9 Temmuz 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

9 Temmuz 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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KVTNINO STAR. ^OCAL LKTKLLIQENufr. r J HiiBWT A*n Kbatijg Cas*.?Long Arc the hour assigned for the opening of h Criminal Court (11 a. in.) the court room ? pr>wded. in anticipation of the opening Vtfce trial of P T Herbert, charged with the ?rder of Thomas Keating. At twenty min ?* ra5t eleven a m., Herbert was brought u> /- in the jail and placed in the prisoner's ye was speedily surrounded by his r rtds andoounsel Mr Wm Carey Jones d ex-Oo* McDougal, of California, stepped *ver the railing and Mated themselves in the Lt by the prisoner The court room was found 00 oppressive in , , i, .uenee of the heat and crowd, that it was f und necessary to bring in carpenter# to take wn the blinds and throw open the great ->hern window, and an officer was stationed 3, the window to prevent the crowd from 00 .gpving the position. Messrs Bradley, Ratcliffe, and Hon. Percy Walker appeared for the defence, and the District Attorney for the United States. Xhe names of the following witnesses were called for the United States : Thos. Broduck, jthn Edbrigbt. Charles Quinn, Jerry Rior dan. Michael Dougherty, G. De Venois, Mi chael Carroll, Patrick Keating, John Redig, Francis A Maynard, James Quinn, Dr Thos Miller. Dr Frederic Warren of Mass., Henry \ Wiilard, John Riely. The indictment being read to the prisoner, be answered " not guilty" in a low, but firm tone . The calling a jury was then entered upon, and the regular panel having been exhausted, it wm found that but five jurors had been fworn. viz : Edward M. Edehn, John T. Brad ley John Scribner, Enoch Moreland, John tessford, jr , the balance not being qualified, 1 either through having formed orexpressed an opinion, or lacking the property qualification, or were challenged peremptorily by counsel. Those disqualified or challenged on the reg ular panel were Benedict Miburn, Rexin Beck, Archibald R. Quantrill, Thomas Sylvester, Thomas Lundy. Samnel T Drury, Samuel Phillips, John S. Devlin. Thomas J. Davis, William Clary, Samuel McKnight, Henry (1. Murray, Thomas E. Baden, James B Hol mead. Leonidas Bowen. Joseph S. Worthing ton, William A. Kennedy, Geo D. Spencer, Jacob Harsh man, Geo. Harvey, John W. Ott, David W. Oyster, Alexander M. Smith, Aaron Devine. Up to the time of going to press no acces giwLS have been made to those already sworn upon the jury, and it is probable that consid able time will be occupied in the attempt to cmpannol a jury. Thb Lxamisatioji of Wm. Sullivan and John Kg^leston, for killing C W. Bell alias Casper Kohrrran, was commenced this morn ing. at about noon, before Justice Dan'l Smith and John H. Ooddard. Mr. Martin, attorney at law, appeared for Sullivan. There was a large crowd around the prison windows, ap parently interested in the proceedings in pro gress there. At 20 minutes to 12, Eggleston and Sullivan were brought into the room. The witnesses for the United States were removed to the passage, away from the trial room. George Beckert sworn ?In the evening about 8 o'clock, four or five men came to the window and asked for something to drink ; afterwards heard swearing and slapping with hands; I went out and saw one with a knife ; outside the hou*e ; saw some one have some thing ; thought it was a knife; don't know who bad it; some one of the party said to me you are the one that struck tnat follow ; after 1 went in the house, looked out the window and some one threw a tumbler at me; after this Keese said the Captain is cut; saw him lying on the floor bleeding; don't know who done it: thought Sullivan was in the bar room ; there was no fight in there previously ; did not see Bell till he was cut. Germans to be examined, Mr. B. Shadd was sworn as interpreter. Conrad Eost sworn.?The first he saw was those men (Eggleston and Sullivan) with others coming in; one kicked up a fuss out side the house, one man (Myers) was knocked down, and then jumped upon by the whole party and beat, they then want to the window and threw glasses at Beckert on the inside; Sullivan was the last of the party who left; he had a light in his hand, and was about to throw it into Beckert's house; he did not, however, but set it down ; after he set the candle down he left the window and went toward Captain Bell, who was standing with his baek t?? the window, at about ten feet off; be came to Bell and struck him in the back; Sullivan did it; he bad something in his hand, it looked like a knife; is sure it was Sullivan; Sullivan came behiud Bell; was about ten feet from Bell; Bell turned and went into the passage; saw Bell after he was struck; did'nt hear Bell speak after; did'nt speak when he w;is struck: saw no one standing near Sulli van or Bell; Sullivan had all his clothes on ; ^ioue of Sullivan's party were near at the time; two Germans, beside himself, near by. The person who struck Bell came back to the house, a^ked for his hat; couldn't iden tify any of theothers of tho party; can partic ularize Sullivan, bocause he was at the win dow before the act; Sullivan went and talked with others ; I went to Bell and put my hand on him ; the party who came in were lighting with Myers and Thoma; learned their names afterward. A E. L. Keeso sworn.?Was employed on the 4th inst , by Beckert, to preserve order; when I got there Capt. Bell was standing at the door receiving tickets; stayed there until near eight o'clock; everything was quiet ex cept a slight skirmish at about seven o'clock ; saw Isaiah Stewart, Daniel Stewart, Jiggle eton, Sullivan, Ranggy Junes, and Eslin, sit ting behind the music stand; Jones was very drunk, and some one put him on the table behind the stand to sleep; asked the Captain how they got in, and if they paid; told the Germans to keep away from them that they were in liquor and likely to raise a fuss; about half-past eight o'clock Eggleiton asked me what time it was: I looked at my watch and told him; noticed Wm. Thoma there with a little stick in his hand ; Sullivan jerked it out of his hand; that created a difficulty, and Sul livan was about to strike Thoma. [Here we were forced to close our report, Mr. Keese still being on the witness' stand. | At one o'clock a large number of witnesses were to be examined, and the hearing likely to occupy the entire afternoon. The Gas Light Compart?Tbis compary is now organized, as follows : President and Trea-urer, George W Rig^s; Secretary in charge of office. Ac , Jos. F. Brown ; Manag ing Foreman, or Superintendent, Wm Bond. Uf Mr. Riggs' high character, energy, and liberality, it is unnecessary to speak in this community, and a better selection for the re sponsible position could not havo been made. Mr Brown has been Secretary of the Board of Directors for many years, and is one of the largest stockholders of the company. He possesses tho peculiar talents required for the management of the office concerns, and we hazard the prediction that in a few months the affairs ot the company will show a very material improvement in more respects than one. Mr. Bond has been for twenty-nine ^ears connected with the gas light company of Bal timore?for the last dozen years as managing foreman, and is thoroughly acquainted with the gas business in every department, and we are much mii-taken if, under his superinten dency. the city will again be buried in Cim merian darkness, as it was last April, from, as we believe, the want of knowledge or at tention on the part of the then superintendent We learn that one of the directors, Col. Free man, late of the army, (a very large stock holder.) has been giving much of his time and peculiar qualifications frr the business to wards sycteui&tuing the affairs of the company in every department, and w? are confident both the company and public will soon expe rience material improvement'' from his labors. The Board have declared a dividend of five per cent (one dollar per share) on the par value of the stock, out of the earnings of the company for the last j>ix months, payable on the lith inst. Thi* i? destined very shortly to be the m< st valuable stock iu the country, and we recommend our citizens ?ho have money to invest to purchase at once an in terest in the company. Watch Retirss.?W. Ball, drunk and disorderly; workhouse thirty days. Tr* Dispitci Post.?Our fellow clti.?. are rapidly coming to avail themilTesof thl many substantial conveniences and advanta ges growing out of the reoent establishment of a well managed City Dispatch Post in^.k i-gtoD elty. D.ny;Wrr?,T[,5.!"b; commonic.Hoi.. forw.rded to ui Ihroueh th.t ;ffs r.^ & eh* ???"*?> rrec^lt h*!f jv, tbe cit* P?8t office> *?d at thUftZ inder6 rln' An,d fQrther>tho fact find a k wm a.lm?8t an* locality of Ki> -j "patoh box within a square or so of his residence; while, if e-saying to send hi letter through ihe city po?t office, he xnay have 5 must Wh? H i?acb,ngthe box in which in.ES - dropped to that end. Nothing iitin^ing a.Sroat?r improvement upon ex* isting conveniences of our city has gone into nibns !?? h*re 8,nc? '?* establ'?hnieSt of om nibus lines in the Federal Metropolis In a a*"0 ftC' generally appre* Gm Hbhdiesoh a*d Corps.?We are in SrS?)} ihat veteran commandant of the orov,lf ftMv.Marine CorP8 had a fine provided for his troops, on tho 4th inst , in tbe w^*Ck':ai th0 Yard A? tho men were seated at the table with their irallant commander, and they passed the day most ?<!?? 7 Everything good to eat and drink was provided for them, and speeches, toasts, Ac , abounded, den. Henderson is much esteemed by the Marine Corps, and a compliment to the men from this brave vet eran is properly appreciated by them. May he live to adorn and command the corps a thousand years! - F nl" ?U/i?B1RT ?*IAL.-We hear that the District Attorney has given his assent to the proposition of the brother of Thomas Keating, ?" ' V? ?PP'0J assistant counsel for the prosecution in the Herbert oase, and that bv to-morrow morning the brother expects the presence of Mr. James T. Brady, or some other leading counsel from New York, in answer to his telegraphic despatch to hU friends in that city. Correction.-?The affair in which Captain Bell was recently killed did not occur at " The Park," but at Mr George Bookharfs "Oak Grove, 'or (in the German) Eich rnwold?a house and grounds of entertainment in the immediate vicinity of " The Park.'' We make ! nTu1?? af bein? d?e to th? landlord of J. he irark, where no disturbances have oc curred Assaults, Ac ?Daniel Fitzmorris and Mar garet Fitzgerald were arrested for assault and disturbing the peace ; both were held to secu rity for peace by Justice Smith. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, July 9.1350. Notwithstanding the very unfavorable state of tho weather yesterday, the spacious hall at k -ir TjT College was crowded by a brilliant and intelligent audience, composed of citizens of the District and from the sur rounding country, to witness tho exercises of the annual commencement. The young or ators, one and all, acquitted themselves in a manner which perfectly delighted their hear ers, and was creditable to their Alma Mater. Among the speeches which elicited loud and universal applause was the " Battle of Iena." by John F Marrion ; " Genius Developed by Circumstanoes," by Harry B tutree. A. B ? and " Fort Christina," byJas.D Dougherty' The last-named speaker, though of Celtic parents, done no discredit to the character he assumed, viz : the Dutchman ; and kept his bearers completely convulsed with laughter during the entire delivery of his speech. The valedictory, by John Rieckelmaun, was ex cellent, and proved tbe author to be a youne man of no ordinary calibre of mind and talent The annual address of the Philodemic Society, yrru j Alemong> was also excellent. The degree of A. M was conferred on the .ollowing?Michael D Dimetry, of Louisiana; Lugene Casserly, of California ; Harvey Bau tree, of the District of Columbia; Manuel Garciade Zumga, Uraguay; R. H. Gardener, of Maryland ; Jas. M Spellissey, of Ireland ; F. Waters of Kentucky; George H Dyer, of Maryland; and Joseph H. Blandford, of Maryland. The degree of M D. was conferred on Ja?. V i0rdan> ?f Vir2in?a ; Francis S. Barberin, of the District of Columbia ; Charles Gerard of France ; John Malone, of Ireland, and C. M Hammett, of Maryland. The degree of A B. was conferred on John Rieckelmann. of Ohio, and John F. Callan, of the District of Columbia. Handsome gold medals were awarded four of the students in the class pursuing the sec ond course of philosophy. A note was received from President Pierce apologising for his inability, in consequence of the inclemency of the weather and press of official business, to be present, as was expect ed. and informing them of his regrets at tbe unexpected disappointment A very lar^e number of very handsome premiums were dis tribotcd among the more proficient pupils by the Rev. M. CTGill. Among the guests we noticcd Secretaries Campbell and McClelland At an election for Directors of the Farmers and Mechanics' Bank, held on Monday, Col. m Doughty was elected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr 0 M Linthioum ibis .Bank has declared a dividend of six per cent, for the last six months On the above named day Col. B. Ogle Taloe as elected a Director in the Metropolitan Kailroad company, in tho place of John T Towers, Esq. One of the most remarkable illustrations of the noble qualities of the Newfoundland dog came under my observation yesterday morn ing. During the previous night, his compan ion, a small terrier, bad been killed by one of the police. The Newfoundland, having missed him in the morning, went in search of him. and, finding his old playfellow and com panion dead in the street, he quietly laid him self down by him, where he remained patiently watching for several hours, every few minutes touching him gently with one of his fore paws, as it trying to rouse bim up, and then car essing him affectionately by licking him about the head and mouth. Tbeoonduct of this poor dumb animal was truly touching, and might serve to teach many a rational being now in our midst|a useful lesson. All surrounding nature seems to berejoioicg this morning in the beneficial effects cfthe re freshing showers of yesterday Flour has considerably advanced ; and hold ers are firm this morning at Sft.75a$7 for good standard brands. No sales of wheat since our last upon which we could have reliable quo tations. Corn 4oa5()c for yellow and white. Spectator. The Difficulty- Settlkp ?It is said that John Van Buren is about to wed the only daughter of the late John C. Calhoun ? Post. " The only daughter of the late John C. Calhoun" will hardly thank the newspapers for giving her two husbands at once. "Prince John" must defer his pretentions until the Hon. Mr Clemson, of Maryland, shall have " shuffled off this mortal coil " before he can even have " a showing" with the brilliant, accomplished and dignified matron referred to in the above paragraph.?Boston Cottrier. If the papers should happen to subtitute "tho only daughter of the late Gov. McDuffie," it might settle tho difficulty. We have some doubts, however, as to the propriety of parad ing such matters before thepublic eye.?Penn sylvanian. Then why do you parade them ? More Camels for Texas ?The United States steamship Surprise, now lying at the Navy Yard, is to be sent again in a few weeks for a reinforcement to the stock of camels brought in by her on bur last trip, and landed in Texas for tbe United States Government uses. It has been found that the experiment succeeds admirably, and that for the transfer of the United States stores across the plains of Texas tbe camel is perfectly fitted, and withstands the soil and climate of the country without any difficulty. Thus far only thirty five have been brought. It is intended in the next trip to bring fifty.?N. Y. Times. IV A young man named Crittenden was taken into eustody on Saturday last while at tempting to pass a forged check for the sum of >525 at the bank of \ irginia, Richmond. He bad previously obtained $50 from the bank for a check which was also forged. $750, principally in gold, and several forged ohecks for various amounts were found in hia posses sion. lETTfitiBMy if Dartar O. Batcher. (?Rim Has*, Pceahonua Go., April 10th, IMS. GenUa?an .?Some few month* alura a patient applied to in* for asatloal advice, afflicted with a (ever* fjrm of Bacon dary ?Tphlll* 'be had bean under the charge of two pbyat clani without deriving relief.. I commenced u*1n* the reg nlar r?me1le* ef the profeeelon, but tha dl*ea?e stubbornly reetated all my effort*. Tha reputation of Carter'! 3pani?h Mixture having reached me, and belag pereonally acquainted with yonraclTea, I determined to give it ? trial. I did ao, and In a abort Una lta good effeota wera evident, and three bottlaa cored talm. Aa an act of Juatlca to lufTerlng humanity, I cannot with hold my teatlmmy to lta virtue# aa an alternattvaand i mmpt purifier of the blood, and take pleaanre In recommending It' to the profeaalnn and the public generally. Jy l lm Yuara reapectfully. 0. Bl'TCHKR, M. D. U^SllTer War# Manafaetary*? I am bow ma'mfacturlng very *up*rter article* In the way of Sterling HILVF.R WA UK. vis Forke, Hp >oni, HoblaU. Onpa. Ac , which cannot exc?>l*d in thla aectt-.n of conn try. Ale< . for aale, every variety of fine Watolie*. of the moat celebrated maker*, and a complete apartment of rich Gold Jewelry. Fine Watch repairing of every deaer'ptlmi done In the be"! manner, by experienced and comprtaat workmni, and guar antied to give aatlafactiou.' No. 139 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th atreet*. Mgn of the Large Spread K.tg'e, Jy f?r H. 0. HOOD. ICT t'rMfi.?The m*at effeetaal Rem edy for Crampa In the Stomach, Cholera Morbua, cr aiy other atomach derangement, la the free uae of Dr. HObTKT TER'9 STOMACH BITTRR9. The coming aeason generally bring* it* periodical dlaeaaaa, all of which can be avoided by a timely nae of theee Bitter* Therefore, every fatally ahouln be *upplled with them In time. Aa a family med icine they have no eqaal. Their medical virtue* have been teated by eur moat eminent pbyalclana, and adopted in their practice whenever a tonic la reqnired. For aale by Drug gtata generally. [JyS-tr] J. X. CALLAW, Ag't. 0*Cilr*tf af Magnesia, aa agreeabla refrigerant aad laxative, now axtenalvely ueed on the contl nenta of Kurope and America, manufactured dally, Soda Fountain*, of a new and highly approved conatructlnn A choice lot of Havana Cigar*; with a full ?npply of fine Per fumery, Hair Bruahea, Comb*. Shaving Brushes, and Toilet Good* gauerally. Ju*t received, of direct importation, at I I.M AN'S New Drug Store, SSO Pennsylvania avenne. Je JO?tr {?"Coathi, A at lint a, Bronchitis.?Joha L. liKOWN k SON .?Gentlemen : A knowledge of the man ner In which varloua article* ol the Materia Medlca were combined by you to form the " BaowmtAi. TaocHca," led me, three or four yea re ilnce, to adopt their nee. The revnlta have beeu each a* to Induce me to continue the practice, be lieving them of great benefit In many alTertlon* of the Bron chial organ*. Yoara, etc., J. F. W. Lask, M, D. Boiton, September 1. 1SS1. Person* requiring a really good and long-tried article, and one that can be depended upon aa an effectual Cvugt> Lo xenge, and being made from the pnre*t material*, will And Brown * BRONCHIAL TROCHK3 to be what they are rep reientel. Put np In boxee and aold at 2!> centa each, by DruggUt* generally, throughout the L'nited State* and Can ada. BARNES A PARKS, J. MILHAU, New York. Ageuta. For t>ale in Philadelphia by P. BROWN; New Orlean*. J. SYMRS; Chicago, J. H. RKED A CO; Waahlngton, J.N. CALLAN. jy 5?tr The Ureat Russian Remedy.?Pra BONO PI" BLICO.?" Kvary mother ahould have a box In tha hcuae handy In cm. of aecldauta to the children." BUDDING'S RTS8IA 8AI.VK. It 1i a Boiton remedy of thirty year*' itaudlng, and 1* re commended by phyalcian*. It i* a inre a<id f peed;* care for Burns, Pile*, Boll*, Corns, F?don*, Chi. bains, and Old Scree of every kind; for Fever Sorea, I'lcer*, Itch, Scald Head, Nettle Ra?-h, Bunion*, Sore Nipple, (recommended by nuraea,) WWtlown, Stlee, Feater*. Fi?a Bite*. Spider Sting*, Frozen Limbs, Salt Kheum, Scnrvy, Sore aad Cracked Llp>v S'ire Noae, Wart* and Fieeh Wound*, it 1* a moat valuable remedy and care, wl.lch can ba testified to by thouaaedi who have u*ed It In tha city of Boaton and vicinity for the la?t thirty year*. In no Instance will thla Salve do an Injury, or Interfere wltk a phyclclaa'i preacrlptlone. It 1* made from the puruat material*, from a re< Ipa brought from Ru**l??of article* growing In that country?and the proprietor* have letter* from all claiaei, clergymen, phy*|c|*n?, *ea <-aptain*, narae*, a: d other* who have u*ed It themnelve*, and rec?m mend It to other*. Redding'* Russia Salve 1* put In large tin boxei, (tamped on the cover with a picture of a horaeand a disabled soldier, which picture 1* al*o engraved on tha wrapper. Price, 15 Cant* a Box. S.Md at all the stores In town or country, and may be ordered of any wholaaale druggist. For aala at SHILLINGTON'8, Agent for Wash ngton. Jan II DIED, At Fort Pierre, Nebraska Territory, on the 10th ultimo, J AMES M. MAfON, aged 20 yfars, the fourth son of Gen. John Mason, of thls'clty. FOR 8AL& AND RENT. [9SR FIRST PASB TOR OTHRR NOTICES ] Desirable residence for rent ? The brick House on Ninth street, between F and G streets, Is for rent on reasonable terms to a eo?d tenant This house Is pleasantly situated In a central portion of the city, and has a fine yard Inquire at WILLI AM ORME'S Grocery Store, between 11th and 12th streets, on Pennsyl vania avenue. jy 9-3t FOR SALE?a DOUBLE LOT OF 50 feet front by 1*2.5 de*p It has on it a frame house and a nice garden, full of vegetables, the whole being enclosed by a railing fence It will be sold on accommodating terms. Enquire of JOSEPH GERHARD, No. 399Maryland avenue. jy 9 3t? Furnished rooms to rent?two handsome parlors and several chambers suit able for families or single gentlemen, with or without boar<1. Apply at J. P. CRUTCH KT'S, corner ?th and D streets Jy 9-eo3t* For rent?the two-story frame House on 13th street, between New York av enne and I. To a punctual tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply to J. S. FINCH, Administra tor of D Finch. jy 9-3t For rent?the desirable store, No. 55? Seventh street, opposite Centre VIar ket, fltted'up with shelving.counter, gas fiitures, awning, Ac. Possession given immediately. Apply to ROBT. C BROOKE. jyB-tf For rent?the two new three story Brick Houses on 7th street, opposite Centre Market Persons wishing to open a Res taurant cannot find in the city a m >r? eligible lo cation. R H. LASKEY, jy 7-'2w No. 36 Lousiana avenue. TO RENT.?A HANDSOMELY FUR nished house, nleasan'ly situated in a central Bart of the citv, within a few minutes walk of the epartment Terms veTv moderate. Address, immediately. R T, City Post Offlc. jy 7-3t# Furnished HOUSE FOR KENT ?A House delightfully situated In tte First Ward, and comfortably furnished, will be rented low If applied for Immediately. Address A Y. /.} Star Ottlce jy 7 3t For sa le ?a comfortable two story Briftk House on G street, Washington. It Is situated a few doors west of the War I)e pr.rtm nt, on the eas?; side of the alley on which f wartz's stable st inds The Lot fronts 10 feet on G street and runs back 113 feet Th" House con tains five excellent rooms and kitchen, and will be soida bargain if immediate application is made. For terms apply to WM. WILLIAM SON, First Ward. Jy7-lw For sale.?separate or other wise, 8 small Frame Houses, opposite North ern Liberties Market-home, on K and nth streets west 'l'trms: S'JOO cash; balance in one and two years Enquire on the premises of HENRY JOHNSON. jy 7-6t* (Organ,MWF, Intel,TuThS) For sale ?thesubscriber offers for sale, upon accomodating terms, his two Frame Houses on the Island One Is situated on C street south, between 13th and 13^ st-eets, and at present occupied by E T. Allen, Esq. The other on E street nouth between 6th and 7th streets, and at present occupied by the Corporation as a School House. R. H. LASKEY, jy 7-lw 36 Louisana avenue. FOR RENT?a WELL FINISHED AND comfortable brick dwelling hou e on I streat, opposite Frdnklin Square. Apply at No 353 I street, between 13 and 14th julv3-lw* For rent?possession given im mediately, that large brick house on 18th st , between E and F, recently occupied bv Col. B. F Lamed. For terms apply to .Mr. CHARLFSB. KING, Artist, 12th street, or at the otlice of the Paymaster General No. 34 Winder's Building, je ltt?'Jw House for sale.?a fine new nndern built house on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms and a fine basement, kitchen, Ate. Gas, hot and cold water throughout the house, with bath room, Ac In quire of H. A. WILLARD, at Wlilards' Hotel, je 23-lm BOARDING. ONE LARGE room and one GOOR sized single room, ?uitable for a family or a single person,can be rented with or withautboard on the mo?t reasonable terms. The situation is pleasant for the summer, and well adapted for a familv with children; having a larye yard attach ed to the Dwelling. Apply to No. 409 10th street, between D aad fc streets. jy 7-lw# Board,Ac ?Mrs.bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 0th street ispre pared toaccommodategentlemcnwlthrooms, with or without board. Every eFort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap6?If LAND AND TAX AGENCY LANDS LOCATEDy BOUGHT \ SOLD. DALLAS Sl STEELE, East fiagluaw, Midi,, (Hoy t's if lock,) Prom, t attention paid to all communications. A. . J BAI.LA- R 11 STKKLK. ? KriCBICNCM. Hou R J Walker, Waah'n, l> O. Sam C Brewster.Syracuaa, NT Albert i Steele, Chlra^o, 111. Hun Geo M Dallas, Plilladel a. John Wllaou, fur'ly Coui. Gen. Norman I.lttle, K. Saginaw. M. Land Offloe, Chicago, III. John Gallagher, K H?g1naw,M, J no KUavalln, New Vorfc. Hon Lewi* Oa*?, Detroit, Midi. je 16-lm CHANHK OF HOURS. OH AND AF'PER MONDAY. THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE ^ PAGE will run &t the following?ii hours: Leave Alexandria at , 9,10,12, , 4^, and 6 k' o'clock. L*ave Washington 6, 11, 1*. 3*, 5#, and 7 o'clock. j?W-tf El,US L. PRICK, Captain. AUCTION SALES. Bv JA8. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer. 17ALI'ABLE BUILDING LOT ON Fifth ? street, betwtci M and If streets.?On TUESDA Y AFTERNOON, July 8tb, at fl* o'clock, on the premises, I "hall sell parts of |.?ts Nor. 10 and 11, in Square 461, fronting 17 feet on Fifth street wea', between M and Nats, north, running back 1*3 feet Inches.

Terms cash. Jy S-d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. JCTTfci above sale is postponed ia conse quence of the rain until TH UR3DAY AFTER NOON, July 10th. name hour and pliee. Jy 9-d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r, P By JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 0 S I T I V E SALE OF VALUABLE Building Lsts en I street north and Third street wast?The subscriber will sell at public sale on TUESDAY, the 9th day of July, 1956, at 6# ij'c.lock p m , on the premises? Lots Nos. 16, 17, 19, 19, 20, 41. 22. and 23, in Square No. 52*. Lots Nos 16. 17, 19, 19, 20, and 21 front 23 feet 4 Inches each on I street north, be tween 3d and 4th street* west, by 9# feet deep to an alley; and Lots 22 and 23 21 feet 9 inches each on 3d street, between north H and I streets, by 95 feet deep to an alley. The above lots are located in a most desirable and raphlly improving part of the citv, and offer a rare opportunity to persons desiring to build or Invest. Terms: One third cash, and balance in one and two years, for notes bearing interest, secured upon the property by deed .n trust: and if not complied with in five days after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Attorney JeSB-eod&ds J C. McGUIRE, Auct'r JUT"The above sale is postponed in conse quence of the rain until FRIDAY AFTER NOON, July 11th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises. CHAS \Y. WALLACH, Attorney Jy P-d J C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 17 ALU ABLE BUILDING LOT OS MIS. " avenue, between 4# and 6th sts., at Auction ? On MONDAY AFTERNOON, July 14, at half-past si* o'clock, I shall sell, on the premises, the west half of Lot No. 6, Square or reservation B. Said lot has a front of 24 feet 6 Inches, and runs bark to a 23-feet alley. It is beautifully located for building purposes, and fronts upon the oren square. Terms (t sale : One-third cash, and theresidue in 6, 12, 19, and 24 months, for notes bearing in fere^t. and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Jy B-d A GREEN. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Anctioneer. Extensive rale of new furni 1 ture?On FRIDAY, the 11th instant, I shall sell at the Warehouse lately occupied by Green A Scott, on 6th street, between Pcnnsyl vania and Misscnrla avenues, at 10 o'c'ook a in , a large and general assortment of new Furniture, viz: Mahogany French and patent spring Bedsteads Mahogahv and Walnut marble-top Dressing ai.d other Bureaus Do Centre, Side, and other Tables Do Wash closets and stands Do Hatracks. parlor and other Chairs . Do Extension and other d.ning Tables 12 dozen Towel Rack* and Close Horses A large lot of Nests. Bexes, Tubs and Buckets With a large assortment of other articles which we deem unnecessary to en tune ate Terms : All sums of and nnder *30 cash ; ov*r S3o and not exceeding ?100 a credit of 2 and 4 months; over *100 2, 4. and 6 months for notes in all cases of credit, satisfactorily endored, bearing interest. Sale p?reroptory. A. GREEN, jyB- Auctioneer By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. VALUABLE lil'ILD! NO LOTS at Auc tion?On WEDNESDAY. June 25th, at 6% o'clor-.k p- m., I shall sell, on the premises, Lot No. 47, being Cabot's subdivision of Square No 677 This property is located in a rapidly-improv ing part of the city, having a front of 22 feet on north H street, between 1st street ea?t and North Capitol street; depth97# feet, containing 2,197# feet. Je 18 C. W. BOTELER, Auct. Ii7" The above sale is unavoidably post> poned until MONDAY, July 7th. at 6# o'clock ' jy_2-3t l^jT'?> consequence of the rain, the above sale is further Postponed to thursday, July HKh. at the same hour. jy* 3t C W. BOTELER, Auct'r. By J C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. /GOVERNtlENT SALE OF SUPERIOR IF Hay.-On SATUKDAY AFTERNOON, July 5th, at 6# o'clock, on the ground south of the Presidents House, I shall sell? 35 large stacss of very superior Hay. Term* cash, in specie. Ey order of the Commissioner cf Public Build ings. Jy 3-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r *he above sale is postponed natil THURSDAY AFTERNOON, July 10th, at sair.e hour and place. jy 7-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. ALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT THE corner of North .>1 and 20th streets, at Aaction.?On thursday AFTERNOON, July 10th. at 6# o'clock, on thepiemises, 1 shall sell Lots 3?, 31, 32, and 33, in Chastin's subdivis ion of Square No. 99, fronting on 20th street, at the corner rf north M These lots hare been subdivided into four lots of 17 feet 9 inches each, and one lot of 22 fe t front, running b?ck 9-< feet. These lots are beautifully located for building purposes, and worthy of attention Terms: One third cash; and the residue in six, and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises jy 7 d JAS. C. McGUIRE, V Auct'r. WANTS. AC A K D?A YOUNG AND accomplished \Y idow Lady, of agreeable person and man ners, speaking fluently and politely French, Eng lish and German, flatters herself she could, by a union, make any sensible and proper man happy in all his domestic affairs and relations Any proper answer will be attended to if addressed to "P Q," City Despatch office, D street, near "'h. jy 9 3t# WANTED?A GOOD NURSE. None need apply who cannot come well recommended. Apply at No. 297 F street, immediately. It* WANTED?BY A REXPECTABLE Amer ican Woman, with a fresh breast of milk, a child to wet nurse. Address "F A K."' at the Star office. References exchanged. jy 9-"lt WANTED?A RENTER FOR TWO front Rooms, furnished, in the first and second story; will he rented together or separate Hoard can be had if dedred. Apply at 494 Fourteenth street, between D and E. jy 9-3t? WANTED?A NURSE. EITHER AMER1 can or colored, from 12 to 14 years of age None need apply without being able to give good reference. Call at 379 Eigb'h street, between 6 and 8 a. m , or6 and 9 p. m. jy?-2t* WANTED-A SERVANT TO DO the work of a small family. To a competent person good wages will be given Apply at 166 west st. near High, Georgetown, D. C. Jy M Hands wanted.?twenty men ani> five bov? wanted to work In a Brick Yard, on the Alexandria canal Apply to CANDY PAIN TER, Dsdge's Brick Yard. Old hands prefer red. jy 7-3t* Housekeeper wanted?for the Warren Green Hotel, Warrenton, Va. One who can give satisfactory references may apply to Dr. WAUSWOKTH, Brown's Building, jy 2-eo4t* WANTED ?A NUMBKROF FIVE OR six pupils to receive a rudimental course of instruction on the Piano Forte. Terms very mod erate. Early application is respectfully solicited at No. 464 Tenth street. jy 7-1 w* WANTED ?A SITUATION TO DO PLAIN cooking, washing and ironing. Has no ob jection to go into the country. AddressBoxNo 1, at this office. jy 7-3ta (COUNTRY BOARD WAN TED?GOOD J board is wanted, within ten miles of the city, for two ladles and three chl'dren. Two rooms will be required. Address "MM," Star office, stating terms and locality. jy 7 3t WANTED?A GOOD WOMAN COOK ? Also, a Dining Room Servant. Good wa ges paid, and good, reference will be required. Slaves preferred. A| ply at FLINT'S. Jy 3-& 1 *\,r A N T ED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER and ironer for a small family, to reside in the Navy Yard. Enquire at Mrs. WALKER'S, 46 M1 ssourl avenue. jy 2-10:? WANTED?A SITUATION AS OVER seeron a farm. The advertiser is most re spectably connected, and will give undeniable references as to his corap tency of management. Apply, for Information, to Mr. WALKER, Ode on Hall, 4>i street. jy2-lw* CAPON SPRINGS. Route?orange and Alexandria Railroad at 7 a. in , to the RK Manassas J taction: M Gap Railroad to Strasburg ; J . H Kemp's line of Stages to Capon Springs, arriving at the Springs bv 5 o'clock lu the aftern son jy 8-1 Bi MANASSES GAP RAILROAD. AUCTION 8ALE8 THIS AFTERNOON AND TO-XOIBOW. By C W BOTELFR, Anctlonw. OALE OP A COMPOHTABLH DWKL ling the Island ?On WKDNBSDAV AFTERNOON. July #th. at ft* o'clock. I shall sell, on the premise*. part of Lot No 11, In square 353, with tre Improvements thereon, consisting of a substantial two-storv and attic Frame Dwel llngt, containing seven rooms This property Is situated on Tenth street west, near Maryland avenue Terms Oae third cash ; balance In 6, M, 18 and *24 months, satisfactorily secured. je 2-eod C. W. UOTELER. Aoctioneer. Bv J A3. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer TWO VALUABLE RUILDINO LOT* Massachnsetts avenae. hetweea 19th and 14th afreets.?On WEDNESDAY AF TKRNOON, July Ihh. at 6 o'clock, on the prem ises. 1 sLall sell two parts of Lot No. 14 in Square No 247, fronting fach '21 feet P Inches on Massa chusetts avenue, between 13th and 14th streets west, running back 140 feet, containing 3.033 ft. 4 Inches. Terms: One-half cash ; balance In 6. and 1*2 months,for Dotes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises JA9.C. McOI'lRE. jy 3-d Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. HANDSOME BC1LOINO LOT* NORTH ?f the Capital at Aaction.? On WED NESDAY, the 9th instant, I shall sell, In front of the premises, at 6 o'clock, p m, the follow ing described building lots, viz : lots .No* 4, 5. and 6, in square No 5M, fronting 57 fe^t each on Nortti O, between 1st and ad streets went, run ning back to a 30-feet alley ; and Immediately after the sale cf the above 1 shall sell, on the r>reml*es, lots Nos. 17 an<l 18. in square 6lfl. hav nga front each of 63feet 9 inches on north P, be tween 1st street west and north Capitol street Terms of sale : One third cash . balance 1, a. and 3 years, for notes bearing Interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of t.ust taken. Title Indisputable. Jy_5-d A GREEN, Anct'r. Bv JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. SHALL FRAME HOUSE AN O LOT AT PabltcSule.?On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, July 9th, at half-past 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lot No 7, in Square No 512, fronting 25 feet on north N street, between 4th a'.d 5th street*, running back 185 feet to a 30 feet alley, with the improvement*, consisting of anca'lv new Frame House, containing four rooms, 14 ! v ifi, with an excellent dry cellar under the whole. This property is situated in one of the most healty locations in the city, with excellent water near by, and Is very desirable. Terms : One-third cash ; the residue in six and tweWe months, with Interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Jy 7-d JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PAIR OF SUPERIOR CARRIAGE Horse* at Public Auction.?On SATUR DAY MORNING, July l'2th, st 1? o'clock, in frort of the auction rooms, I shall ?e'l? A pair of handsome black Carriage Horses, pure Morgan breed, about 15^ hands high, per fectly gentle, admirably broken, and very fast One double-seated Wagon, with shafts and pole, made to order bv Lawrence, New York One set Silver-plated Double Harness One set Black Double Harness One set Si ver-plated Single Harness Carriage Blankets, Hoods, India Rubber Covers Whip, Trotting Bits, Curbs, Ac. The above may be seen at the stables of Mr. De Cramer. Secretary Russian Legation, in the rear of his residence. No. 4*21 Fifteenth street, between G and H streets Terms: A credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest jV 7-d J. C. McGl'IRE, Auct'r. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. BEACTIFlf. HUILOIN6 LOT ON THE I'lank Road at Am tion.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, the 10th Instant, at 5 o'clock p in., we will sell on the premises a beautiful Lot, fronting on the plank road forty feet, with a depth of about-200 feet, being ample for all necessary outbuildings, besides a garden of good size. This lot is in a beautiful situation, only a mile and a quarter from the Centre Market ar/d is rap dly Im proving in value. Terms : One half cash ; the residue in cne, two and three years, secured by a deed of trust, and bearing interest Title perfect Sale positive. WALL, BARNARD A CO. July 5-ts Auctioneers. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Excellent three.story hrice House and Lot at the corner af 10th st. and New York avenue, at Auction ?On TUESDAY, the 21th instant, 1 shall sell, in front of the pre m me*. at half-past six o'clock p in., r>art or original Lot No. 4. in square No 372, hav ng a wide front on New York avenue, at the cor ner of 10th street west, with the Improvements, which are an excellent three-story brick house, containing ten or twelve conveniently arranged rooms, ^ith a ba:k building and other necessary outbuildings Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in <1, 12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken, je 12-d A. GREEN, Auct. fl^The above sale is postponed until FRIDAY, the llih of July, same hocr. je24-eoids A GREEN, Auctioneer By JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S S ALE OF YALt A RLE and Beautiful situated Building Lots on Mth street west, between M and 11 streets north. By virtue of a deed in trust bearing date on tLe '2;}<l day of November, It55, and recorded in Li ber J A S., No. 102. folios 433 et seq,, the sub scriber will sell on THURSDAY, the lOthdayof Julv, 1J-56, at 0^ o'clock p m., on the premlsts, part of square No. 375. fronting 48 feet 1ft inches on 9th street west between G and H streets north, and running bacK that width 101 ?eet. The above property is situated rear the Patent Othcfc and the 9th street Presbyterian Church, in a well improved neighborhood, and rapidly en hancing in value, and is one of the most beauti ful and desirable locations for private residences In the city, and offers a favorable opportunity to persons desiring either to build or invest The property will be so d either as a who.e or in two bulldlne lots of 24 feet 5 inches in front each way, to suit purchasers. Terms of sale: One-third eash; and the bal ance in 6,12, ar.d 18 mouths, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale, and if not complied with in five days after the sale the property wi l be resold, upon one week's notice, at the ilsk atd expense of the purchaser All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas er, and title made indisputable. CHAS. S WALLACH, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUlRE. je 2&-eod&ds Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIKE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' SALE OF IIKACTI FL'L Country Seat. ? By virtue of a deed of trust from Geo. T Massey, as trustee,and Ann Brown, bearing date on the thirteen.h day of December, 1853, and recorded in Liber J. A S.. No. 68 folios 505.5(16, 507. 5?tf>. 509. and 510,one of the Land Re cord i for Washington county, In the District of Columbia, the undersigned wlllsallat public auc tton at the auction store of J C. McGutre, to the highest bidder.OB THURSDAY AFTERNOON, J uue 26th, 1856, at 6 o'clock p m , the following highly Improved and beautiful country property, viz : All that piece or parcel of ground lying in the county of v\ ashington and Dls rict aforesaid, be ing a j art of the land whereof Anthony Hoi mead, senior, died seized, and part of the tract callea '"Pleasant Plains," and part of the land which Anthony Holmead, Jr., conveved to Boltzell and Mayhew, which they conveyed to Jobn Pickreli, the piece or parcel of land aforesaid, lvingon the east of the Washington and Rockville turnpike road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth cf an acre, more or less, beir? Lot No. 2 of (ieo Taylcr's subdivision, and beginning for the same on the east side of the said turnpike road, at the end of 76.42 perches measured southerly from the lnte - section of said road with the Rock Creek church road, to a road or private way called Taylor's road, leading from tee said turnpike road to an other part of the said tree: of land owned by said George Taylor, and running thence with the said Washington and Rockville turnpike road north three dej/rees, west 28 46 perches to the Lot soid to J C. Lewis, thence at right angles with the said turnpike road 2b 46 perches, thence at ri^ht angles w.th the said last line, and parallel with the said first line 2~ 46 perches, and thaaceat right angles with the said last mentioned lice and parallel with the said second line 23.46 perches to the line of the said turnpike road and the place of beginning, btiug the same land and premises which Wcs conveyed to the said Ann Brown by John F. Shanetts by deed dated April 19'.h 1853, and duly recorded Together with the improve ment and appurtenances, which may be seen by visiting the premises Terms: Oue-fourth cash; the residue in 6, 12. 18, and 24 months ; to be secured by deeds of trust on the premises. U nless the ternis of sale be com plied wl'.hin five days from day cf sale the Trur tees reserve the right to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyances at the purchaser s expense. ERASMUS J. MIDDLETON, > Xri.H._ RICHARDli. CLARKE, $ Trustee*. m21-2awts JAS C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. JT^The above sale i? unavoidably post pontd until SATURDAY, July 26th, same hour and place ERASMUS J. MIDDLETON,) - KICHARD 11. CLARKE, \ Trustees. j?'27-2awta J. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. TELEGRAPHIC news, FB01I THl ASSOCIATED PRESS. BY HOlll PRIWTIWO TELBNRAPH. Fremont s Letter of Acceptance N?w York. July ? -The papers of tbit m rt.iu* oontain Cul. Fremont*! ktter accept ing fbe Republican nomination. With retard to the vexed uue?ti<>a he mjh ; " ? W*ld be out of plane here to pledge myself to any particular policy that hw been sugge-ted to terminate Motional oontroversy engendered by political animosities operating on a powerful data banded together hy a common interest. A practical remedy it the* a imi-ginn of Kansas into the I'nion a- a tree State. The South should, in my judg earnestly desire tuch a consummation ?' it would vindicate it* good faith, it would correct the mistake of the repeal of the Mm toun Compromise ; and the North, hai.r.g practically the benefit of this agreement be tween the two sections, would be satisfied and ?go<Hi feeling would be restored. The meas ure is perfectly emuiatetit with the honor of the bouth and its Vital interest*. That fatal aot, whuh gave birth to this purely sectional strife originated in a scheme to uke from tree labor a country secured to it by a solemn covenant, cannot he too toon disarmed. 44 its pernicious force in the only genial re gion in the middle latitudes left to the emi grants ot the northern States for homea, cannot be conquered from the free laborers, who have long considered it as set apart for them in our inheritance without provoking a desperate struggle \\ hatcver may be the pereistence Oi t he particular clats which seems ready to natard everything for the success of the un just scheme it ha.< partially effected. I firmly believe that the great heart of the nation, which throbs with patriotism, the freemen of both sections, will have the power to over CJEDQ it. ? ,i,be^,w''I.loo|c t0 rights secured them by the Cunstitution and the Union, as the .ff i ?4"*"1 froIn the opprewion of a class which, by a monopoly of Eofl and slave labor t-? till it, might in time reduce them to the extremity of laboring on the same terms with the slaves. The great body of non-Mavehold ing freemen, including tho*? of the South, upon who.-e welfare slavery i.? an oppreasion. w:i! discover that the power of the General Government over the public lands, may be beneficially exerted to advance their inter ests, and secure their independence. Know tng th:s, their suffrage will not be wanting t - maintain that authority in the Union, which is absolutely essential to the maintenance of their r.wrn liberties, and which has more than oi.ee indicated a purpose of disposing of the public lands in such a way as would make every settler upon them a freeholder." Steamer Outward Bonnd New Iukk, July Vtb.?The Cunard steamer lett here for Liverpowl this noon with one hundred and sixty passengers, and upwards of ?1.600,00# in specie. Death of an Eminent Lawyer Philadelphia. July ?th ?James Gibson, , the oldest member of the Philadelphia bar died this morning at the advanced age of eighty-seven years. Baltimore Market* Balti*ori, July#.?The markets are quiet. Flour?Howard street and Ohio $8.75 for old and 57 for new. City Mills $7. Red Wheat brought SI 40a$1.45 for old, ?, , 51.50aSl 50 forgood to prime new. white 51 o^aSI.70 forgood aid. and Sl.?5a?l 75 for good to prime new. Yellow Corn 54i5Ve white 58a60c. Provisi-.ns are firm. M pork $20 5tf Da con?shoulders 10c., siies ll[al2c., hams lli ? *>i. Lard ecarco at 12|al3c. K6w York Markets. tfTTa?0? 9 ?Flour is firm; sales ?H? JFL?hbl,; KOod State W.?5, superfine Ohio $o 9#; standard Southern S7.30. Wheat is drooping; salesof 17,000 bushels S q aero red $1.70 Corn is firm ; sales ol 20 000 bushels; Southern mixed 6oo Pork ha* advanced; sales of V00 bbls mess $20 !>7* Deef is firm; sales of 350 bblt mess $11. Lard is firm; sales of 300 bbls. at 12*c. ?,h*9 advanced sales of 150 bbU; Ohio at 32;c. Financial New \ ork, July 9 ?Stocks are lower; Chi cago and Kock Island *?4f; Illinois Central shares 104*: Michigan Southern V?, New York Central W2<; Reading V2i; XUinoit Central Bonds Vli. Sterling exchange is firm. BLAIR I STORE'S PAVILION. This place of resort will be open on the 3d day of July for the ac . ? ?onlinedation of visitor* The subscriber ha- engaged a first rate CotlLion Hand *??"'? the waaon, and with his large and spendld Ba l K oin otters vast ii.d cement* to tLe lover* of tbe His table W,U ** eoB**?Htly supplied with all The luxuries of the Potoma. .and L-* Bar with the choiest liquors. This '* known to be one of the fceal'hiest places on the river, being situated between BlecAlatone - and St Catharine's Isiar.da. There will be a celebral ^n on tl.e 4th of Jutl and Ka'l eud public Cotillion Parties on Thur* dav. 2Jtk July. Th ureday, 7th August, acdThur> d?y 21 s' of August. i he ..learner Alice Price will land pes?enge> during the waieria* season on Tues4av*ard Frl d i\s-'oiip*n\vn,acd will stop for passenger* on W <>dne?d<y* and Saturdays, on her rHurn trips Board?SI per day for a week or ionger, tl.SS less than a week je'J5 2ni GEORGE. W BLACK1STONE. I'l'BLK !?OTIc? TO FIC yjCS, KICVRSIONS, OR PRl VATE PARTIES. THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE GREAT pleasure in Informing his nu- jfrg^ merous friend* and the public gen erally that be has, at all Umen. a"3nr2Xz nuiii?>? r of large and comfortable OMNIBUdE* for their accommodation, and at a moderate charge Application* may be made to either of the un derslgned, George h. Thos Parker, or to John T K lllmon. W M. WH A LB V, Proprietor ' J NO. M HOLBROOK. Ag't. ID" A line of stages l*?ave Washington every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 o'clock a m , for f alrfax, (C H ,) Aldle, and Mlddieburg Passe gers will please leave their names at Dv ^on'- brag Store, corner Pa. avenue and l*th st Jell-lm* MV LORD, THE DI KE OFBl CkTftG. ham Is taken. Hand him a copy of Mrs Stephens' r.ew Magazine, and say there are more left. Alao, other new publications, at FERGUSON'*, je3o- next to Lammond. 4wrf 7th street. HAI.IFAX. ?ENTLE>1AN.-IJ\ ?f the author of Th? llead (i the Family, Olive Ac , 50 <ent*. ' Western Africa; its Llstory. condition and pros pects; by Rev J I<e1gbton \Vlison, with numer ous > ngravings, ? I S5 Clara, or Sla?e Life in Europe, with a prefaoo by Alison, SI. Just published, and for safe at TAYLOKA MAURY'S je HMt Bookstore, n?ar 9Ji street SIOO KEWARII, R ANA WAV FROM MY FARM. ADJOlN ing Upper Marlboro', aboutthe middle jkM if Dr<vniber last, Mulatto bov AM HR OSK, belonging to my brother. Alfred W Gardi ner, of Cha'les county Thla bov is about 14 venr* old?not verv br'ght but ratherof a < nut color?iand has delicate llinbs He has usu tlly a mild and pleasant countenance when *ih> ken to. I will give the above reward for his appreben (ion if tnken In Washington City, or north of Prince George's rounty, Md . and fiftv dollars It aken in Prince ?eorge's county, or nouth of It In either case he must be brought home or secured n fait so that 1 can get him again. mi:i-eotf II J. GARDINER 11HE STEAMEK UBOK0C \f ASHIKh. TON willdepart at the follow- _ ^ ng hours: Leave Alexandria 7j{, ?, 11, 1^, Leave Washington...8, 10, IS, 4Jk. Jf-'- d job Corson capuiu ro P E R SONS ABOUT LEAVING THF. CITY ?If you wish Brushes and Coat* of my kind or quality. Soaps, Perfumery. Fans, Paper. Porte Moonai?*s. Ac , rail at our More, aa ee are determined to sell these Good* at unjr?? edented low rates. 3li6, bet t?th and Hnb st* Je 30 JOHN F. ELLIS. Boston and new vok* pianos, Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Ao ordeons, Bar os,Strings, Pegs, Kosin.Bows, Music, Ac., at he great musical establishment of JOHN F ELLIS, JU6 Pa. av , between wth aid lVtb ata Piano* and Melodeons for rent. |c *?