19 Mart 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Mart 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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the evening star, tt HI EVEKY AFTERNOON, (EXCKKT SUNDAY,) If 1*4 Sfr eorntt o/ Fttuuilimmi* ??<??*? ?>i tinit, 3 y V. D. WALLACE, *T J bes?rved to subwlbers by r^rtftrs at SIX A >?? A yUARTEH CKNTS, pnviblf weekly fc.t>* *?en.?; ppers *>rvwd It partagep at37j| Ces.C-" p^i month r.? real! Rul'^rltM-/^ the gub aerlprton price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF ty CEN rSinuta zdv**it, TWO DOLLARS six Momh?, and ONK DOLLAR for three mot tifi tor )<?<s than three months at the r*t? of |4i( ccrte a we* !??-SINGLE COPIES ONE CEN i. 1*1TKD STATUS COURT OF CLAIMS. /i.VRD ?Til It UNDBRS1GNKD. JOHN C. K DKVKRKUX. of New York city, and M. THOMPSON, of Washington, D C., Attorneys and Counsellors at law, are associated for the proeecuttoa of eialnas fbr eredltora of Got- , ^ruiamt, In the Conrt of Claims. They wllleo operate In Immediate and earefnl attention to bssfnese matters at Washlngten which may be entrusted to their eare by ganSi ? of the profeeslon and claimants la the city of New Y or*, or elsewhere In any pert of the Union They mar beeonralted at any time, personally or bv letter, either at New York or Washington. Particular Information a* to elalma whieh hav# been at any time before Corgree- or Departments can be furnlahed at onoe upoa applloatfou by the parties interested. JOHN C. DBVRRF.UX. No 99 Broadway, eortier of Wall street, New York city. M THOMPSON, Washington city. N B ?J C. Doteeeua Is a Commissioner of the Gear: of Claim*. feb sw?tf 11. SE.YIKKN, Jeweler, JJO avian*. bttwitm 9tk and I0:k ttrttts. HASRLCE1VEDAND OPEN ED THIS DAY a magnlicert assortment of litre and ^ rich Imported JEWELRY, such a* Flor ??ntlne aad Roman Mosaics, Italian L.ava*^^^^ and Corals, Garnet*, Cameos, and a ety of richly chased Gold Jewelry or any deecrlp tlon, the very latest sty lee Also a new lot of 4ne London and Genera WATCHES. warranted timekeepers FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. A splendid assortment of fine Silverware, Pitch ers, Castors. Creams. Goblets, Our*. Forks aad Spoons, (sterling.) Fish. Cake and Pie Knlvee, Bitter and Frail Knlvee, Soup and Oyster Ladlee, preserve Sugar and C renin Spoons, Salt Cellars, .Napkin Rings, etc.. elc. SILVER PLATRD WARE, ON ALBATA. Castors, Baskets, Butterboats, Urne, Forks aad Spoons ^ FANCY ARTICLES. Fr?n*h Clocks. Drmden China Ornaments, la Viilety, Card Cases, l'ortmonnalee, Cigar Ga*?s And also a large assortment of SPECTACLES In Sold. Silver and Steel Frames, to soil every eve aad age; Eye Glaseoe, Congress Speoe, and Opera bias?ee. XZT We take pleasure In showtag our~ -*>da to all. whether purchasers or not. . All our goods are warranted as * y^esec u?d, aad will be sold at the lowest poesi>-? '"if* l^Jeweirv ar.d Sllven^/e ,na^e1to ^er; Diamond* remounted; repolnted, and Engravln? on Stone 5 ?UoHnotlce. Jh.or.^ieters and Walchesmd M usical Boiefc p>--J V ,ho,rt not'ce r H. SEMK1.N, Jeweler, 3jy k- arenue, between ?th and loth rts i-oL "* CHAU2ICKY WAHKIMKR, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. AND DEALER IN FINK WATCHES JEW ELRN and SILV ER W ARE, would respeot fdllv solicit the attention of those who dmfre a gcod article, to his choice variety of London, Ge neva an J Copenhagen WATCHES, selected with the view of time-keeplag and durable nualitlf?, for whl:h a suitable guarantee will be lurnl?h'..-d those who purchase GOLD SEALS, FOB and VEST CHAINS, 1 iNE JEWELRY, SILVER SPOONS, GOB LETS.CUPS, FORKS, Ac., for sale at N. York prices. The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Cylinder Repeating, Musical and other WATCHES re Also, JEWELRY. Ac. No 379 Pa. avenue, betweeu 6th and7tA utreete, Brown's Hotel Building, sign of the GOLDEN WATCH, jan 'M?) Washington, D C. UAGLEKItEOTYPINO BY A LADY. A C REDMOND HAVING ADDED -*A to her new rooms a beautiful Skvllght.and ??nga^'cd an Assistant Operator, tone of the best in the District.) she Intends not to havt- her Pictures eiceiled, If eq<*ailed. In the Lnifd Mates. PIC l'URES pu up in Embossed Oases for ft/iy Cc?f?, such as are usually sold elsewhere for one dollar. Particular attention paid to C-'?pyin? i>eguerre otvpes. Oil Paintings. Ac . Ac. Mrs U. sollc ti tte patronage of tto Ladles par tlculariy. IHT" Roorar--4?1 Seventh street, we^t side, be t*?? H and I. jti gi_tf Wfrm VTAKKHOOM, tee. J WILLIAM PLANT Jh OO.. BNDKRWA ? K tilts -res^lor^ellB Seventh rj*H)t, betweea G aad H streets. intc.*Tuent) procured in any ground er caasoeery Ci>dLiB, Caps, Sniouds, Carriages. Uearso, and every artfoie foe Interments of the b?*t quality fuiiuned ahort notice, oa the inoat reesooa'o?e ms. and at all hours cf the ?igat Havln? ihe exclusive right of Crump's l-alent Corp^- Preserver, we g'larantec to keep the dead for ?^7 lea^th of time. Jy 11?ly uLENWOOD IKMXTERT, twites Ns. 'J92 Pa. avs., cernsr lutk street, (ov?m thi sariMe's iant.) rJ^Uli CEMETKRY is laid oat on the pita of 1 tiiecelebrated Greenwood, of New York, aad ?fc.fU?d on tLe high ground distent osc and a qia/tcf uii.jr north of the Capitol?North Capltci street leading directly to the gateway. This Co:np*ny hav.??ttrea achartwftwC^n gr^irf. spproprl ;tlag th?*lr ground foruver to h'irial purpose, ma'sing a fee title to the purchaser, and proLlblt!a?f all encroachments from legislation or otherwise, wMch Is of vast Importance to those who wKh th>i* d-Md to rep*e where they have placed thsji. f-r it has become a custem In all ot^er clti:^ wh^a the burial ground becomes ralu sble for other njrposea. to seU It, and thrf>w the dead j?f0Biii;0>wiy lato one large pit, and legal mtaJUiricauL t prevent it, as so titles aieglvei lo the ground N a -I)me.- f: -aa 13 to U o'clock a a., where Ptnr.paieiri, containing the Charter, By r1*' Ln4 a nu p of the ground, and all other 1* Mrastloa, can be obtained. All o.-4-re left with Mr. Jamei F. Harvey, No. i ? Sever.*a street, or asy other undertaker, will be ..alien ist t*. ie 18?If i INo. WO.] ? Swamp and Overflowed Leads." JL ULIC NOTICE?PURSUANT TO THE IsMructtons cf ths Sscrstsry of the Interior, pubtlc r*>?f e la tsrebv glvsu that, in order to bring to a elws* the business under the art of Con ^r?,i dj proved September ?. l*4<), sntltled, "An act to enable the State of Arkan?&s, and other k'att s, t'? roclaLm the 'swamp lands' within their 11 uilts,'' and at the sc:ms time afford to psrtles who ' lairn that portions of the lands selected un der ??!d law are dry and flt for cultivation an op p rt'inlty to Introduce evidence, all lacilssoss leett-d, to the approval wheroof no ob)oetion be : ia*l?; wlthla si i months from tke date hereof, will beeertllbKl and patented to the States. Such objections as are contemplated by the above must be made under oath, uad ftled with tne raglster and roc?lv?r of the proper land otSi e for iraiisintftsion to the Qoneral Larvd OSIce The necessary formi for aA<tavlu are in the hands of said oft. art Thr following ? 1 ,.<aen of la id are t-xemptfrom rbtecuon, to-wit: Ut Landi entered with cash, or located with military bounty land warrants or scrip, a*t*r the paas&ge of the set of JMth September. 1-iM, and prior t?< the passage of the act of *<1 March, 15*5, l?vMtisiw^ purvuassrsandk>catoni?>f swamp a^d oversowed land* M ?d '.a-.ds already patented lo the State und*r the Hwamplaw in all ceses where ofcteetlcn is ralstd, testimony muet be ttk?*n before tne register and receiver ol tit* land ottlcf. at >C< h :?ias, after the expiratt.in rt said s x months, as tnev m&y appoint with the r-.ivsent of tii CommtSNloner t>flhe Heceral Land Oflce *fh#ll?tsof rnmp and ovwrtowsd lands are opea lo inspection during u.e regular bullae*1 h'rars of ihe Land Ofllcc Given under my hand, at the city of W'tkhln^ ton. this ilat dsy of December. 1*?. THUS A HENDRICKS, Ccmmtaslonrr Ueaeral Land O Ace. Jaa lfr? CLOT 111 MO MADE TO OKOKK. MKMSEKS OF CONGRESS. CITIZENS end strangers wishing to supply thsmselves wlthsupwior garments, made to<>r<taf a.'* ,nvV.ri to ei tmia? ??ar ?j(*r:or assortment of Doeskins, Cloths Cs?*biierM, Silk, Satin and Velvet Vest lags, all of Which has b~ra With ? 0U1 v -w Ui th* of OJr fu,lonlwr. wh(Th we wiu make to measure in a masner inferior ?o ttie, at uiuck u?s man fae usual City prices WALL A STEPHENS, *01 Pa avenue, between ?th and l(?th streets. Also. JiM Pa avenue, Sd dcor ea.-t of the Nattonal Houj* jaa tO? vfH IXUSTtLKfl linitif ?3 Hate for ISAto?1 ahati this ruj lutre d'?ee llorb*, Lrary, and Geniu's fi*hlona ble .Nrw York Dress lidt. l.ANK'S PasLiouable Hat, Cap a^d umUs Fur ~ 1-evlm niahlng Store. rr-ss u (ffirmitig ^vut. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY. MARCH 19, 1856. NO. 970. L. J. MIDDLETON, dealer in ice, Pi1** and Dipot?Southwest comar of F and Twslfth streeto. fab 97-tf JOKAS P. LKVT, mrotTlK ARB DIAL1K IV WINES, LIQUORS, CMARS, AND Flint GROCERIES, 9 entra! Commission ft Forwarding March ant IHSUMANCK AND BILL BAOKSH, No. 474 Pa. ??., two door* below US Hotel, WasHineTo* Citt. D. C. N. B ?Country Merchants are requested to givj me a * all before purchasing elsewhere. ?eJ-ly ttUTTA FKRIHA TEETH. 'pHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE BEEN IN A the habit of sending eur patrons to Dr COSBY, formerly of Richmond, j Va.. for Dental operations for a num ber of years, and take pleasure In recommending him to the cltlxens of Washington as the best Tooth Extractor and Dental Operator that we have ever met with He Inserts Teeth upon every plan that Is practised in the United States. O?o. r. Holduai. M D. B. W. Tawlex M D A. V. M. D, DDS John T. JllJUr, M. D. /sm?> or;au?tM *> <? S" rr i.?u, w n nT?n 0 H. Harris, M. f>. 6?mo?l P. Brown, V D. With* riu?l?ry. M O B. ?. Fr*nd?co. M D.f ?, OAce over Ford ft Bro.'s, No. 2V0, corner of 11th street and Pa avenue. nov*7?flS?a OUTTA PERCUA TEETUL DR. O. MUNSON, AT 310 PA. AVENUE, Is mounting Teeth on a Gutta Percha Base. Also, with Allen't> pat-J ent continuous Gum, combining beau ty, strength and cleanliness. Dr. M. Is determined io keep pace with every Improvement In Dentistry, and will strive to please and profit his patrons. ItKPKRK.NCE : P. D Gurlev, D D. Hon. R H GllleL J G. Blnney, D D. Hon. S A Douglas, B Sunderland. D.D. Dr R P Patterson, H. R. Schoolcraft, Esq. Dr. R H Coolidge, Hon. C Mason, Dr. Thomas MUler, Hon. A O P Nlckolson, ' And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown Col lege- aov ?3?tf DENTISTRY. Doctors j. f caldwell late of Virginia, and STEPHEN BA1LY of this city, have formed a connection^ In business to practice in all the pbas?V ?r Dentlstr.. Their rooms are on the north side of I ennsylvanla Avenue, a few doors east of Fourteenth street and Wlllard's Hotel, where thev both will^onstantly devote themselves to tjieir profesiloa, promising thp ladies and tlenien of this city and the public generally, that from their long ei per ience they wfll execuie all kinds of their work filthfully, satisfactorily, and upon terms with which the most fastidious will be pleased. mar >3-1 w DESTINY 1>E>1UNSTKATED BY THE P PLANETS "K ASTROLOGY- I ROF'R SYLVESTER CONTINUES TO Foretell all Particular Events of Human Life, such as Love, Marriage. Description of Persons. Ri<:he*, Business, Friend* Rights, Claims, and Derds cf Property; all kinds of Speculations, Law Suits, Gain or Lose; of Sickness, all kinds of Dis tempers cured In quick time. Terms : Fifty Cents, male or female; People of Color, Twenty-Five Cents. No. 137 B street, opposite the Smithsonian, on ? * mar 3-lm* T O P H A M Ac N O K !?' L E T ' S -.?rvT? NEW AND CHEAP ? ADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK STORE, 4'M Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall MESSRS. TOPHAM. ???> ?? late of Philadelphia, and K !^^.NORFLKTof this ciiy,^^H^fl| ? respectfully announce to^^^*f their friends and the public, that they have coin menced the Saddling Business at the above >tand where they will make and keep constantly ou hand a large and superior assortment of?.Mens', Ladles', and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES MARTINGALES and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, both for city and country use All kinds of TRUNKS, VAlWs, and ?ak PET BAGS Ladles'SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS,and FANCY WORK BOXES HORSE BLANKETS COVERS. COLLARS! and IIAMES. Horse,Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES. Ac , Ac. ' All material n#e?t will be the best that can be obtained; aad both of us having boen practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability, by unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, aad respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Pastlcular attention paid to coverla? Trunks and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers'tools constantly on hand, nov 7 tf SPRING GOODS. OHN H. SMOOT, No 111) South si le Bridge - street, near High, Georgetown. D C . has re ceived his First Instalment of SPRING GOODS sul ed to the early demand ' Plain cols all wool Mous de Lalnes Plain Black Silks, all grades, Plain French Procolesor Caml>ric* White and colored figured Brilliants 1U0 pieces EngUsh and American Calicoes, JO pieces Maachesterand Domestic Ginvhams 25 piece* White Camb-lcs and Jaronets ' 5<i pieces Checked and Plain MuMins ' ?J5 pieces Richardson and Barklle's Irish Linens 300 pieces soft-finished Shirting Cotton, ia*c New York, Bates aid Warnasutta Mills do , Heavy bleached and brown Sheeting Cottons, rowellng, Table Damasks, and Napkins, Ladl<sand Gents Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs Heavy Osnaburg Prints and S riped Osnaburgs, Mixed Denlmj and twilled and plain do Also, Whalebone and Manilla Corded Sk.rts White and slate colored do , with other seasonable goods, to which large ad ditions will soon be made from the latest arrivals in New York arid Philadelphia. Cash and prompt paying customers are solicited to eaU earlp. (mar 5) J.H S. tULtlHJIA MARKET, aeenue, cornir of llfA St. 'HAKLES MALLARD HAS OPENED THE O above pUce for the keeplntr and sale of Pork, Poetry, Butter. Lari, together with Game, F rait* and Vegetable* in all 1U ?ea S'ms. C. M havin* had slxt??n vears experience In a neighboring city, Hatters himself that he will he able to k<?ep a eholoe selection of PROVISIONS generally, and hopes, by moderate charges and ?trici personal attention to the wants cf his cus merit a share of the public patronage. Jan 23?2aw2an SOIREES H W MUNDER MOST RHSPECT ^,.1 ?nnonnoes to th<? ntibllc that his Soirees ING * PlaCC" eVery W*SDNK81)AY EVEN The^e entertal imeats are considered by all who have attended them to b? the most soclabi - that has ever t een gi ven In this city. Jan W-TAWw 7 rOK SALE. CMFTEEN HliNDRKDOORDS PINE WOOD I. si J ( stoitdiag, situated on the Potomac.i near the inoutb of Wisoinlco River and^ Neal's Creek. A vessel drawing an easy draught of w ter can go in the creek, or anchor within forty yards rf the landing. The land is level and the farthest to haul Is not half a mile. Terms aocotiunodatlng Address JOHN E N KM., at Stanislaus M array's, Louisiana a venue. mirl-Htfw* ' ITHKKI.iL OIL OK HI KNINO FLUID MAMl KAftuRV. rpBE ATTENTION t?F DEAl-ERS Is called -I. to the fact that my farillties ar?- sU'-L that 1 fan supply tLera with ETHER1AL OIL at as low a price and on as good terms as any house in Baltimore or elsewhere The flua'.ity of my Oil Is surpassed by nor.e ALCOHOL. C i MPHKN E, TURPENTINE, wholesale or reiall, at the very lowes* prices j. r McGregor, mar t-iaw\m No *Gl Tth straeL UAt?!-HA7S t IVEW YORK WINTEH STVLES OV 1" Beebe, Leary, Gcniu. w??v ?- ~ . loaabl** ^ ^r rash- M. \ - -weiueit's Dre.s HATS, a full ?? sad < oreplete assortment at . .... I'ANK'SHat, Cip And Seat's I- ura. store, r* hy.mue dec 3?tf CASK P4?W FURNITURE* PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING or having a surplus of Household Effects on hand, will find us prefured at all times to pur chase their entire stock, or so' h articles as they may wish to dispose of Call and see BONTZ A COOMBS. No %>8 Seventh st , but. 1 a..d K. feb ltt-eod (* io :tVJk a t i o n sto t t?, aoo corpo J ration of Washington ?to..k for sale at CHUBB BROTHLKS. ornciu. Trkacvkt Dbpaktmknt, Dec. 1, 1666. Notlee Is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of $1,500 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1042, a premium of ten percent.; for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848, a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock lssned under the aot of is50, commonly called Texa?-1? deinnlty stock, a premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of 1840, redeemable on the kith November, 1340, if received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium of2^ percent.; if received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent; and If received after the 31st of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of ix percent. interact will *i!?o allowed on said stocks at the rates specified In the certificates, from the |?t July last, If assigned with the principal of th? certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the Interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. in both cases one day's interest will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest, If sant prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theasslstant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money inay direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. ANTHONY BITHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Residence No. 303 i'enn live line, south side, between 9th and 10th sts., Having provided himself with ?n ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences for properly conduci ng hlr business, would respectfully inform the public that he is fully prepared to till all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and in the best manner A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of ail sizes, alwavs on hand, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N u.?Reeid ng on :be premise*, orders wiil be promptly attended t> at ail hours AGENCY OF Til k Keystone Insurance Co. of Philadelphia. Capital $300 000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1850. Assets of the Company, consisting of Bonds and Mortgage* on unencumbered rial es tate *110 0<h 00 Stocks of other Corporations, worth par 26,030 00 Cash on hand 31,100 JO Hills receivable, consisting of Marine notes and short loans fso.MS 70 Stock note* #14,V> 00 91,300 70 *?19.1*0 00 Whole reoelpts for premiums during the year..... flit,Bit OS Paid for losses and expenses during the year 71.10 ?4 P M MORI ARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to this No charge for policy fee Enquire at the office ftt J . k Kendall, over r. Morrow s Kxehange Office, first door West of w. H.Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. feb7?3m DAVID MYERLE, Agent BUY AND SELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURlflSH DRAFTS On all Parti of United States and Enrope; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parti of United Statei and Europe; DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR xi OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL BONDS. STOCKS, a OTHKR SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPE<t. Investment paying 101? and ever, f<*r tale. land WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND warrants of all denominations. Land Warrants located in Iowa. Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTH KRS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. Moke new jewelky, watches, Silverware, lie. Diamond, Pearl, Cameo, Florentine Mocale, La va, and Plain Sets, complete Diamond Hroochee, Ear and Finger Ring* Diamond Crosses, Studs, l'lns. Ac Ladies' and Gentlemen's extra line Watches Gentlemen's Fob, Guard and Vest Chains Ladles' new style Chatalains and Fancy Guards Pure sliver Tea Sets, richly embossed Waiters, Goblets, Cups, Spoons, Forks, Ladles And every variety of Fancy silverware, suitable for presents. The above are all of the latest styles, Just re ceived. and offered unusually low. m W galt A BRO., mar 8 324 Pa av. bet 9th and 10th sts 1> uia ; THE PEAKL of PEARL iifVEM, by E. D. E. N. Southworth, #1. Learning to Think, by Abbott. 90 cents. United Mates, Canada and Cuba, by Miss Mur ray, 81. Putnam's Magazine for March, id cents Harper's do do 4o Heart De L'tour, or the Comrades in Arms, by F. Smith, 30 aents Annual of Scientific Discoveries, or Year Book of Facts, for isfs; ?1 25 For sale by e k LUNDYj mar 7?tr no. 128 Bridge st., Georgetown. SELLING OFF. CHANCE FOR GREAT BARGA1N8 ? From this to the 1st of April we shall offer our stock at greatly-reduced prl es. In order to make room for our usual Immense sprint Stock We mention In part, Jet Goods, Brushes and Combs, of every chias and style, Perfamerv. Cologne, Extracts, Soap, sharing ii?ap an<* Boies, Rezors. Strops, Knives, Umbrellas, Canes, Baskets, Portinonnaies, Card cases. Card receiv ers, Paint Boxes, Children's Toys and Games, AJ _ _ |.? _ ____ ? .*.< * V. ? ? * *t- ? m ?* A .. . variety i tha Piano store oi JOHN ELLIS, mare 3i.o Pa av bet. 0th and 10th sts vik, mmiino A*i> KLUTK LESSONS i WILLIAM PALMER. Professor of Sing ing, Ac , having been induced-to accompany his nephew (Mr. iienry Palmer, the eminent pi anist,) on his return to this coun'ry. and to take up his residence in this city, will be hftrpy to re celve pupils for Instruction either In Singir.g or in the art of Flute Playing, having been associ ated with the best Professors in Enrope. studied und r C re win, the great vocal master in London, and under C N lcholson, the renowned Uutlst For terms, Ac., apply to him, by note or otner? wisp, at no. ajr? Pennsylvania avvaue, fcet%??

12th and 13th streets. au2t?tf~ NOW THE SNOW IS thawiko! The larks are overflowing with Bouquets of Real and Artificial FLOWERS, with PERFUMERY. FANCY GOODS, musical BOXES. CLOCKS, STA TIONERY, 4c , ac OPERA GLASSES for sale or rent At THE LAKES, mar 5 504 pa av., near Adam's Eipr?a. P. nknung,-.* ARCHITECT AND SUPERINTENDENT, WILL FURNISH PLANS AND SPECIFI CATIONS for buildings of every deocrip tion, and superintend their erection If required Designs for public and piivate Buildings, Coun'ln;; Houses Churches, Monumaats Also, Wo king Drawings for builders wiil be carefully executed at reasonable terms Office, 211 F etrae , north aide, bet*e?u 14th and ifih, Washington D. 9. mar 1-ua singer's Improved Sewing Machines. T* whith wbi granted the higheat Award ef ?i*JKxhikitioa, thereby receiving *be World ? Verdict of Superiority. rphe IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA j.'L 88 them in many respects, and they are capabfeof executing twiee the amount of_work they did formerly in any given time They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be sewn by any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread in such a manner that the closest scrutiny csnnot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only sife Machines to purchase, as thev are bu.lt strong and durable, and not likaly to g?t out of order. h!LTe. machln?i with ullages attachad, for binding hat*, cap fronts, galfvrs, See. Bilk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of Information regarding Sew ing .Machinen will pl?ase address I. m singer A CO., 106 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N b.?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have been induced to purchase inferler machine- under the pretaat of beinv cheap, will find this a benefit indeed mar 10?tf To the President, Ladies, AND THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON ?? THE BEST PHYSICIANS OF I hiladelphia have approved of the ELECTRIC OIL mad" by A E Smith, Chemist, Philadelphia; and taousands of the Best Cttizem have been curtd - f very painful complaints The mo*t em inent dealers who buy 81000 worth at a time, surh as Barnes A Park, New York, Weeks A Potter, Boston, Halch A Son, Providence, Purcell, Ladd A Co Richmond, j 1) Park, Esq , Cincinnati', H h Hay, Esq., Portland, e J. Morton A Co , Halifax. (N. s.,) and many more, say, "It is a splendid article," free from injurious properties and is bound to take the place of all remedies for similar complaints Since writing the above. w? have the following orders, showing the frequency of the calls, as these parties ofien ord> r: Richmond, va , March 11th, 1856. Messrs Dr Ukatu A Co, Philadelphia ? You may ship the Electric Otl as ordered in curs of OeVSth ult , (si,000 ) We expect to drive a good trade this spring, ?hlphv aleamer with 50,? 0 bills. Youre respectfully, PURCELL, LADD A CO. Ciitci!t!f ATI. O., .March s, 1f56. Psof C De Grath A Co., Phila Gents : Please send me, via Pittsburg. :} gross '25 cent avd 3 gro-s 50 cent, size Electilc Oil; l*lng al ready out of those sizes. Yours truly, j. i) park. Providence, March loth, 1&56. Messrs Dr Grath A Co - Gents : ? We want mother invoice of your Electric Oil, same a* be fore. We xhould like to have it by express if you share the freight; otherwise by steamer as soon as possible. Yours truly, BALCII A SON Baltimore, March oh. lb;0. Mefsrs. Dk Grath A Co Please send me Electric Oil to amount of s^oo, *izes as follows, and draw on me jm before. Yours truly j SETH 9 HANCE. UtiCA, March 11, 1856. Messrs. Cmas. Dk Grath A Co.:?Gents : ? Plca?e ship us the Electric Oil as proposed iu | former letter, amount of ?c0o. Send also 5,000 | bills with our names pilnted on by express Will you please forward the medicine immediately, and the circulars as soon as possible We are respectfully yours, DICKINSON, COM STOCK A CO , W Lolesale Druggists. M ? Danville. Pa.. March 10th, JSS6. Messrs Uk Grath A Co , rhiladelphia, Oents: i have f.oid all the 10 and 75 cent sizts of the I Electric Oil ordered from your Dr. Pmith Ian week It sells ? like hot cakes " I sold it all in j on? <i?y, and could have sold as much more. Send me immediately m doz* more bv International ' express, and draw on me for same. From the way it sells it must be working wonders Yours truly, J.B.MOORE, Druggist. P. S.?Don't delay a moment sending it. Washington, 1) C , March 14, 1856 I have sold the Oil made by Dr. Smith, of Phil adelphia, called De Grath A co's Electric Oil for some time, and all have pronounced it far superior to any thing before in use for similar complaints One customer (Mr. Rider) says he 1 ? would not be without it in his house, and that the Oil appears to be almost infallible fur ";i?, neuralgia, Ac." J. b MOORE, Druggist, PenLa. avenue. CHAS. STOTT, efa., Druggist, Washington, and others can tell of most wonderful cures; such cutes as no ordinary liniment can evtr make. The ladies find it pleasant and soothing. mr. S. S Hance, of Baltimore says "some ctis tomers have bored him half an hour with praise of this wonderful Oil, which had cured them, and he scarcely ever need recommend it, as it speaks for itself In all cases '' It cured Dr Elkinton's wife, although she had suffered many years. It has cored pe pie of Palsy, also Neuralgia, in one day, when the face had been distorted thr?-e years. it will reduce an Inflammatory Swelling cften in a few hours, and always eures painful Tetter. Rheumatism, Sprains, Bruises, and Burns yield | at once to the wonderful efficacy of this Oil. It will cure Pain } IO" we would caution the good citizens of Washington to beware of imitations, and to ex amine the bottles, (which must have our name blown in,) and also th*' wrappers, which must be signed in writing thus : " be Grath A Co and "A. E. Smith to Imitate which is felony ! The genuine Electric Oil, n.ade by Dr. Smith Is sold by C. STOTT and other respectable Drug gists here Also, by pfeei A Stevens, Alexandria: Pureed, Ladd A Co., Richmond, Va.; Dr John H **eay, Lynchburg; F. H. Robertson, Peters burg. and throughout the United Statee, Canada, California, MexTco, and West Indies. Price '/?, 50 and 75 cunts and #1. Large bottles ten times the cheapest. Principal Office, 3v south Eighth street, Phila delphla, near Chesnut. mar 15?eu3t CHAS. De GRATH A oo E. I. dupont HE NEMOURS a CO manufacturers or WILNIZOTOH, DSL. Snporfine Sporting, and a** other kinds. O'.aiuoaU Grata, extra fine. eagle Gun-Powder, ' fine grain, for Sporting, in Canisters, ponnd papers, and 6k-lb kegs; COARSER GRAIN, expressly for Water-Fowl Shooting, in''aiiia ten, 6jf and 19){-lb. kegs. PREMIUM fxcxlaldk SAFETY FU8E, U* 4uantiiles to suit purchasers. GUN-POWDER FOR BLASTING AND SHIPPING ? f, ff; C, F, ff, FFF, In nud *1* RUN -POWDER FOR MILITARY and NAVAL SERVICE. isttperfihe SPORTING GUN-POWDER, F,FP FFF, Glazed and Uouga, in 45,14)f, and 6 ^ pou&d kegs, and in Canister* Sole Ag?n?y for the District of Columbia at n^.w HIGH STREKT, GEORGETOWN, p C uiwv?Uawlm COTTAGE % e yx i * A u y foh VOCNG lad'vs. This institution is located in jjrook?^e, Montgomery county, Maryland, and offers special advantages to those who desire for their daughters a solid education, and a re tired home where their morals, manners, and health receive particular attention t&e location Is elevated and rsmsr able for its healthful net-s The Principal is assisted by competent and eft cientTeache s. The School Is now in Its twenty fourth session, and has long enjoy.d an excellent patronage Pupils are received at any time du ring the session, and pay frcm the time of en trance Terms : The year is divided into two sessions. For hoard and tuition In English branches f 65 per session ; for Music and use of Piano s'j7, French s10 per session. For circulars with references, and all furtha particulars, apply to the Principal Mrs m E PORTER, mar u?Wtw Brookevllle, Md. blilo CAGES, Bird Seed, frish Utat, **>., at the Housekeepers1 Furnishing store, 400 Seventh stxeel. [mar 14] u. FRANCIS. EVENING STAR. MY DUEL WITH CAPTAIN ELLIOTT icoifCLrr??D.| I, I drew my sword; bat bad scarcely done so when something whined pest me. a sharp report was heard, and with a wild cry Elliott fell at my feet. 1 looked for an instant behind rae, and mw the dark conn tenances of half a dozen Mexicans as they pre pared to reload their pieces, and then fled into the chapparal, 1 tarrying no longer quef tions On, on I Fj>ed; this way and that way, through the tangled thicket, tripping my feet cu long trailing vines, scratching' my hands on thorns, until completely worn out, I climbed up a lofty tree and hid myself upon its leafy branches. Hero I remained for sev eral hours, and heard my pursuer* crashing through the underwood, shouting, swearing, calling to each other?* but gradually the sounds died away, the chase seemed to be given up, and I was left alono in that wild unbroken solitude. ''The afternoon was far advanced when, driven partly by hunger, partly by the dreau of passing the night in the chapparal, I ven tured to descend from my leafy covert, where the mosquitoes had mado a feast of me, and the monkeys had chattered at me with their strange, mocking gestures. By the aid of my pocket cempass, I found my way back to the ; clearing whence I had go saddenly departed. After oarefully reconnoitcring. to see that none of my Mexican friends were lin^erinL* near, (to this day I suspect that youBg woman of having sent them after us.) I advanced to tho spot where poor Elliot had fallen ' He was lying wilh his face in a potl of blood, his hands clutching the grass, his hair and uniform dabbled in blood, and his fin ? manly form (he was one of tho finest looking fellows in tho army) pierced with three or four mortal wounds. ? Ah, poor fellow ! poor fellow !' said I as I stood and gated upon him , for though I was rid of a mortal enemy I could not help feeling sorry that so brave ? soldier should thus perish like a dog. ?hot down by an unseen foe. 4 But, thank God ' I ejaculated with a thrill of indescribald* pleasurable, 4 thank God ! I did not kill him! '4 I bad turned him over on his back, and a? 1 thus stood moralising. I thought I ptr ccived his bosom heave I placed my har d upon his heait, and found that he still lived As I knelt by him, uncertain what to <lo, he opened his half-glazed eyes, and saw hi? parched hps try to form the word water" My first impulse was to run tothe broek which flowed at a sh irt disianoe , my next to It..,, short and consider Should I restore to lite the man who, a few minutes before, had been thirsting lor my blood' who had hated me all his lile , who had wronged me, slighted me and even called me coward ? No' I would' leave him to the fa'e which his own rashness provoked I turned my back upon him: but suddenly, as it traced with a finger of fin there were borne upon my mind the words ot Holy Writ: 'If thine enemy hunger, giv* him food; tj he thirst, give him drink ' And lust upon these e.tino that other Divine sentence : 44 Inasmuch as yc did not unto these, yn did it Hot unto Mc !' " 1 seized his cap and ran to the brook for water, with which I moistened his parched lips and bathed his gory temples. Xakin ' my ca.-e of instruments from my pocket 1 then proceeded to probo his wounds The Mexicans, I had forgotten to mention, hal rilled him of his watch and other valuab'e? but in tearing open his shirt, i found a small locket, suspenued from his neck by a hair chain, which had escaped their search I opened it. It contained his mother's eor . , ^ *a" vulj a??, find ?TVi.?T !iAhank God ! I again ejaculated, 44 that mother's curse will not light on mo " 41 What to do with my patient, after having dressed las wounds, was what puzzled rue lo remove him myself was impossible? to leave him there, exposed to wild beasts and to the burning rays of the sun, after having partially restored him to life, seemed cruel and unnatural; but there was no alternative Before leaving him, however, I half carried ha't dragged him into the shade of a tree' about a hundred yards distant. It weuld be impossible to describe my senntions when I found myself with a:y deadly enemy in my arms?the two hearts so lately boiling over with malice and revenge, and all the darkest passions of our nature, now throbbin" peace ably against each other; his, poorfellow ' with a motion so laint and low as to be scarcely perceptible. 3 " Well, I hurried to the encampment for assistance, and soon had him conveyed thither in safety For many weeks he lay hoverinc between life and death; for the pain ef his wcunds, which were very severe, the loss of blood, and the exposure to the sun, brought on brain fever, and nothing but tho most un remitting care and attention saved his life Ho bore his sufferings with noble endurance which is true heroism, and which, let me tell' you. is a much rarer article than mere courage in the field. In fact, he displayed ^ his sickness so many admirable qualities that it was a mystery to me how i could have mistaken his charactsr so completely. Whether it was owing io this, or to my hav ing done hisu a service, I cannot tell; but iu. sensibly the hatred all melted from my heart and in its stead sprang up a feeling of rtrong rogard for him Curious, wasn t it ? " But whether this feeling was reciprocated or not I knew not; for, altnough his manner toward me was peculiarly soft and gentle, and his eyes would light up when I approached hi? couch, he remained as taciturn as ever aiu nerer made any allusion to tho sublet of our quarrel. I felt a little pic,.fed at hii silence; for 1 could not U?lr. thinking that my hiving saved h.uu ir-ju a mlb8rabU> death do served atJo-it a few words of acknowledge. Moro than once he seemel on tho point of broaching tho subject; but he appear ed to be waiting for me to begin it, and I of course, waited for him. " At last, he was so far recovered that m* professional services were no longer required As I rose to take leave at my las; visit I sig nified as much to hin>, and added " Am I to understand, Captain Elliott, that wo return to the same footing as we were on tefore ?" " The same footing > God forbid," he ex claimed, with a suddea oaruestness that sur prised me. " Because," continued I, "if you w'sh to inish the quarrel so inopportunely interrup ted, you will find me ready at any time." 4'Do you wish to renew th it unhappy quar rel?" asked he, an expression of deep disap pointment overspreading his Oountenance. ''Who, I? Most certainly n?r," said I "but you demanded satisfaction, Captain Elliott, and uutil that demand is withdrawn I must, ot ci'UTsp, hold myself in readiness to grant it." "I withdraw it now," fald he, speaking very quick 4 I ask your pardon fo; mv rash and injurious words If tha* wiU not satisfy you, I will bare my ho.oiu to your sword, but will never,' said he, with emotion, >4raise Iny hand against the noble, the magnanimous preserver of my life !" Those were his words. After a pause, he added . 4'Dr. C , wc have all our lives misunderstood each other; believe iae. had 1 known your worth sooner, I would have acknowledged it. We have been enemies long enough ; let us now be friends Will you try to oveilook what is past ? Will* you be my friend ?" 44 My dear Captain Elliott," oried I, deeply touched bjr this generous speech, 4,I am your friend. Since I carried you in my arms in that lonely glade of the chapparal, I have be come so much attached to you, that I would us soon shoot my own brother as lift a finger against you " 4< 1 held out my hand to lilm, but he threw himself on my breast, and burst into t?ars, for his neives were weak with hi| recent illa?M. THE WEEKLY STAR Tkli exoeUeat Family ul N< tailing a | ?ui be fouad la any other?ti N Satur day morning nun. Mpf, pat uitn .?????nn???????Mt|i M v* atna. ts re Tee copies t? *u Twenty ooplea ?????IS o? C7" Ctia, mviitiiLT m tiniica. IZT Singleooplea (in wrappeve) ou be preen ?* at the oounter. immediately after Ike leaue of U paper. Price?Tax in C Kit t?. Post mastixs who act as agents will be all owe a commission of twenty pee cent. '? There ?u do more coldness after that, do more reserve?all was open and above-aboard between us; and I am proud to aay that the more we unfolded our hearts to ea:h other, the more highly did we esteem each other. " I bad tbe happiness afterwards of recon ciling hiui to his fair cousin, to whom ha was still fondly Attached inotwith*tandingthe little episode of the senorita); and <l When wild war'* deadly Mast was blown, And gentle peace returning," I 'assisted,' as the French say, at their wed ding. which took place at New Orleans. The very day after that interesting event, I wet seized with yellow fever ; and Elliott and hie new-made wife spent their lioneymeon at my bud-side?the truest, faithfulest. most devoted friends that man ever had iu this world. " And that," said the Doctor, throwing the end of his cigar into the fire, "was the upahot of my duel with Captain Elliott " LUt of Patento.?The following patent were issued from the U. 6 Patent Offioe, for the week ending March IS, 1856?each bear ing that date : liomer Anderson, of GarratUville, N Y - For improvement in welding steel. Lewis C. Ashley, of Troy, N. Y.?For la* proved bench plane > James B Blake, of Wurceater, Mass.?For improved apparatus for roasting and broiling by gas Samuel Blackwell, of Middlesex oounty, Knglaud ?For improved dumb jockey, the cross and saddle tree being made of gutta percha Patented in England March 9, 1853. Charles Bramohite, of New Tork. N. Y ? For improvement in hermetioally sealing pre serve cans. John. Broils, of Madison county, Ala.?For i improvement in hernial trusses Thos. D. Burrall, of Geneva, N. Y.?For improvement in grain and grass harvesters. Wm. Butler, of Little Falls, N. Y.?For im provement in making chilled castings Thomas Cope, of Detroit, Mich.?For im proved carriage coupling lliram Clark, of Princeton, Ma*s.?For im provement in thrashing machines. Samuel Comfort, Jr., of Morrisvilfce, Pa.? For improvement in mowing machines lLnryN DeGraw, of Piermont. N Y.?For improvement in machine for corking bottles Calvin Dodge, of Pittsburg, Pa ?For im proveui?nt In fire places Eliakim R. Forbu-h. of Buffalo, N Y.?F ,r improvement in grain arid <ra^s harvester' Jacob Prick, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For im provement in feed and blow-? ff apparatus for stcaui boilers John German and C. B llojt. i.fOrUkany FjII*, N Y.?For improvement in seeding machines R Gleas n, jr , of Dorchent r, Mass.?F->r improved iuk-'and Robert Griffiths, of Alleghany City, Pa ? For improved nut machine Horace L llervey, of Quincy. III.?Fi r im ptovement iu harvester cutters A. C Hitchcock and C U. Am'l^n, of Grcerifield. Mats ?For improved nnrt aing tool. Daniel L. Hurlbut, of Utica. N. Y.?For improved arrangement of rotaiy planing knives J<?hua K Ingalls, of Brooklyn, N. V.?For improved illuminating grating. Etiward K Kernan, of Pittsburg, Pa.?For improvement in processes for making trsns parent window shades Lucius Leavenworth, oi Freemanabarg X. Y.?For improvement in chums A Leinpcho, of Pleasant Mount, Pa.?For imrr. v?J ninil Jno. Lippinoott, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in percussion projectiles. .lames B. Mabury, of Jeffersonville, Ind.? For improvement in stoves Ebeneser Mathers, of Morgantown, Va.? For improved machine for fellmg trees. John McCrone, of Thompaonville. Conn.? For improvement in cone tub?s for winding frames. Richard McMullin, of New Brunswick. N. J.?For improvement in process for making elastic rubber cloth. Elijah Morgan, of Morgantown, Ya ?For improvement in deed planters. tfeo W. Parker, of Fittwilliam. N.I1.?For improved machine for making clothes pins. Merritt Peckham. of Utica N. Y.?For im provement in sectional fire pots for stoves and furnaoes. David K Perkinpine, of Philadelphia, Pa. For improvement in boxes of railroad car axles Nathan Poet, of East Cleveland, 0,?For improvement in harness bucklesr James Rodger*, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in omnibus register*. Chas. A. Schultf, cf Chicago III.?For im provement in machine for sowing marble in taper form. V"nilipp Scbwikajdt. of Brooklyn, N. Y.? For mode of producing desigus on wood. John R. Sees, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement in adjusting the brasses of connect ing rods. John P. Sherwood, of Fort Edward, N Y ? For improvement in nail plate feeding ma chines. Alva B. Taylor, of Newark, N. J.?For im provement in machinery for muk*ng hat bodies. Wm P. Thotnaa, of Hilltboro'. Ind ?For improvement in harness for shoeine horsos Isaac Van Bnnscboten, of New York, N. Y. For improvement in Argand lamps, for burn ing rosin oi|. Israel W. Ward, of Birmingham, Pa ?Fer improved adjustment iu boring machines. Ante dated Feb 16, 1SJ8. lliram Wells, of Florence, Mas.-.?For im proved method of suspending circular-saw spindles Goo. Wcllman, of Lowell, Mass.?For im piovcmeiit in stripping toO flats of carding machines Patented iu England November 15 1853 Lyman Wight, of Benton, Pa.?For im provement in spinning wheels Chas. WiUon, of Springfield, Mass ?For improved machine for tunnelling rocks dames H. Wilson, jr ,of Nashville, Tenn.? For safety apparatus to be applied to har nesses and thrills of vehicles J Z. Wagner, of Philadelphia, Pa?For improved method of adjusting reciprocating saws Orville Leonard, of Sommerville. Mass . as signor td^iimt.df and Geo 11 Reynolds of Mfdtord co , M tss.-For iinprovemtnt in cut ?t) gear for &t.mu engines. He-issues ?Bernard J. Li Motho, ct Sew York, N Y.-For iiapi ovemei t iu railrAail ars. Patented Ap;il 4, 18o4 Wm Kev\y>4l, of Steubeaville, O , assignor to lin^gh, liartupee, and M rp.w ?F- r im provement in machines for making nut*, w <.*h ers, Ac. i Ac Union Manufacturing Company, of Nor walk, Conn , assignees of Jno Arnolds admin istrators ?For improvement in the machine for forming the web for cloth, of wool, ha:r, or other substance, without spinning or weav ing Patented July 15, 18&4 Revived t y act of Congress March 28, 1854 Design ?Samuel W. Gibbs, of Albany, f. Y , assignor to W. and J. Treadwell, Ferfy, and Norton, of same place ?For design for elevated oven stoves. Additional lmpror*me*ts ?Adolph lltm m-r, of Philadelphia, Pa -For improvement in n ash machines Patented January V, 185.,. Chas. H. Johnaon, of Boston, Mnss^?lor improvement in gas burners. Patented June 2?S. 1855. <|r ? y,\ Police Constable in Buffalo owns a i g that renders himself useful to his ma.-tei a assisting him to make arrests, whenever the partiei run away or display show of resist anc?.