16 Kasım 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Kasım 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING Kf. !? FUBUSHED EVERY AFTER ROOM, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDl!??St # Corner #/ Pa. avtr.u? and EltrmUk ttrmt, By W. D. WALLACH. P*Mrs served in p*okac?? by carrier* at ?4 & year, ? #r mdIi Mr montn. Tomau subeeribers the sab ?eriptien is ?A5>a year, im mdvunct; $2 for si* months; ft for three months; end for rS?a than tAf month* at the rate of >2 MBti a areek. Single eone?. om oNt; in wrapper*, two oesta. At'iitTiimtiTi (of evcht lines to the square) inserted three times for $1; every other day or s?ati-wo?k!y. 2* Mr eent.a4vai.ee; onee a week, 50 par eest.ad ranee. VOL. X. | ? - * ?tr.i . ? v J \ |i 7 . - > fl. WASHINGTON, I). C., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1857. rr t? NO. 1,506. n -sUe ^Naa ^?anaiifci? * ? swu* Tvsfitj o. ?? " C*ik.. ^*toe nusa* uaonf aatffrtors rOLTZT*? n wi ieterveainw. a. - f>i>sai ??* bT^Tvld ' i? ** *??&uf ?? ita aarev /r??2T'' ?kJ. :Lrv*?T Spatame , fcteVo J-4* T*?k v a vi a. lFroo*hrt?t tb? ooantrj. . ?'a. ~ * yy ? paMr Pru^-VluTKrrfcNT^1^ ? ** n ^ Peataiaeter* wh* act as **enta vii< k* aHn*^ aeixmaissioa ofacowa- fallowed BOB ORANT'S COURTSHIP. Hetel Green. Esq . famishes Porter # Spirit of th* Times with the following description of Bob Grant's courtship Bob ww a queer fellow, and rather green withal, and what was still worse, very bashful when among the ladies. One day, I 1*"^ a lecturing about his stupidity?told him it wchsId never do?that he was rapidly approach ing that period when he would be looked upon as an old bachelor, and be despised by all the gentler sex I saw it made a deep impression en him. so I went on : 14 You had better drop those old bachelor no tions B<?b, and get yoa a wife, before it ife eter nally and everlastingly too late!'" Bob blushed deeply?looked inlall directions, to see that no third person was in bearing, and then said ; ??To tell yoa the truth. Areh. I have been thinking something about the iaatt?r; but who Is that I could get to hare me V' l " Pshaw ! you are talking nonsense now." said I. ''There are plenty of them, if you would only scrape up courage enough to ask them For iftstauce, there's Mell Stinstfto?diow would she suit ?" Sho d suit to a T, Arch. But you don't pretend to say I could get Hell; do you ?? Get Mell' Why, yes; certainly I do ; and would not be afraid to bet a hundred dollars ou it, if you'd only try," said I. This was a new idea to Bob. and he was tickle 1 almost to death with it. After thiuking a m)tnent, during which time his face was il Hminared with one of his broadest grins, he ventured to ask me how I would proceed, if I were in his place and wanted to get Mell. I gave him full direotions. after whioh he started home as happy as a jaybird, promising to go and p?c Mell the very next Saturday night. Bob was as good as his word. Saturday night came, ami he went over to old man Stiu fon s. Mell was at home, and, guossinz his business. ruade hereelf very agreeable. Bob s courage raised buy por cent.; and so. as soon as the folks had retired, he commenced his first courtship. To begin, he found a disagreeable task ; but when ouce the ice was broken he felt like a new creature Mell smiled so bowitoh ingly upon him. and said so many charming things. Never before had he known hours to fly ?o rapidly, or moments to be spent so pleas antly. Who could wonder at It? for Mell would lean her pretty head down on hi? shoul der when he joked her about her beaux, or about getting married. Oh, what a dear crea ture he soon began to think .she was * H iw he almost cursed himself for having passed so much of his life in ignorance of such Miss. Before Bob bad scarcely time to think, and long before he had como to the point the old clock struck twelve, and Mell roinindod him that it was time to retire. "But I have not told you all I wish/' said he. *' Tou can come again next Saturday night," ?he replied, with a most fascinating smile. This was capital. Permission to come a^ain ' He agreed to retire. Mell told him where he could sleep; and then, as is the custom in some of the Western States, brought a pot of warm water that be might wash Lis feet. The pot was an old-fashioned one?big at the bottom and little at the tojn?so very little at the top. that Bob viewed it with some misgivings, leet it should refuse to admit his feet. Not teeling willing toeall Mell'# attention to the enormous sue ot these named articles, he hauled off his ?hoes, and with one desperate thrust, lodged both feet on the bottom of the vessel. Capital luck, thought he. as he sat bathing them. Mell nat near by. waiting for him to get through, that she might remove the pot. At length, the clock ?true* one Bob did not seem to notice it. but mi with both 1??? in the pot. apparently in a brown study. '?It is one o clock." said Mell, by way of a hint ?? Vet. mam.*' aaid Bob, but still kept on with his bathing 1 wo. and then three, were bounded from the old bell, still Mr. Grant paid no attention to it, but maintained his position in ailence. appa rently resolved to bAthe his feet all night. Mell'a patience finally wore out, and she said, arising from her chair : *? Mr Grant, you can retire when you choose I am going to bed." liold on '" said Bob, '* hold on a minute. What's the price of this here pot'" '? What do you mean? she aoked, vastly as tonished. ?*I mean, by thunder' I'm a goin' to break this pot: and I d like to know the price of it." "rather! father!" screamed Mell, 'Tome hare, quick! Mr. Grant s gone mad! Quick' quick! ' In an instant, the old man was with them, nerved and prepared for a desperate stru^^le. How sadly disappointed ! Instead of finding Mr Grant a raving maniac, as he had expect ed. he found him sitting very quietly, with both feet fast in the pot. The warm water had Caused them to swell, so as to become immova ble By the united off >rts of the three, he was at length extricated ; but no words could in duce him to remain till morning, lie started for home forthwith Bob Grant is now an old man. as well as my self. and not more than three weeks ago, he told me that this was his iir^t aud last court ship. lie never could scrape up courage enough to go back THE MAN WITH A Ul.NDLE. Ton have met him' Burly, broad-shoul dered, a little careless both in dro*s and gait, at if conscientiously op|>o.-ed to precision of any kiud; aud his face? from the curve of the smooth-shaven chin to the gleam of the gold spectacles that sit astride hi* no-e?beams with exhaustless go?*l hum >r About 5 p. m is his hour, when you can zouerally see him heading if homeward, an! carrying thitherward a brown-paper-enveloped paroel. From long fa miliarity with this feature of his personality, we ht i c- 'ne to designate his otherwise auony inousness as " the man with the bundle.*' it may have been imagination on our part; but, aj we inei him the otherooid a tier noon his fa;? seemed So absolutely radiant with the heat of genial bene.V.enco that we thought the ther mometer at tue coruer of Milk street wwnt up two degrees as he pa-??J We determined to make an effort to know more about him. To-lay our desire was gratified Turning into Marsh a, to purchase the g<*.?e quill now between our fingers?we can t abide mineral pens?who should be standing at the counter, closing, at the same instant, tne lid of a mag nificent writing--ase and a bargain for its pur chase, but our ra.iiant-faeed friend " To what ad lress shall we s >nd this V said the olerk. with a loue indicating extreme re spect "Nowhere," responded the purchaser; ?' I always carry my own bundles. ?? V CK sir. but this is heavy, and it will be a pleasure to us to send it." " Young roan,' replied the other, "I always love to take something home at night, to ahow my wife and children that i have not forgotten them wile at my business, and I wouldn t give a pin to make anybody a present without I car ried it into the huuse myself I want to see em take it Besides, sir, I never allow any body to be botherei by snndiug things home for me. that I can carry myselr I began life by lugging about parcels as a dry goods man s boy aiid many * the weary mile of sidewalk 1 ?a trudged, to tarry a yard of ribbon or a paper of pins to sometiody. too proud or too lajy to carry it for themselves I haven't for got my old thoughts, and, what's more, though times have ehanged with me since then. I ain't ashamed to be seen in the streets with a bun die " ?* Yes, eir, but this is heavy." " No matter, I'm sir ?ng and out he went, with such a glow in hi? face, that one could imagiue it lighted up the now dim ?? iewalk, rods ahead, as a locomotive burner illuminates iu trace. Another well-known street face passed him in the door, <? oosiug in Purchasing a Con gress knife, Uw juw vomer said, in a sharp and dictatorial tone, "Send it to my boaie (No. fifteen hundred and something. Washington ?treet) immediately ; I shall want it as toon as i get home. ' Two different men," suggested we, as the clerk closed the iIoqt after him. v* yier7'''WM ***? r?P'7- '* Th* with the bundle is Mr. , the honest owner of hun ?fadi of thousands, and there nerer was a sub scription paper yet that didn t get hit name for ?omething handsome. The other man failed last week?all there was of him to fail?and iiQ t worth h\i jalt, but be ha<J rather take th# commercial disgrace of failure, at any time, than the social disgrace of being seen in the streets with a bundle." Two different men. indeed! Wo shall take off our hat the next time we meet Mr. on the sidewalk. Lodj may he live, and carry bundles to make people happy.?(^otitir$ga lionulut. COIKTIXG II* IOWA. The followingoircumstances happened in Ce dar Co., Iowa: ^ y,Jun8 man be.ngout on a courting expedition came late on Sunday evening, and, in order to keep his secret from his young ac quaintances, determined to be at home bright and early on Monday morning Mounted on his horse, dressed in his fine white summer pants, and other fixiyis in proportion, he arrivos at the residence of his inamorata, where he was kindly received and his horse properly taken care of, wing turned into the pasture for the night The night passed away, and three o'clock in the morning arrived. Three o'clock was the time tor him to depart, so that he might arrive at home before his comrades were stirring. He sal lied forth to the pasture tooatoh his horse; but here was a difficulty?grass high and loaded wun dew. Toveuture in with white pantaloons on would rather take eut the starch and lead to bis detection. It would not do to go in with his white unmentionables, so be quickly made his resolve. He carafully disrobed himself of his valuable "whites" and placed them in safety on the fence while Tie gave ebasc with uu sereoned pedals through tho wet grass after the mi?e. Returning to the fence where he had eafelv suspended his lilly white unmentionables?O' Si'*5", rt*/. ?'*** met his eyes' I he field into which his horse had been turned was not only a - horse pa?tnre," but ' calf pas ture. too and the naughty calves attracted bv the white flag on the fence. had betaken them" solves to it, and calf like, had eaten them up ! only a few well chewed fragmentsof this owe valuab.e article of the wardrobe now reasain iT?1v7 *f0W !'hrwi,-ja?t sufficient to indicate what they once had been ? What a pickle thi^ whs for a nice young man t'? be in ! It was now near daylight and the farmers were up and about, and our hero far from home with no covering for bis-traveling apparatus." It woul.l not do to go hack to the house of hid lady love, neither could he go to town in that plignt. i here was only one resource left him, and that w as to (?ecrot? himself in the bushes un til the next night and then get homo under cover of the darknoss. 116 remu'ned under the protection of the bushes for some time, and it may he im agined that his feeling* towards the calf kind were not of the most friendly character; but ere long, his seclusion was destined to be in truded upon By and by. the boy,, who had been out to feed the calves, returned with the remnants of the identioal white garment which adorned the lower limbs of their lato visitor They were mangled and torn to shreds ! An in quest was immediately held over them gome awful fate had befallen the unfortunate young ?an- -*"e neighbors were summoned to search ror the mangled corpse, and the po.?-?e with all speed sot out with dogs and arms. The pas ture was throughfy scouted, and then the adja cent thickets, when lo! oar hero was driven out trom his lair by the keen scent of the dogs uil safe, alive and well, minus the hntn. Au explanation then easuod at the expense of our hero, but he was successful in the end, and married the lady, and is now living com fortably in one of the flourishing little towns of Iowa The Apsl.t Horse?The following story is told in connection with the Celebrated palace of the Duke of Wellington : It is said that as George II. was riding on horseback one day in Hyde Park, he met an old *?!dier who had fonght sith him in the battle of Dettingen; and witn the soldier he entered in to free discourse. After talking together for some time, he asked the veteran what he could do tor aim Why, please your majesty, said the soldier, my wife keeps an apple-stall on a bit of waste ground as you enter the Park, and if your majesty will please to mako us a "runt of it, we might build a little shed and improve our trade. The request being a very moderate one. was at once granted. In a little time the old apple stand woman prospered greatly, for t.ie situation was a good one for the purpose, and she carried on a very profitable trade In the course of years the old soldier died, and the Lord Chancellor, who wsj looking round for a suitable lot of ground where he might build a mansion fixed his mind urmn this very spot. The old woman was sadly alarmed when she saw her shed being torn down, and preparations made to occupy the ground with a stately man sion. and fhe went to her son. who was an at torney s clerk, to consult with hiui as to the courtj she ought to take. The son was shrewd enough to see at once tho advantage that might be gained by remaining quiet until the mansion should be completed. No Sooner was the house finished, than the son waited on the l,ord Chan caller to complain of the tre?pa?s cimmitted on hi3 mother'a property a id 'oc'a:m anao ma ise for the injury she had sustained. When tho Chancellor saw the claim was undeniable, he directly offered a few hundred pounds by way of compensation ; but this was promptly refused, as the old woman, advised by her son. would not settle the affair on such easy terms. A ground rent of four hundred pound# a year was finally ugrocd to ; and it is sjiid that the Apsley House pays that amount to this day, to the descendants of the old apple woman. Tiie Latu?t Sysraxsiox?We wcro some what amused witu the operations of three .youngsters, two of whom were trading for mar bles Jem had offered Tom sixpence for bis bag of white alleys and striped taws, and Tom. after some chaffering, had consentod to trade. But the operation must be a cash one ; money down, aud no credit This was eventually conceded as the basis of the bargain, and Jem held Qut his hand for the marbles. "Money first." said Tom. ' Marbles first," said Jem. "D'ye think I moan tooheatye? say!" ex olaimed T?>ui, indignantly. "Don't know," replied Jem; "ticklish times, these ; don't know who to trust, nor for bow long, now a days !" ?well, then.' said Tom, "there's .Sam. there, lou give him your money, and I'll give him my hag of marbles" ' Agreed." sail Jem; and tho deposits were mado. 1 .Now hand over,' said both the traders; but 5>em. ivjckotinz both money and marbles, took to bis heels. There wa<- - a run" on that buuk, sure. Liavb Taki*o ?Dr. O. W. Holtner in his ar ticle, "Tho Autocrat of the Breakfast Table " in the Atlantic Monthly, cays: "Dent you know how harJ it is for some people to get out of it room after their visit is really over ??they want to be off. and you want to have them off, but they don't know how to manage it. One would think they had been built in your parlor or study, and were waiting to ba launched. I have contrived a sort of ceremonial inclined plaue for suoh visitors, which, being lubricated with certain smooth piirasej.ba -ki them low.) meU| h ?i io illy S|?*k ing. stern foremost into their native element of out-doors." 117" Scarlet fev?r, of the mo?t virulent charac ter, La raging among tke child reu la Cioaiaaati. For Rent and Sale. TO RKNT.-Tlut new three story Bnok Hoaie with back hui'ding, with hath room, |U, and all tha modern eonrem#n?es. situated on K street, l>e t ween Second and Third streets. Inquire of J. W. ARNOLD. C atreat,between laird and Four-and ? half. oo 14-tf FOR RKNT.?My HOUSE on F atreet, between 12th and 13th. aeg?-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. IT'OR RKNT?A taridsomely Furnished HOUSE. ( No. 446, northemt corner of H and lttth streets) oontaimng thirteen rooms, with gas fixtures, bathing roem. Ac For particulars apply on the prermses.or *ddre?i Hox -SI3. Ci*y Post Office. ae 22-tf FOR RENT.?One large PAR LOR, with Bed - roomi attached, suitable for a family orgentie man and lady, with or without Board. Also, several other Room*. suitable for single gentlemen. Apply at D'l VERNOIS'S Hotel, Pa.avenue,between 17th and 18th ata. oo22 FOR RENT.?Prof. H: W. MUNDER having fitted up hia Hall in an elegant inanuer, which rendert it one of th? prettiest rooms in this city,will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees, Suppers, Dinnera, or Promenade Concert*. Applv at the Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday even ings from until 9^ o'clock. Hia School is now open for the rcoept:on of pupila on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and e\ uiung. oci2-tf Stoves, &c. ' MC . WOODWARD'S ETROPOL1TAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. Tkt Greatest Cooking ;>tovet lit the United States. I bare just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Risi.xo Star, or doable Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star ; patented 1R.S7. I had them fit up in Philadel phia liita last summer, exclusively foi this market. They are very heavy and strong, and cast of the very l?est Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking Utensils are made extra heavy. F. H. Church, Esq., manufacturer. 1 have also, Tuh Libektt Sr \K,made l?y Messrs. AhUitt A Laurenoeof the same p'nee. Tiik Light Stkkrt Docst.k Ovxn Cook, mad* by Mo?*ra. llaivau Hartlelt A Co.. Baltimore, together with the very best Air Tight Flat-Top Cookt no Stovbs ti?at can be found in this or any other market, some of which are the celebrated ScNKie*:, Improved Gi.obk, Fi.ora Cook, Noblk Cook, ana the Blck Ri:>ak AiE-TtGHr Coo*. If any man can produoe a iietter Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stoves, for roasting, baking, Ac., 1 will give him $.Woneach one. Please ch'I e.nd examine them, it will cost you nothing, ai.ri you will see all kinds and sort* of Stoves, Ac. Fori&Jeat ?C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove ami <>rate Factory, No. 318 andJra P*.are., bet. lftti, and Hth sts. Balcony in Frout full of Stoves. N. B. As to the Sua Shei.l n.at top Cooking Stove I have examined it thoroughly, and think it h?? a very appropriate name?Sn?? ?- Yes, shells will burn out in a few fires. It is a good name for them?good for the maker*;. And as to th? old Morn ing Star. I sold them but fall, but will not soil fliem again. Thoy are as tiun as pasteboard. I can prove that the maker's ei?nt urged me, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to sell them thi* Fall; saying that if I would tnko twenty-five of them he would give me the exclusivo agtinoy oftliem for hre years. I told hnn I would not have ihcm at aiiv price, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed over town by one th?t said last fall that they were not worth haviug. All the above I can prove. se 17 tf |j? R O 8 T R I N G . C, W.OODWAR D'S METROPOLITAN STOVE AND URATE FACTORV. A'o.313 Fi.avtnue, betieeen 101A and se 3 eojin 111A streets. Pianos, &c. (''OLD MEDAL PREMIUM I PTAyO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabk. Gakhlk A Co., Continues the manuiacture and sale of grand and ?anare PIANO FORTES, undertone imme-jvv of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand,Bwi Nog. I, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op '11 ?? ' posite the Eutaw House, Ba tigiore. They have alao .iuat opened a new Sales Room at No Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCaffery aa a music store, where they wiil keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain an?i hirhty-finisbed grand and square Piano Fortes a'so, Melodeons. from the best makera, from 4 to 5 octave, some with double kev-boards, dojble reeds, and stops to suit small churches. Btaug extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the mui liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal I at tha Fairs oi the Maryland Institute two successive years?Octobcr, 18W, and I85fi?in op position to fourteen and eignteeri pianos from soms of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium.at the Industrial Exhibition held in Riohinoud, Vir ginia, WW and 18Sr>. They nave also been awarded tno high^at premium (silver medal > at the Metro poiitan Mechamos' Fair for 18S7. In a.ldition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry, which can be seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others ol the high appreciation iu which our instruments arc ever* where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, \nd a privilege of exchange is granted within the first jix months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give eutire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantat* to give us a call before purchasing. Piano* exchanged, hired, and tuned. marlft-li WM. KNABE A CO. THRLE PIANOS, madehy Rosenkrantz of Gsr manr, for sale very low. We accepted t h<>fc.5 Pianos in part eayinent for new oiieKlfey^U last we*k, and are able to sell them at very ? ? ? * ? ' great bargains. Also, four ot her Piano???t at %25 each, one at ?37, and one at %Ti. For fale or hire upon very e.-isv terms, at our^reat Piano estahlisli incnt. No. Pa. av., between 9th and l.ith sts. nfi JOHN F. ELLIS. The largest assortment of pian ofortes is to be found at the Music l>e pot of Ioo13] W.6. METZEROTT. Watches, Jewelry, &c. UrATCHES, JEWELR V AND FANCY AR TICLES. 1 have on hand some of the l<est Hold and Si'ver WATCHES, fine (iold JEWKLRV, in ~ sets and single pieces, FANCY ARi'I CLES, Ac. Ca!l and examine, at J. ROBINSON'S, 3"i ?in 3t9 Pa.av.,oppo. Browns' Hotel. C~? LOCKS!?CLOCKS!!- CLOCKS!!! ~ > CLOCKS! -CLOCKS!!?LOCKS!.! A good Ha<S CLOCK for $1. Lveiy 6tyle of Clocks at J. rtu BIN SON'S. mam Also, Cl*ck Materials, nuchas Keys, Balls, P3i ires, Oils, Hands, A o. >v| t.'iooks to the trade at wholesale prices. Calll^j and examine, at J. ROBINSON'S, ocV !m 349 Pa. a v.. oppo. Browns' Hotel. Baltimore. Washington, and vir kima Bank Notes taken at par for all kinds of rioh and fashiouable (jOLD JEWELRY, line QOL ~ - CHAI1 other choi _ , _ _ _ . I have just reoeived a fine eesortment of new Goods, which I am prepared to sell at very low prints. Please call at 333 Peon, avenue, sign of th? large Spread F.agie. se3n tf U. O. HOOl). ind faxhiouable GOLD JEWELRY, fine . L> and SILVER WATCHES, tiOLD INS. MEALS, KEYS, LOCKETS, and aU choice goods, for a few days. To A CARD. THE CITIZENS OF THE DISTRICT. In entering our new Iniilding, which we have just taken possession of, and we return our sincere thanks to the people of Washingtoa and (ieorge town for their liberal patronage and ws.m part, as a return, have erected a spacious building, wnieti will be an ornament to the oily, with a large and airv sa loon, with all the oonveriienot, and comfort of our cuftomers, and in the estaMishment are all the nec essary arrangements for manufacturing and enoour aging home industry, and by a strict attention to justioe aa4 integrity, we hone to give satisfaction ti all. WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. oc3' 4w No 322 Pa. ave.. bet. 91 li and 10th >ts. Madam BONN EL. ^ DRESS MAKER. Fhom Pakis. No. 332 18th street west, between I and K streets, Washington city, has the honor to inform tha ladies of lYash'ngtou and viciuity, that she has t.tted up a Dress Making Establishment, wher* ?he is r-ady to make every kind of work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Rasijnes. Ac., and in the best and very latest style of Paris, receiving every month the Freneh Journal De La M<xle, direct from Pans. n ll tm' l/OLEY'S liOLU PENS?llank Pan. F^ngrossing I Pen, Medium Pen, and othera.are just rcoeivea in variety Irom the maker, of unuaual workmanship arid hMisli, and te be aold at eitreme low arioes. on79 FRANCK TAYLOR. i>1-;a nuts. L SO husheia PEA N UTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, ? ?llf m lt?h ??r??t. or?n#, o/ ? RYE AftU bAKLEY AIALT, for sale at tke CITY MAt.T HOUSE, earner of West Kalis av emie and Rloek st.. Haltimere. Md. my W-ly EW AND PRETTY STYLES OF WOOL en Ucxida. China Ornaments, Papior Maohe, Ac., Ao.,just recoircd at MeLAUGHLlN'S, No. 30 Pa.avenue, n ? tmtween Hth and 'Hh stre.?ts. SCISSORS MIRRORS, PoWDER BOXES. ^ Ac., at (?I BBS S Ilair Store, near 13th street, Pa are., and at his Salesroom, under Wulardi', nit aut N Georgetown Advertiiementj. AL A K (i L ASSORTMENT OF FALL GOODS, At very Low Prittf to Catk Customsr*. JOHN h78MOOT, No. 119 Socth Hid\ or Bridcs Stint, Gtomttovn, D<C.. kai received and now offering at very low prices to cash ami prompt customers, a large aasortinenl of FALL. AND WINTER (iUODS. purchased la Philadelphia and New York at the large recent A notion 8a.as. and from tha importers, at vary low prices, whioh will enable him to oiler to purcliasera, many desirable Goodaouuaiderably baiow their value. Ia tfcer.saortinent will be lo?nd-< Kwoti Silk Robes and Bayadere bilks Beat make of Black Si'.ka Bayadere Valentias and Valaatia Rubra Rich Printed, ait wool. Delaines and Robea Satin Fancomea, plain colore, all wool, a very s?pe rior goods, double width, at 75c. Leepiu'eand other makes French Merinoa. of all the most desirable eolora, moluding White and Black

Plain Delams, black, white and colored, ?-4 bm<jk French Merinos,fur Shawle Rioh I nion Plaid AIannua, at 31V ot?. Do. all Wool do. ?>eta. Printed Muuslm Delaiues, good styles, at lfiX and 25 cent a ?0 pieces, beat styles, English Prints at 12>* eta. Rich style Bonnet and Sasn Ribbons Plain Colorado., very cheap Velvet Ribbons and Fnuge Trimmings Stella, Bioalift Sbawla, in great variety Super double Brocha do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs Bajou's Kid Gloves, all oolors and N?s, Hack Flannels, all oolors White American, Welch, and Saxony do. BI*ok liomlmzines and ft 4 Delaines foolers acd black Coburr Merinos Black Crape Veils and English Crapes West black and brown and white Kngliah Prints Loag and square Black Tii.l>ei and Bay State Shawls Ladiei and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, mail styles and prices Hosiery of every description l adies Saxony ami Merino Vests With n full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the l*est iuakers. op,9 JOHN II. SMOOT. NOTICE,? Having been informed fthat oer tntn persons are in the ImTtit of ooTfectine and gathering togetiior the Bottles whioh con fain or have oontnined our bcrer\g"s,?nd puttui* therein an arti ele made l?y others than ourselves, and then dispos ing ofsuoh article on the faith and creditofuurunme stamped on said Bottles, all persons are hereby notified that such Bottles are onr own property, and no! subject to sale, and that tber are delivered loour onntomers only to be returned, and that it ia onr firm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the taw, any infringment of our rights ou the premiaea. A RN\ A SHlNN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, ae 11 Georgetown. D. C. ?l' FONT'S GUN I'OWDK.rT I ain all times eupplred withall thevarious kinds of 1)1' PONT'S GIlS POWDER, and am prepared to aupniy the same inanv quantity to parties wanting. <>n the iiiual favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, N<?. 35 High atreet. ma* 12-tf t1nt?l>SlstM fiMiriKiiiws, |). O. Dentistry, &c. DR. V1LLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CH1 caoo, wijuln respectfully inform the oit iiens of tho District and vicinity, that hav-| ing located lumseif in Washington, he is now prepared to perform al\ operations in hia profee aion. in the moat approved at? ie. OlTiae, No. 860, Peim. avenue, adjoining Gautier's jan 8" fy ^Ht IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LO<>MIS, *1. D , the inventor atd pateutee oi "Lootni*' Af'U'rn/ Pint* Te*th," havirif^-pss^ successfully introduced ins improvement inj various cities, has now permanently eslab liahed himself in Washington. Tina improvement for Seta of Teeth oonsiafli chief ly in making a aet of but one pieoe of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is uaed in their construetion. and they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalic taate. There are no jointa to t>eooRie filled with moisture or partiolea ot food, hence they are pure nnii ilenn. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand l)ollara to any one who will produoe ? similar work ?f art to eaual mine in purity, !>eautr. durability, artistio exoellecoe or any otfcer requisite quality. All work reeponaibly warranted. 276 Panna. avenue, between llth and 12th streets. aplJ-Lr nKNTISTRV. Lf pR. STEPHEN BAILY, OfFIC* No. 19t P K M >' i Y L V A NI A AVKSBX, Thrtt doori from 14(4 Stress. Dr. BAILV bega leave to inform the pubiiothat he can be aaen at all noura,at hia office, located aa above. He faala aaaured that an experienoeof fifteen yeara* praotioe, with the large number of patients,ami great variety of difficult oases that he has treated success fully, will enatJ* him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience oonhrimug the opinion of many men eminent in the profeaaion, and especially f)ra. Harris and J. and E. Parmly, has led him, long amce, todia card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also all Enamola, Gutta Paroha, India Rubber, and Ce nianta for the construction ol Continuous Guir Teeth, and that Poroeiian, mounted on Gold Piate. is the only reliable substance that oan bo worn in the mouth, as waa moat oonolusively shown by the lasl American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himaelf froro hia long reai denoe and practice in W aahington, he ia favorably known to hia nuinaroua friends and patroua, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Churoh of Epiphany of this oity. Dr.STSFHXM Bailt: DearSir?I deairetoexpreaa my esteem forjou peraonallr, and my oonfidenoe id tou as a superior dantiat. The operatior.a oxeouted for me have been highly aatiafac'.ory. I hope that yon may receive the patronage from my frienda aud the public that your akill ao well deaervea. Voura very truJr, Waahtnrton, Aog.26.185o. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Meaars. B'gga, Cotman A Co. Havinr employed l>r.Stophon Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to excoute for me an im portant and difficult pieoe of work, which he dul to my entire aatiafaction, and in view of (he taot that one of the moat distinguished members of the Denial College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, tc perform the aaino work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express my entire oonfidenoe and bisti estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jin.l2,13&7. I1ARMANN DOGGS. Extrsot fioma note received from the late Hon, John M. Clayt?n. l\ P. Sknatb, Anp. 1*?, 13V. The let Mi tou madf for me voik admirably ; noth ing oouid bo better. Very gratefully, J Oil N XI. CLAYTON. To those that aeejc relief from the mala*!;** of the taetli, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Laily as s superior Dcntiat; he made a aet of poroeiian teeth for one of in? fainiU.and plugged several toetU for ray self, and the work lias all stood well for more than tea years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19. Ia56. We, the underaigned, having had oocaalon to avail ourselves of the profeasiuual akill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Deutist of this city, or having been oogn;z ant of hia operations on our families or friends, take p:easure in expressing our admiration of hia artiatio skill, as well aa of the uniformly satisfactory marine! in which he performs the most delioate and difficult oporationa in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re oommend hi in to the oonndenoe and patronage of the public, of which we consider hun eimuently worthy. Thomas 17. Waltick, Arclutect IJ. S. Capitol, Thomab Millkk,M.I).,of Weehmgton, D.C, R. S. Bohher, M. D. of Oeorgetown, D. C. . S. T.iTtroi.w, M. D., of Washington. D. C. Joa. H. Bsapmy, of Waahington, D, C. 6korob Walton, F.x-Governor of Florida. Walts* Lhnox, Fx-Mayor of Washington. Hsnst Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O. C. Wisht. Principal Rittenhouae Academy, febto tf JUST RECEIVED, fo-tr barrela ol the UNEX Pl.OSI VE GAS, or Ethereal Oil, whioh we will sell at the same prioe as the other. We have alao Lamps, suitable for bursing the above. HOWELL 8t MORSF.Lr. n 7 tf No. XS C atreet. bet.Uth and 7th. I ECONOMY IN FIJKL ?I havethisda* reoaivad J another supply of t lie PAR LOR FURNA6ES. For sale only at C. WOODVVAR D'S Metropolitan Stove and (irate Factory, Noa. Sin and 822 Pennsyl vania avenue, between 10th and 111h streets. ? 7-e<>flt C. WOO I) W A R D. I OOK I V AT Met. AUGIILIN'S. No.20,between I a 8th and 9th streets, at his large stock of new Goods now opening. n IA ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH, giving a beantiftil lustre to the finger nails, at GlfiBS'S Ha:r Store, near lStli street. Pa eve. n 10 Sin VI o I .IN S, F LL'T F.H, ACCOR DEON S, Ml sic. Ae., at ELLIS'S, 94, beiwceu SHU aud lf>tk ^traati. n 10 Fashionable pkr?- iimeries, from the beat houses, at GIBBR'S, near the oorrer of 13th atreet. Pa. ave. n 10 Sm SECOND-HAND PIANOS fer aal? belew thTTr real value, to make room.at the ^limn ???? Depotof W. O. MKTZERdTT. A large assortment of Flutes and Viol maMl 1V < jimt arrived. oe SI API AN O for $37, ene for i|75. and one for f 100. roraaleor hire upon reasonable terms. Must be taken at one* from tke store to make room for it her a. ~ oeC ? ? ? ????? j? www en'io ai> niaan o i others. JOHN F. ELLIS, ** Pa. ave.. near eoraer lf th et. N GOODS cheaper at MeLAUGH- | ' Uiu mj other plaee, u IV Vocal and Initramental Music. M r,M?Mlt^PAJ<^KR'S PIANOFORTE CLASSES are daify adding new members Per J ?. w . J Uft ????? urriii'Tri r Bl eons desirous of avaiiiox U*nMlTMn( Mr. Palm er a aervioaa are requested to enroll their us.me* u early aspossible. Tnis Class system la more advantageous for the advancement of Children, tun any other system of instruction. It is euually advantageous for the perfecting or the moat brilliant performer*. Timi is ADr*!rc?. ?Prin.arv L.ass $5 per quarter. Advance Classes ; w.,'rfpPllwrflwM to ** ntade to Mr. Ch. ALMHR.atbis residenoe. 2bu F atreet. between birteenth and F ourteentfc. Georgetown Classes meet srery Monday and Thursday at l> o'elock, at Miai Hanover's (ieorge town Female Seminary. se 24 t f j^ORMAL MUBIC SCIIOOL. C. L. IRVING will open a Muaic School for La diet and Gentlemen, at Temperanoe Hall, on K street, between 9th and 10th, on .Monday afternoon. November 2d.at 4 o'clocic. The otof?ct of this School ia to make ladies and gentlemen thoroughly acquainted with Music from the Elementary principles to Composition and Har 1 moay. . will be formed for the afternoon and eveu .Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o clock and 7. The Georgetown Class meet* at Miaa Ilarrover's ^emiitary on the afternoons of Tuesda> 9 aad Thurs day s, at 4 o'oloolc. Terms-Per quarter,22 lesson*, in class. $S; pri vate instruction?Vocal, Piano, or Organ. ,<3/2. Application may be made to Mr. IpviNGat the Hsil at the timeabnre named,at F.lhs'a MusioStore, or ihounh the Post Office. oo24-tf M? ? R\FS1CAL CARD. R. GF.ORGL M. A RTII be^k leave to announce to his fnenls of Washington, Georgetown, yy^ and Alexandria. tliat he ia nnw prepared t< 4*cJe furnish MTSIC for Bulls, Private Parties. andTj^ soirees. From one toanv number of Musician* ?o be had at the ?shortest notice. Order* can b? at the Musical Depots or Jehn r. Ellis or W.G. ilelzerott. or at his residence, corner 6th aul (j atrects, Navy Yard. oc20-3m* 'fHE SECRET INFIRMITIES or YOUTH I AND MATIRIT., Jttn: r*b!i.<h>d. Gratir.tkrSSth Thousand. A few words of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Looai Weakness. Nocturnal Emissions, Genital, and Nervona l>ebility. Pre-. mature beuay of ine System, Impo-t t<ncy,and Impedimenta to Marriage generally, by B. DE LANEV. M. D. The important faot that the marv alarming oom piaints. originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, inav I* easily removed without Mcdieiue, i* in this small tract, efearly demonstrated ; and the e^ireiy new and high!; successful treatment.as adopted by the author, fully explained, bv means of which every one is mikbled to core H,i?s?lf rerfcotlv and at the leaM po?sib?o cost, thereby avoiding ail the advertued roatntma of ;h- day. Sent te any address, gratis and post free, in a 6iiV9lop6t by r^iiiitUux two poit^e stomp* 19 . , , DR. I>E I.ANFY, i#23 dAwtf 17 Liip^BafilitrNt, New York, ^ 1KU1MA VA o^ vu,;ek monev CLOTHIX(J !-CLDTHINn ' ?CLQTHING ? ( II K A r FOR Cl*u. MONEY SAVED AMI FAIR DEALING. At 32* Pkuxsylvasia Avi>c?. bclicetn HiM and lOtA its., at ikt " J ait Houst." ?? large stock of READY MADE CLO THING, at the following low prioes: We can oiler greater bargains in Clothing than can lie obtained elsewhere in this oity. Owing to our building. w;i did not lay in our stock a* ether* did, and we bought at great sacrifices, owing to the state of the niarket. Heavy Winter Overcoats. $4 on to 510 00 Heavy Body Coat* USOto 10 no B ack t.loth Coats 7 51:0 12 no U inter-lined Cassimere Pants 2 50to 5 no \\ inter-lined Cass?iuero Vests,dou ble breasted 1 23 to 2 on Reys Overcoats 2 75to ? rm Boys Jackets 1 .so to 3 no \\ oolen Pants 1 ?to 2 SO t?' '.h* l*rjte*4 *rid j,Mit assortments ofCL<>THS and CASSINIF.RE"* in this city, we are prepared to make Clothing to order at the short oat notice. WALL, STEPITENS A CO., n 2 JU2 Pa ave ,t?et. #th and loth sts. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. L PaIWTISG and PHoTUCKAf BI CoMKIKBS. P H U TO G K A P uTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvaa, MiMATvax or Size or Lirm. . 8. WALKER'S PORTRAIT ASH PICTURE GALLERY, Odeon Hall, oornerOi st.and Peunsyivacia avenue. S.WALKER has fitted up the above spacioua apartment* at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering hi* establishment oue of the most 00m plete nn<f handsome in the whole oountry. lie ha* a large <ia!iery forfrtt trkibitton of upward of auu fine Oil Painting*, by some of the best an?i?nt and modern master*, to which he intwds to add freah importation*. S. Waliir iuwai?o fitted up a com plete Mint of rooms, with private robing apartment* tor ladies, and purchased the fineut possible instru ments, and engaged a first olass operative artist to assist him in tne department for taking al! kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMBROTYPE AND DA G L' E R R EOT Y P E PORTRAITS, from the ttnnll'tt miuiaturt re of life. S. ^\ AI.KKR. by combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which he has hnd 25 > ears' experience and whose specimens of life sue portrait* may be seen in some of the first fami lies of the city, as wall as those exhibited in hi* Gallery, he will ?>e at le. by the oomb.natiou of the two, to produce portraits that have never been ex oelled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas and boards prepared bjr fiunself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-si xe, from *nuU. p.cture* of d*reated frirnds. Photographs tr.ken from corpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and claasea taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of oopies from the same sold at reasonable charges. I.ikenetses painted oa Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portiaits. carefully liauk lined aud restored to their ong.nal freshness. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully sobered to call at the Gallery, over Shilling ton's book store entrance 4)* street, two doors from Pennsylvania avmie*. U ii -Aw rjHINA. GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. R. H. MILLER. SON A CO., IMPORTERS, Alexandria. Va.. ^?nr^Havfl received two instalments of theirf=) <p4?a/fali suriDiies fro,ii the English I'oiterKB.Vy and will continue to receive accessions to f IS their stiKjk Mil the business seakoiiteets in.**" R. H. M ii.i.kh, Sox A Co. can assure the?r friends and customers that their st.?ck shall ef the most desirable description, and that their price* w:ti com pare favorably with thoae of any di-alera in tkeirline in anv other market in the L uited S^'ates. R. H. Mu lsh, Son A Co. have prepared tfeem selves to offer to merchants every iiijuboiiifcut to iiiaLe their purchase* m their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have just received via Antwerp ar.d New ^ ork. from the grf??t iiu-tiufactory of "Kocx." New Brussels, 114f' boxes t tench W itidow G laos of supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, w Inch they have imported under such circumstance a* to enable them to ofler a superior article at very moderate price* at 21 -tf BU. ST IN EM EI'/.. HATTER AS1> FURRIER, 2J^ Ps. sr., near the corner of 13th Ktreet. has received hia assortment of Ladies' and Chil dren's FANC\ FI RS, in all their variety, to which he invites atten tion. llnviiis "Heeled them himself from the importing hou*e* in New York, and taken advar.tsge of the tim^s by purchasing for cash, and selling lor cash, he will be able to sell 1 at more moderate pn-es than any heretofore offered in 1 his cit v. Fur Trimmings, Misses' Heaver Flats, and Chil dren's Fancy Hats now on haud. Fur Cuffs as low as 7e cei.ts, and Victerines 93-SO and $4.90. nATS, HATS-CAP.?. CAPS. Black Dress Hats ?3.5i\ ?S, and ^V-jn, of superior ?iuality for the moiey. Also, Felt Hats and Caps or men's and l*>ys' wear. Te'ins exclusivelv cash?thereby being enabled to buy for cash and s?.H for cash at a small profit, meet ing with no losst-s bv bad debts. oc36-tf MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES beiEf about the Isrgest in this oity at tbis^jftg time, and having been purcha*e?] before theBKf | nse in Leather, oan lie sold at about U to Br oent. less thaa foods purohasedat this lie. Call and axanune for^ourssjveiy^t ,r ,^ toll Imn RaM p* ?T-e' oth "Vh QOODS FOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. R. H. MILLER, SON A CO.. will,sell ajl descriptions of " " ' ^ di vti'dlu jBf) QUEENS WARE. OAS FIXTITRES,^*/ Aev4e., at their nsual regular I?.w pnoes.^V with a discount of ftv# oent. for oiib ?? heretofore, and revive in pa> snenta notes of any of the Virginia Banks (exoept the Bank of Kanaawa) at oar Any and all de?-ts due them, can be paid in thesame earrsnev. with thanks to such ef their dshtora as choose to avail themselves of this prop ^Alexandria, Sept. 29.1R37. se ?-tf N"~ EW STvT.E?. NE W FASHIONS, NEW Goods, Combe, Brashes, Toys. Ckiua. Ao . at n to __ MeLAfGHLfNl. Genuine Italian maocawoni. Just importsd,a supply of Italian Maooarooi of theTesr best^nality KING k BTRCHELL, r. V w snout 1 Mil Cor, V?moiit ?v?, and iMh sL Dancing. ?) ANCINtt A C^A D 1! HI K Hi tlameu of \\ aabingtoii end b? will r< ofM hi* CiiiwT fbr Dancing v\uhib(U? on F riday. t It* Ilk of Oct on Mr. Crouoh'a Hall, oorner of lith at. i oT?r Farnham'a Book at?re, for M ,saeaa..u ma from 3 o'olock p. in- fur I.*?!aud from 7 o'clock P.M. Georgetown?on W edu? iae:th of October, at Miss Harrover'a Lad*, inary, from $ o'clock p. m. P jt tosiCs and particulars application oax be mat at Mr.ff.'i reaidenoe, 4d7 b slroel. l|Om tthaaM lnth streets. ae 13 bin 514 ??ViiJfTM yrtliT. M o/PfMVx. Cmc? !*u*ry, three doort froip q f , ^ F?LLowV Hall. 9rSPfeiff. Glasses; TMicrostore. 'l**1 **0"? ? \ oeiiroramio Sl?r?otoiiMi vith vkvi or superior and ob??t*e ptclereeoti hand MeeUrt; l-eri.onliu National lauuwraoM. TRS?llgOMALS. a ? Ne*?em, tif tewiiw t/WM. Sie: ib# 3j)0i>UcIh you mtdi tot m# mil very well, and r.eem to have improve) my aight mora than any other I hsve lately tried. LITT7 W. TAZEWELL. I havetTied a pair of Spoctablee o Stained from Mr. Tobias, aa?l bad them <?! {real aaaiat-r.ee to no sight,and corresponding with hi* description of Lhw'r focus. i reootninend him a* a skillful optician. HENRY A. W1?P. Fitwhk?8, (>etoHer t\ lasi. About Eve years ago. 1 ol.tawed from Mr. Totaie. in W ashington. a pair of Ulassee for the spectao.es which I used.and found them of great assistance to my decaying vision; and iny opinion of turn is, tt?t he is ak11 lluI in the preparation of Glasses for ey?? Dot too Jar (one to be tenet tied by suc.ii aid. I. F. MAT. Ltjcckrtro. Novm?t>er 1.1M4. From an examination of Mr. Tot las' Mlaaeea, and from hia observations and remarks, am oonvu.oed tuat be ta a aktllfol optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Lysc-ubcro, November 10.1M4. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glee sea, by which 1 have been greatly aided, <ui* vision havir.< suffered erratic from reading at night in o.y earlier life,I it affords me the highest pleasure H sa? that I consider iura a tkiUfai pre erica optician, ami well prepared to aid those who iuaf u*ed bia professional aervieee. WM. B. ROI'ZIE, Elder of the Mettiodiat Coaferenoe. Wilmisotos, N. C., i iim n. IRS*. Mr. J. ToBiae? I)ear Sir : I am happy toaay that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from sou laet week are entirely eat islactory. Front an inequality ia the visual ran^eofmy eyes, 1 have heretofore founder**: difficulty in jetting gleeses of the preper f??onT4ia lanoea. it aliorda me piraaure to elate, that l>f the aid of your optometer thia diftoult? naa t?ec iiappujr o|iviat?l, co ttiJtt th" G!a?se* you turniahed me are decidedly the beat adapted to my eyeaof any 1 bava ever vet uaed. Very reapeotfully youra, R. B. DRANE. Rectorof it. Jamea' Pariah. Having been induced h* a friend to visit the eatao liahment ?( .Mr. Tobiaa for the purpoeeof trying tiia eiaasea I waa furuirh*'d with a pair dightly colored blue, wlnoe have aflord*d me more relief nr.d grai.a - cation than ai:y I have ever tried. My aisht. origin all* very g?Hxt, *m injured l?y writing and reading at meht, frequently to a very iatehour: but witiithe aid of tn*-se giaaa^a I uai. atudy aimoet ae late a? ?ver. n 1 id that too without the r-ain I tiave pr^vioua lyauflered. JOHN' WIL?0\. l-?te Cummiaaiopeer Uaa'l Laud ufi.ee. Dec. 11.1HS6. I have used Mr. Tobiaa'a Spectaolea for thraa or four montha. and take great p ?*anre in aaying that I ain inueli pleaaed with tberu. I have be?-L mvioa t>enefited ??y them. OtU. P. ScAUBURGU. Ma> Mh, IRifi. I was reoommendod to Mr. John Tobias ae a alrilfW optician ; andaa I haveeveeof r?rnarkahie peculiari ty, I waa gratified to find that Mr. To*>iaa aeenied to comprehend them t,y inspection and aome abgbt mea*iiretn??nt. and h? has made me a nair of Specta cles that ai: ta me admirably. A. P. Bt'TLLR. July 11, lb56. Wabhi*?toh, Ang.l. 85k Having been for years under the neceeeity of har two sets of giaaaea?one tor use in 4ay light, and oae for lamp light?1 procured one set fram Mr. To^im whioh answered both porpoeea. I have uoed his for aeverai months, and find tbem excellent. EDWAhbBTLUBff, Of Department of State Mr. J. ToBtAB. Sir: The pair of Spectsc ee y<<n furnished me yesterday are particularly aatiefaakory to me. They are very decidedly the hrst I powcy, and | am the owner of eight or nine pairs, carefuTy selected in didareol piaoea aud 'from optician* ree ommended to me 011 aoaount of their professional standing in Frar.oe, England, and the United Sutei>. I hav e been h'b<> pleesod with your remark* and di rections on the treatment of ine eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving th? fight Respectfully vours, CHt*. CALDWELL, Profeaaor of M.C., Loutavi.ie. Ky. Bruoklyk Orthopakuc IxerirraoN. April, iHM. After moat oareful examination ot Mr. J. Totnaa'a Glasses, I am enabled to testify that tUeir hardness, clearness, polishing, and exact oftieai shape render them particularly reoouimeudaUe to those vhuit merely optical impairment of the eyea are in want of such auxiliaries. 1 c<>naider, moreover. Mr. Tobias fully qualified to determine the focus of the e)?,U>lh hy his (jitical knowledge and expsnenoe. and t>y nieana of his optometer. In addition, I can further state that Mr. Tobias has supplied soma of my pa tients with Glasses, to their a: d my satisfaction LEWIS HAT'F.R. M. f>., Phyaician and Snrgeon, Berlin^ Mtmbsr of thn Ro\a! College of gurgeona, Ene^nd; Memlier of fhe Medical Society of London, and of the Pathologioal Society of New \ ork; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution of Manchester. England, and Surgaon 01 the B. O. Institution. NoRfoLf, Va., July 27,16M. In the experience of even two yeara. I nave found great difficulty in obtaining Spaotaoiea that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of my sight. This m oonvenience Mr. Tobian seems 'o have removed for tbe present by the substitution for me of lieUe' ar.a more suitable Glasses. They are clear, ohrystaJ-lik* and comfortable to my eyes. I would oommnod t.uu to those who from age or other inflnritv retire aj tLboiaiaid iu this way. J. J. SlMKfNS, M. D. WiLKittoTo*. N. C., June It, l&Si. To persons who have had the sight oftheir ?> es so impaired as to require the use of<>lasses. I would reoommend Mr. John Tobias as a au'tg <lu person fVom whom to obtain auch'i lasaefc as they may re ?|Uire. as he has suited me wrh a pa r of Speclaole-a orafarand rear sight. Mv sight has baen impaired very much by a service of years in the Poet OAoe Department, which berth required me to he an duty from 11 o'clock at night till aAer day, during which lime 1 used but one light. W. A. W Af.KCR. Drfartmrxt or Ivtrrior. May t, ISM. From natural defects and ine unequal range of injr eyea, I have been oompelled to uae glasses for seve ral years. I have tried ditTerent opticians without obtain in: glasses perfectly fitted ta iny eyea. Four months since Mr. Tobias rruide two pairs especially for me, w Inch I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enaitled to adapt glasses mest in nutely to the eve. I most cheerful ly recommend Air. Tobias to a!l having ooenstor, to use glasses, aim l>ear my testimony as to his skill aa an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, gf jfr Aaa't Sec'y to sign land Warraata. EW GROCERY, WINE. AND LIQUOR STORK. N The aubaenber f^ega to inform hia frienda and tha public, that he has opened a N E W tit OK E. oorncr of 12th street and Louisiar^ avenue, where he in tends to ki-d^ constantly 00 band a lame aud varied asacrtnent of Foreign ai.d poireslic W^^INES. 1.1 QroftS, CIOAR5. and FINE UROCLR1K*. oonsisting of Fine Tens. Sugar,Coffee, Flour. Soap, Olives, Raisins, Figa. Sardine*. Antbwviea. Otaxd, Marrett & Co.. Pir.et & Co., and Col. C'bal>ar?l a Brandies in oa^es. demijohns, and oatks. Old Jr. uiaioti Kcin. Sherries, Madeira. Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien C^ret, Chateaux Margaux i? cases, Cii'ur.cagae Cider, Brand > Fruita, Reynold a Edinburgh Ale, Anniaette. Maraschino. C^iaoo*. Altavnthe.Chan pecne. and a large and varied de scription of Havana rigars. Also, Stongbton Bitters, and Fevar and Agaa Bitters, Porter, Ala. and Cider. Families are particularly invited to aa]. and aiua? me the a took before purchasing e sew here. Mem tiers of Congress are also informed thai their order* will tie promptly attended to. and delivered at tkair residences at the shortest notioe. A general assortment of fine Havana ( igars, im- j Mir ted direot by the sabaoribar. at wholeaaie 1 EL Canai Boats aupplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in ttxcliauge. Levy's (?ld Whi?kev. ooristantly on hand.of Idee. Country orders i?un? tna,iy attended to, and eoun try produoe of all desoriptmns re, ?ivedon eotisign mrnt. ** i-LVY. ie s-tf No. Twslfth street. WNtlTICE. IGS, TOUPEES. SCALPS. Aa.. mada tj order at the shortest possible notice. A aeleot as aortment alway s on hand, at HEARD k WATSON'S, 00 t-im National Hotel and Rih street TEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Daver.?ort, Iowa, pa* nig 10 p?r cent, interest by Coepou ia New York. Bonds of $Stn< each. The growing city of Davenport has now about >>,000 inhabitants, and ia rapidly increasing in we* th and population. Ita municipal debt ia only #!?.'<*>. and ita railroad deU only SUMM, and eannot so* fee^iscreased. The atatistios of the city were puhliahed in the Intelli gencer of the ytn Septerrber. Wa reeommend these bonds, believiag them to be ae eafe aa any 8tMMr.il,ton. C|,,.RB BROTnr>., firm " d ^"'iffl^tSOTT. M)S swmw Hfh etreet and Pa. srswss. EW BUCKWHEAT MKAL. A ehotee lot vl new Bnekwbeat Meal receive* te daj, _ KJNG A Bt'RCHFJ M If. ailU g S?V si iir nu, i Cor, V ^