1 Haziran 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Haziran 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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? . ' VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1857. NO. 1,3<? 4 THE EVENING STAR | M PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, | (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Comtr 9f Ptnmylvani* ateuui, and 11(4 itnif, Br W. D. W ALL ACQ, ted it served to sabooribara by oarriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Aftnti; papers served in package* at 37X cents per j month. To mail subscribers the sabeonytion prioe is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year is advanet, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of 12>? cents a weak. gyslNSLE COPIES ONE CENT. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ATHLETIC EXFRI ISK. We are glad to see the youth? of Harvard beginning agiin their rowing matches The smooth surface of the silver winding river Charles is now frequently dotted witn their long light clippers, crawling over the water with their six oars like so umny aix-legged cat erpillars. Hardly any out-of-door exercise is more attractive and beneticient to men than this. The fresh exhilaration of the free air and pleasant scenes through which the rowers on a river glide are worth a oart load of health *? panaceas." It would bo well if the youth of our city took more advantage of our water fa tilities tor pleasant exercise The 4th of July regatta* have turned the attention of some to it. and if it oould be much increased the river Charles might become a fountain of life-giving vigor to our worn, hardthinking brains. In England, the Thames is dotted with the 44 four oars," and *' six oars. ' and the *' pair of oars," as on fine evenings they skim the stream, cheered by the smile of beauty and the hurrahs of the interested spectators But rowing u only oue of the means of phy sical education at the disposal of Bostonians. Our glorious park of forty acre?; that undula ting "Common; thoso towering trees,'* through whose tracery you catch frequent benms from that western horizon which 4* opes to the sun set a gateway of gold;" this broad surface in vites the early morning game of ball or the twi light game of cricket. Football used to be, " when wo were boys together." a grand stim ulant to all the powers of masculine develop ment; and if blackened shins and bruised heads sometimes broke the harmony of the sport, twas but a moment, and the glorious gamo rolled on. Air. Webster once said of an eminent Boston Ian. who is still living, that *'it was a prodig ious pity he had no single taste whose gratitioa tion would take him out of his hot-air library Into the open air." Webster's own massive mental wear oould never hnve been mariuf:i?- I tured except by a sound mind in a sound body, *? mun.i tana in cor port sa.no." There has been some discussion lately about his using to- | baeco. lie used it. but only for a very short ( season. But what he did use permanently, as is well known, was out-of-door exercise in every form. Even horse-back riding, which was net peculiarly favorable to his habit of body, was nevertheless quite a favorite exercise with him. even till an advanced period of life. Another of our Massachusetts great men. John Quiucy Adams, used to take very long walks before j breakfast, when he wns in Congress, and in the dead of winter would have the ice of the Poto mac cnt to enjoy his daily river batch. Frederick the Great u?ed to declare that ' nature evidently in ten led mankind for pos- : ttflions." because she had ms.de exorcise so in- 1 dispensable to the race, but her only mistake ; was that she had not arranged to have men ! born on horseback. It was doubtless one very great cau?e of the ! intellectual and martial supremacy of the class it* Republics that they were composed of phy sically vigorous citizens. Everbody was athle tic; everybody wrestled, or ran, or boxed. The 1 Olympic Stadium and the Campus Martiu* fed the lite-springs of their respective States. There was no beauty which was not well developed and vigorous. It was as much a part of the daily routine for the youth to put their mus cles into mimic battle as it is with us to put our teeth in play at dinner. We as a people are said to be degenerating in physique. There is still, however, much dif- I tereuce in bodily proportions and development . in favor of Bostonians as against New Yorkers We trust the difference may be increased, and that the Athens of America may be the Athen ian iu the rugged and healthy stature of its children, no less than in eareful culture of their ' minis.?Boston Travtiltr. Man*front Superstition. A ease of #yper?tition in this county has com? toour knowledge, which for ignorance and moral turpitude, exceeds the darkest pages of the History of Robarkisin or even Salem Witch- i craft, and is a disgrace to the boasted iutelii- 1 gence of the " Garden of the Keystone State," I with her college, academies, seminaries, com- j mon schools and churches. The facts connect ed with this extraordinary case of superstition, as furnished by an attentive and reliable cor- i respondent, are substantially as follows: On Sunday last, the good people of Erihrata and vicinity were startled and shocked ly the i inlelligenco that the remains of a certain Miss , Sophia Bauman, who died about nine yeura ufo. had been exhumed on that day by two inou hired fjt the purpose by the friends of the de ceased Curiosity was naturally excited and speculations started as to tho cause of such an open desecration of the ashes of the dead on the quiet of the Sabbath; and upon inquiry of some A the relatives our correspondent learned that i the young lady alluded to nad died of consump tion and that since her death two of her sisters. > her mother, and two brothers had died also of the same disease. In all thee cases a heredi tary taint was strongly marked, and no doubt was leA upon the minds of physicians and all sensible persons as to the cause of their death ; | but the opinions of physicians were set aside by the incursions of ignorance and superstitution, under which the belief was seriously enter taiued and acted upon, that, by some hocus- ! pocu?, the winding-sheet of the corpse had got j into her mouth, aud that by a continual suction (the modus operandi of which was only known to the spirit*) she had actually drawn the other fire members of the family after her ; and that unless this winding-sheet was speedily removed j trom the mouth of the oorpse she would, in like manner, cause the premature death of the whole connection ! Incredulous as a belief in 9uch a monstrous | 'nperstition in this enlightened age may appear, it is nevertheless true; for. according to previ ous arrangement, the hired resurrectionists <? >mtnencea operations on Sunday morning. The earth was removed, the coffin brought to the surface, and the lid removed under the dir ection of a committee of inspection; but to their astonishment no winding sheet was found there 1 ?the poor deluded creature-* having forgotten. Ja the xeai of their superstition, that the last : *hred of a piece of bleached muslin would rot * way long bafore the expiration of nine yean' With disappointment depicted in their counten ance* the committee caused the remains to be ?juickly and quietly ru-interred. and thon sought tueir respective houies again to meditate upon the doctrine of spooks and goblins and sucking | >r|?sea '?l^sur*ister Erprrts. Establishing a* lluia ?Hon P ? K , late ? Probate Judge of a neighboring county, was wnted up<>u one warm aliernoou by a buxom matron with a child in her arms, wnose busi ness was. as she said, '*of a Probate nature " Mr K being a polite man intimated his reodi r.csa to learn ner wi?he-? " Now," said she. bushing her baby, and squaring herself for a regular talk, "you see. Judge, my husband mm a forehanded man. and left a good farm mcII stocked, and just because I am a lone wo mail in the world, his relations are going to throw ine out of all but my third Now. Law yer told me. souie time ago. that il" there was an heir, he would take it all aud 1 should be his guardian " How long since your hus band died asked the Judge. '* About thir teen Mouth"." was the reply. " And how old is the child ?* Four weeks." was the answer. ? 1 am afraid this case is bey,>ud my jurisdic tion," said the Judge " you had better go back to Squire "But." said the woman " if jroar Probate Court can't e?ul?lish an heir, what is it gunl for V?l>r!roit Arlrtrttier. irr Tb'-rr is an inscription on a tombstone at La Pointr, Lake Superior, which reads as fol luw , : "JeteB Smith, arcidentally shot a* a inark of af btttn by his brother " Ify A new rnuliu^of an uld rosplet is thus tendered by a savage baler of hoops, and th.?t Myle of drew* which leaves too Httle of woman s beao'v to (he imagination : '?La ? on a narrow neck of land, Twtjt two unbounded she's 1 stand." JOH* PHOENIX" IN THE LADIES'( AR. Pbwnix. ' the inimitable wit, thus tells an incident connected with a ride on the New letter t SJTJ RiUr',ad- H? relates it in a etter to the Knickerbocker Magasine. and put* it on record U> serve as a caution to future in nocent travelers. He says: " I had observed that at each chance of car? b"e t^k 7re fr"*"cnt' wh*n th? &^?ral scram ??! Kp (iDe C*r wa* defenJed from the assault by a stalwart man, usually of Irish per suasion, who. deaf to menaces, unsoftened by e.lhuiL/1? U.u?0T,pt!d bribes- ma'ntain ed his post for the benefit of the " leddies " Leddies car. sir. av ye please; forrid car fur . gintleuien without leddies." Need I sav that ^ "served was by far the most com fortable of the train, and that with that stern resoUe which ever distinguishes me in the dis charge of my duty toward myself. I determined to get into it coutt qui couf So when we ' "anged cars at Utica. I rushed forth, and see ing a nice young person, with pretty face, bon net aud .-hawi. and a large portmanteau ur eme her way through the crowd, I stepped up by her side, and with my native grace and gal lantry, offered my arm and my assistance. ! -They were gratefully accepted; and proud of I my success. I u.shered my fair charge up to the platform of the ladiee' car. My old enemy ?2d he * thudoor- '' la that your lady, sir?'" " With an inward apology to Mrs. Phoenix , for the great injustice done to her charm? bv the admission. I replied 4: Yes." Judge of my horror when this low employee of a monopoli | itng and unaccommodating Kailrond Company, addressing my companion with the tono and manner of an old acquaintance, said. " Well, feal. I guess you're done well, but I don't be | here his tamily will think much oftho match." , However, I got into the ladies' car, and hav j inS repudiated tha young person. Surah, got an exceedingly pleasant seat bv the side of a verv warm and comfortable young lady of a sleepy turn and quiet disposition. I wouldn't have exchanged her for two buffalo robes, but alas ? she got off at Syracuse, and then, frosty Cauca , f us, bow cold it was! And so. grinding aud jolt ing, jurring. sliding and freezing, wore away the long night. " In the morning we were at Buffalo. I saw nothing of jt but a railroad depot; but I reraem ,r "linking, as I stamped my feet and thrash ed my arms to restore the circulation, that if I that sort of weather continued, 4i the Buffalo girls couldn t come out to night," and would probacy have to postpone their appearance un til the summer season." A Dream Fri.Fii.iBD.?Zadock Hubbell, of Westchester. county, New York, communicates to the Phrenological Journal his remarkable experience in dreams, in which he excels Joseph of old. TV hen a boy, some fifteen or twenty J ears of age. he dreumcd that he wan in a strange city in trouble, having spent all hi" money aud to add to his distress his boot npped from the sole ; but while he walked alone he felt some thing collect between the sole of one boot and tho bottom of his foot, and found it to U? a quantity of money, partly in the snmll . p*nish Coiii, but chiefly in pieces about half as large as six cent pieces, with three straight marks on one side and a star on the other Mr. ilubbell was so much impressed with tho singular abearance of this unknown Coin that he retained a vivid recollection of it. Last fall whii. lUnerating as a temperance lecturer, he visited Newark, where he had never been be fore. and there every circumstance of his droim occurred to him, with the exception that tho cuius were placed in his hat instead of his boot after his temperanco lecture. He recognised the three-cent pieces at once as the strange coins of his dream, though the resemblance had never beiore occurred to him. He says. al*>. that the streets of Newark were familiar from the recollections of his dream, and yet he had never before been in them Mr. Hubbell is anxious to know how he got this vision ?o long betore its corresponding reality. The Growth of Pearls.?Tho late dis coveries of pearls in New Jeney have revived the old discussion as to the causes of their growth. The best settled scientific opinion ap peers to be, that they are a diseased, purulent secretion of the shell-fish, originating in a wound, and reaching their full size in about "?even year*, at which period they become fatal to the animal, and thereupou lose their worth and lustre. It baa generally been supposed that some minute substanco. Fuch as a grain of sand, having become lodged within the shell of the creature, produces irritation, like a pebble in one s boot, and being unable to get it out, the tormented animal luakes the best of the diffi culty by covering it with a calcareous excre lion. ?KL'unuU* piercing small holes in the shell of the oyster and then restoring it to its original bed But the experiment, on being Tk unauoce**fu' iQ producing pearls, ihe Chinese, however, manage to grow them by introducing into the shell a thread of fine silk upou which is strung a small bead of mother-of-pearl. The oyster covers this with the veritable pearl secretion. It might be worth while for the Jerseymen to try the experi ment.?Albany Journal. Hklloa, Mistku f '?Tucker, tho indefati gable contractor for watering the streets, was much amused yesterday by a countryman, who is. perhajKj, first introduced to town by tho ^irou horse penetrating to his sylvan retroat iucker was mounted upon one of his new sprinkling carts, with water trickling out be umd from the gutter* effectually dampening down the troublesome dust, when turniug a corner, where leaning against a post was our country cousin, he whs thus accosted: 41 Hellon Mister, ye re spilling all yer water!" This niturally enough caused an outburst of merri nit*i;t from the kuowing oued in the vicinity, and Johnny Green, hitching up his homespuns, moved on in search of other eights, muttering halt iuatidiblv that he would like to know what them '? fellers saw to make them " bust out a suiggcrin so."?Memphis Bulletin. IIow to Cook Potatoes.?Do people ever thmk of the immenoc waste of potatoes ss they ar* treated in this city ? Let me tell \ou how potatoes are cooked in Lancashire, England. I hey are peeled first, aud boiled gontly till nearly soft, and then the water is poured off and a 1 the steami evaporated, when they are poured into a dish and a few slices of bacon Uid uu the top, aud brought hot to the table where they are eaten with a relish, and for good reason?they are truly good. Such peo ple do not eat much bread The potatoes are so drj and mealy that they are an excellent i substitute for bread, and very unlike the mis erably waxy things that we eat here Texas part of the Romax F*pihe?? Mr 11 D Patrick, of Texas, ha* found, at some distance below the surface ot the ground, near I.eoaa, an ancient copper coin, about the size of a ! c^*?t The original flgures arid lettering on both S1des, aaymh* Galveston New*, have been con | aiderublv dciat t-d by the apparent corrosion of t"id?? hoWf*v#'r, can be plainly seen the word "C?,ar.'? 0n the outer edge and over ! "urh a" We ^;ivv ?>f the Roman l.moeror OII ancirnt 1 wli JuiUm ,hr'" <* ?h? a,d n" h** lrTt of 'he * #r,rht are j.ome Roman numeral-, evidently iu 1 rfrf, tL* d1tt,e- ,MU much rorro d.di t? be clearly mad -out. On ihe reverse ?.ide is fh,',iiiaK'' ?>fa Roiuan soldier, with a shield in one l a id, and the other elevated, bnfso much dl* fared that the weapon held nt uot visible .v u Ptrayumt. v Encobe*? Puuimg a Can.?'- If you buy a chicken at tin; poulterer's,"' asks Apollo Prim* "and you And the chicken very nice, for thai rt-a-' son do you think the poulterer ought to make you a present of a second chickt-u for nothiag ' ? '? Can't mv the poulterer ought." " Very well,"3 make* answer .Mr. Prims, very triumphantly, *'when ys>u come to Kxeter Hall market, and pay your money for one nightingale, have you a right to expect a second nightingale gratis, because the first was so very delicious t!* Puiuk. ? ? PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Department or thr Interior, May 23, 1U57. Seaikd proposals for furnishing ?noh stationery Rs may l>o required I?jr this department during the fiscal year ending June 31858, will he received until 12 o'clock m., on the 3f>th day of June next. Those unaccompanied by satisfactory testimonials of nbili ty to fulfil the contract wi|l not he considered, and contracts will only be awarded to established manu fnoturers of or dealers in the articles. All the articles required must be of the very beat quality of their kind, and in no case inferior to the samp.es wliicli will be exhibited at the department. kacn proposal must be signed by the individual or firm mnkiug it, and must specify but one pnea for each and every article contained in the schedule. All the articles furnished must he equal in all re spects to the camples, and must 1m delivered without delay when ordered to the satisfaction of the head of the othce Tor which they are required, and a failure to do so will be deemed cause for the abrogation of the contract. The department reserves the right of ordering a greater or less quantity of each article contracted for, aa the public service may require. Articles not named in the contract to be furnished at the option of the departmint at the lowest market prices. Bonds with approved security mint tie given by the person or person* contracting; and in the event oft lie refusal or neglect of the contractor to furnish any article or articles named in tin* contract, upon the order of the depart incut or any ol its bureaux, the samo may be purchased iu open market; and the dif ference between the pricj paid therefor and the cou tmat price shall be chanced to the contractor and de ducted in th? settlement of his account for the quar ter d urine which such refusal or neglect may occur. The subjoiii'jd list specifies as nearly as can now be iliiiie the aiuouut, quality, and description of each of the kinds of articles required: Item. Class I.?Paper. 1. 11 reams folio post. hoavy, satin or plain-fin ished, ni!'*d and trimmed, per ream 2. in r??anis folio post, li<ht, p!am, unruled, for of ficial seal, pur ream 3. 3H7 reams cap, white or bin*, ruled wide, me dium or close, and trimmed, por ream 4. 40 reams consular cap, white or blue, trimmed and ruled, per ream 5. 10 reams legal cap, white or blue, trimmed and ruled, per ream 6. 69i? reams quarto post, white or blue, ruled va rious widths, per ream 7. 80 reams quarto post, extra suporfine, thick cream-laid, ruled, per ream ? 8. 25 reams white vellum note paper, highly glazed, hard calendered, lined and Kilt, per ream 9. 15 reams Alhambra laid note paper, gilt edged, lined, per ream 10. 10 reams butrnote paper, lined, p?r ream 11. 15 reams flat cap, white or blue, unruled, per ream 12. 75 reams envelope, yellow or bull, royal, per ream 13. 17? reams large brown cnvelopo, per ream 14. !i5 reams pink blotting, per ream 15. 40dozen sheet* patent blotting, perdozen sheets lt>. 12 sheets drawing paper,antiquarian, per sheet 17. 12 sheets drawing p.aper4 dou:?!e elephant, per sheet 18. 25 sheets drawing paper, elophant. per sheet 19. 75 sheets drawing paper, royal, per sheet 20. 2"" sheets tracing paper, French, large size,per sheet 21. 3"> yards tracing cambric, per tnrd 22. 6,100 binders' l?oards, 6.'4 by liij? inches, per C. Item. Class A'o. 2.? Envelopes. 1. 49?.000 Adhesive envelopes, white, vellow, or buff, heavy, 8?* by 3*i inches, per M 2. 6,oun adhesive envelopes, white, heavy, 10J< bar 5 inches, per M 3. SC.'**) adhesive envelopes, white or yellow, hea vy, letter, C by 3M, per M 4. 5,Ouj adhesive envelopes, card, per M ft. 8,0(1 adhesive envelopes, note, per M. Item. Class No. 3.? Pens. 1. loo dozen cards Ferry's pens, and of other man ufacturers, assorted, per dozen cards 2. 1,ooo gross Ferry's, Gillott'n, or other good me tallic pens, per gross 5. fi.oui quiils. No. Bit, per M 4. 33 dozen gold pens, silver cases, and pencils, best quality, p?i dozen 5. St dozen gold pens, without cases, best quality, per dozen. Item. Class No. 4.? Pmrils. 1. 14 dozen ivory ever pointed pencils, larje or stnail, with leads, per dozen 2. 425 dozen Fal*?r's, or other good No. 1 to 4, or graduated, per dozen 3. 25 cases Faber's, &.c., poly grades, graduated, per case 4. G2dozen Faber's, Ac., red ami blue pencils, per dozen 5. 44 gross leads, liest quality, assorted, per gross. Class No.5.? Ink, Inkstands, Waftrs.anJ, Wax. Item. 1. 13 dozen Draper's large or small inkstanJs, per dozen 2. 8 dozen cast-iron double or single inkstands, per dozen 3. 200 dozen Maynard & Noyes ink, quarts, por dozen 4. 86dozen Maynard A- Noves ink, pints, perdozon 5. 2S dozen copying ink. quarts, per dozen 6. 5dozen best blue ink. quarts, pvr dozen 7. 3?dozen l>esi French carmine ink. oz., per dozen 8. 105 M seal wafers, best quality, rod, Nio. 3, for office s>*al per M 9. 100 pounds !>est red wafers, common size, per pound 10. 2?> pounds best extra super scarlet sealing wax, per pound. Class No.C.?Cutlery and Miscellaneous Articles. Item. 1. 40 dozen Rodgers'sor of her knives, four blades, buck or pearl handle. perdozon 2. 15 dozen Rodgors's ivory-handle erasers, per dozen 3. 10 dozen Rodgers's spring erasers, irory han dles, per dozen 4. f> dozen ivory wafer stamps, per dozen 5. 4 dozen office shears, extra, per dozen 6. 4 dozen othee scissors, p.jr dozen 7. Inn dozen silk tasie, iu hanks, per dozen H. dozen red tape, assorted, per dozen 9. 5 dozen paper weights, assorted, por dozen 10. pounds unprep tred India rubber. per pound 11. 5pounds prepared India rubber, per pound 12. 11)0 quarts l?est black sand, per quart 13. 20 pounds pounce, per pound 14. 1 dozen best Chinese India ink, per dozen 15. 2dozen camels' hair pencils, assorted, per dozen 1G. 2 dozen sable pencils, assorted, per dozen 17. 4 dozen Oslwrne'a or Newmtiu's iiest water col ors, per dozen 18. Son pounds lmen twine, per pound 19. 12iloz?n mahogany rulers, round or flat, in ches long, per dozen 2u. 6 dozen liguuinvitK rulers, round or flat, 30 in ches long, per dozen 21. 20 pounds best quality sponge, per pound 22. 40 pounds gum aral.ic, per pound 23. 10 dozen mucilage, lar^e-slze glass jars, with brush and metallic tops, per dozen 24. 10 dozen mucilage in earthen or glass jars, with out brush or tops, per dozen 25. 1^1 dozen pen-holders, assorted per dozen 2T.. 6 dozen wafer stands or boxes, cocoa, per dozen 27. 6 dozen sand boxes, per dozen 2H. !2dozen strong 9-ilcIi ivory folders, per dozen, may 8-dtJlB?9l VK1V THEOLOGICAL WORKS.?The Bible 1* and Astronomy, an exposition of the Biblical Cosmology and its relations to natural science, by John Henry Kurtz. D. D.. translated from the third and improved German edition, by T. D. Simonton, The I.if- of Rev. Michael Schalatter, with a full acoount of his travels and labors among the Germans in Pennsylvania, and including his services as chap lain in the French and Indian war, and in the war of the Revolution, 1716 to 1790, by Rev. II. Harbaiuh, A. M.. 41. The 1 wo Pilgrims, or The Israeliteand the Chris tian on the r Journey to the Eastlv and the Heavenly Canaan, by Rev. F. R. Anspach, A. M.. SI, Just published, and lor sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S, may 28 3t Bookstore, ne.tr 9th street. THK AMATKl'R'S GUIDE AND FLOWKIt Garden Directory, containing every essential detail for the successful cultivation of t ho flower garden : by John T. O. Clark. A practical work, in a clear and more available form than has as yet l>een neooinphshfed, on which the amateur can retr as a guide, being a depository of practical knowledge, Irom which lie may draw with benefit, and which, be ing Isist-d on practical experience, supplies what has long been wanted ?a concise and practical directory for the successful management of the flower-garden; to which is added the Vegetable Garden Mauual, containing practical directions lor the successful pro duction of ull vegetables usually cultivated for table use ; forming R reliable hand-book of reference, and embracing every requisite detail for the successful cultivation of the dower nud vegetable gardens. Price |l. Published and for sale by TAYLOR 8c MAURY, may 28 3t Penn. av.. near 9th st. C*OI.T'S NEW MODEL, WARNER'S AND ' Alien's Revolvers, Self Cocking Pistols, Al len's Single and Double Barrel Pistols, Powder Flasks.Shot Pouches, tiuu Nippers, Kaiurod Heads. Gun Worms, Kiev's, Walker s. Cox's, and G. D. Percusion Caps, Kley's and Baldwin's Gun Wad dune, Wad Cutter, and a good assortment of Gun Trimmings, for sale by K. K. Ll'NDY, ma* 8 Ni). 12H Brid/c street, Georgetown. NKW \UKK LKDGKR for Janebth?Contain ing Mrs. Soutli worth's new aud popular story, the isbtud Princess. ? mav 27 FF.R GUSON. 4fW 7th street. \KVl?K t'KKKACK, by ihe author of "The Heir of Redely tfe." This new book is for sale at Sill ISLINGTON'S B?*>k store. Life of Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Kyre. The Dog, by Frank Forrester. Chit-Chat of Huuy>r, Wit, and Anecdote. Woman's Love, a story of Woman * Heart. All the New Books, find everything m the Station ery and Newspaper line, for saleat SlIILI^NtiTON'S Bookstore, inav 2T< Oilmm Buildmr. oor 4*4 ?t. A Pa. ave. ATPRI VATKSA.LK?A rosewood case PIANO made by Stein, of Vienna, and nnporteJ,_nCT^ i some years ago, at theenstof ^4??, is in ex i cellent tune and go?Mi order, will l>e sold lor'l' * I it5?? on acoommotlating terms. Can be sean at Mr. MMTTF.ROTT'S Musical Depot, corner of lltfc street and Penn.avenne. ma? IG eo2w_ pORTW MONIKS AND CAR D CAftlSS at T may 28 MCLAUGHLINS. COgPOMTI0S AUCTION SALES. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. pHANCERV SALE OF REAL EST\TE ON V/ tmk Islakd.?By virtueof a decree of the Cir cult Court of the District of Columbia for Washing tonpounty. made m thecau*o wherein John Van His wiok 14 complainant, and Mary A. Ay tori, widow and administratrix,and Mary V. Aj ton, Adeline C. Av , ton.and others heirs at law of Richard Ayton, de ceased, are defendants, the subscriber win soil, at wblio motion, on TUESDAY, the at day of June. 1857, at 6 o clock p. m., on the premises. Lot No. 17, in | the subdivision of Square No. 455, fronting 24 feet on 8th street west, oetwaen south Dand E streets, by 94 feet deep to an alley jo feet 3 inches wide, with the improvements, which consist of a small one-story Frame Bui:dmg. J Terms: Oae-third, cash; the balance in6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, with security to be approved by the trustee. Upon i e .n payment ol the purchase money and interest the I rustee will convey the property to the purchaser in lee. IT the tarms of sale are not complied with in nve days alter the sale, the property will l>e resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. Ail conveyancing at the expense of

the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee. J. C. McGUIRE. Auct. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Three-story brick housf, with Baskmk.xt. inu Lor os I'enx. avknce. nf.ak HIE C APITOI., AT Auction.?On THURSDAY, the ^th oi June. 1 shall sell, in front of the premises, at 3 P"1,1 ?' Lot No. 3, in square No. 7jf. wrtn the improvements, which are a Rood three-stor* Ijrifk I 1<>Um?, with liasement and a uew brick stable. ' his P'oporty is handsomely situated on penn. ave nue. ol 2a t?et, running beck to A struct, between Is! streets oust, and near thu Capitol. terms : One-third cash ; Ualanca in six and twelve months, for notes boaring interest from day of sale. A ?l? d given and a deed of trust taken. 11tie indisputable. 5? in _Alg r k ' ? N ?A uct By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE fp rruvniiv'V1 ALLCTK.X.rOn Til I KSDA Y A r 1 LKMJUiN j J line 4th, at 6 o clock. on thf prern shall sell tnat wi.mil>,e and admirably situated l^?t lor a business stand, I>01111; Lot 2, 111 square JU4, fronting on J.nuinana avenue, between llth rind !2th streets. 1 his is one of the very few unimproved lots in this vicinity, and presents rare indue-ments to those wishing a capital and eligibly located lor business. It is moreover embraced within tlie grounds designated as the site of the new Centre .Market. Terms: One-third cash ; Iwdancc in 6, 12, and 13 months, with interest. ' "'*> ^ d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. rtESlKABLE DWELLING HOUSE AND t* Lot near the Navy \ ap.d.? In pursuance of an order from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, District of Columlua, couhrmed by fheCir cult Conrt. setting as a court of Chancery, the sub scriberwill sell.at public auction. onTI'ESl)AY A FTHKNOON, June 9th. att".'? o'clock, ou the pr?Hi!ses, north half of Lot No. fi. in sqmr* No ( save and excepting the most northern 3 f^et awl 4 inches of said lot in vaid square, which whs sold and conveyed by said Mary Keilv to one Thorn** Bavne.? beginning tor the lioumlaric* of the same a feet 4 in ches from the northwest corner of said lot. No 8 in square No. and running thence south along the line of Seventh street east, 21 feet, tlnnce east K# 11 oV?*1 to " alley, thence north alone said a :ey 21 feet, thence west U9 feet ami I inch to the I l ?cj of beginning.wifh the improvemeuts.coiiN;.?tin;: ol a neat *ud well built two-st.*y Fraino Dwelling House containing six rooms. I'erms : One-third cash; the residue in 6and .2 month*, lor notes with approved security, b-annf interest. b I >011 the payment of the purchase nionev and final ntihcation of the #ale, a deed will He execiifeci at the Cost ol the purchaser. 1 ZLBEDEKKIRWAN. Guard,an, '"^y 2* <1 JAS. C. McGI'IRE, Anot. FOE REIfT AND SALE. L^OX & VAN HOOK, Rkai. E?tati: Agent*. ? Seventh street, below E street, have lor sale a niiinlier ol Building Lots 24 feet front by I3ri leet deep, at the very low price of from >7,"> to M125 each-payable in small monthly inslalmeiii's <.f >jTper month. r These Lots are situated at Union Town, on the south side of the Anacostiariver,adjoinitig the Na vy -jard Bridge, and are in every way desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant, and healthy loca tion tor a dwelling. Lot-holders 111 arrears are requested to complete their purchase, and get their deeds; the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear lmm every possible incumbrance. may 25 3m A VAX HOOK. Reai. Estate A skxts, i 490^ Seventh street above D street, have for sale cheap acres ol LAND, wed improved, situated oil Seventh street, two miles fro*i tlie Centre Mar ket. Also, r"*i!y opposite. Oim acre* very highly im proved w 11ti modern buildnns. Also. 86.".ere* of unimproved LAND, seven miles from the city on th<* Seventh-street road. Also, seveitU desirable Lots of 5 to ii acres each, one half mile from the city. Also, a tine FA K M. with first-ola*s improvements in I mice \? 1 iiam couut>. Virginia. c>rit.Hiiiing ii.'i acres; one ol 7<i acres, one of 12n acres, and one of 14? acres, together with a number of FARMS and unimproved Lands in the adjoining count!-'* Also, a lareo variety of House* and iJuildme l^?ts in all parts of the city, some of which will 1^ sold very low. Capitalists, Trustees, "Widows, and others, hav ing money they wish satelv and profitably to invent will find at their olhce Trust notes and other un dollbtetl seeurities. which nan Ik? purchased, so 1;; to realize a clear interest of from 12 to 2n per cent, per annum. Persons having Farms, Houses, or other propert> they wish t<> sell, exchange, or otitain loans upon, or unimproved Land or Building I<otsthev wish to real ize an income from, will find it advantageous to con suit with them, as having an extensive acquaint ance and a long, active and successful experience as dealers in Real Estate, thev flatter themselves that any business they mav recommend or consummate, will prove alike satisfactory to their employers and creditable to themselves. may 25-2w FVP ^!'?r,aL '/r.1118. a new and desira 1 ble BRICK D\\ KLLING, ??n south side of north L ftreet, between 4th and jfli west, and a com iortabie I- R AML DWELLING, No. 434 on north side of north K street, between 6th and 7th west. Also, the square of GROUND No. 18*. containing 84,471 feet, at Sets, per l*?ot. Apply at No. 513 7th street. may 19 tf POLLARD WEBB. Agent. I^OR SALE?At a Imrgain. anu oil very easy I terms, a TRACT OF LAND, suitable for "a dairy larin. or other purposes, and within 3 miles of W ashington city. For particulars app!> at No. 512 Ud story > 7th street. ?ia> '6 tf POLLARD WEBB. PARENT. The HOI SEonG street, hetwoen ? W'd??in.,rcets. First Ward, formerly occu pied fry Lieut. Harrison. It is nearly new, well fin ished, and has all the modern improvements, with Carriage-house andI Stable, servant's room aU.ve. Apply to \V M. BROW N. next door . may !3-rf 1^'!!^ SALE. My R ESI DENCE on the corner of II n rw :'c'r8PV and C stroet south, Capitol Hi,I, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, nnd 011 4irJ.r,e" "U r !,fei:t 11 '"Ches.and containing nearly 3i,mm square feet. ?nay 8-ti' \V. F. PHILLIPS. R,R new and desirable , DWELLING HOUSE, together with a Lot Adjoining it on the south, and richly set with sliritlHier)', fruit t reet, vines, flowers, Sc c., situated 011 the nortiieaat corner of 4th Htreet weat and M ?t. nor'li. and in a rapidly improving part of the citv. I he view is commanding, and has made the location very desirable. Price, ?2.31*1: one-thud 111 cash, the Italsnce in two years with interest. Also lor sale, a large and convenient Bnek Dwell ing. No. 457, and situated on the west side of loth 2.o0?.'l>tftwce", L and F streets north. Apply at No 512(2.1 story nth street. POLLARD \V EH B, "'Hv fi 'f Real Estate Agent. F(RI ^N)K\Vr ^T'-TH^ HESIRABLE I lr .VK V"lhe cI?rner of F R,,lJ St*., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout and furnace. The stable will L solH or rented with li? *i'hUVU r!f?'| .' ,U 1 ,he hoU8e stands on llnd .WJfiSd!* purchaser car. have more Also, for Sale-The LOT OF GROUND on the Oorner of I- and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19'h near apMf pp!y toCHLUB BROTHERS. ' A VALUALE FARM FOR SALE 5ISV *cre? r\ ?f I'HKl FARMING LAND, situated 111 the Lojinty ol h anquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria antl Orange Railroad, a lew yards from Warrenton Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and ouly two hoi" travel from the cities of \\ ashington and Alexandria. The Farm is 1.1 a high state of cult.vajion, and is abundantly sup plied with water and tirnl?er.and has much excellent meadow laud. Churches, Mills, and gor* neighhT.ra witlim a short distance. For further n/forniHi .. apply to J A M ES MOR RO W\ Esq.. uu H10 place or to the subscriber at his broker's Od.ce n?? Brown's Hotel, Washington City. * u " mar24 ROBERT MORROW. f"Vi>R^AI-K.A HARM, oontaining l??i , 'ami, nioro or less, situated iiunirJiately upon the \\ ashington and Brook villeTuriipike,a!iont 12 miles Irom Washington, together with stock e. - sisting of au hPMt of Hogs. Cows, Heifers. Horse* \\ agon, Hay, Carriage, Harness, Plows, Harrows' and Farming 1 tensils generally, the (^rop m the' ground, Straw. Hay Ac. It 1* well watered. h?v n a spni.g 111 evety |,?ld. An unlailmg stream ol water run* through the premise*. There is h go,!d (Vame dwelling house and out-houses necessar* to Pirin mg purposes. Ttsere is also an Orchard on the place al?out one third of the land 1* iu timber, ?^?k, hickory \ oK,iiDl.'U)er,nforTnltion inquire of BENJAMIN BOHRKR, oornar of Wea l and Mortjrr.mi;/- , GEO. W. lioHRKR. cor. of^ Georgetown, D. C.,orof Mr. HARP, ou thepTem ; ap a-tf W 'f?h?lade|ph'a''gT A^s'**.u0*6*i ^a'tiniore and ap3-TAF2m J* R, MoUREUOR, 534 7th at. Dentistry, &c. Dentistry. DR. STEPHEN BAfl.V, Off letI Nu. ISM PkNXS1LVA> * A AVEXUI, Three doors from Mtk 5#r>*r. Dr. DAILY bees leave to inform the public thai he can be n>en at nil hours,at his office. located a* above. li? f?e?s as* u red that an ex sen,nee of fifteen vears' practice, with the large numberof patients,and great variety of difficult canes that he has treated sneoess luuy, wiil enable turn to surmount aiir difficulty, ?cieritific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of man* inen eminent in the profession. and especially Drs. Darns and J. and K. Parinly, has led him. long since, todts card all mercurial preparations lor hiiing Teeth,also all Eitamels, (iutta Percha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the oonatiuction of Continuous CJuni reeth, and that Porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the ?nly reliable substance that can t>e worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Althongh he Matters himself from hi* long resi dence and practice in Washington. he is favoraWy known to his numerous friends and patrons, fie bets leave to refer them to the following 0 ... , TESTIMONIALS. From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of *his citr. Dr. Stephen Daily: Dear Sir?I desire to express my efeteem for you personally, and my confidence m >ou as a superior dentist. The operations executed F>r me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you mar receive the patronage from nif friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. ... . Yours very truly, Washington.Aug.2G, 1&*. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. r, . . Doizs, Cotman 4 Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Daily. Surgeon Den cist, of \\ aiiliincton ciiy, to execute for 1110 an im portant .iiid difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that "tie of the most distinguished menders of the Dental t.ollege of Dart 1 more, failed, after refeattd trials, to perform the same work satisfaetorHy. it gives me great pleasure to express m? entire oonfidnitce hizh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. Ui, IHSt. IIAR.MANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the latd Hon. John Al. Clayton. . , Y- Skxate, Aug. 19,1856. I he teeth yon made for me work admirably : noth ing could be bolter. Very gratefully. JOHN M. CLAYTON. T? *hose *h*t seek relief from the maladies of the teeth. I can cheerfully rcconimend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of porcelian teeth for one or my familv.and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has nil stood w?*| formorethan ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON. 1 1 r/ 'he \ a. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19,1836. . e, the undersigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the profession*! skill of Dr. S. Bailr, f?urgevn Den'ist of this city, or tiavmr been cogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skid, as wi it a* of t i?e uniformly sat is factory manner 111 Which he performs the most delicate and d.fficult operations 111 Dental Surgery.and we respectful!* re commend him to the confidence and patronage of the V ?? ?. ? My'l v 1 * * Asiifii^i im, i, Joe. fl. Bbadlky. of Washington, D. C. George W altox. Ex-<?overnor of Florida. J> altkk L K No x, Ex-Mat or of Washington. Hfvrt Baldwin, |\ s. Patent Office. _ O-C?icuT, Principal Rittenhouse Aoademv. Irti' 2*' t? r\K. VILLARD. DENTIST, LATE OF CHI 1 fA?o,would respectfully inform the cit- ^ jlv lzcns of the District and vicinity, that linv-JHfcr in? locate.! himself in Washington, he is now prepared to perform all operations in hia profes sion, in the most approved style. Office, No. ayi, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier's. ia?i i5l J v rJ^HL IMPROVED SETS OF TEKThT ...L>K- LOOM IS, the inventor and r?*tentee of Loumis Mineral hlnte Tetth," 1 "i i M success! n !y mlr<?luced his improvement u.IjJ various cities, has now periuaaenrly estab s< lishe.1 himself in Washington. I his improvement tor Sets of Teeth consists chief LT ln*sin< a set of but one piece of material, and thai indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, ai.d they are therefore free from guvanic action and inefw,c ta?!e. There are no Hunts to fiecome filled with moisture or r*"tic'8s of locu, hence they ere pyre an t rltan. They are .7 str.'?n?,"r' 1,>s', clumsy far more duial le. snd natural ,u their appearance. 1 w.ll *ive n reward of One I housand iKillars toaay one ? no will uroduoe a similar work of art to equal mine in purit), beauty, (luraliili!), artistic exoellence or any other requisite <1 ii a 111 y ? All work responsibly warranted. avenue, between I lth aud 12tto afreets. ||U. C. S. GOODMAN. f, SL'KORny HFXTrST.nnA V AXCFAfTrRKH of Artificial Ti-ktw His complete arrangements enabling him t..V^^5 present the following reasonable prices; ^7JJlP Entire I pper Sett Teeth, on r.Jd ^.gs-toSu .. ?? do on Silver 12 to One <#r iiiure, on (jold 9t.? & do on silver . . .* i 3 I iHmg, Extracting. Removinr Tarter; al?o. Re pairing at th<? same r-asonabIn rates. All operations executed in sueh a manner as to give every aatisfac turn. Otfioe comer 8th street and avenue. ap 3 {M.OCKS! CLOCKS*! ?? r,n| rt orif*"'^ R^*aV,t "ia!!> D, w ??'?Wi i.l.Ot KS. Qoaa 1 imepicces, warranted, it iW K o iT ] > I ? ^AIso.C^OCK MATEKIALS.suehas (),!.,I Cords, nails, Keys, \V eights, Ghssei?. IIivhIk Springs, 4c., at j. ROBINSON ^ urnHt Clock Kmpftriuui. S41) uppovit? SPMia Rriiviia' H'?>?). J^AI.'I IMORKCITV MALT BOU8B. MALT F(?R SALE.?The undersigned having recently purchased the CITY .MALT HOl Sh? corner of West Fans avenue and Block street' would announce to Ins friends and the pnbtic, that he \?1V 'r*fW 1U > ".Pewt?ou. with a larse supply of MALT for sale on liberal terms. pp * mv6-3m FRANCIS DKNMEAD. N(TOOhi~I^KT< K ~i' llH,veV"wof tho??ch"ap } lOII-l-i FS on hand, wincii I rrmiSV-?^- Tl Also J^C) n. . r I ^ 01 :;"r ??^ASS W A RE, tnatSiW must l>e sold preparatory to a change in my husiness All that want to bay cheap, please ^Tat r'i'J??ii>e,Wemi!,th'i,ltl mh ??reets. Penn. avenue reb n-6m JOHN' MoOKVITT H1; PONT'S (JFN P<) WDER. ..u t h^iriHvo^ai'o" P"..... w,.,,.t. a r W AI.Br.RT KING. A^onf for the District ?>f Columhin, may 12 tf (Intel.A: States I litwwlwm.'fffc. J\JAY PARTIES ANDBALL& o.!?(i,frF,iEf ^iJlnd WATER ICES of the I>est quality and of all flavors furnished to \T*y Parties LxcnrsioniNts, Pic Nics, Hotels, and Families at the low price of Sl.5" per gallon. ? ?" aninies, at variely of PLAIN and FANCV PHM ADFlVlTl rWQ-rr?ui?ta,ltl,r 00/?hand Kt ?i,e ",A s^ORh, corner of 12th and F l\_ may 2Jm* JNTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LO AX on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, Opposite the Treasury. THE HOUSE OF CHlBB BROTHERS. Washington, is composed of CHAS. St. J.CHI BB, JOHN D. MARROW. THE HOUSE OF HENRV HOLMES. CHl BB BROTHER, BARROW 4 CO.. Davkxpokt, Iowa, is oompoaed of CHAS. St. J. CHLBB M. Life of Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane F\ re Adam (iratine of Massgray. bv the author of 7aidee Ii ?rs, by the author of Amy Herln*rl Scandal, by Mr*. Beck ford rbe Border Rover, by Emerson Bennett Miss Leslie s New Cookery Bi*.k Magdalen Hepburn. b> the author ofZaidee tosh "* the Crown, by Miss Mcln The Doomed Ship, or the Wreck of the Arctic Re Ch:.u7vV;,:;t,;iCon,',,ete *'?*,. 1,1^ ^,t,on. for sale at""' " sH?| LrT^G^ON^^u^'CIJf^ ,,lle, may,9 Odeo? R derT/^d1 Au 1 -1 ^HMENT.-The un Dealers t? ?t h i I ofuiforming Liuuor T \ BI liit u r v*f bfte<1 ?P R EOT^ I\<i ES t,,' ,' j' LVi lt' 1,1 city, and is now piepared ?"'pply all those who may favor him with their has 011 hand a large stock of Brandies ? in, \a int s. and Old Wiuskey s, which he can sell ?i as low a hgure as thev can i?e purchased forei fif 'o HsLtl'nor? or Phifadelolna. J\\ B. The snbscrilter has also on hand a large lot Of roreiguaod Domes 110 Cigars. PETER FAGAN. ?an l4-?m* V??. a* f./wt??>ana nr.#, near l.,h at PERF1 MKliv AND ToFf.ET <ioo"|)S at may 1-a Mel.Al ?;Hi.lN S. WELLLl.NG OFF ^ RICH BAREGE ROBES at greatly reduced prices. _a ?> FRANCE A. McGEE, ma, 3?-eo?w 244 Pa. av.. bet. 12Th add 13th sts. PIAMJS FOR RENT AT JOHN F. ELLIS'? b#lMr#en Wh and ltith ati, may 7 THE WEE_KLY StAR. This eioellent Family end News Joeraei?oon teimac a greater variety of interesting reeding than OU it* found 111 any other?la published on S?t?r??y ?fit. ? . mm. _ _ Single copy, per an nam .....?! S _ TO CLVM. FiTe oopiaa * <? Ten CufiN ? ..... ? ?? -Twenty copies ...... 1* 0$ C^Case, i>variably in apvaic*. Bv suhscrib.ug m eiube raised among neighbors without the intervention of a mail aaent, m will be P?roeived, twenty per ?ent. of th? n'mil Stae li I* invariably contains the " Wash ington News" that has made the Daily Stab otrca **'* *' iw*r*ll? throughout the country. lL/~Sirwle copies < in wrappers)can be eroeeradat toe counter, immediately after tbe issue ol the Paper? Pnoe?Tua&c Cextb. Postmasters wiiy act aa amenta will be allowed a commission of twenty per oaut. Summer Retreati, Ac. ^yillTK HOUSE PAVILION. The und wigned nuoctfiiUr informs his friends and the pubfic reneratly. that ho ha* 'eased the WHITE HOUSE I'AVIMO.N for the wtit-re he will aiw**s t? abie to furnish tbeui** with-the (.est LIQUORS. EWB1.M. CIUARS. Ac., that the market atfords, at \\ astnngton prioea Ominutr and I**i?hitis Parties *'ill l>e provided for day or night. .\. U ? Fishing Tackle and Boats tot* proeeredat the Pavilion. _ . may ?>-3w B. 8CHAI). HYGEIA HOTEL. ~ UI.O POINT COMFORT, VA. This moat dehghfftil Summer resort?the M brigh* par icuiir .ooaii'y of all the annny South" ? A . A la iww the role property of the uiidrr flVKT sitned, and will lie opened .?n the 1st ofii^LL June uexi.and each successive June fol*'?iii?. I engage to make ir to the seekers for health, recrea lion, gaiety uml good living. supremely attractive. For ht>aith, no mountain retreat oan tie aaler at mmf ???-<)? fif tk' ytar. It i* aa exempt from disease in Aukuat and Sept?-mlter and Octotwr aa in April. May ? ?r June. Indeed the brat three are infinitely the most pieasan* ?>f theaeaaon. The weather is milder, the sea brueee balmier, and the limine* of the aalt water are to l>e had of bner quality a:ui in greater profusion. There ta no more inviting a pot on the wiiole Atlantic senimard. It is atrictiy true of it what the poet batii aaiJ ; '* Oh ! if there be au Ely mum on earth, it ta tins, it isthn!" Dr*. Archer. Jarvia. and other arrm Mireeons at the p? ?at. 11 on. i> r. Fraiicia Ma! lory, t)ra. Sumpe, Sitnkins, Sheild Hope, and \>tighan.aod indited the whole iiK'dicril Faculty rrsident in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, a!! certify that they " kort a^rer knotrn a raxt mf billion > er octc omit frf- r to ort imate tkrrt, and tint at mil trmson* ti la ra* "tfthi* st spot oh thf fnrr thr *nrth." (See their c?rtiboate?> in l>e bow's Review, Sontbern Planter, and American Farmer.) mav 22-<Wa A law2m JttS. Sl!G Alt, Proprietor. i S' ^KA MA r111 N<J. ClIKSAPKAKE IIAI.Ii, Ha*pto*, V'a. This "SUMM KK R KTR K AT. " only i milaa frop Old Point. wi!llt>? re-opened on the firat of A June, when the proprietor will b? l appv tol^ ???? I ;.is fr: -iiiia a ;i< ::.n* wish t.. ei jni SALT \VATKR MA"1*11 IXO,aud tt e^^i^a of the Srtal?oard. The Hall haa lieen muob imarov e l aad lienutitied, and ample preparations made fi?r tb? c?mfort at.d pleasure of all who may visit thia delightful resort. lioata, Fiahiiuc Tickle, Pleasure Carnages,&c.? always in readiness tooontribute to the eniormert of guests. R. ti. BANKS, may 19-lm Pianos, &c. pi A NO PORTE INSTRUCTION* Mr. W. II. PALMER continues to add new mew bers to his classes. Apply to Mr. PAI. MKR. at his Koona over Farnham't. Bookstore. Tuesday. Wednesday, Fri-? day. and Saturday. Iietweei. 2 aud 6 p. la. Ternin i?5per quarter. aa tS-tf_ VroCAL MUSIC.?Mrs. FRANKLIN, Teacher of Music, having vacant hours for a few iuor? Seii?,!ars, re?;uests iliose lvidies a ho are desmna of being perfected ta Mallau Mngmg.or Opera Music, to fhvor her with sn eaily ai/piication. Trniis mada known at her resulenoe. 4>5 K street, between Mh ami b'th. and at the Music Stores of Mr. Llavis, ai.<l Me'xer.ti t. ap g-%n i ?oLH MEDAL PREMIUM PIASO FfJKTES. WILLIAM KNAHF, (Senior partner id the late firm of Knabe, <>aeule A Co., Contimee the manufacture and sale of gT*nd and aaaara 1'1A\(? FORl'ES, upderthe nunc, or WPliam Ki.al.e ft C<>., at theo.il stand.I Nus. I, J, S and 7 North I'.iittw street op p.Mite the llutaw House, Baltimore. The* havea ?n just opened a new Sales Room at No liaitimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McOaffery ?? a music atom, where they will keep exultantly on hand a large nsaoi tnient of p.aia and hichly finished grand and square Piano Forte* also. Meloleons. from the t??st uiakeis. from 4 to % ? tctave. some with double key -fioards, double reeds* an ! sr<>p? to suit small chuichea. Iteing ex teu"ivel) encaged in the man n fact are o 1 Pmnos, w>- will eeh wh<>ie*aieand retail, on the moat liberal teinu. Our Pianoa were awarded the highest premium (gold medal'at the Tairs of the Maryland Institute two successive > eara?t>ctoher, ItAV, snd l3At?? in op Msitma to fourteen and eivhteen pianoe trom aoiti* of the liet-t maker* from New York, Boston and Ba. tuuore. W e were alMiarvarded lite tirst premium at the lr.dn?tria! Fxhibition held in Richmond, Vir Kiiiia, iui6 and l8o?i. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver me.lal > at the Metro politan Nlechanics* Fair for lnW. In addition to this we are in poatmeion of teatimo niaU I mm the moat distinguished prolessots and amateurs in the country, which can be teen at our waierootns, speaking for themselves and others of the hirh appreciation in which our instiunients axa ever* where held. All instruments are gusranteed for five veers, and a priviWe of i-achange is granted w.thin the brat six 111 'tilths from the day of safe if the instrument* do uot give eutire aatislaction. Wholesale dealers Will tind it to their advantage to cive u> a ca.l liebtre pin cnasmg. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar !6-ly WM. KNABE A CO. ICE. I J. MlllDLETON, I j. ICE DEALFK. Ortieeand Depot? Southweet corner of F and 1?th Streets. Waahinition. ap ll-tf ICE! ICEI! ICE!!!?The undersigned respectful* L ly inform his friends and the publicgeneraiiy, that he is i'<iw rre|?ared to furnish families and other-) through t tie season! with the Itest qua'.** mf l( E, delivered in any part of WashiaKtou anJ Geoige town, and guarantees to eive entire satisfactntn. Orders to be left with Ki:>wki.l A l.tiniut, oornei 14th street and Pennsylvania nveuue- t?Ko. F. Kinwri.i. A Co., 14th street; J. B. Moore I)rug tf'.st, Penna. avenue. Itetween l!?th and a>th street* : it t.u ^kSikti. New Yorkavenue, between H*th and 11th streets; Koht. A. Pavm. Oruagist, oorner 4th and Mass. avenue; and with the aubscrifier. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where ice can be uad at all times. ap 7-tf T. N. K1 DWELL. ICL?ICF?ICE.?For sale to ton* of I PURE ICEat the Hockley Mill, near the Relay Howe.on the Wlabsgtss Retimed. It can l?e aer.t in cars eitliT to Baltimore or Waahmcton. Apply to ROBT. C. WRIGHT, Patterson at. ap2S-2m Baltimore. YEW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. The snl>?crilter has just received the following fresh assortment cf floods: l.aver Raisins, (r^fh soft-shell Almonds, Nantt Currants, Schie?lani S hnapos in aqiiare ouart flasks a?d aUmejuga; Braediea, \\"irtes. and l.iquora. of superior qualities,assorted flavorings ; Yeast Pow d? rs; Sperm, Aibunantine, and Tailow Candles: Mrown Soapi!, M .coarom*. Yerinaoelii, soeuted Soaps ; Scotch. Macabov, American Gentleman, French Rappee, and Mrs. Miller's Snuffs : Corn Starch. Olive Oil, Oarroway Seed, Root Ginger, F.ngliaii Mustard. American do.; Pepper Sauoe. ap 3h-tf National Hotel. i2TOCK IN THE OLD DOMINION COAL > COMPANY. KANAWA COUS'TY, VA. Subscription* will l>e received at the Bankinc House of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stocS of the attove compan*. U?in? three hundred share*. The capital slock is (dollars.? of whieh Sn.one has lieen sul*scnlted. The mines are now prepared for active operatious. and 6 per oent. in terest will be guaranteed upon the stock now offered for aaie. by the original stockholders, for the period of two years. Particulars in retard tn the stock, nnd its pro*r^J?f will be made known tipon application to chi BB BROTHERS. ian 1*7 |\ p. DANDKIPQB. Asent. Home-made carriages. _ We haw on hand, of our own mawnfactnre, e hue assortment of all kinds CA RRI /? AG MS of the very l^s'. .ate.t. and most\ approved styles,and warranted iu point of Workmanship nnd material, to I* equal toanyuiad* in the city of Washington or any other city in tb? United *?*ates We respectfully solicit a ca.l from t lie citizeua aiid stransers to examine our work ; a? we are determined to let none surpass us either in qua'it* of work or in low pnejj.. ,divr _ > We ill so do every kind of R f.PA IRING m a woii 11,a 1111 ke mantr.-r, and at reasonable puoes. Old Carriages taken in tart meot lor new and St a fair price. SIMON |- L? N.N t CO. inay^ l^-Ctn ti' D. EICHLER, W . A'e. ?.r, SEVENTH STR EET+ betweon Dwrid E streets west side, PR AC- JN, T1CAL WATCHMAKER, keeps con-'antly on hand a fine assortment of WATCHES an.(A?-?f JFWis!H V. _ as tn in!^^ RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale et the CITY M \I.T HOUSE, corner of West Falle avenue and MU>ck street, Baltimore, Md. may 6-ly Mantels, NEw ANV BEAUTIFUL STYLE. manufactured froin Slate Stone, bj the West Castle ti*n Siete^Company, Vt. These Mantels are eiiamel snd desirable MARBLES. The imitations ere ?o perfect that the* challenge the elosest scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain th^ir beauty much longer than n^rhle ; are ik* iniurafl nv ?moke, ooal gas. or ac?ds, end see tie aold mnon cheaper than any others m market. Pnoe rang in? from f!2S to 9]2. , ^ . A robiteets, Beilders. and others are invited to <*1 and examine samples at No. Mt Seventh street, % doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, up ''??rs. sept IX?If T. M. HANSON, Agent,