28 Ekim 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Ekim 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINOl ?ITY: yiPXESDAY ' ^r 2?, l?>fi7. SPIRIT Of TUB MOt\ NlflffJ PK&38 The XJmioM, to-day, argue# "gainst the cur rent proposition to.ereate a ne w nation.it debt vinder the pretence that the c< edition of the times is such as that the Gover "un?nt should undertake to raise money (by taxation, of course, for the people at large even *nally pay out of their own pockets every dollar o.^ the ex penditures of the Government,) to be sp ^nt es pecially to the end of furnishing cmplo,, *ment that will counteract the effect of the panic i P?n the labor of the country. While we would regret to see the Govern - ment adding unnecessarily to the injurious effect of the panic, as many were not long since foolish enough to believe it was about to do, we are no believers in the wisdom or patriotism of the creation of a national debt, except under a combination of circumstances making that poHey absolutely necessary. John Van Buren, by-the-bv. h>a recent speech in Taminany Hall, presented th3 with, perhaps, the best argument upon th- -ubiect of State indebted ness. (including natioiSfTntdebtedness. for they involve a common principle ) that has, so far. been published in the country He show* that while the policy of the opposition bits ever been to tax, squander and iuvolve. that c? tSe De mocracy has been directly the contrary. ?od that our sound and safe national progress ban been, in the main, through the asccndancy of the Democratic policy in this connection. The Inttlhgrnrrr rejoices that the Govern ment has ?? reconsidered the intention lately imputed to it of suspending for some months the prosecution of work on the public edifices now in course of construction at the seat of government and elsewhere;*' an intention at no moment entertained by the Government, as we have already taken oocasion to explain? Ike " intimations in several semi-official chan nels, on which tho InttlUsrtncer is accustomed fo rely, to the contrary notwithstanding. Pi.t\D Gciltt.?James O'Brayman, editor of the Chicago Democrat, appeared lieforethe I*. S Court Monday morning and pleaded guilty to an indictment of pnrloining letters froin the post eifice. Sentence was deferred. fij" A fire at Tort Stanley, Canada West, on -Monday morning. destroyed the steamer Free Trade, the schooner Buchanan, the warehouses o* Rott-fb * David*on. Williams A Thompson, and many tfber buildings Loss very heavy mostly insured. 7 No*th Carolina Faii.?'The North Carolina State Fair, at Raleigh, closed o? Wrulay It was attended by many distinguished inc? Sr<>m the f'ste, and among the visitors was Edmund Ruf Jn. of Virginia The number of persons in at tendant e was 5,(^0 CT Dr. Dufi. writing f.om ^Calcutta, to the 1 resbyterian, says that the terrible native re l>ellion there is the result of a long concocted Mohammtdan conspiracy against the British power, with a view to the re-establishment of a Mohammedan dynasty instead. Oy The Know Nothing organ in this city, The American,' nominates " as the American cand.date for the Presidency in 1<?0 the came of Thomas Swann. of Maryland, and as his associ ate a no l?r*? worthy name, that of John Scott Harrison, of Ohio, for Vice President." The Philadelphia Bask*?Specti Payment. The ?tockhoules of the various banks of Phila delphia have been called together early iu No vember for the purpose of taking into considera tion the relief act. so called, as finally passed by he Statf Legislature The general opinion is that it will be accepted. ^hiillngtou, Odeou Buildiug, sends us the first number of ? The Atlantic Monthly," the Boston magazine which has been so widely heralded. The articles, though of fair quality, are hardly op to the mark anticipated from the list of con tributors announced as engaged upon It. It is noticeable for itsexceidingly tasteful appearance, as might reasonably be expected, bearing, as it dje"' ,Ut" '".print of Phillip, Sampson & Co. txEl TTio.N OF A N egko.?A letter from Am fierst C. II., Va .dated Oct 23. says : "Anthony, a slave, vrho was some months ago condemned to be hung for a murderous attack upon a white man, was tbis day privately executed a<xoidin" to law He wa, attended by thecle-gy, and ex", pressed entire willingness to die. A few ne^ oes were admitted, and he addressed thern. advising tLem to live obediently, and to avo.d the :?Md ho had traveled ' lit- admitted his j/Uilt, and the JnatiMii of tbe senteucc. lie was calm and firm up to l^f j.,.t IUu||lenf) a||(1 Wi{h a slight struggling The Governor had been ap pea.ed to to rooimute his sentence to transpo.u tion, but he declined to niteifere.' Attek the F ash ion oe Jacssox's Time*?'The f ?? ial vote for Governor, at the late election in Pennsylvania, is as follows : Pa< ker, Democrat 185 077 Wilmot, Republican 1 Itj.l 15 Hazlehurst. Know Nothing ? ?j?77 Packer's majority over Wilmot. 39.732', over Wilioot and ilazlei.urst combined. 11,155. The Legislature stands af follows : Opposition Democ-ats. Senate 12 21 House of Rt preventatives... .31 fiJ 13 S? 43 Democratic majority on joint ballot 17.* OLACiwoob ?The Washington agents, Tay lor A Maury, Lave our shank* tor the October. 1557, number of Leonard ricott Jt Co.'s republi cation of Blackwood, embracing its usual variety of capital literary articles, concerning which we regret we are without space to speak in detail We have from the agent, James Carter, 4P9 Seventh st-eet. Parts 10. 11. and 1*2. of S*chrTd der's " Life and Times of Washington " The engraving, hy Chap pel are among the most ex quisite specimens of the art we ever beheld, and these, with the beautiful manner in which it is got up geneially.constitutes it i work tit to adorn any centre table, aside from its vabie as a care fully prepared and graphically written history. Pi4xlms Uakwext* ? What Next*?The fc?w York Tri*>n?r descrilMrs a visit to a seam less garment manufactory near Fishkill, where woolen garments are produced without a seam, and of greater strenijtb. durability and warmth than cloth made in ordinary manner. The mate rial is fl'st batted and frlted. and is then tak?n to the tailor, who cuts out in pieces the garments to be made, taking care to cut them about double the s;ze desired Next these pieces pass through the hands of girls who carefully bevel the tdges to lie joined, and baste them together with a cot ton thread The garments now exhibit a rude approach to their proper shape. A cotton cloth having been inserted within the sleeves and the por kets. and whereverelse two thicknesses come together, in order to prevent their being converted Into one, the garments are again passed through the felting machine, and soon come out with no trace of the seams except the cotton basting thread, which is easily pulled out. Thfi^ are then treated much like so many pieces of ordi nary woolen cloth, heiim passed through a full ing apparatus, teasled and sheared After this, they are put upon copper foray, heated by steam, which complete their shape, and allow the sur face to be finished. They then go into the bands of the trimmer, who binds the edges, works the button holes, puts on the buttons and faclng*,and gets the in ready for market. Aiuoug the articles manufactured are overcoats, business coats, vests, lrggins and mittens The cloth was subjected to severe tests of its strength, and found to be surprisingly tenacious It diflers fiom felt cloth in being equally strong in what ever way it Is tiled. It Is altogether of wool, as cotton cannot be used iu the felting process Its advantages over common cloth are greater cheap ness, wa.mtb and duiability ; it also sheds rain much better. The works now employ some hundred and fifty operatives of both sexes WA&UINOTON NEWS AIf?> GOSSIP. Wasted?A Theatre?Never before did a city stand in so great a need of a theatre as the Federal Metropolis at the present writing We have a resident population, including Georgetown, of at least BtSty thousand, to pa tronize one, and for the next eev"H OT eight nonth< will have among us four or Ire 'itncs as many play-going strangert as congregate in any other city of the population of Washington, in the world There are three or four halls here each capable of being converted into acorn- I fortable theatre, with box, parquette and gal lery. to seat an audience numbering from fifteen hundred to two thousand souls. An expendi ture of $5,000 at most will prove sufficient to fit up either of them with comfort, taste, and even elegance, surpassing anything of tho kind this side of Philadelphia. That is. except with winery, stage machinery and wardrobe. We 1 \ave no doubt that some well-known manager a Me to command half the entire amount neces gisry (which will be about $10,000) can easily r I'.se the other half here by the sale of season ticket* in advance. He must, however, be ku own to be a man of experience, substance an 1 character. In the course of the season, wit h a small first class light comedy company and a rapid succession of musical and ballet nove.Uies. ho may clear mucb nearer twenty thousand dollars, than the five thousand be will prubabl.y have to invest from his own pocket in the enterprise. The halls to which we refer ar? all e.xtremefy well located for the purpose. | Thereat on why theatricals have failed to pay in Washington of late year*, is in in a nut shell. The late National Theatre would hold, probably, four thousand persons. It was very badly constructed for being lighted and he ited. Thus there was a dead outlay ot' perhaps $100 per ni^ht neceesa^r upon it?wl ich. by the by, failed to make it comfortable, which no expen diture could dH?. The loss of this $100 per night swallowed what would otherwise have been its profits; for no manager absolutely lost money by it. The '?Varieties,'* ?>n the other hand, was too small to permit it to be a profitable hou.?e any where. No manager could afford to places first rate company in it, for at most it could hardly hold over $1.i0 per night. Would it not be well for th? Washington public's friond John T. Ford, to come over from Baltimore and essay the enterprise of starting such a theatre hero as we suggest He has the noaes^ary character, and tho confi dence of the Washington public besides. Retre5chme!tt.? Our impression is, that this so magically effective word before " the dear people" is, after all that has happened, quite as likely as ever to be impotent next winter before Congress. The fact that the or dinary sourccs cf the expenditure of money are fact drying up under the influence of tho altered condition of the general business of the people will serve to induce those interested in exp?uditures und??r direction of Congress to redouble their efforts to make them, each in some particular case, as large as possible, and also greatly to increase the number of person* so interested. Government expenditures bid fair to be the question of bread for a year or two with so many more than heretofore, as that r.early all who follow the business of tickling popular farcy will go in with redoubled zeal to increase them The latter can hardly fail, under such cir cumstances to exert even more influence than ever before, it strikes us. upon the National Legislature. The policy of the protectionists is a national debt; to they will necessarily ad vocate almost any and every proposition to spend public money likely to generate one. The strides of the country's wants (of facilities) that may be legitimately provided for by the General Government, arc quite as large now as before the panic set in. But we might men tion fifty reasons and circumstances leading us to believe that the aggregate of the appropria tions of Congress, made in the course of the next session, will not fall a dime less than the aggregate of the last session.* Important Army General Orders General Orders, t Headquarter* of ik* Army. No. 13. \ Now York, Oct <3, ??57. I The ordnance department having repotted a sufficient number of the new model rifle-mus ket, calibre .5a inch, now on hand, to arm five iegime:its. and that the armories will iua mi Tar tu e '? ?-noiigb for. at l?a?t, one regiment p<*r muntb," these arm*, with the corresponding ac coutremeute and ammunition, will be issued to regiments and companies in the following o:der, viz: 1 4th artillery,companies A, B. C.D, E. F. H, I, K. L, and M10; 2a artillery,companies E. F, and (1, 3; 6tb infantry. companies A, D, E, F, G. li, and K, T?Kansas. 2. l?t artiileiy, companies B, E,G, and H, Florida. I 7th infantry, companies C, D, E, G, H, and k .6? West i>f Arkansas i l>t aitillerv, companies F, L, and M, 3 ; 1 wt infanfy, 111; 7tn inf.iutry, companies A and I, 2; nth infantry, companies A. C, lV F, G. and 11. ti? Texas. 5 3d artillery, companies A, B, D. F, G, H, I, K. L, and M, 10; Ith infantry, 10; 0th infantry, 10? Pacific. 0 Jd infantry, companies A. B, D, G, H, and I. '>?Upper Missouii. 7. .ith infantry, 10 , tith infantry, companies B, C and 1,3; 7th Inlaiitrv. companies B and F,2; loiu infant;y, lo?Depalimeutof Utah, including Foits Laramie and Kearney. * :*d inftntry, 10; -th infantry, companies B, E, 1. and K. 1?New .Mexico. 9. -u aitilSery, companies G and L, 2; 2d in fantry, companies C, E, F, and K, 4? Minnesota. 10. 1st aitillery, companies A, C. and D, 3; 2d artillery, companies B, C, 1), I, and K, 5; 3d ar tillery. company C. 1; 4th artillery, company G, .1?Post* on the Atlantic and Baton Rouge. ' II. Company commanders will make requisi tions for arms and accoutrements for the comple ment of men allowtd their respective companies by dinting oideis. and issues will be made there on without further reference. The requisitions wilt lie made, as follows, through the depart ment commanders, viz: For the troops in Kansas, on tl-e t'pper Mis souri, in the department of L'tab and in Minneso ta. ou the r>t Louis arsenal. For the troops in Flotida, at Forts Brown and Mcintosh. Ringgold Barracks, and on the At lantic, on the New Vo:k arsenal. For the tro >ps west of Arkansas, and at Baton Rouge, on the Baton Rouge arsenal. l or Hie troops in department of Texas, (except Forts Brown aud Mcintosh and Ringgold Bar racks,) and Fort Biiss, on the San Antonio arsenal. For the troops in department of the Pacific, on the Uenicia arsenal. For the troop* in department of New Mexico, exrriH Fort Bliss, ou the ordnance depot at Fort Union III. When tli* n^w arms, accoutrements, and ammunition are received, those now In use will I* sent by the first opportunity, to the nearest ar senal or ordnance depot. Those in the department of Utah will be turned over to tne ordnance officer at department bead quarters. The attention of officers receiving arms Is called to the w.ittencard of directions placed in each par king-t>ux. 1 \ . By authority of the Secretary of War. F ort* l.aramie and Kearney are restored to the uetNirt ment of the West. By command of Brevet Lieutenant General *?colt; James McDowell, Assistant Adjutant General. The Maxiaof tu? Tiwes.?We quote the following brief paragraph from the Boston Courier, subscribing heartily to its every sug gestion. It is a notable fact that the districts of New England and the non-slaveholding States generally wherein abolitionism is the pre vailing sentiment. are the districts wherein Mil leilsm, Spiritualism, Mormonism, Mesmerism, Free-loveism. and all other suehemanations of the devil, have flourished from time to time They are the regioDsof sallow-looking old tnaids of from thirty to forty-five, from whom men with heart, soul and hot blood in their composi tion fly as from the cold plague. We fear that until Providence afflicts the race with utter barrenness, no ehange will ooeur in their propensity to one-ideaism. They will continue communities of optimists, (over right* wo?,) baokbtlora, baton of ?U nor*gonial persona than themselves, self-starvera, misers grinders of the faces of the poor, and. in fact, abolition ultraists?a race for whom we confess ? more intense antipathy than for any other knman beings on tho face of the globe. But to Olr quotation from the Boston Courier: One of thO moat Interesting and instructive ?art* in the history of the human race in the re curreace, from tine to time, of diwawd condi tions of the public mind, constituting moral epidemic*, which infect society with moral de lotions, just as IU physical condition isoccasion ally disturbed by Infectious or contagious dis tempers. Whenever one of these moral epidemic* seizes upon the public mind it becomes morbidly sensitive in some particular way, or on some specilic subject; it runs into the most pitiable ex travagnnces; it seems to lw* all sense, reason, and judgment; it exhibits the symptoms of tem porary deliriousiHifl. The prevailing sentiment In the Kaotem States. in regard tot be negro race, constitutes a striking illustration of th^se intel lectual epidemics, and one which, in future times, will be looked back upon with the same mingled sorrow and amazement with which we at this time regard the witchcraft mania in the old colony of Massachusetts." Walker's Prospects ?The news from Nic aragua by the last arrival looks much less fa vorable for Walker than any previously re ceived. The expulsion of all Americans sus pected of sympathy with his free-booting schemes that has taken place, is a very natural occurrence; while the simple banishment of the only two natives conceived by the Government to sympathize with the fillibusters was an act of great mercy to them, when one considers what the natives and country have already suffered at Walker's hands. The Nicaragua correspondents of the New York newspapers, one and all, unite inr'the opinion that it is now utterly impossible for the fillibusters to get a foothold there, so complete are the preparations for their due reception. Experience has taught Nicaragua the absolute necessity of unity for self-defence, and she has evidently profited by it. Martinez, the newly elcctcd President of the Republic, is the man of greatest energy, decision of character, and mental and political resources among them. He is tho living Nicaraguan best fitted for his po sition, by long odds, and will, under existing circumstances, doubtless be able to cut off all the fillibusters?shipload by ship load?1fes they may reach his country, if succeeding in circum venting the measures of the Government of the United States to prevent them from violating our neutrality law. Tm: Delaware Trist Lakrs.?Applica tions having been made for pre-emption upon the Delaware Trust Lands, the Commissioner of the General Land Office has decided that by the treaty with the Delaware Indians, signed May 6, 1854, and ratified by the Senate on the Nth of July following, the lands ceded (with tho exception of " The Outlet,"') are to be sold at public auction for the benefit ot' the Indians, they paying tho cost of surveying, managing and settliug the same, and the United States to account for the proceeds of the same ; and that pre-emptions cannot attach to any of the lands thus ceded by the Delaware?, with the exception of ?' The Outlets," that not being the land to be surveyed and sold for the benefit of the Delaware?. Tub Naval Coi rts or Inqiiry.?In Court No. 1. to-day, in the case of ex-Lieut. Noland, Capt Rudd was examined on tho Government's behalf, and voluminous documentary testimony or. the same side was read and submitted Before Court No. 2, to-day, in the case of Commander Ringgold, documentary evidence w.uj submitted on his behalf, and Commodore Stringham. Capt. Gardiner. Capt. Buchanan. Capt. McCIuney and Capt Hull were also ex amined in his behalf. Before Court No. 3, to-day, in the case of Capt. Ritchie, Licuts. Woodhull and Nichols, Capt. Blake and Commander Whittle were ex amined on the Government's behalf, and the Hon Josiah Randall, of Philadelphia, on that of Capt. R. Ordered.?The sloop-of war Vandalia is now preparing for sea at the navy yard at Ports m >uth. N. II. She will shortly join the Pacific squadron. Subjoined is a list of her officers : Commander, A. Sinclair; Lieutenants. J. H. Brown, C U B. Caldwell, John L. Davis, Jos. Fry, and Wm. Glossell ; Acting master, C. A. Babcock ; Surgeon, Joseph Wilson, jr.; Assist ant Surgeon. H. B. Trist; Purser, Calvin C. Jackson; Acting boatswain, James M. Miilcr; Carpenter, Amos Chick ; Sailmakcr, William Rogers. ? The Prospect in New York.?The Demo cratic leaders in New York are certainly confi dent of carrving that State in their approach ing election. Though we cannot as yet venture to share their confidence?for we are not suf ficiently familiar at this time with the details of New York State politics?we nevertheless count strongly on a tremendous Democratic gain there; one which will exhibit the Repub lican party organization in the State hardly stronger than the Democrats. A Senator Elected ?The Hon. A. 0. P. Nicholson, who formerly occupied the same po sition, and more recently was the editor of the Washington Union, was yesterday elected an U. S. Senator from Tennessee, for six years from the 4th of March, 185'J, vice the Hon. Jno. Bell, whose term of service expires then. Appointed.?Edward R. Trace of Michigan, has been appointed to be a Second Assistant Examiner in the Patent Office?salary $1,600 per annum. Resigned.?Mr. S. G. Chase has resigned a $1,200 per annum clerkship in the Pension Office. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning i? made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: October '<28, 1S57. New York,N. Y unsettled. Philadelphia, l*a cloudy, cold. Baltimore, Md cloudy. Washington. L). C cloudy. Richmond, Va.... cloudy, cool. Petersburg, Va clear, cool. Kaleigh clear, cool. Wilmington, N. (J clear, pleasant. Columbia, S. C cloudy Charleston. S C clear, pleasant. Augusta, ?,,,,,cloudy, cool. Savannah, Ga. cloudy, mild. Macon. Ga,... cl"ar, cool. j Columbus .clear, cool. Montgomery clear, pleasant. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...cloudy. Mobile c>ar, pleasant. Gainesville cloudy, cool. New Orleans cloudy. % At Washington, yesterday, at 9 p. m , the l>ar onieter was *99, thermometer 45?. This morn, ing, at 7 o'clock, the barometer was 50 HW, ther m >n>f ter .'19'. UTT" John B. Randall waskllled in th? woods near Parma, N Y., last week, by the falling of a tree he was felling. U7" The Southern Bishops of the Episcopal Church will meet at Montgomery, Ala . on ti e ?25th November, to perfect the plan of a Southern Church University. Corn Is offered at twenty-three cents per bushel t?y the farmers along the Wabash Valley, deliverable at their own expense In Vlncennes, Indiana. IP" About ft.1U.UlU has been subscribed among th? Methodists In Boston to aid in rebuilding the Wllbraham Seminary, which was burnedaweek or two since. The sum needed Is ffltyiUO UT" Gov. Bashford, of W isconain, publishes a correspondence between himself ana Mr. Kil bourn,of New York, President l.a Crosse and M ilwaukee Railroad Company, In order to remove the imputation that Gov. B. rceeivtd a bonus from that Compauy. trr By a recent deelsioa of the e.ourta of Mor ris county, N J., railroad companies are not re lieved of responsibility for freight on Its delivery at the depot. A suit was bpnught against the Morris and E*m i Railroad fur non-delivery of f3u0 worth of rags, bought in New Yo.k and con veyed to Morristow* The Company proved de livery at their depot Verdict for plaintiff. PERSONAL .... F.i-Pmtdent Roberts, of Liberia, i> on a visit to England. .... Baron Humboldt announce* for publica tion the fourth and last volume of his "Cosmos '? Miss Hosmer, the sculptress, who left for Havre on Saturday, has many oidersfor speci mm ot bcr A ? A ? A ? . .. lion Theodore FreHnghuveen. of N. J., was laM>- marriedio Mis? Harriet M Paoipelly, ?f 0??rego,N. Y? ...."Win. L Jurkson, K*q , of Parfcnrsburg, has barn appointed Lieut. Governor of Virginia, J unes J,. Carr, Rsq , of Kanawha, having de clined the ottre. .... Miss Juliana May has dete'mined to pro ceed on a Southern tour during the winter, and postpone her debut in opera until the spring. Her next concert will be in Philadelphia. Mrs. Terhnne, "Marion Harland," has given to the world another production. We have-nt heard its titleyet. It weighs about seven pounds, and has blue eyes and light hair.?Swra euf, S'.mdnrd. Mortimer N. Thompson, (alias "Doe sticks,"') editor of the New Vork Picayune, and theatrical critic, of the New Vork Tribune, was married on Friday evening, at New Haven, to Miss Anna H. Van Clevc, of Miunesota. .... Col. Porter, Maj. Heintzelinan, and Capts. S. Van Vllet and J. C. l.ong. U.S. A., Capts. W. C. Whitter and E. T Nichols, lT. S N., Hon. Josiah Randall, Pa , Hon. Jno. Ilatson. Me., ai d Hon. Edwin Crosswell. N. V., are at Witlards*. Mrs. Dr. Rush, of Philadelphia, so long noted in the fashionable world, whose wealth, whose parties and whose jewels have created their share of sensation for years past in that citv, died on Friday at Saratoga after a lingering ill ness . The New Vork Sunday Times says that before Bushnell (Win. A ) could marry Cather ine Hayes he was under the necessity of visiting this country and procuring a divorce from bis wife, which hp accomplished, quietly and with out her knowing much about it, in Connecticut. ....Crawford, the sculptor, leaves a wife (daughter of Samuel Wood, the eminent New Vork banker.) and four children. A relative of the deceased writes home that Mr. Crawford's death took place at a quarter past six o'clock on the morning of Saturday, Oct It), just as day was dawning. The funeral services took place on the following Sunday evening. The body will be sent home by the steamship Arago or the one im mediately succeeding her. .... Rev. Francis A. Mood, a preacher of the M. E. Church, South, was not long since refused admittance to the English Wesley an Conference, lie has published, in the Nashville Christian Advocate. a statement of the circumstances. He declares that " the Wesleyan bodv, closely beset with fanatacism without," found this occurrence too precious a morsel, and flung it forth to the English public as proof of their orthodoxy on the question of slavery." Interesting Statement by Col. Schlessi^^r. Col. Schlessinger has just returned from Nica ragua. and has furnished us with some iuqiort ant information upon the present condition of attairs in that country.

This gentleman, it is known, was an officer under Walker and commanded at Santa Rosa. Col Schlcssinger is a Hungarian, and was in the army tinder Kossuth. After the capitulation of Comoru, at which he was pit-sent. he came to the United States with Governor Ujhazy, and shortly afterwards joined the expedition to Cuba, having lived a week on loots ; and after the gar roting of l.opez, he was condemned to be sent to Ceuta, in Africa. He escaped, however, from his confinement there, and returned to the United States, and soon after got himself into difficulty in Nicaragua. Col Hchlesslnger reports that, at the election held in Nicaragua on the 2fith nit., Gen. Martinez was elected by an overwhelming vote. He was the joint candidate of the Legislatists and Demo crats. Martinez is a man of liberal principle*, of undoubted decision and bravery, and popular with the musses. There were but few Americans expelled from Nicaragua and Coxta Rica under the late decree. Those expelled were parties friendly to Walker, and who would rush to his aid should he return with a military expedition. A free passage was given to the expelled to Sail Juan. In relation to the defensive preparations agaiust another lilibustering invasion, Col. Schlessinger revolts that an order h;id been issued by tlie Nic araguan Government, calling upon all the male population, between sixteen and flftv years, to arm themselves and be ready for active service at a moment's warning. 111 this connection the sub joined information is interesting and important. The p-esent force of Nicaragua, in active ser vice. with their disposition, and the number of guns at thwir disposal, is men, and -iti guns. An army of I.14NI men can lie put in motion at any point in Nicaragua in th'ee days. Persons well acquainted with the feeling of the native population deny, most emphatically, that Walker Las a sympathizer in the whole country. It is not true that General Pineda and Colonel Ray inu ida Selva were sent, as prisoners, to work on the roads at Matagalpa. They were both ban ished f.om the country.?N*tc York Times. From Memphis to Washington Citt?The East Teniiess? e and Virginia Railroad Company have opened another section of their road west of Jonesboro', reducing to staging to thirty-two miles, and have closed up, bv a new schedule, which is now in operation,all the delays between Memphis and Washington city, inducing the time Ix'tweeu Memphis and Washington to three and seven hours, t>etween Nashville and Wa*h inuton to three days, and between Dalton ard Washington to two days and four hours. The track-laving is progressing rapidly on the unfin ished gap. which will l?e closed ir> a short time, giving a direct railroad route from Memphis to Washington and New Vork, through East T?n ne?see and Virginia, and the most beautiful, healthy and picturesque regions on the American continent, and saving twelve hours over all other routes?M'tnphit Kagle ait<f Enqmrrr. TtA. JfT* New O. leans papers of the 17th announce the arrival of ?300,000 in specie, half of whith was fiom New York. " irr a man at West Troy, on Monday was re leased from the penitentiary; he went hom-. had a spree, was arrested and sent back the next day. 1^7* A gentleman out ducking the other dav at Centreville, N J., lired a single barrel ofliiseun Into a flock of sixteen ducks, and killed thirteen ofthesn. Ujt" A Northwestern Convention of Sunday School teachers is called to meet at Chicago oh the I l?h of November. Teachers throughout the We-t are Invited to participate. On the night of the Mtth instant, the wife of Seward Ham. Esq , of Abbott, Me., while la boring under aberration of mind, drowned herself in the Penobscot river. A nkw Or*itA by Rossim ?The management of the Italian 0|>era at Paris announces, as the most extraordinary novelty of their season of IKS7-'5B, the representation of a new opera, by Rossini, entitled ?? Un Curioso Accidente." lO? Two persons not heretofore named among the lost on board the Central America, it has been ascertained were passengers on board that vessel Their names are R. S. Jerome, an engineer on tl ? Panama railroad, and Geo. Ganey, a blacksmith, In the employ of the steamship Company. }fT The last appraisement of the famous M< Donough estate, in New Orleans, shows a total valuation of S! .030.008. The expenses, last year, were nearly 910,0 0 The Mayor of New Or leans, in his late message, declares the whole case will be settled by January next. nZT1 The Montreal Pays speaks of a 'religious' riot at St. Jean ChrysosUmi. between two parties of Irisbmen, at the annual fair at that place, la t week. Sticks, stones and pitchforks are said to have been used, and many se ious injuries re ceived, hut the particulars bad not rea?hed Mon treal. ID" The Waco (Trtas) Southerner mentions an attempt, on the part of some Mexicans and white men, to get up an insurrection in Lime stone and Ellis counties, duriug a camp meeting at Waxahatchie, and run the negroes to Meiico. The thing was discovered, and the instigators directed to leave. ICT" The number of Odd Fellows, In good standing, in Illinois, is over 11,1)00, with '?*1 lodges The relief afforded last year, $|->,000 A capitation tax has been established. \V. Duff Greene, of Mount Vernon, Is the new M. XV. G Master. A man named Robert Gray, at Rochester, oh Friday night, turned his wife and two child ren out of doors, after a severe quarrel. The three were found next morning drowned in a mill race, it is supposed that the mother either fell into the race with her children accidentally, or that she threw them iu and then followed. IP" A days ago, as the Excelsior Guards, of Monmouth county, N. J., were on their way from Long Bianch to Freehold, the straw in the bottom of the stage, containing eight men, took fire from a cigar, and the fire coniinnnha'ing to three of the cartridge box**, caused rn explosion, seriously injuria* one inan, and considerably wounding two others. Mi kiikk.?Archibald Dunlap, of Highland co., V? , was found in the wood* last week, with his b east and abdomen rightfully cut. lie died In a few hours after lieing discovered, with hardly enough strength remaining to designate Gib?on Stuart as his murderer. The deceased left a wife and five rbildten. Stuart has escaped. Foe the Pssitijtiait.?Wm. R. Jones, a confederate of the notorious Randall, who was hung by a vigilance committee in Rockingham county, Va., was tried in that county last week for robbing a mill The principal witness against htm was the widow of Rabdall. He was con victed and sentenced to fonr years' imprisonment In the penitentiary. Uj" Another case of punishment by Lvnch law occurred at Waxahatchie, Texas, a few days ag . The victim was a free-negro preacher, named Donegun, who received flw hundred lashes. He was accused of robbery After the whipping was over, be was warned to leave the county within twenty-four hoars, and the Bute in feur weeks ? llffp 9i lk( Times. Four of the lar^^tifd Chicago daily paper* are talking of reducing their pages by one column each during the winter, an advertising in rery light, and not likely |o improve on auch a tnai ket a* we now fcave. '-w The money and *to?k Markets of Baltimore do not imp/ovf. A plan In talked ?( among the mer. t bants Mil jBrinaipai b#n4?e?* Men to coiumei. ciaiiaettie Mate r iiriMKrr In tbeoity, a* i* done In New Vork The BiuS?or* Patriot urge* the measure with zeal and pfnasibillty Mr. Joha Cone, who re odea near Haddam, Conn., app??rrd ot the counter of the Middletown Bank aeiue day* sine# with $1,0^(1 of 'ts hill", de manded the *|>*cie and got it The profit of the bank in the transaction was clear two hundred per cent.?two thousand dollars. The bill* were paid to John in IK15. and he carefully wrapped them in a napkin, where they have remained ever since. He returned tliem to the !?ank pinned up in the same slips that he received, with the same mark*. The saving* bank interest would have been nearly ?4,1*1(1. The Wall street (New York) broker* refused to pay premium on gold yesterday The New York Metropolitan Bank recom menced the issue of it* 0W11 bill* yesterday. On Saturday morning the Boston bank* held specie??l*27.tK*> more than they had on the day of suspension. SOOZAS*'* mrOJTROFY Too THE FA KICK. Amazin' creecber! *av, wot gev yew burth ? Waa't sum anormns rlvnr, on <?>ze bang Yew made sutch o fill runs ? Say, didn't yew no They'd kave * l>-w say, wot make* yrw run around ?ma*hiir and brakin" things sow fiilefully, With sutch a holesail slorter ? Ain't yew sic. Of smashed and brcken vittals ! Don't yew think jYew'd better dri up. or ellse sirauuir doun I I do ?.Y? tc York Post. The Bi kfaio Earthquake?Abont 3^ o'clock ft. m , vestetdav?everybody knows the time, for t was jn*t after bank "hour??there came a shock apparently from the Southeast, wh eh peop'e at once recognised as an earthquake. Those walk ing on the street did not feel it ; tho*e standing still felt the jar of the ground beneath them, and l'?oked to see what furious driving omnibus made such a noise. But in building* there was a fri/ht Those on the ground floor felt the jar and waving of the walls, and saw cr??ckery danc lug on the dinner tables, china rattling in the closets, stove-pipes fin one instance) falling, while in another a dilapidated cbimnei parted with a few of its topmost bricks. The further up from the ground the greater the shock. In fourth and filth stories there was a sensible tot tering of brick wall*, and tool* rolled from the b*-nct.c* of workmen to the floor. There was a grneral scamper to the street, and for a moment all mnnnei or questions about what hogsheud of sugar had broken loose, what jib-boom of a ves scl run into waterside buildiugs. what flrr-proof safe had fallen, what Imiler bad burst, or what powder magazine h?d blown up. But the lior boryginou* (look at the dictionary) muttering* from the liowels of our common mother?ex plained the thing, and all settled down on one conclusion?we had had an earthquake ?Com Mtrctal Adrertiser, Saturday. Tub Chicaoo Fibk ?The Chicago pape-s of th"1 2-id and 21th, contain full accounts of the bu rial of the bodies <.f the victim* of the late con flagration in tbat city, and of the inquest which is still proceeding The funeral obsequien were performed in the open air. A platform bad lieen erected in the <*ourt-hou*e Square, and long before tbe hour ap pointed the grounds, sire^ts, windows,- and bouse-lops were filled with an anzious throng.? Afier the services, which were conducted by a number of clergymen, the procession moved through the streets to the cemetery. Many of the principal street* were draped in monrning, and the flags of tbe various vessels floated at half mast. The testimony produced at the Coroner'* In quest on the liodiea of the victims of tbe fi e. de velops some startling facts. It appears that the upper floors of the stores bu lled on Water street wre occupied by young men as sleeping apart ments. A number of those young inen were cleik* in the stores. Tbe evidence proves tbat it was their common practice to introduce women of bad repute into their loom* at night, and sev eral of these women testify that they were pa*s ing the night in the room* when the fire broke out. It i* supposed that the conflagration was the work ?f incendiaries, though it do* s not clearly appear, a* yet, where or how the fire waa set. Flame* were flr*t observed by the city bell ringer, bursting out of the top story of the build ing ''R zad\ . a\ k Reai>y."?The New York Albion of Octot>er gl says: When Lord Napier declared t>efore tbe assembled sons of St. George tbat be, for one, would not hide bis talent under a diplo matic napkin, tbe sentiment was generally ap plauded as a felicitous phrase, and was by some regarded as significant. It will lie seen from the subjoined advertisement that bis Lordship said what he meant, arid mean' what he said. Some one here has anonymously suggested to him a rroject for navigating the shallow waters of our ndian rivers by vessels of exceedingly light draught; and in place of wrapping himself up in official reserve, or adopting a rouudat?out way of communicating with the unknown projector, Lord Napier simply bids him to come forwa>d This is acting up to the motto emblazoned on hi* armorial hearings. Higher praise we could not give. ADVERTISEMENT. lij~ " The person who addressed a letter re s|f*ctlng Rafts to the Biitish legation is request ed to forward his name and address to Lord Na pier, Washington.'' Ji /" A negro man. named Charles, the proper ty of Mr. Wm. Marrow, was murdered recently, near Warwick C. H., Va , by another negio named Edward, belonging to Mr. Wm Young, of Klizatieth Cit\ county. A d tficiilty arose be tween them at church. Eli Thayer iv Virginia?Another meeting was held in Ceredo. Va , for the purpose of gi\ ing Mr. Thayer an opportunity to reply to th resolutio.is passed by a giitberiug of the pro-slave ry citizens of Guyandoite a few we? k? since. Mr. Tf aver delivered himself accordingly, and tbe me -ting adjourn*d The steaine.- City of Cleveland ran into a fl w k of ducks, on Lake Ei ie. a few nights sin< e. The ducks broke the glass of tbe large loci mo tive lamp, in which two of them were ctnuht, while the steamer's smoke stacss killed time others and left them dead npou the deck. y ? Y. M. F. W. A.?You are hereby ordered to L,? attend a meeting THIS K VEN1 \t>. at 7*? o'c'ock. Husnies* ot importance demands your at tiMit on. By order of JtJ? PR EWl PENT. YIP"' WASMINGTON ATHKNhl M.-The Lj? members of the Alhcneum are hereby no'itied that a reg'ilar meeting will t?e held TH IS KVKN INU . at 7>a o'clock, in the Aldermen's Room, ?f the City 11*11. As important business will be presented ft?r consideration, a full attendance of the moir.licri is requested. FRANK M. SPENCER. * It Secretary pro tern. fy" CLOTHING FOR POOR CHILDREN. The Young Men'* Christian Assoeia'ion respectfully informs the public that any article* ?.f Clothing, Jshoes, Coats, Caps, J^lur s. Dresses, or garments ofanv description, suitable -or children, will l>e ttinnkCu11y received and properly distributed. 'I hose readmit this notice, willing to aid in prornot inn tne c< mfort of children during the precent win ter. and desiring their houiity to lie properly di* DMi'd of. are requested to send Clotliiur. a c. to the R<M>ni* id tiie Associa*ion. o*>rner of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth street, or to any of the officer*, oc 2t-5t A CARD?The Washington Light Infantry l*eg leave to announce to their friends and the that they will giveaUratd Ball in Noveiu b-r. and that tbey sre now making the neoessary arrangements for that purpose, and vill open the Ball witn a Company Drill as do e at their very *ua ce8nftil Hall nf thel'2d February last. oo!?-.?TA W&Stf (SUtes.) v^--KElilSTEK,S OFFICE." L? Octolier 17.1ar>7. ^TO ALL WHOM IT M A Y CO Si" K K A.?No tice is here y Riven that lioense* issued to Uivern*. retailers of spirituous and fermented huuora, wines, cordial*, A c , grooerie*, dry good*, hardware, medi c-no*, pwfumerv, watches an<l jewelry ; lumber, Wrt d, ooal, and oomnussion niereh nts; also, to keepers of haokney oarrisges and oinui'-use . hi hard fables, ten pin alleys, and coi.fe<tioncry, and for hawking nnu pedd ing. and dealer* la old iron, bra s, copper. Ac , will expire on Monday, the M day of \oveml>er next, and that said license* muat be re newed at thu office within ten day* after that time. ocl?dtNor2 WM. MORGAN. Regiater. pnhfic. A PIANO for one for #3*; one for ?75; aid tno for $lt?; Itesidea tweniy two new oues, tanging in prioo from #ISn to ?7tm. for rent or shu- upon easy terms, at our Pisno Warerooms 3 6, bet wen 9th and loth street*. oc? JOHN F. ELLIS. FOR SALE.-A large. drno?ht BAV HORSE. 17 hand* high, and work* in any harness. Inquire at KELLEHEU k PVWKLI.'?c{ri\ Livery Mubles, nth street, l>etween Dand'-CZX E stree ts. oc 2P-3t* rjL'N AND LOCKSMITH. The nn lersigned ha* opened a *hopat No. 4J7 It in ?treet, between E and F. for the perpo?e ??f narrying on the GLN and LOCKSMITH busiuea* in all lis branehea. A share of the public patroi.age la sol - eited. as he will give atrict attention to hia bnaine** and a*sure* that hi* work will he well done oc 28-eo4t* HENRY EASGNABA**. CA RD.?Thoas of onr eustomera who are indebt ed to us for acoount* rendered lit July and sine*, and foe note* past due, will greatly oblige u* if ihe> wil call at onee and pay. It is well known to every one in ths oiunnisaity, that these arc ** tryisg times" with the meroSeet*. and ia it not the duty of every one daring a financial cri?ia like the present to pay promptly their just debts, and pern* pa aave the credit of tne merchant a who have away* heretofore ahown a willingness to wait th? conveni nee of their cnatomera. ? confident y hope that they will not ant ua to further ino mvenience, Iwit will, without d lay, pay ?""cLii'STr. NBWTON. MAY, fc CO. oc Saiot oomer of Penn. aee. and ttk a treet. IJKlTF.p BOYS IN THE FIELD AGAIN. FIRST GR AND ARNUAL BALL _ . Of TBI tai ^ United CUb, At ISLAND HA I L. en MOMMAV EVENING,. N t sroher *1. I??. The m*mhm of the I nited Club U.ks greet plsns ?rfin snnonnnnr to th?r friends iM the +\ public sene-aily. tb%t tbeir 1-j?st IiIiho jgk ^.'^L r*LL will take place at Island Hall.^W ?" MO *DAY KVKSIKS. N^.N. W. U* The mi>mhtfi of ttMl.l?l> pledge Ibeinnelres that neither Mini or expense wiU be spared to make this on* (behest H?4U 0f lk# mm.. A bm Co tiloa U- ltd baa been engaged for tbe Ofeuion. JThe Stipner and Refreshment depart meat will tm be bauds of that ex per teaae* caterer, B Scbnd.* 'f i1" '? DOLI. A R ?admitting a (tenil>-iii?n ?"?Jl?adies??o l?e obtained from an; member of tha C :ab, o^ at the door on the rrtwnt of the Hall. Positively no hats or nap* will i?e allowed la the m'. room, except tboee wore lij the respective Ciuba. ___ _ ? (Jommitift nf Arramwemtnt*. \%T. Hill, J. Jones, \V. Reed, . S.R.Swm, G. Cammack. XV. J. I.yneh. oe??t* () DD FELLOWS' HALL. AXOTHKR WEEK. X A O I? 14 # H American Juvenile Comedians Will appear every Evening this week, and on Wgn*taD%T ssr SsTm DAT A fTIM\OOKB, iu nu entire change o| Program at each performance. crowded" iioises. c>111 prisine the Hcnutv and Fashion of the city. have greeted the perf'trtiiauoe of these Child Wonders. Dinri open at 7 o'clock; to conitncnce at 7\. Admission T> <*e? s. No half price. oc lifi-lw WAJTTS. ilr ANTED.? A BOY. between the ace of I.Saed vv 16. who understands waitinc at i*i <e. Apt y at .79 I'a. avenue. I>eiwec;i Hi and lltfi s's. it' WrANTED.?A smart.acttvc BOY.about six een ynaraold.to take care of a Horse and make lnm?e'f renernlly usefnl. Inquire, in rer?on. at th? Star Ofhoe. Iwtween l? and II o'ctoek to morrow nw?rninr. It* WANTi;i?-By an active, tidy ??l R L, a situation as t'h?ml>?rnian1. who is a smart. good waiter. Address \. Y. Z , Star OBice. from9 to 3 To mor row, ('l hursdayj U ' WAN FKD?A ai'uation as a Chamlierinaid and ?*eamatresf, by a resectable, steady. f.ngiish WOMAN, in a respectable ptiva'w la n.fv. Has no ohiectiona to travel,or to town or country- (rood references can lie Kivcn. Address F. K.. at this of fice. It' WANTHU-Bi a respeetati.e OI it L., a siiuau >n either aa Chambermaid or Nurse. or to do Plain Sewing. r?f*rences can be givee. Ad (It'-sk It. .x No. M. at this oft re oc a at * \IT ANTED ? A YOUTH, 16 or 17 ?e-?rs old. to tt l?arn the Apothecary buituess. App!? at thia o<ic-e. oc27-1w* BAH KEEPER WANTED IMMEDIATELY at Newutn's Hotel, Alexandria oc 77 3t A. G. NEWTON. WANTED-A first-class COOK.-One wittr v? suitable recommendations will receive g?u?<J wsecti at No. 4ft K atrcet, between 6th and 7th. None o'bera need app y. oc 27 rtt WANTED.?The sul?scril?er wishes toencace the followinc persona: One Yonn* Man aa Ojrster Shucker.and a B<>v to aanst in tiie Kitchen. I'i leas they arc gualih <1 they need not applv. Reco-n inendat:<fis ot aobriet*. honest*, ai.d induatry is re qu rca b* the aubaenlioron the app>ieation. Ni ne will l?e aooej<r?d unlea> he la out or situation. Also, a Kitchen Gardoner, without any incum brance of young cnildren. J. BOIT ANiiKR O atreel, near War Department. oc S7 3t (S'ateaAlntel.) WANTED?A loan of #5,nun on property worth g30.00". Enquire at this office. oc 17 tf FOB REJT ATO8ALE. Fo' other"For Hrnt <*md Sail" nottrrt set l?i pan, FI KNISHED HOI SE KOR RENT.-Dcaira bly located, and bandaomoly furniahed. For particulars apply at ?7" l^th atreet. I>etween F and G. Also, haitdsomely Famished Roonu, with saa. on 1st and 24 floors, at <7*112th street. oc >T-y fM)R KENT.-Alaire BRICK H(?l SE.sitnated in the S xth Waid, at tbe corner of I'a. avenue and9th strf-et eaat, lurutalied with (aa and having the advantaites of a large enc'osu?-*. Applv t.? the ??,Itscribera. either K mai or at their Luml-er Yard, corner ?">tb and D street west. OQ 2H-2aw.>w H. N. ft J. W. F.A?BV. 1?UR RENT?To a g??od Tenant ?A oomktriabi) Furnithed Hf>L*SE. on F, between 7th and 1 Xth streets For term* apply on the premises to M re. W M. LI AM S PEI DEN. oe J7 -tf C*OR R ENT?One new modern-built COTTaGF. 17 HOl>E. containing six convenient rooms, o* Maas. avenue. Iietween lUh and 5th streets. Pump intne)ard. a poly on the premises, or at the Cen tre or .Northern Markets. JA{*. E. Dl'NAWIV, oc 77-11* Dealer in Butter and F.ccs. POR S*ALE.?9<. Nicholas Kestaurant, under r the Avenue House, corner of Seventh stroet and l.oiiisiaua avenue. The proprietor l?ein* in bad h?a'th. offers for sale the stocs, fixtures and threeyears leaae of the above at a hnmin. Inquire on the premisea. of oc?7 9t J. F. CROWN. I^OR RENT.-A three-story HRU'K H(M'?K. on M street, between 12th anJ 13th. r ump of lt?K?d water and stibling for earnace and hnr?t>? m the yard. Inquire next d??or. No. 4*4. oc2R-4t* I^H>R RENT?A vcrv convenient three story HOl'SK, with back biii dinc. fnrnished with cas throughout, ami heated bv lurnace. aituate<l on :|ie south sid" of G street, seo>>cd house al?>ve 2let, opposite the Russian Minister. App y at corner-Sd nnd <? streets. ocJK-3t* h^OR RENT-A larce 4 story BRICK HOI SE. I with Itaaenient and beck building, eontair.in; li rooms, with ras ami all the modem improvements. si'uatini on Missouri avenue, Itetwe^n 34 ar?d 4?? streets. Apply to II. ? JOHNSTON, No 373 Pa. Hvcuue. between 4S and Wh streets. oe 2* lw* LOST AHD FOUND. IOST.?On Tuesday evemm, 27th instant, on 6th t stree*. Itetween F stfCfi nMi Pa. avei.ue, a lady 'a FI R VICTOR I NE. A restoration of the sam?* to rtr;C at?eet. ?|!! heauitaltly rewarded. It* 8e REWAKD.?0trajed or stolen, from no ?9 subscriber, or Thursday last, lwo^-?d| C(PVH. On* a black a?>d white sp*cklcd. Wkir^ with horns; the other a buffalo, a rale reddkaJn* and white mixed, with a white lace: one. binck sp>t oil on" of the f. out teats. The^ ?re both very yel low sktnue^I. The alsive reward wnl l?e riven by bnnriuc tbem home. MRS. THOMAS STANLEY, oc 77-3t* No. 4.V5 9th. b-t. E and F str. CAM E TO THE PR EM ISEt* of tbe smaller, on or ationt the 2Sth of i Ictolter, a larpe black ami white SOW, with her ears vert much torn to pieces. The owner wi MMWk plea?e c; me and pay charK?s. prove property, auvl take her a*vav. CATHAK1NE C. SHF.CKELI.S. Liv.iu between 3d and 4th at eets. on G st.. near tbe Catholic Bury mc Gr?>ii>-d, oc 17 3'* North of th? Capitol. BOAEDINOr BOARDING.?A centleman and lad* without children, or two or tl.ree sinrle rent I em en can l?e acoonimodated with ROOMS and BOAR l'. early application at J7V7th street, between l^and M streets north. B oc ?-W OARD.?A couple ol xentlem< n, or a lady ai.d ,th mlso?? " ^wfortaWe ROOM, ? Jo27 ii** street, let ween G and H rp E R M S TO CLUBS. Pnvate ftmilies livm* in remote parts of tne city, and usiok but a quart of Oysters eta^^ tisie. uan lie supplied with K>\ I a A DRCRY'S COvF. OYSTERS. l?y several iii one reichltorhood agreeins to take them <>n the same day. Corner 4th street and Pa. avenue. oc 27 2t* Bi tter, biickwhet, new hams, Ac, 33 b kins prime <? I.ADES Bi ITER, |js?i lbs. Peiibsylraiiia NEW Bt CKWHEAT :*t prime N EW II A MS 5>i barrels FAMILY FLOUR, ( Co^.orus A Riversdale) & bbds. PORTO RICO SUGAR Just rcoeived and for sale t* oe/7 3t SAMUEL HAC<)N A CO. Hair jewei.ry.-m. w. galt a bro call attention to their new paterna of Hair Jew - ?<iy, tonsisuiiK of Pins, !? arrmga. Necklaces, brac lets. Chains, >tuds, Sieeve Buttons.* c., o.ders lor winch tnev are prepsr^d to execute in tne best style. M. W. GAl.T A BR<*. oc i7-3t 3-4 Pa.av., bviwren tHli and l??h sta. (MIME AND SEE!?Just received fsom Pbila J deiphia auotlier la'ge supply ? l the very popular ami tbe Itest CtKIKlNG STON #?.> in t> is country or any oth< r a. d. < The Riei< k Star, or Double-oven Cookms . Stoves, with s.uxle and dt utile ovens, male very heavy ? ii I strouf for tbis market. It is my Su?v?? is such I stand l>y it For eale only at C. Woodward's Metropolraa Stove and Grate Faetory , No. 31* a ml XU Peiuisy - vama avenue. ?k;27-S C WOODWARD. TOYS. TO^ s. TOY^, id enilless v. rot), at ??'.7 3t I.AM MOND'E. Banking house OF CHMR BROTHKRS. Depositors desoaiting baak Notes will pleaee mark their Checks sayanie in currency. Depositee of Gold will be paid in Gold. Aoeounts will lie opened with depositors allowing them to deposit Gold ud Check for currency. tbe depositor being credited wi'h tbe differeepe. se? tf ^HUBB BROTHERS. bandsomev For cash. /KB. No. tm 7th street, next to ?* Odd FeUows' Hall. JUST RECEIVED. 1,?*\sweet Havana ORANGES. 5U whole, half, and quarter boxes. New orop layer RAISINS __ 1 ** SAM'L. T. DRCRY oc?7-2t* corner 14th st.aud Pa *v?si DEM EMBER THE YOU NO FOLKS nt IV and seleet tbeir TO\ 8 from tke MtaM stock at oe 31 LAMMON D'B, 7tk street JOHN MARKRITI