26 Kasım 1856 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Kasım 1856 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY November 36.1*36. ?" i?Tlinil*IlfT* H?Clt II LSFT AT Til OWCe IT Twii?l M.; omivui TBKT MAT K?T irrUI ? ?im iiit tit. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union discusses tLe New York Tribunt is connection with Kansas affairs The Intelligent rr thus discoureeth on the composition of the Senate of the United States : " The death of Mr. Clayton haa very natu rally directed attention to the members of the United State* Senate, and to the point of se niority. Mr. Crittenden, of Kentucky, is now the ''Father" of that diptinj;ui?hed body, baring entered it on the 4th of Maroh, 1817 It will be seen, however, on reference to the roeord, that this sow veteran Senator did not exhibit any degree of fondness fur the public eooaeils. high ns the position of a Senator has ever been considered lie resigned his first term in less than three years, and his succes ?or. the Hon. Richard M Johnson, was ap pointed on the 10th December, 181}). ??Mr Crittenden was again in the Senate, his service dating from 3d March, 18?>. He again resigned before the end of his term, and his tueeeeeor, the Hon. James T. Morehead, en ured the Senate on the 20th February, 1341 Mr Crittenden then succeeded Mr. Clay, who had resigned on the 25ih February, 1842, and continued until the 3d of March, 1849. He waa elected Governor of Kentucky, but re linquished that trust in July, 1850, to enter Mr. Fillmore's Cabinet as Attorney General Mr. Crittenden s present term commenced with the 3d of March, 1855, making Lis whole service about eighteen years. ?4 The Hon. James A. F^ar-e, of Maryland, is next in the order of seniority, his service dating from the 3d March, 1843. Hu id now in his third teriu The ll^n Lewis Ca?s com menced with 4th March. 1845, and resigned in 1843 when nominated for the Presidency. He is in his second term, which will be closed oc the 3d of March, 1857 " None of the other Senators now in service date further back tn*n 3d March, 1845 Tie seniors stand thus: Mr. Bright, of Indiana, 4th March, 1845; Mr Yulee. of Florida, July 21, 1845; Messrs. liusk *nd Houston, of Texas, February 21,1*40; Mr Butler, of South Caro lina, December 21, 1M6; Mr. Mason, of Vir ginia, January 25. 1847, Mr. Hunter, 4t2r of March, 1847; Mr Hale of New Hampshire. 4th March. 1847 Mr. Bell, o: Tennessee. 4th VarcD, 1847; Mr. Douglas, of Illinois. 4th of Mareh, 1847; Mr. Fitxpatrick, of Alabama. December 11th, 1848: and Mr. Seward, of New fork. 4th March. 1&4V '? This exhibits more than tb^urual number nf comparatively new Senator-, out moat of th?m have bad legislative experience in otner public bodies. ' WASIlhVGTON NEIVS AND GOSSIP Hiearagua.?In yesterday's Stur we took oecasion to refer briefly to the expose of Walk er's policy and acts which haa resulted from tha current quarrel of some of his agents and pirtiaans in New York city. We regret that a want of space prevents us from spreading the antira articles, wcrd for word, before the Star's readers. They involve a triumphant justifi cation of the course we have felt it to be our duty to pursue with reference to Walker and his plans since the beginning of his unsuccessful raid into the territory of our nearest neighbor on our southern flank?Mexico. We conceived that we saw in what was originally developed of his scheme! an entire disregard of any other interest wha:>v jr than that of carving out for himself the throne of a despot, and a deter mination to resort to e^ery species of violence, cruelty and fraud, and, inJaed.. to the perpe tration of any crimos appearing for the nonce likely to further his selfish personal end". Under such circumstances, we steadily set our face against bis caus?, and, so far. b*vt seen no reason to regret having dona so. Balow we make a few extracts from the pub. lieations t> whicb we lefer above, whieh, toga gether, present a daguerreotype of his pur poses, his acts, his present position and condi tion in Nicaragua, and of the fortunes of those Americans who have allowed themselves to be aedneed into entering his service. Tnus on the 11th of January las: bo consummated the fol lowing agreement with the noted Cuban Fili buster, Goicouria, without the aid of whose money, we apprehend, he would long since bava exploded: COXTBACT. General William Walker, Commander-in Chief of the Army of Nicaragua, is willing to fbrm the following agreement with Captain F. A. Laite, appointed egent of Sr Domingo de Ooiconria, sole holder and depository of tbe goods and chattels bel^rping to the cause of Cuba, consisting in mouey. a vessel and mu nitiorsof war: Firstly?General William Walker pledges uis word of honor that be will assist and co operate with his vari< us resources, such us men anoi others, in the ';ause of Cuba, and in favor of he." liberty, after having consolidated tbe neaee an J the government of the itepublic of Nicaragua Secondly?General William Walker pro poses and admits tb? understanding 'hat the material and pecuniary resources ot Nicara gua, a* veil a- those which are in tbe posses sion of tie revolutionary par y of Cuba, shall be amalgamated togeiaer. making common cause together, for tbe purpose of overthrow - ing tbe Spanish tyranny la (he iaiand, ai.d of insuring tbe prosperity of Central America, identifying thereby the interests ot both coun lhirdly? General Walker requires a i*Ii expoahioo, manifestation and explanation of the resources belonging to tbe cau^e of Cuba, as likewise a detailed statement and list of the military and marine fcrces, as well as the re maining re?, urces cf the bpanish Government ia the inland of Cuba. Fourthly?Capt F. A Leiae, having taken into consideration the contcm* of the three foregoing articles, agrees to and adepts the contents of tbe said three articles, only as a preamble of a contract to b? made upon a more solid bat>ts, by tbe partiea interested ; and therefore bind; himself by his word of boner to keep tbis agreement until he rhall have falicr powers for its final arrangement And, bavteg drawn out two pajers of the same ten' r, in corroboration of this we atiix our signatures, in tn? Independent State and R? rib lie of Nicaragua, this day, January 11, 856. c- ., . W*. Walkxb. SV*l : ^ A Lajjs. I be destruction of the government of the United State", MBLf ly ah a means cf buildirg ?P * government for himself with despotic powers, wai one of his aims, as will be plainly pereefved from the following letter from him, written to (ioicuria as late as the 12th ot August last: Gbakada, Aug. 12, 1856 Mr Dbab Gr-BXKAL: I send your creden tials for Great Britain by General Cazeneau. Thay are ample, and will be. I hope, not with out result 11 you can >.&en negotiations with Kcgland and secure for Nicaragua the port ot *sn Jaan del Norte, you will effect a great otjeel II will be a long ster towards our tnd Without San Juan del Norte we lack what will be in the end indispensable to us?a n?val force in the Carribbean sea The com snercial consequences of this possession are nothing in comparison with the naval and po litical results With vour versatility, and, if I may use the term, adaptability, I expect much to be done in Kngland Too can do mora than atiy American could pessibjy accomplish, because you can make tbe British cabinet see that we are not engaged in any scheme for annexa tion You can make them fee that tha only way to eut the expanding and expensive de i*. ?craey of the north ia by a powerful and compact southern federation, based on mili tary principle?. The sooner you go to England the better it -fill be for us. If possble, the treaty should be made before the middle of November. By that time the rainy seaeon will be or#r, and we oan open the next campaign. We malt have all our relation* with Central America fixed before the last of April, and nothing will so much facilitate us as the settlement of the Mosquito question. Above all, this part is necessary for the work we hava in hand af ter oar Central American affairs are settled It is needless for me to impress you with the importance of this mission ; for you, no doubt, feel it as deeply as I do. I hope to hear from you every mail. Can yo? not make ? ? write me a letter? Tell ? ? he must send me the news, and let me know whether "Cuba must and shall ba free;" but not for the Yankees. Oh, no! that fine country is not fit for those barbarous Yankees. What could such a psalm singing set do in tha island* Remember me to your family, and believe ma. yours, sincerely, Wm. Walker. Qen. D. dr Goicouria. A correspondent of the New York Herald published on Saturday last, in connection with the current Nicaraguan emeute, a suc cinct account of various acts of inexcusable and needless cruelty perpetrated by Walk* er?among them being his treacherous mur. der of Salaiar, of whom (long before Walk er was heard of) all well-informed North Americans knew, from his reputation as one of the most enlightened, public spirited and truly liberal gentlemen in all Spanish Ameri ca. Unfortunately for him, he conceived the idea that he could benefit hi3 country by in troducing into it, W Alker, with a band of San Francisco ragamuffins at bis heels; and he acc >rdingly imported W. and his original six ty-five followers. But we let the New York Mirror (which has taken the trouble to con dense the Herald's correspondent's account of Salaiar's murder) tell the story, as follows : II Don Mariano Salazar, was one of the wealthiest, bravest and most accomplished gentlemen yf Central America, a member of the rich bouse of Solan k Co , of Genoa. He married the beautiful and virtuous sister of President Castcllon. by whom he had several children. When Senor Castellon?one of the few men of Central America who could boast of the pure Spanish tavgri mvl in his veins? came to the unhappy determination of em ploying Walker to assi*t the causo of liberty iu Nicaragua, it was his brother-in-law, Senor Salazar, who furnished means which enab'ei General Walker to raise his battaiion in San Francisco, and transport both himself and it to the scene of operations "After this again, when Walker had been foiled in his fir-it m.id attempt cn Kivas, and when the administration by whom he bad been invited looked coldly on his want of mili tary prudence, it was to Salaiar he turned as his unshaken friead, and from him received such personal aid and advice a-? toenable him to continue bis operations. Those operations terminated in temporary victory, and Don Patricio Kivas was nominated President, and Don Mariano Salazarto a high official position. " Salazar was faithfully fulfilling the duties of this post, when Walker caused him to be arrested as he was crossing the Bay of Fones ca, on a visit to that family from which he bad torn himself in obedience to Walker's earnest prayer and cry for help The rest is known. Without any charges made against him?with out the examination of a single witness?with out defence or any form of trial?he was con demned to instant death, by the man he had sacrificed time, ease and fortune to elevate. The case stands without parallel in the rec ords of the world. "As Don Marinno w?s led out into the es Elanade. where his open coffin stood awaiting im, be plucked a large blue flower, of the convolvolu:" species, and made it his last re | quest to the attending confessor that this blos som, which he would bold next his heart when dying, should be conveyed to his wife, who was then eagerly awaiting his promised visit in San Salvador, a neighboring and neutral republic The intelligence killed her. poor lady! She tell into a delirious fever on hear ing it, and died in a few days, still holding to her lips the flower which her dying husband sent" Of the manner of men by whom he is sur rounded, the reader may obtain some idea from the following confession of one of them, not long since executed by his order for some act of insubordination, if we remember cor rectly. This confession wax published at the time, and we laid it aside for use when the proper time should arrive, as it has now ar rived : 1 " I was born (says Lieut. Jennings Estelle,) in Marshall, Tennessee, in the year 1833, and was raised irom my infancy in Hindi* county, Mississippi. I started to California in 1862. On the road I had a difficulty with n man of the name of Howard, and shot him. 1 after wards shot a man of the name of Hays, but the wound did not happen to prove fatal. In the same year I had a difficulty with Charles Robinson, and stabbed bim in three places. My last two difficulties, while in California, occurred at the State Prison, where I bad been unployed for the last tw?? years. After getting in the last scrape, I came to H ijaragua ?nd shot Tboe. Edwards, i afterwards shoe Charles Gordon. I must say that iu ail my difficulties I was not once iu my right min 1. Twice I bad been forgiver. and h.pe to te forgiven for them all. i think there is a God in heaven that will and can forgive, and He know* and 1 know, that it was not I that kill ed Cb riec Gordon. It was whisky and my crazed mind that did it. I say that I was not in my right mind wnen I did the deed, and God knows it Forgive me, officers and sol diers, and I can dio a happy man." We conclude this grave subject for to-diy, with the following brief synopsis of the fate and condUion of the Americans who have joined Walker, which we oull from a New York city exchange's comments upon the cur* rent controversy : " It appears from the official statement* in El Ntcaruguenu, Walker's newspaper orgac, that within the las! fourteen months be has received from the Uniied States a little over 4,100 recruits Of these, 144 are reported as having been killed in battle. Walker's whole force on the 1st of November, inolading the lad arrival of 325 men from New Orleans, under Col. Jacques, was, by the returns, only 1 ,'ilb men, leaving about 2,700 to be aocounted for. The discharges made by Walker are very lew, a*iJ only of those absolutely inca pacitated for service by wounds or sickness, except now and then one :vho has been able to uic?t?r the means to purchase his release from tbij (grading and dangerous servitude. A certain number have attempted to njn away, but this is too perilous for many to ven ture upon; and even tho*a who succeed jn c.-capmg the vigilance of their master run great n*ks ot perishing miserably of starva tion or sickness beioic they can make their way home. With the most ample allowance then for discharges and runaways, it is rea sonable L'j conalude that more than 2 000 young meu iro?? Walker s ranks have perished from the disorders the climate since Walker undertook hie tillibuslerjug conquest j of that country. ' We have but a word more t ? say to-day in thle connection, ami that is to entreat our soutLerfi read*** to ponder upon the facta grouped above, and then Lo ask themselves whether as christftns or patriots or true 4a feniers of the rights end interests of their own section of the confederacy, they are disposed to identify the cause of the South with Walker, his public exploits, schemes and acts as a man? If such southern men there be, it would be wsll for tha future of the South that they should be every <x* of thtm provided with straight jackets. An Xxampia To Be Followed.?Tmers^ent deWe:ion and arrest of Falconer, the treasur?r aad elerk <4 tha Petersburg aud Roanoke (Wtldon) Railroad Co, for peculation upon his truil has hardly been announced in distant ? j quarters of the country ore we hare news of his trial, conviction and sentence to two years confinement in the penitentiary (State's prisoo) ?f the State of Virginia, at Riohmond. Iu view of the fact that the staple of one bait' the newspaper oomment* of the North its tho abort* comings of Southern society, we beg them to pat this item in their pipes and smoke it?to reconcile it to the state of things which, in their self sufficient ignorance, many of the Northern newspaper conductors beiiere in as existing at the South. We know well that ex cept in oases of injury to life and limb, grow ing out of sudden quarrels or fights, both law and justice are more inflexibly executed by Southern juries than by any other in this country, and, more especially, by those of South Carolina But this Virginia oase affords an example that may b? very profitably treasured at the North. Indeed, suoh acts as those of Falconer are rarely brought to trial there, and more rarely punished While they are of almost daily occurrence at the North, ad far as we know Falconer's act is the first case of the kind that has occurred in the his tory of the management of railroads in a eUveholdiug State. International Copyright.?The American Publishers' Association (New York) at a late meeting, passed the following resolution : "Resolved, That in the opinion of this Asso ciation it would be highly desirable to the in terests of literature and tho book trade, that an International Copyright Law should be passed, with such stipulations and restrictions as would secure, mutually, a just and equita ble protection to the mechanical interests in volved in the question, both here and in Eu rope " Though it may be quite important, ao far as American publishers' interests are concerned, that Congress should enact their proposed In ternational Copyright law, to the great mass of American readers the case is very different indeed. A more glaring proposition to protect the interests of a certain class in the commu nity, at the expense of all others, could not le brought forward. Its adoption Would be di rectly in the teeth of the current of popular sentiment upon the doctrino of " protection for tho sake of protection." We have no idea that Congress will gratify Messieurs ?the Pub Ushers' Association. * Examine the Poll Lut?!-We call the at tention of our Washington readers ta the ar sessment (poll) lists which have rei-ertly b^en posted in various places throughout the city, as the law requires We hear that a large number of names of old residents and L .use keeper." have been omitted, we take it for granted by accident. It is most importatt to all who are entitled to vote here at the next election to inspect the list, each for bis own Ward. Those finding their names omitted can have the error rectified by the Board of Assessors, who will commence their sessions about the middle of next week. Those of the omitted win. neglect to attend to this matter will find themselves deprived of their votes next June, though they may have been born in Washington, and have been voters and housekeepers here for twenty years past. 8uicides ?The War Department ha? ad vices of the death of first lieutenant Trueman K. Walbridge, of the fourth artillery. United States Army, by suicide lie was under or. ders to join his company in Florida The Navy Department also has advices of the death of lieutenant John T. Walker, U. States Navy, by suicide. He was under orders to embark on the W abash, to join the St. Ma ry's on the Paoific coast. List of Patents ?The following is the list of Patents issued from the United States Pat lent Office for the week ending November 26; 1856?each bearing that date : Jos. Albright, of Greenville, Tenn.?For im. provement in machines for stuffing horse col lars Jas Anderson, John McLaren, and John Bryant, of New York, N. Y.?For improved latbe for cutting fluted mouldings F- L Bailey, of Boston, Mass ? For improve ment in printing presses Stephen K Baldwin, of Gilford, N. U ? For improvement on the fourneyron turbine wheel. Chas Bickell, of Baltimore, Md ?For pro cess of treating feldspar for a manure. Thomas (J Clinton, of Washington, D. C.?? For improved alcohol cooking apparatus. David Cumming, of Sorrel Horse, Pa - For improvement in boxes and axles, journals, Ao Crane, of Brooklyn, N Y ?For im provement in machines lor polishing leather and hurness Evan L Evans, of Providence, K. I.?For improvement in curry combs Edwin O. Goodwin, of Bristol, Conn ?For improvement in backgammon and checker boards. Gejrge U. Henry, of Mobile, Ala ?For im provement in manufacturing cotton yarns. Wm, W. Hubbard, of Boston, Mass ?For improvement in lathes for planing metal. A F. Johnson, ot Boston, Ma&s ?For im provement in stitches for sewing machines. Edward Juiier, of Sharon, Ohio ?For iu> ??roved machino to aid in making spoke* by land George Kenny, of Millford, N. H ?For im provement in turning circles for carriages M C Chawberjin and W. Filkins, of Shel don. N Y.?For improved machine for turn ing boot legs. Alexander Le Mat, of New Orleans, La ? For improvement in fire arms (Samuel W Phelps, of Cincinnati, Ohio.? ror improvemeut in traveling trunks Aurelius M. Purnell, of Washington, D. C ?For improved apparatus for exhausting air from and hermetically sealing cans and vessels. Jeremiah P. Smith, of Hummelitown, Pa ? For improved disk for shelling corn. George C. Todd, of Lynn, Mass.?For im provement in''edge keys" for making and polishing the edge* of b-ot and shoe soles Chas. }?. Ihieme, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improved gas cock and swinging joint. lei West and Abner Mills, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in ttie construction of tubular condenscrs and heaters. Wm Whiteiey. Jr , of Springfield, Ohio ? If or improved raking attachment for harvest ers Wm. Wright, of Hartford, Conn.-For im provement in adjustable cut-offs for ateam pnffin?8. J. Claude W hite and Robt Hay, of Tuckcr 7 ' Pa ? I*or improved apparatus lor hoist ing coal. Jos. A. Moore and Asahel H. Patch of Louisville, Ky.-For improved finger bar'ar rangement for harvesters Thomas A Chandler, of Kockford, 111 , as signor to Harlow Herrick.of La Gramme Ohio ?d Thomas A Chandler, aforisa'd ^orim provement in hand corn planters. Wm C Watson, of New York, N Y as. k-?Xto f Woo?t,r .Dd Mini. ?wS,g m?L^?P improT?ni*nt la ?Robert Griffiths, of Philadelphia, ?for improvement iu nut machines erne I October 30,1865; reissued Nov. 25, 1856. S. W Gibbs, of Albany, N Y assignor tx> Thomas H. Wood, Henrv S bell and John E Roberts, of Utica N f For design for kitchen sto^s. ' tj~ Additional Improvements.?Geo Cmno>u of Philadelphia, Pa.-For improvement in ro tary brick machines Patented June 3, lb56 additional improvement Sept 9, 1856; ^00Dj additional improvement Nov. 25, 1856 Georgu Esterly, of West Prairie Wis ?For ;mprovement in harvesting machines P?t euted October 22, 1844; additional impr.vo rnent November 25, 1866 y Court of Claisu ?The court opened at 12 j o'clock yesterday. Chief Juit!c? Oflehrirt. Judges Scarburgh end Bisckford, Solioitor Montgomery Blair Assistant Solioitor Daniel Ratoliffe, jr , and Deputy Solicitor J B Ms ( Pbarson, t?q , were present Motions for paper* from the depeitmcnts in Mreral ceses ware submitted by different num ber* of the bar, and allowed Tbe court cave notice that at the opening ef the court to day, the general docket would be celled in its order, so that tbe entiles in eaefc eese might be known; else, for thepurpose of ascertaining those cases in which the Solioitor would consent to an ordor to take testimony; end then adjourned. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 25th November, there were of Treasury warrants entered en the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants $3.4*7 61 For the redemption of Stocks.... 32,109 18 For the Treasury Department... 19.017 67 For the interior Department....* 2(1,237 30 For Customs. 15,842 04 War warrants received end en* tered 105.765 35 On aoooul^t of the Navy 82,456 49 Repayment on aocount of the Navy 23,010 14 From miscellaneous sources 88 95 From Customs 105 89 PERSONAL. .... Hon. Job R. Tyson, M. C. from Penn sylvania, has arrived, and is at Willard's ....Mr. Simms. the novelist, has abandoned hij course of lectures in New York city, on account of the small attendance at tho second of the series. .... Mr. W. H. Russell, the London Times Crimean correspondent, lies dangerously ill of fever, at Simpherophol. * *' Be.n Perley Poore, of Massachu setts, the hero of the wneelbarrow exploit, has gained a netjonal reputation, fle is nowover

rr!rAatl0M t0 ,ectur? fro? ? WJ P?t of the United States Requests for specimens U ?pp!" vhaT?e *rr,Ted from men in ? 111 Union except California, ihat p??r? fruit win abound. In New York oity they are adver tised by an old apple woman in front of the post omee, for two cents apiece. .... Senator Douglas and his beautiful bride occupied a proscenium box at the opera in . w i ork on Monday night, where they re ceived numerous calls between the acts. The rost says they were accompanied by the bridal party, consisting of Miss Allen and Mifs granger, and by General Shields, Augustus ^nell, and ex Canal Commissioner Mither. Mrs Douglas was attired in ? rather h-irbi peeked blue silk dres?, with a blue satin strYre trimmed with lace lier hair was not, as is said to bo u?ual, thrown in a bra>d round her classic forehead, but disposed after tbe fash ion of tiie Empress Eugenie She leaned over occasionally to look at the -taee. unoonscious of the general battery oi lorgnettes to which ahe was exposed. FRANKLIN F/RK COMPANY ? The members of this Comnany a e re quested to m?et at Harm nv Hall THIS (Wed nesday) EY ENING, November 28th. to make ar rangements to attend the funeral of tli*lr late fel low member, Arthur Sprins. 1! ?. K CROSSFIELD, Secretary. 'THIS COMMITTEE APPOINTED ?n - .t0/V?ke *rran?ement* for reception, on the 3d of March next, of the Democratic Asso c.atlon of the Twelfth Ward of Philadelphia, are respectfully requested to meet at the National Hotel (11 rat floor) THIS EVENING, at8 o'clock WM PLINN, Chairman. DEMOCRATS OF THE SEVENTH - ,, ar? ^qu^ted to assemble at Po tomac Hall TO-MORHOW, at 9o'clock a m to proceed In a body te join the procession at CI v beld at the above placi ato'clock TO NIGHT By order ' . n n.u.i.r 2 8 TAYLOR, President OPh UT, 8f3retary. NOTICE ?THE MEMBERS OF The Fifth Ward Democratic Assoclat'on, and all othen. wishing to parlcipate in the com. lr?K celebration, are requested 1i meet at Caaparis's f o ?' TO-MORROW (Thursday) MORNING, at 8 o'clock a. m By order: _l! F M WHEATLEV. Sect r^J.OTI CK.-CITIZKNS OP Virginia ,residing in the city, and thos* on a ?islt. who a'e desirous of joining th* pro r'on ro-MORH O W, are requested to meet at the hall of tbs Virginia Club, corner Peun ave !?th ;treeU< at 9 o'? lock a m , to meet the delegation from Alexandria, and f<em tbence to the City Hall. W. H. WOODLEY President Virginia Club NOTICE -THE MEMBERS OF The Buchanan and Breckenridge Club No 1. Georgetown, D C , wil! meet at ti.ere Dole n'SirURiOVVn (Thursday) MORNING, St 7 0 clock The Democracy of Tenallytown will Join us at S o'clock, and march to Democaatlc headquarters, Forrest Hall, and then proceed to Waablngton according to order of the Chief Mar shall of the town. JOHN W DAWSON, President. _2!? WM M. OFFUTT, Sect ft-^tMERCHANT'S EXCHANGE -There will be a meeting of the Merchant's Ex change Association on MONDAY EVENIN* December 1st, at their rooms, corner l?th street and Penna avenua, over Savings Bank Punctual attendance is requested. nov 26^51 S. BACON, President THE FAIR WHIM WAS AN w v . n<"jnced 'n ,he Star a few days ago, to be held by the colored Ladles of the Island Is now In progress on the northeast corner of 7th and D streets north; every evening from 7 o'clock to II- Call and see them. nov J6 #te DON'T FORGET'?THE MEM ? bers of the Pioneer Club No. 3 take great pleasure In announcing to their friends and the public of Washington, that their Flrtt Grand < otlllon Party will take place on TUESDAY December Id, at Thorn's Building on 7th street' next to Odd Fellows' H?ll. By order of tbe ' nov 8I T,W,.Vl,T4t? COMMITTEE. ,NOTICE ?THE DELEGATE* TO th?- Washington Club Convention are hereby notified that a meetlug of the Convention will be held at Harmony Hall, on THURSDAY November *7th. at 7% o'clock. By order of the ' ae?as.31* COMMITTEE. .LECTURES ON CHRISTLA1YIT Y The Christianity of Bible, as dis tinguished from and opposed to, all Qtnttleuin atyled christian, will be treated of, in a series of Lectures, at Anacoatia Hall, Navy Yari Hill Washington, D. C., by John Thomaa, of New York, on SUNDAY, November30th, at 10 a. m and p. m , and during the week atttw d m ! eicept Saturday. nov 2S-3t? .NOTICE-THE UNDERSIGNED respectfully Informs the public *nd all the dealers and merchants of this city, that he Is a STENCIC CUTTER IN PLATES of all sizes ynen.'?S1!lkV Cotton' Ac., w 1th In delible Ink. He will be found at lat slreet we*t No 477, Washington, D C ^ HENRY V1TALINI, ?ov i6-3t? Stencil Cutter. .SAINT ANDREWS SOCIETY WASHINGTON, D. C -The aanuai meeting of the above iqcletv, for the election of < ta-vrs, Ac , will be held at Temperance Hall on THURSDAY EVENING, the STTth lust atVS o'clock * Tickets for the Anniversary, which will beheld atCarusi's Saloon, on Monday evening, Decem ber 1st. mav be bad at the meeting By order ? nov 24-4te JAM ES MAC WILLIAMS, Sac.' (NOTICE ?T'lE MEMBERS OF . _th? WESTERN ilOSE ACTIVE AS HOCIATION announce that their Seventh Grand Cotlllcn Party takes place on THURSDAY, tbe 27th Instant, at the Pioneer Hall, corner of K and 24th streets Scott's Band has been eneaced Tickets FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gentle man and Ladles. Committee of Ar, angernints ?W. J Waters, W. J. Fenny, and F. N. Holtxman. nov 92-eo3t ?DON'T FORGET!-THAT THE Anacoatia Club give one of their A No 1 Cotillon Part es, at Odd Fe'lows' Hall, Navy Yard,on THURSDAY EVENING, November 47th, 1S5<J Flattered by their former suoceaa the committee have made extraordinary efforts toren der this the most agreeable party ever given bv them Tickets FIFTY CENTS; admitting agentle man and ladles, to be had of the members and at the door. Szenttivt Committee. James Kenton, John T Free, A N Thompson, Sam'l Howel, Thomas Berry. nov 94?4f ,FK8T I V A L ?THE LADIES OF ? the Mite Society attached to Wesley Chapel will hold a Festival et Odd Fallows' Hail, 7th street, commencing on MONDAY, No vember 17th, lb60, the funds to be applied to the payment of the debt for the febullding of the Chureh There will be an abundance ol Refresh ments of all kinds, and numerous useful end Fancy Articles for sale at reasonable ptlees. Their friends are oordially Invited to visit them dnrlng rbe continuance of the frstlenl. nov 17-3w | IB BBOONB ?ALL of the UNION UUIR II * will take place on the 8th of January Particular* In a future advertlsement nov il SawtJsnl j? ,TA X E9 ?NOTICE TO DKLIN QUE !%T TAX PAYERS. Coll*ctob's I'Tnci, November 21, 1866 411 P?**?ti? who have filled to p?y their Taxes due the Corporation at Washington will please ta^e notice that the ad verti earnest for the sale of property liable for the note will be made about the lit of January, 18?T It lshoped thai aneeity attention will be paid to this subject by all concerned, as a neglect to do so will add heavy expenses to the amount of the taxes now due. JOHN M. McCALLA, nof? dfllDec Collector 7C IMEI MOULD lANULKI ' w 30 do Adamantine do nor26-eo6t BARBOUR A SFMMEf. ACAUD?all PFRSONS HAVING bought goods at the sale at T. Galilean A Co.'s, aiider browns' Hotel, wlu please call TO DAY (Wednesday) and get them 2* WALL, BARNARD A CO, A Oct. DATTLKUOOR9 , UK & C E HOOPS, U Magic Mn'erns. Jumping Ropes Ciy'ng Dools, Doll Heads, and a erest variety ef Toys just received from good old Aries Krlngle. and for sale low by his a^ent. nov26 3t LAMMONP. Draught ale?we have just re celved ICO bbls of Read A Brother's Troy Draught Ale, vhlch's verv line, and will beeo*d at the low prleeof 96,75 rer bbl for rash ca y ARNY ASHINN, DOT 86 Georgetown, D. C f^HAMPAGNK CIDER JUST ARRIVED V/ from New Jersey, a lot of choice Gfcampagae Clrder. For aale by the barrel or In bottles. Poultry A M assay's Phlladelp <1a XX Ale. Also. T Dondelet's Baltimore Ale All cf which will be sold at a small advance for cash ARNY A SHINN, nov 24 Georgetown, D C. Hf!?l ERy?HOSIER Y. JOHN H SMOOT, NO. II* BK1DHE Street. Georgetown, D C , has received a large assort ment of Woolen and Cotton How, and half Hose for Ladles, Gents, Boys and tilrls, of all six ? and qualities, and of the best makes Purchasers will please call nov 16 CO Al?COAL?COAL* A LWAYS ON HAND. /A WHITE ASH, RED ASH, LEHIGH, and CUMBKRLAND COAL. ANo, PINE, OAK and HICKORY WOOD. Coal kapt undw cover. *,<40 lbs to the toa T J. A W. M GALT, N W. cor 12th end C sta , No M7, one no* (0-tf j q iiare south of Penn eve. WINTER MILLINERY. JUST RKCE1VED, THE LAT-.Jft . VlMt stvlesof New York WINTKRiNn ^TBONNKIS. ?nd will be opened on Thursday, November 27th, at 10 o'clock The Ladie* are respectfully Invited to rail MISS HANEY A SISTER, No. 179 Penn. ave , bet. ITth and 18th streets, nov 26 3te RaIAINS, ALMONDS, Ae. ?>0 whole, halves, and quarter boxes Bunch and Layer RAISINS 1 bale Bordeaux ALMONDS. WALNUTS, CREAM NUTS, and FILBERTS 5 boxes CITRON 1 Vbl Znnte CURRANTS x cases fresh PR UN ES in glass jars Just received per Schooner A'ctlc, and f?r aale by BARBOUR A SEMMES. nov 98-W ,?AM3w LAUKR BEER BREWERY. The SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY IN forms the public that he has established a LAOfcR BEER BREWER V. near the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street, where he tan constantly on hand a prime article, which Is a healthful and pleasant beverage. and Is highly recommended as such by the Faculty I tell Lager Beer by the keg" or bottles at rea sonable prices, and send It to ?ny part of the city free of charje for the accommodation of fhmlles. nov26-8t* CHARLES 6ERECHE. PEAS, COFFEE, CIGARS, Ac. ?rr half chests Imperial. Gun Powder, Young Hyson, and Black TEA 50 pockets JAVA COFFEE .70 bags prime RIO COFFER .>0 boxes GROUND COFFEE 75,010 GERMAN CIGARS 25,00 fine HAVANA CIGARS SI) ba-ktts Bordeaux and Marseilles OIL 50 boxes Woods A Gilberts STARCH Ju?trecel?'d per schooner Arctic, from New York, and fcr sale by nov 26 VV,S,M2w BARBOUR A SEMMES. AEtTI.E^KN. ARE YOU RKADT 1 ONE, TWO, THREE.-HALT ' MEPSKS BENTER a DUBiNT. RE spe&tfully be? leave to Inform their friends and the public generally, that thev will re-open their RIFLE and PISTOL GALLERY on Mon day, December 1st. It having bercme positively necssary that every man should understand tha use of the Pistol; gentlemen are therefore respect fully Invited to call at the southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 6th street, and practice, nov 26-3t 4 DUTTER, CHEESE, buckwheat, Ac. JD 40 kegs prime GOSHEN BUTTER 100 boxes do do CHEESE 10 casks do do do 10,000 lbs prime new-hulled BUCKWHEAT 10 bbls No. 1 MACKEREL 10 half bbls No 1 do 20 kits do do 5.000 lbs. Grand Bank CODFISH 50 boxes Scaled HERRINGS Just received, per schooner Arctic, from N?w York, and for ?ale by nov 26-W,S,M8w BARBOUR A SEMMES. THE LAST WEEK FOR BARGAINS IN FANCY GOODS. B E1NG OBLIGED TO CLOSE by the 1st of the month, we shall dispose of THE BALANCE OF OUR STOCK at unprecedentedly Low Prices T. gaLligan A SON, 370, under Browns' hotel Cy Persons who have purchased articles at the Auc-lon at our Store, will { lease call for the same Immediately, as ail the goods remaining will be removed by the 1st of the month. nor 26-St Brooms, buckets, brushes, *?. ski drzen Plain and Faney BROOMS fi?> do 2 and'J hoop BUCKETS 20 do WHISKS 10 do DUSTERS 20 do SCRUB BRUSHES 10 Nest CEDAR TUB* 5 Cases SUGAR BOXES 125 DEMIJOHNS, 1, 2 a.5 Gallons 100 Gross Round Wood MATCHES W5 do Small Paper Do BO do McGulgan's Do Just received per tfhocner Arctic from New York, and for tale by IiARBOUR A SEMMES. nov 26-W,B,M,2w JAMES S. WELCH'S FIRST PABMIl'N FAMILY FLOUR. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING THIS Justly celebrated brand of Flour, and will continue to receive a full so-ply during the winter We warrant It superior to anything In the market. We are also agents for the sale of the following brands, vis: Richard B. Welch, Family Charles L Wood, do Daniel J Wood, do Island Mills. do Elisabeth M ills, do All of which we offer la quantities to suit pur chasers, at the lowest market prices. HARTLEY a BROTHER, nov 26-Ira 101 Water St, Georgetown Yeast powders, spicks, Ac. 50 boxes Babbitt's YEAST POWDERS 40 do do SOAP Do 10 kegs SALERATUS 9 do BREAD SODA 3,000 lbs SAL SODA 10 do SALT PE I RE ? ?do*ALLSPU?1M31NNAMON,CLOVKS ^oJ^CLOVESand ALLSPICE 75 lbs NUTMEGS and MACE 1 case INDiOO Just received per schooner Arctic from New York, and for sale b]JARBOUR SEMMBS. nov 2i-W,8,M,2w NEW LIVKRY STABLE, Eighth Strett. between D end E. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS ERECTED A commodious stable on 8th atreet, having room enough for over Afty hor ses. and a capital Carriage House of *7 by M feet. This establishment Is now, open for the reception of Horses onhveiy, and for the hiring and selling of horses. He has also for rent aline large Room Immedi ately ever his earriage house, v7 by do feet, suita ble for almoet any purpose 1 here Is also sleeping b'unks for persons bringing teivaats, and the whole eatablishment Is lighted with gaa. He would also call the attention ef persons bringing produce to market, to the tine yard ad joining the stable, where wagons can be safely sesurM during the night The whole establishment la under the charge of Wi. Htcas, wall known to sttbie n.en in this **nov HA tf JOHN C. COOK. Eiui&y a lift NATU>NAL THEATRE the itaiad QuxEff WILL BE REPEATED Til 19 EVENING, and everv Evening 1 hi* Week Only ! On SATURDAY AFTfcRNOO>,r. 3? dock? dorrs opfB at ?*-A GkaNU L>AV PhK FOEMANCki for the vpftltl wcoaiiiio4t(loi of Ladlea, KikIIIm. sm! CblMm Patrons la Alexandria. Georgetown, ?nd the vicinity of this city. can *+? u*e mu for th*s. r4? Omlf Day Ptrfrmmmri, by Imaoediate applloe ttoa at the oM o Family Tlckata, admitting Flvs Children, will be tMUfd, for thla occaaloa only, at om Dollar Thev caa too obtained by oar It appllcatlea. as oniy a limited number will ba l*au*d aov ft ftORIKK* UAIHANTK. PROF ? W MUNDKR TARKS ?||kt 1 pleasure In announcing to his friends, patrona. and public generally, that thr above aoetal and delightful entertain menu wlHeomrrene^at Muader'a Metro polltan Hall, rwnerftb and D streets. on! wEDN ESDA Y EV EN IN 6, Novfrnbrr1 J?tb, at 8 o'no k. and continue every Wednesday throughout the m>oa Otttlrmra wUhlng to aubaerlbo for tbe aeason can do ao upon *? > favorable term*, by applying at the Hall on Tuea day and Thursday evening from 9 till 10 o'clock no* M-lt SRR*T A Wants. w ANTED?TEN OYSTER SHUCKER0 None bnt experienced bands need applv 9CHWAFZK A DRUftY, It 4W Eleventh etTeet A SITUATION WANTED? AS CHAMBER n aid or nun*. Good references can be tIvan If required Apple at 414 13-h otraet, btwwa O and H if WANTED -A SUBSTANTIAL IRON axel one hor*e Cart. Panoai wishing to veil, can inquire at G W.WIGHT'S Furniture Warehouse. no* 95-3t* WANTED?A YOUNG FKKNCH WOMAN desire* a place la a family as Seamstress aad to teach French to children. Addreac A. P., Box II, at this office aov ?7?3t? WANTPD ?A SMART ACTIVE BOY TO open Oysters and a'slat la Bar, and to make himself otherwise a^efal ToasuittM* person fair wag*" will be given A ppty Immediately a: tbe ELDORADO HOUSE, Pern ovenue. fce tween 3d nd atreets nov WANTED ?THE SUR*CRIHER WANTS aaompetent Oyster Shucker and vs alter at table and carrvout dinners Purtber Information will be given r n application to J BOU LA N G ? R , G street, near War Depart?I. aov *5-3t WANTED ?A SMALL BUY, BETWEEN the ages of 12 and II veers, to wait on a gentleman Inquire at the Waahlugton lic-ise. nov M-3t WA N T E D.?A SERVANT TO TOOK, Wash. Iron, and perform the general He use work for a family of two persons. A suitable woman mayobtiin liberal wages and t (<erma< Den. home ' Apply at No. 337 frth atnxt. between R and L streets aov 34 3te WANTRD?AN ACTIVE PARTNPR, with a capital of *100, In the Green Tree House, S* Penn. avenue, between Id and 3d otiaeu. For one that la acquainted with tbe Ho tel and Oy?ter business. It will be a rare chaoce aov tl lw? WANTED TO HIRE ?A COLOR KD GIR L for Nurse Slave preferred. Call or J ROBINSON,316 Penn. avenue,opposite Browr?>? Hotel. rov iv tf WANTED?A COACHMAN WHO UN derstands bit basinets thoroughly, and can furnish the best recommendations A colored man preferred, who can read writing. Apoly at hieaAce. nov jo-if WA N 7 E D ? WANTED?WAN TED?TO Aad persoaa la want of the following ar tloles : Freach or Sermaa Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round oval or satire OU Painting a, large and amall Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, amd anr sIts Looking Glasses, or other woik In tie gliding line done to order with dlacatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketta, suitable fnl shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to ac i the times, for cash N.B.?Old Work Regllt,aad Looking Glass nates Inserted. 255 Penna avenue, opposite R Irk wood Bouac dec 19 JOHN WAGNER Boarding BOARDING ?A SUITE OP ROOMS FOR Rent with Hoard, at I'll street. In t'nlon Row. aLd the immediate vlelalty of the Patent Office. nov lS-4t? BOARDING ?ONE LARGE PARLOR AND large Chamber attached, handsomely furnish ed for rent. Also, a large f ont room vlth good sited rooms attached, suitable for alnfW' gentle men, or In aulta for families Bosrd. If desired, on the most reasonable terms Apply at No. i&s 10th street, between D and E. nov S3-lw Mrs bannerman, corner of ?th and E streets, having recently refitted her hoase, Is now prepared to accommodate persona with Board and pleasant Room* at moderate rate* Her house is situated In a central and de slrable part of tbe city ; being oce square from the Pateot and Poet Ottcee Tab> and transient boarder* can also be aocommodated nov 9i-4to Boarding-a gentleman and his wife, also two single g'atlemen caa be ace om modated with Rooms and Board In a private fam 11 v where there are no mors boarders ot children on reasonable terms. Apply at 4*1 6th street, be tween F and G. nov !? tf Anew boarding-house mns c. REYNOLDS baa taken the well known rom tnodious boarding-house on the ?outheai<t eornt-r of Pennsylvania avenue and \% street, wblch la being entirely re*tied and furnished She ba* rooms for rent (at different prices according u> their location,) with or without board All de airing socb accommodations will do well to call before locating themselves elsewhere nov ~ tf Board,Ac?mrs. bates, on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue aad wth street la prepared to ac com mod ite gentlemen with titoai with or without board Every effort will be made to render Ihoae comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtalaed. sp'-tf JOHN F. ELLirS HHEAT PIANO All) MWSlC STORE Is No 3U6 Pa avenue, oes' 10th atreet. nov *6 MHI. KTKKLK. PORTRAIT AND MINIATURE PAINTER. NO 464 TENTH Sl RhET, W ASHINGTON, invites tbe attention <f Ladlaa and Gentle mm to the produces of her art?to be seoa at her Rooms She will promptly exec at* all order with whleh ahe may be honored. nov -A nnn-?roR sale, sjaoooo VOJUjUvO Claims on the Government of Mexico, in suma to suit purchat ra, well authen ticated. For particulars addreaa Box >13 Po-t Oflce. with real name, which shall be treated confidentially. Tbe above amount can be fullv vouched for by documents now on gle at th'oMce of the Se3retary of State nov 25-if mil IS IS TO ?IVK NOTICK THAT MY 1 wife MARY nicolaus, baa left myb?J and board wltnout ;ust '?ause or proveeatien Ail persona are forbid harboring or trusting baron my account, as 1 will be responsible for no debt of her contracting; and she stole enough moaev t j suppor herself noviS-3t? JOHN GEORGE NICOLAl'S DON'T fORiiKT rpHAT SCHWARZE A DRURY HAVE 1- opened a new p ace for the as;e of their superior OUSTERS, No. 4891 11th street, second door above E No other business la connected wl>h this, ? so that ladles, as well as their servants, c*n iea?e their orders. Oysters received dal y, and always fresh. aov tt-k iHtrriKLD. JUST RECEIVED FROM new VORh, the most beautiful and richest assortment ot ivory and other kinds of Shetfield Table Cut err that has bees In thla market for many years Full sets of Ivory in mahogany eaaea, with best quali ty of plated Forka. very rich and hand?cic<* please call at No 318 and examlns them Also, o.> hand a very large assortment of Stoves of all sorts and sixes, from S3 upwards Sign of Stoves, Gratea, aad House Famishing Goods, No 316 Peansylvaala avenue, between 10th and 11th atnets. nov'iS fit C. WOODW ARD A SON. Found.?on Saturday morning last, near the Centre Market, a BAG, with money and a memorandum ot articles la It, which tbe owner can have by calling at tbe oMce of the Star, describing the [ ropery, and paying for thia advertisement nov 17-tf Law boors ?wharton on homi l cldt; M orris on Replevin ; Giea?ev ?s ? qultv Evlderce; Blackburn on Sale; FlnUnsoe s Leadlnif Cases; Blaset on Partnership, HLid msrehon Patents; Welford's 1 qulry Heading ; Pritchard'a Admiralty Dlgeat, Baldwins Re i^orts, vol 1. For sale by 1 no.20 FRANCE 1AYLOK. ? ii a > r