14 Kasım 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

14 Kasım 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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EVENING STAR. SrXDAY .HOR*!!*?. BT PHILLIP PHILPOT, A. 3 L L. V. Huw few of all this barryme crowd. \V ??<> press to nsaeh the *<>ase of praver. VN ho ?eek th? temple <>f their (?o4. Seek hiu whose spirit hover* there. y on demure and pious maid ! She surely shows devot on true , In rot<*s of parity arrayed? Her bounet.not her heart is new! To yonder heaving toaom tarn. Which swelis with pious rapture huh ; With saored zeai her heart must burn? Ait! traoa Uie (xxiaett's ?}?! That rrsve a**l stately sage? indeed. His thoughts must tie ou Heaven intent; But Heaven, perhaps, in him may read A pondering wish for cant for oeut! Wit i nimble steps and ?aeer haste TThat ?ious youth with piauure viaw. ? ho Mar a single moment's waste? His footsteps yonder fair pursue. \ at who shall dare presume to raise A Jia of orn&ure better grudged * Take then the tTK.ral of iny lays And "Judge not thst ye oe not j-idged.*' Calttokma CiimiTino Rhtmks?When from my room I chance to stray, to spend an hoar at clone of day, I ever find a place most dear, where some friend treats to !ager beer ? Saera m?nf Age. Ah ! yes. my friend of city life, snre such a treat cures snch a strife, but be'ter than such a do* br far, are pleasure# of a line cljrar.?Plncer Herald Such pleasures may suit brser minds, but with the good no favor find^; wa think the purest jov in life, I* making love to one'a own wife y0 'ano L*df*r. Slost wise your choice. my worthy Mend, In Hymen s Joys vo ir cares to end; but we, th. igh tired of smKle life, can't boast of havinzour. wn wife, and so. when 'scath oor cares we faint. we fly to kias some gal thatalnt?yet ? t\apa Repot ..?Tba?"La??r.!**r" Wl11 b,,e Provoke, while "line Havana s" end in smoke To court one's " ife is better far, than lager beer or vile cigar. Kisses the dew of life's young morn, break on the Hp* as Koon as born. These all are naught to that greatest joy?the first born boy ? Erening Ledger 'Tis true a boy's a wlabed-for blessing, but then snppo*e the first's a gair A dear sweet child with ways ca.essing. with routing Hps and flax en curl, with dimpied cheeks and laughing eve toeomeand bid -papa'' good-by' *Q whe'he'r l?oy or whether t'other, embrace the babe and tnea the aiO!her.-~Sut Framcisro Ulote. Buffalo papers ??y that a bold but odd sort of a burglary was committed at the residence of Judge Masten. on Thursday morning, between 8 ?KU CJr* ?be b?-glar effec ted an entrance into the kitchen bv prying in one of the window# He then ransacked the kitchen pantry, gathe'ed up the provisions it contained, put them in a bas ket, and took them out of the back door to the gate,where he had also placed a flue buffalo robe a pair of Jud^e M s boots, and the bu-glar's' janw Irom the kitchen he proceeded to the cel lar, where he eat part ufa lo^f of b-ea.l and drank Krt of a pan of milk His next move must have mi thiough the kitchen into the hall where were hanging five overcoats, which the ?' a'tist" gathered up and laid by tne parlor door, conve 2!!.? k v 'ran,#portation Ju>t ol"side the font door he had placed a large plated water pitcher His last journey was into tte Judge's bed room. Z*Z?n] T"4? PUf,n? band on a table, h, wasenrd tne Jnd^'e, who asked -Who's there!" 'nterrogatory startled the indi v;dua!. and ott be ran. , " ,,Dl judicial ermine but dressed w?"** t^Gk a2'*r bim dowr. lawn, and thJVh*, L? Fr*"klin It i> *up I*/0*'down Franklin was one ynn^il l. specimens Of pede*tnanism eve k ^'* region. The court was gaining on the burglar, but the latter stripped to it as he r?. hi?cof ?nd mshlng aero*. ?nd m ^ ?Ver Mr' 0"??*nor'? fence, tM roloto the large vacant lot in the rear The Judge being barefoot and not in running costum ^ tb# Pur*ult- a-d returning pick-d & r? coal and cap, the latter <, pecu Ji?? r ^ 10 Tery Ilke1^ le*d to his d?ie<: tion. la his coat pocket were found the nl ited IK32tiLZ' wb'ch b3d The Aiba .y 1 on Works are about to r? saatr operations, ai?o th- Rensselaer Iron Works. IT7* A party of hunters belonging to Fal mouth, Cape Cod, killed five deer on Saturday aa^Rldl. iT10 Bj r?*idinf near Pleas. R d?e, A la., wa? a few days ago shot dead by one of his own negroes. ' The number of deaths la Baltimore for e,'d!ilt' -%loiJtiay, number one hundred ? hCtH,*AwC?R* rU> *** U fcU,ted ,n th" papers Se ^ Wnd ,Uinui"'co n "l-'-ding ,n busheV d ataa of teu eems a J?hnj B Holmes was arrested in New Yoi k on f ridav, clitr^ed with procuring the for. Itery of bis wif?- ? name, Ada Hoirnes, to a mort g?ge H? procured anoliier Woman named Ktuma I>o? k, to j^rsofiate his wife. s.^f^rT^,rr.B,J'*?* " ar* to ^ educed In VZXlL1" i , of Jf? "? X- The . i v?ltli?l PtaiDdealer, and Journal. Pr ?s. and T ib me . f Chicago, have ai-eady dropped a colu un from TTlerrg" made a correttpouding reduction BcrraLoas i* K iuiinD.-We notice, by our recent eaeban^as. that tb?s fe U an o ,ler In tng iaad, called the " Anul?nt Order of Buffiloo. ?' which numbers several lodges, tbat are sprinklJ^l ?^aat ia v^ i?oa cities of tu- kingdom One ?.f tuese lodges recen'Jy held a high festival at I tv ?rpool; at wh:.-h. we ar- i.,f .rmed. a large uu'm her of the brethren assembled C7* In France it Is illegal for any man to sail aniedie:r.e as a panacea?without its having bren prevjoasiir examined, analyzed, repo.ted ?D', *ppfov?-d by a med.cal b.? d. duiy^on st.tu^ed lor that p.rpose The result if th a' ^ e called *^nack medicines ' in America ' ,b hPTh^' ?>?? the Winst?d (Conn.) ste^*,?^' dy' u furilier resident of Win of li *' accomplished, the daughter veue.able Metlnnlist elder. We temember her as a iaptu>ous reader of rncl? Tom s Cabin in the village club of youn-' ladies s"*ns Cirry ail P1#ce< ana on all octal ^?,n' -Not long ago we record-d th- inarria-M iLSlr" l* V? an Planter, who is owner of five hundred?mg^ert.' trteMa^iowaf ?,f flr,t >dici#1 dis met In iowa. mi.de a rul^ that lawyers who had T^liVT "h?Uld nof Without notli Lt^lilt ? pl~ ,hem ; ?? P?t his hoo!r out of countenance they would "et un one -.r SSiT'.-'pte,",,b '"?* "S> i"'""' bore t h = . 1 7 i ma>' 1 yo out H'? konor S Sut in^il?nVh? tt' ?rld' Wlirn be Lad thH'? ?ii put in jail The Burlington Hawkeve h-l uo public ed fire, not exce^.ng the ^ni^n t? AiTrC?n^,n"d *? m,,rh latent rascalitvas the Ju?',ct,J* WUtU fiUed Wilh tbe law) *f,t of of^via^*^ VI P A*]h Char'eyh*d jus- tarird K i. u? ' wandered away and got lost with Kate Harcou". a s. If.^. ^d heautv in hiL' flirting, Lt fche hid had three sea AHKlVAIJi AT THE HOTELS NM; HOTK?- ?Kbenener Warren J H 5i 5^ M," ^ frouthsll. do; Ml-e &Jt" all. do, m iss Coinhrv do' II liimmH i a ? ff Chasttan and l.id-7 Ind'- R R ^i. J Jl doi Va, J Kaglatid, do; jo,n DrS;,'1 !,dy.' Wavouer and Udy. do, j H HaUwui \Y Vr i> tfies. l.a; leo? Brownell. HI I li <. v ' Rl; Robert d^ett. do; u H i'unn "a M T' eobs? O SSBi.hop, Pa. T K Pri" N1 ; N C Leeni and lady, do ; t Whitman \lri* Pllcidl' Vd lUD' V* W F 'Nicboieon, do ? M p WILLARDS HOTKL ?Col Spencer Mil ^JTH?V|0Srn' ,ady f.' i1 *ervant, Jas Monl -T; n ' ,F\rgU^." -Md' Jdo U'?dc, .Work; T A l)o.mn, l?N, P B ceabright and lady, Pa has l>ver Ala, J H Walawright, W J Xorrl* v d Wr Causing, Hon M Alexander, X VCBAn.es. Mas*. C?m L Kearney, L'-N M Mrakoeeb; R..?*rt Closs, Md, W ?ilv?y I SA J NYi c M r*""' ?w'nee^ Md? jTV J*' ? ? >?W 0 Foebe r^.. ru.Uj"n7' I"t*c K Wat kins. 11 C iXrt'vf J Llt*rt? f H A H Brown, J lc ZTitrSK*c <-'? Oi.io H i;r,, i ' i " C "fr'wne and la?ly. siil," b' l>,ck?,?n. Ky, ? A K i'" Vd,0" {|0,v;i?-JW ? B"?". Vf ?? Clarke. Del. F Kirby. \{Q, j CmSto'r Walter, NV; J Mi-ke/r, \| wH ( ,1, V R (reliant. Va; Col R E Wood, Cal Wallen. CPA ' a1' H & KOfKMKXTs of ocean sreTMii^T FION TNI UiilTSD t*Taisa ??sewers. L.*an? Per. Dan New York...Havre Novu Ks?m Knaoe . ^ Liverpool... Mrw Tork...Oct R| filsejfow. Glasgow..,.\ew Vork...Oet 31 **"nF?fn Hamburg ....NVw S'ork.. ..N'ov 1 all ti **' ,u"* * J*Jv?-rpoo1... \ ew York... Xov 4 ..'i: N? I By THE P*E#lf>KNT7<!>F THE UNITED . frATBSi pi?v?sion??f the 3d Motion of ?ae* ?? the President ?n nl< ?*'?? to cau,<> to '?? aurveyed the lr?ot olland in t he Trrri'ory of Minnesota belonging to the naif breeds or mixad-Noodaof the Dacotah or ffiaux nation of Indiana, and for other purposes " approved July IT. last, (.JAMES BUCHANAN President of the U nited States of A merioa, do here by declare and make kifown that puhlio tales will ha held at Uie undermentioned land otfioea in the Ter IlllLLiithe periods hereinafter de signated, to wit: Hbxdkksoi*. oommeneing on the eighth day of March next, fur the disposal of the vacant public lands situated within the foMowmr rsserve ^"th* lfnic,llonftl ?ownshipa in the late reserve for the half-breeds or mixed-blooda of the v^i^/Tik ?fl?uiana. viz : SortK oj tht base lint and west of the fifth prim r?%? . ? , cipal mtrtdian. kim)l?.?ri trm^" ,n fractional townahi? one hundred and eleven, ol ra nge ten. ' ne unlooated tracts in fractional townahin one hunted and eleven, of range eleven loWMlll? OIW hiin SreHand^iri trROt? factional townships one ranw twefve? one hundred and twelve, of eleveeUJIl^^JnlCt? !n town*h,P one hundred and ?walv?'?^rt.2?iLiow!?fct,p* one hundred and twelve and one hundred and thirteen, of range thir eleve!)0]?!'?!1.!m! tJact" '"townahip one hundred and ?wH? TnH f?-. p&r,1 ?f township one hundred and tweue, and fractional township one hundred and rang^fourTeen'" above-mentioned reserve, of t?ta in that part of townships one ^,'jd,r^*n<Leleven and ?PB "nndred and twelve. At thi ,n??nt??n rMerv?. of range fifteen ?h? ??J? wS r?? Faribaplt. oommeneinr on 1mki!L i.??y ?C >Ur?h ne*t?tor tlie disposal of the fowliahi^T^ '.'tpatad within the following-named ^ factional townships in the late re serve for the half-breeds ?r mixed bloods of the Da ootah or Hioux nation of Indians, vix: north of the base lint and tctst of tkt fifth prin . cipal meridian. inwn!kl1n (mt^ >n that part of fraotional townahip one hundred and ten, within the above mentioned reserve, ol range nine. I he unloosed tracts in that part of townships one hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, and frac tional township one hundred and ten, within tho above-mentioned reserve, of range ten; rhe unlocated tracts mthat part of township one nunurwl ajiu eight, within the a f>ove-mpn tinned rft serve, and in townships one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten. of range eleven. h..n!lF?U|M!0^rt',fV.r',<'t? ln "j*1 pRrt ?f townships one hundred and eight and one hundred an? nine, within Mr,,rr-!?,fnflon,' d rp*prv^ *"?! in towiislnp one JJ? dre<t and ten, of range twelve, 10 thJJl P*rt of townships one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned reserve, of range thirteen. I k? aJInioontad tracts in that part of township one I hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned re servo, of range fourteen. The nnlocatod tracts in that part of township on? hundred and ten. within the above-mentioned re serve, or ran;e fifteen. it ?(S?#?lrt'',nC!VTrh the proviaiona af the act of July J, I ^.herein-before referod to. pre-emption claims will not be allowed to anjr of the above?-mentiond ii"!? af",rfi'"v have l?een offered at public sale id, lirnc <ut>ject to private entry. The offering of th? al>ove lands will t ?commence I on th? days appointed, and will proceed in the order ? n which th y nr* advertised until the whole shall hare heen oflercd. and the Kales thus closed; bti? no sale shall be kept op*?n loriger than two weV<g and no private entry of any of the lnnds will be <d mitted untili afW the expiration of the two weets Given under my hand, at the city of Washingt >n h"nd^sspJ ?? B, tk. P,JAMES BUCHANAN. Tb o*. A. Henpricks, se ll?-?aIw^Tn,;0nCr ?nh* General Lan 1 Bv* THE PRESljW^rWF THE UNITED oated. to wi't ^?Mn' 44 tae peruK,B hereinafter detig ?t?;. iff A'oriA of the ia?? linr ??.l ,c>st of the th> fifth t, ^ , Pnnrtpni mtrtdian. r ractionai totcmhips sixty seven, cf rantea twenty-four to Airty-three, iroiusive. ?l?tt,hra'\,"!uffiur %,ILA?i' commeiiCinr on Mon Jay, the R. h day of March next, for the diaposal <>f ? htpa*1 vii .'ai wthin the following naiue5 town ?VoriA of the bust line and tctst of tht fifth .. prtnrtpal ni'ridtan. Klrn.lHM"!, "" foilowmg-named .\orth of tht bast l,nt and irtst of tht fifth prxn _ ctpal mtrtdian. K*? *ev'n' of ran** ten. one ?wo *nlt tbrJl0 riv. r. numr ered f"ur. of rante five ,Q town.,, , x,y inr,i'e Dca Moinea river, in aectiona ran^e h ve" ne' townahip aixty-n.ur, of The is and in the.Dea Moinea river, in aeotiouanme fiVe. of range a^ ?f (nLOUoD*1 ^uahip aixty MSyJrW^ AT" oommencing on ?f i . y of M"roh D"xt-,or thediapoaal Xorth of tht bast lint and taut sf tht fifth prin v .. , . eipal mtrtdian. ^ rautional township thirty eight, of ranee nine ?xcept fhe portions covered by private clanrie. At rhe land office at Jicusu.x, commencing on \Io,Klay, the Rth dav of March next, for the d a5?? .\orth of the bat- lint and *a%t of tht fifth prim . .. , c*pai m%r\<iian. . wVn"-?'* ""?? ???"? t,-.TSBf iis?;is. "** """? twenty-nine, of range ten. Fractional f*wna??tp sixteen, of m ge thirteen. .. Tn* ** lwe,,tJ four, of range aixteen. ' ""*"k"" ?TKrJ.'v;*""'"' """""".of nm?..on.t? Monday t?e hfteenTlh"da?"f M^fh" nexT.To""^' l"",? " Xorth of tht bast line and trest of the fifth prin f cipnl m'.ryrftan. f wnship thirt*. of range lictntv-nme. ownships thirtT, thirty-one, thirty-two. thirtv <nree. and thirty fo?r, . f range thirty! 7 mfv^"*HnJ?0pr.,.',Ud hy ihw ^ the use of schools, military, nnd otli^r piirposr-s. together with those .ij.'Jffi'iuiR'a'.'i. *?"'?>" "? u rue oMf ring of the al>avelaitda will becornmen -e?' on the day, hpp. ,?t?Hl. ai?l ? ,n proceed in t "!" ?, in whirh t h^v ar?? adveri ised, until the whole s'ia' ":,d V'* thl" c*ised; bui ni s?l shall kept ?>pen longer fhMi two wefkit ?i "'"H* "f ?"' ^"ds will tT^dmiue i until after the expiration of th? two weeks wiven under m? hand, at the eity of Warhinrt this sixt?enTh dav of Senfeinl^r *ni?. t\. ~. thousand eight hundred and fiTt*' s^v^n ? By th,President: JAMES BLCHANAS. Thomas a. lltMimrn, Commissioner of the General f,aad Offiee. 10 rRK-KMPTION CLAIMANT1* t PnlZZ'V: "C/he 'ro^r <>rfice, ?n(/ mnkf payment thrrtfor a> toon a* praetirablt after *'* and i^fore > he day appointed for _ ?ymmeneement of the public sale of the land* 8la,,"edi otherwise such claim THOt*. A. HENDRICKS. ae 19-[awSfn""",ner U? (icner'?l L*nd Offioe. jjNIihD STATUS PATENT OFFICE, , ?V ashijiutoji, November ^th tivr ap il. ..14, for an improvemeiit in "Miflnn?n. r?, *r#JGAr&2'- ttk that the aaid petition ha heard at the ? t io J .,"?oe on Monday, the .5th ef Apri next oeilr m ' Pdr*on? ?r? notified tnap r and thnw inuw, if any th?? have whv muI t"'"n ought not to Im. eranted" ' * "i,d pe* axtension are required to for,l?JH'iJ!f 1 V^?* their objections, specially s?t f i. wr|ting. at least twenty dava he fere the d?? th?whi?" of Maroh nT?",n*i1" th" w'" on the lith ucon as idlti? ''"Poiitions and other papera re'i<-d mJSr3S3r?,r?S2V ,E ' '*?kn'h" '?? within ten day. tl.eraS?e * * ar*u,??nta, ifa-iy, Sssrsirviiir day of hearing. ^ J'>?KPH HfM.T* Coinmisaioner of Pii?<>'n?a P. 8. I id i tors of the above papers will aiL ? od send their bills to the Patent Off.oe.wi^l a ^2; e<.p'sininr this no'ioe. ' i". * P"Par T lih-law.'iw ^OODSFOK ViKGIj>NA BANK NOTEtfT ~ R. H MlL^EIJj^ON St CO.. will of descnptiona of cHlNA, GI.iASV. a, QUEENS WARE, GAS FIXTURES, A c . A c , at th?-ir usual regular low pricea, _ with a discount of five per oent. for oeah aa heretofore, and receive in pa*menta noteiipt A.., ... t"ia Virginia Hanks (exoept the Bank of Kananwai at par. Anyaudali debta due them, can be paid in f?e sam* currenov, with thanks to swell of their debtors as ohoose to avail themafftea of thia prop osition Alexandr a. Sept. H?. law. aeSR-tf W NOTICE 108, TOUPEEM. HCa'LpS, 4o., made t? order at the ahorte-t p^>saibte notioa. Aaeleolaa aortment always on hand,at HEARD 4 WATSON'S, National Hotalfnd ?th afreet MisoeUaasota. By TUB THE UNITED wtt: 41 lhe per,od? hereiMttor diSiitSf. to ??Aii#t'1v l*t)d office at Los Axgxlos, commencing tkS.,'*lft,dnV ?tf May a***,for the die Kwil.lf.ii? vi? : 111 W,thm th# following-named South of the base lime and itest of the San Mer a nardtno meridian. seetions one to twelve, inelaaive; the north half of Motioni thirteen! the north half and the southwest SfflffiSSK?: ti-six; the southeast quarter of seotion .wenty ssven; sections twenty-nine to thirty-two. incltt " V?L 1 "ou'h half of section thirty-three; the northeat quarter ai d the aouth 0*4fof section thir ty four; and section thirty-live, of towns kip three; seotious three to nine, mplusive;the north half ani the southwest quarter of section ten: the southeast quarter and the northwest quarter ofseotion eleven; the northeast quarter and tne south half of section twelve; section thirteen; the east half of section fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty-four, inclu sive; the north half of section twenty five; and sec tions twenty-six to tlnrty-five, inolusive, of town sh'pfour^of range three. Township three, of range four. Sections one tw twenty-lour, inolusive; the north half of seotion tweuty-five; and sections twenty-six to thirty, inclusive, of township one; arid seotions one to twenty-seven, inclusive, of township three. of range Jive. Sectiwua one, two, and three; the east half of sec tion Tour; the east half and the aouthweat quarter of section nine: sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; the southeast quarter of section twenty; seotions twen ty one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east half and the southwest quarter of section twenty-nine; the south hall of seotion thirty: sections thirty-one to thirty-four, inclusive; and the northwest quarter of section thirtrfive, of township one, of range six. North of the base line and west of the ban Btr nardino meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north hall of section eighteen; the south half of section nineti-en; sections twenty to twenty three, inclu sive; the northwest quarter of seotion twenty-four; tlio uortha est quartcr of soction twenty-six* seo 1"'$' twenty-seven to thirty, inclusive; the east hair of section thirty-two; the north hdl of the northeast quarter and the northwest quarter of amo tion tiu.iy ihree, of township three, townships four, and five; sections one to eight, inclusive; the north hair of section nine; sections ten to thirteen, inclusive; the east hall of section fourteen; the west hall ol section seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen: the west hail of section twent*; the south east quarter of section twenty ene; and sections t? on y-two to thirty-five, inomsive, of township six.nud township seven, of range fcur. Sections one to fifteen, inclusive; the east half of section seventeen; the east half of section twenty; sect ions twenty one to twenty- seven, i nclusive; the north hair or section twenty eieht; the northeast quarter orsection twenty-nine; the northeast euar ter of seotion thirty-four; and the northwest quar ter of aection thirty-five, of township three, and townships four.fi ce. *i.r, and of range five. . ?r5t,.Vn" on" lTo: l,"> north half of section three; the north hall of section four: the northeast quarter of soction hve: the west half of section six: the north half, the southeast quarter, and the north half of the southwest quarter of section seven; tho weat hairor the nortiiwcst quarter and thesouth halforsection eight; tlie northeast quart' r of sec tion eleven: aeotu.n twelve: the northeast quarter md the east half of the southeast quarter of section seventeen; the cast half of the northeast quarter tnd the southeast quarter of section twenty; the west half of the northwest quarter and the south west quarter of section twenty-one: the aouthweat juarter oi aection twenty-eix; end tho northeast luarter of section Thirty hve, of township thrte md townships/our and fire, of range sue. Sections Oi.e to eighteen, inclusive; the north half ? >l section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty-live nclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty six; the northwest quarter of section twenty-aeven; tnd the northeast quarter of section twenty-eicht. of township four mid township five,of range seven. Sections one to six. inclusive:the northeat quar ter of section aeren; the northeast quarter of seotion rune; the north half of *ec'ion ten; sections eleven, wWeiye,anu thirteen; tiie northeast quarter of sec tion fourteen: a>.d the northeast quarter of aection twent) -three of township four, and township five, ol range eight. ? The northwest quarter of section three; seotiona four, e, and six; the north half of section seven; seotions eight and nine; and the northeast quarter of section seventeen, of township four, and tow nships hve and six, of range nine. Seotions one and two; the northeast quarter ol section t.'iree; the west haif of seotion eleven; the riortheaat quarter of section twelve; aection four teen: and the aoutheaat quarter of aection fifteen, of townsh ip four; sections one to twenty-eight, inclu sive: the northeast quarter of section' twonty-ninf; the northejiat quarter of aection thirty three; and . 1fHT7?Ur R,ld 'hirty -five, of township are, and township sir, of range ten. SectioDB one 'oeif hteen, inclusive; the northwest quarter of aection mneteen; the northeast quarter ol seotion twemy-one; the northwest quarter of sec tion twenty-two; and tlie northeast quarter of sec ion twenty-four, o/ township Jive; and township six,of range eleven. Sections one, two.and three; the northeast quar ter or aection ten* aectiona eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen; the southeast quarter of seotion hf een; the southwest quarter of seotion eithtoeu; ?winV? Dl?? -n\,K#i??Urthwc*t Of aection V half of section twenty-two; tlie northwest quarter of aection twenty-three: sections ?" lo. u,rP*' Inclusive: and the north haif of section tbirty-frur, of township Jive; and townships six and seven, of range twelve. Section one; the northeast quarter of section two; thei southeast quarter of sestion ten: the south hali of section eleven; section twelve: tlie cast half of section thirteen; the northwest quarter of section *;'d lhe, "orth ?f aection fifteen, of own*hip four; the southwest quarter of section ?even; tlio li^l f of sect ion eight: the southwest .k2 n'n?r,h- W?lt of .eel,OB fif of "?ot,on Mventeen; section eighteen, the northeast quarter of section twenty Jj ?"d ?eotiona twenty-three, twenty-four, tweii twenty-six. and thirty-five, of township i If/ "ne to aeventeen, inclusive; the north .la.f of aection eighteen: the northenat quarter of aection twenty; aectiona twenty-one to twenty-five inoluaive; the northeast ouarier of soction twenty ' thi'ruen?** *lX' t"wn,h,?' ??ven, of range Section thirteen; the aoutheast quarter of seotion fourteen; the southeast quarter,.? section twenty two. the east half and the southwest quarter of sec lion twenty-three; the northwest quarter of section ?*k !? nr>r half of section twenty-six tnd the east half of section twenty seven, of town five; seotions one, two. and three; the north eaat quarter and the north half of thi northwest Mntitnn *1 "ection four; the northeast quaiter of section e event section twelve; and the north hnlfof seet.on thirteen, of townsh,p 'sir - aectn.na one t eighteen, inolusive; thi north half of section ruri teen; the n<>rth linif of section twenty lentinm twenty one to twenfy-euht. uiclus.vef the a. Cth ia!f of section twenty-nine; the southeast quarter -f aection thirty; the north half of tho nofthcast fJT ' thirty-one; the northiMist quarter md the north half of the northwest quarter oi soc ion thirty two; and sections thirty three, thirty ;our't?i. th,rty-hve' ol ^wnsh,p\even.of range ?nA fit", hi rdAdSy Uofy/Z?n7^Wu"e,h! rlamad'townah?jps."v'i'i?: l<tUd" WiU"n lhe followin? \orth of the base line and east of the Mount . , Diablo meridian. township three, of range one. \orth of the oase line and west of the Mount ? "lahlo meridian. So?tk '"'?w'^M.of range one. South of the base line and east of the Mount u .. Diablo meridian. one to eighteen, and twenty-two to TiT". inoluaive, of township ten. of range , K?.Tn,?.hAP Un' *nd "^o'i"ns one toaix. inoluaive ight to fifteen, inoluaive; and twenty-two to twen ' ty-six. inclusive, of township elevel. oUangTten nil" P" I 'Z1?1 aectiona one to six nclusive; eight to fifteen, inclusive: twenty one to. inclusive; and thirty four an <f thirty ve. of township twelve; aectiona one. two three and nine to fifteen, inclusive; and twenty-two to fown*h'P townships eleven twelte, and thirteen; seotions ece to hve. inclusive euht to seventeen, inclusive: twenty to tweit* * nine inclusive; and thirty-th.ee, thirty-fouT and hirty live, of township fourteen ; section* o'ne I'Jw.tf,;'"" ??? ?r //<?<-."( t?wn?hi? eleven; townsh.pa twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and township fifteen, except rtion thirty-one; and sections one, two ard weive. of township sixteen, of range tJk irteen Townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen and Af teen; seotions one to seventeen, lncliiMive'- twenty ..ne to twenty-Koven, inclusive; awl thiVt?-f.Tur knd lurty five, ?J township sixteen, of range1 fourteen Townahipa thirteen, fourteen, fifteen andli?' 'YJ&tuZ V ',Sl/ ,",0t,o,> f"ir; the iouth'half r ?*ven. eicht, and nine; the west half of aection ten; and aectiona thirteen to fifteen luolu,tlve. of townahip twenty, of range ,nd""""" Fractional townahip sixteen; and townahipa ?er sVventeen' ' n,n',e"?' a"d twenty,oflange ..3" ownih?Ps'tUviil ;a"d" W,l,MU t,,e folloWir* A orth of the bast line and east a.f the Mount . Ifiablo meridian. fractional township four; townshiD Ave - fr?? tlonal townships twelve, thiiteTn.n^fVjruen' tovenuennnii eighteen, of range one. J0,Tn",,p" "r'lv'> thirteen, and four I".?,; 7r,t"?i.. JV.n* ?/ ,*. 0/ uZzst",r??rj "" t'?'????? ?IHl fif Townships fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen ? fmn. tional townshipssevente*n,eig\teen,and nineteen twenty-one.of oJ/I*e thrt'e Seotions one, tww, three, and ten to fourteen in. of" slaotion ?f ?#ctlon fifteen: the east "half ?w?Vn. TH ? r W?{ sections twenty-three to v" V melusive; and sechon thirty-five of ihTil!! 1%. Cr^tTr*em' ?*?t'ons one, two, and three the east half of section four; the eest haif of seetii?i' tweVf^ llw- T"on?; ?'ot'ons twenty-two to see'i.Ji'tt^ ,nclV"Mr#,5 the northeast quarter of thi'r i ?1 r.' e,,llL'; "1"' """'on* thirty-four and inolusiSe-V/ne folX}'.,P ??ct,on* "n* to four, f.MiT^nd^lU'Vv"'"tii'rtj0 i ton twenty z tMfuhim . twenty-eiaKt. inoloaivej the w<?t half SMtim thirty: and seotions thirty-three thirt? fi,?r -25 thirty -five, of tfat tut half of Motion twenty-one; Motions twen ty-two to twenty inclusive* the east half of f?ct;on twenty -eight; the west half ofsection twen ty-nine: emotion! thirty end thirty-one: the west &jf of Motion thirty-two; the enet 1*4 fof Motion llUfty three; and section* thirty four and thirty five, of township eighteen; tnd townships mine teen twent*, nnd twenty-one. of ranfe/oar. Sections one, two, three, and ten to fifteen, inclu sive; the northeast quarter of section twenty two sections twenty throe to twenty-six, moloMvo; the southeast quarter of seotion thnty-iour; and seo tion thirty-Ive. of township seventeen; sections one, two, and thrM; the southeast quarter of seo tion nine; seetiens ten to fifteen, uioliisive; the northeast quarter of section twenty-one; sections twenty -two to twenty-seven, inolusi ve; and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township eighteen; sections one, two, and three; the northeast quarter of seotion four; sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, massive; and sections thirty-foorand thirty-five, of township nineteen; and townships twenty awl twenty-one,of range are. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, together with those "swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unfit for cultivation." if any. granted to the State l?y the act entitled "An act to enable the State wl Arkansas and other states to reclaim the swamp lands within their limits." approved September is, 1850, will be excluded from tlie aa.es. No"?i?r?i lands" or tracts containing mineral deposits are to be ofl'ored at the public sales, such mineral lands hring crprestly errrpttd andrr~ eluded from sale or other disposal by the require ments of the act of Concreas approved 3d tViarch. I?3. entitled "An act to provide lor the survey of the public lands in California, the granting of pre emption rights therein, and for other purposes. T fen otWinu of the above lands will be commenced on the d ?y* appointed, ami will proceed in the order in which the? are advertised, until the whole shall liave l?een < tiered. and the sales thus closed; but no sale slnll be kept open longer than two weeks, and no privrUeentry wl any of the lauda will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under m> hand, at the city of Washington, this sixteenth day of September, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. ? D . JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Thos. A. Hendricks, Commissioner of the General 1-and Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts ol townships above enumerated is required to estab lish the same to the satisfaction of the Register and

Receiver of the proper land office, and male pay ment therefor as soon as practicable nf tr seeing thi? notice, and l>efore the day appointed for the commencement of the pnslic sale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed: o herwise such claim will be forfeited. THOS. A. HKNIlRICKS. Commissioner of the General I.and Office, se 18-law3m PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS a. PaINTINS AND pHOTCWJRAPHT COMBINED. P H O TO G R A P U IC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Sir* of Ltri. a W A I VL'R ?c PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY. Odoou Ilall, cornerst. and Pennsylvania avenue 8. WALKER has fitted up the above spacions apartments at a ven great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most pom - p!*te arc handsome in the whole country. He has r 5? i If ?* 'or (ree erhibition of upward of 200 fine Oil Paintings, by some of the best ancient and modern meters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Walker has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing aoartments f?r ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, and engaged a first class operative nrtist to m department for taking all kmdh of PHOTOGRAPHIC, A.MBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTYPE i'ORTRA I T 8. from the smallest miniature to size of life, 8. Walker. by ocmbimng the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting. of which he has had 4.S years experience and whose speoimens of life site portraits may be seen in some of the first fami Uesof the city, as well as those exhibited itwhis Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two to produce portraits that have never been ex oened for their fidelity and l;fe-!ike expression. Can \as and boards prepared b* himseif expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. M iniature or life-size, from small pictures of deceased friend*. Photographs taken from corpse*, or aick persons taken at their own residences. on immediate notice. Committees and c.nsses taken in any number in groups, andanv quantity of co? ies from the same sold at reasonable charges. likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, parefuily istok lined and restored to their oriKiua] freshness. * ??1dnlnntlemen hTA solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shilhsgton's book s'ore? entrance4fc street, two doors from Pennsylvania Wtl-ftf*. (^HINA. GLASy, AND EARTHEN WARE." R. H. MILLER, SON k CO.. IMPORTERS, _ Alexandria, Va.. wpjTVnve received two instalments of theirf=? f^a/fa,. suppUttk/roiii the English PotteuesA? Wl" continue to receive accessions to T TJ"u ilf,r "tnck till the business Mason sets in.? K. rl. .llii.in, Son 4 Co. can at sure their friends *nd ciier..mers that their stock shall he of the most aesirMne description, and that their prices will oom parefavorat.ly with those of any dealers in the.r:in? in any otli^-r market in the Tinted S-atea. K.H.Mtllkb, Sox & Co. have prepared them selves to ofler to merohants every iiiuuoemeiit to make their purchases in their line. Th WINDOW GLASS. They have just reoeived via Antwerp and New > ork. from ttie great manufactory of "Roux." New Brussells.ll40lx.xes French Window Glass of aupe nor quality and of ditferent thick neases, which ther have imported under such circumstances as to enable them to ofler a supsrior artiole at very moderate prices tf |VbW GROCERY, WINE. AND I \ LIQUOR STORE. Tha sotmoriber begs to inform his friend* and the f h*f Vp*n#Nl * N E W STo K y- ?""ier of 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on band a large and varied f ?fort.7,ent ?* * oreign and Domestic WINES I I OI>ORS, CIGARS, and FINK GROCER iES Consisting of Fine Teas. Sugnr, C?*ee. Flour. Soap' S*rd'u?". A.ichovies. Otaid. H ' * * Co.. and Col. cAat*ard's Brandies in oases, demiiohns, and oasks. Old Ja maica Kum, Sherries, Madeira, Port of various de "rM."' Claret, Chateaux Mnrgnux ir hampagneCider, Brandy 1- ruita, Reynold's Kdint>urgh Ale, Annisette, .Maraschino, (^iraeoa th?.C{uimpagne, and a l?ge and varied de ?on^tkm of ilnvana Cif&ri. Aiso, Vtoughton Bitters, and Fever and Am# Bitters. Porter, Ale.and Cider. A*U' . I rf'T* ,Vr"l Pyl'o?l??rlT invited tooail and exam ?? r?' before rurchasmg elsewhere. Mem !'l - OI,*rr."* a'eaJ*?.'nformed that their orders will 1^. promptlj attended to. and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Clears im ported direct by the subscriber, at wholesale and re supplied on reMonable terms, and produce tnkrn m exchange. Levy s Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 184" Country orders punctually attended to. and ooun try produoe of all descriptions received on (vhisicr mwt. JON AS P. LEVY. je8 t^ No..S64 Twelfth street. II II. STINEMETZ, " 9^ ?. HATTER AXD FURRIER. ^>> I a. a v., iienr the corner of 13th street Chll \arietv. to which he ir\ ites atten tion. I lavine selected them hims-If troin the iiiiportins houses in New >ork, srd taken advantnae of the tim a \n purihasinK for cesh, and selling for cash, be will t>e able to sell I at more moderate prices than any heretofore ottered in 'hia oitv. Fiir Trimminga. Misses' Reaver Flats, and Chil dren's Fane Hats now on hand. and'$4 50 &l 'ow as 75 cen,,? *nd Viotorines ?3.50 HI. L. .?HAT?' hats-caps. caps. r .V IUt* ?3.?nd ?2..V), of superior ?or mln-C?. h'I mo?*'? A'*0. Hats and Caj.s Tor men s and boys' wear. Te'tns exclusivelv cash?thereby being enabled to buy for cash ami s-ll for cash at a email profit, meet ing with no loasea hr bad debts. oc AJ-tf |J NITED STATES MaTl. VIRGINIA. Post Orrin Department, Oct. 29, 1867. Qt.ri'fr**1" /l'r,?"rryi"g the maila of the Inited 3f?thTune'Vlli ^*liu'8?t,or eBrl?er. if practicable, to Vivr !5S,.nn route in the State,^ ? J received at the contract office of this department until 3 d. tn., of the 8th day or Dc ceml?er next, to be decided on the following day : No. 51^ra-Froin Abingdon, by Clear Branch, Buffalo fek Tn? |V,,U |,oint- Arcadia, Block House. ?? atellville. Stock Creek I uttoiiaville. Stlckleyville. Pocky Station .lonesvilk.C any Hollow. Beech Spring. Rose Hill. and U amut Hill, to Cumlterland Gap, leiin., II., 4 miles and hack, threa times a week, in four horse caches. Abingikm Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urn^y, at K a m? Arrive at Cumberland Gap. Tlmrsdav, Pntur day, and Iuesda\, by a ani; ?^3 sS'iS.T.'Ki Jr. Tu"d"' ?Thu'"1"' . "St? Th"r"J"' "4 For forma of proposal, guarantee, and certificate, also, instructions and requirements to I* eml.raced in the contrant?v ?ee ailvartiiAmeuts i>f Jnn 12 Kehotrjr 9 ar??( Feltuarv 2, 1857. or eithArof them, in pamphlet form, in all the principal r,H<t of i..a- AARON V. BROWN. oc?)taw4w Poatmaster CJeneral. JO THE TRADE. A 1 li?t.,rr?'2tl,V'^' ,,'ond.on Brown Stout and Sootch art. ofa^ud io diSra!*'** d""1' Oorn.r ?* ,3-,m Watssr? and Wine ft tore. J'KN per cent, investment. ~ i^?0.r^r*tlon.?Bond' of th? City of Davenport. 10 p/L*nt" ln.te^,?, Coepr.n ,n New York. Bonds of 9Ht) each. The growing city of v?.nP"r* now JO.OOO inhabitants, M.d is rapidly increasing in wealth and population |t. mnmctpel debt is onlv #i?.nno. and its railroad debt only and fnnnot now b* increased Tfui statistics of the citv were published in the Inte.h genoer of the ?nh September. We recomVli^ thM- Wonds be lie vi.g them to beis State or city bouds. *s sate as any 006 CHUBB RROTHirns - NEAT BARGAINS in second hend P oe 5# onmer FASHIONS, ^ NEW _e . at LINt. Ibiuibm, 4b. CAPITAL..-.. _ ..... $Wtjm !S . Tin Obiimt ii bow prepared to receive appliea tjona for INfWRANCE OITbUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usael City ratee, without *ny charge for Policy, at their Oloc, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the W aahington City Savinga Bank. _r _ Director*. }*b?. P.Bayly, Hamad Bam*. Bryan, James P. Hal, day. J'.'eeph Bryan, Wm. Urine, Francis Mohan, M. W. liait. Bftij. BeeiL JAMES C. McGUIRE, Preeident. OsarTon O. Haxios. Secretary. M ll-ly uda<><> Taylor. gANUINtt BOUSE OP deposited, and u may *?? a* reed CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits.?Deposits reoeived and Check? paid Without oharge. Drafts on tho northern seaN>ard 0 ties received on D* posit at par, and Exchange on said Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest on Deposits.?Interest will tw allowed on Deposits at such rates as ma* t>e agreed up<-n. DxroeiraiN VmaiMA and I nccsremt Monet, Deposits in Virginiaand other I'oourrent Money re ceived to be checked for, pajable ia same funds, oris specie, we oharging the regular Exchange. Discounts.?Notes. Drafta,and Bills of Kxohanga will hedlsoonnted, and Loans made on Stocks. H uds, and Seoanties, at the market rata. Lrttxrs or Credit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals^ and interest allowed if Money is d< charged if Conater&ls.oaauoh termaaa upon. TeartMM Bills or Exchancb.?Travelers will be ftirniahed with drafts in saoh aumi as may be de sired negotiable m the different Cities of the Union. Bills and LettkrsofOr edit onEnclasd, Ire land ard Epsora.?Bills of Kxohar.ce and Letter* of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe.famished at the market rate fbr Exchange, in sains to suit. Bonos, Stocks, Ao.? Bonds. Stocks, and Securi ties pay ins from 6 to 12 pr. oent.. always for aale, or bought in the different Cities at a commission of afc pr. oent. \\ here Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to mil (or a deposit of 10 pr. oent on the ooet. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. ?R ailboad, Citt. aits Statb Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Kbnds can t>? placed in oar hands for negotiation, either m this country or Europe. Haii road Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrant*.? I/and Warrants bonght at the market rales. All Warrants told by as are gaaraa tstd in every respect. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to responses parties. Real Estate and Insurances.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claims on United States, Cottrt or Claims, Congrrss.?Claims on the United States, beforathe Court or Claims r^Congrees, intrusted ta us, will be prosecutod by promt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan Tt Opposite the Treasury, B ANKI.NU HOUSE CHCBF BROTHERS. Depositors depositing Hank Notes will please mark their Checks rayalrfe in currency. Deposits of <*old will be paid in Gold. Accounts will t>e opened with depositors allowing them to deposit Gold and Check for enrrency. (lis deponitor being credited wi'h the difference. seSM-tf CHUBB liF OTHERS. |M'EREST ALLOWED^ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, an tl? tf Opposiu tk* Med ioi net. T*he GREATEST L THE AGE* ? m V mm M a 1 MEDICAL DISCO f E R Y OF T ? /dr. Ibnnbdt, of Roxbory, has discovered In ooe oar oommon pasta re weeds a remedy that on res IVIET KIND or HFMOK, from Tki worst Serafuta darn to a tommon Pimplt, He has tried it in over eleven hundred cases, and never failed exoept ui two oaeea, t*>tb Thunder Ha mor. He has now in his pot>se**ion over one hundred certificates of its value, ail within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to oure a naramg Sore Mouth. One to three bottles will care the worst kind oI Pimples on the Faoe. Two of three bottles will olear the system of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to sure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomaok. Three to five bottles are warranted to our* the worst kin! of Erysipelas. One or two tatties are warranted to aareall Ha m*r in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to oare R aiming of the Ears and Blotche* amoug the Hair. Four to six bolt>s are warranted to sure corrupt and running Ulcers. One bottle will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Two or three bottles are warranted to ours the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to aare the most most desperate case of Rheumatism. Three to four bottles are warranted to sure Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will care the worst aaae of Scrofula. A benefit isi always expenenoed from the first bot tle, and a perfect oare is warranted when the above quantity is taxen. Nothing looks ao improbable to thoae who have in vain tn *a all the wonderful medicines of the day, a> that a oimmon weed growing on the pastures, and a<ong old stonewalls, should cure every humor id the system : yet it is a fixed faot. If you have a humor, it has to start. There are no IFSnor ANDS, hums cor ha s about it suiting some eases, butlnot yours. I noddled over a thousand bottles of it :n the vioimty of Boston. I know the effects of it in every case. It has already done some of tke greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to children a year oid, to oid peopie ?f sixty. I have seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfect state of health by one bcttls To those who are aabjeot to a sick headache, one bottie will aiways cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some vn? have taken it had t?een oostive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the t?ody is sound it works quite easy, but whero there is any dersngement of the functions of nature, it will cau?e very singular feelings, but yon must not be alarmed: the? always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a hed re suit from it; on the ooutrary. when that feeling u gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant enoomiams of it that ever man listened to. In mv own praotioe I always kept it striotly for hu mors?but since us introduction as a generai familj medicine, great and wonderful virtues have beec found in it that I never suspected. Several cases of epileptic fat*?adisease whieh was aiways considered incurabie, have been oured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in all caaes of that awful malady?there arc bat few who have seen mora of it than I have. I know of aeveral oases of Dropay, all of them aged seop.e cured l>) it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Headache, Djapepaia, Aathina. Fevei and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diaeaaea of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases oTthe Kidneys. Ac., the discovery has done more good than any nedicme ever known. No ohange of diet ever neoeaaary?sat the best yon oan get and enough of it. Directions for Adults one table-spoonfel per day?children over ten years dessert spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As no directions can be applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowels twioe a day. MANrrACTTTRED ?T __ DONALD KENNEDY. rto. 130 Warrtn Strut. Roxbnry, Maismekuttttt. AgentsJor Washington.?Chaa. Stott A CoM Z. Gilman, Kidwell A Lawrence, J. B. Gardner, Barry A Co., b. Walsh A Co F. S. Walsh, J. P.'StSIE Martin King. Nairn A Palmer, Schwartx ft Co.. O Boswell, IHniel K. Clark. J. P. Miiburn, DunUr Dyson, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.? R. S. Cisselt, O M Lentham, J. L. Kudwell. mv S I? PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON TBI P H IS IO LOGICAL WIEW OF MARRIAGE By M. B. La CROIX. M. D.. Alhany, N. Y. too pagei and 190 fine Plain and Colorad Lithographs and Plates. irr PRICE ONLY 25 CENTS.^31 ir^Stntfrtt of postmgt to *11 pmrtt of tht Union, Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiological View of Mar nage. A new and reviaed edition of iW? pares and 180 plates. Prior 25 oenta a oopy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the duties ami casualties of single end married life?happy and fruitful allianoes, mode of secaring them?infelicitous and infertile ones?their obviatioa and removal?nervous debility, its onuses and cure, by a process at onoe so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure is impossible?rules for daily management?an eaasy on Sper mstorrha-a. with practiea1 oliservat ions on a safer and wore auccessful mode of treatment? precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical praotioe; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infanoy to old age?eaou ease graph ssl ly illustrated by I>eautiful piales. It'points out the remedies for those self-iNflioted miseries and dissp pointed hopes so unfortunately prevaleut in the young. It ta a truthful adviaerto the married, aud thoae contemplating mRrnage. fta peruaal ta partic ularly recommended to peraoi.s entertaining secret doubts of their ph* steal condition, and who are ooa soious of havinc hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to which every human being |B entitled to. Pr.ce ? oents per oopy. or five oopie* for f I. mail ed free of postage to,an? par]t of the United States, b? addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid.) Albany New V ork, enolosmg 26 ceuta. wno pfe.^r eonaaK Doctor |L A apon any of the diaeaaea apon which hia book treats, either personafly or by mail. His medi oines often cur? in the shoit space of six days, and completely and entirely eradicate all traoee of those disorders whioh oosaiva and ouliebc have so loi* h u" V\u3nt*- rB,n nt tls* health of ilULRli ?"r Franoh Secrat" is the great con tinental remedy for that olaas of disorders which nn fortunately, rhysioians treat with mereary, to the irretrievali e dcstruetion to the patient's oonstita tion. and which all the sarsaparilla in tke world can pot <rare. No*51 MwdMI L*n?< AH*ai, N. Y. ?TUJ THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND -_ . GEORGETOWN. M me C. LvnwAaa. lata of Pariaand New York, naa arrirnd ir this eity, and solicits the patronage of ?? .'."fr1 ?' 'I"* vieinitv for the latest alyle of PRKMCH IIRK?S MAKIVO. ngFSSPS. Cf.OARS, ROBES DE CHAM BRE and MOURNING of every deacription made to order at the shortest notice. Dresses out, and also the latest Drees Patterns on hand. MADAME C. Ll'DMANNT No.MR Seventh street (up atarra) few n 9-1 w* doors above Penn. avenr* O1 llLKOAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twioe Duly, (Saw1m mghta ?o?H?d. Mim WASHINGTON ClfS and las SOl'TH. via ^LEXaNDRIA. GORDONSVILLE *n* RfcH Lmvm Waekingtoa at g a'clock a. a. " Washington at T o otoct p rm. For LYNCHRl'RG ud the SOUTH WERT. |.?ve Washmtton at ? o'clock i.'ni.,ini?i in LYNCH RURG next mormnf st 4 a. m.. connect in* with the train* on the Virginia am Tennessee Ran Road for M KM PHIS. Mai! ?i*i? from CW otteeville to Lynchburg a d,sf>noe of 9r> miles. Far* from \\ ashing ton to Ly nchburg, f7.75. Thesteamer GK.ORGK PAGE. foot of Seventh Street, being owned try the Railroad Company, ruu in connection with the train*. Tickets for Lyneiiteirg procured ot tke Boat. |?JT ttanuibuBvaanti Watttsse ^ asons win beat tha I)rpot of the Washington Railroad, to convey p*? ae-igersaiKl baccate to tha SteemNiat. for A em ? <fr*a. a distanoa ofeix mitee, allowing amp,a lima for anala JAMES A. EVANS. A teat. Alaxiuidna.Jaty.lMT. I? t-tf yy A-> HINGTnN BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN~AS FALLOWS: From W AMI IN'GTON at ? a. m., ?onr.ecting at Ke'.ay with trains for the Wni. and at Baltimore e.tk thoee for Philadelphia and New York; at ?-** v an.. Ij-r Annspolie, Haltimorr. Pa.adeipkie. and New \ o k : at a p. m. f?r Baltimore aad Norfolk Mid at Kelij with Kralriick train. EXPRESS at 4.3m a.m. at ke.ay f? r the Waat ind for Ar.nr.pols, Baltimore, t hUadelphia, aad New York. J?n Snnday at 7 a. m., and O# in. "rom BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4.1 S and 9.15 a. m., S and 4.15 p. m. On Sunday at 4.14 a. m. and 5.15 p. m. je 12 tf T. H. PA K SONS. A taut. CTEAMER GEORGE PAGE. ft HOURS OF DEPARTURE. Leave A exandna at 4J4. 7X, t, 1 f%,' wi.nr ? Leave ap 20 d N ?- ?' ? ' "WT ?l ? '#%? ajg^Tjmwgjgfcjai. EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDCLR. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The recent extension and improvement of ila i*ed inc < onneotais !iuea at the West has required an an - tire revision of the running arrangements of this road bv which highly important advant-.res to lha trav elerare aeotire-1. On and after MONDAY. June 15. 1JW7, THKEE DAILY TRAINS wilt La ran ip both u rectum* for tlironch pe*sen*ers. First?T?e ACCOMMODATION TR AIN atarta from Camden Station, Haiti more, at 7 A.M.,(except St?nda?,i stop* at way stations and amves at Cam ! erland at 4 P. M. Svteotid?The MAIL TRAIN atarta (Sunday ex cepted) at >30 A. M.. and arrive* at Wheeling at 4 A A. M.. coi uec'ing at Benwood with Central Ohio tniina for Coienil.us. Cincinnati. Indianapo.ia. Lou isvi'te, Chicago, St. Isoih*. Aa., and at pane plarw with train* for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit. lc.. hv Cleveland Road, and also at Parkeralmrg with Ma rietta Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX PR ESS TRAIN leaves daily at S.U P. M., eun ceding at Benwood at ft A- M.w.th expre** ira.ns lr<>m Beliaire to Cincinnati, (irKkeer tkamtt ?f Cars at Columbus.\ and reaching thera in but IS hours from Baltimore and 2* hoars from Washing ton. It also connects directly, in both directions, at Grafton with cars bv Parkersburg aad Marietta roads for Chniicothe. Cincinnati. etc. These train* oonnectat Xeuia for Indianapo ,a, Cli.oa?o and St. I.ouis. nnd at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio aad Misaiaaippi I'xpreaa for l^oaiaville Cairo aad St. Louia through to St. Louis mleaathan4Shoarafro?a Baltimore. My this train tha ii*m to all tha oentral and southern peaces in the West la much leaa. white the Jifinrf m from 4" to 100 mi.ea shorter than t>y the shortest of other routes. Ftom the West theae connections are equal'y close and satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at B.*> A. M. f77" Baggage checked through to all pomta. THROl'GH TICKETS soal at loweat rates at Camden Station and at Washington, D. C. Paaafngers from Kaltimore or \\anhmgtoe ana? r?<w tkt emit** road frp dtiwltgitt, ay taking morn ing trains, and l^ing over at Cumberland or Oak land, and resuming next morning by Wheeiiaa Ac nommodetion train, leaving Cumberland at ? aad Oakland at 10J0. FOR WAT PASSENGERS. The Co hi i >eri and Aooommodation TnunatT AM., will atop at all Statioi.s east of Cunil>eriaod. and tha Whoelmt Acoomm<?datioB at ail Station* beynn j Cumberland t?'ing ^ e*t. Oatwaraif, tha Mau Train leavea Wheeling at 8.T A. M..and Acoommo dn':on leaves Cumberland at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5 30 p. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BR ANCH. berwr en (?rafy?n and Parkersburg.wav pasaenger* wiit taka tha Expreaa weatwardly aad the Mail eaatwnrdly. The FREDERICK TRAIN start* at 4 P. M . stopping at way statioga. I.eav* a Frederick at 9.11 A.M.. arriving at |{a<tinM>re 12 n<x>n. The ELI.ICOTT'S MILL TRAIN leavea at S.45 A. M., an^ 5.15 P. M. l eave* Ellieott'a Mills at 1 A. M. and 7 P. M.. except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.l5and<US A. M .3 and 5.15 P. M. On Sundays at ?.15 A. M., and S.I5 P. M.only. Leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and RJO A. M.and Sand 4^0 P. M. Ofi Sundaya at 7 A. M.. and 4?" P. M. only. Tlhr*t and foarth train* from Baltimore, and tka se?<>nd and fourth trains from Washington. Will be express mail trains, stopping only at \Vashingtoa Junction and Amiaptiiis Junction. The ?.15 ami 5.15 trau^s from Ua timore and the i.30 and 4 2" trains from Washington connect with tka trains from Annapolis. For tickets, information, fare. Ae.. apply to J. T. EVIil.AND. Agent, at the Ticket offioe, t'amdea Station. WM. S. WWUDSI Dk. J? IS-tf Maater of Traaaaortation. Baltimore. One of the StmmshiM of thia Company, carrying the United States Ma..* for ACArULO, CAI.IFOR MA. and (IK EGON. leaver< Panama ta im^ each month, on the arn ? valol the United Suites Mail S. S. Compeny'ssteem ers, which leave New Orleans and New York rega larly on 5th and 2<Hh wf each month wi'k the mails, and passengers oonnecting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. , There steamships have keen inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, ana guaranty tptt4 md The I'aiuima Railroad 147 mi lea long) m now com leted from ooean to ocean, and is oroaaed ?? 3 or 4 iours. The tAggageof passengers is checked in New York through to San Francisoo. and passengers are ? la^wirled at Panama by steamer at the company's expense. The money paid in New York covers all expenses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in por' in Panama sad Sen Fra::ctsco, to prevent detention in case of soct dent, so that the route is entirely ttlfllt?do fail are having occurred in eight) ears. Pas*eu*er* leave Panama rhe same day they ar rive at AspinwaM. Conductors go through by each steamer, and take charge of women and children without other prwtee tore. For through tickets at the lowest ra tes apply at tbeacenev, 177 W est street. New ^ ork.to I. W. RAYMOND.?or to ARMSTRONG. HARRIS A CO.. New Orieaaa,- or jy 24-tf C. L. RARTI.FTT. Boston. I^HE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM FANY. t: Tht bktr* remeettar I4t Lint ers : The ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eldridge. The BA I.TlC Capt. Joeeph Coasst?^ck The ADRIATIC Capt. James Waat, These ships having been bailt by eontra^t express ? for the Government serv.oe.every care has been takeo in their construction, as also m their engines, to in sure strength and speed, ami their sooommoJations for pussei^ers are uneanailed for elegance and eom fort. Price of passage from New York to Livarpool. in first cabin, 913"; in second do.. R7S ; exelastveaaeof extra site state rooms, 432.S. From Liverpool to New \ork,? and guineas. An experienced Sur geonnttaohed toeechship. No berths asn be secured ? n't; paid for. The ships of this lice have improved water tight bulk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF 8AIL1N6. pbom taw tori. i raoM LivxxrooL. Saturdat, June 31* \VH Weduesdsy, June S4 lk^t Suurdit* , J uly 4 IRS7 Wednesday, July 16W Saturday, Ju!v It 1*57 Wednesday. July 23 1RT S*turdny . Aug. 1 IV) Wednesday, Aug. 5 l*T Saturday. Aug.15 1??7 Wedneeday, Aug. If 1&*T Saturday , Sept. 12 .. .IWI Wednesday, Sept. S Saturday, Sept. 2fi... 1M7 ^'ednesday, Sept. 30 IX" Saturday , Oet 10 1857; Wedneaday. Oet. 14. la1" Saturday, Oct. 2?.... 1R57 Wedneeday, Oct. 2S Saturday , Nov. 7 ... .1457 Wednesday. Nov. II !R5? Saturday, Nov. *1 It57 Wednesday, Nov. 8S 1WT Saturday, Dec.5.....IW7j Wednesday, Dec. U It?* I Wedneeday. Dae. S U9 For freight or pasMte. apply to EDWARD KrcOLLINS, No. S6, Wall . New \ org. RRO\\*N.SHlPLF.Y k CO., Liverpool. STEPHF.N KF.NNARD A CO., r, Aas Friars, London. B. G. WAINWRIGHT A CO.. Paria. Tlit owner* of these sli.ps will rot be eecoMtaUe for gold, stiver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stone* or moials, unless UtII* of lading are e^gned therefor and tne value theieof expressed therein. UNITED STATES MAIL UNE ONLY REGULAR LINE ans wtTHotJT raiLrai rna i;?rt tka as. roa CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rttulmr Smilimt Dmys.btk #10/4 aj sack meaik. ? CarTiow.?So many frauds aad imposi tions of vanost kirds have been ?'e perpetrated on trevellers hound toCA LI FtlRNIA.that the suhserifier. the onl* sut horised Agent for passage bv the U. S. Mail Liee. vta l*ane ma, in the city of New York, frets it his duty to aaslion all pereona seeking passage H> Ca.iforsia, tkat, to a voib tMrosiTioa. they must t>e cerefal '? find the true office of the St^smships of the " ? ? Mail Line, via Panama Fai!r??ad. as im? o'lierefc * in New York te anthoriaed to enrage pnssr.ge. The Cotnp?nie* h?\eonly oue <>(mt .p New \ org, whicli is at IT7 West *tree',corner of \* srreti street, frwnt int on the North R iver, al the head of the t,o? pany s Wharf. (ET Observe my lalk ttD