9 Ağustos 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Ağustos 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING 5TA*s rURLISflKD EVKKT AITtKIOlf* (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 4? t4? .S??? Biiil'lt+ti.frntr ?r F<MiyItaw hltmtntk strut, .Jy W. D. WALL4CH, Win be srrrpd to snberribers by -arrlFr* at BIX. ANB A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agema; paper* Barred la rvsJtage* at 37# cent* TO raena. To mall subscriber* the anb terlptloa price la THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year ?na4ro*r<, TWO DOLLARS for A mouth*, and ONB DOLLAR fbr three mouths; for le?? than three mon'hs at the rate of eent* a week. ir^ WNCLE COPIES ONE TENT. VOL. VIII WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 1856. NO. 1,093. OFFICIAL. Trk4*ort UiriiTXMi, May 9P, 1856. Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the ?lock luaed pursuant to the act of Congress of ?d inly, 1S1?, that snob stock Is redeemable by \'a terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on tbe surrender of the certificates tfc-reof, on the !9th of November next, when Interest thereon will rea*e. This department wlli continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will p-y therefor the following premium, In addition to the Interest accrued te the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach tv.e vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In elusive, oae-half tf one par cant, on the amounts specified In the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st days of August, one-fourth of one per east; . And on sneh stock received after the31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one dsy's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of tush stock transmitted under this netloe must be duly assigned to tbe United fttates by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st J uly the current half year's Interest mu t also be as sljnM by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest wU! be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will pirchase the same between the 1st day of Jans and the 1st day of December next, unless the sura of #l,5??,fiOO shall be praviously obtained, and will pay for the same, in addition to the In terest accrued fr>m the day of the last dividend of Interest, and one day's additional interest for the motley to raach the v sudor, the following rates of premium: Oa stock of the loan of l?49, a premium of in cent; Oi s*. >ck of the loans of IS47 and 18W a premium of 1# per sent ; And sn stock Issued under the act of flth Sep tember, H3o, commonly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of ? pet cent. Certlflettea transmitted ander this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ly entitled te reeeive the money; and If sent pre viou'tothe 1st July, the current half-year's In t-?re?t must also be assltrc-*! by the present stock holder, otherwise the interest for the half year to that dav will be payable to him as heretofore. Paymeat for ail the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to reeeive the money may direct. J AM Ed 6UTBRIE, m 99>dtl9Nov Secretary of the Treasury. HATS! HATS! JU9T RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF ttne drab Beaver ventila ted BATS, which 1 offer at S3 50; they are the beat lists fcr the price in the United States. The best black dress Bats got up in he latest style for S3 50 us good as those usually sold it S5: and a good fashion able Hat at fj, worth St; and a first-rate Hat, Sti SO. The best materials aad t&e best workmanship is ?ipleyed to produce a $5 Hat, which Is sold for 50. We do a c*sh business, meet with no los but give each customer full value for his money. Felt aid Straw Hats unasviallv low. N B A^ent for Drlscoll's Balm of a Thousand Iswers Price <5 cents Der bottle. em S3 ees, but give each customer full value for his Flowers Vrlce t5 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Fa avenue, Ag?at far a New York Bat Compaiy. m 94~tf JONAS P. LEVY, uroiiii *?> iialii :a WIXXS, LIQUORS. CIGARS, AllD FIJI GROCERIES, CsneralCotcmission 4 Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE ASD BILL BROKER, No. 471 Fa. av., two doors below U.S. Hotel, Washington Citt, 0. C. aafi-ly ? SCnnBM ANO HAl'ZE I'NORR OAR meats for gentlemen.?We Invite attention of Gentlemen Tn want of Sialk, Lisle Thread, ">lerlao, or Cotton Und?r Garments, for the pres ent season, to our superior stock. We are ueter mlned to sell them from this day forth at reduced prioeM, as we wUh to prepare for the fall trade Give uu call and buy cheap GEO B B WBITK CO..Gent's Furnishing Store, 332 Fa at , b?t. and 10th sts jy 19 tOl'ART.IKKSHlF NOTICE. | HAVE TBlS DAY ASSOCIATED WITH J me In the wholesale and retail Grocerv bus! dow Norval W. Borchell, and It wilt hereafter be rondo-te*l under the name and style of King A tfnvcbell. 1 would ask for the firm the continuation of the klodne&i of my former customers, both in rade and Influence. (an 1) 7. M. p KINO. CUA1UK OS HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, TBE 30th of June, the Bteamer OKOROE FAME will ion at the following hours: Leare Alexandria at Ijf, 8, 10, 1*2, 'iX - and <>* o'clock. Leave Washlngt>afl, 9, 11, 1# 3#, 5#, and 7 o'clock itf o'e L*ei ?'clocL )oi?-tf ELLIS L PRICK, Captain 'I1HK STKAHER OEOROE WASHUH ?a TON will depart at the follow- r *[> '' a Iny hours: hmSHhb Leave Alexandria 7jf, ?. 11, IK, 3K, 4K Leave Washington.. ,B. 10. 19. 'JK ,4^,0# 1 job Corson, Captain SOU MOUNT VERROR* ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS?FARE, ROUND TRIP. SI; FROM . j* ALEXANDKIA75CENTS -TheJttl29HC steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves VY asn.n,; ton at 8 and Alexandria at9)< o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for thetoatatS# o'ctuct. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave theli residence with George A Thonuu Parke/. Rt-fres .meat* oj tae boat. _ap^-tf SA\I^L GEDNEY, Captain. WHY FLH'THASK PIANOS >KOM Irresponsible traveling agents, when you can xet in Washington city the very b-at quality at prices which -111 b ?guar antied to be as low as any the country from JOuN F. ELLIS'S. Always oa hand, from 90 to 30 Pl&aos of every style and finish Second-hand Pianos taken in exchange Pianos for rent, Ac Remember?No Mb. betwet-n O.h and 10th sts , near Savings Bank. Jy'Jl HAIOH ON YOLK POCKKT-BOOKS, THE WHITE HaTS ARE ABOUT. We have a very fine assortment of Fa-hion able White Braver and Felt Hats, of all qualities and pric s, to which we respect fully invite tbe &u*ntlon of all In want. We of ter taein at reduced j rice*. Call at GEO B B WHtTK A CO.'S Fashionable Hat, Cap, aud beat's Fururablag Establishment, 339 Pennsyl vania avenue, oecween 9.n sad 10th sts. jy 19 DR MUNSON. ATJ3? PENN'A AVENUE, is still maklatr those beautifil rontlnuous (il'M TEETH, railed 7HBK Allen's Patent, for the excel ency nf*JJ ffTTr which over all other styles of teeth, many now we^rlag them In this city, will cheerfully vouch There is one Dentist in this city who has bt-ea infrln/ing the peteat, and made a bad imitation of It, against whom 1 hereby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks agamst Alien s Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, wheu properly ronstrurttd, it is because h*- is ignorant of tne prooes*, lncom ???tent to make the work, or is unwilling to pay for the patent. jel'l-tf DK LA HADDri HISTORY OF THE i?ocr?t Societies of France, 1 sol. Bernard I.lie, a novel, by the Hon. J Clemens, of Alabama Liberty and Klcwy by Professor Bledsoe, of theUolversIty of Virginia an 5 FRANK TAYL0R Proposals for Deepening the Outlets of the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico. ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, ) WiinssiON, Augast 4, lr5? \ PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT I this office until the first day of October next ?,?r?i*? g ke#Pln? 0P*n "bip channels of sufficient canaelty to accommodate the wants of oommeroe. through the Southwest Pass and Pass nniV r J.DK,from the Mississippi river iota >he fiolf of Mexico,'' for which purpose there Julv "ES?Pth5?i? b7n aLl 'Jonlir?*? ?t ?th of dol^rs^' and thirty thousand "* ,r1^ue'tPd tha amount for Zh-niLi y W.- folilract to ?P?? P?ch Of the "peclfled throughout a well defin d width of three hundred feet, to a depth ofaotless than eighteen feet below the level of ordinary low water, which evel will be determined by a bench mark on the shore, to be established by aa officer or officers appointed by the Secretary of War; and thev are also requested to state the longest period of time for which they will contract to keep each channel open to such width and depth for the res idue of tt.e appropriation after the amount of the bid for opening, if accepted, Is paid; and to state fi?>nr!f'nf*pern!i P^P?*1** the same particulars for opening a-1 keeping open each channel te a uniform depth 01 r>ot leee than twenty feet through ont a well defined width of three hundred fe?t a he means by which It ro&y b# proDOMd ts m 22SS*>!'?? ?4th. i~?hST,5SS^ l?"? p" ?Lh'??^P*the wh??h.??theoeln tk" Secretary of \*ir, proposes the best method of accomplishing the object eontem plated ?'?h .".VF* hcr P'OPO**1 of ?ny bidder for e-ther of the panes, to the exclusion ef the pro RSrwd *am? b,ddCTfor other pasi, is fr^e?i?Uant.lty.of m*tter neceaeary to be removed from the existing channels at the passes to be W th?f dl8tma' ? alon*? either channel to th* work must eitend" In ord^r to obtain aiurate i / ??Pths, cannot, for want of S^ umi a* to their condition, f* stated. Persons who desire to undertake the z "J"?. eiPwted, therefore, to Inform themtelves in? It an ?'ftbeb*J,tmeACS?faocomplUh a contract has been en emi into, the place ?w/li d'rec-lo?* ?f 'be channels to be opened will designated to the contractor by an officer or ior that purpose by the Secre tary of War, and the amount which may be '".greed upon for opening each will be paid after earh has been completed,and found, npon exami nation oy an officer or officers, appointed as above to be conformable, In all respects, to the stipula tions of the contract; but no payment will be made on account of any work done towards open ing either charnel until after such channel shall have been completed, examined, and approved as a*>ove specified. At the ex iratlon of one third of the time dur ing which the channels are to be kept open eighty p*r cent of one-third of the whole amount of the contract for keeping open will be i aid p.t the expiration of two-thirds ef the time an addi tional paymant of one third of the whole amount contracted for will b- pnid; and at the expiration of ^he whole time during which the channels are to be kept open, the twe.ity per cent retained at the Irst payment, and the remaining third of the whole amount of the contract for keeping the channels open, will be paid; but no payment will be made until after the channels have b^en exam ined at each period of payment, by an officer or officers appointed by the secretary of War and found to be in ail respects conform .ble to con tract. Proposals must l>e accompanied by evidence of ability to execute tlie work in the way. and within tfce time proposed, and should be addressed to the " Engineer D partinent, Washington," and en dorsed ?' Proposals for opening channels at outltta of the Mississippi river '' When the time within which proposals are to be received has expired they will be opened and considered, and a contract be entered into with the bidder or bidders whos^ plan of oj^ratloa and evidence of ability to execute tt.e work are most satisfactory to the .-ecretary of War. To be inserted for thirty days In the National In telllgencer, and tr.e Kvenlny ftar, Washington ; the Commercial Bulletin, and the True Delta New Orleans; the Mobile Register. Mobile; the Argus, and the Pennsylvai.lan, at Philadelphia; th* Day Book, and the Journal of Commerce, New York; the Times, and the Post, Brston;the Republican, and the Pilot, St Louis; the Enqui rer, Cincinnati; and the Democrat, Louisville Accounts for advertising, with two copies of paper containing advertitement, to be sent to En gineer Department for payment. au 5d30t m F* HI'fVlH'* BOOT, SHOE, AND TRUNK ESTAB LISHMENT? 1 have on hand the largest and most extensive assort m?nt o' Oentlemens' and Ladles' Sole Leath er Travling Trunk,Ironl and Wood Frame! Packing Trunks, Vall-I ces Bonnet Boxea, new styie; Carpet n?.gs of til il , o A!k0' a assortment of Ladle*i , bents', Boys', and Misses Shoes, all colors and stiles All wishing to purchase any of the above articles will find it to their ad van tage to examine ray stock before purchasing e'w? where CaUat s P HOOVKR'S, Iron Hall Penn. ave , bet. toh and lo'th J1? streets. J. tO.X.IELLY, Cnderlakir, Na. 4ZJ StrcKtk ?it( *,<?<, fc4|. y anj u W(JiUK^E(lfFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and the adjoining counties that he isi prepared to atte id to all orders at the shortest noU.:ear,d on the most liberal terms* m "P4/? uo to give entire satisfaction on aJl occasions He guarantees to preserve the aead la the warmest weather for any length of A large supply of ready made COFFINS of all sizes and qualities, always on hand. ?rTi^r?U.*1-'?Cla,!?a?ee' "t*8"**. and every other article furnished or the best quality. solicited0 ?f ^ pnbUc Pat'onage is respectfully Wrl?H?8:i?WitlRlr' SlhVBR it PLA WARfc,, ALBATA FORKS, Ac. -T^U!iE^TLY "EDUCED PRICES. W OALT A BRU. ARE .MUW OFFKR ing a splendid assortment of the above goods eitramline they have ever sold them Of WATCHES they name those above made by Cooper, Adams Taylor, i>ixon, Tobias, Bersley, Johnson. Jur get risen, Vacheron, and all other makers of celebrity. KLKGANT JEWELRY. Diamond, Pearl, Florentine, Morale, and Cameo uroches in setts and single pieces, Gold Chains Seals, Keys, Ac ' SILVER WARE. Solid Silver Tea sets, Waiters, Pitcher?, Goblets, Cups, frorkx Spoons, Ac EXTRA PLATED WARE. Tea set-, Cake Baskets, Castors, Welters Pitch ers, Ucb ets, Albata Forks, Spoons. English and Aaertcn 1'abie Cutlery. Spectacles and Eye Gluw^of eTery fo ns in ucld, Sliver, and fine Steel frames All goods warranted as represented. . M W GALT A Jl?(>., Jyp? *' Ml, Pa ave , bet nth and 10ths s. ANTHONY BLCtiLY, UND jfiHTAKBR, Shop knd Residence No S03 Penn'a aveuuo, south side, between 9th and 10th iti. IIAVING PROVIDED HIMSELF WITH 'J " iiLAG^iVT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences for properly Conducting hL busfcieaa, ,n,orm public that he is at the short** ordta" entrusted to him, *'4'" w1" MRS. M. K. HAHVEy, (9..C...O. T. j.... r. . UNDERTAKER Ho. 418 &9vi*tk strut, bet**en (i and U EG? LEAVE TO INFORM THE PI Hi Ir that she hes in her employ the same persons that were lormerlvi In the establishment, who are fully competent to conduct tne Undertaking Business and that every attention will be given to calls' day or night, as heretofore m 19 Om ' ( ^OIPWRATIOfll STOCK.?4|9,000 Corpo , ^1?" ? w*?blngU>n Stock for sale at febitft-tr r.HUUH BK()'i*HKKS M B II. II. RicLartls u, No 72 Haitim tie street. Circin iati?Tav'f?r A Anthony. C'l.a- estou?J. II.Tay or, So. !21 E. Pay street New Orbais?Ha man PROTEl TIUN AUD INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BY FIRE! Stdacriked Capital and Eitrpha $1,358,131 13. FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA. Office n?rlAi?ut corner Pennsylvania avmut and 17th Ureet, FTathm^Um C>ity, D. C. STATEMBNT OP BUSINESS FROM THE 1ST day of August to the 31st day of December, IW: Am >unt received in marine premium*. .f6*,C42 31 Do tire premium* 3y,908 82 Total premiums for five months ICS,i51 13 Capital 1,830,000 00 1,350,151 13 Invited aa follows: Bauds of Allegheny county, PUtaburg, and Philadelphia Clty6's 371,721 66 Railroad bor-d*, cost 33,400 00 Loans o> first mortgage of real esiate.. 59,950 00 L>o stock*, col lateral 80,3p4 00 Ca?h in bank and ou hand 11,094 8* Capital RUMcribed 1,047,700 00 Premium notes, nut matured 66.387 31 Due from agents (secured by bonds)... 18,863 61 Expenses and commissions 11,662 33 1,35#,151 13 Total amount of looses reported to 1st January, 1858: Fire ?....$1,666 06 Marine 3,000 00 4,666 66 DIRECTOR*. Hon. ThAs. B. Fl-rence, Charles l)inge?, George H. Armnrong, Thoma* ManrtertjeW, t'tmrlesA Rubicain, Edward R- Helmbold, George Hetmb >ld, P. CarroJl Brewster, James E. Ncall. Laac L? ech, Jr. THOMAS ?. FLORENCC, President. EDWARD R. HELM BOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wa'tcr, No. 397 D street. Jno. M. Thornton,corner First street and Virginia avpnne. James Williams, No. 23 Pour-and a half street. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt J. P. Levy, No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Tho mason. The business of this Company will compare la vorably with the m Al successful of similar institu tions lo the United States From the 1st day of August, 1655. in five months, up t > 1st January, 1836, the premiums received amounted to the large sum <if one hundred ami ei^ht thou?and, one hundred and fif.y-oi.e dollars, with only forty six hundred and sixty six dollars losses reported. With the*! evi leiice? of success and good man azement, the directors f*el Justified in soliciting a ?hare of public patronage, be!ievin? that th'1 secu rity offered i* am.?!e and that a'l 1air clam* will be aijaited more according to equity than letal teclini caiiries. With a view of affording amp!: indemnity to the pub.if, the comi any have deprived wiih MKS.iRH DUNCAN, SI1KKM \N, A CO., OF NEW YOKK, I'll Kilt IIANKF.BH, Ca^h and premium notes to provide an accruing TViisf F\indof One llun<lr'd Tf.ou*a:id Dollari. To b? held by them as a Iditional security to policy holders fir the payment of losses. The company is prepared to is*ue p ?!icte? against lo?< or carnage by fire i;ii DWELLINGS, FURNI TU?*\ MILLS, MANUFACT RJKS, WARE I]UUSK8, a'l descripaons of BUILDINGS, and their e intent", or all kinds of MKRCH ANDISfc', transported by VKpBI'LH. 8TiCAMB0AT8, CA NAL B 'ATS, ftAIL tOAUS, tnti th'- usual COP veyances to or from any portion of RUROPK and AMEKICA, and on the hulij of STEAMBOATS nav gating ihe western viators Tne iates of premirm will 0? a- low a* other cotntanie-, and in fix'i* them evt-iy mipr v. m? nt in coi-.stiuciion and a.iangement will be taken into consideration. All l<?tses spee liiy a fjucted an i pr< mptiy paid. Office northwest c rner Pennsylvania avenue^nd Seventeenth street, Wa?hin*ton ?ity, D. C. Inrurance mat/ alto be effected at the Home Office, Sorth'ccit corner Walntft and Sectnd Street!r, Phila delphia Al-o.attheC' mnany'so-ficfs: New York? A W Th inp-on, No 10 Wall sired. llosiui.? Oliver Trewster, No * 3-ate street. Paltimore? B. II. RicLards. u, No 72 Haiti m ?ie street. Circin nati lor, Doane Montgomery?Albert W Iliam*. Mobile? A. C. Waugh. Pittsburg?T. J Hunter, No. t>0 Water street Savanna!^ A. Wilbur, No. Ill Bay sueet. Augusta?Oiiardty, Wrhyte a Co. Atlanta? Marcus A. Bell. Trenton?Narr A Cccks Foi;d du La:? Robert A Baker. Vickeburg?J. Putnam. Hutlat ??*A Barker. Memphis? W. E Milton. Detroit?1Thoirias Fa roer A Hon Milwavtkie?A. Wellington Ilart. WelUburg, Vtrgnia?l anforih Browi-, jr. Erie, Pennsylvania?Alleu A. C aig. Wyoming, Pennsylvania? R. C. tmitli. Lou;s vnie?il. ii.'1 uube lake. Na-hviile? JosephKatli. Port'and?D Robi: son, jr. Chicago? K P. Ward San F. ancisco Wil.iain Bi^gs. S;. Louis?1 h ?s. E. Courtei.ay, general a<ent lor the southern and western State.-*. And in other principal citits of the United S.ates by authorized otficers of ihu com pany^ Je 14-lyj AOENCY OF THE Alliance Insurance Co. of Hiiladeiphia, Capital. ?????..????????? .8300,000! Annual report for thk year ending January 1, lo56. Aroclsof tl.e Uonipanr, couhIkUuc of Bond* tu<] llorUs(M uu uucurojiibwred reel taaU*t? $110,COS OS Stocks of uilior Corporkttoiis, wortli p?r 2A.C20 00 Cash oi) bin t >1,1)56 30 bills r?o?1v*t)l9, coBilittu< of Marine cot?a sod ?iiort losus 7S Htook u?twi |l?,at)6 ?? 51,?39 ?? IJ19.4C9 00 Win ]? receipts f >r t>r?uiIom4 daring the four 05 Psld tut luases sod ?ip?uMi during Uis yrar 71.1U M P M. M??riARTY, President. J.MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE OHEAT WESTERN FIRE INSUR ANCE CO OF PHILADELPHIA. Capital 8300,000. Charter Perpetual. DiascToa*. Charles C. Lathrop, 5UU Spruce ?Ueet. Alexander Whllden, r^rcaant, 14 North Froat Ktreet. John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter Sc. Co. E. Tracey, firm of 'fracey St Baker. John R. McCurdy, Arm of Jones, White Sc. Mc Curdy. Isaac Hftzlehurut, attorney and couesellor. James 8 Smith, firm of Jaa B Smith Sc, Co. Theo. W Baker, Arm of Tracy & Baker R. S. Walton, 360 Market street Thomas K. Limerick. S-A Spruce street. John J Baker, Goldsmith's Hall. CHARLES C LATHROP, President ? THOMAS K LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to this, no charge for policy fee Enquire at the ofice of J. K. Kendall, over R Morrow's Exchange Office first door We?t of W. B Todd's Hat Store, on Pennsylvania avenu.-. us97 3r2 DAVID MYKRLU, Agent. Proposals for Copper-plate Engraving. O^iricxSupsaiNTKNiiiiSir Public PRijfTiBG,) Washington, July H5, 1856 { Duplicate proposals will be re ceived at this office until the 14th day of Augast next, at PJ o'clock in , for engraving up on stfel or copper, in the highest style of the sev eral styles of >ne art of steel or copper-plate en graving, various maps, profiles, panoramic views and views of scene<y required to illustrate the several reports of surveys of a railroad routs to the Pacific ocean. I- ach proposal must be acroinpanUd by satisfac tory evidence of the ability of the paity bidding to execute ihework, by specimens of wtch class or style of work bid for, executed in his or their own otilce, ?>nd by a statement of the force which can be employed'by ea h upon the work. Iti* to be distinctly underst od that no bids will be enter ained from any parties not directly engaged in, and practically acquainted with, the s yle of work bla for The bid will state separately the pri e, and but cue price, for each style of engraving (specifying whether In line or otherwise) of each map or filate bid for, and the time required lor executing he same. contracts will be enter .'d Into with, and bonds with se- urity will be required from, the success ful bidders for their faithful execution of the work bid for.

All work will be required to be executed "to the satisfaction of the Secretary of War " The work can be inspected by persons desirous of bidding therefor, upon application at this of fice. The proposals must be addressed, one to the ?'Chairman of the Committee on Engraving," "House of Representatives Unit-d State*," and one to A G Seaman, Superintendent. Public Printing. Washington, D C ,a?d be plainly en dorsed ? Proposals ter Steel or Copper plate En gmving." A. U SEAMAN, jy 'M dtHthAug Superintendent Educational. FAIR HILL BOARD1NO SCHOOL FOR 0IHLS. The tenth term.of thisinstitu tlon will commence on the 9tk of the ninth month (September) next Circulars containing further information In re gard to the School will be furnished t^ persons who desire them on application to R. S KIRK, orWM H FARQUHAR, at Oiney Post Offl-e, Montgomery county, Maryland au 7-8w^ YOUNO LADIES' SEMINARY, Corner of Dumbarton amd Montgomery street?, Georgetown, D. C. MRS. GEN'L WHEELER, Principal. THE DUTIES OF this INSTITUTION will be resumed on Monday. September 1st, with renewed exertions on the part of the Princi pal for the intellectual, moral, and religious Im provement of pupils committed to her care Mrs W tenders her thanks to her friecds and patrons for the liberal amount of patronage she ttts received and respectfully solicits a continua tion of the same. Circulars obtained on application to the Princi pal. au 7-tSepl5 EDUCATION. THE EIGHTH annual SESSION OF the Classical and Mathematical Academy under the direction and government of the undersigned will commence on Monday, September 1st Number of pupils limited to 25. Four boys, between the ages of 10 and 16, can be received as boarders. Term* ; f2f0 per ten months, for board, tuition, washing, Ac. Academy Room No. 161 West st, Georgetown, D. C. T. W SIMPSON. au 6-lw Price!pal_ CENTRAL ACADEMY. silas merchant, ) p?1Nr,.., , REV. G. W. DORRANCE,} rRlsctrAL*. The next annual session of this Academy will commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st. l?;?. For terms see circulars at the prlnMpwl Book Stores an 1-tf FRENCH AND ENGLISH FE>1 ALE SEM INARY FUR BOARDING PUPILS. BY M A. TYSON A SISTERS. This seminary is situated at aln wlck. midway on the Baltimore and Wash ington Railroad and Turnpike. The Fall tnm will commence on Menday, 1st of September, at which time the pupils ate de sired to be in attendance. lncresred facilities are afforded for the acquisi tion of Music and French, whilst the English btasches receive that Instruction necessary for a through education Everv accommodation and co.nfcrt are .afforded for a large number of pupils. For further particulars circular* may be had at the principal Bookstores, and at *>r Tyson's Drug store, coracr of 10th and I streets, Washing ton jy?-eot*epl THE UNION ACADEMY. Z. Richards, Mr*. Z. Ritharps, Pr!n. r. 1. Frio. t'. K. A. 1>HE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS Institution, and of tie UNION FEMALE ACADEMY,willcommenccon MONDAY , Sep tember 1, 1856. Jy 23-3m Houses, &c., for Rent and Sale. FOR RENT?SEVERAJ. HANDSOME Pal lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mti. SMITH'S, 833 F street. nov*7?tf For rent?the desirable store, No. 558 Seventh street, opposite Centre var ket. fitted up with shelving, counter, gas fixtures, awnlrg, Ac. Possession given immediately Apply to ROBT. C. BROOKE. iy fe-tf FOR RENT? several EXCELLENT Brick and Frame Houses, north of Penn'a. avenue, between 14th and 15th streets west. Aver aging from ten to eighteen dollars per month Inquire of J P HI LTON, No. 375, I4th street we?t, or F street north. No.210. a'i 5- J. P HILTON, Agent and Collector. FOR RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, NO. 332, Pennsylvania avenue north side between yth ar d H'th streets. One of the best locations In thecity. Immediate passe** ion girt a. Apply to GEO H It \\ H1TE A CO., on tfco premises,or to CHARLES H. LANE, Gents Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 2 FOR SALE.?A TRACT OF LAND, CON talning about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a par: of the Valley Vltw Farm, the resid. nee of the late John H. King, deceased. This Is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a fine private residence; about 2<i acres of this tract Is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of cul tivation l he summit of this tract is from 350 to 44M> feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or in lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. ?? Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr.H. King, No eo Prospec< street, Georgetown, D. C je iy-tf [Intel] E. J. KING. FORR EN T, WITH O R W1THO U T STEAM POWER. ?The large, airy, convenient, and well tin'shed Hall next door to the Star Build ings It is 50 by 80 feet in the clear, with high ceHlng, end is capitally lighted. Also, the store Immediately under the west half of said hall, J5 by 80 feet, fronting directly on Pennsylvania avenue, in the heart of the business portion there of, (no other such desirable business stands are now being offered to the public ) Thev will be rented separately or together. For terms apply to GEORGE HILL, Papermaker, Bridge street, a few doors west of the omnibus stand, George town, or at the Star Olllce counter. N B.?If renters desire to carry on any business requiring steam power, they can be accommo dated with shafting attached to the new and pow erful engine of the Star Newspaper and Job Printing Offlce, manufactured by the Messrs. Ellis, a!nd arranged so as to furnish ample power. If required, to renters of the premise* advertised above. 1? 20-tr i?7- The lease en the above property will be solaT PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. War Department, > Washington, August 1, 1656 j Proposals will be receive at this department until 3 o'clock on Wednes day, the 20th of August, instant, for supplying tte stationery described In the schedule below. The stationery must be of the best quality. Samples must accompany the bids The successful bidder will be required to give bond, with approved sureties, for the faithful ful filment of bis con1 ract. and the department will rwserve the right to order the articles at surh times and iu such quantltes as It may deem proper, ind to increase or diminish the quantities below s,n ted, PAPERS MADE OF LINEN STOCK. 2 reams folio post, ruled, machine-made, weighing 17 lbs. per ream 30 reams sing.e cap, ruled, machine made, weighing 12 lbs. per ream 140 reams quarto post, machine-made, laid or wove, faint-lined three sides, weighing Ujtf lbs per ;eam 20 reams note paper do 5 reams copying paper do 5 reams blotting paper do 10 reams envelope paper, buff or yellow royal do 20 dozen cards Perry's pens per dozen cards 100 doaen cards other metallic pens do 2,000 ouilis, No. 80 per 1,000 60 dozen Contee's or Faber's lead pen- 4 cils per dozen 2 dozen ivory folders, plain do 2 oz-n erasers, ivory handles do 1 dozen Ivory wafer stamps do 1 dozen cocoa sand boxes do 8 dozen 4-bladed knives, Rodgera A Sons do 3 dozen inkstands, 2-inch cut glass do 10 dozen Cooper A Phillip's, Prince's, or other black ink, in quarts do 15 dozen French carmine Ink, in ounce vials do 1 dozen copying ink do 200 wafers, large, foi department seal per 1,000 20 pouuds wafers, common size per pound 00 pounds staling wax, scarlet do 10 pounds Indian rubber, prepared, plecfs do 5 ounces pounce per ounce 2 pecks black tand per peck 10 dozen taste, assorted per dczen 110 dozen red taj>e, assorted >lzes do 20,000 envelopes, 70 weighing one pound per 1 ,000 au??,17,20,-4t ^ ' EVENING STAR. THE PLEASAWT RESULT BY I.TZZIB LIMWOOD. Years ago I had a sister?Eliza?a tall, graceful girl whom death has since claimed! To my girlish fancy she was a fit object for adoration, and dearly did I love to sit and study the languajre of her pale face, though I could never tell which * as the most beauti ful? the plcasint smile upon her lips or the varied expression of her dark blue eye I only knew I loved her, and felt she was some thing more than human But with all her stateliness there wat times, a auiet drolle ry about her wh.ch provoked mirth in spite of sid thoughts ard sickening fears. We had another sister? M*ry?a prudish littie being, between uj in a/,'e, whose differ ence from either harmonized well in the trio. It was a holiday for us when we could get a nice joke upon our sober sister, and witness her consternation and helplessness to retort. We had been looking tor some weeks for a visit from our brother, who was doing busi. ness in a distant city, but were suddenly sur prised one afternoon, by the arrival of his most intimate friend?Frank Farlow ?whom we bad never seen, but of whom we had heard much. He had been West 011 business, and knowing our place of residence and hav ing been assured by my brother of a warm welcome, bad determined to stop and rest for a few days from the fatigue of his journey, and form the acquaintance of the " sister*." of whom he had had sach frequent descrip tions. We only needed to hear his name before we were ready to bid him " welcome," and ex tend to him the cordialities of the house, for?was he not our />rot/ier\i frtrntf .' He looked weary and travel-worn, and sister Eliza, whose *ympatbie3 were ever warm for the piiyficnlly weak, bogged of him. after partaking of some refreshments, to rest tor an hour, and herself conducted him to the old fashioned parlor chamber, where many a trav elcr and honored guest had rested their wea ried bodies, and had had their achin? eyes soothed by the pleasant shade of green the well trained vines cast in at the windows, and threw arcucd the homely, though comfortable room. Sister Mary had gone to visit a sick friend, and it was dusk before we saw her coming leisurely up the lane that led to the bou^e Mr. Harlow had not yet como down, and as I glanced at Eliza I saw plainly that some spor' was Jo je hud, if possible, without sacrificing truth. We heard the front door open?two or three measured steps, and then with one wild cry of delight, our usually sedate sister rushed into the parlor, exclaiming. "Where is he? Where is he? Has War- ' ren come ?" "Warren! What should make you think Lehancomn?" replied Elita, with the moet vering indifference '? Why, whose traveling trunk is this in the ha!^?and whose cloak ?" '? Oh, they belong to a young man who is going to spend a ;ew days with us,1' answered Elizt. again, with the most provoking calm ness " He is resting a little while in tiie par lor chamber?he will be " Sister M- ry diu not wait to hear the sen tence finished, but hastily throwing off her bonnet and shawl, was in the hall and had ascended the stairs before we had time to think whether it was best to call her back or not. It was warm weather, and our guest had left his door partly open and with a large pulm leaf fan in bis hand had thrown himself , upon a lounge, and was indulging in a most refreshing nap. The fan had fallen so that it hid the greater tart of his face, leaving oniy the forehead ana hair, which closely re?em- i bled my brother's exposed Sister Mary carefully approached and look- ? ed in, but getting a glimpse of the short, brown curls, she waived all hesitation, and with out stretched arms rushed across the room, and i bending ovor the sleeper, and pushing aside the fan, gave him a tuo:t hearty and sisterly ?kiss'. Tho young man waked sudaenly, and was ' greatly amazed at finding himself in the warm embrace of a young girl. Tut?our sitter! Oh, it was too bad ! It was some moments before she fairly com- I prehended her situation, and realized that the person before her was an entire stranger. Elixa and myself had followed her, and ; were standing a little without the door, en joying, to a superlative degree, the little scene being enactcd within Recovering Ler self-possasaion at last, our poor victim turned to escape, but stopped short -gain at the tight of her tormentors, and isinking into a chair, covered her con fused face with both bands, an I burst into tears. This was too much for Eliza s kind heart, I and she hastily stepped forward, begging par- ? don, and gravely explaining matters to our astonished guest, while Mary seeing the pas ? sage clear, made good her retreat. Wo followed, but 110coaxing nor persuasion could induce our sedate and victimized sister to bo seen in tue p.trlor that evening ; as for the two days that followed she kept her rovui closelv, only venturing out when she kuuw Mr Harlow was not in the house, or was safe ly shut up in his own room. We begg^ ' her pardon again and again, and although she i declared shecheiuhed no hardness against us, we could not prevail upon her to allow us to give her a formal introduction to the young man. Such extreme delicacy at last created a most ardent desire in our guest to see tho osnessor, and he laughingly declared that e was going to stay until he had tired her out, ani she was forced to seek air and ex ercise. She wearied at last of such close confine ment, and taking a book one morning when she thought wc were All eug.iged, she strolled into the orchard. We had a nice seat there under a large apple tree, and throwing her selt upon it. and forgetting for awhile her 1 mortification, she gave herself up to pleasant thoughts and the perusal of her book She must have remained there longer th^n she had designed, for it was not until sister Eliza had gone into tho kitchon to see ab?m* dinner, that Mr Harlow arose and yawningly doclarcd that he must walk around a little to see if he could not pick up a relish for the good things we heaped upon him at our noon tide meal I was no sooner alone than I hastened to sister's room, to try for the fortieth time to dissuade her from her foolish course. I found her d'KNT open and the room vacated, and with a merry hope I hurried to the kitchen with the news, and to discuss with sister Eliza the probabilities of an unexpected meeting some where upon the premises " You go, Harriet," said Elisa, with a mean ing smile, " and see that she does herself no harm, while I stay and help Susan get the diuner upon the table " I did not need to be told the second time i Throwing on my sun-bonnet, I directed my steps toward the garden; but a feeling of guilt intruded itself, and I instinctively looked back for encouragemont. A sympathetic feeling must, at the same moment, nave taken possession of sister Elisa, for she had come to the door to look after me. | and, seeing my hesitation, reached out a plate she held in her hand, saying, with another droll expression of countenance, " (Jet a little lettuce, won't jou ?*' I went back and took the plate, and thus fortified against appearance uf unwarranta ble curiosity, I made my way into tho gar den The orchard was just beyond, with no lenco between, and the bed of lettuce was at the further end if the garden. HX 1'T.Y.R*.( TkU rrrtllTT' Pamlly News Journal?oo a alnln* a greater variety of iaasraetlac reading than out be toan4 in anv other?is p?b<Uh*4 on Bator iay morning. fltm. Single oopy, per annum tl ? TO CLVM. Five ooploa........... f5 00 Ten copies..... 0 00 Twenty copies IS M IET Ci?, lsuiiiitT in tiuM. I^Slnglecopies (in wrapper*) can be proc?re4 ?t the counter, ImtnodlsMv after tbs lssnr of tbs paper. Price?Tail* Cists Po ? i *a ? t x a ? w ho sc t ss agents wl 11 be allow e4 a commission of twenty per rseat I walked briskly along, intent upon my burine?s, hot took the liberty, before I stoope.l among the green leaves, to take a careful ser ve y beyond, and vu rewarded by a fair view of bister Mary seated under the apple tree, reading, apparently with the must perfect heedliness as to whether any one was near, while Mr. Harlow, hst in hand, stood at a little distance regarding her attentively, seeming undete, mined whether to advance or retreat. I sat down to pick my lettuoe. keeping watch of the two, but before i had half fin isbed the young man began to move cautious ly along toward my sister, and approached so closely before she looked up that J was more than ha!f inclined to believe she knew more of who was near than she cared to havo any one think. Child that 1 was my face burned, and I trembled so that I was scarce able to rise from my position, when I saw her start, and drop ping her book, draw her bonnet eoquettishly over her face. It was but the work of a moment for Mr. ? arlow to pick up the fallen volume?with the most obsequious bows present it to her? and, I fancied from the movement, beg a seat beside her. I hurried back to the house and made my report, much to the amusement of those who listened, while sister Eliza added. wf?fc a com ics! effort te look distressed : "And now? and n>w, Harriet, wo may a? well give him up Oh' what if we s/??/* be old maids! Oh! oh! But?Mary will not.'' It was not until we had rung our little din nor bell the second time, that our guest made his nppearance, leading the conquered girl, and looking as well satisfied as though be had gained a kingdom We were already seated at the table. f'*r our scrupulously punctual father would never allow us to keep dinner waiting for any one. but with his usual urbanity and kind desira to make a stranger feel at home, he begged of Mr Harlow to bo seated, assuring him that the girls had prepared a most excellent din ner, and it would not do to let the dishes spoil l>y standing Ho inquired particularly after sister Mary:s health? much to her embar r ls.rneut and our amusement?tor he did not understand bow matters stood, innocently supposing, as we had unequivocally inti mated. that it was a slight indisposition th*t had caused her absence from the table tor the two days previous. Our staid mother, who was better informed about the matter, but who did not allow her self to step from her dignity to interest her self in our foolishness, cast a sly glanoe over her glasses, and let her lips work into a smile, sufficient to betray her relationship to the droll creature who had been the moving cause of our merriment, while the viands at length claimed the attention of all, and a genial so ciability followed. That afternoon and evening, as may be im agined. my elder sister and tnyself, bad to entertain ourselves best we Could, for Mr ilarlow was all intent upon continuing the acquaintance he bad commenced in the morn ing. and in drawing from beneath their pru dish covering my sister Mary's excellent and interesting traits of character. Matters progressed rapidly, and when, af. ter a few days more, our guest informed us that bis visit must close, we wpre neither sur prised or inclined to turn into ridicule his se ri? us proposition to visit us sgam. He had taken leave of cur parents, and bad come into the parlor " to bid the young ladies adieu " Sister Mary was sitting by a table turning ever the leaves of an album, but we saw by the moisture in her eye. and the slight quiv ering of ber lip, that she was indulging in thoughts quite unusual to ber, and with so bered faces and serious thoughts, wn guvs the parting hand to our brother's friend and with drew, leaving the two alone. Prom the window in the upper hall wo had a view of the lumbering stage?heard 14 the gentle good bye"?saw "the last, lingering look." and, with hearts filled with tender* nees for the sister of whoso society we began to think we might be robbed, we went below, without inclination to tease, ani filled with deep rcspect f?r the uew feeliug that had come into our midst Six months afier we were called again to say "adieu." Father, mother, sister, Eliaa, and myself. M*ry was leaving us?a happy bride! PaaiLCS Advektire at raa SrsrfllsioM Bridge ? \s usual on Suuday, a Urge num ber of per jns wore congregated at the Bridge ?men, women and children?some engaged ia walking a -rose the bridge ; others ?n viewing the structure from the banks. ?Lc On the west bank of the river a number of boys were amusing themsolves by pulling upon guys, giving them an oscillatory motion. The guys were some ninety teet in length, and attached to the bridge directly over tho cha?ia, ana several feet from each other. They were fast ened together in an iron staple, inserted in the rock at the very brink of the precipice. One of the boys, a lad about twelve or fourteen years of age. whose name we have not been able to ascertain, in order to show his daring seated himself astraddle the guys when sud denly the staple was wrenched from tho rock, and the guys swung out over the river with the boy seated in the crotch, holding oo with a hand gra?ped upon each gay ' The distance from the bndge to the water is two hundred and forty feet, and the positioa of the young man whs about midway between1 The accident was witnessed by a large number of persona, and so thunderstruck were they that many ol them, both upon the bridge and the banks, threw themselves upon their faces and it wri some time before any one could re gain sufficient presence of mind to set about rescuing the lad frvin bid perilous position. The youngster, however, exhibited a nerve worthy of an older head, and seemed togreatly enjoy his swing. After the vibration of the guys had ceased, he commenced giving direc tions to those above him on the bridge as to the best mest method of affording him relief A search of the neighborhood showed that no rope suitable to draw him up was to be hau. The yuunster then suggested the plan of making a rope sufficiently long to let him down l>y piecing Tbi< was done. Tho rope wa; let dowu to him, and after be had fastened it to bis waist, those above lowered him to the wator's edge ' He gained the bank, and scamporcdoff for the lower landing a? tast as his logs could carry him, and our informant says, has not beeu sees since in the vicinity ol the Suspension Bridge.?liocht&trr Union Steam Mcsic ?The Calliope, or Steam Whistle, was yesterday attached to the excur sion boat l uion, and she steamed up the Bast river, " Home Sweet Home," " Pop g es tho Weasel," and other popular airs were played, to the astonishment and delight of those with iu hearing of the music It ia said that the Peek Slip Ferry Company intend to have one placed on their new ferry boat, Nebraska.? TV. Y Mirror. Health op the Soitbeee Citie? ?The Mobile papers ap|*ar to be about as much an noyed as the New Yorkers are, with the falre reports of yellow fever, circulating to its prej udice '-elsewhere " Dr. Nott, the Pre.?ufcyu? of the Board of Health, gives all such stone* their quietus in a card, annoaneing that not a solitary caoe of the disease has made its ap pearance there this season The *-*me, we are assured, holds good as regards New Or leans. Wht thet did it.?Two boys arrested in Cambridge for eetting fire to a carpenter shop, confers to firing a ropewalk. a few davs since, as they iiwante?l to have a Ik> 'k '"tl* tie rn gttte conipant<*."