31 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

31 Ağustos 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Late Railroad Accident ou the Cam* den and Amboy railroad *u equally as terri* ble u at Irat reported bj telegraph ; the count* bj mail not in tho least extenuating the dre&dfal results. Mr. Dennis O'Kane. from Georgetown Col lege, D. C , had his thigh fractured, and was dreadfully bruised about the body. His head .and face were, it is represented, swollen in a frightful manner; but notwithstanding all this, the unfortunate man did not lose his usual flow of good spirits. Then ho was called upon he said : "I thank God I am not worn?please corer up my feet, as the flie? annoy me much, and go attend to those who are more in want of your assistance." We stated yesterday that Com. Smith, the chief of the Bureau of Docks and Yards (Uni ted States Navy) was rather badly injured ; that Mrs. Smith was likewise injured, and her colored servant w >man. Catharine Brown, killed. Also, that D*. Whelan. the chief of the navy bureau of Medicine and Surgery, re ceived a lacerated wound of the thigh. But the most melancholy (District) part of the nar rative is to be repeated: Dr. Boyce died ohortly after he was extricated from the ruins; his in juries being of t frightful character liis daugh ter Emma, a chanjir.g young lady of twenty two died shortly after her leg was amputated. Mr. Harry Rush of Georgetown, is, too, among the dead. We hear that little hope of the re covery of Mrs. Boyce can be entertained. Tho two younger children of Capt. Boyce escaped comparatively uninjured. Dr. Wheel iiu. though greatly contused and bruised, and gifforing from a severe laceration of the thigh, assisted in the operations being performed on bis fellow sufferers more hurt than himself. Ststematic Plan or Relief.?At a meet ing of the Merchant's Exchange, held at their rooms last night, the following named gentle men were appointed to solicit subscriptions in behalf of the Norfolk and Portsmouth suffer .ers First Ward?J. L. Ryder, William T. Dove, George Riggs, J. Wilson, and J B. Dodsjn. Second Ward?Wm. F. Bayly, B. W. Reed, Thomas J. Fisher, Samuel Lewis, and 0. Gau tier Third Ward?S P. Franklin, P J. Steer, Richard J Rvon, Gait &, Bro.. and Jno. F. Ellis. Fourth Ward?Samuel Bacon. M. H. Stevens H. F. Loudon, Duvall A Bro., Benjamin Beall. and Geo. and Thos. Parker. Fifth Ward?John Purdy. W. H. Upperman, Thomas Young, Samuel Hamilton, and Wm li. Todd. Sixth Ward?Wm. Wall, Tucker A Co., Robert Coombs, B F. Morsell, and Philip Otterback. Sr. Seventh Ward?Richard Wal lach. D. B Clark. R. B. Clark, A. Harvey Jc Co., and John H. Simms. Am Elk Hcnt ?Yesterday morning, at About 3 a. m . the hounds of Mr. Talbert, re aiding on the Eastern Branch, near this city, snuffed the soent of one of the beautiful elks kept by Clark Mills, the artist, on his fariu near Bladensburg, that had got away in some manner. The chaso then began, and the animal was hunted some thirty miles over the country by the dogs, awaking all sleepers within a mile of the route of the chase, and inducing sportsmen to join in it in considerable numbers. Their impression was that his elk' ship was a wonderfully fine buck that had es caped from the grounds of some unknown gentleman. In the course of the morning the animal was brought at bay by the dogs, after having croseed over (jvam) the eastern branch of the Potomac, from the Prince George's county. Md., side, and was shot, we regr? t to write, by the four or five hunters who were in at the death. A hind-quarter weighed, when dressed, *2 pounds ! A pretty animal that? as large as a fair sized horse?to be hunted by grown up men. for a buck, because it was graced with horns! Relief.?We learn that Trinity Church (Protestant Episcopal) of this city, has con tributed $116 for the relief of the Norfolk and Portsmouth yellow fever sufferers. Th^ employees of the Pension office have contributed Slrtl 50 and deposited the iame With Chubb Brothers for transmission. We are glad to learn that the committees appointed last night by the Merchants' Ex change for collecting funds for the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers, have commenced their benevolent work, and are meeting with good success. Long Walk after a Short Ridb.?A young gentleman, who resides a short distance in the country, being desirous of seeing the perform ances at tho circus, ordered fcis horse to be hitched to a wagon, an l in [company with a young lady came to the city. * After the 44 last act, he went to look fjr his vehicle, but it was among the missing. The pair started for home, after deciding that it would be folly to " wait for the wagon." Four miles is a short drive, but a long walk in a desolate country. Fast Drinking.? In a conversation la*t night, a gentleman stated that a person named had been in the habit of drinking prodigious quantities of brandy day after day during six months; and he had seen him drink " twenty glasses before breakfast." We thought tuis went a little ahead of the lager beer man. for the beer u.an died, and the performer of this astonishiig fe_t is still alive. Coli kbia Hosb Company.?At a meeting of the Columbia H->se Company. No. 2. held on the 23d of August, the following officers were c.ected : President, F McDermott; Vice Presi dent, (who also acta as captain of the hose.) H. C. Purdy; Secretary. L. Lunelle ; Treasurer, John Purdy, sr.; First Assistant, Chas. Rob inson; ?Second Assistant, Thomas Dowell. The Campbell Mis.steels, after completing a successful series of concerts and comic per formances in Washington, are going to amuse our neighbors of Alexandria, Va , this and to morrow evening We bespeak for them the patronage of that public, confident that their efforts to please wiil be, jn a high degree, ?uo cessful. The Boone Club gave their second grand soiree at the Spriog Gardens yesterday even ing. To the music of Scott's brass and string band the large and happy company amused themselves with dancing Refreshments and supper were furnished by an expcricnocd ca terer, and mirth ruled the hour. Joe Pkntland's Trocpe opened for exhibi tion in Centre Market square last night, and their extensive pavilion was full of delighted visitors. The performances were excellent and much applauded. They will oontinue their performances to-day and to-morrow, perform ing in the afternoon and night. Mammoth Canteloupe.?Mr Butts exhibi ted in the Northern Liberties Market, this mor r.ing, a cantcloupe weighing thirty and a half poundsli attra:te<i general attention; for well it might. It was a whopper. [COMMl'NICATED. The Filtht Fever Breeding Streets ? Thanks, many thanks to you, Mr. Editor, for Jrour kind attention to the welfaro of your fel ow citizens. I trust y?;u will be rewarded in some substantial iraaner for sounding the tocsin in the ears ot our slumbering sity au thorities I havo been a resident of the me tropolis many yean, and I have nerer known our city to be m so filthy and neglected a con dition. Should the breath of the pestilence te wafted to us from the afflicted towns of Nor folk and Portsmouth, which may God forbid, it will find ample sympathy in the polluted at mosphere of the metropolis. In pawing down I street, near Sixteenth, a few steps from the ros-denco of the Secretarv of State, I counted etght piles of filth, which had been thrown up from the gutter of a grocery store, and left basking in the sun for nearly or quite a week. While all the cities in the Union are taking the necessary precautionary measure* to se cure the health ef the people, ours seems to be left to its own destiny. Our oity authorities may have very kind intentions towards their constituents, but their executive abilities, in this department of duty, ara certainly very feeble t Cms. Augufc* 30 18?S. ? Watch R uteres.?Matthew Butler, out af ter hours, workhouse 30 days George Red den, colored, otealiug; jail. Wui. Finley pro fanity fiuu and c*wt< /w?NrT/?/m THE BoTs to Crack.?" Cease to do evil?learn to do veil.?_Here'* a text it a* Wh#t dnyo* thi>k 9( it? Read t again and again. Remember It. Paste it Ion in'tH Wra yo"haU' 80 that itwillstaruf you in the face as often as you place them on out IT ??Is- , Wheki *otl are aboak *> go SLfe an ?Vemng ? "?!*, and pick up jour hate for that purpose, (boys seldom forget to "n theJr bats, though they sometimes for-, get to take them offj let it remind yon to " ??P?t U in jour raiii' 0. speak It out, if you choose?you need notl? , repeat it in any society, or in any place,but if you are ashamed to repeat it, you may be sure that you hare not ma?e an e&rt !h*t IrfX ?J?? ?Tl1" Do 3[?? know, boys, that all the titae yott are not doing well, tou nothl^f t? J1'8 a /ou ever do do ^nL"?W d? you do il ? ^hen you are thi g' J?? are doin* ?Ti1' because the time spent in doing nothing ought to be Wh?t If g ^"Pfbing. Can you read ? d? y?u Novels, lore stories, Jongs You are doing evil; you had better do nothing, if it 13 possible to do nothing. As long as you continue to read such trash you K0t "aT'TO 10Ldo CTi1'" because you are . , entfited thereby, and because your time might be and ought to be employed in read ing somo good, useful book, which would fill your upper story with information, and fur you with ideas and the means of making your conversation agreeable to yourself and !? 0ther8, Perh?P* J?'U do not read a" Then you ?re doing evil simply be cause you are not doing well. When you are rvading good books you are ? learning to do Zitu\x, V^ 18 V m,4kin8 yourself acquainted with the thoughts and opinions of good and able men that you are enabled to form correct r?ghtr"nd "li?S' f0r y?r SlidaMo If yoa do Dot read, how do yon spend your leisure time?your evenings! Do you con verse What about ? If you do not read, your conversation must be very, very unprofitable, for you have nothing to talk about?no fund upon which to draw. You have made no de posites?you have not stored your minds with the golden treasures of knowledge, and there fore your drafts if you are temptod at times to draw upon an empty treasury?are sure to be dishonored, and yourselves laughed at for pretending to that which you do not possess, fchame, shame on the boy who, amid the lit;ht and knowledge of this day, does not begin to cease to do evil ' and to " learn todo well." 1 tell you what, boys, I suspect, nay I know, that much of your leisure time is spent in running after the girls?in getting up and gtrwgparties for their amusement, at a cost ot time and money which is ruinous to you and most unprofitable to them. "Mother" said a young girl some time ago, ?I m'et young J to-day, and be asked me if be might come and court me to-night." "Well. Impudence, and what did you say?" O . I told him he might come ; for I wanted to see how the fool would act!" Ha! ha ! ha ' put that in your pipos and smoke i*, boy?" How do you like the flavor? real Havaus, un tit: 44 When 1 liv d in Tennessee, Sally 'courtin" I used to be: Jenny Weaver lived there too? 1 lov d them both?what could I do' \\ lpe your eye and don't you cry. I'll marry both you gals by'm-bye." ? More Anon. Enigma.?lam composed of 16 letter* *y 6?2. 4. 9 is a part of the day. My 12, 7, 2, 9, 10 is an article used in war. Europe ' y' 14' 16 '8 a r4ng? ?f mountail18 My 13 11, 15, 16, is what a great many peo ' ? wb?? they undertake an impossibility. My 1 and 8 is an adverb. My 7, 2, ft. 10 is very useful. JJy J|? 2, 7 is a disturbance. iu o' i1?' 10 a Part of the body. Vv 7r 11' l' 1?.^ usofBl to house-keepers. \f 14 a" " an 'rregUlar verb. ?jy 13, 2, 9 is a preposition. JJy 'i Sfisan awful thing. My whole is an excellent motto. Julian. more Cases of Neoraltis cared ti T ??ay -M/ ELKCTEIC OIL 1? the onlv t ?mg ?*" ** relied on for that, or Rheuma ur if tlg&ZZ: Fba**"tf?c l;w'zr,T" STO r 1 tco.,Agm,r-t-e fly lafcalaiisa fer Diseased Lanes The mojto of inhaletlou, in cases of diseased lungs v^Wm ,?re^?<nt:'nenJe<l by Dr* CurtU in his all ^eniraiu n?llk" " thf <ru* on(V li ^ now KeneraJij admitted by our best physicians, that .oeal dlfflcultiea can only be successfully treated applications. This psactlce has been purnued from the first with respect to external in flammation and corrosions, and we see not whi ?f lhe 'b"**1111(1 lun^'" "^y not be treated ?n the same manner; we believe Ihey may. In this variable climate of ours, where lunir and rifp?<M!'CO'n have become so prevalent and il y reconttnr'end to the public, and Dr^ Cnrtf,".' jtjh''**!!*'t0 thenwelvki of JvecfflSr?;nTra?-^wh'bMt'^") s* ani"i;0^,U?i '?the .iVutfSi!' ????? "ta? ^ _ ' ftlCHHONO, July 9, 1853. arto jT? ?- Been A Co.: Gents?Consider srnd ll ilf10 ^ a?lcted alone prompt me to ^?SL9,V?fUn^iry testimonial to the great S))antsk Mixture" for that wT.J .U^*b,e dl5C8-^' Scrofula tr> ? b5lnpdlsp?s^d or deeming it necessary Ihit ti!2 , ? P^rtlcular" of the ease, I can say d rM LT. "h|nJ /Mult8 that have been pro of mv own '? niT ? !i roed'c'ae on a member or my own family, and under my own observation nh^f,^ * J? ieDt*' after the 8km of the best ?"y ?? sl>ffertng from I do not mean to ssy that It Is adAntnH tn aii l^^|,r?tl0n8>0r th?111 w1U atfbrd the same relief iJori ?f course, I can know nothing about that-bat of what I have seen of the effects c*^0r!f^?f I 10 use ,l>,n uy and every ^ith If"500* for whom I felt an r?tifr*'t'?r OTCrwhom I could exercise influence or contro*. Respectfully, yours, Jno.M.Boits. Celebrated German h . ?. P* ' uervous, depressed in spirite a.Qd a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspeps a Ulnd*^ an object of commiseration. y^ef It UabSrt f" him to despair. We care not how weak low nCTVous, and irritable he may be. the cordial'prop-' ertles of HOOF LAND'8 GERMAN BITTfeRf prepared by Dr C. M Jackson. Philadelphia aW stronger than the many-headed monster, which is preying upon his body and mind: and if he chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See advertisement. Je7?3m tnJET.?1"Tr'! BI"er7ZThi7^e mannfac '?medy for Dyspepsia. IVervousness, and other diseases arising from disordered stoma, h, ir i?\ j winning its way to favor wlierever jntroduced. We were shown a letter on Satur | a gentleman in Hanover, who de iv. ' h?* after six years' intense sutt'ering with tin.i^^ia nervous headache, during which rvt^-of .^1^' little or 110 effect, a great va riety of medicines recommended by others, he has c^ied of both annoyances by theu.se \v ?KUr 'pttles of Haaea's Pbkmidm Bittkrs. that thol^. wi"1ue?tion^ble endorsements, we think ?^i^^^bo are afflicted, aud yet fail to try this 10 s"ffer CaPt ?aker is one of ti . e? citizen"? and we feel perfectly sa isfied that under no circumstances would he tTtnW^I r^ lwe ^bls B1,ler? where he did not think that u'ood would result from so doing. For cholera morbus and such like complaints we know these bitters are excellent, having had frequent orrasions totry them-Richmond Morning hail. Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO . Wash Mffifr* i?nNBY k "ATCH, and 8KTH p.JlA.NCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists every wh^rp. ?v*. eo3t CT Premiums at the Fairs? Whlteharst's "till in the ascendant ?The juries of each of the **te fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, 1-yarded their hightest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Da^uereotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two medals at the World's f air, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute "'threeyears past. W hitehurst's Gallery in this city is on Fa. ave Blfeb^7We**n FOTr_and-a-half and Sixth streets. ?M"We Hall Clsthlng tapsrlaa Browns Hotel Building, otter unusual lnduee ^ steady.made Clothing for Gftlsmen and Boys' wear. In order to present with a stock of Goods not to be ea 'Jailed for the comlag seasons, our present stock of coats, Vests and Pantaloons will be sold at pri ces that cannot tall to plea* Cashmerett, Drap De Lta. cassimeres. Alpaca. DriUlags, Lindas, WarseHles, Ac., of superior cut and workma?4iiD au 9 NOAH WALKER A CO. ID" The Orrateit Medical Discovery of ?be ?ge 1*AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS. They don't help complaints, bat they care them One Box ha* f ired Dvspepsia Three boxes have cured the worst cases of Scrof ?la. T*o boxes have cored Erysipelss. * One box alwavS tares the Jaundice. Thre- boxes are sore to cleanse the system from Boil*?often less than one does It. Two boxes have completely cured the worst of ulcers on thele?s. Small do?es seldom fell to cure the Piles. One dose cures the headache arising from afoul stomach. Strong doses often repeated expel every worm from the body. They should be given to children who are always, more or less afflicted with this scourge. As a gentle Physic they have no equal. One box cures derangement of the liver. Half a box cures a cold. They purify the blood, and thus strike at the foundation of every disease As a Dinner Pill there Is not an equal in the wwrld. They are purely vegetable and can do ao harm, but do accomplish an unaccountable amount of good. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Masi., and sold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington, O. M. LINTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK k CO., Fredericksburg. au 17?2m JET A Card.?W. H. Wheatley would most respectfully Inform the ladles and gentlemen of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity that,after an absence of ten years from the District, he has again returned, arid will, on the 1st September, 1855, take Charge of the old established dyeing es tablishment, ou Jefferson street. Georgetown, D. C. W. H. W., previous to his departure from the District, served an apprenticeship of nine years at the above named establishment* under his un cle, F. Wheatley. one of the best practical dyere in the District or Columbia, and he Is now at con siderable expense refitting and Improving the above named establishment in a manner that will enable him to do all work In his line of business in a style unsurpassed by any dyer in the District, and as he intenas devoting unremitting attention to business, he feels confident of giving entire sat isfaction to all who may favor him witn their pa tronage Ladies' 811*. Woollen, and Cotton Dresses: Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, Ac , neatly cleansed or colored. Gentlemen's Coats, Pant: and Vests, Cloaks, Ac., dyed and scoured in a su perior style. Carpets cleansed, and In fact dyeing and scouring of every description done with neat ness and dispatch at W. H WHEATLEY'S Cloth Dressing, Silk, Woollen and Cotton Dying Establishment, west side of Jefferson, between Bridge street and the Canal,. Georgetown. au 22?lt>t* flT To Nervous Sutfrrers.?A. retired Cler gyman, restored to health in a few days, after :nany years of great nervous suflering, Is anxiou> to make known the means of cure. Will send (free) the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN \l. DAGNALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn,N.Y. au 17?Im MARRIED. On the 30th of August, by Rev. S. A. H. Marks Mr. GEORGE T. GIBBONS to JOANNA P ESTEP, both of Prince George co., Md. DIED. On tbe morning of the 31st of August, in the 6th year of his age, J OilN F. CLARK, son of John an* Ann Clark. The friends of the family are requested to attend his funeral on Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of his father, No. 320 Fourth st. west. # In Georgetown, on the 30th August, ISABEL LA. OAKS, a^ed 56 years, wife of Michael Oaks. Her funeral will take place on to-morrow, at -i o'clock, from her late residence, on Third, betw 11igh and Market streets. # OFFICIAL. Tbvasv*Y Department, At?g. 3,1855. Notice Is hereby given to holders of stock of tht loan authorized by the act of 1846, redeemable or \nd after the 12th November, 1856, that the whole >r any part of that stock will be purchased by thlt department at any time previous to the 30th No rember next, for which 3 per cent premium wi;: l.?e paid In addition to the sums expressed in the ertificates. And to the holders of the stocks of the othei loans of the United States, that purchases of the same to the amount of f1,310,000 will also be made during the same period at the following rates: For stock of the loan of 1812, a premium of 10 per cent.; for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848, a premium of 15 per cent ; and for s:ock Issued un der the act of 1850, commonly called Texas-In demnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Interest will also be allowed, at the rate stipu lated In the certificates, from the 1st July la^tto the day of settlement here, with one day In addi tion, to enable the Treasurer's draft tj rcach the party. Certificates transmitted to this department un der the present notice should be duly assigned tr the United States by the party entitled to recttr* the purchase-n"">n*y. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon the assistant treasurers at Boston, New York or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, au 4?dtN ov30 Secretary of the 'A reasury DOOK BINDERS' PASTE BRUSHES * J3 GLUE. Also, Patent Paint Oil for roofs, Ac. 5 bbls Putty, in bladder-}, for sale bv HOWELL A MOR-ELL, No 323 C street, bttween 6th and 7th. au 24?lm PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy silver plated or Urit&nnia Ware, fine Japanned Tea Trays or Toilet Sets, an exce'lent Clock, Traor nee Urn, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Knife Basket, Furnace, or any of the hundred and one little etceteras needed by every housekeeper, will do well to remember tnat they can find them ail very low at 490 Seventh st. G FRANCIS, au 28 INSTRUCTION IN OPERATIC, GLEE, AND BALLAD MUSIC. JE. SCHEEL, Instructor In Vocal and Piano ? Music, would Inform his friends and the pub lic generally that he will commence giving a c >urse of lesions In the above rained bionches. The classes will practice in Quartetts, Trios, Du etts, Solos and Cnoiuses. Private instructlou will be given to each pupil, as may be needed. Ladies and gentlemen who feel inclined to Join said Class wilt please have their names at his res laence on 14th street, between F and G, and when a sufficient number shall have been obtained ar rangements as to time and place will be made. Terms S10 per series of 22 lessons. The exercises will be assisted by an able Pianist or an Orchestra if necessary. N B.?Early application Is desired. au 28?eolm SINGING AND FLUTE LESSONS. MR. WILLIAM PALMER, Professor of Sing ing, Ac .having been induced to accompany his nephew (Mr. Hinry Palmer, the eminent pi anist,) on his return to this country, and to taae up his residence In this city, will be happy to re ceive pupils for Instruction either in Singing or in the art of Flute playing, having been associ ated with the best Professors in Europe, studied under Crcvelil, the great vocal master in London, an-i under C. Nicholson, tbe renowned flutist For terms, Ac., apply to him, by note or other wise, at his residence at Mrs. Smith's, No. 233 F street. au 24?tf INDEPENDENT POLICE. rpHE undersigned have entered Into a firm for -L the purpose of attending to all criminal and other business which may be entrusted to them, Any communication from any part of the United States will be proinptlv attended to. One of said ttrin will be found at all times at John D. Clark ? United Steles Police Office, No. 527 Twelfth st. WILLIAM H FANNING, JOHN H STEWART, J NORWOOD, SOLOMON GODDARD. au 27?lm (Organ) COAL AND WOOD. THE subscribers would respectfully announce to consumers of Coal and Wooa that they have recently established themselves In this city, as Dealer? t* Coal and Wood, and hopes to receive a liberal share of their pa tronage. We have now on hand a good supply of Oak r.nd Pine Wood. A large supply Anthracite Coal of various sizes, both Red ar.d White Asb now afloat, which will be ready for sale and delivery this week. Cumberland Coal at the best quality for family, smithing, and manufacturing pur Orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaran tied always. CASTLEMAN A BRO , Corner of B and tth sts., on the Canal, au 21?*w A CARD.?The subscriber informs his friends and tbe public that he Is now able to attend to bis business. He can be found at his old stalls, Centre Market, ready to wait on them as be always has doue heretofore. The best of BBEF alvays on hand. JNO. WALKER, jy-Jfr-tf Victualler WANTS. WANTED?A LADY DESIRES TO OfiT ? Bttuttlon for ah fxe^Uut, smart girl, In m rwpeetiWe family n child's suree. or a* cfaam bermsid and waiter, having no further dm for her in those capacities, she would gladly recommend her. Apply at 143 G street. au 30?3t* WANTED-A STEADY. INDUSTRIOUS Woman, to do the cooking, washing, Ac , in a family of three persons. To one who can come well recommended a permanent place can be secured by application at No 411 H str, near 12th. au JO?ft TTTANTET)?BY A MAN OF BUSINESS \V qualifications, a good penman and quick at Sires, a situation .as Book-keeper, Assistant, k or copyist, in a respectable mercantile house, efflce or agency. Address "A H," at this office. ao27?lw? WANTED-A 0CHOOL-ROOM IN THE First or Second W*rd, for a select School of from 15 to 20 boys. Ground floor preferred. Address, by lette", "X Y," care of Taylor A Maary. an IMf WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG but competent man, as Clerk or Book-keep er, or in any employment where be ran make him self gflnerallv useful. Good references given. Address "J W F," at the Star office. au IB?tf WANTK A?A GOOD WASHER AND ironer, that can bring good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the house. Apply at Mrs. Bates's boarding house, on the southwest corner of Pa avenue ana 0th ft. au 15?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of f 75?payable S3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap28?6m JOHN FOX, Sec. FOR SALE AND RENT. For rent?of the corner of east Capitol and T?nth street, a Frame House, with six rooms and passage, a pump of water at the door, a garden of excellent fruit, vegetable*, Ac. Apply ou the premises to G. L.BALDWIN, au 30?3t# FOR SALE OR LEASE, (and possession given immediately.)?That handsome Dwelling House (No. 252) on F street, north side, between !3th and 14th streets, containing modern sized parlors with folding doors, wide entry, eleven chambers. Ave of which have ventilators; break fast and diuing rooms, kitchens with Pcnd'slast improved range, with hot and cold fixtures; bath room, containing plunge and shower baths, sup plied by a tank containing thirteen hundred gal ions of water; well finished cellars. The house is in good repair, and the lot is surrounded by a substantial brick wall, to which is attached a well drained alley and commodious brick stable In front of the dwell lng house is a pump of excellent water Tee gas fixtures, Ac., are complete. . N. B ?Persons desirous of purchasing or leas ing the above specified property are InvitMtocall. Title indisputable. au ;?-lw* POR SALE OR RENT?A desir-tble three r story Brick Honse, with passage, back build ings and good yard suitable for store and dwel Liam Fanning, Agent. au 29?6t For rent-a very pretty and neatly finished frame house, containing six rooms,kitchen, v.'ood-house, Ac ,forrentat#l2 50 per month. Enquire of J 11. DRURY,Citv Post Office suSS? P>R RENT?A TWO-STORY AND ATTIC Brick House, on II st., between 12thand 13:h, containing eight rooms and a cellir, is for rent. Apply to J. VV. BARKER, on H strfe. next to Lutheran Church. au 2??tf FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY Property.-The advert'ser has a farm in Prince William co , Va , containing about 315 acres, In a high fetatc of cultivation, a tc large and commo dious brick Mansion, with other improvements to correspond. The situation la rerfeetlj healthy and embraces every possible advantage, wbicn he wishes to exchange for cl'y property. The form contains a large quantity of fruit of all kinds. For particulars enquire at this office fbr the ad vertiser, who is now in this city. au 27? FOR 8ALE.-THE SUBSCRIBER will sell the highly valuable and desirable Farm on which he now resides, containing sixty acres and upwards of laud, about 3% miles from the Centre Market, and one mile east of the Anacostla, or 'leaning's Bridge, directly on the Marlboro' and Washington i >ad. most of which has been cleared in the last 11 vt or si* years, a?id forgaidening pur poses is unsurpas:>ed* by any in the District, the soil being alight loam. There is about 12 or 14 acres of meadow land, IX acres in strawberries of the best variety, SCO yourd peach trees In full bear ing. The improvements are a two story dwelling and kitchen with two roc-n, corn tosue, stable for four horses, smoke house, Ac. Persons desirous of purchasing are Invited to call and examine the premises. For farther particulars enquire of the subscriber on the premises, or Cal.Naylor. City Hall, Wash ington, D C. ROB'T K. NEVITT au 23?41a w Iw* FOR RENT OR SALE?A NEW THREE story brick Honse in complete order, on Fth street, near N, Northern Liberties. Enquire of W. J. McCOLLUM, 8th and K streets, Northern Liberties . an 13?eotf For rent?the large three-sto ry Dwelling on Firs' strett, Georgetown, at present occupied by Mis. Rsphael Semmes, will be for rent about the 1st of October. It is in a de lightful neighborhood, and is one of the most comfortable nouses in the town. Apply to B. I. SEMMES, 399 Pa avenue, au 30?eotf I^OR RENT?TH E THREE STORY STORE and Dwelling, No. 88 Bridge street, George town, so long occupied as Eir.inert's Confection ery. Apply to ARN Y, next door. my 25?lawtf For rent-a desirable dwelling House on Gth street, between beire near Fa. cvecue. It is lighted by gas and heated by a ftir li tce. The house Is in ;;ood order, has a bath room and all the conveniences for comfort. Pos session can lie had about the middle of Novem ber. For further particulars apply to THOMAS PARKER, opposite Browns' Hotel. P S.?Any person renting the house, If they pre fer, can purchase be Furniture at a fair valuation which Is new and in gcod order, only being used in the house a short time. au 30?colm PRIVATE S A L E .?SEVERAL FRAME Houses, suitable for large or small families, containing from 4 to 10 rooms each, on square south of Square 518, between 4th and 5 th streets, and fronting Massachusetts avenue and 1 street. Terms made easy. Enquire on said square at No 504. au4?eotf Rents reduced to suit the times 8150 a vear will be received for the rent of tkoee new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood 6iied, and other conveniences attached. Pump* of Fin re water are near the door, and communication s had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks In the Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses Inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on libe ral terms. WM. stickney, No. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qna.terly is advanc?. , ap ft?eotf "IVOTICE.?A TAVERN TO LET.?ONE OF lv the best stands on Pennsylvania avenue, and now doing a good business, is offered for rent, the fixtures and Furniture for sale. The house will be rented low to a good tenant. A rare chance is offered to any one wa"ting to go Into such a busi ness. Possession will be given at any time when desired. For further information address "J Meg," at this office. au 23?2w* FOR SAL E?improved and UNIM proved Real Estate.?JENNINGS PIGOTT Atterney at Law and Agent for Real Estate, has several small Houses and Lots; and a number of unimproved building Lots in different portions of tke city, which he will sell at moderate prices and on accommodating terms Persons wishing to sell or buy may do well to give him a call He will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, renting, Ac., investigate titles, and at tend.particularly to convevanclng Office 516 Washington Library, on 11th street, between C and D. ' au 16?3w ROOMS FOR RENT?A PARLOR AND Aw several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, In a new brick house. Apply to K K. LUNDY, au 8 No. 46 Louisiana avenue. FOR BALK-TWO HUNDRED LOTS. Prloe ?75 each. Two years'credit, or 10 per cent, discount for cash. Apply at the Union Land Office. 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jy?~3? Lot* for bale?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on (en y?ars' trtdxt. Apply to J. H. DRUM Y. Jyil?tf i>OK RENT?SEVKRAI. 11ANDSOME PAM lore and Chambers, with Board. Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire at .4r>. SMITH'S, 233 F street ap s?tf ? AUCTION SALES. By WALL, BARNARD * CO., Aactioaeeaa ' rltRlfVRE API? HOUftEKKVIRG Effect*, J?w?lrr, *?.? M Auctisn.? Oa BATU RDAY morning, September 1, at r<k ?'elk, tor front of our Auction Rooms wo shall Mil a largo assortment of Furniture and Household Ef fecU, Ac , con*laving In part of? 3 good second-hand flairo Fortes Mahogany Sofas, Sideboards Do plain and spring seat Chairs Do centre and card Tables Cane and wood seat Chairs Extension. htU and other Tables Feather Beds, hair aitd shuck Mattieaws bedsteads, Wardrobes, Bureaus China. Crockery and Glassware Parlor Stoves, Andirons, Ac. Together with many other article* ii* the Kitchen We shall exhibit for sale at 10 o'clock, a general assortment of Jewelry. Also. 90 boxes of prime Pale Brown Soap 2 second-hand Carriages WALL, BARNARD & CO.. au 91?It Auctioned*. Br JAS. C McOUIRE, Auctit Eighteen desirable bciloiro Lots im the First Ward, near the Circle, at Public Bale.?On TUESDAY afternoon. September 4th, at 5# o'clock, on the premise' 1 shall sell original Lot No 5 in Square No 72. sit uated at the corner of North L street and New Hampshire avenue, subdivided into eighteen handsome building lots of fifteen feet front each These lots are situated in an improving part of the city, and are worthy of attention Terms * One-fifth cash; the residue in 6, 13, 18, rind 34 months, with Interest, secured by deed at trust on (he premises. J AS. C McGUIRE. au 31?d Auctioneer By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Household and kitchen riitm* tare. Carriage and Baggy at Aaetlaa.? On SATURDAY, the 1st September, we shall sell, at 9 o'clock a. m., In front of our store? A large lot of Furniture One good Family Carriage One fine new slide-seat Buggy With many other articles which we deem un necessary to enume: ate. Terms rash. GREEN A SCOTT, au 30?d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctlc PEREMPTORY SALE OF BUILDING Lots.?On WEDNESDAY afternoon, Sep tember 5th. at o'clock, on the premises, I will sell Lots No. 16 and 18, in Square No. 616fronting each ?3 feet 9 inches on north P, between North Capitol and 1st street west, running back 150 feet. Immediately after, I shall sell Lots 4,5 and 6, in Square 5S3, front ing on north O street, between 1st and 3d streets West, running back 1 j6 feet to a TO feet alley. Terms : One third cash ; the residue in 6. 18, and 18 months, with interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS C. McGUIRE, au CO?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers Good business stand at auction. Will be fold on THURSDAY, the 6th Sep tember, at 6 o'clock p. m.. that valuable Lot on t?e corner of C street north, Indiana avenue, and First street west, adjoining the four-atorv brick residence of Dr. Wallace, and frosting all the travel to and from the railroad depot, the Capitol, and City Hall. This location for business of a ready-money kind is better than anv to be found in W ashington, for hotel, stores, refectory, board ing. Ac. The sale will be positive, and the opportunity to a business man seldom te be met with. The Lotcontaius 4,300 ftet, and frcnts 135 feet on the corncr of C street, Indiana avenue, and 1st street. Terms : SI ,000 cash; balance in 6,12,19 and 24 months, and 3 years. GREEN A SCOTT. au 30?d Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT, Atlctk Kitchen a\d household furni tu re.?Will be sold on TUESDAY morning the 4th September at 10 o'clock, at No. 451 Perm, avenue, between 3d and 4 street?, all the house hold Furniture and Kitchen Flxturas of J as. Coo ??????*? By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Building lot on the island at Auction.?On FRIDAY afternoon, August 3161, at 6 o'clock, on the premises. 1 shall sell Lot No 24, in subdivision of square No. 53fi, fronting 20 feet on south D, between 3d and sts., run ning back 103 feet to a 10 feet mlley. Terms : One-fourth cash ; the residue in 6, 0 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, au 28?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. MrGUIHE, Auctioneer. STOCK, FUTURES AND FURNITURE of a 4 onfectionery Establishment at Pab. lie Auctisa.?On TUESDAY morning. Septem ber 4th, at 10 o'c:ock at the Confectionery Estab lishment of Messrs. Rydsr A Plant, on Seventh street, immediatelr opposite Odd Fellows' Bail, 1 shall sell al* their stock and Fixtures, compris ing? Excellent Foda Water Apparatus Shelving, Glass Ca?^s, Counter Ca^es Coun'er, Glass Jars, Awning Oval gilt frame French plate Mirror Marble top Centre and !*ofa Tables Caue-#fat Chairs. Curtains and Shades Excellent Brussels Carpet, Oildcth Baking Utensils, Moulds, Frtezeis Silver placed Spoons Ice Cream Plates, Ac. The above Furniture and Fixtures are all of the best nuality and nearly new, and the sale offers an excellent opportunity to persons desirous of en gaging in tne Confectionary business. Terms: All sums of and under 925 cash; over S25 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes bear ing Interest, satisfactorily endorsed. ^ JAS C. McGUIRE, au 36 Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Handsome furniture a house hold Klfects, Family Carriage, Matched Horses, Rockaway, Farming (Jteaslls, Ac. On TUESDAY mcrring. r^eptember llth, at ten o'clock, at the country seait of Thoma* Marshall, Esq near the village of Tennallytown, on the turnpike to Rockrille, about two miles from Georgetown, I shall sell all his handsome Furni ture and Housekeeping Effects, consisting in part of? Rosewood carved BfoCatelle covered Sofia, with curtains. Ac. to match Mahogany French Sofa and Chairs, finished in canary colored brocatelle. curtains to match Mahogany Lair spring-seat Sofa and Chairs Rosewooa Arm Chairs Whatnot Superb French Mantel Clock, with Candelabras, cost 8300 Roeewood Secretary and Bookcase Marble top Centre and other Tables Elegant gilt frame French plate Mirror, plate 60 by 81, with slab and bracket Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry and other Carpets, with Rugs to match, all new and of excellent quality , Dne pair of elegant gilt six light gas Chandeliers Dining room, hall aud other gas fixtures Dedsteads, Bureaus, WTashstands Cane and wood seat Chairs, Rockers Jhina, Glass, Table Cutlery, Ac. Cooking, parlor and Chamber Stoves Together with many other articles not necessary to enumerate. At two o'clock? Jne handsome Family Carriage, but little used 3ne pair superior matched iron grey Carriage Horses iandsome lion Sleiuh, Rockaway tYagons, Ploughs, Harrows larness. Shovels, Forks, Cultivators Lot of Hay and Corn. Potatoes lot bed Sash, Ac. Terms: *30 and under cash; over thatnni iredlt of two and four months for notes satisffceto ily endorsed, hearing Interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, auS8-d Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. PI U ST EE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real Estate oa the Island, Dwelling Houses ,nd Bail ding Lota.?By virtue of a deed of trust taring date on the fourth day of August, 1854. .nd recorded in Liber J A. S . No. 84, folios 393. tc., the subecrlter will sell at public sale, on THURSDAY, the6th day of September, 1855, at 1 o'clock p. m , on the premises, Lots Nos. 69, 70, 1, 73, 73, 71, 75, 76, 77. 78, 79 and 80, in Joel W. tones'* subdivision of square No. 545, fronting ach 35 feet on Van street, between 3d and 4# sts vest and N and M streets south, by 130 feet deep o a fifteen feet alley, with the buildings and lm > rove meats, which consist of two well-built and omfortahle frame dwelling bouses. The above property is eligibly situated la a de irable and rapidly improving part of the city, nd will be sold either as a whole or la ae pa rate ots, as may be desired, and offers a very favorab'e opportunity to persons desirous to obtain a resi le nee or building lots, or Investing. The terms of sale will be oae-third cash; and be balaace la 6 and 19 months, for notes bearing nterest from day of sale, and secured by deed of rust upoa the property; and if not complied with n six aays after the sale, the property (ths terms f which an not so complied with) will be resold poa oae week's notice, at the risk and expanse f the Aria tilting purchaser AU conveyancing at expense of purchasers. COARLES 8. WALLACH. Truste* C W.BOTELER, au li so Ads Auctioneer 1MB BELLAS, BASKETS. Engravings, Per u fumery, Ac , at ELLIS'S, WlPena aveeue, ear 10th at. au*l I tmmuphic wwa> . ttPftm FORTH! EVENING STAJK* Latest from Vorfolk Noaron, Aug. 30?p m.-Tbtn u bo d??i of an encouraging nature The fever con tinue* Bubftted, but the death* are lew in proportion, showing n milder type of the di? eaae, or a mora plentiful rapplj of nourish ment end ittrudaati. Among the demd are rej orted : The wife o? Liout. Whittle of the Nary; Mr.. If Todd, and V. Tarrant. Among the *ew cm? arc: Liout Riofeard Page, Lieut James Henderecn, Mn- Tnewel! two Philadelphia nhyeteiana. (Dr. M. Faddea and another whooa came was not meutijned,) Simon Stone, J. Higgins. Mr Ferret, (elerk of the Kzehangu Bank,) Charlua Beall, C. W Southgate, aad O. W. Camp. Dr. Constable ia supposed to be dying Dr. Rose ia down. J. Q. H. Hutton aad E. Ba lance are auppoaod to be beyond hope. Capt. E. Guy u c uraleacent. Tha new caaea are generally of a mildc* tjpe. Tha deatha in tha two oitiea for the pact 24 hour* were about 36. There are now from 600 to 700 caaes ia Hot - folk. The Soft Shell Convent lea.. Sveaclsb. Aug 30, p. *.?In the afternoon meeting, John Van Buran withdraw his mo tion to lay the raaolutiona on the table, when Caasidy and Jenkins introduced their refla tion* on the subject of Kansas. Caasidy s ref lation denounces the armed intrusion into tho Territory ef Kanaas, and calls upon the Gov ernment to red rem the outrage, and deelarca that the repeal of tho Missouri compromise was unwise. Jenkins's resolution deprecates the repeal of the Missouri Gouj promise, and demands that Government return to tha territorial Joe trine of Jelferaon. A debate ensued upon theee resolution? Mr. Church then ottered a reaolution ex pressing indignation of the Democracy that armed bands should be allowed to invade m territory, and declaring it the duty uf tho Government to restore to the citiscns of tha' territory their rights, repudiating the charge that the Democracy of New York were re sponsible for the present agitation of slavery, and, consequently for the repeal of the Mis souri Compromise. and declaring the present the most appropriate time for repeal, and ut compromising hostility to the exienaijn of slavery into free territory. Mr. Shephard introduced a resolution em bodying the views of the New York delegation in Congress. Mr. D. A. Wright moved to lay the resolu tions on the table, preparatory to calling up the reaolution endorsing the admmistration, which was carried?1S1 to94? then adjourned Evening Session ?Mr. Sheperd moved to take up Mr. Cassidy's resolution, which was carr.ei by 137 to 86. An exciting debate then ensued, during which Mr Van Buren moved I an amendment that the Democracy if New York adheres to all compromises constituting the rights of States, and declares hostility to the extension of slavery to free territory. Cas sidy's resolution, with Van Buren s amet.d meet, was then passed, and the Convention adjourned till Friday. Tho Latest by the Camada. Bostow, Aug. 31.?A dispatch from London to Liverpool, a few moments before the Cana da sailed, says : " The London Timas states, that owing to rumors of unfavorable news from the Crimea being circulated yesterday, the English funds experienced a decline of }. Af terwards the decline fully recovered on ru mors of a repulse of the Rusaians." Money was in great demand, owing to the eagerness to subscribe to the Turkish loan Arrest of a 8uppoaed Slaver. Bostov, Aug. 31.?E. Simpson has been ar rested on a charge of having fitted out the brig Mary E. Smith for the African slave trade. Indiana State Democratic Convention Ixdauapolis, Aug. 20.'? The Demnerttio State Convention is n w in session at this place, and it is estimated that not less than from 15,000 to 20.000 peoplo are present as delegates, or interested spoctators. Great enthusiasm prevails. Amongst other prominent gentle men present we noticed Judge A. H Hovey, Hon. John G. Davis. Col. Carpenter of Ken tucky; Hon. J- M Allen, of Illinois. Wisconsin Democratic State Convention. Mamso*, Wis., Aug. 29?The Wisoontin Democratic State Gonventiou met here this altornoon. Gov. Barstow's friends have a de cisive majority In the Convention, and he will probably receive the nomination Baltimore Markets. BALmonn, Aug 31.?Flour has a down ward tendency, bales of 600 bbls. Howard street at $8. City Mills is quoted at $7 75a $7 87. Wheat?Choice white sold for SI.80a $1.86; fair to good do. Sl.65afl.75; common to good reds SI 50a?1.70. Corn is unohang< d. Sales of white at 88c., yellow at 89a90e. Bow York Markets. % Nnw Yoax. Aug. 30 ?Cotton is firm, with an upward tendency. Flour has deolined 12 to 374 cents; sales of 9,000 bbls common u? straight State brands at $7.S7a$7.6ii; common to good Ohio S8.37a$S.62; Southern S8 50a S8 75. Whoat is a trifle lower; sales of 10,000 bushels Southern white at SI 90aS2. Corn haa declined a trifle ; aales of 47,000 bushels, Western mixed at 87c. Whisky ia steady Stocks are higher. Money oontinues easy Virginia 5's 98c. BOARDING. Mrs maddox'9 boarding house. Its. SI street, user C, west tide, Is prepared to accommodate permanent, transient or table boarders Residence near the Avenue, Capitol, City Hall and the principal hotels. Gen tlemen can have rooms with or without board. A lArge front room for rent, suitable for an office au 29?lw* A LADY HAYING TAKEN THE PLEA8 ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth itreet No. 406, between D and B, will be pleated to receive one family, or several jjentlemen, on terms the moat reasonable. The rooms ate large ind handsomely furnished, and a larye vard at tached to the boose for the exercise of children. Being near the avenue, it Is moat convenient for able and tranaient boarders. au*7?lwe BOARDING ? permanent AND TABLE U boarders can be accommodated at No 421 Eleventh street, vat side, between G and H sts Location pleasant and healthy, with well furnished md desirable rooaas. an 0U?2w Boarding ?Mrs duvall,no ?i Penn sylvanla avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel, has ?evenu large and desirable ran?, suitable for ramiliea or single gentlemen, which she will rent with board at naoderate prices. She caa also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. It so?if Kard. Ac ?MRS BATES,ON THE 8 W orner of Pennsylvania aveane and 0th street, If prepared to accommodate goH?auwKhroom?. ?-Hh or without board. EvetyeMSst will be made o render tbeae comfortable whe may favor her with their patronagr f ???' DUNk MOOES of ail kinds and staes for .air TM'U?

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