2 Şubat 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Şubat 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAB, ri'hli*HKL? evkky AKTEMP'OUS, (BXCKPT SUNDAY,) At tk* Sf eotMtr of L mmhi I'ltrtntk tlrtl*, *y W. D. WALIACH, Will bemvnd to viV-arrlber* by ranlun at f?l \ 4ND A V(uakter CENTS, payable l*> the Aicntu; p*[M>rn nerved In pn< knffpo at3?)j #-*n'* p*r month. To mail *jjbs.'nber* the *ub e-riptlon price Is I'HH EE DOLLARS AND FIF TY cents ifmr?ft<rMK?,TWll DOLLAR!* ft* Mi month.-, nnd onk DOLLAR for three month*; for Ic?? than three month* it the rate of rent* a w*vk. \zr SINGLE copies one cent. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, I). U, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 2, 1856. NO. 931 THE WEEKLY STAR. 9feUeie?4i<*< Family aft* N'?w* Joarrnl^rm ? prr+\m variety "f letrftwtteg readme than win b* *otiod im tny <ther?la pcfcll?h?4 e? Petur 4a? Bjorn^Pf *nu. cept. pei ?arum .....91 * ?? run. n?t?ept? Ten copies S ?* Twen:> c*pta? U *> 117" IRftlitlLT IK ilTiHCB. Slnplce-ople* (In wrapper*) ran beproro *d at the counter.'.minodlaMy after the la?ue of th paper Price?Th*?* Cmta. PoiTMiiTagf who act ard*cnta will beaUnwe a eommlaalon of twenty per cent BOOK ANI> JOB PRINTING. f I^HOM AS McGI LL, SUCCESSOR TO THE I Arm jf Kirkwood 4 Mc.Glll respectfully an nounces that he is fully prepared to execute all or der* for PLAIN OR ORSAMFSTAL PRlXTiytt nf bt* larjje and convenient F.siabl lament, Tth ft. three door* below Odd Fellows' Hall. The business of the old Arm, and all other work entrusted to him w.il meet with promt attention. THOMAS McOILL, Seventh street, between 1> and K, Three doors be'.ow Odd Fellows' Hall. J*n 1?eolm ? ? / k RKWARD-I will give the above V?M' mentioned reward for the apprehension and delivery to in'", of AN N, a >lave. who calls herself A:n Johnson, and who ran away from me on Saturday nlyht. the }<th Instant She Is about ?J1 years ola. 5 feet, fou- or five inch"* high, light black complexion with fall round face, of g?>e>d figure, and likely. She has a varietv of clothing aud took with her her feather b?d and bedding. WM F PHILLIPS, dec 1<??eotf 596 New Jersey avenue. SLW YOKK MATS. I WISH ALLGENTLEMEN WHO ARK IN ? want of Hat* to bear In in! rid that the plau whlrh 1 ? adopted ?!* months ayo of selling HATS and CAPS at greatly reduced price*, for ca?u only. 1* In *uccejw? f.il operation. consequently those who nav cash have the benefit of cash, and are not charged twenty flvejvr cent extra profit to offset bad debts. The very best and most fashionable DRESS HATS, at ft i<i. equal to any usually sold at S5, and the best *3 Hal south of New York; and a Qr*f rote, durable. and fashionable Hat. 50. A full supply of black aud browa F KLT H A TS, and Chlldre.'* Faucy tiuods. at verv low prices. Small profits and quick rales is the motto. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. Opposite Dexter's Hotel. i have made ar-angements with one of the best boo- makers In Philadelphia to b* kept constantly supplied with the verv best and ino*t fashionable French calf skin s?wed BOOTS, warranted French calf, or no sale, which 1 offer for the un precedented low price of 1 have shown 'hem to competent Judges, who pronounce them to be the best Boots for the price In the United States I also have a splendid -owed GAITER BOOT, mnde of the very best French calf skin patent lea'her, all of the latest style, for *?> 5o ? 'ompetitlon is out of the question All I ask is for gentlemen to coni?* and see for thems?ives Terms positively cash. dec 6?eo-'Jm H. IBSMBIi Jeweler, f tnni nnd K?ia .?< 4ft*. Has kkokivkiiamd open kdthis day a ma-'niflren* assortment of tine and #S rich Imported J F.W ELR Y. -uch as Flor evlne and R'tnan M' sal?*. Italian Ltvas^^Ni and Coral", bamets Cameos. and a vari-^fifl? f v -f rlrh'.v i ha^'d linld Jewelry or any d^rlp t'on the v? :y latest styles Alw a new lot of fine London a"d Geneva WATCHES, warrauted tlmekec per* FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS A splendid assortment of fl!;e Silverware. Piteh er^. Ca?'ors, Cream*, Goblets, Cups. Forks and Pp*?on-?, (.?.terlinp.) I"i .h, Cake and Pie Knives. Butte? ar.d Frul. Knives, Sen p and Oyst-r Ladles. Preserve. Su^ a'and Cream Spoon." Salt Cellars, Napk in Rings, etc , etc. SILVER PLATED WARE. ON ALBATA. Casto". Markets. Butterboats, L'rne, Forks and Spoons. . FANCY ARTICLE?. French Clocks, Dresden China Ornaments, In variety, Card Cases. Portrnon tales, Cigar Cuses And also a large assortment of SPECTACLES In Gold, Silver *nd Steel Frames, to suit every eve a:.d age; Eye tila"**, Congress Specs, a .d Opera Glasses. We take pleasure In showing our goods to all. whether purchasers o* not All our goods are warranted as represented, and will he sold a' the lowest possible price. YZT Jewelry and Silverware made to order, Diamond" r? mo int'-d ; Gold Pens repointed, and En^rravtne on Sf?.-?e executed at short notice fTnronornef r> ?. :d ail kinds of tine Watches and Musical Box?s p..t in perfect order at short notice. H SEMKEN, Jewtler, Pa avenue, between mh and lU'.h st*. dee J tf ? ABRIAOI VPI 9I? PR YOUNG S POCKET iESCULA^IUS; Or. Etrry t'ne his own Physician: Being observarioNs on marriage Medically Mid PhlR *opulc?'lv ccuMder?-d a* MANHOOD'S EARLY DECLINE, w th di ?ection? for It* pf rf- t cure Being a Confidential "?llent Friend .nd PrlviU Adviser; followed by i r*<-*:ions on ioe '"reituvut of Venereal 1)1? rase*. Gc.nnorrh'M. 'nes-t. Stricture.. Ar ; Illus trated with Case* PI-tie*, a^d Diagrams fron, Dr YOI NG S PRIVATE PRACTICE?to oe onsultM wVhout exposure, and with assured eonfiderv e of sucr?-s.. Only Ct cents. I- Or sale by the A-^ent. ALEX. ADAMS* ?N, on Seventh st . opposite Post OflU-* . dec il lm* f No &30 ] > Nwnaf and Overflowed Lands." 1)11 BLIC NOTICE?PURSUANT TO THE Instructions of the Secretary of the Interior, CubK'- notice is hereby jfivea that, In ord? r to rlmj toacl?>se the bim'ness under the act of Con gr*-s? approved Septemb? r >. entitled, ' An act to enable the State of Arkan>as, and other States, to rrclilm the -swamp la >d* within their limlta,'' and at the satue tiir.e afford to parties who claim that portions c.f the lands s?-l?*ted un der s?id law are dry and fit f ir oMIvH?, an >p I ortnnity to intr?>duoe- evidence, all lands so se >c?"d. to the approval whereof no o>>J?*cilon b imdc within six movth-- fr.-m th? dale hereof. wiM he < ertliied and patented to the State*. Such objection* as are ccu'eiuplated by the j?bovc must be made under oath, .-.nd filed with the register and receiver < f the proper land oilce for transmission to rhe beneral Uu(H)ttre Th -eresMarv forms for alfidavits are in the hand ; i f ?aid ofllcers 1 oe following classes "f laud arc exempt frtin objection, to-wi:: 1st Lands entered w'th cc-,h, or Ideated with military bounty land warrants or s< lp. ?rer th l as?**e of the act of >tii September, H5<?, ?nd j.ii^r to tfce pa?-r.ge ef the act of *2d Mar' h, 1 ??forth- rell? f< f purcha ei and locators of ?vr.np a-id iwri iW^d lauds id Lan<ls alnady pn ented to 'he 3'tte U;:di r the ?wn;ip law In all ca*es where nble-tion is r\.?*d. tcs'lmoay ?u?t U- taken before the register and recvlver of ?he land otfice, at such time, afier the expiration ct said six months, a> they may a{'p?>int with the r ?wnl of the Coinmlsslorier of the; Uei<7ral Land Otfice Tht list* of ?wriiu> and overflowed lands are open to Inspection d irtng ihe regular business hours of )h? Land Ofil^e. Given 'lnder my band, at the city of Washing ton. this i21?t day of I?'-< ember, l-Si THOS A HENDRICKS, Cr mnl?ion?r Generiti Land Ofics 'an 1>? (II ft hookatokk: A GENERAL SELECTION OF STANDARD Gift and M l -?? la.neous BOOKS A \ D STATIONERY f r sale at /7*/ HILBl S r Ml SIC DEPOT cor-.4 V,? ner of Pa avenue and 11th street 1 UK VAT ltiOVCKMEHT. EVKRY PURCHASER RECEIVES A GIFT. Each article 1* old V the usual r? tall price, and for every dollar's purchase a sealed envelope is d rnwr, bv the buver containing t e name of some jMf* which Is pr?-s< iit? d on the spot Among the Gifts are linid Walter*,.Jcwvlry. Music, Fancy ?.?d Toi-et Ar!- le : Ac HILBI S Ml SIC DEPOT, dec iy?tr Corner Pa av and 11th st. b. P. HOO v ?K'S ghcet and Trunk Zstablutnent, If* Ujii, avenue, between Via r?nd 10th st?. B HAVK J1 >st RECEIVED FOR I A DIES, ? Mir-F> ar.d CHILDREN, Cleth. m ?lift' . Buckskin, lii;> d Hu'to-j, Tleal<"o Jr ^.1 j GAI1KK? Also, thick and thli Gaitrrt i hL} Pr> nie R! v k. and Colored, at *1 25, w<'.*h ?'2. Lad'ea Alpii.e Cut; n Gaiter:., f3 50; French Whi'eSatin Gllccrieo.SLIPPERS. Oen t.-i>:?*a's French Patci,? Leather BOOTS and SHoKP. of all de?crlj "'ir.s; Centlemeii'a De 'ached i; A ITERS. alle<-.. r>; Boy'., rid Youth's Pt'ent Leather and Calf BOOT?* a .d SliOES. My stock of Fall and Winter Wear, recently ge. ler ;?r.i from the most celebrated iaani fhctu/tts, Is sery s ferior. 1 promises to offer unusnal lnd :cejnent* andts spectfouy &olicit youx paucaa^e and lufiuenre. dac li-tf B. P. HOOVER. (U TTA PERI I1A TEETH. rjlHK UNDERSIGNED HAVK BEEN IN J. the habit of sending our patrons to Dr Cosby for Dental operations for a number of years, and take pleasure in recommending him to the citi zens of Washington as the best tooth extractor and dental operator that we have ever met with He Inserts teeth upon every plan that is practised in the United States. G?-o P. HcMmni. M D. B. W. M. I?. A V P?yu?. M I?, HD8 John F. Miller, M D. Bryant, M D O F. CU*rol>?rlln, M D , DOS. C. H. Harris, M. D. 8?.mn?l P. Brown, M. D. Wyths Tinalsy, M D B. M. Frauciern, *1. O. Office over Ford A Bro 's, No. 5*90, corner of 11th street and Pa avenue nov*J7?6m* Wl'TTA PER< HA TEETH. DR O. M UN SUN, AT 310 PA AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base Also, with Allen's pat-y ent continuous Gum, combining beau ty. strength and cleanliness. br M. Is determined to keep rac with every Improvement In Dentistry, and will strive to please ana profit his patrons. BiriRi<fri: Rev. Dr Gurley, Hon R H Glllet, Dr Blnney, Hon S A Douglas, Hon. C Mason, Dr R P Patterson, Hon A O P Nicholson, Dr R Coolidge, And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege. nov 23?tf MEMBERS OK < ONUKKSS AM) VISIT ORS TO WASH INUTO N IRK RESPECTFULLY INFORMED that \ at TAYLOR \ MAURY'S BOOK AYD STATIO N E KY STO R E, Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, thcv will meet all their require ment*. Their extensive stork, in addition to the following important works, comprises every de partment of Literature. Science, and Art. NEW BOOKS received Immediately on publi cation. Weekly importations from England. Calhoun s Works.fi ?ols. Jefferson's Works. 9 vols. Webster's Works. 5 vols , Autograph (dltlon. Everett's Orations and Speeches. 2 vols Clay's Private Correspondence, I vol. S. sv Prentiss's Memoirs. 2 vols Bancroft's History of the United States, 6 vols. Statesman's Manual, 1 vols. Hickey's Constitution. 1 vol, JetTer'.on's Manual. 1 vol. The Constitutions of the United States, 1 vol. Elliott's Debates and Madifon's Papers, 5 vols. March's Orators and Staltsmen, 1 vol. Story's Works. 'J vols Lives of Chief Justices of the United State*, 1 vol. Lleber's Civil Liberty and Self Government, 2 vols. Wirt's Life of Patric k ilenry, 1 vol. Kennedy's Life of Wirt. 2 vols. Garland s Life of John Randolph. I vol. Party Leaders, by Baldwin, 1 vol. De 1 '<enuevi!le"? Democracy In America, I vol The Federalist. 2 vol Crlmke s Nature and Tendency of Free Institu tions. 1 vol Constitutional Text-Book. 1 vol. Carry's Past, Present, and FuMire. I vol, Seamw.'s Progress of Nations. 1 *ol M< Elligott's American Debator. 1 vol. Future Wealth of America. 1 vol. Smith's W eaith of Nations, I vol F.very description of American, Eiigllsh. and French STATIONERY of the finest quality, at the lowest prices. Visiting Cards engraved and printed with the greatest promptitude TAYLOR A MAURY'S, jan c? tr near 9tn street. TOPI1AM It XOR FLKT'I NEW AND CHEAP SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNR STORE, Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows'Hall. r- A MESSRS TO I'll AM. i iMOXA. late of Philadelphia, and (XfB^NORFLET of this ciiy, ? ^ rcspt.ctfully announce to their friends and the public, that they have ? om- , me need the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladies', ar.d Boys' .SADDLES. BRIDLES. MARTINGALES, and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, both for city and country use. All Kinds nt TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladies SATCHKLS. TR A V FL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WOliK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS, COLLARS, and HAMES H ^rse. Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac . Ac. All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, wc feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability By unremitting efforts to give satis faction w hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Pasticular attention paid to covering Trunks and repairing ;dl kind* of work Siiddlcrd' tools constantly on hand, nov 7 tf .HOKE NKW OOOBS JOHN H SMOOT, NO 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge ?tr? t, near High, Gcrr*;ctown. D C has received ;?n additional supply of Fall and Winter GOODS, making his assortment very complete In his stock will be found a first rate assort ment of? Ladle*' Dress Goods Blark Moire AnMque tMlks Moire Antlaue Cloak and Dress Trimmings Rich stripert and Moire Antique Sash and Bonnet Ktobons SwIks and Cambric Bands, Collars and Sleeves Bla^k and col'd Cloths, for Cloaks Stella, Brocha and Bay State Shawls With a good assortment of the best makes Flan nels, Blankets, and Dry Goods generally. My stock beln;' desirable and cheap purchasers will find it to tneir advantage to call before getting fully supplied. J. 11. SMrtOT. nov 13- tf I^ICTlLK IVORY?JUST RECEIVED, *v oral exquisite specimens of his manufacture, Including -The D^eat from the Cross," after Rubens; "The Flight into Egypt"Adora tion of the Wise Men " Dead of Christ,': after Dcinenlehino?Madouna; " Ecce Homo," Ac., ijXtlally adapted for Chr! <tmas presents, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S dee, ^1?tr Bookstore, near 9th *t. < W ItiS AND TUUPEES. CITIZENS AND STRANGERS ARK Kl> J spectfully lrformed tbr-t the best assortment of fi HiS and TOUPEES are t? be found at II LARD'S HAIR DRESSING ESTABLISH MENT. ar.d \V IG MANUFACTORY, Sixth st. National Hotel. Wigs ??nd Tor pees made on the shortest notice. Al?o, a good assortment of Ladles Bark Braids ji'ft arrived from New York dec 11?eolm COFFIN YTAREPOOn, fcr. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO.. PNDEAYA ? KKHS?res'de-.c?41d Seventh _ rtm-t, between G rod 11 streets fci . ' InUrments proenr-^i lnany gionnd ?r cemetery Coflns, Caps, Shrouds, Carriages. Hears?, and every article for IntermentH of the best quality furnished ~t short notice, on the most rea?')r.able terra*, and at all hours of the alght Having the exclusive right of Crump's Pa'cat Corpse Preserver, wc guarantee to keep the 4ead for any length cft.nte. Jy 11?ly JONAS P. LEV T, ixroRTia as: sialh in WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AND FINE GROCERIES, General Commission A Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, No 171 Pa av . two doors below U. S. Hotel, Wasuinoton Citt. D. C. N B.?Country Merchants are requested to give m- a ca'l before purchasing elsewhere ?c 2-iy A GENERAL INVITATION TO EX 1\ auil'e one of the lartre^t and best assortments of Parlor Grand, t-aiare, and Boudoir PIANOS, ever exhibited to a Washington public. Persons wishing to purchase, will tiud that they can be accommodated on the most Mineral terms, by caily soDllca'lon at the Music Depot. Star Buildings, vv GEO HlLBl'S, Agent. Constantly in rccelpl of NEW MUSIC, dec iW?tr C^OLT'*, ALLEN' RABBINS,and LAW J rente A Co.'s patent revolving hammer, five and six barrel PISTOLS. Also, a good assort ment of single barel Pistols, from 75 cents to *5 Sch American RAZORS of the ln*t quality, every razor warranted. Fo^eb^UN1)Yj dec 11 No 1'^ Bridge street. Georgetown 5{jh^ ss. Mliwit'l IIISTORV cr KSOLASD, ^.013d, U.I. d.y ??^NCn XAYLOR. m 11 w 1 KKW4?VAL. rpUF. SUBSCRIBER WOOL!) MOi^I RE l A spectftdly inform hH customers and tl^ public generally, thai he has removed his" 1 Store from the south to the north side of Pa. | avenue, between Eleventh and .Twelfth, ! street*, where he will keep a full and well-selected assortment of the best and latest stvle of F R ENCH | CLOTHS, CASSIMERE8, VESTINGS, AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING goods. As | the excellent business stand will enable him to ! do a much larger business, he feels assured that \ he can furnish GenVieinen's Garments on more moderate terms than heretofore. Having Practised for a number of years In Germany, England and France, he Is confident that he can pleRse all those I who may favor him with a call. Feeling grate ful for past favors he solicits a continuance of the ?ame. G. F. SCHAFER, no* 13 Merchant Tailor. | C?I ?HS, < OLOS, HOAKSKNK8B, Ac. PERSONS predisposed In Pulmonary Affec tions And tnls the most trying season, owing to the .sudden changes In temperature; yet by a little care, adopting warm clothing and supply ing themselves with a good proscription or cough remedy they may easily ward of what may else frovo a dangerous winter companion TV ,ER 8 COMPOUND GUM ARAHIC SYRUP has been so long known and highly appreciated as one of our most Innocent, yet efficacious. plea sant, and (si nee the reduction In price.) economi cal remedies, tbot it may be recommended and used with th? utmost confidence. It is sold at 25 cents, or thrrt bottlc? !n ?ne. 50 cents. Wholesale by PA TTERSON A NAIRN and STOTT A CO. j and retail by most Druggists in Alexan dria by PEEL A STEVENS; Georgetown by Mr_CIS8ELL. oct? NOTICE or POSTPONEMENT. \\/ E ARECOMPELLED TO ANNOUNCE '* to th" subscribers to the PRIZE EM BROIDERY RAFFLE, that we shall have to postpone the drawing for a few davs, on account cf there being still a .lumber of chances not yet taken Those j?ersons wishing to subscribe will oblige us by giv;ng us their names early, as we do not wish to delay the drawing any longer than we can help We will state the day for drawing In a future advertisement. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO., Jan 11 Cor. I'enn. avenue and Ninth street. S. P HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot,Shoe nnd Trnnk Establish ment, 1 HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FOR LA I dies', Gents', Misses', and Children's SNOW OVER SHOES, bum Hoots, Gov-lmer and Sandals Also, Buckskinf KJ lined Shoes, double sole and water-proof Boots, all of which I will sell low for cash. All in want please call and examine for your selves. S P. HOOVER, Iron Hal!, bet. yth .tad W?h sta., Pa. av. jan 10 CLOTHING MADE TO OKOEK. Members of congress, citizens and stranuers wishinu to supply themselves with superior garments, madetoo-dcr. are invited to examine our superior assortment of Doeskins, Cloths, Casslmeres, Silk, Satin and Velvet Vest ing*. all of wLieti has been selected with an espe cial view to the wants of our customers, which we will make to measure In a manner lnfvrlor to none, at much cheaper rates than the usual city prices. WALLA STEPHENS, !.?2 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets Also, i Pa. avenue, :Jd aoor cast of the Nattoual Hotel- jan 23? rilHE NORTH AMERH AN REVIEW ? I Published (Quarterly, on the first days of Jan uary, April. July, and October, in numbers of nearly three hundred pa^es nrb, at Five Dollars a year. Con''n'* of tfo CLXX. for January, 1^51 Article I Life, Services, and Works of Henry Wheaton " II Bartol's Pictures of Europe 44 111 Statistics of Insanity In Massachusetts " IV. Sydney Smith 44 V The Romish Hierarchy " VI History of the Jacobin Club " VII. Varon's Memoirs "VIII The Pacific Railroad 4' IX. American Poetry 44 X German Emigration to America 44 XI Critical Notices. The North American Review ha* n'?w attained its 17'?th number, having been published without intermission f r more than forty v^ars It is far the oldest American Periodical rt'-v.'ted to general literature and science, and its reputation has been steadily maintained, both in tills < ountry and in Europe. ;is th- leading journal of the United States within its appropriate department Supplied for the publishers by FRANCK TAYLOR. Jan IS? I 'fitted states Patent Office, ? Washington, Jar. 22, lvifi \ t |N THE PETITION OF JOSEPH II HI'R " ' ROWS, of Cincinnati, <ihi??, praying for the extension of a patent granted t" them on lb* Vid day of April, 1*12, for an improvement in "Mill Stones," for seven years frorn the expi ration of said patent, which takes place on the i'iddiy of April. l-5?> It lb ordered, that the petition !??? h' . rdatthe Patent Office on Monday, the 7th of April n?xt,at 12 o'clock in ; and all persons are notified to ap pear and show cause, If any tney have, why said pe'ltion ought not to l?e granted Perxuis opposing the extension are required fo tile in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all t> stlmony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished en application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the 27th day of March; depositions and other papers relied npon as testimony must be flltd in the of fice on or i?efore the morning of that dav; 'he ar guments. if any, within ten days thereafter. Order< d. also, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ington, D (' ; Ar^us, Baltimore; Patriot A Union Harrisburuh. Pa , Journal of Commerce, New York, and Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio, once a week forthree successive weeks previcusto the 7th day of April nex*, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON. Commissioner of Patents 1" S?Editors of the above pap* r? will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Olilce, with a jKiper containing this notice, jan ii?law3w 'SWVO SUPERB P 1 A N O S R Ef EOEU I- this week, which, in addition to our usual large supply, makes o ir stocx the most complete in the city. Olve us a call if you wish a good and cheap instrument. JOHN F. ELLIS, :il?6 l'a. avenue, between Jbh and 10th sts. dec 2*> mark was made by Mr. Jones after trying

one of my American Ramapo Razors. Others have said the same after using my Tally-ho, or a Double Carbonized I X L. There are no tears shed while using one of these Razors. G. FRANCIS, dec 31 490 Seventh s*. BAOLEY'S finest gold p e n s, in Hold and silver cas^s, for sale for the manu facturers. at their lowest retail prices, and to the trade at their lowest wholesale r.ices Also, Morton's short-nib Gold Pens, dltferlng essentially in their construction from any others, ai.d suiting<he requirements of many who have Hitherto been unable to make use of any metallic penwhatevtr. FRANCK TAYLOR, jan 10 BOYS' WINTER CLOTHINO WE HAVE THIS DAV RECEIVED A large addition to our usually extensive assortment of first quality Boys' and Childrens' clothing, whlcn we will offer to our custom ers and the publh- at unusually low prices. Our stock consists In part of? OVER COATS and TALM AS Fine cloth roundabouts and JACKETS Flue and common PANTALOONS Silk, Satin, and Merino VESTS W hlte and colored SHIRTS UNDERSHIRTS and DRAWERS CAPS. SUSPENDERS, HOSIERY, Ac .Ac. Making our stock of Boys' and Children's Clothing very large and complete. WALLA STEPHENS, 322 Pa. avenue, bet. Uth and 10th street, J?n 12 next to Iron Hall. OPERA OLASSES?The largest and cheap est assortment in the city at JOHN F. ELLIS, Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. dec 31 71AUAME DEVOS FHOM t A HIS AND NEW YORK. Madame devos' millinery has ar rived, and is now opened for Inspection at the LAKES, No 501 Ptnmsylvmmia avenue, to which the attention of the ladle* of Washing' ton, Georgetown, Ac.la respectfully invlUd. Jan St tf BALLS. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE Poor of the Seventh Ward. T^HE CITIZENS BEING DESIROUS OF relieving, In some measure, the Sufferings of the Poor of their Ward, have concludcd to give a Hall for that puspose <?* TUESDAY EVENING, February 5th. ls>6, AT ISLAyD HALL. They appeal to the benevolent throughout the city to assist them in this laudable undertaking. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentle man and ladies?to be procured from any of the Managers. Managers. P M Pearson, E S Allen, Q I, Page, Dr J E Morgan, .las E Johnson, Thos ELloyd, J Pettibone, J Pumplirey, II Polkinhorn, JVanKiswiek, Theo \\ hee'er, Jacob Wilson, Thos Mllburn, Wm Tucker, J R Elvans, 15 S Kinsey, W Camack. sr. W O Bamberger J H DeBllle, Jos Stevenson, A R Harvey, f> B Cl*rk, S I'umphrey, D Johnson, R T Knight, Thos \V Riley, J T Casseli, ? L R H'linead, J M Voung, Jones Ellis, Jos Corn well, J W Martin, John Stevenson. W R Rilev, J L Smith, David Hepburn. Win Ashdown, W T Walker, Com>n>tt'e of Arranz'w Ms. J E Johnson, Thos E Lloyd, John Dudley, W T Walker. Levi Jones, Peter Egau. Joshua Dulin, W Camack.jr jan-J?-eotb O. BOSWELL, Treasurer. THE FOURTH AVNUAL BALL MONTGOMERY GUARDS, WILL BE GIVEN AT THE WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS MONDAY EVENING, Feb 4th, l*3?i. 'pHE MONTGOMERY GUARDS beg leave -I- to inform their friends, civil and military, that they will give their fourth annual Ball on MONDAY EVENING, February 4th, l-W In making this announcement the Guards pledge themselves that no pains will be spared to make this as agreeable as any they have hereto fore given. Refreshments and Supper will be served by an experienced caterer. A most excellent band of music Is selected for the occasion No hats or caps to bo worn in the ball room ex cept by the military. Commxttft oj Ayran%~. went*. Capt Kev, Corp'l Nihil, Priv McNlchol, Sgi Burk, Lt Kelleher, Priv I) O Lery, Sut Murry, Priv Jirdin. C^r M Maher. Ensign Wall Priv McCaffrey jan '^,3?dIb SOIREES I >K01" H W. MUNDER MOST RESPECT I fully announces to the public that his Soirees will take place every WEDNESDAY EVEN ING. These entertainments are considered by all who have attended them to be the most >oci,-.bl! That has ever been given in this city jan '-2?TAWw \ LUNATIC.?'Till EM AN 1)E MOTT, A Lunatic, with sandy hai^and florid complex ion, e?< aped from his home and friends in the town of Ellery, N Y., some time since, and. lt is thop?ht, Will endeavor to inake his v/ay to Wash ington His relatives arc most anxious to obtain information wh? re he is, and any one who mav hear of hitn will be suitably rewarded for drop ping aline to the editcr of the Star. an ?1?tf OFFICIAL. Treascry Department, Dee. 1, I 'M. Notice is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that this Dcpertnient will pur chase to the amount of SI,30<i 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may bo offered prior to the lot day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prlccs, to wit: For stock of the loan of 181 J, a premium of ten percent; for stock of th" loans of 1SI7 and 1F-18, a premium of sixteen per cent , for stoek Issued under the act of commonly called Texas-in de-innlty stock, a premium of six per cent.; and fir stot k of'he loan of 184?, redeemable on the Iv!'h November, lS4fi, if received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium ofVJt percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March n?xt. a premlui.t of ? per cent ; and if received afi??r the list of Mar* h mi prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of 1'% per cent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, if assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the l*t of January next After that da'e the interest will be allowed In addition to the premium iiom 1st of Januaryto the date of their receipt. In both capes one day's interest will be allowed in add tion for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Depaitment un der the present nolle should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by draft* upon theassistant treasurers at Boston. New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJuuol Secretary of the Treasury. All the new books itblisiied received and for sale, at SH1LLINGTON 'S BOOKSTORE. Caspar, by the author of "Wide, Wldo \\ orld." The M ysterlous Story Book, or the "Good Step Mother Lances of Lynwood, a new Juvenile book, by the author of the Heir of Reddiffe. Travels, Voyages, and Adventures of Gilbert Go ahead , b/ Peter Parley Mimic Life; by Mrs. Ritchie, formerly Mrs. Mo watt Widow Bedott Papers The Hunter's Feast, or Conversation around the Camp FItp, by Capt. Mayne Reld, author of the Scalp Hunters Ten Years among the Mall Bags Fanny Grey, a history of life in a series of six beautiful figures, the neatest and most delight ful gift for children that we have seen. Blank Books and Stationery of every descrip tion, at the lowest prices, for sale at SHILL1NGTONS Stationery and Book Establishment, Odeon Building cor. Pa. av. and 4# st. dec 31?tf CHEAP EDITION. rpHIRD AND FOURTH VOLUME OF MA JL caulay's History of England, bound in one volume, full muslin. Also, the other editions as published. The American Almanac lor 1P56. All the New Books, as Issued from the press, received and for sale by GRAY A BALLANTYNE, Jan 15 498 7th street. STUART'S CANDIES. JUST RECEIVED, PER EXPRESS. ONE case of Stuart's celebrated STEAM CANDY , consisting of Sugar Plums, Vanilla Cream, and other kinds. For sale at Z. M. P. RING'S, 2R6 Vermont avenue, corner 15th and 1 ?oviM ROGER'S PEN KNIVES, warranted gen uine, bought personally from the manufactu rersin Sheffield; ladles and gentlemeu's patterns, of one to four blad?-s, in buck, Ivorv, and pearl handles. [janb] _ FRANCK TAYLOR WARNER'S POCKET REVOLVERS. Small, sure, and effective. Also^, Allen s and Colt's Revolvers and single barrel Pistols. G. FRANCIS, dec 31- 4'.*? Seventh st. 9-4, 10-4, 11-4 AND l'J-4 BED BLANK. ETS, very cheap, red, blue and gray French Merino and Merino Plaids Oullled Skirts, Hosiery and Glove* s ?* flunnolo wuuicu 'v r White, red and yellow Flannels With many other Winter Goods tobeclcsed outchV WM R. RILEY, Cor. 8th st., opposite Centre Market, jan 513? lm riAHE BOSTON AMERICAN ALMANAC X for I?56 received this day. Jan II FRANCK TAYLOR. EVENING STAR. OUH. OLD GRANDMOTHER i find the marks of my shortest steps besido those of my beloved mother, which were mea sured by my own, says Alexander Dumas, and bo conjures un one of the sweetest imapes in the world, lie was revisiting the home of his infancy ; he was retracing the little paths around it in which he had once walked; and strange flowers could not efface, and rank grass could not conceal, and cruel plough* could not obliterate. " shortest footsteps." and his mother's besido them, measured by his own " And who needs to bo told whose footsteps they were that thus kept time with the fetblu pattering of childhood 's little feet ? It was no mother behind whom Ascanius walked " with equal steps" in Virgil's line, but a strong, stern man, who could have bo;n him and not been burned ; folded hiiu in his arms from all danger and not been wearied ; every thing, indeed, he could have done for hiin, but just what he needed most?could not sym pathize with hiiu ; he could not bo a child again. Ah ' a rare art is that, fur indeed it is an art, to set back the great old clock of time, anl be a boy once more ' Man's imag ination c?tn easily see the child a man; but how hard it is for it to see the man a child ; and he who had learned to glide back into that ro.-y time, when he did not know that thorns were under the rosos, or that cloud - would ever return after the rain; when he tb"Ught a tear could stain a cheek no more than a drop of rain on a flower ; when he fan cied that life had no disguise and hope n^ blight at all, ban come as near as any body can to discovering the northwest passage to Paradi.-e. ? And it is perhaps for thL reason that it is so much easier for a mother to enter the king dom of heaven than il is for the rent of the world. She fancies she is leading the chil dren. when, after all. the children arc leading h->r; and they keep her indeed where the river i.s the narrowest and the air is the clear est; and the beckoning of a radiant ban I is so plainly seen from the other side., that it is no wonder sho so often let* go her clasp upon the little fingers sho is holding, and goes over to the neighbors. and?the children follow like lambs to the fold, for we think it ought sonie whero to be written, " Where the mother goes, there will the children be also. But it was not of the mother wo beg in to think, but of the dear, old-fashioned grand mother, whose thread of love, spun "by hand on life's little wheel. wa< longer and Wronger than they make it n<-w. was wound ;>h<'uf and about the :bildrcn .-he saw playing in the children's arm-, that nothing Lut the shears of Atropos could sever; for do we n t recognise tiie iambs Sometime.-, when summer days are over, and autumn winds are blowing as they cme bleating from tho yellow fields, by the crimson thread we wound about their necks in April or May. and sj undo the gate and let the wanderers in ? Blessed be the children who havo an old fashioned grandmother As they ho] e for length of days let them love and honor her, for we can tell thom they will never find ano ther There is a large old kitchen somewhere in tho past, and old fashioned tiro pHce therein, with its kinooth old jambs ?f st-no : smooth with many knives that hai been sharpened tber*, smooth with many little fingers that have clung thero. Th^re are andirons, too ; the old andirons, with rings in the top. wherein many temples of flame havo been builded, with 3pires and turrets of crims >n. There is a broad worn hearth . br >ad enough f >r three g?'uer ttious to cluster on ; worn by feet that have been torn end bleeding by the way, or been made ' beautiful,' an! walked upon floors of tas.-cUate 1 gold There aro tongs in the corner, wherewith we grasp a coal, and ? blowing for a little life, lighted our first candle, there is a shovel, wherewith were draTn forth the g! >wing embers, iu which we saw our first fainies and dreamed ?>ur first dreams; the .hovel with which we stirred the .-!"cpy log.-, till the sparks rushed up the chim ney as it a forgo wore in blast below and wi 'bed we had ?> many lambs, or so many marble.- or so tnuiy .oiuethings that wo cov cted , and so it was we wished our fin-t winbe:;. There is a chair?a low, m-h bottomed chair , there is a little wheel in tho corner, a big wh^el in the garret a loom in the chain her i here are <. hosts iall of linen and yarn, and quilts of rare pattern, and k samplers'' in trames. And every where and alway.' the dear old wiinkled fac^ of her whoso firm, clastic step mocks tho feeble saunter ot her children's children -th; old fashioned grandmother of twenty years ago. .She, tho very Providence of the old hoinstead, she, who loved us all, and said she wished there was more of u-> to love, and took all tho school in the Hollow for grandchildren boside A great expansive heart was here, beneath that woo|?ngown, or that more "tatcly bombazine, or that sole hair-loom of silken toxture We can seo her to-day, thoso mild blue eyes, with more of beauty in them than Time could touch or death do more than hide?those eyes that held both smiles and and tears within the faintest call of every one of us, and soft reproof, thnt soeiaed not passion but regret. A white tress has cscapod fr<?m beneath her snowy cap; rhe has just restored a wandering lamb to its mother ; .-he lengthened the tether of a vine that was straying over a window, as sho came in, and plucked a four leaf clover for Ellen She sits down by tho little wheel ?a tress is running through her fingers from the distr.ff's dishevelled head, when a *mall voice cries " Grandma" from the old red cra dle, and "Grandma!" Tommy shouts from the top of tho stairs Gently she lets go the thread, for her patience is almost as beauti ful as her oharity, and she touches the little red bark a moment, till the young voyager is in a dream again, and then directs Tommy s unavailing attempts t > harness the o it. The tick of the clock runs faint and low, and she opens the mysterious dtor, and proceeds to wind it up. \N o are all on tiptoe, and wo beg in a breath to be litted up one by one, and I >ok in the hundredth time upon the tin cases of the weights, and the poor lonely pendulum, which goes to and fro by its little dim window, and comes out in the world, and our petitions are all granted, and we are lifted up, and ' all touch with a t'mger the wonderful weights, and the music of the little wheel is resumed Was Mary to be married, or Jane to be wrapped in a shroud? So meekly did she fold tne white hands of the one upon her stu > bosom, that there seemed to be a prayer in them there; and so sweetly did she the white rose in the hair of the other, that one would not havo wondered had more rosea budded for company. llow she stood between us and apprehended harm " how the rudest of us softened beneath tho "ontle pressure of her faded and tremu lous^hand ' From her capacious pocket that hand was ever withdrawn cloccd, only to be opened in our own, with tho nuts 6he had gathered tho oherries she had plucked, the little egg ."he had found, the *? turn-over'' sho had baked, the triuket sho had purchased for us as the products of her spinning, the bless ings she had stored tor us?the offspring of her heart. What treasures of story fell from those old lips ; of good fairies and evil; of the old times when she wa^; a girl; and w?j wondered if ever?but then, she couldn't be handsomer or dearer?but that she ever was "little. And then, when we begged her to sing, '' Sing us one of the old songs you u?od to sing to mother, grandma." ? Children, I can't sing," she always said ; and mother used to lay her knitting soitJy down, and the kitten stopped playing with tk-j yarn on tho floor> and tho clock ticked lowvr in the corner. and the firo died down to a IS'iow, like an old heart that is neither chilled nor dead, and graudmother sang To be iur? " wouldn t do for the}>ark?r and tsoncert r.>otn nowi.,j. t tut tijen jt W(Wi the 0|d |^ltcben w 0,<?;fMhioned grandmother, and the V ,n dear old times, and we can nantiyMc to write for the memory or them, thourh it iB a hand's breadth to the sunset w, " , *ao* Her voice was feeble and but tr a f*UIltH'n j??l ready to fall, J ? h?W ?wec< t,.ned it was, and it be J 'iZKr ?uVtr?n*',r- |,ut jt ^ulln t gr<>w sweeter. What ??{,>> .,f -rief ? ? to s,t there around the fire, .?gof e * Jane, that clasped a prnyer to her bo*m a? <1 ^ Z^1 W? *\* Whwn ih? hal.'d , r was opened a moment by the wind; but t^on STe Vrt* t" 1 ;i[or w"n 15t her old *miU "lit wore ?to ait there around the fire and weep over the woes of trie " Babe* in ik Woods,' who laid down side by side la tho great solemn shadows; and h- w stranjrelv glad we felt when the robin red brea?t cred them with leaves, and last to all when the arg-lc took them out of night into day everlasting J Wo may think what we will of it now. but the sop.g and tho story heard around the kitchen fire have colorod the though'* ami lives nT most of us; have given u? the g-rrns "f whatever fHK>try blesses jut hearts ; what ever of memory blooms in our yctoerlay? Attribute whatever we may t? the school ar.1 the schoolmaster, tho rays which make that little day we . all life, radiate from the God >wept circle of tho hearth-stono There -he sings au old lullaby she ?ang t'? mother?her mother *ang to her; but she doe* not sing it thro' and falters ere lis done. Sh?? rests her head up-in her hands, and it u silent in the old kitchcn. ?".oniething glitter > down between her fingers mi the lire-light an t it looks like rain in the soft sunshine The old grand mother is thinking when she fir-t. heard the song, and of the voice that aaagit; when a ligh haired and light hearted girl, she bung around that mother's chair, nor n? the shadows of year* te come 0! the day* that ire no more ? What spell can we weave to bring them back again f What words what deeds undo, to set back, ju?t this onoe the ancient clock of time ' So all our little hands were forever clinging to her garments and staying her. a* if from dying, for lor.g ag > she hag done living f-.r ber elf. and lived alone in us Hut the old kitchen wants a presence to-day, andtherush bottomed chair is tenant lex. How he used to tcIcici u? when we w?-re ffrown. and came ba^k once moro to tLe home stead. We thought we were men and woman, but we were children there. The old fashioned grand-mother was blind in the eves, but s??e saw with her i-rirt, as t-he always did. Wo ? hrew our loLg shadows through the open door, *n-i she felt them, h? they fell over her form, and she looked dimly up, and saw tall <hap?Hi in the door way, and she says ? Edward I kn >w, and Lucy e voice I can hear, but whoa* is that other. It must be Jane's for she had almost forgotten the folded hands ? Oh, no. not Jane for she?let me see?she i? waiting for mc. isn t she ' and tho old grandmother wandered and wept. ? It is another daughter, grandmother, that Edward ha.- brought,' gays some one, 'for your blessing.' ' Has she blue ryes, my son ? Pot her hand in mine, for ohe is my latest born, the child of my eld age Shall I sing yoU a song children* Her hand is in her porket as of old . she it idly fumbling for her toy, a welcome gift for the children that have come again. <>ae of us men as we thought we were, is weeping ; -he hears the half suppressed ?<>b-, she i-ays, as .-he extends her feeble h*nd, "Here, my poor child, rest upon your grand mother ? shoulder; she will protect you from all harm "Come, children, sit rounl the fire agair Shall I sing you a S"ng. or tell you a story * Stir the fire, for it i- cold ; the nights are growing colder ' The cl<?ck in the corner struck nine tho btd time of th-se old days The s<ing of lito was m ice 1 cuug. tho st*>ry told it waj bed time at last Good right to thee, grxnl mvther ' The old-fashioned graudmother wis no more, and wo miss her lorever. but wo will set up a t . Ulet in the m ist of the mem ory. in the midst of the heart, and write ou it only this; <??rntn to rut MF MORV of im "LU FASHIONED GRANDMOTHER. Gul> ULiS3 HKi'. rOREVER ' Stiff roR s FasuusaBLE PaRrv.?Hypo critical "delighted to see you," and meatal male and female d?ns. A general parade of the silver spoons, forks, knives, centre pieces, cake-ba?keU and erock ery that can be borrowed in the neighborhood. Straggling dabs of oysters. Ditto Cake. Ditto exaggerated candy in balloon piper Low-necked dresses?so luw that there is n> difficulty in beeing a person throug/i a lady? under h*r arms. Exhibition of jewelry, comprehending tho property of all those who wore foriunato enough, *'nut to be acquainted or invited " H?ir ad libitum, and plenty of gas light Ignorance, corruption, rascality in broad clo h, chastity in silk^,imilos and simpers with scarcely anythirg on. and a few sensible men thrown in to be astonished, and to go away despising and despised Hep.e be ?Not long since, in South Carolina, a clergyman was preaching on the disobedience of Jonxh. when commanded tugo and preach to the Nincvite* After expati it ing for a considerablo length of time on the divinecommands.be exclaimed in a voice of thunder, that paseed through the congregation like an electric shock, "And are theio any Jonahs here ?" There was a negr > profit whose name was Jonah, w ho, thinking hii^elf called on, immediately arose, and turning up his white eye to the preacher, with the broad est grin and bost bow. answered, ?' Here be one, Maasa ?" Philosophy.?What oddities men are. to worry because they are not as well off as ''ihst fellow aerose tho street-' The richest man in town will be forgotten in fifty years from now. as the mason who built the Pyramids. In 1*43, we attended the funeral of a millionaire ; We visited his grave recently, and what do* you suppose we saw ' Four bob tailed j igs rooting the soil from his grave. And thie was the end of hisinfluenco?a neglecie 1 grave, with four stud-tailed pigs rooting up the soil. "So passes the glory of the world ." Yaxkeb Retort.?The 'Squire tolls aa anecdote of a Yankee Captair, who was pawing through the streets of London shortly after the close of the Revolutionary war. It seems that Jonathan was somewhat derormed baring a large hump upon his back. One of the oock nies cried alter him, "I say, Yauk?*e, what is that you have got upon your back?" Yan kee stopped, and with a defimt air, replied. "That's Buuker Hill, you bloody Britisher.'* Cockney allowed Yankee to slide. ty Druggists make new mixtures by pour ing out ot an old bottle into a new. Wo called on Dr. Rhubarb the other day. In Rhubarb's hand was a gallon jug containing "Stoughton Bitters" Rhubarb poured thu tluid into pint bottles It was then known a* tho <k Elixir of Life." As Stought< n, it sold at a shilling a pint. As the '? Elixir" itg^>oc off with great readiness at "a dollar a bottlo." Progressive age, this. iyA fellow "out West," being ^sked what made him bald, replied that " the cirlo had pulled hi* hsu out pulling him into their windowe."