9 Şubat 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

9 Şubat 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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KVKMNfl STAR. W A a kL l IV u r O iV C 1 T Y: MONDAY .Wtrmmtl 9, 1M7? -SP1KITOF THE MOHNIHG PK ESS The Intelligmctr says : '* It it stated that the JKemocratio members of the Legislature of New Jersey, new in ses ?i?n la Trenton, hare agreed apon the re-elec tion of tbe Hon John K Thomson a* United States Senator. It is but sheer justice to 9ay that the general coarse of Mr. Thomson in the Senate has been that of a liberal and patriotic legislator > The L'telltgencer s New York correspond ent says: " It is understood that tbe members of tbe J *?aw * ork Cii jmber of Commerce at their last In*?J*n8 as individuals, an invitation to Mr Barhar-aa to retain tbe present Secre tary of State nt the bead of bis Cabinet " i oe i'ntot ctetains No 5 of its serie? of si* ???ays on Aboliiiop, and No. o of its 44 Letters to l>r 0 A. Browr.s< n on the incoming Ad ministration " A CoMPLinrW -The Alexandria Gazette ?ays: "The public printing fur Congress is now ex ecuted in the be^t style?the workmanship displaying teste and cure?with a full knowl edge of ibe typographical art." A Washington correspondent of the Jlaw York lncune says that - the ladies of the diplomats now at the capital are all Amer ica nssa re one." Brown wants to know whether thetr vnves are Americans, too? Brown is impertinent.?Boston Post. 44 Brown ' had batter maintain the widest ?ort of a gap between himself and Washinc ton oity A* Exuriao Election ?An election for Chief engineer of the Ntw York Are depart* ment took place in that city en Tuesday last ?*4 was most hot.y contested The candi' dates were Harry Howard and Alfred Carson, the present chief engineer The returns in dica.e that Howard has been elected by ?boat 108 majority. The Journal of Commerce ?ays: "Tbe whole number of votes cast was about *,WO The returns will be canvassed at the bUj-Tesant Institute, when Mr Howard's Plurality may be reduced by a few vote*. i.t w t! 1u*,tl0?? however, of the general f? ..fbe ??ce u S3 000 a year, and J* a positioni of commanding influence We doubt whether the election ot the President cf the United States excited more intereei amoig the members of the New York fire derirtment than that of their chief engineer." A Bcaxdalols Charge Withdraw*.?A oomplaint, of a singular and soandalous char acter, has recently been under investigation in New "iork city, preferred by Miss Sallie N 0f VMr?0Bt' agaiMt Mr Brinham N, Jv1ton- ? w#l1 known merchant of Philadel phia. She accuses him of committing an out tt?e upon her perwn at a hotel in this oity iSiT .kjw" ,toPifi#d bj ? glass of drugged J?*' whlch *fce drank at his request Xhe truth of her version of thj facts was not generally believed, from the outset: and the kynsistencies between her original affidavit thoRi7?St kD!f-2n OTO?i exam Nation, mede n w 0 d not doabt bef re *nd/J mon"P?> Mr Jonas B Phillip tx?- ".ted in court that, on fall investigation of the matter he was confident that tbe charge could not le Sfkit!11* n *D* be therefore withdrew it Tr A or;CurreDC? of the lady> fri^c li and herself Miss Stafford is .offering severely nom nerrous prostration ?ereiy PERSONAL . ? * *hett Jr' purchased the in cErc7"m *? tk. .... Ex Gov James H Hammond is snok?n of Sonth*P i,d*,e ,for c?ngress in the district Y.-f& bJ. % ivhi" TJ -m u giaa te learn .s again able to be about. h^OMn0 3 S C?*(M Select), of Colum uH?' Lrl? ejPened to be in this city and r'u<,? ?"?' CbrilliiAi4 aociation. some Umeduring ;he present month. iki'<Ui'l0l?>,huW,jirLCy Ih,tt J?e Hmith was i*nke? *bat ever undertook to be a SItf?!w conducted the business on an * plan, and considering tbe disad KBE S V V Lh he Ub&r??i bis sucee?s Is creditable to Yankee skill and inKenuity .... Col. Claiborne sayg that when Mr v?? a^fura^V-e o? h Prr den- h? '?ld the leas? B^tldTrw"^ ^ h0UM ,n th? "Thirteen AUildlcgs .o a distinguished senator Everv thing was found in perfect order, and nearfy \n Carp#l bef re a F^wh mirro^ In his dressing room-that was worn S ?I'<U ) Dai1^ Constitution thSVdkr? M iCit ,,COnUiD8 " article from S^nr{ ?r J*a Gardiner, announcing Lis .... Banoo .Old tbe.tr. inCb.mben Mar?I/h? S" ln ^ew Vork ap Srein Bri^J-J 00 lQ,C W*Qe- ,lia ?ew th? HI!d 7 " * ,0,lD|S ?peculation, and ?Inf ? *re now playing to a be* ITJJi erf benches. It U said bfs w^;s""'j,*f(oP:ili,4,er,g' Si0?"" remarkable and startling. It << iiin. i S^dti? tka Correspondence"'' ot ?Cw''^ lf-U ed : ' He was engaged floor ?rtfrk:?*' 8UndiD? erect on a plain and auditors 'ite^'iv*^ fthe.c'jUrt aLd j?rors with all their e"ve7r ,t ?nir8 to his words, in* with fn'l f> 1 ' ?ne(l nponhim. Speak ment He closed tl.? v LV* of hl" *rSa laat sentence, and the last"^ i u"ered lue tence, with perfect t. 0 thl4t $ta then, in an instant erect ifth If ' &nJ pending by his tide h? f'n w araa8 ^# St bendirVajlt and . *ack?^. with was dead before hU he^^^P^red. peSns menUonad as'nlvin^^VJ ?f'" *i,ty death during the cold weather . f ?he mJS/! winter?we presume in tbe United The number observed is possibly but an JdVi to^much greater mortality from tb9 ia^ Br A pious ainuter, after lecturin* a rae geu Sunday School class in a most edifyin S!S!Zr'JrT*9<f 10 CkM tbe exercise? by ainfing Jordan, meaning the hymn ? On Jordan s stormy banks I stand " The worthy horrified by hearing the whole school Immediately strike up, "Jordan am a hard road to travel f believe." OT Some think that the great cure for im mor-lity is education- in our opfnion. the only antidote is high wages. It is hard for a m*l linas ?dla?a t^'17 *Ei b? honejt' Bix sfci! Lass?i fr r e u many a nerson who now bifisst LV*1"1' Th0 WouId b? 0D? of the rtdacad T l>' ^ tho Wor,d we" reused from roast beef to No. 3 mackerel d aw? ^ ,,V1 TA?Td l^y.7 "enure tor castom 3S3 L ttoogh the gentleman had worn theaotlr /? ?i1' The masMcators had?Cr. 1 moved by him after dinner, to be clean?! v ." t^kli{^bb#<1 bj ,b* WatcW?? ofiei,! ' ? in a WASHINGTON NEWS AND OOSSir. The Bestruction of the Long Bridge ? Tho reader is referred to the Star t local col umns for full particulars of thia catastrophe At 10 a m. to-day, not more than some two boa J red ttet of the structure had gone Tho ice then was pilod so high against the portiona adoining tho opon apace, as to render it next to certain that bj nightfall the pressure of its rspid accumulation will aweep awaj aa much more of it. We aoe nothing in tha appear ance of tha frashat of io? which is likely to del ij tha regular trips of the steamboats between Washington and Alexandria more than forty-eight houra When thej again oommence, the public disability in thia connec tion will, for the moat part, be removed. That is, so far as the transportion of tha mails is concerned and the travel on tha great North ern and Southern mail route The market gardeners living on the Virginia aide within three miles of the Long Bridge, will be incom moded to the extent of having to reach thia city by traveling a few miles further-that is, if a tempory ferry be not immediately opened at the bridge, aa before by aome enterprising man. Apprtpos.?Mr Hives, the civil engineer charged with the duty of preparing plans and' estimates for new bridges at the various points that have been suggested?at the Long bridge site, the Observatory point, on the piers of the Aqueduct, and at the Three Sisters?is said to have sent his report three days ago to tha Secretary of the Interior. Wa hear incident ally that his recommendation is in favor of a briJgefor horse vehicles and foot passengers at the Long bridge, with a bridge to accom modate a railroad, as the Aqueduct, on the present Aqueduct piers. According to his es timates, it will not cost more to build both these proposed structures than to build a bridge that will accommodate a railroad at the tite of the Long bridge. He is said further to report that while the railroad bridge at the Long bridge >ite will require ten years for its construction, both the other structures whioh he recommends can be built in three years. We presume that the .Secretary of the Inte rior wi;I at once rend in to Congress his report, and trust that ere the session ends this whole vexed and vexatious question will be dispo sed of. Concert for the Poor.?Some of the pro gramme? for the forthcoming fine concert to take place next Monday, the lrtth instant, have already been distributed, and we now refer our readers to another oolumn for its details. Wo regret, however, to find Mrs. Cecilia \ oung'a name not mentioned in it, and as we had previously intimated that she had volun teered her services for the occasion, wa were surprised to learn that, on the contrary, her terms were not such as the gentlemen who have the matter in hand felt justified in ac. cepting, their object being to render tha oon cert attractive, but at the same time as lucra tive as possible. While it ia to be regretted that her place has not been filled by any of our fair vocalists, we must speak in the highest terms of the excellence of the programme? every piece having been selected with a view to render the concert in every way worthy of the occasion, and of the full appreciation of our musical and benevolent pnblic. At all events it will be a variety, and different from the concerts whioh we have laUly enjoyer; and though it will only consist of our own local talent, yet we prediot for it an excellence in all its parts that will giro it a name and tone in no way inferior to any of the most popular concerts of tho famous Uermania So ciety. We are sure of its lull success. The South Caroline Committee.?Tha corti m.ttee from the congressional district of the late Hon Preston S Brooks, who have come to Washington to accompany the remains to taair final resting place in South Carolina, consists of some twenty fiTe gentlemen, most of them young. We never saw a body of The Sitae number, apparently more intelligent and substantial men. A look at them explains why it is that their State neverfailato respect hersel', and to guard her rights with jealoua care in connection with public affaire Senator Toombs'i Plan.-The following statement, which we extract from a late num ber df the Cinoinnati Enquirer, tells the tale of the necessity for such legislation on the part of Southern States as was anggested in the memorable letter from Senator Toombs to the recent Savannah Convention So long as the South is willing, stupidly, to continue to surrender what should be her own legitimate profits from her superior advantages, she almost deserves the retarn in the hourly increasing intensity and prevalence of aboli tionism, which she ia reaping A single South ern Legislature has but to make the move on a well matured plan?say South Carolina-to have all her sister Southern States carrying out the same policy within five years. The reader will perceive that the facts set forth in the extract to which we refer are sach as to justify a very different tone towards the eootb, from the North, than that which pervades tie Northern pnblio mind, if the Northern opp,. am n press affords a fair criterion on whieh to base ajudgment in the premises: th. ??cord,n? t.oth? r?P?rt of the Secretary of the Treasury, the export of Southern products for the year I&06 amount to *153 583 095. ?? *r* oarri?d abroad chiefly in ships which are made and owned at the Norit Ii is estimated that the freight on these pro ducts will amount to 511 000 000 Now tfiese exports are paid for in imports, whioh are re ceived in the proportion of twenty dollars in the Northern cities to one dollar ia the South Of these ?mporta the South is the principal oonsumer. The Northern jobber or distributer buya from the importer, paying him, of course, his profits and the interest for a credit of four and six montha The jobber, in turn, sella to *">thern merchant, receives his super added profit and interest for eight or twelve months. Now, ail the costs and expense of ihu complicated and expensive process are S?mer producers, who is also the oon Sonth .lih# amo.aDt the exports from the thelt u e8timated that the profits of WSOOO.OOO^ryeai*" tDaD 30 P0ro#Dt?or the North mSwJ?LtlS?k0fith* profiU whi*h it ao bitterly denounc J iM*itution which, the statisUca*of ot^her'artinTi^Vu** ,h*T# not ducts-sent to Massachuaeu- r 8out.hern P?* ia returned in the shai,? 0f flv t?a Sonth? ue of S36 000,000 Besides th/a! Sth* val" from the North, or thr?uKh th. w" ull,1'*e,i a raw hats, eviry otherar icU 4,1 th* planter's tools, saw and grist mills, cetton xin. oe,? mills of every kind d ,ufar '? Now, a country is said to be prosi>e,;no. ?P=?<? ?>or. than aba vided her peopi. in making more mone, South i#fJthX|H,?d A?**}*10* this rule to thl South, if the return of her exports were re oeived by her, and the artiolss needed by her were manufactured at home, her income and accumulations would be verj large. But she is, in truth, as tct the North, in the relation of the artisan or laborer, who struggles on for a bare existence while the jobbeTaed seller of th. product of his skill and labor got* rich rfp J.7 profits of the operation of ex changing tha exports of the South for tkeee fabrics, all flow into the pockets of the North ern people. Boston make, three dollars "it I?n N7i7Owie ?fS?ttCn Unded on levee in rfS ii2f ?n# tbat m?*?nare to the 1m? ^ lt carried abroad in a ship mad, and owned in Boston ; secondly, bv SlXt r*tar??d in goods which are sold wKi^??? ?#*?hant<> ?nd the freight on In th? ? Pr a Bo,ton ? ^p-owner; and all the costs of this operation fall npon the cotton prod near and oonsumer '' Bennett i Last ?The intimation made by Fabens' counsel in New York, and caught up bj Bennett s Hvald, that President Pierce favored the humbug coloniiation scheme in Nicaragua, excites, by its absurdity, nothing but ridicule. It is known to be one of iho?e transparent falsehoods set on foot by Central Amerioan diddlers without character, and coined only to avert punishment for their crimes and to feed Bennett's rabid hatred of the President and everybody*associated with him. The wonder is, that Bennett does not charge ILe President with tho murder of Dr. Bard ell The Wagon Road -The bill for the con. dtructioo of a wagon road from Missouri to California, via Salt Lake Valley and the South Pas a of the Rocky Mountains, with a branch road to the north on this side, and a separate road from New Mtxioo to California, crossing further south, duly passed the iiouso this morning. The people of California are deep, ly indebted, indeed, to the lion. Mr. Denver for the triumph of the measure there Its success in the Senate we regard as being cer tain. Land Warrants.? Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant Co.'s financial circular of the 9th inst. says: The demand for warrants continues in ex ? ce*s of the supp'y. We quote the marke1. active at the following buying and selling rates: , BuTINS. 3i~LLlM#. .... Sill par aer?. $1 14 par acra. ltO-acra warrants . . . . 1 oo " 1 oj ?? 80-acrn warrant! .... l oi " t o.% " 120-acre warrant* .... m I o? " The Current Operation* cf the Treasury Department.?~On Saturday, 7th of February, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants 57,942 61 For the redemption of Stocks.... 2,640 61 lor the Treasury Department... 3,398 00 For the Interior Department 4,033 77 For Customs...*., 12 372 23 War warrants reoeived and entered 36 817 23 War repay warrants received and entered o m M Jfrom miscellaneous sources 3,219 48 From Lands 5,471 88 ? ??? CONGR ESSIONA L PR OCR ED INQ3 Iw the SxifAT*, on Saturday, after we went to press, the bills for the relief of Obed Hus sey, and of the Tampico volunteers were con sidered?the first was laid on the table, and the second indefinitely postponed; and the bills for the relief of Jean B. and P Fari bault of Minnesota Territory, and of the heirs of the late Cel. John Hardin were passed. Shortly afterwards they adjourned. I" the IIochk, they acted in Committee of the Whole (Mr Stanton in tfee chair,) on the various Territorial bill?, when the committee rose. The bills making an appropriation for com pleting the capitol building in the Territory of New Mexico, and for the construction of a road in the Territory of Nebraska, were then severally read a third time and passed. The House then took up the bill for the con struction of a wagon road from the South pa?s of the Rocky mountains, via Salt Lake valley, to Honey Lake valley, on the eastern portion of California, when the substitute adopted in committee wa<? agreed to, and the bill, as thus amended, read a third time bi^e question Leiug on the passage of the Mr. (Jrow demanded the previous question ; vhioh was seconded. And then the liouso ad journed Proceedings of To-Day In THE Sb.sate, to-day, Mr. Bright again appeared in his seat as a member of the body, and presented the credentials cf Graham N Fitch, elected to the Senate of the Doited States from Indiana, to 611 the late vacancy therefrom ; which having been read ? Mr Trumbull objected to permitting Mr. Fitch to be sworu in, and preseuted proceed ings ot the benate of Indiana, protesting against the legality of the election of Mr. ritoh The credentials and protest having been read? Mr. Douglas suggested that Mr. F. should be sworn in according to custom heretofore followed in cases of such contests, and that the protest should be referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr Trumbull then took the floor and de livered a speech against the rtforence of the subject to the Judiciary Committee, contend ing that the Senate should dispose of the ques tion the lights then before them Ij? thx Horse, the Speaker laid before them various departmental reports, one of them being the report of Rives, civil engineer, on the Potomac Bridge question or project: referred to the District Committee The question was then put, by yeas and nayr, on the passage of the amended bill for the construction of a wagon road from the north pass of the Rocky Mountains, in Nebras ka Territory, via Great Salt Lake Valley, to btoney Lake Valley, on the eastern portion of the State of California; passed, yeas 119. nays 48. ' ^D^?tion Denver, the title of the said bill was amended so as to ?how that it provides for the construction of a wagon road from the western settlement (Fort Kearney) in MifSoun to the eastern settlements of Cali I rma. On motion oi Mr Hejbert a motion to re consider the vote by which the said bill wa P^tm? ' w" la,d oath? table Tha question then arose on Mr Barbour s pending motion to suspend the rules to permit him to report a resolution from the Judiciary Affairs Committee declaring that John C War trous, judge of the U. S. district court for Tex as, should be empeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. The report; accompanying the said resolu tion was read. r tben earnestly advocated tho motion to suspend the rules and the necessity tor the impeachment of Judge Wartrous. The New York Murder. The testimony given on Friday before the ooroner a jury, showed that there had been frequent quarrels between Mrs. Cunningham and Dr Burdell; that the latter, on the very day of the murder, as well as at other times, had expressed serious apprehensions for his life; said be did not understand tie move ments of several of the inmates of the bouse* who n>P??red to have some design upon him ; that he had been threatened by Mrs Cun ningham, ?t; , 4<j ; and that he wanted wit ness (Alvah lilaisdell, who was formerly con nected with him in business,) to come and itay with him that night, the night of the murder, and remain with him till 1st of May, and then take the house with bim, as he Blaisdell, bad formerly done. Another wit ness, Mrs Dinnis Hubbard, a first cousin of the deceased, testified that about two weeks oetore his death he remarked to her that Mrs bad threatened his life It is bv oth? at thu ?Tidenoa be rebutted of thin w.,tne*ses, but at preseat the aspect her a?KSaifanf*T0r4bU 10 th* ?"?tt*ed and grass and'tk^I'' c*"?aingbam, and Mr Snod broug'ht before Jnd *??' V'Qnnl^ham' Wer? "ri" -r ??XBri?k:ir!r?2?i ?d to the city prison on the coroner'* oom* mitment for complicity in the murder of Dr Bardell, end Mrs Cunningham for like reason we* remanded to the custody of the coroner Mr Snodgraas and the Misses Cun nibghsm were discharged. Judge Brady ruling that the eoroner hsi ne power to hold *, persons as witnesses It was also decided that the counsel for Eckel and Mrs Cunningham shall have access to them in future The proceedings of the coroner s inquest ooneluded with the examination of the two sots of Mrs Cunningham, but nothing of import* ance was elicited from them Dr. EUisdell testified that he had seen and read Dr. BurdeH's will, which bequeathed all his property to his blood relatives. This was only a lew days before the murder. The will il not now to be found. The inquest adjourned until 10 o'olock yes terday GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. GsoRttKTOwn, Feb. 9, lbo6. At an early hour yesterday morning the heavy body of ice on the river began to show unmistakable evidences of a general breaking up, and very soon the entire length of our Water street was all bustle and confusion? our merchants proparing tor the worst by re moving everything in the shape of perishable merchandise from the cellars and lower stories of their warehouses About two o'clock it gave way with a general crash and oommenced tunning rapidly out. The scene, all the af ternoon, was peculiarly grand, and thousands of our citizens resorted to the various points commanding a view of the river to witness the sublime natural panorama, in the neighbor hood of the Little Falls, we learn, the canal is completely submerged, and the bridge over the canal leading to the Little Falls bridge h%8 been swept away. The low portions of the flour mill of W. H Kdes, near the same looality, has also been submerged and a small amount of flour ruined. The came gentleman also had a canal boat, which he kept for the purpose of plying between his mill and our city, sunk in the liver. The above, except some damage to our wharves, is the only damage which has been done, so far a* we are informed. The water this morning is at about its usual height, and the main body of the ice seems to have passed by us. We learn that H. Addison, Esq., was again nominate! on Saturday night by the Know Nothings and their sympathizers as their can

didate for Mayor. Tho Georgetown correspondent of the Balti imoro Sun, speaking of the coming election, says: ?'It is supposed that the Metropolitan rail road question will form the great issue." This is an error. No such issue will be before the people at the coming election. The only question whio'n will divide the two parties (as was the case last election) will be Know Noth iogism or anti-Know Nothingism. S. A Pkrpcxed Breath?What lady or gen tleman would remain under the curse of a dis agreeable breath when by using the "Balm of n Thousand Flowers" as adentrifice would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster7 Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Pour a single drop of the (< Balm" on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washing ton, and all Druggists. hORPHAN'3 FAIR ?THE FAIR for ? ft. Joseph'* and St. Vincent's Maleand Female Orphan Asylums, will be opened TO MORROW"' EVENING, 10th instant, at60'elk, at Iron Hall, Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th ai.d 10th streets feb 9-tf rS^THK COMMITTEE TO MAkIk AR rangemenls for the accomodation of the visiting Military on the occasion of the Inaugu>a tlon will meet Pt the tl Dorado House THIS EVENING, at *? o'clock Bv order CoL Hicic ? T. 9 A.9CHWAR/MAN, It Acting Se retary. .NOTICE. ? ALL PERSONS ARE hereby warned not to purchase or receive any promluaary note drawn by Elizabeth Bralden to the order of O. K P Htzard, as payment of the tame will be contested MARGARET LYONS, febvlw* Administratrix of E Braldtn. /THE FAIR AND FESTIVAL OF the Ladles of the SlKth Presbvterlan Church, now txlng held In Schroder's Building, south side rf Pe'in. avenu?, between 10th and llth streets, will continue during the present week Some of the ladles will be prepent during the day, from 2 p in , to di*. oi?e of article* to those wt,o : ruav wish to purchase and who cannot make It convenient to attend at nigfct. feb set ??^J^NOTICE ?A LECTURE ON MUSIC will be delivered bv Prof. C. L Irvina. at Island Hall, on TO-MORROW (Tuesday) EVENING. 10th Inst , at 7* o'clock. All per sons 'avorable to the formation of a class f.n this ?ectlon of our city) for Instruction In 14 Vocal Music" are respectfu'ly Invited to attend. lt? ?f-^^THE MEMBERS OF THE WASH O?Irgton Atheneu-n are hereby notified that tne meetings will te held at the Central Academy, corner of K and loth streets, nntll fur ther notice As an election for oflicers of the as sociation will take place next THURSDAY, a full attendence of the members Is desirable By order. JNO T WILLIAMS, Recording Secretary ?-^a,8MITHSONlAN LEC TURE8?TH IS (Monday) EVENING,by W Gilmobi Si*jfg, Esq , of s?outh Carolina on "The Ante Colo: la I Settlement In the South " On WEDNESDAY, Dr Kf.id, of Edinburgh, will commence a course of eight Lecture* on ^he Progress of Architecture In relation to Ventila tion, Warming, Llnhtlng, Fire Proofing. Acous tics, and the general Preservation of Health, feb 9-it ,NOTICE ?A MEETING OF THE Fifth Ward Democratia Association will be held at Casparls'sHotel,oaTUESDAY EVE NING, February 10th, 1857, at7U o'clock C. W. C DUNNING ION, Pres t. H M. WHEATLEY, Sec. feb9 2t VA/MASONIC ?A CALLED OFF jHL meeting of Hiram Lodge, No. 10, will be ^^^?held at the Hall on lf):h street, between H and I street, THIS (Monday) EVENING, at 7)f o'clock Master Masons In good standing are fiate naliy invited to attend By order < f W . M. It WILLIAM H. DIETZ, Sec (FRANKLIN FIRE COMPANY.? An adjourned meeting of this Company will be held at Harmony Hall, on MONDAY EVENING, February 9th. A full mwtlng is d? si red. By order feb 7-2t G. R. CROS9FIELD, Sec. ,THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY, No 1, will give their First Grand Ball on WEDNESDAY EV EN ING, March 4th, 1?57, at their Hall, on 231 street, between L and M Particulars in fu.ure advertisement, feb 7-3t ^^ESPUTA'S BAND.? PERSONSwlsh PCS? lng this Band will pleate leave their or ders at ELLIS'S MUSIC STOKE, on Pennsyl vania avenue, between >tn and 10th streets, as he has moved his headquarters to that store. feb 7-2t? >THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF the Washington Building Association will meet at Flint's Ho el.on MONDAY EVE MN8, the 0 b Inst., at 7 o'clock, to receive dues from Stockholders feb 7 8* J. P. DICKINSON, Sec. tl i MARION RIFLES ATTENTION ?You ? A are hereby notified to attend a meeting of H r*the Company, to be held at Temperance n Ik Hall, on MONDAY, the 9:h lnatant By cider. JAS L FOXWELL, feb 7-'H* Orderly Sergeant. ?-^SfcNO'tlCE ?THE REGULAR Monthly IKS meeting cf the Sixth Ward Jackson Democratic Association will be held at Anacoatla Hall, on MONDAY, February 8th, at 7 o'clock Punctual attendance Is requested, as business of Importance Is to be transacted feb6-3t LEMUEL GADDIS, Sec .PUBLIC SCHOOLS?THE SEMI annual examinat oa (of candidates for Teachers in the Pubile schools well be held in the Aldermen's room, In the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the llth Instant, at2 o'clock p. m , when all persons desirous of an examination will pre ent themselves punctuiily. Also, at the same time and place, the premiums of a copy of the Constitution of the,UnItede<tates,by Col. Hlck ey. will be presented to the pupils to whom they were awarded tt the late examination. febfi-dtltth s. A. H McKlM, Sec PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PH1LA? delphla prices, at the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner of 12thand F streets. Ice Cream 91,90 per gallon Jan 10- lm* (CONCERT FOR THB POOR -Any competent amateur instrumentalist wil ling or desirous to Join tbe regu.sr orchestra for tbe Concert to taksp ac? on MONDAY, the l?*h instant, are respectfully ln^Ued to leave tkeir name* and address at tM 44 Academy of Music," Pa avenue, over Farakam'a Bookstore WM. H PALMKR, febS-tf ^ * Conductor. UTIONAL IKAU8WAT10* BALL. COMMITTEE OF INTITATION. Hob J R Thorn poos, Majsr Wm W Russell, Hon George E Fatk, R J Nevia, ? Hon J Glancy Jones, D W Mahon, Hon C J Faulkner, A B ? tough tor, Hon J no 8 Phelps. Chas W Welsh The subscribers to the National Inaugurstloa Ball are requested to lean, at the Statin eery store of \Vn? F Bayly, No 879 Pennsylvania avenue, the names and places of r. sidence of the ladles of their families fur whom cards of Invitation are de sired, or transmit them through the post oAre to Major WraW Rvunt, Chairman of tke Com mittee. A subscription book mav be fouad at the store of Mr Bayly. ' WM W RUSSELL, JanfW-dtf ' Chairman. fS^WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE ?CHT^TO KNOW *?H OOSIS FURN ISH hD ?We want Housekeepers and those about to commence H ousekeeplng t? bear In mind that the flrst. second, third and fourth rooms of our li their CABINET ing Goods generally, to which we respectfully Invite the attention of those In want of Mifalni Houses furnished throughout wl h every article In the housekeeping line viaT cheap roa cash, or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at the" Housbkbbpb&'s Kkpobivm" and examine our stock before purchasing. Oar motto Is? ?' Comtek saltt and imall projlfs." BONTZ A COOMB0, dec l-3m 7th street, between 1 and K. large and spacious warehouse are tiled to r utmost capacity with every description of BINET FURNITURE and Hoasefumisk /i ?? - - - CUMBERLAND COAL. PERSONS IN WANT OF CUMBERLAND A CO A L can now be supplied at the Wood and Coal Yard of CASTLEMAN A BRO. Corner 8th and B streets, opposite tke feb 0-3t National Hotel. NATIONAL WESTERN TELEGRAPH? Office 340 Pennsylvania Avenae, Ovr Oilman's Drug Stort, nemr?t\ ttrett. HHHIS LINE HAVING BEEN REBUILT A during the past season, is now working with out interruption, and offers the cheapest ard most direct telegraphic communication to the West, Nor'hwest, and Southwest. feb 9-eolm? NOTiCIC TO SUUTHKKN TRAYKLLARS THK POTOMAC BK1NG NOW OPfcN. the steamer POWHATAN will _ _ii ? J resume her regular trips to AqulajMgSbgGL Creek on Sunday morning. Upo^thl?sthe shortest and most pleasant route, in connection with tbe Richmond and Fnderlcksbsrg Rail road, the t'aveiling public will find all the com forts and expedition desirable, and great relief from the tidlnm Incident to a more circuitous r?? w ? ? GEORGE MATT1NGLY, ten ?-3t Superintendent. THE GRAND CONCERT tea thi RELIEF OF THE POOR, OF WASHINGTON, D. C , TO Till PL ACS AT CARUSI'S SALOON, On MONDAY RVENINS, Feb. 1?, 1M?. To commence at 9 o'clock PROGRAMME?PAST I. 1. Overture?Bronze Horse .....Auber ? Full Orchestra 2 Aria?Pro Pecatls Stabat Mater) Rossini Mr. F. Nlcholis Crouch 3. Violin Concerto, (in E minor) first move u.ect .Mendelssohn (First time in Washington ) 1 Cujus Animas, from the Stabat Mater?Ar ranged fcr Orchestra by C Len chow Kos->1ni s. Concert Stu;k?Piano forte and Full Orches lra Weber ^ H. Palmer , ^ Pabt II. 1. OvertUie?I a Uaiza Ladra..... ..Rossini Full Orchestra. * Grand Fantasie, Piano forte?Marl ,ana H. Palmer _ _ _ W. Henry Palmer. 3. Drum Polka (first time) Julilea Full Orchestra with additional Drums 4. Ballad?The heart bowed down Balfe Mr, F Nlcholis Crouch. ? i lnalf?Grand Co.onatlon March (Le Prophete) Meyer* ?r Full Orchestra. Conductor.... ..Mm. W. Hawai Palnhr Single Ticket ONE DOLLAR. ?The e*-e Tickets will commence this day at the Mnslc Stores of Messrs M'tzerott, Davis, and Ellis, Penn avenue; and at the Book stores of Messrs Farnham, Taylor A Ma'iry, and Frank Taylor, Penn. avenue* feb 9 UNITED STATES MAIL. KENTUCKY. I Post Orrici Dspartmkmt. Y* b G, Is,7. |ROP('S\l S P'OR 4 ARKYINtJ T1IL HAILS <?f the I ni e) at-* from the Is ot July, 1957 t-30th Jnne, If*in, i?n the Mlawin; routs in tvEN Tl'LKY, and in the time Uien in Hated, will be e reived at the Contract Office of ihid department until 3 n m. of the .'Hat March n? xt, to be decijtd by the ?5th April following No. KT02. rrom Lcuisvill-, Kv , by Lacona, Salina, Gra sy Pond, Went Point, Ga-netitv.lle, Meadville. B>?wl*yvi|le, Hd-dlnsb'irc, Clo v*rpwt, llawt-vi l<-, Yelvmrton, i iwras boro', McLean's Retreat, HebburdhV.il*. Hend"rHon'?j, Smith's Mills. Hewitkville, Morgunfieid ;tnd R?l?i*li, to S lawneetown, III , lSf.J miles and back, daily, in four horse '?"actios Rock Haven and Brandenburg to ??" Mipplied Irom tiirn^ttfV lie, by >ide ?n;il, -ii times a we*k ; W?Ih er and Olif t'?n Will#, fmm R. wleyv.lle. three listen a we?-k : and hig Spring, front Bewleyville, sii t ni^ a week, all in cue connection with main line. Leave Lotii.vslle daily at Sam Arrive at Oaremltoro* next day by tip m La-.v^ Ow n iboro' daily at 4 a in Arrive at Siiawneetown name dav lv6 p m Lt av Sttawneetuwn daily atGatn' Am v at Owensboro' fame dsy by 8 p m Leav* tiwensboro' <'a lv at 5a nr> Arrive at Louuville next ?'ay tiy b p m. For forms of propobal, guarantee, a id certificate, also instruction* and reqturt m?uts to be rmhraced i.i the contract, see advertisement in p?<uiphlei toim at the pnucipai post cth>-es, and aiso the ad venue uient of January 9, 1854. of route* in Kentucky. Tennessee, &.c. JAM1S CAMPBELL, feb ?-law4w POitmasterGeaeial yALKNTlNES,'WHOLESALE AND RB feb ?-3t LAMM[QND'8. QUITABLE FOR PRESENTS?FANCY O Notions and Toys, at LAM.MOND'S. CHKPHKHDS. FROM 169 BROADWAY, O New York, have just received an assoit.xA ^ ment of newest style Head Dresses.Break Mw fast Caps Illusion Capes, Flowers, Rib bons, Mourtilng Collars and Sleeves, Ac . Ac . at PARKER'S Fancy aad Perfumery Store, under feb 7-3t* National Hotel. HARPER'S WEEKLY, NO. 6 FOR SAT urday. February 7th Contents; The New British Minister; Variety the Spice of Life; Jus tice to the Rich; Highway Robbery in New York; The Man about Town ; Th* Birth of Com monwealth ; What are we to do for Sugar; Chat Literature; Domestic Intelligence; Fo elgn News; Notes and Queries; Agricultural Items; Notes on the Arts and Sconces; Things Wise and Otherwise, Ac., Ac. Price five cents per numb.r or S2 50 per yen. ^ FRANCE TAYLOR, feb 7" Agent for the Publishers. DR. C. S. GOODMAN, Dentist, and Mnnnfnctnrsr sf Artificial Tseth. WHOSE WEO ARK SO UNFORTUNATE A as to require Artificial Teeth will find,without iny nonsense or humoug gerv, Teeth set upon a metallse v?ie(<nTTWf or plate Ma'erials pure and properlyconstruc'ed as being superior to all other modes The various cperations of Dentistry faithfully and properly executed. Tender Teeth rendered u>efulfor lire, by new means. Teeth extracted carefully, easily, and skillfully. irr OSoe corner of Hth and Avenue feb 7-3m LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. SUBSCRIBER, A RESIDENT OF St. # .V 5 ' 1 T ' ktTinK M extensive knowledge of the Government Lands in Minnesota, Wlscon #twa? and,ll,vlnK great experience in locating the tame, is prepared to enter Warrants adv"l*?e to ikoae wishing to invest Particular attention given to procuring lands to Railroads when they become sub ject to entry . Lota,In and about the cities of Super ?or, Bayfield, and St Paul, for sale . H. LINDSLEY, Elrkwood House, I? Washington, D C. ALCHOHOL, CAMPHENS, RTHKR1AL *a oil, Lamps, Ac Also, Artists' Materials aad Brashes. Tke trade supplied at lowest market prfces by HOWELL A MOR8ELL, Jat 18 No. 3tt C St bet fitk and 7<h. Amasemon t*. ODD FELLOWS^ MALL. Tl KSD1T EVtlllM r?br..rrio leny I ~ 1 i ? ^ * * " ? Grind Hiterllunoui Eilcrk illicit Per tke Benrfit of the DRAMATIC COMPANY OF TiKNATlUh AL THEATRE: 8UFFRKERS BY THk LATE FTH E MISS FANNY NOIANT lM kindly volunteered bar aarvi M ?Tlck*U53 Oenta each?to be Led tt all ih. HoW?m4 Music S tor ft. Particulars la small bills. trb ? Washington firms ind Anpitbeitrt. ?* ?*Twtl Street u< t>? Avraa?, THE NEXT GRAND PERFORMANCE At thle Establishment will take place OaTHtuai'AY NIGHT Neat, Fsb tfek wker, la addition to the Company, wTtnl NEW AND TALENTED ARTISTES will appear la a succession of U R 1 L LIANT NOVH L T 1 E 0 Particulars la future bills fit? THALIIftb'S IICVRO ARB LAST FAREWELL CONCERT. CARUSI'S 8ALOON, THURSDAY, Fab )? F list aad oaly appea-ance of the celebrated Gti man Prims Donna MADAME JOHANNA EN. Mr. tMAHIRO, Ma4a?s M'AHMRi Mr. THALBERG will playtfiret time) Eilslr et A mo re; Songs without word<; Fantasia oa Kusslaa Airs? i>st time, Prater of Mom Mae D'ANGRl will sir* Arias from Ssffj Casta Disa; Donna dal Luo. Mme JOHANNSEN will sing Arias from Der Ffelsehot*; Robert de Dlable; and Germaa LtM I). Kurken Madame D'ANBRl and JOHANNSEN will sing the flmd Duo from Seaniramls Couductor gig A a an a. Price of Admlssloa?tl 60 and S1.0W. The sale of seats will crmncence oa Mondat February 9th, at Meuerott'a and Davls'a Music Stores. Doorsorcaat7j^; to commence at 8 o'clock xeo 7-t4 E CAKUSi'S SALOON. FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY, swearing MONDAY, Fobraary t. SMA STANLEY, (LATE OF NIBLO'S Garden, New York,) In the SEVEN AGES OF WOMAN. In whlefa ahe will appear la twenty-four different char. ACTER8. Including Polymelos, (by wsy of epilogue.) Illustrating vocal sketchts in Italian, Turilai Swiss, Spanish, French, and Scotch, coaclodlnr with tbe Marseillaise Hrmn ^ Conductor and Pianist. Mr J B Whbatov Tickets FIFTY CENTS. For sate at all the Cnclnal hotels and music stores, and at the >r* In the evening Doors open at commence at ? k MiKKIDAN CORBVN.Ja, Maaager Lost and Found. ST * ATWC? w ?-8TllAYI::D the subscriber, living oa H i* street, aerrthelroa trtdg<-.a Red CO W .K/CiLT with a white back aad brea> t,big horns, Hxfl' and vary heavy in the aek and f .reoart. ?0tr ooe glsirg information of the Cow will receive |l u a rewa d. feb t-3t? PATRICK BROWN. Lreward.-a Valuable N< wfewd ard DOG. Answers to^^ I the name of hollo He Is a large doe^akn ratirely bla^k. with the exception of bis f< et and breast, which are white Tbt"**""*^ above reward will be given if delivered to the subscriber at the Ebbht House, cn F street, be tween 13th and 14 tii. ' ' w feb g-3f C. W DOWNING. Wants. Wanted-by a married man who ? ? has no family, a Situation as Market Garde 6KOR6E, Boa No g, star OM-e. if TXfAN TED.?TWO MEN THAT UNDER. ?T v*.' B*??*al fsrm work, sowing of i<t4i ploughing, care ard mi nag* men t of cattle Ar aiL'r^r"! H,U Flnn' 7th ,trt*t ro?* ??*' tbe flrst Toll Gate feb* 3 * WANTED IMMEDIATELY -ACOLORID * * woman t? do the Cooking, Waging, and Household work of a small family, consisting of ? gentleman, lady, and one child A slave pre ferrel. Inquire at No 3tb lith street, between MansschnaeOa avenue and M street feb?-?to WANTED-A GAR DENKRF (ILLY COM WW petent to undertake the entl e charge of Fruit and Vegetables Apply at 333 13th *'reei between B and C, Island A so a Colored Ho% asjhonse servant. fe,L T 1 WA.KTtD :7A WU,TE MAN, OM A Farm " three miles from tbe city To a slrge man who understands farmlig ta slllts branches, ' ^111 be gl"n. Refereneei re quired Apply to GEORGE D LIVINGSTON, ne^r Government Inune Asylum, on the Pl*?att wavjoad feb 7 WANTED-AT NEWTON'S MANSION House, Alexandria, a tl rat-rate Cock, male or female; three Chamt.rrmaldsHai d three V\ ask er% and Ironers ; a settled woman to Nurse, and four v\ alters. Apply at once. feb 7-3t WANTED TO PURCHASE FOR CASH, a House worth from to ?*.* u Ad. dress W J^S , through the Star CM*, gltlr^ location and price. febS-lw* f|AND8 WANTFD ? WANTED, GIRLS ,, to work In Fsrtrry. Some under Instruc P?F 8E(L KALB, Foreman for o)k m .8^PbcM'No 344 pwin avenue, betweru 9th and 10th streets. f^b 5-?t WANTED ?T W O FIRST-CLASS CUT* ters None need apply but competent per sona. GEO. KALU, Foreman for all A Ste phens, No 35tt Penn. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. 4.4t WAiNTbD ?BY A VOlSlTMAN, WHO can bring good recommeadaiioca. a ^itua tlon as Salesman or Agent, or in any ?i?allarea Diclty where he ran make hiniaelf useful Ad dress T P W., Cltv Post Office. feb 3ft? WHO WANTS EMPLOYMENT *?A FEW gentlemen of fair educau< n. a-d mature age, who would be willing to cauvasa a county or two, ou a useful agency that pay* liberally, will aid employment bv calling on the U'dtrslgnta at No 167, comer 9?a and E ?treets, before l?a m., or after 3 p m , or addressirg (saamp ec closed.) Dr C. ALLEN, Washington. D d jan 3P-eo*w* R ' SPANISH AND MEXICAN COIN WANTEP AT HOOD S SILVERWARE MANUFAC TOR"\ ?They will be taken (In exchange fcr all kinds of fine gold jewelry, ice gold and sll eer watches, pUted ware, Ac ) at the followint; T^1' Halves at 40 cts , quarters at i.r. cu . lhU,^-R*Bt flpsat 6 cts eacb.ai No 338 Pa. av fftb 2] H u HOOl) A HOUSE WANTED?A GENTLEMAN desires to rent a comfortable and convenUnt two.?tory, furnished Urlrk House, within two blocks or so of Penn avenue, between 3d and 14th streets. By applying to the Editor of tfce Ptar the address of the advertiser can be ascertained. Jan Sf7-tf WANTED.-THE HIGHEST PRICHil paid In cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'S&U ver Ware Manufhctorv, 338 Penn. avenue, n'ar ?thatieet decSu PROFITABLE AND HONORABLE EM IT PLOYMENT FOR THE WINTER-Per sons in town or country in search of employment as a source of Income, or to fill up their leisare hours, may hear of su h by enc o?lng two stsn ps, to pay postage, to Professor JAMES 1 H O R NE, Box No 4,551 New York Po.^t OMce. I be en- i ployment is fitted to either sex? statl-n In ll>eli*? materlal It is an article cf daily consumption, and oaa be manufactured in any perarn's llnr; secured by copyright; sales as pernran-nt as Hour. An agent Is wanted In every town In tfce Union. jan 13-lm WIRE ROPE. THESUBSCR1UF.R HAS BEEN APPOINT ed agent for the sale o- this va^ble an1rl<* and will supply it either a single rope or ouRrtrnt quaatity to build a bridge Its uae has be<n adapted to many purposes, and It kas been fo'.rd to be cheaper, and to ^lve mere t-atlofartU u. 'hen the hemp rope Samples are to be seen at tie store, where further information will be givrn to parties wishing to purchase Prlres guarantee the same aa the manufacturer. JOS L SAVAGE, Sign of 01 It Saw. Pa av bet lUhi lltha>. feb fi-ttt OLD MUCR PRN KAt RS, invaluable I* oMoe use, for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'R fab t Bookstore, near ?th *t._ rkRANGR AND ALBIANDRIA RAil road Six Per Cent Bonds for sale l?y jan3*-*awlu RIG6S A CO