|?rtntent. iuthet ityof Wash J* ?' -7tl1 August, 1855, (to be ?f Au-'lu"! 1^5) on the routes and in the tunes herein specified : 5?? From VViHiamsburg to Grove landing. 7 miles and bark, six times a week l^veJVilliainaburg daily, except Sunday, at Arrive at Urove landing same day bv 10 a m Leave Grove Landing daily, excrpt Sunday, at 'i p in * " ,.>^rlVe aA XVLilliam4bur.^ M'ne da\ by 4 p m 5227 Fromi York town to Grove Landing, /miles aod back, three times a week Yor,ktown Mouday, Wednesday and r rntay at 8 a 111 Arrive at Grove Landing same days by lo a m WmilM I^v.JVUU.'u.bu',, a,?Vi ?r<p, t,<iy; ? lSw 'v&SSri "r.w *?v u a m p? U)Vr"' axcept Sunday, at I ..A"""' ?? JK *7?Uwlw PiMttiiwiter U.nmU' Inforroation for Traveler!. BT KAUKOAD PIBBCT TO T1TR urgaT Time between Washington aa4 WImIIu 17^fe.in! Runaimg Km# between Washington ud CineiMati 27 honrs IK THROtraH TICKETS A*1> BASOAQ* CTKKCXS TO B? SAO IR WA8Hl!teT0B. T??.b?!'t,mor,c ai,d ORra Rail *?All haviaggTestly improved Its Western connections, now offer* the fduest inducement* to Traveller between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portion* of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at tho Washington > Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the onfy change of oars required between Washington and theOhio river Baggage Is eheckqd through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and reehecked ana trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, fbr those holding Through Tickets-fbr points be yond. The connecting Trains leave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and 4* p. m. On Sundays aftbe 1atter hour only. At WHEELING divert eonnection is made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD, running from Beiiaire, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through'Cambridge, Banesvllle, and N?wark, to COLUMBUS. These trains conned at Newark with the cars of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, At COLUMBUS the C. O..Railroad trains con nect with the fast trains of theLiff/? Miami Mail road to Xenia, Cincinnati, I,ouisvllle, etc. Ai XENIA (on Little Miami Railroad) eonnection Is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. _ JO" Passengers holding Through Tickets for Memphis. Vicksburf, Natchez, New Orleans. etc., whicharealsosoldat Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvllle, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold by this route. ip* For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, when ^ the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and. VVellaviUe (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while thfe 1^thlonf>' route adding Through Tickets and Checks in Washington, it is also the shortest, most speedy, and direct to nearly all the leading points in tne great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati Is but 653 miles, being about 100 miles shorter than by any other route ' f FARE. BY THROUGH TICKET, PBOM WASHINGTON :?To Wheeling, #9 50; Colum bus, ?13 &5: Dayton, #15 50; Cincinnati, #M GO; Louisville, by railroad, SIS 65, bv steamer ftom Cincinnati, #18 00; Indianapolis, #17 50: Cleve land, $12 50; Toledo, #15 60; Detroit, $15 Chicago, #20 65 and #19 50; St. Louis, #28 50 ani #25; Memphis. #26; New Orleans, #31; etc. Frederick an6 harper s F ERRY, MART1NSBURG, CUMBERLAND BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS PIEDMONT,OAKLAND,and FAIRMOUNT na^engere may l.ave Washington at 6 a. m. or p. m. For the minor way stations betwer Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a.m. train from Washington. 117" For trains to and from Baltimore, Anapolis, , etc . see special adverti-ieinent*. JD^For farther Information, Through Tickets apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore may 3? it ^ tii tuit pi* it r ip rpHE STEAMERS MOUNT YERNON and A BALTIMORE will stop at Al exandria, both day and night, and,^ at tl?e landings onthe Potomac rivefT Fare by th?se boats, viz : To Alexandria .... so 12u To Marbnry's. 1 00 To Cockpit Point j 50 To Quantico 1 50 ToSandyPoint ......"..I 150 To Aquia Creek 200 Excursion tickets to Aquia Creek and return. In elttding dinner or supper, 82. A deduction on this charge will be made to parties of ten or more wishing a daylight or moonlight Excursion. Thi.-> will afford to our citizens a pleasant recre ation from the heat and <Li-?t of the city at very moderate rates. L REYNOLDS, Captain. WM. MITCHELL, Captain Either of the above boats can l>e chartered for M*c'i!?:ion8' Towlaf?- *c-, by applying to GEO MATTIN G LY, Superintendent of the Washing ton and Fredericksburg Steamboat Company. Jy 21?eo3w CANAL PALKETLINE TO POINT Og ROCKS. THE Canal Packet CONGRESS having bf^n thoroughly repaired and put-^rrrr.3 in first rate order (the machinery being removed and horse power s 11 bstituu-a) c ?n' tioues making her regular trips between George town and the above place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H. & H G Hitter for Point of Rocks on MONDAYS. WED N RSTlA\ S and FRI DAYS at 7 o'clock a. m; a:;d the 1 oint of Rocks for Georgetown ou Tl KS DAYS. THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS at the same hour, stopping at thedlfleremlandingsalona the line for the inception and landing of passenger* and freight, going and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a m., and arrive at the h??ad of the Great Falls at 11 Seneca at 1 Edward s Ferry 3*. Monocncy5y! Knowlan's Ferry H, and Point of Bocks at 7 o'cl k Lm. Returning, leave Point at 7 a. m , Know i's Ferry at 7*, MonocacyS, Edward's Ferry il, feeneca 1, Great Falls3jt,aadarriveatGeoruf townat/p.'m. Passage through either way $}. Meals served regularly on board the boat at mod ^e^Stf CHARLES MERRILL, Capt. OIIANGE at ALEXANDRIA RAIT.ROAn. T GREAT SOUTHERN MA TL LINE! IWICK daily between WASHINGTON and ^ ALEXANDRIA. GOR DON^ VILLE and RICHMOND?no night llr.? on Sunday. Leave Washington * before C o'clock a m Leave Alexandria if " 7 "am Leave Washington M " 7 ? n ?n Leave Alexandria ?? g << ? m ? . ,?*?? BY HI6HI LINK. !? rom Washington and Alexandria, to Gor donsville ' From Gordonsvilie to Richmond j* is Travelers will dud the morning line "the cheap est, most pleasant and expeditious route to tbt Greenbrier VV hlte Snlphur, Fauquier White Sul ?hur, Warm.Hot, Alum and Capon Spring-, ^arrenton, Charlottsviile, SUunton, 5Ira*torn, vVlnchester, Harrisonburg, Lexington, \Vclr,? Cave, Natural Bridge, Luray, New^Iari^, Mid oleourg, Jtc. I, At JARBS BT Moartma lihu r rom Alexandria to Warren ion, - ? #2 00 ;; " Gordonsvilie, - 3 50 Lhariottesvills, - 4 50 " Siaunton, - . c Oil ;; ;; : : 13 ? - : I g Middleburg. - - 2 S5 OMNlBUSESandBAGGAGiiwAGONS wlil he at the Dt?pot of the Washington Railroad to wnvey p^n.-ers and baggage to the Steambciit. for ALEXANbKlA, a distance of 6 miles, allow ing ample time for meals. . ? H. W. VANDEGRIFT, - Gen. Supt. THE POTOMAC RIYER STEAMBOAT COMPANY'SSTliAMfiS ALICE C PRICE CAPT. SAMUEL BAKEIl, ' Will leave Washington at six o'clock a.m.,and ALEXAN- .a '??? k L>lt IA at 7 o'clock, a. m.? " On TUESDAY MORNINGS-For M^ttS" 2dSf' L' Machodoc? fln*y Polat, KinsaleJ On FRiDAYMORNINGS-ForChapel Point andCCone?' LeonardtoWn>pin?y Point,StMary s) at?A^N.E8DA71 ir#et,"ain?)?l^?ve Cone at 4 o'clock, a. m., for St. Mary s, Piney Point ^?mico> aad Chapel p3nt. * i? 1 sATURDA\ , (returning)?L?tve Cone at 1 o clock, a. m., for Kinnle, Piney Point, L Wa ch?doc?Currlo-'naii,and Mattox. The A. C. Price will call at the usual landings onthe river when signals are made. By order of tne Board: JAMES P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., June 1,18?. ' Je 15?If ,, v * n ^ AW BO ATS COKNklTINe WMS.E^cll.TBAIN OF CARS arriv 'ag in Washington or Alexan-? ^.r}*??SteamersScHOS. OOl-Af ^^W? 4 wA>HINGT<f^?!^tS ? ???BTt,on8, leading Washington at 6 a! and Aivxffldria Cars, and con tra,n the,r arrival. ILf MEALS furnished on the boats The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal mayir-tf 8AM'L GEDNEY' FOR MIHINT YKKNON, O T"ESDAYS and FRIDAYS?FARE ,/ roun<* ^ip, #1; from Alexandria _ _???<*? ^ J* ?The steamer THOMAS. " COLLYER leaves Washington at 0, and AUianl drla at 9% o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol foi the boat at 8* o'clock. Coach fere 10 oenf ? PW *2.n"^hin? will leave their residence with George X Thomas Parker Refreshments dn the boat. \< ? 09t #~ T fcSAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. Information for Travelers. THE HEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES ^lEKMAIL IfBAaKRa.SifiK ^hTThifs comprising xbTTTInF the ATLANTIC. Oaptala West, PACIFIC, Capuii Nye, BALTIC. C*p<*lB ciiilj, ADRIATIC, Ciptaia Grafton. these Ships hate been built by contract, express 1j lot Government service; every eve has beta taken In (heir construction, u In the engines, to Insure strength ud speed, end their tccommoii tlons for pesstingraa are unequalled for etepox and comfort. rates or fassaob. Prom New York to Liverpool, la iratcabla, fill Second cabin, ...... 7? Exclusive use of extfa slie state rooms, ? 390 From Liverpool to New York, ? ?90 and ??(* An experienced Surgeon attached to eaoh ship. N? berth can be secured until paid for. For freight or passage apply to IWARDlt. COLLINS * CO., H Wall street, New Yock. BROWN, SHIPLEY ft CO., LlverpooL E. ia>i G. ROBERTS * CO.. 13 King's Arms Yard, London. ?UN MUNROE A CO. A ?JOHN K Rue Notre Dame dee Victoijes, Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre The ttwueis of the* ships will not be accounta ble for gold, silver, bullion, specie, lewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ex pressed. , nov Id? ly WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD, i 41>?> CHANGE OF HOURS?On and after Moa- ! day, the 23d instant, the Trainrwill Leave Washington at 0 and Sjf a. m., and 3 and > " m. Sunday at 4# p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4if and 9# a. m., and 3 and SX P- m. On Sunday at 4 Jf a. m. apS3?tr T. H. PARSONS, Agent ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON BOATS. TUB Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave at the following hours. _ A*" ifc, Fare 12% cents. jR?m5B?Em The THOMAS COLLYER, when net other ways engaged, will make trips on the route at al ternate hours. Leave Washington at 6, b, 9Jf, 11#, 8#, 4, 5X, and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7,9, L>x> 3*j and 8.?The Boat will lenve Alexandria at IX f. m., or immediately on the arrival of the cars. Jy7?d JOB CORSON,Captain. TO ALL THAT VALUE THE IB BIGHT. WISHED to call the attention to all that suffer wfih defective sight, caused by ape. sick ness and particularly from glass*** injudiciously selected, lo his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using ylasnes iu not being precisely suited, by the use or an Optometer; and the practice of many years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely re quired will be furn^hed with precision aud satis faction. k J. T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained', and further solicits the pa tronage of tiiose that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and stating how many inrhes they can read this print with their specta cle*, can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and lefcr enccs given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office, No. 512 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. Nokvolx, September 7, 1354. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried. LITT W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance tc my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focm. 1 recommend him as a skillful opti cian. HENRY A. WISE. Mr. J. Tobias: Sir?The pair of Spectacles job furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfac tory to me. They are very decidedly the best I possess, and I am the owner of eight or nine pair, carefully selected in different places and from op ticians recommended to me on account of their Erofecsional standing in England. France and the nited Slates. 1 have been also pleased with your remarks and directions o:i the treatment c( the eyes, for the purpose of preserving and improv ing the sight. Respectfully, yours, CHAS. CALDWELL, rrofesM)r of M G., I^oaisvlile, Ky. Lthchbtjrg, Nov. 10, 1851. Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with GLt>ses, by which I have been greatly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life) it affords me the highest fileasuie to say that I consider him a skillful pract ical optician, and well prepared to aid those who may nt ed his professional services. WM. B ROUZIE, Elder of Methodist Conference. Wilmington. N. C., Jan. 27, 1854. Mr. J. Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you la*t week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, 1 have hereto fore found great diiilculty lu getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It anords ine pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obvlakd so tnat the glasses you furnished me .ire decidedly the best adapted to lay eyes of any I have ever yet used. "Very respectfully, yours, - K. B. DRANE, Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior, May 7, IS55. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses fcr several years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Air. Toolas made two pairs especially for me, which I hare found to nerve me perfectly. Dv the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. I most cheerfutly recommend Mr. Tobias to'all having occasion to useglasses. and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E BALDWIN, - Assist. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. Jy 18-tf MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF GEORGE TOWN COLLEGE, Corntr tf FanJ Twcifik *13., Washington. THE next Annual Course of Lectures will com mence on Monday, the 5th of November, and end In March following'. facuttt : Noblr Young, M.D., Professor cf Institutes and Practice of Medicine. Flodoabdo Howard, II. D., Professor of Ob stetrics and the Diseases of Women and Chil dren. Johnson F.liot, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. James E. Morgan. M. D., Professor of Medical J urisprudence and Hygiene J. M. S.nvder, M. D , Professor of Surgery. Bsnj.F Craig, M.D.. Professor of Medical Chemistry and Physiology. Gko. C. ScHAKrrEB, M. D , Professor of Materia Medica and Then pen ties Johnson V. D. Middlbton, M. D.,Demonstrator of Anatomy. vbrs : For a full coarse 990 00 Matriculation, paid only once 5 00 Graduation 2,5 U) Demonstrator's ticket 10 00 The Preliminary course will commence Octo ber 1st and continue until November 5th. Lectures free to Medical Students. The Lectures will be delivered during the af ternoon and evening- This time of lecturing has been customary in the College sin :e its estaoli&h ment, and is found to be advantageous to the stu dent. FLODOARDO UOWARD, M D. Dean, No. 3^2 F street north. au 4?lawtN ov5 REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to his friend* and the pontic in general that he has received the first lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' lnstl tute, and Is now prepared to furnish all who niav favor him with a calf 1 His stock of GAS FIXTURES are unsurpassed In the District. ^ With his corps of competent workmen be prides himself to fill sny orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTlNU line with promptness and despatch. Jf7~ All work done warranted te_g1?e complete satisfaction. JOHN REESE, mar+**f earner #th *t and Pa. avenue. Do YMj-WAii*; m?riiT? Mi cream T G* at once to ARN Y. Bridge street, Georgetown, be was awarded a MKDJtt. by the Metropolitan Mechanics' 1 nstitute, for ici cbkams watsb teas, and carki may2$?cotf INHALATION von *?? cni or ASTHMA AID C0H8UKPT 10* NEW AMD VERY WOWDMBFUL f 11 Breaght ktai to tl? 4nr ef lk? MllIleaT A WONDERFUL dtomiwp A mad* by Dr. Curtis, of this city, ta th U U* treat oftbe Lnap. Wertwt# Dr. CCRTIR'i HY 6 RAN A, or INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHKRRY SYRUP. With this new me thod. Dr. C. has naUmid many afltelei mm to health, as as endnec ai which h? has Ihibm* hie certiorates Speaking of the treetmeat, s pby sictoa remarks, "It is evident that inhaling??oo stantly bmethlng ?a agreeable, healing vapor?the medicinal properties must come la direct contact with the whole aerial cavities of the hrog*. and thai escape the many and varied changes prefaced upon them wto introduced lato the stomach, and subject to the prooesa of dlgfttoa." The Hyp ana Is for sale at ail Lhe Druggists throughout toe ? couatry.?N. Y. Dfttkaum J mm. li. The I abator la srorn on ths brent aader the lin en, without the least inconvenience the neat of the body being sufficient to evaporate the iuM Hundreds of caeea of cures, like the following, might be named. One package of the Hygcana hat cared me el iift? of Mx years standtarf J. V. KKB&BBRRY, v i P. M. of Dancannoa, Pa. 1 am cured sf the Asthma of tea years' standing byJDr Caitto's Hygeaaa. MARGARET EASTON, Brooklyn, N. Y. MRS. PAUL, of No. C Hammond staeet, N. Y., was cured of a seven case of Bronchitis by ths Hygeana. My sister has been cured of a die tread ag courh of several years' standing, and decided to be In - curable by the physicians. She was cured in one mouth by the Hygecna. J. H GAUDERT, P. M. Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. CHEEVER. of New York, teatl tea of our medicine In the following language: Nxw Till, Nov. 15,18M. Dear Sir: 1 think highly of Dr. Cortla's Hyge ana as a remedy in diseases of the throat and lungs Having had some opportunity to testify its efficE cy, I am convinced that It is a mostexoeLent rem edy, both the Syrup and the iahaiiag application to the chest. Prof. S. CENTER writes us as follows: Gentlemen?1 have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hygean Vapor, in a en*. of chronic sore throat, that had refused to yield b> other forms of treatment, and the resnlt ha* satis 11 ed me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it Is no imposMSm.tmt an excel lent remedy- I wish, for the s?>e?i'tke affiicud. that it might be brought wlthtx t a meek of all. DR. JOHNS one of the rnos; Phyal - clans in New York writes as fc!&93t Dr. Cobtis?Dear Sir? Havlaf Wttre^xed the excellent effects of your Hygeana av Inhaling I!y geau Vapor and Cherry Syrup, la ease of Chronic Bronchitis, and being much in fhteraf counter ir ritatiou in affections of the throat. Bronchial tribe* and lungs, I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medicated Aparatus as being the most ron venient and effectual mode of applying anything of the kind 1 have ever seen. No doubt tbo'u.aT,di of persons may be relieved, and many cured, by 0*1 ng your medicines. I must here be allowed to confess that I am or Co?ed to prescribing or using secret compounds, ot this little neatly contrived article, and its ef fects in the cane al**ve alluded to, have induced me to speak in Ita favor. You are at liberty to use this In anyway yo i may think proper. Respectfully, yours, Ac., C.JOHNS, M. D.. No. 609 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold bv CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD A PAUL, 149 Chambers *t., N. Y Four packages sent free to any port of the Uni ted States for ten dollars. N. B.?Dr. Curt'.s's B- .roana istheORIGINA*. and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all oihors are base imitations, or vile and Injurious counter feits. Shun them as you would POISON. Eor sale In Washington be CHAS STOTT. Pa. avenue, near 7th street, and J. B. MOORE, in the First Ward. may ?6m . . CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD! MOT A rABTlCLl Of MIlCVaY IN IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula. King's Evil, Rheumatism. Obstinate Cutane ous Eruption*. Pimples or Pustales on the free. Blotches, Boils Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter. Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain ? of the Bones and Joints. Stubborn Ulcers. Sy philitic Disorders, Lumbago. Ppinal Com plaints, and all the diseases arising from at. in judicious use of Merrurv, Imprudence in Life, or I mpurlty of the Blooa. This valuable medicine, which i.n< become celebrated for the number of extraor dinary cures. effiscted through Its agency, ha* in duced the proprietors, at the urgent request of tfcsl r friends, to offer it to the public, which they do with the utmoat confidence in Itsvlrtoer an?l won derful curat! Vf properties. The follow re certU eaten, selected from a large number, are, however, stronger testimony than the mere word of the pro ftrietors: and are all from gentlemen well knov.. n their localities, and of the highest Te.-p?ctabl.l ty, many of them residing in the city of Rich mond, Va. F. BOVDEN, Esq , of the Exchange Hot*J, Richmond, known everywhere, hti he has seen the Medicine called CinTKn's Spaiitsh Mil ieus. administered in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the diseases for which it is recommei<i ed. with the moat astonishingly good results, lie says It to the most extraordinary medicine he Lu over seen. AGUE AND FEVER?GREAT CURE? 1 hereby eerttfy that for three years 1 had Ague and Fever of the mewt violent description. I had sev eral Physicians, took large quantities of QuiniLe, Mercury, and I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all without pennauenl relief. At last 1 tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of whkh effectually cured me. and I am happy to say I have had neither chills or fevers since. I con sider It the best Tonic in this world, and the otly medicine that ever reached tny case. JOHN LONGDEN. Bsavxb. Ditch, near Richmond, Va. C. B. LUCK. Esq., now In the city of Rich mond, and for manv years in the Post Office, Ln such conAdence In the astonishing efficacy of Car ter's Spanish Mixture, that he ba* bought up wards of 56 bottles, which he has given away 10 the affiicted. Mr. Lock says he has never known it to fkil when taken according to directions. Dr. M1NGE, a practising Physician, and for merly of the City Hotel, in the city of R ichmond. says he has witnessed in a number of instances the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says In a case c-f Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the good effects were wonderful indeed. SAMUEL M DRINKER, of the Arm of Drin ker A Morris, Richmond, was enred of Liver Complaint of three years standing, by the ase <*f two bottles of Carter s Spanish Mixture. GALE AT CURE OF SCROFULA ?The Kdi tois of the Richmond Republican had a aervmi' employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism, which en tirely disabled him from work. Two buttles of Carter's Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of him. and the Editors, in a public notice, say thar "cheerfully recommend it to all whoareafiUcua with any disease of the blood.'' STILL ANOTHER CURE OFSCROfUL .1. I had a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter s Spanish Mixture. 1 consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Con ductor on the R. F. and P. R. R. Co., RichtUMi.l. Va. SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURED?JOHN THOMP SON , residing lu the city of Richmond, was curvd by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had for nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians of the dry could not qure. Mr. Thompson Is a wall knows merchant in the city of Richmond, and his cure it most remarkable. WM. A. MATTHEWS, of Richmond, hc<i a servant cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully recommends it, and considers it a'very invaluable medicine. - EDW1N BF RTON, commissioner of the rsr? nue, says he heaacca the good effects ot Cartel t Spanish Mixture la a number of Syphilids ess?*, and says It to a perfect cure for that horrihto 41 ? WM. G. HARWOOD, of Richmond, cured a! old Sores and Ulcers, which disabled nlm froax walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was enabled to walk withontacru^ i. In a short permanently cured Principal Depots atM WARD,CLOSE* CO., No. 86 Maiden Lane. New York. T. W. DYOTT A SON3,No. Ita North Seooud street, Philadelphia. BENNETT A BEERS, No. 125 Mala s&ert, Richmond, Va. , And for sale by CHARLES ST6TT, Wa?hla?S loa.D.C.} HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and t v Druggists everywhere. ' J Pf& *1 per bottle, or Hx bottles for ff. aep tl?ljr BHlftTfr MADS TO ORDn^jQentlenien'a 3 beat quality ot Shirts made tomeaauiaand warranted to It, at the lowest New York jsrieas. WALL STEPHENS, Sci Pa. avenue, next to Iron Ball JlU-tl (Ne-*< M+dlcal. rilTirC WBMtAL TUiTltl PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW 07 XAftftUOK, SV M. B. LA cateiv, M. ALBANY, *. f.r Flae, Plate. Ukrei 8mu FVm ?/ ftiuri ri ?U Hr" ?/ 'At pHEAPEST BOOK *TE* PWIUCMD ^ sad containing Mtrlf double the quantity of read ing ssstter la that of tbe PHTTY CKNT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. U treat* Oh the PHYSIOL OGY OP MARRIAGE, aad the Seoiet Infirmities ui D\Border of Yoath and Maturity, resulting tn m ex ceeees. which de*trcy the phytfatfl ad mental pow ers. with Observations ca ? ? ___ Marriage. Its duties aad dlssaaUftcatleaa. end their reosedlss; with LUkryranW, 111?mi?? the Aantomvand l'fcy?w>.cgy. ard Dof tbe Re productive Ornu of both srxns, the'.: strocttue, aw*, andffctncnoas. A popn'ar aad camprrlea iHve Treatise on the Dr.tic? aad OlMltlW of all C>e and married birpy end IHi'.tfbt " " th?a-lm weuiint them?fnftriV-ttona aad Infertile mr dehtlN aad wml<- Importer t hints to thoas osatemplaUng iratdmosy, that will overcome objections to It; uone.hcwreer. should take this important step without tret eomulPng Its pages?poiumrr'srts?en the disowns na^maflral treatment of females ftwm ' olSncy to old Mcally ill nitrated by M f hie plates?aervoos debUlty, IU < by a process at once so simple, ?u, ?w that failure to ImpoaslMe?rales for dalle manage ment?an easay on Spormatorrhaa, with prarttcal tlorw on a salw aad more soceeasnil rrx of treatment?prerautloaanr blata oa the evils re suiting from emjilrloal prartt.-e?aa assay oa ail diseases arising front tndlsrruisa, with plain and simple rules by which all persons caa rate them '? selves without mercury?remedies for those felf f Inflicted miseries and disappo'nted hones so ua ' fortunately prevalent la the young. It Is a truth ful adviser to the married and thene eomemplstl n* marriage. Its penmal t* particularly weasioftid ed to pessnas entertaining smrt doubts of ttaHr physical condition. and who are ooasrlous of bsv iok hazarded the health, happlne**. aad privileges to which every human being i? entitled Price TWENTY-FIVETENTS per coot, or Flee CopH for One Dollar. Mailed nee of pont age to all pans of the Uatted f*ta?es N. B?Those who prefer mavcoasatt Dr LA CROl X upon any of the diseases ?pon which this booh treat*, either personally or by mail Medl clae seat to any part of the Union according to di rections, safely pocked and carefully secured from all observation Address Dr M B LA CROIX, No 91 Matden Lane, or Port Odre Ik? S7I, Albaay, N Y. IT7" O0ce open dallv from i a. m lo Ip.a , sod oa Susdav from 2 until 3 p. m ITT OAre REMOVED from No SB B?av? st. toTl Maiden Lnne, Albaay, N. Y. dec 7?? * ? HVCTOR NtfOFLABD*! CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERB, ntfioiTi it Dr. C. W. J At KSO*. Philadelphia, Pa., will *??ictcai.lt cm LIT SB COMPLAINT, DY HPEf ? IA, Jaumdire, Ckront' or A'tmsi ttMJ of til Jt'da/yi, ?U all Dimsni aritisf from a Disordered Liver or Stomack. Bach as Constlpntloa. Inward Piles. Fullness, or Blood to the fl<-sd Acidity of the Stomach, Nan sea. Heartburn. Disgust for food, Fulii.e** or Weight in the^trmacb.SonrEructation*,link ing or Flattering at the Pit of tbe Stomach, Swimming of the Head. H irrted and Dtttci.lt Breathing, Flnuerlng ot the Heart. Caohinr or SuRbcalia^ 9ensatioas when is a lyli* Posture, Dimness of Vl?ioo. Dot* of Webs before tb? Sight, Ferer and Dull Pain In thr Head, DeB cleocr of Perspiration, Yellownes? of the 5hin and Eyes. Pain in the Pidf. Bark Cbent. t.tn>b* Ac., ftndden Flusiiee of Heat B?irnla>: Is the Flesh, Constant Imagining', of Eril, aad great Depression of Spirit*. THE PROPRIETOR, In calliag the attention of the public to this preparation, doer ?o with a feeling of the utmost confidence in Its rirturs and adaptation of It to the diseases for which It is re' oram. nded It is no new and untried article, brt oae that has stood the test of a u u year*' tr>ai before the Amer ican people, aad iu reputati<?n and stue ta unri valled by any similar prepaxatioas extant. The testlmonv la its ffcvor j;lven by the bxM promt I n< m and well-known Physicians and ind.vidaal*, ! 1c all part* of the country" Is immense The f??l lowiag from Morth Carolina is re*pectftwlv sub mitted, referring any who may still doubt, to the ''Memorabilia, or Practical' Receipt Book, for Farmer*, and Famillca, to bi- had gratis ?rf all *be Agents for the German Bitten*. Principal Ottce and Mam.factory. ItM ARCH j STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA CartiJUeue tf Dr. If Simrfc.ef P%eu HiU, Ltck asoad Caas*y. K C. Pins Hill, March 4.1-54. Da. C. M. Jacssoa. 1'hiladtiphia?Dear Mr: I have been a subject of Dytpep?la. in iu worM form, for the last live years' rucfa wa? my condi tion for twelve months that the ptyslctan* and all ' who *aw irft" said I must die Wfitte In th's con dition I was carried to the watering place* .a V ir ; ^iaia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, bat wis not benefitted by any water to which I was taken. ? While on my wnv home I stopped a wenkat Ku;b erfordton, a small village in North Carolina, to try the elfrct of some Chalybeate water In that saw. About the ls*t of the week f went ItUo a drug store to pet socne medicine for my child and my*eif. There were several of the village pfcy*t ciaas In the store, and one of them *eenied to lake nome interest In mv case, and, after a*kuig me some questions, said be had been a dyspcptM. and had been greatly Wnefitted bv tbe use ot HOOF . LAND't* GERMAN BlTTKR?, prepa-ed by you. and he insisted that I would try the Bitters. He also called the next dsy at my room, and In sisted so much that 1 would try tl.em that 1 asked ; him to get me one bottle He did It, and I com ; mencea taking it as directed, and 1 wat more ben efitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ? ever taken After reaching home one of mv neighbors came ; to me for a pre*cript1oa and medicine, (be a dys [ peptic,) aad 1 gave him nearly all the Bitters I ned left, which eHeeled mr'h good la hi* case. . He has often called oa me for more of tbe same kind of medicine, saving he was mote benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but 1 have not I been able to get any more for him or myself since ; ' will you, therefore, please ship me a dorm or more as soon as possible. Respectfully, yoars, W.SMITH. D. R. HOOKER. Roger's 8tor?, Wake Co., N. C., October*4.1^53, save: '? Having experienced very great bea?^tfrom tbe use of HOOF LAND'S GERMAN B1TTK.R8 ia Chronic Dysentery and functional derangement of the Liver, and lLs concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a onantitv of it for the benefit of mv community. 1 ou will, therefore, please sead a lot. Ac , Ac. CERTIFICATE OF WM J, ATWOOD. HcarsviLLX, Yadkin Co , N. C. 1 November 1st, 13S3. ( Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allt>w me to ex press to iron my sincere thanks for your discovery at a medicine which, to my tbe ieaat of It. ha* ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that I have taken, have entirely failed to do HOOF LAND'S GERMAN BITTERS have cured itk. ?>f the iuo?t stubborn and aggravated case of the r: Las that, perhaps, ever fell to the lot of man. My case is not a stranger ia this community, as I km well known in tn!s snd the surrounding coaatles. and caa traly say that my recovery ha* astounded all my friends and relation:., aa 1 had trtedeverything recommended, and nothing did me aay ^ood un til I was prevailed upon to try the Bitlrts. \ on are at liberty to make any use of this communica tion for tbe benefit of the afflicted, you may think prop*. Tiuly, yotw, WM J ATWOCB. Th?*e bitters are #at?rel? rtgetalle. they lavli orate and arengthea the ?\sU?scf acaer proscrete it and can be used for infanta aa w*0i aa aduUa For saki by respectable deakrik prn waas, ana by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington; J. L AID WELL, Georgetown, aad i. R. PiERPONT, Alexandria mar I?ly WATCHES, JEWELRY. Sli. TER VT .4 KF, te M. W. GALT A BRO are coastantly nx*lvkis large Invoices ot th? above, and Oder every artkie In tneir line at the toweMt rate*. GOLD AND SILVER WORR of Vvary de scription made ta order, such as TKSTlMO N1ALS, richly ambelilshed. with appropriatede sigas. SILVER TEA SETS, DINNER SEK VlCES, Ac. Precious Stones set ia every style, h?w*vet elab orate ARM?, CRESTS, MOTTOES, Ae^. cut oa oae M W GALT A BRO , 304 Pa. ay., MUM Math aad Tenth st? Je 14?tf runt, PCKPCMAAY, TOILET ARTI* JT cle*. Ac.?We have now la >aere % large vari ety of fine aud common Vans, Harrison's and Lu bia s oelebratad Perfumery. Comba, vis iting arid p^yina Cards. Tooti. Powders, Parte Moanales, cigar cases < ? d Cases, Baskeu, Ac , all of which we are sailing out at low prices t* suit the times at the Piano, Moaie. Stationery, etd Faacy ^oods Stare of ^ >i JOHN F. ELLIS, |y ^ bet vth at.d ltth stt.

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