18 Kasım 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Kasım 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TI1E EVENING STAR is FUBUSIiSD EViitiY AbTLRNOON, (SUNDAY EXCKPtIi),) AT TUE STAR Center of Pa avrnut and Liertr-tk streM, By W. D. WALLACH. f*\p?ra served in pe-3kn?ee -'T carr.era it $4 a fear, ?r Si mdm per o.'?ih. To nuul ?uN<onJ*ra the aab ac/ipluo pre* ia $15 a year, i* advance; $2 fur si* m>?tha: ft forthraa monthe; ao4 for -aaa than true* moattia at the rat* of 12 can la a week. Smelt aopiea. ob* aant; m wra?p*r?. tw* aanta. A&vKRTiasMiMTa (of aijht liaaa to th* square) n,i?t?rttbr?e fun#! for 01; every othar day or ?am. weakly. 2i par aant. adrtvnoe; one* a week, 50 par *cnt. aJvauoe. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, O. C., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1857 NO. 1,508. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thia ?MUtt Family aad Ni tat a craatar variety af katarasttat ? oar > found ia ans oihm?ia pnbeahad oa atnui, , ? 9' ? iva oufiaa j>noi>piM-. r?i?, Bvaabeonfcini in Giuba nua*d anon* aaighhara without the interveatioa of a mul acrat, aa wiM h* aeroaired.fD aer cent , of T?* WBaatt ?T*a wtU baaavad. It itvar,iu>!y ?ontaina the " VtMmiva Nttat" that faaa marie Twt r.valine Sraaairoa lata ao geoaraiij tbroaghoat tfcaaoantry. U^Siact* aopiea (ta wrappers) oaa ha pr*ve?r*4 at the ooontoroiaiaadMtaiy after tha laaaa o tfca paper. Pri"*-THR?E CKNTS. fT7" Poal maatara who aot aa aianu will be allow*4 a oommiaaion of ?' oant. A Ki > ON THE BANK ; Of, The Ilogiis ( tunlry llank l'aui?. JCO!fCLfP?D 1 ? C-?-l a? .Satan." said Mr. Johnston to hira a* he went into Inkt>?n"s r<x>m. whore the Directors were assemble*!, being turned oat o? their ordiuary place of meeting They were the ?11 solid men of Weit Independence- (i ?? Well, gentlemen, our trouble is at hand. 'Brokers about?" asked fat Mr. Slooum, almost breakiug down Inkpen's bad. on the eige of which he sat. ~ On?,"' answered the President. " but ho evidently represent* the wh?>le tribe. He has tdkdD extraordinary pain* to disguise himself, aud evidently seeks by this mean* to draw us wu, and, little by little. secure our specie before we are forced to close '' Are you certain of this?" demanded Mr. Tenwait. a cautious, alow spoken gentleman. ?? Let mo have a lookath'.m." exclaimed Mr. kinkwine, evidently the mailer spirit of the B *rd. a email man neither spare Dor iucliaed l?i fl?oh. but preserving a ju.it medium. Ilia m >st remarkable feature was a hooked nose, it wan not a fat nose nor a lean nose, a small liose nor a large nose But, in a word, it was a remarkable now. a countenance in itself, without mjdal or like. Into this protuberar.ee seem * I to centre the condensed energy of the entire body Tt was one of the poles of action. That nose seemed the one reliable feature The ev?s. from under their cavernous recesses, watched that n <se?the mouth spoke for tha n? se?the whole body seemed attached to the nose This *w so remarkable, that everybody remarked it. People said. ?? Plnkbine has his now in everything, ' or "if Finkbine once gets his noso into that affair.'' or " Finkbine would ?rtoo n.se it oat," and other phrases of like caaracter, when speaking of the Dire-tor. No one objecting to the proposition. Mr. Fink bine ru.-diei in the pviin. and oruught his nose to bear upon the stranger. His first impulse w? to s.ay, ?' Pooh, j?ooh," but he caught the cunning expression of the half-closed eyes, and into these eyes Finkbine dived, nose and all; he traveled through the brain, down into the heart, along tho arm. into thesaddle-bag*. aud he saw the great heaps of notes, so. returning to the Biard. he threw himself iuto a chair, ex claiming? '? Fact, gentlemen; I saw through the scoun drel at once " No one seemed disposed to contradict the con clusion so emphatically announced and the Board proceeded to basiness [ have not the space to give in detail tho painful discussion which followed Every fifteen or twenty min utes. the stranger was apologized to. for the de lav he suffered. The apologies were quito un eilledfor. He ouly respouled, ';0h, sartin." and continued a careful perusal of the -4 , it i'l r'/f r f'cw on i iirfpil* S!a~Lv t'*r ThiJ ooul patience only the more irritated our frieuds of the Board. From it they bocame ?atisfied of the fact that the mysterious man of the saddle-bags represented all the brokers in the world, aud, fearing no competition, could afford to wait. To the inexpressible relief of tae Directors, three o'clock runout in silvery tones. and the Bank waaclosed. Mr Johnston invited the troublesome customer to dinner. There was one thiug very clear in thia strange specimen of a speculator- Us had the talent at silence to an eminent extent. At dinner, he eved curious'y hi1' silver fork, but said nothing, lie ate with his knife, without expressing any fears as to the consequence* lie declined wine, bat swallowed largo quantities of cider, witu >ut edging in between efforts more than monosyllable*. Atter dinner. Mr Finkbirte dropped in. and w?j introduce 1- Tne two Directors spoke ol liie Misir it lusca rati on, Ac., in the most se ductive style. They br ought to notice other projects, equally pleasing, but their new friend evinced no disposition to inves t. The only time ho did brighten up happeued wueu Mr Fink bine sugg*?ted something about ex-hanging Middleturgh bank Ewics for their owu. *? No sir#!*' exolaiiued Homespun. with some energy, grasping the everlasting pair of aaddle bags " -No. aira! TLat'ed be gettin" out of tLa frvin -pan into the lire. When I ve got a iilver djlla# in my p-?cket. I've got a dollar, but a bank Dole w*y be a dollar, aud it may be not bin." Mr Johnston invited the old gentleman to mike bin hou?e a homo until he could be ac commodated. ?? If we coald only h .Id out three days long er,** said tho President, confiientially, to Mr. f . after his guest had retired. ' we would struggle tbrough. I hive made arran 'trai-nt.', I tumk, witii tie Middleburgh Bank, by which we can combine our specie, and, by its use in the hank first run upou. establish its credit, a ad then use its notes lor the benefit of the one text ruu upon." We must hold out?we will hold out. I have it. The first come, the first served, you kuow. is the rule in all well-regulated banka. Very well. I shall have a customer in the bank to-morrow, who will take up Inkpon's entire time paving out currency ana specie. We will p.t>M the same amount of Hpecie over and over, until this rascal will ?et the idea that wo have a mine in our vault.* " 1 fear tha: will only mske him impatient. He takes matters very o.*dly now ' 4- Don't he * Cool fellow ! He don't drink wine ?"* ? No. but makes up in eider. ' ?'The man who drinks cider, will steal. I say. why not strengthen his cider?hokus a lit tle. eh ?? I don't like the idea?not in my own house, atIea?t ' ?? It is not my h"us<?. so I am reliev:d from su*h scruples 1 will dine wi'h you to-morrow This old vagabond shan't carry it off triumph antly. ? ? ffi day Tbai night. Mr Johnston retired early to bed As he parsed tb? chamber of his sleeping guest a fearful temptation seized him Thedoorwas *>;? to II'?looked in. an 1 saw the old man sound at!?;e;>. an J near his bo l those infernal saddle ?j^s II w easy it would be to seize the ac cursed thing*? to throw thein away?burn them v>?s if need be. choke the oold-blooded dealer iu hank ii >lcS who could sleep soquietly . while ruin hung not only over bia own house and all he held de?r, but over the humble households <*f hundreds! His lips quivered and his hands ciencbed; but. like a g-^jd, and, indeed, in his line a great man. a? he was. ho dismissed the tearful thought, and paased on But the thought, control!*! while waking, took i*>8sos sion of the unguarded brain iu sleep. All night long, the Pre?i lent >f the *-Bogn a County Bank ing Company" was running through sandy de ser'S, flying over vast seaa, chasing a pairuf old j r+>l lle-bag?. while after him flew the shadow of an aged gentleman in homespun. Mr. F.nkbine'a stratagem* were put in exe- | ? ution the next day The stranger ae^ompa niei Mr Johnston to tho bank at 12 o'clock, ar i saw Mr. Inkpen busily engaged with a ?Uj.^er little fellow, who handed outgreat rolls of notes anl received in return great bags of rpe<-ie, ail of which was carefully counted, without expressing either impatience or sur prise, or. in leed remark of any kind lie was invited into the bureau and. sitting down, com menced >nce more an examination of the ex hibits (de.is&nt'y so c-wsidered) with the Pres ident and. when iu a prujer itate of confusion. w?j ban let the eloqueut address, when he con tinued his reading of that clear expose of the M 'I "it Krraratt in and Ta ipolt ZtlzeJiica trr C'otHpnn*. Wnen Mr. Johnston returne?i to call his friend to dinner, he found Home spun fist asleep, the address tumbled upou the C ?or. his s tddle-ba's at his side - Finkbine." sail President Johnston, " this m<ia will kill me."' ??Only one day more." was the response At dinner. Mr Finkbine managed, by the aid ?f the tertauts. to add a quantity of braudy to the eider. Without noticing tho change, the guett indulged in his usual potation*, and soon hi' flushed face gare evidence of the effect. But thev had no othfr He was not only silent as before, but carried ou bis countenance an ex preasion d?-?p and firm as the eternal hills. Mr 1'iukbiae .aid tUo President ^av? urcr in despair Tho two bankers withdrew, and im mediately the silent old gentleman exhibited an cxcitemfnt truly astonishing. Edward and Klla walked out upon the lawn, leaving the Aunt and stranger together. Miss Amanda Johnston would have proposed following, but strange to say. she experienced a lingular diz ziness. that made hor fear to leave the tufa. In fact. Mill Amanda had partaken of tho amend ed cider, without knowing of its improvement, and wjks now realixing its novel and bracing eflect. The old gentleman drew his chair clo3o to the sofa, and said? " I've been observin'on you pretty sharp, mum. since I come into this house.v '? Indeed, sir." Miss Amanda said "thir" she noticed the fact herself. " Yes. I have, and I think I know m good, kindly, spry, movin housewife, when I meets her."' , ?? You wish to compliment me. sir/' There it wag again, ? with'" and "thir." What could be the matter ? ?? Not a bit. Now spozen you was offered a house of your own?vour own house. I 9ay, just as good a one as this, only not so many lim eracks in it?all your own." '?Really. I do not understand you. sir." " W ell, I ain t a bit poetical; so here goes, i on ve got me?that is, you know, my heart; your heart is jjone, you know. \\ ?II, there ain t no use drivin' round?you've cot me? that's it." * "Why. sir. this is mogt extraordinary (<j thmnory) language. Let mo beg of you to ex plain ' "W ell. now. th?re ain t no use drivin" round. I My. you ve got me. I m an old fellow, not only rich, but well to-do. I vo got a big farm, and a big house, and not a chick or child in tbe world. Well, I m lonesome, I am. I re tried dogs and cats, and they ain't ot no man ner of use. I adopted a little fellow, and. blast blui. he likod to have burned my barn and killed me. T tell you. I m infernal lonesome." " I am very sorry." (pronounced sthorry.) " ^ bat I want is, for you just to up and say you'll be my partner, taken for better 01 worse W hat do you say to that, now ?" " W hv, really, this is so sudden, so unex pwte-L, ' (nearly broke down on " tkith, ith, tfio. thndden.'*) " Well, we haven't much time to Io*e. I reckon you and I ?and tho old gentleman actually placed his arm around the slender waist of Aunt Amanda. Our dear Aunt fluttered liko a bird. Indeed, indeed, I cannot permit thij. sir, you are a stranger?my brother7'?I presnme this ir. wli.it ^ur Aunt Atnindn purposed flay ing. as ?tis the speech proper on such occasion*. But the utterance was extremely mixed, and I the sense uncertain. "Ob. sartain ! I'll go talk to him right away; and, without adding another word, the ! old gentleman sought Mr. Johnston in the libraiy. and broke at oucc into the busings by saying? ?Squire, I vo a su Iden made up my mind to bee >me a part of your consatn?spozen ail bands williu'." Mr. Johnston, thinking he referred to the Bank, responded, smilingly? "Indeed, my dear sir, I *m dolightcd There can be no possible objection, I am euro." " I don't s??? none myself, of you don't. I'm a queer old fellow, and I in infernal lonesome. I want something to keep one alive." " An excellent idea, sir." " A very good idear for an old man, eh Of c .urse y..u want the particulars. You se? my name is Jouathan Pack w his t! e; I ve dealt in stock all my life."' " Fancy stocks ?" " Now and then, not often. Squire; they're too tender lor this country. You pay a pretty high price, and then, before you can market the article, it is just as likely to die on your hands, leavin' nothiu' there but horu3 and hide.* " Ha. ha ; horns and bi le?very good indeed, iou 11 find a difference here, I promise you? this won t die on your hands. ?*?. no tear of horns and hide." Pretty tuugh. en ' Well, I in glad we re both the same opinion. I'm an old fellow, who don't say much ; but when 1 u.ake up my mind to pitch in?I pitch in Now. I've got a thousand acres down on Pokewecd Prairie. as pretty a farm as you ever see. Every acre wo: th its hundred dollars, and not a chick, child, or debt, in tbe world That air t much to boast of. for I'm dreadful lonosoine." "Ah! you wuitt occupation ; thai s sensible. ^\eli, wo II give it to you. \oa 11 be reasona bly busy. I promise you. We will have a meet ing lo-day. and I will lay your proposition be fore the Board." " Meetin' Hoard ! What the Enakes has the Board j^ot to do with it?" "Oh. a mere form We mast keep up ap pearances y?.u know, fcjiuce my last move. Finkbine is the only one really interested, and I'm sure of his support If anything were to go amiss, Finkbinc would go crazy." " Hum ! ? said the old man. thoughtfully ?? six of you to consult. What the tiiunder! d^ies it uku six ol yoa to keep her struight f No wonder she ain t been fixed out before this" "Oh. by no manner of meau?-a mere form. I assuro you. Ono man of cool head and a little hardness of heart, for one mu?t not give way eu-ily, can manage ' her," as you say." " W el!. 1 aict afeared. Hie showsout lovely, clean, tidy, and good-n.tturcd. I jino hands on the proposition, Squire I go in for better or worse, as the sayiu'is. I've got papers in them .-addle-bags to support all I say ' "At :he mention of the papers and the sad dle-bigs. the President started, and almost shuddered ; but. recovering his self-possession, he shook hands with Mr- Jonathan, who start ed towards the door. Suddenly stepping how ever, bo walked back, with a significance that shone out in every motion. " I say. 'Squire, he exclaimed, ?? that young follow yonr nephew, is mightily of my opinion, lie's lonesome, too. Tin thinking, ' " I do not understand, Mr. Pack whistle." "Well, its about time you did I don't ?ay much, but I see and hear the inure That y ?ung f.dlow wants to come into the consarn, at well as me " "But, my d?*ar sir. he is poor; he has no capital?not a cent."' "The Mniumon of Unrighteousness speaks there, Sunire, and nothin of that sort prof ilers in this world. Poor to-day, rich to-mor row?they comes and goes?never sartiu?but good character and-good sense with larnin' stands by aHcrs. Now. that young tellow with his young head would be of more service to you than all the big-nosed Finkbine in the universe.'" "No one could appreciate Edwards fine qualities better than I?and it has always been uiy intention to do what you propose, and in dued more than you are aware of.' "Never spile a good mind. Now, just say the word." "I can't refuse you anything. Mr. Pack whistle. Edward shall have his place as signed him at once." ' May 1 tell him so?'* "Certainly, if you wish." Mr Jonathan PackwhUtle withdrew, and the President began walking his library floor, rubbing bis hands in perfect delight. This oc cupation was interrupted by the door being thrown open, and Aunt Aui.ind.i, flying in, throw herself into the arms of the astonished brother. " I>ear Brother Clinton."' she exclaimed, weeding, "how can I leave you W hy. Amanda, who the devil wants you to leave mi ?" Before she could answer the question, the door again opened, and Ella and Edward, rushing in like the Aunt, seized our aston ished banker, with screams of " Oh, Father!" "Oh. 1 ucle!" " What the devil?are you all insane ?" pit eonsly demanded Mr. Johnson, trying to ex tri cate himself from beneath tho happy familiy; but another was added to the group. Mr. Fink bine. undor intense ?xcit?uient, brvkQ into room, dancing, laughing, and mapping his fin gers " It's all right, Johnston, old boy ; tho Mid; dlobure specio'a on hand?eight strong boxes, all in the vault. We can defj tho world. Hur rah !" " Well," said tho Prosidcnt, extricating him self from his sister and daughter, " let us to businea*. Where is old Homefpun?'' "Here," responded the nerson inquired for, standing at his elbow, saddle-bags in hand. '? Well, sir," continued the banker, "I must apologize for the delay wo hate made you suf fer. But now. if you will produce the paper, we will close up at onc?.:' # '? Thai's my sentiment," said Mr. Jonathan, sitting down, aud deliberately unlocking his saddle-bags. The company watched his move ments with great interest. First, ho fumbled in en.ch side, thrusting his hand quite into the depths of his traveling convenience. Unsuc cessful at this, he begun unpacking upon tho floor. First came numerous pairs of country knit socks, then a red flannel shirt, after seve ral white shirts, then a fow pairs drawers; these were followed by cloth pantaloons and a night cap, and so until a tremendous heapnf wearing apparel was piled upon tho floor. He imme diately held up the bags, and shook them,when a package of papers tumbled out. These he handed to his wondering host. They provod, on examination, to be titlo deods and abstracts of title. "Ah' yes," said Mr. Johnston, you wish to invest with us. and these are the evidences of your ability. But, my dear sir. you informed us that you had cotuo of our notes you wunted specie for." '?Well, well."' replied theold man, 'I'd clean forgotten that, liut here they are;" and slowly opening a huge, well-worn wallet, he produced four old notes, amotnninsr in u/l to five dol lar*'. ?? It makes no sort of difference," ho con tinued; " I was pds.-in' through in search of a partner for life. ?s I'm dreadful lonesome, when I thought I'd just get the specie for that. That's all." The company could scarcely refr.iin from laughing An explanation followed Mr. John ston's spirits were too much relieved for him to refuse anything, and he confirmed all ho had promised before, under error. He had scarcely done so. when the boy from the Bank appeared, almost breathless, before them. '? The stnie is upset, sir, juit out of town It's full of brokers, and all are hurt but two. and they are fighting ? ?? Let them oomo, said Clinton Y. Johnston. " We are prepared for them Now lot us have S0U19 coffee " Aud so ended the first and la?t run oa Oun Um'lb's Bank ! For Rent and Sale. i ?H?F KENT OR LKASE.?A large and onmmo L ?liou? double HOliaK, v.-itli water, gas, and Kith roum. 6'Kich house, stabling. and ornamental 8?>deu. The house ia elegantly furnished,and in the moat central and desirable location. Tho house will lie leased. with tho furuiture, for a term of > ears ti> a good tenanr. very reasonably. For particulars apply to WM. WA 1.1., of Wall, Stephens A. Co., Pa. avenue, between Utti and loth streets. 11 >0- i m '|M> K E NT.?That n?w three story Brick House 1 with facie building, with IimIi room, miv and all the in?dem conveniences, situated on K s!r?il, l>e tween Second and Third afreet*. Iu?i'"ra of i, W, A RNOLD, C at real .between Third and Four-and a half. oo 14-tf 17*OR K K.NT.-Mj HOUSE on F street, betwoan 12th sad 13th. \V. F. PHIM IPS. I^OK IIKNT-A I and?eni<*ly Furnished HOUSE, a ( No. ?Un, northeast corner of H aud lOtti streets) containing thirteen rooms, with gas fixture*. t.ithir.g roe-m, Ac For parti^u'ars apply on the premises, or address Box MS. tlity Post Office. se22tf 1?OR RENT.-Oue lar,<o PARLOR. with Bed rooms attnctind, suu-ible fur a lamilv or gentle man aiul lady, with or without Hoard. Alao, several other Room?. suitable tor single gentlemen. Apply at D'l VERNOIsJ'SJ Hotel, Pa.aveuue,between 17th and 18th sts. I70R RKNT.-Prof. H. \V. MUNDKR having I fitted up lu? Hall in an elegant manner, which renders it one of the prettiest rooms in this otty, will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees,Suppers, Dinners, or I'romenade Concert*. Appif at the Hali on Tuesday, Wednesday , and Thursday even ings from 7>? until 9>i o'clock. Hi* School u n<>w >pen for the reception of pupila on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. ooc?2-tf Pianos, &o. Vi:NN8A CLARKE'S and HAI.LETT, DAVIS* C?>.'S' CELEB RATED PlAXtt FORTES, Constantly receiving and for saie only by JOHN P. ELLIS, a*; Pa. *v., I?etween Utli and loth st*. Purchasers will tind it t.? their inlerettt to examine for ilieiiunivea the superior qualities of the alH>ve Pianos. S'oolu, Covers, Melodeons, &o., &c., also on tend. n 16-tr i 'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM ~~ \JI PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabk, Gakiilk A Co., Coctinoes the mann tact ore and sale of grand ano square PI A N'O FORTES, under Uhe name, ?m of \V; tain Knat>e & Co., at the old staad,] Not. I. 3. 5 and 7 North F.utaw street op posite the Kutaw House, Baltimore. Tusy have *t?o just opened it new Sf.les Room at No />n Baltimore street, between Ciiariee and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCailery as a music store, where they will keep oonstautiy on tuuid a largo assortment of pinto and highly-finished grand ai,d square Piano Fortes also, Melodeons, from the best Kiakers. from 4 to 5 octave. soine witn double key boards, double reeds, and stops to gait small churches. Being extensively engaged in the inanufeotuie o Pianos, we will sell whole**! a and retail, on tLo inoi libera; terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal i at the Fa,rs of the Maryland institute two successive years? Ootober. IS.SS, and IA.5fi?in op ! position to fourteen and eighteen pianos Irom Home i of the best niakers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were alsoawarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir r, flint, I ass and 1%%. They have also been awarded ; th? higiieat premium (silver inedali at the Metro ' poll tan Meoharncs' Fair for 18.VT. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo t nia.a from the most distinguished professors and ^ amateurs in the oouutry, which oan Ihi aeen at out w?rer?*o;ns, speaking f?>r thoniselves and othora ol the lit if h appreciation in whioh our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five rears, nr>d a privilege of exohange is granted within the first <>ii months from the day of sa.ie if the instruments do uo| give entire satisfaction. \\ holeaale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, ar d tuned. marl&-tF WM, KNABF. h. CO. 1 r'PH E LA RO EST A SSi?R TM E NT (?F PI A N - I OFORTES4 is to be found ut th<? Music !)?< I?.t of Irtotsl W.G. M ETZEROTT. Stoves, ftc. MC . W O O D W A R D' S ETROPOL1TAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. rkf (irentest Cooking Stores in the limited t tat t have just received front Philadelphia a few ol the new Risino *tak, or double Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star; patented 1?57. I had them pot up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively foi this market. They are vert heavy and strong, and oast of the very best Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking Ctensils are made extra heavy. F. 11. Church, F.aq., inauutact urer. I have alao, I'm k I.ihkbty StaH, made by Mest.rs, Al.t.ottA l.aurenceol the Kanie place. The Eight Stbukt Dorsi.t Oi'gji Coot, made by Messrs, Maivsn Bartlett Jk Co.. Baltimore, together with the verf best Aib Tisiit Flat-Top Cooki .? Stovks l>mt can bo found in this or a'ty other market, some ? f which are the celebrated Hcnkisk, Imi rovki (Jlohk, Ft.ogi Cook . Nobi.k Coox, aeu the liiui R.inor. Am Tionr Cook. If any man can produoe a h ?tter Co<ikitig Stove, to excel the aliove Stoves for roasting, l<aking. Ao., I will give him 5Vton eacli one . Please nail and examine thein. it will Cost yoti notmng. and you will see all kinds and sorts ol Stc veo, A.O. For sale at C. WOODWARD J, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory. No- 318 and Si.' Pa. ave., bet. lOti. and lttji sts. Balcony in Frout full of Stoves. Ai. B. As to the ?ea Sueli. rt.AT top CoostNfi ?fr>vi I have examined it thoroughly, and think it Vts n very appropriate name?SHELL. ? es, shelli wi!| bum ont in a few fire.s. It is a good lame foi Hi em?good for ttie makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star. I sold thein last fall, but will uot sell their again. They are as thin as pastetionrd. loanprowi that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day last Kununcr in my counting room to sell them thu ?F\il: s.iyine that if I would take twenty five o them he would give mi* the exclusive agency ofthen for fire years. I told him I would not have them a an* priee, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed over town by one tn?t said last fall that the] were not worth having. All the above I oau prove sentf Georgetown Advertisement*. ^ L A K b E OF FALL At very Lew Prices to ^ask Customers. mj ?n JOHN H. SMOOT, No. 119 South Sidr of Bki tigr Strrrt. , . Georgetown, D. C.. haa received ar.e now offering at very low prioes to Caen and prompt customers. a larae assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS. Ptirchaaed 111 Philadelphia and New York at the largo r eaent Auction Salts, and from the importers, at very low prioes. which will enable him to ofler to purchasers, piany deauabie Goods considerably U;,,w their vaiue. Ju the assortment will be found? Rich Silk Kobes and Bi>adere Silks IS eat Rake of H ack Silks Bayadere Valoitfiaa and Valentia Robee

Rich Printed, ail wool, Delaine* and Kobe* Satin Kaneonies, plain aolora, all wool, a very aupe nor goods, double widtli, at 75j. Leepm's and other makea French M erinoa. of all the moat demi-able colors, including White aud B r.ck Flam betaina, black, white and oolored. 8-4 blaok Krenoh Merinoa, for Shawla Rich I njon Plaid Merinos, at 31>? ota. Do. all Wool do. Viots. Printed Mousiin Delainea, good atyies, at 13V and 25 cents 9y pioces, best styles, English Printa at 12>J eta. R ich attlo Bonnet and Saan Ribbons Plata colors do., very cheap Valval Ribbons and Friuge Trimmings Stella, liroeha Shawls, in great variety Super double Brooha do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs Bajou's Kid Gloves, all colors and No*. Stjak. Mannela, all o tiora White American, Welch, and Saxony do. B *ok Bombannes and 6 4 Delainea Col#rs awl black Coburg Mermoa Black Crape Veils aud English Crapes West black and brown and white English Printa Loag and square Black Thibet and Bay State Shawls Ladiei aod Children's plaid woolen Shawla, in all sty lea and prioes Hosiery of every description {?"??? *?*ony and Morino Vesta With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the lieat makers. _!!?.? JOHN H. SMQOT. [VI O T 1 C E Having been informed that cer Person* are in the habit of collecting and gathering together the Bottles winch contain or nave oon aineo our boveragea, and putting therein an arti ote made by other* than ourselves, and then dispos ing of suCd art xile on the faith and credit of our name 1 , Mottles, all persons are bereliy notiniMi that such Bottles are our own property, at.il not subject to sale, and that they are delivered tnour customers oniy to be returned, and that it is our firm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the iaw, any infringment of our rights on the premises. ? , A RNV A SHlS'N. I nion Bottling Depot, 57 Greenatreet. Georgetown, U. C. fS 11 rj,r PONT'S GITNPOVVDKR. V I.!?JI ?'J,?!?1?* e.l.,PPl,e'' wit h all the various kind* of Dl i ONT }* ??L'SPt)WDER, and am prepared to auppi? th* aam^ in at?y quantity to partien wanting, on the moat f&voraMe taring. w. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, ,, ..... No. 36 High atreet, ma? 1? tf (Int* 1.A(*AorfAfown. D. C!. Dentiitry, &c. Dr. villard. dentist, late of chi caoo, would respectfully inform thecit izensof tii e Di at riot and vicinity, that hav-1 lug located himaelf in Washington, he is now prepared to perform al\ operations in his profea aion, in the moat approved style. Oitine, No. XM, Poun. avenue, aborning Gautier'a jan 1* r j1 H L IM PRO VED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOO M IS, M. D-, the inventor and patentee of Looint* Mineral Plain Teeth,'* having saocecsfn ly u.tr<dnoed his improvement ii.WiifaJ various oities. has n<>w permanently e?tab-^t-iJ-: 11 iished himself n Washington. Thil improvement for Sets(,fTceth oonaiataohief lr in making a set of but one picoe of material, and tint tMr-tnietible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and thej are therefore free from (T'Uvanie action and metalic taste. There are 110 joints to Income fille<l with moisture or particles of fif>od. hence thoy ar e pure nni elf an. They are I'gnter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and Vitura, in their appearance. 1 will gi\e a reward o Oitf I lioustnd DoUara to any one who will produce a siim'.r.r work ??f art tc? euuai mine in purity , beauty, uurahinty, artiatio exoellenoe or any uther reauiaite ^uaity. All work responsibly warranted. ?7t) Henna, avenue, between 11th and 12tb atreet*. ap 13-ly Den tTstrT: UR. STEPHEN DAILY, 0,riSJ1^?-i9? FHNSaTLVANIA AVKNVS. Three doors from 14(4 Streit. Dr. BAILVbeca leave to inform the public that be or.it be seen a'al hours,ath:s..ffice,lo^;tedasahoTe. He teela assured that an experience of fifteen y eara' practioe, with the large iiuml*erof patients,and great variety ?f difficult onsesthat he has treated suc; eca fun>, will eua!>U hnn to surmount any difficulty, aoiunt.hc or otherwise, re'nting to the Teeth. His own exper.^iioe (Xinhrminc llie opinion of n?anT mer: eminunt in the profesaion, ar.d eapeeiallv lirt. fiarria and J and E. I'mnily, has led him, long since, todia eardail merciina; preparations forfillinn Teetn.alao all I'.uraf i, Gulta Perclnt, India Rubber, and Ce ?bills for thrt oonstruction of Contipaoua Gum eeth. and that Poroelian, mounted on Gold Plate ia the only reliable dubetanoe that can l?e w.?ru m the mouth, sa was m^st w.i.clusi vely ahown by the la?t Amenoan Dental Convention. Although ha ilattera himself from his long roai dence and practioe in WTa?hington. he is ftvo.-niily known to his numeroua friends and patrona, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Church of Epiphany of thia citT Dr. Stkphkn Bailt: DearSir? I desire to ex preaa my esteem for you peraonally, an<! my confidence in you aa a superior dentist. The operations executed for mc have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patronage from n.v friends and the publio that your skill ao well deserves. ,.T .. ? Yonrs very trnlr, W aahmgtoa, Aug. 26, law. J. W. F 1( ENCfl, From one of the oldest hrma in Baltimore, Meaara, ti. * ga, Cotmar. A Co. Havirr employed l)r. Stephen Haily, Surgeon Den tiat,of \\ aantneton city, to exeuuto for me an im portant a:id ditScul*.piece of work, whioh he did to my entire iMistaction, and in view of the fact that one of the moat distinguished members nfihe Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated triala, 10 perform the aarna work aatisfactorily, it gives me greet pl.-aaure to express my entire confidence and hi*ti estimation oj his professional ??WiJl. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1RV7. II ARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from tholate Hoc. John M. Clayton. U.S. Sknatb. Ac*. 19.1B56. The teeth roc matio for me work admnably ; noth ing oouid t?e better. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those thr.t aeek relief from the ir.aladiea of the tooth, I or.n cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior lientist; he made a set of pnrcehan teeth for one of my familv.and plugged several teeth for myself, and [he work lias all stood well for more tnar ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Oon/. of the M. E. Cnuroh bo nth. April 16. lti&C. We, th9 undersigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or liaving been oognii aut of his operations on our families or frieuds, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well hs of the uniformly satisfactory manner in whioti he performs the most delimue and difficult operation* in Denial Surgery, and we respectfully re commend him to the confidence and patronage of the publifi. of which we oonsider him eminently worthy. Thomas I". Walter, Architeot Ij. S. Capitol. Thoma* Millkb, M. D..of Washington, D. C, JJ. S. Hoiikhk, M. D. of Gpornefown, D. C^ Jos. ?. Lincoln, M. D., of Washington. D. C. . H. BRAULny.of Washington, D. <5. iRGB Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida. W ALTER I.RNOX. Ex Major of Washington* Henry Baldwin, 1'. *. Patent Office, <?. C. WisHT, Principal Rlttenhouse Aoademy. feb 2? tf Rj'CONOM V IN FEEL-?I have this day reoeived Vj another supply of the PA K l,OR FURNACES. For aale only at C. WOODWARD'S Metropolitan Stove aud <irate FactorT. Noe. SIB and t?2 Pennsyl vania avenue, between loth and llth streets. u 7-eoAt C. WOODWARD. IN A T M? f.A VG H LI N'S, No.20,lw>tween and !>Oi streets, at his large stock of new t.ooda now opening. n in OR lENT^f. NAIL POLISH, giving a benutiful lustre to the finger rails, at GIBBS'S Hair Store, near'3th street. Pa ave. n 10 Sm I OOK 1 4 Kill HI Vl?>L!.Nf?,FLi:TKS.ACCORDEONS. MIH1C, Ae., at ELLIS'S, 306, between atti and Kith afreets. n io 1 FASHIONABLE PER ^EMERIES, fromlhe b?st houses, at GIBBS'S, near the corner of 13t h street. Pa. ave. n 10 3m mKCOND-HAND PIANOS f?r sale belew their C7 rnal value, to make ruom.st -hr i"iiiti- ?? , Depot of W. G. MKTZEROTT. A large assortment of h lutes and Violins'?? * * ' jnsr arrived. oe 31 A PIANO for ?37, ?ue for #75. and one for $ 100, for sale or hire upon reasonable terms. Must be taken at ouoe from the store to make room for oUl#"' JOHN F. ELLIS, M? near <s?rner luth at. mjCISSORS, MIRRORS. POWDER BOXES, J, Ao.,at GIBBS S Hair Store, near 13th street, 1 a ave., and at his Salesroom, under Willarda'. ule 3m r; ENUJNK ITA LIA N M ACC A RON I. Ju,t imported, a supply of Italian Macearont of ttieveqr boat quality. ? KING A Bl'RCHELL, "?14 Cor. Vortuont ava. and 13th at, Vocal and Instrumental Mnsic. M l^.KK*8 PIANOFORTE ? uddicf Tivw ni^nih^m p?r wirl ?f??M ?r avaiilM of Mr. Palm z,y^::z:.reque't^1 tw 'nroM the,r ?m"? ?^T- " C?" ?J?tem !? more advaotateoua for the S.trEo^ ?f Ch,l*re?' th? "T ?'h*r ayatem of mo.ra.it! SffiSUST''f"' "" p"reo"M ?f "? i,. Tbrmb i* Anvajtc*. ? in "'in/ ,?* ?5 Per quarter. Advance Classes ?Vi \IkR Pi r Wl" ito t>e mad? to Mr. W. H. ?rcPr^*01*?to?r? Clasaea meet every Monday and J^OHMAL MUSIC SCHOOL. ? U ss.lt Novem^jT.t w2iSk*fc,on The object of this School m tn make ladies and fwf thoroughly aoquainted with Muaiofrom moiiy prinoiplea to Competition and Har i..t n'r'tt.TJi- 56 for.th? *fteni??OB Mid even o^olock^nd 7 T"' ^cdn"day*' a"d Friday., at 4 Mii" Harrover'a dare, JuTo'c'tlck H*000*'"u?*dalF? *??> Thnra <?"?rter, 5J! lemon*. in class. .?'?; pri vate instruction-Vocal, Piano, or Organ. *22. mV b* inv,,J to Mr.lBvisoat the ..JVk?i!k^;tin,2Bhoyilwn,ed??t Klll8'? Music Store, or though the Post Oftice. oc 24-tf ?uu Aiciamiriii, mat he is now prepared toJ furmah MLSIC for Balis, Private Parii??a, andV*s? *'"?"- ?Vro? ?.D* to*"y number of Musician* to b? hao at the shortest notioe. F *"?'<*? D'pofsrf John lr . Ellis or IV. G. Metz&rott. or at his residence, oornerfllli and 0 streets. Navy Yard. oc20-3m* W Watchei, Jewelry, &c. rATCUES, JEWELRY-AND FANCY AR '? "> liKS*. ,.! . S.v?.<2?.band ?"m" ?f the best Gold and Si'ver WATCHES, hue Gold JK'VKLIIV, in .""'L sin*!? pie?e?. FANCY ARTl- ,r LLES. Ao. Call ami examine, at Jfj - J. ROBINSON'S. ?cS^-tm 849 Pa. av.. oppo. Browns' Hotel. Clocks;?c locks; i?c lock si:: . CLOCKS!-CLOCKS!!-CLOCKS:.! C&ff& J ROBINSOVS0' *'? 'tm Also, Cleek Materials, such as Keys. Balls. \\ ires, Oils, Hands, A o. < Clocks to the trade at wholesale prices. Call and examine, at 1 ?? ^ J. ROBINSON'S. n<* * ^m Pa. av.. eppo. Browns' Hotel. BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON, AND VIR - Kinm Bank Notes taken at par for ail kind* of "*7\ *?d frshi?nable GOLD JKWKI.RY. fins . aii(1. S' I' v K R WATCHKS, GOLD CHAINS, SKALS, KEYS, LOCKETS, and aft other choic e guods, for a few days. I have just r?o?*ived a fine assortment of new Goods, which I ain prepared to seil at very low prioes. Please call at 338 Penn. avenue, si^n of the large Spread Eagle. H. O. HOOD. 'pilE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH 1 AND MATURlTi, Just Publifkrd. Oratic. (As 23tfc Thousand. A few wonts of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Loaal We.iknesM, \ooturnal Emissions. Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre , mature Decay of th? System, Impo-t lericy.and Impedimeuts to Marriage generally, by B. DE LANEY. M. D. The important fact that the many alarming oom plaints. originating in the imprudence and solitude or youth, ruay ?>e easny removed without Medicine, is in this small traot. o.?*arly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment.as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which everv one is enabled to cure Himself perfeotlv and at the least possible cogt. tueieby avoiding all the advertired rostniins of the cay. Sent to uny address, gr?tis and post free, in a sealed envelope, Ly remitting tw*? fise ttampa __ .. .? DR? I)1j IjANEVs ?e28-d&wtf 17 Lisp?r)ard street. New York. yiRciMA yigyyiyyP/jFsa noser CLOTHISG '-CLOTHING ? -CLOTHING ' CHKAP FOR CASH. MONEY SAVED AND FAIR DEALING, Ar 322 Pkwsvlvaxia Avsxik. bttxcttn 9ih and 10/* us., at th* '? j ah Houst." c^fiW^;?,?tT,iS:f!f,??f.^r MADE W e can oiier greater Imrgasns in ClotSinr than can t>e obtained e'spwhere in this citr. owing toour building, we did not tey in our 5tock an others did, and we t?ought at great saenfcoes, owing to the state of the market. Heavy Winter Overcoat* g4 m to *10 W '0"? Black Cloth Coats 7 ?Uo 12 ?? Winter-lined Castumere Pants 2 an tn 5 (?? \\ inter-lined Cassirr.ere Vests,dou ble breasted 1 25 to 2 <*> B-) s Overcoats - 2 75 to * <? Boys Jackets 1 50 to 3 On Woolen Pants 1 25 to 2 50 Having on* of th* a?.d finest assortments of CLOTHS and CASSj.MERE.* m this city, we nre prepared to make Clothing to orilei at the short est notice. wall, STEPHENS A CO., n 2 322 Pa ave.. I.et. ?)th and loth sts. PROGRESS INTHKFINE ARTS."" PAISTI.NS AND PHOTOSKA PHY COMBtNKD. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Size or Lift, 8. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PIC TURK GALLERY, Odeon Hall, corner 4* st.and Pennsylvania avenue. S. W ALKF.R has Ettfd up the abovo gpacmns apartin.fnrs at a v?r\ great outley of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. He has a lar?<? Gallery for frt* exhibition of upward of 2ui tine Oil Paiutings, by some of the l>est ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S.Walker hat also f.: ted una oom pletesaitof rooms, with private robir.g apartments lor ladies, and purchase.! the finest possible instru ments, and engaged a first eh as operative artist to assist him in tho der>artment for takirie all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC? AM UROTVPK AND DA GU E R R E( t T^' PE V OR TRAITS .from the smallfst mintatvre to site o.f life. S. Wai.kkb. f>y conibining the Photographic Pro cess with th* art of Painting, of wluoh he has had 25 years' experience, and whose sp<*cimer.s of life sue portraits may be seen lu some of the fcrst fami lies of the city, as well as those exhibited in hia Gallery, he will bo able, by the combination of the two, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled Air their fidelity and life like expression. Can vas Hnd boards prepared Lur himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-size, from small pictures of dtctased friends. Photographs taken from oorpses. or sick persona taken at their own residences, on immediate notioe. Committees and classes taken in any number in groups, and anv quantity of copies from the same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stonea. Valuable Oil Paintings, aud Old Family Portraits, oe.refully back lined and restored to their original freshness. 1-adies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited K> call at the Gallery, over SliilliWKton'a book store? entrance 4H street, two doors from Pennsylvania '"?"i". it II Km MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND shoes being al?out the largest in this city at thisv^v time, and having be?*n purchased before theKHi rise in Leather, oan be sold e.t about 15 to fer ocnt. less than goods purchased at tins' Ft line. Call and examine for yourselves, at S. P. HOOVER'S. <o 11 trow Hall. Pa av hot alh tnrf lfttv, ??. TA CARD. O THE CITIZENS OF THE DISTRICT In entering our new building, which we have ?ust taken possession of, ami we return oar eincere thanks to the people of Washington and George town for their liberal patronage, and we, in part, as a return, hav* erected a spaeious building, whien will |?e an ornarapnt to the oity . with a large and airy sa loon, with all the eonvenienoe and oomfort of our customers, and in the establishment are all the nec essary arrangements for manufacturing and encour aging home industry, and t?y a utriot attention to justioe and integrity, w* hon? to give wstiafaction to all. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. ooS^ 4w No XZt Pa. ave..f>?t 9th and 10th sts. i\f ADAM BONN El.. ? " It! DRKSS MAKER. From Paris, No. 5? 18th street west, beiwt-en I and K streets, Washington city, has th?? honor to inform the ladies of Wash'nirton and vieinity. that she has fitted np a Dress Makmc KstaMishment. where she is r*ady to make every sind of work, as Dresses. Mantihaa. Ba?<iuea. A c.. and in the best nr.d v?ry latest style of Paris, receiving every month the French Journal De I .a Mo<1e. direct from Pane nil 2m' P EA NUTS. Mbuaheia PEA NUTS for aale by ? ? S tf W4 Hth itrMt. norrter w JONAS P. LEVJk j^YE AND BARLEY MALT, CITY MALT HOUSF.?milw^WMkFa!l? ?nue and Bloek at., Baltunore, Md. my l b D Dancing. A N C I N G ACADEMY Mr. T P. 6ASf\ N'SKI >d4 DAUnHTF.R |nr* the honor to RrnoouM te the I Adies si*} Gen- #% tifmen of Waahington and GMrittovn that rfi he will re open hi* Cis**e* for Uai.o>i>K m/*B Washington on Fridav, the 9th of October, at L_?t Mr. Crouch'* Hall, oorner ollitk at. a ,j p? inai >. from S o clock p. rt>. V.'r t?""* paiticulars application oaa be mad* at Mr. G.'s resideooe, 4OT t. street, between 9th aud Kith streets. ?? :2*m SEVENTHS1REET. 514 TO n 1 AS, . - ? F.T r c ' A X. t'tboe Stw<ni1 Stitrj, ttir.*e doon front Onr FkLLwwa' Hall. Spectacle* awl Glnsae* au tnj to every eight; Opera. Keadicg, and Waicr.n.?k?.m g Glasses; Telesenpe*, Microscopes great variety; Cosmoramic Stereoscopes with n??i of auperior and choice pictures on i-and Bee adver tisement in National Intelligencer. Tbsti?o*ials. Noaron, September 7. 16M. Sib: The Speotac.es you made for ma suit ma very wel?, and ae?m to have improrad my sunt mora than any other 1 Lave lately tried. I.ITT. W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair af Spectablas obtained from Mr. Tobias. and fiwl them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with hi* deaenpt ion of their f.>oua. 1 recommend him aa a aki!ffui optician. HENKY A. WISE. PxTBBSBrae. ? ?etober 11,i?M. A hoot five year* ago. I nt.taiued from Mr. Tontaa, in W ashington, a pair of Glasses for the i^muic m whioli I u a?sj. and found them of great aanatsaice to my decat ,ng vision ; ami my opinion of him la, (ha' he is akilltul m the preparation of Glasses for ayas uot too far son* to be benefitted liy auch aid. J. F. MAY. LT5rBBria. Noveaiber l.ltt*. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, and from hia obaervationa and remarks, am conviuead that he la a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. I.TMcuurRG, November 10. 18M. Mr. John Tobias, Laving furniahed me with Glas see, hy which I have been greitly aided, (my viaioa havin< suffered ercatH from rttnduic at night in my earlier life.) it affords me tie highest pleasure to aay that I oonaider him a ak llful practical optieiac. and well prepared to aid those who n*y ?eed hi* professional services. w.K. B. ROUZIK, Elder ol the Methodist Conference. Wilxikgtos, N. C.. Jona 17. 1*M. M*. J. Tobias? Dtar Sir : I am happy toaay that the Spectacles which f otitained fwmi yon tast we*t are entirely aatiafactory. From aa inequality in tha visual range of my eyes. I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal dis ? tancea. it aflorda me pleasure to state, tl.-at t>y the axl of your optometer thia difficult} haa tieen happily obviated, ao that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the beat adapted to my eyaaof any 1 have aver vet uaed. Very respeotfully yours, R. B. DRANK. KectorofSt. Jamea' Pariah. Having l ean induced br a friend to viait the estab lishment af Mr. Tobtas ("or the purpose of trying h>a glasaes I was furniab?-<) with a pair alightly color.-* blue, whioe have atlorded ine mora relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My aight, origin allv very good, a-aa injuruU l?> writing and reading at night, frequently to a very iate hour : but with tha aid o( these giattoa I oan atudy almoat aa lata aa ever, and that too without the pain I l.ave previon* lysufiared. JOHN Wll,sti>, l^at* Comniikaiouaar Uan'i i^aud offioa. 11.185S. I have used Mr. Tobta*'* SpeetaoJea for thra* or four t?ontha, and take great pleasure m aaying tt.at I am much piaasad with tham. I have boeu mvot benefited bv them. UEO. P.SlARBIRGH. May 5th. 1MB. I waa recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a ak i'fu< optician ; andaa 1 have e>ea of remarkable pecn.ian ty. I waa gratified to find that Mr. Tobias aaemed to comprehend tham by inapection and aome alight meaaureinent. and he haa mada me a pair of ?*pe?ta eiea that suita in* admirably. A. P. UL TL^K. July 11, 1856. WAaen*ero!f, Aug ?. ie?. Having be<;n for year* under the naceaaity of har two sets ?>f klasses?ore for use ic daj light, and oaa for iamp-light?I procured one aat fram Mr. Tohin* which answered both purpose*. 1 have used hi* for sevaral month*, and find them excellent. EDWAHD STUBB8, Of Department of Slate. Mr. J. Tobta*. Sir: The pair of Spectacles you famished me yeetarday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are vary decidedly tha Oe?t I poaaeaa, and 1 am the owner of eight or nine paira. oarefu.Vjr aaleoted in ditlercnt peaces and ?from opticians reo ommenJed to me on account of their profeatincai standing in France, England, and the Lnited States. I have been a:*o pieaced with your remark* and di rections on the treatment of the eye*, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the airht Retpectfuily roura, CHS. CALDWELL. Profenaor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. BhoOXLTN OBTHOra*I>TC I**TITrTIO!t, April, 1HM. After most oare{u. examination ol Mr. J. Tohuu's Glasses. I am enabled to taatify that their hardness, clearness, polishing, and exact optical abipe render tham particularly reoommendable to thoae whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want of sucn auxiWap.es. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tobias fullv qualified to determine t he focus ol the ey a.both by his optical knowledge aud experience, and by mean.< of his optometer. In aodition, 1 oan further state that Mr. Tobits has supplied aome of my pa tients with Glafeacs to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BALER. M. p.. Physician and Surreon, Berlin; Member of tha RovhI College or Surgeons. F.nrland; Member of fhe Medical Society of London, and of the Pathological Society of New York; late Sur rwn of the Ri7*' Orthopecdic Institution of Manchester. I.ngiand. and Surgaonof the B. O. Institution. Nobtolx, Vs., July 17.1864. In tiie experience of even two years, I have found great diffioulty in obtaining Spactac.es that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of mv sight. This in convenience Mr. Tebias seema ro have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are olear. chrystal-.ika and comfortable to my eyes. I wou J commend him to thoae who from age or other irfirruitj require ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. SIMKiN'S. M. D. Wilmtnoto*. N. C.. June 16. ItfM. To persons who have had ths sight oftheirayes so impaired as to require the uaa of Gmssea. I would recommend Mr. John Tobiss as a suitable person lroin whom to obtain such G.i'.sne* as they nuiv ra ubirc. as he has suited me with a r?*tr of Spectacle for a lar and tiear sight. Ms aifchtl.as been impaired very much by a service of years in the Poet Ufbue Department, which be-rh required metolie en diitv from 11 o'clock at night till alter day, during which time I used but one light. W. A. WALK UK. D^pabtmknt or Intfxiob. May 8, l&i5. From natural defects and the unequal range of my ayes. I have been compelled to use g!aa*e* for seve ral v?ars. i have trird diiler?nt opt,nan* without obtaining g'a*s"'* perfectly htied te my eye*. Four month* sinee Mr. ToldU made two pair* especially {or me, wmoh I have found to serve me pfrfeotly . ty tne use of his optometer he is enabled to ads pt f lasses moat minutely to the eve. I moat cheerfuV t recommend Mr. Tubiaa to all having occasion te uae clasae*, ana tioar my testimony aa to his akil! as an optician. HENRY E. BA I.DW1N, y Jb As*M Sec'y to *i?ii l^nd Warraat*. ]\JLW GKOCERY, WINE, AN D I> LIQUOR STORE. The *ubacril>er t>eg* to inform hi* IViend* and the pultl :<s, that be h.ia opened a N EW ST OR E, earner of U'th atreot and Louisiana avenue, where he in tend* to keep constantly on hand a arge and varied aaaortment of Foreign and Domestic WlNES.LI QUOKS. CIGARS, and FINE GilOCElRlES, ooiisiatiy of F;ne Teas, Sugar, Coffee. Flour. tkwp. Olives, Kaiains, Figs. Sardines, Anchovies, Otard. Marrett & Co., Pinet A Co., and Col. Chabard e Brandies in wises, deintjohu*, and cask*. Old Ja maica Ruin, Sherries. Madeira, Port of varioua de scription*. St. Julien Claret, rfiataarx Margaux m cases. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruit*, Reynold'* Edinburgh Ale, Annisctte, Maraschino. Oaracoa. Al>a> nthe. Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigar*. Alao, ?toughton Bitters, and F*var and Ague Bittera. Porter, Ale,and Cider. * Families are particularly invited to nail and txaa ine the atf.ok before puichaaing elsewhere. Mem l>ers of Congress are also informed that thejr orders will he promptly attended to. and delivered at their reaidenoea at the ahortest notice. A genera! asaortment of fine Havana t |ftrs, 'ri ? ported direct by the subeoriber. at wboleea^ and re CanaJ Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old U hiakev, constant.y on hand,of IWl. Country orders punetua'lv attended to, and oouu try produoe of all desor.pU<y^s^Pc?_ived oiyoj.?siii. TeVtf Nq.Xm Vwelffh street. U7 NOTICE. ? IGS, TOUPEES. SCALPS, Aa., made to order st i he shorte?t possible notice. A sal eat as - aortmeut alway s on hard.at HEARD A WATSON'S, Nat ion aJ Hotel and 6?h atreat rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonde of tha City of Davei*ort, Iowa, paj ing 10 p?r cent, interest by Conpon in New York. Bonds of Ji'O each. The growing city of Davenport has now about *\0Ui inhabitant*, ai.d ts rapidly increasing in wealth and population. It* municipal deU is onlv f iso.tsm. and it* railroad debt only ?l2S,mn, and eanr.ot now be increased. The statistic* of tne city were published ia the fnte'U genoer of the ??th Septen her. We recommend these bond*, helieviag Ihem to be as aafe aa any cm-SB BROTHER?. R EAT BARGAINS in ee^md-hand Pienneat " J the Masic Be pot. from t?> ?I5U, to sold - . .. Sr^jJlfWsoTT. rm corner t<rh trwt and Pa. srwm* VKW BUCKWHEAT MEAL. A choice lot of new Ruck* hast Meal reeeived to-day. KING A BURCHKI.L. oe 16 Cor. Varm ant ava. and !St* at,