14 Ekim 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Ekim 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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WASH IN G TO N C I T Y: ..Vclaber 14,1W#. TCEIDAV |?T AdvertlaemeBtsskouid alam lio^clo. e, otbrrwlee they may ??< *PP?M uittl the next day SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PKHSS. The Union learni? " From a gentleman who wm in Kansas at the election, atd who reached Washington yesterday, that the elections went off quietly, and that Governor Geary had made every ne cessary arrangement to secure to every the ai molested exercise of his privilege. The ami-slavery voters, however, declined to themselves of their rights, and allowed t opponents to carry tho election ,u_ tii. General Whitfield was voted for by^the pro-slavery paity, and is . t ,we out, as ha, been g^K^^bave listened to Black Republicans in Kansas ^ ^ ?aaterQ the oounsels of their leaaers , t ubt m lii" over iheir .gpponont?. Thi. ."ow.tb.UUe, "I" mor" than tLe elective franchise. The Union replies to ihe Intelligent? ar ticle of yesterday upoa the submission or re actance q.estion. in ewe of Fremont's cleo tioo, and, by way of showing up the inconsis tency of the course of the Intelligencer, says : ?? Let it be remembered that Mr. Fillmore, the favorite candidate of the editors of the Intelligencer, in his Albany spcech. made the following threat or prediction: 4 //' this sec tional party (the Fremont party) succeeds, it leads inevitably to the destruction of this beautiful fubric reared by our forefathert.' And let it be ob.erved thai the editors of the Intelligercer now characterise this prediction of Mr Fillmore a' * an extreme error, not to say wicJte Inesy?that it is a vionstrons idea? but yet they profess to support him for the Presidency. The Union's advices from Fennsylvania leads it to believe that the Democracy will not only cany the State triumphantly over the combined ai.d oorrupt efforts of the Re publicans and Know Nothings, but it is pos sible, and even probable, that they will elect their candidates for Congress in a majority of the district*. And from Ohio, public and pri vate accounts assure it that the election of at least eight of the Democratic candidates for Congress may be regarded as a matter of cer tainty. The InteUigencer devotes a large portion of its space to a review of the speech of General Quitman, of Mississippi, during the late ses sion of Congress on the subject of our neutrali ty laws, in which the speaker advocate 1 "entire alteration" of our existing pali;y. as ascertained and defined by the act of April 20, 181S; which act, in its leading features, is pronounced not enly "unnecessary and im politic," but is also regarded as containing "infringements of the personal iightj of the citisen.'' "in the formal enumeration of his objec tions to thi* a:t, as interpreted in our day, the honorable member ( ays the Intelligencer) specially adduces the foil >wing : ' Its denial of the right of expatriation, and, under certain ciicumstances. of emigration even.' Without any intention to contest the particular argu ments contained in Mr. Quitman's speech upon this or other pain's, respecting the most of whhh our opinions are already sufficiently known to our readers, we purpose, on the present occa.-icn, to invite their attention to a brief historical review of the legislation of Congress relative to the assumed right of ex patriation?a rignt which some of our yonnger readers may not be aware has more than once been called into question and controversy." "> i m PERSONAL ....Hi" Excellency J Nottbeck, Russian Envoy at Washington, has arrived here en route to Am:rL>a and will sail on Saturday.? Ltrtrpool taper. .... The Boston Courier contend* that, un der the laws of Massachusetts, Mr. Butliu fame is ineligible to office in th it State, he aving accepted a chaltengo to fight a duel. .... Thomas De Quircy is a oontribu'or to the new English periodical called the Titan. In the September number he has an article en" it led " Storms in English history ; a Glance at the Reign of Henry VIII." .... Miss Warner's clever novel, " The Hills ol the bhatemuc,' praised without exception by the Lond'-n critica, has been republished in England, as well as Emerson's *? English TratU '' .... J H Andereon,called the 11 Wiiard of the Xoith.'' has taken a grand farewell of the BriUrh public, at the Surrey. Ho played Rolla and ^illi m, in " Black Eyed Susan," and was {resented with a silver baton. He is comi; g to the United Slates. .... Ihe Boston Chronicle corrects the fol lowing amusing typographical blunder "We tried yesterday to say that Christendom bad denied pants, and all that sort of thing, to woman. The types made as say decreed. Per Laps the types were right." .... "Ihe Ravel Troupe are coming South focn. i rancf is Ravel is now under an en gagement at Niblo's Garden until the Ravel fam'.ly leave for their winter tour of the North and South Francois has been very ill, and suffered louch frcm the bursting of a blood vtsfel, but is now getting better and able to require h:s line of business. ? ??? The faculty of the University cf North Carolina held a meeting on the 15th inst , and repudiated tLe poliiical sentiments advocated by Prof Hedr.cks, w~o uvow* himself in favor of IitmcLt. The trustees of the University, will expel h.m. On Saturday night, the 3d inst., Prof. H. was burnt in effigy in the col lege campus and a beil was tilled until the effigy was c.nsuaed. .... The news cf the nomination of Mr Richard Busteed, by the New York City De mocracy. lor couL el to the Corporation, has juft retched us. This is the gentleman whose lame has been spread by the brilliant profes sional triumjhs he achieved in the Kane ex tradition case, the Walker divorce, and the Hayes murder case. Wc trust his political success will equal his abilities?more he need not ask. Fifty Years in the Penitentiary ?Wil liam B Smith, charged with killing his own * n, has been convicted of manslaughter in the first degree bv the Circuit Court of Tippah county, Mi-b , and rei.ter.ced to a term of fifty jears in the State prison. Smith is now over seventy years of ?ge. and will, according to V * ' bigker-law ' ol nature, be reprieved by death before the expiration of fifty years. TUfi"" * P??c???ios in New York ? strati) n < t a** greatest demon stration of the kind ever got Ud in New York 6 were< besides one hundred and fifteen companies belonging to the city and various other associations connected with the dJ^Jt ment, many other companies from uZ\r \ Biogh??DU>.>. Brook!J= N..",k ft., D.mot, Mich , .?4 Mass. Ihere were thirty-two bands of muiic in the procession. The procosaion marihed frur abreast and was one hour passing any given point. The streets through which they pa**ed were densely crowded, and tho windows and buildings were closely packed. Flags aud streamers and triumphal arches decorated the various engine houses throughout the route cf the proceMiun. No accident or disturbance occurred. Sbavlbo kadi East.?Wet your shaving t 'n ?ither warm oreold water, pour on two or three drops of " I a m of a Thousand Jlowers," tub the bea d well and it will make a beautiful soft lather mueh facilitating the operation of sh ving. 1 ri ?? only Fifty Cents. For sale at Shilling ton's, a^nt fbr WaAing too, aud *11 druggist?. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Elections.?Pai?*srLv ania.?Yester day we published a brief summ? ?ry of ike result of last year's election in Pen jsylvania. We would to-day re publish result of that eontest by eounties, if in tba.4 way we could probably enable the Star's leaders to com prehend more perfectly the first returns from that State, to come to hand to-morrow. But tte voting there to day will be so extraordi nary in view of the extensive changes in party relations, as that it would only serve to con fuse. The State has been canrasscd as never be fore, aLd both parties have endeavored to as certain the predilections of every man entitled to oast a ballot there. We left there yesterday after spending a mo: h, iu participating in the canvass. Our juigment is that the Democracy will oarry the State by a handsome msjority over the opposition, which though professing to differ widely indeed with reference to principles and men, are heartily supporting common can didates, and, therefore, common principles. Every one of the candidates on their State tieket is for Fremont and his abolition doo trines. The only way in which the Democrats can be defeated will be through fraud and such valence as occurred at the rocent Balti more election, where at least twenty-five hun dred Democratic voters were prevented by force from depositing their ballots. We can only say that if the Democracy of Pennsylva nia permit themselves to be so treated to-day they will richly deserve defeat. It is their duty to put down such oonduct in their midst at all haxar*? and without regard to the con sequences upon those who thus essay to de prive them of their rights. We believe they will do it, and think that , the knowledge that they will do so, which the nominally respect, able backers of the bullies tbat would other wise be relied on to trample the rights of citi zenship under fcot certainly possess, will be sufficient to prevent them from running the risk cf maddening such men as the Shifflers, Rip Raps, Plug Uglies, Ac., with liquor, and encouraging them to cause blood to flow in the streets of Philadelphia to-day, like water. Wo stall see. e will certainly gain more or lets members of the Inited States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania to-day, and. we have every reason] to believe, will^carry the Legislature, unless prevented by extensive fraud and vio | lince. In Ohio, if the Fillmore party sustain their own candidates in good faith?of which we are by no means cor fident, as we regard them, as in Pennsylvania, to be mere tenders to the Fremont Abolition party?the Democracy must poll a plurality of votes and obtain a heavy accession of Congressional strength. In Indiana, our friends are sarguine of a victory. We do not know sufficient of the cjndition of affairs there to be able to expres8 aa opinion of our own on the proapect in that i State. | The aggregate vote in all these States will be enormously increased over the vote of last year. The President's Return ?The committee appointed In behalf of our c tizens to proceed to Norfolk and ascertain the intended route cf the President of the United States on return ing to the seat of government, in order that arrangements might be made for his reception here, left here on Saturday evening and ar rived in Norfolk on Sunday morning. They j soon ascertained that the United States steam er Engineer, Capt. Lovell, having on board Cum Dornin, had proceeded te Old Point, in order to put the Engineer at the disposal of the President. They proceeded by the first stoamer fr.iu Norfolk for Old Point early on Monday morning, and on arriving at the Point found the Engineer at the wharf with out tidings of the Wabash Having procured at Norfolk, letters to Com. Dornin, the com mittee were politely at,d hospitably received on board the Engineer, and every facility of fered them for resching the Wabash. About 3 p m cn Monday information was brought to Old Point that at 2 o'clock the Wabash was spoken in the Bay, and answered that she was bound for Washington, and would not turn in at Old Point, or visit Norfolk as was expected A salute was ready to be fired from the ramparts of Fortress Monroe on the visit of the President, but his rapid passage up the Bay eluded the look-out ol the sentry, owing to the haziness of the atmosphere. The Engineer returned to Norfolk, and the officer requested the committee to make it known at Washington that they had been in readines. and on the lookout for the Wabash for 36 hours before her passage up the bay. The committee took passage at 6 o'clock the same evening for Baltimore on the Louisiana, hav ing caused a sharp lookout for the Wabash to be kept up all night, but nothing of her could be discovered. On returning in the 9 o'clock train this morning from Baltimore, they learn ed tbat the President had not arrived at An napolis at o'clock. The committee state that they received every attention and hospi tality from the officers of the government, and from the citiiens of Norfolk and Portsmouth. It is probable that the Wabash is coming up the Potomac to Washington, as the answer given from her yesterday when spoken in the Bay was, 44 Bound for Washington." It is un certain when she will arrive. The following dispatch was received at the Mayor's office this morning from the Commit tee: Baltimore, October 14, 6 20 a. m -Frigate we't oMjIVp V P I,? *e8terdtty miles west of Old Point; spoken by steauer Coffee ? On P t? u)T We were at Old lotnt on board steamer Engineer with C ,mu.od?re Morgan ; steam up ready to meet her had she come into Hampton Roads. The Comedy of Error.-The Two Dromios Iho I recDonter" are in a precious stew about tie New lork Tribune's announcement that ? there are two Fremont., both of whom have belonged to the army ; both resided in Wash ington : that they resemble ea?h other, and that the Fromont who is the candidate for President, is not tbat Fremont who was in the of attending the Catholic Church." flharal^r ?f0ucd lec?imry *> over the idmin ,. nmflB fastened upon their Pre.. W s Jate: but theta!eof the Tri mor? that the Thea a*re lit endorsing it. n.r.1 iUincx. whl? "" vote for. two tremonts to A pamphlet issued from t z ?T. th.t FrtiDODt'i dc.u. U Fremont, first a Lieutenant in the 3d ..tin and io 1M7 ?ppti'tted tar, w th the rar k of CapUin. H? iab!e quently resigned his commission, acd now or l*eJj did reride at SmithvUle, North Carolina. I He ia ? Catholic, and " in personal appear ance much resembles Col J. C Fremont, and might be readily mistaken for him." But, again, there is a Montreal Fremont? according the test;mony of Hon. II Mason? and a Savannah Fremont according to Mr. Biofrrapher Bigelow Upon the Charleston record, by which the Republican papers prove their Fremont a Protestant, the name appear! as 44 Charles Fremont," and at the head of their ticket they place " Charles J. Fremont " Now, here is a pntsle for weak minded Re publican voters. How are they to distinguish the "Original Jacobs,"thegenuine "Schiedam Schnapps," the " oldest Dr. Jacob Townsend's Sarsaparilla ?" The New York News thinks? "It must have been thia other Fremont who climbed the Rocky Mountains, who, with three hundred men, devoured the five thous and cattle and six thousand horses in Califer nia in three months time; who brought in fraudulent accounts to Congresj for expenses amounting to one million of dollars, hut after ward acknowledged that one hundred and forty-seven thousand of it was fraudulent by withdrawing that amount of false items charged, and of the balance the Military Com mission allowed less than one fourth of the whole amount. It must have been this other Fremont who charged the United States ten thousand dollars lor taking a "formidable fort at Verba Buena, bristling with iron cannon <?( heavy caliber and several brass pieces" which this same Commission, on investiga tion, found to be a dismantled fortification, and not a single soldier of the easing in and allowed just fifty dollars!! for the won derful achievement* It must have been this other Fremont who wn tried for mutiny ai-d disobedience of orders, and dismissed the army. Some other Fremont, who challenged Col Mason to deadly combat, assaulted Sena tor Foote in the Senate, and voted agaicst abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia, anil it must certainly have been this Fremont who deceived a highly respectable girl in Charleston, now living there, a witness to his own ingratitude and deception. It must havo been this other Fremont who stole away the daughter of Col. Benton, and it must of course be the other Fremont, and not John Charles, whom old Bullion so bitterly opposes. It must, too, have been this other Fremont who was married by a Catholic priest, for they never marry a couple unless one of the par ties is a Roman Catholic, and Benton's daugh ter was not ; and it must bo another Fremont who is father of a fine lad now living in L >s Angeles, about eight years of age, the veiy picture of manliness aud of the Colonel. But as tbo Colonel was a model of propriety ! while residing there, the putative father of this fine boy must be that other Fremont." Philadelphia Election ?We have private despatches up to 12 m. to-day from Philadel phia. Lvery thing had gone on well and qui etly up to that hour. The story sent us yes terday by the telegraphing agent saying that there is great excitement againt the Demosra cy on account of the arrest of the Shi file r Ilose Company, is worthy of no confidence whatever. None but rowdy ruffians sympathise with them, all good citizcns of all parties in Phila delphia rejoicingthatthcir well known schemes of violence at the election wore thus nipped in the bud. So, too, with the dispatch sent u? on Saturday, about the desertion in Philadel phia of some man named Coffee, who has no weight whatever there, or elsewhere?deserv iog none. He was against us two yesrs ago, w is re cently employed as a writer for the Argus. and on losing that employment was taken up by the Republicans, and having no political principles of any kind, declared for them His change will have no more weight in Penn sylvania, the Republican party telegraphing agent, (who sends us bogus news while we pay for facts, rather than his partisan specula tions) to the contrary notwithstanding, than that of any other of the class of penny-a-liners in the citics whose political opinions or criti cisms are notoriously in the market at, from? a glass of brandy teddy, up to a new suit cf clothes. The Great Meeting at Lancaster, Pa ? A correspondent writes us as follows of the immense assemblage, the speakers, Ac., con gregated at Lancaster city, Pa , on the 8th instant: Mr. Editor: I presume you have received reports of the great Democratic meeting held in Lancaster city, on the 8th instant. With out exaggeration, it was the brightest event in the political history of Pennsylvania; the common appellation of party cannot be ap. plied to this public demonstration, ftom the fact that its numbers and enthusiasm surpass ed all expectations, and gives conclusive evi dence of the popularity of the sage of Wheat land at his home. Every towuship in the county was repre sented by large delegations, having flags, banners, and inscriptions of the most benuti ful character. Among the number of dele gation, I observed particularly that of Man heim township, headed by that old veteran Democrat, Col. S C. Stambaugh, who is de voting his ail for the success of James Buchan an This delegation had a magnificent ban ner, which was carried in his carriage, driven by the Colonel himself On one aide it bore the inscription : 41 Manheim Township Dele Jation ; True to their friend and neighbor, nmes Buchanan, the champion of constitu tional liberty." On the other side, an endless chaiD, with thirty-one links, forming a circle, and within the circle thirty one stars?the old Keystone star at the centre of its bise. upon which rested the shield of the Union, with the words " Cons itution and Union;" above it, at the top, were the words "The Sacrcd Cir cle," and below ?* 4 The Union must and shall be preserved'?Andrew Jackson." It was beautifully and tastefully decorated, and wor thy the man who devised it and the cause we are all espousing. There were many others, beautiful and appropriate. In short, it was a grand sight to behold. At two o'clock there was an attempt made to 'organise the multitude, and five stands erected for the speakers, among whom were James B Clay. Fletcher Webster, Preston of Kentucky. Appleton of Maine, Riddle of Del aware, Smith of Virginia, and others The speeches were eloquent and patriotic, and re ceived with very great enthusiasm by the masses. In company with some friends, we started for Wheatland, and were received by the old patriot statesman with great kindness. He appeared to enjoy good health and spirits. We thought he looked very much like a Pres de*t of the United States From Wheatland we proceeded to Anna dale, the beautiful residence of our friend, Col. S C Stambaugh, a man whom to know is but to love A short time after we arrived there, the Lebanon delegation called on the Colonel on their way home, headed by that reliable Jeffersonian Democrat, Gen Weed man. We accompanied them to the Manheim line and returned and partook of refreshments prepared by the hostess of Annadale Thus ended one of the most pleasant days of my life T. J. A. The Current Operationi of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 13th of October, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants............ $277 71 For the redemption of Stocks.... 3,361 85 For the Treasury Department... 27 221 72 For the Interior Department..... 3,835 71 For Customs 21,062 16 War warrants received and en tered 7,870 00 From miscellaneous sources...... 200 00 From Customs 5,206,555 27 On aocount of the Navy 109,768 26 Cy A jailor had received striet orders net to keep any prisoners in solitary confinement. Once when ne had but two in charge, one es caped, ?nd he was obliged, in consequence, to kxtk tk* otktr out of doors, to comply with the regulations. mmvmm bays latsa from euflofm. ARRIVAL 0? THE PERSIA New York, Oct 14 ?The Cunard mail steamer Persis, Capt Judkins, from Liverfool on the 4th inst , arrived here this morning about 9 o'olock The news ny the Persia is summed up under three general heads, viz : The demonstration ngainst Naples ; the Belgrade boundary ; and (he disputed right of possession of the Isle of Serpents. Respecting Naples, the only infor mation comes from the Brussels Le Nord, which says that the Austrian ministers at j Paris and London have urgent orders from j their government to entreat France and Eng land to abstain from any demonstration, at leaet until the return of the maritime media torial mission to Naples; and further, that it is said the W estern powers, in consideration for Austria have given their assent Therefia considerable letter writing, but no new facts respecting the Belgrade boundary question. The German papers assert that Great Brit ain has addressed a second note to Russia on ! the subjeat of the Isle of Serpents, more peremptory than the first; but that the result is unknown Great Britain has proposed as a plan of ad justment of the Montenegrin difficulty : that Turkey cede an extension of boundary to Montenegro, and that Montenegro acknowl edge the sovereignty of the Porte A royal decree by the Queen removes the confiscation of Chriatinia's property in Spain. Napoleon had returned to Paris. There are rumors of an increase of Austrian troops in Italy The Ministerial crisis continues In Denmark. The China mail had been telegraphed. THE MARKETS. Liverpool, Friday ?Cotton opened firm at the beginning of the week, but fell off toward the close in consequence of an advance of Bank rates, closing quiet and steady Sales of the week 61,500 bales, 12,000 of which were on speculation and 4,400 for export Sales on Friday 7.0(H) bales?speculation and export 500 bales ; Orleans?fair 7?d . middling Old ; Uplands?fair 6Jd., middling6jd. Stock at Liverpool 629 000 bales, of which 470,000

were American Breadstuff's were quiet Flour was stiffer; Western Canal 25a31s , Ohio 354a3fts , Balti more and Philadelphia 31 a33s. Wheat opened firm, but fell off at the close of the week; the market is generally unchanged; red 9a9is., white lOalOs. ad. Corn was quiet and steady; m:xed 32is , white 33is , yellow S3s. Tho weather bad been wet. Provisions were quiet. Sugar was quiet but firm. Coffee closea firm. Rice was quiet. Money was decidedly more etringer.t. Bank of England rates had advanced to 5 per cent. Bullion in the Bank had decreased ?363,000, with a large export. Consols for money 922, on account 92$; prices were irregular. Amer ican stocks were inactive. POLITICAL ITEMS. The Pennsylvania says the Fremont elec tioneers are buying votes with Mariposa scrip. The advice is, "go it strong, and this will be g?vd; if beaten, worthless." The Welsh Democrat, a paper recently start ed in New York, in the espousal of the Demo cratic cause, is exerting a commanding in fluorcs among our Welsh citiiens, in this campaign. The Democrats of "New Haven had another grand torchlight procession on Thursday even ing last, in celebration of tho late election re sults in Connecticut. It is represented as having been two miles in length. The Scranton llcrald, the only Fillmore pa per in northern Pennsylvania, has been sold out to the Democrats, and is to be united with the Spirit of the Valley, the Buchaaan organ of that place. N. P. Willis and the Shakers have declared for Fremont No other proof was needed in addition to what the public have of Fremont's tot*l unfitness for the office, to which fanatical idolators have sought to elevate him by stu pendous fraud ami .altchooi Alluding to the New York Evening Post's estimate of the result in the S'ate, the Pulaski (Oswego) Democrat says : "We have all along conceded this county to Fremont. It was largely Republican last year. If he can't carry the iierrit Smith district, what counties in the State can he carry ? And yet we say to our friends abroad, that tho Fremont ma jority in this county?if any?wil 1 be less hun dreds than they claim thousands.'' Almost all the clergy in this part of the country are claimed for Fremont. The claim is in a good measure unfounded. We know thai a number of our most distinguished cler gymen are in favor of Buchanan. A minister of the Luthern church, also a pastor of a Re formed Dutch church, have each, through our columns, expressed a belief that a majori ty of toe clergy, in the case of the Lutherans, a very large majority, are for Buchanan and Breckinridge ?iV. JT. Journal of Commerce. The following is from a Crawfordsville, If dinna, paper. Read it, and be astonished : ?* The doctrine that has been so boldly advo cated by the leaders of the Abolition party during the last year, ' that a negro teat at good as a white man,' has become, with a majority of the members of that party, a fixed fact No longer than last week a man resid ing in the vicinity of Oberlin College, in the State of Ohio, gavo his only daughter in mar riage to a sooty African who had been edu cated at this Abolition institute. This man, we understand, is a State elector on the Fre mont ticket, and regards the negro as his equal. The young lady is described as being extremely beautiful, and but sixteen years of age, while her dusky lord is blacker than the darkest midnight." lion. Thomas Corwin spoke at Carthage. Ky., on Saturday. He defended Mr. Fill more's administration, and denounced the abolitionists, who refused to support Mr. Clay against Mr Polk in 1844 He maintained the right of Congress to legislate on slavery in the territories; disclaimed the purpose of election eering for any man He belonged to an old party, now extinct, lie was an orphan, and spoke simply as a citizen who desired to con fer with bis fellow citizens as to their duty in this emergency. He had no political aspira tions. Ho had had enough of involuntary servitude and claimed the benefit of the ordi nance of 1787. The people themselves were to blame for much of the trouble that the C(untryhad been brought into. He believed that Mr. Fillmore's views wore the same as bis own concerning the power of Congress to legislate on slavery in the territories. Hanging for the Public Amusement? Barbarous?The London Globe says: The following is a copy of a placard which was ex tensively circulated at the recent races Wilms low : <* Wilmslow Races, Sept. 2 and 3, 1S56 John Fletcher, King's Head Inn, feels great pleasure in announcing to his numerous friends and visitors to Wilmslow Races, that he has secured the services of John Smith of Dudley, the executioner of the late William Palmer at Stafford ; and also been fortunate, through a friend, of procuring from Liverpool a cast of bis face and features, forming an exact model of the culprit, dressed in corresponding clothis as he appeared or the morning of exeoution. There will be scaffold and beam, with a com pany of trained officials, who will perform and g> through the ceremony of hanging twice each morning of the races, performance com mencing at 10 and 12 o'clock. Admission Is. each, 6d. to be returned in refreshments " The "casts" were obtained from Liverpool, and wero of courne taken at Stafford on the pretense of being used for scientific purposes Facts Worth Remembering.?That Fon taine's Cream of Wild Flowers unites all the virtues of the Balm of Thousand Flowers with the advantages and econ my of having it in ?olid form?that it oleanses the teeth, per fumes the breath, prevents chapping, imparts to the hands and face a delightful softness and fragrance, and for shaving is superb Mothers will find it superior to all kinds of soaps and lotions for washing their infants and ohildrea. The ladies of New York and Philadelphia speak of the Cream in terms of praise, and it is rapidly taking the plaee or all saponaceous compounds. For sale bj Taylor A Maury, and druggists generally. WASHINGTON AMD TOWN ?The Joint Commhtff ap pelated by the Corporation of Washington ard Gerrg town, to consider the etpedleacy of eon s^lidatlng the two cities, are request-d to meet at tbe Aldermen's Chanber, la the city Hall TO MORROW (Wednesday) EVKNING. at 7 oYlook. E. J.MIDDLETON, oc 14-K Baewlwy. H ATTENTION, WASHINGTON HIGH kLANDERS ??YOQ are requested to attend a 'special ircetln* of yrur Company to beheld [*1 HIS (Tuesday) EVENING at 7* o'cl -rfc, at the Kldorado Hense. Peon ave-ne next to JacktoaHall. A fbL atlaadannce Is requested as business of Importance will hare to bt* transacted Any member having a uniform to dispose, can do so to advantage It NOT CE?REV G W SAMSON _ wll lecture In the Island Hall on TUES DAY EVENING, the 14th of Ortotober, at 7* o'clock, instead of Wednesday, the 15th Sub ject: Palestine and the Travels of the Children of Israel. Admission fee for tboie without tickets, 25 cents for adults, and ehlldren half price oc 13-2t? NI6HT SCHOOL WILL COM men;e at the School F ouse on the coti n of loth and G streets, on MONDAY, the 13ih Inst. Persons wishing to study Surveying will nave a good opportunity, as they can have field practice weekly with my day class For terms apply as above, or at Mr Seasfbid's, Penn avenue, between 11th and lith streets ocll-lw* SAMUEL KELLY, Prln. LIBERTY FOR EVErT The second Grand Cotillon Partv of the Liberty Club will take place on WEDNESDAY, October 15th, 185?, at the Armory on Louisiana avenu?, between 8th and 9th streets Tickets FIFTY CENTS: admitting a gentle man and ladles?to be had of any of themembera or at the door. oc 9-6t* THE THIRD GRAND COTILLON Party of the Boone Club will be glveu at Pioneer Hall, corner of 24th and K strew ts, on TUESDAY EVENING, October 14th, 185?. Scott's Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets?FIFTY CENTS Committee of Arrangements. F T. Wilson, R L Mast In, John McGarvy, A Bridgett, N. B ?The dance will commence at 8 o'clock, oc 7-eo4t? iHO ! FOR THF. GOOD WILL CLUB. THIRD AXVVAL MALL or rat HUOO WILL ('LCI, On WEDNESDAY EVEN1NG, November 19th, AT CARUSl'S SALOON. Particulars In future advertisement, ocd-eolm NOTICE?THE SUBSCR1BER begs leave to call the attention of the public to his Stork of GLASS and CJUEENSW ARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 1* to 85 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Set* lower thin the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th struts, je Mm JOHN Mr.DEVITT. OR BOSTON?DISPATCH LINF\?The regularpacket Brig AN DO VER, Capt AjN Croweil, has arrived, and will have quick dispatch for the above port For freleht apply to HARTLEY * BROTHER. 101 Water street, Georgetown. oc 14-4t Lost.?on penn. avfnue.or third street, near Trinity Church, a Sandal Wocd FAN, Inlaid with steel. A liberal will be given if left at No TJfi corner of G and 12th streets. It COAL AND WOOD YARD, Southwest corner of Stntk and H streets. Anthracite coal, red and white Ash, arriving, and for sale lew from tie vessels. Hickory, Oak, atd Pine Wood at lowest market prices Three or four car loads of Oak Wood Just arrived from Beltsvllle, and will be dellv< red from the cars at f5,75 per cord, If ordered Imme diately. J. E. SHIELDS. oc 14-3t POTICHOMAN1A. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECE1VED another supply cf POTICHE VASES. Also China Figures and Flowers, for decorating the Mine. C. W. BOTELEK. Hou.?e Furnishing Store, 31?, Iron Hall, oc I4-3t The southern speaker?<?n talnlng, in great variety, themas'er placet, of Oratory In Prcs?*, Poetrv, a d Dialogue, with ap pendix, embracing Knowel's Model Debate*; the Declaration of Independence; Constitution of the United States, with marginal Index; Washing ton's Farewell Addres, with Running Index and Marginal Questions; by D B:rton Ross, A M Price SI.25 oc 14 FRANCE TAYLOR ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDING SCHOOL, FOR BOY*, Mount Joy, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. E. L. MOORE. A. M. Principal. TH E WINTER SESSION WILL COM merce on Tuesday, the 4th of Novemb-r Terms S75 per session, of 5 months, Including board, washing, tuition, Ac. Circulars containing particulars may b? had oik application to the Principal oc 14-lm* F< DRUG AND CHEniCAL STORE. t THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING i i ? p jrchased.-the Drug Store formerly In* A L A possession of H . A. Mueller, respect ?^?fuily asks a continuance of the pat ronage heretofore bestowed on the establishment. He has devoted more than twenty years to the preparing snd dispensing of medicine His knowledge of Drugs will enable him, at all times, to keep none but the purest and most reliable ; and his personal attention will b^ given exclusive ly to the compounding and pren&rlne of Medi cines L. M SMITH, Penn. ave., south side, bet. 4# and8:h streets. oc 14-eolm TO THE PUBLIC. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM Baltimore and Philadelphia another v?rr large supply of Cooking ard other STOVES for coal or wood. We name some of our leading Cooklrg Stoves. Tlx ?_ 'I he very popular Sunrise, the leading Cooking Stove in tnls market, warranted to bake well in the bottom of the oven, or imney refunded and stove taken away. The celebrated Morning Star, that roasts and bakes William Penn Kltch*n Companion, Cook's patent-right Triumph Complete, and a great many of others In store Also the largest assortmeat of the newest nat terans of Parlor, Hall, Chamber, Church, Oflce, Dining-room and Store Stoves for coal or wood, that cm be found lathis market, all sizes and sorts. Our assortment of STOVES and GRATES is tke largest and most complete that we have ever had In store at any one time lor the last twenty 1 years. We lnilte our friends and the public to call and examine our collection of Stoves up stairs and down. Also, receiving and ready to put right up, a few more of Stanley's 7 column radiating Fire Places, the ate?t improvement upon the Lairobefor heat ing Parors and Chambers C. WOODWARD A SON. No. 318 Pens, ave., bet loth and 11th tts cc 14-61 [Organ] IRON SAFE. FOR 8ALE LOW.?A SECOND HAND IRON SAFE. Apply to CAMPBELL k. COYLE, oc 13-5t* 351 Penn avenue. STEAM PACKING F VARIOUS THICKNESS, FOR SALE by CAMPBELL A COYLE, oc 13-5t* 351 Penn. avenue. O FAMILY FLOUR. rrkfk BBLS. FRESH GROUND FLOUR, ?Jv/vy from extra White Wheat, for sale by BDYCE, TAYLOR A CO , oc 11-31 Columbia ,Mi"s, Georgetown. Notice to dairymhn ?THEUNDER signed are now prepared to furnish Dairymen and Cattle Feeders witn STILL SLOP, at their Distillery, (formerly Mason's Foundery ) JOHN 8. BERRY * CO., oc 13 lw Georgetown, D C. FALL AND WINTER MILLINERY. MKS. CHOATE WILL OPEN ju tA^t^her FaU and Winter Millinery on 7,/fe&A l'hursdsv. the lftth of October SheyP^r hopes her former customers and tv-e ladles in gen eral will give her a call. She will show them a very baodsoune assortmeat of BON N ETS. Work done with neatness and punctuality. Residence on 8th street, No. 4*5, formerly Mia Wlmei'a oc 13-3t* NOTICE. E STREET BOWLING SALOON. THE UNDERSIGNED DEEMS IT UNNE cessary to say anything In praise i . . rf his Saloon, as his patrons can all vr'TTI fully testify, but will add what It haa Xt1 o be) i, It will continue to be, and as a token of thanks for past patronage, I now offer to the person making the highest number of Pins with 30 Balls from Oct 14, to Dec 14 1856. a splendid Gold Watch and Chain. J. T.MARR, . oc 13- ?w Proprietor. FOT A TOES .?1990 BUSHELS PRIME white mercer POTATOES daily expected from New Jersey and will be anld from Veasal In lots to suit purchasers PETER BERRY, oc 13-3 ?? 88 Water St , Georgetown. AYITER DISHES, CHAFING DOMES, Vr Dish Covers, Coffee Urns, Coffte Blgftns, 4c , at the House Furnishing Store. 490 7 n i-tn at. oc U #. FRANCIS. NA TIONAL THE A TK S Irmai A (*o , Lntfft IJ T Foip. Manager [Also, mt Baltimore and R Ichmood Thesteee | FOR THRKF. NIGHTS ONLY 1 he Manager ttkM (mt pleasure la announcing the en^a^eme r.t of Hill LAUA h E E W K and her d RE AT KEW YORK COMPANY, who will appear oa WEDNESDAY E VK> INC. October IMh, la Shakff eate's elryact comedy of As You Llk? It. f'Mi ?/ irfmuiiM -Bmm aad Puqi esats; Rw*rW ml), 74 ceals, Family Clrci* and Galleries, ?5 ceou. Box office opea dally from > to & o'clock oe M URAND EXHIBITION For the Brne/St of tko Mission SunJty Frhotli of Ike Yvuttf Mom's C'Vwftan Association A SPlENLMD exhibition of the by r\. dru-Oiv(i a Oat Microscope, Dl??an>lc View*. CbroiitoUoper, Ar , will te gives oa TUESDAY aad v\ EDNKSDAY t voning*, Oct. 14lh and 16th. at Odd FeUowt' Hall The following o elect* of Nature and Art ate magn fled by tbe Hydro Oxygen M Icroocope wkih a power of U 500.000 time* : ? Anlmalculaeln wa ?er, Sting*. V\ lags, Legs, Antennas, sertlons of Wood and Feethrra. and vsrftoss other object*, too numerous to nentioa A aew apparatua for exhibiting the Kaleldo tcope on a magnificent scele will be ibova by tbe Investor for the flrat tine The eiblbltten will Include Ta'botvpe View* of celebrated place* la Europe and America. distinguished men, aad a great variety of the moat Comic and Mirth-pra** aia* Scenes The whole *f tbe proceed* will be devoted to the benefit cf the Deatitute and Neglected Chil dren of this city. Tleheta *3 cent*. Children Itjtf cent* l>oor* open at 6^ o'clock? Exhibition will?Mn mencrat*^ p.m. ec ll-4t ? ? . ?? Wants. WANTED?A GOOD COOK ?APPLY immediately at 353 C *treet, between 4h and (th street*. it? WTn T K D~IMMEDIATELY-A SRAM atres* One wbe under*tand* cutting and making d-esses. Apply at No. 414, corner Bth and H streets It? 4EMPLOYMENT WANTED-BY A SOBER, j steady American man, who knows bow to read end write; underhand* the caie of how, and has some knowledge ? f the carpentering bo* lne**. Low wage* with stt-ady em ploy neat will betaken Reference* can be given. Address A. W . H , No.iibL street, be.ween *th and 7th streets. It? Nurse wanted?one who iscapa ble and understand* her datle* Good wage* Stld to one that would suit Inquire on Wednes ayand Thursday at 39s C street, between 3d and 4 ^ streets. oc H-8t WANTED?A LABOR 1NO MAN TO OC cupr, during the winter, free of rent, a com fortable House. p!ea?aatly situated ii the suburb* of the city. This la a rare opportunity for one who can give good refrrence*, aad who would take good rare of the premise*. Apply immedi ately at 470 mh street ee lt-St? A YOUNG LADY WISHE8 A SITUATION aa Housekeeper in a botel or private family Sa!ary nit ?o much an object aa a comfortable home. Address (:E D.'M-l. corner 11th and D street*. oa 14-3t* WANTED 1MMFDIATELY-A STEADY, Industrious Negro Boy or man, who tho roughly understand* grooming hones. Also, a wh.te wrm n, who la a gocd cook, washer and lroner Testimonies of character ar>d capacity required In both caaes. Ap;ly at 313 I street, be tween 13th and 14th. oc 14 It* A PORTER WANTED?A MAN WELL acquaint*d with the city, who can read, and Is able to take charge of a horse. can obtain a good sltuition by applying to MALI. A STEPHENS, No 3tt Pecn. avenue, between 9th aad l?th sts. oc 11 ANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN a Mt nation as a wet nurse, or to d > the waah ? lne Apply at No fit 3 E street, near 2d street, Island. oel3-2t 'FO BOARDING HOUSE KEEPERS - A * gentleman and lsdy wish a good room with board, in a central or eastern part of the city, for the winter No objections to a private family where there are no other boarders Address E BUCK, at ihls office oc 13-3ta WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A GOOD Ba"kamith. To one that understands horse shoeing and jobbing, rood wares will be given , inquire of R L.JENKINS, Unioatowo, D C, near the Navy Yard Bridge oc 10 4t* WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons In want of the following ar ilcles: French or German Looklag ?lasses Portrait or Picture Framer, round, oval sr aqnars Oil PainUaca, large and small Marble-top Biacke". Tables, la breasc or gold All kinds of Pictures framed, snd aay *l*e Looking Glasee*, or other work In the gliding ?line done to order with dianatch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts. suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to salt the times, for cash N. B.?Old Work Regllt.and Looking Class Plates inserted. 255 Prima. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dee 1? JOHN WAGNER Boarding. Boarding.?a large parlor and Chamber handsomely furnished are for rest, together or aln*le, on the moat reasonable terms, with or without board. Alao, a large size room a'.tacted, tultab e for one person A family de siring quiet and permanent board will find It a p easant situation. as the house has a large yard attached, rendering It desirable for a family wlta childrea Two table hoarders can be accommo dated. Apply at No. 466 10th, between Dand E streets. ocl3-lw? BO A R D, Ac ? MR S~BATES, ON~ THE S W corner cf Pennsylvania avenue and ?th street Is prepared to accommcdite gentlemen with rooms with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may fhror her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. ap fl-tf NEW GOODS. WILL BE OPENED ON THURSDAY NEXT, the Ifltb Instant. ? large atd rich a? ^^Iksmment cf (toods fresh Irom the! Northern markets, to which the La dles of Waahlngton and Georgetown are most re s^.ctfully incited to call and examine, consisting 200 Ladies and Child'en's BONNETS, of th? latest s vies Rich EMBROIDERIES, LACES, ED?ING?, RIBBONS, FLOWERS, VELVETS, A MIL LINERY GOODS HOSIERY, GLOVES, and FANCY GOODS of all descriptions, And a great msny other Goods too numeroat to mention, which will be cflered at ihe lowest market price* at GEORGE H CASSIDY A CO '8 Successor* to A TatB, 314 Pa. as., bet 10th and 11th street. Having sold out my stock and stand to the above firm 1 respectfully ask a continuance of the pat ronage so long extended to me. eg 13-1 w ANDREW TATE HATS, CAPS, AND FI RS NOW READ Y AT ST1NEMETZ S, No. J* Pennsylvania avtnue. near 13th street a fine assortment of DH EPS WATS, consisting of New Y'ork, Philadelphia, and Biltlir ore styles of various qualities and price-, fr<>m S'2 50 to S3. Fartlcula itt^c-1 tion is Invited to our S3 and S3 ?0 Hats, which are as good as ean he c'ty Also, FELT HATS and CAPS fot Men abd Boys, of every Vcritty and style Together sith Children's Fancy Hats and Misses Flats FOR THE LADIES AND CHILDREN, we have on hand. and will be receiving, F AN C V \ FURS, made up Into the moat -? modern sty.e*. Term a?K?sdy P?y ocll-tf UST REt-EI* ?E?i? NEW CROP FIGS and Citron. Brandy P? aches, and Chrlstaiiied Gnen Ginger AUo, 500 ibs of French S<i?*r Plums, Cream Bon-Bon*, Chocolate Cream, lne Sugar Toys. Burnt ard Cream Almonds, Gum Drops. Cordial Rlcga and Htarie. ard a great many different kino* of Cordial, Wine, and Liquor Drops, with a general assortment of oor own manufacture of confectionery. The b?st Vanilla ICE CRKam at ft per ga - Ion GEO NORBECK. oc lf"?w 31* Pa av , ne*t door to Iron Hall NUTIOB ?HR1CKMAKEKS WILL DO well toatteidthe Sale of let* 8 and 9 la ?qua e (153. offered on Wedneaday next, ISCh li.st.. st 5 o'clock P. M. Valuable for being the best clsy for brick and peculiar to that part of the city, having aow a part of a Kiln sad ama 1 *1 e<* ? houae Ac., on tbe ground alao, Immediately thereafter will he sold a beautiful Lot, on ike ea?t J aide of 4# street. No If, between L aad M, squ?re 544, being 48 feet front and ? deep to a U foot alley, capable of making 3 amall building lots Term*: One half casa, balaaoe dand l* month* with interest. A GREEN, AacUetter oeU-to