26 Mart 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mart 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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the evening stab u PVBLIIHtO KTKET AFTKftNOOIf, {E1CMTT BVNDAY,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C*ru4r of hmm ?U 11 (A ilrni, By W. D. WALL1GH, . ??4 to ifrwd to snbaerlbers by carriers ?t MX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served In packages at J7U ceata per month. To mall ?UMCribeia the snt> ?crlptfoa price to THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENT? ayear i?adva?f?,TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for leas than three months at the rate of IS# cents a week. |CT SINGLE COPIES ONE CBNT. ?j i tic VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C? THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1857. NO. 1.307. OOLD MEDAL PREMIUM riANO FORTES. WILLI AM KN ABE, (Senior partner la the late Ana of Kmii, OitiLi A Co ,) /CONTINUES TBE M A.NUF ACTURB AND VV sate of fraud and square PIANO.^CS=BM F OlTfcS, uader tbe mm of WiiiiamT7 rfT' 14aabe A Co ?at the old stan4, Not 1,3,5 and 7 North tutaw street, oppoalte the Eutaw House, Baltimore They have alao Ju?t opened a new Balas Room at No 207 Baltimore str?et. between Charles and Light stre-ts. on tbe premises partly o cupled by Mr. Hsnrv McCaffe y as a music | toro, where they will keep constantly on band a large assort ment of plain and highly flilshel grand and equtre Piano' Fortes; also. .Vfelodeons, from the be?t makers from 4 to S-octave, some with doable key-beards, doable reeds, and stops to suit small churches Being extensively engaged In the manufacture ot Pianos, we will sell wholerale and retail, on the most liberal terms. Unr Pianos were awarded the highest premium (goid medai) at the Fairs of th? *?l .ryland Insti tute f-o successive years?October. TP56 and l&M?la opposition to fourteen and eighteen pi. aaos from seme of the best makers Com New York, Boston, and Btltlmore We were aUe awarded the 1 rat premium at the Industrial Ex hlbUlon held la Richmond, Virginia. 1?33 and 1956 In addition to this wc are in possession of tes timonials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs In the country. wbieh cau be seen at onr warerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciates in which our In> struments sre every were held AU instrnareata are guaranteed fcr five years, andaprlvaege uf ex .hange Is granted wltnln the Irst six months from the da? of sale If the In. strumeaia do not give entire satlsfi'tlon. Wholesale dealers will findltto their advantage to give ns a call brfore purchasing Pianos exchanged, hlr^d. and tuned WM KN ABE A CO. |[T Three ct these superior Piinos* two square 7-ocuves and one gMcd 7-octav s, sre now oa exhibition a', the 14 .ucvopol'tan Me hanics' la stltue Ka'j" In this city. The public is respect fully invited to eall and Judge for themselves mar if .. BBST1STHY; DR.. ST1PUEN BAIL V, Office No. 19S PennsyIvaala Avsnae, Tkrtt doers from lit* ttreet. * ? D* BAILY bigs leive to Inform the public that h* eaa be seen at all hoars at bis orfiee, leoated asab>ve He feels assured that an ezp ? rieoc* of flfteei years' prictioe, with tbe large number of pitients, and great variety of dlfflcuit cases that h* has treated suceessfullv, will enable ? ? " ??? V hlna to surmount any dlA ulty, s-sleatifl; or oth erwise, relating to the Teeth a Is own experi ence confirming the opinion of miny men emi nent in the profession, and especially Drs Uairis and J aad B P .irmly, has led him, long alaee, to discard all mercurial preparations for fi ling Teetn. alo sU Ea^me.s, Su?ta Perch a, India Robber, and Cements for t tec >astra3tV>aof Con tinuous 6um Teeth, aad that Porcelain, nrtcanteJ oj Gold Plats, Is tne only reliable subUance that can be worn l.i the mouth, as was most conclu sively shown by the last American Dental Con ventloa. Although he 11 mers himself that from his long resldesce and practice In Waahlngtoa, he la ft vsrably kaown to hi* numerous friend* nnd pa trons, ne begs lewe to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS. From tbs Ute Bsct->r of the Charcb of Bplphasy of tbls city. Or *ririif Btiu. Daar Sir?Idealrato eipraaa my *o toom for yes porsoasliy. ?n1 my eoafllooce la yon as s an p?r or dtatln Tbs oporaKoaa ttvitrf f<?r sis 1st* h -a ? IfVy u'.n(?'ti-y I hops that yoa n>*y re-stre t'ta patron from my frloa4a a_.d tua public Uit your skill so ?eU 4?*rt?. Tosr? Tsry t. nly, Wsaklngton, lifut M, 1K<. J. W. FBBNCS. From oas of tbs olloat firm* la BVtlmora, Ifasart. B <>?**. O imsa * Co. HstIbi s-nploys-l Dr. 9t?ph*a batty, Sarfooa Dentlet, it Washington City, to sxocato for at, as Important and HfB esl: plsjo of work, which ho dll to my onUrs satisfaction, sal It Tkv *r |!>? f?t that sso of Ihi moet distinguished momaora of too Dostal C-jltaga A Baltimore. failed, after rs poatoJ trio's, to psrform the asms work sstiaf*c.orlly, it ?1??s m? f r??t p:???ars to s*?rss< my ?at!ra coafl4saoa sud bl<h Mllmstlos of hit pre*ns'saal skit). ?sli.mors, Jaaaary U, 1SS7. UABMAS3I ?0(K?S. Xx:rsot mm s asto rsoslrod from tbs lata Bon. Jabs M. CI ay to a. C. S. Siiiti, Aaraat IS, IKS. Tao toatb yoa ma4a forma work sSmirsbly; aoChlag co&id bo Mttor. Vary (rstafaUy, JUHN a. CLAY iON. Ta tbo?s that aask raltaf from tha nasi i-l'aa of tba tss'b, I ess *ii4?rfulty ror mmouil S>r. S. B lly ss s sop*rtor Dsn Wot. hs tcslo ? ?-t }' pnrc -laia tootU '? <r jne of at.* fsmlly. sad pla?(0d sorsral to-l'i fo- mrsolf. and th? work baa all atuod wall for aaors thss t-u ysor*. BUBKKT T. NIXON, ot tho Vs. Co uf4 rases of Us M. a Cbaicii 8jbCi. Ap- a it, isss. Wa. tbsaa<lsr?ifas4 bsrlnc h?4 aroasloa tosvs 1 oarsslt?s of Uio profSsolosal (Kill of Dr. S. Bstly, Snrcooa Dentist, of thli "lty; or btrlii| be so csgali .at of hla opa-atloaa oa our fans.ilos or friond*, ttko plsasurs la sx^rs?sl".g our adm ra tioa of his arfatle akUl. aa wall ai of tbs aalfo.-mty (.liaf.s Wry msaaor la whlcn ha p^rrorma tha m^>st dellcsts and d f S? alt operations la Dental Saiiarjr, sad ws ras a-tfal.y ro ro-a<wow4 Man to tbo r >iW*k? sod p.tronafo of t .0 pabUo, 9- wsick wa conetdcr htm sas ssa:ly worthy. TaoMAsr. WALTBtt. jus. a. bbadlbt, ArcSltort C S CapCol. of W-shlarton, D. C. THO>AS MILLCB, M. D , OKORliB WALTON. of Was Jagtoa, D. C. Bs Qorsroor of Florid*. B 9. BOH KB it. V D. WALTKHLBMOX, of <>oorr?aawa, D. 0. It Hsyor of VFa.UDgtoa. a. a. luiooln, a d.. hbnht Baldwin, Wasalngtoa. DC. tj. B Patoat OfBco. O C- WXOUT, Prlo'l^al Blttsnhoaas Ars1aa&y. fob 10 tf THK IMPRUTKD SKTS OF TKKTU. DR. LOUM19. TBE INVENTOR AND patentee of 4,Loomls' Mloera' Pla'^. Teeth," havingsu^essfaliy introduced] his Improvene .t in various cities, has now permanently established himself in Wash ington This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chiefly In making a set of bat one piece cf mate rlil, and that Indestructible mineral No metal is j-ed In their construction, and ikty are there- j fore free fr m gilvaalc actio a and metallc taste There are no Joints to become filled with moUture ?f part icles or food, hence they sre pure and, Un% Tnere are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, fsr more datable, and natural inlbeir app?ar^nce I will give a reward of Oae Tnousar.d Dollars to any one who wl 1 produce a similar work of art to eqaal ml-.e la puntv, beauty, durahllitv, artistic e*c-llea<-e or any oth *r req lislte q tallt/. All work responsibly warranted 27R Penn avenue, between 11th and ISth sts. j :? DR. VILLARD, Dentist, Latb or Chicaoo, OULD RKSPKJrKULLY INFORM the eltlsens of the District and vicinity, that having located himself In Washington, hs is now prepared to perform all operations, in his profession, m the most approved style OSl3e .No. 390 Penn. avenue, adjoining Gan tler'B. Jan20-iy W D R. MU.NSON. AT 338 PEN N 'A AVENUE, is still trLAklnz those beautiful eoattaao:. ttOat TEETH, called Allan's Pateat. for the exoelieney of whl:h over all other styles of teeth, many now waarlag them In this city, will cheerfully vouch. There is r.ne Den tut la this city wbo has been tafrlaglag the patent, and made a bad imitation ?f it, against whom I hereby caution the pablle N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allan's Paten: Continuous 9um Teeth, whea froptrlf c?ttrucu4y It is because he is ignorant of the process, lnoomp^tent to make the work, or ? na willing to pay for the patent. )e lft-tf DR. C. I. GJODJ1AH, Dsatist, aad Maanfactarsr ef Artificial Tssth. TBOtB WBO ABE SO CNPORTUNATB as to require Artlficl <i Teetb will *? finl (without any nonsense or bum -J buggery ) teeth set npoa a meCtllie base or plate Ms'eriau pure and property con structed, as being superior te all other modes The various opera (Jons ot Dentistry faltkfully aad prsperlv eieeated. Tsdder Te^th rendered usefal far lrfs, by sew mc-tus TtcJi extracted earefuity, easily, aad sklMfuily \ZT" ofi .e corner oI SJi s reet and Pa. aveaoe. f?o 7-$m IMtM. A ALB A FAIR OP FINE MULK8, four yeirs old, and very kiad harness Apply to ARNV A 8B1NN, Na. #7 Green street,mmmmm fob O-tf Georgetown. . AMERICAN PLAY, BY AN AMEBI - i aa A uthor, Cortes, the Coequeior, In i acts. This Poem has great merit. mar lb FEBftPBON, 48> 7th st r^ORBDRATIO91 ATUCRa ter sale by ^ 0bU-d OHVBtf BROTBBRB, AI, PROPOSAL* FOR BINDING. OVVICI StCIITAlT SXHATX ovU 8 , > March 93d, 1887. \ SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE BE wired by the Secretary of the Senate until li o'clock noon of Monday, the 30th March Instant, for binding the Congressional Globe and Appen dix for the third session of the thirty-fourth Con gress and the extra session of the Senate, ordered by the Senate. The volumeesie to be bound uni formly with the sample to be seen at the Secreta ry's cftce, In a strong and substantial manner, with Russia leather btcks acd coroers, with No 95 binders' beards, and cohered with marble pa per, and the price for blr ding to Include wa^te pap?r and all other materials The binding Is to be executed to thesatl-fsc tlon of the Secretary of the Senate, or such person as fce may employ to Inspect the work; and If any volumes are not bound to his satisfaction, the contractor will be required to re-blnd them with out *ddltional charge, or they will be re bound at hlsexpense, an the Secretary may direct, and If they cannot be re-bound the contractor will be nquired to pay for them. The Globe and Ap pendix will be in two volumes, o?e of ?bout 1,' 90* pagea, a id the other of about SCO pages. Tbey must be delivered within three months after they are received from the publisher. The volumes will be pall for as the? are delivered. If the lowest rates proposed should be offered bv two <>r more p rions the work will de divided equally be ween t'-em. If the propoeals sre in nmer respects ar proved Satisfactory security In toe amount of the contract will be required for Ita falthfol performance No proposal will be received from any person who has failed to f Jlfil a f irmercontract mad by him with the Secctary of the Senate, or from any persm who, as a bid der on a former propoeal, was entitled te a con tract, bnt failed to eater into the same, or from any person not actually engaged in the business cf bookbinding mar 21 dcJOth^ VARN ELL'S PAINTING EMPORIUM , No 51 Louisiana avenue, nortk itie, belw 6tk and 7(4 streets, RS.SPECTFULLV SOLICITS ORDERS for all hinds cf HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNA MENTAL PAIN TINS. Jobbing promptly attended to at the shortest notice The establishment will be open from a m. tot* p m , and all calls will be readily attended to 81*n Work ten per cent, cheaper than the eld stan1?rd price. mar l7-2w Sign of tne Large Fagle. NO WASHINGTON MANUFACTURFD PILVFR W/REON exhibition at the Metropolitan .Mfchaiics' Institute Fair, but every description of Bne Sil ver Ware can b? s^en la process of manufuctur lng, ?t B.O.HOOD'S, mir 13 538 Penn. ave. near 9th st Extraordinary wvnki, their Girlhood and Earlv Life By Wm Rus sell. author of Extraordinary Men ; with lllustia tloas. Price 50 cents. Dr Llvlngton'a Discoveries In Central Africa, ? 1th an accurate map Price 1?X cents Ow n Tudor; a Historical Romance By tie author of Whltefriars, C*?or Borgia, etc. Price 60 cents. A new Book of Fairy Tales ; written and Illus trated by Alfred Crowqulll Price 75 ernts. J est published aad for rale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S mar 21 Bookstore, near 9.h street TO HOUSEKKEPERS..TO THOSE OO lng to Housekeeping this Spring we wou.'d offer the best and la est improved COOKING STO V ES to be found in tfciA.market. The as sortment is very large and complete, consisting rf sll the d.fferent sizes, stvles, and patterns Also received from the North .'the latest Improved Portable Summer Cooking IlAnge*, varying in price from S5 5) to ft Together with an as sortmenof shawe's Boston 6 as Summer Cooking S:oves, Ae. Please give us a call before buying, for we are confident that we can and will sell cheaper than any other house In this city You will also find in store a great many useful articles in the Housekeeping line All goods delivered to ary part of the Dbdrlct, and our Cooking Stoves put up in the very beat manner free of charge. Sign of Stoves Grates, and Housefurnl?hing 9cods, Brown-Stone Front, No 318. Terma caah on delivery C. WOODWARD, marlt tAprl Pa.ave.,b?t 10th and 11 h sts. WINDOW t>LASS.?500 boxes Baltimore and Philadelphia Glass all qualities and sites, for sale at a liberal discount, by J R MCGREGOR, mar 20-TuftF?m 534 7th strret. (U VIE AT I. AST.?'The German Student's ^ Lamp ?The subscriber has Just received, di ect from Germany, one ease of those excellent Heading Lamps; for writing, readlsg, and sewing at nlgfit they are especially Intended For sale by J.R MCGREGOR, mar 90-Ft Tim 5)1 7th s'reet. RICH BAREGE ROBAS?JUST Received by the subscriber, 9!4 Pcnn. aveane, between 19th and 13th streets. _inarjl8-2w FRANK A. McGKE War 1)spa.art*kst, Nn if [ Adjutant General s Office, ceo at. ^ Washington, March 6, 1857. A MEDICAL BOARD, T J CONSIST OF Snrgem O A Fihlet, Surgeon R S Sat tiilii, and Surgeon O. McDohoall, will as semble la the city of New York on the Irstday of May, 1857, or asaoon thereafter as practicable, for the examination of Aas;stant Surgeons for Kromotlon, ifid of candidates for adn lssion into te Medical Staff of tee Army The Junior mem ber of the Board will act as Recorder. By order of the Secretary of War : 8. COOPER, Adjjtant General N. B ? Applicants for admission Into the Med ical Staff of toe Army muit make their appllca tiona Uircdgh the Secretary of War. mar 90?fwd NOTICE. TIME IS MONEY. (BLOCKS ! ? CLOCKS !!? CLOCKS !!!? Call J at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite | Browns' Hotel, and see the greateat assort ment of CLOCKS this side of New York Good Clocks warranted for Si.60 Also, all kinds Clock Materials. Oils, C&rds, Balls, Keys, Weights, Ao The trade supplied at wholesale prices. Ca^h or Clocks given in exchange for old Silver ot Gold Watches Also, good Watches for sale lew. Call and see for yourselves, at J. ROBINSON'S, 349 Pa av., an97-2m opposite Browns' Hotel. COAL EEPT UNDER COVER. 9.940 lbs Is tke Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST (QUALITIES of White A?h, Red Ash aad Lehigh COAL. Warranted to give satisfaction. Delivered Dee Dora dirt. Alao, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. M _ T. J. A W. M. GALT. N. W. corner 12th and C streets. No M7, dee 90-tf one square south of Pa. avenue. R ?AS FIXTURES. B. MILLER, SON * CO., ALBXAN ? dria, Va., keep constantly on hand a hand -NDKLlt"8> PENDANTS BRACKETS, Ao , from the celebrated faotory oj Cornelius A Baker, which they will guarantee to ?ell at the sam? prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut street, Phil adelphia. Also, Drop-lights, Cut Glass and decorated Paper Shades, in great variety. Call and examine for yourselves. dee 1. GREAT BARGAINS AT MeLAUGBLIN A Co *a, 90, bet 8 and ?, selling eff vord*at low rates, to make room for our usual large Spring -18 CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES, CABS, PRO pollers, Boom, Graces, Hobbyhorses, Feath er Dusters. Cfclldies's Games. Ao . Ao., at ~ 1 a.J.MoLAUOHUN A CO.*. AUCTION SALES. By JA8. C. McGUlRK, Auctioneer. ! Ff WlHITIIRt Alio Hmh. in*"???? *? P?bllc AactUi -On f fA!P w ORNlN?' Much*7th, ?t 10o'clock, 5 je?ldenc?of the Hon Jefferson Davit, cor U<1 6 ?**?te,I ?hall aell hi. Furniture ana Effects? Suite of band some Rosewood Parlor Furniture, richly carved and finished in crimson Broo atelle, consisting of large Preach Soft, I f*o Ann, and fbur Parlor Ohalra Suite of Blue and Gold Brocatelle covered Farn ltore. consisting of two Tete-a-Tete and four Parlor Chairs Rosewood Marble-top Centre Tables I Gothic, Rush, and Cane-seat Fancy Chairs Handsome Brocatelle ard Race Curtains, with cornice and fixtures complete Suite of Walnut Carved Parlor Furniture, fin lahed in blue damask Gilt frame Pier olass, slab, and bracket Walnut Secretory, Et?geres Suite of Mahogany crimson plush covered Parlor r nrnlture Arm and RfcMningChairs . olid Oak Hall set, conaistlng of Settee, Table, and four 6othin Chairs ' H,Ddpeue VelTet* BrUB9*l9> Three-ply Car Brussels Stair Carpets, Oilcloth, Matting Uaraaak and Chintz Curtains, Cornice, Ac Handsome Mahogany Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Wash stands W^8^* ?eatber $<d*> Bolsters, and Pillows White Marb.e op, Drab, and Imitation of Oak Cottage Sets . Chlha Granite, and Japannel Toilet Seta Walnut Extension Dlnlne Table Marble-top Sideboard* Cane-*eat Chairs Chinese Extension Cfcalr, Teapoys French China Dinner. Dessert, and Tea Serrice Slassware, Table Cutlery, Castors ^crTlce French China, Granite, and Painted Toilet Sets Hat-tree, OHrlotn, Matting, Ac Together with an excellent assortment of Kitchen Kequl-ites. ALSO ? At 3 o'clock, In front of tlie residence, a largo and hard some Caleshe Carriage, built to order, and in first rata condition. Also, a pair of handsome Bay Carriage Horses, well broke, and fine travellers ness?f hea*y allver-pated Carriage Har ? Terms :fr0 and under, rash; over that sum a ^ <*nd,S0 da78' 'or satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. mar 19~d J. C McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PXTEISIVE SALE OF VERY SUPKRI. r/ ?r Furnitare, Piano Ferte, Billiard Ta ble. Oil Paintings, Wine, knd Brandy, MrfiinVv ag5*?^Bd ?* Auction On MONDAY , the 30'.h instant, 1 shall sell at luo'cl'ck a m , at !he reMdence of KUaha Rlggs. Esq , on North G, No A3, be tween 1, th and 18th streets west, a very superior atsortireat of Furniture, Ac , vli: 1 ^ Fine Rosewood case Grand Piano Forte, made by fcrard, of Flance, a superior instrument Two fuil suites o/ Rosewood and Walnut Parlor Furniture, covered with figured and crim son damask Handsom? Rosewood Sofa Centre, eard and side Tables Two gilt gothlc-frame Freoch rlate side Mirrors, 81 by-28 Inches, with marble pier Brackets complete ' Two gltt gothlc-frame Mantel Minora, 68 by 46 laches ' One fine Convex Mirror, one large Psyche Glass Very superior damask, brocatelle and lace Win _ . 2T Curtains, with Coitoice&nd Ornaments Gothic, fancy and arm Ca?Tor Chalis Superior broczjd Mantel Clocks, with Candela bras to match Buiscuit and bronzed Statuary and Mantel Orna ments A large assortment of Oil Paintings Fine gilt and bronzrd Gaa and Candle Chande llers Marble-top walnut Sideboard, with Deck and mirrors Rosewood marble top Commode Walnut Extension Table A large assortment cf Cut Glass and China A complete set of heavily plated Sheffield Sliver Were?vegetable and meat Dishes, with covers, Scup Tureen ' Walnut Morocco-covered Dining Chairs Walnut carving Table Handsome flowered Table Kteaere, ts.-retolre, or Lady's Cabinet Fine Rosewood velvet covered recumbent, and morocco csvered Cnstnr Chairs Very superior ro.<ewecd and Inlaid Billiard Ta ble, with Cues and Flx.u-ei complete, a premium article Fine marble top mahogany and walnut dressing Bureaus. ?Vash Closet-and Stands Walnut and mahogany Wardrobes and Beds e ids Feather Bfds, Bidding. Hair and other Mattre sea Velvet, Tapestry, Brussels and ither Carpets and Rugs r Painted cottage Chamber Sets, Kitchen Requi sites, Ac n A'so, a fine lot of oldWines and Brandy. And on Wednesday, the 1st of April, we shall sell, at 12 o'clock m.? Two excellent Family Carrlsge Horses Two very superior riding Horses, which work well in double or single harness One good Milch Cow, now giving milk Ore Family Carriage, with shifting top One Coupee, mide Ly Watson, of Philadelphia One two seat light Family Carriage, for four per sons One open Pbmton and one Buggy, and a Uree lot of exes'lent Harness K 8Ums under S50. ttsh : over *50. a credit of 80 aad 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. A.GREEN mar 19-eolwAa Auctioneer. 1 ? ???fbc*ale will commence in the dining room, with the Cut Glass, China, and Sliver Plate. 1 he ladles and gentlemen of Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington, and the public in Ssneral are respectfully Invited to this sate, as ey will find it to be worthy their attention A GREEN. AFAKM FOR SALE BY AUCTION.? On MONDAY, the Ath of April proximo, at 11 a m , the inderslgned will sell, on the premi ses, to the highest bidder, his BLAUEN FARM, of 60 acres of choice garden farming 1-ar.d, situ ated in Alexandria countv, Va , a fourth of a mile from the Leesburg Turnpike, and three fourths of a rnlie from the junction of that Turn pike with the Columbia Turnpike to Washington For full partleulors concerning this farm, see an advertisement in another column of the s?tar. Persons desiring to view the premises can reach them by inquiring at Bailey's * Roads, at the junction of the Turnpikes mentioned above, or at Ball's >< Koads, on the road leading from George town Kerry, from which Ferry the Bladen Farm is ? miles distant. Terms of sae: One-third rash, on thedellvery of the deed, and the balance in equal Instalments on 1 a> d4years time, with Interest. A warranted deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred p&ymmts. mar 17 W. D. WALLACfl. JUST RECEIVED. CHOCOLATES?Broma, Cocoa, Cocoa Paste Cracked Cocoa, Maillard's and Baker's Chocolates of vailcus klnda GELATINES?Cooper's Shrtd and Sheet Isln glass. Cox's Eng Ub Sparkling Ge a tlne, French Imperial Gelatine MACCARONI?Italian Maccaronl and Vermi celli, and Italian Paste. Canton Preserved Glsger, In jars. Hecker's Farina, Coruena, Rice Flour, Charles ton GrUs, Split Pesa. Ac , Ac. For sals by . KING A BURCHKLL,

mar ao corner Vermont ave. and 15<h st. THE STEAMER HtOHttE PAGE rttU.Tl tc-diy, win run as fallows: _ -II. ? Leave Alexandria at 4K, 7tf, 10*.li* 3 4X,ard?* *' ' Md??cl?k!anKt0n ^ Passengers to and frcm all the trains on ihe Washington Branch Railroad will tale the GEORGE PAUB. ELLIS L PRICE. nwHQ-tf Captain. RlBISUNS-RlBBOjlH?RIBBONS. JUST RECEIVED TWENTY BOXES New Spring Ribbons, ali oolors and deacrlstions. and very low. ' Mililrers supplied at a small advance from New York prices, at O H. CASSIDY A CO'S, msr3*-3t* 314 Pa. av., bet. loth and 11th its. GO AND SEE THE BEAUTIFUL GRAND Piano Just received at JOHN F. ELLIS'S, mar 18 Pa av., hot, fith and 10th stn. f^ODEYti liADY'S BOOK, PETERSON>8 Y Magaalne, Heme Magazine for April} for F**?OBON'S, mar tl otlmatkn. For Sale and Rent. For rent.?the large four-story Brick Dwelling, with all the modern Im provements, situated on E street, north side, be tween (Kb and 10th streets To a good and per manent tenant the rent will be moderate I nquire at No 391 E street 'mar7-tf For balk? aparm lying in mont gomery county. Md ,9 miles from Washing ton, near the Bethesda Church, on the Rockvllle Turnpike The Farm contains 00 acres of first rate land. The Improvements are a new Frame Dwelling House, containing 6 rooms, ai.d a stable for four horses Also for sale?A first-rate Hone Power and Scroll Saw. For terms apply to CHARLES F WOOD, 448 9th street, between E and F , or to C T WOOD, adjoining farm. mar 7-3* Three houses and lots for sale. Houses Not. 40, 48, and 50 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, are offered at private sale, low and oa easy terms Will be so'd separate or to gethrr Title good. One Is a four-strrv Brick, with finished basement, nearly new. and In com plete order, with wjter and gas throughout Ap ply to E K. LUND Y, at No 4ft Louisiana *v? - nne, Washington, or No. 118 Bridge street, Georgetown. mar ft CiOTTAGE FOR RENT-LAND FOR SALE. t For rent, for a term of two to four yeais, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, fl?eflretfl'>or, three feccnd flior, and four attic Rooms, with mo^e n conveniences for heating the house and supplying it with water. A Farm attached, of two h ucdred acres, which can be reduced to any quantity agreed on; eight miles from Washing ton? three from Alexandria, hlgb, healthy and romantic. If rented immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end of the current yeir Also, a Farm of SCO acres with improve ments, within three miles al>ove. for s*le or lease EnquireofSWEF.NY, K1TTENHOUSEFANT it CO., Bankers, asd Col IRWIN, Laud OUlce. mar 6 VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR SALE?It contains upwards of'.700 acres 500 thereof uuder cultivation, about 500 uted for pastures, and about 700 acres well Umbered, a; d along which the contemplated straight line Kailr'oad to Ch&rlotttville will run Attached tliereto is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna River,which Is a part cf the boundary line, and on which are aUo 40 acres of low ground Soil good, with plenty producing good Tofcac co, Wheat, Corn, kc Bulldlnes Tery superior and very ample, and In goad order lfto bushels cf Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co Plant Heds were burnt and seeded befoie the last frost, foT Oata and Corn due proves a U made. With ths estate, the slaves and improvements, irtock, etc , may also be h*d, and further Infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, W ash Ington city. mar 5 FOR RENT?THAT VERY COMMODI OUS and convenient (brown stone front )Houre, situated on the north *ldc of E, between 9ih and 19th streets It is new, and has been kept In the best order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, he being the only occupant since its completion Possesion will be given within a few days after th? 10th of March. For terms app'y to tne subscriber, a' 529 d , between 8th end 7th streets, or at the works at the Patent Office [feb 26-tl ] THOMAS PERRY. A CARD-FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS House In Franklin Row, now occupied by Hon. C. Cushlng, Attorney General. It has all the modern Improvements, hot and cold water bath rooius, chandeliers, and gas fixtures This Is one of the most elegant and des!*nhl? locations in the city, commanding a beautiful view cf the city anl'of the Potomac river it 1* In fro:;t of ona of the most beautiful public squares in this city, with a delightful snd con stant supply of good water. It is entirely free from dust and mosquitoes. Inquire of WM WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 322 1'enosylva nia avenue mar 4-lm FOR RENT ?THAT LARGE AND VERY desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 130. on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by Myers Bro , as a Dry Goods House, and recently occiipitd by Se'.dner & Co , as a Clothing Store Possession given immediately. To a permanent tenant tl.e rent will be made low. Inquire of JAMES FULLALO VE, or to E S. WR1GHT, Auctioneer. feb -3-dtf IjlAKM FOR *ALK ? 1 OFFER FOR SALE my farm and country seat, situated on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the residences of Mrs Barber, Mrs Barnard, Mrs Morton, Mrs. Bole?, Messrs Llnthlcum, Adler and Ellascn, containing about 10 acres of land, improve*; With a frame dwelling, gardener's house, cow and horse stables, etc. The very short distance from Georgetown and Wsshington makes it very well adapttd for a dairy farm ard market garden. The high elevation commands a beautiful ard picturt?>que view cf the Metropolis and surround ing cecntrv, and is in this, as well as in regard to health, unsurpassed. It will he sold en lie or In lots to suit purchasers feb*2d-eolm? HENRY 6ILDEME1STER. 1?OR SALE OR RENT.?THAT DESIRA . hie residence on F street, between 80th and 21st, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq. Fotsessioa given immedi ately. Inquire of RIOGS fc CO so lS-eotf I7%OR SALE, EXCHANGE FOR CITY . PROPERTY, OR RENT ?Possession clven fltt-t of A prll next, that delightful situation situated near Mr. J. Heles, containing IX acre* ot Land, with all its Improvements Title >?ood In a good sUte of cultivation 1 or further par ticulars app<y to the hubscribe? at the Dead Letter Office, or at No 4b9 ftth streit, between E and F. feb 21-ttawtf GEoRGE M KENDALL. OR SALE-ANEW FIRS T-CLAriS L'wel ling House provided With all modern con veniences, No 2C8 F street, oi e of the moit de sirable location* la tbe city Apply on the: prt m Wn or of J AS. C McGU IK i:, Auction 2nd Com mission Merchant. mar^O-tf A delightful SUMMER RESIDENCE on the Helthts of Georgetown for Rent ? The subscriber offers for i*nt Jbis KJu?e Furniture fo' six months frcni the 1st of May. A valuable Cook will be hire;? toithe t en^nt mar 18-tf LOUIS MACJLALL^ CHARMS FOR SALE -INTENDING TO r cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm In Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for tbe past seven }} contains 51 teres, and is situated near Balls * Roads, 3X miles Dom the Georgetown ard 6 milt s from both \\ ashiniiton and dTia. There are upon It a comfortable and vell arraneed dwelling house, containing six rooms, with front and back covered portlcoe, the former ?w ilV i>) f?,'t ? a kitchen j a comfoitable house for . large ?4 "'"nteM ham, with stabling for s'.x kojtea? of root? for market or ?tock feeding; lee house, ?prine house; smoke house; corn house; a stone market root Louse, snd a store house. AXso. a Kood dairy near the homestead door, from the never falling spring of which water Is obtained for all the requirements of th? occupants. Tnere is also on tbe place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different c?j!* slstlee of the choicest varieties of peaches, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cten4e"5^ quinces. At present fourteen acres *** down to wheat and rye ; six la timcthy, (y leldJng an aveiage of at least two tons per acre,) four in a market garden; four in clover; tweive ready to be put In corn and oats In the spring, and in wood, of which there is an amplesupplyfor all the purposes of the place, inis been cultivated with care and Is very productive, no nahu having been spared to render It remuner ative, and to make it complete lm all Itst*PP?jf * ments For a dairy man and market garden "ITmItHK BLADBH PABMJ0?Kra.Mim Jgm ir.?!? M-2-sL* 3? &S3 a ted wiiaw iw ?.? - tbe fonter S2S?; peach trees, moeto'^ m|de Comfortable for a llng-house ^ ii eo?t, some stabllag,snd farmer'sfiwoByatthi, r^f0n of one of the anew p s enough upon the tract country. Thereia wooa^w wHUa SuieTof Washingtoa than that of this B!a thirty.mllesoi ^ pl&M, that can be ren denplace, n y l0U properatten tSuS bS?? ^ fine heart at this time. ari." boftUMMJum., whWi EVENING STAR. THE BOTTLE.IK?. [Flo* Tg? OKRVAIf.) While Venlee w?? yet, to her palmy days of commerce, there came thither a young Gar man merchant named Richard, a hold and Joyous fellow There was much disquiet in Germany at that time, owing to the Thirty Years' War ; for whieh reason the young mer chant was especially glad that his business called him to stay some time in Venice, where people were not bo warlike, and inhere, as ho heard, he should 2nd rich winef, the beat and moat delicious fruits, to say nothing of many most beautiful women, of whom he was a de cided amateur. Accordingly, he soon began to lead a very gay life, and was introduced into all sorts of s >ciety. Many a day passed in revelry and riot, where a!l faces were wild and loyous, ono only excepted?that of a Spanish cap tain?who, although he attended at all the pranks of the wild orew with whom Richard had associated himself, never exchanged a wcrd with bis companion?, and constantly wore an expression of strong disquiet on hit dark features. The rest willingly buffered bis presence, because he was a man of good mraru and station, who made no scruple or, several occasions of paying for the whole party. But in spite of his gaiety, money began ere long to fail poor Richard ; and he sorrowfully found that a life so extravagantly delightful must soon e^me to an en J for him The other observed his melancholy and its cause, and had their jest at the well fleeced hangdog looking wretch who c^uld not refrain, po long as a shekel remained in his purse, from suck inj* the poisonous sweets. One evening the Spaniard drew him aside and with unusual friendliness took him to at unfrequented part of the city. The young man was at first alarmed by this proceeding But he thought, ''the fellow knows that there is not much to bo got from me ; and as for my ?kin, if he covet* i hat, he must first adventure his own, which, doubtless, he thinks rather too high a stake " But the Spanish capta:.n seated himself on the wall of an old ruined building, made the young merchant sit by biui^ aud began as fol lows : 4,It appoars to ma, my young friend as if ycu were waLting in that faculty, which has become to me a burden past bearing ; that is, the power of procuring at any hour the amount of money you require, and so beinj: able to gocn with your pleasure Th;s, and many other important gifts, I will hand over to you for a reasonable sum." " But wh?t can you want with money, when you wish to get rid of the power of procuring it?" asked Richard. 44 Why the oircumstances are these : I don't know whether you are acquainted with cer tain little creatures called Dottle imps They are little black fiends, shut up in glasses Whoever possesses such a one may obtain from him whatever pleasures in life he desires, but especially unlimited gold On the otfcer hand, this accortmodatirg friend requires the soul of his possessor, provided the owner dies witheut having delivered over his imp into other bands But this can be done only by sale ; and moreover, ho must receive for it a loss sum than be paid. Mine cost me ten ducats; if you will give me nine for it 'tis yours While Richard thought over this, the Span iard continued : " I could, of course, cheat anvbody into purchasing it like any ot?.er bottle and toy, just as it was put into my own hands by a tradesman without a conscience But I should fear to burden my conscience still mere by so dofng, an J I therefore put the offir fairly and frankly before you You are yet young and lull of life, and will have man an opportunity of getticg iid of the thing when you are tired of it " "Good sir," S3id Richard, "do not think me uncivil; but I must own I have been a little chcated already in this town of Venioe, and even my nine ducats might not be of value to one who spends as I havo seen you do." 41 Excuse ine for not striking you dead," said the Spaniard haughtily " It id because I hops you will itill rid me of my bottle-imp, atd also because I am not minded to do penance, which would thereby be much increased in length ar.d severity." ?? Would yau let me make a few trials cf the thiug first?" prudently askedyonng Rich ard To what purpose7" replied the Spaniard. '? It stays with no one, helps no one but him who has fairly purchased it " Tho youth grew anxious : it was uccomfort ablo sitting there together at night in that lonely place, in spite of the captain's de clared pacific intention ; and then there hov ered before his laney all the delights which the bottle-imp would prc^uro him. lie there fore determined to nek the half his remaining cash on it, only t.ying first whether he cou-d beat down something of the price. >< y00i ?? laughed the captain, " it was for your good I asked - he highest price, and for the good of those who buy it after you, that some one may not too soon get it for t ho lowest po-siblo sum, and eo go irrecoverably to a nlaco it would bo unpolite to mention.' " Never mind," said Richard good humor ediy ' 441 than't be in a hurry to sell the wonderful thing again. If I could have it for five ducats 44 Oh, as you please, said tie Spaniard. Then, in return for the money, he h-nded to the young mun a th:n glars bottle, wh^reiii by the etarlight Richard saw something dana ing up and down As u trial, ho immediately wished to have in his right hand double the turn he had just paid, and instantly felt ten ducats there Then both went back to the inn with new and cheerful faces; the Spaniard soon took leave, without staying for ike gor eeous banquet which Rxh*rd immediately ordered, paying down to his distrustful host the ptice beforehand, while the battle imp kept filling his pockots with the desired duo '^Whoever would themselves like to pofsers such an imp, can best fancy what sort of life our young tiiend led from this day. lie bough a castle and two villas, and surrounded him self with every kind of splendor and lie spent rome time in revelry at ??? country sea's, with a crowd of idle and dis-i patcdjafcung peisons of rank, amongat was a gsy and di tinguished beauty of the place called Lucretia One day he was sitt ng with her in the garden, on the brink of n swift deep streamlet, UughiLg and jesting tUl at li-it Luo-fttia espied the oottle which luchard wore in his^est by a gold chair. Before he could hinder her, she had pulled away the chain, and playfully he d the phial up against the light At first she laughed at the strango oarers of the black crcature within, then cry ing suddenly in affright: ?Ucgh, It's a toad flung chain, phial, and imp into the stream which swept out of sight. The poor yonng man stwre to hide hie con oern, lest Lucretia should question him furth er, and have him taken up for 6orcery But ts soon as he could get away from her, he retir ed to think what was to be done. He had yet his castle, bla villas, and a heap of ducats in his pockct. lie then felt for his money, sE<* to his surprise, found tho phial and the Imp in Ms hund ?? Lo!? be cried exulting, ? .1 possess m treasure of which no earthly po i eu rob me and he would have torn* the phial, only the little black tics within appeared to him a lutle too f.-gb fnl ?-"fes .?H .SMS creased tenfold; hele^ not a wis g"nj(h BSflSKSSa*4* TH? VIEKL T STAR. rnn. Single oopy, pa ubub TO CLVBO. PI*? toplM m?iK t9 Ten copies 8 0* Twenty coptee ...II #0 . cr Cask, UTitum m apvaBCB. ILrSingle copies (in wrappers) out be piaouci at ite cosiiirr, teue gg tbe Piper Pilce?Taut Cbbvs. Fostwssvbbs who set as agents will bettfMi t commission ef twenty per cent. received no help from his bottle-imp, #n wkoBl ne e.tiled for aid ten time, ever in ih. eomrse of the first day, but instep of eoifcrt heVH * dream, in which the bottle-tead appeared to be dancing merrily amour the rest of the bottles, knocking and smasnirg them, ssd screaming forth songs of triumph at the'near ' end of his servitude Ah, kow !odk letued to the slek Ban the rest of thst night' He dared not eloee his ?7?i jet while open the imr was eons tartly before them He rang for Lis servants, bat thej slept scand; so he was obliged to He all alcne in his anguish, resolving that, if God weald let him lire to the morning at all events t0 K?t rid of the bottle-imp When morning came, he determine J to te oure first what property he oould ; and ia ad #t0 c"tle, villas, and all kinds of costly furniture he collected a great heap of ducats, and placed them under his pillow Luen, sotnewnat calmed, be considered how to get rid of the imp; end an opportunity presented itself. The doctor, who eame that lay to see him, was very fond of all kinds of strange animals, which he kept In spirits: and be showed the creature as one of those, kr.owir^ the doctor to be too pions a man to accept it in its own charater. The creature had become very lively, and played such an tic* in the phial, that the good man. wishing further to examine it proposed to buy it of him. To satisfy his conscience in some do *rce, Richard asked as much as be could four ducats, two dollar*, and twenty peaco. But the doctor would #ive only four ducats, ind said he must consider even of that for a few days Then in his terror the poor fellow ?ff?red the bargain for three; ana receiving the money, he at once gave it to his servant te be spent on the poor Meanwhile, his illness became more violent than ever lie lay in a constant delirious terer; and though by degrees he eame to him self again, hi* complete recovery was delayed by trouble of mind about his dueata; for as joon as he became sensible, he searched far thein under hi* pillow, and fcund them gone, lie got up. and began to consider how to tura h:s property into gold. Bnt lo ! there eame people with quittances signed by himself for muuey paid as the price of all his poseeesions; for in the days of his folly, in order to win Lucretia s favorable ear to his addresses, he bad given her blank forms to fill up as she liked. Tnus he must now prepare to go forth almost a beggsr. The doctor now came to him with a very grave face " Well, sir dootor," cried he, in a burst of ill-humor, " if after the fashion of yoar tribe, you come with a long bill, give me acme poi son into the bargain, for I have not a penny to buy a loaf with '* ''Not so," said the physician gravely, "I give you the price of my whole" attendance free > but here is a very rare medicine which I have put in that cup-board, which you will find needlul for the restoration of your health, *r.d for which you shall pay me two dttcats. Will you?" '?>Vith all my heart!" cried the young merchant jjyfully ; and having paid the sum to the doctor, the latter at once left the apart ment. When Richard put his hand into the cupboard, he felt the fatal bottle between his fingers, wrapped in a scrap of paper, an which was written? Thy body I desired to cure, Thou my soul's rula to lar ure . Hut yet my wkdom, higher fsr, Contrived thy evil scheme to mar. The stra'a em thy praise demands: Thus 1 play back Into thy hand* Thy bottle-Imp, and w,th the elf, Give the rosje rope to hang hlwelf. fro BB COKTINCB0 IB OCB BBXT.] .Fibs Arts ?A private letter froas Roma, publithod in the X. Y. Postsayi: "There is an immense activity in art here ? quantities achieved, quantities carried to America. We have not seen many painters, but have visited many sculptors, and in none do I find any works that compare, in the least, with Craw ford's?Eves, Geniuses, the Four Seasons in busts and s'atues, bas-reliefs of Ruth and Naomi everywhere. Gibbon makes monstrous statue* of the Queen and Sir Robert Peel, a colored Venus, and a most effected Cupid, holding a butterfly?Wolfe makes ever to many Cnildren, Shepherds, and Spinning Girls, and insipid Women; but Crawford has made Men that make the spectator's pulse quicken: Fatrick Henry is the embodiment of vehement eloquence; James Otis is a states man, full of deep feeling; his Aaerioa ia enough to inspire patriotism; atfd every figure designed for the pediment of the Washington Capitol is full of meaning and grace. Then there is a Peri in marble, so pure, so tender, 60 compassionate and etherial, as of itself marks his geniut; and there is a multitude of other figures that delight me with their truth, and grace, and high meaning And to think that his life is in danger ! WonAJf. ?Enthusiast. "Oh! beauteous wo mao!" Spirit of truth. "All art." E "What soft, bright eyes." Sp ofT. " Belladonna." BT. "What a marble brow.'* Sp. of T. "Lily powder." E. "And glowing cheek ." Sp. of T. "L:quid rouge.*' E. "And teeth" Sp ofT "Bos' mineral on gold plate." E. "And rounded form." Sp ofT. *'Cotton " E. "And taper waist " Sp cfT. "She can scarcely breathe." E "And arching instep." Sp. ofT. "Heels on her gaiters.'* E. "And walks as if she sailed along " Sp. of T. "Which is due to hoope. Hot Bbdb ?Much of the oomfurt of a veg etable garden is dependent on a hot bad; five sixths of the profit of a market garden de pends on the same, and it is now high time that whoever is goieg to set ona is about it Prepare a strong board frame, a foot high in front, and of the site of the sashes you wish to u?e, so that the slope of the sash will be about one inch to the foot. Tba frame we use is about twelve by five feat wide, for three ssshes made of plank, and so as to be taken apart, and keyed together without nailing. Pi'.o fresh horse manure in a rectangular heap, a foot each way larger than the frame; beat it down well with the shovel, and let It heat and settle a few days; the frame is kept on and elosed, but opened if the heat becomes great, and the moisture deposits en the glass After the first rank heat has escaped, tb?n levil it and put on eight inches of ' " den soil, and it is ready for the seeds wj* a uniform temperature ef to SO degr be maintained-?Tk* Homestsad^ An American clergym*" unknown in Iba 7epertments than known, P*fb P ' . j ^try was once called for his suooe-s in the ^ . notorious 17a mho had !bim th* ,nfid^and who h*d.nner He declined at in *m?,t.rof ii| whereupon a son of tbn tending th -nwl wll^ % horse-whip decsased not and bury his father E fFilsr emulsion, ' be consented, went, Vfonn.-Vlarg? attendance, with the usual ??,7r,trv Iirracgements?the coffin in the entry, ,?tsnd near its head, with the Bible and w,,.n book The clergyman rand the etrong psalm of David ha oould find, gava oat to be sung one veree of a hymn? Behold the aged sinner goes, Laden with guilty and heavy woes, Down to tbe reglone ef the deed, VN lth cndiets curses on bis htad? improved the occasion briefly to J*? s'yle, and left the audience to a its* that can be better iaactoad than ds?ftsd ?? Harper t1 WmMy. %