February 5, 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

February 5, 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

EVENING STAR. V ii<TWTiH?rN niru ii urr at raa Orrie* ?t TviLn t'otoct, I., ortxiviii r*r? in ?#t *rm? rim Till IUT BAT. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Boakd or Common Cocbcil.?The Board held it* regular meeting on Monday night. Mr. Lloyd. frem the ways and meant oom mittee, introduced a bill making an additional appropriation for cleaning the Centre Market and ground*; patted. The President laid before the Board a com manieation fr- m the Major, transmitting the report ef the Inspector of the fire apparatus for the month of January; referred to the fire department committee. Also, a communication from the Mayor, rec ommending that an appropriation be made, with authority to the Mayor to um it, for the employment of a special police for a few days before and after the 4th of Mareh, to preserve the peace of the city and to prevent the dep redations of pickpockets, Ac referred to the police committee The biSl from the Aldermen providing for the printing and distribution of oorrect lists of persona liable to the payment of the schorl tax in this city was referred to the police com mittee The joint resolution from the Alderin?n in relation to the payment made for the pave ment of the alley in square No 72H was re ferred to the claims committee. The amendment of the Aldermen to the bill for paving the footway end laying the curb stone in front of square No 847 wag referred to the improvements committee The amendment of the Aldermen to the bill prescribing the duties and salaries of the surveyor and assistant surveyor and for other purposee. were n*xt taken np for considera tion. The amendment to the first section in line 17, striking out the words " from the passage of this ait," and inserting " from and after the 1st of July, 1866:" and a similar amend, mend men: in section 7, line 1, were concurred in The amendment in section 10, line seven, proposing to restore the words " alter the same may have been submitted to and approved by this Corporation," which had been stricken out by this Board, was concurred in. The amendment of this Board in section 7, lines 21, 22, and 23, in the following words, " and for every copy of a square, with the dimensions cf tbe lot marked thereon, fifty cents," was receded from Mr. Knight moved to non-concur in the re maining amendments to the bill, and aho that tbio Board appoint a committee of conference, ask the appointment of a similar committee on the part of the Aldermen, on the disa greeing votes cf the two Boards , which mo tion was agreed to, and Messrs Knight, Abert, and Turton were appointed the confer ees on the part of this Board. Mr Jtfferson introduced a bill making an appropriation to supply a deficiency in the ac; makirg an appropriation to gravel Eleventh street west, from K to M street; referred to improvements committee Mr Baldwin, from the fire department com mittee. reported a bill for the relief of the Franklin Fire Company ; passed. The bill making an appropriation to pay the city assessors for the performance of oer tain duties was taken up for consideration. Mr Lloyd moved that the further considera tion of the bill be postponed for two weeks, and that it he published with the proceedings of the Board ; which motion was agreed to It is as fellows : A bill making an appropriation to pay tbe elty as sessor* for the performance of certain duties. B' it ??ic ted, f c. That tbe sum of six hundred and fifty-tve dollars and fifty cento, or to murh thereof as may be rec^sary, be and the ?ame la hereby appropriated out of th? general funt aa compensation to .je City Aftsessos for services from the lilh to the 3;at of December, canvassing -nd making poll books, and for the paying of re..t and fael. The joint resolution in relation to certain changes in the charter in regard to the record of deeds conveying re.il estate in fee simple was passed Mr Knight offered a resolution requesting the Aldermen to return the bill entitled "An act appropriating oae thousand dollars for furnishing fuel for the pooradopted Mr. Baldwin reported back the report of the inspector of fire apparatus, and moved that it bs placed on th? files of the Board, and that the committee be discharged from its further consideration ; agreed to. Mr Turton offered a resolution authorizing the Mayor to direct the City burveyor to ex amine and report to this Board the cause of the frequent overflow of the footwalka and property in the vicinity of Sixteenth street west, and also the best mode of preventing the same and an estimate of the cost thereot; which was adopted. The Board then adjourned. MrrnoroLiTa* Mxrea-iics'Fain ?The fol lowing is a continuation of the list of appli cations for *pace C Woodward A Son, W ashington. gas stoves Mrs. W G Calvert, do., casimere veet. Miss M E Osborne, do., silk vest. J C. Conboy, do , signs. M T Parker, do , signs, Ac. Miss Burr, do , embroidery Robert Gray Campbell, do., cabinet of birds of District of Columbia T F Pendel, do., miniature ship. Matlock A Herbert, do., clothing. George W Johnson, do., furniture. Mrs K Sailings, do., esse of birda. J. E Williamson, dn., rifle and pistols. Mrs East, do , quilt. Mut M A C<>yle,Georgetown, needlework. W. Cast If ton Slate Co ,?, ?late mantels. A?. Miss Laura D. Brown, Washington, em broidery. Miss Caroline Young, do., do J. C Jewell, do , needlework. Robert Harrison, Laurel, Mi , patent churn; butter worker; washing machine; hammer fastening Gustav Hartig, Washington, brass work. John G Gallaher, jr., do , gas apparatus. Holton A Jardine, New Yora, wood engra ving Geo H Feaman, Washington, patent rise. L-oeis C Arny, Georgetown, cakes. Arny A Co , do , mineral water. Wheatley A Co , Washington, boots and shoes Miss 1. J. Cunningham, Georgetown, em broidery. M s* G. Cunningham, do , do. % McGre g r A Co , Washington, furniture. T. W. Fowler, Washington, penmanship. Todd A Co., do , hats, tars, Ac 6. P Hoover, do , case shoes. Philip Chapin, Baltimore, turning lathe. A B Sidenstricker, do , planes and hamer. Sarah A Lusby, Washington, needlework. Mrs. Lusoy. do , preserves Miss M J. Cunaingbim, do., embroidered chain W M McFarland A Co, Baltimore, safes A 5 Jon^s New \ ork. hair and mattresses. L W Boynton, Wurce*;er, Mass, gas stoves, A: James V. Chiiion, Washington, Japanese articles. John P Dennis, do., barouche and buggy. An impression bai got abroad that a fee has to be p?:d with every deposit of goods We are requested to state that no fees are d*. masied of thvoe who bring their artioles it time Tbe Rhode Is'.and Society for the eneouragf ment of domestie industry has printed a cir eular, at its own expense, and distributed ii broadcast among the manufacturers of the State, recommending them to have their in dustry well represented at this exhibition. 9 WssTiBjt Hosb Comvast ?Tbe followicj fentleme* have been elected officers of thi< company for the ensuing year : Wo Riggle? J resident; K L. Ma.*t< n. vice president; W F'eney, secretary ; F T. Wilson, troasurer J Waters. P Uagerty, ?Ld W Drury, audi Urs; S. Spalding, J Ferris, and W. Thorn directors; Wm K'gglea, E L Maston, F. N Holtiman, F. T. Wilson, and S Spaldiig, rep resentatiTM to the Fir* Dapartment. CoRCBBT FOB TBI MtWBFIT OF TBI PoOB. ln consequenoe of aiflietion in the family o Mrs Spaulding, the concert to be held at he boeae this evening will be held at the board lug hmse of Mrs Baanerman, on tbe oorner o Ninth and S streets, Mrs B. having kindl; Iwdsisd suitable rooas tor the pnrpoee. W bather. ?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, Jan 30. to this morning : __ . Morning. Noon. Ni*ht. Thursday 32? 34? Friday 14? 28 30 Saturday 32 36 38 Sunday..,. 30 34 32 Monday 22 23 18 Tuesday 4 20 26 Wednesday 26 38 40 Thursday 32 ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from 30th January to 5th February inclusive, 22? 06'. Jt Full moon Sunday, Feb. 8, between 6 and 7 p m Sun rises on Saturday. 7th. at 7 o'elock. Remarks-Snow fell 29th and 30th; 3Ut rain fell. g Groroetowr, Feb 5,1857. National Theatre ? To nijrht will be ren "Juiritd Wi"*'?! ?f "A"1. ' *?"> the following ncell.r.t 8 K b?-?J?!,*' SUflej; Mr Dor,. Mr. i k br?.wn*' Mr- Dismal, Mr. Lomas: Mrs. Lynx, Miss Kate Eitelle; Mrs Dismal, Mrs. Ashmer , Mrs Do re, Mrs. Prcotor; Mr. Youni - * Wed.j; Mr Coddle, Mr 8. Mr. C?d ml M1? ?r*Te'' will , J Dre"[er?" >n which Mr. Glenn Dutiful th' P>rt 0f D**teronomy Po^A*Th!?" Circcr. ? PcKcrr or ran M? b Sh!^aaTroLthe W"bington ?ircu?, mIto, *1; hm kind,y tendered to tha Mayor of this city the proceeds of this night's performance for the benefit of the p<5r of Washington The bill of entertainments an nounced for the occasion is equal to any of the season. Madame Tourniaire, Mr E. Woods, the FcrranM family Mr River*, J,m Burt! Hankins, Kincade, Foster, and all the com pany will use their most strenuous offorts to please on this charitable occasion. d.lJ"Mr'CK S.n?t. yeeter < Lr.ow? presented the petition of F. Of fejr,ce ofthft for tb# tr\tL . ^g n' Pr?J1DRthat the police magis Inl.-rl f. c?n8lah|es in that county may be allowed fees in cases of misdemeanors as well as in cases of felony. Referred to the Com mittee on the District of Columbia. Mr. Mallory presented the memorial of F. ?dc^erbany, navsl storekeeper at the W ash ington navy-yard, praying to be allowed an increase of compensation. Referred to the Committee on Naval Affairs. night? a fi?ht otm? ?ff at i ^ 5a- ' betweea two colored men, hich ended in the arrest and confinement of took Hi.wJ8' ?PP"" that James Bowie -k8 "'eetheart to a ball without his consent Hicks went to the ball and ordered ? objected to her departu-e and received a blow from Hick, that fettled the matter till after the ball, when Hicks at tempted a final settlement with a knife. Jus tice elevens hold Hicks to security 10 keep the pence. ? The Situation or Wrlch.?We saw this evening the young man who was injured in the unfortunate occurrence yesterday. He lies in a most precarious condition?one of bis 'yes seared and running blood, his forehead much inflamed, and a small pinkish spot mark ing the entrance of the ball, and his general condition feverish. One of the balls, it is be ueved, is located near the eye. While there is room to hope for his recovery, the chances are against it.? Alex. Sentinel of yesterday. ?fVvS" vF company No. 34, of J?ew York o:rv. with Cbas Mille- a* their foreman, L. J Parker, secretary, and S. A -uydam, treaiurer, will leave that city on the m ot March i ext, upon an excursion to Wash ing. ->n and ^iount Vernon, paying their re spects to their brother firemen en route at the intermediate cities of Philadelphia and Balti more They will be accompanied by Shel ton's brass band. . Odd Application -On Tuesday, a eripp!e named Wm Sanderson, applied to Justfce ffi tl g i5 tC i"? !?nt t0 tbe workhou?e un til the cold weather is ever. Justice H. told k.h .? P?w?r t0 commit him unless he ? lt M ir v.?m\law The applicant seen;, ed to think this a hard care, and went off mut tering a determination to steal something and thus render himself eligible for the workhouse. RoBBrRT.-Yest.rday evening,Mrs. Harriet LV' 7e< * Thirteenth street, was robbed of S170 in money. Although val uable articles were lying around, nothing but the cxiney was taken. Officers were eng iged last night in trying to di?jover the thief onJ recover the money, but so far without success. Assault ard Batteet.-Yesterday, Mr Holloran was arrested for an assault with a loaded stiok on Mr. A. N. Clements. The case was taken before Justice Donn by Officer k m".*' tD7^r H?lloran was ordered give bail in $300 for his appearance at oou:t. * _ Thi Fair in r^chneider's building was large ly attended last night By the advertisement in another column it will be seen that some of the ladies will be present from 2 o clock p. m , to dispose of articles to those who may wish to make purchases bet are not able to attend at night Lecture on Music?At the Academy of Musie, last evening. Professor Crouch enter tained his pupil, and friends with a lecture on the art of music. He gave a short history of s .me *f the old masters, Rossini, Schubert, and others, explaining their different styles accompanying each with illustrations. Larcesies ? Henry Thomas, colored, wa< arrested for larceny, and was committei to j*il *>7 Justice Hollirgibead The same Jus tkro also held Ellen Weloh to bail for a further hearing on a charge of the larceny of jewelry. Dismissed ?Alexander Eggleson was ar rested this morning by Officer Reynolds on a warrant issued on a charge of riot in Ootober last He was taken before Justice Hollings head. but the evidence being insufficient he was dismissed Gambling.?W H. Martin and Jno.Simm< both colored, were arretted for being present at an unlawful assemblage, gambling, ?tc. Justice Hollingtbead fined each f 10 and costs. Watch Retup.r.v?Patrick Coulan, vagrant rorkbouse 60 days. Wm. Sanderson, do ; do! Bernard Muivan, do ; do. Peter Flanagan, do ; do. William Hicks, fighting; Bteurity to keep tbe peace. Good, fair Spanish quarters and levies will t?e taken at par for confectionery, at J. (}. Weaver's, opposite Brown's hotel. ? Dr. Hi-rtrr. of New York, editor of the Medical Specialist, begs to inform his patients in Washington, that he will be his rooms in the Kirk wo J ilouse, Pennsylvania avenue, for consultation on Saturday, 7th February when in connection with his associate, Dr Wi'? liams. he will be happy to meet them As Dr. Hunter will in future make a regular monthly visit to his offices in Washington and Baltimore, such as wish to consult him, or avail themselves of the beoefita of Inhalation will do well to embrace 'those occasions for that purpose. | Groruetowr, D C , Jan. 2S, 1857. To all whom, it may concern : I, Hiileary Hutchins, declare and openly avow that pre ceding and since the election of the 22d inst., that I attach no imputation or implication to Officer John W Gross, either influencing me in casting my vote, or otherwise in biasing me rLt.!i duty as a oitisen of the ?kE.t<,; and' furthermore, I openly declare that no overture, or inducements were or i^r ?fffer*d blm> 0r "7 0th" person or purty. I now proclaim, sinoe I htve the implication cast upon my name as a mur derer, and all the epithets rot becoming a man, I abjure and renounce further alle^iane) to the American party. hit 6 Hilleart Hutchirs. mark. Witnetf Geo M- Sotroror. To tbe officers and members of Eatsw Lolge Georgetown, DC. ' Mtsteeious Disappeararcb ?There is a great deal of exoitement in New York, rsla tive to the disappearance of Mr. Erattai L. DsForr?st, a wealthy yoang man, who has been misting for 17 days, under circumstances which induce thesuspici >n of fool pUy. $1000 reward it offered for his Wj. Book Votiooa Lilt Bell, or Tib Lost Child. By Aliee Fay. Boston : Jamej French A Co. For sale in this city by Taylor 6 Maury. The style of thia book can be judged by it# preface : " Gentle reader: Rambling on a sweet rammer's morning over the dewy fielda of imagination, and of childhood's dearest memories I beheld a lily blooming by the banks of a silver streamkt: I gathered it and with a trembling hand present it now to you ?A. F." Nxiohbor Jack wood. By Paul Crevton. Bos ton : Phillips, Sampson A Co. For sale in this oity by Taylor 1 Maury. This book, we believe, has been one of the most successful publications of the year, and some of the author's warm admirers see in him a second Dickens. The characters of Abimleoh Jackwood, of Phoebe and of Grand mother Rigglesty, are admirably drawn indeed. In depicting New England life the author (a Mr Trowbridge, Paul Creyton being a nom d? j/lvme,) is perfectly at home, but when he unwisely strays out of his parish and xjnder takes to depict Southern life and manners, of which he?nows nothing, his failure Is painful but inevitable. A Pkrpcmbd Brrath ?What lady or gen tleman would remain under the curse of a dis agreeable breath when by using the " Balm of a Thousand Floumrt" as adentrifice would not only render It sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subject is ?o delicate their friends will mvor mention it. Pour a single drop of the " Balm" on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year For 6ale at Shillington'p, agent for Washing ton, and all Druggists. Pujrca on Escobes. -By what right, we beg to ask, does an auditor choat and rob anartift by encoring' A playbill promises that if you will pay a sreoiGc sum you shall have a spe cific song You pay the money (or go in with an order) and you demand twico the music you have bargained for Do you serve any body else so, except an artist? If you buy a pair of trousers, and they please you, do you tnrore your trousers; that is, require the tailor to gi^e you another pair? Do you encore. a dozen of oysters, asking the second lot for nothing because the first were sweet and sue culent? Do you encore, a portrait, and be cause a painter Ins succeeded admirably in taking your likeness, do you clap and stamp about his studio until he paint: you another copy for nothing? And yet why should Mr. Punch be wrath with you? Yours fathers thought in the same way about books, and wondered at the author's impudence in calling mere words by the sacred name of property. And the notion is not quite extinct yet. There, we retract, we feel oomp^slon for you, you oldcrea'ures, not anger. You may stay. But mind this. You have no right to steal mu*ic If your houte maid stole your snub nosed Patty's dog's-eared copy of the Troubadour from the pianoforte, you would call that housemaid a thief, and send for a policeman. What are you, that steal four songs in one evening? Take that hint to heart, and when next you are delight ed with an effort that it has cost an artist J ears of expensive and laborious study to ring to the perfection that enchants you, and you teel disposed to cheat him out of it again, remember snub-nosed Patty and her dr>g's eared xausio. > The London Times says the principal hotel in Chicago is " a grander establishment than any in that metropolis " Ultra fashionable dresses for balls in Paris, are now let for twelve dollars a night, and dealers drive a good business in renting them. fftlnaaa'e I nstantaaeous Lipoid Hair Dye "M proven lue'.f Issll who bar* b**p fortunate enough t? uas it. to be the wx PLC* htsa of all th* HAIR DTKS-?' ly one kind reqnl.ed for either black or brown Pr~par*d by Z. D OILMAN, Wanhingt m, D. 0., *n<l a >ld In Baltiroo-e by SfcTB 3. UANCK. jau *>lm [[TTlie World's Bent factor ?In all time tb? true phy*lclan ba* been known a* ibefriend of humanity, anil In onr dayamany assume,hut fe* deserve the title. Mre. M. N. Oanlner, however, la otn ofthefew, forahehaa richly merited It In the production cf the Balham of Livkhvort awn ho??noi ?n, which ha* wrought m<>*t niiracri'oaacnrea, and Anally won for Itself a plaoe smoug t e standard Family Medlclnaa of ibe day, a? the eare for all afTyi on* o! the Lio~a. Week* k Totter, No. If,4 Washington afreet, Boa ton, General Amenta. Tor aaie by W. H. Oilman, Charles Stott, Nalra a Pa.uitr, i. D. dllnian, and by Drcgiriat* teu r^lT. feb J?iw. C7Br?wa'i Bronchial Trocliea.???W# have fonnd them of great service In aliayin* Bronchial Irrita tion, and In misdoing Hoarieuee*produced by O.Ma^and Co oar clerical bratLran a real favor lu calling their attention to thetn."?Zlm'a Herald. " We commend them to the at tention of public speakers, elngere, and other* who are troubled with aBecUou* of th* Tarcat."?Christian Watch man. " Por Coughs. Atthraa, ta., we cheerfullr bear teeti mony from pere-ihal knowledge to their efficacy.Ballou'j Pictorial. " They are a simple and elegant form for admin istering, In combination, several reed.clnal snb'tance* held In general esteem among Pby*1cian* In the treatment of Bronchial affections."?Dr. O. V. Blgelov. Confining no opium or deleterious drug*, theae l?xen,;e* ran be need freely by pnbli; sjetkera and vocailets for clearing and giving strength lo th* voice. Sold by all Ornrgiau. Oct U-lf JAUKH I.'. CALL.AN', Agent. Important to tbo Larftos! ?Dr. Dn POHOO'0 PKWaL* P1I.L8.?The combination of Ingredi ents In the Pills are p.'riw-t'y harmioes. The'.r eflicacy aod merit* are l.ased npon an ?xteL*lve practice of over tlilr'y years; and, where the directions have been strictly fol lowed, they have never U.led to correct all Irrtgnlaritle*, relieve painful auddtiS-ult rceaatrnatlon, (?%^lrulariy.l at the change of life. They will euro the Whit?*, aud reuiove all obstructions arising from cold, exposure oi any cacaaa, and biay be need sn<v*aefo!ly as a Preventive. Call upon the ajrent, and get a Circular for particulars free. Price ti per box, with full directions, bold wholesale and retail by CUAS. NTOTT, Druggist, PeunsylvaDla avenns, SAMt'KL B. WaITK, 531 Seventh street, Washington, D. C.; and K. 8. T. ClBtflSL, (ieorgetown ; t > whom all orders ~?n*t be sent, aad the Pill* will be sent conlid.'utlaliy, by muB, to ladle* who encloee theu ono dollar. N. B.?t'-ee signature on the box; to iountsrfer.lt Is for ?ry. I* t-tf inrUrantfreth'a Fills? The Weak, the Oousamptlve, Bheumatlr, Costive, Bllloua and Delicate, alter some day's use will And renewed strength and life pervade every orxan of tbelr frame*. Kvery don* make* the bleed tinrer. The nerve* commence In the arteries and terminate In the veins. These pills, a* t llr>t effe't, art upon the ar terial Mood, Increasing th* olr'-nlatlon, by w.'i'ch Impirltio* are deposited In th* veins, and they throw of such co'lec Hons into the bowels, which o.gao, by the energy derived from Brandretl.'a Pill*, expel* them from tli* ay* em. When flirt need, the pi 11 n may occasion griping, aud even make th* patlout feel wt rae ; thia mu*t be borne with for the good to ooma afterward* No great good I* often aclileved without rime trouble In It* attainment, and ttihi rnle applies to the re<"ov*ry of health. The*e aymptoms onlyoc^ur wher* the body ha* long straggled under a load of Impure, tcnaclou* humor*. A ciini>*callv* use for a few day* will satisfy the most unbeilevlc2 of the great good the pills are do!i>;. The direction* should be careftally studied. If understood and followed, health and vi^or will, in a majority of caaec, be se cured by the use of BhANDRKTH'S Pill*. Bold at It centa per box at 43 Cansl street, Brandreth Building, New York; by T. W. Dyott A Sons, 181 north Hecoud street, Philadelphia, and by me<llclDe dealers gener ally. no* 3*?tf MARRIED, On the 3d Instant, by the Rev. Father Alle, Mr. AUGUSTUS SHAFFER, to Mlaa 8U8ANA A. LYNCH, all of this city. On the 3d Instant, by the Rev. P. D. Gurley. .Mr ARMISTKAD B. CURTIS, of Uaaover. Vlvglnln, to Miss GERALD1NE WELLS, cf tbla city. On toe 3d lnstanf, by the Rev P D Gurloy, Mr JAMkS G. LOMG to Mlsa VIRGINIA eTONE. On the 2d Instant, bv the Rev Dr Duncan, Mr ROBERT JOHNSON to Miss LAURA H ., daughter of Joalah Egieston, both of this city. ItlSD, At Plaquemlne Brelee, La , on Fnlday, the 9th of January. In tbe 3;th year of her ase Mra. MARY T , wife of Dr James Donovan, formerly of this city, and daughter of the late Captain Anthony Hod^klnfon, ft Alexandria, Va May tthe rest In pecro ? In this city, on the f.h instant Mr. TIMOTHY CL EAR Y, a native of the count-y of Tlpperrary, Ireland, aged 73 year*. His faneral will take pla^e at St Fatrlck'a church, at 10 o'clock, on Friday morning. The friends of the family are requested to attend. M ay he rest In peace ? On thia morning, the Sth Instant, at 10 o'clock, EMMA SOPHIA, oalv daughter of Geo W. tod M. A. Appleby, aged lo months and *3 days. The frler.da and relatives of the fkrally are re quested to attend the funeral cn To-Morrow, at t o'clock, at tbelr ie<ldence, No 493 M??a. avenue, between lib and 3th streeia. In Georgetown. D. C., on the 4th February, 1M7, Mr WILLIAM T. UPFERMAN, in the 4Jd year of his age Hit funeral will take place To-Morrow (Friday) evening, at 3 o'clojfc, from the residence of .Mr. frainuel McKutght, on High street ? On vesterday afternoon, In the 39:h vear of her age BARBARA A MKDR1CK, wife of David Hedrlck, of this elty. The ft lends of the family are respectfully In vlted to attend her funeral at 10 o'clock To-Mor row morning, from tko corner of N and 4th sUeets, Northern Liberties * Oa the 4th laetant, DANIEL ilMONDi, la the 79U year of his a?o. AUCTION SALES. A. GREEN, Auctioned. the 7th ln.tant, I shsU Ml], |B ZXSSStttJ*?*hElf ch~u of flne ; *m?n*ABzao?"t'9 Youag Btwb 10 Gallon* Brandy

? boxes, 25 pounds each, Fig* 3 bagt English Walnut* Also, a handsome lot of large-sized Dressed Doll* Shawls, and other Dn and Fancy Goods And a large lot of new and second-hand Furni ture Fine Goat, from the Roeiry Mountains, well broke to harness, and Gig and Harness complete Termscash. A. GREEN, feb 5 -2t Au:tloneer. ?'!? I'nlsn thsre 1* Strsngth."?The Pa bile Qeed oar ealy Aim. GRAND BALL __ . . 0F TH1 Union Fire Company, No. 2, AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY ?th, 1H&7. THK COMPANY PLEDGE THEMSELVES to snare no pains to make this pleasant and ajjteeable to all who will favor them with their patronage. WUhent'Band Is engaged for the occasion. Ticket* ON hi DOLLAK?admitting a l/enti ? man and ladl?s; to be h.-d of the members. and at the door on the evening of the ha 1. C ommittte of Arrangements Sam'l E Douglass, Wm t, Mastln, J as RelUy, j \\ Moore, Jno Bury, Wm B Mickuin feb 2-6t SECOND A*NUAL BALL _ aw Tin MONUMENTAL CLUB, At VERXON HALL, cor. Otk .it. and La. ace., On RIUNDAY, Fehraary 9th, 1*J), T"K MEMBERS OF THE MONUMENTAL x. Club beg leave to announce to their friends a . ? ,PT,b,la **"?*"}', that their Second An ? JL io^11 t8ke Pl8c*on MONDAY, Febru ary ytii, J85/. Esputa's celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Supper ar.d Refreshments furnished bv an ex perienced Caterer. Tickets ON U DOLLAR?admitting a Gen tleinan and l adles. * ? Committt* of Arrangemtntt. n hCT5? A Button, J war<| Wm Barry, V Bis1 op, C Rupert ? n ran? ^ kittle,* J Hagpan, JDonnln, M 8toops, J Tucker C Dlsmore, J Smith, f?b 4-5t? BU,L FOR THE RELIEF OF THE POOR OF THE SECOND WARD, On THURSDAY EVENING. Feb. d, 195r, AT CARL'STS SALOON. The procce Is to be banded over to the Treari'f r of the Ward Committee. John P Hamlin, John F EH1? C B Graham, James Sherv, Nicholas Calldn, F Minor. ' ^ A Patterson, Tr? ?r>bam, Andrew T*t*. J G Long, Barron Frerer, I heo'e v* almsley. W o Simpson, Thos Potenflnl Tbo* y. Williams p. ^ N E DOL LA R ?to be had at J oh o Kl^w^Ll HUS BreV^ Karnhara'? Pookstore, Mrkwood House, R. Adams, of the manager*, and at the door on the night of the ball feb 2-lb OBAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT! FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE POOR! At Odd Fellows1 Hall, yavy Yard, FEBRUARY 5th, 1S57. WB CRAVE THB PATKOXAGXOF THKCUMMt NlTY OWING TO THE SEVERITY OF THE westhfr we, tbe undersigned, having wit nessed numberless families In a state cf <fcst ti - tion. and knowing no other avsliable means cf assisting them In their wants, webaveconclud*d to give a GRAM) VOCAL AND INSTRU MENTAL CONCERT for tbe purpose of prc curlng tbe necessities ?f life for tho*e suffering creatures who. we are assured, cannot assist themselves we fee. confMent that none can re fuse to assist us In ihl* laudtble under'aklnp. The fol owlns? talented gentlemen ba?e klndlv volunteered their services: JPumphrey, J O Donald, A Balne, C Hrwke, T Strne, C VcDonaid, J Keek, C Matlock, Mr Scott M O'Brien, Al o, Prof Withers and his celebrate! Band hs.ve kindly volunteered for tbe occasion. Mr. Aiigello Mammlml. the Treat Flutist of Prof withers' iiand, will favor us wi h roine of his choice solos Tickets ran he had of any of the Committee, or ?' the door on the evening above mentioned Cone* rt to cc mmerce at 7% o'clock. Commxtttt. Wm A Mulloy, <?eo F Barrett, M Marreron, J as R Dobb\n. jan 31,feb 2 3 5-4 f!?uVw J"* ?'ROTEtTED?BnyCOK K ^ cULao at feb4"3t LAMMOND'S. (^omc ANu sentiiwentaTvalen ys fires, al 3t LAMMOND'S. 0RANOK All) ALC.1AN1JRIA RAIL. read Six Per Cent Bonds fr>r sale by jaa 32-2awI?i RIGGS A CO STILL SELLING OFF AT COST FOR. CASH. OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF FANCY DRESS bilks. Plaid and Plain Franch Meilnosall wool, Mousseilns, hnd, In fart, all Fancy Dress Goods will be sold for tbe next two weeks at cost, and n.a-iy for lrss, to close them out. Also, a 1' t of Cloaks and SLawl*. We have now In store, a Ml stock of surer'or Bleached and Biown Shirting and f heeling, Cot tons, Superior Sbirtlr^ Linens, Table IMapt-ts, Napkins, and Towelinas, all of sriirb wesbalt sell at oui usual low prices notwithstanding the great advance In many of tie article* named COLLEY M SEARS, Jan 27-eoJw 521 ?lh st.^3 doors above Pa av. MONEY TO LOAN ON GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. JEWELRY, GUNS, PISTOLS, and all valuables. JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, feb 4-2m : 49 Pa av , opp. Browns' Hotel. ACAKJI.-HAVING MADE A CHANGE in my business, it becomes Imperative upon me to close previous transactions with the utmost dispatch Therefore, al person* indebted on open account or by note lying ovtf are requested to make Immediate *ettlt m?nt by cash or ac> ep table paper. febt-f jr N. M. McGREGOR. NOTICE. TH E PARTNERSHIP HKRKTOFORE existing under the name and firm of KEIL ER A M A Y, Plasterers, wa* dissolved on the 13th day of January, 1S57. Th? undersigned will continue the Plastering business on his own account. feb 4-3t? JOHN KEILEK NEW MUftlC, new MUSIC, new mc. sic received every week and for sale at FERGUSON'S, _ Jan 31- 466 Seventh st. SHAWLS! shawls:: ALAR6E AND SELECT STOCK OF Stella and other style* of Shawls, suitable f jt the approaching Spring, now on hand, and will be *atd at a verv low price, by the subscriber, 244 Penn avenue, between 12th and 13th itreet* frb 3-eolm FRANK A. McGEE. WAFER IRONS, WAFFLE IRONS. Mevit Cu'ters, Mincing Knives, Chopplnsr Tray*. Apple Fairer*,Ac., ?pfioe* always low. at an 20 FRANCIS'S. 7th *t More light.?the subscriber has now on hand, and will hereafter constantly keep, a full supply of SPERM and ADAM AN TINE CANDLES for sale at the lowest prices, at the Lamp and Oil Store of J R McGRECOR, fleb 4-lw 534 7th street. Cl 11EAP WOOD.?PINE WOOD FOR Sale J at 82 25 per cord, o?er the Long Bridge, at Lieut. Hunter's Upper Farm, above the Toll Gate, In Alexandria county, Va feb 4-lw WESLEY CaRLIN, Agent. I/ALKNT1NES, WHOLESALE AND RE ? tall, the largest stock In tills cl*y. No. 20, between 8th and 9th rtretts Jan 30-tf H. J. mclaughlin A CO. FRESH ARRIVAL. WE ARE RECEIVING TO DAY, FRESH Cove Oysters, Fresh Lobsters, Fresh Pice Apples. Fresh Patches, Fresh Tomatoes In her metically sealed cans; and Apricots In jars, all of the most superior quality. KluG A BURCHELL. fob 3 Cor. Vermont av. and 15th street. STL.wA2USv ^UBB'S GREAT STORY IS O la the New York Ledger for Feb. 7th. Bay It ?? _f _ FERGUSON'S. 81 -2 if* SevMti St. AUOT10H BALB9. this ArrrBNooy and to-mobrow. By WALL.. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneer* nit RiVVIIHW, LITHOGRAPHS, Ac. at ?> Public Aactlsn.?On THURSDAY KVK NING, February 5tb, at 7o'elr*k we will sell, at 370 Pennsylvania averue, under Brown's Bo tel. a general <ar?ety of Religious. Blstorlcai, Political, and Comic Engraving*, in all a neat assortment, aM of which must be disposed of to close consignment. Bale positive Terms at sale WALL, BARNARD A CO , feb 4-dts Auctioneers ByC. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. GALE OF RICH JEWELRY AND CLE. ^ Iant Faaci tissds at Aactiaa.?On FRI DAY MORNiN'6, February flih, commencing at 1* o'clock, 1 shall sell, at my salesroom, Iron Hall, an Invoice of elegant Jewelry and rich French Fancy Goods, consisting In part of? Fine Gold Ear-rings, Bracelets. Breastpin* Finger Rings, Hair Pins With many other rich articies of Jewelry Crystal Foxe-, and a ?arge collection of hejvlly Gilt Fancv Good* 1 Altogether forming the handsomest variety of Faucy kGcols we have ever rtiVred for sale at auction. The goods may be examined at soy time pre viously tothesile. The ladles are partlcn'.arl* invited to attend. C. W. BOTM.KR, feb 3-d Auctioneer By C W. BOTE LEE, Auctioneer. Furniture, ola*s, andcrockery at Auction.?On FRIDAY. the8th 'rstant, 1 shall sell wilt out reserve, at store No 419 Penn sylvan'a avenue, between ?d and streets, a large and general assortment of House-hold Furn iture, consisting in part Mahogany Sofas, Tcte-a-Tetes, Nurse and Arm Rockers Bedsteads, Chain, Withstands Shovel and Tongs, Lamps, Candlesticks Knives and Forks, Carters, Steels, Chafing Dishes Vases, Chamber Sets, Foot Tubs, Pitchers Plates, Cups and Saucer*. China Tea !*ets Bowls, Mugs. Dl?hes, Bakers,Ompotiers Blas-> Float Bowls, Decsn'ers, Tumblers Molasses and Cream Mugs, Sugar aod Butter Dlsce* Fancy Cups, Castors, Writers, Coal Hods Slop Ruckets, Plated Spoons and Forks, Ti? Toilet Sets Tea and Call Bells, Dusting and Furniture Brushes Saucepans,Flat lion*, Skimmers, Ladles Bread Toasters. Coffee Mills, Meat Cutter* Fancy Baskets, Brlitanla Tea and Coffee Pots Cream and Sugar Dishes, Pitchers Coal Sifters and Shoveis Also, a large assortment of Goods too numerous to mention The attention of the trade Is called to the above sale as the gcods <*M be told without reserve Sale positive without regard to the weather. Term*cash. C. W. BOTELER, feb 3 d Auctioneer By A GREEN, Auctioneer TCCK OF GHUCERIE* AT AUCTION. 1 On SATURDAY, the 14th February, at ten o'clock a m., at the st^re No. 629 Ninth street, S opposite the west end of Centre Market The stock consists cf many of the usual artlces mi grocery store, and are all fresh and cf gcod qual ity. i'he Store Fixtures will also be sold, together with a very valuable new Arc proof Safe, ard three Chinese Images, such as are used in Tea Stor?* Teimscash. Ieb4-d A^OREEN, Aoct. By A. GREEN, Auctloreer. imCSEKEM RALE.?Bv virtue of a deed of A trtist dated February 9,1653, and duly record ed In l.iber J.AS., 75 of the land records of W as';In?ton county, District of Columbia, and at the request of parties Interested, 1 shall cell, at public sale. In front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p m , on WEDNESDAY, the V5th cf February next, partof lot No. 41, In iqaare or reservation '0, with the improvements, being a two-stcry Brick Dwelling. Are proof, fronting west a*-out 25 feet on an aliey, acd in the rear of the Jackson Hall Terms: 81,200 ca*h ; the balance 1:? annual payments In one, two and three years, with in terest, secured by a deed of trust CRAVEN AsH FORD, Trustee. Jar. 11-lot A. GREEN, Auctioneer. NOTICE. T I H E I S MONEY. 'BLOCKS ! ? CLOCKS !!? CLOCKS Call S Good Clocks warranted for $1.50 ANo.all kinds Clock Mate ials. <?1U, Cords, Bells. Key*, Weights, Ac The trade, supplied at whoresa'e p?Ic?*? Ca h or Clocks given in exchange for old Silver or Gold Watches Also, good VI atches for sale low. Call and see for v-ur*e!ves, at J. ROBINSON'S, 349 Pa av., jan'27-'2m opposite Browns' Motel. STOCK IN VHK (MH OOYII.IIOKI COAL CO 1FANT, KANAWHA COUNTY, VI RUIN I A. UBSCRII'TIONa WILL BE RECEIVED at the BanKirg House cf Chubb Brothers for the remaining stork of the above company, be ing three hundred shares. The capital stock is Sit0,000 (dollars.) of which 870 000 has h?pn suhscribrd. The mines are now prepared for active operations, and 6 per cent intere*t will be guaranteed upon the stock now offered for sale by the original stockholders, for the period of tw> years Particulars in regard to the stock, and its pros pects. will 1m> maile known upon application to CHUBB BROTHERS Jan27 P. P DA ND RIDGE. A<?enL_ INTEREST ALLOWED ON D2F051TE3 310NE Y to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES. iljAIEEHS, Oppoaito the Treasury THE HOUSE OF CHUB? B LOTH EES, Washington, Js comported of CHA3. SrJ CHUBU, JOHN D. BAR Rf?W, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BR0THE3, BARROW & CO , DaVBXPORT. jfW*. is cr mposeJ of CM AS ?tJ CHUBB. ALKX'R 11 BARROW, Jan 27-tf W.Vi H. DOUGAL. Rectifying Establishment. TH E . UNDERSIGNED TAKES THIS method of lrformlng^ liquor defers that he has fitted up a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT in this city, ind Is now prepared to sup ply all those who may favor him with their cus tom. He has on hand a large stock of Brandies, GIu, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which he can sell at as low a figure as they can be purchased for either In Baltimore or Philadelphia N B The subscriber Iras also on hand, a large lot of Foreign and Domestic Cigars PETER FEGAN. No. 95 Louisiana avenue, uear 10th ?t. Jan 14-6m* GIHBS'S HAIR MANUFACTORY, Penn. avenue, bcticten 9tk and 10<A ttrettf. WIGS, HALF WIGS. BRAIDS, CURLS. Bandeau*, Frizzed Rollers, Ac., always cn hand, and made to order at a few hours notice. Ladies' Hair Dyed, Shara? ooned, Ac , In the west complete manner. All sorts of Toilet Articles from the best French and Eng'lsh hou?ev No 308 Pa. avenue, upstairs, over Davis'Mnsic Store. N. B ?Hair work repaired or taken In ex change. Jan 2*-2w ARMY'S CONFECTIONERY, No. 84 Bridge Stre-ety Georgetown, D.C., WHERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN ments are furnished with the beet Ice Creams, Cakes, Water Ices, Confect, Ac , at the shortest notice, *nd on the most moderate terms Medal awarded at the la?t exhibition of Metro politan Mechanics' Instltu'e. jan 31-tf (UnlonAIntel) Spanish coin will be taken at par for HARDWARE, Ac , and prices will be tuarantled as low as any house In this Dis trict. JOSEPH L SAVAGE, Sign of the ?Ilt Saw, feb 8-6t Pa av , bet loth and 11th streets. Infjf) KKUS AVALON NAILS, now on hand and will I e sold at a smail ad vance to cash or punctual customers JOSEI'um. SAVAGE, Sign of the tiilt Saw. feb '2-Gt Pa. av , l<et. 10th and 11th sts. w DR. VILLARO, Dentist, Lats of Chicaoo, OULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of the District and vlcinHy. that having located hlm*elf In Washington, h? is now prepared utvCllllxT perform ai> operations, In his proltsslon, i* the most approved style Office No 250 Penn. avenue, adjoining Cao tler's. Jan *>-iy LE BOW TON FOK. THE LADIES. ALL th? M?rt*in?s, Weekly and Dally New York Paper*. FERGU??N. jan *0 Heven'h *L NEW YOkK LKHUER, THE PEOPLE'S Paper, for7th February. Cobb'* new story, "Karmel, the Scoot," oontinoel Buy th*Ledger ^ ' FERGUSON'S. Jaa 30 4M SenatA ?L TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Expected Steamer l'p to the hour of going to preee, nothing had boon heard at New York of the ?hip Baltic, now in her fifteenth day ?t Liverpool. Indiana Senatorial Election Irdiahafolir, Feb. 3 -The Democrat! ia tbe Indiana Legislature held a Joint oonvan vention for the election of a United StaUe Senator, without the coneurrenoe and ia op position to the protest of the SeaaU. Graham N. t i'ch wai elected to fill the preeent va? cancy. *ni Jesse D. Bright for six year* from the 4th rf March next. The v*e stood?for Bright and Fitch, each S3 yotce; R. w. Th"tnpson and (Jeorge S Dunn, American*, 2 rotes each The convention waa eotaposad of 60 m?m^ers of tbe llcute and 36 Senator*, one member not roting?lacking 15 of a que ram. The Democrats here are rejoicing, firing cannon and making other demonatratioae. I he Stareohip Relief. Naw York, Feb. 4 ?The C. S. Sto-eih:p Belief was spoken on Monday, in lat 37, Ion. 72, cruising for vessels in dittren. Baltimore Market a Baltimore, Feb 5 ?Flour ia tteady; salaa of tloward street at $6 25 Sale? of wheat at 51.40iSl 45 for radi, and SI 5i*Sl ftOforwhites. Com ia without muoh Change; sales of yellow at 63 ota., and white at 65aA6c. Whifky i' steady st 26*a28c for city, Penc sylvania, and Ohio. The latter is scarce at 28o. For Sale and Rant. MRS LAMB. CORNER OK 3D AND C stieets, and near tbe Trlnltr Church, baa ttme large Parlors we: 1 furnished to let with Board. Just vacated by families f? b 6 St? For rent?a furnished house, situated on Penn avenue, between 10th and 13tb str.eta Tbe advertiser being about to leave the city for several months, Is dr* Irons of rentlag their house, wfclch Is comfortably furnished, and suitable for a family. To a gocd and r> sponsible > naut the rent will be moderate Possession given on tbe 1st of April next feb 5-8w Furnished ROOMS FOR RENT-MRS G- ANDfcRSoN ha? for rent th ee or Ionr Rooms. which are comfortably furnished. acd can be convrifd Into parlors or chambers, aa mar be required Fmn avtnue, 'id door east of tbe Kirkweod Bouse febS-tw PLEA*ANT*ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN be obtained on the corner of Missouri ave nue and 4J{ ttreet. west side, No 45. feb4-lw* TWO comfortable FURNISH E,D Rooms, with good B< ard.can be had by apply ing ??' Mr^ M AKu AK K T T HALL'S, i*b street, No. 478. feb 4-3t? tl^OK aaLfc OR KENT?THE UNE^T Restaurant In Washington city, complete In all of Its arrangements, and tbe best located Hi usion Penn avenue, will be sold ??? undoubted security ou v.ich term) as will enable tbe pur cha^r to meet the current expenses of tbe bouse, and to pay for It from the profit 1 be proprietor wishes to engage In another buslnes*. Apply at RICKKR'S restaurant, D street, between Sth and Mb. north side. feb 3 3t* 11 F Furnished rooms?two parlors and sis Chambers, handsomely furnl?bed, for rert at No. 405 ?th street, betwted 6 and H. feb S 4tw _ For rent.?a parlor and chambbr handsomely furnUbed, In one of tbe moat desirable location* In tbe city, being In the vi cinity of tbe National, Browns', and Dexter'* Hotel Tat -???- ?? ?- r? ~ Improvements, water, g's Ac. Also.several very pleassnt Chambers Apply at No *6 Louisiana avenue, souih 8lde, near otb street. leb 1 O' HO! THE GOLD D1GGINS.?GREAT __ BARGAINS-The advertiser will se'l or exchange his Farm, of 00 acres, for property in cr r.ear tb'.s city. The bou*e a*d out buildings were built last year He will also se 1 3?0 acres, wrlth a large Brick House and commodlou* out b\-\ d ings, ai.d likewise 100 a res with good buildings Ttey are all separate farms, and tdjclnlrgene anotn'r, and slt-at^d on tbe Little River turn pike. 8 a*lea from Falfax Court Hcuse. Va For further particular* Inquire at 418 Massachusetts avenue, cetween 9th and 10th atreets, Washing - ton City. f*b* For rent?near the new gov. eminent Printli g Ofllee, a convenient Dwel ling House, containing six Rooms and Kl'.rben. Tne Hou?e is situated on Pelrce street, between 1st and North Csnltol streets. To a good tenant tne low rent of SiO will be charged. Apply to the undersigned, orposlte the premises, or at my stall at the Centre Market. jan 30-if _ CHARLES THOMA. ?OR RENT.?THE SECOND AND TBIBD _ stories of the House over tbe Leather Store of Mr. J. C. SHAFER, opposite the National Then tre. Inquire on tbe premises. dec 10-aotf FARMS FOR SALE-INTENDING TO cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm in Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he hss resided for the past seven years It contain* 61 acre*, and Is sltuat(d near Balls M Rords, tnile* from the 4??orgetown Aqueduct, and 0 mils from both Washington and Alexan dria. There are upon It a camfor^ble and well arran; td dwcl lng houne, containing six roonr.s, wUh front and bach covered porticos, the former tfc by 12 feet; a kitchen ; a comfortab'e house for servants or furm kerdr; a large and convenient barn, with -tabllnut for six hcrse* and a* manv enwt'. and en i.mpleclstern (attached to the barn.) a root cellar under the barn, to hold 2,000 bushels of roots for market or stock feeding; Ice boti?e ; spring house; smoke house ; corn house; a stone market root Locte, and a siore house. Also, a good dairy near the homestead door, from the never failing sprlt.gof which water Is obtained lor all the requirement*, of th? occuoants. There Is also cn tie place an orc hard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantlsga. con sisting ?'f the choicest varieties if peaches, ap ple*, pears, (dwarf and standard.) cherries and Iulaces At present four.een acres are seeded own to wheat and rye; six In timothy, (yielding an ave age of at le**t two tons per acre.) four In a market garden; four In clover; tv> elve ready to be put In corn and oats ia the spring, and eleven In wood, of which there Is an amp?e supply for all tte purposes of tbe place This farm ha* been cultivated with care and is very productive, no pain* having been rpared to render it remaner ? atlve, and to make It complete In all its appoint ments For a dairy mar. and market garden farmer, or a nursery man, ?r for the country resi dence of a person doing business In either neigh boring cltv who prefers a place already In all re*pert* highly improved it Is superior to any other now for sa'.e Also, THK BLADEN FARM, (W seres) situ ated within lees than a quarter or a mile of tbe Columbia and Leesburg turnpikes, tbe former leading to Washington, and the latter to Alex andria This place Is in the lminedl>te vicinity of Bailey's x Roads (in Alexandria ccunty, Va ,) aud 1? aDout six miles from both cities named above, it has upon It an orchard of about 350 choice pea-h trees, must of them lately set out, a dwel ling-house that can be made comfortable for a farmer's family at small cost, some stabllac, and one of the finest springs In ail this regloa of country. There Is wood enongh upon tbe tract for its necessities There Is no better soli within thirty miles of Washington than that of this Bla den place; nor any ruch place that can be ren dered remunerative at lea? cost by proper atten tion ; the land being in flne heart at thla *lme. For terms for either or both these farm, which will be made to suit the timea, apt ly to dec 20- W. D. WALLACH, Btar oaoe TUB INAUGURATION. The most extensive preparation Is being made for cltlxens and tbe way of TO I lett B ARTICLES, such as 200 new pattern Hair Brushes It d zeulndla Rubher S gicss of Brown Windsor Soap 10 grosi of English Hocey 1 case of Farina Gericsa Cologns At PAR EBR'8 Fsacv ' Comb, and Store, under National Hotel. feb 3-3f raiZB BBBF ! rr,HK advertiser WILL HAVB AT B18 snd at stall No ??. Centre Market, on SATURDAY some of the finest. heef ever offerM In this city They were brought here by JackMn Smith, from Virginia feb^U* WlC LlNBINf. THU'B ERG'S roRT BAITS fj-*| his Com positions for sale at MKTZKROTT S Music Depot The sale of secured seats on ??' urAay^wlUcommeuoeatlOo'ciocka m. B*. ANN'S ?PI?COFALH..tlTOTi, ? itr?t, k<i?M* Wi . in a TINS 1