4 Eylül 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

4 Eylül 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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evening star. local intelligence. Called Sesmo* or tbi Coohcils ?The Board of Aldermen met at 5 o'clock yesterday Afternoon in compliance with the call of the Mayor, the vice president, Mr. Pearaon, in the chair. A communication from the Mayor enclosing the bank accounts was received ; referred to finance committee and ordered to be published A communication relative to the call of thej meeting was referred to same committee. Mr Smith offered a resolution granting to Dan Rice the use of Centre Market space for equestrian purposes; parsed. The finance committee reported Common Council bill making appropriations for casual repairs of streets and other purposes Mr Busey moved to strike out $500 for clearing alleys and gutters in the Fifth Ward and insert $250; agreed to. Mr- Smith moved to strike out $625 and in sart $400 for same purpose in the Seventh Ward; agreed to. Also, for canal repairs in the same W ard, striko out 5550 ana insert $100; agreed to. Mr. Busey moved to strike out every ap propriation for Fifth Ward, but modified the motiou by asking the item of $700 to be re duced to $250; agreed ta. . Mr Ruff moved to strike out $400, and in sert $200 for cleaning alleys and gutters in the Sixth ward; agreed to. And for casual repairs id the same ward, strike out $600, and insert $300; agreed to. The bill as amended was then passed. On motion of Mr Riggs. the bill from the it'wer board making appropriation for removal of slops and garbage and other offal for the year ending Juno 30th, 1857, was taken up, and passea Mr. Ruff, from committee on public school?, reported the bill from the lower board provi ding for contingent and other expenses of pub lie schools for the year ending June 30th, 1857; passed. The committee of improvements reported a bill providing lor grading E street north from Tenth to Eleventh street west; passed. Also, a bill for grading and graveling E street north, from Ninth to Tenth street west; passed. Also, a bill for grading L street north, from Twenty-fjurth street to Pennsylvania avenue ; passed. Mr Dove moved to take up the bill from the lower Board as amended, authorizing the es tablishment of a tax fund and a transfer of the surplus fund ; amendment concurred in aDd the bill passed. Bills from tho Common Council for abating a nuisance between Twenty-third and Twenty fcurth streets west; for constructing a soa wall on the w t side of Water street in tho Seventh Ward; and for the relief of Thomas Welsh, were referred A bill to authorize the filling and graveling the yard attached to the puolic scuool near the Observatory was passed. A bill authoriiing the Mayor to adopt tho iron pump, in lieu of tho wooden pumps now in use. was referred A bill providing for the ercction of a mar ket house in Louisiana avenue, from Ninth to Tenth street, was referred. A bill t'<r the relief of Henrietta Shryock was passed. A bill for the relief of Robert Downing was referred. Mr. Busey introduced a bill to regulate dis bursements lor canal repairs in the several wards. Mr. Clark moved to adjourn; lost. Mr Dove moved to take up the tax clerk bill; lost. Mr. Smith moved to adjourn, but withdrew the motion to allow Mr. Riggs to make an ex planation in reference to the employment of the tax clerks Mr. Busey offered a resolution relative to the contractors and contracts for removing garbage: pasted. The board then adjourned. The Tt'R!*vereii* ?As there is now a con vention of the members of this order in this city, some notice of the history of the Turn veretn may be interesting to our readers. Ihe society had its origin with Frederick Loui* Jahn, a.- early as the spring of 1810. llis first Turn flat z (Gymnasium) was begun in that year at the Haienkaide, h large pub lic house near Berlin, Prussia. Dr Jabn was a man of profound learning, an ardent patriot, and his memory is dear to thousands and tens of thousands who have erjoyed the benefit of his arduous labors In 1H)9, the French were masters of Ger many. Jahn, who was a prominent and ac tive patriot, was for a long time employed in devising the best means for oreparing the Ger mans for a contest with their oppressors Hi* clastic mind hit upon the idea of restoring, in seme degree, tho ancient qymnana, as better adapted to congregate the young men of Ge; many where the more readily tneir patriotic impul-es might be developed and nurtured. In 1 10. he reduced his plans to pr? :ticc. Abuses having crept into the societies in a few years the Government ordered their sup pression. Taey were, however, again organ ized by the impetuou3 Jahn. and the revolu tion of 1>30 again aroused their liberal tend encies They Nvere denounced a3 a revolu tionary society, and again suppressed The first regular Turner Society was estab lished in New York in 18IS In the same year a society was organized in Cincinnati, and" one likewise in L misville Since that time it has expanded very rapidly, and its ramifications now embrace tho whole Union, from Maine to Texas. Militark?At the annual meeting of the Washington Light Infantry, held on Monday night, the following members were elected to fill vacancies occurring in the Company : Third lieutenant Jas. Kelly promoted to sec ond lieutenant; third sergeant Jus. Power to third lieutenant; quartermaster's sergeant Wm. Morcoe to ensign; corporal II. Warner to uuartermaster's sergeant; fourth sergeant B. F. Beers to third sergeant; corporal M P. Fisher to fourth sergeant; C. Nelson, Isaac Beers, corporals, and M. P. Fisher, ordnance officer. Civil officers? B. P Beers, secretary, and L D. Williams, treasurer. Ths National Thkatre ?The fine com pany which closed its engagement at the Na tional Ja.-t evening goes to Richmond, and its place is to be supplied by the celebrated Laura Keene troupe, which makes its first appear ance on M mday night in the exciting scenic French drama of '? Camille," and concludes with the great extravaganza of "Noveltv," in which the troupe were so successful in New York city, the piece having had a run of fifty consecutive nights. Rowdyism.?Last night several young men who were, or pretended to be, intoxicated, parsed up the Avenue insulting ladies and conducting themselves generally in a most dis graceful manner. Unfortunately, the Auxil iary Guards were at the time on another part of their beat, aud the rowdy scamps escaped arrest. They wore well-dressed, sported gold ehains and mustaches, and doubtless claim to belong to " first families." Ili.-Treatisg a Wirr.?The bearing of Jas. iiagan for ill-treating his wife, aroused the indignation of all who were present at the central guard house this inornii-g Fr< m the evidence it appears that this brutal husband beat his wife so severely while she was near her confinement that miscarriage followed, and the unfortunate woman gave birth to three dead children llagan was sent to jail; and tD"0 say we. ? DaKANcicri ?A short time since a young mm named Johns >n was sent from the guard house to the workhon.-e as a vagrant, lie claimed'to be a clergyman, and his manners aud conversation seemed to confirm his state ments We learn this uiorning that be is confirmed lunat.c in the workhouse. Thk Cotillo.i Party of tho Empire Club, last i ight, was well attended; and everything pas.td <*ff pleasantly. There m:tny " heart* beat happily; and whin Music arose with It* voluptuous swell, Soft eye* look'd love to eye* that spoke again, Aid all went merry a* a marriage bellT' SrrERK Hats.?As L?>rd Bacon ao justly ob serve.-, '? the crowning grace of the outward man is universally conceded to be a well fit ting symmetrically shaped and highly lpstred hat " The hats sold by Anthony, on .Seventh street, i ear the avenue, are <jui'e up to this standard. Call and see. A* Bxnxinra Wood and Coal Establish ***T.--Our evewas caught yesterday by the sign displayed at one of the carriage entrances to . the coa establishment of Messrs. T. J. A W. M Oalt, corner of Twelfth street and C street, announcing that the coal on ?i?le there was housed completely from the weather, and thus supolied to customers in the best possi ble condition. Thia struck us as a new feature in the coal business in thia city, and on enter ing to make inquiries we were surprised at the extent and completeness of the enterprise car ried out by the Messrs. Gait. . These gentlemen hare erected on tho wett side of Twelfth street, at the corner of C street, a building for the storage of coal, one hundred feet by forty, at the carriage entrance of which is a Fairbank's scalo, by wnich in bad weather the weighing of coal is performed under cover. On the opposite fide of Twelfth street, between C and D, they have a yet larger store-house, one hundred and fifty feet by forty, and which like the one on the east side of the stroet, is partitioned conveniently for the separation of different varieties of coal; red-ash whito-ash, Lehigh, Ac. The two buildings are sufficiently capacious to store 3,000 tons of coal entirely under covor J The other department* of this establishment consist of a large wood yard at the corner of I !*.enA 5 *nu C?treet? J ^ ? coal and wood depot 100 feet by 60 on the canal wharf, and Uf ivi l? wharf on the river at the foot , ? , enth street, known a3 " Lennox's wharf, and which the Messrs. Gait havo leased for a term of year.-!. At this wharf they nave provided storage room for all descriptions oi merchandise, and teams to convey goods to any part of the oity We have no doubt our citizens will avail themselves largely of the facilities afforded here for storago and cartage in the transportation of any goods by tho way of the river. The Messrs Gait havo expended much money in the improvement* they have carried out, but they will undoubtedly havo an abundant re turn in the patronage of aU who wish to pur chase wood and coal at a low rate and in ex ccllent condition. Ladies especially, who may be in pursuit of coal, will find the dry floors of these con venient storehouses of vast convenience, en abling them to examine varieties and insko their selections dry shod, and entirely under cover in the worst weather. v th? Active Association of tho Northern Liberties' Eire Company give their Cotillon party, at their new engine house corner of Sixth and L streets. Header, if you would spend a pleasant time with the ?iir women and brave men of that portion of our city, be with the Actives to-night. ^W/TCHl,Rk,TUR:V8 TUoorg? Donalson, color ?n'??rU? ' Mary Conner, drunk in the street; workhouse 90 days James 11 a jaiK Ja"^Camp u and Nicholas Murphy, vagrants* work ofTe llireach-Justice ? GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, September 4, 1858. A fine improvement is being mado on tho east nde of Market space by Mr. J.J. Bogur. The old building recently purchased Vy him is being thoroughly rebuilt, modernized, and greatly enlarged, and will be, when comple ted, one of the handsomest business houses in the neighborhood. F Dodge, Esq.. was on Tuesday unani ot"" In our letter of yesterday a slight omission occurred in the first line. It should havo rea 1 Colonel Jacob Fouk All of our flouring mills are in full blast viz those of Mr. W H Edes, Boyce Tayfir A Co , Charles \\ ilsun, A K..,g Ray ? Brother' Evan Lyons, and Perry A White; turning out in the aggregate about 1,000 barrels of flour per day. * The fine packet Sylvanus Allen, Captain VCk">' froJ?? ?o?ton. has just arrived to Hartley Lt? 118 a n,CW ve8^,e, of about 450 tons ail! ?' *r ?n? the fine8t scliOoners whi<:h sails out of our p^rt nlby th? Pe"UhaS som an rlf UD'80tMed .the flour grain markets, and caused iin advance in the price of each t?Uj 10 thi< morD?ng at 56 62a -6 ,5 for standard brands, and ar.me holder "fnU'c,U' f1? for lefs than f 7. Wheat has ad vanced ?> to jc, and corn 2c per bushel. S ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Sept. 3, 1856. The police of this city yesterday afternoon captured nine sailors who had debited from different merchant vessels at Baltimore. The Hebrew Young Men's Literary Associa tion have elected the following officers: II. jtraus, president; H Schwarz, vice presi dent , J. Eichburg, treasurer; M. Bohrenl*' recording secretary ; 11 Bauer, financial sec retary , J Blondham, librarian; II. Blond bam and H Heineman. curators The workmen have completed layine tho cross-ties for the Washington and Alexandria rai.road as far as the proposed depot, and the raJL,S ^IDi5 Iai2 with considerable dispatch. ihe Young Men s Democratic Association have opened a campaign reading room. ?Ii if ov?n.iBS th,e democracy of Alexandria will be addressed, at the Lyceum Hall, by David J-unsten, h-u., who has just returned irom a vigorous and successful campaign in tho upper country. The Alexandria Democ racy will turn out en masse to listen to a gen tleman whose stalwart energy is only equaled by his brilliant talent. Am P " ^'LD Cat " I^ajik Operator ?Asa t lork, who was arrested at Manchester, N. ?1, for bavin? a large amount of 44 wild cat money in his possession, was examined on C0Inui,ttcd in default of bail in vVl i i ,u'tJr mar8hal Lowell testified that xork t jld him fiat the " Potomac river Bank," whence the bills (18,000 worth) purported to do issued, was a new bank recently started at Georgetown, D. C , and that be was out raising money , and that tho bank was not yet started, only tonda paid in. Sail he had put fcsoo into the concern, and ho wanted to get it back. He said that this would ruin it. Ho said the Dank was reported in the detector, and that tbe man who issued the detector would blow It ap without he received more inouey. He sm 11 fce was going to Concord to raieo money on these bills. From the evidence introduced it appears that York made no secrct of having t em with him. The prisoner's counsel con tended tnat if there was ni such bank as the 1 otomac River Bank, as the prosecution eon tanded, then there was no counterfeit. York has a wife and six children atEpping, N H? liu&tou Transcript, Monday. Cares by freffiwr He Urath'a ELECTRIC Oil..?Joseph Free, Went Philadelphia, ?.l Bhen uiatism Mr. Kodenbok, Montgomery count7, Bbeuraatiaui and .Sprain, llrl. Ogden, No. ISO Fourth atreet, Inflammation of Bowel*. Mr*. Maylaud, Providence, NlilUKlea and Caked Mr*?*t; Mr. W. Spence, (>>alr* street, Veloo and Nauralirla, Menrj L'ampt>ell, Lower Marlon, Uurn* and .Scarlet Kever, ?mi elgliUeu olliera. MOKK rt-RES OK WKM. KNOWN PKKSONS.?Mr. C. 8cr?nton, New Haveu, wrote yeaterday bla brothwr wait rored of ilaafnra* of tbre? year*, by ooe bottle; Mrs Marali, Clirialian street, Mrs. Vaaquei, 211 Plus itreet; M r*. Collins, 11* < >ieatuut atrret, cored of Itbeuaiatleni and Keoralitta? auk tl em Patce, Screa. t-vrelllug, HtlO Joint*, Palay, Pile*. Buruf. HruiKe^', Crotp, COM, and sore curelor Rlieniuatum, la ooe to tlire. d*y*. Bottle* u, 50 |1 Piof. <'ma? OkGkatm. ?9 S. Elglitu atreet. lmtli?a t?a lima* rbe*[iMl. t>old by b S HtNXH, 10? UaU'iuore street, Baitlniure, and STOTT A Co. autl J. SCBWARTZ, Wadilegtoii. J-Iw (O^Sariaparllla is regarded th* l>eat alterative for all di<eaae* arising from an Impure atate of tlm blo'id DA*nr.i.ioN lea valuable toole and aperient, eap? daliy adapted to d?rnn(emeuta of tbe ll*'ei and dl<e?tlve or *>au?, dyspepsia, b?a.l?tU?, end coativeueati. or rouatipatiou of the bowela A ' "Qo-ntiMed flnld eitrartfrotu the above U prepared bv Brown A Hon. Boston. Mold by J N. CALLAN ao.l Z II OILMAN. Washington, A, "3U lor Baltimore. COLKMAN k KoO?KK.i eep 2 Iw U^HsiUtler'ii BlUrri.?It is not often that we recommend, through onr columns, any ol tbe thousand and ooe turatlves which are said to loeseea socli treiieceti deatly wonderful p?.wer In removing tbe UN thai flesh it heir to. Bnt the Bitur* prepared by Dr. Hnntelter, and adver tilled In thl* paper, we know to be excellent, f?r wa Hied It lu our family. Ii le no new and nntrled article, hot one that ban etovl the test of a leu ye.nT trial l?f..ra the American C)|.le, a'id its repatatlon end sale Is ouriva!e<l l>y any slmi preparations ? slant. The testimony In It* favor?lven by t^ie moat promineut and well knoien Pry>|. laua and tudl ?idual* in ell part* of the coantry is Immense.? Exchange. Bold wholesale ?nd retail by J. N CALLAN. eep 2 lw t?^Silver War* MiMlscUrj.-Iam new manofa' taring very soperlor articles In the way of marling HILVBB WARE, tU; Korhs, 8|>oons, OobleU, Oops, *c., which canoot be excelled In thla section of coootry. Alao, for sale, every variety of flne Walchea, of the moat celebrated maksc*, and a complete a*? rtmeut of rlcb Uold Jewelry. rise Welch repairing of every deecrlpUou done iu the beet manner, by egperlenced and competent workmen, aud guar antied to give satisfaction. ?' No. >U Pa. avenae, between 9th and 10th atreet*. atgu ot the L*rga Spread Eagle, j, ?_U H. O. HOOD. (0>F?T?rMd ?|ie cared wllhtnt aii>| nglilM, Arsenic, Mercury, Opium, or any of tha poUonons drnf*|?r dan^erou* eomponndt, jenerally re?orted to by ?nffereW from thl* long drawn, nut afflicting. and annoylnc of all dlMMes, by reporting to Carter'* Spanish Mixta", which contain! Bona of the above deleterlon* substances, but curea effectually and fully by actin : specifically on the Liver and Bkin. Purifying the Blood, and exi<elll<:g the remain* of old medicine* with which the tystem ha* been clogged, opening the porea of tha body, and allowing aature to asalH Iteelf In breaking up the JUea?e, and rccuparaling it* en ergies. See tha core of Mr. John I.onslon, of T?.; he had fl*ed and cbronlc Agne and Fever; chilli twice a d?y for three year*. Nothing permanently cired him, until h* tried Carter'* Spanish Mixture, three bottles of which perfectly restored him to health; nor ha* he had a chill since. He I* only one oot of a thousand who has experienced the life renewing ef fects of this valuable pacifier of the blood. eep 1-lui U7" Coats, Pants, and Vriti, Drtss Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WAI.KKR A CO.. Marble Hall Clotbinu Knro bii-m, brown*' Hotel Uaiidicg, respectfully *nu< unre that their annua! dUplay of 8PKINU AND Sl'MMKS CLOTH1NO I* now ready for Inspection, comprising an naeortment of QxtrrLtcncB ixu Yovtbi' Ct^umiBaof tha neweat and rich eat design*. In material, trimming, and workmanship. To those who study excellence, with economy in fashionable *r ticlea of drees, an oppcrtnni;y Is now offered for selacting fl-nm one of the most attractive stock of good* In tills city, at vary reduced prices ap S?tf II* Hsefland's German Bitters.?Certi ficate of Ralph Lute, Keq., Kditor " Spirit of Time*," Iron ton, Ohio. Ibomtow, October 30, IBM. Dr. C. M. Jai-k*on?Dear Sir:?The Hitters are in treat de mand here. In addition to the quantity sold by Moxl*y * Barber, yenr agents, the two other itoree sell more of them than any other medicine. 1 find they are much osed by con valeecent fever patient* to rebuild their broken constitutions. I kave nsed dnrlr.g the last *niumer, In my own family. f?Br bottle*. They were rejoinmeuded to mo first by a nelxlib^r, at a time when my system was tnn.-h debilitated from the affects of ? *< \ ere Bilious Fever. They save rae an appetlt*, and restored a tone aud vigor to my whole system. In one of the Heptomhar nnmhtrs of my p*per t related my experi ence of the sond eff-ct* of the Bitters, since which time they have had a large sale, and have now becomo the standard medicine in this vicinity. In conclusion, I would *ay that I feel great pleasure In giving yen thl* testimony of the valne aud success of yonr preparation. Respectfully yonr*, Ralph I.otk. Use adverttement. Jo 7-3mr IHTWm. A. Batchelsr'sHair Dye.?Gray> Rad. or Hnsty Hair dyed Instantly to a Beautiful and Natu ral Brown or Hlarlc, without the least Injury t? Hair or Skin. Kiftbkm Mki>als ani> Dipi.omas have been awarded t?> Wm. A. B*t?he|er since ikot, and over *0,000 applications haxe been made to the lla r of his patron* of Ills famous Dye. Prejudice against Dying the Hair and Wliisker* Is unjust, a* It would be against covering a bald head with a wig. W??. A. llATcmxon'i H uh Dvk produces a color not t? b? distinguished from* uatnre, and is \vakk\ntm> not to Injur* in the least, however long It may l?e coutinund. Sold lu all citks and towns of the l ulled States, by Drng gists and Pancy tiood* Dealers. ?^"The Oenniue has die name and address n}??n a steel plate ener?\in*, on four sldf? ol each bottle, of WILLIAM I A. BATCHKI.OU, JJJ Broadway, New York. ""or **ale by CHAS. STOTT, Pennsylvania avenue, ap 7??o6m [?7"Citrate of Magnesia, an ngreealtlo refrlserant and laxative, uow extensively nsM on the conti nent* of Knrope and America, mannfartnred daily. Soda Fountains, of a new and taU'.Iy approved construction A choice lot of Havana Cigars; willi a full supply of floe r ?r fnm'ry, Hair Brushes, (torn I s, shaving Brushes, and T?>ilel Goods generally, .lust rereirtd, of direct importation, al OILM AN'S New Urn; Store, 3j0 Pennsylvania avenue. Je SO-tr |I"7* Important to the Lndios!?Dr. Du PONCO S FKMALK PILLS?The combination of Ingrt-di ent* lu the Pills are perfectly harmlesa. Their eflica-y and nrerits are based upon an extensive practice of over thirty year*; and, where the direction* have been strlc iy fol low?d, they have never failed to correct all Irregn' w'''ce, relieve painful and dlfllcnlt menstruation, (partb nlai si tlin change of Hie. They will cure the White*, and rec. .ve all obstruction* arising from cold, exposure or any canse*; and maybe used sn-vessfnliy a* a Preventive. Call upon the agent, and get a Circular for particulars fre*. Price M per box, with full directions. Bold wholesal i an<1 retail l>v THAN. STOTT, Druggist, Penosvlvanla avenne, S AMI'Ff, It. W AITK, 62S Seventh street, Washington, D. C.; ami K. X. T. OISSKL, Georgetown ; to wh?m all o, ders n>ti*l be sent, aud tli? Pill* will be scat confidentially, by mail, tc ladies who enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box; to connterfelMt is for |ery. je ?-tf RIARKIKU, Near New V'ork, on the 3<ilh nit , hy Ihe I5cv, Joseph 'fiiarlicr, WM. *v FORKKS1, til this citv, to Miss KLi'/AUKTIl S., daughter i>i the late l)r. Joel Martin, U. S. Army. JNBVt On the l'.h instant, JULIU3 A- I'KTKRS, a native of Neuchatel, Switzerland, a wed 48 years On the :Jd Instant, WALi'KR M. CLAKKb, in his itth yesr. The friends of the decea?ed and of the family are invltti to attend his funeral, at St ratrlck's Chnrrh, F street, ontc-jiK.rrow(Friday) morning at'J o'riot k * t On the :PUh p't , KLIZAliKTH TIIO.MA, daughter of Charles Tlioma, flve years. On the morning of thei'h of September, Mr JAMES UALijitiAM, in the 71th year of bis I 1 be friends of the family are requested to at tend hl? funeral at J o'clock to morrow aHernoon frnin his late reKldenc, corner of l>>t and CstretU south, Capitol Ilill. For Sale and Rent. ljH>R KKNT ? NO '209 AND W5 OF THF F row of houses on 1 street, between 15tli and 16lh streets, wi" be f<rr rent about the 1st of Octo. bci. They are iirst rlass houses, and sntflcientlj for large families. They vrill i?e rented low t( Kood tenants. Pew No. T5 in Christ Church, Georcetown (Dr. Norwell's) for sale Apply at Riggs <t Co.'s, to A. 11VUK. (Intel.) se t-eo:it For rent?a large two-story Brick Ilouse with brick carriage house, stable, smoke house, and a large lot of ground attached It is situated on Maryland avenue, corner of 13tt street. Anplv to MRS. CHESHIRE, over th? Patriotic bank, corner of 7'h and I) sts. se 2-3t? For rent?several handsome Pm lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mr? SMITH'S,y^F street. kqvU7?tf F^ORSAI, E?A CONVENIENT SMALL House, on 10th street, only two or three doors from Pa avenue. Its central location renderflt i very d-slrable dwelling for persous engaged it business. The front room might be used as a Show room for a Millinery, or luted up for a La dies' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Store. It! proximity to the avenue would make It a good stand for any ntal business. Apply to W. LEN OX, or at Mifss Lenox's, on E, between 10th and 11th streets. an *J7-tr For rent?a furnished country Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and stables?5 rooms on Hrst lloor?hot android baths, hlghlv romantic and ^althy situation, b miles from Washington in Prince George's, Md Re fer to Sweeny, Rlttenhouse, Fant &. Co., and Ed itor of the Star. Possession given at any time af terthe 13th October. an '25-lm For sale ?a suitable place for a Gardener or Butcher, about three m'les from the Centre Market, joining Mr. John E. Smith's farm. The place contains two acres of ground, a dwelling, ahd stable, together with all the veget ables on the ground will be sold. Also, one building lot, fronting on New Jersey avenue, near H street, in ? Square, No. 892, near Maryland avenue, between 7th and eth, on E street fa?t. Apply to JOHN GEORGE STAEK, Office No. 375 between 9th and 9th, on F street. au 3o eo3t? Desir able property for sale on THE HEIGHTS OF GEORGETOWN ? The very pleasantly situated Cottage opposite the residence of Richard L. Mackail, Esq. This Cottage Is new, conveniently arranged, and contains 7 or ? rooms. The grounds are iinely ?et in grass, fruit and ornamentul trees, and has a front 75, and a depth of M0 feet. There is also, a pump of excellent water on the premises. For terms apply to M . ADLKR. au 2^-e?r2w F^OR SALE ?STOCK, FIXTURES, AND good will of a store. Terms easy, and made known by addressing J. B atthisottlce. se2-eo'J| IjHJR SALE ?A TRACT OF LAND, CON talnlng about 15 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vlty* Farm, the residence of the late John H. King, deceased. This is one of the most desirable sites In the District for a flue private residence; about ?20 acres of this tract is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and in a high state of cul tivation. The summit of this tract is from 350 to loo feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or In lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and 11 streets west, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. H. King, No HO Prospect street, Georgetown, D. C. Je 18-tf lintel) E. J. KING. F^DR RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, NO. 3J2, Pennsylvania avenue north side between yth and 10th streets. One of the best locations in thecity. Immediate passcsslongiven. Apply to GEO 11- B W H ITE A. CO., on the premises,or to CHARLES 11. LANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, 4*21 Psnn. avenue. au '2 First Grand Confectioners' Ball rpiIK journeymen CONFECTIONERS 1 take great pleasure In announcing to their friends and the public of Washing ton, Georgetown, Alexandria, and Balti more, th?t they will give their tirst Grand Annual Ball, at Cakcsi's Saloon, on MONDAY, Sept 15th, 1H5A An experienced Committee have made arrange ments to make this ous of the best ballsevergiven in this city in a New York ftyle For the accom modation of Ladles, Supper will be ready at any hour during the night; and will bs furnished by an experlen ed caterer. A fine Brass Band 1- en gaged for the occasion. The best Confections and Ice Creams will be furnished Tickets one DOLLAR; adm ttlng a Gentle man and two Ladies - to be had at the principal hotels of this city, from the committee of arrange ments, and at the door on the evening of the ba I. Cntnmi'tte of Arrangements.?Joseph Sefcaf. Held, CLas. Meyers, G. Bleshlng.Jos Klein, A. Beeblert J. Gabert. seU Vw* CIRCULAR. Attohrit Gixxkal's Orrici, > Aoril a, lew. v

Si*: By the provisions of an act to ascertain and settle private lend claims In the State of California, passed by Congress March 3,1651 and of an act In amendment thereof, which was passed Augutt 31,1S52, It was enacted. In sub stance, among other things : 1 That for the purpose of ascertaining and settling such claims, a commission should be constituted to consist of three commissioners. 2. That every person, claiming lands In Cali fornia by virtue of any right or title derived from the Spanish or Mexican government, should pre sent the same to the commissioners, for adjndlca tion as between such claimant and 'he United States. 3 That, In all cases of the rejection or com firaation of any such claim b" the sa'd comorls sioners, It should b? lawful lor the partyrlalm ant, or the U nlted States, as the case might be, to demand a rehearing In the district court of the United States, subject to appeal therefrom to the Supreme Court of the United States 1. That new evidence might be adduccd on such hearing before the dlstrfcteourt. 5. That all lands, the claims to which should be finally rejected by the commissioners, or final ly decided to be invalid by the district or Supreme Court, and all lands the claims to which sLould 1 i j presented to the said commissioners, should be teem d, held, and considered as part of the puhlic doirain of the United States 6. "that all claims flnallv confirmed !>y the commissioners, or b" the District or Supreme Court, a patent should issue to the claimant, upon his presenting to the General Land Office an au thentic certificate of such confirmation, and a pl.it or survey of said land duly certified and an pr2v^.by the 8Urvpy?<" general of California. v. i j "fke of the claimant to such land should be contested by any other person, it would be lawful for such person to institute process, for determining such conflict of right, in the proper district court of the United States; such court navlng power In that case to restrain, bv lnjunc tion, the Issue of any patent to the party claimant until the right should have been a^termined by competent judicial authority. 8, Shat the A'-al decrees rendered by the said commissioners, or by the District or Supreme Court of the 1, nlted States, or any patent issued to a claimant in virtue of *ich dccrees, should be conclusive between tfce United States and siun c.almant only, and should not afl'ect the intere Is of third persons. ? rtaf, tnev.-ry case In which the commis sioners should render a final decision, It should be their duty to have two certified transcripts pre pared of their proceedings and decision, and of 'ho papers and evidence on which the same were founded; one of which transcripts to be filed with the Clerk of the proper district court, and the oth er to be transmitted to the Attorney General of t e I nited States, and the filing of such tran scripts with the cle.'k aforesaid, to operate ipso facto, as an appeal for the party against whom the decision should have been rendered. 10 That, If such decision should lie against the private claimant, it should be his duty to file notice with theclerk aforesaid, within- lx months thereafter, of his intention to prosecute the ap p? al; ard If the decision should he against the Unib d States, it should be the duty of the Attor ney General, within six months after receiving said transcript, to cause a notice to bo filed with the elerk atoie>aid, that the appeal would be prosecutcd by the United States : On failure of either party to file such notice with the clerk aiOK'vaid) the appeal to be rc^ard^d as dismissed. Such is an outline of the provisions of statute regarding the examination of private land claims In the State of California, in so far more espe cially, as concerns the clliclal duty of the Execu tive of the United States, The commissioners, providi d for that purpose, entered upon, and have now completed, the dis charge of their appropriate functions, havin;' heard and determined upwards of eight liundreu cases, presented by parties claimants of land un der Spanish or Merican grants in California; and transcripts in the several cases have, from time to time, as they were determined, been transmitted to the Attorney tJeneral. Of these transcripts, the first was received at this office on the 3d March. 1KV3. a few days be fore the present Incumbent of the office entered upon the discharge of its duties. In the whole course. of the first year, however, only twelve transcripts reached this office, and they'did not aflord adequate m>-ans of coming to a general de termination if the subject-matter. Thus, of ne cessity, there could be no delinite action in any of these cases during the first year During the ensuing yearala rge number of trail scripts arrived; but, on examination <f tb*m, it was found impossible, with due regard to the In terests f t the United States, to decide lu what caws to abstain from prosecuting r.p,eals to final Judgment, until s.iti*f.ictcry rules of decision should have been obtained by the trial of a num ber of leading casp* in the Supreme Cou*t. For this caiise, It became necessary to file noti ces of appeal in every case, r.ot with any purpose of subjecting the parties to the expense of a trial In the district court in'every en.se but only to sus pend the cases there, and thus avoid tte conse quence of otherwise losing the right of appeal, in cases, where, bv application of decisions of the Supreme Court, it should in the event be found thit a rehearing was requisite, in justice to the United States or to parties claiming under tte United States. Efforts were made to carry through the distrlcl court, and hring to the Supreme Court, as speedily as possible, some leading cases lor decision there Fcur cases reached the Supreme Court in Decem ber term, 1S53, but in season to take up only one of them, and that on a question of form not affect ing its merits In December term, la54, two oj these cases were heard ai d determined cn theii merits, so as to settle sonre general principles, bul not enough to nrake It safe or convenient, then tc proceed to re-examine cases in order to dismiss appeals in the district court At the present t< rm however, which commencrd in December, and w'll have been continued by adjournment tc the end of May next, it Is conceived that In the numerous cases which have n< w reached the Su Ereme Court, a sufficient body of decisions will ave been had to justify the final disposition, witLout further trial, of no inconsiderable portion of the eases still [ ending in the district courts el California, on appeal hy the United States. I propose, therefore, on the 1st of June next, to commence th" re-examination of the transcripts, with a view to the discontinuance of appeals, in all cares where justice requires it, and It can Ik? done without manifest prejudice to the United States The cases will be resumed in the order of the f eueral calendar of ^ commissioners, and wher ever no sufficient reason to the c ontrary appears, notice of the disc ontlnuance of the appeal will be transmitted at once to the clerk of the proper dis trict court. Where objections appear on the face of the re cord, or may be suggested by written notice, duly fi'ed In this ? ffice on or before the first day of Auguft next, such objections will be deemed suf ficient to prevent the discontinuance of appeal, when ihey appear to involve rights or interests of the United States, and not otherwise leaving third parties to pursue the remedy, which the statute provides for them, of petition before the proper district ccurt, and Injunction to restrain Issue of patents by the Commissioner of Public Lands I nm, respectfully, C. CUSH1N8, Sept 3-'it Attorney General. JOHN YV. MYEKS ic CO. DIALERS IN Wlii e and Eed Ash, Egg, Stove, Transition, Nut, Cumb Lump, cc Blacksmith's C'oalg Also, HICKUKY. OAK, .iyit PINE Wool). PERSONS LAYlNti IN FUEL FOR THE winter will hud It to their advantage by send ing us their orders, orieaviug them at P. J. Steers' store, No. 4bt"7th ?treet, betweenD and E,as they will be promptly filled with the best article and at low prices. 2,t in lbs. given to ton JOHN W MYERS A CO., Office and Yard corner of G and J Jd streets, se i-lin First Ward. MADAiUK MOUNT'S CONSUMPTION DESTKOYEE. 'pHIS INVALUABLE REMEDY CAN BE -?- had at No. 33V G street, between Eleventh and Twelfth, south side, oratStott's Apothecary corner of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue. References: Rev. Mr. Phelps and Rev Mr. Register, Foundry church; and certificate frcm the Rev. J. Hanson. au27-lm* PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. MM GEORGE HOFFMAN, (BROTHER oftheeminent Pianist, Mr. Rich ard Hoffman, of New York,) having) iff JI come to this city under au engagement as Organ ist of St. Matthews Church, has the pleasure of announcing to the public, that he propose* divert ing Home of his time to private Instruction on the PIANO FORTE. His terms fortiiltonbiiug S"!) per quarter of 21 lessons Application can be made to him, at Mrs. Mil ler's, Peun ave , between 14th and 15th streets, or at Mr. Richard Davis ; and which shall have his immediate attention. se 2 eo 1 m (SCHOOL BOOKS AND SCHOOL REUUI SITES 'pHE SUBSCRIBER HAS ON HAND A A full supply of School Books and School Re quisite*, and would call the attention of parents teachers, and pupils, where they can besupplled on the most accommodating terms, at MISS THOMAS' Book and Fancy Store, High street, near 1st. se 2-et 3t Georgetown WOOD AND COAL. WE ARE DAILY RECEIVING LAR6E supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we can sell from the boats at very low prices. Per sons desirous of laying In their winter fuel would do well to give us a call before purchasing else where. BOGUEA O'NEILL, ?eji No. 105 Water street, Georgetown SOFT CRABS AND UKEKN TUKTL* so UP are served every day at C. GAU TIER'S Saloon. AUCTION BALKS. THIS AFTERNOON A WD TO-MORROW. P By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneer*. F.REMPTORY SALE ?F VALUABLE _ BaildtH Lot at Aaction.? On THLRS 1)AY AFTERNNOON, the 4th lDstant, at 3 o'clock, we will sell. In front of the premise*, pait of Lot No. 3, In Square No 52', on the cor ner of Fourth atd M stret north, fronting 20 feet by 8) feet deep This Is a favorable opportunity to yet a gcod site as the sale is positive. Tenus : One third cash; the balance in ? and 12 months torn the day of sale, bearing interest, and satisfactorily secured. Wall, baknard a co , M n-Jt Auctioneer^ By JAS C. McGl'lRE, Auctioneer. Dwelling house and lot at p?i> lle Auction.?tin THURM)AY AFTER NOON, September 4tb, at fi o'clock, on the prem ises, I sba'l sell part of Lot No 2, in Square No 515, fronting on north K street, tetween 4th and 5th streets west, running back #3 feet 11 inches to an alley, with the Improvements, consisting of a three storv brick dwelling house containing sis room*, with back staircase, rendering ea<?h room private. Terms at sale. au 29 d J AS. C. McGUIRF, Auct By E. S. WRIGHT Georgetown. ORPHAN'S CUIRT SALE?On SATI'R DAY next, the fith instant, at 10 o'clock, at the lateresidence of Mrs Mary O'Riley, en Cor,, gress street, all the pergonal Effects of said de ceased, consisting of? Household and Kitchen Furniture Mahogany Sideboard, Sofa Dining and Card Tables Cane seat and common Chairs, Carpets looking Glasses, Clocks, Stoves Bureaus Bed', Bedsteads Kitchen Furniture, Ac , Ac. Terms cash. JOHN McDERMOTT, Executor. 6e3-.lt EWD. S. WRIGHT, Auct'r. OLD ESTABLISHED Washington Stove Depot! South'aft tom<T Pmna. avmne and 111* strut N STORE AND RECEIVING WEEKLY, i large stock of the nniversa"y admired an?l unsurpassed Cooking Stove, THE invincible: TUBULAR OVEN, which, forcconoinv in consumption of fuel, slm pllcity of constru tion, rarity managed, easily rc riain-d at a trifling co*t, Caking, Roasting. Broil ng, Ac , defiles competition. .">00 Reference* can be given who will testify t< the above qualities of tai?, THE COOK STO VE ' All I ask is an examination to satisfy the grra*, est economist. JAS. SKIRV.NG, I'a. avenue. The fo"owing is one of the many recommenda tions sent to in?-by a very popular gentleman o this city, the original of which may be se?n b; any one crlling at my store: Wasiikgtoit, July 2d, 1??6. Mr. Jas. SxiRvihg : Bear Si-?The " Invinclb'e" Stove purchase* at your establishment last fall has been inconst.m use in ray family since that time. Its advantage seem to me to be very decided. First, its ex tremesimplicity of construction and managemen render repairs almost unntcessary Secondly the facility with which It may be charged fron a wood to a coal bi>rner. And 1; stlv, the perfec manner in which it p?rforms lis duties. The p^ullar arrangements of its flu??s, ke-rpin; an e-ve u temp* ratare aro'ind the lo:if. A.c.. reude It, by far. the b?*st bread-baker in th<- market. I have, therefore, every reason to exacts in; satisfaction with it Very respectfully yours, au 30-1 m . HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTING & GLAZING UEOKGE II. VAKNELL, TWO. 51 # LOUISIANA AVENUE, BETW JLl 6th and 7th streets, north side, Las opened i branch Shop, for the prnsfcutlon of his busliw on 7th street, between 1 street at d Masnarhusetti avenue, ea-<t tld;.-, and will lie happy to reeelv calls for work at either of his locations tit dolnj business. All orders far Jobbing attended to nromj-tl and at the shortest uotlc?, in a workmanlike man ner Thankful for nast favors h?* will, by assidult ?.nd dispatch r.f work, hope to merit tLc eontrn ancc of the orders of his friends and the r ubil generr'ly. au 21 2w NEW STOVES AND GRATES. \T7 E HAVE JUST REPEI VEI) PER PACK W et Ann Pickerel' from Philadelphia another assortment of the PAKLOR COOK STOVES, selling very low and# fa't Although we roav not be able to buy a horse and \va?on, still any goods boui'h* at ?i: store, No 318 1 enn. avenue, will be dellverct t any part of Washington, Georgetown, orwithi the limits of the corporation, free of charge. All Stoves, Grates, hot-air Furnaces, e.cokir Ranges, and Gas Ovens, set up In the best v/orM man like manner. Please give us atri?1 at No. 319 Penn. avemu between 10th and 11th streets. next door to C Woodward's old stand, where yon can se e for y oui selves. tse2-3t) C. WOODWARDfcSON. UNUSUAL ATTRACTIONS. Real French Millinery and Drt.^g Irimmir Goods. French & American Flowers. &c. Also, Kress flaking in best French style liEAL IMPORTED FRENCH BOS NET INFANTS HOODS. INFANT'S CLOAK! AND INFANT S DliESS, BOY'S HATi AND BO Y'S SACKS. THE UNDERSIGNED TAKES ^ pleasure to announce to the public4JT that his stcck cf New Fall and Win ter Goods is now complete and ready for inspei tlon, and that he will continue to receive from tk Northern States every new snd desirable artlcl to be found in his line the coming season He has just received and opened a large an elegant stock of Heal French Millinery Good* French Flowers, Paris Feathers, Ribbons, Fix broide les. Silk i\ett?, Velvets. Laces. Crape Chenille, A-. Also, Rich French Head Dresse. of every description. Soiree and Bridal Wreath' Fringes and Fancy Trimmings, for ball* and nai ties, all of which will compaie favorably, both i price and qualltv, with any *ou?e In the ?ra<fe. M. W1LLIAN, 32 Market Place, between 7th and fcth sts. au 20-1w STOVES, GRATES, RANOES, Ac. VIVE RESPECTFULLY CALL THE AT v ? tention of our friends and customers, and the public generally, to our stock of, STOVES, UKATfcS, FURNACES, and, RANGES * We would call particular attention to our BLU1 RIDGE COOK STOVE for wood or coal. A!sc the Light street, or Morning Star Cook Stove wlti Roaster behind, for woenl or coal, made by Hay ward, Bartlett A Co , of Baltimore; a decide < improvement upon the old Morning Star, thecast ings be ing a third thickcr, and the basing an< roasting operations far superior Wc di'-ir< ti Impress upon purchasers the importance of call lng for Baitimore Manufaeti rc. vVe would also call attention to COLLINS A CO.'S PARLOR COMPANION, or PATEN'J IMPROVED LATROBE, for heating Parlor and Chambers above. Forty references < an b< ? lven lu this city to substantiate th? ir supfiloriti over all others in use. Also, Mr-ore's hot-air Fur naces and Spencer's Elevated Oven Cookinj Range, together with Cooking, Parlor, Dining room, Chamber, Hall, Office, and Church Stoves ef ail ti c various styles and patterns. Also, Ga Stoves and Ovens, k'orlable Ranges, Summer Ba ker;', Ac. Sheet Iron and Tin Work made to order. Repaitsdone with despatch. Having expert em oQ workmen in our shop we assure those favor ing us with a call th?t their work will be done it the best manner. Having our own wagon there will le nothing put on stoves to pay for their delivery. SIBLEY A GUY, 320 I'a. avenue, bet. 10th and 11th sts. irr Please notice our number, 320 au30-eo6t (Organ) I. J. fc W. M. It ALT, MCAI.SKS IN LEHIGH AND SCHUYLKILL COAL. Also, HICKORY, OAK, AND FINE WOOD. O CARGOES ON THE WAY?ONE OF ^ White Ash, one of Red Ash,oue of Lehigh. Persons laylug In their coal for the winter, by sonuing us their orders will flt.d them Ulled with the be st article at a moderate advance on prune cost. Wood of the best quality always on hand. Coal kept uuder cover. 2*2i(i pounds ta the ton T J. A W. M. GALT. au 20-tf N. W. cor. 12th and C sts.,No.U7. DENTAL SURGERY. DR. WILLIAM A. FRANKLIN HAVING taken rooms at No. 449 Pennsyl vania avenue, will be happy to TMCfr 7 all who may stand in nee?d of the ser vices of a Dentist. Uls prices will be moderate, and all work warranted. je 5-eotf W HATS!?FALL STYLE l^to. E INTRODUCE TO-DAY BEEBE'S fashionable fall style DRK3S HATS for gentlemen Those In want are solicited I m tocaUat GEO H. B. WHITE A CO.'S 1 Hat, Cap and Gents. Furnishing Stor?, 33i Pa. avenue, between 9th and loin streets. aajw-eu2w PLATFORM AND COUNTER SCALES. MUKDOCK?S PATENT PLATFORM AND Couuter Scales, of all s'zes.for sai??t iaanu facturersprices by UOGUE A O'NEILL, se 2 Agents, No. 105 Wfter st., Georgetown. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FRO* THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOMk PR 1NT1JIO TKLK6S1PH. YsHow Fever at Fort Hamilton New York, Sept. 3.?Two new caaos of Tal low fever were reported at the Military llos pital at tort Hamilt-vn yesterday, and three tb's morring, all of a mild type. The case* pre^.ously rcpoited are doing well. Connecticut Fillmore Convention New Hate*. Sept 3 ?The Fillmore Convention, which aasembled hereto-day. wai largely attended An electoral ticket was nominated amid mech enthusiasm. Ee-Uov ?roor> Hawley and lireen were choeen electors at large. Vermont Election Moktpelier. Sept i ?Fletcher, the Repub lican candidate for Governor, be* a majority of over 12 000 in 100 tonos. One hundred and thiriy town.* remain to be heard from- Threo Republican Congressmen have three to seven th> u?and majority, and the Republicans have catried the entire Stale Senate, and nineteen twentieths of the lluu.-e. Massachusetts Whig Convention Bortow. Sept 3.?The Whig State Conven tion, which met here to>day, was largely at tended. Hon Robert C Winthrop presided AdiroMe? ivere made by ilon. Mr. Winthrop, S. Milliard, and others. favoring Mr- Fill m"re Amongat the resolutions adopted waa on? signifying the preference for Mr Fillmore over all other candidate* thus far nominated L)r Luther V Bell was nominated for Gover nor. U^mor Foote for Lieutenant Governor, John 11 Clifford for Attorney General, Wm. T- Lincoln for Secretary of State, John Sar gent for Treasurer, and Joseph Mitchell fot Auditor. ??? Pennsylvania Stale Council. Lancaster, Sept 2 ?The Edie American Council of Pennsylvania met here to-day Korty ono councils were represented by 112 delegates. Joseph J Clyde, of Harrisburg, was elected Pret-ident. and (sen Wm. H. Ir win vice-Prw>ideut. No other business wjh transacted, and pending a resolution endoran.g Fillmore and Donelson the Council adjourned sun dif. Another despatch says that John J. Clyde was elected president < f the council, which did nothing beyond choosing ofboers; and that everything went off harm ?ni'>u>ly, a large ma | jority of the body being for Fillmore. Baltimore Market! Baltimore, Sept. 4 ?Flour is Steady at ye tcrday's rates: sales of Howard street at So 75. ar.d choice City Mills was held at S<;S7J. Wheat has advanced 5 cents; white $1 5r.a ? I 05. Corn is 4c. higher; -alec of white and yellow (?2afi5<j Whitky?Sales of City at 32ic. and Ohio at Ifc. New York Markets New York, Sept. 4 ?Flour has advanced, sa'e< of 11.000 bbls.; State S-OOOaSrt 15; Ohio H.35a5? *0; Southern ?7a2n$7 40; extra 57 15 aS* 15 ? Wheat has advanced: sales of 4.000 bu>het.s western red SI 52, southern white SI.(15. Corn is higher; *alcs of 20,000 bucbels; South ern mixed fiftc ; white 73c ; yellow 70c. Pork is drooping : sales of 30<? barrels, moss Sl'.t b7i Beef i? unchanged. Lard is buoyant, sales of ?00 bbls. at 13Jc. Whisky is steady, sales of 250 bbls. Ohio at 32 Financial New York. Sept 4th ?Stocks are dull. Chicago and Rock Island 93?; Illinois Centr.il share* losj; Do. bonds 01;; Michigan South ern ivij; New York Central SO; Pennsylvania Coal Co. 91 J; Reading M J; Missouri 6'a SV Sterling exchange is dull. The steamer Adriatic i* now being in sured in England for iI75,UOO; at eight guineas per cent, par annum SLe is expected to leavo New York about the end of the neat month ClT A coinpauy of Americans are building two steamers to run upon the rivers of China, at first by way of experiment, and then to ?-e Icct that river for their future c mrso which proves the most profitable to them. Couli>s't Get his Price ?A countryman camc early into the town of Elanr*. New York, on Saturday last, with a load of wood, which be endeavored to sell for two dollars ; but failing to do this, he took it down to the river and threw it iD, and complacently watch ed till it float sd out of sight lie bad previ ously been offered SI.50 for the load. FANCY A * 1) STAPLE 1>KY UOODS L have Just opened a we'l-selected asKortment of the above goods at No 34 Market Space, be tween 7th end '??.h street*. (three doors from ->tb) i wi'l endeaver to give my- undivided attention to ail who will favor uic with ti.tir calls. J.C GIBSON, N B. Quick rales and small prcfl'swlil be my motto. (an Ki-iw) J. C. G. .VIRS. FRAIOKLIM, TEACHER OF VOCAL MUSIC, /GRATEFUL TO THE LADIES OP WASH ? VT io-Tton and its vicinity for their former i ?j uonage, respec tfully Informs them that she wilt resume her vocation on Mouday. the eth of Sep tember Mrs. F., having vacant hours for a few more fchoiars, requests the mdie* who are desirous ef being perfected In Ballad Singing, or the more, elaborate style of the Opera, to favor her with an early application Terms nnde known at her residence oa ? *! , No 4l;5, between 9th and 10th streets, or at tb< Music Storesof Mr. K. Davis and Mr. 6. H'lbus au 30-i!w VOW HEADY; THE MOST PUPCLAK il Fall styles of GENT'S DRESS HATS. Our S3 5?, S3 00 and S? 00 DRESS HATS Cannot be aur [massed ' 15. H ST IN KM ET'/., 2-Jfi Fa. avenue, betw. 12th and 13th ata. au JU-eolw Ht HLIt: NOTM B. OMNIBUS FOK THE CARS' ON AND AFTER MONDAY, SEP ! KMUbR 1st, an OMNIBUS will leave the Union Line omnibus staud, In* lieorjretown, al^olclock a. m and War Department at 5?; arrive at the depot lu time for the 6o'cloek train of cars. Also, leave Georgetown stand for cacb and eve ry train, one hour before the starting of the car*, and be In attenda icc upon the irrlval of every in train. Fare to and from the early trala *5 cents. all others to or from, l'i% cents; Baggage extra, the charge according to weight and bulk By the present arrangement of the cars the roar h will leave Georgetown at 5, 7Jf, and .'1# o'cl k. Fare to the cam in anv of the regular Uuioa l.lue accents tau3:>] G. VANPfcRWERKEN . TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P. DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on 6th. street, between Loul?lana avenue and C street, long conducted by Ma John* M. Young, Is now prepaid to manufacture and repair all description* of COACHES. BUGGIES, WAGONS. Ac , ou the most reaaouabie term", in the vety bent manner, and at the shortest no tice. He ruapoctfuily lnv'ics his feilow-cltlzena to give him a trial. au IS - J m ^EALED PROPOSALS will. BE RE celved by the Secretary of the Treasury, in the city of Washington, until ;he ISth of September next, for a suitable site, not lean than one hundre* feet l?y one hundred feet, for the new ruMom House and Post Oflier at Geofg*twww, D ' ? JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treaaury. au 29-tl2Scp (latB Union) REWAKO.?RAN AWAY FROM the subscriber, living near Upper M*rll?oro\ Peine* G?rge's county Md NEGRO MAN LKN, who callaLimvlf .KN HAH ROD; he la a dark mulatto., nbout thirty one years of a?re, live feel acveu rs high ; he has a sear on the right knee cai'aed bv a cut; hstf of his bead shaved, and very grem when spoken to. 1 wlii give the above reward If caught oat of the Ptate of .Maryland or District of Columbia, or one hundred dollars if caught In the Sutr af Maif land orDiatrlet of Columbia, and secured in jail or brought home so that I can gv* bias aealn au 28 tf ? Z B BEALL. ?S200 L. J. MIDOLJCTOIi* DEALER IX ICS. OjAct and Dmii-Southweet corner of F and Twelfth streets. lebW-tf