23 Ağustos 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Ağustos 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY. AUGUST 23, 1856 THE ETBtHO STAB, fCBLIUUD ETKR1 (EXCEPT BUNDAY,) 4? ik* Stmt Buildinga, tomer ef Ptm WNKM AlltMli Unit, By W. D. WALLACE, Will be served to subscribes by carrleta at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable WdBji to tbe Agents; papers served In p-*ckagea at 37# cent* pee month. To mail subocrfbers the Hb acrlptloa price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF F rWifX TS a year in vtvanee, TWO DOLLARS 9mmonths, and ONE DOLLAR for tkiw. ?Mtt<; for lew than ttuee month* at the rata of oents a week. H7- SINGLE OOPIES ONI CHUT. protection AMD INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BT FIRE ! IfsWifcd ObrUal *nd Hmrrhm 91,3m,1*1 13. I FARMERS AND MECHANICS' I IT 8 US ANCE CO . OF PHILADELPHIA. ' Ofice laertAs-ett cetmmr Penntyltama avenue and 17IA ireet, ff luhinfton (My, D. C. ST4TEMBNT OP BUSINESS FROM THE18T day of Angust to the Slat day of December, 1*55: Am >uot received la marine premiums. .f#P,242 31 Do 8ra premiums 39,906 88 T"?al prMniunx for lire moatlu 108.131 13 Capital ,?*?????> 1,350,000 00 1,358,131 13 Invested a*follow*: Honda of Allegheny county, Pttuburg, and PhilaleJM" City 6'- $78,7-21 to Railroai bond', coat 33,400 00 L?aa? oa fi-st m vt(i|o of real estate.. 59,150 00 Do stocks, collateral 10,384 00 Cla-h ia bank aid on baad 11,092 2* CdpiU' ?ahscnb-id 1,047,700 00 Premirm notes, not matured 66,387 31 Ha* fro in if** (secured by bond*)... 18,853 61 Eipenvwand cojnmi*4*i.( 11,662 33 1,338,151 13 Total annum of Iomm reported to 1ft January, 1858: ?ir?*. ????????e ?? m ? ^? ??? ?????? ? ??? ??????? 1,666 to lcnne..?? ...i it.l ...?#* ...\.... 3,000 00 4,686 68 directors Una. TImh. B. PI **nc?, tTbarles Dingee, ?orx* U Annaronj, Thomas Maaderfleld, 'cartel A R'lb cam, Edward R. HelmboM,) G**r;s Helmb >ld, P. Carroll Brew*er, tm;? B NeaH, I.aac Leech, Jr. TrtOM 8. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wa ter, No. 397 D street. Jao. V. Taornton,corn?r First street and Virginia avenae. Jams* William'*, No 92 Ponr-and-a half street. marine SURVEYOR. Capt J. P. Levy, No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomawn. The buinoM of una Company will compare fa vorably with the in Ml suc;e-4iui of wm.iar Institu tion* la >b? United Slates. From tbe It day ot August, 1855, in five months, up t? l*t Janua-y, 18V5, the premiums received am mated to U?e large ?>im of one hundred and eight id, one hnnlred aid fit'iy-one dollars, with only ftrtyaix handred and sixty ail dillar* losses reported. Wuh the *? evidences of succcss and good man* a??m-ii?, the directors feci ju-aificJ in soliciting a phire o.'p-iblic patronage, b?liev;n? that the secu rttv oT--a.1 h amjie and that all fair cla m* will be a ij'iifd ?o;e accordingte e?juny han legal techni calities. W th a view of alT?r.1ing am->l? indemnity to tbe publi-, the company have depo?ited with MBSSRS DUNCAN, SHERMAN, A CO., OF NEW YORK, THSIR RANKERS, Cash and p.-emwm s'uh* to provide an accruing Trust Fun-l #/ One Hundred Thailand Dollar*, To b? uoiJ by laein a? a Idttioaal >>eearity to policy holders f >r ihs payment of losses. Toe eompaay is prepared to m ue policies agnnst loj5i or Jama<r by fire on DWK1.LINUS, FURNI TUH, MILLS, M\NUFACTjR!KS, WARE u jLVSS, a'l dsssriplioiis of BUILDINGS, aad th?*ir??nlent?, ?r a'l kinds of MtK'MIANDISE, tran?port?*d by VK8SELS, 8TRAMBOATS, CA NAL BJATB. RAILIOADS, and the usual con* vevan^ea to or t om aay portion of EUROPa and AMERICA, aad on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigaUng the western watsrs Tae ra es of premium will b* as low another eompanie^aad in fli n< them every improvement in eoastriieiiOB and a~rangement will be taken into consideration. AH lime* speedily aljasted and promptly raid. Otfcce northwest c rner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Wa-hnfton city, D. C. imturanee may al?> *? effected at tie Home Office, Srrf> r#U corner Walnut and Second Streets, Pfldo delfto*. AUo.attheCompanyNotfl'^a: New York? A W Th mpson, No 10 Wall street. Boatoo? Oliver Brewster. No 4 Siaie street Baltimore? B 11 Riebards:>u, Nn 72 BaHimtre street, ilinein na:i?Tav?or 4 An'hony. Charleston?J. H.Tay* lor, No. 121 8. Bay street New Orte?w? Ha man Doaos. M.mtgom -ry-Albert w lltam*. Mobile? A. C. Waijh. Piitab:ug?T. J Hunter, No. 90 Wa er street Savannah- A. Wilbur, No. Ill Bay ftren. Aa^nsra? Uirardey, Wbyte 4 Co. Atlanta ? Mar*ua A. B-dl. Trent >n ?Narr k Cocks. Fond da l.a>? Robert A Baker. Viekubirg?J. Putnam. Batfalo?A Barker. Memphis?W. B Milton. Detroit ?Tif>mas Pa'mer A Son. Milwaukie?A. W^iitagton Hart. Wellsbiirg, Virgtaia?Dan forth Br>wn, jr. Krie, Peaasyivania?Allen A. Craig. Wyoming, Pennsy vania - R. C Smith. Loais viu??il.li. hmbertake. Nashville? Joeeph Nash. PorUand?D R.jbi >*oa, jr. Cnioago? R P. Ward Saa F-anei-co WJ.iam Bifgs. St Louis?i'hos. K. 'Jotirtesay, gene.a: a^eut lor the southern and ws^tern 3?aies. And la other principal cities of the United Smve by authorized ofBsers of the eom I?T- )e 14-lyt AOENCY OF the AlJiince Ioioraiee Co. of Philadelphia, Cap it si. .$300 000! Annual report for the year eudlag Jaauary 1, 18W. 1?'" *f lh? 0?v??r ooaatadBC ?f B*uds sa4 Vnr1?i<?t ?? ?n?ni?Mr?l rMi MUk tllS.SS* SS Ru>.;ks ?t mimt Ooryr>Uuo*. *?rtt ptr W.S9S I Cm* ?a ??oJ ?l,aM SS ?t!U r?o.ir?oU, KuUtluf or Ktrlii aot?< sad akort Inu IU.M1 7# " ?ms tu.ui ss n,m ?? t?MN at Wbols rwMlpto fer pr?mloma darln* tbs yssr tllJ.811 s$ Prid br iMMt m4 tiiMM. a.riof a* r?*r Tt.iaa m P M MORI ARTY, Preaident. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. ths GREAT WESTERN FIRE INSUR ANCE CO OF PHILADELPHIA. Capital |MI,MN. Charter Perpetuml. DtaacToas. Charles C Lathrop. 53* Spruce street. Alexander Whilden, mere nan'., 14 North Frost etreet. John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter A Co. E. Traeey, firm of Tracey A Baser. Joan R. McCu/dy, firm of Jonea, White A McCuidy. Isaac dailchurat, attorney and couaaellor. JameeB Smith, firm of J as B Smith A Co. Thao 'V Baker, firm of Tracy A Baker. R S. Walton. V0 Market street. T so mas K LloMrlnk, 834 Spruoe street. John J. Baker. Goldantth's Hall. CHASLESC LATHROP, PreeMettl. THOMAS R. LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to thla, no eharge for policy fee Enquire at the oAee of J H Kendall, over R Morrow's ExchangeORoe first dons Went of W. B Todd's Hat? tore, as Fenasytvaaia avenue al/->l DAVID MY_KRLE. Agrat^ IBAl'NCEY WARR1NER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, ass oaaLsm m Fine Watthei, Jewelry, aad Silrer Ware. Belling ai a c?ry Uhral rtduetxon from cut ternary prices. No T7i) Pa. avenue, betweed 0th and 7th street*, ?u ?-3a (in Browns' Hotel bulldiigj^ B lac El STONE'S pavilion^ This place of resort will re opei. on the 3d day of July for the ae ^ rommoditloa of vtsltora. Tbe subecriber flA has enga^^d a first rate Cotillion Band forJt& toe season, and with his large and spendid Ball Room offers vast lod .cements to the lovers of the d^nce His table will be constantly snpplled with all the lnxarles of the Potomac, and his Bar with the chotest liquors This Is known to be oae of the healthiest places on the river, bHnjj situated between Blaekistone's and St Catharine's Islands There will be a celebration on the 4th of July, aad Sail snd public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, *iith J aly, Thursday, 7th August, and Thsn d >V 41st of August I he steamer Alice Price will land passengers during tbe walerlnt soaaou on Tuesdays and Fri days going down, and will stop for passengers on Weduced iya and Saturdays, on her return trips. The steainw Columbia will also land and take off p .asen^er* en Wednesdays going to, aad on Sua cays returning from Baltimore Hoxrd-fl per day for a week or longer; f 1,2$ leas >nan a wwk Je tt tm GEORGE. W. BLACK1 STONE. APIANO AT A tiAEAT UARUAIN ?Oae of Ballet, Davis A Co's, B*"' " manuiacture. Rosewood Case, for ClttS^g^^T purchased of us ooly a few month* since; and iheojvner k> compelled to leave tbe etry Oa| aai s*e It. JOHN F ELLIS. Plaao and MViste Store, between s sa 8 9th and 10th stveeU. OFFICIAL. TanaevaT 01PAKTKBNT, May 88, 1866. Notion is hereby given to the balden of the stock Issued pursuant to the act of Congress of Md July, 1646, that iMh stock is redeemable by Its terms, and will ba paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 19th of November next, when interest thereon will This department will continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefsr the following premium, In addition to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of Juno and the 31st day of July, In elusive, one-half sf one per oent. on the amounts specified in the certifioates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st Jays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stock reoeived after the 31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certifioates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's Interest mu t also bo as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest wHl be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day of December neit, unless thesumof tl,S00,0<KKhali be previously obtained, and wlH pay for the same, In addition to the in terest accrued from he day of the last dividend of interest, and one day's additional Interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates of premium: On stock nf the loan of 1943, a premium of 10 per cent.; On stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848 a premium of 16 per cent.j And on stock Issued under the act of #th Sep tember, 1350, commonly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certifioates transmitted under this notice should he duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's In terest most also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties ?entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMBS GUTHRIE, m39-dtl3Nov Secretary of the Treasury. OFFICIAL. Tseasskv Dkpartmekt, August 20, 1856. When ai the following joint resolution of Congress has b .ccm; a law: Joist ttksoi ctios extending the time for the credi tortuf T*xa< to present their rla>m) _ Uttolvad hii the Senate and House of Repretenta ticei of /As United Stutcs of .fneica in Con^rctt cu Mmhled, Tba'. aj. ajreeab y to the pnviuon of the fourth action of me a~t of the 96 h of Pebrua y, 185*, ?' to provide fjr the i avment of such creditor or the late repnb'ic of Texa? a< are comprehended in thea?t of Congress of 3*-i?itmb;r 9;b, 1850," no tice, by pub ic a?v-rtisem?nt, wan duly given for the i|a e .4 nintiy day* by the Fereta y of the Trea my, of the nm? at which (.ayment of the am unt appropriated by the fifth section of paid act Would be male, pro rata, on a y b nd, cerutica e, or evidence of debt of raid *ia e, whicn should ba pr< s<nted at the Tiea my Department thirty ("ayi pr -ceding the 13th oay of June, i83?, the lim l of ^id notice; and a^ it is reprenentt-d by tie said riocr?a y of the Treaury, tbat of raid b ?nd?, cer tirli a es, and *widences ot deb', which l ave b 'en recognised by (he 8tat>? of Texa?, th* ram ^qual to th i sum ot' three hundred aid eighty nine ihtm? a<id six hundred and ninety three dolla-r a id iwvn cents were not presented to theTrra ury Drpa m-nt prior to the laid 13_h of June, therefore, in or it r io di full justice to iLe h<'l lers of a d deb , th?: tfecre la y ot the Trea :ury is hereby a t'tionxed to i ay io the holders of a?y of the ra'd bond*, certifies-* s, or ? vi fences, of deb', not presented b fore ilin 13 h day of Jane La -1, who may uresem a d pn.ve the sane a? the Treasury Depa m?nt, b tween the 13 h day of June la<t aid the 1st day of Ja :ua y next, a id necate the proper rebates to the Uniteu Sla es and the tfta'e of Texat, their pro rata ?bare of the said seven m 11 ion s*v^n hundred aid fifty ihouraid dolla-s; and after payment thereof, the ?a!d Secre tary of the Trca-ury is authorised a id required to distribute and pay the residue of the t-aid seven mil Iioqm seven hundred and fifty thousand dolla*s, then reraa'niag in the tr? amry, pro rata, amonget all the faid h dders who may have provt-d their c!a m<, and executed ths proper relta*es on or b ;fore the 1st day of Janua y next. Approved August 18th, 1856. None!is uiKEur qivsm to the hollera of l>ond?=, cert'fica'ts, and ev.denccs of debt of the !a:e repub lie of Texas, which were not presented ar this de part ment on ar before the 13th day of June la <t, that the same^wilI bo settled and the pro rata amount thereon will b : paid to the la-vful holders thereof if presented before the flr.-t <?ay of January next, ao c< mjanied with the neees ary evidence of their gen* attunes*, with awignmtnts to the United States,re quired to give this doj a tment the custody of such b >nd?, certificates, and evidence* of d?b:, and with reka?es ?o the United S ates and T?xas, lu accord ance wi'.h Uie prr.v jiions of the act of Congress of S8:h Ptb.-xa y, 1856. This dej arment will not require t videnco of gen uineness to he presented with the certifl-a'ej issued by the audit >r and ? mptroller of Texas under the laws of the 8:a e. But it pTfce*ses no u ansof ver. i'ying the certificates, binds and promissory notes issued by the republic of Texa<, and not presented to, nor a idiied by, the officers of ths S ate. The nectstaty ad pre per proof of the genuintness of the latter is the certifi ate of the comptroller ot the Biate of Texa\ who l.at the official change of the origu.a' a*oVivea relating to the deb: of the late re pi.b ic of Texas Ths aidgom-^nt aid rsltajt-s may be executed and acknowledged in the presence of the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, or the ehief clerk thereo', in the presence of a noia>y public, a id be witness- d by the A?si?iant S?cr? a y, or chief clerk a d noia iy, and bn certified by the no:a y under lusno'a ria! s< al; b it whsn toe holders desire to make ths a signment aid execute the rait a?e* out of the city of Wa -hingion, it may be done in the pretence of an assi??ant tr a<orer, or collector, or survyorof the rustum*, in the presence of a nota y public, and be witnessed by the collector or cuiVryor and the no ta y pub'ic, and be certified by the nn'a y under his noia-ia' s?w ; aud if there be no collector or sat vsj or of the custcmi at the plaie where the paly re aid' s, th- assignment aid relea ?s may be executed l>Jfore any court of rioord, in the presence of the judge aid cl rk then of and be witnessed by them, a A certified by the clerk under bis s*a* of offioe; aad if the holder bs out of the United i's'cs, the a* si^r.in'nt and releases may be executed b'fjre any I nusd SU es coosul, and be witnessed and certified by mm under his consular s< a'. All persons exe cuting such a?*lgnm jnts and relea ten m m also d< cia e, uadcr cath, b.iors the noia y, clerk, cr cot - sul, a^ the rase may b?, that tlMy are the rral own era of the certificates or other evidences of d< b', er that t'.e tarns Lavs boon a signed to thuri, bena M?, ftiv eollee'Jon ; and the notary, clerk, or oonenl ? nt iacluds thctect of tbatdecta ation In their eer. tifi ate of acknowledgment. If a??l-;ned lor colUction, or in pledge, th? t ams ut.+*k Meet in ttit eUJjB matt be stmt#d in the aud a rel? iw (o the United Stales and relt a*e to T?m mm bj dilf executed by such yarty, to gether with the a?sigr,m?nt and releases from the person in whose favar settlement and jayment is requested One or mm audited certificates, or one or more evidence ot" the tame character of debt, may b* In" eluded in the tame assignment, relt a<es, and atfida vit of ownership, if ea-:h certificate is correcily de senbsd by numb tr, date, amount, a id nam? of the origir ai payee. It should also appiar whether, the certificates were issued by the authorises of the 8;ateof Texas, on account of the deb: of the repub lie, or were issued by the republic of Te xa<, accord ing to tlie facts of each caie. The as*ignm?nt to the United States may b ? male in e< mmm form ; the rclrascs should bi drawn ac cording to the fotras subjoined?A and B. JAMF.8 GUTHIFE, Secretary of the Treasury. Form Jl. Know a'l persons by these pr< sent* mat ha* relt a jed. and h?reby relt a">s, the United H a en of Am riea from aU further liability or c'a m fortius payment of certificate or ?viuence of d< bt numbir. , for the sum of $ , issued by the late republic of Texa?, (or by the authorities ot the State of T*xa?, at the case m .yb ,) and re deem-il by the United Stales in accordance with the provi-ious of an a-t of Congress untitled "An actio provi e tor the payment of such cjeditors of the late republic of Texas as ;ire comprehended in the actof Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty." approved the 98th day of Fodruary. I855,and an act of the "tate of T?xa?, approved the 1st of Ftbruaiy, 1836. As witness my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persons by these presents that ha? r< leased, aad hereby rebates, the tf a eof * exa; fn ni <tll tunher liability or claim lor the p?iy rntnt of certificate or evidence of d'bt number - , t ?r trie sum of ik? issues In- the late re ptbl c of Texa.,(or by the authorities of the r?:a'e of I*-xas, a? lite ease may be,) a :d redeemed by the United State* in a-coma ic? with th? provisions of an a-t of Congress, entitled " An act to provide tor th? paym- nt of such creditors of the late republic ol Texas a? are comprehended in the aet of Co.igr?-s* of Sept< mb?r nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved (he 2*h of February. 1855, and an act of the State of Texa^, approved the 1st of Frbrua v. 1*56 1 As witness my hand an l s? at. The following; is a list of the audited certificates still ou s a ding: No. TVvue/f to. 1639 Oscar Engledow 1675 Trust^s ef Austin CoIIpjo H81 G H Mon-arrat 11 Co 16 0 John Kamer 1704 Daniel C arl 92 John Burning! am 1733 No 1'SUtd lo. 8 T D Tem kins 18 Bukrnan Can field 31 John A Chiton :<2 il K Mu?e 53 R O Hobbi 84 I De Cordova log 135 Phinra* DeCc 176 E Pa'dwia l?l Jam s Tilghma i 192 IKa'.h Clark | Elba1 Parle 328 t > Rlinrau 844 J E Wa le 368 Pster* at [tooth 395 Lott Husted 404 S Kmgsley 427 J Pa ker, for Eliza b rib Ta-ker, ex'x 437 lien* diet Bayley 445 L? a ider Hi a?nn 466 Win < 'dbn 467 John W King 509 T U W? bb 510 A S Thu'm">nd 5<8 Tins W Marshall 6 i5 David 8 Kaufma i 643 Georf? W Parker ordr.va 1733 | a coU 1716 John \V portis 177ft I K Elliott 18<i7 Ha'iiet Oi orce 1816 Mile., S Bennett 1829 Na'l a iiel Rudder 1X31 >Ltvi Tyler, a-lm'r 1H33 f of VV tl Kelly 1838 FamiH Wildey 1839 Georga Sutherland 1841 J P Hennings !|J5}jCEccle, 1844 Edmund Ballinger 1852 J D l.otan 1856 C P Green 1865 Dav d Ayree 1869 Thorn :s F James 1878 C rtchiedli mantd 188J J F Jewnt 1897 F Emma 1*99 Par ilia Lee 641 Cru:cherfcMcFavenl920 9 -v (jios nr yer 1923 Gilbert lohnson 19J8 Roh? rt Lusk 1SW9 E \V Cawtli'-rn 19 <0 W m Cochian li>32 F.anci< Moore jr 2071 Andrew l'a>y 2ft72 I-aae .-tewa?t JJ^jc W Vickery 20881 Robert Dale j Wm Flower 6 3 J A S^wiis^a 6>9 Wm 11 llelcher 677 II H Williams 7HI Felix Riedar T18> 719/ 773 Wm Jones 779 Wm Wa'ker 793 Ityer P?arl 8 2 Itaac L lli'l 863 Hertn nan llrown 874 John W Rower 879 Jam *s McMarter 914 Dyer P a I 1719 I r aul Brcmond ?Jl? i ravi1 0 Burnet ?g} R P McMaster 915 Ma y E len Ileden- lS{ F P Gcnt,y b.:rg 930 J Ellis 932 Mrs Ma y Belvilte 1010 Anson Cranson 1012 R M Forb' s 1025 .'am -s N Hotan '013 Thomas Lindtay 104*5 Jam-^s L Green 1047 Jes?ie Omiel 1048 J B Daniel 1050 Charles Vincent 1057 \ 8 0 Ge'v*'"e li>5? Wi'lis Millican 1059 J D Millica i 1062 John Davis 1065 Wm Ba ton 1079 W A Lockha-t 1080 R M rt'>n 1135 Jaiifs Kil am 1198 C H Taylor 1-241 Y< ungs i.'ol'man ^ ^ 8 W 2104 ) 1501 < ^onie'a' * Davis 2303 ? Frost 23' 6 Thomas Reed 2316 lla-n-on C Bryant 2330 J ^ McDot aid 3340 Arthur Garner 23ll J F Manchett 2341 Andrews At Grover 2^45} P G Me ritt 2319 W Pinhm y 2350 J D G dd ng? 2354 J Crawford jr 23"8 A P Edgerton 2359 Thomas Wa'nerjr 2363 G?org?: K 8tstan: 2i6l F ancis Brich a 2.3+2 Eluab <th Carter 238:1 Wm Davis 1L-87 Joseph T? mlineon 2390 Hneed & Turner 1*248 Rrb -rt McNutt 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kmibro au'y I I! h'aymoud 2400 If H llaynie 1261 E De Pon ois 1269 C P Green 1275 G W S.nks fc J Shaw 12S7 J< hn Kendrick 1298 Pam iel Hid en 1300 John Johnson 1301 9u-an Ma -si? x tyr 2401 K W .? hi ank 2102 < a herine Allen B 2405 Henry Krlr g 2413 J W La ^awrenoe 2418 Stephen Smith 2434 A C Horton 24?8 Elapl.a'et Caitnn 2442 Lrmuel B Dickenson 136-2 Thomas II Forrester 2450 Wm H Thompson 1385 R K Warner " 14-23 William Freli 1424 G W Osb >rne 1425 John A Rutherford 1427 Cornelius Vannoy 1428 Joseph Wares 1473 Ann B Ree?e 1515 Lumlja-d M ms ?1521 J (' Moore 1523 John James 1554 K H Douglas 1570 E M Fish 1572 Wm Kerr 154) Jain is A Moody 1581 P Bickford 1612 John Lara^r 1615 John Cam rron 1623 John D Taylor 1624 Levi Mercwr 1626 E i Mercer 24r,2 Z Wm Eddy 2471 J E Ilerron 9474 \ B Hemphill 2477 Aaron Hauchton 2479 Heirs of John Jon s 21?0 " Joel Hi I 2481 " Warren Aburn 2482 ? John L Monks 9483 " Peter Aldiioh 2490 M A Dooly 2500 George C Day cashier 2501 P Kennett k. Co

2503 John W Hchrimpf 2.504 W C Blair 2512 M Korb-^rfaille 2513 Henry B Brooks 2514 Gabriel Truinwclt 2528 H 8 Morgan 25a9 Furhur A. H'an 2534 t-'a'ah Newman The outsta iding ? vidences of other classes of the debt of toe republic of Texas cannot b- specified by this Deianm nt. an 2-2?dtl tJant HATH HATS 1 JUST RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF kne drab Beaver ventila ted HATS, which 1 offer at S3 50; they are the best Hits for the prloe in the United States. The best black dress Hats got np in be latest style for S3 so. as good as those usually sold at f5; and a good fashion* able Hat at S3, worth S4: and a first-rate Hat, S2 50. sav? ? l ' * m ses, bat give each customer full value for his money. Feltaad Straw Hats unusually low. N .B Agent for Drlscoll's Balm ef a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa ayenue, Agent fora New York Hat Cempaay. tn 24-tf O F. HOOTCH'S BOOT, SHOE, AND O. TRUNK ESTAB LISH MEN T?1 havf< on hand tke largest and most extensive assort meat ?' ttentlemens' and Ladles' Sole Leath er Trailing Trunk,lronl and Wood Frame| Packing Trankst Vail ces. Bonnet Boxes, new style; Carpet Bags of ell styles aad qualities Also, a general assortment of Ladles', Genu', Boys', and Misses Shoee, all eolors aad stiles. All wishing to purchase any of the above article* will Indlt to their advan to examine my stock before purchasing else s Call at 8. F. HOOVE??S, 1 Iron Hall Fenn. ave., bet. 9th and loth v/ Jy r* ? Ure wh^i Educational. T"J 6KORGETOW1 CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. The duties of this institution will be renamed on Monday, September 1st V.A. BOWEN, au 19-eod2w Principal. EMERSON INSTITUTE, ff street, between 12M and 13r A streets. SELECT CLASSICAL A MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR SOYS. IE EXERCISES OK THIS INSTITUTE will be resumed on Monday, September lat. Thorough Instruction will be given In the vari ous branches of an English and Classical Educa tion. The number of pupils Is limited. Students preparing to enter College, and those especially who wish to qualify themselves for admission into advanced classes, will have the benefit of a particular and careful training. Terms per qnarter, for the English branches 91*,50; for the full course, $15. For further particulars address anlfr-tf CHARLES B YOUNG, Prln. GREENWOOD SEMINARY, FOB YOUHG LADIES, TAree miles out on Sennik street Plank Read, Is now opes for the reception of pupils. ? Address MRS. WM. KESLEY, Washington, D. C au 16-tSepl* BROOKYILLE ACADEMY, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND. THE next SESSION OF this 1nst1 tutlon will commence September 1st. Terms: For Tuition, Board, Washing, etc., 9160 per annum Catalogues may be obtained at C. H. Lane's, Pa avenue, or by addressing the Principal, at Brookvllle, Md. E. B PRETTYMAN, A. M . au 16-2w Principal. KUUHY ACADEMY, Fourteenth stmt, opposite Franklin Square. [1HE tenth ANNUAL SESSION OF T T thi? Institution will commence on Monday, ember 1st. iumberof pupils limited. Circulars may be obtained at the residence of the Principal, on N, between 12th and 13th sts. G. F. mori SON, au 15-14t* Principal. THE COLUMBIA IN8TITUTE, FOR YOUNG LADIES. No. 446 Eleventh strtet, between G and H. Prof. george H STUECKRATH, Principal. Mrs.JANK E. WILLIAMS, Vice Principal, au 13-2w* NORTHERN LIBERTIES' SEMINARY FOB YOUNO LADIES, Corner of L and Tenth streets, MRS. A. E. BELL, Principal Preceptress. The next scholastic year of this Institution, will commence Monday, Sep tember 1st, when the young .idles will bear in mind that early attendance will greatly facilitate the arranging of class's, so that as little time may be lost as possible by a long vacation A limited number of young ladles will be re ceived as boarders. Circulars, containing terms of tuition, and fur ther particulars can be obtained at the principal bookstores, and at the Seminary. au 16-eo2w ST. JOHN'S ACADEMY, No. 57 South Royal street, corner of Dukty ALEXANDRIA, VA. < The eighteenth session will commence on the 1st of September, and con clude with the usual public exercises about the 1st of July following. The coarse of study embraces the Greek, Latin, French and English languages, Mathematics Natural Science, Ac., Ac. TIIMi Board and Tuition ppr se*slon often months, pay able semi annually in advance S125 00 Tuition per quarter of 11 weeks 5,00 Ancient Languages, Stationery, ?lc . form extra charges to all whoar*not entered for the session. For further rariiculirs see circular, which can be had on application to RICHARD L. CARNE, Jr au 19-eo3t Principal FAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. The tenth term of thisinstitu tion will commence on the 8th of the ninth month (September) next Circulars contaluirg further information In re gard to the School will be furnished to persons who desire them on application to R 8 KIRK, or WVI H FARQUHAR, at Olney Post Offlea, Montgomery county, Maryland au 7-*?r YOUNO LADIEV SEMINARY, Corner of Dumbarton and Montgomery streets, Georgetown, D C. MRS. GEN'L WllEELEK, Principal. IHE DUTIES OF THIS INSTITUTION ? will be resumed on Monday, September 1st, with renewed exertions on-the part of the Princi pal for the Intellectual, moral, and religious Im provement of pupils committed to her car* Mrs. W. tenders her thanks to her friends and Catron* for the liberal amount of patronage she as received and leapectfully solicits a continua tion of the same. Circulars obtained on application to the Princi pal. au 7-tSepl5 CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, ( REV. G. W. 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Leave Washington6, 9, 11,1#, 3#, 5#, and 7 o'clock. Je*>-tf KLLI8 L PRICE, Captain^ THE STEAMER GEORGE WASHING TON will depart at the follow- ? *11 * a Ing bonis: jbgiatti k Leave Alexandria ?Jf, 9, 11, IE, 3W, 5k Leave Washington...8, 10. 12. 2#, 4tf, S# )e28-d JOB CORSON, Capiala ? OR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE ROUND TRIP, fl: FROM - Jfa ALEXANDRIA73CENTS -Th( JB|?lK ler THOMAS COLLYER leaves W ashing ton at 9 and Alexandria at 9M o'clock. Coaches leave the Capita for the boat at 8jtf o'clock. Coach fare 10 cent*. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with Gecrge ft Themes Parker. Kefreerunentson Ike boat. ap2-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. EV EN in g star. TH3 FAMILY?HOME 8CKITE8. BT T. S. ARTHI'R. 44 I'll not liro in this way !'? exclaimed Mr? Lyon, passionately. " boob disorder. wruii ling, and irregularity, rob me of my peact and make the bouse a bedlam instead of a qoiet home Tom!" she spoke sharply to a bright fellow who was pounding away with a wooden hammer on a chair, and makiag a most intolerable din, "atop that noise this in stant . And you, Em, not a word more from your lips. If you oan't leave in peaoe with your ?iuter, I'll separate you. Dye hear* hush this instant!" ? Then make Julia give me my pincusftion. She s ^ot it in her pocket." Julia' ' 00 8UCtl ng"~* haven't," retorted M Too have, I say." " I tell you I haven't " " Will you hush ?" The face of Mrt. Lyon was fiery red ; she stamped upon the floor as she spoke. 441 want my pincushion. Make Jule o-ive me my pincushion." Irritated beyond oontrol, Mm. Lyon caujrht Julia by the arm, and thrusting her hand into her pocket, drew out a piece of lace and a penknife. ?;I told you it wasn't there; conldn t you believe me." Thia impertinence was more than the mo Hi?!! ? eiJduro' "nd> acting upon her in. dignant impulse, she boxed the ear* of Julia soundly, conscious at the same time that Em i 'j was chiefly to blame for all this trouble by a wrong accusation of her sister; she turned upon her also, administering to her 11kowide an equal punishment Frightened by all this, the younger children, wnosc in cessant noise for the la?t half hour had con tributed to the overthrow of their mother's temper, became suddenly quiet, and skulked away into the corners; and the baby, that was seated on the floor between two pillars, curved her quivering lips, and glanced fear fully up at the distorted face in whieh she bad beeu used to see the love light that made her heaven A deep quiet followed this bum of passion, like the hush which succeeds the storm Alas for the evil traces that were left behind ! Al? for tho repulsive image of that mother, da- i guerreotyped in an instant, on the memory of tier children, and never to be effaced How many many times, in after years, will n,t a sigh heave in their bosoms, at that painful reflection looks out upon them from amid the dear remembrances of childhood A woman with good impulses, but with scarcely any self-control, was Mrs Lyon. She cl?,Idren> and desired their good That they showed so little forbearance one with another, manifested so little fraternal teeling, grieved her deeply. ''My whole life is made unhappy by iL" she would often say ; ?? what is to be done>" It is dreadful to think of a family growing up in disorder and disunion. Sister at variance brother^'' bf0ther lifting his haod aK*iu*t As was usual after the ebullition of passion, Mrs^ Lyon, deeply depressed in spirits, as well as discouraged, retired from her family to grieve and weep Lifting the frightened baby from the floor, she drew her head tenderly against her bosom, and leaving the nur?erv sought the quiet of her room There in re pentance and humiliation, she recalled the stormy scene through which she had just pa-.. ed, and blamed herself for yielding blindly to passion, instead oi meeting the trouble among her children with a quiet discrimina tion. 1 o weeping, calmness succeeded. StHl she was perplexed, in mind, as grieved at her own .?0Ul7r0lu * LHt Wtt* 10 bo done with her children ? Uow wero they to be governed aright ? Painfully did she feel her otn unfit ues* tur the task. By this time the baby was asleep, and the mother felt something of that tranquil peace that every true mother knows when a young babe is slumbering on her bosom. A bock lay ou the shelf near where the was sitting, ani Mrs. Lyon, scarcely con scious of the act, reached out her hand tor the volume. She opened without feeling any in terest in its contents, but she had reSd only a few sentences, when this remark arrested her attention: "AI1JW governmertof children begins with self government." The words seemed written for her, and the truth expressed was elevated instantly into perception. She saw it in the olearest light, and closed the book and bowed her hea<l in sad acknowledgment of her own errors Thus for some time she had been sitting, when the murmur of the voices from below grew more and moro distinct, and she was soon aroused to the painful fact that, as usual, when left alone, the children were in a wrangle among themselves Various noises, as of pounding and throwing chairs and other picces of fur niture, were heard, and at length a loud scream, mingled with angry vociferations, smote upon her ears. Indignation swelled instantly in the heart Mrs. Lyon ; hurriedly placing the sleeping baby in its crib, she started for the scene of disorder, moved by an impulse to puuish se verely tho young rebels against authority, and was halt way down stairs, when her feet were checked by a remembrance of the senti rnent 4- All right government of children be gins with self-government " 14 Will anger subdue anger 7 When storm meets storm, is the tempest still ?*? These were questions asked of herself almost invol untarily. 44 This is no spirit in which to meet my children. It never has, and never will enforce obedience," she added, as she stood upon the stairs, struggling with herself and striving for victory, rrom the nursery came louder sounds of disorder. How weak the mother felt. Yet in this very weakness was strength. 441 must not stand idle here,' she said, as a sharper cry of anguish smote on her ears and so she moved on quickly and opening the nur sery door stood revealed to her children. Julia had just raised her hand to strike Emily, who stood confronting her with a fiery face. Both were a littlo startled at their mother's sudden appearance, and both expecting the st^rm whiou usually came at such times, becamo to assume the defiant, stubborn air with which her intemperate reproofs were always met A few moments did Mrs Lyon stand look ing at her children?grief, not anger, upon her pale countenance. How still all became What a look of wonder came gradually into the children's faces, as they glanced one to the other. Something of shame was next vis ible. And now the mother was oonscious of a new power over the young rebels of her house hold. "Emily," said she, speaking mildly, and yet with a touch of sorrow in her voice she could not subdue, 441 wish you would go up into my room and sit with Mary while tho sleeps." Without a sighn of opposition, or even cf re luctance, Emily went quietly from the nur sery, in obedienoe to her mother's desire liB ,fhis room is very much in disorder, Jr Many times had Mrs. Lyon said under sim ilar circumstance, 44 Why don t you put things S/lhi h -?r' " 1 nover ?uch girls ! If In wa" toP/ytttrvey, and*tho floor C.ku1Wlth dlrt' y0U d neTer turn a Ik P things in order," or, 4*go and get the broom, this moment, and sweep up tne r oin. Many, many times, we have said, ftad such language been addressed by Mrs i yon, under hue circumstanoes, to Julia and her sisters, without producing anything but a grumbling, partial execution of her wUhe* 15ut now the mild intimation that the room was in disorder, produced the effects desired Julia went quickly about the restoring of THE WEEKLY STAB. Tkis excellent FaaallvaW Newt Journal?ooa alning a greater variety of UfwtUt reading than oaa be ftma4 1b tar ether?li pablUMoa Sator ?T morning Single copy, per annua?...1 ?! * TO CIVM. Plvecoptee fS oe Ten f?p?? f) ?? Twenty copies 1* <0 U3^ Ca??, mniUILl iH ADVA MCI. Ip-Singlecoplem (in wrapper*) can be procured at tt> connter, lrnmedltrrtv after the !me of tbe pnper Frtoe?Tnnaa Ciiti PoetMt a srnaa who a -1 a* agents wl 11 fceaftewe* aoeromlaslon of twenty per oent. thing* to the right places, and in a few mm utes order was apparent where eonfusion reigned before. Little Tommy. who?? lor? if hammering *u incessant anncyanoe to fats mother, ceaeed hie din on her end dan appear anee, and for a few moment* atood in expect ation of a boxed ear ; for a time he was put tied to know the new aspect of affairs Find ing that he wait not anderthe ban m aaaal. he commenced slapping a stick over the top of an old table, producing a moat ear-piercing noi*. Instantly J alia said in a low voice tj him : " Don't Tommy, don't do that. You know it makes mother's head ache." " Does it make your head ache. mother V asked the child curiously, and with a pitying tone in his voice as he came creeping up to his mother's side, and looking at her as if in d^nbt whether he would be repulsed or not " Sometimes it doee, my eon," replied Mrs. Lyon kindly, " and it is always unpleasant. Won't you try to pity without making ro tnu*h noiseT" n Yes, mother, I'll try," answered the little fellow, cheerfully. " But I'll forget some times " He looked earnestly at his mother, as if something else was in his thoughts " Well dear, what else ?" said she, encour agingly *' When I forget, you will tell me, wjn't you V* u Yes lore." *' And then I'll stop But don't scold me mother, for then I can't stop " Mrs Lyon's heart was touohed. She caught her breath, and bent her faco down to conoeal it* expression, until it re?tel on the silken hair ot the child. " Be a good boy, Tommy, and mother will never scold yon any more," she murmured gently in his ear Hi* arms stole upwards, and they were closely twined about her neck, he pressed his Ifps tightly against her cheek ; thus sealing hi' part of the contract with a kiss How sweet to the mother's taste were those first fruits of self-control In tbe effort to govern herself what a power had she ac quired. In stilling the tempest of passion in her own bosom, she hud poured the oil of peace over the storm-fretted heart-- of her ohildren Only first fruits were these. In all her af ter days did that mother s rive with herself, ere fhe entered into a contest with tbe inher ited evils of her children, and just so far she was able to overcome evil tn them. Often, very otten, was self-resistance only a slight effort, but the feeble influence of good that flowod from her w ?rds or action whenever this was so, warned her of error, and prompted a more vigorous self control. Need it be fail that she had an abundant reward. POLITICAL GOSSIP The Albany Register (now removed to New York city) is out for Horace Greeley as a can didate for Governor. Since Olc Bull signified his intention of con tributing a good sum of money to the Fremont cause several newspapers have adviaed him first to pay them what be owes for advertising, Even ine Milwaukie American, a fierce Fre mont paper, jjins in this hue and cry against the distinguished fiddler. The Lowell Cititen threatens that unless the Republicans support Gov Gardiner, tbe Amer ican* will run separata tickets against the Re publicans for all other offices, from Congress men down to county officers, at the risk of throwing them into the hands of the Demo crats The Maine Free Press says that the Key stone clubs have been formed in Stratfjrd, Whitefield, and other towns in C??oe bounty N. 11., where they are no " Republicans" except the dandy tourists and loafing clergymen, who go up to the White Hill* to spend the summer The venerable Judge Kent, known through out the legal world by his commentaries on tl a constitution, and as one of the greatest consti* tutional lawyers in the Union, goes heartily for Fremont He presided at a recent meet ing at Fukill landing, New York Is the Judp.e a disunion sectiouahat ??button At.'a* The 41 venerable Judge Kent" spoken of in the above has been dead for some eight or ten years. Political caricatures arc beginning to appear in the papers Tbe Cleveland Plaindealer has a cut representing the Rev Henry Ward Beecher, of ?' the Church of Holy Rifles," crouching among the canebrakes, Sharp's rifle in band, with stealthy tread, in search of a " border ruffian." He avows it as his opinion that Sharp's rifles are better than Bibles, and and that it is a shame to shoot at a man and not hit him. A y>>ung gentleman who was ardently ar guing in favor of Fremont s election was re plied to by buxom young miss, who expressed doubts of Fremont's success; whereupon the gentleman proposed to bet a kiss that hi* < ?b didate would win, upon these terms : " If Fre mont is chosen, you are to kit's me?if Bne hunan is elected I am to kiss you " We should'nt mind gambling a little ourselves after this fashion. Let it not be forgotten?let it be told to every adapted cititen of German birth who ia likely to be deluded into the support of Fremont? that George Law, the great Know Nothing leader, who is one of the intimate and confi dential friends of Fremont, has written a let ter to say 441 shall give my support to John C Fremont, as the best representative, in mv estimation, of the American people, anA of the American (Know Nothing! The Delaware Gasette says The people of Delaware look upon Mr. Buchanan as their neighbor, and bolieving him to be by far the most wise and conservative candidate in the field, will vote for him without regard to party lines. While this is the feeling of the people, the Democracy are so well pleased with tho choice of the Cincinnati Convention, that they are determined to give our nominees a larger majority, in proportion to population, than the good old Keystone of Jhe Federal arch dare roll up for her favorite son In 1820, John Quincy Adams reoeived one electoral vote in New Hampshire, while the balance was cast for Monroe ; and in 1828 F. O. J Smitn cast one vote from Massachusetts for Gen Jack?<>n. while the balance were cast for Adams. Also in 1H25 tbe electoral vote of New York was divided among four candidates ; that of Maryland among three, and of Dela ware, Louisiana and Illinois between two can didates. The Albany Knickerbocker says : " It is said that Reverdy Johnson is preparing a let ter, whioh will be published shortly, declar ing for Buchanan Johnson is the Attorney for the District of Columbia, and refused to have Herbert tried for the murder of Keating at Washington. How will Irishmen like the party when it is composed of such men ' The Knickerbocker has been misinformed. Mr Johnson ia not the District Attorney, nor did the gentleman who does fill that offiot (Mr. Kev pursue the course attri: :.vei to him by the Knijkerbocker. Oae of our Mississippi exchanges, in noticing the' proceedings of a Democratic meeung in that State, notices the fact that a distinguished member of the American party gave in his ex. pcrienco and took his saat with tbe mourners lie said he had got off the platform of the American party, but be didn t jump off, nor he didn't fall off He was standing erect with head lifted, and suddenly he dropped through. Somebody nulled out the twelfth section plank oa which he was standing, and be fell through the hole in it?that's Fillmore s Philadelphia platform. ? Good.?Why is a poor man lika a baker * Because he woofo tbe "deofh ? Angara money.