15 Ekim 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

15 Ekim 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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KVFMNG STAR. .LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. In thb Board or Commob Cochcil, on Mon day evening, all the member* were present except Mr Clarke Mr Towles presented the petition of Henry Brown, asking for the removal of the meal bouse at the intersection of Ninth street and Pennsylvania avenue; referred. Mr McOutchen presented the petition of Charles Stewart, asking compensation foreer tain work done for the Corporation ; referred. Mr. Towles reported the following relief bills, which were severally passed ; Of Stew art and Eslen. for the ase of Geo W Stewart; of N B. Smith; of Wm B Jackson, agent for Clement Hill; and of B L. and W. B. Jarkson Alan, an adverse report on the petition of Washington Hall, and asked to be discharged from its further consideration ; agreed to, and the committee discharged Also, an adverse report on the petition of J A Kennedy; postponed until Monday next. Mr Watterston reported a bill making an Appropriation for the improvements of the Northern market honse. Mr Kennedy moved to amend the bill by providing " That no more than SOOO shall be expended for the above named improve ments disagreed to?yeas 5, nays 15 Mr. Kennedy then moved to amend the bill by striking out " six hundred" and inserting '?seven hundred dollars;" decided in the negative?yoa 1, nays 19 The bill was then passed Mr. Watterston reported a bill amendatory of an act to regulate markets; laid over for further consideration Mr McCutchen reported a bill to increase the rate of licenses ; made the special order for Monday next. Mr Lloyd reported, with amendments, a bill making appropriations to defray the general expenses of the Corporation for the year ending 30th June, 1857, and for other purposes. Mr Kennedy moved to amend the bill by striking ont lines 122 and 123. which provide for the hiring of seven balls ; ruled'ont of order. Mr. Jefferson moved to amend the bill by striking out the seeond section; decided in the negative?yeas 8, nays 12. The hill was then paaeed. Mr. Walker presented the petition of Thomas Berry and others, asking for the opening of New York avenne, between North Capitol and Boundary streets, between the nortneastern terminus of New York avenue and ths new Bladensburg road at or near Delaware ave nue ; referred. Mr Fisher made a written report from tte committee, recommending that the statement submitted to this Board by Mr. Watterston at the lut meeting be received as sufficient repa ration lor the part he took in the transaction; and the report was adopted. The President laid before the Board the monthly report from the Washington City Asy lum ; referred. Also, a communication from the Mayor, re turning, without his approval, the bill for the relief of Martin Bosse, the amount due him being chargeable to the funds of the Sixth Ward, and not to the special tax fund; re ferred Also, a communication from the Mayor, transmitting the account of the Bank of Wash ington with the Corporation up to the 6th in stant; referred It is as follows : Corporation of Washington in oreount with tht Da S*akiacrna<) School Fan 1 - "'?cond War J Fifth W*rJ hillh Ward - - Haveath Wart - Canal - Bank of Washington. Cm - 1,992 61 - Mi IS - T91 S7 - &.11S 23 *07 24 ?> BSS o -41.511 11 Oaneral Fan J - ? $21 S3 Rrd?mptlon Fund ? S.SM M SarplueFund - ? - 2,J#J 13 Spaclal tax fund ? - 914 IS FtratWard .... i,M4 ?? Third Ward ... 2, *>2 43 Fourth Ward - - ? l? *3S 31 Corporation Utcroat 11,234 64 Cumm er* of asylum *4* o2 $*6,93* 7* MViM 7* Oct. S. Balan<-? dn? the Corporation - - - - $43,641 11 l*ank of Washington, Octohor 6. 1*6*. 8 B BOA KMBook-keeper. Bon. W. B. MimiBii, Mayor. Mr. Fisher presented the petition of Wil liam Cripps, asking to have the amount of the nnexpired license of G. G Coleman paid him ; referred. Also, introduced a bill to reimburse James Addison for taxes erroneously paid ; referred. The following bills, amendments. 6c., were received from the Aldermen, and appropriate ly disposed of: Amendment, by way of a substitute, to the bill making further compensation for the sup port of the poor, a^ed, an i intirm for the year ending 30th June, 1356 ; referred Amendment to the bill amendatory of an act making an appropriation for grading C street south; concurred in. Amendment to the bill making appropria tion for opening and grading Q street south, from Four-and-a-half street west to Water street; concurred in. Bill making an appropriation for filling wasaes on M street north, at the intersection of Delaware avenne ; passed. Bill making an appropriation for casual re pairs in the Sixth Ward, and the bill making an appropriation f*r filling and grading the lot attached to the public school building on thee-'rner of G street south and Seventh street ea*t; passed. Bill to regulate the disbursement of moneys appropriated for cleaning out alleys and gut ters; referred. Bill to revive and continue in force an act to grade and gravel F street, between Second street west and North Capitol street; passed Joint resolution authorising the assessors to t ike a census of the colored population of W ashington; referred. Joint resolution in relation to the'Metropoli tan Ho~>k and Ladder Company; referred. Bill tor tha relief of J 11 Wise; referred. Bill for the relief of M C. Beth; referred. Bill to pave the gutter on the wast side of Tweli'th street west, from the north oorner of B street south to the s;uth oorner of Virginia avenue, patted. B.ll providing for tho grading and gravel ling of M street south, from Sixth to Water street; referred. Bill authorising the grading and gravelling of N street south, from New Jersey avenue to the Potomac river; referred. Bill for the relief of William G. Deale and the biil for the relief of John Hammond ; re ierrod Bill prescribing the duties and salaries of the Surveyor and Assistant Surveyor, and for other purposes; referred. The bill for the relief of Franklin Little was further postponed. The Board then adjourned until Thursday evening next, at 7 o'clock. Tub AcadbiT*.?A. month or two since we took occasion to call public attention to the female boarding s;hool then about to ba opened near the Glebe Farm, Alexandria county. Ya , under the superintendence ol Kev Oliver C>x. Subsequently, we loarn that it has commenced operations under the jmott promising auspices, twenty-one pupils (sornu ot theui froui far distant quarters of the country) being already in daily attendance A Ei.e school ft r b >ys has also been added to the project of the institution It is taught by a competent instructor, in a building a fourtn of a mile fr <m the female academy, and is also superintended daily by the principal Parent.- who desire to place their children o( either sex in the country for education, can hardly fai! to be pleased with the advantages this institution affords Proviaion for board ing boys in the neighborhood, in familic* where they will be well and properly cared for, baa been made Female pupils ar? boarded in the estimable family ot Dr. Won der. with:n a few rods of the premises ic which the girls' school is held. U*LAWFUL Gatheki.no ?Monday night of ficers Watson and Fanning, with watchinet Norwood, Ward, and fctossford, surrounded ai allay in the Seventh Ward, near Four and a half street, and captured thirteen persons, all colored, and Some old offenders, who were un< lawfully assembled, drinking, disorderly, Ac. Several were from Maryland, and one from Pennsylvania a woman, who was strongly so'pee ted by the officers of being connected with the underground railway They wer? all disposed of by Justice Birch according tu law; the highest fine imposed being $20, and the lowest $5. Wife Wuiprmc ? A warrant was issued l .st night by Justice Donn for a man living near tha Capitol for beating and abusing uic wife, a good looking young woman. lie bad not been arrested when wa left the offlo#. T*? Fmi Department.?On Monday night, ' several members of the Board of Aldermen expressed their opinion as to the present con dition of the fire department in this city. The ?abject under consideration was the bill changing the Northern Liberties engine-bouse into a school house, and appropriating $3,000 for the purchaae of a lot, and the erection of a two ftory house thereon for the use of laid company. Mr. Busey was deeidedly in favor of the bill proposed, as tfce first intention was that ths house and ground should be for the use of the Public Schools when needed. He had no objection to give the company a shelter for their apparatus; but did not think it proper that the money of the Corporation should be expended in erecting ball-rooms for fire or other associations. Mr. Ruff explained the objects of the bill to be to separate the Publio Schools from the engine-house; that being a very improper place in which to give children a right train ing. lie thought the amount proposed suffi cient to purchase a lot and build a house good enough tor the proper purposes of the fire company. Mr Smith argued that the money might be best used by the sehools and allow the com pany to remain For his part he was sorry to see the condition of the fire department; not an alarm of fire occurred that the streets were not filled with half-fledged young rascals who were not careful to behave in a very orderly manner. In his own Ward, without the know ledge or wish of the citiiens, a kind of fire association had been formed; he had but re cently heard of it, and was opposed to the plan He would say that most of the diffi culty at fires was occasions by the minors who were allowed to run with the companies ; and it was time for the companies to get rid of them. National Thbatrk ? Ye who hare tears to shed prepare to shed them now ! Charming Laura Keene and her superb company appear to-night in Shakspeare'a comedy of " As xou Like It," at the National. Oar readers hare some acquaintance already with the excellence ot this dramatic troupe, but have yet to expe rience the pleasure of witnessing their repre sentation of one of Shakspeare's comedies. Miss Keene is an intellectual and truly re fined actress, and we hail her sue jess with satisfaction as evincing a healthy public taste. We hope some of our ranting, fussy actresses will take a note of the fact that a different style is in popular demand. The Keene company, we regret to say, can remain three nights only. A How ?Last night, when a large number of persons had assembled about the telegraph office to hear the news from the election in Pennsylvania, a fight occurred in Coke's res taurant, immediately opposite, in which a person named Smith was very badly beaten, and a county constable, J. V. Tiuirns. dan gerously injured At a lata hour last night, we were informed that Timui's head was cut in several pieces and badly bruised, and his hand gashed as if with a knife James Allen (county constable) testified before Justice Donn that Tirnms was standing at the bar singing "My Mary Ann,'' when he was knocked down by Mr. Samuel Strong, and was afterwards kicked by several other;. Warrants have been issued for Samuel Strong, Robert Strong, and A Dubant Thh Exhibition of Dissolving Views and Oxy-Uydrogen Microscope for the benefit of the Mission Sunday Schools of the Young Mens' Christian Association will be given this (Thursday) evening, at Odd Fellows Hall, Sev enth street. Also, on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock, and the same evening at 7| p. m. We hope the benevolent will assist the young men in their mission of good to the poor and neglected children of our city. Disorderly Conduct.?Last night several encounters occurred between different indi viduals on the avenue, all growing out of po lolitical excitemens. The officers manage! to preserve good order with little trouble. The parties were either dismissed held to se> curity for peace. Danueroos Maniac.?Yesterday, police of ficer Mitchell, of the Fifth District, arrested a man named P. Coffer, who was supposed to be unfit to be at large. He was taken before Justice Mulloy and committed to jail. Confirmed.?Dr. J. M. Grymes was con firmed as the Physician for the Poor of the Fifth Ward by the Board of Aldermen It was accidentally stated yesterday that his nomination was laid oa the table. Boat Club.?This morning a very neat looking race boat handsomely decorated with flags and mounted on wheels, was drawn through the city by a team of six fine horses. Watch Returns.?Tuesday?Spencer Day, selling liquor without lioense; fine and costs, $21 44. Geo Handy, Wm Thomas, Thos. Cook, unlawful asasmblage; dismissed. Jo. seph Wallace. do ; fine and costs, St> 44. Beni. Ringold, do.; 30 days. Dennis Lee, do.; f6 44. Loyd Hicks, dj.; 30 days R B Bell, do ; 30 days Jno Butler, do ; 36 44, Charles, do.; 30 days Mary Ann Frances, do ; 30 days. Joseph Thompson, assault and battery ; se curity for court W Subly, resisting officer ; security for peace Thomas Batson, out after hours; fine and costs. Corneile Barnes, col ored, disorderly and out after hours; fine and oosts J is Coleman, drunk in the street; fine and oosts Peter Boyd, drunk and disor derly ; fine and costs. and agae eared wlthsnt aatng <{ululue, Arseulc, Mar< nrjr. Opium, or toy of the poleouon* <li uga, or dangeroua compound*, generally reaorted to by eulTerere from tba long drawn, uiost eltiictlug, ami annoying ?if all dieeasee, by reacting to Carter'e Spanish Mixture, whtcb contain* nona of tba above deleterious *ab*teucea, but c urea effectually and fully by acUng spe-lflcaily on tlia Uvtr and a^tu, Purifying tba olood, aud expelliLg tba remain* of oil madlrlnaa with whtcb tba ayaUm baa bceu clogged, opeulagthe pores of Uia body, aud allowing iatura to aaalsl H?.-!f r7 nreaklug up tba UlaeaM, aud recuperating In an ergics. See tba cor* of Mr. John Longdon, of Va , be bad fixed aud chronic Ague and Fever; chllla twice a day for three year*. Nothing permanently cured him, until he tried Carter'* Spanish Mixture; three battle* of which perfectly restored hiia to health, nor baa he had ? chill since. He la only one out of a thousand who baa experienced the life renewing ef ecta of tius valuablk purlflerof the blood. sepl-lin }pT Inseertwat te the Ladles!?Dr. Do PONCO'S FKMALK PILL8.?The combination of Ingredi ents la ths Pilla ara perfectly hermlaas. Their efflcacy and merits are basad apon an extensive practice of over thirty years; and, where tee dlrecUous have beau strictly fol lowed, they hare never fallad to correct all I r regular I Ilea, relieve paluful and difficult menstruation, (partlcnlai ly,) at tba change of life. Tney will cure the Whiles, aud remove all obetructtons arlalng from cold, exposure orauy causae; and maybe used succaaafnlly as a Preventive. (Jan upon the agent, aud get aClrcalar for particulars free. Price Si par box, with fall directions. Hold wbolaeala and retail by CUlH. SIuTT, Orugglst, 1'eunaylvanla aveuue, HAMt'KI, B. WA IT*, 63a Keventh atreet, Washington, O. C.; and a. M. T. CISSKL, Georgetown; to whom all orders must be sant, and tba Puis will be aaot confideutlally, by mail, to ladlee who eucloaa them one dollar. Jf. B.?See signature on the box; to caanterfatt It Is for Iery. Ja ?-tf (XT* Standard Silver Ware*?1 have Just finished i In my own menafactory) a fine assortment of Table. Oeaserland Tea Hpoona, Soup.Oravy and Cream La dlee. Olive Spoons; Pish, Pie, Cake and Butter Kulv?a, Mr. All of which I will sail iaacli lower thsu the same articles are aeaaily sold lor lu this market, aud supe.lor In quality k> Northern manufacture U. O. HOOD, ?a 24- tr No. Ias Ptuna. aveune, neai 9th street. IT^Aatenlablng Care with only one Bet* TlT?Jos. B Hsll A Co., says: Pa Karl's lata. Aroostook Co., Me , April M, 1864. " We herewith sand yon a certificate of a core performed by the aae of enly oue bottle of the Uermau Bittei e. we think Mr Clark to be a man of veracity, and have no doubt of the truth of bis story." Messrs Jus. B Hall A Co.?Gentleman?In answer to your Inquiries, I will atate that my daughter, aged about 1< year', uaa beea complaining of a tain la her aide for six or aevsn ye?rs. and about ths first of January last, wm taken down au<1 confined to her bad. The pain in her sids was very ae vere, bealdre being troabled with peine bat ween her shoulders and la bar breast. From reading a number of caree per forated by "Hoottaad'a Oerman Hitters," I was Indated to try It la bar caae, and sant to your store and purchased one bottle. Shs had taken It but a few days when she began to Improve, end now, after teklng only one bottle, rbe I* enjoy ing batter health than she baa for years. Bhe leal* no |>aln ia her elda or la any part of her body, and attrlbutea btr care entirely to the (iarmaa Bitters. Salmon Brook, Aroostook Oo., Ma. WM. CLARK. Sea advsrMs?snt. Sep7-?*r / MARRIED, ..5??.the l3th laatant, by the Rev. Mr. Brown, BRYAN, of this city, te Mlas MAL> Llk KDM0ND80N, of Howard eounly, Mary Ofl the morning of the I5th Instant, RICHARD li ARKETT, after a short illness, In the 43d year of his age. The friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral from his ltte residence on ISth street, near the corner of M, on Frlday afternoon, the I7th, at 3o'clock. ? On the Uth Instant, ELIZA ANN JOHNSON, consoit of james Johnsoa, In the 50th year or her aye ??Kequleacatln pace." Her funeral will take place oa Thursday morn ing at 9 o'clock, from tit Peter's Church, Capitol Hill. The relatives and frlenda of the family an respectfully Invited to attend For Sale and Rent. For balk ?a frame house and lot ob the east aid* of 17th street, between 1 and k. Inquire of the owner on the premise*. oc 13 3f 8 B pomkrov. For bale ?lot no. 17, in square ???. containing 5,374 ?quarefeet,on the Island, near 13th street, fronting me Mall. For terms apply at the store of h. F. London a Co . Brown's Hotel. oc 10 aw g. W. FARANT. A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN. D. C , FOR RENT ? The auhecrlber ofiers for rent her late residence at the corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the largest and beat finished houses in the District ot Columbia, having all the modern Improvements contained in the first-class houses of the Northern cities. There is attached a large cistern In the yard, carriage-house, and stable For several herses A pump of the purest water in the immediate vicinity. The locality is high and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Possetsion given immediately. For further particulars Inaulre next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. oc4 FO R 8 A L E?a CONVENIENT SMALL House, on 10th street, only two or three doors from Pa. avenue. Its central locatlou renders It a very desirable dwelling for persons engaged la business. The front room might be used as a Show room for a Millinery, or fitted up for a La dies' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Store Its proximity to the avenue would make It a good stand for any neat business. Apply to W. LEN OX, or at Mrs. Lenox's, on E, between 10th and 11th streets. au 27-tf STORE FOR RENT ?ONEOF THE MOST desirable places of business on Pennsylvania avenue for rent, and fixtures for sale Apply at No. 444 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 2 and 8 o'clock. au 8- eotf FOR RENT ?THE THRF.E-STORY Brick House on Bridge street, Georgetown, adjoin ing Arnv's Confectionery. The store and Dwel ling will be rented separately if desired Inquire at A. S. ARNV'S Confectionery. oc 8-eotf FOR SALE.?THAT LOT OF GROUND situated on the southeast corner of 22d and Water streets in the city of Washington, being a part of Lot No 1, in Square 62, containing two thousand two hundred and twelve square feet The improvements are a Dwelling House, "moke House, and a Pump of good Water. The proper ty is well located, and presents many advantages to the trade of a butcher. For terms of sale In iuire on the premises, or of CONRAD FINK IAN, Franklin Hotel, Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets oc 10-F3w P)R RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, *33 F street. ?ov?7?If jpok SALE?at THE FIRST WARD Liverv Stable, on G street, between 17th and 19 th streets, one pair of bay HORSES,6 and 7 years old, 15^ hands high; and one pair of gray HORSES. 4 and s years o d, 10 % hands high ; warranted to be sound and well broke to harness. Also, one new Coupe CARRIAGE, made to order; and one front clarence frl 1 calech E. which ennot be surpassed for beautv and style, both made by Beckhaus, Allgaier a Petry, Coach Makers, Phil adel phla. oc l-lm* TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON. MADAME ph IB am a CO., FANCY MILLINERY, No._277 Pa. av (south side) bet luta and lit* sts. Have returned from New York, and will open on Satmd&y next, the ll'h instant, the handsomest assortment ofParis and New York Fall and Winter BON NETS ever offered in this city They have also received the newest styles of French HEAD-DRESSES, FLOWERS, and FEATHERS. Ladles, call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. oc 7-2w l^faonolla house.?by ORDER OF 1*1. the Trustee, the Furniture, Fixtures, and Good Will of one of the best located Restaurants in this city Is ofi'ered for private sale until the 17th Instant If not disposed of by that time, It will be sold at Auction on FRIDAY, the 17th Instant, at 4 o'clock. The House fronts Penna avenue, between 10th and 11th streets and offers a rare opportunity to an enterprising man who Is competent to manage a first class Restaurant. Apply to oc 7- JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. 'fall and winter millinery. .MRS CHOATE WILL OPEN her Fall and Winter Millinery on Thurcday, the 16th of October sheyl^r hopes :ier former customers and the ladle* in gen eral will glveher a > all She will show them a very handsome assortment of BONNETS. Work done with neatness ar.d punctuality. Residence on 6th street, No. 4S5, formerly Mrs. Winner's oc 13-3t* T' NOTICE. E STREET BOWLING SALOON. 6 IHE UNDERSIGNED DEEMS IT UNNE cessarv to say anything in praisej.i . of his Saloon, as his patrons can all\jrv| i fully testify, but will add what it has v ? bee i, it will continue to be, and as a token ?f thanks for past patronage, I now offer to the person making the highest number of Pins with 30 Balls from Oct. 14, to Dec. 14 1856, a splendid Gold Watch and Chain. J. t MARR, oc 13 - 2w Proprietor. POT ATOE S ?1300 BUSHELS PRIME white mercer POTATOES dally expected from New Jersey and will be soli from Vesssl in lots to suit purchasers PETER BERR y, cc 13-3t? 85 Water St , Georgetown. S200 REWAKD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living in the village of Nottingham, Prince George's countv,Maryland,on Mon day night, the 8th Instant, NEGRO 61rl maria, who calls herself Maria Chew/ She Is about eighteen years of age, about lour fleet ten or eleven Inches high. She Is very like ly, and has a pleasant smiling face. She has a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color, and is, altogether, a tine looking girl. 1 will give ihe above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehension?no ina ter where taken?provided she Is brought home to me or se cured In jail, so that 1 get her again THOMAS G TURTON. Nottingham, Sept. 10,1956?se 11-tf WOOD AND COAL. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF WHITE ASH, L EH Hi H, AND HED ASH CUMB EHLAND COAL Also, Pine, Oak, and Hickory WOOD. Dally expected, one cargo of LEHIGH COAL. A deduction made from the vessel. Terms cash, unless otherwise agreed upon. Coid ke>t under cover. 2.210 lbs. to the ton. T. J. a W. M. GALT, oc 8?tf N. W. cor. 12th and C sts., No. 547. GEO. h. VARNELL, PAINTER, . No 51# north tidt La. ave.. btt 6th and 7th sts WISHES TO SAY TO HIS FRIENDS AND the public generally that he is prepared at all times to execute work in his line at the shortest notice. oc 3 lm BOOR BINDING. Corntr Eleventh street and Maryland avenue, near the Smithsonian Institution Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subscribers to Brown's Hlble and Shakspeare, now just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upo-i much more reasonable terms than can he done in Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to hi rn (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of his style of binding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted se27-6m WATCHES, ;EWELKY, AND SILVER WARE? M W GaLT A BRO. open to day tnelr fall supply of very superior ladles' and gentlemen's gold Watches, elegant Jewelry, pure Silver and Plated Ware Their stock la by far the largest and most ele gant ever offered to their customers, embracing, as It does, every posslb e variety. Purcbase.-s are particularly invited to give It an examination, if but for their own amu>-cmeiit. m W. GALT A BRO. oc ll-3t 32-1 Pa ave , bet. 9th and loth sts. ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDING SCHOOL, FOR BOYS, Mount Joy, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. e L. MOORE, A. M. Principal. Th E WINTER SESSION WILL COM mence on Tuesday, the 4th of November. Terms ?75 per session, of 5 months, Including board, washing, tuition, Ac. Circulars containing particulars may be had on application to the Principal. oc 14-1 m* Kglp THE MILL A GOING?1 AM RE* celving, as fast as published, all the new Books, Novels, Magazines, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily New York Papers.

FERGUSON, oc 6 next to Lamir.ond's, 486 7th street * ice' ice:: ICE it: JUST RECEIVED PER SCHOONER Henry Javnes, Two Hundred and Thirty tons BOS TON ICE. L. J. MIDDLETON. oc 11-ooJR A MAMMOTH STOCK or TOYS FOR the young folks can be found at cell LAMMOND'S AUCTION SALES. By A. OR KEN, Auctioneer. Finkmutant but, having about hartiei year* to urn at Aartisa.? On TUESDAY, Uie 21st inrta-t. 1 shall sell, at mv auction store, at 4 o'clock P. M,, a handsome and ?mart colored boy, 16 years of age, and having ?bout fourteen ytars to serve, restricted to tbe District He la a Rood house servant, and under stands the care of korses. Terms cash. oc Ifr-d A GREEN, Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FRAME HOl'SK AND LOT at Aactlea. Ob MONDAY, the 20th Instant, 1 shall sell, at 4 If o'clock p. m , la front of the premises, a Ine large building lot containing between 4000 and 5000 square feet with the improvements, which la a good Frame House, being lot No. 20 In Sqaare No. 1M0, fronting i?4 feet on I uh street east, running back to a wide alley 100 feet 10# inches, between north F and G streets. Termscaah. A. GREEN, oc 15-4 Auctioneer ByJAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Handsome furniture and Haaae* keeping Effects at Aactiaa.?On WED NESDAY MORNING, October22,at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Tboa White, Esq , on Indi ana avenue, between 1st and 2d streets, 1 shall sail all his Furniture and Effects, comprising? Rosewood Flush-covered Sofa and Ann Chairs Walnut Brocatelle covered Sofa Rosewood and Walnut Centre and Sofa Tables Gilt-frame Mirror. Slab, and Bracket Two gllt4-l!ght Gas Chandeliers Walnut Whatnot. Arm and Fancy Chairs Handsome Mantel Vases and Ornaments Two superior Walnut French Rockers Cane-seat. Arm, and Fancy Chairs Elegant Velvet, Brussels, and Three-ply Parlor, Hall, Stair, and Chamber Carptts Walnut Hat Tree, Hall Gas Fixtures Extension Dining Table. Arm Dining Chairs Mahogany fc'ofa, Clock, Looking Glasses Fr nch China Dinner s-et, Giant-ware Elegant Sliver pla'ed Tea Set ?12 pieces Silver-plated Castor,Cake Basket*, TableCutlery Two elegant carved Walnut Dressing Bureaus, with very large glasses Splendid carved Walnut Jenny Lind Bedsteads Marble-top Waahstand, lowel Racks, Toiletsets Lounges, superior Chamber Cabinet. Chairs Mafcoganv and Painted Bureaus. Brdsteads Superior Bedstead and Crib for children Klegant fall gilt Iron high-post Btdsterd, cost S17S in London Fine Hair Mattrewes, Feather Beds Bolsters and Pillows Counterpanes, Spreads, Blanket*, and Comforts Three fine Lemon Trees Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Term* : 930 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorse notes, bearing interest ocfl-d JAB. C. McGUIRE, Auct:r It MEDICAL UAHD DR H. PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathic physician, has the honor to offer Ms services to the Inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. Office and RtsSdcnce on 1 atreet, No lti8, be tween '20th and 2lst streets. N. B ?Homeopathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with Uie greatest care, For Fever and Ague, for Bilous afia Bowel complaints, Ac , Ac. se 'J Urn ,>101MR( R OAS7.YNSKI. (ASSISTED BY MADAME UASZYNSKI,) PR0FES30R OF DANCING, AS THE HONOR TO ANNOUNCE 'I O the I -adieu and Gentlemen of Wash ington and Georgetown that he will open his classes f>r thTs accomplishment In the most fashionable ttyle, in Washington at Temperance Hall, K street, between Wtb and loth, the proprietors having expressly' Axed In the most elegant msnner for his use, also for private Parties, Bal.s, Le tares, and Concerts; and in Georgetown at Union Hall, Union hotel Mr. G has testimonials from all par's of the Union for his capability as a teacher. Mr. G is engaged in the College of Georgetown,and In the principal Seminaries of Washington, and in the oest circle His classes will be commenced In Washington on the 8th of October. Every Tuesday and Friday for children from 3 o'clock p. m , and ?n Georgetown every Wednesday and Saturday from 3 o'clock p. a. PKaC USING SOIREES In Washington every Tuesday and Friday fr"tn 8 till 10 o'clock p in , at Georye own every V\ ed nesday and Saturday. Ladies and Gentlemen will re elve instructions in aU the most modern dances Application for terms can be made at the resi dence of M 6. No 4(:7 E street, between 9th and loth, or at the Hall. se30 FA&HlONAHtiE DANU1NO. PROF H. W. MUNDEK TAKES GREAT pleas-ire In announcing to his former patrons and the public generally that he will resume the duties of his school on Tuesday October 7th, 1856, at tbe large: Hall corner of 9th and D streets,(former-' ly Palmer's Academy of M uslc ) hereaf-" ter known as '? Munder's Metropolitan Hall. Days of tutlon on Tuesday and Thursday after noons. at 3# o clock, and at 7)j for gentlemen. He well Introduce a variety of new and fashiona ble dances, better calculated to improve the car riage and grace of the most unskillful pupil than any other style that has been Introduced. He p rticularly Invites all the scholars who |>artlct pattd In the Fancv Dances last May, to be present on the day of opening, as Prof. M. has something of Intercut to communicate He will continue his classes at the College and Convent as usual. All those having children here whom they decire to receive Instruction will please enter their names early. Private instructions will be given either to large or small classes AM persons wishing to consult with Prof. Mun der will please leave their address at Mr. John F. Ellis's Music Store Penn. avenue, near 10th street. se*6~tf PR OUESSE C I V I B U S . annuaT ball or TUB Perseverance Fire Ca No. 5. rnUh MEMBERS OF THE PERS JL ance Fire Compad^ take pleasure in informing their friends and tbe public In general that their annual Ball will be given at the Washington Assembly; Rooms on W KDNESDA Y EV EN IN G.' October 2"2d, 1856 The members pledge themselves to spare neith er trouble or expense to make this the Bali cf the season. Refreshments will be furnlihed by an expe rienced caterer. Good Cotillon Music has been engaged. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a Uente man and Ladles?to be had of the Comnoltte and at the door on the evening of the Ba 1. Committee. J McDermott, G S Bonn, J H Thompson W \V Grant, H L Harvey, J r,A Dynch, J R Pierce, C Keller, J M Maddux, W D Kurtz, W Q Locke, ATDonr, Heiuv Hay. oc 10-eo6t R. GRIMES, Treas. JUST RBt'ElVEO?NEW CROP FIGS and Citron, Braruy P< aches, and Christallzed Green Ginger. Also, 500 lbs of French Sugar Plums, Cream Bon-Bons, Chocolate Cream, fine Sugar Toys, Barnt and Cream Almonds, Gum Drops, Cordial Rings and Hearts, and a great many different kinds of Cordial, Wine, and Liquor Drops, with a general assortment of our own manufacture of confectionery The be>t Vanilla ICE CREAM at (2 per gal lon- GEO. NOR BECK, oc 10-2w 316 Pa. av., next door to Iron Hall. Notice ?BRicKMAKtRS will bo well to attend the Sale of lots 6 and 9 in square 653, ottered on Wednesday next, 15th Inst., at 5 o'clock P. M. Valuable for being the best clay for making brick and peculiar to that part of the city, having now a part of a Kiln and small shed house Ac , on the ground Also, Immediately thereafter will be sold a beautiful Lot, on the east side of 4# street. No 12, between L and M, aquire 544, being 48 feet front and V8 deep to a 27 foot alley, capable of maki g 3 small building lots Terms : One half cash, balance 6 and 12 months with Interest. A. GREEN, Auctioneer oc 11-ds AS FIXTURES WE HAVE JUSTRE * celved from the factory of Cornelius A Ba ker a well-selected stock of GAS CHANDE LIERS and BRACKETS. Our selection comprise* all the new patterns, several of them bslng Imitations of the European ones, so perfect as scarcely to be distinguish*d from Imported fx lures, and can be said 1(H) per cent less. Gas Tubing inserted by competent workmen and at the lowest prices. Call and examine J. W. THOMPSON ABRO. oc 3-eolm 219 Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th sis. REMOVAL. [VI138 A. E.DAVIDSON WOULD INFORM her patroms and.frlends that she nas reopened on D street, near 6th, her Fashionable Dress and Cloak establishment. And also, teaches Mrs. Glthen's system of Cutting,?all wishing to learn the same would do well to give me a call, as 1 have a few charts left. Patterns also for sale. oc3.eo2w FRESCO PAINTIHG. SUHUYTER A KAHLERT, ARTISTS, FRESCO DECORATIVE,and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAIN TING 384 E street, be title* lit* and 12(4 streets, se 16-lm* Wasamaxoti, D. C. AUCTION 6AJLB3 THIS AFTMLWOON AID TO-MOBRG V. By A. GREEN.Auctioneer. TRFHTKE'S ?4LK ?K VALUBLt ?alUin|L*U at AietUa.-On MOM) a V the llth day of October instant, 1*56. I shall ?H1 in frost of ihe p.emls ?*, at 5 o'clock p m , by virtue of a deod of trust to the subscriber, bearl;ig date the 24th day of December, 1353, and duly re corded in the laad record* for Washington coun ty. in the District of Columbia, vix: Lot* numbered 9 and #,10 Square number* d 653. having a front of 135 feet 8 Inches on ft street went, running back 173 feet 7 inche . between N and O streets sonth Also, on WEDNESDAY, the lSUi lnsant, I sha'l sell, by virtue of the same authority la frcnt of ihe premises, at 5 o'clock p m . Let number, d 19. in Square numbered 46: and it*mediate<y after the sale of the above 1 shall sell Lot No. *1, la Square No 51. Terms: One-half cash; balance In 6 and 14 months, for notes bearing Interest from the day of sale. All conveyance at the cost of the pur chaser* HAMILTON G FANT. Trustee. oC 7-eodAds A 6REEN, Auctioneer. JJjT The abtre sale la postponed aatll WEDNESDAY, tfce 15th instant, same hour, by order of the Trustee. AtiR EKN, Auctioneer, oc 13-d Marshals sale.-in virtue ok Fieri Fa ias i*sued from the Clerk's n*ce of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, f >r the county of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, for cash, at the mar ble yard of \Vm A Griffith, corner of ttth ai>d G streets. near the Patent Oflce, on THURSDAY, the 15tn of October, lt-56, commencing at 10 o'clock am, the following coods and chi tie's, to wit: 12 Finished Head Stones, 10 Rough Marble Slabs, 2 Finished Marble Monuments. 2 Unfinished Marble Monuments. 1 Marble Cro^s 2 Thick Head Stones, 6 Marble Ohlits. and 20 assorted Blocks of Marble, seiztd and levied upon as the property of William A Griffith, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial* No. 2 and 3. to October term, 1956, in favor of Palro A Nourse J D. HOOVER, oc 3- Marshal for the District of Columbia WALL BARNARD, A CO., Auctioneers Large and e*te**ive asmiht menttf 6laitwart at Pabllr Aactioa ? On TUESDAY MORNING, October H, we will sell In front of our auction rooms, on account of whom it inav concern, one r f the largest assort ment of Glus*ware and other articles erer offered at auction In thisclty, consisting In part of? Cut-Glass Goblets and Champagnes Butter Dishes, Salts, and Cellerles Ashbiuton and Cut Glass Tumblers Fooled Nappler, different patterns China Sets, Coffee Sets, Onra** do Foot Tumblers, Bowls, and Decanter* Beer Mug*. Castors, and Jugs Covered lilass Dishes ard Plates Congress and Gothic Sugars? With rrnny other articles In the Glassware line: alt of which will be sold without reserve This offers rare Inducements to the trade and others 1n want of an ex~Hlent assortment of Glassware WALL, BARNARD A CO . oc 13 Ct Auctioneers |?7"T lie abeve Sale is ur.&veidably Peti Sonrd, on account cf the rain, until THURSDAY IOKMNG, same hour. oc 14 WALL, BAKNARD A CO., Auc rs Bv WALL. BAKNARD A CO .Auctioneers PEREMPTORY SALF OF FRAME htnit aud Lot at Fabiic Auction.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, October 16th. at 5 o'clock, we will sell, in front of the pn-rr.lsc?. Firt of Lot No S, in Square 4'J6, fronting 22 fet?t Inches on ? street, between 4# and 6th streets south, with a depth of 522 f?et 2 incbe?. and lunning back to a 30-feet alley. Improved with a go< d Frame Building 20 feet front by 30 feet depp, containing 5 good room*. This property Is in a good location and in a fast improving pirt of the city. fale positive. Terms : One fourth cash ; the balance In three equal payments of 0, 12, and 1ft months, secured by a deed' of trust on the pro; erty. Title indisputable WALL, BARNARD A CO., oclt-ts Auctioneer*. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Trustees kale of hotel furni tare, Ac.?Will be sold on WEDNESDAY, the 5th day of November, 1J56, at the United States Hotel, Pennsylvania avenue, Washington city, commencing at 10 o'clock am., all the Household and other Furniture !at?!y In use In said Hotel, comprising a great variety of useful articles? Carpets. Tables. Bed and Beddirg Bedsteads, Chairs. Table-linen, Crockery Ware Table Cutlery, Glass Ware, Mirrors Hotel Carriage, Ac , Ac. Takeu and to be sold to satisfy the creditors named in a deed of trust from R B. Hackrey, dated the 10th day of June, 1?54, and recorded la the land records of Washington county. D C , in Liber J A. S . No 7S, folios 3^9, Ac. Terms of sale cssh By order of the Trustee* HENRY M MORl'lT,> Ttns.<M M THOMPSON, S ,IUs*tw A. GREEN, oc 13-eo [Intel] Auctioneer. BT ORDER OF THE NAVY AGENT there will be sold at public auction at two o'clock p. m , on the 25th day cf October next, at the U S. Navy Yard, Washington, from one to ten tons, as may be offered, of copper scale, the analysis of sample of which have given from 812-10 to 82 4-10 per cent, of metallic copper It can be examined at any time previous to the day of sale, upon application %Lthe Navy Yard. Terms of side cash ^ ALSO? 3 sets of Tin Scales, with weights 1 set of Wood Meat Scale*. A GREEN LEAP, Navy Agent se21-lw4w (Union* Intel) By A GREEN, Auctioneer Extensive sale ?f valuable Bonding Lots, comprising a whole Square, at Aaction.?On THU Re DAY, the 23d instant, 1 shall sell, in front of the premises, commencing at 4 o'clock p. m . the following de scribed property, viz : All of fquare No. 441, subdivided In 65 handsome building lots, fronting on 6th and 7th streets west and S and T streets north. Tbe sale will commence on 7th street. Title In disputable, direct from the Govercmsat. Plat can be seen at my room. IVrms : One-ttfih cash; balance in ote, two, three, fo ir, and five years, the purchifer to give no:es for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. oc 7-d A. GREEN, AttCt'r. GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. Medical Department, Washington I ity, Corner of F and Twelfth stretts. SESSION, 1855-'57. FACtJTY OF MEDICINE: Noble Young, M. D , Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, (and President of the l a culty ) Floboardo Howard, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and the Di-ea^es of Women and Child ren. (and Treasurer ) Joh son Eliot, M.D., Professor of A natomv James E Morgan, M. D., Professor of Medi cal Jurisprudence and Hygiene. J. M. Ssydbb. M D., Professor of Suigery. Benjamin F. Craig, M. 1> , Professor of Chemistry and of Physiology. Gborgk C ScHAEFFkR, M D., Professor of Materia Medics and Thereaneutic.s. J.V D Middleton, M 1) ,aisd Jas Hamneb Jordan, M. D , Prosector* and Demon*trat< r* of Anatomy The Session will commeiice jo the 20th of Oc tober. and end in March following. The Lecture* will be delivered at the College Buildings, No. 3U1 F street, during the hours of the afternoon and evening The time of ie. tnrii.g has been customary in the College since Its esiai'1 lichment, and is fou-d to lie advaatagco'if fur tiu student The Fee for thefullcourse is......#*<. on Matriculation (paid only once).... 5 (Bt Demonstrator's ticket..... 10 oo Graduation 26 IS For further information address JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D ., Dean of the Faculty, oc l-OawtOet2V No. 495 7th Street west. ? OR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND F K I DAYS ? FAR K, ROUND TRIP, SI; FROM - JT?i. ALEXANDR1A75CENTS -TheJtfSWit^ steamer THOMAS CO LLYER leaves Washing - ton at 9 and Alexandria at9j{ o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat atBjf o'clock. Coach fare 10 cent*. Persons wishing the coaches u ill leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. ap 2-tf SAM'L GEDNEY. CapMla. CHANGE OF HOURS. O* N AND AFTER MONDAY. THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE _ J ?? k PAGE will run at the iollowin^ hours: ? Leave Alexandria at 4*, 8,10,12, 2*, 4 %, and 6 tf o'clock. Leave Washington#, 9, II, 1^, 3^, 3^, and 7 o clock Je29-tf ELLIS L. PRICF, CapUla. The steamer seorse washing TON wlildepartatthefollow- - log hours: Leave Alexandria 7*. ?, 11. Lea*? Washlngton...?, ie, it.TX,4?X jeK-d jpg^ORSON, Captala The stock or eooos at no. ss Market Space, between Sth and tth afe new and fresh TELEGRAPH AE VVS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOVSK PRINTING TKi EORAFH. Departure of tho Afrioa. New Yoke, Oet. 15?The Africa tailed at 9 o'ckick this morning for Liverpool with near ly $8o0,000 in s|>acie. State Senator Brutally Baaten Pottsville Oct 15 ?lion C Straub, Stat? dreadfully beaten and cat l??t H?Pib"d rSK""*'">'Ka Baltimore Market a Baltimore oct. 14 _IW 4- ^ unchanged; Howard street Md Ohio ffi 87*, City Mill* at $8-75. Wheel is firm; food to prise red* tl 45a 51.50, and good to prime white tl 55atl 62. Corn?white 60s . yellow A6aftAc Whisky is unchanged, City 3A*e., Ohio 37fre. Bow York Mirko'i New Yoee Oct 15 ?Floor has advanced; sale* of 15.500 bbls ; 8tata *A 5baS6 74; Ohio tft y0a$725; Southern $7.20af7 AO W heat bat: advanced; sales of 50 000 bushels: white fil.A5a$l 70, red SI 55a$l 58 Corn is buoyant; sales of 40.000 bushels; Southern mixed 6vie. Pork ha? advanced; mess $21 25 Beef if firm. Chicago repacked 910 50aSU Lard baa advanced to 14c. \N hisky is steady; Ohio 3?c Financial New Yore, Oct 15?Stocks ere lower aod dull Chicago and Hock Island Railroad 80i; Cumberland coal company 17f, Illinois Central shares 115; do. bonds S8; Michigan Southern 8A*; New York Central fr2J; eading 79]; Vir ginia rt"s 911; Missouri A s H8. ?Sterling exchange is dull at 109al00|. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Geoeoetowe, Oct. 15, 185A. Our city, this morning, is*in a feverish atata of excitement in |consoquence of the returna which have bean received of the Pennsylva nia eleetioc. Agreeable to our anticipations there was no meeting of our City Councils on Monday night. Only five members made their appearanoe, the rc.-t having received no official notifica tion We understand that it is more than likely Mayor Addison will be requested to call a meeting on Friday evening. No less than three of the belles of.our city were captured yesterday, and carried prison er* of oia'rin:ony by three gentlemen of old mother Maryland. Two ?>f the ladies were daughtorsof our esteemed fellow citizen Judge Morscll, and the other was M<m Washington. Thc gentlemen are. Mr. Craighill, of the Army, Mr B ?wie, una Rev. Mr Mooser, of the Presbyterian church Rev Drs Norwood and iv k*rd ratified the interesting treaties. Wo discover that a new brand of flour has made its appearance in our market. It is manufactured at the oldOeooquun mills, which have recently passed into the i>< afesaion of Pe ter Berry A Co., cf our city Upon inquiry of our inspectors we l?arn that in point ot quali ty it ranks among the very best brands cflered in the market We learn that one of the money-changer* who were operating in the District some time since, turned up in our city again on Monday, lie went into the store of Mr Mwod, on Bridge street, pretendedly to get a ten dollar gold piece changed, and while Mr M was in the act of accommodating him, he (the sharper) attempted to swindle him out of a portion of that which he had given him Mr M was too sharp for him, however, and detected him in the act of secreting the coin in a handker chief which he held in his hand. Lwk out for him. We learn that some of the mills in the up per couuties of Maryland and Virginia have nearly stopped in consequence of the drought. Some which have heretofore sent to our mar ket from 100 to liO bbls. of fluur per week are now sendii g only from five to ten This in part accounts for the very light stock of fl >nr now in our market Vuite a spirited meeting. Composed of the Western Star and ilook and Ladder Compa nies, was held in the hall of the Western Star engine-bouse, on Monday night With great unanimity it was resolved to merge both com panies into one, and surrender up to the proper authorities the truck, Ac., belonging to the ilook and Ladder Comnany, and to form one efficient companv?the Western Star Tbetol lowing gentlemen were officers : George Shoe maker, President; Geo. Hill, Vice President; John Knowls. Secretary; Jenkin Thomas. Treasurer; Wm 6 Jones, Chief Engineer; John McQuillan. Captain of Engine, Samuel Cr>pley. Captain of Hose. The Democratic Association, bad quite a spirited time of it on Monday night. R Ould, Esq , addressed them in bis usual happy style ilis sallies of wit, biting sarcasms, Ac., often eliciting long and loud applnuse. The flour market oontinues firm and active with considerable tales since our last at f A *7i for standard brands, and extra at higher fig ures. Wheat at this time arrives but slowly, and is selling freely at Si 40a(145 for red and $1 45a$l ?O for white Corn AOo for white and yellow Arrivals?Brig'Andover. Nickerson, Boston, to Hartley A Bro ; sohr Albert Barrett, Car lisle, Boston, to Geo Knott; steamer Colum bia, Harper, Baltimore, to liyde A Davidson Spectator ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexaroeia, Oct 15, 1?5A The laJies c nne -ted with St. Mary's (Cath olic) church opened en Monday, a fair for the benefit ? f their new ohurch improvement The taloju of Sarepta liall, where the fair is held, id ornamented in most handsome style, pre senting an exceedingly beautiful appearance. The ball is thronged nightly, and everything eeeins to pass ofl in the best manner possible Mai lie Florence's opera troupe closed their entertainments here on Saturday evening last. They gave universal satisfaction. Ttie Manassas Gap railroad company hold their annual meeting in this city, commencing to morrow. The Alexandria, Louioun and Hampshire, as also the Orange and Alexandria railroad companies f dlow iu the courae of the two subsequent weeks. The city council assembled last night, but their proceedings were of little general in terest Mr. Minor Gibson addressed the Ameiicaa party at Liberty Hall last evening. ^ T<? night the Junior Sons of America bold a pub'.ic meeting and form a torch light proces sion. Owin,; to the inclemency of tho waiher business was rather dull yesterday. Ami [No 5fiS ] Notice of Withdrawal of Additional Landa in Florida I FURTHER IN PURSUANCE OF THE ACT entitled "An act granting public, In aleTuate section*, to the Sta'e of Florida and Alabama, to aid in tfar construction of < ertaln railroads tn aatd States," approved l?th May. 1?56, la?trucUon? w?rc comtruulcated by this ofceeto the land odl - cers at Newnansvlileand Tampa, Florida, oa the Instant, for tb?s withdrawal and suspension from sale or location until further order*, of the follow - In? described landa, as falling within the proba ble limits of selection of the Tampa Bay Main SU-ut railroad, in said State, to writ: Office at NawsaxsviLLE: All the lands situa ted south of the b idy of lands heretofore^with drawn for the Cedar Key Branch railroad ,s?mi or tne line >?h.ch dMde, raages twenity-: and twentv-l^e ; and ??r?a of the H?? dlrlAln* Ships thirty and thlrtronet ^ Lu4 t>f Olven under ^w hington thl. ninth day of tire, at tnecltvor ?a JOHN HOOD, Acting Commla.Uner I . L UOHAK. WW. E. W.LSOM. OOEMAN, WILSON A CO , B a ? E E K I, SAIXT PKTKK, MINNESOTA, fxL i I.KRS IN BILLS OK fc Xt-H L) REAL ESTATE. LAND vv*H*Vs and GENERAL COLLECTlNti a,'^Nk,m n. ?Pairo A Nourse, houee FantkCo ec 4 I 1 Streamers.