19 Mart 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Mart 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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, ... ? ?. ? 1J -?? ?*'????> I =gg?3?Bgsaggggg VOL. IX WASHINGTON, D. Cm THURSDAY. MARCH 19, 1857. NO. 1,301. rat gVSNING STAB IS PIBUSHU IVEET AnitnOOR, (B1CMPT SUNDAY,) At Tan STAR BU1LDLNSS, - %i f?uliwii nwni mU 11* 4 it mi, By w. D W1LLACH, and Is Mi ??i to fuhanlbets by canton at MX AND A QUARTER CENTS, cat* per month To ?ll MkHnbln the sut ?rnptlon price ta THREE DOLLARS AND P!P TY CKNT8iywu?it?(?,TWO DOLLARS f r six Months, u4 ONE DOLLAR for three months: for lea* than three months at the rate of li* Mate a week tfJ^SINHLE COPIES ONE CENT. i ESTISTJT. ?a. Stephen bailv, Office No. 199 PoauylrtiU Amat, Tkru dorrs from lttA strut. DR BA1LY beg* letve to Inform the public that h? can be ?een at all h*are, at his oOca, located as abjve He feels assured that an expe rience of flfteei years' practice, with the large number of patients, and great variety of difficult case* that he his treated ra-efssfnHr, wlH enable him to surmonnt say difficulty, a:lenUfl: or oth erwlae, relatlig to the Teeth His own experi ence confirming the opinion of miny men emi nent lath* profession, and especially Drs Harris and J and ? Firmly, has tod him, long slnee, to discard all mercurial preparations for fill'ng Teeth, also all Enamels, ttutta Perch*, India Rubber, sad Cements for the construction of Con tlnaous Sum Teeth, and that Por<*eU!a, mounted oj Gold Plato, Is the only reliable substance that c?a be worn in the mouth* as was moat conclu sively shown by the last American Dental Con vention. Although he (litters himself that from his long residence and practice In Washington, he Is fa vorably known to his numerous friends and pa trons, ae begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS. rr?a a* Mi Itewr of lbs Cftinrch of Epiphany of this elty. [>r tririsi Biilv Dear Sir?I rteelra io expreoe mj m t?em far yoa personally, ul mj confidence la jog aa ? au perlor leaflet Tin Msratltfia exsested for *te bare b en h'.jh'T satisfactory Thope that jot may reoofre tha patron ? t? from my frlswda and the public that yoar skill ao wall dearies Tosra *sry I. sly, Wash'sftos, As?*n ?, ISSS. J. W. FBISCa. ftje ows at ?bs sMart flrma In Baltimore, Hasan. Bom, Cstmas a O. H??!n? -mployod Or. Stefan Bally, Sargeon Dentlet. of W**nto(toa City, W> sxarsto for ma, as Important ao<l dim c?!tpie?aof work, which ha lid to my e >tlre eatUfe^'lM, and U?lo.eof tie faet that one th? m?t dtatlnrnlah*! af tea Deotal U>.la?a of Baltimore. failed, after re paatal trie's, to po-foraa tha aama work eat.f?c;orll/, It clvaa aa <r*at p:e*e?ro to sxpreo* my an Ira co'iSJeaca end tUb aatliaatlaa of kle profeaaioaal aklll. S**i?t.?, Jaoiary 13, 1SS7. MABHANN BOQOS. Hxtra-. Irrtm a sots recetrvl from tha lata Has. Joha ] casjtos. O.8. tints, August IS, I8'?S. Tae loath 70s ota<1e for ma work admirably; nottil..* coold ha bettor. Very grat?fa!!y. JOHN M. CLATfON. To thoae that aoak relief from tha maladies of tha teath, 1 f?i r iserfslly rsdian.en4 Dr. 8. Bally aa * ssparlor Don t?t; bo ma4o a sot of p- rc-ka>B tooth forouaof mj family, and r saoarai ta>th lor myaalt aa 1 tha w.>rk h .? all atood wall for s??ra than tan yaara. ROHKRT T. NIXON, of tha Va. Ooafsrsacs of tija X. B. Church 8 .oth. 4p U ts, UM. We, tha snderalxnad, h?*ln h wl oeeaslno tn ?T?tl oaraalraa rt tia profoa*inaal ?k1!l of Dr ?. Baily, Sar<a^n Dctillat, of ? Macity-.or bana; boon MO"<it of bi? operation* oo oar ? ?mlHes ft rrlonSa, tako p'eosoro lo axproaalos onr admira tion of an ari.ett*" aklll. aa aa1! aa of t^a nnltoi mly satisfac tory maaaor la whtr*i ha performs tba >n->st dallcala ?nd I f n -sl: operations In Danta* Hnrfsry; ati I we reajortfnliy ro r imn l him to the c^a9<leaco and puroaaco of t .a public ; ??>' woleh at hlni em.nently wor thy. THOMAS D. WaLTBB, JOS. H BRAHLXT, Architect C * O-pltol. of W.ahinstnn, D. a THOMAS MI LL.KU. M. D.. OBOB'iR WALTON. of W*? tujt?n, I>. C. Es-Oo*ernor of Florid*, d. 8. Bo?8S*. M. D? WAI.TKH I.KNOX. ofOoor^etowD, D. 0. Rs Ma'or of W??hl".(U>n. N 9. LINCOLN. M D.. BBNaT BALDWIN. Waabla(toa, D C. I'. 9 Fatoot Offlos. O. C. WIOMT, Prlnot.al BltUnkau* Academy. fob SS-U Da. VILL\aO, DsMtist, Latx ob Chicago. \i;OULD RE9PKCTFUL,LY INFORM the cl'.lxens of the DUtrlct and vicinity, that having located him-^lf1 In VVa-hl >gton, ha is now ..repared to perform all operations, la his profession, m the ir.o?; approved style O&ceNo 330 i'ean avenue, adjoining Gan tler's. )*.i 2Q- '? y DENTAL Sl'RHE'Jl, DR B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE. BE twoen Sixth t '4 beveath streets, a: the place formerly occupied by Dr. Van Paiten, has juat rec?l?rd a very large supply of articles pertalsl g to dentistry, and respactfaiij invites tne public to give him a cill. Having devoted his whole time to the pro fe*sloa, hois pexftctly safe la declaring that he will glvts entire satisfaction in ev>?ry caw The m?; professional refsrenoos can be seen at his of. izm. aov 12 t.March^OO DR M U.N SON. AT J38 PEN N 'A AVENUE, .la still UAA!og those beautiful ?r.aflaooos SUM TEETH, called Allen's Patent, for the excellency of - wlilch iver all other styles of leeth. many now ?* vtriag the-a la this city, will thee full v vouch There Is one Dentist la this c'.ty jr'uo has been f*iu^!n^ the patent, and a '~<ad Imitation f :. jfiins: whom 1 hereby cantloa the public ? II vVaenem a Deatut s>- lis agaic^i . lea* Patent CoaUnuoaa 4uia f?th. when ???ptrit/ tmttrmcltd, It Is oecaise he is .gnoraut ibe procaw, lncomyHent to make the ?* >rk or s jawUllag to nay for tbe patent. )?? |tt-tf UK. C. S. GOOD rt AN. Usatlst, aad an 'fartarsr ef Artificial Teeth. pHO^K WHO ARK 0O UNFORTUNATB 1 as to require Ar licla Teeta will Bid (without any noasena? or hum boggery,) feeth set upon a metallic base or plate Ma erlals pare and properly con structed as bei :g superior to a' 1 other m >des Th* various operation! of Dentistry ftlthfnlly and pnperlv execa'ed Tender Teeth rendered n?efnl for life, by new m?-sus. Teeth extracted carafa ly, easily,' and skillfully iZT ol;: comer of 8th street and Pa. avenue. r? 7 Jm NOTICE. Tins IS MONBT C^LOCKS!-CLOCKS !!? CLOCKS Call J at the tiieat Clock Emporlam, opposite Browns' Hotel, and see the greatest a*aort ment of CLOCKS this side of New York fiood Clocks warranted for f 1.50. Also, all kinds Clock Materials, Oils, Cords, Uniis, Keys, v* eights. Ae The trade supplier at wholesale prlje? Ca-h or Clo^tui glveu In exchange for oli Sliver or Hold WaU:he* AUo, good Watches for sale low. Cail and see for ysurselves, at J ROBINSON'S, 34# Pn av., J-tniT im opposite Browns' Hotel. NEW D&l'Q STORE -Wlllarda' Hotel. J P. MILBCRN k CO , MO PKNNSYLVA s ala avenao, respsetfully call the atten ':oa rf their fileads and the public to thelrf new brag Store, which they have filled up la the m'wt complete manner, with a fail ? ipply of pore C^emleals, Drugs, Fancy Articles, Perfjawry, Toilet Article*, and Patent Medi cine* A select assortment of Wines and Liquors tot n.sdlelnal purposes. A very large stock of Havana Cigars, which are of lae quail ty and received from first hands. Together with all of the articles usually found in a first class drug store Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compound M at all hours (as the store is not closed at night) by a competent dispenser. A call at their establishment is respectfully so licited. mar 3-lm* af ARirs conrECTionKHY, No S4 tindgt XLreet, Georgetown, D. C.t WHERE ALL KINDS OP ENTERTAIN menu are furnished with the best lee Creams, Cakes, W ater ices, Coafect, Ac , at the ?birtest notice, and on the moat moderate terms. Nedal awarded at the last exhibition of Metro potitaa Me haalce* Institute. Ian 3i-tf (Union* Intel) te P>* HALE A PAIR OK FINK MULES, fonr years old, and very kind in harness Apply te ARNY a SH1NN, No. #7 Oreea street, feb *3-tf Ueo'getowa. SIHiri HAIK. HAHUfACTORl, Ft** a*<MM?, k?ites?? #?k 10r A ttntti. WIGS, HALF WIHS. BRAIDS, CURLS, Baadeaus, Frlsxed Rollers, Ae , always on hand, and mad* to order at a few hours notice. Lalles' Hair Dyed, Sbam.ooiaed, An ?lnthewost com pint* manner. All sorts of Toilet Articles fr>m the best French and Kag lah hnoaes. No 90S Pa avenue, upstairs, over Davis' Musk Store. _ . N. b ?Hair work repaired or takea In ex. ckang*. feb ll-3in OAS PlXTt'HES RU MlLLbk, SON * CO., ALEXAN o dru, Va , keep coastantly on hand a haad Nin>> variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS, ? TS Ac , from the ce!?tbMted factory ol ? A Mas r, vtuIc:. tocy w.-H guarantee ta le p/ice* charged to private pur .3 far >ai?*i jo n9 cn Cnt^taut ..treet, PL11 .. r^*ia Ajd, Drop.^hu, Cot tJlasi -ad ifviti'-fil Piper Snad?, in ^jreat variety Call i-ud examine for v<>ursriv?sa dee 1 (^loartJK ATIOR STOCKS far aaJa Wf ? J $bbm-4 DM10M BSUOISLMQfi, BANKING HOUSE CHTTBB BROTHERS. DEPOSITS?DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND Cheeks said without ohsrte. Drafts on the northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at per. and Exchange on said Cities furnished to de post tors without charge 1 nt kbbst on Dbtosits ? Interest will be al lowed am. Deposits at such rates as may be agreed apon Dkpomits in Vibstnia and Vrciiunt Ms nit ?Deposits In Virginia and other Uncurread .Hooey received to be checked for, payable In ?ame funds, or In specie, we charging the regu lar Exchange. Discounts ?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Ex change will be discounted, and Loans made on Stocks, Boadi, and Securities, at the market rate. Littbbs of Cbbdit ?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States,on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and Interest allowed If Money 1* deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on such terms as may be agreed upon. Tbavslino Bills or Excjianob?Travelers will be furnished with drafts In such sums as may be desired negotiable in the different Cities of The Union Bills tun Littsbs or Cbbdit on Enoland. Issund and Euaors ?Bills of Exchange asd Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope. furnished at the market rate for Exchange, In sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Se curities paying from 6 to 12 ^ cont , always for sa'e, or bought In the different Cities at a com mission of a X V cent. Where Stocks are bought npon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 V* cent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered bv telegraph. Railboao, Citt, a d Stats Bonds ?Rail ed, Cltv, and State Bonds can be placed In our hands for negotiation either In this country or Europe Railroid Iron purchased for cash or with Bands. Land Wabbants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants sold by us are guarantied in every respect Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if requested. W arrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Ksal Estate and Insubancis.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claims on thb Unitxd Statss, Coubt or Claims, C o n o a > s s?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress. Intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan *7 Opposite the Treasury^ PIANOS FOR. SALE ANO TO RENT. PIANOS WHICH RECEIVED THE FIRST premiums In Washing on. Balti more, and New York, from the factory! of Stelnway A Sons, New York, and from other factories, always on hand, at moderate prices and convenient terms, at No 406 llth street, above Penn avenue Second-hand Pianos taken in exchange for new ones Tuning attended to. mar 10 eolm? Ga&deniivh made easy.?Amateur's ??ulde and Fiower Garden, Directory tveiy essential detail for the successful cultivation of the Flower Warden, to which Is added the Vegetable Garden Manna, containing practical directions for the successful production of all Vegetable* u-ually cultivated for table use ; by John T C. Clark Forming a i citable hand-book of reference,and embracing every requisite detill for the success ful cultivation of the Flower and Vegetable Bar dens The work contains 160 octavo pages, printed in the be*t style, and .bound in muslin. Orders from the trade respectfully solicited. Hrlce 9i per copy. TAYLOft A MAURY, mar 13 TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on 6th/ street, betweea Louisiana avenue and' Cstreet, long conducted bv Mr. Jo n M~ Young, know prepared to manufacture and repair *4 descriptions of CUACUES, BUGGIES, WAG ONS, Ac , on the most reasonable termi. in the very best manner, and at the shortest notice. He respectfully invites his fellow cltlsens to give him a trial. mar l-im The great tragedy?the new American Tragedy, Cortex the Conqurrer. This splendid pee an is pronounced by Critics Bniivalfed. Just from press, and fur sale by the publisher, FERSO?ON, mar li 4-?rt 7th street. LfcCTI K>l ON THE BRtTthH POETS by Henry Reed, ! vjJs The Sisters of Soleure, a tale of the Sixteenth Century, by C S. W Pylvia, and other Poems, by Thomas Buchan an Read Clan mont; or The Undivided Household Hlst?r. of King Kkhird the First, by Jacob A)>r>ott : ocbirty's Element* of Plane anl tfoild Ge ometry Afti t's B ite; or Pawnbroker's Heir, by Em ersoa Kennett De Bow's Reviewtn March, mar 1-2 FRANCK TAYLOR a FBLL riATS*. HATS I I CONSTANTLY ON HAND J supply of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES. together with TAYLOR :o HATS, ol BALTI MORE The best black dress HATS got up in thJ latest style for SU.5u. as gorxt as those usually sold at S5: and a good fashion able Hat at fJ, worth *4; and a flrst-rate Hat, fl 50. The best materials and the best workniaashlo is employed to produce a <5 Hat, which is sola for S3.50 We ao a cash business, meet with no los ses, but give each customer full valne for hla nauaey. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for Drlscoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY.7th street, near Pa.areaae,Ageat for a New York Hat Compaav se Jft-tf LAW BOOKS.?Addison on Contracts, new edition, with American notes, 1 vol; Patton and Heath's Reports of Special Coart of Ap peals of Virginia, vol 1; BurrUl on Circumstan tial Evidence. 1 vol, 1841; Tidd's Practice, 4th Amerlon edition, * vois, If53; William - on Keal Property 'id American edition, 1 vol, 1P57; Opin ions of Attorneys General, vol 7. 1800; Greenlesfs Overruled Cases, revised edition, 185?; Davton on Surrogates, 1 vol, 1856; Index to English Com mon Law Reports, from vols 1 to S3, inclusive. t vols, 1U57; Halsted's Law of Evidence, S v.Is, 18*. (mar 17j FRANCK TAYLOR / iHEAP PI AMOS?FOR SALE OR RENT Vv very low. Some of them but lluie^j^JSM used, and are great bargains. Al5??TTTii ' twenty new and b-autlful Pianos fr m II at let, Davis A Co , Manufactors, Boston. A Superb Grand Piano Just opened for inspec tion JOHN F. ELLIS, Exteaslve Den er in Pianos, mar 17 Pa av., bet.. 1Kb and 10th at*. ALEXANDRIA AND ASU1N6TON BOAT THE STEAMER GEORGE WASHINGTON will depart at the following hours: | Leave Alexandria7^,9, 11, lX.3i7**^ Leave Washington ejjf, 10, lit, '2%. 4, 5^ feb 18-d JOB CORSON. Captain. COAL KE?'T UNDKK COVER. 2.'210 lbs to tk? Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIES of White Aih, Red Ash aad Lehigh COAL. Wnrramfd to girt tmtitfaction. Delivered free from dirt. Also, Uiokory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J. A W. M. GALT, N W corner 12th and C streets, No M7, dec 20-tf one squase south of Pa. avenue. PSAS, MUSHROOM, Ac. WE HAVE RECEIVED OP RECENT Importation Champignons In Cans of 1 and t pounds Petlts Pols In Cans of 1 and 2 pounds Pate De Kols eras Pate Fal*an asx Truffee Pate De Begasses Pa e De Perdreaw Truffes. For sale by fbb *1 KINO A BURCHELL. BKAUTil-UL CHINA GOODS OPENING this week, at our great Variety Store, between I 8th aad 9 h streets. mar .0 H. J. McLAUGHLIN A CQ. POTATOES.?1060 BUSHELS PRIME white MERCER POTATOES. In store,and for mI* is lots to salt purchasers. PETER BEftRY, ? Jaa*7-tX 6 nUVVBCTION AllD lFIDKNHlVT VAOM LOIIIT Fl&ll fire, marine, and inland insurance. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $1,340,000 FARMXBS AVI) MECHANICS' IH8UK A9CE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA. Office nortJweat comer Pmtmylvmmut avenue and nth street, Washington City, Z>. C. DIRRCTOR8. Ho*. That. B. Florence, Charter Dingee, George H. Armstrong, Thomas Manderfleld, Char lea A Rubicam, Edward R. Helmbold George Helmbold, *1 Carroll Brewster, Jamea B. Neall, I?aac Leech, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, Prasideal. EDWARD R. HBLMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 3?7 D street, opposite City Hall. Jno. M.Thorntoa .corner First streetand Virginia avenue, Island. James Williams, No. 38 Pour-and-a-bair street. John Riiitles, No. Ml Thirteenth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. > t MARINE SURVETOE. Oapt.J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pcnnsylyaala IWM, apposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomasoa. JtutKorised Capital and ^iirtl...|l|4T3,0JT 0T. ASSETS ?423,057 07. Invented in Bonds, Mortgagee, and Goad Securities. The business of this Company will compare tk n vorably with the most successful of similar instita. lions la the United States. Prom the 1st day of August, 1855, in five months, op t'? 1st January, 1856, ths premiums received amounted to the large sum of one hundred and eight thousand, one hundred and fifty-one dollars, with only forty-Mx hundred and siity-siz dollars losees eported With these evidences of suecessand good man agem'nt, the directors fsel justified in soliciting a ?hare of public patronage, believing that the secu rity offered is ample and that all fiur claims will be adjusted more according to equity than legal techni calities. The company is prepared to issue policies against ioss or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURNI nJRR, MILLS, MANUFACTORIES, WARE S0U8E8, all descriptions of BUILDINGS, and eir contents, or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by VB88BLS. STEAMBOATS, CA NAL BOATS, RAILROADS, and the usual con veyances to or from any portion of BUROPB aad \MKKICA, and on tbc hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the wc-tern waters. The rates of premium will be as low as other companies, and in fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement wfll be taken into consideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office northwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Washington ciiy, D.C. | Insurance may al*e he effected at tne Home Office, Northwest corner Walnut and Second Streets, Phiia- | ielrhvi, and in other principal clues of the United States by authorised offieers oi the company, mar 14-tr Horns Insurance Company of New York, OFFICE NO. 4 WALL STREET. Cash Capital .....$500,000 00 Amount of Assets ltf Jan., 1857. .872,823 31 Amount of Liabilities 42,460 W This company continues to in snre Buildings. Merchandise, Ships in Port, and their Cargoes. Household Furniture and Per sonal Property irenerally, against i/Ofls or Dam age by Fire, on favorable terms. Losses equitably adjusted ard promp ly paid D:atcToas: Charles J Martin; A F Wllimarth; William G Lambert, firm of A 4 A Lawrence A Co ; Geo C Collins, firm of Sherman * Collin*; Danford N Carney, firm of Wells, Fargo A Co ; Lucius Hopkins, President Importers' A Traders' Bank; Thomas Messenger, firm of T AH Messenger; William H Mellen, firm of Claflln, Mellen A C^.; Chirles B Hatch firm of C B Hatch A Co ; B Watson Bull, firm of Haskell. Merrick A Bull; L Atterbury, Jr , firm of L Aterbury, Jr ,A Co ; Lu cien U Coman, firm of Coraan, Lothrop A Co ; Homer Morgan; Levi P Stone, firm of Stone, Starr A Co ; James Humphrey, firm of Barney, Humphrey A Butler: Seorge Pesrce firm of Geo PearceACo; Ward A Work, firm of Ward A Work A Son; Jamea Low, firm of James l ow A Co ; Isaac H Frothlngham, firm of I H Frothing bam A Co ; Charles a Bulkley, firm cf Bukley A Co; Cephas H Norton, firm of Norton, Jewett, A Buzby; George D Morgan, firm of E 0 Morgan A Co ; Theodore McNamee. firm of Bowen, Mc NameeACo.; Klchard Blgelow firm of Doan. King A Co ; OH*er E Wood, fi m of Wlllard, Wood A Co : Amoa K Eno, fi-m of Eno, Rob erts A Co ; Alfrtd 8 Barnes, firm of A S Birnes A Co ; George Bliss, of the firm of George Bliss A Co ; Roe Lockwood, of the firm <f K Lockwood A Son; John G Nelson, firm of Nelson A Co ; Lyman Cooke, firm cf Cooke, Dowd A Baker; Levi P Mortoi, firm of Morton A Grin nell; t'nrtis Nob'e,flrm of Condlt A Noble; John B H utchinson, firm of J C Howe A Co ; Stephen Paul, firm of Stephen Paul A Co ; Chas P Bald win, fim of Baldwin, Starr A Co ; H UUtcit Lly, firm of Ely. Bowen A McConnell; Amos 1 ilwirbt, fi m of Trowbridge, Uwight A Co ; Henry A Hurtbut. firm of Swift, H iribut A Co ; Jesse Hoyt, firm of Jesse Hoyt A Co.: Wm fctur kIss Jr; firm of Sturgls. SLaw A Co; John R Kord firm of Ford Rubber Co ; Sidney Miison, firm of Ma?on A Thompson; G.orge T Stedman, firm of Stedman. Meynard A Co CHARLES J MARTIN. Pres't. A. F. WiLLMARTIl, Vice Pree. J. MILTON SMITH. Secretary rnr App lcatlons received and policies insured by THOMAS C WUEELER, Agent, No 325 Pa avenue, betw. 6th and 7th sts. mar9-lm Ne. 367 Pa are., opposite National lletel. JONAS F. LEVY, IMPORTKR AMD DKALCn 15 ? T SS WIHE8, BBANDIX8, GEOCEEIES, AND CIGARS, HAS IN STORK A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne In quarts and pints, 1XL; and Tresan de Bausey, ana other desirable Brands: Brandy In cask and bottles, Vintage 1777 to 1840; Hums of all kinds; Whiskeys 1810 to 1856 ; Holland Gin of ail kinds; Claret Wines cf all brands Burgundys do do Saturne do do Sherry do do Maderla do do Port do do German do do Bock do do Italian do do Hungarian do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cross A Black well's London Pickles and Preserves of all kinds Coffee, Sugar, Teas, Ac., Ac 307 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel, jan 23-ly JONAS P. LEVY. GIFTS! GIFTS! worth tath SO Patent Eng. Lever Gold Watches..91U0 00 loo Patent An hor Lever (18 k.case) Gold Watches 50 00

200 Silver Leplne Watchrs, warranted... 12 W) 20>i Sets Cameo Ear Rings and Breastpins. 12 00 2-0 6old Bracelet* *....12 00 poo Cold Locket*, (large size and double case 10 00 700 Gold Lockets,small size 3 5o 1,000 Gold Pencils 2 40 1,00J Gold Pens, with Silver Pencils 2 5 3,000 Gold Rings 140 800 Gents' Heavy Uold Rings 2 10 1,000 Ladles'Gold Breastpins 2 So 3,000 (vents' Gold Bosom Plaa l so l,20o Pocket Knives 100 1,200 Pocket Knives {,800 Gents' Gold Bosom studds, or Sleeve Buttons, (choice) 3 00 1,200 Pairs Ladles' Gold Ear-Drops 2 50 5,000 Gift Books 50 10,000 Pairs Pocket Scissors 25 10,000 Miniature Gift Books or Priats 2,330 Pen Knives or Lou of Stationery 25 Will t>e presented to tbc purchasers of Books, st PHILBRICK'S GIFT BOOKSTORE, under De iter's Hotel. See sign of Gift Bookstore Call and examine the immense stock of BOOKS and PRESENTS, and get catalogues xeb 2b-tf 4 SECOND-HAND PIANOS, AT GREAT bargains, at our great Piano and Music Empo rium, between 9th and 10th streets mar 10 JOHN F ELLIS. a GREAT BOOK.? INQUIRE WITHIN for any thing you Want to Know Publish Agoat, - FERGUSON,-. aaiB 180 7tb stieet. For Bala and Rent. For sale ?one op the finest Farm* In Fairfax county, V* , containing nearly 316acres, situated on the Little R iver Turn - eke Roed. 8# mile* from Alexandria, a boat 11 >m Washington, and 1 mile from a proposed station on the Manassas (Jap R. K. , now ap Srojchlng completion Buyers will be thown ie pretBises by persons living there The pro perty will recommend Itself on Inspection For terms address the subscriber by mal 1 at Draaes vllle, Fairfax oo., Va. JAMES S. PURDY. mar 18-fit FOR RENT?THAT DESIRABLE BUS! ness stand on 8th street wgst, third door from Pennsylvania avenue, with or witheut the upper f>art of the building. To a good and prompt enant the rent will be msde reasonable For terms apply to JAMES TOWLES, Property Agent, on H street north, between 8th ana 9th streets, No 490. mar li-lf I^OR RENT.?THELARGE FOURSTORY 17 Brick Dwelling, with all the modern Im provements, situated on E street, north side, be tween 9th and 10th streets To a good and per* manent tenant the rent will be moderate Inquire at No 394 E street. mar 7-tf For sale ?a farm lying in mont gomery county, Md , 9 miles from Washing ton, near tne Bethesda Church, on the Rockvlile Turnpike The Farm contains 90 acres of first rate land. The improvements are a new Frame Dwelling House, containing 8 rooms, and a stable for foar noises Also for sale?A first-rate Horse Yowet and Scroll Saw. For terms apply to CHARLES F WOOD, 448 9th street, between E and F , or toC.T WOOD, adjoining farm. mar 7-3w Three houses and lots for sale Houses Nos. 46, 48, and 50 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, are offered at private sale, low and oa easy terms Will be scld separate or to gether Title good. One is a four-story Brick, with finished basement, needy new. and in com plete order, with witer and gas throughout Ap ply to E K. LUNi)Y,at No 46 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, or No. 118 Bridge street, Georgetown. max 6 ClOTTAGE FOR RENT -LAND FOR SALE. t For rent, for a term of two to four yeais, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, five first floor, three feccnd flier, and four attic Rooms, wlih mo'e*n conveniences for heating the house and supplying it with water. A Farm attached, of two hundred acres, which can be reduced to any I , quantity agreed pa; eight miles from Washing ton?three from Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If rented Immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end of the current year Also, a Pariti of 3C0 acres with improve ments, within three miles above, for stle or lease Enquire of SWEENY, R1TTEN HOUSE FANT A CO , Bankers, and Col. 1RW1N, Laud Olfice. mar 6 VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR SALE?It contains upwards of 1700 acres 900 thereof under cultivation, about 500 u>ed fer pastures, and about 7C0 acres well timbered, and along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to Charlottsvllle will run Attached thereto Is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna River,which Is a part of the boundary line, and on which are also 40 acres of low ground Soli good, with plenty producing good Tobac co, Wheat, Corn, ?c Buildings very superior and very ample, and in good order 160 bushels cf Wheat have been seeded, Tebsc co Plant Beds were burnt and seeded before tie last frost, for Oats and Corn due progress is made. With the estate, the slaves and Improvements, Stock, etc , may slao be h id, and furth* r Infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington city. , mar 5 FOR RENT?THAT VERY COMMODI OUS and convenient (brown stone front) House, situated on the north side of E, between 9tb and 10th streets It is new, and has been kejt In the best order bv the Hon Robert McClelland, See- I < retary of the Interior, be being the only occupant ( since Its completion Possession will be gives within a few days after the 10th of March. For terms apply to the subscriber, a' 529 H, between 6th and < tb streets, or at the works at the Patent Office [feb 26-tf ] THOMAS BERRY. A CARD -FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS 1 House in Franklin Row, now oecnpted by | Hon C Cashing, Attorney Geneial. It has all |( the modern Improvements, hot and eold water bath roouis, chandeliers, and gas flxtares This is one of the most elegant and desirable locations in the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river It 1? in front of one of the most beautiful publio squares in this city, with a delightful and con stant supply of good water. It is entirely free from du>t and mosquitoes. Inquire of \VM WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 3? Pen^sylva nia avenue mar 4-lm FOR RENT?THAT LARGE AND VERY desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 130 en Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by Myers A Bro , as a Dry Goods House, and r?cently occupied by Seldner A Co , as a Clothing Store. Possession given Immediately To a permanent tenant the rent will be made low. Inquire of J AM EH F ULLALOVE, or to E S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer feb '-8-dtf Farm foh sale.-i offer forsale my farm and country seat, situated on the Heights of tieorgetowa, adjoining the residences of Mrs Barber. Mrs. Barnard, Mrs Morten, Mrs. Bo'.ce, Messrs I.lnthirum, Adler nnd Ellason, containing about40 acres of land, Improved with a frame dwelling, gardener's house, cow and horse stables, etc. The very short distance from Georgetown and Wsshlngton makes It very well adapted for a dalrv farm and market enrden. The high elevation commands a beautiful and picturesque view of tlie Metropolis and surround^ Ing country, and is In this, a? well a* in legara to health, unsurpassed. It will be sold en ire or in iota to suit purchasers feb!fc-eolm? HENRY GILDEME1STER. For sale or rent ?that desira ble residence on F street, between 20th and ?lat, for the last eight years occupied by the late J. M. Chubb, Esq. Possession given immedi ately. Inquire of RI66S A CO au 12-eotf arms for sale-intending to cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm in Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for the past seven years. It contains 51 acres, and is situated near Balls X Roads, 3\L miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and 6 miles from both Washington and Alexan dria There are upon it a comfortable and well arranged dwelling house, containing six rooms, with front and back covered porticos, the former by 12 feet; a kitchen; a comfortable house for servants or farm hands; a large and convenient barn, with stabling for six horses and as manv cows, and an ample cistern (att^^ to the barn.) a root cellar under the barn, to hold i,000 bushels of roots for market or stock feeding; ice house; spring house; smoke house; corn house; a stcne market root nouse, and a store house. Also, a good dairy near the homestead uoor, from the never falling spring of which water Is obtained for all the requirements of the occupant*. Inere is also on the place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantlcgs, con sisting of the choicest varieties cf peaches, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries and Iulnces At present fourteen aores are seeded own to wheat and rye; six In timothy, (yielding an aveiage of at least two tons per acre,) four in a market garden; four in clover; twelve ready to be put in corn and oats in the spring, and eiewu in wood, of which there Is an ample supply for all the purposes of the place. This k*" been cultivated with care and is very productive, no pains having l>een spared to render it atlve, and to make It complete In all menu. For a dairy man and market ^rden farmer, or a nursery man, or for the country r? denee of a person doing business in either ne go boring city who prefers a respects highly improved it is superior to y # AUon?THEBl!ADEN FARM, (?. seres]I situ ated within less than a quarter-of'a Columbia and Leesburg . Aer t0 Alex leading to Jmrr.edbte vicinity of Ballets X f ^bSfh Sm^AameS peach tre^, most f ^ comfonabie for a ling-house that ?0me stabling, and farmer's ftmlly at smau ^ all ^ ^lon of one of *he fin? enough upon the tract f^'.nLlt - There is no bettw soil within mUes of Washington than that of this B!a ^iTLSiPnof any such place that can be ren ^S ^on^ntWe at lew cost by proper atten MoT- the land being in lne heart at this time. either or both these farms, which 4.V-* rs. wJSM&x,.*. EVENING STAR. Dr. Kan? We take from the Washington Union the following relative to the proceedings of the House of Representative* on the laat day of the session concerning Dr Kane, whose mem ory will be cherished by all Amerioans so long as a spark of true national pride lingers in their breasts: If anything conld relieve th** sorrow of Dr. Kane's relatives and friends, their conscious ness of how much he had done during his life to make his name worthily remembered, and the evidences which they see all around them of the deep respect with which he was re garded by hid country men, must tend strongly in that direction. Among these evidences we subjoin the following reir.arks delivered in the House of Representative, on the 3d in stant, by Hon. J. R. Tyson, of Philadelphia, who is always alive to the claims of genius, and vindicates his own scien*rific worth oy the alacrity with whioh be recognises and does honor to the scientific olaici* of others. We extract from the report as published in the Globe : Mr Tt8o!v. Mr Speaker, I ask the unani mous consent of the House to take up and consider the amendmunt of the Senate to the joint resolution*. which originated in this body, respecting Dr. Kane's Arctic explorations. Mr Johei, of Tennessee, objected. Mr. Trsoa moved to suspend the rules. The motion was agreed to: and the rules were suspended. The amendment was reported as follows : Strike out the first section, in the following words : That the Committee on the Library be au thorixed to purchase from the publisher^ fif- | teen thousand copies of a forthcoming work, by Dr. E K Kane, on Arctic explorations j during the years 1S?3. 1854, and lbfij, in search of Sir John Franklin, to be disiibuted among the members of Congress by the Sec retary and Clerk of the two houses, respec tively, under the direction of said eoamittee : Provided, That the price shall not exceed Ave dollars for the two volumes: And, pro vtded, further, That the material, press-work, illustrations, and binding, shall be approved by the said committee. Leaving the second section to stand as fol lows : That the Secretary of the Navy shall cause to bo struck and presented to Dr. Kane, his officers and men, respectively, such appro Sriate medals as, in the judgment of the said ecretary, shall express the high estimation in which Congress hold their respective merits and services Mr. Tvsoif. I am authorized by the Com mittee on the Library to recommend a concur rence in the amendment of the Senate. It strikes out the resolution for the purchase of Dr Kane's work, retaining that only for the presentation of medals to himself, his officers and men, according to their respective grades. While the committee make this recommen dation, they consider every honor which the two resolutions would have reflected upon the explorer as eminently due to his high publio merit and distinguished public services. Nor arc they able to perceive any difference in principle between the purchase of books and the granting of medals, considered as a mode of expressing approbation, or a sense of honor able achievement. The committee acquiesce in the amendment of the Senate for other and independent rea sons. Sii.ce the adoption of these resolutions, nn the 10th of April last, a general law has been passed prohibiting the gratuitous distri bution of books among the members, except those of a strictly documentary character ; ind, sad to tell, Dr. Kane has lately died From the effec s of disease contracted or ag gravated by the exposure and hardships inci- < lent to bis memorable explorations. As one abject of the proposed purchase of his valu able work was to give him some substantial proof of the regard and appreciation of Con gress, in a mode which might be acceptable to his own feelings, this reason is taken away by his premature and lamented dea'h. But something ought to be done by way of public testimony to the contributions he has made to knowledge, as well as in commemora tion of the fearless intrepidity, ecienti&o spirit, and benevolent zeal which marked bis daring Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin Whether we consider what be accomplished, Dr what a vast storehouse he has unlocked and opened to future explorers?whether we look to his great fame at home, or to his even greater celebrity abroad, Congress is impera tively called upon to act. it is the duty of this body to express its acknowledgment and appreciation. The loss of a man so endowed, and 90 full of rare promise, is a public one. It is mitigated only by the consideration that Lc has disappeared as a bright sun, going down ut noon, without a cloud to dim its path way. 1 therefore beg the House to concur in the amendment which retains the resolution grant ing such honorary medals to the explorer and his companions as the Secretary of the Navy may deem appropriate to their respective ser vices and grades The amendment was agreed to. Mr. Tvsos moved to reconsider the vote by which the amendment of the Senate was agreed to, and also moved to lay the motion to roconsider on the table ; which latter mo tion was agreed to. Takixm Lioal Advice.?It once happened in an important oivil suit in C?? county Vermont, that the plaintiff s original counsel, M , an able lawyer, had, after a time, abandoned his olient. and accepted a retainer on the other side. Of course the plaintiff em ployed another attorney, who, when the cause next came on for trial, complained to the court of the conduct of " the opposite counsel," ac cused him of " unprofessional practice" in abandoning his client and espousing the side of the defendant, and, in short, came down uj on him " like a thousand of brick." M admitted the charge, but contended that the plaintiff had found fault with his manner of conducting thecasu, " whereupon,'' contended the attorney, "I told him I would have no more to do with him or his suit?but he might go to h?11 for a lawyer?and I fir.d, may it please the court, ho has taken my advice !" The court and spectator! were convulsed with laughter, and tne case went on without any further personalities ? lioston Post. A DeH siok ? It i? very singular idea en tertained and sometimes practised upon by well meaning people, that there is a way of getting tiling* into newspapers without paying fjr them They will oome in and explain, ait around and talk of some matter as one of public moment and all at once an idea strikes them tftfot it would be an interesting item for \ oolumn. W hen you Come to sift the little lt:m, and that oan be done without very deep ?tudy,'you can see that the tail, drift and in L >ntion is, in a round* ibout way, to make the tittle item inure to the author's benefit. While *c are always duly thankful fir news items, we prefer those which are indisputably gener al In their character.? Wkeeling bit r* 'Coffee neutralises the deadly effects of Itrychnia. To a dog that was fast sinking under the affects of the poison, about half a pint of strong deooelion of eoffee was given, whan the animal soon rallied, and mltimataly recovered entirely. . ty St Martin is one of the worthies of the R'man Calendar, and a form of prayer com mences with the words, "O, mibi, beats Max tins/* which was oorrupted into " Mr eye and JBetty Martin.** J * THS WXJCXLY STAB. telling a greates variety ai !?>? JCg reading (tan qi^ b? found ta any irthar lo pib!liL?d oa Saturday OMCalOf , Tiaai ?la????>py,??aaatt? SI ?S to am. 12 9 <? n->p .tn.li M . ???.*"% 7J?ffy,'grwiu * ?""??? Appointment! of the Eut Baltimore Con ference of the ? S. Church. The following are the appointment* of C<fTference fbr tin year 18i7 : East lialtivu>rT District-iianur buctk, P K. Baltimore?North Baltimore? Georco Hildt, Heary B. Hideaway, Richard Hinkk; Exeter? William H. Pitcher, P Rescorl. for; E?ft Baltimore?Jas 11 Brown. J 8 M'Mui ray, M m A Snivel?; Caroline Street?B 11. Crever, Harden; High Street?B R. Hamlin; Jefferson Street?Johrr W. Hedge*; ^alU? Street Mission?Wm Hack; Straw, bridge?Thomas B Sargent; Whatooat?Jar. Brads; Emory-S L M Conser, J France, *?p, North Baltimore Circuit ?R S. Vlntor, JainesS Thomss: Hereford?Francis M*carr ?e^ii ?> Shaff-r, J Larkin, sup; Qreat Fal?r? P L Reese, D. H Parish; Ent Harford?J. Munroe.t Kinsey; West Harford? Richerd Brown, W W. Hick; Havrede Grace?David S. Monroe; Muuion to Colored People Jn Har rT?i, Ci0U?i ? ?wJnn: Sea^n's Union Bethel?Gideon H. Day. J A Gere, Agent of Tract and Sabbath School Interests, Member of Strawbridgo Quarterly Conference J. W. CuiluTi, Agent of Maryland State Colomiatioa Society, Member of North"Balti more Quarterly Conference. Frederic*. District?T H W Moxaog P E Frederick City?Thomas M Reese; A*bu ry Chapel-John W. Lmgley; Frederick Cir cuit?John Anderson, B G. W Reed, South Frederick?James Taylor; Boonsboro'; John P. Hall, one to be supplied, Hagerftown?Geo. D. Chenowetb; Hancock?William Earnfhaw, George fcigsfoosc; McConnellsburg-Leonard M Gardner; Mercersburg?Joseph M. SD^rg Ier,D Castlcnian; Cbambersburg?Dan ftnrt raan, N So hi of.se r. sup ; Waynesboro ?Join H C Di*b; Alto Dak?Daniel M Giles; Gek tysbur^,?John Bowen, A E Taylor; Hiiup stead?Josiah Ililde*rand, one to be supplied; Westminste ?John Miller, Asbury W Guyer, Liberty?William R. Mills, Amo* J Bender; Eoomittsburg?EphraitnL Kreglo; West Falls ? Lorenso D Herron. Cumberland District?J. A Collirs, P. E. Cumberland?A L Gibton; Mission to Colored People id Cumberland?Samuel W. Smith; Pleasant Grove Circuit?E G. Jame son; North Branch and Wills Creek?To be supplied; Alleghany Circuit?Thomas F Me Clure. Hugh Lynn; Westernport?Jno Lloyd, B. F. Stevens; Froaiburg?Wm M Meming er, Geo J Conner; SchelUburg?Henry Wil son, Robert S Me Williams; Bedford?*Vil?on L. Spottswood : Bedford Circuit?Jamis A. Coleman. Wm H Stevens; Woodbury?Geo. Berkttresser. J. W. Curry; Hollidaysburg? George W. Cooper; Altoone?Samuel A. Wil ?od; Birmingham?R. W Black, John F Ork erman, Williamsburg?AA Eskridge; Coal mont?J E Porter, John W. Buckley; Cm? ville?Geo. W Bou-e, H Tarring Gray, Shir leysburg?Amos Smith, G W Dunlap A S flank. Principal of Cassville Semina ry, Member ofCaasville Quarterly Conlereaoo. btlltfontt District?C. B 'firr?TT,P. E. Bellefonte?John Guyer; Bellefonte Circuit? A Biittain, James Hunter; Teen's Vall'c? M. Bami's, b. M. Hartsock; liunHngd^n? David Shoaff; Manor Hill?Geo Guyer. J as. T. Wilson; Warrior's Mark?J. W Haug^ia wont, John A. Dixon; Bald Eagle-J T. Stansbury. R A. Batherst, sup ; New Wash ington?Charles Clewr, one to be supplied; Clearfield and Carweusviile?Thomas B. rn hart; Clearfield Circuit?Et.W Kirby; Wert Branch?R. Kelley, cne to be supplied; Lock Uaven?W. Down?: Nirth Look Haven?A. Hartman, one to be supplied; Great Islatd? J A Meliok; Jersey Stoere?John Moorhead; P'a* Creek and Liberty?Robert Beers Dan I Staffer; Sinnamahoning?B P King; Port age?Asbury R. Reiley; Ridgaway?To la e?fr,lied. Northumberland Dtxtiict?Taoursoir Mit cfi?LL, P. E Williamsport?'Samuel Kepj ter; Newberry?James Curns, Finley B Rid dla; Muncy?Andrew W. Gibson, C H Sav ed/t?," E E Allen, sup ; Milton?Sam 1 Barn*; Milton Circuit?J G McKeehan. P. B Racb; Lewisburg?John H. D&shieli; M-ffiinsburg? Samuel Creighton; Nortbumberland?E 11. Waring; Sunoury?Thomas Tanybill, M L. Drum; Catawiesa?John A. DeMoyer, H S. MendenbaU; Danville?Wm H Wilson; Mon tour Mission?James Gamble, Bloomsburg? Geo Warren. N W.Culburn; Oraugeville?J. Y Ruthrook, S. Shannon; Bloomingdale? Eluha Butler, A M Kester; Luzerne?T H. Switser, John Guss; Berwick?II G. Dili, I bomas Sherlock: Laporte Mission?John W. Stout Thomas Bowman, Principal of Dick inson Seminary, Member of Williamsport Quarterly Cunterenoe livin II. Torreuce, becretary of Pennsylvania Bible Society, Member Danville Quarterly Conference Carlisle District?A- A Rek?b, P. E. Carlisle?R D. Chambers; Emory Cnapel?I. Daugherty; Carlisle Circuit?S. B. Dunlap, R Norris. York Springs?0 Ege, J C. Ste vens; Newport?George Stevenson, oae to be supplied; Petersburg?T D Gotwalt: Lew.s towu?Joteph A Ro.-s, Levistown Circuit? F. Gearhart, Samuel W. Sears; Kishacoquil lias ?R E Wilson; Mifflin?Wm. A. M Kce, J A. Price; Concord?N. S Buckingham, A M CreighUtn; New Blocmfield? C urah:.o.. Wia- H. kitlb; Groenvillag*?S. W. Prioi*. W. Howe, sup ; North Mountain Mission?To be supplied; Shippaosburg?E B. Sny.ler Wrightsville? William T WiUon York-John SUne, William Wickee, sup , Shrrw-bury ? II Furlong, F E Crever, Cas;le Finn-Jos. S Lee, B. W. Daugherty; Bat g. r Welsh Minion?Henry Rv.?b?ru>. O. U X carj, I ro fessor in Dickinson Collega, Member of Eiuo ry Chapel Quarterly Conference R L. Mac lay. Missionary to China. H R Nicholson, Missionary to Uuenoe Ayres. South America. Transfers-Jew? T Peck, U> New York Conference; W. M. D Ryan, to Roek River Conferanoe, Wm C. Stoel. to Oneida Confer ence: David C. Woru, to Upper Iowa Confer ence ; Henry J Bland, to California Confer ence;' J. MftK?dree Railey, to Pittsburg Conference; John W. Boteler, to Uppar Iowa Conference; Oscar B Thayer, to Rock River Conference; W W Welsh, to Wyoming Con ference; S. L Bowman, to New Jersey Con ference. The next session of the East Baltimore Con ference will meet in Broadway Church, East Baltimore Station. Bigoted ow the Coia QtntRTtow.?We learn that one of Walker's men met his death re cently in battle, under the following circum stances A Spaniard who was serving in tne Costa Rican army, had his bayonet at tho throat of our hero, bat hesitating to plunge it into him, offered at the same time U>'para his life, if he would yield his arms and beooma bis prisomr. This ihefollowerof^a'kej r<fawd point blank- sayingthaUt was>*>>>"? tho laws of his country to accept quarter at its former valao H? ?**>:r wm therefore reluctantly obliged to make a body of him ? If O Pirnifune. Rica Sc?**s.?The closing scenes of the members charged with corruption, into.the (ffie of the Territorial Secretary, to ?nfi ft cb. J.en.cnt A m.ab.r ??' El, revolTcr, .Cd lh. whola crowd into the street, when the mem bcrs made their escape^ |y It cojts New York ciiy * ye** ly-The Duke of W to preside at the next anniversary do. Ptawr . r."i? 8<f+ th 6eif *A"BUGB T"?,i*fnean marry him questlon Whether ^aArmaUtem self has jart b**o ??TT" the highaat c<