25 Temmuz 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

25 Temmuz 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tm? District Scbools ?The following (wfn. ty female pupils of the District schools?f *e from Mrh srbool?were examined yesterday afternoon In the lecture room of the Smithsonian Institu tion First District?Fannie A. Middleton. Caroline S Devaugban. Laura A. Sbrdd, Susan M. Wat won. Florida H Vantyne. Second District?Su?an l,ewls, Margaret Flin ncr. I.aura darkness, Alice Mcintosh, Rebecca Robinson Third Distrie'- Georgie Lewis, Martha E. Thompson. Sarrn Lewis, Josephine Bird, Selina Pendleton. Fonrth Dlst.ict?Mary Amidon, Geneva Reed, Sanh Eckloff, Alice Hercus, Ginnie Harbaugh The little girls were ranged in line on the plat form of the lecture room, and looked wonderfully neat and prettv in their white dresses and their T^tiejraJM sash?s?the districts. First, Second, Thi.rt and Fourth, bring designated by their rib bons of blue, red. pink, and green, respectively Before speaking of the performances of the pupils, it may be proper to state that, in conse iifme of illness, one of the punils from the First istrict was compelled to go home; and that a little girl of the second class had been snbsti tuted in the Third district representation for the pupil at first assigned to the place, who was after wards taken sick. The da** was examined in geography. mental and written arithmetic, algebra, dictation, read ing. grammar. Green's analysis. Ac , and passed a creditable examination indeed, particularly in grammar, mental arithmetic, ortnograpby and dictation In the latter branch four lines of poetrvcontain ing twenty-six words, amounting to &B> to the ?lass, were given to the pupils to be written on their slates, which afterwards being examined showed? First District?On&word mis-spelled; Second District-?-Do., and punctuation marks omitted in two instances; Third District?Two words mis spelled; Fourth District?No error. In orthography, fifteen words were given out, or a total of 75 to each school save the First, where one pupil was absent, with this result: First dis trict, t? words were missed iu 60; Second, 1 in 75; Third, fi in 75; Fourth. U in 75. Several pieces of music were sung with good time and harmony bv the pupils, who have prof ited by the instructions of Messrs. Daniel and Glenrov in a commendable decree. Rev. Mr Samson was called upon on the con clusion of the examination to address the pu pils, which he did most acceptably, expressing lii* gratification at their progress as evinced there, and especially his delight at the music performed l?v the children. Pythagoras, the ancient philoso pher and teacher, always opened his school with music. In the speaker's opinion, those old fellows understood some things as well as we The ex cellence of the iwrformance in dictation was s|?o ki n of. He dia not think there was in the whole country a class of girls who could have done themselves more crcdit in writing, which accom plishment, he hinted, wonld be Invaluable when flu v eaine to corresj>oncl hereafter with intere:4 ing young men This concluding sentence of Mr. S delighted the very little girls of the class beyond measure, as they evinced by their shnll shout of laughter, while it was amusing to note the gravely reproach ful look cast upon the juveniles by the biggir girls, who, just entering upon their sentimental seemed to think the subject one not to be treated with such shocking levity. The Grand Exccrsios axd Pic Ntro* Ct?. i rM'a Lodge. I. O. O. F ?In another coiuratl will be found an advertisement giving full par ticulars of the fine excursion proposed to be taken by this Lodge on Tuesday, August 1th. As a mat ter of special interest to the ladies, and toothers who wish to be secure from rowdyism on such trip*, we call attention to the announcement that *? no liquor of any kind will be allowed to be sold either on the boat or at the Pavilion."' Another consideration?the moon is just at its full on the night of the 1th, and all excursionists well know what a delicious Ingredient a little moonlight is in these affairs. Then. Withers's Band is to be along, a good caterer has been secured, and an efficient committee designated to maintain perfect order and see that all hands enjoy themselves to the fullest. There will lie morning and afternoon Imvii*. and omnibuses will be stationed toconnect with the boat*. In fact, nothing wili be left un done to secure perfect comfort and enjoyment to all participators Treasury Extexsiox.?The immense base ment columns of the south front have l>een set. and workmen zre busily engaged in arching over the first or basement story. Next week the work will have been so far completed as to allow the long pilaster* to lie set up for the second story; Ibfse pilasters are of great size and weight; their length is thirty-two feet five inches,and in width they are three feet two inches, and two feet and ten inches deep. They weigh each fifty tons, and number two hundred around the south front. In the work of erection "great care is taken by those in charge of it, to make everything sub stantial and durable; this care is necessary, in the construction of a work like this, which is de ? igtied to endure for ages. The western wing is going ahead finely; ano ther month will see the work of excavation com pleted; and it is supposed that, by Fall, the en tire founda ions of the west wing will be laid, and the basement story erected by the close of ? the present working season. The MnjirjtEST Board is evidently in the throes of parturition, having held two meetings this week, with yet another meeting announced for Monday night. The mountain in labor biough* forth a mms and the eff.irts of the Monu ment Board seem very likely to result in a miff, too. At each of their meetings we hear that Mr. Al L*-e. late Secretary of the Board, has i>een sum uiomd to give an account of certain books and papers which, it seems, they cannot lay their hands on Mr At Lee ha- informed them that his resigna tion and the keys of the office were long since placed In the hands of the Mayor, and lie refers them to that functionary for satisfaction. Never Ihtl?-ss they have again summoned Mi A liefort tl ??in at the adjourned meeting on Monday. .Mr. Allirr. W" believe, replies to their affectionate invitation, that any communication h? Id by him with the Board must be in writing This is tue latest phase of the mono men I embrogllo Meantime the monument remains unfinished. I)irHUVtXIXTI ABOCT IHI CCSTRfc MaRSET The additions to the Centre market-hnu.se, along the line of the canal, are nearly finished.und will t>e ready for occupation by the first of August. The workman have made considerable progress in laving down the bricx pavement under the n? w pait W ould it not be a good plan to have some of the l?aks -topped hi the roof of the old building itself ' There is great need of some such expenditureof the Corporal ion's fund* uj>on tlia" ilasshal structure The money should not b? appropriated re< klessly,however; thereshould toe some regaid paid to the venerable n> Id of moss which grows so luxuriantly upon that roof It has been there ?o long now that it* right to occu py the elevation which it has assumed, would hardly lie disputed by anybody. If .heleaksare to lie stopped, we adiure the person who may be appointed to the task, to spare that uioss. Tue City Farm ?I'nder the management of the active lntendaiit. John R. CJueen, Esq.. the expense of the farm is likely to decrease; the im provements made without cost to the city, and the levenu** from the gardens are evidence of his attention to the duties of his position. At present the Intendant la*>ors under disadvantages The want of proper buildings iu which to confine the prisoners after their work on the field has been concluded, inert?ii. the difficulty of keeping them safe, and with all the watchfulness of the Intend" jint and his assistant prisoners fri-quentlv escape The poor are coiupaiatively well provided for; the building for their accommodation though Miiaii is very clean, well ventilated,and sufficient for the present numiier. The present accommo dations are temporary, and wheu the new buitdlug is completed will be removed or devoted to other 1 polioses. m Thr MtdMachine.? We notie-etbat Mr Com l^iiwioner Wi e has made great progress in IW dredging out the canal, he ha.s cut out the mud to a width of some forty feet all along the north side of the canal from its western outlet to Eighth street. A* soon as tl?e work of dredging shall be carried a* far as Sixth street, it is the intention of Messrs. Castleman A Biother to put a line of large Iwats on thecanal, which will ply between Philadelphia and their place of business, thereby saving the expense of the outfit In a short time in MVjng the payment of freight and cartage from the river wharves. This course will soon In adopted bv all of our heavy coal and I u in her deal ers along the line of the canal. Ax Alexandria Corke?fo*dext sends us a communication in regard to the excursion of the liood Will Club to the White IIou?e, which is w-ll v?o th publishii g but to. o le fat; 1 defect?t is written on Imtli sides of the paper However, we will state for his benefit that he pays a handsome compliment to the Good Will Club?who are good fellows j?nd no mistake?for the b ndsotue manner m which they put the ex cursion through We have heard similar testi mony from other quarters, and only regret 'hat we were not able to t?e along on that occasion. For two or three dam persons ha/e been engaged in filling the stagnaut pool within the ruia? of the old Theatre This nuisance has been a source of eoinrtsint for some time, and this W'i k was oidered |u altate it. The N a v t V ? id ?^ome interesting Navy Yard items, prepaiedfor yesterday's paper but crowded out by a press of matter, will be found elsewhere. Navt Yann M a t t k i ? ?The steamer Water Witch arrived at the Nary Yard the day befcre yesterday, bringing an insane marina, who was oo?*lga?d to the Insane Aijrlam. Har cargo con Mated of ordnance atom, wrap iroa, from the Norfolk yard. Sne rerun* to-day to Norfolk with ordnance stores for the Norfolk Nary Yard em bracing nix hundred 9-Inch shells, three machine* for rutting elevating screw*. etc It la under wood that the Secretary of the Navy will visit Norfolk per this trip of the Water Witch The schooner* Active, Mahloon. Gen Harrison, and Chesapeake, are at the Navy S ard. discharg ing Anthracite coal for the purposes of the yard It Is estimated that It will require 5% ton* of an thrarlfe, 1,^75 tons of Cumberland, and 5?0 tons of Richmond coal for the varloti* lequlrement* of the yard during the present flacal year. They now have on hand at the yard, for steamers1 uses r-50 ton* of anthracite coal There has been about 50,000 pounds of tank plate Iron received at the Yard in the last few day* from the Government contractors, Messrs Coleman A Kitton, of Philadelphia, which will beustd in constructing forty water tanks, with an aggregate capacity of Ij.uno gallon*, for the w*ii . n ateamer Franklin, now being built at I ortsmouth, N. H j also, for a set of water tanks for the steamer Shubrick Since the appointment of the new master work men in the various departments of the Yaid every thing goes on with spirit and irood feeling on the part of all concerned. The President has been fortunate in selecting for these appointments gen tlemen who are well known to be amoni; the very best mechanics in the country. In the Iron Foundery there are now employed 10 men and 3 boys In making shell for the Ord nance department, buoy anchors for the Treasury Department, machinery for the new machineshop, wind pipe for the new forge and boiler shop, water pipe for the Yard, door jams and sill for the new shell house, window sills for the new mas ter's office, studs for chain cables, Ac. This de partment is superintended by Wm. C. Iloof nagle. In the Plumber's department, there are ninety eight men and boy* employed in making water tanks, galleys, Shubrick tanks, brass wo k, for the general service; brass work and cogues for the New York Navy Yard ; sheathing nails,shell work, powder tanks, rocket cases, new machin ery. piguin screw*, preparing roofing tin for the new machine shop ; anti-friction shackles, refin ing copper, making ammunition boxes, tools, leg iron*, and a reservoir for the gate. Mr. Thomas Altemus superintends this branch of the work. In the Painter's department there are twenty four men employed in painting shell, shell ord nance and ammunition boxes. They are also painting the hull of the I . S. Steamer Fulton, as well as her wheels, paddle-boxes, machinery, Ac. The quarters of the captain are being freshly touched up, as well as the old ordnance Aiop. ma - chinery navy hospital, Ac. Mr. / M. Offutt overlooks this department of the ya'd. In the Blacksmith's shop there are one hundred and twenty-four hands employed In the manufac ture of anchor chain cable, small chain, hand and leg irons, bloom iron, booth screws, buoy shackles, shot guages for the ordnance detri ment, various kinds of work for the steamer Ful ton's hull, and for the new machine shop and extension of the boiler shop. This department is still under the managemeutof Mr. Jas. Tin ker, who has been so many years in charge of it. The Rigger's department have, at present, all their force engaged in making a flood and awn ings for the steamer Fulton. In the Master Mason's department, the princi pal force Is at present engaged on the extension of the boiler shop reservoir, repairs of the large fui nace of the Plumber's department, repairsof the Ordnance building. Ac. The Engineer's department employ 515 men on the extension of the noiler shop, on gun carriage shed, repairs of mud scows, tilling in, grading, paving, draining, the. gutters, cleaning up the yard, piling lumber for \ ard improvements, new machine shop machinery, Ac. Mr. Jos. M Pad gett. Superintendent. The Laborer's department employs r?? hands at present, on the extension'of the boiler shop and breaking up old cant iron. In the Steam Saw Mill the hands are planing work of various kinds for the Oiduance depart ment. ' The Block Makers are busily engaged in the manufacture of blocks for repairing purposes. In the Joiner's shop there are :?> men employed in making gun carriages, work for the new boiler shop, repairs on the offices of the Ordnance build ing, and officers' quarters, furniture, frames for slates, Ac. In the Engineers and Machinists department there are seventy-two men employed in attendin" steam engines, improvements about the yard, and general ordnance repairs. In the Boiler shop the men arc variously en gaged in general work for the Northern 'navy yards. The Rolling Mill is a perfect l?ee-hive of me chanical industry; t he men, to the numtier of six teen, are engaged in roofing and sheathing cop per and making copper sheathing nails In every department ol the Yard, Indeed, an active yet most systematic display of industry i> exhibited ' At the Birrackx.?Fifty seamen came over from Baltimore on Wednesday to the Washington Barracks, having been enlisted to join the sloop of-war Germantown, which is now stationed at Nonolk. Tiik River.?It was found, on examination of the Long Bridge after the connection was made between the two broken parts, that other portions of the bridge, between the draw and abutments, were very weak, and at one point positively dan gerous. One section, which was repaired in !-.r>3, was discovered lo have been very superficially executed. Some of the stringers, which were rotten at that time, and should have l>eeu taken out and others sul?stiiuted, were found lo have been strengthened up by three-inch joists The old stringers by this time having all rotted away, left the whole weight of the planking to be sus tained by these joists. \\ hen it was discovered by Mr. Church that this section was in so dan gerous a condition, it was a difficult matter to get the men to go under the bridge to repair it It"is almost int tedible how the set lion has held up so long, with so slight a sustaining power. Mr Church expects to have the work finished, or nearly so, to-day. Twenty-five lonu boats went up to the mouth of the tanal yesterday 'Hie barque Win Chase, Dod^e line packet, from Porto Rico, with a cargo of sugar, came up the Georgetown i haniiel yesterday and is aground 011 Ailington Springs. Aruved ofi Riley* wharf?schr Elizabeth Jane, Stafford, from Philadelphia, with t?7 tons of coal, for T. W . Riley; selir Wm. Fry, Scwatd. from Hivrede-Grace, with 135 tons of coal for Waider A Stewart At Mag ruder A Stone's wharf?schr Cambria, Thomas, with I III tons of coal, for Castleinan A Brother. The ship Zephyr arrived at Alexandria this morning?she is at anchor off the wharves at that place. I'he srhr Ann D. Mott Bedell line, a so arn veil at Alexandria this morning. The Fif h dam repairs will be completed in a few days, and boats will be arriving daily with loads of coal. In anticipation of this, a large number of vessels are hauled up at the c??al wharve* at Alexandria, for return cargoes of coal The st< amer Maryland, Capt Mitchell, which arrived up yesterday, report, a great scarcity of fish at Norfolk and in the lower Potomac river. The grain crop is yielding more largely than was expected by the most sanguine, and at the same time the quality of the wheat is much bet ter than for many years previously. The planters, for once in their lives, do not grumble at the bad crops; everyone rejoices in full barns, overflow ing store rooms, and good prices. Cestm Makkit.?The supplies are getting moie abundant daily, but the prices have not fallen in due proportion. This morning they were at these figures: Beef, per lb lltal.V Eggs, per doz.... I>*a20 Pork 12al5;R..fl butter 25 Mutton 1 via 15 Lamb,prqr 75al .00 Sausage, pr lb.... 12,fc Lard 16 Phil'a print 37 Honey, per lb.... 25 Cymlings, per doz Gain Green com I*a31 Vwi1 12a15 Egg plants 6al2 Beef tonj;ues TSnfMl Onions, bunch.... Calves heads,each 25 Bacon............ laalo Shoulders 12a 14 Breast pieces.... Hal6 Dried beef I7alr Tomatoes, pk .... 25 Snap Beans, pk... 12 Lemons, per doz.. 12a25 Cabbage, pr head. 5a Id Green peas, pr pk. 20 Chickens, pr pair. S0a'.5 frooset>errles in Turtles, each.. . 12af I 25 Currants 10 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per dos.. 20a3l Terrapins each... 37af?7 Irish potatoes, pk. 25a37 Corn, pr bush.... UOaftl Corn, car.pr bush. All Beans, pr t?u*h ... #2 Rye, pr bush *1 ....... 40a? 5 Meal 16u?| Shorts r* i Shipstulfs 4Um!W Blarklierries f Haspl>erries...... lfi Whortlelierries... in Apples, pk 37a50 Pine Apples,each 12al> Beets, per bunch. 3 Turnips, per b'ch. la*4 Wali rmelon" 1**75 Cucumber*, doz.. 12alH Sturgeon cuts I2a50 Rock, per bunch.. 25*17 Crabs, per doz ... 25 ''Bob Rjdl*t.*'?Among the victims of the dog war, is this noted Scotch terrier, ao long the companiou of the Auxiliary Guards on their nightly rambles through the city. 41 Bob'' was a great favorite with the Guards and |>ollce. and his death is much lamented. Aside from his watchfulness on the liests. Bob was entirely worthless He wa?, however, a dog of consider able discernment, and his permitting himself to be victimized by such a no-account bait as a bit of sausage, occasions surprise among his ac quaintances It Is supposed, however, he was waiting for tlx" Mayor a proc lamation l?efore ic stricting h? diet in the matter of public meat victuals. . Rial Estate ?Yesterday the following sale of lots, belonging to the Hon. C. Cu-hing, was m'tde by J. C. McGulre, Auctioneer: Lots A aud B. iu *qii;*e 341, containing 0,200 feet, at 70ccnts per foot, to T. R Suter. Lot C, same square, 3,11*1 feet, at 60 cents, to Rev Mr. Gurley. Lot D, 3,1W feet, at 50c , to A. H. Maikiaod Tiik following extracts from the corres pondence of President Washington aad Secretary 5*00' in r?l?t1on to the negotiation* for the purchase of tbe present site of Washington city, will probably not be uainteresting to oar readers: From Watkington to Jefferson. n... c *?0??T Vsarom, March 31. 1791 B : Ha*'ng been ?o fortunate a* to rec ? '"^/""^ndinx interest* of Georgetown ann <Larrollsburg, and to unite them in such an ?*HT ** Permits the public purposes to be carriea into effect on an extensive and proper ?caie, I have the pleasure to transmit to you the enclosed proclamation, which, after annexing the seal of the I nited States and your counter-signa ture. yon will cause to be published. The term* entered Into by me. on part of the I nited Statt . with the landholders of Oeorye d Wu ^'d 9ar.' 'Ml"bl,nr. are, that all the land from Kock Creek along the river to the Eastern Branrh, and so upwards to or above the ferry, including a bmdth ?' * mile and a half, the whole contain ing lroin three to five thousand acre*, i* ceded to the pub! ic. on condition that when the whole shall be surveyed and laid off as a city, (which Major i* h?wdirected to do,) the present pro prietors shall retain every other lot, and for such part of the land as may be taken for the public !'M',J0r.?2,iare*' wa,k"- &r ? tl"T Khali lie al lowed at the rate of ?25 per acre ; the public hav ing the right to reserve such parts of the wood on the I<iiin as may be thought necessary to be pre served for ornament. The landholders to Lave the use and profits of the grounds until the city is laid off into lots, and sale is made of those lots, which, by this agreement, become public proper ^othin? ^ allowed for the grounds which may be occupied for streets and alleys. It was found, on running the lines, that the comprehension of Bladensburg within them must have occasioned the exclusion of more important objects; and of this I am convinced, as well by "Vpwn observation as Mr. Elliotts opinion. \\ ith regard and esteem. I am dear sir, your inost obedient servant, Geo. Washington. Extract from Mr. Jefferson'j Reply. Philadelphia, April lu, 1791. * The acquisition of ground at Georgetown is really noble, considering that only ?25 axi acre is to be paid for any grounds taken for the public and the streets not to lie counted, which will in fact, reduce it to about ?19 an acre. I think very liberal reserves should be made for the public. A \ ocng Beginner.?Yesterday, officer Wil liamson. with the assistance of officers May and Fanning, succccdcd in recovering a ge ld watch, the property of Richard Smith, Esq., which hart been stolen. The officers traced the watch to a little boy, about ten years of age, named T Don aldson, who stole it, and sold it. The officers arrested the boy and took him before Justice Hark, who hold him to hail for court Wh it can be done to save-*fH> children from disgrace' Hie prisons are schools of vice to them, ami there is no other course to pursue than to st nd them to prison, or let them go-wc Lave iioliou.se of correction. Arrivals at the Western Wharves, re ported by Morgan k Rhinchart: ?,mh?,(fold''n F?""er' ?-ay Held, from Baltimore, with 50 tons marble for United States Pout Office Extension. *chT.? I: Montague. Travers, from Charleston, with 91 tons of Tennessee marble for L' S Capitol; 1 box, W I Edwards. U S Coast Survey Sf hr Coquette, J R Jones, from Port Deposite* W? V^,0n? ?r:tn"e l S Treas'y Extension. Schr Frank Pierce, from Eastern Shore, with timber for Morgan A Rhinehart. Schr James L Cat heart, from Occoquon, with stone for Treasury Extension. The Ladies complain of the conduct of the loafers who congregate about Centre Market, use blackguard language, blockade the gangways and puff the villainous smoke of their "cent-a grab cigars in the faces of all passers Why do the officers not pull these fellows up with a jerk ? Missionary. ? See the advertisement of the Second Anniversary of the Juvenile Missionary Society of the Sixth Presbyterian church, Island, to-morrow. The eloquent' Or. Hamticr, of Balti more, is to deliver an address. ^ esterdav, a general scattering was created among pedestrians by the furious approach of a runaway team down the Avenue. The occupants ot the carriage wi re a couple of Indies, who were rescued without other injury than a severe fright. On Monday the Jolly Rover Club give their excursion and pic-nie. to the White Hons.-. Tl-ey are to have Wilson's line band and a good caterer See advertisement. Thk Sjtcatio.n of ex-Mayor Tower*, w|l<M illness we noticed a day or two since, is. we re gret to learn, considered extremely critical Mountain House, C a ton Springs./ July 22. l>iV7. f A Card.?The subscriber having understood that reports are in circulation in Baltimore, that he in tends closing the Mountain House for the reason, takes this method of contradicting them,and saying while the company in not quite so large as usual, still it is fur considering the lateness of the season, with ilaily accessions, and a prospect of a inuch la ter season than usual, it will he kept open till the 1st of Ohtolier, and longer, if necessary, j? ?l-lw ^ John N. Buck. A Card. I>r*. Hunter &- Williams, Physicians far Diseases of the Lungs, North Charles street, Baltimore. The practice of the almce-named plivsieinns is de voted exclusive v to treating Diseases of the Tluont V ''""K* by Medicated Inhalation. The success which has attended their mode of treatment since its introduction into the United States. has tieon gratifying in the extreme. It has demonstrated, S';1^ can Catarrh, Bronchitis. Asthma, and iiranular Sore 1 hroat, be permanently eured b> tl.is means, l.nt that Consumption in all its stages, is per fectly amenable to treatment. By Inhalation the remedies are brought indirect fTiwCv. W."h .',l" {'"?eased -r/an, and the stomach (always over-taxed m these disenst s > is spared tho jiiHietion of being drugged. without anv earth!\ oc^ht arising from such useless practice This m????e ol treatment is so rational, so simple, so sei entihe, and at the same time, so efficacious, that the day cannot lie far distant when it will he universally adopted I,v , he Medical Profession, as f he o,,|v an chor of safety in a class of maladies which have Lh a nought human means. That th? old piaetice does nothing forConsiimp tion, is well known. This has l>cen proved hy its l!"!.Vf r. 5 while its advocates cannot point to a single ?ase of recovery under its iiitlu ence.every town, everv village, where the p.act ce Ol liinatation has been used, bears testimony to its inestimable value in restoring the most desperate ca es to perfect health. Nor is there anv thing sur prising in this. Why should Consumption be mi in curahledisease.when the natural tendency of tuber cle is towards health.' Hie simple reason is, that heretofore there has been no method devised of reaching the seat of the disease; but this diflkiiltv is now overcome, and Consumption becomes ik> more fatal than other setions maladies. I arties unable t?> visit the city may lie treated |.v correspondence. For siieh. a form of questions has been prepared-which will t,c forwarded appli,-, tion. Alter reoeivinga full statement of a patient's case, the necessary instriiments, medicines. Ac., can tie forwarded by Express. ' 2ni,hR?>fXe?Ieh '^V.Vi,""Ui U'a?hl"K,on "n the 12th and SO ni. i ,nonth- where he may he consulted at 2*' Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voss's Jcwelrv >UtT9- jy23 23A? Madame Mount has prepared by special reaue^t a Ntlve f... the cure of Cancers, which neve? was known to JhiI. A lsi?, a Conliai for Ovsentory, Diar rhea. and Summer Complaint, which actsasapcj feet charm to arrest all ol those diseases. Also, a Salve for the Piles, (an extract Irom a flower,la sov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, they may lie relied on. She oilers no article hut what has been tested. To lie had at No. W G street, between llthand lath. Also at Nairn A 1 aimer s Drug Store, corner 9th street and Penn.avenue, 1). S. Dyson's Drue Store, corner o| Penn. avenue and 12th street, and J. P. Mil burn's Drug Store Willards' Hotel. Also at C. Stott's etirner ol 7th street and Penn. avenue. ' Kefcrences can be made to Uev. John Robh, Rev. Mr. Register, Rev. James Hanson, and Mr. Alana nan ? Tho Consumption Destroyer also can be found in Alexandria, at Mr. Castleman's Store, on Kim. ?t/frf'""r',,lf.'lKcnt for that place. In tieorgetown at.?ir. I . A. .X e? man s, on Bridge street. je t7 MAKRIKD, ? instant, by the Rev. Mr. Finkel. WIE AOVX, lU^lf fi"SctownLA* *A VIRb,N,.A I?IED, On the24th instant, MATHEW GILBERT, in fant son ol David Higgins. Ksq. ' . 'n His funeral will lie attended at the residence or hi* parents, oomer of I7lli ami II street*, on To morrow (Sunday ) Morning, at 9 o'clnrk. ? HAKPER'S MAGAZINE FOR Al GI ST re caived ai.d for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Book ? inrc, Putnam's Magazine for August tiodey's Lady^s Bo<ik do Graham's Msgaxine do l.adi?s National Magazine do Harper's Story BfK?k do Arthur's Home Magazine do Harper's Illuminated and New Pictoiial Bible, i>iw . I ana 2. Burton's Cyolopedia of Wit and Humor, No. 9. (.fmmlmrs Journal for June ju?t received Lady Glenlyon, or tho Trials of a Flirt. The Atheliugs, or the Three tiifts, by Mrs. Oli pnant. Leonora D'Oroo, a new novel, by G. P. R. James, i"' 8^ ? All the new Books, Magazines, and Newspapers r e-ived as soon as published; together with achoioe selection of Stationery. F.irsateby JOS. SHlf.LlNGTON. J) 24-Jt Odeon Biiildmg. cor. 4^ st. and Pa. av. THE COPARTNERSHIP Which existed us to the13th ol March last lietween the subscribes, having Ixjeu dissolved by mutual consent. Henry M. Hurdle is alone authorised to colleet the accounts due the hriii, and make a settlement ol the business. Persons indebted to the concern will lie expected to make imnu'diate payme'it. HENRY M. HURDLE. ? L. li. CbKMKN'm (ieor get own, July 21.18?7?jy 23 3t* Martin & schatzks m'itars at the lowest terms, at the Musio Depot of " a W. G. METZEKOTT. Atrcno* aaim I St' first page far otktr 44 Auction Salt*."] By WALT, ft BARNARD. Auctioneers. Groceries, liquor*, cigars, tobac co. WllTI LK4P. HuRIjr.d tf., AT ArCTloX On ft ESDAY MORNING. Julv ?th. we will ?ell. in front of our auction rooms, wit hour rt?erve a large assortment of Groceries, Liquor*, Cigar*' *n. Name in part? 10 hags Burnt Ccflw.TeM. Starch Olive Oil,Pip?* Pepper. Buckets 2n,(*ii Cigars, di'lercnt brands 12hoxes Jenny Liud Twist Tohaouo 5 barrels \Vmskev. good art i?le ino package* Spices, Cinnamon, All spier. Cloves, Maoe 9 M cask Brandy, 10 cases Brandy S barrels Pure Cider Vinegar (Mixes Brown and Fancy Soaps 5">kegs pure White Lead 50 barrels new Herring. With inan> other articles m the groocry line, all of winch will be sold without reserve.

jy 25-ts WALL & BARNARD. Awct<. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. CGROCERIES. LIOUORS. Ac., at Arrno.v Ji On TUESDAY, the 28th instant. I shall sell, at 10 o'clock a. ni., at the Grocery Store of Mr. M. Maroeron, No. 8 Eaat Capitol street, between 1st miu 2d street* east, a good assortment of Family Groceries, viz: Teas. Sugar, and Colfac, and all other Groceries. Also, Liquors and Wines of various descriptions. Terms cash. jv 24-ii A. GR F.F.N. A net. Bv BARNARD ft BUCKEY; Georgetown. Good and well-kept furniture at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 28th instant, st 10 o'clock a. m., wo will sell, at the house known as "M rs. Gunnel's Cottage," on 8th street, Georgetown, near High street, the entire Household Furniture and Effects. We nnme in part Mahogany Sofa. Rockers, and Chaira Marbie-top Centre Table, Card Table Brussells,Ingrain, and Stair Carpots Mahogany Dunne, Side, and other Tables Do French and other Bedsteads Fino Feather Beds. Bolsters, Pillows. Mattresses Mahogany and Walnut Dressing Bureaus Wardrobes, Washstands. and Tabic Toilet Sets Mahogany Secretary and Book case. I jookmg Glasses Sideboard, nearlj new Patent Refrigerator Fine Oil Paintings, Water Color do.. Portfolio of Fine Engravings Cooking and other Stoves Kitchcu and Dining-room Furniture, Ac., Ac. Terms: $25 and under, cash: over that amount a credit of and 90days, lor notes satisfactorily en dorsed, and (tearing interest. jy 24 ts BARNARD ft BUCKEY. Atict*. Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Highly valuable improved prop erty ox Seventh street at Pi bi.ic Arc Tiox.-On MONDAY AFTERNOON. July 27th. at? o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell, with the consent of all parties interested, parts of Lots N'os. 7 and 8, in Square No. 451, fronting 21 feet on 7th street, near G street, running book 1"2 feet to an alley running out to G street, with the improve ment. consisting of a two-story and attic Brick Dwelling-house, containing nine rooms, with two good cellars and kitchen. This property is situated in a rood business part ofther.it>. nearly opposite the Patent Office, and alxtul equidistant between the two markets. Terms: One-fourth cash; t!io residue inri.12, Ift. and 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. jy IK-eoftds JAS. C. McGUIRE. Aucli"iieer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VEGETABLE STANDS IN THE NEW Mauket-IIoise at Auction.?On Till RS DAY-the SKh mutant. I shall sell, commencing at 12 o'clock in., all Hie Stands iu the new Market-house, in the citv of Washington, crccted south of the old Centre Market. Persons from the country and dealers in produce are respectfully invited to the sale. Terms cash. Hv order of the Mayor. A. GREEN, jy |l d Auctioneer. FOR BOSTON.?FIRST VESSEL?The su P perior fast sailing cbppcr schooner SvI-^a vanns Alien. Sears, Master, has arrived, and will have iiuiek dispatch for the above port.-* * For freight or passage apply to HARTLEY ft BROTHER, 101 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. j> jn lw INTERESTING MILITARY BOOKS. I Aldershot and all aUuit it,75rents. Experience of a Civilian in Eastern Military llos pitals, with observations mi the English, Freuclirnnd other medical departments, ami the organisation of military medical schools and hospitals; by Peter Pincofls, M. i). Lugd. The Miliiiamau at Home and Abroad; l?eing the History of a Milit a Regiment, from its lirst trair; ins to its discmlxMlimrrit : with Sketches ol the Ionian Islands. Malta, and Gibraltar. Bv Emeritus, Illustrated by l.encli ; ?3. J list imported by TAYLOR ft MAI'RV, j* 17-Ht B<w>kstore. near 9th st. OA MS, SIDl'.S, SHOULDERS, AND LARD. Just received. Ham*. Sides, and Shoulders, aud Lard and fresh Butter; extra super hue Flour: brown anf! white Sugars : Collee, R ice. Soap, and Candles. and Syrui>;and a general assortment of Family Groceries, \\ mes, and Liquors, by JONAS P. LEVY, jy 2"Mf No. 5-t 12th street, corner of B Mreet. I si C L O T II I N G. INDIES AND GENTLEMEN having anv to dispose of can receive a fair cash price lor the same, by sending or addressing H. MELA, N<>. W Lonixaua avenue, between 9th and l?'th streets, west cud Centre Market. N. B. Business suspended on Saturday. jy 2ii 2m? H. MEI.A._ PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Paixtixg asd P ho tog r a 1'ii v Combined. P HO TO G R A P hTc PORTRAITS. In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Size of Life. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, Odeou Hall, corner 4!s st.and Pennsylvania avenue. S.WALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments al a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete aud handsome in the whole country. II<? lias i large Gallery for free exhibition of upward of Jl?> line Oil Paintings, by some of the l<est ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Wai.ker lias also fit ted upaeoni plelc suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments. and engaged a hrst class operative artist to assist hni* in the depart ipeut for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTYPE FORTH A ITS, from the smallest nun intui t to site of h (-. S. Walker, by combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which lie has had 25 years* CAperienec, and whose specimens of l:fe size portraits may l?e even in some of the first fami lies of the city, as well as those exhibited hi Ins Gallery, It" will l?e aMe. bv the combination of ihe two, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled for I heir bdelity and life like expression. Csu vas and l>oards prepared L>y himself expressly for the, put pose. Particulai attention paid to Ihe painting of Por traits, Miiiiiilire or life size, Irom small pictures of def-nscJfti' nils. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons taken al their owu residences, ou immediate no tice* Committee* and classes taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of copies from the same sold at reasonable charts. I.ikeneis?\, painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. ValiiHbleOil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, carefully kick lined ami restored to their original freshness. ladies and gentlemen are respecllully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shilhngton's !>ook store? entrance \/% street, two doors from Pennsylvania avenue. jy II 6iu Blackberry brandy.-wb lamtkiidw received a supply o| Turner Brother's BLACK BERRY BRANDY, which is a hue article,and guarantee it to cure the Diarrhea in its worst form. For sale wholesale or retail bv ARNY ft SHINN, jy 22 57 Green st.. Georgetown. ?1REAT INDUCEMENT OFFERED FOR CASH! Preparatory to erecting a new building, wc will sell out our entire sto??k of " Men and Boys " 15 E A DY-.M ALE C LOTH ING, at 20 per cent, less than New York prices. As our stock is large and well selected, wc can offer such inducement as will save tune and expense; to those favoring uswillia call do not purchase, it shall not be our fault. WALL ft STEPHENS, jy 23? lot 325 Penn. av., bet. 9th and lnth sts. MARK1EDORS1NGLE; by Miss Sedgwick;2 vols.; jf 1.7*. Tho Fortunes of Glcncorc; by Charles Lever; 50 cents. Lavengro; by George Borrow; 50cents. The Romany; by George Borrow: V1 cents. The Professor; liv Charlotte Bronte;75cents. The Athelmjts ; by Margaret tllipliant: 50 cents. Leonora D'Orcojliy James;cents. Virginia Illustrated; by Porte Crayon; $2.V>. Schmitz's Manual of Ancient Geography; $!. jy 21 URANCh TAYLOR. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL lowing GimmIs which we are prepared to sell at a small advance of cost for cash : A very large variety of Turnei Bros, oelebrated iiiquors.viz: Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for DiBpepsia Blackberry Brandy, a certain cur%for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret, Madeira. Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Rasplierry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies, all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juioe of the fruit Rose, Cinu tmon. Annis.and Pepperment Cordials Curacoa, Absinthe, Essence of Peppermeut Extract of Sarsapanlla, Stoughton Bitters Forest Wine Bitters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid article. In addition to the above, we have at all tunes a large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of the kind mthe District, and which cannot fail in givim; satisfaction to all who use them : Philadelphia X a. Burton and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter. ami a fine article of Lager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, ftc., onhaud. ARNY ft SHINN, je8 5f7 Green street. Georgetown. NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARE I INTER EST ED.? We have now on hand a sup ply ofouroclebrated Burton and XXX Alea, which 1 were brewed to our own order, expressly for the I southern trade'and whiob. wc will guarantee to keep any length of time, even in the warmest of weather. All lovers of good Ale can be srci.mra<slated with the above at our Depot, 57 Gre^n ?tro?t. (iMirtg. town. D. C. ARNY ft SHINN. jy 22 1 T^AKE notice. 1 REMOVAL. GIBBS'S WIG, HALF Wit., ititAlu AND CURL MANUFACTORY removed to 242 Penn sylvania avenue. between 12th and 13th streets, near Gautier's. Hair Work Repair*<1. or liken in ex Ira * Articles. Combs, Brushes, Ac. j A AUCTION tAla, TO-DAY k TO-MORROW MORPTING. By 1. C. MeGl'IRE. Auctioneer. ELKGANT ROSEWOOD CHICKK RING Pi ARC rCKTE,ScPB?K>?C*W<lBT rtMlTTM, Savn Ware, 0?iiugi Humm, Ac.?On MONDAY MORNING. Jul? ttth.aiie o'clock,?t the residence of the late Andrew H??over. K?q., on Pfnn. avenue. Mwe'n l)lh aixl/lhkU., I stall sell all his Furniture and Household F fleets, eornprim* Elegant r<>scwond Chicken ng seven-octave Piano Forte, purchased direct from Chickeriug shout three months since Suite of handsome carved Parlor Furniture, fin ished in rich crimson brocetefle. and consisting of medallion-hack Sofa, pair <*f Ar,n Chairs, three Kane* Chairs. Md six Parlor Chairs Suite of Crimson BrocatelieWiudow Curtains, oor nice and fixtures Pair of handsome gilt-frsrne Pier GlMtfi Superior carved marble-top Centre Table Two Egyptian marble-top Sofa Tables Walnut Etagere, Elegant China Vases Excellent Brussels. Three-Fly and other Carpets Brussels mid Venetian Stair Carpeting*. Oilcloth. Huxi, .Math. Ac. Superior solid mahogany high post Bedstead and spring nittrtM Handsome walnut Jenny l.md Hedtteads Hiixl?otne walnut and mahogany marble top Dres sine Bureaus Mahogany and walnut marble-ton Withstands Superior waluut and mahogany Wardrobes Fine Feather Beds, Bolsters, arid Pillows Chintz Charalier Curtains. Window Shades Toilet Sets. Looking Glasses, Stoves Walnut carved Extension Dining Table Superior waluut marble-top Sideboard Curled inap e cane scat Arm Dining Chairs MaJiogan* Secretary and Bookcase. Writing Tallies English flail Clock, Mahogany Hat Tree Mahogany hair spring-seat Lounge, Sofa. Divans, and Chairs Handsome Oil Painting* and Engravings, 111 gilt frames Silver Tea Set, Table, Dessert, and Tea Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Ac. French China Dinner, Tea. and Dessert Servioe Glassware. Table Cutlery, Fire Irons Cooking, Radiator, and other Staves Togethr with a large quantity of Household Arti cles. Also, at 4 o'clock, in front of the premises? A span of supwior Gray Carnage Horses, w hich will lie sold separately An excellent Family Carriage, douMe and single Harness, Carryall, Holies, Covers, and Stable F uriiit ure. ALSO? One Servant Woman, twenty-two vcars old. slave for life. One Hoy, sixteen years old, who has two years to serve. Terms: .*40 and under, cash; fiver that sum * credit of 2.uid t months, |iir satisfactorily e ad orbed notes, bearing interest. A. I*. HOOVER. Administrator, jy 2J-d J. c. MeGUlKK, Auct. \[AM ABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE.? ? .?'? s'lbscnUr offers lor sale all tiiat valuable Kcai Estate known as "Largo," situated in the L'.'rv ?? i!iLr/\"c?.(* oo?nt*. Md.. containing ? ??v. f\ \) ?* I j ,\ \ D, Tliis is one of the most valuable estates in this county. It is easy of cultivation, and has all the advantages of ater, and is aiso heavily Timlicreti It adjoins the estates of Dr. David Craiifurd. Geo. I. ( raiifurd. Xactiariah Berry, Sr., |)r. Benjamin j;??,*Dd others, and lavs on the road leading from G.adcnsburg: to I pper MariN.neigh.aU.iit live miles Irom I pper Marllioroagh and twelve from Wash ington City. There is also a tine Meadow, contain i"" j t5^L,*n .?" rlIK' c'Khty acres of very prime hand. This land produces luxuriantly ail the crops usually grown in this region of country, such as wheat, corn. r> e, oats, toliacco, Ac. There is atiout one hundred acres of prune white oak Timber Land in the tract. Persons wishing to purchase will please call on the undersigned, living near the premises, who will take great p,ensure hi showing it to all such. This land is susccptihle of division, and will lie divided into two lots to suit purchasers, if desired. If*?!* -an^ IM no' "old at private sale on or before THI RSDA V. the 3<ith day oi July next, it will t>e offered on that dav it public sale, at the *utmcril>er's liyme place, to the highest bidder. There will lie a piat exhibited on tne dav of sale. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money will lie required hi cash on the day of sale; and the l?alance in one and two years, with approved seciiri ty. Iiearing interest from the da\ of sale ; ora inort gage on the laud, if preferred by the purchaser. jelS eotf Z. B. BEALL. Ji Y~ NOTICE.?The als^ve Sale will take place on ih^ premises, instead of the Mili*cril??i's hotne Pi ace, or. THI BSDAY.the j'lth dar of inlv.ithe ?lay named iu the advrrtis?ineut,i nt thr Lnrte liouitilar;/ Stone, opposite Dr. Craufurd's house. * til X. B. BEALL. By JAMES C. McGI'lRE. Auctioneer. VffcRY VAI.UABI.E IMPROVED PROPER TV AT THE CORNEH OF XoKTH AMI ^,^11 ?trfkts west.-Oii Tl ESDAY AFTERNOON Julyath.ai i >? o'clock, on ihe preiris-s, I shall se,l Got No. I, in square No. 5>i. fronting 5J feet itieli es on North '? street, at the corner of 2d street, runiitiig laek feet on ^?:d street, with the improve inputs, eonsistiiic of a two story frame dweiing house with brick back bui'duic. stflhles. Ac. Th< grounds are beautifully laid out with choice fruit trees, rare flowers, shrubliery. A c.. frtrnilflfC a verjr uelizhtful privn}*1 rom.fciice. i crtns very Iilieral, and made known at sale, ty 2)?d J AS. C. MctJITRE, Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. tlOlSE AND LOT ON E STREET at Atc fi virtue of a deed of trust from Mrs. Alary fc. Barney and others, dated on the?tth da* of \ovfmlff. IMS.and recorded in the Land Records of \\ ashiui'toni county, District of Columt ia. in Li her J. A. S., N <i. 1J>>. foito j to 19, and for the pur poses of said trust, will I<e sol?! at public auction on Ihe premises, on E street north, on TUESDAY, the 4th dav of August, Ui7. at 5 o'clock P. in.. a"l that Pi'ft o! the G?t <?f ??rouiMi numbered ti, m Square tih.iii \\ ashington city, lieginning for the Name at a point on the north side of E street north one hun tlrod and forty feet ami nine inches from the sonth w'-sr corner ofs.-nd square.and running thenoe north seventy-one feet and six inches wi?h the western ? lac <d :? p'irtion of h.nd lot i>umlier six which was ????nvocd by l>avid Sjiunders and wife to Kog<?r C. Weiglitman, to the use of Mar* S. S^itt; thence east fc.-t ti inches ; thence north 16 feci T/% niches; tiicnee west 22 l et in and one-third inches; thenoe south m feet I inch and a l.alf; thence east feet 4 inches and one tlurd of an inch to the place of !>e ginning. The improvements consist of a g.?od three storT brick dwelling and basement, with a large two-story ? mi k building, and the whole well ariatucd for a ics idenoe and oluce. Terms of sale : ?2.?W*?iu cash, and the residue f.ir notes in e<iual suari^ payable in six. twelve, and eich te^n inonllis. with interest. A deed will !?e given and a d 'ed of trust taken t?> secure tlo" deferred ravments. The expenses of the deed* tot-e.it the cost id the purchaser. The Trustee reserves fhe right to himself, at his option, tore sell the propirty , at the risk and cost of the purchaser, by giving live days' notice of tlie t'ine and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale. H the teiuis thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser within five days after rTie sale. 'I'hc premises are now under lease lor .<V?> per annum, th" lease to expire on the 1st da\ of Octo!??r lxiB. HENRY M. MURF1T, Trustee. C. U . BOTELER. Auctioneer. IH7" THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARV E. Birney provided lor in said deed are requested t> leave their accounts and vouchers at the office .?f the Trustee. ??n <'g street. inly 11 -?od&<la By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. rpRF^TEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROP 1 KRTY OS THK IsI.AMt AT APTTION.?f?n WLD NESD.W , the l^tl: day of August, 1M.7, I shall sell at auction, hi front of the premises, at haif past six o'clock p in., by virtue of a deed of trust from Ed win E. True to the snbseril?er. t>enrii>g date the Mh day of July, isiaj.atid reoorded in Gilier J. A.S.,No. IID. folios iJntn^S, one ?>f the land records for the fount* of Washington in the District of Columbia, the following named property lying and being in the city of Washington, District aforesaid, to wit: Lot numbered fourteen. (I4?in Squaie numbered five hundred and eighty four,(SR4> together with the improvements thereon. This property is at the cor ner of I'd sf-eet west and K street south. Terms cash. All conveyance at oost of purchaser. If thetarins are not complied with in five davs the property wi II tie resold at the risk and expense of the delinquent, by advertising such resale 3 times in the Star. M. TflOM PSON. Trustee, jy IR-eotlAds A. tiK KEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen firnt ti re at Atctiox.?On WEDNESDAY, the J?t h inst.. 1 shall sell, at l?> o'clock a. in , at the resi dence of a gentleman declining housekeeping. No. Uf Massachusetts avenue, l*?t ween 6th and 7th sts. west, a good assortment of Furniture, viz: Mahogau* Sola,Chairs, Rocker Dining and marble-top Centre Tables Painted Cottage Set, Feather B?-d.s Bedding and Bedstoadh, Cotton and Shuck Mat tresses China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Thren-ply, Ingrain, arvl Stair Cat pets OtIcloth .ii.d Matting, Refrigerator Cooking and otiier Stoves ith a giMsl assortment of Ivitcheri Requisites. Terms : Under ?25, cash ; over $25, a credit of 6ft and !ki days, for notes satisfactory endorsed, bear ing interest. jy 24-d A. GREEN, Auct. 11 j~ The House is alro for rent. Inquire on the premises. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers^ rARGE SALE OF HORSES. COWS, WAG t ons, Hay, Farming Utexsils, Furmtiue. Ac., at PiBt.tr Aittioji.?On WEDNESDAY, the A?th instant, at b> o'clock a. m.,at the farm of the late Andrew Hoover, Esq., deceased, in Alexandria county, Va.. near the Aquduct. we will sell the en tire personal estate thereon. We name in part? Upwards of IK* tons prime new Hay Five Farm Wagons. Carts, Drays Three good work Horses, three prime Colts, f wo Mules Corn and Cob Crusher, Corn Slioller,Cutting Boxes Ploughs. Harrows Cultivators, Hoes, Spades, Ac. Ten Milch Cows, one Bull,one Heifer Poultry, Corn Ice in the ice house. Harness, with all such imple mcnts Vehicles and tools found on a first rate farm not herein mentioned. ALSO? The entire Household i urmture,suohns Mahogany and Marble-top, Centre, Side, and Dining Tallies Sofas, fjounges. Parlor and other Chairs Sideboard, Refrigerator. Safe Parlor, Hall, and Chamlier Carpets Matting. Curtains, Mats and Rue* Mahogany Dressing and other Bureaus Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Washstaads Feather Beds. Mattresses, Bedding Looking-Glasses, Toilet Sets . Crock?rv and Glassware, Knives and Forks, Wai Cookma'and other Stoves, Kitchen Ware. Ac. At twelve o'clock m.. we will sell a servant w<>otan. with her five children, slaves for life. The, will be sold as a family,without separation. Terms, (exoept for the slaves, who will be soki for cssli:) All sums of and under #??, aasb: over that amount a credit of W and 90 days, for notes salisfae torily endorsed, aad bearia? interest. A. pTHOOVER, Administrator, jy a-d WALL A BARNARD. Auctt. ' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. PROAf THE ASSOCIATED PK&SS (Hi Tra^ Rr.( Annmu, Jalv *5th ? Tbe Im> from a letter addre*?ed to a gentleman ?f tblsel '?nrlT ini^rr*,^4 tb# tr>d, tbat a 1st nnmNr of boat* belonging to lb* CnmberUi ^ ? , rw,,T?nr. have (vi.sed I?8m No and arr hourly ?-?p^ to arr1^ tnat all in qui* in Kansas Go* Walker i* ?t ^Lawrence. with 4<?i dr^oon., w.lt n? for tl further art ton of the people Wfore remorttni: isive measures He wouUl alteiiiDt the mil* tion of taie* in a few davs XominatUnt !? MaMarknetli. R.wtox JulySi ?The Republican Stale Co, miltorla^ajl n initiated s.imm I II Phillip*. Sal. ni, ff?r Attorney General John H All**. Lynn. < h<??n < hamnan of the commute ricf J '/. Goodrich. resigned. RePnMi<an Statr ( tavratUa. Saratoga, July il-Tkt Repubtnsa St* Committeeof New Yoik met here to dov at railed a Statr Convention, to I* brld at Sytaiu on the Sid of September Baltimore Market*. Baltimore, July tS ? Flour is quirt at f7 for Howard street, and ?7.75 for auprr Ohio Wheel la dull and lower, red 91 65al 711, whi ? 1 tiai S5. Corn In unchanged, aales of white "7aHN. vHlow MaSRc. WhWky ia dull; City Ohio 49****:. New Vark Market*. N*w York. Julys.')?Flour is firm; aale* "i.tKni bhls.; common to good State#* 2t> a I Ohio 541**7 35; Southern ?T ttia#7 7tl \N heat Is quiet; vales nnimportant, while* OtteilMS; Milwaukie Club I 52; Chicago spring ? Corn 1* fl'-m, sales of 9n,WNi bushels ; mll< ?7e. Pork is steady at (M U for mess Beef Is ui changed Lard is advancing; sales In harreU 15 We. Whisky is Arm at 33r for Ohio. Financial. N>w York, July 45?Stork* are higher at active Chicago and Rock Island 9! % . Illtno Central ItoudsW^; Cumberland Coal Cortip.ii l~V Michigan Southern I5\; New York Centi S31,; Pcnn**1vania Coal Company 9I)?, Readn Railroad 71 Canton Company 2",H ? Mimo? ii'? ciU. Exchange is firm I;>DW IN green, . Id t*Afil\'ET MAKER. At Ins l^rge Establishment, No. I?" Pennarlvaa oweat prices. Repairing, Fpholi>ler;n|c, and Varnuhuif prompt executed. Mahogany suitable for Hand rail for aale. jy 15 2w | Intell. and Fnion.1 i 1 AS FIX TIKES. \I We have just received a Rood assortment GAS F1XTFKES, such a* Chandelier*, Bracket Pendant a. GWien, A e. OAS Tl'BIMi introduced in Store*. PwellinE and Public Htntdingb In competent workmen, at lo rales. Plea*e,Rive us a call. MILLER A CUNNINGHAM. No. 243 Pa, iv? bet. 12th and 13th its., south aide. ?v ll-Im i;OR c A P E MAY. Washington Branch RR.?Philadilphia.Wii MINi,TOM AND BaLTIMOHK R All ROAD. fii gNr *tw Passengers for thia oeleliratett SCMMER HI SORT are informed, tliat a flatly line will be ri (except Snndax ilea vine Washinjrton at ? a. m.. ai connecting at New t'astle with ?lie* spleihlid alean ci tfENKRAL Mcl)??\ali? on Tuesday*. 1 hursda? and Satur<la%s. ainl on all alternate days with tl elegant and swift New Y?-rk ateamrrs runtime l? tw^en Pliiladelplita and New York via Ncw.-astle. Ticket* i5.Vi, ineludinc carnase hire on the Islan Children (under I2year??and Serv*nis f4.5". TH. H. PARSONS, jy 17 4w (I n T e I Ac Slate* ' Acent WASHINGTON AND A I.FX AN DMA, YV AND MOI'NT VERNON. Ciiangk or HorRs.?The Steainera GFt>RG WASHINGTON or THOMAS t'Ol.l.N K.R will ilepirt *t the follow I iik hour*, on and sfter ^*h J lilt m?? Leave Alexandria, at 8,9>a, and II a- in., 1?*%. UW.and bi* p. m, . ..... ? Leave \V a* in net on, at ti\, l^'^.aud ll\ a. m.. 3 uiitl ? p. ill. Th# HiNi6 hwy C<?rr4if4^itly rely tm the Hut* tt&r inc at the tune advert iard. (in* of the Boats will ntak* a trip to M**rN V E R NON on TrnDtT and Friday of each weei lea vine \Vashinct?n at WoU?ck a. m. J^IB CORSON. i C-etains SAML'EI. BARER. < ' *?:tajnB Hither B'?at may Im> cliartered f<?r Fxcursion* i any time, on appiioation to JOSFPH BRN A"1 President <?( the Company, at his offioe, Jl*1 Pen avenue, or to the Cap'mu* on ix?ard. jy 17-tf |>ROl ERTY. LAND. LOTS, HOUSES. I | JOHN D. CLARK, Rkal Protkrty Agkn has for sale on terms to *mt purcha??rs, Vacei Lots indiflerent part* of the cilv. He Buys, Sell and Fxchaiiees all kinds of Real Property on mod< rale terms. General Acent, Notarr Puhlie. and Justice ? IVac(?. No.i^i Ulii street, \\ asiungton City. l>. C jy 17-lm I S 11^ F I S H !! F I ? H ! inohbia. A No. 1 Ai?? ive* now lcndinc perschoum Allen, from Boston. A l*o, in store? t^ M.ls. No. I GiMwd IILK KING, of supem quaiity. jmhhis. No. | Ronnd IILR RING.drr s*Jted. 5? do No. I do do packed. Alio! which will tie sold iow.and are warrant ad. HARTLEY A BROTHER. j> 2t-l w l"l V ater street, tieorgetown. I^IIE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PAN Y. tine of the Steamships of this Compsn* . carrvtn the rUlted St.Mr* Mails for At;APFLO. ? A LI FOR M A. and o RI GO N. lea ve?? |*annma twi.-e each month, on the am-* vslol the I'liite*! States Mail S. S.Company'?*'e?m ers. which leave Now Orleans and New York re*n I?*r 1 \ on H h and h ol eacli month with the mailt and pasM-neers connectina via PANAMA RAIL R??AI)S. . ^ These stcainships have l>*eii infcpreted and ap pro vet! t>? the Nav> Department. aad ttuaranH m as ft >j. The Panama Railroad <47 mile* lone' is now com dieted Irotn ocean to ocean, and is crossed in 3 or hours. I he l*sua*eof passengers is checked in Net Y< rk throncn to San Franciseo. and passengers ar ciultarked at Paiiama hy steamer at the compan* cipense. The in"iie> paid in New York covers a expense* of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama an San Fr*jcisoo. to prevent detentn-n in <"?u.e of acn dcnt.tx' that the route i? entirely rtlmbtr?no fail ure havniK tKJCtnr -d in ciRht years. Paa*encers leave Pauauia the same day they ai rive at A?pinwa'l. Coadnetors go throuzli each steamer, and tak eharce of women and children without other ptotec tors. For through tickets at the lowest rates apply a theacency. 177 West street. New York.to I. W. RAYMOND,?or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS A CO.. New Oileans.- c jy 24 tf C. L. BARTLETT. Boaton. V<7TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT AF 1^1 ter sis werk* puMtcatlonof this notioe. sppc* lion will be made to the Con m **i< i?er of p. nmon for the issue ol a duplicate of LA N4) \\ A R R A N I No. IV2IC for ijn acres, act 3d March, lftSS. issued i< Benjamin Grimes, private Cnpt. Junes Compatit Ge?'rcia Vol*., Croek War; the ame havmc he^i lost. C. W. BENNEtT*. jo 13-law^w Attorn**. 'I^HIS IS TO GIVE N<?TICE?That the suh I >cril?er hath ??l?tained from the <Irphans' Cour ??f Wnshii'Rton county, in the District of Columbia letters tejitamentar* ??n the personal estate o Charles Itricc. l?te of the Fnti.-d Stales Marin Corps,deceased. All persons havuu: claims acain* hsm! deoeaaed are hereto warned toexhitnt the same with the \onrhers thereof, to the *uliscril>?r <hi o !>ef ire tlie ISfh day o| July next: thev ma* other wise l?> law l?e excluded from all l?euefit of the mii< estate. . . ... (jiveu umler mt hand thi* 13th da* of Julr. tR*7. RICHARD H. LASKfc^ . Executor, jy U-law3w NITED STaTES PATENT OFFir>~ Wasmixctos. July a?". pwt. tin the petition of James Mtllbolland, of R^' ittR, Pennsylvanin, praunc for the extension 'Hi patent xranled to him on the 23il "I Septemiier, l<49 lor an impiovement iu " railr?>a?l ear sprints, foi seven years fruta the expiration ?'fsanl patent which takes piace ou the 21*1 day ol Septemiier 18u7* ordered, that the said petition 1* heard at th< Patent office on Monday, the 2t*t of S? pteml< next at 12o'cl<?ck in.: and all persona are not ihe.I t. appear and show cause, if anv they have, why t*u petition ounht not to lie rrwntec. Persons opposing the extension are requir?d to h < in the Patent Office their ot?jeotK>i.?. specially se forth in writ inc. at leest twenty da>s before the d>?% of hrarinc : all testimony nletl n> eittier pari* to Im tise?l at the said hearing must I* taken and tnui?tnit ted m *eoordanoe with the rulea of tlie uftee, wh:ei will I* furbished on apphoatitm. Tlie teelimony in tuc case will l?e e,ose?1 on tn? Rth of Septemiier; depositions sihI other pspers relie<l upon as testimony mr?t l?e tii'-d in the ?>nio?- on or I.. lore the morning ol that da>; the arruin'ii's. il an; , within ten da* ? thereafter. flrdered. alixi. tliat this no?ic* h* punished it tti? Fnion, Intellixencer, and Evening S'ar. U iMlis ton, D. C.: RepuUican. Baltimore: I enns>l*-s.nini, Philadelphia; Datiy New.New V?*k: ?"?*?*?'? Boston, Mass.; once a week for thr-^ weeks previous U>the2lst day of Sepieniiier next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MAS4JN. Com'ryf Patewts. p ?4 Wjtitors of the above paperswill piers* oop* . awd sendtbe?rTalls to th* Pme-t O?io*. with aj^e, containing this not.o.- jy?> law.^w i-OING OFF ATC(WT.-A*th* u ll varoed we will sell our remaining atook ?()urKs^k ^RNI/ RE^ HOFSE KEEPING GOODS ia very lar**, awl prices lower than erer. m<kjrkoor 4 *o.. jy<ueofiw __ No. aannh c?Ki;oaATlOM