14 Kasım 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Kasım 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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I- v hN I N(J STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: rRIOAT lOtrrmbfr 14 !???. ?" ASniTMNHTa aotu II LIFT AT tm* OrriCB BY T??l?? t'aoM, II.; itukui kit mat mot irriu ?Jrm TMB *rn*T OAT. c SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PR BUS. The Union ccmn-ents on the interference of the clergy in New York especially, in the re Mct e'eMton ; saying in the eeurse of ite re kirki: ' We have no Co stop and state what wMl be the end of kV tVw e^rieai interference f"h the political rigirt<l t>f *he people?this dictation from the pnlpit?benr Ike indi*na of the marfvs will rise with the calsf review? | how the cry will go up of the " bad c' the clergy "?how the age will be inaligceo on sccurt of the ' instability of the sacred 0i tee"?how weak churches will bo made more weak and strong ones undermined?-bow cerats, insured and maligned in house of God. will leave those who love treason to pr??^ for nor how these madmen will soon assail nil thftt it national in religion as weil as in the State?cor how those who loved these ele ments in the political campaign will tremble ii the " American Board," the ?'National Tract Society," end the 44 Ameriuan Bible So oietv' shall be the points of attack for these rathleM disorganisers. The day is coming tbat bears with it its own tribulations Let t inae who have sown dragon's teeth beware of tje harvest of armed men that must follow !" In this connoction we may not inappropri ately repeat an anecdote related in a letter to a gentleman of Washington from his wife, on a visit I) her friends ia northern New York? as follows: On the Saturday night before th^j election at a prayer meeting she attended, the sinister proposed that each of the brethren present should " lead in prayer for bleeding Kansas ' Hi? first call was on a blunt old Democratic deacon who pitched uneeremone rusly into Reeder, Lane, political preaching, murder, arson and robbery under the pretence of fighting for freedom, as being the curses rf society and the country at this era, and wound up by beseeching the Throne of graca a d mercy for tbe triumph of Buchanan and Breo kin ridge, as the only means of restoring I la non-s!a veholding Slates to their senses and etaanehing tha real wounds of bleeding Kin Mi '' Ere he concluded he frightened half tae ooigre&a:ion by tbe earnest retien.cr.ee With which he " fought the devil with fire " Even the minister, who bad essayed to take a trick by thateort of management, was so com pletely nonplussed that he did not say Kansas *jjain white the prayer meeting continued. The Inttlligmetr says : " Important tmok E.sqlakd.?it is stated in the Philadelphia American tbat private litres received in that oity from the Hon. George M Dallas by hia eocfiiential friends convey the important intelligence that he has sue:eedei in negotiating a treaty betweeD the II nited States and E' (liod which covers and sett.es all the points in dispute between the two countries It has been the earnest desire of President Pierce and Secretary Marcy to aocotsp'isn this difficult task before retiring from oiS e, so that ali possible troubles might be smoo:btd away for the incoming Adminis tration The instructions given to Mr Dal Ue, when he enteied upon bis mission, have been aeWously acted up to by him. and tbe result has been most happy, us above noted " I he Opera. The Pyne and Harrison Opera troupe again ashlered entire success last night in the " Bo hemian Girl." The houEe, a fine one, was composed of all the levers ot music in Wash ington embracing of course a large proportion of the fashion and beauty of the Federal me tropolis. Mr Gulllmette, as Count Arnheim, achieved another professional triumph. He has already eataM-#hed for himself a high reputation in deed among our opera goers. His songs are rendered with pathos, volume and artistic skill which not only captivate the ear and go direct, ly to the heart, but stand the test of the severest crltieism. Louisa Pyne, tbe life and soul of the piece last night, and Mr. Harrison, were never in better voioe, nor did they ever better satisfy an audience. To night " Lucia de Lammermoor" is to ba performed, for the benefit of Mr. Harrison. Elsewhere this standard opera never fails to draw crowded houses It is rep!ete with beautiful features, and if among us thero are any wbo have never heard it, we advise them by all means to attend to-night; for tney will *njoy a musical treat such as is rarely indeed to be erjryed in Wasbingtjn. It may be heard a thousand times with pleasure, and on this occasion will be put on the stage as success fully, doubtless, hs ever before in this couniry by an English Opera troupe. Job PjusTixe ?Our patrons and the public are reminded that we are prepared to hare their orders for Job Printlrg of every descrip tion executed at the shortest notice, for the lowest prices and in the best and most satis factory manner. All wanting such work dene eannct do better than to apply directly at the counter of the Star effice. Godey roa D?c**a?B, just receded from tLe publishers, seems the perfection of a ladies magasin* in all its department* yet Gjdey promises that "the Lady s Bo?k for '56T shall be superior to 1S5? h?ve ?ome curiosity to see how this is to be done. FEB80NAL. . .. Isaac Powell and Jonathan Mtrafca'l have become the purchaser* of Jones' fljtol ?n Cheat, ut s .ee'. Philadelphia The- ritc; '? SaJd to bs $70,000. ' . . Jd . 8 Robb well koown frtttl "c"" * * \< P'?' ?> , .? I. 3t L<mU H* % iKtsrktVEtrg lavela^d a tew days since tort kt ?Va!'- wDe'J aDd Ua?1,ton. two edi laesday* Ikr'sVnriblV0 '*** * dUtl ?n adjn.t ei' thoir d^/nhf.^rm(!ernriT,amiCabl3 tha ehosen ground * " err'Tlr2 uF^n ^b'"s::" LA ?p: c/ the London Times. the ? ???Mr. 6. W.Glenn is plavinjr in Ri-v, ??<!. v.. .h.r. k. m.d.'hii air.fp^: see on Tuesday night, and displayed hU itt. -.at:vejc.,wjTs in Yankee and Dutch charae I V in tke latter he is probably better than any other actor on the American stage His grotesque impersona tlona were received with laughter and ap plause of the u ost Cearty description. tin 01 Ct ' U ^e die I?,, sr.'.r,v" r"f"' "?if p.lri.ti. k-?ri.g * ? ??'7 "<1 : .. r?.? Wlit.1. fn>u Sr.. loUrt'i'om h?.*? nee into tLe S. na ? to th. niKht oTthZlX its-., b vin< ace m^lish-d far t. ?hare of the work of rolliJJ balk 32 ? Uiitionlam that-t one time tbrwun A orenrka^ tbe Democracy of * | WASHINGTON I TEWS AND GOSSIP Consolation f>r Uie Dying ?We hav'nt the lea t t) refuse to ccnsole cur talented, enthu iastic and iogeouous neighbour in these its last moments. e, therefore, with pleas ure answer its question of yesterday. We did oppose the nomination of James Buchanan earnestly and unceasingly until it was made over our opposition, and that of thousand? of others, who, like ouraelf, subsequently voted cheerfully for him. That's a way Democrats have, which is the secret of their almost in variable success, as a party. We nil feel at perfect liberty to struggle as manfully as we can ea h to sesure the nomination of our choice. A nomination having been made, however, we all wheel into line and work together in the common cau-o of our principle, like a band of brothers. Thus wc opposed Mr. Bu chanan's nomination as scal >u?ly as we sup ported him when nominated. We've a secret :for the oar of our dying neighbor. Had the ?Cincinnati Convention put up Auld Hornie Ji m elf, ai' hoofs and horns, on the platform adopt*], we should have supported him with quite a1 mu:h zeal and earnestues-1 as we mani* felted for Mr. Buchanan; for we do not know ! men. tut principles only, in our politics. Nine ty-nine in every hundred real Democrats would have done likowise under similar cir cumstances Hence the moral strougthuf the pemocratic party's discipline Our dying neighbor is horrified at the idea that we t'hould venture to show up in its true color* the seen* occurring after the meet ing of the Jackson Democratic Association on iMonday night last, and what is more horrible (in ite estimation) to stigmatize a-blackguards those Domocrats of Baltimore who, corrupted by an evil Know Nothing exami lc, retaliated the bu.ning of Reterdy Johnson in ifligy by paying a like left hand eamplimcnt to Mayor Hinks Therein is the eecret of our success ar.d the early and untimely t approaching) death of our dear neighbor- We have a way of speaking the truth out boldly with little thought ot where it may cut We cannot for the life of us see all perfection in our own side?no faults whatever? and we have the boldness and independent todcprecato wrong doing on the part of our friends a< freely as in the conduit ?-f our opponents. If our neighbor will lay t-i heart the lesson to be drawn from tho eucceK of the Star and its own approaching dissolution? ov?sr which we mourn as a fend noiher over that cf her pre c om bai-U'ng s> far a* applicable tj the matter miking a newspaper pay, it nay essentially leuefit its publish.;!* in the con" duo: of th* Weakly it proposes t> cootic.ua to inflict ou '.he Know Nolaiug cnu j. Alas. Peer FoUa 1?Thee \? n?> tfl'ing es yet where the majority of Buchanan in Vir ginia is to stop Soiut where Le'.w <*a twenty and thirty th >u-an I, howaver - precisely where, the deponent sayeth not. In view of this fact tho extraordinary course, speeches andlet ersof John Minor Botts du ing the recent canvr**, aro worthy of rerrembrar.ee The National Intelligencer even wentiutol its w-7 to endorse his views a* eminently bold and wise, and their author as a states man after its own heart. The Herald's boba dilish praises cf Boils and bis ism were a mat ter of course, ?s they were rowing in the same boat Virginia, however, has ex[ ressed a very different appreciation cf his political sen timents; telling all the world in her vote upon them that she utterly repudiates his advice and opinions of things politic tl. Such a ma jority as she has given agninst tiem is rare indeed in her annals. The tru'his, he is a wrong-hea led and 3elf suffi :ient man, and where best known has least weight. Vide the vote of the city of Rich mond, wherein Know Nothiigum lost stun thing like a thousand votes, through tho splur ges of Botts. We ean sae nothing in the extrav agancies and ultrai=mr of Mr. Bott., ?ave and except s determination to create a sensation ut the North to make up for the entire los? cf hif former power cf making an impression at home. He seems morbidly anxiou* to be in favoi somewhere, at;d finding i: utterly impossible to regain his lost political stai.ding in Virginia, aimed to achieve standing with abolitionism But Botts, tho chief cf S uthern Kuow Noth ing*, has flickered out just us Kn' w N< thing ism itself flickered out in the recect eleotion. That is, like the itump of a nasty tallow can dle, sputtering amid iis cwn offeuiivo odor. The Privafeer Qae?:ion.?Tu*Atige*uiiu? Zeitung (leading continental 'iermun jour nal) No. 2V&, October 21, 1S56, disguising " War by Privateers ani the new Maritime Law," s js . "The Journal des Dcbat1 ha* a long ar ticle by Xtvier Raymond, on the refusal of the American (iovernujont to adopt and rccog niie the prir.ci{les in ,??jird to ti e r.ew mari time law its determined on at the Congress of Paris, unlets th? dcci ion or i-orclu ion ;is ro spects privateering be sotar exteuded that fcr the future trading vessels rhall alio be fecuro or protected against vessels of w.ir " When the Government of the United .States made this a condition or sine, </mi nun^ the Secretary cf .State. Mr Mar*y, remarked that otherwise the mere relinquid..meut cf wrfare by privateering wouii deprive the United States of their incst powerful means of defence on the ocean ; for tl e American war marinu was, comparatively f peaking, but subordinate. " This argument Xtvier Raymond attacks with exceedingly hollow grounds; so hollow and insignificant af. properly spejki.ig, not to be deservir g of a refutation Raymond thinks that, because the French privateeis in the French maritime wars were rever able to change tho decisions brought about by tho grea' battl'S on the oconn, the privateer war in general is of a very subordi nate importance. And hn ti .ds a furt! er oon firiu-ition of this, hi? view, in the circr.mstuuon ?tat ai.-o i?? t mr ?>n land, in the contest be tween the American4 tntl the Lr.gli-h, it was U"t the American militia, but the regular regiments under Lifavette and Rcch"mo**u and the capitulation of Vorktown that de cided tne use, fini, properly speaking, were the founder! ot the indapen itnoe cf the l'sited State: In the first placn wo deny the lattar fact, fhe capture of the toip' uudcr Jiur goyne at Saratoga, c>ntubutod equaiiy with that oti'ord Coruwnli.s in Yorktown t-> nii?ke 1 the dissatisied vnh the ir>r Not ftcm exhaustion, mark it, aid the Er.gli^h conclude a pca;e that made tha l uiUd S-ates free , but because tbey lec.ime convinced that with the determined resistance of tho Air trican people and the continued opposition at d difficulties, tho means whijh ttey were W'lliagto devote to th<* accomplishment of a T,otX)rJ ??re not sufficient for a sue r * termination ol the contest wiikilT'" w*r',JT popuh, isdiitin 5. l^ista war ?i this that er br S .. ^ Vt*?b oy T'cl?ries?the form factthlf ih!a,0U ? L?aviD? of sight tho with incredible cowarduVi'ui , the French in Spain could have tauiht Raymond that even guerillas proved de^h and destruction to the finest troops cf NW leon. who were always the victors over the regular Spanish armies. But then the con test lasted seven years " Equally superficial as is the judgment of Raycmnd with regard to a war on land, are iiis views with respect to a war on the sea The privateer vessels are former merohant men ; the few vessels that in the very subor dinate mercantile marina of Franoe ara it for privateer service eaonot be bronght into com parison with those of England. " The American privateers will immediate ly oovar all seas, and will be immensely supe rior to all that England oan oppose to them. Hera all depends on the measure (the quan tum) A French war of or by privateers will never be a " popular war" (bellum yopiUi) on the saa; bat of an American privateer war, it is almost certain that it will assume that oharaotar. " We refer In that respect to srtioles pub lishei on this subject." Public Survcya in Utah Territory.?He turns of the surveys have been received at the Qeneral Land Office, up to the 30th of September last, from the Surveyor General at Salt Lake City, showiDg the progress which ha? been mnde since the opening of his office on the 27th of July, 1855. The evidences of the surveys, consisting of tra aoripts of field notes, of diagrams and township plats, exhibit the following result: The principal base line, on the parallel of 40? north latitude, passes through the city of Salt Lake, extends cast four miles to the Wahsatch mountains, and west thirty-six miles to the Salt Lake. The Salt Lake meridian, starting from a corner of the' Temple Block," or the initial point of survey in Utah, runs north through Cache valley eighty-four wiles to the proximity of the southern boundary of Oregon, and from the initial point it extends tuuth through the Jordan, Tintick, and Youab valley seventy two miles. From these principal lines of the public surveys the subdivisional surveys have been extended east and west of the meridian, and are limited by the Wahsatch mountains on the e*:t, Blue and Hansel valleys and Ce dar mountains on the west, embracing about one hundred and thirty townships and frac tional townships of suiveys, and borderirg Salt Lake and surrounding Utah Lake, the latter covering the area of about 80 000 acres, aod containing fresh water. Sensible Advice.?The Richmond Enquirer gives Mr. Buchanan sound and sensible advice inieed, with reference to the policy of his A J ministration upon the subject of the squabbles in " the party" in New York, which, from firit to last, gave the present Administration more annoyance than has been its lot to encounter frt.ni all other subjects and sources put to gether " Fortune ii? more propitious to Mr. Buch anan. Now York did nothing for him; and it is not incumbent upon him to do anjthir.^ for New York If there be within the State (as undoubtedly there i#) anything of public virtue and political wisdom which ho wouid enlist in the scrvioe of the country, he may sclc:t the m&n in contempt of the claims of the politicians. If he wculd have a Marcy to preside over the foreign relations of tho Gov eminent, or a Seymour to represent its inter ests abroad, or Dickinson, or Wood, orDix.or any other able and worthy citi/eo, to serve it in e<?me other function, he may attain his nb ject without the haaard of personal embar rassment. But Mr Buchanan must have it understood in the beginning of his Ad ministration-perhaps it would be well to proclaimin his Inaugural Address?that ho recoguizes no sort of obligation to the poli ticians of New York?that what tbey get they will receive out of mere favor, and that their broils and wrangles are never to be obtruded upon the consultations of the cabinet. If Mr Buchanan will adopt this prompt and peremp tory policy, he will save himself a world of vexation, and the country an infinity of scan dalous disputation. It was the wise saying of the w'sest of women, that " an ungovernable beast should be stinted ip its provender " Mr Buchanan may profit of the lesson, and by a judicious parsimony in the dispensation of patronage may reduce even the politicians of New York to something like decency and decorum in the pursuit of spoils " Major Foore'i Reception ? There was moie in the recent recaption of Major Poore by the good people of Boston at the conclusion of his feat of wheeling a barrel of pippins thirty-six miles than meets the eye of the casual ob server. Ten times as many of that city's den izens w*r? pr?mnt?n that -fccadion as at either the "reception" with which abolitionism there received Charles Summer not long >ince, or at th*t subsequently accorded to Ans.rn Burlin game. The English of the frolic Ip, thut It was neither more nor less than a burlesque of the Sumner and Burlingame receptions, being so iiffcnded by both parties?the Boston public jkzid tho recipient. The Major, who is a wag of the first water, poked fun at the sympathi zar.', too, in the finale of his speech, wherein he talked about fighting Burlingatr.e s battl:s i:i Washington for him; no other two men in Massachusetts bi-lng further apart politically than the two in question, the Major ab^mina ting abolitionism and the abolitionists, every mother's son of thorn, politically, with intenre emphasis. On the whole, bis burlosqne upon the Sumnsr and Burlingame receptions is one of tho best thir.gs of the kind that has ccme iff for years past A Know Nothing Iicket.?We have be fore vs a curious thing in the way of a Know Nothing electoral ticket voted in Montgomery c unty. Maryland, at the recent election. The cut it bears at its head represents a portrait of Jackson on the left hand^a huge hickory tree in the centre, and the harp of old Ireland on the righf hand?the whole cappcd by an arch bearing the inscription ot "Jackson and Lib erty '' It is worthy of note only because it illustrates capitally the fondness of Know Nothirgism for false pretences. 7 In Proposed New Post Office at Balti more, Md ?Wo hear that the Attorney Gen eral, on investigation, has decided that the title of the Fxchauge building property, ten dered to tha Government, is not sufficient to justify its purchase, as was intended for ? new pest office in Baltimore, Md. Death of an Army Officer ?Second Lieut. Israel Miller, ninth infantry, was lost over board from the steamboat Mary, on the Co lumbia river between the Caecades tf the Columbia and Fort Dallas Oregon Territorv on tho night of the 30th of September, 1855 Ficanoial ? The financial circular of Swee ny, Rittenhouse, Fant <t Co., banher?, of the 13tb. says: The demand for warrants has somewhat in creased since the date of our last weekly re view ; but although the demand on Tues day acd yesterday was pretty well up with tho supply, there was no apparent difficulty ! to fill orders at the advanced price We quote the market firm to-day *t the following rates : 40-acre warrants SI 08aSl 12 per acre HO ?? ?? 93a 95 ? 120 ? " 87a 88 " ItfO " " 93a 95 ?? Revolutionary scrip... ? 94a 98 ?? Since our laat weekly report there has been I considerable improvement in stocks and bonds. We quote Washington Corporation 6's 103a 1031; Georgetown do'98i99; Alexandria 84a 84$. In New York, stocks of all descriptions have run up very high The gresU depression in the market for the past two months caused a very low point to be touched, and the up ward movement has been rapid and strong The favorable influence of SI.600,000 in gold from California and the advices by the steamer Europe, on yesterday, caused the leading ?locks at the seoond board to advance 1 to S per oent ., and the market oloeed firm. Vir ginia 93*; Missouri 90*; Tennessee 91*. Money market unchanged. Loans on call 6 to 7 per cent ; first class paper 8 to 9 per cent; second do 9 to 12 per cent. Tho Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 13ih November, ^here were of Treasury warranto entered on the books of the Department Texas debt warrants $1 653 23 For the redemption of Stooks.... 32,106 18 For the Treasury Department... 24.91 J 80 For the Interior Department 13.955 81 For Customs M 7i2 War warrants received and en tered ...... 246,930 00 From miscellaneous sources 2,346 38 CALIFOB1TIA NEWS. In the Alta Californien we find the follow ing summary of the fortnight's news : Nothing has ocourred during the put two weeks calculated to impart any special interest to the news from this stato The exoitement consequent upon the action of the Vigilanco Committee has abated with the dissolution of that organization. In this city the Republicans and the Peo ple s party have united upon a local ticket, thereby rendering the election of the Reform candidates for our municipal offices well nigh certain. Thero is al*o bat little doubt that the legislative delegation from this district will consist of men pledged to vote for an amnesty act, and tocarry out generally the views of the party favorable to the Commitee attention is being paid to political affairs throughout the entire State, and how California will cast her vote on the Presiden tial question is a matter of entire doubt The reception of the Maine news has no doubt acted favorably on the Republican cause, and in spired its supporters with additional hope of success Still this does not appear to have impaired the confidence of either of the other parties in their ability to carry the State. Since the sailing of the last steamer, our State Agricultural Society have held their an nual fair. It took place at San Jose, com mencing on the 7th inst It was numerously attended, and was an exhibition that would have refleoted credit upon an older oommuni u-iTu a every department the articles exhibited were an improvement upon those of last Year; while in some things the articles displayed were such as California alone can produce.

Trade, as a general thing, has been aatire during the last two weeks, the amount of goods going interior has never been exceeded tor the same space of time There is a good deal o- build ug and various other kinds of improvement.! going on lu and about the city at present. Tho prospect now is that we shall ha\o a wet winter, whieh, by furnishing abundance of w<iter, will insure a prosperous eeasjn t?the minors. A notorious highwayman, known as Tom tfell, has been taken and executed in Tulare couuty. Several reputed to be of his g*nz, have also been arrested. Robberies and murders have been le;3 fre quent in the mountains for the last week or two, since more stringent measures have been adopted lor their suppression. Tne Indians of Clinton Valley, Mendocino county, hapmg stolen t lot of cattle. were pursued by a party of whites, and about fifty oi their cumber killed, according to report. A man named Colebrook was hung by the mob at Angel's Camp, for killing Dr. Arm strong, by stabbing him with a knife. On the 13th of October, two ruffians, named Macauley and one Andy Carr, attacked a young man named Bond, with knives, at Whimtown. Tuolumne county, when Carr drew his pistol and shot Bond, inflicting a mortal wound. One oi the Macaulejs then stabbed him in the back, killing him instantly. An attempt was made by the people to hang the murderer, but the officers baffled them, and got him off to jail. The fixtures and furniture of the Vigilance Committee rooms, on Sacramento street, were sold at auction on the 6th. a he \ oice of Israel, a weekly paper, de voted to the Jo wish interest, was started on the yth Briant, the '-'gunpowder man," onvicted of attempting to blow up the store of L 1'. Kitter A Co , has obtained his release from the State Prison through a clerical error in the Court ot Session, making his term of con finement one, instead of two years The jury in the trial of Major R. P. Ham mond, for embezzlement of the United States funua while Collector of this port, failed to agree, and were discharged. A second trial Commenced on the 27th. Martin Gallagher, one of the Vigilance Com mittee eniM, returned from the Sandwich Islands on the 5th instant, in the brig Glen eoe He was disguised, and passed under the JSautued name ot Wilson Hunt The Vigi )utcr,v??ihu-,tteKarownthe ,ook?ut f?r hi?> y?1 hu whereabouts remain unknown. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, Nov. 14 1856 We have never known rnoh a general com plaint about strayed or suion cows as we have heard coming up from nearly every quarter this fall. Nearly every persoa who keeps cows has had more or less trouble of this description with thera. The general im pression is that there are parties in the Dis trict, and living contiguous to it who some times deal in stock of this kind, who are in the habit of driving them off from the com mons where they arc in the habit of grazing, either for the purpose of securing a reward, or trading them off in the country tor other cows which are afterwards sold in the market. Look out f >r the wagons! Our friends Amy A Shinn have just finished overhauling, reno vating and enlarging th<?ir mineral water and bottling depot, and making their general fall ami winter arrangements for supplying their extensive custom with the very beet of porter, ale, cider, Ac., besides their unsurpassed cor dials, Ac , for persons iu delicate health. Circumstances have transpired since the notice of the absence of Mr John Claxton. in the Star of yesterday, which go to confirm the suspicion* of foul play by some person or per sons After the notice before mentioned, a gentleman's shawl was brought to Messrs. Welch A Wilson of our city, by a person who found it in the Washington canal, which these gentlemen recognized as one they sold Mr. Claxton some time since Mr. C. is repre sented by those who were intimately ac quainted wi h him as a young man of very steady habits, inoffeusive in bis deportment, and very generally beiiked It is therefore reduced to a certainty that if he has come to an untimely doatb, it was tho work cf some person or persons done for gain, or to gratify the evil propensities of an evil heart His friends and family are greatly distressed on account of his absence. Business of every description continue.* steady and moderately brisk. Our City Councils will meet again this even ing, at 7 o'clock, when we presume, the bill providing the ways and moans for lighting I our streets with gas will be pas.ed and signed Nothing new in the markers, and no mate rial change in prices sines our report of yes terday SrECTATCR. Sbavisg mape East.?Wot your shaving brush in either warm or cold water, pour on two or three drops of "Balm of a Thousand Flowers," rub the beard well and it will make a beautiful soft lather much facilitating the operation of shaving. Price only Firty Canto. For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washing ton, and all druggists. Tbankbgivi.no ie Farmville.?Gov. Wise, of Virginia, having failed to designate a day for Thanksgiving, the citizens of Farmville, in thai State, are making arrangements for a publio observance of Thursday, tha 20th of November, the day cat apart for that purpose in more than twenty States of tbc Union. Shaxgbais.?A gentleman in Norfolk, Va., has 50 hens that aversge 20 eggs per day, amounting to 7,300 per year, x'he cost of feedirg is abcut 12* per week! Senator Slidell received a dispatch yester day, from the editor cf the New Orleans Cou rier, stating that Buchanan s majority in Lou isiana is abont 2,000. ,THE REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION will hold i special meeting at tbetr Room* on 7th street, oa SATURDAY, tbe 15th Inst , it ' p m A fall attendance of < be members Is particularly desired li? LKW18 CLEPHANE. Se?*t TO THE CLUBS OF WASHIN? TON ?Tbe members of (be iewr?i Clubs at Wssbloffton are respectfully requested to eppolat two d aerates each to meet with tbe same aumter from toe Boone Club, at tbelr ball, on tbe crner of *4th and I streets, m THURS DAY EVENING, November ?nb, at %% o'clck, for tbe purpose of forming a Club Deparm.ent By order of the President. It* SPALDING GOOD, Secretary FIRST COTILLON PARTY of the AWE W AH D CLUB, At tbe IsLaae Hall, on THURSDAY EVEN ING. December 4th. Tlckets FIFTY CENTS; to be bad of tbe members or st tbe door, By order cf the no* 44 ThAS,*t* COMMITTEE. ?-^^NOTICE ?THE ANACOST1A FIRE Company No l.wil glve&Gnnd 11*11 at their Hsll, on WEDNESDAY, tbe 19:h lr.??t. Particulars in a future advert iiem> Lt. r.ov It ?t ,THE BOONE CLUB WILL GIVE their Secmd Grand Ball on TUESDAY KvbNlNG, November 25tb,at?be Washington Assembly Rooms. Partlcal rs in future adver tisement nov 13-21 COM OF ARRANGEMENTS THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING A few bonrs leisure each day. wishes to take charge of a set of Books, or would do any ether kind of Writing Address through tbe city Tost Office. BOOK-KEKPLR nee l^jte THE WASHINGTON HIGH 1 AN - DERS take pleafure in a: noaming to their fr'erds. civil and military, that tbelr Tblrd Annual Ball will take piece on WtDNESOAY EVENING, the 3d of December, 185*. For par ticulars see future advertisement, no* 12.eo.V.* LADIES AND GENTLEMEN DEM rous of receiving a thorough course of Instruction lo the German Language, and Music on tbe Piano, will please call at Mo 464 Ten'k street, between D and K, where prlcej maybe 11 ted upon agreeable to the parties. nov 8 iw* ?^2i?THE LADIES' FAIR AT ODD FLL low#' Hall is now being held tor tbe benefit ef the Rev S D Pinckers Church, or. tbe corner of G and Twentieth streets, and will be open every evening during this sr.d next week for tnelr patrons ana the public generally. No effort will be spared to render their Wit* agree able, as all tbe applianoes, Music, Fancy Ar tides, Confectionery, Ac . Ac , are provided for the entertainment of their visitors A generous patronage is respe-tfully soMclted by THE COM OF ARRANGEMENTS. ROV 7-*t .THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL of th?? UNION H LA R I? S will take place on the 8th of January. Particulars in a future advertisement, nov ll-2awtJanl .NOTICE?THK 8UBSCRIBEK bes> leave to coll the attention of tbe public toh!s rto~k of GLASS tad yUEEN^WARI before rurcba*ing elsewhere, es by so doing ?bey will sa*e from lk to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower thnn tbe lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and Iftth streets Je Mm JOHN MrDRVITT F^OUND?A SMALL SUM OF MONEY, which the owner can bave by calling at HANDl.EY'8 Store, 7th street,between G ard H street*. It* H. D. APHLETOH. HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSIClAS. No. 51 Missouri avenuo, between Jd and 1? sts ncv li-#t? For ralk?a large counter GLASS case, a: w EG AN A SON'S. nov 14-3t 323 Pa ave , bet flth and Tth sts. THE FLAG OF OUR UNION FOR THE 22d of November, with centlnnation of the very eicttlng ar.d Interesting story called '? The P.-ide of Paris or Roll of the Drum " nov 14 FERGUSON, 498 7thst_ SPLENDID FLOWEKS AND FEAT K EKS just opened at GEO H CASSL.vJ DY'S, s?jc ei-sors to A. Tate,314 Penrsyl e*? vania avenue. nov 11 REWARD. ? STRAYED AWAY from tbe susscriber, a brL'dle COW, small born*; also, a buffilo brlndle YEVRI ING with white epets on cech side of the Hank. HENRY BROWN, it* 8th street, bet D and E ? tretts, No 619 N*W YORK LEDGER, THE LA DIE*' Jewd. for|November 22d; *'Orlrn tbe Gold Beater," takes all the laurels from the Gan Maker of Moscow. Buy the Ledger at nov 14 FERGUSON'S, 486 Tthtt. The vine, its soil and location, Culture in tbe United States, Grafting, prun ing, Manuring, Wine-making from rhegrapsand other fruit*, Varieties for the North, Vineyards In In tbe Ublted States, Foreign Vineyards, Ac Ac , bv R H. Phelps. 1 volume 25 cents. nov 14 FKANCK TAYLOR. THE UNION. THE ?< UNION HOTEL" IN GEORGE town, D. C.. has been leased by the subscriber, who is now prepared and wou!d be pleased to receive permanent and ?? -te-'M slent boarders. nov 14 lin JACOB FOUKE. OO NBWARD.?IRANAWAY FROM *iP the subscriber, on Sunday night tbe 9 h Inst , living near 1 enallytown, in the District of Columbia, my NEGRO MAN, WM BELL abou* 2i> years old, six feet high, very dark color' with full suit of hair, and talks rattier slow when spoken to I will give fifty d"l>ars if tak*n in the District of Columbia, or o-.p hundred dollars If taken out of lt, in either c.se ta be secured In Jail so tiiat I ott him again. nov 14?3t? NoTLEV MORELAND. WINTER MILLINERY. MRS. J CASSIDY WILL OPEN ON Satur day next, November istb, a rich and ~ splend'd assortment of Velvets, Satin, Plash and Silk FRENCH HATS for ladle* and /*& children, which slie baa tils day brou ht from New York, of most elegar.t st\!e- and description at ti e store of r > GEO H. CASS1DY A CO., nov l4-3t Successors to A Tate, 314 Pa av. QCT HE\VAKU.-?TRAYcD OR STOLEN, V? *J on or about the 28th of Oi tober, a TTT^m la'ge WHITE CO VV, neck specked w?th vff 7* r d Her H sb marks are very notable Her boms are ratter shor., and the point rf ore his b en knocked off as has also thefcap of one of ber hips She hssa durbam appearance, with ratlier ?hort tall. The above reward will be paid on her delivery at B F M OX LEY'S Cigar and Tobacco 8tore, corner of Bridge and Wa-hington streets Georgetown nov 14 3t ' R E W A R D .-STRAYED AWAY from the subscriber, living on thei oorner of 2d st eet east and North Caro 1 Una avenus, Capitol tJili on tbe 17th of* October a RED COW, wl h a lump on her neck, near the head. Also, a Red Cow-Calf, 4 or S months rid Any inform* ion through th* City Post office will be thankfully received The above regard will b; paid on ber delivfry 11 ir.? nov 12 3t* CHRISTOPHER McDONALL. DENTAL SUROEO*V. DR.B F COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE tweer. Sixth and Seventh itretts at the place formerly occupied by Dr ( Van Patten, bas just received a very laMC supply of articles per'al'l g to dentistry ani respectfully Invites the public to give him a call. Having dt voted his who> time to tb? pro fession, he Is perf'-ctlv safe in declaring that he will givp entire satisfaction In tvery case The best pr< fe slonal references can be seen at his of. nov 12 tMarch*)* mil, ri'KS-AT IKVB?PRtlT DEC:DEDLY THE LARGEST COLLEC tIon of Ladl?s' elegant Fl'liS that has ever before been brought to this raukftlsnow ready f t sile at the Georgetown Ma- ufirtory. STONE M \RTEN , MINR. SABLE, FITCH Do FRENCH Do ROCK Do SIBERIAN S^UIR'L; In short-c?eiy article that Is fi>shionable in the Fur line, and' very moderate la price Ladiee will p'.ca^e call ear y and get bargains at W.T. SEYMOUR'S, nov 12 iw Georgetown. r REWARD WILL BINIVIN FOR VliJ the return to us of a PATENT HY DRAULIC JACK, made by Dndgeoo, New York taken a few r ights since f oui our granite works at the Patent office. Dea.ers In old Iron will please lcok out for it novll-lw BEBRY A MOHUN. TO THE LADIES. WE HAVE JUST OPENED QUI fashions hie ass, rtment of Velvet and9#t ^fotnerWINTER BONNETS Alao.TW Epew style of Hair Dieiwei ard Plovers jaitre flkyed from Paris; and a'l other artleles in tbe Millinery line. C. PRIBRAM A CO., Pa. ave., bet. loth and lltk sts , south tide, oc an-lm ??n"l.III! BORNBTB! BONNETS I ^ HAYE JUST RECEIVED AN IN mti b ai be City. GEO. H. CAB8IDAY 4 CO. cet 11 Bucoeiaera to A. Tele, 314 Pa. ev W Ama?ements WYM AH! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALI., NATY \AKD, THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, And TO-MORROW KVKNIN6 , CO MX ONE ?COME ALL."?At? o'clock DOT 14 ft _ ^NATIONAL THE A TR K~ Fifth &pp*inBf' cf THE mik HIRRISON OPRR.% Tp0rPR BENEFIT OF Mr W HARRISON. THIS EVENING. The splendid Opera of LUCIA,THE ?KIDEOrlATI^KRMOOK To-mrrrow Farewell Night and Bereflt of MISS LOUTS A PYN E Donlrettl's Opera of " Child of the Regiment." Monday. first appeinDec of Mr. K BOOTH the Ira Box office open from Vlo4# o'clock, when seats ii1st!d voung tragedian.abl snpported, in the tiatoriral trsgedr of 44 Richard III 1MB can be se:urt? Doors open at 9 \; Opera c Mnmence at 7 W Wants. ANTED?AT THE WASHINGTON House, corner of 3d atreet and Pein **?? ?ue, a Baker Man, a~.d a Womin Cook. It* A RESPECTABLE, STEADY W O M A N wishes a Situation at Chamb rwork and'P.aln Sewlne or to assist In the car* of Children No objection to go a short dlsUa* t* the country. Address M . U , Bo* No 7, at this rSl* It* WANTED?A STEADY MIDDLE ASKD Woman, to manage and attend to household and family {business in a ?ir.all family. Liber 1 couip.'Bia>ii.n and a comfortable home wili e'vei Apply at Capt THOMAS SHRiEVKS**, Mo. 707 7th strict, near the Wind Mill, Seventh Wtrd. no* 14-tf WANTED IM MEDIATELY ?A SERVANT to do general Ilousewoik In a ama'l family. No 37? 8th street, east aid", near New York av?. nue bot 14 Assistant boor keeper and KITCHEN B<JV WANTED ?T>-e P<v?k keep?r most be qualified as wslter and ovsttr shucker. and to attend dinners out and in my Sa loon when required. Also, wanted a Kitchen Boy, who mu-t le cleanly. Apr lv *?? - adver tlser promptly JOS BO 11 LANG UK, Near War and Navy Department. bov U-3t (InteAUnloa) WANTED ?A FIRST RATF Ho Y . (61 H mtn or Colored.) that perfectly urd? tarda the care ef horses No bungler nsed a nply A'so, a good Washwoman, to do the washing of a family Irqn-re at No 19 Lonsiana avenue, be tween 8th and 9th streets. over Stephens's Fancy Store _ nov li-ti* WANTED ?A SMALL t ETACHK.D COT tape Residence with Garden, in s k?-althi stt uation, anywhere wltbln five miles ride of the C'oltol. Address by letter only, to F. C . at this office. bot 13 eo3t* WANTED TO HIRE ?A COLORED GIRL for Nurse Slave preferred. Call on J ROBINSON,319 Penn. avenue, opposite Browi.s* Hotel. ror 19-tf WANTED?A BAY HORSE, M* or 17 hands bigh. 6 or H years old, of good style and ar il n. Must rr ake well in single or donb e bar neys. Apply Immediately a' H ALl.'S Dry Gc? ds Store, No 37'Seventh street. n?v l?-3t* WANTED?A YOUNG MAN DESIRE* A Situation as Clerk or Bookkeeper in anv ca pacity Bos' ?f references given, P e-aeaddre** " Energy." Siar Office nov ll-5'.a WANTED?A FEMALE SERVANT IN A s-nnll fml'y Apply at Mrs SMITP'S, 46113th s'reet, between E and F. novil-er ' t# WANTED?A COACHMAN"WHO IN derstands his business thoroughly, end ran furnish the best recommendstions A colored man preferred, who can read writing. AppTyat this office. nov 19-tf Boys wanted?six boys wanted at the Bowling Saloon on D street between 8th and 9th streets. Slaves preferred. Apply Immediately. nov 9 tf WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED- TO Fid persoas 1j want of the following ar tlclea: French or German Looking Glaa.^ PcruaU or Picture Frames, round, o*al oi sqaart Oil F&JntlegF, large and small Marble-top Bracket! Tables, la brenre or gold. All kinds of Picture framed, srd any ?lu Looking Glasses, or other work la the g?:dmg line done to order wlih dlspatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on har.d. Terms moderate to sal the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Reg!lt,and Looking 6.ass Plates Inserted. 455 Peana. avenue, opposite Kirkwwd P.crae dec 19 JOHN WAUNKR. Boarding. Anew boarding-house.?mrs. c. REYNOLDS baa ta^en tlie well known 'om modlous boardlng-houM on the southeast corner of Pennsylvania avenue snd4)f street, which is balng entirely refttad and furnished. She > as rooms for rent (at dUT-rent price* according to their location,) with or wl hout board. All de siring such arcomir.cdatlons will do well to call before locating themielves e'sewhere._ nov 8 tf Board,Ac ? mrs. bates,on the s w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th stre?4 is prepared to accomrr.od te genO men vrlih rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. ap 9-tf JIHKfcT MATCH SAFES. AT nov l?-3t LAM MOND'S. Kki?s erinhlr's depot.?lam MOND, 4?4 7th ttreet, bas aga n been ap pointed nry sole agent for the distribution ?f Toys. aov 13 3t KR1SS KK1NGLL. A PhEVTARU STRAYED OR STOLEN. f om No 281 F stiee:, or. the lith?v^r^-W lna'ant, a very large red COW with^4(J^j^SJ white face and brown rims round bn*u ? ejres, white breast ard long horns, (very wrin kled) coming straight outfrom theheadtnd turn ing down to the fa~e. co7 13l-3t*^ POTATOES?POTAT' E? JUST RECEIVED FROM THE NORT! SCO bushels of IRIs?H POTATOES of supe. ior quality, which 1 ctfer low forca?b Also, a superior article of fresh ground BUCK WH E\T FtiOUK of superior q ial'.ty. at prises tos'iltthe times CHAS T SMITH, nov 13-lw* N . W cor. of 10th and L sts. NATIONAL GALLERY OF EXTKAOK OINAKY CiKIOSITIKS. ANEW AND CORRECTED CA TALOSUE has rast been published by me. with tbe al terations th?t have b^en de?lKi?ed y made cor rected. Ibis Is the third time I bavc bed to ajter my Caialogue, and at a b?avy expense I published a Catalogue that was a credit to tnv-eif, a credit to the Government, a credit to tt dM'n gulsbed scientific, penons who arr?sg<d he Mb seum, (Capt Y* ilk a U ok particu ar occasV ? to express himself pleased ssith it,) and * r-iedit to the distinguished person at the head of the Pat ent Office, who permitted me to muae it .-.nd s 11 It in the Government building 1 havvcomt a ?-d it with the Catalogues of the Brt'lsb Mnset.m and Jardin dea Plantes, and It compare* w?ll; but 1 cannot expect rltlien-, strange s, or f< feign ers to be satisfied as lony as a man is pormttie<i to stand at the door and depreciate It, and *h? ta* put two numbe a on each case toconfnsesnd per plex visitors ALFRED liCNTMl. nov l3-3t DELTA ?AI.009, D it rett, be lints Hikomt/ 9(4 streets This elegant s? loon was opened on Satutday evening. Nox-eirber ?th. and the proprietor, la soliciting pstronagc, fvS? bega leave to assure the public tnat he has a"M spared no pains sr expense in making thts the most elegant EATING and DRIM(ING PA LOON In Washington city Its central and prlr vate locality, and the admirable adaptation of the house to the business aided by the best of ce^ks and servants, and his unremitting endeavors to obtain th- finest OYSTERS and other delicacies whleh the m<rhst affords, will, be hopes, merit and receive the patronage of hla friends and the community generally. bov 13-tf ASA ricketts MAUDS OA eMTLBMM'l SHAWL 9*. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR THIRD and largest supply of gentlemen'* Shawls, embracing every vane y, weight, and site. N B ?Also, a larga let of Bay Slate Shawls whleh we are prep&r d to sell at thelow price of S6 apiece Call at GEO H. B. WHITE ?00*8 , H it. Cas and Gent's Fob ahlag Store, nov ll-tr 3X Pa av., Wt 9th ar.dl 0th is 1 fififk CORDS GOOD BBAIONKD OAR lvvU WOOD to be sold and delivered la quantities ess than a cord at reduced pricea, and one or morj cords delivered frem the ears dlreet, at whoJeeale pi lees. Orders reoetved at the oot cer of fid and D stre ts north, near the depot; also at R B. CLARK'S, corner ef ** snd M stree' south M* t-to> DONT VAIL to tisit tu gT a stove 9< MaLAUGH UN * OO. m \