31 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

31 Ağustos 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. WA8HIHOTO* CITY: FRIDAY AFTERNOON Aagaftt 31. Adte*t*****ht? should be banded in "by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise thejjnay not ?p peer until the next day. agents for the star. The following person! ere authorised to eon tract for the publication of adrertiaementa in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Pal***, N. W. corner of Third and Che?tnut streets. New York?S. M. P*TYi*aiu. A Co., Nuuu *trt?et. . . ] Lostor.?V B. Pal***, Scollay'i Building. FPIRIT 07 THE MORNING PRESS. The Union's leader is to show that the an ti-slavcry party al way* ioouted the Missouri Compromise until now, denying that tho North was oound by it, <ie., lo. Tho aamo journal laugh, at the claim whish the New York Ex press sets up to Louisiana, for the Know Noth- j ing*, and compliments Gen. W. R. Miles, of ? . a Catholic Whig, for tho power and el oquence with whi:h he combats Know Nothing isb>. The ImtUigeitcfr, noticing the extraordina ry oagerncs* with which the French people responded to the last demand of the Emperor for money to prosecute the Russian war, saye: Th>: promptitude and readine*s with which the }>eoplc cf Francc, of all cla*>ea, have floek ?d together to contribute their mite to the enormous Iran demanded by the Emperor to ?enable bim to carry on the war against Rus sia, we regard aa one of the most extraordinary tacts in the fiscal annals of nations. It will be remembered that the sum required was seven hundred and fifty millions of francs, and that a sum amounting to more than five time* that amount was subscribed ; that is, more than (?even hundred and fifty millions of dollar*, instead of/nww. Subscriptions of any amount were received, so that tho poorest individual in France might have an opportunity of show ing his interest in tho glory of " La Grand \atton ;" and a ierr Urge portion of the wholo amount subscribed was in sums below ten dollars. While ruch an avarice of military glory exists, and such prodigality is lavished upon the meant, of keeping up an army, there is some reason to fear that those who yet look to any near pacification of Europe will be sadly disappointed." '4 List or Post Offices in the United States, with the names of Postmasters, on the 1st cf July, lhiso. Alio, the principal regulations of tee Post Offico Department. Compiled by D. D. T. Letch, of the Post Office Depart inent Washington: printed by George S. Gideon, lbS5." Wc are indebted to the publisher for a copy if the abave very useful work. The list is alphabetical, and embraces the county and State, as well as-the name of the post office and po>tmaster thereof. The compiler i* capitally qualified for his task, and has made :i little volume which no business man should be without. We know no book an annual edi tion of which will be more useful than so careful a post office register as this. Happep. for SjsrTKMBEB.?Wo have re ceived l'rum the periodical and literary Estab lishment of Col. Joe Shillington, the Septem ber number of Ilarpcr's New Monthly MagR xine. It is handsomely embellished, present ing. among other things, " Pictures of the Rus sians, " 4 ? Early Printing and Printers," ''Something about the M:squitocs;'' in fact, it is fall of interesting articles. PERSONAL. ....Ex-Parson C. C. Burr?formerly an nboiition lecturer, then a temperance leoturcr. subsequently the editor of the New York city National (Hard) Democrat?turns up in the New Ycrk Know Nothing State Convention at Binghamton. lie had not previously been heard of in politics for a whole year, a re markable eircumstancc when one takes into consideration the faet that he is the greatest gas pipe at present krown to the politics of the co antry. .... Advices from Buenos Ayres to July 2d, by wuy of England, announce the sudden death of Ueu. Arista, ex-President of Mexioc, when on board the steamship Tagus, en route lrom Cud".i to South amp ton. ....A man was killed in Clark county, Ark., on the 2tf:h ult.. by a child about nine or ten years of age. The child's father wa.<*engaged in a fist fight with another man, when the child ran up amd stuck a knife in his father's alversary?killing him almost instantly. .... A German astronomer says that iu twenty million* of years from now the eaith will bo destroyed by a comet. How docs he Lujw ? Wo, however, aro tot frightened ! .... Colonel Hart, the American Consul at Santa Cms. Island of Teneriffe, died suddenly of apoplexy on the 2Ti July, and was buried with military honors by a torca of marines and rrau.cn from the U. 8. flag ship Jamestown. The Spanish authorities and Foreign Consuls attended his funeral. .... Hon. James A. Stewart, of Dorchcstcr, is announced as a candidate for Congress in the 4th Congressional district of Marylaad. This geatkma:i, to our knowledge, has been the standing Democratic candidate in that district for tne last twenty-five years. ....The abolition Know Nothing State C< unci! of Massachusetts have voted to refuse to coalesce with tha lusion party, and have issued a call for another Know Nothing State Convention, signed by J. W. Foster, the Pres ident of the State Council. A New Dascf.?Here Is a new figure for thoee who eujoy the light fantastic toe. as de tailed in a recent letter from Havana: *? The favorite dance appeared to be a Cre ole one, of the figure of wuich I must attempt a description. The fartnora atand opposite each other the entire length ef the room. The first and second couple perform the " la lies' chain," as it used to be called in my dancing t ;hool daya; then the two coaples, changing paitnere, waits slowly round: each tbea re suming their partners, waits very slowly to their plaoe*. This is repeated with each c .tuple, and as some half a aoien couples have been passed, the seoond couples commences the " ladies'chain." When all the couples are engaged in the slow graceful waits, a pret tier sight it wi>uld be difficult to imagine, or cne that afford* a better opportunity for whis pering iuto the ear of one s partner those lit tle flatteries which are ever so grateful to^the fair sex." The Wheel** Slave Reicui Cass ?The Wheeler slave rescue case was continued at Philadelphia, yesterday morning in the Court of Quarter Session. Among the witnesses ex amiued was Jaue Johnson, the slave woman of Colonel Wheeler. Her appearance caused a great exeiteineut. Her testimony was much the tamo as her affidavit. She bad desired her freedom and male such arrangements be fore leaving home as to expert her friends to retc-.e her on readning New York. After her statement was concluded the Uni ted States officers attempted to arrest her. but tLeC. urt instructed the Court officers that -he I. iug a witness was to re defended with tl? ir lives She was then taken ont of court between two long files of police, placed in a carriage and driven off Relays had been pre Cud and were in waiting, and she W?s soon jond the reach of the officers. A great ex citement prevailed about the Court House for awue time. I jr The Massachusetts Anti-Maine Law Convention has nominated E. D. Bead, Demo crat fur (governor; Moaes Daren Tort, whig, for Lieutenaut Governor; and a full State ticket It solutions ?!? nnuacing the Xaiue Law weie Iwoaed. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Mo?t Interesting from the City of Mexi co- Last night a nail brought ns important and reliable advices from the City of Mexico to the 19th. Santa Anna, on reaching Perote in his flight formally abdicated; and on the 18th he pro mulged at thnt point, not onlj his abdication but a long and able prounciamcnto, the bar den of which is, of course, that he is a suffei Ing patriot. His continued bitterness against this Government is evident ia the following extract from that paper, viz : " T>? scandal, dbhonor, and perfidy of hi, enemies reached the extreme of associating not only with the filHbusten of the North but with troops of the United States: who pac ing the frontier in the disguise of deserters are led by rebels and unworthy Mexicans who teach tbem the road by which to invade their native land ; to assassinate with rifiof the Me*{oan soldiers who defend the sover eignty and integrity of their territory." It thus seems that he (Santa Anna) has taker, up the foolish cry of somo of the anti-Adminis tration journals of our country, reforred to ii another article of to-day's Star. It will bi reoollected that, after the same fashion, in hi. pronunciamentos during our war with Mexico he essayed to use against this Government the arguments and roorbacks of his sympathiser; in the United States. In the midst cf the excitement in the capi tal, caused by Santa Anna's flight, the Amer ican Minister procured tho release of the only two American prisoners there. Letwcen the yth and tho 13th tho press wa^ i free, aud the consequence was, publication* i that generated the riot in which the residence of Santa Anna's mother-in-law, and those of most of the Minister of State, Santa Anna's two printing offices, Ac., were destroyed. Tho new provincial government is entirely irregular, revolutionary, and of course unsta ble. General Vega got it up for his own ben efi*., but lost the fruit of his scheme, as he re ceived but 18 votes of tho junta of department? (appointed by htmieif) to 26 for General Car rera, and 3 refusing to vote. Carrera, how ever, preserves order, and in temporarily re* spected and confided in by all good and the foreigners. It is thought 1 simply .-trivo to bring order out of bow to the formally-declaredwiU of*"the na tion when tncy may be expressed. A r.ew National Legislature will be prompt ly called together by Carrera, which, on meet ing, will determine what shall be the next phase of Mexican governmental affair?. Thing are looking much hotter for peace, good order and justice to all in the city.of Mexico thai might be expected, in view of tfie occurrences of which we write above. The Cause of the Catastrophe.?Enough h already known of the circumstances connected with tho recent dreadful railroad accident near Burlington, N. J., to enable us to locate the original cause thereof with tolerable cer tainty. Tnus, the oauso of the delay of the New lork train at Jersey City was the want of care and attention to the condition of th*. C.?rs on the part of the company's agents and servants at that point. Twenty-five minutet were list there, which made that train behind time. The anashed-up train obeyed instruc tions to the letter, except in backing through Burlington at a greyer speed than six mile* per hour. That's pretty clear. TLt engineer and conductor in running backward; on hearing the emaehed-up train from Phila delphia approaching, ran too fast very proba bly. But if Dr. Hannegan had not been cross ing the railroad just at the time, no accident whatever would have occurred. It seems that this is tho third occasion in which the carriage of that individual has got into trouble on the track of the railroad near Burlington. On this occasion the driver, who was deaf and was seated in the carriage so as not to have a view tp and down the railroad when crossing it, hud waited until the train had passed, and not thinking that it might possibly have to back to get out of the way of tho delayed and momentarily expected down train, was in the act of cros ing the railroad when his velrsle was crushed to atoms by the force of the back ing train, returnicg at a desperate speed. The danger was discovered by those in the carriage only in time to allow them to spring out and thus save their own lives. Rev. llr. Donelan.?A writer in the Organ doubts whether the Rev. Mr. Donelan of this city has been in Norfolk sinoe the prevalence of tho yellow fever. Wo tak<; pleasure in assuring him of its truth, though we wero in error in stating, not long sin^e. that he had returned thither. We wore mis informed on that ooea^ion. He, however, ap plied to his bishop for permission to return there, and to tho bishop of Virginia for per mission to lubor for the time in his diocese Two clergymen froin tho District of Columbia, of Mr. Djnelan's persuasion, are now in Nor folk and Portsmouth?tho pastor of Trinity church,Georgetown, and theRev. Mr. Woodley. Six more, connected with Georgetown College, have volunteered, and await orders to proceed thither. Six Sisters of Charity, from the Dis trict of Columbia, are down there, laboring in their heaven'y vocation. These facts speak volumes in true praisa of tho manner in which th3 Catholic clergy and religious sisterhood discharge the most trying duty of their pro fessionsof religion. Mexico ?The "fusion" press of the North, always kcen-cosed for mares' nests, disoovers in tne success of the party of Alvarc*, in Mex ico, the finger-marks of the existing terrible National A Immigration of the United States! If the skies fall next, and all good people catch larks in abundance, they will probably trace that event clearly to the machinationsoi those terrible fellows now in power in this country. Wc need hardly contradict such nonsense as that of which we are writing; ai experience demonstrates that though poli ticians who get up sush storier, base their plaas on tho axiom that the publio are essen tially fools, when the votes are counted out it turn* out that thty are the nincompoops, who proceed on any such assumption. Bat, writing seriously, we have to say that the inevitable destiny is close upon us. Sinee time was, a superior aud more powerful republic has never yet failed by degree* to absorb the territory of weaker powers immediately contiguous to it. This has, so far, been tho general law of national nature?the law, without a single ex ception recorded in history, if o?t memory serve! us. - : t . . We cannot reasonably expect to ie exempt from its operation, however much the ocmser vative among us may deplore and deprtcate the idea of the acquisition of Mexico. The pirty who bare turned Santa Anna out cf | pjwer, arc that party who during the Mexican war were eager to have this Government con tinue and maintain its authority over the di voted republic. There is no mistake in this fact. 8o, among the lint nets of the new Gov errmenf will be, in nil probability, to throw open wide the door to indiscriminate emigra tion from the United Stater of the North. Those who were bent on sacking Cuba, and those who wonld hare Joined Kinney'a foray n Central America bat for the firmnem of this Government, and tens of thousand! on thousands more will not be slow in aocepting the inyitation of the Alrares party, to Ameri canize Mexico. Under such circumstances, there is no law which makes it the dnty of or grants the power to the government of the United States to lift a finger to prevent such emigration as we do scribe; and those who know the history of may safely come to conclusions in ad vance, as to what is likely to be the grand finaie of ail these things in spite of any and all wishes to the oontrary wbioh may fill the breasts of the President and his constitutional ad vizors. Experience has proved that Mexico cannot exist as a Spanish republic, or indeed an a Spanish American despotism; as the govern* ment in the latter ca^o must rely on its troops, who, offioera and men, cannot be prevented from deserting any side for ono that promises to pay better. Thorough and interminable anarchy can only be prevented there by it? Americanization. This faot doubtless stares the leaders of the revolution in the face, and they will act on it speedily, or they have changed their views of the fitneas of things amazingly since General Quitman held the capital of the Atiesa as the United States military governor thereof. The difficulty of knowing-whet to do with it, almost alone prevented its being held when in our possession during the Mexiean war. The indisposition of our peoplo to to vast a pro ^?isular acquisition of course had its weight, also, in turning the scale against keeping Mex ioo as a dependency of t&is Republie, which we well know was being balanced in the minds of the American Government at the time to which we refer. We can soe no other solution of the problem than that indicated above?first, an indepen dent government there under the auspices of our ccuntrymen, somewhat like that of inde pendent Texas, and eventual absorption by this government. All this is to be the work 02 fate?of Providence?against which it will be useless to struggle, or no lessons of wisdom arc t) be drawn from the history of the nations that havo gone before us. A Change of Proprietorc.?Wo hear that the Hon. Bayard Clark, of New York, (now in this city,) ha#, perhaps through others, pur chased out all the shares in the Organ news paper at $100 per share ca^h down, and the balance, about $300 per share, in 3 months without interest. Our impression is that the papers in this transfer will be ready to be signed this afternoon. At the meeting of the Organ association on Tuesday night last, Messrs Ellis and Buscy are said to have op posed the transfer earnestly, but were voted down. It is our opinion that the money by whieh the purchase was made camo originally from the pocket of George Law, who figures ro ex t3nsively in political financiering?his fingers being at the work in the rcccnt Hard conven tion at Syracuse, on the 28th and 29 th inst., in the Binghamton Know Nothing convention on the 29th and 30th inst., and here in this matter Tuesday last, yesterday, and to-day We congratulate the city shareholders ou getting out of their speculation without loss?a rare occurrence, indeed, with those who boy stock in newspaper enterprises without being actually engaged in conducting tbem. We hear further that, by way of inducing the transfer, it is agreed that the old stockholders may buy back at par, if the Organ wins the public printing?in a horn, we faney. An Erroneous Humor.?Information to be relied on reached Washington this morning flatly contradicting the story that the yellow fever had broken out on the U. S. Ship St. Lawrence, the temporary receiving ship at the Norfolk station to which the recruits collected there for the service were sometime since transferred from the old and un&eaworthy ship ?jf-the-line, Pennsylvania. Commander Ellison, U. S. N., who went out not more than three or four months since to the coast of Africa, in command of the sloop-of-war Jamestown, has returned to the United States on account of ill. lie brings despatches from the Commodore of the African coast squadron. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, tho 30th August, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on tho books of the Department? For the redemption of Stock $5,480 54 *or the Treasury Department...4 883 60 vor the Interior Department 10,329 84 War Warrants received aad en tered....... 590 00 covered in from miscellaneous sources????....870 48 On acoount of the Navy g 886 20 fhe Epidemic at Norfolk and Fortsuomth. The accounts from the infected districts eon tinue to be of a gloomy character. Although the number of decths daily is not so large as Or the corresponding days of last week, there ij an alarming increase in tho number of case* in both Norfolk and Portamouth. The following deaths havo occurred since ur last report : RAndrew Scott, Capt. John Fatherly, Mrs. Beckley, Thos. H. Boveridge, Mary ? Starko Dr. Thompson, Margaret Slolly? ^hoi. Yakc man, Mrs. Small, negro child, Mr. Bhinot, white woman, Wm. Wells, Miss Spratt, Thos. Lewis, Martha Lewis, John Lewis. Dr. N. C. Whitehead, the oldest magistrate now in Norfolk, haa aasumed the duties of mayor. Contributions oontinue to come in. There is agreat scarcity of vegetables, fruita, *??> Norfolk, and in order to induce the oonntry people to bring on suppliea, a temporary market house haa been ereeted at "Port Barbour," the upper end of Churoh street. The Howard Asaoeiation have taken posses sion of the old City Hotel for a hospital. Drs. Fenner and Beard, from New Orleans, two very distinguished physieiana, have assumed the oharge, and made all the arrangements for receiving patients. A letter from Norfolk, in the Petersburg Express, says: " It is now conceded by all of ou physicians that the frvet haabeoome epi demic throughout the entire city, and that no part, even to some distance beyond the sub urbs. is exempt from the infection. As a ntoof of this, irdependent of the new cases that are otoumag at every qsarter, every one, almost without exception, complains of ?mv -?onU nausea, and wandering pains ie the u*?I, b.tck, and limbs. 0hme constitutions > u?*y *?? through the season of aeolimatiou with U s slight affection, while others, whose sys 5*ma ar*.Tl^k*r * mor* prediepoeed to the disease, will hare to succumb and pass through the eriai of the fever." AU Um papers in Norfolk, except tho Argu?, have suspended, owing to the impossibility of procuring compositors. James H. Fiooh (well kirnwn in this citj) continues at his post as foreman of the Argus offioe, and ihit-ugh his efforts, acting as foreman, oomposKor, press man, and deril, that paper makes its appear anoe daily. | The deaths in Portsmouth have fallen off for the last two days?though the case.* are on the increase. They are for the meet part, however, of a mild form. Our correspondent, with a riew of beneiting i his impaired health, is now sojourning at Suf folk, from whioh point he writes us as follows: SaffoUt isthe head quarters of botPA'ilroad and steamboat navigation; where one oan r?5rlil u transpires at Portsmouth. The residgpt physicians having been completely worn down by fatigue and over-exertion, have been compelled to take rest. The town ha* Wjrfnlll.-S llntl Wardil' 1Dd each ward placed in charge of a volunteer pbysi I cian, who has at his disposal carriages and JTwi ;n w-,*r0 a,Irqu*rt?r?<i at the house ot Wm. H. Wilson. In one of the Wards there was not a call for a physician durinjr yesterdsy. I am informed by a non-pr%ctisim; physician, whose talents ana experience none can doubt, that the disease is on the decrease and less violent in its attack. How long it will contiiiue ?o none can tell Dr. Trugien died about half-past 6 o'clock this morning. Joseph Bilisoly's eldost ut mairied daughter died this morning. Jsmes w * Ro9er' Mrs Covert, John

Covert, John Kennedy, and Mr. Miller have died. R?Tlie.,ReV *r- Devlin has recovered. The ttev. Mr. Aschwanden has arrived and tiken lodgings with B. C. Spratley, Esq. bome of the papers of your city would serve ThJ! r . N- FaV"' Pendent of the Bay Line pf stoamers. Its manly open aud kind expressions, deserve a republication. The authorities of those towns who have prohibited our oitnens from visiting them should read it [9u? Xa wing wel1' a,8? M8j?r bamuel Forbes. Wm. Dowling died yester ^ut eight persons have died to day. .*oh5 Woodley is quite sick, but not con sidered dangerous. Oapt. Allen, of the rail road, is a very sick man. W. B. C Dr. Jos. N. Schoolfield, writing to his brother in Petersburg, from the United States Hos pitai, on the 29th, at 5 a. m., thus speaks of the last moments of our friend and school-mate, Dr. Trugien : 4 Tho sad task devolves upon me of an JohnCwgn of our dear friend, Dr. John W. fl. Trugien, who though still breath ing, cannot survive but a few minutes; I was summoned here at 2 o'clock, a. m., to see the Ipst of him; but hie brain was, and is still so ppressed that he has not rocognixed me louring his lucid moments, he exprc?ed his full preparation for the change, aud his per fect resignation to the will of&od. ? Truly has a good man fallen. But I will ?t?h ?ow attempt to write his eulogy. At some oh*rn^CH8l? u'- k?87 eXPreSS mJ WCW8 Of his mnr? 8UCh that jt d???rves more than a common rewspapcr eritap'i. I,;?! w<?rktd *l the oar until he Ml,' to u*e his words in a letter to the Express. After an exhausting day's work on Thursday last he set up all night with a sick friend, and on iZhVi complained slightly. I immediately 2nS s e^^f'' Where he was doing well until Sunday night, when he was seized witn ajHtplectic convulsions, which was car tially relieved by free bleeding. Since then been Binkitffc-I have not the heart to say more. In Portsmouth, for the 24 hours ending at sunset on Wednesday, thero were 11 deaths. 6o says the Argus of yesterday. The Late Accident on the Camdan and Amboy Baiiroad. In our paper of yesterday, we gave a pretty full account, as received by telegraph, of the terrible accident which occurred on Wedncs ?lay last; and now add further particulars. It appears that there were at least twenty three persons killed, and fifty or sixty persons wounded. The Philadelphia Ledger, in deseribing the dreadful occurrence, says: The first passenger car came in eollirion with a light pleasure wagon, driven by Dr. HVnc man, of Columbus, N. J., who attempted " cross the track in front of the cars. The wagon contained Dr. Hyneman, his wife, and two -hildren. The former, it is said, is hard of hearing, and by this infirmity caused an acci dent nearly similar, but not so fatal, n?.r 1 SZ.1L7' ab?Ut a year a??- Th? had seen the cars pass as he was driving down the road, and, supposing nil aafe, neglected to V?*** IookL?ut. The first passenger thl? -W0 bor8?8 in the wagon, juht as Jurt?ere T^Dg the track' killed ^em ofttll i thT?\one thirtJ ^et on one side otW .i i Tk 0thcr {vrty Jarda on the Jbe *aSon wa? turned round and VSXV,1* baX^e9 being injured except riS'br9' The front car> A> K-ir ?k? T' ran forward, and off the ,m?)i k uD? hundred yards, and over a t??i c?!>ankinent. The second car, B, was tb? track- The third ?5ii ' through car B, and stopped diasr. ?owi7 ^A38 rcad; the fourtl1 D, ffe7car^i ?kD u* ?ar C The &Cth passon feavln^ tv, 5 ?*?!?? car "topped without eaving tho track. The two latter were not ?HTL ' I1 ?IOe 0f the 0ther Passenger oars were knocked into pieces, and many of their occupants were killed, wounded, and^maimed ilm^)08S1 to describe the horrible SESsn-4- ?be cars were piied up?u fvinl ^ ^ noafb6r? of buman beings were lying among the rums?some dead, some dy iS'thl'SLn T*XI% {r?m paiD- Th08e 8aved trJn m 'i k passengers on the down train, aided by citiiena of Burlington, who were quickly informed of the terrible acci ^WOrk to the wounded^nd &wg ruiDS- As 8000 ?? taken out they wero conveyed to Burlington where many private houses, as well as Aguew'. J3 Kolly S taverns, were thrown open to tho ad mission of tho wounded, while the Lyceum for tbe reo?ption ?f th.dIS jx>me had been crushed to death insUntlv ^aTin.s ^catce'y a trace to recognise them by; some had been torn limb from limb by the splinters, benches, and floors, and their re mains scattered in every direction. Many bmk?8ifnIDK^|0m ^r,U8hed limba> broken Jared and "iterated bodies Tho The Philadelphia papers publish the follow ing as a list of the dead : Edward P. Bacon, Philadelphia ? AU* ttjssraaars&Vs tet PhiJadelphia; John DaUam, ofBal k Catharine Brown, (eolored ) Washington,D C.; Boy. Martin ConnelJ cf Wilmington, D.l Jaoob Fisler, of Piiherrille uL J-' ^b H.oward> of Lebanon, Ten" ? Baron De St. Andre, French Consul - Mre* Jane Lincoln; Wm. Eidrwav of V? v l city; M^jor Wm. Boyce.^f Gor-ot l}?n ?v kISh' 0( PhiJadel?hia: ?rr4TT'siXir 5a nne Bigelow, Philadelphia. ' The Philadelphia Ledger says ? . ? Al soon as the bodies were extricated eoflina SS-5-S5 pereons going tn and coming bS&* wb?"" ?"fon' <? ? tbf kWM. wh'U housM in which tk? wonided had been placed were thronged. Each boat and train arriving from Philadelphia brought friends of thoce who were passengers on ike ill-fated train, *11 of whom were seeking from house to house for tidingsof those who were near and deer to then. The whole seene was terrible to witness and will not soon be for gotten. One Mr contained only aeren ladies, all of whom were injured excentone. Two gentle men, in one of the cars wmkh was broken np, gel oat safely. bnt in what waj or Manner they could not tell?one of them recollect* getting on the outside of the car and jumping upon the bank of earth ; this is all he knows of the frightful and tragical affair. The Philadelphia North American gives the following description of the wreck of the ears: The hindmost car was throws from the traek, and driven backwards about one hen area yards, when another car was thrown di agonally across the track. One of the other cars was (breed through it, and thrown down an embankment on either side of the road. There were fire cars completely torn to pieces. A more sad wreck we ne>?r witnessed on s railroad. Oue of the cars was reduced to splinters. Another was cut in twain. One reversed, and the other end in an upright position, frightfully shattered. The other can were ripped from one end to the other, and beyond repair. Some of the heavy iron axles were twisted into a bow. The heary T rail waa bent is some places and torn from its fast enings, and the inside flanges cut as if by a powerful knife The wrecked cars ley on either side of the track a mournful and silent mouument of those who were an instant before the occupants of their seats, aad full of lift end hope. In some cases the mutilation was horrible One man had his arm torn off in a fearful manner. Another had an arm also torn oil and thrown some distanco up the embank ment, and his legs separated from his body, his heart and viasenB strewn along the track J* * distance. One or two others wept buried in the sand, and others were crushed to death between the sleepers. One man bad his scalp taken off; anotner had his thighs broken Several others had arms broken a no were '-cerated and bruised in the most dread ful manner. ?. Oant, in summing up the cause of this truly lamentable affair, says : p " ^ c*n onlj come to the conclusion that .rem all the facts as presented on the spot, the great cause of blame must rest on the shoul ders of the conductor of the up train. Hi* leaving Burlington within ten minutes of the time, and the train having the right of way. was a piece of r?*hnes? reprehensible in the the extreme. Again, the rate that the trail, was being baeked was decidedly wrong 0i coupe the engineer must have been terribly when he saw the danger from collision with th# down train, and perhaps from his backinS' m.v life waj pr served; but still the principle was wrong. Again, there was no warning given at the cross road, and l>r. iiyneman observed the train pass a few moment* before, thought all aafo. By the way. the bodies of his horses, one of whish was on each side of the track, was the causc of throwing the train off the track." 1^* Awxa akd Fix.?At one of the fashion able hops, this season, at the Ocean House, Newport, ft. I., the gas went out in the midst of the festivities, leaving the party wholly in the dark. Some of the most affectionate of the dancers manifested a gratifying resigna tion to the accident. ?^"4<IALu.r^EAt>tiTcrr8 rE0* Califor " V ? S,h'P farmer, CaPl Lucas, arrived at Aew lork on Wednesday, from San Fran cisco, with a cargo of flour, wheat. ? c. The Charmer left on the 18th of May. Ji JlS^^INGTON LIGHT INFANTRY - ? ? The .\ ineteenth Anniversary Meeting of the ? OSS 1SJ721Z ^?e? * plmce B- F? sec. au ji?3t *jw^THE GERMAN YAGERS INTEND Particulars In future advertisement au 29?3t ,.\ O T I C E.?THE JACKSON CLl'B . . . take pleasure in announcing to tliei* friends and the public generally that thev will SR,2d ?lc^"c u SPRING 2*r'-' of e2^SS^,AF*Tter')" tLe lwt WM. DELAWAY, E. MORAN, ' i. R BROWN, Committee of Arrangements au 39?eotSeplV ,uculs ,Di,LLARS RKWARD -Lost, on Fuesday momlng, August JOili, on D street. l?etween 7th st and the City Hall, two Deeds The finder will receive the above reward ??v leaving them at the National Theatre, for Andrew R Bennett, or at this ofllge. an 31? Af ? ? * K ? * will commence her Primary school for young childrea on Monday the lid September, on F street, between 13th and Uth, Wo '?** au 31?ate ' GIRLS' SCHOOL. MRS. GOODRICH'S Schorl for glrla will com mence on Mondny 3d Septemler. at Ne 435 Fifth street, between D and E A few small Boys will be taken. au 31?It* MISS H. Mct OR MIl K AND SISTER will resume the duties of their School on the 3? ofSeptember. at iheir pla.e of residence. No. 43 street, between Peuns\lvania and Missouri avenufL au 31?eo3t~ FOB THE BENEFIT OF THE SUFFER, ers ut Nsrfelk and Portsmouth. A^'c NIC will be given at the ' Park" on n<**t M ON DAY. September 3d, to commence at 1 to aid In relieving the suffering's of the afliicted at the above named plaoes The moderate charge of SO cenW will be made aad It is to be hoped that the citizens of Washing ton will generously respond to the calL and aid In relieving the sufferinga of our distn**ed neigh Prof. Bergman's band will be In attendance &u 31?-3t PRIVATE TUITION. CIVIL AND MILITARY ENGI1TEKEIKG. Ne. 4B3 Tenth etreet west. . ? ?STABLi?H?D IK 1833. K'LL\Professor of Mathematics, will ivsumc ? his Classes Monday evening, September 3 1 'J? ^ higher branches of MathemaUta. Cons struction, Draughting, Civil and Military Engi neering Navigation, Longitude by Chronometer rime, Mechanics, Machinery, the use of all Scale*, and Mathematical instruments. . Ti??1? **r cour* for Mathematics, *25: le*sou? l?ir a^' Hook-keeping by double entry, " la). * ' Payable invariably In advance. au 31?3t CABAS, WORE BOIES, Ac. H5Kra5W Also, an assortment of Ladies' Work kn**. ,n?i DmaalagCe?, portable wSTtln* Do^gUS f'Cases, furnished and unfurnished- wntci 1 toliether with a large assortment cf !????. ft' JftSSL*"?suk Ki,?ur- m JSuctatoA*11 ?'.',,"Ch "* ?"?k ?in ?UTCmK80N A MUNRO, M 5l_tf 10 Pa *T ? bet>?een 9th and 10th ats. MOUNTAIN HOUSE, ruvup CAPON SPRINGS! 'T'HE undersigned having been solicited by * aoutfiern frlendslo extend the present determined to keep the Mouaialn IKMUTSfOt'SbS.*" ?000mn">,UUW' The (hree tournaments for the season will take icptcnSw^ ?f Augu,t' ^ ud ^th of "Jbe fcre will be reduced 95 per month and ? P? week, alter the 1st of September ?"*- BLAKEMORE a INGRAM CASH 'AID rOR rUBNITUBK. JSSSS6S3SSS Furniture BONTZ 4 COOMBS, mSSS 7th St., bet I tad K. "job rnTuwri OXHOU ? S With Satire V*w sal Brilliant ZqmipiM&t' T"re ^BPKasS** THURSDAY, FRIDAY, Augnst SO aad St. ??1 FOR THREE . AFTERNOON AND EVENINO Doors opcr. alt ud 7 p. ?. Pmorm?nrf ha.: an boar afterward. Adit?tow tl ipH JRDA1 U. Thl? Company U iKIipihhed fr Ai < novelty, and variety of tu eaiMtolAfcw, 7 EULRSTRIAN. GYMNASTIC AND PANTOMIMIC, ilOQMtUC itimi. aiuvh^ |'i??v?p M?dIS?^i*?lNIA JHK1WOOD, 4 Moo. NICOLO * PUPILS, Mr. OKO RACHEl.DkR, it OAVI? KK'HARDS MP C. SHERWOOD. FRANE PASTOt, Ae. CLOWN, JOB PHTLAND. For particulare~eae bills ia prtodpal hotel. At 6RORGBTOWH oa TUWAY, A*?I *ttli, and ALEXANDRIA oa WEDNESDAY, Aug .?tS*h. ? dt>ep PLEASANT RESORT. IPtlRG SAIIBII, (FORMERLY FAVIER*S GARDEN,) . ? - .1 A (T ww On M Stmt, brum* Srvofomtk* EtfkUeutk, OPENED evary day la the week, a?d oa day. Nosplrltoas liqoors ^ Cof fee. Chocolate, lot Cream, Ac., will be for Mia. Weber's Brass Band will perform wry Moa day and Thursday evenlag, beginning acahaat 9 o'clock Admittaacefree m 1G?3m . LL ITRAMCRI A visiting the City should nee Hunter ? Cata logue of the curiosities of the Patent OflM Al ao; au Description at Pewall's Great Pictures. HUNTER lV to he seen at 4C0 Teath tfmet. SI T ST. JOHN'S ACADEMY, 57 8**th Ho%i*1 Hrrt, eormr oj Dukt, ALsaaapaia, va. IHE Seventeenth Anaual Session will . mence Monday next Board and Tuition per Seasioa of ten moaUi*, S1HS. Tultioa oaljr, par quarter of eleven ween, *Vor circular* apply at dOKiag street, oral the Academy, or addrwa^ L C>BNB^Jr, MISS HARROVER'S SEMINARY Far Yeaac Ladles, Cortur of New Tori mremmt ond Tkirttomtk ?! ., VUIiMTOI, n c. T*HIS laetitution will be opeaed aa the second 1 Monday In September next. Moat careful aad Unwugh iastruetioa will ha ziven la the Eaglixh breaches, Mathematics, Claaslcs French, German. Marie. Embroidery, and needlework A lady of large experience and the highest qnallfication* ha* beea employed la the Sc&ool. For full particular, aee circular* at au SO?lw SC HOOL BOOES. GRAY A BALLANTYNE, have receieod a very large and merit of the Booh, nied in the various Public aad Priva e School*, Acadeaiies, and Cooaty Sehaol. in this vicinity, incl idlag th aew series recently introduced into the public School, of thi. city, vix: Cornell'. Primary and Intermediate Ooagra pktes. Perkins' Arithmetic, Bulltoa Granman, Ac . which will be sold wholesale aad retails! the eery loweet price. WATCHES, ? f JEWELRY, SILVERWARE, ft arc constantly reoeivi M W. GALT A BRO. are constantly reoeiyiag M invoices of the above and ofer every article rir line at the loweat rates GOLD AND MLVER WORE of every de scription made to order, auch aa TESTIMONI ALS. richly embelll?L?d with appropriate de signs, SILVER TEA SETS, DINNER SER VICES, Ac Prerioua Stone, aat ia the moat modern styles ARMS. CHESTS, MOTTOES, Ac^ cut la Stone and MeUl. M W. GALT A BRO., 324 Pa avenue, bet. Sth and 1Kb sta auSO?tf LOST.?Last night, on the aveaw l 10th and 14th streets. a black Lace Mantilla. The finder will be liberally rewarded oa leaving it at the Star ol&ce. a CLAIM AOBBCY. B A. HYDE, BOUNTY LAND AND CLAIM AGENT, 1 and Warrant, bought aad aooaey to lead. Office on I street, between loth and 11th. aa 28?lw GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS.?Any one having large or .mall qaaatltle. d.spotted to .ell remarkably cheap. Patent Office Report*, Explanation., Report, to Coagress. Ac . may ap ply tome ALFRED HUNTER. au 20?3t Veatibule Patent Uffic from it. cage on ftANARV BIRD.?Escaped * J Friday afternoon, a light colored Caasry Bird about 10 week. old. and wa. .bedding The bird poaes^en a value to the owner by being eeat three weeks since frvm Ohio, by a relative Aay one bringing it to thla office, will receive aa a reward another bird if desired. nu *" IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT?SBLF SEAL1NO I ANSI LUDLOWA CO.'S IMPROVED AlR-TIGHT SELF-SEAL'NG CAN, for preserving fTi.it, veg^nbles. Ac. The only Can ever made requir ing *? war. toldtr or fment' acknowledged by ail who see taem the nesfe*t, oafeat and Boat con venient Can ia uae. They are easily sealed and opened, and never fall to'preserve Frulta, Vegetable., Ac , .n a per fectly fresh state. Ttrpy can be used year after year Direction, for putting up all kind, of Frulu. Vegetable., Ac , will ?<company the cans IF/" Patent applied for. ID" All we asa i. to call and see them Every '"an warranted. For sale by C. S. FOWLER A CO , Agent., Odd Fellow.? Hall, 7th etreet au 29?3t JOE SHILL1NCTON ha. jaat received? Putnam'. Magaxine for Seplember Harper'. Monthly Magaxine, do Franh Let-lle'a Faahioa Book do ?*cdev'B l>ady'. Book do Peterson'. Magaxine do Arthur*. do do Hall oil's Dollar Monthly do Chamber*. Journal do Frank Leaiie'a N. Y. Journal do Yankee Notion. do The H idden Path, by Marion Harland, author of Alone Light and D&rkneea ; or the Shadow of F ate?a story of Fashionable Life A memoir of Rev Sydney S*lth. by hi. daugh ter, edited by Mr. Austin The complete work, at Chariee Dickens 12 vol. , octavo size, la large type, beautifully illustra ted and neatly bound ic cloth. Solderparatfi/ If desired __ . The Yellow Maak, a new rtory, by Charles Dick en. The Escaped Nun . , All the new book, received a* aoon as published Everything in the Statioriery line at J SHILLINGTON'S. Odeon Building, corner Pa av. and 4fc st-l ac 80 Tintel 3t] L1?HT AND DARENESS; or of Fate. A story of fashionable ' SO cents?cloth 75 cent. TAYLOR A au 2? POTOMAC ???IL10N.l THE Proprietorifully tafOrma^he public that the Pajtmon will he aept open d .: lag the running of the Potomac Svi There are dkany families here who to remain tL -014: Lout September, aad be hopes that othees may unite to enjov the iae bath and good Snhiag. W. W. DIA Pm?T Pout, Ang. Stt, 19?. au 2? DOBBIN ABOUND, u grave of uncle true, j RAZEL DELL 1 Dream of Home Hard Times. Good Nows Do They Misa Me at Home, Yoa will Miss Me Then, Home of My Childhood, Dearly Do I Love Thee, Few Day.. Jordaa, and a boat of other aew aad *?P?lar pieces lust received at SOS Pennsylvania *veaue, Mar 10th at. JOHN F. ELL1> au >7 H MUSICAL CLASS. AYJNG been repeatedly urged by manr fam ilies to eatablish a class or classes far iaatruc Uaa oa the Plana Forte, so as to place it within the' * -- >eans of every parent to cultivate a musical la his family, and being desirous af aweting the wishes of the commaalty as fhr as lies is n?y power, I am asw making anauiaieau to cpru a?eh classes, provided sndlnt-nt inducement* oiler, aad la such case, any object belr^ to give a thorough masical fouadstlon to my yosnger po P41* \ should propose la lake a limited number at the low rate of S3 per quarter, of ve lessoa* Hersaaa-theyefere desirous aval 11 w themselrei tbeea classes will please apply te me. by note or otherwise, at Mrs. Smith's, No. ? F airr? t au 2S?4f W HENKV PALMER NEW MUSIC received week!) at ** Pa ave nue, near loth st J K Bl.l.lt. au 21

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