19 Nisan 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

19 Nisan 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

EVENING STAR POETICAL CURIOSITY A carious performance if given in the fol lowing poem of different biblical texts : Cling to the Mighty One, Ps, Lsxxlx. 19. Cifn^;; In thy grief; Heb,xil, II. Cling to the Holy One, Heb, 1,19. He gives relief. Ps, cxvi,9. Cling to the Gracious One, Ps, exvl,5. Cling in thy pain ; Pa, xv, 4 Cling to the Palthful One, 1 The*, v, 2*. He will sustain. Ps, xxrtli.8. Cling to the Living One, Heb, vli,25. Cling In thy woe; Ps, lxrxvi, 7. Cling to th? Loving One 1 John, It. 10. Through nil below. Rom, *111. 38. Cling to the Pardoning One, la, 1 v, 7. He speaketh peace; John.xiv, 27. Cling to the Healing One, F.xod, xv, *26. Anguish shall cease. Pa, cxlvll, 3. Cling to the Bleeding One, 1 John, !. 7. Cling to Hia Hide; John, xx, 27. Cllngto the Risen one, Rom, vl, ?. In HIro abide. John,xv, 4. Cling to the Coming One, Rev, xxli,20. Hope ahall arise; Titus, it, 13. Cling to the Reigning One, Pa, xctI, 1. Joy lights thine even Pa, iri, 11. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. VaoM TBI BttlTBD STATIS. Nmmt Limii F?r Day. George Law..New York.... AspinwaU..Apl. 20 Amarlc*...... Boston Liverpool.. .Apl. 23 Baltle New V'ork....Liverpool...Apl 24 New York....Liverpool...Apl. 30 riOM IOROFI. Africa Liverpool....New York...Apl. 5 Arago Havre New York ..Apl. 9 Arabia Liverpool.... Boston Apl. 12 Ericsson Liverpool....New York...Apl. 16 Perala Liver pool.... New York...Apl. 19 Hermann 9oi?tham'n...New York...Apl. 23 Canada Liverpool.... Boston A pi. 26 Atlantic Liverpool....New York...Apl. 30 The California ateamers leave New York on the 9th and 20th of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL H0TEL8. Willarda' Heiel?/. e. * u. a. wiUii> J Janney, Ya W Ritchie, Md J W Mason, La C Morrison, Va D E Gavlt, NY T L Brown, do T A Hunter, RI J C Pennlce.J Pa Mrs Anthony, do HO Jonathan, Tenn Mra Hoppin, do \V W Carnia k ly,Masa Miss BalllUe, do J Gaillard, N Y Mr Rice k dau, do \V Mlnturn, do Mr Kinnlate k daugh r, J R Ford, Va Mass 8 Biias, Md B B Williams, do R P Delano, NY Col E Lincoln; d> A A Wolf, do N Haywood, Cl F L Bremer, 8C H Holfhrd, Kng M Haskell, Mass W A Platennlous, NY G Randall, Pa J C Dayton, do S Hartson. Md P R Chandler, Vt J M Crossan, NY N Davidson, Mex Maj Chase, USA T Dean k ly, Mass R oakes. Mass 8 T Wygant 4. ly, NY DESmeiton, Pa J Klnamar, do J Hamilton R B tflrashmev. Va DM Duer. Canada T Reuben do T M Kirbv, DC W H Gardiner, Mass 8 Smedlev, 8C Mrs Gardiner, do H J 6rammer, do Mra T U Cary, do E R Tweed Va R P Towne, Mln J G Rbees, Md J Waldon k ly, NY L Magruder, do H Breese. Ill W C/opley, NY W W Cass.Ill, do M Schoole, do B Lalhmer. Md C B Paine, Ala Brawns' UtUi-t r A*. Blew* Gov Wlllard, lad Mrs Tellhir, 6a J P puna, Mrs Hemtpson, Md H 4 Bean, Md Miss Hemptson, do J WhUlield. Mo H B enter, Mass H H Banning*. Ala C Barnes, N J LEHarrie, Va W Moss, ly Va B M Jones, do W J Wetton, Md J H WeisUng, Pa E Scat. o T A Stecber, do E Wells, ly, Pa ? F McKlnney. do W Nevitt, Md 8 Hlllen, Md C Barnes, Ct DrWRloaa. NC L 8 Smith, ly Cal E B Holland, do Ml a Smith, do E Sparks, ly, Me W Francis, Ct R W Hyncan, Md Mrs Adriane, do J W Bieatheli, O A H Potter, Iv, Va J Y Banks, Va Miss Phillips W S Banks, do MIssHallan, J Bell, do Dr J F Cherry, Md H L Smith, do Hon B F Letter, ly, 2 J C Densnead, do dan'rs, Ohio National Hotel?william svy. J H Duncan, Mass W J^nes, ly, Del A U Huell,-NY F s French, Ma*s J Smith, Tenn J M Pickering, O C 3 Armlstead, Md W Ritchie, do S Seelyna, Tenn J H McFatlane, do H 8 Hughes, f-,Y W K Noyes. NY J A HaL, L B Stocklan, la e W Weikert, Wis C P Stocklan, do H F Windon, Md S Draper, NY P Armentrout, O J W Parmele, do A M Trout, O L Worrell, Ve J 8 Maxwel* NJ J F Worrell, do Dr Ingarm Va J F Walton, NY M Ingram, da J J Tucker, ly, do O WhlUakar, ly, Ky J Lurgln, do Mra Llllard, Ky A Pugh. fc?a C EUet do A Mlllei, do J 8 Malay T Klmmell, do DrCHammeu, Md A James, do E Howa, do Elrkwaed Haste?/. k a. i. iiiiwhi B De Wolff, Md 8 Harrison, Md A C Ce?es, NC H Miliar O J P Mitchell. Va W Harrison, Pa Lieut J D Reed, UBN P>R BOSTON? The Brig AN DOVER, Capt. Atkins. has arrived and Will have quick dispatch lor above port For FREIGHT apply to HARTLEY kBROTHER, *P *3 mi Water at., Georgetown. THE STEAMER 6EUROE WASHING. TON will depart at the follow- _ lag hours: Leave Alexandria 7 if, 9. 11.1^,3*. 5K Leave Washington...8, 10, 12, a#, 4*. $ ap?-d JOB COkSON, Captain The steamer oeurge pawl is now running regularly between ?_ _ ^ Washlsgton ana Alexandria at tLe^^^S^a following hours: e'JlSkAlexandrla4*, 8, 10, 12,2*, 4*, and ? lng ho reXlei k. Leave Washington #K, 9, 11, IK, Jm, su, and 7 o'clock. TsllA'l. Pk&E,Captain. mar 24 EXCURSION BOATS FOR THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILIOX. THE STEAMERS THOS. COLLYER OR GEORGE WASHINGTON _ can be chartered for public or se lect parties to the Wnite House Pavilion, t ort W ashington. Mount Vernon or any place on the Potomac River. For further particulars apply to the Captains of the Boats or to the President of the Company. ap 17-tf 1 IOR MOUNT VERNON. * ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS?FARE, ROUND TRIP, ?1: FROM - ALEXANDRIATiCEN-ts ? Tf&f steamer THOMAS COLLYER laavee tea at 9 and A lexandrla at 9% o'clock. Coaehee leave the Capitol for the boat at 8tf o'clock Soech fare 10 cents. Per ions wishing the ooaches will leave their residence with George k Thomaa Parker. Refreshments on tne boat. SAM'L GEDNEY, CapUln. ?EEAI *kLL* AND WATER WORKS. Tf* .?A,SAL pacKET M. O. MEIGS, Capt a Jambs L w -kTS, will commence making ber r^ii-CQOaMi 1^ tripe for the ab ve points on th?I5!^fAprtF ?hi wl'l lfi?^ h#r wharf cverv i IJKHDA V THURSDAY and SATU R DAY ^Jclik. m! li-f~ PLEAtl RE PARTI EH wishing to visit the Great Falls and Water Works csn charter the boat on the alternate dnys, on reasonable terms by applying to W H k H G RITTKR, ' ap ft-tf Georgetown. NEW SPRING OOOOS FOR GENTLE MEN. P J.STEER, MERCHANT TAILOR, No.486 ? Seventh street, between D and E, ha? a* received hl? new Spring Goods, and has now the pleasure to announce to his custo m^rsand the public that his stock is very _ complete tirnUemen who wish choice styles ?rr Invited to call earn-, with the assurance that the l ,bl' goods will be shown ^ . T ?tock rinbrteni, as usual, new and coJw for gentlemen. SALAD SALCE. THE special attention of house keepers and others 1. cii ed to this dMicloua article, esteemed by " connoisseurs?? one of the greatest production* of the a?e it 1. composed of the most essential vegetable extracts andOlls for importing a ilcb piquancy and making food highly Mgestib'e. For sale only by Z. M P. KING, ap U 265 Vermont av., cor. 15th and I ?ts. rpHE RISING STAR SAME THIS IS A * baautl/ul nod Instructive bim? for Children It learns them to commit to memory all the Inci dent* and celebrated battles that were foughtldu rlng the Amertaan Revolution For aala by the ALEX ADAMSON, 7th street, opposite Poet Oflce. 1 ? highest Award ?f , thereby r?ctWii| IIRilft'l Improved Sawing Machines. Te which wtigranted the Part* Kxhibltio the W?rld*i Verdict mi Superiority. ^TtHE improvements IN THIS MA i chine hat simplified them In many respects, and they are capabl?of executing twice the amount of wora they did formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for narness can be sewn by any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread In such a manner that tne closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have machines with gnages attached, for binding hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of Information regarding Sew ing Machines will please address I. M. SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. B.-We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral . Persons who have l>een Induced to purchase inferior machine-i under the pretext of being cheap, will find this a benefit Indeed. mar 10? tf AGENCY OF THE Keystone Insurance Co. of Philadelphia. Capital 9300,090! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1856. Assets of tne Company, consisting of Bonds and Mortgagee on unencumbered reafes tate 9110, m 00 Stocks of other Corporations, worth par 25,020 00 Cash on hand. 31,856 30 Bills receivable, consisting of Marine notes and short loans 930,943 70 Stock notee ?14,366 00 51,339 70 8219,420 00 Whole receipts for premiums during the year 8112,812 05 Paid for losses and expenses during the year 71,133 04 P M. MORIARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary* Risks changed from other companies te this No charge for policy fee Enquire at the office of J. E Kendall, over R. Morrow's Exchange Office, first door West of W. B. Todd's hat store on Pennsylvania avenue. feb 7?3m DAVID MYKRLE, Agent. MEDICAL CARD Doctor stanistas herni9z, reg ulax Practitioner of Homoopathy. Office, 01 corner F and Fourteenth streets. Consulta tions from 10 a. m , to 3 p. m. Doctor Stanislas Hernial, having returned from Europe with Improved health, will attend to the practice of his profession. Le Docteur parle Francals. Dsr Doctor sprtcht Deutsch. El Doctor habla Espauol 11 Dottore parla Itallano mar 7?3m? ANTHONY Bl'CHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Residence No. 303 Penn. avenai, senth side, between 9th and 10th staM Having provided himself with an ELEUANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences fori properly conduct ng hi- business. would respectfully inform the public that he Is fully pr-pared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortes notice, and In the best manner A large supply of READV-.MADE COFFINS ?fall sizes, alwais on hand, which will be fur nished on tho most reasonable terms. As heretofore, ne pains will be spared to give entire sa.lsfaction ou all occasions. N. B.?Reald n^j on the premises, orders will b?ij*emj>tiy attended t j at all hours. J. CONNELLY, Undertaker, No 483 Seventh street, iwest tide, ret. (i and Ht WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and the adjoining counties that he is( prepared to attend to all orders at ike shortest notice and on the most liberal terms, He will spare no pains to give entire smtinfactlon on all occasions He guaranteee to preserve the dead In the warmest weather for any length of time A large supply of ready made COFFINS of \11 sizes and qualities, always on hand Shrouds, Carriages, Hearses, and every other article furnished or the best quality. A share of the public patronage is r?<.p?otfullv tollclted. ?nar?4-tf COFFIN WAREROOM. be. J WILLIAM PLAN f * CO., 9NDERYA ? M.ERS?residence*. IS Seventh street, betwaea G and H street*. >*" Interments procured In any ground ?r cemetery. Coffins, Caps, Shrouds, Carriage*, Hearse, and every article for lntcra.cni!?' of the best quality furnished at short notice, on the most roasoiuble terms, and at all houra of the tight. Having the exclusive right of Cturap's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to ke^p the tead for any lengthy oftime. Jy 11?If JONAS P. LEVY, IMPOKTSS iND DliLZl IK WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AHD IIH1 GROCERIES, General Commission & Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, No. 474 Pa. av., two doors below U. S. Hotel, Wash mo ton Ci'? t, D. C. N. B.?Country Merchants ere requested te give me a call before purchasing elsewhere oc 2-1 j CHUICE FRUIT TREES FOR SALE. IO OOO afi*lk trees, of extra * v)V7vU growth and well assorted tBA 6,000 PEACH TREES, forming a com-vW plets assortment and well grown. ?* A few very eholoa Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra size. ' The above comprising a very choice assortment of Treoswere raised by the lata John H. Klntr, they will be guaranteed to be what thev are rep resented. Apply to W. Albert King, No. 36 south High *reet, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetewn. Catalogues furnished on application ... . K- J KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES. Apply as above. E.J K. mar 11?tf "THE MARRIAGE GUIDE. 11 ** AllR1 AGE GUIDE, OR NATURAL HIS ifk tory of Generation, for the use of married persons and thoee about to marry, of both sexes; MALE GENERATIVE ORGANS," In health and ?lsease, from infancy to old age, with the treatment of all their derangements; for every man's own private use: with colored plates; prlca. 81 r ' a Popular treatise on venereal Diseases; their cure and prevention; for private ""Sicol,,r*d plates; piice, 81. THE MATRONS MANUAL OF MID the of Pregnancy and Child birth, for ?very female's own private use; pried THE DISEASES OF WOMEN?THEIR Causes and Treatment Any of the Books can be had of the nsent adamson' mar *-3m 7th street, opposite Post Office. BOY?? JACKETS, BOH* PANTS BOYS' VESTS, BOYS'SHIRTS BOYS' COATS, BOYS' SACKS, ' BOYS'DRAWERS, BOYS'UNDERSHIRTS BOYS'CAPS, HOYS'SUSPKNDERt*. BOYS' COI.LARS, BOYS'CRAVATS, Being the largest and finest assortment or Bovs' READY-MADE GARMENTS, suitable for dress and school wear, to be found this side of New York, to wnlch we particularly Invite the atten tion of Parents aud Guardians, assuring them that all goods will be offered at the low at prices. ^ WALL A STEPHENS, 3*1 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. mar w next to Jron Hall. t. J. MI DDL ETON, nm ?nA LE? IN ICE, vSSul*iiS.'|,,'-8waw,*, co"'" & J?4 i in minis, linns. BUY AND SELL fORUGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS Ob all Part* of United State* and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all part* of United State* and Europe; draw bills ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. UtnUmiI paying 10 V aad ever, (? r m1i< laid warrants. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTSof all denomination*. Land Warrants located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. T0FHAM fc NOR F LET'S NEW AND CHEAP SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK STORE. ?D9 Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS. TOPHAM. OKTIh late of Philadelphia, and ?PP ?PHfl^NORFLET of this clty,^K?n?f| A respectfally announce their friends and the pnblic, tbat they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on band a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladles', and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES, and WHIPS HARNESS of every description, both for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS. Ladies' SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS. COLLARS, and HAMES. Horse,Spots, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Ac.. Ac. All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of ns having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that onr work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Pastlcular attention paid to covering Trunk! and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers' tools constantly on hand, nov 7?tf [No. 552.] By the President of the United States. IN PURSUANCE OF LAW, I, FRANKLIN PIERCE, President of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known that public sales will be held at the undermen tioned land offices, in the State of Michigan, at the times herein designated, to wit: At the land office at SAULT STE MARIE, commencing on Monday, the fourteenth day of July next, for the disposal of the public lands sit uated within the undermentioned townships and fractional townships, viz: North of the bate line and irest of the principal meridian The ISLANDS situated in section six, town ship forty seven, of range two ; in section four, township forty-seven, of range three; in sec'ion twenty-eigbt and twenty-nine, township forty eigbt, of range five; and in se tion tnirty-three, township forty five, of iange twelve. Township forty-nine, of range ten. Townships forty seven, forty-nine and fifty, of range eleven. Townships forty three forty-six, forty seven, and forty-eight. of range twenty-two Townships forty-three, forty six and forty-sev en, of range twenty-three. Townships forty-four and forty-five, of range twen'y-flve Townships forty-four and forty-five, of range twenty six. Township forty-nine, of range twenty-seven. Townships forty-eight, forty nine and fifty-one of range thirty-four Townships forty-eight, forty nine, fifty, and flftv-one, of range thirty-five. Townships forty-five, fifty, and fifty-one, of range thirlv-six. Township fifty, of range thirty-seven. The vacant unappropriated lands in sections twenty-five, twenty six, thirty-five, and thirty six, in township fifty-two, of range forty. At the land office at DUNCAN, commencing on Monday, the fourth day of August next, for tlie disposal of the public lands situated within the following-named townships and parts of townships, viz: North of the ba't line and west of tht principal meridian. Township thirty-seven, of range tw nty-seven. Townships thirty four and thirty five, of ranee twenty-eight Townships thirty-four and thirty-five, of range twenty-nine North of the bate line and east of the principal meridian. Certain Islands situated in the following sec tions, to wit: in sections twenty-four and twenty five, township thirty four, of range seven; In sections two, three, thirteen, and twenty-four, town*hip thirty, of range eight; in sections nine teen and thirty, township ttirty four, of the same range; 1^ section twelve,township twenty-eight, of range nine; in sections three, four, nine, and ten, township thirty-two, of the same range; in section three, township thirty, of range ten; and in sectir.ns twenty-nire, thirty-three, and thirty four , township thirty-one, of the same range. (jands appropriated by law for the use of sehools, military, and other purposes, together with those " swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unfit for ealtivation." if any, granted to the State by the act entitled "An set to enable the State of Arkansas and other States to reclaim the 1 swamplands' within theirlimits," approved September 28, 1940, will be excluded jrom the sales. The offering of the above lands will be com menced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which the/ are advertised, with all convenient dispatch, until the whole shall have been offered and the salt s thus closed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lauds will l>e admitted until after the expiration of the two wteks Gi'en under my hand, at the city of Washing Ion, this fifth day of April, anno Domini one thousand elgh; hundred and fifty six. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: THOS A HENDRICKS, Commitsioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emp tion to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated, Isrequlred to establish the same to the satisfaction of theieg ister and receiver of the proper land office, and make payment thereof as soon as practicable af ter seeing this notice, and before tbe dav appoint ed for t ie commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise such claim will be forfeited THOS A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Office. ap8-Iaw4w United State* Patent Office, > Washington, April 14.1S56 J ON THE PETITION OF BENJ. T BaH BiT. S P HIGBIE, and P. W PLANTZ, praying for the extension of a patent granted to them oj the 7th of October, 1812, for an improve ment in "pumps and fire engines," for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takesplaee on the 7th day of October, 1656 : It Is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office oa Monday. tne2M of September neat, at 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are notified to anpear and show cause, if any they have, why sala petition ought not to De granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing ; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the Pith of September; depositions and other pa pers relied upon as testimony must be filed in the office on or before the morning of that day; the ar guments, if any, within ten days there ift?r. Ordered , also, that this notice be published in tbe Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ington, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore, Maryland; Evening Argus, Philadelphia, Pa ; Day Book, New York. New York; and Post, Boston, Mas; once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 22d of Sef tember next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MA80N, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8 ?Editorsof the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice, ap 16 -law3w [No. 554 ] NO THE OF THE DISCONTINUANCE OF THE LAND OF PICE AT IOWA CITY IN THE STATE OF IOWA. Notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of law, and in view of the repcrt of the register and re ceiver at lowa city, Iowa, that the vacant land in that district is reduced below one hundred thou sand acres, the Secretary of the Interior has direc ted that tbe land office at Iowa city be discontin ued, and the lands remaining unsold at the time of the discontinuance be made subject to sale and entry at Fort Dee Moines, in said State. Lands remaining unsold and unappropriated by law, and subject to private entry at the land office now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry at said office from the date of tbe receipt of notice to that effect by the register and receiver th'reof, and the land officers at Fort Des Moines will give public notice of will be prepared to receive of sny such lands at their < Civen under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 13th day of April, A. D 1856. THOS. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Office, ap 17-law6w the day on which they applications for entries >fflae. TO All THAT VALTTI THE IB SIGHT. WISHES to call the attention to all that vuw? with defective sight, caused by nge, slclt otn and particularly from *4iu4? I selected, to hit superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully {(round by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and benelcially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not being precisely suited, by the use of an OftowuUr; and the practice of many years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such classes that are absolutely re quired will be furnished with precision and satis faction. i J. T. acknowledgea the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of tfcose that have not yet avallM them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by lend ing the glasses in use. and stating how many

lnche* they can read this print with their specta cles, can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. innumerable testimonials to be seen; and .efer ences given to many who have derived the greatest eesc and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office, No. 51fi Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. Noaroi.x, September7,18H. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very M, and sivm to have improved my sight more than a?y ctber 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained fro* Mr. Tobias, and ftnd them of great assistance te my sight, aKd corresponding with his description of the foe as. i recommend nlm as a skillful optU dan. HENRY A. WISE. Mr. J. Toci&s : Sir -the pair of spectacles yet fnralrhed me yesterday a.e particularly satisfac tory to me. Iney are very decidedly the best I possess, and 1 am the owrier of eight or nine pair, carefully selected lu different places and from op ticians recommended to me on accouat of their Srofee&lonal standing in England, France and the inited States. 1 have been also pleased with your remarks and directions on the treatment ef the eyes, for the purpose of preserving and lmprev 111 the tight. Respectfully, yours, * S 13HAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, If. LTNCRivae, Nov. 10, IBM. Mr. Jehn Tobias having furnished me with ?lasse*. by which I have been greatly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life) It affords me the-highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those whe ?ay need his professional services. 7 WM. B. ROWZIE, Elder of Meth<dl?t Conference. WiLMiUCTon, N. C., Jan. 27, 1H54. Mr. J. Tobias : Dear S!r?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you last week are entirely uatirfactory. From an inequal ity In the visual range of my eyes, I have hereto fore found great difficulty in gating glasses of the proper focal distance, it affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi eulty has oeen happilv obviated so that the glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted te ae v eves of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, R.B.DRANE, Rector of St. James' Pariah Department of Interior. May 7,1655. Frsm natural defects and the unequal range of ?y eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glasses foi several years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to mv eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. i most cheerfutly recommend Mr. Tobias to all hiving occasion to use glasses, and bear my test! ? day u to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sco-? to sign Land Warrants. PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE on Tun PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF MAHBIAGE, IT M . B. LA CROIX, M. D., ALBANY, N. Y., '.WO Pctfil 130 Fint, Plain. and C?l$rtd Htk egrapks and Platts. Pmcn ohly TwnNTT-Fivn Cants. Sent Free of Postage to all parts of the Union. Cl HEAP EST BOOS EVF.R PUBLISHED? J and containing nearly double the quantity of read ing matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the PH YSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ca resses. which dfsstroy the physical and mental pow er*. with Observations on Marriage, Its duties and disqualifications, and their remedies:with Lithographs, illustrating the Anatomv and Physiology, and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of both sexes, their stricture, uses, and functions. A popular and comprehen sive Treatise on the Duties and Causaltles of sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful alliance*, mode of securing them?infelicitous and Infertile ones?their obviatlon and removal ?Important hints to those contemplating matrimony, that will overcome objections to It; none, however, should take this important step without first consulting Its pagee?comin*ntarie? on the diseases and medical treatment of females from infancy to old age, each can*- graphically Illustrated by btuiutlful llthogra Ehlc plat**?nervous debility, Its causes and sure, y a process at once to simple, safe, and effectual that follure is impossible?rule* for daily manage ment?an essay on Spermatorrhea, with practical obaefvatlons on the safer and more sucooanrul mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re sulting from empirical practice?an essay on all dlseeaf-s arising rtom lnaiscretlon. with plain and simple rules by which all persons can cure them selves without mercury?remedies for those self lnfil< ted miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent in the" young. It la a trath fui adviser to the married and tho.?e contemplating marriage: Its poruMl is particularly recommend ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are conscious of hav ing hazarded the health, happiness, and privilege? to which every human beinjj is entitled. Price TWENTY-F I VK CENTS per copy, or Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the United States ri. D.?Those who prefer may consult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of tue diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mall. Medi cine seat to any part af the Union according to di rections, safely packed and carefully scoured from all observation. Address Dr. M. B LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, or Post Odice Box 570 Albany, N. Y. Office open daily,from 9 a m to 9 p m and on Sundav from 3 until 5 p. m. IT7- Office REMOVED from No. 53 Beaver st. to31 Maidtn Lout, Albany, JVm Ytrit. dec 38? ly TYLER'S COMPOUND 8TRUF OF GUM ARABIC AS A REMEDY FOR COVOdS. COLDS, HOARSENESS, ASTHMA, WHOOPING COUGH, CROU1', Ac , possesses the groatestad vantages, with the letst objections of any other In use, having been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled success, cot trumpeted to the world as a specific or cure all, but recom mended as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in riLMOHiiT oasis, ready at hand, and one that has been generally found to afford relief where most others have been tried without material ben efit. As such It Is rocognlxed by numbers of our leading physicians, who know It* composition, and have been eyo witnesses of Its superior effi cacy, as well as by thousands of oar mont respec table cUlxens, who all endorse its cLiim to being safe, palatable, economical and efficacious. Price *i5 cents, or three bottles in one 50 cents. Wholesale Agents, PATTERSON A NAIRN, and STOTT A CO , Penna avenue; PEEL ft STEVENS, Alexandria; CISSEL, Georgotown Retailed by Druggist* generally. Also, TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS, the same composition in loxenge form, 12# cents a box jy 6?ly ULK!?VrOOD CKMKTKHT, Office Nc. Fa. avc>, cor car 10th street, (OV1E tqi saviac's 1A.MK.) THIS CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of the celebrated 6 reenwood, of New York, and altuated on the high ground distant one and a Quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol street leading directly to the gateway. This Company have secured a charter from Con gress, appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachments from legislation ot otherwise, which Is of vaat importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have placed the.ii, for It haa become a custom In all other cities when the burial ground becomes vain able for other purposes, to seU it, and throw the dead promlscously into one large pit, and legal measures cannot prevent It, as no titles aie gir to the ground. N. B ? Office open from 10 to 1# o'clock n. m.t where Pamphlets, containing the Charter, By Laws, and a map of the ground, and all other in formation, can bs obtained. All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvey. No. 110 Seventh street, or any ether undertaker, will be promptly attended to. ie 18?ly BIRD CAGES, Bird Seed, Fish Bene, fee., at the Housekeepers' Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh street. fmarlil G. FRANCIS. O TO ELLIS'S mar tt FOR CHEAP GOODS. G Information for Traveler!. BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THK WB8T. Tlae between Waihli|Ui WImI(1| tat IT^ knrtS Running Tim? between Washington and Cincinnati 27 honii!! THROTOH TICEKTS AND BAQOAGR CRICKS TO BX ? AD IN W*?Hl!t(iTOM THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greotiy Improve! lu Western conit^ctionS) now oflfers thAfnutst iodurfinent^ to Travelers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and a 1 portion* of the WR8T, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The onne- tion between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound Weat from Balti more Is always prom t y made at tNe Washington Jun tion rate:y ca ed the Retay House) 9 ml es from Baltimore. Tliia is the on v change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. B aggage is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and re hecked and trans ferred tliere, (with the t a*senger*) without charge, for those holding Through Ti kets for ?olnts be yond. Tl e < onne ting trains leave Washington dai'v at 6 a in and 4# p. m. Oa Sundays at the later hour on'y. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Whee ing, Aire*! connection is made with tue trains of CEN 1'RAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Be lair, on the Ohio, through Cambridge. Zaaesviile, and Newark, ti COLUMBU"1 These trains ~onnvt at Newark with tt?e < ars of the Newark, Msn*fl-*'d and Sandusky Rat raid for >andasky, Toledo, Detroit. Chi ago, 11 Louis. etc. At COLUMBU."' the C O. Railroad trains con ne. t witi the fast trains of the Little Miami R:U mad to Xenia, Cincinnati. Lotiisvile, etc. At XENIA (on Lltt'e Miami Rai rondxonne tion is formed with the trains Uirough Dayton.to Indian a, oiis, Terre Haute. Lafavette, Chi ago, Rock In and, Ft. Louis, Carlo, etc IE7" Passengers ho ding Through Tickcts for Memphis, Jlcksbttrg, Sotrhv:, Xev Or It.in*, et ? which are a!*o sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cint innatl, to the Mai Meamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansviile, Carlo, and M Louis are sold by the river route. _ 117" For CLEVELAND, ard via C eve and to To edo, Detroit, Chit ago, etc, ti kets are sod, when the Ol.io is navigable between Whee ing and We(lavi:ie (forty ml est wf?ere a connection with the C eve and and Pittsburg Rai read is made. Travel'rs are r quested to notice that wl.i e this is the only route atlordlug Through Tickets and Che ks in Washington, it is a so the shortest, most speedy, and dire t to near y a I the leading Points in the great West The distance from asl ington to Cincinnati is but 653 mi es, >?eing about 100 mi es shorter than by any oilier route' PARK, BY THNOIIGH TlcKbT, FROM V\ iBMIVfJTDN -To Whee ing. 8? 50; Colum bus, 813 65; Dayton, 815 50, Cin innati, *16 (*?: Louisvl e, by rai road, 816 65, by steamer from Cln< innati, 818 00: Indiana o is. ?17 50; Ceve and. 812 50; To edo. *15 90; Detroit, 815 20 Chi ago, 820 65and 81? 50; t-t Louis. 82* 50 and 825. Mem I is. 826; New Oreans. 831, et ? 117-FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER S FhKRY, MARTINSBURG CUMBERLAND. BER K LEV SPRINGS. BEDFORD? PR I N6S 1'IEDMONT, OAKLAND. and FAIRMONT* r?.s?engers may feave Washington at 6 a. m or 4j p m. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, ta.-,e 0 a. m. train from iLT For trains to and from Ba'timore, Aniin o is, etc , gee s;e? ia' advertisements C7" For further information, Through Ti kets et ,aprly to THOMAS H PARSONS, Airent at WasDlngton Station. WM. S. WOODRIDE, Master of Transportation, inar h 1?tf B. A O Railroad, Ba timore. FOR HAEPKR'I FKRRY, ViaChesapeake f .J.r. Ohio Canal. T THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS HE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET BOAT ARGO, Capt. Chas. H Mbkrill. will commence making Regular Trtps between GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Mora day. March 27th. 1?56. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H. A H 6 Ritter. Georgetown, D C ,e*ery Mondav, Wed nesday, and Friday morning, at 6 o'clock ^Ret-urninJ8' "he wlli leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 6 o'clock. * Through Tickets, S2.23. To Letsburg 81 62*, t?~ludtng the St .gr from Edwards' F,rry Families intending to visit the Virginia Springs the coming season will flnd thia by far the most safe, plea?ant, and cheapest route to Berkeley, Capon. Shanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rate*. A coach will always be in readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat. ? j fnrther particulars inquire at the store of ^r' RITTER, Georgetown, mid G. W. CUTSHAW, Harper's Ferry, Va. mar IS?tf " CRASOE A ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. SiBWjJjII?.ai m Great Southern Mail Line! ?*TW 1CK UAILV-,1 (SUNDAY NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between WashiwrtonCity and the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLE, AND RICHMOND. Leave Washington at 6 a. aa. and 7 p. m. Fare from Washington to Richmond 85 so OMNIBUSES and BAGGA6E WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE^ Fret of Charge, to STEAMER GEORGK .. PAGE, for ALEXANDRIA, a taace of six miles, allowing ample tim^o^TeST Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are oecured by this Route, as It is a continuous linrof first clam railroad FROM ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND. THROUGH PASSENGER8 and BAGGAGE carried without cost to the Depot of the Peters bura Railroad. 6 Information of Route and Lost Bafn?e ob talned of JAMBs A KVi^sT feb 11 Agent, Alexandria. Va THEIfEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES fc ^&mail bteaners.^S, The SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE are the pIcIpip10 C?f w?' u. i'.mJ. Nye. ADRIATic * Uapt Cemstock. These shl pa have been built by contract exprosslv for Government service. Every care has been taken In their oonstrnetlon?es In the engines?to insure strength and speed; and their accommo dations for passengers are unequaled fcr elegance and comfort. DATS or SAILrNO . From Ntw York. From Liverpool lfc?. 18M r ?*tu^ay ?;?n. 5 Wednesday....Jan. 23 Saturday Jan. 19 Wednesday....Feb. 6 Z** * Wednesday....Feb. ?0 Saturday Feb. 10 Wednesday....Mar 5 War 1 Wednesday....Mar. 1? 5Jar 14 Wednesday....Apr. t Mar 2? Wednesday....Apr. 16 3* ul2*y Apr. 12 Wednesday....Apr. 90 K^y Apr * Wednesday.....Mky 14 May 10 Wednesday....May <9 Saturday May 24 Wednesday.... J une 11 _ ?aiC? OF FAIIA8I. From New York to Liverpool, Irst cabin....8130 , , " " second cabin. 75 Exclusive use of extra size state rooms 3S6 From Liverpoo1 to New York....30 A ao gulosas No berth can be secured until paid for. An experienced Surgeon attached to each ?bip Shippers pleaaetake not'ee that the ships of this line cannot carry any goods contraband of war All letters must pesa through the Ipost ofllce? any other will be returnod The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ex pressed. For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 56 Wall street, New \ erk. BROWN, SHIPLEY * CO.. Liverpool 8TEPHEN KENNARD * CO., 27 Austin Friars, London B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. Not res ?The day of departure of thia lino from New York, for 1856, will be Saturday, eom menclng January ' ?J - from Liverpool, ^ ary 23, and every alternate Wednesday Jan 30-y w ~ : ? , ?; } vvm ry 5, and every alternate Saturday; , Wednesday, commencing Janu y alternate Wednesday. D AKHINUTO.l BRANCH RAILROAD. CHAN OK OF HOUR8.?On and after Men day, the 23d Instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 6 and 8k a. and S and 4R p. m. v * On Sunday at 4 k p. a. ? Balttmor*11 ** a. m., Md 3 and On SoadayaMjfa. ?. ap 23?tr T. H. PARSONS, Agent. _ ORLY l?k CENTS. 1>UCKLEY'S CELEBRATED SONG BOOK A-a for the parlor, containing a collection of now and popular Songs, as sung by Bucklsy's New Orleans Serenaders at their opera house, Brood way, New York. For sale by the agent, ALRX ADAMSON, mar 8g-8m 7th street, opposite Post Oltoo. Carter's Spanish Mixture THE 9RFAT PURIFIER OFTHE BLOhn. Bf.t AlUrtUvs K>?wi:: 0i>' HOT A pabticlb ov K tErriT 1)1 2t '<* An Infallible remedy for Scrofula, Kin. , K . Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneo;* EruptirJa Pimple* or restates on the Face. Bolls, Ague and Frew. Cbroalc Sor* FvZ' Ringworm or Tetter, Scald H*al4, Enlar?!' men! and pain of the Bone* and Jolr.ta ?v. Rheum. Stubborn Ulcera. Syphilitic Dlnr^Jl and all diseases an nine from an 1nJo44ctoaTil of Mercury, Imprudence In Life, or Imp?*!! thC BlOOd. KWllfot fpH IS great remedy, which ha* btooma M ? J- idly and ao lustlv celebrate for it. ? .-TJV' if Um Which mankind la aflicted . 1* now' iRI "i"*** itnhiIc. with the conad*nt 1* '?* IdJv and ao Justly celebrated for lu nary efltcacy in relieving and curing many of moat obatlnate and terrible frrm* of dla?I? I. a ?** wVtk public, with the conldent aaanrancethat no M.. teal nrscovanv ever made ban bwaMJ*'; ?uooessfnl incur lag ScnoroLA .and ail o? tb> Blood,aa CARTER'S SPANi^Hm * TURE. The proprietor* ere receiving by every Ball moat flattering and astonishing details of rurea made la all parta of the country, and tn cams where the ahlU of the beat Physicians had bw-a ^ItB pov^over the Bloo? la truly remarkable and all dlaeaaea arising from Impurltv of the gnat Seat or Lit* have been relieved tod cured with out a single failure, out of theUonsand* who haw aaed It Carter's Spanish Mixture contains m Mercury. Opium, Arsenic, or any dangerous drags, but Is composed of Roots and Hftto. coa Dlned with other in^redlentiof known Ttrtue. and mav be given to the youngest Infant or most de. bllitated Invalid, Without the leenl potalble hesi tation. We have only room for short extrseta from the volumes of testimony In onr possession and all from gentlemen of the highest reaper lability. w*u known In their varions localities |*les*e read to yoursel*** We take great pleasure in calling the attea'.loa of our readers to the merits of Carters Spanlat Mixture as a remedy for diseases of the blood It enioys a repntationln this city unequalled by an* other preparation ?Datlf Uttpaick, JUcAmsed, f The Hon John M Bolts, of Va.,cavsheconsl4 ers It a matter of duty to add his testimony to tfc? rtrtues of Carter's Spanish Mixture. tnoM aCTXai. nxnoKAL onsanvATiow of its remarkable eura tlve powers for the diseases In which It la used W ? ba*e been cured of a violent and protracts Liver disease by Carter's Spanish Mixture We %m__ a* a w * * ? - - m know It to be all it fiiSMtrat, Pturtburg, fa. We have found from personal trial. that Cir. ter's Spahlsh Mixture Is a truly valuable ?*<;. Cine.? Ed. Vtrgmutt /adspsadtel. Tt. GREAT CURE OF SCROFULA -A preai. man In our employ was cured of Scrofula of a * .. ulent character by a few bottles of Carter a Span lsh Mixture, after everything elae had Called Oth er cures which bare ccroe under our own cbserva Uod, prove* to us conclusively. that is really:^), uable medicinal agent We take gn?t t!caa~* In caDIng the attenUon of the aSicted to fit mr Its ?Rttkmcnd Rtpubltcuu. SYPHILIS.?\ have seen a numberof cuwa * avphlll* performed by Cart-r a Spanish Mixture I believe it to be t perfect antldotr for that horr'J Me disease. E. BURTu.\. Com of Rotaut for cltv cf H!ctn>osd LITER DjCEASE?Siiantl y lirinkrr at the firm of Drinker & Morris, Bookkeiie-* R Lch mend, Va , waa erred of Liaer disease <*'several years etandlng by oaly ttree bottles of Oart-i i Spr.nlfh Mtxturo. OLD SORFS, FLtERSAND OBST/VAtS E H UPTIO JVo ON THE SEI* of Mr Harwood. and others, detailed In onr A! manac The number of sack cases cured ?? Car ter's Spanish Mixture, preclude* the pos.xjbii"* of Inserting them in an a-irertlafment. EFFECTS OF MERCB&Y.?See the ecra c.J Mr. 1-Tlmore He was eaten up with *!ercar* acd oould obtain no relief, until he took six boitka vl Carter's Spanish Mixture, which perfectly rtei.ttd him to health and Tigor. NEV R ALU IA?Mr. F Boydec f^rTicriy t the Astor House, N Y., hut more recently nrorr etor of the Exchange Hotel. Richmond, wa* etrad of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish .Mixture Sine# that time, oe aavs he has seta It cure more than a hundred cases of the disease In whleb it la um*. Me never flails to recommtr.d It to the tAicUd RHEUMATISM.?Mr. John F. Utnicoi. Druggist, of Martlnsburg, Va.. writes of the an gular cure of a violent case of Rheumatism Tie patient could net w?lk A few bottl; a tatlrel* cured him. SCROFULA ?Mr Ktrriecn also wrltft of a great care of Scrofula, In tie person of a vncai lady, (of three years standing, which ali tb*- dor ters could not re<u.h. Six bottles m*dt a cure o; her SYPHILIS.?Dr K T Handle, of \Va>hicc ton. DC, who cured an obstinate case of S?pLi 1L'' by Carter's Spanish Mixture, savs "It a^t;* ape daily on the Blood. Liver and Skin and la pr-nipt and e4lclent in lu reau'ts." Dr John Minge, foimerly of the CHt Hotri, Richmond, now of Alabama, say* he nas awa Carter's Spanish Mixture administered lu a num ber of cases with astonishingly wood jfiVc- He recommends It as ? the mo^t? db< ^ent aJteraiivt .a H^p 1) SALT RHEUM AND SCROFULA -X: Jon Robinson, of Wooster. Ohio, wa? cur d of Scrofula and Salt K heum of three years ataiidi:ir by only three bottles of Carter 's &par,l#h .Mlittre WiM. S. BEFRS A CO., Proprietor1, No. Broadway, New \ oik. IT^ Price Si per bottle, or six bottle* for Forsaleby CHAS STOTT, Waahis^toa, D O.. aad Drugclata generally oc: i?'? THE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERT OF THE AGE. Dr. KKNNKDY, of Rsxbary. ?as discovered In one of our common raarvki wkbds a rcintdv that cures EfERY KIND OF HUMOR; VmOM TBI WORST SCfcorrLA SOWN TO A luM HON H?PL?. l_p? HAS TRIED J T IN OVRR ELEVEN Rl. hundred case^.and never failed except in two cases, (both thunder humor > He haa now In kit possesion over two h'in<lred certiaca.es of its vir tue. all within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing sore mouth. One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of pimple* on the face. Two to throe bottles will elear the svste* ol Mies. Two bottles are warranted to cure the wot oanker in the mouth and stomach. Three to Ive bottles are warranted tc cure tM worst case of Ery?ipc!as. One to two bottles are warranted to cure til humor tn the eves. Two bottles are warranted to cure nictlag cf the oars and blotches among the hair Four to six bottles are warranted to core eorr.f-t and running ulcers One bottle wlil cure scaly eruption of the skin. Two to three bottles are warranted to cure tM worst case of Ringworm. Two to three bottles are warranted ic cure tbe most desperate oase of rheumatism. Three to four bottles are warranted w> cure tM ?alt rheum. Five to eight bottles will care the worst cmt* m scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the I'd bottle, and a periect cure Is warranted whs above quta: ky la taken. Reader, 1 peddled over a thousand tatties ? this in the vicinity cf Bcston. I know the of it in every oese So sure as water will extin guish Are, so sure win this cure humor i rfTfT sold a bottle of it bet that sold another; trial li always speaks for itself There things about this herb that appears to ne ?~roa)e ing; first that it crows in our pastures.'' ^ Css quite pientlhil, and vet its value "V: ,,i knewn until 1 disoovered It in 1W??' that It should cure ail kinds of hatn't T,u In order to give some idea of the ana grss* mu thai in April, 1 bottles per dij,' betties per day of It. Some o* thp wholesale Druggists wLo fct?f see* 14 bJslness twenty and thlrt)- years, say ,p" tulng is the aaaali cf patent medicines wii ever like it. 'Ckere is a universal praise of it frt? c*1 quarters. In my own p;&oUoe I alvrava kept It stricter re hnmora?but since Its Introduction as a feaerA family medicine, great and wonderfu: "??'t-1'" have been found In it that 1 never suspected Several ct^es ef epileptic fits?a disease was always considered Incurable.have bees ens* by a few botUr s O. what a mercy If It will effectual in all case^ of that awful malady-^* an but few who have &e*jc mote of It than I 1 know of several cases of Dropsy, all of aged people cured bv It For the various dj^* of the Liver, Sick Headache. Dyspewla. Aatt?*' Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side. Disease* <\ Spine, a id particularly in diseases of the ? ne>'s, Ac., the discovery has done mor* goos u?? any medicine ever known ,^1 No change of diet ever uecesaary?ec* lte you can get and enough of it. ^ Vxnctio?J f0T U$? -Adults one table ap<^ F ?v wNai * ?V.W va Iiav ay?l)i April, IBM-, 1 sold over - >"* IUI. AS no ainruuns can ur ?ppm.-aw? ? --- !? stitutions. take suAcient to operate en the l***" twloe a day. MARvrACTvaab ay DONALD RENKEDT. Jfs. 140 Rtzburf, M** Pnica, Ona Dollab. _ ? Wholesale Agents? N*w York City, C' ? CLICKNER, 81 Barclay straet; C H *'y*' last Broadway; A. B. A D. SANDS. 1W street. Philadelphia, T W. DYOTt A^?^ Baltimore, BROWN A UR OTHER, CA>"? " HATCH. Alexandria, PEEL A STtVk>^ At Retail by all respectable Drnggl* '? TI United States and British Provlnc*-*-. snd sj?j r the Druggists of this City. I