10 Mayıs 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Mayıs 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVEN 1NG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY May 10,1*46. \l_T Advertisement* ohoulrl be handed In by 12 o'clock, m , otiierwlie they may not appear unttl I ha n?it day. SPIRIT OF THE MORNINO PRESS. Tho InttlhztnctT coutains no editorial to day. The Union show* that the anti-Nebraaka biil political leaders and press are reaponaible far the recent aaaaaaination of Sheriff Jone? WASHINGTON lfEWS AND GOSSIP Omrtelf.?We take the followirg paragraph from the Washington Organ, newspaper, of yesterday. AasarLT ?Tha editor of the junior organ of the administration was severely caned by Major Heiss, late of the aenior organ, yester day afternoon, in front of Willatd's Hotel Wo did n*>t learn the cacse of the attack. Wa have to say that this statement is wholly deatitnte of foundation in trnth The truth is as follow*, vi* : On going into Willard s to dinner oa Thursday afternoon and passing iu front of tho office, we were overtaken by John P. Heiss, who has recent ly returned from Nicaragua, (coming with the Padre Vigel accerding to the newspapers.) Aa he wa* passing us we gave him n friendly salutation as u?ual, having been up to that moment on as friendly relations with him as with any man living, as far as we had any knowledge of his sentiments from his course towards us or otherwise. His reply to our salu tation was an oath and a denuncation, follow ed by a blow on the head from a heavy blud geon which felled us to the ground. By standers immediately rushed in, and tho Hon. Mr. 8pinner of New York, seised him by the arms behind, holding him thus, irtiilo others, we know not whom, raised us up, covered with blood from the blow. To have properly retaliated even such a blow from a powerful man given under suoh circumstances, he being id the hands of those who bad interfered, would have deprived u? of the plea of solf defenoe, and subjected us to the charge of manslaughter, a position in which we were not disposed to placo oureelf. On leaving the hotel, after cleansing the blood from our person and dining, we wore met by Officer Boss, who informed us that on going to the hotel shortly after this occurrence, he was met by the assailant, who remarked to him that he supposed be (the officer) ires looking for bim; and that be answered that he (Hies?) bad probably better go with hiir. They proceeded immediately to the office of Justice Stevens, where J. P. Heiss gave bonds to answer at the Criminal Court for this act. On that act wo do not choose to make a com ment, leaving the reader to judge of it from the facts we state above, and leaving the very appropriate tribunal before which it so prompt ly found its way without our agency, to deal with it according to its judgment on its deserts. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Col Manypenny, the Hon Mr. Spinner, and other gentlemen saw ail that passed, ar.d we refer to them as witnesses that we here only state the simple truth concerning the affair. We hear that we were thus aseaile l for the publication of the following article, which ap peared in the Star of the day before yeater. day: " Thk Paprb Vigil.?We are not a little amused at the puffy notices of this gentleman with which the filibustering press just now are filled. There seems to Tie no end to the wonderful stories concerning him the newspa pers are manufacturing, the most amusing of which is, thit he claims to be an Amerie in, rather than a Human Catholic priest; or, in other words, that he scouts the direip ino of the only Catholic Church known ai the Catho lic Church in Christendom?that is, the "Ro man Catholic Church ' Without pretending to er.tcr into a disquisition upon its claims to he the only real Cat ft a/t c Church, the intelli gent and well informed reader will bear us out in saying that the priest who denies the binding force of its discipline is always de prived qniekly ?l tho functions of its ministry. " The Padre \ igel. at home, was mixed up with the revolutionary party, and became one of the few native partisans rf the filibusters; going to the length of inviting the perform ance of Protestant service in the church in Granada under his pastoral charge. Hr.d there been any thing like ecclcsiastical authority in exiatence in Nicaragua during Walkers rule, of course the Padre Vigel would have been deposed from bis living as summarily as an Episcopalian minister auion; us would be deposed for offering his pulpit to a Methodut, or a Baptist preacher for offering his to a Uni tarian or Universal ist 8<> he is, in the eyes of all true Roman Catholics of every country, no longer entitled to administer the functions of their priesthood. In this country, while the Catholics acknowledge no political supre macy in Rome, they all lo- k to R^me, and only to Rome. ft r their church dfcipline, as well <?s their d-ctrine ; und not a mm; of them tan regnr 1 tho Pairc Yicel as being aught, ecclesiastically. than an unfrocked priest We may truthfully add, that the stories told in tho pro-filliburteriLg newspapers of the great irjfluerce of this gentleman at home, his re markable talents, ?%c , arc on a par with the bogus account* of his present position in the church. He may be a very worthy mau per sonally, for aught we know ; but we are very sure that up to the time he permitted his hatrod for his Uoserninent to load bim to unfrock himself, be wat quite as obscure as any other pactor in the city of Granada All the fuss heieg made over him, personally, in the news papers is therefore mere bumbaggerr. M of a piece" with the accounts of the condition of thiDgs iu Nicaragua which are transmitted from thence to aid the waning causo of the fi Hi busters ' In conclusion, we have only to remark fur ther, that habitual mis-statements of the per local affairs of parties opposed to it in politics, so groeely and maliciously false as this, (that makes it our duty to oursclf to allude to the affair in the Star) is one of the prime oau?es why the Washington Organ fails to enjoy the confidence, respect and patronage of its politi cal friends in this community; who preferring a manly opponent to a nominal friend so sneak ii g and disreputable in its practices, putror.iza the Star io iu stead; until its (the Organ's) ad >ertiaing business has fallen away to nothing, and its circulation has so dwindled down, that according to a notiee in iu issue of yesterday, iu agents in Washington are throwing up the management of their routes in disguBt, a, business that w?n t pay f?r the shoe leather worn out m iu prosecution. Mr. Haven's LettfT ?Che letter from Mr. Haven, of the House of Representatives, iust published, annourdog that Mr. Pillmore will accept the Know Nothing nomination, beyond p?radrenture. and that he may be expected house in the c< urse of the next month?June ? is received with a bad grace by the Republi cans of both Housea of C-jugress. The latter bad hoped, up to this time, that Mr. Fillmore would decline, and bavo encouraged the pub lication in their party newspapers of all con ceivable discouraging statemenU and prog, nostications designed to etnrtte Mr F. off the coutae. Their purpose was to have matters so axtan^d as that there would be hut * sin- J gle oppositiun candidate fur the Presidency running in the non slaveholding States. All their expectations of carrying the day (and At best they hare been exceedingly slight) have hinged uj,nn tliat h <ne Thus, according to the N?*w York Trilume, they must carry Iowa, Mchigan Missouri, New Jersey, In diana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware and one *r I wo other States they have professed tp consider doubtful, or nearly all of thorn?and, of course, New York, Ohio, and Connecticut! to give them tho slightest chanco of success. With Mr Fillmore in the field, they realise that they have hardly a single chance in a thousand, to carry either of the States we n?Tse above. Hence the earnestness of their efforts to coax (as Paddy coaxes at timea) Mr. I Fillmore to decline, and their chagrin and mortification on finding, through this letter of his acknowledged and able exponent on the floor of the House, that he will not shape his courso to gratify them especially. As matters now stand with them Col Fremont, bids fair to have no opponent for their nomination ; as no nan who believes be has a political future before him, will be induced to place himself in a position in which he will be so very badly beaten, as it is admitted their nominee must be. With the Colonel their nomination is an object, doubtlefa, even when it is certain that hia ticket will fare only as well as the Van Bu*sn and Chas. Francis Adams ticket did in 1848 If he receives a ainglo hundred thou sand votas he will obtain a political position far in advance of anything that was drenm ed of *br him six months ago. So, to bo their candidate will be no losing game for him; for since hia affiliation with tho abolitionists be came known to the public ho has utterly lost (politically) the regard of every man not of that party, because with his personal antece dents, such a chango in his politics can only be attributed by them to a sort of political stroke of the mocn. The KicaraguanQue?tion.-The Richmond Enquirer, on the day before yesterday, die cusses the question of the recognition of the rule of the fillibust^r Walker, in Nega, as the government of Nicaragua, in an article of great ability and convincing force. Its view? correspond so entirely with our own that we heartily endorse tfcem, quoting from them as follows: " The foreign policy of this Administration has been distinguished by a respectful ob servance of the faith of treaties and the ob ligations of public law. Prompt and enerjretic in protecting the dignity of the country and the rights of the American citizens, the (rcv ernment has yet afforded no pretext of . fteneo to other powers. Oa the contrary, by a happy combination of vigor and eonservatism it has commanded the respect of foreign nations, as well as the almost unanimous applause of the American people. Unless then we aro to as sume that tho Administration will "abandon the policy to which it has so persistently ab hored, and deliberately forfait its conservative character, wo must reject the idea that the r resident proposes to accept W.nlker's over tures of alliance. It has not been many months since Mr. Marcy refused to receive the commission of another Nicaraguan agent, for reasons of an exclusively public import. Nothing has oocurred meanwhile to reinforce \\ alker s claim to the recognition of the Ameri can government. Indeed, his ascendancy is ltss seeure, and hia ohancea of ultimate suc cess far le.i3 flattering than when he was first repulsed from Washington. It is questionable if, under tho law of na tions, the l ofted States would be justified in reeognumg Walker'a Government. Hia ex pedition against Nicaragua was undeniably an aggressive invasion of a country at r.caeo with this government It is affirmed, in mit igation ol the outrage, that ho timply re aponded to a cry for a succor from the people of Nicaragua; but there is no proof of the allegation The Nicaraguan (ioverment was not a despotism; on the contrary, it wa? no toriously the most liberal of all the Central American Powers. It was a Republic, and waa even more Democratic in its constitution thani the Government of the United States JI all tho Central American States it wa< the one to which tho United States woro clofest bound by similarity of institutions ai d the positive engagements of treaty It may bo truo that Walker was iuvited to Nicanazua by the party out of power, who wanted his assistance in usurping control of tho Uovern nient; but such a fact would no nioro cxteu u;'te the criminality of his expedition, than it would justify an invasion of Canada from tkis country at the instance of a malcontent and seditious minority." An Important Decision.?We publish bo b>w a very important ruling by tho proper officer of the Treasury Department, which, if duly carried out, will create a considerable saving to the National Treasury : Travilixg Exraasas or Aaiir Officers. 1 he commutation for travel under orders, al lowed to army officers, is not prescribed by 18 m tUe "*** 1jy the act of March ?5, lS.,o ) \ m ,s a matter of Executive regula tion. In ccrta'n specified casos the officer mrsy reciive thn commutation, or tho actual expenses at his option , but it is held th Jt neither the accounting officers, nor heads of departments, have any authority to mak? an allowance for travel at an emolument. It is only upon the theory that the cemmutation is a ready mode of reaching tie probable actual e rpsnsa, that it is legal; for as an emolument it wuld be in direct violation of the lawa of March 3. 1830, and August 23, 1842, by in creasing the compensation of the officer be yond the amount authorised by Congross. When, therefore, the actual cxpenso has been ascertained, and an account settled in confor mity therewith, such settlement must stand and cannot be disturbed for the purpose of making a larger allowance under a commuta tion or hypothetical amount of expenses Nor can an adjusted account for travel bo re opened upon tho pretext of an undcr-estimato of the distance traveled, unless the claimant ahows that the sum b-s received was leas than his actual necessary expenses. Sulphuric Acid Barometer ?Among the objects of scientific interest accumulating at the Smithsonian Institution is a gigantic bar ometer, in which the varying pressure of the air is indicated by a column of sulphuric acid, inatead of one of mercury as in the ordinary lnatrument. The mean elevation of the mer curial column is about thirty inches, while in this instrument it ia upwards of two hundred and twenty inches. Hence the range ia p? portionally greater, and more minute fluctua tions are gendered perceptible. Sulphuric acid baa been choaen as the liquid, because, at ordinary temperatures, it does not give tff vapor, which would fill the vacuum above or absorb air. Meana aro taken to prevent the absorption of moisture. Tho instrument was constructed by James Green, of New York, tinder the direction of the Inatitution. Il is enclosed in a glazed case, and is placed in the northeast staircase of the main building. Masonic ?Forty-one subordinate lodges of re? and Accepted Masons, within the prov inces of Canada, having, for causes aet forth <h' "?M, ?p4r.te<l Tii I?lS "?*" Kn*l"d' "VS ' fu,a,,d *" ?ul'PMiJaU grand lodge, were, on the 6th inst re? ~ niied by the Grand Lodge of this District by an unanimous vote, and the right hand of'fol low* kip In the family of grand lodges frater nally extended to them. We understand, also that the Grand Lodge,>t the tame meeting! J. determined to oalubrato lite anniversary of fc>i. John, on ^he 24th of Jane next, by a proces sion, oration, and Moronic banquet. The Ctrront Operations of tbe Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 9th of May, there were of Treasury warrant? entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of st ok*.... (1,181 59 For the Treaanrv Dopnrtmont... 8 499 99 For the Interior Department ft 203 70 F..r Customs 13,454 39 War warrant! received and en tered 48 ft22 21 War repay warrants received and entered On account of tbe Navy 85 yj2 57 Repayment on account of the Navy..... 85.922 57 JTrom miscellaneous source* 2,723 8(5 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went press, a long debate ensued upon Mr. Foot's motion to refer tho Iowa railroad land do nating bill of the House to the Publio Lands Committee ; which being directed, the said bill was duly passed?yeas 31, nays 9. And then they adjourned until Monday. In the House, Mr. Phelps ooncluded his speoch in favor of the appointment of a third conference cocunitteo upon the disagreeing votes of the two Houses upon the Senate's amendments to the Deficiency bill ; and then, after speeches from Mr Davis of Ma ryland, and Washburne of Maine, also for the appointment of the committee, the House adhered to their disagreement, and voted the Conference Committee. The Speaker appointed Messrs Pennington, Jones of Tennessee, and Grow, on said com mittee. The resolution from tho Elections Commit tee authoriiing the parties to the contcst for the seat of the Delegate from New Mexico to appear before tho House in penon or by coun sel? On motion of Mr.^Carlilo tho resolution was amended by striking out the authority (there in) to appear before the House " by oounsel," and then, as thus amended, it was rejected? yeas 8ft, nays 62. Mr. Stephens moved to reconsider that vote, and addressed the House in favor of that vote. And then, without putting the question, (af ter an ineffectual motion to adjourn over un til Monday,) they adjourned. Proceedings of To-Day. In the House, to-day, up to tho hour at which we went to press, no business whatever had been transacted, tho hour having beon taken up with voting on motions for a call of tho Houdo, and to adjourn. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgktowx, May 10, 1856. We would advhe our citizens, one and all, to look woll to their promises at night. Last night the hardware storo of 0. Z Muncantcr. and the dry goods storo of Mayfield & Drown! situated near tho corner of Bridge and High streets, were foroiby entered. At that of Mr. Muncaster, an opening was inado in one of the heavy doors in tho wost warehouse, front ing on High street, by knocking out one of the panels with a heavy stick of wood, and breaking off one of the back window shutters. That of Messrs. Mayfield Brown, tbo b?ok door was forccd open by a pry of some kind At neither placo did tho villains succeed in obtaining any booty, having been frightened on l>y Mr. John Crockwell. who iives noar the premises. Mayor Addison, thouj;h somewhat easier, is fltiil very seriously indisposed, so much so as to prevent hjm from leaving his room. At Drover's Rest, yesterday, only about 100 head of beef cattle wero offorod. all of which sold nt f4 50a$5 50 on the hoof, equal to $9a .11 net. Sheep 5a5io. per lb. gros*s. t The flour and grain market# have under gone no change sinco our report of yesterday. Spectator A very Curious Cash ?Wcclip the follow ing from the Lowell News : 44 About a year and a half ago a widow lady by the name of Smith, residing on Suffolk street, in this city, drank some water from a spring at the sea-Shore, and, as she supposed, swallowed a amall eel Siuce then she has heon gradually getting out of health, and at length her illness became so severo and alarm ing that her life was thought to be in great danger. No medicine or physician could give her relief, till last week. Dr. Huntoon, being called in, give her a potion that on Saturday morning relieved her of a livo eel a foot in length. The eel ha* been preserved in spirits, and is decidedly an ugly-looking customer. . 0 ,a<Jy 19 greatly rolievod, but thinks thero is another of the varmints' left behind." ? jr The cotton mill at Pawtuckot, owned by Oiessrs Thayer <fc Mores, was dostrryed by fire on Thursday last It was used as n print ing cloth manufactory. Insurance $19,000. the n x ^ev- *>r- Gurley. paster of I- > rtet Pre*byt*rian Church, by special request, I will repeat the sermon which he delivered le.'ore 1 the Voting Mens' Christian Association a tow weeks since entitled " The Miracle of Regrnera Hon. This sermon is one of rare merit and great practihal inteiest. j| >?1X111 PRESBYT'N CHURCH, cor u .. n".\,ary'?nd avenue and ftthfct., Islattl Baptism will be administered In the morning at 11 o c.ork, and the Communion of the Loid's um>or at 3 ^ p. ui. The public arc lnvltel to at lcurf- It# 4UNITED SONS OK LIBERTY (JU NIOR DEMOCRATIC.)?YOU ARE hereby notified to attend an adjourned meetln* at ycur room, corner I^afayette and Seiond Mr??ts becrgefown.on MONDAY, May lath, at ft o'cl'k p. m ; as business of importance- will be transact ed It i* earnestly desirrd that every member will attend By o.-der: J. F. trunnbll! ^A8l'LAN'I,re"'le'" All youths wishing to join or form new branches of the Society are requested to attend the meeting. m 10_at# .NOTICE ? THE RKGULAR Monthly meeting of the Democratic Associaton of Georgetown wilr be held at Forres' Hall, on MONDAY EVENING. May 12tb,at7* o'clock All the members are requested to be in attendance as an election for a delegate to the Cincinnati Convention will take place. By rrder of the ,??S! e krouse, Secretary. ?-^=j?THE COLORED LADIES OF ZION ( A esley) Church are now holding their Annual Fair at Mr Bonn's new building, corner of 1) and Ninth streets, for the benefit of the Church. The vaietyof articles now exhibited and for sale are large, beautiful, and of achobe quality, and at moderate prices. The ladle* who r.T9 In attendance are very polite and attentive to 'heir patrons. At the close of the Fair there will be a Grand May Festival, of which due notice will be given f ickets for sale at the Fair. N B ?On Monday next the Fair will be opf n at 12 o'clock. It* >AT A SPECIAL MEETING OF THK ?- Columbia Fi*e Compaey, held at their hall, tbe following resolutions were unanimously adept*d and ordered to be published in the dailv papers cf the city: ' Whereas It ban pleased an All-wis? Providence m its wi?doin, to remove from our midst our well be oved brother and associateBknjamim C. Gri nuf, struck by the hand of death in the pride of hi* health and manbotd, therefore, Beit resolvtd, That, whilst yielding with sub mUbion to the dispensation of blvlne Providence which has bereft us of one whom we loved and respected, not only as a llreman, but as a true friend and brotier, we cana:t refrain from ex pressing cur slareregrlef for the loss we have sus tained, and for the painful and afflicting manner in which it occurred. Resolved, That we shall ever cherish, with {ride and emulation, the noble example furnished V our deceased brother of everything that con stttutM the character of a noble, active and dlsin tfrented fireman. Resolved. That we tender to the bereaved fa ther of the deceased our heartfelt sympathies for the loss of a son who was the prop of his old age. Heto vedj That the House of the Columbia Fire Company be draped in mourning, and that the members thereof wear the usual badge of mourn ing for six months, and that a copy of these pro ceedings be aent to the father of the deceased, and they be published la the dally papers of the citv. JA8. McUEBMOTT, " Sec Col. Fire Co. ? LABT NIGHT, ABOUT 11 O'CL'K, ^ c and 3d streets, a Ilneu BODY, worked 'J* n?ek *nd ?!?????. 'I he finder will loafer ? fa*or by leaving It at 409 C street, near )t* . auc FOR THE BENEFIT OT tb? Of rman church, f?v street Islamic -fill take place oa MON L,A V* tbe Wth of May at the ground* of Mr. Carl on Pennsylvania ave nue, between 13th and 11rh >tre?>t r>??r CENTO "* B*rr*Ck* TICKETS FIFTY ?re!n?'if^n',|'^ ?lf THE ISLAND ?* ,n*orn> the public that they wiUholda Fair at Carnal'* Saloon coni' leorlna on MONDAY, tbe 12th of Mar rShSS% t>???' ?? to provide the poo. eIa?sof cbfidrS with ?leceat apparel to attend chorrh and vLiioi win meet wun the Mme favor aL<l enrmirairf*. ment that similar charities have To makefile been provided for every evening through the ^nf ten 0fH,D at 7 ? C,ock "* contl?? U11U cn m 10-lw ?l^^WKSTKHN HOSR NOTICE PFR holdiu? t,ck"3 of the Bali on Sfh April last, are requested to make a return of th? V??k LvSue?n 14th ? nnd New mV'JtT ' F. T. WILSON, Treasurer. ?3^Ti?E8PABTCHTR|ONS ?F THE CiTY n^ber of mlfd^JtSd,'he no direction* whatever, received at ourK take this method of EftSE?*,'T5SS??J3 L^rh .nTO/ ?bl!^e thef FropK of the Despatch, and the parties to whom directed bv being m re explicit In their direction. nmit&S t prompt and eflclent deliveries W^ atso wish it diuinttlv understood thWtL. sr?ii0mwSl^7i0,,d hie bonndary Hne unless a - J' tSfS?h?2i en?,P oyed Arsons sending !Sc SSSti&SSl. w""<1 "? well ? ta! ? m 8-ot TO BANKERS ?BANK *Uy kd"rh fig m 8-6t ^'i'?-p.SLSS d .t the oUce thev will treel? .u'commii" M,Te.ffir p"MlpU office No. 3* D ?re? - rn b-ot /^JOW FOR SALE?SHE CAN OEp^rHU ^ seen on I st between 9th and lOth.R/^J^T . J . two moi?ths since ehe*rC~jr calved Lowest price 926. ra 103t? r ost-on yesterday, Tinniiiiif 1-j a illeer Card CASE, containing severa' car?? bearing the name of the owner, and the mmc al so engraved In fall, upon the out-lde f the ca?e Supposed to have been left either In Maxwell's or Pedi.o s trimming stores, or dropped on the wav between them the finder wilVbe liberally?! mentor WC?Vl^ 11 8t th? Jewelry establish - meot of Gait A Brother. m io_3t* /"JHEAP SUGAR, TEA, ANU t'OFFEE. ?**?? ??*ar8,9, and 10 rta; choice .reen and Bl*ck Tea 50 to 75; best Javi CrfT-e Ort?n? Mclasses 50; Syrup 65"; Kood Flour 4 cent* JOS. W. Da V18 11 corner 9th and E streets. ^JTRAYED FROM 211 F STREET n?Hr ^ 13 h a red CO W, with a white tn*rk down the back, and has short hirns. A reward of S3 will be giv "n to any one who will return her to 11 W "aid house. mUMf WOOD AND COAL. f BEG LEAVE TO INFORM MY FRIENDS ? and customers that I have taken theoJdistard formerly occupied by Messr*. Athey A ?o , east aide of the Canal and lith strerU and 1 will ke^n constantly on hand the best quality of WOOD and COAL. RICHARD E. SIMMS, m 10 !"?? WANT LIME BY THE PECK. * bushel or barrel, call at the - iviiiM -?AS?OU8!5' 1,,thet and Canal HI rE SAND In small or large quantities, at h?,o... OLD GAS HtMJSE, ' m' " l??h street and Canal FECIAL NOTICE.?THE ATTENTION ^ of the public I* called to the unreterved sale pi valuable Building Lou on noith E street, be Jand ,#tl1 streets, to take place this it- ^ .,A FTfcRI*OON ? at 5* o'clock, on tae premises if fair, or at Boteler's store. 1'enr ?venue, if raining. The property mu t positively be so d this evening at any sari flee. " C. W BOTELER, Auct'r. [ P?R 8 tLE.-A VERY SUPERIOR MARE *? Iron grey, 5 year* old, over 17 hands lilgh, weigh, about 1,500 pounds, Is a fair Itnl? raveller In h irna?. The own:r Is about leaving .ae city and will *ell her low. The maiecanbe ?crn at the siai le in rear of No. L'45 1 street, be tween 13th and 14th ni 10-3te SjALAD for the SOCIAL; by the author ^ ?' Salad for the Soli ary ' Y Whitney'. Lefence of the American Policy, ' hilly and Kit; by Caroline Checsebro, Social Hclenre; by <>eor^e H. Calvert, I llardscrol.ble, or the Fall of Chicago; by M.lor Richard oa. i-KACK TAYLOR m 10 Dl ^SOLUTION. rpHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing under the style and name of B. W. ^7 A. Co , 1* this day dissolved by mutual Dow??. the remaining partner, is au "*'"C thela!c Arm in set B W. FERGUSON, .v ? JOHN T DOWNS. WASHiNoxo.f. MayFth, 1?56. m l0-3t JOHN L. HICKMAN, 66? L strtet, beiwttn 3d n?<14U struts, IS prepared TO execute ALL OR J- der* f??r WhlifW?sblng and Coloring, Patch Ing or Painting up Also, preparing old Room* for papering He also k?ep* composition for de .troying Hedbugsand Roaches Orders to be Ivft at Charles II. Lane's, Pa av enue, or Wm. GUman, corner 4w st eetand l'a. a veri ue. in 10 LlOH is A L E? One weighing SCALE, of Marden'. Patent Li^good order, mitable for weighing Coal, Har] Two CARTS Fatnli>' CARRIAGE, in good order, built by Thomas Young, of this city. M PLOUGHS, Htirlburt'. patent The above article* will be sold together or sen aratcly, at a great sacrifice Enquire of U. B WARD, h1 ,(,-3t (Intel) l^th *t and C.ntl SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. JUSr,.W!!.,VE5-pJ,OM NKW Y?RK and JL h'^delphla. REFRIGERATORS WA COOLER^, ICh PITCHERS, FEATH ER DUSTERS, CHILDRKN'S CA^IS BIRD "HITE WASH, and all other kinds cf Bristle BRUSHES in Ufe; FISHING TACKLE w,"} B"S0Tt",C"t; together with a lar e sto<;k or building and housekeepers' HARDWARE comprising the greatest variety tobe found In any house in the city; all of which are offered a* low as they can be purchased In anycltylntheUnion J L SAVAGE, K ^'gn of the Golden Saw, m 10-Bt Pa. av. bet. 10th and llth street.. A CHANCE FOR YOUNG MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT. ITAVING BEEN FREQUENTLY SOLI A A cited to open a School for persons who may wish to learn Telegraphic Operating for a profes sion, I have consented to commence, on the 15th InsUnt, a course of lesbon. In that art It will take from one to three month, to learn the busl ne??. Situation, are always open for those who may be able to acquire the art, at salaries ranging from five to twelve hundred dollars, it jn a2dl tlon to their capabilities as operators, thev are h'roeu, reliable, and sober men Good and swift P'rismen preferred Terms twenty dollars, which lnclule. u.0 of the Instrument, batteri*. Ac tES1?1Chip* nZJ?,ad* J* l^ter form 10 ^ B TREE, Chief Operator Southern Telegrnh Of flee, comer Seventh and D struts, Washlnjrton, u- ^ m 10-eclw THIS. !,"J? ?IVE '""TICE, That the obtained from the Orphan's i-f? J, W ashlngton county, In the District of 1 olurnbia, letter* of admlnls'ratlon on tbe Per sonal Estate of Edward Wilbuim, late of Wash

ington county, deceased. All persons having elalrs* ag;iim>t the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before tbe Hlth day of May next; they may otherwlae by law be excluded from .11 benefit of said estate. Given under my hand this l?th day of May. l?36 JANE J. W1LBURN, m 10 law3w* Administratrix. J. F? CALDWELL, Dentist, IS LOCATED ON ELEVENTH STREET the second house from l'eonsylva nla avenue, next to Farnham'* book/B^B& ?tore, where helsre-dTto OF ON THE TEETH Be would rwpe^ffilfif Urrate that teeth though much diseased, however they nay ache, can be sived without destroylm! the nerve; the dt structlcn of the nerve Is the ciuw of more deep-stated pain, about the face and head. HI. mode of extracting teeth liTr*tl? more safe, and is attenled with mmtk a'td the infliction of Ions rain fhnn >?w dependent on keved ln.trument., pulllc?!J?r ft?! h?.?d IM 80?8riBg pain In the fore hf? riwrfdiai Would do wdl t? ?ubmlt to The mo#t aa'l?ft?tory Sfi.L ?an he seen as testimo nlnla of hi. skill in SS^So?.^ VSSTA 1 * LIST or K? ma ill infill tke Pint OfH". Wath t?gloM. U.C., Afijr 10, 1866 [Ordered to b? advertl*?-d In the " Evrmnt Star," agreeablalo the following seetIon of the Poat Office Law?it belag the new*pa|<er having the lari;Mt circulation of any daily i?ai*T pub lished in Washington: Smc. 5. And b4 it further tnnrtfd. That the list of letter* remaining unruled for in any pout office in uv city, tow#, or village. where news papers shall be printed, ahall, hereaftrr.be pub lished once onlv in the n?wspa|?er which, being Issued weekly* or oftcner, tkaill karg tht Inrgm rtrrulatierx within the range of the delivery of said office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office.] (^Ftroom ippljtnc forIttUrt to the following llat, will [iImmmj Uitj u< ivvuruu. 1>API FS' LIST. Armstrong. MaryA Parrlnf.MiesKataS M<?teMraBU*abeth Bank*. Mr* Ttwa Ftrniworlh.MrUU Moore, It r* It A Rurke, Mies a K Omtm, Ceaeita I. Polt*. Mrs Msir A, Bark*. Kllaa G Glllett, Mr* P A 1 rwJuu. Mlaa Hare la, Kmallns Olllau. Carta P P????y?ttaajs Urn-#, Ellen M Graham M issJaunls Parksr, Mr* H W Bai ??, Sarah J U Riot, In Wo A Brail, Hussn J Osnlner.Mrs Rally Rlddle.M iee#naan5 BrodleJSrsl>a"orMa Mllla, Mra G T Rear* a,Bra Kliaa Buller. Mlaa Ann* Mall, Itallau M bat* BndlongMlasAddleSHatl.Mtss arteuieata SmHh.Mrs W Casbr Baldwin, Mlaa P Hardso MleaMarr A Bpear. Mlaa bettie Bnchanan, l.ou'na Hane< n.MlasMame Blali t Beienford, Carolina K 1 Kpr?tM'?M?r j Ann Brran, Mra I. I? IT? .1 l?y. Mra Ann Smith, Hlaa Kratils ClaikMlasMadoraY Holleata.. Mra A Hmlth.Mra Sarah R Onle, Mra Martha HarlriglenMrsMarr Sweat. Mlaa Sarah Caldwell, Anna K Haaliltn, Baaan Ballleae, Mlaa Mar CogarlH, Mra Kllen Ham. Mra Matlldy (rat Cure, Mlaa Klieu Joaae.MrsLucyAua Bursas, Mra U A Pari ion, Clara Inn. Mra J H W Bayer, Mlaa Mary Cliarirton, Mra R H Islands, Mra Eliza- Thaw, Mra Joltn I Cuijitr, Mra be?l? TBckeoaMtaeMarg't Campbell Mr?Fl!?n Johnson,MtsRhoda Taylor, M aaa^a Con ueil Ml as Martha King, Mlaa A una A 1 albert, Mlaa Susan Olcfcsow, Mra S Ksane, Mlaa Path Towly, Mlaa a A llumtlnea.Mi * Oath Kaaw, Miaa Abo TannlaoaiM rsMary V ai Ina Kelly.Mrstlilakelh Tarton, Mrs Raclial Parly, Mlaa MaryR Lee, Mra Margret W righ t, MlaaMarylf UKia, MraCatlaariue Llulon,M "Karf M White, Mlaa Jeriua M Leydane, Mra M Ward Mra Jalla A Kliront, Mra K M L?selnghain, I.anra Wearer, Mlaa A H Sversflald.Mrat ha* Leighl*- tHIs.MaryWliana,MissHarrlet glllnstou. Aacnata M< Daniel. Mra Aiiu Wlnaar, Mis.Jana Fiak, Mia Harrel McCart), MraF A Warnsr, Mia Mar a Fale, Maria L M-Phersnn, Mra a Wataoa. Mtssl-oalsa FrauklluMlasSarah Mllla, Virginia WellierlU. Mlaa P Meade, Mrafttroaan Waarar, Aioanda H Foiaay.Mra Jamta L Millar, Klltabctli WateraltlaaAuaaiMla ntibngh.Mr* KUaa GKNTLEMEVR LIST. Andr?w?. A A in ry, IVn jr 1 Alextndrr, Loala Andarann, J t> Ayraa, J D Anderson, Gun A 1 Adaina, a W Rraldy, W'm Bayna. W B Brick, Wnt Bajby, R B Kadan. Jamaa T Bornaan, Jaa a Bau on, Joo B ftat.ka, Jtio P II ook, Jio B llurka, Jamaa Bowan, James L Botteber, T T Bowea, it B<x>kiiian, H D Brewster, H P Boa, M P BiUe, Genrxe Bur/aaa F. H Bradford, Kdmncd Kyrno, Harld Bowlii, D*nl Bem.\u, It K J Bi-rr, Rev Chaa C Butler, Baa H Bradley, Amliroaa Brnwn, Rev A G Chxpln. I.uiliar Callan I.awienca Cameron, J I'iary, Win 0?wlng, Win ColUna, Dr W Carter, W B Cl'rk, Thads S l>??, Sam) CoDnell, Patrick Clemraw, Mr r.xik. J ii j H Cheatney, James 3 Conner, Juo Craser, J?rol> W Conner. Jno T C;rr, Jacob S C->n. ora, James Clark. S Clark, Hiram B Clark, U Irani K iVifi lelasur, Gto CnrMs, Ga i T Clark, R 'Iiiealiur, K f'lu-e, II a j Haa ''oo|??r, !> K Clialiuera, C D B l?iilln. Wm R 2 l?U, I'Ilea H tlorntn, Capl T A Dortan, Tti.is H tlere^i; R g Daria, Richard l?ain|>?ay, Patrick n?nohoe, Mlriael Halites, I,oii!a f)rain?, J C He la Cumi., J Oaver, J W 9li, Or J Koaa l??*la, Geo R r?ad?, Frank T l>enn aon, Chaa P Henniaoa, C W !>wjar. Aii'lmny I'aly, P?trl.<k *vaaa, Huu Mr Erana. R S KUloU, K bertC Rrcictt, Richard Krerts. J no W r dwarda, F II Kahelman, F B Freeman, t> J Treuch, P Ii Fenton, M H Ke?rey, Jno Galfnay, M'-hael Green, L W Glbaoa, J A Galloway, J H GllleU, Jonatlian Gordon, L* G A Gnrnbaf. Fa ten Genet, R 0 Geary, Daalal Grant a, R B Haraden h Co Harris, Mr Hall. W J a Oo Harris, Wm I. Howard, Win G HarrU, Wl'ey P Hongh, Wm Hawlay, Selh C n arr, M Hart M G * MrCarailck, Jas McCrarken, W M M. Rlf.aah. Z L New kirk. Wm Northrop, MAI Mlcbolson, Jn? P 3*orr1a, Rar J W Nortfc, Jaa T Xavton, H A O Toole, Jaassa O'Day, Jna Old, Or Hatlowa'l PaaKbnra, Cap! X P..well. T R Tadiatt, The* Prantlas. Otl? D PotM. Mr Phillip. M D Parrott, M J Pin na, Jan Hry worth I jiwrtoce Perahean H 2 Hall, J no C 1 Hera, James llansbaw, MaJ J C Hurley, J W Hamilton, Gan Jas' Howlaad, T A HuStluKS, Geo llailock, Gerard Hickman, Oeu H Hall, n II H*rr?ll, Lt A D I Humphries, Capt Hill. A J Ilowatd, Amiaa W Harrey, A H He<l(|??, A F Johnson. Wm Incraham. T Joa-pli, S II Ingram, Jainoe A Johuaon, J L Jonaon, Jesse 3 Jav'keon, Ueo E Incraham, R P Iiigrsham, B T Joiies, Aaroa King, D Ker, Stual Ring. Thos B R night. Jamtf A Rai'y, Jdo Rnlght. Jno E F J Pear win, T>o* A Kiimim, Qei R Lnc?? Wm I>otl?, Wm J Lally, F T Loiigdon, J D I.ycet, Jno Lee, Jdo H I/etdi. Harry Laue, Geo W Lljhtro<jt, Oeo Lauq, Francis Pollard, Chaa T Padgett, Bentoa Persons. B W Powers, A G Queen, Th?e Uneea, W H Catalan, TlmotUf k) an. Rev W M D It. tkrcblld. Wui R HI, Wm B Retlay, Ti.aa B K?n tell, x O Rich, timl h P Robinson, Jno P Ileynolda, J N R~lfMd, H J Uolisrta, Geo W Hi, sell, Col O C I R' n ria< n, Idward Raid, lir D B Blie by A Oo Rlngle'on, U M Ha^e, Wm Mont ? Shore. W W 9 Soydera, w n Bargaant. Tli -a D Ha? ynr. Or 8i?ney 2 builtu, Mai Tin, jr Smith, Mr Hnnlth Juo Hlbly. J W \ Hleveni, J H MlnN, Ja? 7. Hteeena, Jauies E Sale Jno t Swener, J H Bhombre. U J Heldeu. H R hrr.ber, Geo * Htevana, K C Smith A F.lwarda btanaburq. Darid Raladea, C W 1 Hkluner, Oias Streate, Col A Lewis, Cb.lsnplier Boraa, Chaa Llpp'iard, A Btuart, Air.ns Lawrenca, Alex t Sullivan, Win Tbos Maxwell, James G Tripp, W R Murray, Wm 2 Taylor, N G Mendenliall, Wm P Taction, L A Francis, J Kraakliu Moral, K Murphy. W W Millar, 8 II Mvk, 3 B Moore, B M Morgan, Rev R Murnliy, Je'anrlah Moirorty, Patrick Mnrr. y, J Miller, Jot Mathews, Re* JlcI>;Willi lluiphy, Jaa 8 Malato?t?, Jos Mnncblson, J A L Manklns, Juo Morgan, Jno IIadd, J II C Mti'?s, J U Wott, ii a Ml la, H Floyd, Juo G Maokin, D D Fran, e, J E Meema, Bargh raaer, Jno Mntlae, Andrea Fries, Ignatius McArthur, A Ford, J H McCaaktll, Haruel Flynn, Jno McCarry, D E Folk. G?o R McGIII, J C Goods, W H Mi Kenna, J T Gsrrett, ''ol W 11 2 McKauny. James Gilt. Dr W W 4 McAills.ar, M Gorbntt, W II Glddings, 8 8 INITIALS?Cotton I'laat, 2; Invalid, I; K. K. M.iy 10, l^g. j A3, o BERRET, P. Tieadwsr, I. D Thompson, 8 J Town.ey, J D Thomas, Juo Toleon. Hat ry Towne, Gardner Thcmpaou, Edward Thomas, A W Taylor, Andrew a, Jao G Wsda, H, a Co Waters, Rav W H Wllaon, W B Wood, Theo I. 2 Waali'ngtou, P H Wood, N H Wa-.emaii. N T Wllaon, K 8 Washlugton, L W Wyatt, Jno ?, Wilson, James B Wallace. Jno Wet?a, Ji o E Wllluiason, J U White, Jno, A Son Walter, Hanry 2 Wolf, Gutfrled We'n. Franklin Williams, D R Waters, 1* R McGu'nneaa, Mlcli'l Watson, DL I McGIII, P M Whltlock, Prof A L?*T or LETTERS RKMAIM1NU I?* the "CITY D KM PATCH " LADIRH LIST. Colllson. Miss M French Mrs O llnmplneys, Mra B Katon,MisMartha P Harris, Ml;s Fr'eH V:us.n,#iss Foieeta Rdwaids.Mlas Ucsa GENTLHMEN8 LlaT Alp' onso, B Freeman, Geo Abt<er>~roiiit>ia,Alex Gwynu, J N Hnll, C d I? M lieall, Bcnj B Br. wn. A U Clnl>?, Jno I, Clu-key,C ? A'loas, Judga /. N Cleiihorn, He* M Callahan, John Foertae It, Jos C Karnuui, Rod ii*.v Henderson, Gen . Harris, John Hampton, L W Hartmann, P Hnuter, Wm O Jeffei ?on, Tlios Jonas, W Brook I Jndsy, R-?bt, 2 Matian, Alex Nlrholsoo, Urr. U 8 Pa'mar, Wm R Ranlott. H H Bcrogglus. G W maeens, J W Rtedman, Chaa T"laon, I) Worcester, Lawia Washlngt-'n. W li Williams, n A m 10 It 32* FEU If. AVENUE. Bf>YSCLOTBINe ?WEHAVK THIS DAY opened a large asaortreent of Youth". Bnyg, and Children* Bpring and f*uiiiinfr clothing to which we would Invite (he attention of pnrcha>e!r* generally. WALL A 8TKPHKN8. in 9- 822 Penn avenue, nert to Iron Hall. rAIKLAIIU DAI It Y MILK. PURE COUNTRY MILK THP.ICK A DAY from Palrlanl Dairy Farm, warranted of the very best quality, and NOT WATKRKD, can be had at No. 10th ttreef, near Pran avenge. Also. CREAM and BUTTER rf a superior quality (m 9 3t?) O. V. DU RFEE A CO. D ? YOU WISH TO KNOW THE FU TURK??If ho. call at 2<6 C street, between 13tn a-d 13^, and opposite Ellin's FouadiV. ^ our past life will be reviewed and your fnUne foretold, and. If aiimarrit d, what kind of hn?b*nd or wife will fall to your lot. m tf-3t AC ARD ?THE ATTENTION OF TeR 8<"ns desiring to panhaae a very atiperioT three-story brick house and handsome bufldlm; Lot is respectfully Invited to the sale which will take place on MONDAY, next, the 12th instant, at 5 o'clock p m., in ftont of the premiaee, rf thnt fine bricK house and lots situated at the corner of lotIx street we#t and N street north. The sale will be worthy their attention. For farther par ticulars see advertisement. A. 6REKN, m D-d Auotioneer IRON HALL Baot, Shoe, aid Traak Establluhmemt, Pa. a???u? btltpun 9tk and lOtA Hi. iiii t%nt i ft JUST RECEIVED A LARGE A9SORMRNT of 6entlemen'a Imported French Gai ters, >lolln-Vllle Shoes, manufactured by Mel us Pans, for my own sales Call early and examine my stock. I have alio, I adieu' whole and half Gaiter* at 50 cents ar d f 1, made by McCurdy, "oilglnai'' est SI 65 Children's Shoee at37^c., old style. My stock of Traveling Trunka, VaUsts, Carpet Ba<;s, Ac , is the largest in the city. ~ 8. P HOOVER, ; v Iron Hall. Call on in 9 ALNWICK FRENCH AND ENGLISH FE MALE SEMINARY, FOR BOARDING PUFILS. SITUATED SIXTEEN MILES ON THE Jr B*ltttnore and Washington Railroad and Turnpike, and two miles south of the village of Laurel. BtoppUg place at Contee's Switch M A. TYSON k BISTERS respectfully in form their patrons and others that It Is their in tention to close permanently their day school in the city on the 21st April, and that the summer teim of their Alnwick Institution wlli open on M ON DAY, May 5th 1 Applications may be made b> letter tddresscd to the Laurel Port Oflce, Md N. B ?Every facility is afforded fur the acqui sition of the French Language and Music. ap -lldtJ unel LATEST NEWS FROM FARIS. \TADAME C. PRIBRAM AND DAUGHTER Pa. avenue, No. 277, between 10tb^ and Uth sta .inform the ladles in Wash ington that they have reoelvad. with thel last steamer from Europe, the latest fash ion Spring MILLINERY and BONNETS, Ac., from Paris. _ ap 1*?lna NATIONAL TIIKATRK KUNKF.L A CO . JOHN T FORD MILKMANAUKR JOB JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGER. rilCU or tDMlMIOR Boxe? and Parquet ? cents 'Family Circle end Galleries Mcents. Positively the last re preecntstlon of HORSE SHOE B0BIN8OH, Which will be performd with the moral play cf THE DRUNKARD THIS E V EN IN6, Mar UK* To commence with the great play of THE DRUNKARD. Edward Mlddleton Mr BonUece Bill Danton Mr. J< To conclude with the National Di HORSE-SHOE ROBINSON On MONDAY the great drama of THE SEA OF ICE! IDT The Bo* Sheet for the aale of Seats wiH be open every day. Office hours be tween > a. m. and ip.m H FIEST GBAVD EXCURSION * PIC HIC OF THE SEASON! The members of the empire club take erest pleasure in announc- ? ItK to their friends and the piibtlf^siAtfiCL in ^e-eral th?t th?v will give an Excursion ard Pic Nlr to the White House Pavilion on THURS DAY, May 15. The Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON wlU leave Georgetown ft 7#, Washington Pjf, Blag, den's Wharf 9, snd Alexandria at 9% a. m Cojrhes will leave 1. and 7th *t . F and 7th st , Itth atreet and Pa avenue, at * ?Mock. Superior CotlDon Mualc has been engaged for the occasion. Dinner and Refreshments will be finished by an experienced caterer Tlckfts ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle man and lad'es? to be had of the members of the club. Coin mittit of Arrtngfmtuil. I Morrlce, C M Murphy, G B Bell, J A Butler, J 8 Ingram, A H Hill. m 5-5t AR1ETY HALL!?TH1B ELEGANT AND newly fitted H sills now offered for rent Iter BaPa, Concerts, Fairs, Ac. Every care will be taken to make th!a central snd convenient Hall the most attractive place In the city, by a pr?rer ard efficient management. Apply to W. W ALL of Wall A Stephens. apfift lm V LADIES' ( ABAS, WORK BOXES, RET1 eules, Lily White, Bracelets, Chita Orna ment*, Toilet Bottles, Pomades. Ac , for sale low at (m99t) LAMMOND'S,7th st. FERIVIANUIANU at the lowest cash market prj a^ COLUMBIAN GUA NO, containing large proportions of neutral PnosrHATEor Li mi and free Pnosmoaic Ann, In bags of 100 lbs. cach. SUPER-PHOSPHATE OF LI ME in bags of 1?0 lbs. each, or labarrc's as preferred ALLEN'S CELEBRA TED REAPINO AND MOWING MACHINE tbar caanot dot Every description of PLOWS AND AGRI CULTURAL A HOR TICULTURAL IM PLEMENTS A full assortment of __ the cho'cest FIRLD A k\A\f pl GARDEN SEEDS. ~ A R L. ALLEN, 169 and 191 W ater st , x New York. NeWvYork, May Tth, IW.-mMt ST K AT K U FRO>l THK NEIUHROK. hood otH street, a Brown HORSE., with a white ftgot on the forehead, ard^ the two hind legtsrhlte A reward of St wit given to any one wtivwlll return hint to me, No 313 D street, near 12th; opposite the Klrkwood House. mB-3t? GEORGE GLORIOUS A CARD.?DOCTORS W. B MAGRUDER and D. R HAGNER have entered Into part nership for the practice cf the various branches of their profession. Office 209 H street, between lfcth and 19th Dr. Maurcdbb's residence la on Pennsylvania avo n<ie, near 21st street; Dr. Haosbb's text door to the office m8-9t FOURD-A SMALL AMOUNTOF MONEY was found on Tuesday last The person who lost It csn have It by proving their property, and paying for this advertisement Apply at J^SSi AS P LEVY'S Wine, Liquor, Cigar and Grocery H'xre, No. 474 Pennsylvania avsnue. between 3d and l)i street. m 8-3t FIRE '-FIRE '!?FIRE WILDER'S IRON SAFES WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER Invoice of Wilder*? celebrated IRON SAFES, with Rich "a Improvement. TbeseSaf<? are saperior to any manufactured In this country, having stood the test of some of the hottest fires that have ever occurred ; certifl a?es of which are constantly coming in. two of the latest of which we have subjoined: RAILROAD FREIGHT DEPOT BURNT. ? Nsw Yoti, May 2. 1*66 Meters Stsarm A Makvin. Gentlemen :?On the morning of the 1st Instant, the Freight Office, with a portion of the four Mory Freight Depot of the New York ai:(l New Haven Railroad wa* entirely destroyed by fire One of your WILDER PATENT S\ FES, pur chased by the Company, August 19, 1SS0, fully sustained Us reputation a* a fire proof article, by preserving In excellent condition the booka, pa |>ers and other valuables It contained The *test wa* a severe one?the triumph of your Safe complete R**i?ectfully, CHARLES ROCkVSELL, Freight Agent N . Y. A N H. Railroad. ? Exposed IS hoars. GOLD STREET FIRE' N iw Yobs, April 11, IBM. Messrs St&abns A Makvin. UentlemtMi ?One of your SALAMANDER SA^E*, WUders Patent, wa* severely tested, by the destruction by fire of our 1'scklng Box Manu factory. Aos 41 and 42 Gold street, which oc curred fastnl^bt The bulldlug6wt9(efi>ur stories high, filled with lumber and boats, which cre ated an immense heal The S fc was iocattd on the secoud floor, and feH to the first, wh're it remained eleven hours ?mid the burning ruins; aud on being taken out, cooled and opened, the contents, consisting cf books aud valuable paper*, were found in rood condition, untouched by lire, and perfectly legi ble . l'le?f? w.d another Salamander to our manu factory, 128 Chur h street, and oblige, ? Yours, respectfully, LOWERRE, HAWLEY A CO. Theoe SALAMANDERS, secured by the "LA BELLE" POWDER AND BURGLAR PROOP LOCK, and of every desirable sixe. with Improved finish, for sale at reduced prices by the subscribers HOWELL A STR1BLINA, Agents, Senthwest corner of High snd Water sts., m a-lw Georgetown, D. C. NEW GROCER Y STORE. MORGAN Ar BRO.. ? Wa. 434 Seventh street, betwsen e and H, Have in store, and will continue^ o keep, a general and well ae ected assortment of fine GRO CER1ES, WINES, LIQUOKS, ClUAKS Ac., to which they beg leave to call the attention of their friends and the public In general, feeling satl?fl"d that all who may favor them with a call will find It to their Inure-1 to purchase They would enumerate In part cf which they have on hand? SUGARS?Loaf, Crashed. Pulverised, Gnndu. lated. Clarified and Brown SIRUP AND MOLASSES COFFEES? Javs, Marrlcabo, Rio, Ac TEAS?Gunpowder.Imperial, Young Hyaon aad Black, some very fine SPICES of evtry description, ground and cn ground Patent, Sperm, Adamantine and Mould CAN DLES TOBACCO, CREESE. Ae LIOUORS?Superior London Dock and Pale Brandy. Old Rye Whisky. Jsissies Gin, Ac WINES???ld Port. Sherry, and Madeira of the very best quality, Sweet Malaga, Lisbon, and other Wines CIGARS of different brands, some verv fine FAMILY FLOUR?Welch and ether choice brands Extra superfine FLOUR Together with all such articles usually found ! n s Grocery Store A share of the public patronage Is sollcl'ed m 7-4t CAST OFF CLOTH 121ft ANA | i\ Address, through Post Office, tc'Mr. Taller.?? m7-lni* N. B ?Wanted. a Hand to insist at Tailoring Mid Repairing. vast urr iLUTHlflH DOUOHT AND SOI J) AT 76 LOUISL avenue, opposite Holmead's Grocery,