21 Ekim 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Ekim 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE ?VJ5WIJfG STAB, rCBLIRHKU KVKtiT AFTK (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At fit Stmr Rnil4inf?, Hmir ?/ fm ?*<*?? *?? KUmtmtk final, By W. D. WALLACE, Will be aerwd to eabscrlhera by sarrtern at Bll AND a QUARTER 0BNT9, payable weekly lo the Ageote ; papers served In rv-kagee *t 3JJ< rsnta per motft. To mall ?u bar ri bees the snb srrtpttea price la THKKK DOLLARS AND P1F TV CENT#ayearim?dvmne*, TWO DOLLAAS frr ?U month*, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for 1?m than three months at the rat* of li)l ?eats a week. KT SINGLE COPIES ONE TENT VOL. VI1J. WASHINGTON THE WEEKLY STAR. V?U excelled Paailv a*4 Neva J oamal aWafip ?a he foaa4 tm as? eiaer?u pvwbMN Baror TO CLVM. I e m 1* M TUESDAY. OCTOBER 21, 1856. NO. I^l55a Flseeeplee Tea copies.... Twenty ooples 07" Cas?, meantanLT t? anemici. U^Wnrlecoples (la wrappers) eaa he P?x"are4 at the chanter, liaaedlateiv &fte? the Uene of tH paper. Prtoe?Tnnnn enure PosTMA?Tnaawho art SI flOKR'4 Improved Sawing Machines. To which ?u printed the Higheet Award of the Pari* Exhibition. thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. '|HE IMPROVEMENTS IN Tais'MA 1. caiae has simplified them In miny respects, and they irecapabl^of executing twice the amoant of work they did formerly in any given time. They are wit'unut question the only Machines ca pable of tewing every variety of ?oods perfect: ? shirt bos->ra or heavy trace for harness can be s<?wa branyof these machine* by a simple chance of need.'} and thrnl ta such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Vsaiif^toran, p'.aat-rs and families will And then the only ssf < Hachlnei to pa<-chaae, as they are bclU strong and durable, and not likely to got out-ft order. We have msca'.ne* with guages attached, for blalin^ hst?, ?jap fronta, gaiters, Ac. 811k,' Tarnd, Cotton, Needles, Ac , constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. Persons dos'rous of Information regarding Sew ing Machines will please address I. M RINOKK A CO., 1U Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. 3.?We are prepared to exchange these ma ohlnes for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have >>een induced to purchase nfcrlor machines under the pretext of being eh?-*?, will SaA this a benefit Indeed. roar 10?tf A FULL SUPPLY OP FALL AND WIN TER aooos. JOHN n . SHOOT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE OF Bridge street, Georgetown, D C , has recently rvreivei from the large Importing, Commission, and Auction Hons***, of New York, a general as sortment of Pa'I ana Winter Goods embracing every kl nd of ? Ladles Dr?? Goods B" wide, Striped, Plaid and Black Silks Prlntel St-lp.-d, and Plain Mousltn Daliines French Merlnoiand Alapaeis Argaitlne and Striped Pop Ins Bright small figured Mons'.ln Delaines for child ren Rich fall woil) Mer!n^ Pla'.ds, b*t quality !>o O nb-e sht ted striped Mousllns Double and slnile width Leepun's Black Mouslln Delaines 3*) nieces English snd American Prints White CamVI s. Muslin and Nnlnsnoks Plild, striped and figured Hooped aad Manilla Coided Skirts Tarletans, worked and silk Illusions Black Crape Pall* and Veils English Crap-* aad Hour ting Collars Black Lace Cellars and Setts Embroideries of e /er? kind Stelia and Brocia Shtwls and Scarfs Long aad Square Black Thibet Shawls, very cheap Heavy Gray and Black Woollen Shawls Ladles superior French Kid Glove* *f (all Nos ) Da'k colors, Modes, White, and Black, at 87R ceats Gen's Kid. best Fancy and other Glov-e Ladle*, Misses, and Gents Hose-nd \ Hose in Cotton, Merino, and Saxony Wool, ail sixes Ladles Hsrlno and Silk Vests G-nt* h-avy M-rlnc aad Saxony WooMo Real Wslchand every other mace Flannels R -?.! Preach Plaid and plain Josev do With a general assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Jeans, *atln?ts, Silk and Merino Vest Ings, Cantoi Flannels, Shirtings. Sheetings. Linen and Cvton; Irish Linens, Richardson and Dunbar Dickson's ? B'ankets of ev??y kind Ta ble Damisks aid Table Cloths, all s'xe?: Damask Napkins, Huckaback and Board Tow.es, with every kind of G-? >d? uiualW kept la % well as lortei stock, which prompt paving and ctsh cus tom?r* miy alaravs rely noon buying ss ftheap as the sim* qun ities andst.-ies can be had in the District A Okl'> Is sollcl.ed. oc 11-tr JOHN a. SMOOT. NEW 3T0VS HOUSE. THE GREATEST COOKING STOVE EVEB INTRODUCED AiVTV THE UNITED STATES. FOR COAL OR WOOD. 1J 000 In Use. Fsur sizes: N?. b,7,S,9# GALLAGHER'S eniiurii MORNING STAR, DOUBLE OVES COOKING STOVE. The the Cheip^st, mos Substantial and mo?t Perfect Cooking Stove In the Union. 13,0j0 of tkest Stores art now ta surcesifnl operation ThU splendid Coo* Stove has new been thor oughly tested during the last four years; they operate In the best and mxt satisfactory manner. I hire fully tried them with wjod and coal, ana strjialy re-.oarnind them. Tney are heavy and very d rattle, and tae design Is neat and besuti ul. W 1th a in)leratc fire, th s Stove will Bake three loaves of Bread. Roast a Turkey, Boll two Dinner Pots, Uroll a Beefsteak and heat the water for washing, all at the same time. Voa are respectfully invited to call tad examine the above soiendld Cooking Stove,li GALLA GHER'S MORNING STAR ?? Patentee: A J GALLAGHER, Philadelphia. HALLtUHEK'S SUNRISE AIR-TIGHT, Pate a ted, 1936. A New aad Splendid Large Oven FLAT TOP COOKING STOMB, FOR COAL OR WOOD Fear Sizes: Nt. 6, 7, 9, 9. It Is oaly necewaary to say, that after very many years of experience, and oelng fully conversant with all of the various kinds of Stoves which have been invented on the down-draft principle thst I hive taken advantage of every well known Improvement t at ha* from time to time been made, particularly la reference to the formation aad construction of the fines, which are always necessary to bi large aad I have fully applied every Improvement and combined them sli In toe "5??nss Air-Tigkt Cooking -ton" This Stove Is ciad- very heavy and Is a good ?nbstan till article , I have made them tztra Asavjr In all the parts where long experience has proved it to be important, and 1 can assure my customers tha I have spared aelther pains nor expense in get ting It up; and it will not be excelled by any stove now koown, of a similar chara tei; I am convince! that it will at once become a standard Stove 117" 1 have fully tried them In every way, with Wo.1 and Cjs 1, and strongly recommend tbtui to the public Tuey operate in th? most satisfac tory manner Patentee: A J GALLAGHER, Philadelphia For sal" on'y by C WOODWARD A SON, NeitdoortoC Woodward's old stand, Pa av , between 10th and llth sis , No 31b. N. B -Also, a very large assortment of the la'-ett and iuost approved patterns of Grates, Par lcr, Chamber, D nlng Room, Ofllce and Store Stoves of all sizes, for wood and coal, that th< North can furnish, best suites to this market You will do well to call and eiamlneour as sortment of goods. We w?ll take great pleasun In showing our assortment We are sure tha oar Goods are very low, as we buy for cash. fT^ Tumi cash. antS-toi GUNS ?GUNS?GUNS. THESUBSCR1BER HAS JUST RBCEIVEI direct froin h ? celebrated manufactoiy of Mr Chaiice A Son, tha' _ best aud c heapest lot of Double and Single She Guns ever before offered In this market Msci Guu has been proved and will be warranted per ^ct throughout, or no sale We have also Powde Flasks, Phot Belts, Game Bags, Cleanlug Rod* Haldlron '.Vads. Percussion Caps. Powder anc Shut, ail of waleh are effered as low aseu b< puKhised In this city, by JUS. L SAVAGE, ilJjn of Gilt Saw, Peon, rmaue, beratmo a?lWm (ttWeSbpy) 19<h aad ltThwu. OFFICIAL. T**ASVaT D*T4UT?UIf T, Miy SB, 1W. Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the ttock lMued pursuant to the set of Congress of Bd July, 191?, that soot) stock Is redeemable by lis terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 13th of November next, when Interest thereon will This department will continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption and will >ay therefor the following premium, In addition to the interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach '?he vendor t On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 3Jst day of July, In elusive, one-half of one per cant, on the amounts < peel fled In the certificate*; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st lays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such *te<* received after the3lst day of August, (he Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly amlgned to the United States by the part? entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's Interest rmr t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such tntereet will be payable as heretofore. And notice is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day ef luneandthe 1st day of December next, unless thesnmof Sl,S00,000shall be previously obtained, and will pay for the same, In addition totheln erest accrued from he day of the last dividend of Interest, and on< day's additional Interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates of premium: On *tock of the loan of 1842, a premium of lfi jXT cent.; On stmk of the loans of 1847 and 1646 a premium ?>i 18 per eent.; And on stock Issued under the act of 8th Sep tember, 1S-W, commonly called Texan Indemnity <tock, a premium of 0 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the eurreot half-year's In terest must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the *?i>f year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New \ ork, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to reeelve the money may direct. JAMES QUTHRIE, m 29-dtWNo? Secretary of the Treasury. OFFICIAL. TieiscaY DerABTKsrr, August 20, 185?. Whcr?*as th?- following Joint resolution of Congress has become a law: Joist Kecolbtion ext^ndmj the time for the crodi tor?of Texas to prrj?-nt iheir claims Few1 red Senate an<l Hotue of Rrprebtirta Ift'fi o/the United State* of America in Congre** as wMed, That a*, atrfcab y to the prevision of the t.?orth section ot itjf net oi" the 2flih of Pebruary, l^i, ?' to pro vile f.?r the payment of such creditors of the 'ale republic of Teia* a* are comprehended in the a it of Congress of September 9:h, 1850,'' no lice, by pub ic alveriscment, was duly given for ;be sj.ace of ninety day* by the 8ecreia<y of the Treasury, of the time a*, which payment of the am >unt appropriaed by the rtfth section of Aid act w?uld b : male,pro rata, on a: yb n:l, ceiutica'e, "?i evidence of dtbt of ?at J *ta e, which should be i>r* s^nted at the Treasury Department thirty <?ays preceding the 13th iiay of June, I85K. the hum of -ad notice: aid as u is represented by tke said 3*rerary of the Treasury, that of raid bonds, cer tifica es, and evidences of debt, which have b?en recognized by the Stat*. of TeM*, the nmt, equal to th j sum or three hundred a >d eighty sine thous and six hundred and ninety three dollar* and seven cents were not presented to the Tr*a ury Department prior to the raid 13th of June, therefore, in order to do full justice to the hol ier* of 'a>ddeb',the Hecre >a y of the Treasury is hereby an horiaed to pay to the holders of a iy of the raid b vids, certificates, or evi tcnces, of deb', not presented before the 13th ?lay of June ld<t, who may present a d prove th" ?a neat ths Treasury (tepatm~nt, between the 13?h lay cf June la*t and the 1st dky of January next, and execut* the proper releases to the United 8ia:eu and the State of Texas, their vro rata rbare of the ?aid seven an lliou seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and after payment thereof, ths ?aid decre tary of the Treasury is authorized and required to distribute and pay the residue of the raid seven mil lions <t?-ven hundred an<i fifty tb<'n<aid do'la'*, then remaining in the tr?asury, pro rata, amongst all the said nolders who may have prov-d tbeir claim?, and executed ths proper releases on or before the 1st day or Jaaua y next. Approv-d August 16th, 1856 Noticxij aiuar aim to the holders of bonds, certificates, and evidences of debt of the la'e re pub lie tf Texas, which ware not presented at this de partment on or before the 13th day of June last, that the same will be settled and the pro rata amount thereon will be paid to ths lawful holders thereof if presented before the first day of January next, ao companied with the necessary evidence of their gen uineness, wuh assignments to the United Suues, re quired to give this d?i a'tmeut the on* tody of suck bonds, certificates, and evi tences of debt, and with releases io the United States and Tsxas, iu accord anoe with the provisions of the act of Congress of **h February, 1856. This department will not require evidence of gen uineness to be presented with ths certificates Issued by the aaditorend oomptr<ller of Texas under the laws of the State. But it pos.essesno meansof ver rying the certificates, bonds and promissory notes issued by the republic of Texas, and not presented to, nor audited by, the oflcers of ths State. The neeessary aid proper proof of the genuin nessof the latter is the certificate of the comptroller of the State of Texas, who has the offl ial charge of the original areUiees relating to tiic debt of ths late re publle ofTexas The assignment and releases may be executed and acknowledged in the presence of the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof, in the presence of a notary public, and be witnessed by the Aisisiaat deers ay, or chief elerk a >d nota ry, and be certified by the notary under his nota rial e?-al; but when me holders d sire to make ths assignment and execute the rolrases out of the city of Washington, it may be done in the presence of a.-i assistant treasurer, or eolleetor, or surveyor of the easterns, in the preseaee of a nola y public, and be witnessed by the eolleetor or s?i veyor aad the no tary public, and be certified by the notary under bis uotarfal seal; and if tiere be no collector or survey or of the customs at the place where the party re sides, th> assignment and releases may be executed before any court of record, in the presence of the Jadge and ci rk thereof, aod be witnessed by them, aad certified by the clerk aader bis seal of ofllee; aad if the holder be out of the Uaited States, the as* sign meat and releases may be oaeouted brfbre any United Statrsconsul, and be witaeeeed and eertifl'd by him aader his consular s*al. All persoasex* eating sush assignments ani releases mast also de clare, taderoath, before the notary, ?terk,or eou sul, as the eass may be, that tbey are the real own era of the oeTtlfl sates or other evidences ef dtbt, cr that the same have been assigned to tbem, bona /Us, far collection; and the notary, clerk,or oonsul man include the fact of thatderfaratlon in chelr oit* tifi ate o fas know lodgment. If assigned for collection, or in the i<ams of the |?rff holding the beaeflolal or residuary ia> wrest trthe alalm must be scatftd in the afldurtt and l rulmc to the United Sfalee and raleM to Texas must be chiiy enytit'd by such party, to gether with the awniraert and releases from the person in wliose favor settlement and [wyment it requested. One or more audited certiti ate*, or one or more evidence of the *ame character of debt, may be in* eluded in the same alignment, releasor. and afhda vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de? scribed by number, date, amount, aid namn of the oriRii-al payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the Mtatcol Texas, on a^e mni of the d? bt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texa?,accord ing to the tacts of each rise. The a.-4-agument to the Unite 1 States may be made in cttfnm'iuform ; the releases should be drawn ac cording to the for on subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. Form *4, Know a.I perrons by these present* ihat . ha* reJ^a<e<l, and hereby relia*-*, the United />/ A m .m ? t' _ ii 4* .< ? > - ? . . 8 a'es of Am rica from ail further liability or claim for the payment of certificate or ? v . enee of d. bt numbor . for the Ktrni of .5 , issued by the late repiblic of Texty, (or by th? auihorities of the Hiate of T'-xas, as ine ?we may b?,) and re 4 ? m-d by the United 8t? cs in accordance with the provt-dons of a-1 art of Pongre** entitled "An act to provi e tor the payment of *uch cjedltors of the late rrpublic of Tera? a? are comprehended in the actof Con*re*? of ftepteinb"r nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 23th day of Fedniary, 1855, and a 1 actof the -tate of Teias, approved the 1st of Pebnia-y 1856. As w?ness my hSfd and seal. form B. Know all persons by these presents that ? ha* released. a id hereby releases, the Sfaeof T<*xa? fri m all further liability orctaun for the pay m-nt of certificate or evidenco of H bt number , f.>r the sum o| ,? ?, igMioc by the late re pi.b! e of Texa '.(or by the authouiiefl of the 8 ate "f T -xas, at the case may be,) and redeemed by the United tstfttef in a^coriiaiice with the provisions of an act of Congress, entitled " An act to provide for til- payment of such ciedilors of the ia'e republic of T- xa* as are comprehended in tlie act of Congreas of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved th* 28ih of February, 1855, and an act of the State of Texa*, approved the 1st of February, 1856. As witness my hand and seat. The following is a list of the audited ecrtiliates still ou s'a ding: A'# Iitued to. No. Tinted '9, 8 T I) Tom kins 16;19 Ojcar Engledow 18 Kiikmtn Ca tfl'id 1675 T/ustM-s cf Austin 31 John A Clifton College .i? II K Muse 1P8J G H M<in ar'tl & Co 53 R G H<~'bbs 16 K) John Ka^uer 84 I De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl ? 92 John Burningbam 1739 ) ? ? ... , 135 Phineas De Cordova 1733 \ U N w a,coU 176 E Ba'dwin 1746 John W Portia 1W1 Jam^s Tilchmaa 1770 I K Elliott 192 Mathla-) Clark 1807 Harriet George 200) p 1 Vim Earle Miles 8 Bennett w I Etna tarle 18-29 Na-taniel Rudder 3*8 O Rlineau 1831 ) Levi Tyler, ndm'r P44 J E Wade 1833 ] nfW H Kelly 368 Peters A Booth 1838 Samuel Wildey 395 Lott Hosted 1839 George Sutherland 4M 8 Kingslry 1841 J P Hennings 427 J Pa-ker, for Elua lb42) . r bfth Pa-tar, ex'x 1843/ Ecclcs 437 Benedict Hcyley 1844 Edmund Ballinger 445 L?ander R< a?oii 1852 J D l.oean 4f6 Wm Odlln 1856 C P Green 4t>7 John W King 1H>5 Dav:d Ayres ,">09 T B VVi bb 1R<;9 Thome* F James 510 A 8 Thu m nid 1878 C Srhiedi# mantd 518 Tt o?. \V Mars' a'l |?W J F Jew, tt 625 Pavid S Kaufman 1897 F Emma M'J Georr? VV Pa'hvr IH99 Par illa Lie* 044 Crutcher&McKavcnl920 V W (iron' tnt-yer } Wn nmm l?g gjjjj 6~3 J A Simpson liW9 E IV < awthern 6'-9 Wm II Belcher li).?0 V\ m Cochran 677 II II William* If32 F a-ici M^>orejr "01 Felix Rieder 2'<7I Andrew Daley 'Jl) Robert Dale ^ /"aa? t?t0Warl 77J Wm Jones 23!} C W Viskery 779 Wm Walker 208^1 r ? ?> 7{>3 DyerP.arl 1779/ Fdul Bremond 8 2 Isaac L Hill 2106 )? ? 863 Hermok.an Brown 1610 S Burnet 874 John W Bower 2108 ( _ n ? M . 879 Jam s McMavter 593 f E 1 914 Dyer Pea I 2135) _n/, . 915 Mary E len Heden- 1858 J F 1 ('cntry am j"cm. ^ j fl w PUh., 93i Mrs Mary Belvitle 2104 > ... ? 1010 Anson Cranson 1601 ( ,'?n'i"ar'a 1012 R M Forb> a 2;V3 E Frost 10^5 Tames N llo: an 23 6 Thomas Reed 01.1 Thomai Lindsay 2^<I6 Harrifion C Bryant 1045 James L Green 2330 J s Mclkirald 1047 Jesse Daniel 2340 Arthur Gamer 1048 J B Daniel 2.311 J F Marrch.tt 1050 Charles Vincent 2341 Andrews & Grov.r 1058 Willis MilMcan 2350 J D Giddiugs 1059 J D Millican 2354 J Ciawford jr 1062 John Davis 2358 A P EJgerton 10G5 Wm Barton 2359 Thomas Warner jr 1079 W A Lockharl 2.''63 Ctorge K S^tare 1080 R Morton 2361 Francis Brichta US5 James Kil'am 2382 Elizabeth Carter 1196 C If Taylor 2383 Wm Davis 1241 Y< une* t^Jeman 2^87 Joseph T'>mlinson 1248 R.ib-rt McNutt 2.'193 Sneed St Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro au'y I II Raymond 2400 || h Daynie 126't E De Pon ois 2401 II W Milhank 1369 C P Green 2102 rtti,erine Allen 1275 O VV Sinks k J B 2405 Henry Kring Siiaw 2413 J VV Lawrence 1297 John Kendrick 2418 Htrphen Smitb 1298 Samuel Hid en 2434 A C Horton 1300 John Johnson 24c8 Elaphaiet Fusion 1301 Su?an Mavtiex 2442 Lemu>-1 BDickenson 1362 Thomas H Forrester2450 Wm H Thompson 1385 B K Warner 2452 Z Wm Eddy 1423 William Frela 247! J E H' rron 1424 G W Osborne 2474 K B Hemphill 1426 John A Rutherford 2477 Aaron Hauehton 1427 Cornelias Y'annoy 2479 Heirs of John Jones 1494 Joseph Mates 2430 ? Joel Hi I 1473 Ann B Reese 2481 " Warren Abum 1515 Lumhard M?ms 2482 11 John L Monks 1521 J C Moore 2483 " Peter Aldrich 1523 John lames 2490 M A Dooly 1554 K H Douglas 2T>0J GeorpeC I>aycashier 1370 E M Fish 2501 F Kennett ti Co 1572 Wm Kerr 2503 John VV Schrimpf 1580 Jame* A Moody 2:>04 VV C Blair 1581 P Bickford 2512 M Rorborttaille 1612 John I.amer 2513 H?nry B Brooks 1615 John Cameron 2514 <Jabn?l Trumwelt 1623 John D I'ayU.r 2528 H 8 Morgan 1624 Levi Mercer 2529 Furhur & (Wn 1625 Eli Mercer 2534 Sarah Newman The outstanding cviiKnccs of other claaaes of tlia debt of the republic of Texas cannot be specified by this Department. au 22?dtLUant GENTLEMEN'S EMFOKlU.tl. George w. hinton hereby re turns bis thanks to his old and steadfast customers and the pnbllc generally for the Increasing patronage bestowed upon him at his EMPORIUM OF FASHION, on Pennsylvania av-nne, between 6th snd 4^ streets, and next door east of Frank Taylor's Bookstore, where msy be found a large assortment of rich, tasteful and valuable Goods, French, English, Italian, Chinese, and American of all kinds for gentlemen's wearing apparel. Said goods will be cut and made up In the most tan eful, fashionable and durable stvle, agreeably to orders, acd at the shortest r.otlce, and upon the most reasonable terms Please call and examine the rlchnots and atyle of the goods and the faithful and durable manner In wblch they are made up to suit cus

tomers George W Hinton embraces this occasion to announce to tb? public that he lias formed a co partnership In business with Mr. William B Teil, foimerly of Virginia, by whose aid, as sistance and constant attendance at the atoie, the business of the Emporium will be greatly feclU N B ?George W. Hinton hopes, that such of his former patrons as have uncancelled bills at the store will soon be pleased to call and settle the same, as the season Is changing and short settle ments make long friends. se 19-tf WOOD AND COAL. WE ARK DAILY RECEIVING LARGE supplies of WOOD and COAl^Mrhlch ws can sell from the boats at very low prices Per sons desDous of laying In their winter fuel would do well to sire us a call before purchasing else where. BOGUEA O'NEILL se* No. 10* Water street, Georgetown / UHPORATION ?TO?E.??S,000 Corpo t (jgMi IV D Educational. YOUNG men of WASHUVflTOR tree Lecture* ^ery Monday night, for four vrels, commencing October 20//*, AT THE UNION ACADEMY. a thnrmi^K M*n ,?' thi* ' as Wl"h to Obtain pi wi i t ? I practical knowledge of Surveying will ? f TliL hfm ,or "OOOewM business EVENING Krun<iportunlty In -be DAY 01 OB IS HO >l, at the Onion Academy ' / RlPlliunu / 2 RICHARDS, Principal EPIHLiRH AND CUS?lt'AL BO AUDI NH SCHOOL, FOR BOYS, mount J?t, Lancaster county. P'nmylvznia THI^'.W5'1 M Principal. l*' HL WINTER SESSION WlLu COM -iw? Turtd?y? 'he 4th cf November boiS i upw.1?. ? of 5 montbe' Including board, washing, tuition, Ac .nn .r?.U .ar\convalBln? particulars iray be bad on application to the Principal. or 14-lm* Mno A CAKD. ANKLIN? TEACHER OF VOCAL 10th o?^405 K*trpeti between 9th and MRS. G. H. SMITH, ? ? \ h9tw"*Ztk and 7tk, B of WMhtnSZ 1 ?RM THE SADIES ?v . w , ash'nt?ton, Georgetown, anrl vielnltv that she 1b prepared to give inst uctlon. In classes flower1 uartofmaking WAX oLm.n "|8lS?h? W" Frn" "B<1 ava11 ""emsclwd of thin op pmhinlty of requiring a moat beautiful accom p.Wiinentwlli please call aa early as possible, as the city. contemplate remaining long In ... TI1MI : Wax Flowers In Clause*, per term of 12 les wn? #_ I^athe/wlornkVndfT"' **' term ?f PH? Uasses. per term of 8 lemons 8 J I rlvate Lessons 81 each?Vase* 810. Hoouetsand Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers kc , for aale, or trade to order. eu26-6m ' MISS HEWITT'S ENGLISH ai*u FRENCH BOARDING Km -h? A"?, ?AY ?rH?OI., l>o. J97, corner of N>w York avenue and 13;A st T^&S212l^8T{cdy,?AR commences ?"><* ends tbe lions June, and Is divided Into two ses The Principal will be assisted by the most com ?SSf BlfFrnCb re9ident ??*?heis, and ::V.l for pursuing Music and all nent* branches of mode.n accomplish ?ff fi5!^weI partlCUlar"iterm"' Ac' ? *? Clrcu ^ars at booketorcf, or at the residence cf tfce Prln **"? au2G -3t A eotf UI1 ,a CENTRAL ACADEMY. ' SILAS MERCHANT, ? . RbV ?. \V DORRANCE.l p***cirats. TV *EXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS < m?rTJtea&7 Pn?'?m6aCe oa Sep to w u. r ter,na *ee circulars at the }r!n I pal Hook Stores m j _ ^ THE UNION ACADEMY. ?. Richabds, Mrs. Z Richarps, THK NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THI8 ICADp\lT?'.nnd ?f tLe L'N1?N FEMALE imhirV 1W 1U commenc?oa MONDA V, Sep. ?emoeri, l?o<> Jy 23 3m HATS, CAPS,'AND FI RS NOW READY AT STINEME1Z 8, No 22S Pennsylvania avenue, near 13ih Kreet a flee p**ortment cf DK K4S ^ ATS, i onslstln? of New York Philadelphia, ar<t Baltimore Mvlcs f various qua!Pies ar.d price* rr >m 82 50 to 83. Partlcuia- atten-\ t00^*3 and S J 34? Hs*r *^?lch are aa i;ood as csn be K?5'? SS Si sS FOR THE LADIES AND CHILDRKN,we have on band, and will be receiving. FANCY ', FUBS, made i p Into the meat ** modern styles. Terms?Heady Poy. ocll-tf DR.MUNSON.AT.-OR PENN'A AVENUE, is still making those beautiful continuous 6UM TEETH, called/ Allen's Patent, for the excellency of^jJjJJ^y which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them in this city, will che*rfullv vouch TV??n la Ann HAntl.t Im 4 V I - ? I A _ < _ ? There is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the jpatent, and made a ba/1 imitation of It, against whom 1 hereby caution the public N. D Whenever a Dentist speaks agn'nst Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when <prorerly constructed, it Is because he Is ignorant of tbe Process, lnconrv ettnt to make the work, or s unwilling to pay for the patent. Je 15-tf THF STEAMER GEORGE WASHING. TON wllldepartatthefoilow- _ ?ir*w*fc lag hours: Leave Alexandria 7]f, 9, 11, 1#, 3jf, 5* Leave Washington...8,10, 12,2^. 4k 6 Je28-d JOB CORSON, Captain FOR MOUNTVERNOn. ON TUESDAYS AND r R IDAYS ? FARE ROUND TRIP, 81; FROM _ jjr^t> A L E X A N D RIA 75 C E N TS.-Thedh&L^^pgi. steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Wathlng Ion at 9 and Alexandria at 0% o'clock. Caeohes leave the Capitol for thebcitatbk o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coarhe? will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker Refreshments on the boat. ap2-tf SAM'L GEDNEY. Cantala. CHANGE OF HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY. THE 30th of June, the Steamer UKORGE _ JT*3* v PA6E will ran at the followingJdE2!?aXSJBk hours: Leave Alexandria at tj|, 8,10,12, 2)|',4U,and SM o'clock. Leave Washington#, 9, 11,1#, 3*, 5*, and 7 o'clock. }e 29-tf ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain. CLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOCKS. I HAVE JUfeT RECEIVED A LARGE As sortment of Clocks?50 different styles, which will besold low,aiid warranted to go well Thote who buv io sell aga n would do well to give me a call before purchasing e'sewlere Also, Clock Materials of all kinds. Oils, Balls, Keys, Cords, Hands, Ac, at J ROBINSON'S, se '23 3m 349 Pa. ave , oppo. Brawns' Hotel. Table and pocket cutlery, ra xors, Scissors. Ac , of excellent quality, sel ling low at 490 7th street. ?96 6 FRANCIS nnOMATOES, GREEN CORN, PEACHES, I Ac , can be prese ved for any length of tiTe by the Improved Sell Sealing Cans that are sold by G FRANCIS, se 2t 490 Sventh street. KEVPTHEMILLAOOING ?I AM RE. celving, as fast as published, all the new Books, Novels, Magazines, Monttly, Weekly, and Dally New York Papers. FERGUSON, oc 6 next to Lammond's, 4H> 7th street THE southern SPEAKER?con talnlng, In great variety, the master piece* of Oratory In Pr? se, Poetry, a d Dialogue, with ap pendix, embracing Knowel's Model Debates; tne Declaritlon of independence; Constitution of the L'nited States, with marginal Index; Washing ton's Farewell Ad4re?. with Running Index and Marginal Questions; by D Barton Ross, A.M. Price fl,95 oc If FRANCK TAYLOR T ilia OR the STAR OF MINGERF. A-i 11a ?A new novel, by G W. Reynolds, iist received Also, the New York Ledger, and ail the Weekly Papers for rale by Associated Pub llshera Agent, FERGUSON, oc 11 next to Lammond'8,4^6 7th street. NEW YORK LEDfeFR, FOR OCTOBER 18. was recelvad on Thursday evening arid for ial? by the Associated Publishers Agent, where all Papers and Periodicals aie recelvtd In advance, at FERGUSON'S, oc 11 next to Lammond's, 486 rth street {^HINA ORNAMENTS, PUFFS AND Puff Boxes at the great r'ancy Store. between 8(h and 9th stree ts. cclS H J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO. Nat oral and political flags and Straaaars at LAMMUND'i, oc If-* " " Seventh strtit EVENING ST A ft. A VIBMONT FAMILY sSSF&VfaK ? "f"? jf'. p.? ? o of Dr. Boyntoo, the lecturer: ? A rAMILT PICTI RB Mr. ftOrn ? : ;I propose to <lr?w a T~lure ?>? u'k ii"11 J y?ur nmdsn' wd t prom we it shall be as truthful w the ra;i?,.rit? ?,f rr<'traiturea, drawn hy interested Our family i3 0?iy rom-irkakV? for numbers b?,nK te? son? anJ twe daughters We ?!CrtVai ?Tnor)? the 6*e?* bill- of Vermont 1*7 the aid cf coarse faro and the absence of ofon?*' if l?e ,chi'dr*n' with th* exception , of one infant, lirod till the youngest bad renched the age of thirty-six yeara UnIy two ' bri:era,TJled- a8 ale,> oar ??ot?d mother The limited means of onr father only tabled him to famish us a common school education; ^ I!r.rer?irm,.ned to habita ofiafiuatry and U,gl IDt'*rU* With th?5o endow tTroUiTi Cr?ld be S^-we were lifT A ,curow" "/oaroes rer success in wi. ?ge of fifteen or rixteen, each nS*2i i .i"-0?? cho*0 *f b?"?ne63 <r profession be desired to adopt. With a tath f.?rth L"8,n? and r raother s prayers. we went forth to seek our fortunes. Let us sea the re " Jitbhafaeir r? ^"n' & J?,tice ?f the thnniJ ?. 7 and good capon lined/* though he never read Blackstoce 1 nave another brother, a cler*vm?n ??,i HM S NaVJ' Wh?' havingtrav h . Jrtl^S P?rta of the world, hns lost !? *<^tr,ID'?, an(1 because be haa trans I iorred his religion from hi? head (or faea) to hi. heart ,s thought by ?n,e to have l"! it He ha* keen a Governor or California was appointed a Ui?toriogr*!*,r of the S >uth Sea bxploring Expedition, aad filled several other important offices under government lie ha 1 the honor of instituting the first trial bv jury in California, building the first school house Zbt^K ha newspaper, and making of m ?ininin^ement of the discovery iLSu K V'p0em? M(| ,iterarJ Productions since memPnal8 d'^d four years I have another brother, a clcrgy ins a *ho i 1 ti? th?<?I"?,cal hook worm, and poiiit* out to others the way to Heaven with mathematical tbeBtragglera. * " ',iek UP if ' h*v' brother. 3 cloth dresser, ?ho f not a gentleman himself, has been mainly instrumental in making gontlemen of others I have another, a book-binder, whose art library611 COnHuIteii in thc "lection of many a I have another brother, a slave-holder, who regards slavery an evil and liberty a blessing, hut holii ill s slav es for their good ?1 Jr* ?',t,?tlier brother, a fanner, who (Junks his duties performed, when ho reads the Tnhune, and i< for liberty and the Maine I have another brother, a tanner, currier I "nd shoemaker, who his been so long tinker' J?g the undemanding* of other people, that r h? J*?01"0 a philosopher himself - It ., ? ? "af,jn J*hJ shoemakers aro pro kerblalJy philosophers * 1 have a sisteV, who haa aronnd her nine I ^pro.-cnutiveij of her obedience to one of the ommaaids; and another sister whonothav ?f-hcr 'L*n to Provillc for ha#J ride<T C8rC 01 * W bro<>d read^ Pro" *Di?r? there ia y?ur k??abIo correspond !nt_the titman, as he was for a time called? :h"r? ?n<;f i dwtor, (in embryo.) but bav ? g thrown ? physic to the dogs ' is now living J ,y his wits in a throw of the dice, ,of for une) he oucc came down a Judge in Califor ^?r'ifDf V- dl?PensiDK (or dispensing with) ' lstue for a time, came homo with his pockets ailed with <*duat," and waited it down in Syra- i :use, believing that salt would s*ve him? from poverty He is BOW managing, by hcok this pile 10 an honorab,e wa7< to ?d'i to ) We have over us our venerable father, now in the ninety-second year of age. to whom we I all look with tbe highest reverence and filial I Vu? W&'k 8ix ,nile" R da-* with I ,reat eaPe, and his memory is so strong that ' he can repeat a large portion of the liible, : a'so whole sermons, ard m-.re than saven ! bundrecistaniasofWatts psa!ms and hymns We l.clieve that to the early religious train- i ing we received from him, aided by the stronc summon sonss of our mother, united to habits i)f economy and industry which he inculcated we owe whatever success w3 have attained in life. We aro all " well to do" in the world, and ?ome have become wealthy Wc arc all temperance men, if not tetotallers. We are professors of religion, if not christians?though wo take widely different roads on the heav enly way. I was reminded of a good Metho dist preacher, when addressing a congrega tion of different denominations ?' Brethren, it is true we dont't hitch horses very well here, but we aro comforted with the reflection that we shall be able to do so when we arrive in the stables of eternal sal ration." There is one reflection to be drawn from the above picture Wealth ac<juired by gift is no blcsi?in<-. but often a curse If our lather bad been wealthy, and had *iven each of us len thousand dollars, some of us would havo jrown up in idleness and dissipation, and arded in poverty and crime. There can be no question of this, " Honor and shame from no condition rise: Act well your part?there a 1 the honor lies." Yours, Q Q c. Thk Origin op toe Names op the Dats or the Week.?In the Museum of Berlin, in the tiall devoted to Northern Antiquities, they tiave the representations cf tho Idols from whom the names of the days of our week are lerived. From the idol of the Sun comes Sunday. This Idol is represented with his face like the Sun. holding a burning wheel, with both hands on his breast, signifying h'.s course around the world. The Idol of the Moon from which cornea Monday, is habited in a short coat, like man, but holding thc Moon in his hand?. Tuisoo, from which Com eth Tuesday, wasTone of the most ancient and popular gods of the Hermans, and is represented in his garment of tkin according to their i s culiar manner of clothing Tho third d<j < f the week was dedicated to his worship. Wod on. from whence Wednesday, w*? a valiant Prince among the Saxons His image was prayed to for victory. Thor, from whence Thursday, is seated on a bed with twelve stais Dver head, holding a weptre in the right hand. Friga, from whence we have Friday, is repre ?en ed with a drawn sword in his right baud, and a bow in bis left. He was the giver of peace and plenty Seater, from whom is Saturday, has the appearance of perfoct wretcheduess he is thin visaged. long haired, with a long beard. He carries a pail of water in his right hand, wherein arc fruits and flowers. lyA Peruvian in London haa tried his hand at making a fortune of several million* without labor, by cuaterfeiting Vahe t/e Consolidation and Billrtet tl* Manumition. To detect the oounterfeita, the Government has issued a decree demanding all persons po? sesdng such documents to present them for inspection at the Dirtetion del Crrdito JV<i noind, within a oertain number of days, pro portional to tbe distance from Lima. If the papers are found to be genuine, they will be sealed with the aaal of the office, adding tbe "ffgitimore," and signed by tbe Director They will then receive tbe signature of tbe President The Peruvian Ministers of Lco ion and Washington are instructed to make likd inspection. LAPLAWD LOVE.**?tmo , When a toung genttetnl.*V sires to a?srac iro% re^ponsibiiitiM^1^1 d#* ? large Rook Of ?randy, and hi J,,io tjve<and f^,nds meet in as ?? ^ treat the friend?* th!^" N^tb*r br,de w ^ride^roob ?"? pected to betray anxiety or interest in ?k fr^eding.; the Arctic Mn urundy, try ttnet in such matters, would be varr much scandalised If they should HesidZ "*? ?f relatives and friends, of there ^ ^?rth-c<*"iM? who must attend, re is a itill greater number of outsider? -S-.l2? ?"T'r1 *>T eano.,.,? ". ten?, J Of their curiosity w to r0, ?,toot de. <? rnuned by the amount oT brandy circulating man jXd?S l*er? !l * "pofcw hnr4 7 5ognolUlt9t Brandj flask in bard he goes over to the other oartT atJ th^of ?Jld to ^e father^and nJ t.ier of the young lady. This is a sicnal for ndtocnniiiiaU .Uack of a simil.r na^Ie by the entire invading party Bpon lhe ]a<jT? CCd\ fWV7 bo^ drinks to he * father SWF dr'nke ^ ber mother and she herself is borne in grateful memory When .11 .? -uOcLntly .l.?d lh, pr* J*" b.d.cd in a long speech, vibrating bet Wean p etry aDd prose Her parent, ask to eee 3J k:leh the wooing preftnte If they are ae eopted, the matter is settled, and there is no .'i g rw>re to do bat to go the next day to the p ireon to get them published Moet matches are made at the fairs and great feetivals, but t ley are never made without brandy. In ? " Courting with brandy,' is a proverb imong Laplanders equivalent tothejpreneb '.jmmt if faut. When the lady is rich and ^!n!iU,t0r 14 n<?i he vei7 oft*n throws his ^.Andy away. The influeoce in matrimonial letter' is nowhere felt more strongly than bere, dre;s counts for nothing; one iheer .k.n is as g'*od as another Ra'nk is d~f ^ ?p 7 J 1m? Kumb*r ?f reindeer a man Practically marriage is a matter of tiioie bargain and sale Still, the Laplanders recognise the ?icredness of the relation in heir way. The river which they pay for -leir bride must not be in the shape of rix iollars, it must be made up int j ornaments his is better than nothing If a marriage is Jreken off. the party who takes a divorce jren frally returns the bridal presents, and the nore conseientious add a gift for the wasted } randy So, too, when the parent* say "no," nany are so generous as to pay for the bran iy. As all the relatives have a word to say, :.iere is generally a guod deal of quarreling je?yre the answer is agreed upon, and some management is required, oftentimes to make t favorable. \astor Fjellstrom tells of a wedding in ?ckmo:k in which be was interested for the * *>er Several attempts had been made in hefvre he was engaged as spokesman. , 1,|J wouian overwhelmed everything and e ifeued everybody with, opposition to the rjatcn. When he cimo in she yelled out: ' .No, no, it shan't le; not even if the flesh atei a son comes, he shan't have her " Fjell tfom, then a student, saw that nothing ouuld te done so long as this oW harpy was around, tni whispered to * magistrate, who was alf* misted on the mine side, to get tho old wo uan out of the w ly somehow or other. Soon -e f"und herself in the street; the growled 'bout the door like a gadfly in an empty bar el, rattled and slammed, shriekod and swore ?'"t could not get in, as the iqa^igtrate held , JtK?r. Meantime th? rnftttcr was fluoccjg? uliy conclaJed Fjellstrom had brought bet er br?ndy : his father was the parson; he p^ke l.etter, and offered a few more presents <Vheu tuey were ready to go the parson's the loor was opened and the old hag rushed in ; >ut she wa? too late. ihe importance of having an influential pokesman can hardly be over estimated ar? ?^ten paid for their services An fa affair came off in Aricploug at the last *ir. An old widower, bearing the eupho nous name ef Styx, was struck with the eraiy lea?so all his country people thought it?of uakmg advances to the widow of a foreigner, tho held her head above everybody else in Qo \illage, as her husband had been district uagist rate Styx, who saw that the matter rould be one of great difficulty, went to the tchest man in the village, and begged him to >e hie spokesman He thought that his age ?*5n^lu8. w?uld have their influence, and -ered fcim, jn case of suocess, a bntas kettle, "thich, like Homer's heroes, he described. Lhey could not agree, however: the desired pokesman wanted the kettle at any rete. J*J*j* WOuId give U 10 him if h? *oc ?eded. Ihe whole party was remarkable. >?yx was seventy years old?his Dulctnea six y, and the spokesman over eighty Althouch >O x could not make the braas kettle bargain, ie kept hu courage up, and revived to do as Jfj ^ j ? cou d ln Person U? went to her ind said : "y?'U have cows, I have reindeer? ?.k at me; I am just like your first bus >and, oci more of the same sort. The whole h?ng seemed so comic to the proud SLrrid >torada. that far from getting angry at the >)or fellow's advances, she began to talk with lim, ar. i kept him as Ion* as possible in tus >;nse as to his fate His efforts and his anxiety ontinu>iily rose in ridiculousness, until at ast dinner time came, and he got a shameful aitten Thk Kditor op the London Timer ?That oyeterious personage, of whom everybody has leard, but of whom eo little is known, the alitor ol the London Times, is now in this ountry He arrived in the Niagara, and baa ;one iuto Canada, but intends coming to New fork in time to witness the great struggle for he Presidency, in November. The name of his great potentate in the newspaper world is >elaine ; and, like many great potentates in he history of nations, he has inherited his tonors Ihe father of Mr. Delaine waa miLj eBr8 ? cub-editor of the Times, and afVr rards eiitor-in chief of the Morning Chroni le Ihe younger Delaine was educate! at '.tmbridge, and served under his father, while he latter was on the Times, and the father nd son w;re editors of the rival papers at the ame time. There are now in this oountry he editor-in-chief and two of the promineut rriters of the '? leading journal " The result rill doubtless be a much more accurate and emperate view of American affairs in that aper hereafter than has characterised its caders in time past. A Li?;ht in Exolish Literature Che Loudou Press says that all the readable ?rticles in Household Words are written by a oun^ lellow named Sala This young liter ry Bohemian, as we have heard from other e irees, is a moet remarkable instance of a iterary mimic, and his fcoundity i* not leas uarvclous than his imitative talents He trites bo much in the style of either Dioken? ir Thackeray that it would take a sharp entic 0 distinguish the false from the real author; ind, what is more marvelous still, is his facul y of imitating popular actor* People have vjedered at the fertility of invention and in lustry of Dickens, in writing ao many articles n the Household Words, while he at the lanie time engaged in writing his Bleak House md Little Dorrit. But the secret of his won lerful fertility is explained by the anmunee iient of the fact that he has an admirabl) 7rjchtcn in his pay, who acts es his doable 1 bis literary journeyman is the son of Madame Jala, a theatrical performer. tylt has been truthfully aaid by a satirist hat if some men could come out of their graves md read the inscriptions on their U m'Mtunes. bey would think they had got into the wronc ;ravcs! |y W hat ia the difference between a cand * n toe Mammuth Cave and a daoee ia a pub ic iit/'ise { Abe one is a taper in a oavera, md the other a caper in a tavern