20 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Ağustos 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE WEEKLY STAB. This excellent Family u4 News. talnlng a gr*** ?nri?*y at interesting rending '*?"> I be found in uy other?Is published on Katnr day morning ?MB. Stagy copy, P?annum tl TO CLVM. PlnooplM to TeaeoiBae. 00 Twenty copies U (A liy Cill, IIU1UM.T 111 umci UJ~ Single copies (In wimpperm) eu be procured aft the counter, lmnM-dlateIr after the Issue of the paper. Price- Tnaai Ct*rs Posthaste. ? who act as agents will he allowed ef twenty per cent THE EVENING STAB, pCBLIatMKD EVERY AFTKHNUON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) |l tU Stmr Buildups. conur #/ Psmsffloonta arenas and Eltventk strut, By W. 0. WALLACH, flTtU be served to subecrlhers by carriers nt SIX AND A VtUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served In packages at 37# cents per month To mall subscribers the sub> acripciou price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF. TV CENTS a year sis adeones, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for leas than three months at the rate of 14* cents a week. ET SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 1855. NO. 820. H. J K W F. L KYi *EMKEN, JEWELER. XK Pennsylvania t a* avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, has just received a new supply of ichly-chased Fruit and Leaf Jewelry, consisting of Pin and Ear Rings; also, a variety of magnificent Mosaic and Cameo Jewelry, which he offers at greatly reduced prices. 11^ "Diamonds remounted, Jewelry of any de scription made to order. Enameling done, Gold Pens repointed. Coat of Arms and Creases engraved on stone and metal. jy 31?tr OLE* WOOD CEMETERY, Office X*. i9J Pa. are., earner 10th street, (OVER THI SAVIJO's SANE.) THIS CEMETERY la laid oat on the plan of the celebrated^reenwood. of New York, and gituated on the hi^k ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol itreet leading directly to the gateway This Company have secured a charter from Con gress, appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or irtherwise which is of vast importance to thu?e who wish their dead to repo*e where they have placed them, for it has beoome a custom in all other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the dead promiscously Into one large pit, and legal measure* cannot prevent It, as no titles are given to the ground. N. 8 ? Otflee open from 10 to IS o'clock a. m , where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Laws. and a map of the ground, and all other in formation, can be obtained. All orders left with Mr lames F. He vey. No. tlOSeventh street, or any other undertake r, will be promptly attended to. } 18?ly* SI MMER RETREAT. BLAKISTON'S PAVILION will be open tot the reception of visitors on the 5th of July. The proprietor's table will be sup plied with the delicacies abounding in thc?Jf ? waters adjacent to Blakiston's island. He hopes his endeavors to please will insure him a A are of patronage from those seeking health or a little quiet from city bustle. The Steamers Maryland, Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly at his landing. TIB.MS. For one month S30 (X) For one week or more, per day...... 1 00 For a shorter time, per day 1 25 A good band of Cotillon Music Is engaged for the season from Washington. GEORGE W. BLAKISTON, Je <3?2m* t Proprietor rOHS a. SLVANS. WILLIAM THOMPSOH. EL VANS fc THOMPSON, DXALIRSIN HARDWARE. COACH TRIMIITGS, *c., Na. Pennsylvania aveaus, Utwten Ximtk i*d Tmtk sts, Washington, D C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia. German Silver. Albata and Silver Pla ted, Tea. Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass. Britannia Block Tin and Plated Can^e sticks. Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, "ad Inns Vivslla and tfeli Metal Kettles, F urnares Snd troas. Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Run. Cottage, Closet. Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad s Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Spring*, Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Shesves and Rq^l, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Sato Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps. Sofa and CI1 air Springs Vanltian Bund Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails Slie, Colfin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac CARPENTERS' GOODS. Plans' Saws, Drawing Knives, Spckeenavec, Chisels and Gouges, Plane Irons lagers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines, Hal mern, Hatched, Devels Bevels, Squares, Guagea, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts. Spokes, Hubs, Bows, Poles Sleigb K unners, Slivered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Cartain Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, l-intnp Silks. Damask, Steaming Cords rafts, Tassels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laoes, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather. Ac ELVANS A THOMPSON, }e 1?6m 320 Pa. avenue AMERICAN HOTEL, Ne. 436 Pa. anssi, 4tt and %tk 8 HEFLEBOWER ALT LOVETT rmoratsTOBs fy G?fim COFFIN WARSROOM, Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO , UNDERTA ? KERS?residence US Seventh street, between G and H streets Interments procured in any ground or cemetery. CoAns, Caps, Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every article for Interments or the best quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the lead for any length of time. jy 11?ly DENTISTRY. Hunt A Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of ?an ufE porcelain teeth, with or without gums, for * peel mens of which (made and deposited by the late tirm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particrilar case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs Is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to tiling and pre ?erviag the natural teeth. Coarges moderate, and all operations warranted Olce so ith west corner of Seventh and D streets. Centrance on D. mar 21?4m DENTISTRY. DR MUNSON respectfully calls public atten tion to his new, patent and great- 4 ly IMPROVED method of settlnv Ar tificial Teetn, with Continuous Gam, r , - the very PERFECTION OF THE ART l uis ?tyl? or Teeth has the following advantages ovw afl other*, viz: GREAT STRENGTH. CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vielug witn Nature in these respects, and In some otuers excelling. Public Inspection is respectfully solic ited Please oau and see specimens CAU riON -No other Dentist in the Die trie, .if Coiu.uoia nas a right to make this style of teeth N B ? Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. OA e and house No. JOB E street, near the cor ner of Penua avenue and 14th street ap 21?tf BKITTAN NIA AND PLAN I-SUED W AK fc. 'ptlA and Coffee Urns, Coffee Greques, Ooffol A Biggins, Coffee Filters, CoJeepots, Teapots. Tea Sets, Egg Boilers. Chafing Dishes, Imperial Dish Covers, Soup f treeus, Castors, Pitchers, Cups. Lamps, Candlesticks, Segar Lamps, Spit taons, Ac , at the Housekeepers Furnishing Stor* 490 Seventh street GEO FRANCIS AJ.TlAttES'S MILITARY DICTION ?n I 'OOO pa^e-i, ?3 50 Capt rfucketr's Technological Military Diction ary, German, English and French, I vol., octavo, 4 50 Campbell's Na -al History of Great Britain, S vol, octavo, S7 50 Memoirs of Admiral Sidney Smith, by Sir John Barrow, F R S.. 2 vols, octavo, fit 75 Hie Military Force of Great Britain, oy Baron 0. Dopin, t vols, octavo, 1 75 McArtuur on Courts Martial, 2 sols, octavo, finely fecund, 3 75 Tytler on Military Law and Courts Martlai, 1 sol, octavo, finely bound, I 75 Aye on Courts Martial, 1 vol. 50c Tne Military Acta and Articles of War, by Major Hough, Judge Advocate, Ac, 1 vol, octave, 1 50 Glennie's Memoirs of Campaigns, Battles, Ac , 1 vol, octavo, 2 25 volume, ?l ? . British Military Biography from Alfred to Wel lington, l vol, 75 cents :. Col Jebb, Royal Eng enlng and defending Military Posts, Houses llfdgss, Woods, Walls, Ac., 1 vol, I Ideut Col Jebbt Royal Engineers,j>n strength en" i! en tui .I**., *<**?. ?1m",, oufOV**., ,lee?KiiANCll TAYLOfc WEBER'S BAND. THIS old established and favorite band fur nish music as usual for Excursions, Sere aades. Pic Nics. Parties, Exhibitions. 4c., Ac. Orders may be left at Hilbus A Hitz's Music De pot. or at the residence of the leader, four doors flastof General Henderson's residence, Navy Yard, jy 23?2m a ' PROS PERI'S CORNET BAND. 'IMIIS Hand Is suitable for any and all purposes. ? and is warranted to give satisfaction to all chose who may be pleated to engage them, either u? a Brass. Reed, or Cotillon Band Any numl*er of musicians to be had at the-short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER1. trader, at Taltavnll's Store, opposite the Marine Barracks N B?Orders taft at Hilbus A Bita's Music De >ot will be promptly attended to may ?4m ONE til NDRED MORE OF those superior Magnolia Hams, and proba bly all that will be received this season. the\ are cared in Maryland according to the old home stead receipt, the quality of which is unsurpasseo if equalled. by anv other ever introduced here To be had only at my store Also, a fresh lot of that peculiarly line selected and standard Black Tea at 50cents a pound, which I have Introduced. It is sold only by myself and is now extensively known in the District Ne-ji comers and others who have not yet used tt are re ferred to the Lading members of the Faculty of Washington and Georgetown Samples furnished gratuitously Bay Water at 'J5 cents per bottle, or $2 75 per dozen For bathing purposes it is as cheap a> common spirits Mint, lavender, and Blackberry Cordials, the very articles for the prevailing epidemic Maple Su^ar, Fresh Prunes, Ac , with unsur passed varieties of choice family Groceries Z M P KING, Few steps northeast Jackson Statue. JV 25-tf FANt Y HAIR ORNAMENTS. Hsemken, jeweler, ? No.Su Pa av.. bet 9th and 10th sts., is prepared to mak> to order any device that ma\ be su^esteO such as i lower Bouquets, Bracelets, Breast Pins. E?r Rings, Chains, Crosses. Rings, Chartelains, Ac. Also, Jet Ornaments for sale U j~ Persons mav rely upon their own hair be iug u^ed. jy 31?-tr PERM'S LONDON GREEN GINGER WINE MANUFACTURED FROM FRENCH GRAPES. GREEN JAMAICA GINGER SEVILLB ORANGES. Ac ?This deliciousbev erage be* omes the greatest favorite wherever it b introduced It is equally palatable, more whole some, and not half tne price of other foreign wines Many physicians use it exclusively, ana recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency. Dyspep sia, Debility, Cramps, Diarrhtea and Dysentery. Persons subject to Chills, or living in district; where Ague or Cholera prevails, find Its occasion al u??e a pleasant and admirable preventive Mixec with a little iced-water, it forms the most refresh iug .tad wholesome cooling drink in warm weatbe) that can be taken Price m) ? ents per oottle, $5 per dozen \' Country Druggists t Grocers, Ac , And thl? 'Vim- an advantageous addition to their stock, it'f a first rate article, sells well, and gives great satis far tiou Agents SFOTT & CO. Washington, PEE1 A STE VENS Alexandria; CISSEL, Georgetown; I Bti.MER Haiti more Jy6?tf^ FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE STA. BLES. |.N announcing to the public of Washington tfca :3S - have taken possesion, by purchase, ^ the?ix?ve Stab es, on G street, nrai h- ^ (lately occupied H I Wish to inV,\r... ?,liil111 ** entirely conducted by myiell and that all orders left upon the prsmls? will b, attended to punctually with elegant Carria-wl ?nH careftd driver, The Riding ^< hool "d Y ?* Pr?K 11 e(luestrlan and perfectly t"*!?'' hariQ^ atated hoan *?' \jgnss trteM, in nrtvateor pnblic, as they may preS PvHrufar attention win be pafd tc bor.??keu it Livfry ia f>tahlishrnent. _ Persons requiring open barouches or family ear a^es> ?an W satisfactorily accommodated u or ladfes deaMa* rldlnS Worses for gentlemen Jy?l CmRrEDERECK LAKK!?KYER, Official. TaiAsraT Dbfaatkist, Ang. 3, 1885 and after th. 12th Novemb-r, IS?', SJSfwJS or any part of that slock will be purchased by this depart men tat any time previous to the 30th No ?ember next, for which 3 per cent premium wl i Srtffliati' 341(1111011 to the ,um? expressed In the And to the holders of the stocks of th? , loans of the United States, that purcha ^ o?^ dJ.Hn ?rh amou"L?f f1 .310.000 will also be made vjs' f P^ri1od at the following rates: 1* or stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of 10 per cent; for stock (f the loans of IS47 and 1848 a premium of 13 per cent ; and for stock issued^ aer the act of ! -*50 commonly called Texas-ln demnity stock, a premium of d per c#?nt Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stln.. fated in the cert ideates, from the 1st July lartu. the day of settlement here, with one day In addi Uon^to enable the Treasurer's draft JriX 'rans1initted to tw? department un der the present notice should be duly assigned tc U* "ailed sua,, by u? p.ny mwKS tne purchase-money. .,nl!f.7inenl for.th^ stook? will be made by draft* ofp .ii nTl tre*surer" at Boston, New York P l.?,thePartle* entia?i to receive the money may direct . M JAMES GUTHBIE. au 4 dt.N ov30 Secretary of the Treasury. SOMETHING TO OLD AND YOUNG PROFESSOR WOOD'S rnH ? A 1 a * * irORA flfE, r ^ preparation, although less than two vear nurnan uairand scalp, has alreadx obtained a celebrity and sale nerfectlv an UKed fie<1" k ^ u'lthout the ordinary appliance used for such purposes, won its way, and beer ivi lo ot lbe cities and town inH^i i ^ theCanadas, and the West Indu islands. Nor is this result surprising whei , ^7Tm ,r7i thal ,U P?Pu^ity ts based upor MWv " ??'?wished by actual teit> . . Pr?ParaU>on w111 actually Restore gra Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxurian growth upon tne L?ad> of 'ofe bald prevent tfa, nalr from falling off, and when used as a tonic ar .. ,c*\a contla,ud flow of the natural tlulc ri*n?it5'' the hair soft glossy and wav\ destroy dishes of the scalp, and expel dandruff' ?r di"'nl{ut?h?!d gentlemen an?/ lri!!i !lew.ry l*rt of tbe country who have trie. "^he.r^ore *P?*k what they know, most fill 'u hfu \ ,,roPer of tw? ?estoratlv. 1 ^ lo aluin a"d >t? natu rll ? ^umo!<t any to humanity I.n i* i? Caa*e ot ^"^ase from the scalp ^ tiie concurrent tes tlmonials of tne press and the certificates of nu the r!fT?>fC'a individuals of both sexes, tc the use of this curative, u well a? of the recom. meridatloaai^ editors <n?d certiUcates before allu to, can be had of all agents. Broouvikls. Mass . Jan 11 1H55 u*i ^oot>~?J,?a,' Sir?Having made trial oi ihTi I Jr f!t0ral!ve 11 ?iv<JS ,ne pl?w?re to sa\ ? hat 11> effect has b en excellent ia removlnj/ in tta umatiori. dandruff, and a constant tendency to V? i hHve oeen troubled from childtioad, and has also iuy halr wnlch was becoming ?rty, toi is original olor I hav, used no other article, with anything like the same pleasure and profit. Yours, truly J. K. BRAGG, Pastor of Orthodox Church Brookfield Casltli. 111.. June 27, 18S1 I have used Prof O. J Wood** Hair Kestora tlve, and have adml-ed its wonderful effect. My hair was uecomlug, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of his ''Restorative" it has resumed its original color, and I have no doubt, permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, ? ? Ex-Senator United States. mu 0f,2 00# :?balr commenced off some three or four year? since, and con nnued to do so until I became quite bald I tried . * P?Pu/ar remedies of the day, but to no ef H?i'. u ." induced to use your celebrated doli woaders*' m,4? ^ 10 " ls ? bave now a fine growth of K?y^rfull> recoimnend u* to A. C WILLIAMSON, Lc ^ Ma ? Market t, St w'LS?" 4 C0 Wh?U*le '??" A??t, EDUCATIONAL. YOUNG L Aiil J3?' CLASSICAL INSTITUTE, 490 E street, between 5tk and 6th, (Removed from No. 9 Indiana avenue.) STEPHEN H MIRICK, A. M., Pbikcipal. THE next Academic year of this School, (form* eriv under the care of Rev R. W. Cushmau, D D., but for the last two years in charge of the Eresent Principal,, will commence Monday, Sep ?mber 10, 1?55 Experienced teachers are em ployed in every department Every branch of a solid and ornamental education is taught, and di plomas are given to those who complete the p*t scribed course. Circulars, giving further information, can be ob tained at the bookstores and by application to the Principal. au7?eo2m EMERSON INSTITUTE. A Select-Classical and Mathematical School fur Boys THIS Institute la located on H street, one door from the corner'of 12th. The next Academic rear will commence the first Monday in Septem ber Terms: per quarter, fbr full course, S15. Eng lish branches, 910 CHAS B. YOUNG, A. M , Principal, au 9?eotf > SELECT CLASSICAL AND MATHEMAT ICAL ACADEMY THE duties of th!s Institution will be resumed on Monday, Septeml?er 3d. Thenumberof scholars being limited i-arl, applications from the former patrons of the School are particularly re quested The Principal can lie seen at his residence, No M West street, Georgetown , on and after the 20th August Terms: Per quarter, of 11 weeks, 812 50. French and Drawing extra au7?eotf P A BOWEN, Principal. GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. THE next Annual Session of this Institution will commence on Monday, September 3d Punctual at endance is requested, ana application for admission must be eanv made Catalogues with course of studies and terms, to be had on application to the Principal. au 8?eotSepiO WILLIAM J CLARK. ROSE VALE SEMINARY, Near Blade.,sbur? Depot. THE exercises of tuis Scuool will be resumed on MONDAY, September 3, 1855 The large air)- room* now in course of erection will be read for use, which will add much to the comfort and convenient ol the pupils Forfurtherparticularsaddress Mrs D JONES, (Principal,) Biadensburg, Md. au 14? 2awlm M. A. TYSON A SISTER'S FEMALE SE&iNA&Y I OK DAY PUPILS, Fstreet, bet. 12?A and 13tA, Washington ' 1 ^HE duties of this institution will be resumed * on the 15th September, and, in connexion with the above, they *ish also to inform their pa t on* and others that they intend opening an es taolishment for boarding pupils on the 1st of No vember next The latter is situated on the railroad and turn pike, sixteen miles from the city, and two south east of Laurel village For particulars, circulars may be had at the principal bookstores in Washington and Balti more. au 4?d4t&eodtSeptl5 T MISS ROSA MOORE'S SEMINARY. MI E duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, September 3d For terms, fcc , apply to the Principal, No. 351 Sixth street, between H and I au 15?eolm HUNTER'S ACADEMY. 7T1HIS Instituton will be open in Forrest Hall, ?-L Georgetown, on Monday, 27th August, for the reception of pupils. The course of Studies will embrace a thorough English education. The La in and French languages will also be taught if desired. Particular attention will be paid to the moral character of the pupils, and none will be retained who; e conduct niav have an unfavorable infiuence ucol the other pupils. CHAS. S. HUNTER Georgetown, Aug. 11?eot27th HOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, Mn. GEN. T. T. WHEELER, Principal. THE duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 3d of September, at the cor nor of Bridge and Washington streets Entrance for Pupils on Washington street Mrs Wheeler respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronage she has so liberally received from the public, ana for which she tenders her sincere thanks. Circular can be obtained on application to the Principal. au 13?eolm GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D C. 'pHE next session of this Institution will com J- mence on Monday, the 3d of September The preparatory department and collegiate course are botn conducted by able and experienced Profes sors, who devote themselves to the moral and in tellectual advancement of those confided to their care. A large and spacious building has just been completed to be used exclusively for the accom modation of the younger students. Their dormi tory, play grounds, study hall, class rooms, Ac., will be entirely distinct from those of the other students, and ofilcers especially assigned will at tend them In their pastimes and preside over their studies. A complete separation will thus be ef fected between the younger and older students, the advantages of which must be apparent to all those who have the least experience in the educa tion of youth. The observatory of the College, Its extensive Philosophical apparatus, rich ana v tried libraries, and Cabinet of Minerals, Geological Specimens ?md Shells, afi'ord to the Students of this Institu tion advantages rarely to be met with. B A MAGUIRE, au 6?dim President. THE WESTERN ACADEMY. Crner Seventeenth and J streets, Washington. VSELECT SCHOOL will be opened on the first Monday in September, for boys. N umber limited to twenty-five. For particulars see circulars at the Bookstore, or call at the School Room after August 22d. jr-*?eotiw* S. L. LOOMIS, A. M. FAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOB GIRLS, Sandy Spring, Montgomery county. Md. I^HE ninth term of this Institution will com mence on the 10th day of the ninth montl September) next Circulars containing the needful information ii : ard to the School can be obtained by those wh< esire it, by addressing^ at Olney Post Office lontgomery county, Maryland, R. S. KIRK, oi M H FARUUHAR Refer to Jno. T. Towers, Lambert Tree, W. D. Vallach. Je 30?2aw9w FANCY GOODS, TOILET ARTICLES, Ac ii/'E invite attention to our large stock of Combs. Tf Brushes, Pomades, Extracts, Cologne, Bay vVaUsr, Ac , which we are prepared to offer at greatly reduced prices. Also, constantly on hand a general assortment of ??'aucy Goods, bans, Gloves, Hosiery; Ac., to gether with a fashionable stock of millinery, to .vhich additions are constantly being made of the i-west and most desirable styles The attention >f the ladies is particularly invited to this depart nent of our business, which Is under the charge of \Iiss Thompson. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. jy '28?tf 310 Penn ave., between 9th A 10th sts PURE BOSTON ICE. A PLENTIFUL supply of the above lndispen sable article will be kept on hand throughout he season, at the "Eldorado House," Pa. avenue oetwveen 3d and 4? streets, where families resld ng in the neighborhood can be supplied in large or small quantities, at the lowest rates CLEMENT REYNOLDS. N. B.?Choice Wines, Brandies. Cigars, Ac Dinners, Suppers, Ac., supplied in good style, as tsual, at shortest notiee. au 7?eolm HOWARD'S U. S. SUPREME COURT Reports, vol 17, just published and for sale by FRANCK TAYLOR. jy** SHIRTS?SHIRTS.?We have hist received a large and fine assortment of Gentlemen >? bent Iuality white aod^olored Shirts, which we will ispose of at the fewest New York prices. ^ WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa avenue, next door to Iron Hall, au 9 ?tf BLANK. BOOBS of all kinds and skes for sale at unusually low prices, jy & FRANCE TAYLOK. EXCURSIONS, &c. GRAND EXCLUSION OF THE AMERICAN RIFLEMEN, TO P1NEY POINT, OB THURSDAY, August S?, 1MJ. THE AMERICAN RIFLEMEN take pleasure in announcing to their friend* r and the public generally, that tti-yJff~^ j1 have chartered the swfft and splendid steamer BALTIMORE, fur the purpote of giving an ex cursion to thai favorite watering place, PINEY POINT, on THURSDAY, August 23d. Owing to the di -appointment of manv perrons to accompany the la:e ixcursionto Piney Point, in consequence of the crowded state of toe boat, and as so many persons are desirou > of visiting that far famed watering place, as well a? 'to view the beautiful scenery along our majestic river and i?ay the America- Riflemen have been prevailed uponb. their friend* and the citizens generally, to give an excursion, on Ttiursda., the '/Tld, when an opportunity will be give to all who may avail themselves, to enj y a ric treat Arrangements have been made with the captain of the boat to be a Pinev Point at 3 o'clock when any one wis .lng to partake of the hospitalities of the Mansion, the invigorating bath, or the d llca cies of the season, a flue opportunity will be af forded. Being desirous of giving satisfaction to our pa trons we have (positively) limited the number of our tickets to be sold, and the Committee have determined on no account to permit an, improper persons on ooard the steamer The boat wi t leave the wharf at the foot of 11th street it 0^ o'clock, so that we will be enabled to reach Washington at 12 o'clock p. m. Will stop at Aiexa uria at o'clock. Itbting impor ant to save time, the boat will not stop at the Aavy Yard Arrangements have, however, been in id* to have Oinnibusses in wait ing to convey persons from the Navy Yard and Georgetown to the boat, also for thel ^conveyance to their homes, on the return of the excursion The Riflemen have fixed the price of tickets for the round trip at the ow rate of TWO DOL ?<ARS, admitting a gentleman and two ladies, to be had of Committee, or at the boat on the morning of it* excursion. A fine band rs engaged for the occasion. Refreshments, including Dinner an< Supper, will be provided by en experienced caterer, at city price*. Committee of Arrangements. Lieut. R. T Knight, Private Jno. Y. Donn, Ensign Chas Kemble, Private S. W Connor, i'-erg'tWm. Gibson. au 14 GRAND FIB5ME*'9 AND CIVIC EXCURSION AND 1'lt NIC or THK FranklinFireCompany, TO TEE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. ff^HE members of the Franklin Fire Company A take pleasure in announcing to ,?JLT * ,? the Firemen, their friends and t>i"rfgwth'""h" i ' public generally that they have chartered iLe safe atid commodious steamer Geo Wa>hin?^ton, and will give a Grand Eccurstaa and Pic Nictothe WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, on WEDNES DAY. August vhid The Company pledge themselves that no trouble or expense will be spared to make this one of the most pleasant, gay, and recherche Excursion of the season A celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Dinner and Supper will be furnished by an ex perienced caterer. For the accommodation of those persons who do not wish to spend the whole day down the river the boat will make two trips Leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock, Washington at 9, Navy Yard at 9#, Alebandria at 10. Afternoon leaves Washington at 2%, Alexandria at 3if o'clock. % Returning, will leave the White House at 6 and and 10 o'clock p. in. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and two ladies, SI, to be had of the Committee of Arrangements, atid at the boat on the morning of the Excursion. Omnibu3ses wiJ leave th- Wctt Capitol Gate, Western Market, and Northern Liberties Market at half-pa?t. eight o'clock a m. Committtt of Arrangements. RcVt E Doyle, J Williamson, G R Crossfleld, J B Medley, L R Thomas, P J Newman, J M F Hough, Alex Tait, Jno T Coumbe, tl Eckloff. an 3?law2w&dtd NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, WASHINGTON, D. C. TH E thlrty-fburth annual course of Lecture* will commence cn MON DAY, the ?2d of October, 1855, and end on the 1st March, 1836. FACtXTT. Thomas Millbb, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. Wi. P Johnston, M. D., Professor of Obstet ricfc, and Diseases of women and children Joshua Riley, M. D., Professor of Materia Med ica, Therapeutics and Hygiene Jjto. Fbbd Mat, M. D., Professor of the princi ples and practice of surgery. G&afton Tyleb, M. D.. Professor of Pathology and practice of medicine, and of clinical med icine. Lbwis H. Stbinbb, M. D., Professor of Chemis try and Pharmacy. Edward M. Scott, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator THOMAS MILLER, M D., Dean. Like most similar institutions in Europe, the desks from which the regular lectures are given, and the words for clinical instruction are under the same roof, The entire expense for full course lectures..990 00 Practical Anatomy by*the Demonstrator.,.. 10 00 Matriculating fee, payable only once 5 U0 Graduating expenses 25 00 Admission to the medical and surgical clinic with out charge. The lectures will be given in the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those engaged in busi ness during the morning nours to attend. For further information address THOMAS MILLER. M. D., Dean of the Faculty N. B.?Medical students desiring situations as resident student in the Washington Infirmary, {which is the clinical department of the National Medical College,) are requested to make applica tion by letter to Joshua uiley, M. D., Curator of the Washington Infirmary, who will give any in formation that may be desired. it Is unnecessary to state the great advantages of a residence in a hospital for clinical instruction. Those making early application will have prece dence Six are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc tober . jy9?eotNovl REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS* FITTING DEPOT. 'pHE subscriber respectfully announces to his I- friends and the public in general that he has received the first lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tute, and is now prepared to furnish all who may favor him with a call His stock of GAS FIXTUR ES are unsurpassed in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he pride* himself to fill any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptness and despatch. !n~ All work done warranted to give complete -talisfaction. JOHN REESE, >nav 3?tf corner 6th *t and Pa avenue YEW BOOKS JUST RKt E VED AT JOE il Sliillingten'l Periodical Dei?ot. The Escaped Nun, or Disclosures of Convent Life the Confession of a Sister of Charity The Six days' of Creation, a eries of Familiar Letters from a Father to his Children Art Hints. Architecture, Sculpture and Painting, by James Jackson Jarues Rose Milton, a romance Waikna or Adventures on the Mosquito Shore New Hope, or The Rescue The Prophets, or AVormonism Unveiled F emale Life among the Mormons Mary Llndon. an Autobiography Cleve Hall, The Winkles The Watchman, Doesticks Peg Wolfing ton Panorama of Life and Literature for August, Lit tell7s new magazine All the Magazines for August Newspapers and cheap Publications at JOE SHI LulNG TON'S, Odeon Building, cor. 4% at, and Pa. ave. au 11? BASKETS?Work* Card, Traveling, Knife, Key. Cigar, Office, Market and Clothes Bas kets. tf v ou want a good basket, at a low price: call at 400 Seventh street. G. FRANCIS. au 8? I.1RENUI DRAWING PENCILS from the . several manufactories of Uauach. Hardmuth, Walter and Con tee. imported direct rum the ma Vara hi Paris, by FRANCK TAYLOR ?J*? ?' ' EVENING STAR., HOW TO SEE THE WORLD. Among tbe valuable lessons which travelers teach, is the art of making the bert of every thing just at the time when m<>st wanted. A traveler, especially in thinly-inh tbitedoreemi barbarwts countries, is perpetually put to his wits todevise i? rv?deofoverct minz diffl ultiea. His food fails, hi? beverage fail?, his fuel fails, his clothing fails?hi* ms*vmment*. his arms, his cooking-vessels, his tents, bin wagons, his beasts of burden, his guides, bis servants, his money, his health?aiij of the6e may fah biin at a pincb, and it is a part of kk duty as a traveler, an almost indispensable condition ot his succcss, to possess a facility of contriving make-shifts instead of sitti ig down hopelessly to mourn over something which Is lost, or u?ed up, or broken. To catalogue -uob probabli make-shifts. and to supply bints f<?r surmount ing difficulties, are the<d>jects ot Mr. Gal ton's remarkable volume, lat* ly published. It is a sinall book, but is stuff d full of facts: and muuy of these facts are uot 01 ly of great vaiu to the traveler, but are worth k.iowiugby 'bo-e whose travels extend only a little way beyouu their own firetddes. lie Uvats it. #uceessiou o water, fire, bivouac, clothes, food. o?ok?ry I discipline, dcience, hidiug-?'u?cj, boat* and rafts, |?atbJ, carrying weights, carpentry , smith s-work, skins and horn , writing mate i rails. riding and draught animals, sadd.es and Harness, wagons and vehicles, guns, trapping, fishing, medicinos. pre.seut?. articles for barter, and mapping implements. It may be interest ing to jot down a few curiosities from this budget. W hen an exhausted traveler is in want of water, the converging flight of birds, or the converging fresh traeks of animals, may olten guide him to a spring or pool: it is about nigl.t fall that desert-birds a unlly drii#, and tLe thirsty tiaveler looks out for their course ot flight at such a time. If a thirsty man strips, aud exposes his jterson to a showr of rain, bis thirst is greatly allayed. I? hi has nothing to drink but muddy water, let him tie together a good handful of grass in the form of ? com, place the large end ot the cone up the stream, and the water will become parti lly fi t- red in the act of pacing thivu-h the gra-->s Ii a traveler be short ol water-vessels, a canv.iss b.ig. well greased, will bold water for a con siderable time. For striking a light in the bu.*h or the desert, a_;ate is better than flint: it makiS a hotter park* C.g 'T1 usees ar>- n t worth taken: ?e. spoil* theau. Tae crystalline kM "I a dead animal's eye has been sometimes u-e I as a burning-glass, wherewith to obtain fiie. TIm .;shes oi a cigai rubbed into apiece ot paper will qua.iiy the paoer to serve as timber In 1 the abscnoe ot wuvd fuel, dried .?i.ima' manure makes auex-ellent suost tute. Toe same may be said of bones: the Fa.kiand Islanders ofu.*n cook part of the meat of a slaughtered oX by 1 tbe heat of his own bones; and tne Kussiaus. I when in Turkey in 1829, were given fa) n-v J i bones trom the cemetery at Adrianopie as futl. I Iu bivouacking fur the night, "the oldest trav- ' elers will ever be found to be those who gotbt, 1 most systematically to work in inak n^ tl cir 1 sleeping-places dry and warm A bush is I not a good shelter for a sleeping-man; it may 1 be leafy and close at a yard from the groun.l, j but it lets through the cutting wind lower J down. ''A man as be li--s down upon bis * uioihcr-earth, is but a sma I low objoct, aud a screen eighteen ineh'-s hi^n will guard him ' se< urelj fr m the -tie ,_th < fa storm;" a broad j : sod, seven feet by two, and iurued up ??n end, will form such a screen. If nothing better t ffers, "a European can live through a bitter I 1 night on a sandy plain, w ithout any clothes I besides those he ha* on if he buries hia body I j p etty deeply in the sand, keeping only bis j head above ground; and Mr. Motfit, speaks I of "the real comfort, even luxury,'' which he once found in such a aandy blanket. That sleepers find snow to be a warm bed in a bitter j climate, is well known. Woven cloaks and coverlet* admit the wind as through a sieve, unless the texture be close. I j "It is in order to m .ke their coverings wiad- I proof that shepherd lads ou tlm hill oi Scotland, I when the nights are cold, dip thicr plaids in water before sitting or lying down in tnem: the wet swell up the fibres of the plaid, and make? j ' the texture of it perfectly dense andoloe." ' The Highland poachers adopt an odd mode of 1 "tucking" eaen other in at night: when on the moor-side on a frosty night, they cut quantities of heather, and strew part of it as a bed on the * ground; then all the party lie down, aide by side, excepting one man, whose place among I ' the rest is kept vacant for him; his business is to spread plaids upon them as they lay, and ' to heap up the rest of the heather upon the plaids; this being accomplished, the man wriggles and works himsclt into tbe gap that I has been left for him in the midst of his com- I rades. The importance ot fl.<nnel next to the ' skin cannot be overrated: inthestati ticeo. ex- j 1 peditions, it has been found that uku with ut ' this comfort sicken and die in greater number than those provided with it. Mr. Parkyus. the Abyssinian traveler, adopted a very primitive I j mode of keeping his apparel dry at a tin e I when he h;ul no change of suit: he simply took I I off hi? clothes, and sat up-n them in a bu. dl until the rain wasover! Tbe tollowing soUi.us j*1 oddly to st. y-ut-homc people:?"There is no I 1 denying the fact, though it be u t agreeable to coufess it, that uirt and grease are great pro tectors of the skin afeai. si inol ment weatuer; and that, thereiore tb.. le.-dei oi a party rnou d 1 not be too exacting about the api?earauCe if I j his less warmly cla i followers Daily washing, if not followed by oiling, must be com pens., ted ' for by wearing clotiics. Take tbe instance of a dog: he will sleep out under any bush, and I 1 thrive there, so long as he is not washed, j ' groomed, and kept ciean; but if he be. he must nave a kennel to lie in. A savage will never wash, unless he can grease himself afterwards l t ?grease takes the place of clothing to him. t We can afford to wash, but naked men can- , not." I j Nettles make a dish which travelers welcome ? if other food be scarce; when gathered quite . < Joung, and boiled, they are innocuous; a;;d I , Leant*. Hue and O.ibet "were able to enj y j , tuis delightful variety of eecuk-nt u-ore than a ' ( month." Tbe young stems ol fern, boiled in | pure water, "realise a dish of delicu us asj ara- ] gus." Old hides and skins, untanned. "improve | all *mp, by being m x d wiih it. or they m ^y ' be toasted aud hammered'.'' Travelers in thin- y ly inhabited dibtrieta are frequently taught by their want* to make jerked meat, cornicing of , dried pieces; or pemmicau, made of meat dried, pounded, and mixed with grease and ( meal; or cavairt, consisting of dried fish -roe, or the whole of a fish dried; or dried and pound ed eggs. An auiinal may be boiled iahis owi hide, in default of a caldron or saucepaL iitick four stakes in the ground, and tie tbe lpur , corners of the hido up to them, leaving the bide hollow or concave iu the middle; then cat up your auiinal into small pieces, and put it < into the hollow of the hide, with sufficiency uf ( water; put iu several lai^e very hot stout . . 4 and iu due time there is your a^up and botulli. t A kind of haggis may be made in the stomach of an auimalTDlood, fat, lean, heart, lur^, j ail the solida cut or tern into small fragments, j are put into the stomaeb, and roasted, by beicg , suspended before the fire with a string. We are as*u ed th. t "It i? * most dclici us moml, even without pepper, salt, or any other season ing." Mr (laltou recommends a traveler. \ heading a party of natives, to interrupt the i monotony of travel by m trked daya, extra U baecc, augar, etc, etc.; avoid e<>aM.?nt good i teedii.g, but rather have frequent slight Usts < U> insure occasionly good lVaats, especially those gala-days, when marked stages of tke ^ J jt.urney have been readied. ' The tort of attention paid to women in rul*-?? countries is, it muat be coufe*Wf nearly %kia | 1A that which is paid Co useful aniaev's of Iav> < r Ji grade. ' Take the wives or* few vf i n witk your party, Mr ailui.; j * ufor they are of very great service, *tH riw a delsy. for the body of ? eirirm mu*? *1 waV* CraTel at a foot ? pace, and * womar will eadure a ">* I9mrmf7 "early as well as ? ruar ? and certain;/ hatter than a horae or ? bus) ?k They are invaiu,*Me in packing up. and in re tailing information .?od heart*y gossip. which wiil give eluestoa.ucb * importa,** that an nssisted, you might miss ' An Amenrm chief (old Hearse the lia*?th <t ?o'i,pd I were made for labor; th .t oucm'^mb an ? .r I rjr or h* ul as uiu h as two men; an 4 lh t t . v *** *aaiat lined at a trifling expe c , for "mi they alw ,ys stand couk. th* very ck*ng tbeir finger* in scarce time* is ?uffi ieiii fcr their subsistence *' The "right* ul w .wen ' ire bow beii.g advocated iu the self-sum ?m> tinent where these wrong* uf w meu WlT tl a4 <i? Mr. G 1 to.. **Oo hi f,vi ? * <n eLC&iiipfi.ciit, t ? ativci u-u J.y ru ? J in fright: ityo? uj,. aaagiy, or in a? y nc ?. what thej hare, g? boldly int<> lie.r huu ike just what y .a wai.t, .u.d tttvu u y ole payment. I' is an ard t. b v ? lU . u us m tiics* cases." b-- .tank a -a. c t' i i?usut-rs h. respect to Cuba, I . t ..v . * ?foU,.h a P -stile lf i^i birt txxl. <**(? e te p ,ua.d reiy well; the b.ilit- m ba?ii-iik m ke 4 traveler, though otbei wise ?>u d 4 ?rt up directly at a rcfy slight rustic <h ar.nu .?moug his cattle. A persiu ndi -g a j u ?> y 01 his life, sleeps in.*t s.f'ely -"for Uv mu*t sometimes sleep, ' a- Mr. G It hi assur. s v ? dith his horse's head ticu sboit up t.? hi* ari.-f; .ue horse if he hears anything, to.-* shi* h ? i, tod jerks the rider's anu; while h wi.t s, 1d m be so careless as to tread on his siet'^iu^ was ter. A sylvan post-office fi* the wilds If y< u want to leave a letter in a pre-arr nged t?e>-, 'clamber up the tree whet, it is dart to the first large boug.-i. and sitting astride it, cut with a chisel a deep hole right into the cubstai.ee of the wood, or you may make one by fiiiu,. a bttliet down into it; in this hole the ieUci r l - ed up orfolded quite small, is to be pu?be ir and the bark nailed down over it. JIo sav. e would ever dream of looking there for it." fro we ?h >uM 'h<nk. If y. u wtsii t<cr<<ss ? deep river wi.h your horss. drvc or push hun i. ? jump in yourself, seise nuu oj .ne tiii, a d ? t him tow you across if he turn* b:a bea?l to ( y .tnd chauge hi" oourse, splash w t:r iu h - face with your rigLt or lelt ua. d. a.- tuc ?* : may be, holding on with one htiiii aud ?p a ing w th the other, and yea will i tLi. ? > diiect him ju>t is j<>a tike. Cap.a n Fita ?> * men onceinsdiffi ulfy. collected s? m b u.< . w ve them iat. a sort of iaice b sk r e % - ??d t with their > a..v? s-icut, u dl . iae >ide wuh ciay, and wtreuui a i ??,eU hoars in thh> ira^ik ?ub itue i~r . w *. Tue following is euiioas:?*If c uehi hy a , . . leconect that a bo l wi I Ik to nu n* . . t^u^h s.most any weat. e., it you c.. n maKv a o* ?i ? r?f a lew spare spars, am. 1c., L em to the bo.U'? bead, So ,?<? t" flo t i. f :,l of and across the b?iw; they will act ve y sen- " sib.y as a break w.iter, ad tue b" .t n ad wili aJw .y.- be kept t> the wi..d Water that is eJghtly frozen may be m^ue to bear a he ?y wagon, by cutting re?;ds, strewing th* m tnick y on the ict.; end pouring water upon them; .he whole by degrees becomes froten into a ?olid mass. Mr (iaiton's chapter concerning tapping* is full of curious information. In nlati n t.? the p wor of animals to sceut the appro*eh U au J says: ''Our own senses do .rot Uiake us .war* >f what is disagreeable enough to confess. th<t the whole species of mankind y.-^lds a p?>wer .all and wide-spreading euian >tiou t 'at ?- ut *jrly disgastiag and repulsive toever/ aoiuiai in its wild stale. It re<|uiren s<>me expe ience to reaii>e this tact: a m m must frn|ue t y tiave watchcd the heads of a herd of far >ii*ia?"t nuimals tossed up in alarm tue m<?u<e?tt that lht.y oatch his wind He must have ob- ived the tracks of animal?-?how, when th y cro?^d bis own of the preceding day. the beast tu :t lead them has stopped, serutmiaed, and t?l.ua ued it?before he can realise what a Vahx> he is among the brute creation. Nocle n liuess of the individual seems to dim mm th. 1 remarkable odor; indeed, the more civ i d the man, the more subtue it appears to b.-. The touch of a gamekeeper scares les- th in Luat of thi master, and the touch of a mg. r buahman less than that of a tr iven r (ro.n Eu rope.',' Were it uot for Mr. Ualton p ?;ieat Experience in this subje-ct, wemighi iiav ves tured to suggest, that the horror of tne ai.im. .? is perhaps rather morai than sensorial, r? u ; ing rather trom an olfactory sen*? of man's personal unwelcomem ss. I he o.ttchm^ <.f condois ami vultures is mAu god in a sin_u *r way. A raw .>x-nide issp a i upon tke gt u I; Mie man creep.- under it w.th a string iu nis liand. while one or twoothei meu is posud su iinbu.-h close by; the bird flu* d Wu u,.o. a Dait placed on the hide, and the ma4i s iscs the legs aud binds ihtm ti^ht in the hide, wum the p?or bird becomes power ess. Pedestrians wh<? teet are apt to blister luring long>.aa yt are thus dv .-el. Hu'* Lne foet at goi>.g t > d with spirit- ui xo 1 wi U tailow iiop, ei iroiu aea^al uiotj. pa m f the hand; n t..e following m rui. g i.o o iB.er Will exist, for the sprite seem to ,-obsess ? e healing power, while tne ta . wwv.uk. a ep tue skin soft and jausi.t. *-? ?e b f re - fanoe ?that is, soap the u.s.de oi your oh* k mg betore setting out. aod break a law . g >i.to a boot before putting it on. Itia m^ ia e to giance over tho pa^es of t..is bo .a, wu -ft being struck w:.tu the number and v. i?. \ f tue uisa-teit to wh eh such t>av..ei? M 3 ltoU ale Su >jeut, and with tne u I r g p .Utince exhibited in deviling t ur s .< u buu miutes Wi.e< ever the disaeu ts i , i?. . 1. v r traveling can become au - Art," th n w.l M iaiton's little vo ume serve as a M nu ?i, a li in J book, a \ ad<VHl Uu but I 1, ?1- ;'u| It readable bite lor others ?C'kamb*r s Jour ta/. Johjt Randolph " HxanaD "?The eoeen ;ric man of Roanoke was once traveling through t part of Virginia in which he was unacquaint* id; in the meantime he stopped during the light at an inn near the forks of the roid. The inn-keeper was a fine geutlemaii. and no loubt one of the first families in the Old l> - nmion. Knowing who his diatipguished ^u *t v is, he endeav red during the evening to lraw him into conversation, but failel in II ?isefT^rts. But in the morning, wheu Mr. ilindolph was ready to start, he called for bit >?11, which, on being presented, w.ts paii. The landlord, still anxious to have some oou rersation with him, began as .ollow- : 44 Which way are yow traveling. Mr R*n lolph ?" " Sir!" e&id Mr. Randolph, with a look if lifpl- ;i?ure. <4 have I paid my hill? ' *' Yes." 7 44 Do I owe you anything mora !" 44 No." ? Well. I'm going just where ] plriti i j F u uiderstand ?" ? Yes. ? The landlord by this time got som*wKat ax :itcd, and Mr Randolph drove off. But. te "he landlord's surprise, in a few inluu es tue servant came to inquire for his matter, which if the forks of the road to take. Mr. Randolph not being out of hearing dis tance, he spoke at the top of his votoe. 14 Mr. Randolph, you doVtuwe me a cent; just what road you please." lfoiaD Pxachm ? Peaches at usually dried kre a vejry good fruit; but can be made vastly i> tier if treated in the right way. Last t< a ?ou the recipe which had quite a circulation iu the papers of dryiag the lrmit by a stove af ter bulling it and FMiitklmg a little sugar in ,'j tkacavity left by the extracted pit?, w?a -Tie I m our family. The fruit was found to be -noot excellent; better to the taste of nine out H ten petaena than any peach preserves, by ur. The peaches, however, were good qnet >?;fora ilraiag; fat it it (LiahU'aLwhe he 'poor kair tmrbm uade gt^od hy ibut fm*%W ary ituar. -~s ?ra\r ULxa nr%<r, _

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