14 Nisan 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Nisan 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR Ifl rrULISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) AT THK STAR BUILDINGS. t'orwr D.f Prm**jl+a?ia avnm'. mi 11(4 net, Bt w d. wallacii. met rs ?*rved to m'wril*? l?y earner* at SI X AN D A QUARTER CENTS. paraNe weekly to the Arei?<s; papers served in pAckigea at 37X cents per i?<ntb. To mail subscribers the subscription prioeis THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a tmt is adranre, TWO DOLLARS for six nuiftts.ami ONE DOLLAR for three months; for Imi than three mouths at the rate of 12>? cents a week. 117"SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1857. NO. 1,322. A ROMANTIC MARRIAGE. An English adventure ha* recently given food for go*sip in Parir, and io "All's well, that reds well.* we are happy to record it. A few ?ears ago, a young English nobleman, just Irreh frmu college. raw and inexperienced, fell iu lovo with the laundry-maid of the castle where his family resided. It appears that the passion first scire 1 upon his sou! while attend ing divine service at a villago church, where Susan by her modest demeanor and bright blue eyes completely overset all the resolutions which the young nobleman'* mother had con ceived npon the subject of hia future alliance with the daughter of the Earl of C?-?, whoso estate joins that of the young nobleman. How the acquaintance first began between a young u >)>lornan, who win reading for his de gree, and a young laundry-maid, who could i?ol read at all, no chronicle will ever tell; but in a short time we find that, by the assistance ?>f an old oollego friend just received Into or ders, at the very village church where the young lord had fi,-gt beheld his Susan, in tho first rosy blush of an April morning, with no other witness bnt the well-fed parish-clerk and pew-opener?with no epithalamium but the joyous ehant of the early birds?no pomp and splendor but those afforded by the great spring festival of nature, which tho young lord, just then deep in Virgil, appreciated more than any other kind, was ho united to Susan; and before the snn was risen to its noonday height the hap py pair were already on their way to France. For #ome months tho young lord lived in the happy delusion which h*d presentod to hi.* youthful imagination the fnir r^usan as the en chanting and moat lovely of her sex. But hon ey-moons are like moons of every other kind? they have their waning hour; and at tho end ? f n certain time tho young lord began to i>cr ecive. to his utter astonishment?for ho had never perceived it before?that the gentlo Su f'nwiw not merely innocent as he had ever thought h?*r, but profoundly ignorant likewise. Everv act and every expression of the poor laun lry-inaid now jarr?d and shocked tie lierve* of the young nobl?man. In short, th% dreadful fact wits soon revealed to him in all i?? ugliness?he was no longer in love! Just about this time the young man's family, to wh^m his flight with Susan wa.- well known, but who still remained in ignorance concerning the mairiage. began to be importunate with re spect to his return, No longer held by tho ti'<?ofthat all-absorbing love which hail cost him so mueh sacrifice, tho young nohleman agreed in spirit with the views of his family But how to break the terriblo fact to Susan* To his astonishment, however, he found her grown as reasonable as himself, cnsonling without a murmur to the proposition that sh? should remain iu France to imbibo some sort of education while he repaired to England to pave the wuy for an avowal of the truth to bis lady mother. Susan, who had learned to believe that every idea emitted by her lord was the right one. consented to everything; and accor dingly, with tears and sorrow at the separation, bur with gratitude for all the goodness and foro-thought displayed by her husband, she took up her residence at a school in tho Fau b >urg St. Ilonore, where as dame en ehamhre (lady-boarder) she was to reccive the benefit of the first instruction which Paris could afford. Time passed on. The young lord was punc tual in his payments, and amid the gaieties of his new life, as master of his own actions, and the flattering* and eajolings of tho fashion able world, no soon begin to look upon him self as bound by no other obligation to the hap 1?*? Susan, IIis letters grew more and more I rare, always telling of the extrcmo restraint in which he wa* held bv hia relations, and the want of means by which he suffered, urging the greater necessity for secrcsy, until at length Susan, wh> believed all, wrote to him a letter f ill of affection, announcing with pride that an I opportunity occurring of relieving him of tho j burthen of her maintenance, she had accepted j a situation as companion to Lady E?, who was going to Montpelser for her health, and had been staying at the same school with her. This took pla*e five years ago. and during all this time it would ap|?ear that the young lord, earing but little for the embarrassment of the introduction or recognition of his wife, content with the assurance given from time to time of her health and welfare, of the entire purity and respectability of the life sho was leading, was maintaining at home the freedom and liberty of an unmarried man. until a short time since, by the death of his mother, being necessitated to m%ke fresh family arrangement*, he was arous ed from his apathy with regard to the patient Susan. Lady E was then residing at Passy, and it was thither that Lord M directed his f.??tsteps on his arrival. What passed at the interview, which had been sought by the hu.r- I band as a mere aejuit de. conscience, and be- f cause he thought it derogatory to the faiuiiy ? pride that his wife should livo longer among strangers, will never be known. To the aston ishment aud delight of Lady E , who had , long been before admitted into the secret. Lord M remained abashed and staggered at the riiffurence which a few years' separation had tovie in his rustic Susan?now grown an ele gant and accomplished wuu.an, listening with ]*rfeel etf?lf-i*M':M**ion u> all his pretensions, and expressing herself with all the reserve and dig nity of a woman of tho world. Needless to say, that his old paa?ion was revived in fall force, and that Susan is again tho queen of his soul, a? in former years, nor will it astonish our read ers to learn that the husband and wife, once more bride and bridegroom, havo returned to England U?gother. The Msssacbb is Mishwt*.?A letter to The faint Paul Pioneer fiom Mankato, under date , ? ?f March *J?1, gives thewe particulars of the re- j cent m* ?-*ac re at Hpirit l^ake : .Mr. Ma'kham had been tolhe Dot* Moinfs riv^r ! to ace after hia oxen, which w**re there feeding i upon rushes, and in golni; home got bewildered | and hungry, and started for th?? nearest house, j I pou reachiug It he found thedoors and window* j b-oken op* n, and on the inside lav the body of ?>n old l?dv- A short distance from th?? house, upon the snow, he found a l*iy about twelve v'-ars of ago. who was also dead A short diataar.e t oin the body of Ike boy he found that of a girl, i ftiallv devoured by the dogs lie say* that he visited fou: other boa-**** where families had been hvinir. bnt no porsou was there; everything in tl.? &>u?es were thrown ov#-r the fl??ors. He \ started for the sixth house. eipeetmg to stay all night but found several Indian tents pitched n?> J fore the door. He being fatigued, crept into a' ? now beak and la:d until morn .nr. when he start- ? fd for the settlement ut Springfteld. L j iA letter from Winston, Md ., dated March 1 > gives an iccount of a tragical alfkif that hap* on tho nigh! of the 27th ult. The son of . Philip Pendleton and a vouug man by the name ? of Drain, from Chicago. had soine misunderstand | iiij. which rr?ult*-d in Drain's challenging yonng ? Pendte'ou He accepted thechallei?|ge, and chose f ?r weapons bowie knives They nailed them ?*lv?-!? dowu to a two-in*.h oak plank by the pants, j id fought nntil Drain was mortally wounded | Yonnu r^ndletou was cut nearly in pieces, and , now l>?iu acrit.ral condition. I*art of Pendle- j t??n s knife H still in Drain * h'-od. The Doctor thinks thry will iwth die. 1 will write soon and , ^ive j.jri;. ularsof thlssad occurence. Drain wa* ?>? y#M's old, small of statue, wliile Pendleton was al?ut Itt Ckais Pbasls ?The Pstersoa <?nardian says, , quite an excitement has. fur the past fortnight, rusted in tlm upper part of that city, owing to a | ? ?rt of Pearl mania. Sonte parties, a few weeks ^ *:nre, In examining the m?-at of the fresh water | rlams, which so abauad In brooks in that vicin ity, discovered a p*-arl of uncommon site and i>C4'ity. Upon further searching others were se cured. and the fact levomin^ known, quite a ?*iml?er of the tnwnnnru yot w.ld upon tne dis ? "very. About "JIJU have been found, one as big j <t< a marble, for which fiWl has Ixmh refused. A War'vixo to ths Sh*m Nosilitv.?The French Cornell of Ptatc has a proposition Ivfure it directed against persons who assume the titles to which they have no right. The counts, vis counts and baruiis, who. Tike the "[tainted jay," dsrk themselves in barrowrd plumes, are numer ous beyond calculation. It is proposed to make it p?-aal for any one to assum" a title the gi'niijne of whscu'U?* cannot prove. SucbwuiHpiW wa* praal till i*t}? At that period the law was abrogated. Thf Original Dred Srolt a Rfildmt of St. Lonis?Sketch of HI* History. [From tho St. Louis News, April 8.1 The distinguished colored individual who ha* made such a noiso in the world iu the rase of Scott vs. Sanford. and who has hecome so tangled up with fh?* Missouri Compromise and othergreat sntyects? Dred Scott?in a resident, not a citizen, of >t. Louis. lie ix well known to many of our citizens, and may frequently lx> Keen passing along Third street. He is an old inhabitant, having come to this city thirty years ago. Dred Scott was l*?rn In Virginia. where he be longed to Capt. Peter Blow, the father of Henry C. Blow and Taylor Blow, of this city. He was ; brought by his master to St. Louis about thirty year* ago, and In the coarse of time became the property of Dr. Kinerson, a surgeon in the army, whom he accompanied on that trip to Rock Island and Fort Snelling on the ground of which he based his claim to freedom. The wife of Dr. Emerson was formerly Miss Sanford. and Is now Mrs. Ohaflee, wife of Hon. Mr. Chaffee, of Mas sachnsetts. He has been married twice, his first wife, by whom he had no children, having been sold from him. He has had four children by his firesent wife?two boys, both dead, and two girls, >oth living. Dred was at Corpus Christl at the breaking out of the Mexican war, as the servant of Captain Rainbridge, whom he speaks of as a '? good inan." On his return from Mexico he applied to his mistress. Mrs. Emerson, then living near St. I.ouis, for the purchase of himself and family, offering to pay part of the money down, and give an eminent citizen of St. Louis, an officer in the arntv, as ?e< nritv for the payment of the remain der. His mistress refused his proposition, and Dred, being Informed that he was entitled to his i freedom by the operation of the law regulating | the Northwest Territory, forthwith brought suit i for it. The suit was commenced aliout ten years ? a*o, and has cost Dred ?><)0 in cash, besides labor to a nearly equal amount. It has given him a k- heap n? trouole." he says, and if he had known that *? it was gwlne to last so long," he would not hav? brought It. The suit was defended by Mr John Sanford as executor of Dr. Emerson's will. I>rc?l does not appear at all discou?aged by the l-su?> of the celebrated case, although it dooms him to slavery. He talks about the affair with the ease of a veteran litigant, though not in teeh niral language, and Is hngcly ticklcd at the idea rf finding himself a personage of so much im portance. He does not take on airs, however, but laughs heartily when talking of- de fuss dey made dar in Washington 'bout de ole nlgsrer." He is about fifty-five years old, we should think, though he d'.es not know his own age. He is of tmmixed Af ican blood, and as black as a piece of charcoal. For two or three years past he lias l.cen running at lar^e.no one exercising own ership over him. or putting any restraint upon his movements If he were disposed to make the attempt, he could eainhis freedom at a much less cost tnan evm one-tenth of the expense of the fa mous suit He will not do so. however, insisting 011 abiding by the principles involved in the de cision of that suit. lie declare* that he will sfiek to his mistress as long ashellve^. His daughters, Eliza and Lucy, less conscientious al?out the matter, took .advantage of the absence of restraint on their movements, a year or two since, to disappear, and their whereabouts remain a mystery. Dred. though illiterate, is not ignorant. He has traveled considerably, and has improved his strong stock of common sense by much informa tion picked up in his jouriteyings. He is anxious to know who owns him. being ignorant whether he is the property of Mrs. Chaffee, or Mr. San ford. thouun we presume, there is no doubt that the former Is his legal owner. He seems tired of running about, with no one to look after him, while at the same tini" he is a slave. He say*, giinninglr, that he could make thousands of dol lars, if allowed, by traveling over the country and telling who he is. F.cc.eme a Failcrk ?" Malakoff.-' the gos siping Paris correspondent of the New York Times, writes that it is currently reported in the metropolis of the world's vanities, that the em poror has pronounced his giddy empress a fail ure. He married her !*?? anse he thought she had a brilliant self-sustaining intellect, and would be a great aid and comfort to him. He finds her friv olous and unreliable, and has to lie a tryant in his own house. Being disappointed, he has bccoine unfaithful. Malakoff writes of Eugenie: Her time Is siient in discussing and getting upline robes; she wants to revive the system of court pages and other expurgated fooleries of other centuries; she wants her court to dazzle, but her inventions are those of the milliner. It appears that Eugenie is one of those delicate and prenia ture organizations which rea<h their aciue intoin effective mediocrity. The emperor's bad l>ehavior is tline dished up: For a twelvemonth public rumor hasaccuscd him of all sorts of little sins against his empress, the fair Eugenie. Naturally, the camp of ladles of honor had to suffer in this proximity. Then,cer tain theatrical beauties. After these, a l?elle /l>iiwar?, ud n?w?oh, ungratefulness!?It is a compatriot of Eugenie, a belle Cnstilienee. |]"V" The Associated Prc*s of Western New Yoik Vld a mee'ing at I'ticalast week,at which a restitution was adopted recommending those papers which arc at the expense of taking the re f?orts, to decline exchanging with those that re use to bear a share of the expense. The reports cost the Daily Piess l?etween Albany and Buffalo over i>7.tlfi0a year. II i* said that a young farmer living near the town of Knox, N. Y.t ran away on Sunday with a young lady by the name of Hunt. He left the h??u?e while his wife and two children were ah?ient at church. In his hurry to depart, he left Ids por ket l"?ok in 44 his other pantaloons." On examining the po< kct book, it was found to contain four love letters, and a lock of Miss Hunt s hair, done up in a true-lover's knot. Excorsios ?The Boston folks are planning an excursion to Europe the ensuing summer. The Times says ; -? An excursion of fifty or sixty gentlemen from B'?ston to visit England, Scotland and France, and to occupy two months in all, is being ar ranged by Messrs. E A. Curtis and E L. Alii chell of this city; the date of starting being (he 27tli of June, and the price ??f a ticket, which will cover all expenses, is S3? >. 1The British screw steamers are seriously affecting the Liverpool and London packets at j N? w Yo'k. The propellers take passengers and I freight cheaper than the sailing vessels can affo'd to; and while the average passage of the tatter is from .#? to to days, the "screw" coiue and go fre quently in less than half the time Thesedisad vantages weigh heavily against the packets, some of the finest of which arc lying at the docks here and at Liverpool with comparatively little or nothing to do. A negro belonging to Judge Stamps, em ployed on the railroad near Hamp-tcad. Texas, attempted, a few daya since, to kill Mr Dudley, the overseer. While Mr. Dudley was occupiea in correcting another negro for some offence, this I one stepped up behind him stealthily, and struck him on tue head with an axe. Mr. Dudley fell 1 senseless, and was thought to lie dead, but it is iimw thought he will recover. Papkk Tows* ix Nebraska.?We would .ad vise all our friends to beware of paper towns. There is at this time a perfect town making ma nia ; every body seems desirous of being the owner of a town. All persons desirous of secur ing and interest in Nebraska would do well to examine for themselves or get a responsible agent to act for them. Never buy Lorn noatinc specu lators, unless you thoroughly examine the title and property, or you may be "fleeced."?iY? braska vionttry il(nrrk 24. [XT* la the couree of collecting material to il lustrate Irving'* Life of Washington, the pub lishers have had the good fortune to discover an original miniature on ivory of Washington, ?up jHMted to have been painted by Copley, at the time of Washington's visit to Boston, at the close of the French War In 1736. The earliest portrait p'eviously known to exist, is that by Peale, taken at the age of to. This having been painted at the age of 25, is, consequently, the earliest like ness extant. Tho Troy Time* says: ?? The vile deni zens of houses or prostitution have taken the cue ! from the recent action in the Police Court, and j th?*re was a general stampede among them yester day afterntion. Sonit have gone to New York, by boat and cars, others to Benniugton, others to Saratoga, and Whitehall, and others to Hchcnec , tady. Some few more were seen scampering over the hill on the Brunswick road, on foot, and will probably return in a day or two, when they sup pose the excitement will have died out. At least I fifty of them are known to have left the city." ?3* A young woman, who gave the name of death, aiid said she came from Portland, made her appearance at the Police office In Lowell, on j Monday, dressed in boy'* clothe*. She infoimed , the officers that she was not a boy, though she , looked like one, but a female in distress, seeking for work and finding none. She came to town to find a girl's situation, but failing in that tried to find one as a l>ny. Breaking down in both en deavors, her funds ran short, and she requested to , )>e sent home; which request was ImumlUfrly I tJUipilKi with. FOR RENT AHD SALE. FWR RENT.-Mr*. G. ANDERSON has seve lal COM PORTABLE ROOMSfor renl, which are all comfortably Furnished, cither as Parlors or Chamlws, situated on Penn. avenue, No. ZM, 2d door from tho Kirkwoinl House. irvtr 31?lm Rooms for rent.-rooms suitable for a family, can be had at No. 351 4th stroet, between Indiana avenue arvl E street. Apply to JO NAS GLICK, 422 Pennsylvania avenue, tietwoen 4S and 6th streets. _ inor^l?rf FM)RSA lTTo R RE NT.-THAT LARUE THREE-STORY BUILDING on the Plank Road, adjoining the Park, and known as The Grove, containing 16 Rooms. There is a Hall Room 60 In 16 feet; Bar-Room 32 by 9) foot, and Cellar 60 by 32, and 8 feet deep. It is well suited for a first class Hotel or Boarding-house. mar 2S-lm _ JOHN A. 8MTTII. FfOR SALE.?A VERY DESIRABLE R Evi dence, being a three story and losement BRICK DWELLING, containing seven Rooms, with bnok Back Building at tachod for tJie kitchen and servants, and situated on the south side of F street north, bn twoonfithand 7th. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 512(2d story )7th street, between 1) and E. POLLARD WEBB, ap7-lm Renl Estate Agent, 1/OR RENT.?THE LARGE FOUR-STORY x BRICK DWELL! NG, with all the modern im rrovements. situated on E street, north sido, be ween TUh and loth streets. To a good and perma nent tenant th? rent will be moderate. Inquire at No. 3M E street. mar7-tf A GOO!) CH\NCE.?ITOOD AND COAL /x YARD FOR SALE.?Tho subscriber being about to leave the city wiH sell ont his WOOD and COAL YARD on tho most reasonable terms. 1 wil! sell jjtock and every thins, jn.<t as it is, or the good will of the Yard, office, wharf, he? jnst as the pur cliaser may desire. There is no !>etter stand m the Second Ward.and under verv cheap rent. Apply to I P. T. WlLSON. next to Foundry Church ou lith | street. I?etwecu G and New York avenue. ?r 16-tf r|M*R NPIKE ROAD FOR LEASE.?The Union 1 Plank or Turnpike R<?ad Company, regularty chartered by the State of Mnryiond, otters to farm out its road leading from the end of the Seventh street Plank Road, five miles north of Washington, D. C., to the village of Brookeville, in Montgomery Oonnf.y, a distance of nearly fifteen iniles. 1 he first mile is laid with plank, with a good gravel track on one side, and the balance of tho road with hard, bro ken quartz. The wnole of the r<?d is under toll,and in success ful travelline condition. Proposals will Iw received bv tho undersignod up to tho 11th April, at noon. f<>r the lease of the same for one or more yenrs. Tne contractor will be au thorized to reccive tho tolls according to the torms of the charter and amendments thereto, and requir ed, under liond, with satisfactory security, to keep the road in good order, to par el! the expenses for collecting tolls, to pp.* over tho reserved rent as of ten as mav l>o required by tho Board of Directors, and to surrender the same in good order at thtfenu of tho lease. The company reserves tho right to accept or reject proposals in wtiole or in part. Address A. BOWIE DAVIS, President, Broolrville, Montgomery coun ty, Maryland. ap 1?Staw LVlR SALE OR RENT.?THE DESIRABLE r RESIDENCE on the oorner of F and 21st Rts., tnffltkw with tho Gnaadl surrounding it. Tlie House contains sixteen rooms, ha* throughout, and luruaco. Tho stable will !>e sold or rented with the house if de?;red. The lot the house stands on is 50 l?y Iti feet, but the purchaser can iiavo moro land if desired. Also, for Sale-Tho LOT OF GROUND on the comer of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on '9th,near F stre-t. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap 8-tf AT PRIVATE SALE.?WILL BE SOLD AT private *alo, the now and convenient two-story FRAME HOI'SE, No. Gh Market streot, tieorge town, I). C., containing five rooms and a bath room, and a kitehen and cellar in the tnsoment. It has a fine cistern of water in tho yard, with pinnp and water fixtures in the kitchen, and is lighted by ciis. For a small family a more desirable homo cannot be obtained. Apply to BARNARD &. BUCKEY, Auc tioneer!^ ap 6 2w Handsome four story brick house AND LOT AT PRIVATE SALE.-Tno sub scriber wiiI sell, at private sale, the handsome FOUR-STORY BRICK HOUSE and LOT situa ted on North G, between 4th and 5th streets west: the lot being part id lot No. 2 in Snuaro No. 518, and contains 2.2"il square feet of gronnd. Tho Housebe 1113 No. 514, opposite Judiciary Square, contains nine good and convenient rooms ana wide passage, and a largo oistern in tho yard. It will lie sold on reasonable terms. For further particulars inqnireof the subfccnlxjr, on the premises, or at Mr. I,ee's of fice Pennsylvania avenue, between ?Hnnd nth sts. mar la-eotf __ D. C.R EED. A VALUALE FARM FOR SALE?512% acros I\. of good FARMING LAND, situated in the County of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, a few yards from Warrenton Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from tho County Seat, and only two hours travel from the citiou of Washington and Alexandria. The Farm is in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup plied with water and timber, and has much exoollent meadow land. Churches, M ills, and good neighl>ors within n short distance. For fuithor information apply to JAMES MORROW, Esq.. on the plnce, or to the subscriber at his Broker ? Oflico, near Browu's Hotel, Washington City, mar24 ROBERT MORROW. VOCAL MUSIC.?Mrs. FRANKLIN, Teacher of Music, having vacant hours for a few more Scholars, request* those Ladies who are desirous of |.oing perfected in Ballad Smzing, or ()p<?ra Music, to favor ner with an early anpliention. Terms n.u-le known at her residence, 4AS E street, between Ptb am! K*th, and at tho Music Stores of Mr. Davis, and Mefaerott. ap fl-Ttn G'ENTLEMENS DRESS SHIRTS OF FINE I quality. Shirts madw to ordT, warranted to ht. WALL A STEPHENS, np 8-tf 322 Pa. av? bet, Wh and IHh sts. SECOND GRAND OPENING OF THE SEA ^ SON AT MY STORE.? \ splendid assort ment of reul imported FRENCH BONNETS. The largest nnd richest selection of FRENCH FLOWERS, RIBBONS. LACES ami EM BROIDERIES to be found in the city. DRESS TRIM MI i\'G S in tho greatest variety, ILLUSION CAPES, MANTILLAS. MAR SEILLES. a?'l NET BASQUES,and ClllL D IIENS* fi A R MENTS ready made. DRESS MAKING in tho latost French Styles, at the shortest notice. M. WILLI AN. mar 27-lm Market Spaoe, bet. 7th and 8th sts. ACARD.-We liegto inform the Public that wo havojust returned from New York, where, with care, we nave selectfd a very larco and beauti ful stock of Guitars, Vio.ins, Flutes, Acoordeons, Banjos, Tamborines, Violoncellos, Bows, Italian S'nng?, Rosin, Pecs, Mnsic Folios, and every arti cle lielongnu to a Music Store, in addition to A large lot of tho latest and most fashionable Netr New and second hand Pianos always in store, for sale on reasonable terms. ap 7 JOHN F. ELLIS. ?<6 Pa. av. near 10th st. IjlLLIOTT'S^AMERlCAN- FRUIT GROW A er's Guide. Barrv's Fruit Garden. Floy's Guido to the Orchard, Kchricks's Nsw American Orchardist. Smith's landscape Gardening, Parks and Pleasure Grounds. Greenwood's Method of Transplanting Forest Trees; London. Brown's Forester; London. Fessenden's Complete Farmer. 5>utlines of Flemish Husl>andrv. Jrofessor I.ow on I?andcd Property and the Eco nomy of Estates. 1 vol. London. British Husbandry. I vol. London. Gaakiu's Farmers Guide. Farmers School Book. ap ? FRANCK TAYLOR. HANSFORD; a Tale of Bacon's Rebellion, by St. George Tucker. Stories of the Island World, by Charles NordhofT Gieselcr's Church History, 2 vols, ilvo.; now edi tion. Story of a Pocket Bible, with illustrations. Soampavias, by Lieut. Wise, U. S. N. Illinois es it is, with maps, by Fred. Gerhard. The Days of My Life, by the author of Margaret Man land. <ap8) FRANCK TAVl.tlR i Books FROM LONDON.-Took#'s Diversions of Purley, | volume, 8vo, new edition Joplmg's Isoriietrical Perspective Walsh's Domestic Economy Almanach de Gotha, 1M7 Clarke's Dictionary of tho English Langnnse Nhw Universal Dictionary of the English, French, Ita.ian. and German Languages. 1 vol. Gne Hundred Sougs of Scotland, mnsioand words, 37 oents. A Shilling's Worth of Praotioal Receipts, 37 cts Armstrong and Bourno's Modern Practice of Boil er Engineering Bard wick e's Shilling Peerago, SJ oents arlmg's Cyclope<!ia Bililiograplnoa, l vol. 8vo. ap IS .Imported by FRANCK TAYI.OR._ PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, near torntr (\f 1 Htk Striet. B. II. STINEMETZ having made arrangeineuts with a Company of Hatters to be fur nished with the most popular stylos of MOLESKIN AND BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a deduc tion of 12X per cent on every Hat sold, making tho Hat sold for S4 (end not unfroqiiently for ?*)for the low| pric? of a slight variation in quality $3, and for flW> ? superior quality for the money. To make this system efleo tual, he will keep no !x)oks, l.ut self exolusive ly for Cash ox Dblivkbt, which cannot fail being advantageous to the purchaser, thereby enabling hnn to Imy for cash and sell at a small profit, meeting ?with no losses by bad debts. . _r_0 . New Styles FELT HATS, CA1 S, and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boys, Misses and Infants wear. Porsons are invited to call and examino our stock. Call at 236 Pennsylvania Avenue, near corner of 13th Street. "P H-tf TXJkLLOCH TRIAL.?NATIONAL POLICE IV Gazette for Aprl! 11th. Full report and correct Portrait. Buy theGnsette of ap 9 FERGUSON, 486 7tk street, 23G AUCTION SALES. r IRNITl-KK. HANDSOME GILT-FRAMU MlRKO rich silk a .no Damask Ccrtaixs, costly < J ,A 1 *?[ I^Jl'.yBI'rIT ASD BRfSSELS CaRIETS, On TUESDAY M ORNI N G, April 21st, a fi'rt!.-,...l a: : /. j_ . r i . . in'nv'iivT? MeGl IRE, Aucliunorr. CATALOera ' t, ' ?'AlOR ROSEWOOD SEVKX OCTAVK I'lliri KLRN.Trti0 hj,KTE' decant citt mIde Cab" "t 9JLT-FRAMK MlRKORS, Oil F street X ? i"M. ,0"*0, ' ?'tHatod ua a? ??ss?. zrssiss* wrspavsK fitted up in a ?t<rle unequaled in tfus c t the Km??, orrtluJ 0,?7inKi ren rrMMj#8t tl,e establishments

nn me- of very superior sty le and finish. We ?'cSo7>t'.fTSl,te1Ju,1?r" "V0n00'"" n ?Arr- "!d iuSftS55.?fi!SafSgfPfc.BSf??"" ^ ?? ' up?P?//os?w?od and walnut crimson plush-oover ed h ranch and tete-a-tete Sofas <*n<1 parlor Chairs Smto ' Gothic reception Chairs, 4 c. and KoMCbm?tnM-?r Fnrnitnre' finished in blue 1 5E?rJ. orooatolle, comprising two tete-a-teto Cha,,ra' a'1(1 fo,lr parlor Chairs ' p,r|^' i?. J !rne walnut figured damask covered JbS^asms# I oenutilnl marble ton centre, sofa. and side Table* FT.'"r^ood; Tjalnut, ami mahogany I-.CRant ''rocwfelle, damask, and lace Curfains ? Con,kr. Crt.. C-"d'bb?"- ??" ?"?? . uprrior V elvot, English, Brussels, and three-Dlv nrpots throughout tiie house n.?ri? h"n Yenitian hall and stair Carpets < ?i Cloth. Rups, Stairs Rods and Eyes Splendid rosewood, walnut, and mahogany marblc rohei e88,n* WureRUS a,uJ Washstmids, Ward ien?y I .ind and French Bedsteads I m^pamfed Cottage Sets, with and without mar ??'? Wmi> Vorr L?i!er Bolsters, and Pillows VOrZ.,^ :^,veKof superior Blankets. Marseilles and nflow" |?58' ne<j3prca<ls-Sh?etin*. Bolster RnlTi1 marhlcd, nnd cranite Toilet Sets Rush and cano-seat Chairs, Rockers sCfe Chairsra*,rm8"Beat S'fa3- K'^kcrs. arm and if-11!!0P- and damask-covered L-xiacea AIarblo-topS.delh.ardsnnd Bcsufets Bookcases, Writins Dosks, arm Chairs AetsBUPen?r cn*ravcd 'loavy silver plated Tea Silver-plated Castors. Waiters, Toa and Coffee I ms. Spoops and Forks vonee Super,or Table Cutlerr. Kiro Irons and s,de TSc^aUy cxtcuslon< ^cakfast. ca.d, k cans-seat dining Chairs * Service # 8raim? L,inner? desert, and Tea Crystal cut-claw Decanters, Water Bottles. Gob ii! JS5"; Fi'.rnl,Ier?- and Wine (ilasses ' uou Ks/b.f 1 rns' ^hnfin? Disbf?R. and Dish Covers Ta??fhi ?Pr,n Krate' nn<1 ??-ti*ht Stoves in . ?i? a poneral assortment of every artic'e inihe housckeopinK line. ' ?rinae ,i . Mr,n8 : S3' and under,ensh : c?ver t hat sum n cm *?" 5^i^c.^""^~5S2a.SSS2l,5t1V' ^ ft? or of the ?? tho prenjiaei 8 d J- C. McGiriRK, A net. liy. AIcGL'lKE, Auctioneer. VAI.l ABM, IMI'HOVKD PROPKRTV ()\ ? Nk\\ JeRSKT AVENfE, BETWEEX SOCTII l?A\n C streets.?On TIJKSDA V A 1" TK K \ (> (> \" the"o uthlialfi^^o'eloek. onthe premises, l'shall ?'e|| SSTS^.S,?irj,"!!R avenue, between south B and south C strc-ts run mns; l?ek al-.uf l'?. feet, with the .Ynprove.iients coxsistinx of a Iarxe thrcn-story brick House now' Coast Survoy?()ft^eCOC,,')ietJ ,,y Ul? l'n,tcd S',ateR prospect of l?eini taken in the Capitol grounds Tit le perfect. Terms at sale. "pl0"d J AS. C. McGFIRK, Auct. F V'HT^K OF TWO WRITS Of'fIkRI ,, 1 "ci/ui, issne<i from the Clerk's Office of the CouiiVt of \Vn?K,h1 DM,tr\ct of Columbia for tho County of \Y ashiugton, and to medirected I aliall expose to public sale, for ca<h, inTroSr of he Cou?t house do .r of said countr. on WKD.NKSDAV the nrht titln'rlnim o R| ol,,ck' m;< R" del^mlant's ri*ht, titlo, claim and interest innnd to lots Xo. l and ' tof0ther will all nnd sincular whmhfh?V|'!n',Ii? i,1,^rr?"' "fwinit the property on ? * , 0 " 18 loc?ted.?t the corner of Vir ai ?eAn^'nJ"*11'T.^na''" 86IZ?<1 and levied upon as the propertt of f'arrott A. Prinnle, F.dward l? ^'in,,e ?"lr,r *n,< Cornelius Bovle.and will be sold to satisfy judicials \n. m j,, October term 1-ofi, and jnrlicials to March term 1357, in fav.>r PnrJv ^ Au<u?us SchnoidT. and John rurI>* , J. D. IIOOVKR ap 4 Ma ^.Marshal of the Dist.ofCol. IN VfRTri' OF TWO WRITS OF FIKRI 'rK.lI.e .?rorn 'he nark's (Itfico of the Cir i.f \vV.h the District Columbia for the County ol \\ ashingt<>n,and to ine .lirectcd, I shall expose to public sale, for cmh, m front of the Court-house door of said county, on WKDNKSDAY the iltli of April, aw. at I o'clock, p. in., all defendants' right, title, c.la "u and into rest, m a,,d to all of the sub-fivi i'' ! r ' V- 4- 1,1 s<J'inre No. >74 of the Cilv or Wnshuifrton, in said county and district, as anil nii'io r'? V'" 7y.0 l>Pen l3l<1 "I" f,,rU'" Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co/upany, an<l ? plot thereofdulv Vl'i'ee't i*' , Vk? k;iuJ,I,,U' W ,4r'1 N< havinit a front of z i 5 4 inches on I^onisiaiui A von no find C streot, and averafjinc 92 f?et 3>^ inches on 1st street west. 'n* 4'3M s'iuare feet, Ik-iii>{ the northeast cornor of sntd square: seized and levied upon as the property of James Crutchett, an.l will bo sold to f?w I'll M &?J 2'. March term Ui7, iu fa\or or Hamilton A-C ain. J. D. HOOVKR. ap 4-tds Marshal Tor the District of Col. By A. GRKKN, Auctioneer. WO VALl'ABLE BUILDING LOTS AT - *AprTlO\, OXH NEAR .IfDICIARV Sor ARK, AXl) i?'*??iirr u" Ul!,L~,(i)n TUESDAY, April U. at S o clock, p. m., I will sell, on the premises part of Lrf* INo. 18, in square No. 531, on 3d street west. Im tween Land F streets north. Said lot fronts east " reel and \ of an inch, and extends back 38 foet 4 inches, and contains 2^4i square feet in inches.more r,ric?, A hne three-story brick buildinj? stands on [hearjjoininK lot, and a number of the tetter class of I biiildinfts have in the past year or two been erected in the immediate neighborhood. The locality is de sirable in conseqnenoe of beine near the City Hall, and within a short walk of Pennsylvania avenue and some of the public buildings, And at half-past 5 o'clock, or immediately after the sale of the at>ovo. I will sell, in front of the premises. Lot No. U, hi square No. 7H^. beaiitifullv situated on ( apitol Hill,having a front on north A street of 49 leot 2}* inches, between 3<1 and 4th streets east, run nine with a side alley to a 30 feet aliev in the rear. Saul lot contains 6,<W5 square feet, more or less, and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Now Me thodist Episcopal Church. Torrna: One fourth, cash ; balance iu 6, 12. and 13 months, the purcha?er to givo notes for the deferred payments, tearing inferest from the dav of sale. A deed given and a deed or trust taken. All conveyan cing at the cost of the purcltaser. ap7-d A. GREEN. Auct. 1 BITTERS.?'These Bittersareaninfalli ble cure for Dysentery and Chronic Diarrhea, wnntof Appetite, ic. They have proved an effec tual cure to all thoso who have teen effected with the endemic of the National Hotel. Invaluable for summer ooinplaints. No. #7 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Nation at Hotel. \\ ine. Liquors, Cigars, and fine Goceries. apH-tf JONAS P. LEVY. | ESLIE'S GAZETTE FOR APRIL. abonnJ tJ ing in teantilul Spring styles for llio ladies. Tins Gem of f asluons is sold bv . ap 3 FERGUSON, 436 7th street^ OOD AND COAL DEPOT - Always on hand the best qualities of Wtxsl an.l Cool that can be obtained in the market. Fair weight and mea sure may be relied on in all cases, and liie price as low as the test article will admit. Coai kept under oover?2,240 lbs. to the ton. T. J. & W. M. GAI.T, N. W. oor. of 12th and C street. No. 5t7, ^ ap 7-tf one square south ofjtho Avenue. AR RIA <i ES, CARRIAGES, CAR H1A (i ES. { I ho subscribers have on hand, for,, sale at low prices, a g?*>d assortment on KOCKau AYS, uuoci|KS, Light! \\ AGONS, Ac., Ac., tw which they respectfully in vito the nttontion of those wishing to purchase good and durable Vehicles. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing. GARDNER A PLACE, ap.B-'m 5o312th street. AWaVDE,A AND W A 8111N G TON . The st??amer GEORGE WASH INGTON or THOMAS COLYER" will depart at the following hours, and on Mt. Ver non days additional trips will te run: Leave Alexandria 7. R5?, l?"<, 12,2, 4r<, 8. Loave W^jon^^.,^,.^,6J<. GEO. T.HOWARD, Captains. PI'AIN FIELD AC A DEM Y (Near Carlisle, Pa.'| A J ho ?tst Session oommenccs Mat 4th l &Sid FSiiii8' Ac'n" t,",t *"? 1 . OOJ?, i 'Htir* OX PPHMO. ?tv^ 'Mia nrme. p?l ?lU U>? WiDm)'. Hoi/ AiTiJju,; ol J/a'Zi' Apt-*u6t riAiafield, Cuiutwrtauif^o^ra, t; w< Pianos, &c. Gjold medal runucM 1 PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE. (Senior partner in the late hrmof Kxabk, GaEKi.eA Co., Continue* the manufacture and **:? of grand and "I'm1?!!- i FORTES, under the name of \V illtn.ni hriahe A Co., ?t the old Nor. 1, 3, 6 and 7 North Eutaw street op- "TT uTl posite the Eutaw House. Baltimore. .Tlier have also just opened a new Snlra Room at No2U7 Baltimore street, between Chains and Light streets. on the promises partly oeettpied by Mr, Henry McCaflory as a music store, whore they will keep oonstautly on hand a large assortment of plain on?l hichly finished grand nnd square Piano Fortes also. Melodeous. from the best makers, from 4 to 5 octnve, some with double kev boards, double reeds, an I stops to suit small churches. Being extensively engaged 111 the manufacture of Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, mi the most literal terms. Our Pianos were awRrd-^d the highest premium (gold modal) at the Fairs of tho Maryland Institute two successive yours?October, 1K5.S, end lKSti?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pian?? from some of the best makers from New York. Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium at tho Industrial F.xhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia. 1R55 and 1R56. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1X57. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which can be seen at our warorooins, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five rears, and a privilege of exchange i* granted within tfie first six months fioui the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to iivo us a call Ite.fore purciiasing. Pianos exchanged, lured, and tuned. mar Ifr-ly W M. K N A BE A CO. (MIEAP SECOND-HAND PIANOS.?We have J in store six PIANOS, some of which? liare l>een used only a few months by mem '' 1 bers of Congress'families, and are howfoi'H si t sale very low, lieing groat Iwrgains; 2 Pianos, very prett* cases, at ?ijft each 2 do common, at iblb ea< ii 2 do !>cautiful roseyrood cases, soared* soiled bv the few months use they received, at $2"0 each 2 do at ?173 each. These Pianos aro really great Largama.and all per sons in quest of a reliable Piano and a great largain should call and aee them. Also, always on hand, th? largest, most complete, and reliable stock of NEW l'lAXOS of any estab lishment in this citr. Also, all kinds of MUSIC and MUSICAL IN STRUMENTS. JOHN F. ELLIS, ap 3 3^6 Pa. av., bet. 9th ami loth sts. WO. METZEROTT, (successor to George ? Hilbus.) agent of Raven A Baron's, and William Miller's celebrated P7j4.YOS.| has alwnvs on hand the largest stock of PI A N < )S from $ 1"> tip to 51 GUITARS. VIOLINS. BR ASS I N* S T R V M I'.NTS. FLI TKS. BANJOES, ACCORDE ONS, and SHEET Ml'SIC, cheapcr than in any house south of New York. Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent. nor <?tr rriIE LARGEST AND MOST SELECT AS I sortmer.t of PIANO FORTES is alway s to l>e found at the Music Depot. Two Pianos for : one for ?*!>>. Splendid Guitars, Flutes. Violins and Accordions. TUNING and REPAIRING of Piano Fortes executed by Mr. Rebine at ttie shortest notice, in tlie best manner. A lot of second hand ACCORDEONS nnd GUITARS for sale cheap. ap7 W. G. METZEROTT. 1"*0 ARCHITECTS.?BY A RESOLUTION of . the two Boards of the City Council the "Joint Committee on the Washington Asylum" areauthor ized I? otTer a premium for a plan and specifications for a 1 uiiding suitable for almshouse and workhonse purposes. In pursuance to enid resolution the Joint committee hereby propose to receive, from al! the architects of the cify of Washington who are dis posed to compete f<?r the same, plans and specifica tions for a building for tin above purposes, and to award to tho architect whoso plan shall ho accepted the sum of i wo hundred dollars. The building to be fire-proof throughout, and to accommodate not less than one hundred and eighty inmates in the two de partments. Tho building to l?e divided into threo apartments, one for the Intendant and his family, of fices, dispensary, Ac., on? for the poor, aud one for vagrants and paupers. No compensation will l>e given except to thearchi tect whose pian shall l?ead<>pted. Plans may be left at the office of the Chairman, on 8th street, near Penny lvania avenue, or with either meinlier of tho Joint Committee. ap 1?tf JOHN L. SMITH. Chairman. RETIRED PHYSICIAN wfcoM sands of j life have nearly run out, discovered while in rtlie East Indies, a ccrtain cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and General Debility. The remedy was discovered by him when his only child, a daughter, was given up to die. Wishing to do as much good as pnssdtle, he v ill send to such of his alilicted fellow-beings as requost it, this recipe, with full and explicit direc tions tor makincg it up and successfully using it. ft lie requires each applicant to enclose him one I shilling?throe cents to be returned as postage on I the Jecipe, and the remainder to l>e applied to the / payment of this advertisement. Address Pr. II./ JAMES. No. 19 Grand st., Jersey City, N. J. / ap 6 1 m ' ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?'The undersigned respectful ly inform his friends and the public generally, that he is now prepared to furnish .'amilies and oth?r?) through the season) with 'he best quality of ICE, delivered in any pa?t of Washington and George town, and guarantees to give e.utiro satisUietlou. Orders to bo left with Kidwkli. A Lairkme. ?ornerUth street aud Pennsylvania avenue; Geo. F. Kidwell &: Co., 14thstreet; J. B. Moore,Drug gist. Penna. avenue, between I9th and 2f?th streets ; Oeohi;eSiktz, New Yorkavenue, Isstween mtli and llth struts; Robt. A. Payne. Druggist, corner 1th and Mass. avenue; and with the subsanl?er. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where Ico can bo had at all times. _ aP7tf T.N. KIDWELL. TOCK IN THE ?>!.!> DOMINION COAL COMPANY, KANAWA COUNTY. VA. Subsetiption* will b? received at the Banking Housed Chubb Brothers, for tho remaining stock of the al>ove company, l>emg three hundred shares. The capital stock is ?l?>,tVin (dollars.) of which 870,tun has lieen subscril>ed. The mines are now prepared for notive operations, and 6 per cent, in terest will l?e gnaranteod upon tho stock now offered for sale, by the original stockholders, for the period of two years. Particulars in regard to the stock,and its prospects, wdl be made known npon application to CHUBB BROTHERS. lan 27 P. P. DANDR1DGE. Agent. SP. HOOVER'S IRON HALL BOOT. SHOE . ANDTRUNK ESTABLISHMENT.! 32<t north side of Pennsylvania avenue, be-. tween 9th and loth streets.?I have this day receives! of J. W. McCurdy A Son. Ill Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., a splendid assortment of lilies'. Misses'. and Children's GAITERS. BOOTS, SLIPPERSand BUSKIN TIES,ell colors, shapes and styles, all for tho spring trade. Thoso wishing a good and cheap article will do well to call and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere, as 1 am determined to soil cheap for the CASH. Call early. My stock of TRUNKS and BAGS is the largest in this city. <ap3) S. P. HOOVER. IVJEW BOOK. BY THE AUTHOR OF " MAR 1^1 gnret Maitland," "The Da>s of My Life.au autobiography." price 75 cents. Gieseler s Church History. 2 volumes, price S4.5P. Stories of the Island World, by Charles Nordhotl. price 75 cents. Germany, its Universities, Theology, nnd Relig ion, with Sketches of Neander, Tholuck, Ac., and other distinguished German divines of the age, by Philip Schafl, D. D., Professor in the Theological Seminary. Mereersburg. Pennsylvania. pric*> $1.25. Wythes's Pitcket Dose Book, containing the doses anil uses of all tho articles of the Materia Medica and chief officinal preparations, by Joseph II. Wvthes, A.M.M.D..author of the/'AIicroscopist,' 44 Curiosities <>1* th^ >licn>?oopo, glc. IricetQctB. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAL R\ 'SP Bookstore, up 3 near 9th street. IIATS!?Constantl* on hand n full sup >1 v of BI:EBE'S NEW'YORK ST Y I.ES. together with 1 A\ LOR S II ATS. of Baltimore. The l>est black felress 11 ATS,got up in tho latest style for :?3as good as those usuallv sold pt ,%*i; amla good fhsliionable Hst ati fcS, worth ?4; and a lirst rate Hat/ The nest materials and the best workmanship is employed to produce e 85 Hat, which is sold for $3^'. \\ e du a cash business, meet with no losses, but give each customer full value for his money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B. Agent for Driseoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY,7th street, near Pa. avenue, Agent for a New Yoric Hat Company. sept 90?tf (\\S FIXTURES.?It. H. MILLEK, SON A * CO., Alexandria. Va.. keep constantly on hand a handsome variety of CH AN DELI ER>, PEND ANTS. BR ACKETS, Ac., from the celebrated fac tory of Cornelius A Bak-r, winch they will guaran tee to soli at the samo prices charged to P"v?te pur chasers at the sale rooms on Chestnut street, I "iia deiphia. Also. Drop-lights, Cnt Glass and decora ted PajKM- Shades, in great variety. . . Call and examine for yourselrew. o c !? Si .(MM) eves, rood teeth, and 'lf*^^^Ve?rd Jl himself Andrew t-airchild. rhealK.ve^wart! _ will lie paid for his lodgm'ant in the I?la ox B Bi F'? xiO?VS->ON| corner of 19th street and PennsvU-ania avenue. Washington. D. C.. or to J. S. PlRsE.61 Wentworth iitr^et, Charle?toiit ngir gw-eolm* 'OIIN F. ELMS ha* juai iwuod Spriaf FJowej tkinuol?,byC.U.Kerf. ?P9 J THE WEEKLY STAR. Thi? ex?!l?nt rumly Md Nw tatning a greater variety of intweenngrtMing iwi oaa be found !? lay other?ts faMishd "? ~'U,^T ?oruij. Single copy, per annum .... ??? * To <*Ltr?s. F copies * ? Ten Copes - * ? Inj*Wlh *?***? - ' 44 iLy Ca?m, INVAR I ably IN AJ?*A*C?. By subscribing in clul* raised among neiihNwS without the intervention of a mail agent, aa will '? perceived, twenty per cent of the WsaaiY Syar wil! t?e mvmI, It invanahlv contains the " V* asli ington Ne*i" th*l hu mads ttie Daily t?TABcuou lale so generally throughout the nouuiiy. irj-Singie copies (in wrapper*> can be procured at the counter, immediately aflat the iskueot lit* I aper. Prtcc?Thrkb Ckmti. Postmasters who act as agents will be allowed a commission of twenty per cent. 1) Dentistry, Ac. K. C. S. GOODMAN, SUMOKOMDKtfTlBT^mi MAsrrArTcitKB or Artiuciaj Tk^th.? His complete arrangements er.abiing him t. present the following reasonable prices: Entire I'pper Sett Teeth, on Gold Do do do on Stiver 12 lo ?> One or more.on Gold..... 2to Do on Stiver. I to i Filling, Extracting. Remrn ing Tarter; also. Ke pairinc at the same reaeonaNe rate*. All operation* executed ui such a meuuer as to gtve ev?ry Mtimlac tion. Office corner 8th street and avenue. sp i Dentistry. 1)R. STEPHEN RA1LY. Orrics No. 198, hlHIlvama Avbju k. Thr?* iloors from Mr A 5?frc?f. Dh. BAILY begs leave to inform the publicthaf he can be seen stall hours.at biaofhoe. located as above, lie feels assured that aa experiauoeof fifteen tears* practice, with the large number of patients,and great variety of ditnonlt cases that he has t res tea snoots*, fully, will euabls him to surmount ativ difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Terth. His own experience <*>nh;tning the opinion of many men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. I*armly, has led him, long since, todia card all morourial preparations for filling Toeth.also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rubber, ana Ce ments for the construction of Continnous Gum Teeth, and that 1'orceliaa, mounted on Gold Plate, ?a the only reliable substance that can be worn in UK* mouth, as was most conclusively shown In tne U&l American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence aud practice in Washington, lie is favorably known to lus numeroa* friends and patrons, he bcci len\ e to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: Frorn the late Rector of the Church of Epiplianv of tins ?ity. Dr. Stephen- Haily : Dear Sir?I desiretoexpre * mv esteem for you personally, nnd tnv confidence mi > on a* a superior dentist. The operations executed for me hsve l?een lughly satisfactory. I hope that * mm mar reooive the patronage from my frmnda and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours vejj trulv, Washington, Aug. 26, IPJ6. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Haltimore, Messrs. iioggs, Cotiuan At Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Rally. Snrgeon Den list, of Washington city, to execute" for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the IBct that one of the most distinguished metnlersof the Denial College of Baltimore. failed. af>er repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me creat pleasure to express my entire confidence aud nish estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, IU57. HAR.MANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M ? Clajton. I*. S. Sf.bate. Aug. 19, IRSfi. The feet h von made for tne work admirably ; noth ing could be lietter. Very gratefully, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies or th* teeth. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Banv as a superior Dentist: he made a set of porceiian teeth for one of mv familv.and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON', of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. Apnl 19.1856. \Ve, the tindersigned.having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of I>r. S. Bail v. Surgeon Dentist of this city, or hai ing been cognis ant of his operation* oa our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistio skill, as well as of the unilorm!> satisfactory manner in wnich he performs the inoat delicate and difficult operations in I>ental Surzery.and we respectfully re commend him to the confidence and patronage of the public, of which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas 1". Waltk. Architeot U. S. Capitol. Thomas Miller, M. D..of Washington, D. C. H. S. Hohrlb. M. D. of Georgetown. D.C. N. S. Lincoln. M. D.. of Washington. D. C. .los. H. Br adley, of Washington. D.C. George Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida. Walter Lenox, Ex-Mavorof Washington. Hfnry Baldwin, I". S. Patent Offioe, O. C. Wight, Principal Rittenhouse Academy. feb 2? tf Dr. villard, dentist, latf; of chi cago, would respectfully lnlormthecit izens of the D?"tnct and vicinity, that hav ing locAtwl himself in Waalungton, he iis "*?*'' >?* H'?w prepurH to perforin *l\ oponUioni in hit proles sion. in the most approved st> le. Office. No. 2?>, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier a. m?h g' ly W PR ING AVDM'MMUR GOODS-JOHN H Smoot, No. 119 Bridge street. Georgetown. D. C., lias received from New York and Philadelphia, and now offering at very U?w prices, to cash and prompt customers, a large aud general aaaortment of St a tlh and Fancy Goods?oomprismg m part as follows, viz: _ , ^ .... New style Silk Robeaand faney Silka Best make black Silks, high Inatred Black Challies. Lustres and Mou^ Dflnnas Rich printed (all wtn?lf Mous Delaines Chalhes and Barege Delaines, in great \-ari?l ?? Rich Organdie. Barege.and Jaconet Rr.l*s Bright colors and mode plain Bareges and Da lainea .... . ? Plain French Brilliants and Percales Plain colors Cravellas and S?riug-aty la Poplina D'tcals. a light seasonable fabric Bent French printed Jaconets and Brillianta White Brilliants, from 12S to 31cents Best makes new styles Ginghams Del?ees, Chambnus and plain Lnstres English Prints of now stjles. in great \-ariety,at lucent* . t ^ Rich Chintz colors best F rench Organdiea White Good#, in great variety. Plain Swiss, Nansook and Jaconet MusUns Plaid and striped Muehns Small-figured and rich Brocade Swiss Muslins Pinid and striped Jaonct, Naus?H.?k and Swiss Muslins ..... White Tarletons, Illusions, and W ash Neta Irish Linens (of the beat makes) very cheap Linen Cambric, Linen and Bishop I .awns Super English Long Cloths, suitable for Ladies' use New York, Bates, Atwood,and other good makes Shirtings \\ hue Cambrics (of Jonas'* celebrated make) White Brilliants and striped ludia Dimity Marseilles for Basaues and Bonnet Card Shut Bosoms and ^hirt Collars. Embroideries. French worked Muaiiu Collars and Seta Swiss Cambric Collars and Sets Swiss and Lace Sleeves and Sets Ho niton ainl Malteae Lace Collara Swiss Cambric and Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen Cambric Hdkfs. Also, new styles Lace and Silk Mantillas Stella and White Crape Shawls Plain and rich fif ure'1 Bonnet and Sash R ihbons Steel spring, Neapolitan, and other Skeleton Skirts Spring assortment of Bajou'a Kid Gloves Taffeta Silk, black lace and l.isle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kind for ladies aad Gcnts'best English Half-hose, ribbed and plain do Lisle thread and fanoy cotton do. A good assortment < f Silk Cravats and Ties Suspenders, Silk and Linen Camhne Hdkfs Gossamer and Lisle-thraad Shirta aud Diawers New style Parasols Also. Gentlemen and Boya' wear of every deacwp tion, with every variety of House furnishing Dry Goods. _ . _ , ... . Domestic Goods (or servants wear of the heaviest mp^rchasera mav rely upon getting desirable goods _JonN H. SMOOT. jr* RAND OPKMNG OF BEAUTIFUL KrllSO " The sub?crit>ers have just returne?l from N* w York, where they have selected with greal care a most I>eautiful stock of Fine Gooda, to winch they invite your attention. Their selecttons have f>een of every style, clais, finish and variety of Bronz" and China Ornaments; pearl, ativer, and buck Porte-monnaies and Card Cases; Conibs. Brushes, Carnages, Cabs, H?K>ps, Graces, Battle dores, Dominoes. Chess. Gaines, Eiu;ravings. Foot. Parlor and Solid Bails. Balloona, and a boat of little notions for little folks?forming in all, the largest, most varied, ami ma* complete assortment ever of fered in this city. Our motto MQuick Sales, small profits." our Store, No. 31, between Bth and 9th. op posite Centre Market. . . . To all wo extend an invitation to call, promising to ofler inducements that will roost "ssuredly can*? them to continue the liberal patronage t>estowea up* ot^us Bmoe owr etfy* J WACO,. /^Loclcsi CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!-J"st ?>pened 1 this da v. a Kreat many ne ws^ie. < .Ml CLOCKS. Ooixl Timepieces, warranted, '?Alao?CLOCK M ATF.RI Al.S.such m Ojj-.00 Cords, Ufi s. Keys, W eighty, ^()B,^sON-,i Springs, a:c^a^at cloek aptgm ? ? UiiN ALEXANDER.pEXNiyLVAXIA avenue . ^ r?ccive?l a large assortment of GILT Y VEI^ET WINDOW SHADES, of new ane ?ch'designs. , of |>acK #n<, MI SI.IN R^TAI NStillT CORN If"ES, BED ?AN6 pil'ViiiVrcTVRE COR DS aud TASSELS. Pit , ntsr 31 -eolm 43ELTZER WATER!! SELTZER WATER!! ^ We have received a fresh supply of this oeiv brated water. ^ KING & Bt RCHELL. ( 4 Corner Vwrmont A v.. and I.Vh st. NY.W Ml f>IC, at LLl.lr*' this day. Four new Pianos received this week at ELLIS' Two Pianos at each. One do 7S.at ELLIS'. Gmtars. Violins. Ac. at EI.HH'. ap 9 PORTE MONNAIES. CARD CASES, HAS KETS. TO\ S, COMBS. BRI SHES. PER PUMERv, Lc.,at McLAL'GHLIN A CO. a Gr?at Fancy Store. *?? 1MO WASHINGTON MANL FACTt K KDSIL 1^1 VKR WARE on exhibition at '^Metropoli tan Mechanics- Institute Fair, bat every deyiptioa of hne Silver Ware can be seen tn process of r^nu facturing, at ? H. O- HOOP m?.r is W Penn. avetine. nearJHl: ?t.

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