23 Temmuz 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Temmuz 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cofmr af Pt*nsvlv<*i4 avenue, and 11(4 Strttl, Bt w d. w all ach, and ia a?ved to aukacrthcrs try camera at SI x AND A mARTtR CENTS, w?We weekly to he Acmta; papers served 111 packages at 37% centa p?r m'>nih. To mail auf-acriberetheauhacription prices THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year ??* adtanrt, TWO DOLLARS for cut months, and ON E DOLLAR for three months; for l?*s than three moot ha at the rate of 12K oenta a rrSINCLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1857. , THE MAD DOG. [Froin '? Dink*. May hew and Hutchinson on ? ne Dog," edited by Frank Forester.] The dog i? naturally the most nervous of all the dumb tribe. His intense affection, his nat ural jealousy, hia method of attack, the blind ness of his rage. an<I his insensibility to conse quences, all bespeak a creature whose nervous ?jsteui is developed to tho highest possible de gree. I myself once had a little cur, who, as I was reading, would enter the apartment, jump upon my kuee. uttering a low whimper all the time, creep along my waistcoat, rub his little body against my head and face, lick tho hand lifted up to return his caresses. and then seam ier off, and perhaps not come near me again the whole of that aftcrn-on. What was this but an affectionate impulse seeking a nervous development ? The way to uianago an animal of this description is, to respect his evident cx citability. The instant a dog appears to be get ting excited, there shuul 1 be a sign given, com manding a stop to !>e put to all further proceed ings. If the respect of the animal be habitual, the person who mildly enforces it may enter a ru<-in, where the same d<>g is in a rabid state and come forth unscathed. I have hitherto been among dog?, an 1 never* thelcss. have almost escaped being bitten. The reason is. that I understand and resist the in nate nervousness of the animal. When I go into a room, if there be a doj? there and he growl. I speak kindly to him. and theu seat myself, and bestow on him nono of my attention for some time. My request to his master or mis tress is, that he or she will not check or stop the symptoms of his wrath, but allow him to vent his rage until he is ashamed of it, and from a teeling of remorse is sileut. When this takes place, and a sufficient time hag passed to con firm him in the new method into which ho has recently entered, I approach him with my hand extended and open ; ?his I bring near to him by degree*, avoiding all sudden movements or any thing that may provoke his natural disposition. Generally ho crouches, then I speak to him in tones of encouragement. If ho displays his warlike propensity, I still bring the hand nearer and nearer to hiui. telling hiui to bite it if ho please, if he is not ashamed to injure that which means to do him good. Then, perhaps, he will make a snap at my extended hand, which is not upon this with drawn. or the jaws would close with nervous violence, but allowed to remain, and the teeth to touch tho skin without wounding it. I allow him to hold the hand fur any length of time he please?, telling him he would lose his character if he were to harm it. That he is a courageous dog, and mean- no hurt; he w.juld be a?hamcd to bite." And with this kind of speech, which the anin.al may not literally understand, but the sense and purpose of which he nevertheless appears to understand. I seldom fail of getting my hand safe and sound from thecreature s jaws. After that I may pat him for an intimacy ha* begun He allows mo to drag him forth. take him on my knees, and permits me any liberty I plca?o to take. I do not uttribute my e. cane to any charms that I possess; but account for it simply by knowing and respecting the natu ral temperament of the beast. This natural respect lor the feelings of a most affectionate creature, with such a power of ob servation oj will enable the individual to rec ? ?gnizo tho prc.-cnco of lamentablo sickness in an animal that has with truth been called ''the companion of the house," shall at ull time3 en able the uneducated in such matters to recog nise a mad dog. and, unlessluck bodead against the individual, save him from being bitten. It is no plea, urc to a dog to go mad. Quite tho reverse Dreadful as hydrophobia may be ti> the human being, rabies is worse to the dog. If makes its approach more gradually. It lasts longer and is more intense while it endures. The dog that is going mad. feels unwell for a l"ng timo prior to tho full development of the disease lie is ?.?rv ill, bat he does not know what ails him. Ilo feels nasty; dissatisfied with every thing; vexed without a reason; and, greatly against his Ivttcr nature, very snappish. Feeling thus, he longs to avoid all annoyance by being alone. This makes him seem strange to those who are most accustomed to him The sensation induces him to seek solitude. Hut there is another reason which decides his choice of a resting place. Tho light inflicts upon him the most intense agony. 'The sun is i" him an instrument of torture, which he therefore studies to avoid, for his brain aches and leuls as if it were a trembling jelly. This induces the j?our bru:o to ?:id out the holes and corners where he is least likely to be noticed, und into which tho light is unable to enter. In solitude ami darkness he passes the day. If l:is retreat is discovered and the master's voice bids him to come forth, the affectionate crea ture's countenance brightens, hu tail beats the gr>und. and he leaves his hiding-place, anxious 10 obey the loved authority ; but before he has g ?ue halt the distance a kind of sensation comes over him, which produces an instantaneous change in his wh<?lo uppearancc. He seems to .'ay t?> himself. ?? Why can't you let me alone ? Go away. Do go away. You trouble, you pain me. An I thereon he suddenly turns and darts back into his dark corner. If let alone, there he will remain; perhaps frothing a. little at the m >uth, and drinking a great deal of water, but not i*uing from his hiding place to -*cek after f-*->d His apjnstites are altered ; hair, straw, dirt, filth, excrement, rags, tin shavings, stones, the most noisome and unnatu ral substances are then the delicacies for which the j-oor d"g. changed by disease, longs for and swallows, in hope to case a burning stomach lie is now altogether changed. Still he docs not desire to bit<- mankind : he rather endeavors to avoid society; he takes long journcyiof thir ty or forty miles in extent, an l lengthened by al! kinds of accidents, to vent his restless desiie for inotion When on these journeys he docs n ?t walk. Ttiis would be t??o formal and meas ure t a paje tor an animal whose whole frame quivers with excitement. Ho docs not run. 1 bat would bo too great an excrtiou for an ani mal who-c l>?ly is the al*>de of a deadly sick ness ||<' proceeds in a slouching manner, in a kind of trot ; a movement neither a run or walk, and h's a-pect is dejected. His eyes do cot glare and stare, but ttiey are dull and re tracted. His appearance is very charactcristie, and if once seen can never afterwards bo mis taken In this state ho will travel the most dusty roals. his u>n^uc hanging dry from bis open mouth, from which however, there drops no foam. lli' c 'ur >cn .t .-traight How could it be. onco it h doubtful whether at this pcri'xl he sves at all' His desire i< to journey unnoticed. It no oiiu notices him hu gladly passes by them Ho is very ill. He cannot stay to bite, it. n?*i erthcle anything opposes his progress, ne will, by iuipulae. cRap?.ij a man lu a simi lar state might striko?and tell the person to get out of the way II?? may take his road across a field ill which there i< a tlock of sheep. Could the*e creatures only niako room tor him, and i *tand motionless, the dog would pass on and leave them behind uninjured. Lut they begin t > run. and at the sound the dog3 pricks up. His entire aspect changes Uagc takes posses sion ol him What ma le that noise' lie pur sues it with all the energy of madnc**'. Ho flics "t one. then at another He does not mangle. ; n >r b his b?te. simply considered, terrible. He ? annot pause to tear the creature lie has caught. ? He snaps and then rushes onward, till, fairly j t xhauste l und unable longer to follow, he sinks 1 "? >wn. and the sheep pass forward to bo no more ' molested. He may have bitten twenty or thirty ' in his mi 1 onslaught, and would have worried 1 inoro had his strength lasted, for tho furor of 1 maine^j then had |>osocsMon of him lie may bo slain while on these excursions; but if he eica|>cs he returns h-mie and ?eeks the darkness and quiet of his f rmer abode. His , thirst increases, but with it conies the swelling of tho throat. He will i.iungo his head into ?ne water, so ravenous is his desire; but not a dron of the liquid can he swallow, though its ! surface is covered with bubbles in couaequenee of the eB jrt he makes to gulp the smallest quan tity The throat is enlarged t? that extent which will permit nothing to pass. He is the victim of the most horrible inflammation of the stomach, and the most intense inflammation of the bowels. His state of suffering is most pitiable. Ho has lo3t all self-reliance; even feeling is gone. He flie3 at and pulls to pieccs anything that is within his reach Ono animal in this condition, being confined near a (ire. flew at the burning mas?, pulled out the live coal?, and in hi* tury scrunched them. lie emits the most hideous cries. The noise he makes is incessant and pe culiar. It begins a3 a bark, which sound, being too torturing to be continaed. is quickly changed to a howl, which is suddenly cut short in tho middle; and so the poor wretch ut last falls, fairly worn out by this terrible disease. List of Patents.?Tho following is the list of Patents issued from tho United States Patent Oflicc. for tho week ending July 21.1357?each bearing that date : L K. Barrett, for Improvement in inking roll ers for printing prc??e? Abram Bartholf. of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in feed motion for sewing machines. Thos. Bell, of New York. N Y.?For improved arrangement of camels for mixing sunken vessels. Patented in Kngland, April 16, l^jO. Galuslia J. Bundy, of Lyndon, Vt.?For im provement In machines for planting potatoes. Thos. B. Butler, of Norwalk, Conn.?For im provement in machines for manufacturing felt cloth. Wm. II Ferry, jr., of Ferrysburg, Mich ? For improved sawing inill. Laurent Gainotis and Sabln Martin, of New Or leans. La?For Improved apparatus for making acid sulphate of lime. James B. Glascock, of Fancy Creek, 111?For Improvement la rotating harrows. G. D. Hi worth, of Mechanlcsburgh, 111.?For Improvement In corn harvesters. Jonathan Hall, of Worcester, Mass.?For im provement In feed rollers of planing machines,&c. John M. Hartnctt, of Waukegan, 111?For nr rangemcnt of means for regulating the Are of coal burning locomotives. Abraham llo.igl uul. of Jersey City, N. J-?For improvement in tension apparatus for sewing machines. Geo. H. lloagland. of port Jervis, N. Y.?For Improvement In signal or alarm liells. Ceo. C. Howard,of Hardwick, Mass ?For im provement in shovel, spade, or dung-fork handles. (j. Ileury llulskainp, of Troy, N. V ?For me tallic bridge lor piano fortes. LI more Johnson, of Winchester, Mass?For improvement in hog troughs. Franklin B. Kendall, of Bath. Me.?For im p.ovcd sawing mill. Normau A. Lewis, of Glen's Falls, N. Y.? For impi ovement in corn planters. George M. Long acre, of New Orleans, La ? For Improvement in bagasse furnace:). Charles G. Page. of Washington, D C?For improvement in cylindrical door bolls George B. Phillips, of Albany, N. Y.?For im proved hand wrench. Wellington Pio?ser, of Kendall, N Y ?For improvement in railroad-car couplings Alexander Rlckart, of Schoharie, N Y.?For improved method of turning carriage hubs Nathan fcholbeld. of Norwich, Conn ?Fo: improveinenl in governor for water, steam, and other power. Solomon Shelter, of Allegheny, Pa.?For im provement In garden hoes. Thomas K. Shannon, of Woodville. Miss.?For improvement iu cotton and cane cultivators. Jonathan L.Sullivan, of Lexington. N C.?For improvement In straw cutters. J no. B. Wands, of Chicago, III?For improve ment in rootlnir?omposltlons. Juo. Woodville, of Chillicothe, O.?For im provement iu means for stopping shot holes in vessels. Wm Zimmerman, of Qutncy, lil?For im provement in crain separators. James R. Floyd, of New York, N. Y , assignor to Theodore C. Kibl>e, of same place.?For im provement in retort covers. Wm. S. Gale, of New York, N. Y . assignor to Piter roll Ion. of same place.?For means for ren dering steam joints tight. Jos llenlings, of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to W. II Lawson, B. M. Heiilings, and Jos. Hcu lings, of same place?For improvement in ma chines for digging potatoes. J. Heilmaii, of New York, N Y , assignot to Ignatius Sturn. of same place.?For improvement la diaper pins. Henry A. Marchaiit, of Philadelphia, Pa., as signor to Edward L>. Marchant, of sani" place ? For improvement in photography Jno. F. Page, of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to himself and James Landy. of same place?For Improvement in spark arusters. Additional Impror, ment.?Jno. L. Rolland,of Paris, France?For improvement in machines for kneading dough. Patented January 1?, I--w. Dtsigns.? Henry Jenkins, of Brooklyn, N Y.. assignor to the New York Wire Railing Com pany.?For design for iron railings. Wm. Ball, of New York. N. V ?For design for medallions of Franklin, to mark pens and pen-holders. Decrease is theNlhuek ur Hokses in the West.?When railroads were first instituted in thiscountry.it was feared by many thatthc rear ing ot horses?at that time a great sourcoof pro tit to the farmer?would be greatly injured by breaking up the market for stage horse? liut while the demand for horses has fallen off in this respcct, the railroads have opened a new and important branch of trade to the fanner, more profitable than that of rearing horses. We refer tobeef-cattlc. Before railroads were established, cattle in tho West brought hut a small price to enable the drover to meet the expense of a long jouruey on foot to the eastern market, and com pete with e i-tern-rejired cattle. Now they can {>o carried so speedily and at so small a price, that cattle arc reared to >i great exteut, to the neglect of horses. The rearing of mules has also hid much to do with the decrease in the number of hordes in the country, until the price of g<*>d horses has advanced, within ten years, one or two hundred per cent. We have no data at hand to ascertain the com parative nnmber of horses now in Kentucky or Sli-souri with any former t>criod, hut there is evidently a large falling off. llut from the re turns of the Assessors of Ohio to the State Aud itor's oflicc, it is ascertained, that within tho last threo years, the falling off in the number ol horses in that State is upwards of 11,000. In lM4Lthere were 632.598. In 1855,there were 62L7U6. In 1*56, the number is reduced t<> 5'.i1.11-1 The number will ptill be diminished the present year, not only by tho regular trade, but the great demand and high price In the new West will draw oil all that can be spared ? V'tUt >/ far mrr. JIT" A ludicrous Item of testimony was squeez ed out of a village gallant at Medina, iu the course of the ?oroner's investigation. The Tribune there says that the facts without addition or abatement, are as stated Mr Amitiidab Doollt tle was called on the witness stand, blushing in anticipation of the revelations hemi^ht be called upon to mike John W. Graves. Ksq., whocon ducted the ease "put him tluo:igh" a- follow-,: Graves?Where were vou on Sunday evening last? Doolittle?At the Methodist church, sir Graves?Where did you go after church ' Doolittle?I went down Center street. Grave.*?How far d'>wu Center street did you go ' Doolittle?Well, I went down to C -irect Graves?What house did you goto on ?' street ? Doolittle?Well, 1 went to?I went to?well, I don't know as I'm obliged to tell where I went. Graves?Vou are obliged to tell? ^oout with it Doolittle?I went to?to?Mr. Higgina*. Graven?How late did you stay? Doolittle?I staid till?well, ahout ten o'clock Graves?Where did you go then ? Doolittlrt?Didn t go anywhere?I staid to Mr Higgins', Graves?How late did you stay? Doolittle?1 staid till?till?1 guesj about ele ven o'clock Graves? Yes?and where did yon go then7 Doolittle?Didn't go anywhere?I staid to Mr. HiS&tn*'?till about kalf.patt (item' Graves? Well, thm where did you go' Doolltt'e?I went to?1 don't know, sir, as I'm obliged, to tell urhert. I went. Graves?You are obliged to tell, sir? where did yon go? Doolittle?1 went to?well I didn't coany rhere. I]y spici'it request, I siaid all might! \\~T A very amusing incident took place at ti e nubile speaking In Hickman, on Tuesday last. The editor of the Times, the Know Nothing pa iier, published an account of the speeches, and Low Grimes had used Buruett up. some three hours l+fore the *peakmg eommtneed ' Unfortu nately for him, Burnett got a copy of the paper and waa just cruel euough to read it to his audi I ence FOB RENT AND SALE. IjUIR SA LK.?A vcrv <1esirat.1e RKSIMiNCB, being a Lot fronting 32 feet 1" inchcs, by lltj feet deep, to an an alley feet wide, sit uated on the west side of 6th street west, between 1. and M north, and improved by a comfortable Frame Dwelling, with kick building, wood-house, a pump of excellent water. find ornamented with a variety of flowers nm! shrubbery. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 512 (2d story nth street. W POLLARD WEBB. (OFFER FOR SALE. MY FARM. "Rwen vick." *? miles distant from the town of Culpeper and a depot of tho Orango and Alexandria K. K. This Farm contains lofi acres of land equal to any hi tins section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timoer, the Imlance open land in line order. On it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Necta rines, Grapes, Ac., Ac., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pure water near tho dwelling. Out-houses. Ac. The Dwelling is plain. I*ut amply sufficient to accommodate a small family. The situation for health and l?eauty is second to none in this region. An extensive ran*** of mountain scenery, the beautiful Village of Culpeper, with in a few minutes walk, otfer facilities for attend '?'g Church, and as hue Schools ns our State sf I >-ds,whiletheOran'.reand AlexandriaR. Road puts u within a few hours ride of cither Washington, Alexandria, or Richmond. It is seldom a farm,with ns many ndvantages. is offered to the notice of tho public. Persons desiring to purchase are respectful ly invited to call aid view the premises. It is for sale privately, but if not sold l?ef'oro Saturday, the 1st August, on that day it will l>e offered at public anc tion, on the premises, without reservo. Terms mode known at salo. For any information address R. G. HOW EN. Culpeper Court House. Va. le 4 VAI.UABLE RKAI. EST AT K FORSAI.K. The subscriber offers for saleallthat valuable Real Estate known as "l^argo," situated in the Forest of Pi ince Georite's oounty, Md.. contanung 3u'i ACRES OK I. AND. Tins is one of the most valuable estates in this county. It is easy of cultivation, ami has all the advantages of Waiter, and is also heavily Timbered. It adjoins the estates of Dr. David Craufurd. Geo. T. Cmufurd. Xachariah Hcrry, Sr.. Dr. Henjamin l.eo and others, and lays on tho road leading from Bladensbitrg to Upper Marlborough,about five miles from Upper Marlborough and twelve from Wash ington City. There is also a line Meadow, contain ing between GO and eighty acres of very prime I .and. This land produces luxuriantly all tne crops usually grown in this region of country, such ns wheat, corn, rre, oats, toliacco. Ac. There is alioiit one hundred acres of prime wiutc oak Timber Land in tho tract. Persons wishing to purchase will please call on the undersigned, living near tho premises, who will take great pleasure in showing it to all such. This land is susceptible of division, and will be divid-'d into two lots to suit purchaser*, it' desired. If this land is not sold at pri\ate sale oil or before THURSDAY, the S^th day of July next, it will be offered on that day at public sale, at the subscrilier's home place, to the highest bidder. There will be a plat exhibited on tne day of sale. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money will be required in cash on the day of sale: and the balance in one and two years, with approved secitri ty, licaring interest from the day of sa(?; or amort gage on the land, if preferred by the purchaser. je lit ootf X. H. beau,. HARM FOR SALE.-A piece of fine LANDon I l?ock ('reek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from t lie heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry. Wood, Bestor, N'owles. Bohrrr, and Hawkins. 1 l.'Jiaorcn. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved: new house; 13acre* neh creek iM>ttoin. a.id some line yellow pine timber. It cm lie divided, if desired. Call and see tin premi ses those whodesireto purchase. je 1 if I/OR SALE.-My R ESIDENCE on tho oorncr of I New Jersey avenue and C ftrct south, Capitoi f I ill. fronting on the avenue lbJ feet a inches, and on C street south 2"?i feet II inches,and containing nearly 3f,<?o square feet. inay 8-tf W. F. Pill F.I.I l'S. LWRM FOR SALE.?A FARM of7?acrej. with l_ crop in ground, situated about in miles from Washington, near the 7th st. Plank Road, aliout jn ueresof which is cleared and under cultivation. Terms of pale: One-hall ?vish : l>Hl.aiio"in 1 years. If not sold at private sale before Wednesday, the 2*>th of this month. (July ) will I>e sold "t public sale, on the premises, on that day. For further information enquire of A. F. IIINF.S, on the premises, or of C. M. IIINES, Druggist. 12" IVnn. avenue. Washington. I). C. iv i-eot>"ith FMJR SAI.E C1IKAP?And on lilieral terms, tne following FRAME DWELLINGS, viz: One just finished, and situated on the northwest comer of /2dnrid II streets, in the First Ward; one just finished, and on the west side of 1st street west, be tween Iv and L, and in a rapidly improving part of the city; one on the east side ol 2hth street west.be twecn Eand F,and near Easby's Ship Yard;" and two. Nos. lltj and 113. on north side F.ast Capitol s.rcet. Alao, hve inore, situated in different parts of the city. Apply at No. 512 (2d stor\ )7tli street, je 19 POLLARD WEBB. VERY DESIR ABLE COUNTRY-SEAT FOR SALE NKAR W \SHINGTON.?'Tho sub scribers will sell the valuable farm on which he now resides, in the District of Columbia, containing aliout one hundred and ten .teres, one-half cleared and the remainder well wooded. The improvements consist of a new frame dwelling, containing eight rooms, with all the necessary out-nouses, including an ice house filled with ico. If desired, he will divide it info lots of from fifteen to twenty ncres. There are several sites for building commanding (?eautifnl views of inland scenery, with several never-failing spnnis of the purest water. The property lies nl>oitt two miles from the Navy % aid bridge.and, being proverlnaily healthy, presents peculiar advantages to those who intend to build and desire to possess a healthy retreat near the city. For particulars appiy to Mr. T. M. Hansov, No. 5li Seventh street, Mr. Jamks E. Thompson, No. ? Pennsylvania avenue, or to the subscriber on the premises. ANTHONY ADDISON, may 'fl-eoff DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE.?The SUMMER RESIDENCE of Geo. M Bibb, alsnit two hours' ndo from the District of Columbia. Tins Farm contain* aliout tun acres, an I lie* beau tifully for division. The owner will sell the wholeor a part, with or without the stock. On the place there is a hue new house nearly fin ished, besides the family residence, aeroat deal ol excellent fruit, and some fine horses and cattle. The piace is proverbial for its healthfulncss and de lightful water. For further particulars imiuireat his residence, corner of Fayette and Second streets. Georgetown. D. C.. or through the post office of the same place, jo 24-w3m GEO. M. Ill HIS. I^O\ <* VAN HOOK. Kkal Estate Aoents. I 4'*>*. Seventh street, below E street, have for sale a number of Building Lots 21 feet front by 13f> fed deep, at the very !<>w price ?d' from .*7'i to Sl.iS each?payable in small monthly instalment a of ?3 per month. These Lots are situated at Union Town, on the south side nf the Anacostiariver,adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridge, and are in every way desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant,and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. i.oi-noiners in arrears are rc?iueste<l to complete their purchase, and eel their needs; ti n title to the? Lots is guaranteed f ree nnd char troin every possible incumbrance. m?v W-Stn r ,M)R SM.E OR RENT.?THE DESIRAI1LK F.NlEo R ESlDENl 'E ??n the corner of F and 2lstst?., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnaco. The starve will ba sold or rented with tlie house if desired. The lot the bouse stands on is .Hit by I3H feet, but tho purchaser can have more land if desired. Al<o, for Sale? The LOT OF GROUNDonthe corner of F and l!Hh streets, and LOTS on Nth,near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap 8-tf WD. E1CHLER, Ao. in?7 SEVENTH STKEF.T, between Dsnd I* street's west bide, PRAC- AS TH AI, WATCHMAKER, keep* constantly (5% on hand a fine assortment of WA TCHES hikIAU JEWELRY. ap Ift-iTin* W ATCHES. CLOCKS. JEWELRY. AND FANCY ARTICLES. I have mi hand a good stock oi GOLDi md >1 LYER WATCHES ot r!:e b- [ makers m Europe. GOLD CHAINS! in i;rcut \arietv: JEWELRY. It* sets and sin 5 gift pieces; FANCY ARTICLES. l'KK-! F I M ER Y. EXTR ACTS.A e- CI.OCKS in every shape and price: also. CLOCK MATERIALS, Hands. Haiis, Keys. Cords* Wires. Oils, Ac. Call and examine ai ihc Sun of ihe Large Gilt Watch. J.ROBINSON. 31H. opposite Browns' hotel. N. B.?Having stopped the auction business since last winter, my Goons are selected expressly f if the best retail trade, and the prices shall suit the times, j v 1H-1 in J. R. N JEW JEWELRY AND WATCHES II. O. HOOD has just returned from the North, and has brought ona fine lot of Fashionable Cameo, Coral, Mosaic. Brilliants, and Plain GOLD JEWELRY. Also, a good assort in^nttL??? of fine GOLD and SILVER WATCHES. Some very superior time keepers for ladies and gentlemens use". He ha* also on hand a great variety of STAND ARD SILVERWARE of his own make, warran ted the best quality and w.il be sold very low. Please call and examine goods and prices at No. 33ft Penn. Av., sign of the Large Spread Eagle. jy 1ft l^LRNITURE VARNISHING AND REPAIR r I No. The undersigned, having competent hands in his employ, and every facility for conductin^the4 business, PA Kl! cuarantw>? n. ??" wvn,-?i"nw m vi?v?y iwopi-ti. either at the residences of persons having such work or at Ins warerooms. He has ample space at his wareroonis for the stor age of furniture for any loasouable length of time, and at moderate ratt s. A general assortment of Fnrnitnre always on liana, which will bs sold ??n t he most aeeomm<vlating terms. ROBERT ISRAEL. 4*u 9th st., above Pa. av., and one door from D st, y 18-aw I CORPORATION STOCKS FOR SALE y f#b l? .CHUBB BROTHERS The undersigned, having competent hands in his fmploy, and every facility for conducti"5 the]5a 13 Prepared to undertake the R E-vd ''AIRIVg and VARNISHING OK "| KIN DS OF CABINET FURNlTURRand IT1 guaranties it to l>o weil,<done in every respect, * EDUCATIONAL. (?EORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND M.VTH I EMATICAL ACADEMY. The duties of this Institution will be resumed September 1st. iv 7-?5twtf P. A. UOWKX. Princ.pit!. MIIS. II! KR'S SCHOOL FOR VOI NU LA DIES.? No, 391 li street. Iictween 15th and Uth streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Septem ber 21st, jv ?-!aw.l"w* (NULPEPER MlI.ITARV INSTITITE, y Near Culpeper Cocrt Uoc^e. Va. The second session of this school will oomir'n^e on the 1st day ol September, ls^. A graduate of I lie 1'niversity of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have oharge of the departments of Ancient nnd Modern Languages ; winfe a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in teaching, will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chemistry, and lower Fnglish branches. Tlieooursoof studies will he as follows: PREPARATORY CLASS. Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. *?eogra pliy, Grammar, History. AlKcbrn, Latin Granuuar. Greek Grammar. ThirI) Class. Mathematics, English Grammar, Antliiuctic. His tory, Latin, Greek, French. SeCoSH Chs?. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry,

History, Latin. Greek, French,Spanisn. First Cla??. Mathematics. Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry. Geology, English Literature, English Grammar, Rhetoric. Logic, Infantry and Artillery Tactics. Geography, History, Latin. Greek, French. Spanish. Every Student on entering will lie subjected to a careful examination, and will then lie assigned to that class to wnicli his proficiency entitles him ; and no one will lie allowed to pass to a higher class un less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. The discipline will be necessarily rigid, but. the Comfort and convenience of each member of the school will lie duly respected. There wiil lie daily military exorcises, but care will betaken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Tfrms: Board. Tntion. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, SiK". Payments semi-annually in advance. For recommendations and further particulars, see circulars. CHARLES E. L1GHTFOOT. V.M. I., Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor iu Ancient and Modern Languages. We have th? privilege of referring to the following: Faculty of Virginia Military Insiitute. Gen. William II. Rieitardion, Kichmond Cily. Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. I'rof. Harrison, do Prof. Glidersleeve. do Prof. Scheie lo VcrC. do Prof. McGuffy. <h> Prof. I.ucian Minor, William end Mary College. Re v. John Hcradus. Charlottesville. Mr. John Hart. A. M., do John Hunter, Esq., Louisa county. Col. John Wool folic, Orange county. Kev. Win. S. White, I). D., Lexingtou. Kcv. Win. N. Pendleton, do J:?mes Bar I to" r, Esq., Culpcper. Col. Win. B. Taliaferro, ijioiicester. W . D Wallach. Esq., Washington City. Gen. Geo.Cooke, do A. Bell, Esq.. do Mai. Henry llill, I'. S. A., New \ oik. H. S. Voss.Esq., Kappk. county. Capt. James Stark, do Th? Citizensof Culpeper. jv 15 CoH Dentistry, &c. 1)I N 1 'nR^srEPHEN BA1LY, Office No. I'M} Pennsylvania Av<cNCB. Thrtt doors from Wk Street. Dh. BAILY l^egs leave to inform the public that he ean lie seen atail iioure.at hisothce,Imiafedasabovc. He feels assured that an expeiicncaof fifteen years' practice, with tlio large nuinl*er of patients, and great variety o| dnficult caseslhat lie has treated anccess (ully. will enai'lo him t?> surmount arn[ difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to ?lie Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of inany men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parinly, has led him, long since, todis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction ol Continuous lium Teeth, and that Porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is tne only reliable subotance that can lie worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he H.ittoia himself from his Ions resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friend* mid patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epipiany of this city Dr. Stephen Baily: Dear Sir? I desire to express my esteem for you personally, and my confidence in you as a superior dentist. The operations executed lor me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may rcceivethc patronage Iroin my Iriends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very tmiy, Washington, Aug. 26, 1W6. J. \\. FRENCH. From one ol the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Hoggs, Cot inan & Co. Havme employed Dr.Stephen Baily. Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, lo execute for me an im portant and dilhcuit piece of work, which he did to m\ entire satisfaction, Rnd in view of the laet that one oi the most distinguished incmliersof tlie Deutal College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform tne same work satisfactorily.it gives me great pleasure to express mv entire confidence and high estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 1*. 1T>7. HARMANN BOGGS, Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M- Clayton. I". S. Senate. Aug. 19,1R56. The teeth you made for tr.e work admirably ; notli l"""' b*1 *""? Vl,^OIIN m'/cLAVTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Bally as a superior Dentist; ho made a set of porcelian teeth ; for one of my familv, and plugged several teeth for my Bell, and the work has all stood we'I for more than ten years. ROHhKT T. NIXONi of the Va. Cotif. of tne M. E. Church South. April 19,185ti. We. the undersigned,having had occasion^to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily. Surgeon De.it ist of this city, or paving l>een cogniz ant of Jus operat ions on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well as of the unilormlv satisfactory manner in which lie performs the most delicate nnd difficult operations in Dental Surgery.and wo respoctiully re commend hun to tho confidence and patronage o| ihe public, of winch we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas I'. Walti k. Architect I . S. Capitol. Thomas Mil leu. M. D..o| Washington, D.C. B. S. BoiiKhK, M. D. of Georgetown. D. C. N.S. Liv oln, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. Bradley, of Washington. p.,C. UvoboE Walton, Ex-Governor of I iorida. VValter Lenox, Ex-Mavor of Washington. Henry Baldwin, I'. S. Patent Office, O.C. Wigui, Principal Rittenliouse Academy. feb^n tf DR. VILLARD. DENTIST, LATE OF CHI cauo. would respcct fully inform t he oil- /-yQ izens of tho District and vicinity, that hav-QiR-uf ing located himself in Washington, he is^4*-1 now prepared to perform ml operations* iw his proles sion. in the most approved style. ? .. , Otfice, No. 25*i, penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier's. jan-'Olv I aHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Loom*a' Mineral Plnte Tff th," haviug. successfully introduced his improvement in* various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets ol Teeth consists chief ly in making a set of but ono piece ol material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and th*y are therefore free from galvauic action and metalic taste. There are no joints to become filicd with moisture or particles of food, hence they are pure nnd rltan. They are lighter, stronger, less ciumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of One Thousand Dollars toanyone who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in purity, !?cauty. durability, artistic excellcnce or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. <17K Peima. avenue, tietween Uth and 12th streets. ap!3-ly DR. C. S. GOODMAN, SURGEON DENTIST, and Manufacturer of Artificial Teeth.?4 His complete arrangements enabling him to* present the following reasonable prices: Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold. $3) to50 Do do do on Silver lito& One or more, on Gold. 2 to 5 Do on Silver lto 3 Filling, Extracting. Removing Tarter; also, Re pairing at tho same reasonable rat as. All operations executed in such a manner as to g ive every satisfac tion. Office corner 8th street and avenue. ap 3 1 Anna REWAR D.?Ranaway from the subscn ber, living near l.'pper Marlborough. Prince George's county, Md., on the <S?h of April, NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. about XI years of age,? feet. f> inches high?a dark mulatto? has a large bushy head, with^ whiskers round his face, medium size and down look. Be may lure himself m the District, where he has relatives, or make his way to some free State, as he left without any provocation. 1 will give Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the State? 8100 if taken in the District, or any other part of Maryland, ruid if V if taken in this oounty. In either case he must be secured so that I get him. je 9-tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. "PARASOLS?PARASOLS?PARASOLS! ^ X Selling off at per cent, less than cost, at M P. A. McGEE*S, 2H Pa. av., ^ jy 8-Oo2w between I2th and 13th ?U. 8nmmer Retreats. &c. YGEIA HOTEL. This most delightful simmer rc?u???h ebrVht part joul&r locality of a!l thesunnr South"?A a i" ".!!<* ? *?i? .Property of fne under signed, and will lie opened on the 1st ..rThTreT June next.ano each succe??ive June foli^S?!?"! ?''?ase to make it to the seekers tor health, recrVa tiOn, Kaiety and go.nl living, supremely attractive mountain retreat can ba safer at an y * ? . . $ * S Vfar\ " '8 as exempt from dise;j*o August and Septcmf>er and October as in Aprr. May first three are infinitely' the Jh? I?? i 'i fhe 8e;iso2- rh" weather is milder, the sea breeze lalmier, and the luxuries of the s ?lt "TI had of brier q?rt!ity*nd in greater pmfusion. There is no more inviting spot on the iu ,iAl,ai"P eeaboard. it i8 strictly true of it what the poet hath said : " ?b?saw 40 L:y#iBm ?n earth-it ,8 u"',i Drs. Archer. Jarvis, and other arin* surgeon* at fie post, Hon. Ur. Francis Mallor), Drs. Seinple, , ? imkins. Sheild.. Hope, and Vaiighan.and indee?l the i S!lL'e*Incd'ca' *;acuity resident in the vicinity of tort Monroe, nil certify that they "Aire n-r r known aca*e of billion? or anue ant ftvt r to ori tmite th'ft% nn'I tkit at ali t> nsons it is lite healthiest spot on the f ir. of th* earth." (See he,r certificates in f>e bow's Kevicw, Southern Planter,and Arrcrican Farmer.) may 3-dfiw* law.'m JOS. SEC. AH. Proprietor. piNE V POINT PAVILION X Is now open for the accommM.ition of the pub lic. In consequence of the loss of 73 rooms In ?i*?,? ^??i!er,rn Pr?rr|ef?r cannot aceommo nF:; date more than GO or 7<> persons oLit "?I? * ?Fi "nNWHKD COTTAGE for rent s.t r* ''"mired yards from the Pavilion suitable for a family who wish to enjoy during the sen son the advantages of the Sea breezeand aquatic sports, having all the conveniences for cooking, ctc. ?C,m8 : ? ^'r 'he reason of 3 months. ? k l?8tea,ners Columbia and .Maryland touch at the Point every trip. \V. w. i>|\, jy 8-eo4w (Alex.Ga*,lnteUtStatesf>ro'r,etor ?T>IIE WADDLE HOUSE Mnf?i AT C.AP()N 8PRIXG8, Va. ir" '"* r?ntf<l >ny interest in the " Mountain House and taken the above property, am now y *, prenared to entertain my friends, and visitors.^3 with comfortable accommodations. ?Jii - . , TERMS: First week ?i:>nn Second do ? * ? ,!! Third do ,"*2? One month of 28 days.. .".WW."''''' ' 35'.*! Children and colored servants hsli price. jv 7 e..liii r.S. BLAKEMORF. Proprietor. IJLAKISTONE'S PAVILION. 1 '^;,,^V.?;i,e.f,acc of rCa".rt will be opened 011 the ?r?' Ju|y for the accommodation of visitors. he Proprietor hls e,,<*2ed a hue Cotillon*?j Hand ror the season, ami with his splendid Bsli^La Room otters gieat inducements to the lovers of the i.rfsf^ w,,lle those of more auict huui??t mi\ fuid ill. rent auiustnients at tiie Ilowiiii>; Alley or in r 1 <iune, ac. wTmVX"*"/10.8. ti,rt '.,oto,,,ao Liquors ijj constantly on hand. .ul1)!?!8 kw'w?,!?lb? ??e 'he healthiest places on th-river, noaru-^istone's Island. ..1 uln*.1 ? celebration on the Fourth ?.f July, and^M, */ August.^?t 0 of July. 13th The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas RCtnccrs on every U eduesdiy and Saturday *s. and r,?.1""1'"* "n e^nr Sunday. Tuesday, and Fridays. I he steamer Kent leaves liaitimoro at 8 o'clock every Monday evening, and leturi.e on Wednesday morn hick. Post Oflico-Milestowr'.St. Mary'a county. Md. Hoard ?.?l.per day for a wck ?ir lonti i, s i ?>' for shor er timc. OEt). W. HLAKISTOSK. lx Proprietor. YYAKKEN WHITE SLLPHI K SPRINGS. < iLnrtDTIli.,e fr^m nu"kt?" Station, on fhe Manassas <?ap Railroad, and in the direct route to M . . i Caporiand Burner's Spruics. is now openf^lL# for the recent ion of visitors. ":WT Coiaforlabje Coaches will run daily !?trp" ifuUT f.f theCTrs. UP"U tU? aiMkalan<l departure y le-Yin" Baltimore. Washington, and Alexandria by tho inomine trains, will reaeh tne Sprints alsoit noon of the same day. and returning dille 6 Alex!UMlria?">d Washington 111 time to Post Othce, Huckton. Warren county, Va. *in board: ? V, 1st week. a' ?...2d do. ? - 3.1 do. j '??* i>A VI hsViN; i?r?! h* . s. J. SAUNDERS. Siiperintendciif. ? ~NITED STATES PATENT OFF1CK. Vy. , Washington. July 2". l?5T. On the petition of James Mil.holland. U| K.sd in^.l ennsyivania, pravin^ f*>r th#> exten-*<ui oi a parent cranted to hnn ?tn th* ?"Jd o! September. IH43 lor an improvement in "railroad ear aprin^s,'' lor Reven years Irom the expiration of ^n;.i pitent, w_nc!i takes p!ace , n the ?.1 da> of Sep-ein^r! l?ir??/>rsl.ac^1* 1,,aV.,,e '? heanl at fhe ?.!?*! ?'l! Mund"^ 'he 21st of SeptemtH-r ni xi, at uu clock in.: ami ai? per^??us are uotiiusl t?. appear ami snow cause, if any they have, wiit s;ud pef;tionought not to lie itr^nted. I Persons opposing the exten?io? sre required ti f tu tM Patent Orfiee their o..,e< t ons. tpec,, , lorth in writiti?.nt least twenty da?s tiefore the d?y of hearing; all testunony hied by either partv to te used at the s;ud hen ring must be taken and transmit | U:< iiiaecoidancewitli tlie rules ol the oflice. which *;'! he furmsiied on nppueation. ?? 1 ''e test'tmuiy 111 ,.!e er.se wiil t..- closed 01. th* | sill ot . epleml/er; deput-u;oiis -md <>t her p.-u>?i s rt-iieo upon as testimony must t>e filed in the t tffice 0.1 ,.r before the morning of that day: rite arguments I | any, within ten davs therealler. " 1 k' " <?rdcred, also, that this notice be pulwished in the I l.".lflU>:0,,c,t'lr' ??d Evening Star. Washing I Pio'i^iV.Vh,' Pfnnsylvanian, if . a. : "ail,r New Vork: r.nd Post! Boston. Mass.: once a week r.n three successive *?? **??<??? CHARLES MASON. i> < .. ? . . .. . Cotn'rof Patents. ?. 1" r/L rT u,' ,h? papers will ple.-ise copy. and send their b,i!s to the Patent Otfice. wnn h p.iper containing this not lee. jv jo-iswSw I ACE AND SI!A< MA \Til.LAS." I \rr Jii yAiM^'B D SWISS, 1 for Easquca.) LACE SILW. I.S and SKIRTS.&c..&e..at . fr ? A. MctiEE'S. M* Pa. av., jy '.-e?-4;\e l^tweeu Uhnml I.Tli s's. 1 loop (SKIRTS;?HOOP SKIRTS!! ?1 St??el. Crinoline, nnd U'halels.rie. at ? . I" ? A. McliEE'S, 241 Pr. a v., jy 8-eo2w between Uh aad ivh ats. Hosiery, oloves. lace mitts. PALM LEAF FANS, & c..ic., wow 1 ileretf for h.ii** hi retlncf d prices, at ? . E- A. Mc(?EK'S. 241 Pa.av.. i> -eo.w t.e'ween uu, nn,\ I3r|, R(, I HONOR A D'ORCO. by (i. I'. R. James : price I J 50 cents. I>ead Secret, by Wi kie Collins; pnee V- cents. Nothing New, by Mu>s Mulocli; do 5>t do. The Fortune of tilencore,by Chas. Lever; price 3<' cents. War I rm!,by Capt. May:ie Keel ; price ^..?j. Now York l.rii.' i lor J.1 \ SSti. . r1 k ?> ceir Harper's Weekly lor July 18th; price 5ccnis. All the Mngazinesand Week!) Pap. rs received 14 Sv>on as published. Any Hooks or Papers wi!ll>e sent by mail, fire of postage, on rcceipt of prioe. A RO?id assoitnaut of Tlieriiiomefers on hand. E. K. Ll'NDV. jy 11- No. Ui Bridge sr.. Gearcehun. fA RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sawls el life have nearly run out. duteorcred while 111 tlw 'East Indies, ? certain cure lor Consumption. Asthma, H'oiiclutis. Coustis. Colds, and <>en.*ral Debility. The remedy was discovered bv him when his ont> child, a dauihier, was given up '<? I die. He had heard much of the wonderfu! rcst< r stive and healing qualities of pr. paiations ina<l^ from tlie Las: India lleiup,and the thought occurred to him that lie might make a remedy for his child.? He studied hard and succeeded 01 realizing Ins wish es. His child was cured, and is now a:ive and well. He has since administered the wouderlul remedy to thousands of suflerers it; ail parts of the world, and he has never failed in making ihcm completely heal thy and liappy. Wishing to do as much good as pos sible, he will send to sucli.of hisatllicted lei.ow be ings as request it. this recipe, with lull and explicit directions for making it up. and successluliy umiik it. He requires each applicant to enclose him one shilling?tnree cents to be returned as postage on the recipe, and tlie remainder to be applied to the pat nient ef this advertisement. Address Dr. H. JAMES, No. 19 Grand street, Jersey City. N.J. N. B. Dr. 11. James has neither office nor agen in New York as some have pretcuded and adver ?.?.) n.? ?? r f -. ? u?>>v pitivMucu ami ivi tiseu. The recipe is sent from no place but 19 Grand street, Jersey City, New Jersey, may *t-3in f; I en I er t 7 ^LPERIOR LINENS ANU COl IONS. We have now in store? in?i pieces super.or Shirtinjr Linens, from 31c. to ijl.an per yard 3nn pieces hne Slnrtinc Cottonswf the beat brands of House wife. Laiibdale, Wamsuttee, New York Mills,and several superior brands made expressly for our sales Linen and Cotton Sheetings in ali widtlu and qualities , _ Table Diapers. Napkins, and Towelings 5t>' dozen Dimitv and other Counterpane*, some with colored U>rders, very handsome 2rt pieces tanze and other hne Summer Flanne's 10-1 do dotted and hgured Swiss Muslins ? yards inore ofthosa nne-robed and other J.awns at I2>sc. fast washing colors. fT7* Remember we are sellms ofl our cnl.re stock orTancy Dress ?>i!ks. Kol>es. and Bareces. and all other Fancy Goods to close out this season at cost for cash. COLLEY A SEARS, jy 11 -eo?w *igS Seventh street 1 ill ,CAI* t^XT BOOK OR EN iiV? "yr?'SV??ur^n.'u" everything neoessary for I1?!?-. Lj ?.j ?'"'Siajli and Statesmen of the I nited Slates, edited by M. W. Cluskey. 1 rol-.a vo; ?3* (JJU) FRANCKTAVLOR. TUB WEB KL V STAR.. Tti? excellent FmiIt and New* Jornm.-<y?B tainint a treater vaiiety of .nteiesl n? rthan can l?e found ir any other?.? putc.fci.ed on M'.urda* moraine. ? . TIU?. * _ IJinileoopy. peraLtair.???** _ to CLCM. . _ Fiveenp! ? 6 Ten Cepisi . * w> ,. Twer.l} copies., IS ?' l~CA?H, 15VAK1ABLT 1* ADVANCE. By w>Ss??ribtn* in clubs raised amonc netshbocn without tne intervention of n mml stent.as ? .ii N? peree.vfd. twenty per cent. of the Wivsiy Sta* wii! I* saved. It invariably contain* t :.e M Wash intton News" that has made the L)a.l\ Sta?circu late no genera!!* throughout the country. flT^Sinaie Copies (in w rappers! can ??e rnynrH at the counter, immediate.> alter Uie i*?ueol tut I'aper. Prioe?Thru* Cent*. Posts* mrkR)> who ad at arer.ts wul be nLcwedn commissionof twenty percent. Pianos, &c. t<OLI> ML DAL 1'KLMIl >1 I PIASU FOhTKS. WILLIAM KNABF. (Pernor partner m tm late hrm of K>abe. Gakkle A Co., Contit nen the mam fact n re and sale of trar.-f and square 1*1 A.NO FORTKS. under!he ?inme^_ ??. . or William Knalte A Co., at the < Id t' and, n No*. I. 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op-Mllr ? p<v?itethe Kulaw House. Baltimore. The* Inver.lao just opened a new Sa>? K*t No tn |ia 11more afreet. let ween Char tea snd Lirnt ?tree; a. on the premises partly <>c*'.picd by >|r Henry NcCaleryM a music store. whore They w. I keep constantly ? n hand a larceassottnicut of pia*n and highly huisUed crand and squire Piano Fortes also. Melodeons. Irom the lx>tt nnkers. from 4 los. octave, some with double kc\ -Itoards. doub.e reedt. an<! Mopa to suit email ohurcites. Being exteiHvely enraged in the manufacture of Piaww, we will tcli whoicMleand reUul.on the most liberal terms. Our I'm not were awarded ?he highest premium (ro.d me<Li. )at the f-?urs ol the Maryland Institute two success.vc years?<?et olier. 1<G6,and IRSai? in op position to fourteen nnd eighteen pianos from Homo of the l<est makers from New York, Hoston and Bal timore. \\ e were nlsoawarJed the first premium at the Indnutria! Exhibition he'd ic Richmond. Vir ginia. liAi and IkW. The* have also been awarded the highest premium (silver mvda.; at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1&77. In nddition to this we are in po?set*if?n of testimo nia's from th? most diniutri<>"hed pr<des?or? and imateuris in the ooimtry, winch can l>e ?een at ou' warerooms. npi*akine for theiwdvea and others of the hich appreciation 111 which our instrument* aro every where held. All instruments are ruar^nteed for five year^. ard a privilege of exeliance i* cranted within the fi rat six month* from the day ol *a.e it the inMi umentado n< t *ive ent;rc *at isfin'ion. Wholesale dewier* will find it to th?ir advantafO ' to eive u* a call l>eiore purclMK.nft. 1'iauo* explained, lured, aid tuned. msrlfr-ly \VM. KN'ABK ft CO. ^pilRF.K BKAl'TIFl'L PIANOS* received thi 1 day from Boston. A!*o. t hrce very ?econd-hand Piano};. I.nt |i?il* u*od. sevei oct:ivt'*,ro?ewiNHt case*. w:'ll>e?M>ldatitreat'? ' UarKaina.at our 1'iano Forte. Meludcon,and Mn?.o Warcroonib. t-ct ween 9th and I'HIi *treet*. No. 9? . Je? JOHN K ELI.It*. piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. II. I'ALMI'R c??ntinnes toa-ldtew mem ? l>er& to hia <? ahsc*. Apply to Mr. I'AL t MI'.R. at In* Room* over Fainhnin'Kl liookKtore, Tuesday, WftlnMsj, Fri-* i... ?' ? - I a . ? ' * ? *? vviiirrwn | , ? | | dar.and >aturdav. betweeu2Mdb p. m. I erins J j per quarter. at> 2S-tf T?hi:k nkw and bf.ai TIFFL imanos 1 AT t.RKAT BARCAINS.-TlieM^gM-^ Pianos have l>c?ii u*cd !?'.it a sluirt timo , earelul persona, wc will w.trrnnt thoin,? ' ? ? " take old Piar.??? in cxehanre, A e. Twoof them are full M-ven octaves, finei* finiched roKt wood cases, and of exquisite lone and tornh.ouo i* only a mx ?>ctave. Tmckc Pi*iiio.n. purcliaacra mav safely rel* upon aa lieins truly ure-U Kar^ain*, and they wit! Jo well t<? call and i*e. them, at our exteiiMve Piano Ware r?<>m<?. No. J*i, l-ctween '.?tli and lmn. je 10 JOHN F. I.LLIS ICE. I J. MIDDLLTON. i? I(?K DEALKK <Mlicea?"d f)?pot? Southwest comer ut i- junl l^th >triH,ts. ashincton. apll-tf WCh! ICL' ! ICK!!!? The NiiderMcned robPccffiil ? ? Iv inform hi* (fiends and ?l:c public ccncraily, that he iaT*?w Prepared to ruimsh .'aintlie* nn-l >>rWsl ii' J soason) with the suaiity uf ICL. delivered in ?ii? part of U a.d.incton and Gcoree town, and ?u:iran'ecK ??? civo entire Katisfattion. Orucrs to l? ieft with KiuwkIX A La in km k <X'rner I If h ttreet and Pciins?Inuii* avenue; t'?Lo. r . KihwitL & Co.* I4tlntffr(; J. H. .Mhokc, Drue si:?t. i eiifia. avenue, kiween I 'th and J-th atreet* . >w ^ ?'?k^vciue, U tween lot I, ?nd ?!! '/ft A. Oru;ci*t, cirnrr IthaiKl .Mas*, avenue; and with the t-uUcril>er. No. J hirst utiect, Ocurstluwn, where Icc can Le had at ail times. ?P7 t< T. N. KIDWF.LL. l\<T\i!! i ';~r^'I iwtvea few of those chca? TOILK rSLTS<Ni hand, wlnoh I wikli^paiarN J'Vw.'i6? ^1r>,, will sell nt cut. .\Iko.XdL/ OOBLLTS and other O LASS U A R F..that KSt inn-? fv. Er,i,( preparatory to a chance in us WT fiiisiiiieas. All that want to buy cheap, ple.ise otT: at Mo. JO, wiween Jthsuj l"tfi Rtrc"-ts, I enn.nvenuc. ?b it??ini JOMN McUKVITT. wtocih:el? irs ninw kolmul Ml anecdotal lliktory of the Butiali Aiiiiv. I tol? il ' i7 biliiaiJ* ,n rhenry and Practice,!^ Capf. CrawW. ..voV* With encravinc* ; ?l_5. One Hundred <? d Olces, |{n jtidt^. and Catchcs,with music.. words,and Pianoforie acjompaLiiiirieiiU. ? vol.. London. IHi7; Sor. Hardwicke's Peeta?e for lKj7. t vol.; T?e. Hardwieke's Rr.ronet;it ? for Ia"?7.1 voi.. JTc. Ilardwiokc s ISoHseof Commons for l?V7.1 vol.:37e. Cvc opaedia of I tttversal H.story, I vol.: London, Crclopcdia of (he Ph* >.ca!Scieucea.I?* J.P. Nicli ??l, astronomer.I vol.: Loudon. Uo7. Lidver^ai iJictionar) of the Knctifeh, French. Ital ian. and German Lan:u*vc"s, I vol.; f.ondot . iaS7. (jv J i FK ANl'K TAVl.tiR. I'AKK NoflCK: ~ ? rli'ivY-L' V !'.A !J'l. xv 1 '?L r'amI' AN D t I RL M.\Nl I- At loR> removed to ????' Pem. *} vama avenue. l>etween Uth and lith streets, near (?auTicr s. Ilair Woik Kepaiad. >.r t ;ken hi ex cl.anse I me Toilet Articles. C<-nl>s. Crushes. Ac. 1% 5-1 in Hi nts mantal <?f phot<?graphv. I Vol., Loiiuiin, l;{ >7 Hunt's Practice of Photo* i aphv. I v?:.. Lo:h!oo,|iw Hait s i hotosraphv Sn. p |., <. | v London. !<tS7 Stiaus 8 Art of Photography, frans.ated Irom tno I vol., Tfttcliuu's lliatoiy and Piict. ;? of Pliotccraphv. v^ Napter ? Klectn. Met.-. ur<> . I vol.. LothIoh. |rsi Hjkcwell s Manuel of Kicctricitv, Practionl and I heorejjeaL | vo'.. |Rj7 Camplwll s rext-U'K'k of Inursainc Cnenuiitry, I v,?l., London Outlines of Inorganic Chemi?try. I vo!.. London I arnei. s Chemic;il Analysis. Ou-i.itatn eand Ouan* tiiaiive.? vol.. I.omIoi, Normandy's Intr.^ductiou to R.-se'ti Chcnucal Aul Usis. I vol.. London Gall?.wa\'s Manual o| (.{uaiitative Analysis. I vol. London Graham's Chemistry in t'f Applications to the Arts. 1 vo"., London Chemistry hi its Applications to Art and Manufac ture*: t?y Ronalds. Richardson, and Ki.a.p; 3 v . London ' Gerf(4i-li'% Ciuiinc, Or?Mii,|ue. I vol.. Paris Introduction to Pradicd Organic Chemistry. I Vu!., n ? id s K ud.n?? 1.1.1 oi CiiOtti.stry . I vol.. London _i"7- __ FRANCK TAVLOR. Barlgi: r<?kf.s-i;\rf.gf rokfs. ??RL ANDIKS.aiMl LWVNS.Ae. Selunt! oil at iow In.'ir^n. "-t 19 '???-'w F^A. \Im;FF.'S .ii Pi.nr VCAOK.MV OF NOfC. C or. <1if llrik it. iff Pa. at- ., fir RraissiV li?4d?r>. .rjr. I . N.c BoLL* Ccort it, compti -t ?if upwapf ol ..<?*? sousa. hiitlior of ?? Kathleen Mavo-irueea.'* fUMi musical m!i??ir o| 's Imm>k? Continues ?ivin? Vocal Lessons to Ins I'npils and t .asses, every Monday. Tnc-day, Tuursti'iy, an! r ndiy. fit the aJ^i\ t? itutMin. Me:nl>er* ?</ ?rcry y, r,s ?>< vaca'.onsoc cur doritu: the Summer monlli-?THIS SI- ASON. l?cmE the proper time, for Vocalists to ?tud? . Apply to Mr. Ctaii ii.?i the Academy of Mui?ic. every morning from ? to l? o'clock. Mus.eal Ijcctnres ?lciiver*af every Thuredny eveu in<?illustrated by the Pup;!s oj the lusUlution. ie I eo3>n JHAVL Jl ST R Lt'F.I V Kl) anotherl-it o| H?r? well I*a'nt Porta'' ?? ? istic C A N ?? l'\ I RAMK and N'UTS. |or trie piotecl.oi. ssa nst mo.iquitcK. flies, Ac., winch ioi <>aut). durability, and couvemence are un?urpused l>y au> liinx of tho kind now in vxifct?,n<,?'. The f rames are made portab!*' In mentis ol jomti., sotha!the\ may l<e taken down or pn< i p in the space of fcve minutes. In ease of lrav? nu* i.r slur lit in tlH winter they arc read ? packed m l?>xei or trunks, occupy ins little mote space than an utu brella wlieu cio>ed. When put up th"* form a arze. airy, and liennttful e>uioy? for the ! cd.,iead. ar.d. m stead of detraeWns Irom its appearance, thev really form an cler.ent and aracefu! ornament. In winter the frames may l?e covered wi'h heavy iMooade ot any other heavy drapery il desired. To hotel keepers they arc e>-pck-ialiy rce >mmended for their dura! i!:t> and on\ einciice and ai?o fam. lies who want the ni'?st elegant car.^^s st the lea" > n J?UI\ ALi:\.\\I)l.!!, No. ^i'? P?nn. avenue, between l.ih and 13 it e?s. jy 3 Jawiw WALL * STEPHKN?C J7 bolesale l>e.i<er?and Jo^ih?rs in CLO THS.CASbIM A" h tS. A Y li V ti>Tl X(. may la-Sm WATCHES, JCWfiMtV, ** . . ANo SILVER XVARF. )?5l received a n?w supply of FINTI . 9^,!<t GOI.O t'lUINS. ftnd a lirge assort ment of RICH JK\VKLRY of every dotcriplion, Which makes my stock at the present tnua oue cI the most complete m the city. I have just finished fon the premises! a very !ar:e assortment of PI RL SII.VLR WARM, nm<?nc which ma* l>? found a SOLID SILVER TEA KLT TI.E superior to*n\thin: lielore rxhuutcd in'hts Cit\.?the weicht of which la 125 ounces, capacity *? quarts. l.oth citizena an J str&nsera arc invite,! to ca 'l m.1 examine. H. O. HOOD. i?g- Pa.ave.. near oth street PALT1.MOEECITV MALT hTTTTlT MALT FOR SALE.?The nndrraimed hfvinr recently Diirchascd the CITY M ALT HT)? SK. corner of West Falls avenue and B'oek street, would announce to hia friends and the public, that he 'n operation, with ai?rce supply c>f MALT for S&ie on libera' terms. WT6 3m FRANCIS DENMEAi).