15 Ağustos 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Ağustos 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOL. VIU WASHINGTON, D. C THE EVENING STAR, PUBLISHED EYER^AFfEKNOO* (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) II lis Slav torutr ?/ ?*? Fl***ntk S/rtst, . By W. D. WALLACE, Will be served to subscribers by -arners at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; piper* served In r lcksges at 37# cents per moot:.. To mall subscribers Ike sub scription price Is THREE DOLLARS AND PIF TY CENTS a year inadrane*, TWO DOLLARS for six months, sod ONE DOLLAR for three months; for lest than three months tt the rate of IS# oents a week. Cy SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. OFFICIAL. Taxastrav Dx?a*T*xsT, May 28, 18*. Notice Is hereby glvea to the holders of the stock tMued pursuant to the act of Congress of 22d July, 1914, that sucA stock Is redeemable by lu terms, and will be paid at the Treasury oa the surrender of the certlicetes thereof, on the 12th of November next, when Interest thereon will eease. This department will continue to purchase such stock prlortosald day of redemption, and will pay thsre/or the fallowing premium, In addition to the interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach tte vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, la elusive, one-half of one per cent, en the amounts specified In the certlloates; On <*uch stock received bstween the 1st and 31st days of Aogust, one-fourth of one percent; And en such stock reestved after theSlst day of Augast, the interest accrued thereon, and oae day's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under ?his notice mutt be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the ourrent half yeer's interest mu t llso be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department 1 will purchase the same between the lat day of Jane and the 1st day of December next, unless the sum of SI ,500,900th*n be previously ob'alaed, and wlH pay for the same, in addition to the in tercut accrued frjm he day of the lant dividend of latemt, and ont day's additional Interest for the mon*y to reach the vendor, the following rates of premium: Oa stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of 10 per eent.; Oa st >ck of the loaasof 1847 and 1949 a premium of If per cent.; And on stock Issued under the act of 9th Sep tember, H5Q, commonly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of 8 per cent. Certiflcites transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-yeer's In tereit must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be peyable to him as heretofore Paymeit for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES OUTHRIE, m 2?-dt:i.Nov Secretary of the Treasury. HATS! HATS! JUST RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF fine drab Beaver ventila ted HATS, which I offer at S3 SO; they are the best Hats lor the price in the Uclted States. The best 1 bite* dress Bats got up in he latest style for S3 SO as good as thote usually sold st S3: and a g4bd fashion able flat at S ?, worth S4 ; aad a first-rate Bat. *2 SO. The be-t materials and tae b?*t workmanship Is employed to produce a #5 Hat, which la told for S3 SO We do a e *sh business, meet with no los ses, but give each customer full value for his money Felt aad Straw Hats unusually low. N B Agent for Drlacoll's Balm of a Thousand Flower* Price 25 ceats per bottle ANTBON Y, 7th street, near Pa. avenne, Agaat fors New York Hat Company. m 24- tf JONAS F. LEVY, ivpoaTaa ans sxalxx is WIRES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AID fill GROCERIES, ??walCommiaaion A Ferwardiag Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, Ms. 474 Pa av., two doors below U.S. Hotel, W*saiaeTO!t Civt.D. C. eeS-ly ttinnE* anu uauze lno?r oar . Jf***1* ,#r ???tleeaea?Welnvlteattention of Gentlemen in want of Slslk, Lisle Thread. Merino, or Cotton Under Garmeuls, for the pres ent season, to our superlo* stock We sre deter mined to se.l them from this day forth at red uced Erlcea. as we wl?h to prepare for the fall trade, live us a call and buy cheap. GEO B B. WMl TE CO., Vent's Furnishing Store, JOt Pa. ?v , bet. ?.h aad 10th st*. Jy 12 COPARTNEft.SUIP NOTICE. HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED WITH me in th? wholesale and retail Grocer/ bus! ? m Nerval W. Burcnell, aad it will hereafter be coeda -ted under the name aad style of King A B orenell. 1 w jsild a?k for the firm the oontlnuation of the kladne** of my forna^r ca-ttjmere. both In <r.?de sad lnttaeace (ta 1) 2. M P KINO. miUK OF HOURS. ON AND AFl'EE MONDAY, THE 30tli of June, the Steamer ii KOKUfc -U ?' ^ PAGE will run at the following hours; Lea 13 Alexandria at 4#, 8, 10, 12, 2)f, 4#, and o'clock. Leav W aahlngtoa ?, ?, U, l*, 3*, ft*, and 7 o cloc*. Jejr-if I.'.LIS L PRICK, Captain. 'flHE ST Ell LR UEOK9E WASH1AO. R TON will depart at the follow- ? m % lag hours: ^SeasOHBla Leave Alexandria 7*, 0, 11 1*, UM, 4* Leave Washington.. .8. 10, U, 2* ,1*, ft* jeas-d job corson; Capcaii?_ ? on MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?FAKE, ROUND TRIP, SI; FROM _ ^JT?iJ A LE X AN J RIA 7S C E.N TS ?The Steamer TBOMAS COuLVER leaveSwasnia? ton at 0 aad Alstandrla at!** o'clock. COftehei leave the Capitol for ths boat at ijk ecioca Csarh fare 10 ~ents. Persou* wUnlng tie coaches will le~ ve their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshment* on the boat tf SAM'L GEDNEV, Csptala. WHY PURCHASE PIANOS JHO.VI Irresponsible traveling agents, waen yoo caa get In Washington cltyrTTWl the very best q -allty at prlcea which will b?guar 'OWM*ny the country from JOHN r . c*LLi3 9 Always on hand, from 20 to 30 Plaoos of everv style ana flalsh. .-Second-hand Pianos taken in exchange Pianos for rent, Ac Re.member? No 300, between 0th and llith tu near Saving* Dank. Jy21 ' HA -4 OS ON YJI R POCKET-UOOKft, TUB WBITE HATS AKE ABOUT._ We have a very flne assortment of Fashion ? kU lir is ' J r* . \u able White Beaver and Felt Hats, of all ?[uallties and prlc s, to whleh we respect allv Invite tae attention ef all In want \ ter them at reduced prices Csll at GEO H B WHITE A CO.'S Fashionable Hat, Cap, aad Geot's Purnrsblag Establishment, 312 Pennsvl vanla avenue, between O'.h and 10th sts. J/ IS DR MUNSON. AT 338 1'ENN'A AVENUE, is stKl making those beautiful ^ Aa continuous GUH TKETH, called Alien s Patent, for the excel ency nr^TrWf which over all other styles of tee:h, mau, uov? wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch There Is one Dentist in this city wno ha* been infringing the patent, and made a bad Imitation of it, agaiuat wnom 1 hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Oeutl?t speaks against A Ilea's PsUdt Coatiaueu* bam Teeth, when yffrly c unstructtd, It Is because he Is Igaoraot of tne proctss, lncomi>Hent to make the work, or Is oawiLlag to pay tor the patent. je 10 tf DE LA HADOK'I HISTORY OF THE &e 'rrt Societies of France; 1 vol Bernard Llle, a jO^ei, by the Hon. J Clemens of Alabama LIoeaty and bliwy, by Profsa&or B e<L?o*, of tte Uulveiklty of Vlxglata. ?u 5 M FRANK TAYLOR. Proposal! for Deepening the Outlets of tho Mississippi river into the Gulf of Xoxico. ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, ) Waihikoton, August 4, 1^36 \ Proposals will be received at this office until the irst day of Of tober next for "opening aod keeping open ship channels of sufficient capacity to accommodate the wants of commerce, through the Southwest Pass and Pass ? I'Outre, leading from the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico," for which purpose there was appropriated, hy act of Congress of 8th of Jul|r, leS6, three hundred and thirty thousand Bidders are requested to stale the amount for which they wtil contract to open each of the channels specified throughout a Well definrd width of three hundred feet, to a depth of not less than eighteen feet below the level of ordinary low water, which level will be determined by a bench mark on the shore, to be established by aa officer or offlsers appointed by the Secretary of War, anil th?v are also requested to state the longest period of time for which tbey will contract to keep each channel open to such width and depth for the res idue of the appropriation after the amount of the bid for opening, If accepted, Is paidf and to state also, In separate proposals, the same particulars for opening and keeping open each channel, to a uniform depth of not less than twenty feet through oat a well defined width of three hundred fest The means by which it may be proposed to ac complish the work and the least time ueceisary for opening the hannels, must be stated In the pro posal foe each depth The right to accept the offer which, In the opin ion ot the Secretary of War, proposes the beat method of acvomplishlng theobj9ct contemplated and to ascept either p-oposal of any bidder for either of the passes, to the exclusion of the pro posals of the same bidder for the other pass, Is reserved The quantity of matter necessair to be removed from the existing channels at the passes to be deepened, or the distant e along either channel to which the work must extend, in order to obtain -lther of the specified depths, cannot, for want of accurate information as to their i resent condition, be stntel. Persons who desire to undertake the w irk are expected, therefore, to inform themselves of Its extent, and of the best me ins of accomplish in* It Aft?-r a contract has been en'ered Into, the place and dlrectionsef the channels to be opened will be designated to the contra .tor by an officer or officers appointed for that purpose by the Secre tary of War, and the amount which may be agreed upon for opening each will be paid after each has been completed.*nd found, upjn exami nation by an officer or officers, appointed aa above, to be conformable, in all re-pects, to the stipula tions of the contract; but no payment will be nude on account of any work done to wards open ing either channel until after such channel shall aave been completed, examined, and approved, as above specified. At the expiration of one-third of tbe time dur ing which the channels are to be kept opeu, elgaty per cent of one-third of tbe whole amount of the contract for keeping open will be ; aid ; at the expiration of two-thirds of the time an addi tional payment of one third of the whole amount contracted for will b* p*ld; and at the expiration of he whole time during which the channels are to be kept open, the twenty percent retained at the Irat payment, and the remaining third of the whole amoant of the oontract for keeping the channels open, will be paid ; but no payment will be made until after the channels bfcve been exam ined at each period of payment, by an officer or office? appointed by the Secretary of War and found to be In all respects conformable to con tract. Proposals most be accompanied by evidence of ability to execute the work lntbewav,and wlt&in the tline proposed, and should be addressed to the "Engineer D-partment, Washington," and en dorsed ?' Proposals for opening channels at outlets of the Mississippi river " When tbe time within which proposals are to be received has expired tbey wi.l be opened aad considered, and a contract be entered Into wkh the bidder or bidders whose plan of operation and evidence of ability to execute t e work are most ?,tlsfactory to the Secretary of War. To be Inserted for thirty da,s in the National In telllgencer, and the K*enln/ Mar, Washington; the Commercial Bulletin, and tbe Tiue Delta, New Orleans; tre Mobile Register. Mobl'e; tbe Argua, and the Pennsylvanlan, at Philadelphia; the Day Book, aod the Journal of Commerce. New Vork; the Times, and the Post, Boston; the Republican, and the Pilot, St Louis; theEnqul rer, Cln lnnatl, ao<i the Democrat, Louisville Accounts for advertising, with two copies of paper containing advertbement, to be sent to En gineer Department for payment. an Ad.'JOt SP. HOOVIK'S BOOT, SHOE, AND ? TRUNK ESTAB LISHMENT ? 1 have on hand the largest and most extensive aasort m-nt o bentlemens' and Ladles' Sole f eath , erTravllng Trunk,Iron] and Wood Pram el Packing Trunks, Vail i ? ces Bonnet Boxes, new style; Carpet Msgs of all styles and qualities Also, a general assortment of Latle*', Gents', Boys' and Misses Shoes, all colors and stiles. All wishing to purchase any of tbe above articles will find it to their advan tage to examine my stock before purchasing else where Call at S P HOOVER'S, Iron Hall Penn. are , bet Vth and 10th Jy ti streets. J. CONNELLY, Undertaker, No 1*3 Stvtntk strut, wtit tidt, b?t. O and Ht WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and? ?he adjoining counties that he Is ( r\ ro na ? " " prepared to attend to all orders at the shortest notice and on th? most liberal terms He will spare no pains to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. He guarantees to preserve the dead la the warmest weather for any length of time. A large supply of ready made COFFLNSof all siaes and qualities, always on hand. Shrouds, Carriages, Hearses, and every other article furnished oj the best quality. A share of the pabllc patronage is respectfully solicited. mar>4-tf WATCHES, JEWKLHY, BlbVkRk i'LA TKU WAK.K, ALUATA FORKS, kr. AT GREATLY KKDVCF, L) PRICES. MW WALT A BKO ARE MOW OKKER ing a splendid assortment of tbe above goods at lower rates than tbey have ever sold them Of extra fine WATCHES tbey name those above made by Cooper, Adams, Taylor, Dixon, Tobias, Bersley, John- n. Jur geunsen, Varheron, and all other makers of celebrity. ELEGANT JEWELRY. Diamond, fead, Florentine, Mosaic, and Cameo Brochea in setts and single pieces, Hold Chains, Seals, Key*, Ac HI LVER WARE Solid Silver Tea sets, Waiters, Pitchers, Ooblots, Cups, Forks. Spoons, Ac EXTUA fLATED WARE. Tea sets, Cake Baskets, Castors, Walter*. Pltoh er.i, oob.ets, Aloata Forks, Spoons, Lnglish and A merle *u Table Cutlery. |[T Spectacles and Lye Glasses of every focus in odd, Silver, and floe Steet frames All goods warranted as represented M W. tiALT A BRO , Jy 30 tf 331, Pa ave , bet Vth and lUths a^ ANTHONY Ul'tMLY, UNDERTAKER, Ehop tnd Eesidenca Ho 803 Psnn'a avenue, ?outh side, between 9th and 10th sts. Having provided himself with an ELEGANT H E A RH E and all accessary conveniences for properly conducting bis business. would respectfully inform the public that he Is fully preparvd to fill all ordsn entrusted to him, at the shortes- notlcs and In the beat manner. A large supply of READY-MADE OOFPINS of all sixes afwa>s oa hand, which will be fur alshed on the moeC reasonable tern s As heretofore, no pains will be spared lo give entire satisfaction en all occasions. N. B.?Resld ng on ibe premises, ordera will be^pvMB|>tt)r attended to at all hours. MKK. 31. E, HARVK7 (Sscctssoa TO Jams F. Habvkt, bacaasin,) UNDERTAKER, No. 4 IS Stvmtk IIrssl, bttwm u and H, Begs leave to inform the public that she has in her employ the same persons that were formerly in the establishment, who are fully competent lo conduct tbe Undertaking Business; and that every attention will be given to rails, day er nttfht, as tu i ctrfo e m lS-ttm t uite?#K a tiu.1 aToia?l*,Aoo Corpo > ration of W ashing ten Stock for sale at fet4?-t{ CHUBB BROTHERS. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BT FIRE ! 8*btcriM Capital and Surplus 01,348,111 13* FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA Office ngrthuett corner Pennsylvania avenu4 and 17tk t'reei, Washington City, D. C. STATEMENT OF BUSINESS FROM THE 1ST day of August to the 31st day of December, 1855: Am iunt received in marine premiums. .$6(?,24-2 31 Do fire premiums 39,908 82 Total premium* for five months 108.151 13 Capital ' 1,250,000 00 1,358,151 13 Invested as follows: Bond* of Allegheny county, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia City 6'* ?7?,721 66 Railrra l bonds, com 33,400 00 Loan* on Ifst mortca?e of real estate.. 58,950 00 | U'? stocks, col!a??ia' 3u 3H 00 Ca-h in barn* and on ha.id 11,082 29 Capital subscribed .1,047,700 00 Premium n< t?:s, not matured 66-3fc7 31 Due from ajents (secured by bond?)..? 18,843 61 Expenses ami commissions ll,6fi 33 1,35?.1SI 13 Tutal amount of losses reported to 1st Janaky, Pin: ...ft^66 66 Marine .... 3,000 00 4,666 66 DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. B. Fl'trence, Charles Dingee, Qeoree H. Armstrong, Thoma* Manderfleld, Charles A Rub ram, Edward R. H"lmbo!d,' George llt-lmb >ld, F. Carroll Brewster, James E Xeall, I.aac Leech, Jr. THOMAS R. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wa'ter, No. 397 D street. Jno. M. Thornton,corner First street and Virginia avenue. Jam>:s Williams, No. 22 Four-and-a half street. MARINE PURVEYOR. Cait J. P. Levy, No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomason. The business of this Company will compare Ta vorab'y wnli the m >st successful of similar Institu tion* tu the United States Fmm the l.<t day ot August, 1855, in five mirths, up t? 1st Jannay, 1836, the premiums received ami'tnted trt the large sum of one I undred and eijht thou and, one hunired and fifty-one dollars, with only f.triysiz bundled and six y ail dollars losses reported. With the*e evidence* of success and good man a?i tD 'Bl, the directors fret justified in soliciting a -hare of public patronage, believmr that the secu ri?y offved is am.ile and that aU tair cla tin will be adjusted more according to equity 'han legal techni calities. With a view of affording arable indemnity to the public, the company have deposited with MKS3RS DUNCAN, SHKRMAN, * CO., 07 NEW YOK&, THKlit HANKERS, Ca-h au?ipr* minm ><>tes to provide an accruing Trust Fund of One Hundrrd Tkousaud. Uollari, To be held by them as aJditional security to policy holders for the payment of losses. The company is prepared to is-ue policteF ajramst loss or carnage by fire on DWELLINGS, PURNI TUKti, MILLS, MANUFACT. RIKH, WARE SOUSES, a'l descriptions of MUILDINOH, and eir c.iiuent-, or all kinds of M* RL'HANDISP, transported by VfctSH.S, STKAMBOATS, CA NAL B.)ATS, flAILtOADS, and th* u-ual con veyances to or from any portion of E'*ROPit and AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS iiav.(ra'ing the wesfrn wa'sr* The iat?;s of premium will b? a* low as other comianies, and in fii;iur them eveiy in?pn>v<*ni*nt in construction and a-rang? m-jnt will be takeninto consideration. All Iossm) speedily a ljusted and promptly paid. Office northwest c rner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Washington city, D. C. Jtfuranre may aho he ef}erttd at the Home OF.ce, NorthweM corner Walnut und Second Streets, Phila delphia Also, at the Ompany'noffisfs: New York? A VV. l b mpjon, No 10 Wall street. Boston Oliver firewater, No 4 Siat.e street. Baltimore? B. II. Richardson, No. 7-2 Baitim ire ?trt* u Circin nati?TaylOr 4 Anihmy. Charleston?i. II. Tay lor, No. 121 B. Bay street New <>r|?a.t??Ha man Doane. Montgoin-ry?Albert W lliami. Mobile? A. C. Wa-igb. Pitifbura:?T. J Hunter, No. 90 Water str?tl Savannalu A. Wi'bjr, No. Ill Bay street. Augusta?OirarJey, Wbytea Co. Atlanta Marcus A. Bell. Trer.Ua ?Narr 4 Cocks. Pond du La;?Robert A Caker. Vick>-bjra?J. I'uti am. Buffalo?A Barker. Memphis?\>. E- Milton. Detroit?Thomas Pa'mer 4 Son Milwaukir?A. Weliiugton Hart. Wellsburg, Virginia?La-ifbrih Brown, jr. Erie, Pennsylvania?Allen A. Ciatg. Wyomug, Pennsy vama-R. C. Smith. L? uis ville?II. il.Tlmbe lake. Na liville? J< sep!i Na?ti. Poit'and?D RobirFon, jr. Chicago?K P. Ward San F aicisco- Wil.iam Bi?<s. Louis?'I bos. K. Courte?ay, geneia! a/ent lor the sootherti and western Btaus*. And in <uh?T principal cities ?.f the United S.ates by authorized officers of the com pany. Je 14-lyt AttENGY OF THE Alliance Insurance Co. of rhil&delphiat Capital $300,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1856. iuiti of tu? Comi>?Qjr, conslatlug of Bonds ssd Mort(s(*s on nn?Qrambere<1 rr fcl e?ui? $I1S,CS4 SS Stocks of otl:er Oorporstlons, worth P" M,CIO 00 Cwli on li*Dd H,?M SO Bills r*<-elv*bl?, oonnUttug of Msrtus notss and ?hort lssns |M,WI "t Stock netw ?14,M? M ?t,M> 70 m?,4to oo Wli >)? racslpt* for pr*mtntns daring tL? ymr $111,811 OS P?:d for lo??c? ab<I cxp?>nt?M dorlug llm jemr 71,113 04 P M. M??R I ARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WESTERN FIRE I1T30B AffCS CO OF PHILADELPHIA. Capital #500,U00. Ckarttr Ptrpttnal. DtB*CTORS. Charles C. Luthrop,53-J Spruce street. Alexander Whlldtn, merchant, 14 North Front street. John C. Hunter, Arm of Wright, Hunter A Co. K Tracey, llrm of Tracey A tlaker. John R McCardy, firm of Jones, White A !V1 e, Curdy Isaac Usjleburst, attorney and counsellor. James A. Smith, Arm of J as B Smith A Oo. Theo W Baker, trm of Tracy A Baker. R. S. Walton, 360 \1 arket street Thomas K. Limerick, 5>4 Spruce street. John J. Baker, Goldsmith's Hall. CHAKLESC LATHROP, President. THOMAS K LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to this, no charge for policy fee Enquire at the oAct of J. E. Ker.dnil, over R Morrow's Exchange Oflee first door V^est of W. U Todd's Hat store, on Pennsylvntla avenue tW-Sri DAVID MYERLE. Agent OLACB1 STONE'S PAVtLlON. PLACE OF RESORT WILL BE 1- open on the 3d day of July for the ac ^ commodatlon of visitors. The subscriber has engaged a first rate Cotillion Hand forJUliK the season, and with his large and spendid Hall Room oilers v*st lud cements to the lovers of the donee His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxuries of the Potomac,and his Bar with tee cholest liquors Tbl<? is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, being situated between Blacklstone's and St Catharine's Islands. There will be a celebration on the 4th of July, and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, 'Jtth July, Thursday,7th August, and Thurs d y '21st of August. 'l he steamer Alice Price will land passengers during the walerln' sesaon on Tuesdays and Fri days going down, and will stop for passengers on NA edneed.iys and Saturdays, on her return trips. The steamer Columbia will also land and take off Stsaengers on Wednesdays going to, and on Sun sys returning from Baltimore Hoard?SI per day for a week or longer; SI,26 less than a week

jeU5 'Jm GEORGE. W. BLACklSTONE. A PIANO AT A KREAT BARGAIN ?One of Uallct, Davis A Co's, BostongggSto manufacture. Rosewood Case, for SIM, ft iff' puichased of us only a few months since; and the owner Is compelled to leave the city. Call and see It. ^ JOHN F ELLIS. Piano and Music Store, between au 8 an* streets. L. J. MIDRLKTON, DEALER I* ICE, Ofiu and Dtp?t?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets. ?sbt?-tf F INK OLD GOVERNMENT. MOCHA, Java, and Rlo Coffee for sale by KINO A BURCHELL. J65 Vermont avenue, corner 16th au 6 and I streets Educational. THE COLUMBIA INSTITUTE, FUR TODRO LADIES. No. 446 Eltvtntk strut, betieten G and H. Prof. GEORGE H STUECKRATH, Principal. Mr*. JANK E. WILLIAMS. Vice-Principal. *o 13-Sw* <_ IILAN0 ACADE^f. A FRENCH AND ENGLISH ACAI)KMY for the Instruction of young ladles will be open September 1st, by a lady of years experience in teaching, and having resided seme years on the Island, ?one! tithe patronage of her former friends and others who desire the success of a high class school in that part of the city. The system of instruction will comprise all the branches taught in first Ciass academies, and the manners and morals of pupils will receive strict attention. A preparatory school for children will be attached to the Academy, and the rudiments of Prench will be taught gratis Competent masters will be en gaged for Languages, Music, Painting, Drawing, Ac. References and term* made known by aa dressing " ACADEMY," Star Office. an 18 FAIR KILL BOARDING ICHOOL FOR ' GIRL*. THK TENTH TERM OF THIS 1NSTITU tlon will commence on the 8th of the ninth month (September^ next Clrenltrs containing farther information *n re* gsrd to tae School will be furnished t? r*-ra"ns whodesirethem on application to R S KIRK, or W.vi H FARQUHAR.et Olney Post Office, Montgomery county, Maryland. au7-S?r VOLNG LADIEV SEMINARY, Caraer of Dumbarton and Montgomery itreeit, Gtorgetoitn, D. C. MRS. GEN'L WHEELER, Principal. The duties of this institution will be resumed on Monday. September 1st, wi h renewed exertions on the part of the Princi pal for the intellectuil, moral, and religious 1m proveir.ent of puplli committed to her care Mrs W. tenders her thanks to her friends and patrons for the liberal amount of patronage the bas received and respectfully solicits a continua tion of the same. Circulars obtalnrd on application to the Princi- 1 pal. an 7-tSepl5 CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS merchant, > P?t?rT?*LS KhV (i. W DORK.ANCE,S 'DHE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS I Academy will commence on Monday, Sep tember Ut. IPCfl. For terms see circulars at the principal Book Stores au 1-tf FRENCH AND ENOL1SH FEMALE SEM INARY FOR BOARDING PCFILS. BY M. A. TYSON A SISTERS. THIS seminary IS SITUATED AT ALN wlck. midway on the Baltimore and Wash ington Railroad and Turnpike. The Fall term will commence on Monday, 1st of September, at which time the pupils are de sired to be in attendance. Incre?*ed facilities are afforded for the acquisi tion of Music and French, whilst the English branches receive that Instruction necessary for a through education. Evrrv accommodation and comfort are afforded for a large number of pupils. For further particulars circular* may be had at the principal Bookstores, and at Dr. Tyson's Drug store, corner of lOthand 1 street*, Washlrg ton. Jy ?-eotsepl_ THE UNION ACADEMY. Z. Richards. Mas. Z Richards, I'rin. 0. A. m?. U. r. A. 1>HE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS I Institution, and of tLe UNION FEMALE ACADEM Y.willcominenceoa MONDAY , Sep temoer 1, ib56. jy23-3m Houses, See , for Rent and Sale. FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street nov i7?tf For rent ?several excellent Biick and Frame Houses, north of Penn'a. 1 avenue, between 14th and 15th streets west. Av*r- j i aeinii from ten to eighteen dollar* per month ! lrquire of J P HILTON. No. 375, Iith street we?t, or F street north, No 210. au 5- J. P HILTON, Agent and Collector FOR KbiNT?DWELLING HOUSE, NO. 33i, Pennsylvania avenue north side between 9th ar.d l< th streets. One of the best locations In ttiecity. Immediate passessiongiven. Apply to GEO H II W HITE A CO., on the premise*, or to CHARLES* H. LANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 2 FOR RENT.?a THREE STORY BRICK Dwelling, with extensive Unck Building, a large lot of ground attached, with a pump of good water In the yard, situated on K street, nearly op poslte the Brewery. To a good tenant the rent will be made moderate App y to COM S. CASSIN, or at GODEY Jt (JO'S . Llrre Kiln, Beall street, between Congress and Washington streets, Georgetown. m 2-eotf FOR RENT ?FOUR NEW SMALL BRICK Houses Just finished, Immediately northwest of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroad Depot. A pply at the Capitol extension to F R A N - CIS J. BROOKS. m 15-eotf FOR RENT, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER ?The large, airy, convenient, and well fin'shed Hall next door to the Star Build ings It Is 50 by 84) feet in the dear, with high celling, and is capitally lighted. Also, tha store immediately under the we*t half of said hall, W by 80 feet, fronting directly on Pennsylvania avenue, In the heart of the business portion there of, (no other such desirable business stands are now being offered to the public ) They will be rented separately or together. For terms apply toGEORUE HILL, Papermaker, Bridge street, a few doors west of the omnibus stand, George, town, or at the Star Office counter. N. B. If renters desire to carry on any business requiring steam power, they can be accommo dated with shafting attached to the new and pow erful engine of the Star Newspaper and Job Printing Office, manufactured oy the Messrs Ellis, and srranged so as to furnish ample power, if required, to renters of the premises advertised ?bore. 1* 117- The lease on the above property will be sold. ioR SALE.?A TRACT OF LAND, CON ? t.lining about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley VUw Farm, the resULnce of the late John H King, deceased. This is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a fine private residence; about 20 acres of this tract Is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of cul tivation The summit of this tract Is from 350 <o 400 feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Wathlngton, Georgetown, and the adjacant val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or in lots . Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Apnly at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. H. King, No eo Prospect street, Georgetown, D. C. Je 18-tf [Intel] E. J. KING. FOR SALE OR RENT?THE TWO NEW three-ktory Houses with back bullding and cellar, on 12th street, the first square south of Penn avenue, Is offered for sale or rent. Th*y contain ten rooms each Inquire of J. W DAR KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran church, between lltn and 12th street. au 1-eotf S TORE FOR RENT -ONE OF THE MOST desirable places of business on Pennsylvania avenue for rent, and fixtures for sale Apply at No. 244 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 2 and 6 o'clock au 8-eotf For sale or rent ?that desira^ ble wldeace on F street, between 20th and 2let, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chuba, Esq. Posse'Slon given the 1st or November next, inqiire of R1GGS A CO. au 12-eotf K EKP IT BEFORE THE FEOFLE ?.?. That we keep constantly on hand gentle men's DRESS SHIRTS of every quail y and wtce, and made up after the lateat at) lea aud pat VVe have Just received a new supply of Shirts, with colored linen bosom# and wristbands, com prising the choicest patterns. ? Our attention will be particularly devoted te making 8hlrt? to order, ai d we confidently be lieve our experience in this department will en able ns to give satisfaction to all who m ?y favor us with their ordeis Style aid fit guarantied or no sale. GEO. H B WH1 TE A CO , Gents Furnishing store, I Jy 2?-tf Pa. avenue, bet 9th and 10th sts EVENING STAR. THE MINSK'S DAUGHTER. The banks of the It-ring, on the northern borders of Cuuiberlandshire. here been loug fained as containing abundance of the rtohe?t and ukat valuable minerals Atone particu lar part, a few miles from the source of tbe river, the banks rise abruptly, and huge preci pices overhang tbe stream which brawl* and foams beneath, forcing its way aver fragment* of roeks, which from time to time, have been burled from the precipices on either side, al most damming up the course of tbe water In the northern side of this part of the river a huge cavern is pointed out, which goes by the name of King Arthur's Cave ; at.d a tra dition is still preserved amongst the inhabit ants of that neighborhood, that the celekra ted King Arthur -within whose hereditary do mains this cave was situated?derived a great Eortion of his wealth therefrom, which ena led him to keep np tbe dignity of his eourt and to reward the valor of his knights of the Round Tabic. This cavern was long looked upon with suspicious dread by the surro?;,4 ing peasantry, who still believed that King Arthur and his chivalry, surrounded by all the spell and powers of fairyland, continued to hold unearthly revels within its darksome re oessea; and a proverb was carefully handed down from father to eon, which ran thus? He who baa the aoul to brave Four week's toll In Arthur's cava, And strike* an axe in Arthur's ring. Khali roll In rich** like a king From the mouth of this cavern, on a bright tunny morning in tbe month of August, 1833, there issued tbree men They were clad in the drest* of miners, but their bearing showed them to be infinitely superior to the common clats of workmen. Deep dejection and disap pointment were strongly marked in the coun tenance of all the three, as they paused on tbe broad green bank in front of the cavern, and rested for a while on their working imple ments. After a short pause, the eldest of the three broke silence " Well, my friends, I would not advise you to act too rashly in this affair, it is true that we have labored in this cave for four week', and met with nothing but loss arid disap pointment ; yet there is aomething whispers to me, that by perseverance we will overcome all our difficulties." '? Adam Lee," responded one of hit compan ions, rather sharply, ''we have indulged too long in these fallacious hopes. For four weeks, late and early, have we toiled wasting our substance and our energies, and all in vain. For my part I will persevere no longer in it, so give up the leaae. say I. What say you, Qeorge I" he added, addressing his third compauion. Tne party addressed was resting in a mel ancb >ly mood on the shaft of his pick-axe, and heaving a deep sigh, he answered ? 441 am ot your opinion. Ralph. We have fought all this time among t hard granite rocks where nothing can be got Fur my own part I almost think shame to enter my ewn | house, as night atter night I hear my p<*>r wife put the oft-repeated question of?4 Well. George, what speed u>-d*y7' And when I shake my head, to see her melancholy look, as she glances round on the poor children ; why. i feel as if I were like to ohoke. No, Bo ; it won t do. Let us labor elsewhere, and give up the lease, say 1 '* ?4 Rut there is a twelvemonth of it to run/' urged Adam Lee; 44 and in that time we may have all the success that our hearts could poe sibly desire '' " It is of no use talking any more about the matter," responded his companions 41 Give up the lease at fence " ?' Rut suppose it should not be taken off our hands," said Adam "Our young landlord is a kind and ganer ous hearted man," replied Ralph; "and when wo explain our bad tortune to him. we have no doubt that be will at once take the lease off our hands , so let us give it up instautty '' 41 Well, well," said Adam Lee?" I will not stand in yonr way; so let us give up the lease with all my heart " I bo saying, Lo turned, and taking a long and j mournful look at the cavern which yawned before him?4' Thou old jade !*' he said, apee trophising it?"I had hoped te have a snug ana comtottable livelihood from thee, but thou hast disappointed all my hopes. Never mind," he added more cheerfully?4' Plague take it! I'll have a slap once more at thee, tor auld lmg syne!" ?o aayiug he raised his pickaxe, and, bounding forward, struok it with herculean force deep into tbe rock at the side of the cave. With sach strength was the blow given, that the very rock shook and seemed yielding, and his friends shouted in dismay. 44 Rack, Adam!?back, for God's sake * 6te, the rock is giving away ! With a violent wrench, Adam brought the pickaxe home again ; but losing hi* balance, staggertd a considerable distance backward?, and tell upon hand and knee It wi? provi dential for him that he did *o, lor what ap peared at first to be the face ol a solid roci.. proved nothing more than loose fragment* of slate and blaise, overgrown with moss and lincbin, so that the wrench, in pulling back the pickaxe, had loosened the whole uiaga and brought it thundering down, raising a cloud of dust whioh almost blinded Adam and his friends. On recovering from their alarm, the first impulse of Ralph and George Wi<? to hurry to tbe assistance of Adam Lee ; but ere they reached h:m he eprang lightly to his feet, and with a rapturous shout pointed te the face of the rock which was now laid bare 44 Look there ! look thero!" he exclaimed, i knew that we ^ould find it at last.' The friends looked round, and, to their amazement, beheld the whole face of the rock shining with the inoi?t danling brilliancy ; and, as the sunbeams gleamed upon it, the whole rock seemed glowing with a gorgeoue ness which rooted the on lookers to the spot as they gated in silent wonder at tne brilliant sight before them. ?4 lleaven be praised !'* said George, as ho recovered from his fit of amaiement?"Heav en be praised! this is a blessing unlooked for and unhoped for!" 44 Heaven bo praised, indeed" rejoieed Adam Lee?"for Heaven alone has led us to the discovery of this treasure. *4 Well, my fiiends," he added, in a cheerful tone of voice ?44 will we give up the lease now ' ?4 No, no was the eHger response 44 You forget,' Baid Aiarn 44 that our lease only embraces the working in the cave- not an inch beyond it *' "Most true," was the sorrowful answer 4 But with so much wealth before us, what can we do?" , 44 Listen," said Adam. "1 will go to young Squire Ornton?I will tell him of our past misfortunes and our present success, and soli cit him to grant us a fair lease of all the min erals in his land at a good lordship; it will be beneficial to all partiea. What think you of this?" ??We leave the matter in your handr, Adam," replied his companions, "proceed in stantly to squire Ornton?not a moment is to be lost We will wait here till you return, in case any prying eye should mar our good fortune. Act as best you oan, and God speed you!" 44 Amen!" fervently rejoined Adam, lo bathe bis face and hands iu the river, and ad just his dress, was the work of a moment, an with a light and merry heart Adam Lee se out on hia errand ., . , the Joyons were the thoughts whioh tll?* ?*? bosom of Adam Lee, as ha twd with S step the narrow footpath the margin of the river, and . ^ .. ? to OrntonLodge, the man.io.ot All nature seemed to beam upon him witn fairer aspect than before tajo very ers seemed to have acquire* pew beauty tht THE WEEKLY 8TAE ThieemctiaatFaatfiyaad w?w? -o?a ea b? fnn? lg or fiWttM m Satur day nmiic Single oopy, p? uiW>. ?? * to Civil. Fit# wplfi |f M T? oopttt 9 W Twenty copiee UN C7- Case, ..T.iuut m a?TA?C*. trr Wngleeoples (In wrappers) can to procured ml tae oouater, IiiimIIiMi Utet tto Inm of the paper. Price?Tim Cut* PoiTMllTlli WbOtrtUIKAU Wiu to allows a eommlsalon of twenty per cent honeysuckle and wild roae gave forth a fr-shar fragranoe sod the trees shone with fairer ?rVh"eTerh*h~1 ^tne?.d bef?l The sunbeams were brighter, nod earth air and sky mora beautiful than erer be had fei aa7k!?t Jl7 W" ,B hij 0,rn heart, ?iI?L2L. ''A?"*7 to a" ?nd .eery thin* ^jer.d him ?nd the eery birds, io their ca with Aim*"' w#,co?* *?d rejoice along h?-ll0,r h#p?y 1 *m h* "olaimed, ? and Mtoni.W ? 1 m'ke 4,1 *ro?od a. ? How 3S??S. ?Jd d#m? *>? ^ntfht P^Uy d^i' h?V?I."7 F>od luc* '?and my my hea?t ^iio!l!7't00, th* Itu?? darling i*3 ^wTirvr'^ttsizirz thim?'*9 P'umd~" *h,t familiar foioas are .-JL? ?aBd ?f *PPro*ehinf voices fell on hie whichDoi,C^Plngwnt0 aclu?P?f h??-l bushes which overboEg the rrea?, h. earerlr await ed the advance of the parties At lar*th they came foil on hi. view and to bis aiKS: ??bment poor Adam Lee beheld hie own* hi. beautiful?hia adored and only daughter in STl^oTS110' With 7?UDg S<JBir* 0rut,>n. that Adam h it m"0r rt W4J ttle Bnt tl"? caat Adam had erer eeen or heard of them Jhl'wiw ?? V*** yH tb%ir frielu Th 7 Wer* old *?d earneetly with her, and her own agitation aa too visible to etcape the eyeeof her fa hta'heeST ! Vk!uw i"*1* l? hi heart In twain. and a dark mLt fathered J* >? N'. fnrf. .to?T, fn./?,. tdfi11'. r,pl A Mil drOT. bin OB a moat to madnesa What right had the wealth hi,!?' Ar m*L P<>m8wd 01 ealth, high rank, and of a prouS illustrious faimiy. to bend himself thna to a poor miner a daughter . Trae, she was beautiful, but that riVht^JI'Jf ,#di.W *** what right had she, unknown to her father, to en courage the adare>ae* of a man so far superior in rank and fortone? Seduction. ruin/dis grace, came in all their hideous aspects before the poor father a mind, and a th.rst of Ten ^ance bur^d within him. aa be waa on the point of rushing from hi* plaee of conceal ment, and annihilating the supposed gultv pair in the height of hia fury, wbeo suddenly the current of hia thoughts were changed, and he stood spell-bound to the spot ou hear ing hia daughter say. aa she passed oproaite tae iput where he lay cjnceaiod~-* " * e Burt separate here - nay, I insist upon it. What would my father or any of hia friends think, ti see as here together ?'? ' Let them thiak what they will, dearest Mary , but I am not to be put of Lbua Again 1 entreat of you to allow me to apply to jour father?he will not be so stern in hia refuaal " ? You do not know my father if yea thiak 90,. *n?*ered Mary, and her aweel silvery voice sounded doubly melodious in her f* ther s ears '? My father would gire you the which *ou baT# f?* {r?m my tip* The daughter of a poor miner w .utd he an HI match for one so bigh in rj.uk as youraelt " "Nay, Ma'J, you deal to* h?rthiy with me. Look around you! Does not tbis loeely eceL? ^uiiLd you of our childhood ? happy dayt ' When we have clambered up those banks to arjd ^ ^aTe decked your fair hair with wild flowers how often did you tall me tk*u youloredme." Thei poor girl'a voice trembled aa ahe an swered, ' And if I did not loee you note aa well a< I did then. I would not act ao plaialv with you No, Edward, it cannot be," she added more firmly. ?' The difference ia our ranks, our education, our manneri, feelings, fortunes, every thing precludes you from per flating in your ill timed suit The world ia before you?high rack, renown, all await you Proceed oa your journey through life. 1 snail rejoice to hear of your welfare, bat do not, I entreat you, allow vour mi?plaoed toit'ir'* "" y?" hn?kl " vVer' wor^ ^hat you have uttered makes me the more resolved upon my purpose. Thia night I will apply to your father for hia oon ?ent to our marriage. A few month'a reel deuce on tho continent will soon remove all your prejudices You will have a faithful tutor in myself"?? ^ho will aoon tire of hu poor scholar." said Miry, interrupting him. "To hare you exposed to the contempt of our aaperior* - th? eueera. the jetU of your inferiort At a dinner party, in a ball-room, amongat every shade ot laahioi.ablo society, to keep yoa in oonsiint I read of ui^ affrouting you by ajme unlucky blunder. No, no; but no more of thia On^e for all, I bid you farewell. ti > saying, she sprang lightly oa the step piiig-stones which led to the other side of the rivtr, leaving young Ornton tranahxed to the *P'?t, while her father almost betrayed hiui aeit, us he laughed with glee and rubbed hi* hands The rushing of the water over it* peobly bed drowned the sound " y&e s my own daughter yet," he prondiv remarked,41 and she has acted moet prudent !y. So the young squire loves her !? and why not' L defy Lroad Cuuiberlandshire to pr< duce a more lovely or better girl There she ^oe?," he added, as a turn of the path brought her in view?" how lightly she trip# along * The very cownlip* and daisies soarcely bend beneath her foot-tep.. Stay, she is turning 'ue corner of yon rock?if she looks back' ? lie anxi>us!y looked after her; her fairy form seemed skimming over the ground?her pace slackened?ahe reached the corner of the rock jutting into the stream?ahe paused?turned looked back, and waved her Band to her young lover, who still stood gating on her. lie waved his hand in return With a suppressed and joyous laugh, Adam Lee sank back into hi" hiding-place ?? So, so," be said. 44 the youag gipaey loves him too 'Tis well Fear not, Mary, thy father will soon make the proadeat crests in the land b^w in the dust before the poor Cumberland miuer'a daughter. [TO BE CONTIKCBD.] The Use* or I>eai> Bodies ?An arriTal from California, gives us an aeeoantof an offi cial fraud perpetrated in ban Francisco : Certain transactions bare come to light be fore the San Francis'o Vigilance Committee that implicate the Coroner, Thomas B Cun ningham, in some of the moat extraordinary aud revolting swindles. Upon the investiga tion satisfactory evidence was elicited to show I that Cunningham was in the habit, while con i nected with the office of Coroner, et disinter ring the bodies of pet sons who had been buried, for the purpose of dropping them in the docks, and thus receiving the fees attend ing an ioquest In this way, it is said, sim body has Men made to do semee tk o* or four times?or as long as tt would hold togtther This aoeounts in part for the great number of bodies that, but a while ago, were constantly found uudar the wharves. ty"At the recent Dentists' Convention, Dr. Harris, of Baltimore, exhibited an instrument invented by Dr. Putnam, for producing local anasthesia, very useful for extracting teeth Without pain Dr. Putnam stated that he had extracted three or four thousand teeth with the aid of this instrument The agent used was ioe and salt, and the instrument was so contrived that the application eould he made to the smallest portion of any external part oi' the body. It waa a singular fact, be said, that wbeo applied to the gums it produced no' fain, as it did to the outer surface of the b-aiy. he gums were froxen by the application, au i the teeth extracted without the slightest pain and with no bad eonsequenoes It required but two minutes to effect the purpose?at most three or four. Thb Uitited States ?A Canadian journal says 44 the United States baa ab .at inn Its race as a republic Its Democracy ia riper ing into anarchy, the fruits of whiob will iu evitahly he despotism of some sort or othsj,"