3 Şubat 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Şubat 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVEHING STAR IS rrBLIAHKD EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUSDAY,) AT TflK STAR BUILDING-1. C?f*? ?/ fwiifjrlruiia arennt and II k street, By W. D WALLACH, and 1? to snbocrlber* by carrier* at SIX AND A QUARThR CENTS', payable weekly ?o the Areata; papers served la package* at 37^ r?nu per month To mall sabscrtbers the sub ?cr^paon price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTSavear i<??<fra???,TVVO DOLLARS sii months, and O.N IS DOLLAR for three month*; for less than three month* at the rata of 12)% eonts a week. SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, I). 0., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3. 1857. NO. 1,263 TH1 WEEKLY STAB. This ?xceU?ot Family and News Journal?oee. talning t greater variety of lntaraatlaf ?if than oaa be found la any other?la publlahad on Saturday morning Single coj.y, p?.r *nnun* . i f 1 U to nras. ? ?*plae????? ?*.??,?? ?????? *.?.*? ?????? SS J? Ton roplf, 8 W> Twenty copies if 90 HT* ^asH, a11ailt ta advahci. Single or.piea (in wrapper*) can be procured at Uie couiu-r, the lisue of tb? Paper Price-Tumi Cists P..? t m a s t r *. who net as agaat* will be allow*d a commUMou of twesiiy per cent. THE COLUMBIA MSTlIttt, FOR YOUNG LADIES. Eleventh str.-et, between G and H. PROF GEORGE HENRY STUECKKATH, Principal; Miss ELIZABETH L WIL LIAM*. Vice Principal,?A l ady emlnent.y qualified to take the charge of the English ue }?rtment and the government and discipline 01 tneVhool. , . The exercises of the second term of the ln,u' tnte will cmmfnc on MOND \Y. the -A day of Febuary proximo Applotlons for admis*lou should be made as early ss P**'?*, v A HIGH SCHOOL foR * ? i'w" MEN, under the dlrectl"" of Prof Gioigi H StrscRKATH, as Vt\ *1 ?J. ?"?* lo-^d ox I; street, between *th sad 7t.i streo s or In tae vl einetv of Trinity Church, will be opened on ths 4th of Febuary, proilmr Rev Dr Cummin* will deliver an aidress on ihe opening of the High School Eany application sh?uldbj made to the Princi pal at hi* resld ace. Columbia Institute, for Vo'ing Ladle*. U6 11th street, betwee i G and H. Pr>f Steuckraih Is authorl?ei to Trt-r to Kev. l?r Cummin*, and Prof Uache, Coast Sujvjy. JanM-lm* REED'S PATENT STEAM E'l-IIK. These improved engines (For which patents have bee l granted and flrst prlz1# medals awarded to the Inventor, both in the United State* and Europe ) continue to give fu~h satisfaction. oa accoa.it of their simplicity n >.l economy, that we have now established an expensive mtnufa-tory, a >d are prepared to de tlver at the shortest notice engines from two horse power and upwards To^e engines have been accurately tested, and have ?howj an rcoiamy of twcn.y per cen In fuel, and about the ?am? !n oil and repairs. Tals ?tvlng is etT?cted by letrlng the s.eam In >-nd out bota sides of the cylinder througn ia geopenings removing the p-ensure from toe valve and avow ing no steam to ?*ca >? or exhaust from tee pas ses except from tse yllnder aionc ; a so by re ?1 ring t>?e weigh: and friction to about ha'Ythat *4 the ord nary engines We pla-e the umai'er ?1re? upon an lmprov d boiler wlta aUthcpIp1** attache!, and the whole mounted with small wheels convenient to ship to any pari of the country, and to avoid the necewlty of ail eiperl enced -i:l i*n to sta-t ?h'*:n, taey arc all tcs ed b-?fore leaving the factory Read's Patent Steam Pumps are also coming in ge***a!l *e o * st?;.nv?ats. la mlrfs. ana f i s-.pplylng boll?r?, wber> they are now giving gr?it iat;ifj?tl>ig They a>-e prefer'ed to <inv la use bectuse of t-e?r compaetaess and simplicity. Tae^e engines and puups may be seei In opera tion, or farther Informi'.Io i fcvi bv c -i in,; or un dressing itEED A ? RRliECR, ] an I'M m *3 Malden Lane,_N_ V ft I I TABLE FUR CHRIST >1 a R AND MEW YEARS' PRESENIS. |OHN II SMl?9T, No 119 SOUTH SIDE ?) street, 'ieorgetovrn, DC, nas receive s zteit variety of usef il and s -as^uable GOOO -, to waloh h-4 ln?Ite> the attention of both ladles and gentlemen wao m*.y wish to make a Christ mas and Mew Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES. R!--h wvked Cambric Sets (Collar* and Sleeve*) Do do Masiin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Coiiars A great variety (low priced) do Worked Linen Seta and Linen do Rich worked .Muslin Sleeves Bls'k and walte Lac? Sets and Collars Work-d Oamoricand Mnstin Bands Emarold-'ed Llaen Ctmirlc Handkerchiefs Hemstitched tnikei and plain do Black Chant! 11a .ant French Lsce Veils Worxei. quilted and boop-d SkirU. ALSO ? Motre Antique, Embroidered, Satin and other Cloaka Doable an l single Brocha and other Shawls Hi. b Faa y and B;?ck Sliks Franca Merinos, plaid Mer.noa Plita and print-1 Mous L'de-.-tln*"* Best Paris Kil ?llove*, all number* Kid and Buck Gauntlets Ladies, gent'i aa 1 children's Warm Gloves Do Hos>ry, of every k'.nd Portmonnales, and ladles' Cabas Gent*. Lln?a,'Jambric aTd Silk Pocket Handfefs Hla-k ani fancy Sil? Cravats. Scarfs and Ties ?ie.nts Saawis. Merloia^d Woolen Scar's Children's Knit Taiini?and Hoods La4te?, genu and boy?: Comforts Ac With many other d^s'rable goods, which will br sold low to cash or promo: cu-?ro.n-rs d?il- J H SMOOT ? I 4?fER'l Improvoi Bdwing Machints. To was (rranrsd the highest Award of ths Parix Exhibition, t iareby receiving th<i World's YsrA-.c: of Superiority. 1HE IMPttOVV.MENTS IN THIS MA . cnlae has simplified them la many respects, sad :h-y xrecap ibieof executlngtwicetheamoial of wo*k they did formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machines ca pab?e of ?ewlng every variety of goods perfectj a ? hlrt i?osom or heavy trace for harness can be ?<wa by any of thoae ina^hinesby aslmplecbaage ? f needle and threal In such a manner that the slose*t scrutiny canaot detect a fault. Xin lfa-itarars, planters and families will find them toe only sife .Mardir.es to purchase as they are t?ollt strong and durable, and not likely to gtsi out of order. We have laicnlae* with gauges attached.for binding hstn.cap-fropts, gaiters. Mc. SlU, f?r?td, Cottoa,?veeAiee,Aa.,eeastaatly ?1 haa J, ?t tee isweft rates. Personjdeslrf"!# ofliiforncs'loa regardlag Sew Xicaiees will piease address i. M SINGER A CO., 1*5 Baitlrr -resneet. Baltimore. *? B ?Wears rrepar-dtoffh :r?gethese iaa ?k'aesforoid mac-ln^i of .-..ny kind Terms lib eral Per? -as rfio have:.??a indocedto purchase afertor macsla** ua-t * the pretext of b?iag ? se.ap, wli; find tcis a beaeiit ledeed. aatr 18?ly ITA^UIKII S IL V K "1 WAKt',. I AM N ?? vV MANt': AC TURING PURESIL ver sp>ons, Fo-k?, Ladles, Butter, Fish, FW1. Cafce and Ice Crwam Rul.es, S i^ar Shovels an'i Tonys, Napkin Ring*, Crsnm. Gravy, Mustard and Sa ? Spoons, Ac , Ac , on my own premise*, and do not palm on the public Northern rr. ?n ufart-ired articles (which cannot always be re lied oa as genuine) for my own, bat every article mide in my establishment can and will be war ranted as above. WATCHES asu jewelry ??f ev^ry description an1 la grent variety, con stantly on aand, and receiving fre,sh arrival3 al ino?t c*erv d?y Flae (IS ks) K?14 Wat'fces, frofn fie te ?350, and watran'ed correct ilme *e?p?r* Coral, Ctneo, Mosaic and plain Gold Bracelets, Pins and Ear-rings. (In or by 'he ?Ingle piece,) Goid Vest, Foo, Guard. Coatalaln and Neck Chains, Soals, Keys, Locktts, Charms, and a general as?ortment of goods usually kept In a Jewrlry Store Pine Watch Repair',agdone by an experienced *nd conopetent workman, and all work warranted to give satlafacilon at JK-i Pennsylvania avenue. dec <1 H ?) Hoop BOOK BINDiae. C#*sif E retail ii'iii ??< Miryiand ??issi, star lii SmiUiMits /suiisiits. PUWAKU LYCE TT M.ESPKCTFL' f,?^Y IN l i forms the s ibscrlb"r? to Ua>wn'* llltjle and Shiksp^are. now Just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those wo.'k^ lc a superior style of eiegaace, strength -.ad ?olldlty, and ur^oi much more reasonable term* than can be done In baltl more. Philadelphia, or New Yor*. \ !?:ter ad dressed to him r per post) w lle?able him to ex hlhlt to tie siioscrlbers sjp-?;!mens of isi? nty?? of binding Every klcdof Bock B!n'!'..-.g ?ie^uv *i Kabd *ei7-Am 1 S MUNSON. AT C? PEN N 'A AVENUE, ? *: . mait'- f rk.-->s?- beaut'f il I) aoatlcuous GUM TEETH, called Allei a Pit?ct,f-?r the excelieacy of walch o?*?r all other styles of teeth, many m?w w>??rln ^ them la this city, will cheerfully vouch. Th *re l* one D-.ntlst la this city who has been lnfrlnr'.n^ the potent, an i mide a bad Imitation of n, a<a:.iv. waoin 1 hereby canllon the public N. B Whenever a Deatl?-t speaks against Allen'* Patent Con'lna .is Sum Teeth, when friptrlf com*trncitd, It Is because he Is Ignorant of tue prorens, lacom^tent to make the work, or s aawllllug U> p.iy for the patent. Je 16-tf 2'.i ?M}?? PKs?l TKKK1 AT TEN DOLLARS PKR HUNDRED?FOR ?leat my Nur?rry, r^ar Washington nA The a'xive t/e-?s art ol tin- growth, aniVlw of th>- >M>st select fruit Al?o, a general asswrtm-at of o R N A M E N T A L, EVERUREHN, SHADE, and FRUIT TREES. ae tl tf "?SHUA KEIRCE Wastaiactea Vetertaary Infirmary, FOR HORSES, DOGS, f , -"SI D st brt 11* and Utn ?!? . south of Pa ave JNO. GRc.GSON, PROPRIETOR, Me-nbe: of the Royal College of Veterinary Sjrrfeoas, London YZT Horses examined as to soundness, Ac. }*ji 11-1 iu TO ALL THAT VALUE THE IK SIGHT jcnn <54 CT*S TOBLAV WISHES TO CALL THIS ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from glasses injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ((round by hlmielf to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benel claliy to the wearer according to the concavity or conveilty of the eye. Very numerous are the 111 effect* caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not be4ng precisely suited, by the use of *n Optomtttr; ana the practice of many years enables aim to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolataly required will be furnished with precision and natlsfactlon JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that h?i?e not yet aTalled themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and state how many Inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve (hell tight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest eas? and oomfort from his glasses. Circulars to he had gratis, at nls ottce, No. fltf SEVENTH STREET, tkrtt d?or? fr?m Odd Fellows' Hall, or ilillt. Norfolk, September 7, 1^54. Sir?Tha Spectacles you mad" for me suit very areil, and ?eern to have Improved ray sight more than any other 1 have lately tried LiTT. W. TAZEWELL I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from vfr. Tobias, and And them of great assistance to -ny slpht. and corresponding with his description if the focus. 1 recommend him as a skiHful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been induced by a friend to vlsltthe es tablishment of .Mr Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glasses, 1 was furnished ov nlm with a p?lr fell?Otlv colored blue, which have afforded :ne more relief and gratification than any I have ??ei tried My sight, originally very good, wic lnju*ea Ky writing and reading at mgnt. fre \u?ntiy to a very late hour; but with the aid of taese glasses i can siudy almost as late as ever, ind tbat too without the pain I have previously iu*ere1. JOHN WILSON, Lats Commissioner Gea'l Land OMoe. Dsee*her 11, 1855. I ha*e a.'ed Mr. Tobias's Spectacles fer thre# or four months, and take great pleasure In say' la ? that I am rnjch pleased with them. 1 hav? been much beneBtted by '.hem. May?fe,13M. ?EOR P.SCARBVX8H. 1 was rebornTjcnded to Mr. John Tobias as a skillful optlci*n: and as I have eyes of remark able peculiarity, 1 was gratified to flnd that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspec tion and some flight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad mirably. A. P. HITLER. July 11,189. Wir.niHSTon, N. C., Jan. 27,1851 Mr J Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you 'ast we?k are entire!? satisfactory. From an Inequal Ity In the visual range of my eyes, 1 have hereto found great dldlculty lu getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this dldl culty has beei hipptfly obviated so that the glasses you f srntshed me are dec dedly the best adapted to my eyes of anv 1 have ever ye? used Very respectfully, yours, R B DRANK, Rector of St Jamea' Parish. D*fAaT*t?iT or Ihtixio*. May7, 1>#55. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glasses for several years. 1 iiave tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly llttea to my eyes Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he lsenab.ed to adapt 6 lasses minutely to theey*. 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr Tobias to all hsving ?ceas'en to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Soo'y to sign Land Warrants. P. 8.?OPERA GLASSES of great varletv, TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH Y1AKER GLASSES, and many other articles in this line at very low prices ccastaatly on hand. Jy 18-1 y T If ? I >1PKOTKD SET* OK TEETH. ] kit. LOOM 18, THE INVENTOR AND pat?ntee of 'Loomk#' Mineral Plate Tae'.n," having suocersfully introduced jw?SB bis Improvement la various cities, has ;JJ -I1T new permanently established himself In Wash ington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chlefiy In making a set of bat one piece of mate rial, and that Ind^truct'ble mineral. No metal is used In their construction, and th^y are there fore free from galvanic action and tietaJic taste. There are no joints to become Hlied with moisture or particles of food, hence they are pur? and titan. They arc lighter, stronger, less clumsy, and, In short, the perfection of Artificial Ttttk; not withstanding certain Dentists >?pcak aralnst them, but they have not the right to mate them, do not knew how if they had, and therefore do not ap preciate tbem oaire cn Pennsylvania avenue, between lltb and 12th streets, two doors below the Klrkwood Ho'ifs dec 24 tf 4 S. DOKLCIIDT KEIHS CHAJ1FAGNE, 14 TKESOK DE BOUZY" AND "IXL '? 'IMIE UNDERSIGNED IS ?OLK AGENT " f>?r this city of DorlodotN " Trevor de Bouzy,' a cbsmragne celebrated throughout Europe, a :d MtlliMt by ronceisseurs as of) the hl^U?:st grad^, and unsurpassed bv anv' other product cf the champagne country, which has obtained a high position la the aristocratic circles of Europe ar.d America. Also, a large stock of other Wlne<, Li'iuor* afd Cigars. JONAS P. LEVY, Jan 5 tf No..'*>? Pa. ave .opp. National Hotel. ll 'ATCll K EPAlKIffO AND ENWKAV ?v lag.?Watches, Ch'oaome'.'rs. and Pocket Ti TieXeep^ra of eve.-y description repalrel by skillful workmen ?nd warranted to perform ac curately. Engravlrg of every description done In the bes* style, Including the cutting of arms, crcsts, mottoes, and initials on stone. ? ** Visiting and Wedding Cards elegantly engraved and printed M. W GALT A BRO., Jewal'ers, jan W fit 321 Pa av ,bet 9th and IO h s's. COAL HU'T I'NUKIt COVEH. 2.240 lbs to tk? Ton fVCIW C?N HAND. THE BEST (QUALITIES 11 of Wblte A?h, Red Ash asd LehHfh COAL Warranted to give tatisfaction. Delivered free from dirt Aie.o, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J A W. M. GALT, N W. corner lith and C streets. No 517, dec 20-tf one square south of Pa avenue. hA.Tr>: HATS l CONSTANTLY ON HAND F > LL PO s.7 supply of BEFBE'8 NEW YORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE The best black dres* HATS got up In tbi latest style for S3 SO. as ?oc<i as those usually sold at ao , and a good fa<aion able Hat at ?3, worth *4 ?, md a tlrst-rate Hat, H2 50. The best materials and tbe best worto casilp Is employed to nroduce a Hi Hat, which Is sold for 83.90. We do a cuh business, meet with no los ses, but give each oastomer full value for hla money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for Drlscoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cents per bottle ANTHONY, 7th street, near T* ayeaae, Ageat f ir a New York Hat Compasv se J?-?f AHEKIVAN AL VI AN AC?BOS . ton ?and rep<?s1tory of tisvful knowl ed-e. The *9th year of its publication. Con talalng all tbe Important Statistical and Political Information of tbe coin'ry. For sa e in Wash ington by TA Y LO R A MAUKY, jan 14 1857 Uookttore. nedr 9.h street OPERA GLASSES, S*UFK AND l ldiK Boies, fine Goods for Presents Ac , at H J MCLAUGHLIN'S*, Jia 50 tf No 20, between Bth and '.nh ?ta. t.^lNE PA^KH, INR, PENS, AMD STA> tlonery In general, at 1 jan 1U n J. MCLAUGHLIN A LO. 8. Proposals for Erecting the Marine Hospital at St. Marks, Florida. TREAemY Pfpartmekt, 1 WASH1SOTOJI. December 27, 1856.) PROPOSALS WILL HE RECEIVED AT THIS department mui the 'i5?h oay of February, A D. 1857, a 12 o'clock, iron, fur the construction of th? Marine Hospital authorized to be erected at St. Marks. Fb"id? accordingto the plans and specifi ca prepare J at this department; said proposals lo bi either fjr tiio whole building or separate for the iliflerent kinds of work; bills of parcrts must in every case accompuiy ? ach hid; wii.ii the amount of ?a?h kind of wort>.,and thetotal amount earned out; the depirtinetit reviving the riehi to reject or a -cep; th* proposals hereby invited, or a?y parts thereof, when it de*mi the interest of the Cmted Flatus re quires it; the department also reserves th? r glit to exclude the h il of any person or persons who there is just causs to believe will not aithfully perfbimthe contract*, or which they I,are attempted to cbtain by indirection; and all bids when ttiere si.all e pa' ties interested win do not join in the bids, and all hi s ;hat, up ,n lav -stigaiou, are below a fair price fs>r the worn. Bids will not b'reerivd in groic, anfj no ontract will b ? awarded to a bidder unless details are fur nished the department of the prices of the diff-rent kinds ol work Had una eriab, which shall be subject to the revision o! tne department, so that it may adopt the whole or |?art of the bid, ai the interest of the United .-^a r* m-ty requi e. Ninety per cen'.ot tne ain ?unt of work done and materials deliv reil, according to contract prce, (-aid am lout to be ascerrained by th* estimate of an a*ent<>| bedepartinent, aipointed f.r that purpose,) will be paid fr m timi to ime, as the wor* pro gresses, a id ten per ceat. retained until the comple tion of the contract, an 1 acceptance of the work, Sic., by the af repaid, and be forfeited in the ev?m of non- ulfilin nt of contract C mraets will lie awarded only to master builders ard mechanics, and the a-eignm nt thereof, eji-ep: by oonseni of the ^ee-tiary of tlie Tr< a?ury, will be a fon'-iture of the sam? Zt\~.h propo?ai must h - accompanied by a written ? a antee, signed by iwu responsible persons, (ocr '1fied to be * ? by the I'in ted States district judge oi attorin y nf the -?H district,) in ilie sum of $5,000 for th" wh le work, or oi a prop morale am u> t,if for any jart, that tlie bilder will, when reqii'P d, if his proposal b accepted, enter into a contract and bond, ?vi'h pr<?p?rand sntticcut securities for i.s fniihtU p^rf imanc1. Foini ot bond a id o rtiti-av required will be fur nished on ap, li' a i ?n to the dej a*im 'nt. P'ai*, spejifi; a'ions, and working diawin;s can be bad on a plication to the d^parim?nt. -Vo hid trill I e ro>isi<1ercd t/t/c? 11 fully eomplie? in a!l it* u'ith t' requirement* of this advertise. nient. The proposals murt be sent to this department, aidressed to the Secretary of the Trea-ury, ami plainly endorsed " Proj-o^aUftr the Marine Hospital at St. Marks, He ,' an w II be opeiieit a' oneo'cf ck. p. m , ot the la<t cay nam-d for recivincthe ^aiiH JAMES GI THKi E, dec29 UtawtPefrQfr* 9ccre:a yrf the Tr?asmy. Propoaala for Erecting the Custoni-Eoate Ac , at Plattsburgh, New York. TaKASBRT Department, > Washihston, December 10,1S5? \ Proposals will be r k - ceived at this department until the 19th day of February, A. D 1?57, at 12 o'clock noon, for the construction of the custom-bouse, post office, and court-rooms authorized to be erected at Pla'ts buryh, N Y., according to th* plans and specifi cations prepared a: this department; said propo sals to be either for the whole building, or separ rate for the different kinds of work; bills of par cels must In every case accompany each bid, with the amount'of each kind of work, and the total amount carried out; the deport ment reserving the right to reject or ac cept the proposal* hereby invlu-1, or any etrts thereof, wben It deems the Interest o: tne nlted St%te? requires It; the department also re serves the right to exclude the bids of any person or persons whom there Is just cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contra ts, or which thev have attempted to obtain by Indirection; and all bld3 when there shall be parties la Interest who do not join In the bids, and all bids that, upon investigation, are below a fair prlcc for the wore. Bids will nit be received In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which shall b? subject to the revision of the department, so that It may adopt the wh le or part of tbe bid, as the interest of the Unittd Suites may require. Ninety per cent ofthe amount of work done ?nd materials delivered, according to contract price (said amount to be ascertained by the esstmate of an agent or the department, appointed t->r that purpose,) will be paid from time to time, as the work, progresses, and ten percent re'alned until the completion of the contract, and acceptance of the wjrk, 4o., by the agent aforesaid, e.:>d be forfeited in the event of non-fulfillment of con tract. contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except bv consent of tbe Secretary ofthe Treasu ry. will be a forfeiture of the same. Er.ch proposal mustbf accompanied by a writ ten guarantee,signed by two responsible persons, (certified to be so l.y the Unl ed States district judge or attorney of the said district.) In the ?um of for the w.iole work, or of.i proportionate amount, if for any part that the bidder will, when required, If his proposal be accepted, enter Into a contract and bond, with proper and suiflcient serurlttes for It* faithful i erformance. Form ef bond and r,:rtlflcate required will be fur. ishtd on appilcatlon to the department. Plans, specifications, and woralng drawings will be ready by the lith of January, when they can b3 had on application to the department No bid will be considered unless it ful y com plies In all Us detail? with the requirements of ;hl* advertisement The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed "Proposals for PiituhurgK Custom-Mo*hand will be opened at one o'clock, p m , < f the la--', dty named for receiv inn the same. J AMES BUTliK IK, dec, 13 3awtlSFeb Secretarvof the Treasury. Pr -ppsals for Furnishing Marble and M. r ble Worn for the North Front of the Pat ent Office Building. MvrARTMKsi or the Imipior \ Decfmber 1h IK.Mj. f OE\LLI) PROPOSALS WILL RE Kit^IVEO 0 at Dejanm rt uitii ih<^ ei;fcteNath dny cf F-b t-a y ii' it, I? o'< lock at no n, for furnishing su.h Marble and V5a:b e Work a< may be required in the erection ofthe north Irorilut the Patent Office building. The bid* n?iut be in the form nf the following schedule, nnd clt a-ly specilyina the prices for ma teria', hauling, dressing, and setting, including all the machinery and of ? r expenses:

Schedule. Cube stone, per superficial foot lled< and bills, do do Ettra cube ston^, per cubic foot Cornice in two beds, per tupetfiaial foot Blocking course, do do Frieze to entab aiure,do do Architrave, do do liropM iucornice, per lineal foot, Triglypbs,?a h, Caps of f ila>ters, ? acb, Cfian.elH of ba-ement, per ln.eal foot, Marble tilinp. per superhciai to il, Window sill*, do do The m*rb:? muu b- sim 'ar in kind and qna'.ny ?o that used iri the construction ofthe ?a<i and w<>' wings of the building, ?nec<iuens of whuh will b-; required to aeconij a-.y the bid-. Fach bid will eta e in what tim ? the work will be compl-ted,a id none Hill be considered from others than those Known to be of ihe trale a'id iielit ved lo be nilly c< mpetent to fnliil in g >od a:th liie obliga tions tnry propose to a sum ?; a:id no assignuieut of l?i J or cmitra t will l?? recogn^ed, unless ina f ? ? ufi the approval ofthe bead of Ihe lie| anm nt. Ninety trr cent, will b'pa d from tun ? ?? Um.-.a>? Ihe WOIK pr>vre*-eo. upon the estimate of the aspM,; 01 the l)e?arun nt in cba ge thereot, and ten per cent, reneiv<*d until ihe rrinpl tioiiot the eon Ira M and a ?ceptanc* of the woik by said agent The Oepaliii-nt re,, rves to itself the nghi t.. re |eci or accept the pr qs)fals heri by invited, when it dee in < the interest of the United States re?|ui es il a' well a? to exclude the bids ol a-iy person or per sons who it las if tod rittion to b In ve will uoi fn in ai y ia i-e, lauhfully perform the contract. ' Pl.ris. specifications, und working drawings can ue examined, and other informationob ained,i>nap pli< ation at the office ofthe sup*'rint^ttllrni. The ptopo als, which injst be sent to this de i abluent,addressed to tlie Hecreia y ofthe Iruerior, vemiursed " Proposals for the erection of riie north front ofthe Patent Office buihtinp,") will be opened at I o'clock, p. m , of the la't ?;av nam?d for re ceiving the *am* R MrCt,ELLANI), dec 19 2a wt 18 Feb! Secretary ofthe Interior. S'OAPSTO^K UKIOULES.?THK TAKES can be browned handsomely on these Griddiea without grease sad smoke J*n?0- 9. FRANCIS, WO 7th at. OFFICIAL. I) T>ti?r*T Department, Nov. 29, 18.YS. Notice is hereby Riven to holders of stock of the loans of the United States, ttiat this department will purcba?o th?' sam- until the 3J of March next, unless the suin of {1,500 0(10 shall be previously obtained, and will pay la addition to the intcre>t accrued from the date of the la?t semi annual divi dend ol interest theroon, torcth'-r with one day's a Iditi.mal interest for the money to rea^b the vm dor, the following rate* of premium on faid stocks: For the of 1H 1*2, a premium of 10 p< r cent. Fjr the stock of 18 >7 and 1S48, a premium <?!' 16 per cent; and for the stock r.f 18.',o, commonly railed Texas Ind-maity Stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificate*of stock transmuted to ih?- dcjaM. ment, under this notice, must b" a'sigrej to fh?* United S'at<?s, by the party duly entitled to rec-iv* the proaeeds II sent between riat<- hereof ai d the 1st day of Ja ltia'y next, the current 1 alf y? arV In trrest must be a?sijn*}d by the present stockholder, or it will b~ payable as heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction be ma lc from the amount pay able^for the stock. * Paym*nt for the stocks so assigned and transmu ted will be mai<! by drafts on the ApsistantTr* a*u rersst Boston, Mew York, or Philadelphia, at the option ol the parties entitled to receive the money which slioul.l b?: expressed in the letteri--acccmpa nyingth?. certifl-ates. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. d^ I?dOdMnr^h] BANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. |E POSITS.? DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND Cheeks paid without charge. Draft* on the northern seaboard clt'es received on L?epo?lt ?t par arid K change on said Cities furnished to de positors without ctarge. Interest on Deposits?Interest will be al lowed on Deposits at such rates as may be a^ned upon. Deposits in Virginia and Uncurrent Mo nky.?Deposits in Virginh and other Uncurrent >lonev received to be checked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the ?eeu lar Exchange. Discocmts ?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Ex char sje will v-e discounted, and Loans made oa Stocks, Bonds, and Securities at the market rate Lbttkr* op Credit.?Lr'ters of Credit will be f irnlsbed. negotiable In the different Cites of the United States,on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and interest allowed If Money isd posited, ard charged if Collaterals, on such terms as miy be agreed upon Traveling Bills op Exchange.?Travelers will be .urnished with drafts la such sunn as nmy be desired negotlableln the different Cities of tee Union. Bills and Lettirs op Credit on England, Ireland and Europe ? Blhsof Exchange asd Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope. furnished at the market rate for Exchange, In turns to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac ?Bords, Stocks, and Se curities paying from 6 to 12 S* cent , always for sale, or baught in the different Cities at a coin mission rf a X V eent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the rignt to call for a de posit of id cent, on the cost. Bonds or Stccks will be ordered bv telegraph Hailroad, Citv, a ii Statb Bonds ? Rail road, Citv, hnd MaU* Bonds cm be placed In our bands lor r ^otlJ-tlon either In this country or Europe R.dlroid Iron purchased for cash cr with Bor.ds Land Warrants ?Land Warrant* bought at the market rates All Warrants fold l>y us are guaranteed lnevery respect Land Warrants located on commUsion Land W'arrant quotations regularly furnished 1! requested. Warrants will be forw?rdfd to Western Houses on orders, or fent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Real Kstate ahii 1 nschan( es.?Real Estate bought end sold, a: ?l Insurances t ttVcted. Claims on the United States, Court op Claims, Co n g r e s s?Claims on the United Stales, before the Court of Claims or Conere**. intrusted to us, will be prosccuted by able s.i.d prompt attorneys. CHUUB BROTHERS, j in^7 _____ Opposite the Treasury. GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, UyuEll /j/i'A'TL'fi!'.--' HOTEL. An Immense assortment of New Books will be opened Thin Day, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW LIST OF PRESENTS will be distributed to our patrons hereafter. Members of congress, citizens, ar.a STRANGERS will Had our stock of Books worth their attention. It Is the largest and most valuable assortment ever opened In this city, comprising standard and .Miscellaneous Woiks in all the departments of Anc'ent and Modern Science, Literature, and Art. Also, all the latest Publications, Annuals of tfcr Seasou, Blb>?, Prayer Books, Mew Lditlons cf the Po ete, Ac., Ac , In Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, ano other rica and fupeib Bindings, i)t-. gantly Illustrated A PRESENT, worh from 2-5 Cents to ?K>0, will be given (im mediately after the sale) to evtry pu.chaser of a Book for which we receive Si or more. per cent of all our net receipts will be placed In the hands of His Honor the Mayer of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit of the Poor cf the city. At the Old Stand, und^r Dexter's Hotel, sign of the Ked Flag. Jan 6-tf J. 1'HILBRICK, Agrnt. N*. 367 ra ave., opposite National He tel. JONAS P. LEVY, importer and dealer in pink WINES, BSANDIKS, OhOCEKIiiS, AND CIGARS, Has in store a very choice as sortment of Champagne In quarts and pints, I XL; and Trosan de Bausev, ana other desirable Brands; Brandy In cask and bottles. Vintage 177"tol^lO; Rums of all kinds; Whiskeys 1*10 to l?5d ; Holland Gin of ail kinds; Claret Wines cf all brands Rurgundys do do Satu rne do do Sherry do do Maderla do do Port do do German do do Hock do do Italian do do H ungarlan do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cross & Black well's London Pickles and Pre*erv?s of all kird-i Coffe Sugar, Teas, Ac. , Ac. :?G7 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel. Jan 23-1 y JONAS P. LEVY. PURE SILVER WAKE.?SOLID SILVER Tea Sets, Silver Forks and Spoons,Solid Sil ver Waiters, Pitchers, Goblets, and Cups Also, the largest variety of Fancy Silver Ware, suitable for Brldil, Birthday, and Anniversary Presents Every defcilptlon of Silver Ware manufactured to order ,and particular attention paid to tt e getting up of testimcnals, richly wrought with appri. prla'e designs M. W GALT A 15KO., Jewellers, jan '.'fl-St KM Pa. av , bet. Uth stid 10th st*. ALCHOUI L, lAMl'tlKAK, KTHERIAL Oil, Lamps, Ac. Also, Artists' Materials and Brushes. The trade supplied at lowest market prices by HOWELL A MORSELL, jan 13 No. 323 C tt bet. ?th and 7th. IUPDRTAFIT TO UUITAK AN1> F1ANO PEHFtiRRlKRS. 1MUS WEEK RECEIVED A LARGE SUP ply of new and fashionable MUSIC for the Guitar, Piano, Flute, Ac , at our great Piano Ls tab.lshment, UUtJ Pennsylvania avenue, between Uth and lutA streets JOHN F. ELLIS. jan30-tf KAlrk CLKANKlii, with the latest Im. provemeat.?Every family and boarding housekeeper should have one. Jan Ai G FRANCIS, 4D0 7th st. FTrK MLAUK8 HUTTKH.-TWENTY kegs of very superior Glades Butter, In store and for?al? low, by HARTLEY A BROTHER, jan M-3w 101 Water street, Georgetown EVENING STAK. A CAPITAL JEU D'ESPBIT The Convention of Anima's, which is a |>r* in inent feature in Harper"# Magazine for Jan uary, is outdone by the following ;#// d'e*pnt from a late English paper. Wc give his in troductory communication Report ov a Fishy Convkstiok ? [To if> Editort of th* Liverpool Mercury | tientlo men?As the political com motion iu tbe 1'nited States is over, and everything is quiet, I thought I would send you a tpecimen <>f a po litical commotion which sometimes bappers at particular places. The following is what I picked up in my five years' soj?ura in Cali fornia If you consider it sufficiency amusirg, y^u may insert it in your paper for the grati fication cf your reader". Yours, C A I All the marine monster?, big fish and small fry of the great deep, lately met iu conven tion, to take into consideration the conduct of the Ocean, and also of Mankind in general The Whale was clected president, and, from his greatness, might be termed the Prince of Whale* lie opened the convention by stating that he did not wish to make a rpecch ; he would take up as little room, and be no longer than possible. (Cheers.) The Shark whispered to the Swordfish thai it was not possible for the Whale to be much longer, for he was eighty feet now ; in hi' opirion. he only wanted a chance to spout, and be considered him a regular old blower The Whale contended that, nctwitbs'an i ing his general size, (he might add tears.) Le was not exempt from suffering He had be?n grossly insulted by m*n?he would say lam pooned?not that he would run upon the u.-e made of his fat, as he did rat wish to make light of such a matter lie had been har t'ooued at least Men were sarcastic towards lirr. and his rhafts were sharp and point*d Sorre of hi? feilow whales had been very much cut up and exceedingly tried. He had lately learned that a substitute for oil had been in vented, which might lessen the persecution of whales, but he feared it *as ail ?>?</?. The Whale alluded to a harpoon which bad lately hit him?it had made a great impression on him, and be feared had affected him deeply (Urcat sensation.) Here his feelings over powered him. and he sat down {on the shark) amid a general blubber The Shark rose with some difficulty, and re marked that tho tail of the Whale had moved him ; infd:t it was striking His own situa tion was far lrom pleasant. Ho was, by pro fission. a lawyer, and, he dittered himself, uiir of the deep kind, j Cheers and laughter ] But bu-iness was bad and ho had been com pelled to take in a few pupils He had lately presented a fine opening fur a young man who fell overboard. but wa<j soon after obliged to reject his suit as indigestible. Unless he had more cases he should leave the law. and open as a dentist, as he wa? well acquainted with the art of setting t'eth He held up one fin as a signal that he had finished The Sea Serpent did not wish to intrude upon the convention, ss bo did not know whether he properly belonged to the fbh tribe; ho did not wish to appear officious. All he asked was to be classified witn l*t'} whom ne considered a slippery rharacter. [Here the Lcl was observed t > wriggle. | Lately he was passing a ?ertain .-peciei ot the Lei, when he jugt happened to t';uch Liui, he had been so shocked that he had hardly recovered The Eol hastily aro.e, and paid he was elec trified at these remarks; it was evident that the Serpent was more than half seas over, and, if be was not careful, wou.d get into a regular coil. As to his being a ' slippery character.' he thanked Neptune he did not belong to such a *rali/ set as thr Serpent. The Whale called the L?1 to order, and the lie! calls 1 the Whale a confounded old swe'l bead, and was then summarily put cut of the convention. The Turtle was suffering from a slight indis position Lie walked ashore a short time since, when he met a party of jolly young tailors The result was tiiat ho whs laid fiat on his back, and was unable to move for some time, and sincc he hud nut felt as lively as usual. There was one thing to which he would call the pttention of the convention He pridel himself upon the purity of his political princi ples; he was the alderman s best friend. The shark had lately insulted him by calling hiiu a regular old bard shell. | Ht.ro the Shark interrupted hira by asking if that was net his case. ? J The Turtle replied that he should say nothing more at present, but tboull navo someiiiing t" /o v before tbe nest meeting The Shark (contemptuously)? Yes, a. /et? egxr*. probably. The Porpoise did not exactly understand the purpose ol the convention. uor whether all the members were piesent lie proposed that the Secretary call the roll. The W hale called bim to order, and was sorry to see him reeling about in that disgrace ful condition. His motion was quite out of order, and he appeared to be attcmptisg to get up a revolution Tha Porpoise r.ssured the convention that his movements proceeded entirely from the motion of the waves, but still ho should waive his motion He then took a back seat, ernid cries of a. blower ! ' The President remarked that he should be happy to hear from some of the small fry. the oysters, lobsters, and others?who, it not the '? bone and tinew" of tbe tribe, were at lea*t the muscles The Oyster proceeded to open his case, which was a hard one. He was con tinually in trouble, and always in some etew or broil. He had family troubles, aiso; his half brother, the CUtn, was a disgrace to the family, always in liquor, and generally coi> sidered a "squirt, " Some of his family were very lazy, and spent most of their time in hed.s. There had also been some rakes among them, creating a great disturbance. He was most respectable himself; his father was quite distinguished, anl bis maternal ancesur was Mother of Pearl He went in for his own rights, and did not care whether the rest got theirs or not. The Jewtish remarked?Hat was very selfisb. The Oyster continued?Tnere was ouc of his neighbors?he would not call any aumes?who w? re very surly and ithbbed : that he was a one-sided individual, and no one approved of hir motions. Tbe Crab protested against this ar.d said tbat the rest took advantage of him be cause he was a " soft.' He respectfully re tired backwards. Here the Codfish entered and apologized for bis lateness, as he had been visiting a school He thought tbe whale was badly off. siuce men took his oil to make lights of. His own case wj6 the reverse of this: they took his lights?and liver, for that matter?to make oil of. This might be very good for consumption, but it was confounded bad for him Tbe most alarming kind he had ever heard of was the consumption of Codfish, it might be very good fun t??r men to ?-ut him open arid salt hiai, but t<> hang him up alUsrwaids was rather too bad a joke The Herring said there bal been a dtsposi tion manifested to play tricks of this kind in his school, and that lately some of his com panions bad been badly smoked The Shad, too. in his sprirg migration up the rivers, had l e:n greatly persecuted, par ticularly by the members of the Legislature. Men had greatly uettled bim. and had nearly driven Lim insane. He was a superstitious fish, and a most unlucky day to him was fry dav. However, he thought bis enemies bad suffered somewhat in the warfare, and found his tail a regular bony-part. Tbe Flatfish was not particularly flattering in reply to the Shad, for he.did not believe there was a shadow of truth in his remarks Just ther. ttmre was a great disturbance among s?ndry of the small fry> bad evi dently been drinking. There was a lot of suckers who were mneh inebriated, and one small fish sung at the tOD of his gills that he wu " a jollj old sole," and the >o?iventtoH% like wu??y of our political >*Trt,r?<. broke np in a general row; there fore it is presumed everything will go on ai if nothing had happened. The Railroad Route from few York to Washington. (fiom the u J* Correspondence London Tlmce ] The j.urney from New York to Washington is an excellent experience, as it inelnde* an interesting variety of locomotion. The popu jar belief i* that a line of railroad oonnects the two cities: and though the general im r'tesaion is cot entirely erroneona it ia not wholly correct The sections of the road to ie political capital, are even more independ ent of each other than the Statea they tra v ;rse and. partly from natural cauaea, partly from causes less intelligible, are very far from comp ete union among themselves The in terval! o, disconnection are frequent, with a consequence to the t,-yager of a continual change of vehicle at unexpected houra Tho disturbing shifts are not without an advantage, especially by the night train; they prevent the too common waste of time in sleep: right has very little to do with it on the road to Washington The whole number of changes on the route are these : first, the heavy hotel coach, carrying nine inside at a pi eh, and ary amount of baggage, to the Bteam fvrry for the Jersey there, the South wirk of new York; then the railroad to Philadelphia, a? the tickets state, but the Delaware cuts you off from the city proper, ai d or. arriving there is another steam ferry scroti tho river ; then a string of cmnibusses is put ia requisition to make the connection with the termir.us on the other aide of the c:ty towards Baltimore It ia an exceedingly 1 ride, si long that the streets aeem inter minable, like thou? of a city stretching out continually in a dream. But they terminate at 'ast. and the railway regained, speeds you along for Baltimore?not to it; there is ano ther river to cross?the Susquehanna?a stream to wiiich Campbell s p<*etry has given a place ia our popular geography; had it been a larger river with a less musical name he might not have mentioned it; on such accidents dees fame depend. on Susquehanna's side you walk the plank* of an inclined plane down to a steam ferry boat the third, and this pause in the night ride is turned to account by arrangements on board for a stand-up supper and '? drinks" if you choose The prose ot existence, a3 usual, maintains its ascendancy, and the impreasions left of this portion of " Pennsylvania a shore" on a dark winter morning, are of a eold wind and execrable <offoe, on the oppoaite bank of the Susquehanna you find the railroad again, and are landed without further inter, rupticn at Baltimore 11 ere the old barbariani of an omnibua has been superceded, and a horse railroad car carries you through the city to the station for Washington It ia the i last shiit. After taking the train again here, there is nothing more than the ordinary changes of the road between you and the Fed* eral city. But aid to the many change* of vehicle on the route, the j-core of summons at different l intervals from the conductors to give up. show, or tal>e checks and tickets, and it will be per ceived that the n>ght train to Washington ia kept very lively. Some passengers obtain a litWe respite and repose from these callaof the oCiciai by sticking their checks in their hat band, leaving him to tako them without ask ing ile understands the arrangement per fectly, and glides down the centre of the car riage with his lamp, picking right and left at tho red and yellow cards, like a botanist gathering night flowers in a hot-house All ! those minor evils ; the worst result of thia dia jointed and sectional state of the road ia felt at Washington, in the delay of the maila, which break down about three times a week, depriving the capital practically of one of the greatest benefits of tne railway The com panies contrive to get passengers through, bat appear to have some malicious satisfaction in leaving the letter-bag* behind whenever they can; with the slightest desire to aid the Post ?'fiice the mishap could not occur so often. entsi.oritft.?Few persons are aware of the various results which have been consequent up<-n the introduction into extsnsive use of [ letter envelopes Tons of paper and barrel* ot mucilagc are u?ed every month in the man* ufacture of uifferent kinds of envelopea. In New York four firms are extensively engaged in the business, aud mrdy others do something at it in a small way Tho number of envel opes turaed out weekly is not far from four millions The gum used ia a preparation of starch callcd tftxirin*. the value of which for sealing ind :-tiff?j;ng purposes was accident ally discovered in England some years since. During the conflagration of a Urge flour ware house, a cotton-spinner worked at carrying water and rolling out the partly charred flour. In the morning ne found his clothes irremed iably stiffened and glued together. On inves t gation he ascertained that the aoorched flour would form, with water, glutinous matter mu<*h more adhesive than any known gum but sequent experiments revealed the fact that this preparation was better than gum arabis for stiffening cotton goods, and the discoverer kept bis secret, and made money out of the manufacture of " British gum" for dressers But his success was his ruiu ; he become prof ligate. his secret whs discovered, laidfztrine came into notice. It is now used for all pur Joscs where a cheap mucilage is required, or dressing cotton goods, for preparing the backs of postage stamps, the edges of envel opes, manufacturer* labels, ac ; it is found to be unrivalled. It has nearly ruined the gum nrnbic trade, and that in sealing-wax and wafers. milo Gi'hpowdbr.?'The Boston Post tells a pl-asant anecdote of Mr. g , who a good many years ago, was a retail merchant in a populous town in Vermont, lie was famous as "the very pink of politeness," and was in dee i un expert salesman If he \ ad not got the article that might happen t< be called for. he was sure to name something that was sufficiently like it to answer the purpose Thus wheu a customer enquired for "winter ?t rained oil," the merchant told him he bad'nt got that kind exactly?but he had some that was "strained very /ate r? the fa//'" Dis parage one article as you might, be was sure to find somethiug to praise io it?if his tea was not strong, it was well-flavored. Ae., ac. ou one occasion a customer having called lor a sample of gunpowder, rubbed it in his band t> ascertain the proportion of charcoal, and then observed that it lacked strength u I know," fnswered the imperturbable trades - man?falling into bis old tea-formula "I know tbe powder is not so strong as some, but you'll find it very mi id unJ mgrteaile. aiovfcuust Agaihkt cosvk'T laaor ?The cigar makers and other mechanioa of New York held a meeting on the 2?th inst , to Uke measures to atop convict labor at the prisons. The committee appointed at a previous meet ing to viait tha workshops of Sing sing, re. ported that the operations there of theconviets and the machinery were highly detrimental to the interests of honest mechanics, and a com mittee was appointed to make arrangements for a muss meeting of the trades to remonstrate with the legislature on the subject. Suiicespkarzmodkrsizid ?Old King Lear in the iday, when he was out in the storm, said in his apostrophe to the rain wind, than der and lightening : " You owe me no subscription." Prentice, of the Louisville Journal, says he wishes he could ?ay as muob to all his readers