18 Kasım 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

18 Kasım 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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EVENING STAR... TELEGRAPH A*D TKLEOKAM. BT A Vmi* T?*TV*TtBITT ?0*T. Hera is a bother, here's * . About u?inj on- nife c*il Atw) whT ?:? tb? . A thine tho spaipeens n T?r dmw ol at nil. . tnli.5 **ii iCrP?* ?*>? ?<"lrk ,n the wire ?vp kJiwn to them t?? the n?m? of Ureok Piro.) ?ad it with Flii. or end it with Mu. What do?* it suuify whioh you do. End it with Mu. or end it with Phi. The point'* not worth a potato seye. Contemn such a thmpedmntio appeals, And put roar shoulders to these two waels ; Kedaoe the ehnr*es. which now ta pla-denn*. And taaan theclarka to spoil witnout Mandarine. I a IWIW ? Incendiarism In Philadelphia?The Bonking System. from thi Ectninj Bulltttn, Tkvrtday. We have frequently taken o.vasion to point out In the Bulletin the evils which result from the ??bunking" system. and an arrest wa? made list night, the circumstances attending which devel op a roodillon of tilings that is at once startling and alarming About 1 oYlock this morning, officer Andrew Donohue, while going his rounds in the Twenty fourth V\ ard, beard loud snoring in the Union Hj?e House, io Garden and Tbirty-flfth streets He obtained admission to the place. and groping his way in the d.rk to the stove, lighted a match, and by the light thus afforded. ho saw six young nien I yiag. around sound asleep. The officer suffeitd hit light to go out. and when about to grope his way back to the door,he heard a knock upon the latter. The knock wis repented three times, when the door was opened bv one of the party intide.and a young man rush ed in in great haste, and said ? Come, boys.wake up and get ready for a run; I have started a lire, and it will be going in five minutes " Tho self confessed Incendiary, who had imparted Information in an under tone to one of the party, then started o.it again, followed by tho officer, who had concealed his star. After going about a square the young man ?topped, and looking in the direction of some frame buildings and turned back and remarket! to the ofiieer, without suspeotlng who he wa?, that the ? d?d thing would't go. it hadn't caught right." The officer then w*nt back to the Hose house, while officer Donohne procured the assist ance of Sergeant Simpson and officer Nolan, and proceed; ng to the Hose-iiouse they captured the entire party. Just as thev were about miking the arrest, they discovered the fl'C breaking mu in a row of small frame dwellings at Haverfon! and Thirtv-Bfth streots One or the party, whe was well known, was suffered to go and extin guish the lire, and he was afterwards taken intc custody. The prisoners gave the names of Andrew Kcl lev, (the one who committed the arsons D -nnii McCredy, Charles Hibbs, Richard I., landlord Henry Almond and Frederick McAllister. The fire kindled was in the upper part of a ?mail frame dwelling belonging to Air. Robert F Ma: k ward. It was without a tenant, bat bad lately been occupied i?y Saudford, one of the par ty arrested It adjoined a l?ri?. V hous ?. in which a family tesided There was also a family liv ing in a frame house in the ?ame row in which th? place fired is located The disclosure* mad through this important arrest are absolutely very startling, and they go to prove what we have.se often urged in respect to the bunking system The prisoners had a hearing before Alderman F.ner this afternoon. The witnesses examined testified to the facts given aiiove. Thev were all committed to answer, with the exception of Mc Allister, who wis held to bail as a witness WaSHISOTOS AXT> Al.KXA.NOKU t( AtLROAD? A Short Ltix j* a I.oso Roctr ?The Alex andria Gazette of Wednesday, Nov 4, states " that the Alexandria and Washington railroad, with Its locomotives end cars, will be off-red al public saie or. the fl st of December next." This road Is about six miles !o.-i^. a'id is of very inditf-rent const i uction. The ground occupied br it, however, is *o important that it cannot pos. ? fbiy be allowed to remain unavailable much longer, for the inte-ests of the great Southern -roans leading eastward from Memphis, and all points south thereof, require that, from Alexan dria eastward there shall lie acontinuous and un broken rail route to the seaboard cities ; so that the travel which now passes from the interior of the Southern States to Savannah. Charleston,and other Southern seaports, thence to take steam ship to the large eastern cities, may be Induced to keep the rail to the point of destination To make the land route more attractive than the sea route, it is,only necessary that the few existing gaps sh*U be filled up; and as the most Inconvenient of these gaps is the one between Washington and Alexandria, provision wilt doubtless soon be made to close it with a river bridge and a tew miles of good tra^k. in order that cars may pa?s to and from the depots in Alexandria and Washington The great land route of communication be tween the Atlantic and Gulf Mates?from Maine to Ix>:iisi.ma?should havo Alexandria, W ashing ton, Baltimore, Philadelphia and N?-w York oil its route Tae*e five cities are all in direct line, and between these cities there should l>? no in terruption by gaps tu the 'rack way, except, at /errie*across navigable rivers. For freight traffic the sea craft will always i>e an overmatch for the railroad car, for, in addi tion to the vessels?steam and sail?that ply alone the coa?t, projielters pass f.om th~ Che.sa peake to the New \ ork writers via Philadelphia, by i?y. river, and canal navigations, almost par allel with the iron line: but this fact that the railroad route will never command the bulk of the freight traffic along tiie scataaid, should stimulate the rahroad lute est* to greater efforts to facil.tate passenger communication between the Atlantic and Gulf States, and the cities there in; for by so djing they will sooner divest tue travel f'oin the coasting steamships, to swell the earnings of thb.r roads, and enhance the value of their shades and bonds?U S. HailrouJ $ 'tim ing R'gitttr irr When does a man rob his wl'e? When he ??hOf.ks" her dresses! C l)r Havne, the famous bigamist, who has a wife in n^a-Iy every State in the Union, has lust emerged from a five years' residence In th?? Ktu tutky rtate Prison H ? says he can rnarrv anv woman hechoo?es on first acquaintance, and In the brief time of five hours WaTta ast> Morals.?A very slight declivity sufficeF to give the running motive to water Ta.ee in'hes p**r mile, in a smooth straight c hannel, gives a velocity of about three miles per hour Now. Wbat is true of water is true of mor ats. The tiest of in?n only need a slig!:t push from adversitv to obtain adowu-hill nmmentuui Be careful, therefore, how you lose your oqul Itbrium. llJ~ Never venture into a sick room in violent pc?sj, !ration, for toe moment the body i>eglris to cool it is likely to absorb th? infection and re ceive the dl-e-.tse N?ver visit a sick person, es pecially if :he di-^a^e b? ol a coatagious nature, with an tnijitv s'ornsrh. as this d:?po*es the ?v? fm mr.ie readily t?> rrceiv the Infection. Wnile in the sick room, do no* stand, if it can t?e avoid ed. where a draft carries the air from the bed to you irT feme few years ago Mr. Kidwell was p'eaching to a large anaienee In a wild part of Illinois, anil announc ed for his text "In mv F? ther's house a<e many mansions." He had hard ly read the words when an old coon stood up and ?aid: ??I tell you folks, that's a lie .' i know his fa ther well. He lives al>out fifteen miles f.om I,ex Ingtoo, in Kentucky, in an old > abin. a.id there ? m t but one room iu the houne." The nueting adjourned AtiMVALS AT THE HOTELS BUOVVK9' HOTEL ?Dr R 11 Htuart, Va: J B Henderson, Pj; Hon Z Kidwell, do; J a D Or sao. XV, L May and soo, do ; 'fbos HnsLey and family, do; Tho* Hays and lad .. O ; Vanlenlin, Pa; W HSforde, Va L W San.!. Miss; It Joues. Fa; John Jackson and lady, do ; L Fletcher and ladv, \ a; R C Cauunack l.a ; Mrs Cammaek. do; AlissCammark. do; J W Tav:or. Mo; C II Smith, Va MIm K F Rice, do: A M Harrison. L' SCS; Mr Champion, I'a; S I'a khurst. Md. W C lien ham, Mr. Reese, do ; T l>avis, DC; C t;ia-k, NC; W VV Clark, do; J H f'o.tts, NY; Mr Jas Johnson, Md; J J Stevens, VVT; J M M< Ciena ban. Md; J Buffum. NV; VV J Cidsou. Pa; C K Thomas, Md; D U Thomos, S S Thomas, W H Jones, do WII.LARDS' HOTFL ?Madame Frezxollnt, M Strak-wh and Iv. Mr Tiialt^*rg. Mr an<l Mad Vieuxtemps. Mr Wilkins, D S Codington, W T Booth and iadv. ** Thalticrg. II K<e?tlc:r, G W Wnkins. M O Hart. NV; F B Pendleton, Cal; J N (larger, L" S N; II C Ca ?v, VV II .Merritf, Pa; ^ C Eeid, jr. N Yk; Dr Coh'-n, Mil. J A Wh te Pa. F Uremic, T l? Martin, NJ; G N Johnson, N Y: J no Haird. Pn; T li bilkmaii, NY; Mi*S Del a ho'd. Di !'<? d, Dr ? allendei, T?nn Mrs D 'I Disney, Caliic Disney. D T Disney, jr, Ohio; L H Derby, Mass, W VV Brady. ISN I ? HOTEL, (L O Shiih ? j?J || Mullen Pa: Th Lumpkin, L?C, J T Mclver, B F Hog. Col O Fo?i?r, c M robe I. Oene-al E Hunton, J C 1^-wi-. R Te*r, Va, H fear, pa A and J Tr-.th, NJer-ey; V\ I'arVer Md; J M Harris and family, F J Harr.-: D.d; <i A ixabl. M Fitviri, Ohio; \l H Hanf.nd, NV,?li Morrill. Oh o K I It K V\ OOD HOI >t ?J K I.n.'ijin und lady Md; B Harris and lady. Mo- II Vieuxtemu, and kidy; A" W Dobbin*. Cal, M Patte-non, Md; DS Cca<lin^ton. NY- J Wlnstcn, V^; J hurbridge N \ ; T Carlisle, do; C VV CopHand, do- A J Bueil and ladv. Md; J Hi bs, I'enn AiorEM?yrs oraexjx stkamers. Fmom rut (Jnitid States. fitMmoi. Liart. tor. Dapt. AragD New Vetk.-.Uavra NovLl Faow Ktraoea. Arabia Liverpool...N?w York...Oct SI Glasgow Glasgi w....N?w Yoik...Gct 'jl Hait.ir.onia. H-inamrg...New Yorlr...Nov I Cltv Wash'ton.. I.iverj col... New York.. .Nov 4 Atlantic Liverpool...New Yoik...N'ovll Vandeibilt Havre New S*ork...Novl4 The California mail steamers leave New Y ork on the 3ih sod wtb ot each moaliti Miscellaneous. By THE PR Kftl/>*KNT*'bF THE UNITED STATE*: In pursuanoe ?f the provisions af the 3d sretion of the aat entitled "Au aot to authorise the President of the United States to cause to be surveyed the traot oftand in the Territory of Minnesota t>elonring to the half breeds or mixed -bloods of the Daeotah or Sinus nation of Inditns. and for other Forpoaes. apprtived July 17. 1354, }, JAMES BICHA.NAN, President of the Umt?d States of America, do here by declare and rrrikt? known that pnhlic sales will 1* held at the undermentioned land offices in tho Ter ritory of Minnesota, at the periods hereinafter de signated, to wit: At the land otfioe at Hsnukbso*. eoryimaneinr on the Muhth day of March next, for the disposal ofths vacant puhlio lands situated within the f>llowin( named townships and fractional townships in the lats reserv e for the haJ-breeds or mixed-bloods vi th* Dacutah or Sioux ration of Indians, vii : North af tht ban lint and v?jt tj tht fifth prin cipal meridian. The nnlocated tracts :? fractional township oni hundred nnd eleven, of ran;e ten. i he unJiKafed tracts in fractional township on? hundred and eleven, of ramre eleven. The unlooated tracts in fractional townships en? hundred and eleven and ono hundred and twelve, ol range twelve. 'I'll# unlorsited traots in township one hundred and eleven, and fractional townships one hundred ami twelve and ono hundred and thirteen, of rani;* thir teen. Tl?? unlooated tracts in township one hundred and eleven, and in that part of township one hundred and twelve, and fractional township "no hundred and tlurteon. within the above-mentioned reserve, ?! ranee fourteen. Tho unlooated tracts in that part of townships or? hundred and eleven and one nundred and twelve, within the above-mentioned reserve, of range fifteen At the land office at Faiibaclt. oommencmi ot the firnt day of March next, for the disposal of thf public lands situated within the following-named townships and fractional townships 111 the late re serve for the half-breed* or mixed bloods of the D& o?tah or Sioux nation of Indiana, viz: Narth ?/ th? bast lint and insf af iht fifth prin cipal mtridian. The unlooated tracts in that part of fractional township one hundred ai.d tea, within the above mentioned reserve, of rau/e nine. The uulocHted tracts in that part of townships on? hundred and euht. one hundred ami nine, and frac tional township ono hundred and ten, within th? above-mentioned reserve, of range ten; The un'ocated tracts inthat part of township one hundred and eight, within the al>ovo-mentioned re - servp, and in townships ouo hundred and nine and one hundred and ten. or range eleven. The unlocated tracts in that part of townships one hundred and eight and one hundred an<4 nine, within the above-mentioned reserve, aud in township oue hundred and ten, of range twelve. The unlooatod traets in that part of townships one | hundred and nine and one hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned reserve, of ranee thirteen. I'he unlocated tracts in that part of township ono hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned re serve, of ranee lourteou. Thp unlocked traots in that pnrt of township one hundred and ten. within the aliove-ineutioned re serve, or ranje blleeu. naooordancn wi1 h the provisions ?f the act of July 17, 1854. h^rein-bi fore relered to, pre emption claim. w:!l not We allowed to any of t:ie ahovo-ineiitionti lands until aft.?r tin y have l>e?;:i offered at public sale and l>eo?'ine subject to private entry. The otTorin^ of th? a!n?vo lands will l.e coinrneno >-l on the day m appointed, and will proceed in the or ief in wlnoh th?"? aro advertised until the whole S'lil! have t>een ?!fered, and the sales thus closed; bill no sale shall t?e kept epeu longer than two vrettn, and no private entry of any of the lands will he ul initted untiliaOer the exp.ration of the two wee'-cs Ctiven under my hand, at the city of Washing >n thit sixteenth day of S,'pt?jml>or. anno Domini o .u thousand eight hundred and fit\> seven. JAMKS BUCHANAN. By the President Tho?. A. tl ei;>kk-ks. Commissioner of the Genera. Lan ! Off.ee. ?e 19-law3m PA PROI'O^Af.S FOR Fl'RNlSHlNfi THF l PER FOR TIIE PUBLIC PRINTING. Officii ScpiKntTHNrEXT of PrBt.ic Pirxme./ . ?> *sHt voton, October 1st, 1857. | ?.H^.Prir*unnce of the Prov?*ions of the "Act to pro ni^J},r?exoouflT* Publ'0 printinr." Ao , ap proved August 2S, 18.S5, soajed proposals will rw Mor'bfi iIiIh." 0?<*t,n CaP|to1-ur<*'' ?he firsi Monday (7th day)of Decetnlvr next, at 12 o'clock S.?! i .r'1 /' paper that mat be required foi lr th* Taar aillim* on 11,6 1,1 d"J The 'ub.oine-j list ppecifies,as nearly as can be as certj?ined the quantity, qunlity. and description ol ea .n k u.d of p^pt.r tn*-1 will |>0 reqmred. in rvn r CLASS I. mea?uLre<?irc?\^pr",l,n* ""slendered, tc me^ure .1 by 30 inches, a..d to weigfl forty-^vc pounds to tho re?ur. ??f U sheets. . #vv. . Class II. .nt?? -rrPv!r? L? pr'ntln? pap?r, calendered, tc n asure b> 3d lr.ohes, and t? weuh hft?-SLx pounds to the ream ol 480 hheets. ? , Class III. ?u??rfine s:z.-d and oalendered pnntins piper, to riiessure ?4 by SH inches, and to Weich fiftv two pound* to the ream of 4?'t sheets. .. Class IV. S-fl reams sup-rfine hnrd-s:*?d and calendered n,0Al11,Jre 24 inciies. and to wei*.i loity eight ponnds to the ream of 430 sheets. J;Trr?,m8 ""r*rfine ?'**' *'"i calendered map pa .o t 1,0 rft??u?red, corre, poiidinc u J t 18 by 24 inches, wid * eighing twfcnty pounds uer rw.ni of 4W) sheets, ^ Class Vl. rir*r2i P-'PT. (calendered or un oaletiderod. as may lx? required.! ly l.v 7\ inene* a-id Vh ?t WV?.r\rr r'am a; r"a> !'e ro'MuVed ' , <*?' e paper of ?nch ?f tho above c'an ses to of hnenan-t ootton. free from all adultera tion with mmeii or othersubatanoes,ofa f^ir whit? jcss, anJ put ur in ouires of t treaty-four sheota e*eh, and in bundles or two reams each, each re?.n o contain 4?. perfect sheets. UniformUr" tr ioKoes.and we.ght will be required; and no bu i ?lVnX0UTrO1 wrappers i va,v,?* over o" u^er !?! iTl iii""" lije siandanl we^ht wi.l re uT, rrf' vi *r r" w#,*ht * "1. "i ?i: cases. b? re Vi .* t ,lx'r/'{ of vanoiin thicknenses in the nam* .- '?!? r'll "p ?!M> wlit be coasideiod a Violation of the contract. u u v . Im Clam VII. i o u reaina '4?ar{o post wntinif paper ; No.2-2^fti tennis tktcnp wr.tinr paper: V*'" . o reu!"?demi wiitifiK paper ? reuniB folio post wiitirig paper; No. 6- 5<ji> re. ins medium writing papur: >o h- >i reauis royal writing paper ; p T, reams super royal writing papsr: V u i^I re!t"!, ""penal writu.< papur ; .No. ? low ? hmis ooioreil medium (assorted.) ?, . B<v Class VIII. wei?n r^r nV"T? pap"r'19 '* ? lflch 38, to ?? a ^iKht p' Mfi'i- p?*r r^arri w 0*it,w1"S'"'rr'1"!,writins 1#'hy 2P inch <s to v* , J -tr??f pouikts per rex ni. >o. S H?i renins writing paper. 18 h* EA ,n?i.?u to w- ik h twentv-s.x pournif, per ream ' >"u4;?wnting paper, IS by 22inches to weijjn twenty-,our p 'Ufids p-r rsam 1 we.lh^tw^'-Ttw."nWr'"('U '?'b' !? '"chss. to v ? iw?? pouiiuv p?r rMfn. we.ih twt^"!*, TJ'l"" pnp6r- " b' 18 mch.s, to wriitu iwf.ve p<'Uii in per ream. A ll tl.e paper d,-S!<nat<*d in oiassos 7 snd V are t i l.? ,h-?? free from adulteration n' d hnished in the best manner. Tiie pauf-rs in > - - are to l?? white or blue, of the regular standard i z'es of the respective kinds.and ? 1 such w?;?htAi , ,, XrteM'air J ,7 ,:n'* elas?H aro to'be ^hedu*: ^ "lZe* a,uJ W"1^1 ???? 'he an1 Ilfitv*1.' r'I rei"?IVTi ofordtr,nf a Kreater or less qu uitity of stch and every kind contrasted f>r at such tunes and in such quantity, as the pubUo ?er vioe may re<|uiro. ' " 1 kadi ciau wiil be considered separate!* and be siil,j.-ot to a separate contract; but udder, ili/iy oifer h i 'A* ?I I'"^? ol U,w o as^? {?-e same proposal; and the priviU^e ik reserved of requiring a belter whoinny ha_ve in<?re than on? clars .u-*:^n.?| hnn to lake all suon classes, or forfeit his right to any c ass nane'r"?1*!" V','1 V "'1 "n" ',n0,, fin 1 of paper hid fur. an l but nn* sample in each kind must acoompriny each bid ; n,.d i n e ?*? 7 ?,?) a 1.! nuiolwre*! to correspond with the numl <-r of th? ph p?r prop< aed for m that schedule; ami. in the first six ciasses. 10 he properly desu iiated on 1 he sa uple or it wi.l not be considered. All proposals and Jam pies must be transmitted to this office freo of P(.?t age or other expense. p Eacti proposal must he signed by the individ ill or firm making it. and must specify the pri. e per;.ollnd 'and but on* price for each) of ?v?ry kind of ta ?4>ntalr'e<l '* the c ass proposed for. l,h^ ln ,ha ?ev?ral classes must b?d?liv ered at such piece or plsoes as may be desiznaie i in ? ashinston City, in good order, free ofalland eve ol,arg# or expense, and suhjeet to the in ?P ??-on. count, weight and measurement of thn Su p iriiiteu lent, and be in in all respects ?'Uist'ao ?/la-.k forms for proposals will be furnished at this olfioe to personssppl> ,?K for them ; snd none will be n ti "r^ rv^t'h' 0,1 UB*ess substantially agree J-1-. Wltf' approved sseurit.es, will be required; and tne supplying of an inferior artiole in any of the aasss, or? f.n.ure to su op! > the quantity required ?LVi" "e considered a violation oftheoon Fnch bidder is required tofurr.ish with his proposals satisfactory evideuee of his ability to exeevte them" be^r/jeot'Jd*'* u"kUOO,,,Pul4ieiJ fcu?h ?videnee wiil The proposals w.!l he ep-ned in the manner re quired hy law-'on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in December" next, ath.iat lOo'siocka m at the office of tfie Superintendent. "s-m. Pr-DoMiswi : be addressed to the " Superintend - er f of i,.n Pnbiio Printing, t'apitol of the f'rut?d htatas, \\ asiiiu^ti ii, ami entlorsed " Proposals fi>r Supp.ying Paper." v k. 0. SEAMAN, 'o4i.J?v?nJyp,ral8,lJw,uf Publ,? t'n,ain? I T.NITKD STATES PATEvFoKfTc .. Aa'J'^'iTON, Noveinl?er Jth, 1857. of Voha ^el i0,| Huhlwrd Hams, administrator ^chardson.doc'd.of Norm Enfield. New Hampshire, pra>ing for tfi? extension of a patent f AlPt,a Richardson on the 17th April. 1814, for an improvement 111 "Ma- hinerv far . pitting I.eatner,' f.,r seven ?e?rs from the ezp.ra dkf of aS?iJS?? pl"0tt 00 tL? l7lti p, L,^0rr.?r,'<J? 'hat the said petition bo heard at the Intent Otfio* on Monday, tho 6tb of Ann nest at 12o'clock, m ; and all persons nre nnuhed to ap prai and show canve. if any they have, why said De tit ion o,uhf not to bo granted. ? y U pe Perrons oppoBin? the extension are required to n - hi the | atent tlftioe their objections, specially set forth in anting, at lomit twenty davs before the day n..H rr,*1 1 ^st""or,y bl.vl irj either party to f.s te? n '?' ,H*r"'K 'n??t be tateeand transmit w.V>J7 ,u7 w'"' rules01 the fifties, whioh 'rV ^ur!111''^ nn npplicaiioQ. nf 1''" ease Will h*ft!osedonthettrh ui?on ???-/* ,:',#P,>,,t'"i* *"d other papers re led fore rh le,t"T1 "r'> wast ho flla-l the office on or be- I W.thmen(!('"Ut.u r "'"J : Ike argurusnts, if any, iv 1| , ""*? theresft.-r. I'm on f|T t e u',""' tt'*t thl5 aotise be published in the ton l? r.V:<e"er- nnd Evening Star, Washinr Philadelphia: P?. Daily d? .1 "" '^ApTmu'r- "" P. ?? Editors of the and send their iM|U to tiis wtRKTTZll'l'fy* owniaiiun. this ast.se. Om?e,wi?h a paper u6iaw3w Miscellaneous. ?> I No. 5<5.1 15V THE PRESIDENT />F. THE UNITED STATES* !c pu rsuance of !*?, I*. Jami'sT.uc*/ Preii d*?it #( the United States of America, do hereby He elare and make known that pulilic sales xrtll t* held at the undermentioned land offices in the State of California, at the periods hereinafter designated, to Mr it: At the land office at Los Axair.os, esttrinencing on Monday, the tenth day o.f May no j-t, lor the die posal ol the public land* witbw the following-named townsnips, vis: South of the bast lint and ratst e/ I ht San Ktr nardino nuridian. Seotions one to twelve, inolusive; the north half of section thirteen: the north half and the south weet quarter of seotiou fourteen: seotions hi toon to twen ty-one. inclusive; the north hull of section twenty two; the northwest quarter of section twenty-three; section twenty hve; tne south ha'f of section twin t?-six. the southeast quarter of seoiion twenty sew en; section* twenty nine to ihirty-two, inclu sive; the sou'h itail of seotion thirty-three; the nor Mi fat quarter and the south half ol section thir ty lour; aiul section thirty fire, of township three: sections three to nine, inclusive; the north half nnd the southwest quarter of section ten; the southeast, quarter it ud the north west quai ter of section eleven; tho northeast quarter .mil tno south half of section twe've; section thirteen; the east half of section foui !een; sections seventeen to twenty-four, inclu siv.; the tioilh hall of section twenty hve; and sec tions twenty-six to thirtv-five, inclusive, of touin j* ipfour, of tangt thru. Township three, of rangtfour. Sections one te twenty-lour, inclusive: the north hai* ol section twenty five: and sections twenty-six tolhirty , inclusive, of township one: and sections one to twenty-seven, uiclusive, oftwins hip thru, ol rangt fivt. Sections <>ne. two, and three; the en at half of sec tion four; the east haifand the southwest quarter of section i.me; sections lento fifteen. inclusive; the souih'Mfet quarter of section tweuty; sections twen tv-ooe to twenty tucht, inclusive; the east hall and tbe soutbw-*t qur.rter oi section twenty -nine; the south hall of section thirty: sections thirty-one to thirty-four, inelusivo; and the northwest quarter of section thirtv-five. of township ont, of rang* sir. North of the bant lint and IMelt of tkt San. Btr nardmo mtridtan. Sections one to seventeen, Inclusive; the north hull of section eighteen; the south half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty three, inclu sive; the noi thwest quarter of seotien twenty-four; the northwest quarter of section twenty-six; sec tions twenty-seven to thirty, inclusive; the east half of i-ection thirty-two; the north helf of the northesst quaiterand the northwest quarter of seo tiou thirty throe, ol township thrte, towns hips four, andfi't; sections one to eight, inclusive; the north hail of scction nine; sections ten to thirteen, inclusive; the east hall of soctton fourteen; the west half of section seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; .the west hall of see! ion twenty; the south east quarter of section twenty ene; and seotiona twenty two to thirty-five, inc u*ive, ot township sir. and township seven, of rangt four. Scot ions oue to hfiesn, inolusive; the easthalfof seotion seventeen; the east hall ef seotion twenty; sectio's twenty-one to twenty-seven,iuoluaive;the north half ??f sedoa twenty-eight; the northeatt quarter of seotiou twenty-nine: the northeast quar ter of section thirty-lour; and the northwest quar ter of section thirty-five, of township three, and townships four,fire, sir, and s* of range fivt. Sections one and two; the north half of section three; the north half of section lour: the northeast euart^r of section five; the west half of section mx; the north half, the southeast quarter, and the north half of tiie southwest quarter of section seven; the west hsif ol the northwest qtnrter ami the south halfuf section eight; the northeast quarter of sec tion eleven: section twelve; the northeast quarter and the east half of the southeast quarter of section seventeou; the east half of the northeast quarter and the southerns! quarter of section twenty; the west half of tho northwest quarter and the south west quarter of section twenty-one: tho southwest quarter of section twenty-six; ar.i the northeast quarter of section thirty-five, of township thrte and townsli ipe four and five, of range sir. Sections o,.e to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty hve, inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty six; the northwest quarter of seetion twenty-seven; and the northeast quarter ef section twenty-eight, of toiPSlAip/okraiid township fi?'?,of range seven. Sections one to six, inclusive;the northwest quar I ter of section seven; the northeast quarter of section nine; the nortn half of seetion ten; sections eleven, twelve, and thirteen; tho northeast quarter of sec tioa fourteen:and the northeast quarter of section t wenty -throe, of township four, and township Jive, of range r igh t. The northwest qearter of section three; sections four. live, and six. tiie north half of section seven; sections eight ami nine; and the northeast quarter of section seventeen,of township four; and townships fire and six, of range nine. Sections one and two; the northeast quarter of section three; the west half of section eieven: the northeast quarter of seotion twelve; section four teen: and the southeast quarter of section fifteen, of township four; sections one to twenty-eight, inclu sive: the nortneaat quarter of section twenty-nine: the northeast quarter of section thirty-three; end seotions thirty-four and thirty-five, of lowntntp five: and township sir, of range ten. Sections one toeuhteen, moiusive; the northwest quarter of section nineteen; the northeast quarter of section twenry-one: the northwest quarter of sec tion twenty-two; and the northciet quarter of sec tion twenty-four, of township five; and township sir, of range eleven. Sections one, two.and three; the northeast quar ter of seotion teir sections eleven, tw el re, thirteen. and fourteen; the southeast quarter of section fif teen: the southwest quarter of section eighteen; section lueetoen; the soutliwe?! qu&rU'i of section twenty; the east half of sc-etii u tw?:ity two; the northwest quarter of seotion twenty tijree; sections twenty-seven to thirty three, inoliisi**: and tho north half of seetion thirty-four, of township Act; ar d townships tisr and seven, of range tutlve. Section one; the northeast quarter of section two: the southeast quarter of seetion tea: tne south half ot seotion eleven: section t weive; tho east half of section thirteen: the northwest quarter of seetion fourteen: and the north hall of scction hfteen.of j township four; the southwest quarter ol section ?c\ en; the south l.aifwf seotion eight; the southwest 1 quarter ?if section nine- the west nail of section fi I tee-i; the north half of section seventeen; section eighteen; the northeast quarter of section twenty two; and sections twonty-three, twenty-lour, twen ty five, twenty-six. ur:d thirty five, of township Art: sections one to seventeen, inclusive: the nortn j half of section eighteen: the northeast quarter ol section twenty : sections twenty-oue to t w ent\ -fiv e, moiusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty six. of township sir, and township seven, vl rangt thirtttn. Section thirteen: the southeast euarter of section fourteen; tho swutheast quarter <>r section twenty two; the <~a?t hall and the southwect quarter of seo tion twenty three; thn northw est quarter of section twenty-four: thermrtii ha;f ?,f Hrction twenty-six; and the east half of section twenty-seven, of town ship five; sections oue, two. and three; the north east quarter and the north half of tho northwest quiirter of seotion four: the northea?t quaiter of section eleven; section twelve; and t'ie north 1 s!f < i' ao' tion tlnrtnea, of township -"t r: sections one t<> eighteen, inolusive, the north I,air of ueotion nine teen: the north half of aeetion twenty: H<ctions twnty ?in*' t<? twenty -eight, inclusive; the south liaif of section twent*-nine; the southeast quarter of Section thirty; the north hnif ot the uortiiesst quarter of section thirty-one; the northeast quarter andthemjft'i half of the r.orthwest quarter ot sec tion thirty two; and sections thirty throe, thirty f.ur, and thirty-five, of township wt'en.of range fourteen. At the land office at Sax Fraxi isrt?,cotnuit>ucing on Monday, I'tt third dau of May ner:.l\>r tlie disposal of tho public lands within the following named townships, viz : North (J the late tint and east of tht Mount Itiablo mtriilian. Fractional township thrrt. of range ont, North of tht b'H? nnt un't west of tht Mount Oiat>lo rnernhon, Fraotional townships four and.Srs, of range on?. South of the Oil" Ime ami east of tht Mount Diablo meridian. Sections one to eighteen, and twenty-two to twenty-live, inclusive, ol township ten, of runtt nine. Township ten; and seetion* one to six. inclusive; eight to fifteen, inclusive; and twenty-two to twen ty an, inclusive, of town?hip eleven, of ratrgr ten. Townsmps ith and eleven: see'-iona one to six. inclusive: eight to fifteen, ine'uaive: tventv-one to t wentv eisiit, mclusi vs; and thirty-four and thirty hve. of township twlvt; sections r>ne. two, three, and n;se to hft'tn, inelusive; and twenty-two to twen.y seves, isciusive, of township thiri"n,ol range, eleven. Frscln^nal towsskp ten; town?hipa eltven, twelve, anil thirteen; sections five, inclusive; eubt to seventeen, inclusivo. twenty to twecty nilie. inclusive; and thirty-three, thirty four, and thirt\ live, of toicuthip fourteen . sections one to four, moiusive; ten to thirteen. ineiuKi\ c; and twen ty four and twenty live, of towu*r.ip fifteen, of range lwtl\ 6. Fractional township tltvin; townships twelve, thirtttn, fourteen, and township fift*?n, trtept section tkirty-omt; am! sections one. two, and tw olvo. of township sixteen, of rang* thirteen. Tovuahjps twelve, thirteen, fourteen, arid fif teen: sections one to seventocn, inclusive; twenty - one to twenty seven, inclusive: and thirty four and thirty five, of township sij letn, of r mgc fout teen. Townships thirt-en, fowtitn, fifteen, and sir teen; the south hall' ol seotiou four; the south half of section five; sections eevon, eight, and nine; the went half ol section ten;md sections thirteen to thirty five, inolusive, of township twenty, of range fiftem. Fraotional township.'litrtetn; and township twen ty. of rang* tirte?n. Fractional township sixteen: and townships or 'nieen. eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, ef range seventeen. Fractional townships s>*-mteen and eighteen,nnd tuwnships mneie> n ?nd twin 'y, of rantr etfht'en. Fractional townshipa eighteen, nineteen, and twnty .of range nineteen. At the land office at M a itivh.t.f,commencing on Monday, 'he seven-tenth day tJMuy nen. for the ilisposal of the puhlio lands within the fuilowinc natii'd tcwiiships. vie : Nurth of tht bast lint and taut of tht Mount Diablo meridian. fractional township four; townslop five; frao tionnl townships Iwtlrt, thirteen, and fouitttn; and t>>wnships j? vetiiet n sn.l eigh t*en. t>f range ont, Fiactiouai townships twtlvt, thirteen. ui\d f?ur t'.en; and tow nships stvtnlttn, ughtetn, and nine teen. of range two. North of the base lint and wtst of tht Mount Diablo mtridtan. Townships tleven and twelve, and fractional township thirteen of range ont. Townships twtlpt, thirtttn, fourittn, and hf teen.of range two. Townships fovitetn, fiftttn. and sirtetn: frac ttocal townships seventeen .ei th tetn ,mM ninttt'n; ard t -wnahips twentyand t w enty -oue.ot vtnee three Sections one. I we. three. a> I ten to fourteen, in olusive: the ea:t half of section fifteen: the east half of section twenty-two; sections twenty-three to twenfh-sn. inclusive; and section thirty-five, of township fourteen; sections one. two, and three; the east half ef section four: the east haifof section nice: secticns ten to ftOsen. in clusive; the east half of seetioa twenlv-one; seotions twenty two to twestv-seveo, inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twen'y eight: an I sections thirty-four and ffcirfy ft ve, of town'hip fifteen: secticns one to four, inclusive; nine to fifteen, inclusive; twenty one to twenty -eight, inclusive; and thirty-three, thirty - four, and thirty hre. of township sirtem: sections one to seven, inclusive; the north hVfand the south west quarter of section eight; seetions nine to fif toon, inclusivo; the west half of section seventeen; tssfiisii SkIi' sss sml miifateen: tlut surthsrstl omo 'er of s--?*tion twenty; sections twenty one to twenty ei/ht. inc'usive; the west half of seotiou thirty: and sections thirty-threw, thirty four, and tkkttj -Uvt, 0t township uvtntegn; sections oss tc ? '.11 nineteen, niefnsive; tbe ?nt half of section twenty; the out naif of seotiou ItMtr-uM; sections tven tT two to tweLty-SOVrM, !..clusiV?i ttlfi east half of

Motion twenty-eight; the west balf of section twcn t?-nne; seotioD* thirty and thirty one; tbe west li.Lt rtf section thirty-two; tb? ?a?t half of section thirty three: and sections thirty four er.d thirty bve. of township eighteen: and townships atne.'ecji, twentv, and twenty-one. of range/o*<r. Sections one. two, three, and tea to fifteen, inclu sive: the northeast quarter oi section twenty two; sections twenty three to twenty-six, inolusi**; the southeast quarter of section thirty-four; and seo tion thirty -fare, of tewnship seventeen; sections one, two, anil three; the southeast quarter of sec tion nine; scotiwns ten te fifteen, inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty-one; sections twenty -two to twenty - se van. intrusive; aud sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township tightstn; ?eotions one, two, and three; the northeast auarter ot section four sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, inousive; and sections thirty-lour and thirty five, ol townsLip ninetten, and towustiirs twenty aid tw*nty-on*,ot range fin. [.anus appropriated by law for the use of sehoo.s. military, and other purposes, together with those "swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unlit for cultivation,if any. granted to the State by the not entitled "An act to enable the State ol Arkansas and other States to reoiaim the swamp lands w it Inn their limits," appiored September 28, will be excluded from the saies. So'*m>nera/ lands" or tracts containing mineral deposits arc to bo offered at the public sales, a rich minrtal lands being expressly ere'pt'd and ?r cluleti from sals or other disposal by the require ments of the act of Congress approved 3d Anarch, 1853. entitled "An act to provide for the survey of the pablic lands in California, the granting of tre emption rights therein, and for o'h?r purpose!.* Tho offering of the atiove lands will t>e cornmenocd nu me days appointed, ai.d will proofed in the order in which ibe* die advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the sales thus olos^d: but no salesliall be kept open Iwnger than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted uutii alter liia expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand,at the city of Washington, this sixteenth day of September, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven. JAMlttt BUCHANAN'. By the President: TliOS. A. HkNMUCSS. Commissioner t?f the General Lard Ortiee. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Evlry person entitled to the right of pre-empt'on to nny of tho lands within the townships and purl* of townshipsaboveenumerated is required toeetab lish tiie same tothe satisfcctien of the Register and R eceivcr of I he proper land oflice, and male* pay ment therefor as soon as prartieablt aj *r settnt this notict, and before tho day appointed for the commencement of the pur.lio sale of the lands em bracing the tract olaimod:oiherwise suchc'aim will beforfeited. THUS. A. HKNDKICKS. Commissioner of the General Land Office, ?e 18-1aw3m U N1TED STATE? MAIL. VIRGINIA. Post Orrica Department,Oct 23,1W7. Pioposals for carrying the mails of the United Statf s from 1st Jan. 18W. or earlier, if prae;icab!e. to th J une, l&W.on the following route in the Mate of ViRSiMA. will be received nt the contract office of this department until 3 p. m., of the a'h day of De cember i:oxf, to I hi decided on the following day : No. 51?? From Abingdon, by Clear Hranch, Buffo lo Pond, Tliree Springs. Will Point. Arcadia, HI ocic House hstellville, Stock Cr**?-k, Pattonaville, Stiekiey ville, Rocky Statn.ii, Jonesrill?,Cany Hollow. HeeehSpring, Rose iiill.nid Walnut Hill, to Cuinlterlai.il Gap, Teun., IiW* miles and hack, three times a week, in four horse caches. Leave Ah ngdori Tuesday, 7 hursday and Sat urday. at 8 a m. Arrive"at Cumberland Gap. Thursday, Satur day, and Tuesday, hy 0 a m; Leave Cumberland Gap Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 8 a m , Arrive at Abingdon Thursday, Saturday, and Tuesday by R a in. For forms of proposal, guarantee, and certificate, also, instructions and requirements to be ernbraoed in the contracts, see advertisements of Jan. 'J. IMS') Febuary 9 i85fl. and Febuary 2. M57, or either of th?*m, in pamphlet form, in all thoprircipal post of fices. AARON V. BROWN, oc!)ft-law4w Postmaster General. ITNiTF.D STATES PATENT OFFICE, Washington. November ?th, 1S.37. On the petition of Josiah Copland, of We> nouth, Mass., pravinir b>r the extension ?>f n ra'eni graiitril t<> hirn on tliei'^ !h of January. 1814, for an improve ment in " Rout Crimps," for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which take# plac? on the 2?th day of Jsnuarv l"AR : It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the llth of Janiiiry next, at 12 o'claek m.; an I all persons sre notifiodto appearand mIiow cause, if any they have, why s:;id petition ougtit not to be granted. Persons oppoiimc the extension are required to file in the Patent OtEco their objections, specially set forth iti writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony fi!od b) either party to be used at th?' said hearing must b.? tak-.-i. and transmit ted in accordance with tho rulea of the Oilice, wkich will b? furiiisht-d on application. The testimony in the ease will be closed on the 1st of January: depositions and other papers r*!i?d upon as testimony must ho filed in the Office on or lietore the morning of thr.t day; the arguments,ifany, within ten days thereafter. Ordered.also that this notice be published in the I'nion. National Intelligencer, and Star. \\ ashm." t<>:.; Pei.nsjIvaniati, Philadelphia; Daily News. \itrk: Post, Boston. Mass.; and Inquirer. Cincin nati. <>hio; once a week for three succeteire w?'ek?, orevious totne llth da> of Januar> n?xt. ttio day ?>f hearing. JOS. HOf.T. Coromissionor of Patents. P. S.?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and s'<nd their bills to tiie Patuat Office, wit11? pap^r ooiitaiinii^ tins notice. n D-iawSw \H. MA K I .O W*** . CHEAP R??OT AND SHOE STOKE, \o.43R Psnnsylrnnia avtnn*. 1 tako this opportunity of informing my customers and ttie publio in genera! that 1 have i>n vm!p it lot ..f htiii rate C?lf sk.n t,>r? Ht fV.Sn.BMl nnd n French Caif-skiri Patent Leathery ufv Gaiter at f'3.5ii, us as are usuallvsoid W. at 55, and a good Calf-akin Boct at I.adirs <>aiti rs at $i ?5, fine Morocco Huskies at^l.and ail other Shoes. su?-h as Hoy's. Mioses, and Chil drpua, ch?:tp in proportion. Call mio ?(??? for yonr seK-t;s. Don't forget the place. No.Pecnayiva uia avoiiuc. between 3d awd 4>, streets. aa Owltm ^HINA, UI<AsS, AND EARTI1LN WAR k. R. II. MILLER, SON A CO.. 1MPOKTK KS, Ai.kxam Hi a, V a.. |Have received two innta.inents r.f theirs* fal snpciies fro in the English Potteries,\jL* ajid wii continue to rec<-ive nccessiona t<> T _ their stock tili ttie business ?r;isotiset* in.^" i. II. V m eh. Son fr Co. can s**u'?tt'eu fnemlt and customers that their stock shall be of the most desirable description, and that their prices wilt ci.in pare favoraMy ? iih those of anv draters la tbeir line in nn> och??r market in the I'mteJ States. It. II. MiLt.SK, S?iN A Co. have prepared them selves to offer to merchants every inducement to make their purchases m their line. WINDOW GLASS. Thev have Just received via Antwerp ard New S'ork. from tne great manufactory of "Ronx." New RrusKe.lt, I U<> boxes F rerch W indow (> lass of supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, which tli -j hav# imported under Kuchcircumstiuicrsns to enable tt'i in to otfer a superior artiole at very moderate pne.es agil If , I > H. Kl'l.NKMKTVS, HATTER A\D FURKTER, Ps. av? near tbri corner of 1.1th street, has received his assortment of (.allies' ;u;d f hi! dron'b FANC\ J'l liS, in all their variety, to which he invites a'ten tio;.. "Having selected them himself from the importing houses in New York, and taken advantage of the tim^s by purchasing for cash, and sriiing (<t ea?.h. he will be able tos?-!!( at more moderate prices tliau any heretofore offered in 'his eitv. Fur Triiiiinirjra, Misaea' Heaver Flats, and Chil dren's Fancy Hats new on hard. Fur Cuffs a.s low ur 75 cents, ai.d Victorincs and HATS. HATS-CAPS. CAPS. Black Dress Hals $3 30, 0$, and of superior rnialitr for the inore\. Also, Feft Hats and Caps fr>r men's and bovs' w?ar. T ? ? ins exclusively c-is!i?thereby Ihmiu enabled to buy A?r easli aiul s^ll for oesh ataamell profit,meet ing with no losses by bad detits. oo2S if | AW HOOKS. ? . Selwy u's Prins. new edition, J vols..Svo. Bann* tt &. Heard's I.eading Criminal Casus,vols , tro. Addison on Contracts, new edition, 1 vol. Ctuttv on th? Laws of Carriers, new vJition. 1 vol. Wharton's Piccodcntt of Indioinionts, u?w rditioi., I vol. Wharton's American Crimiual l..aw, new edition, I vol. Hill on Trustees, new edition, 1 vol. Williamson Real Property,new edition,! vol. Sodtwiek on Statutory and Constitutional l.aw.l vol. Olcoti's Admiralty Reports, New Voik, 1 vol. .Maryland Digest, id vol. ji* FRANCKTAYLOR. (^Ol'N T OF MONTE CHR ISTt >. ? vols.*; %1 Diary of a Medical Student, by Warren; cents. Pickwick Abroad,by Reynolds; V)cents. Georse or the Planter of the Isle of France, by Reynolds; 50 cents. Tha Gipsy Chief, by Reynolds; V>cents. Rrian (I'Linn.or Tuck is everything, by Maxwell; 50 cents. Robert Riuce, or the Here King of Soctland, by Reynolds !>dcenta. Wuliace. the Hero of Scotlnnd, by Reynolds; cents Sons of Malta Kxposod; 13 cents. BI* FRANCH TAYLOR. KfK)KS FROM LONDON. Soyer's Culinary Campaign, 1 vol.; .^l.oO. H usnell's .Modurn I- urope I-'pitomised, yf, Tbe Bivoiino. by Maxwell: i<ic. Captain lllake. Iiv Max * ell; at'o. The Vicomte Biacelonne,2 vol*.; ^fl.25. Rirds, Hea'ts.and Fisfies; f?c. The History of Five Little Pigs, colored plates,25 cents, plain ISounts. l>c?i F1MNTK TAY1 .OIL HOtIKS FROM LONDON. liafiu's Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery. Parcelain,and rther objects of Vertu, i vol.; *1 5s. Pope's Life and Letters. 1 vol., il!ns*rated : ?l.V. Tales of the Genu, 1 vol.. illustrated ; '.??>. Bolley A Paul's Manual of Techtuoal Analysis,! vol ; %M5. 1 ndia. tiy ? toequeler, SO cts. Sojen's Culinary Campaifu, 1 vol., illustrated; $ 1 Piers Ploughman's Yisioa and Creed, two vols.; $'.?<>. Whewell's History of the Induative Sciences, two vols ; #7. Chapman's Homer's llisd. ? v??ls.; 3. Frn> Oik tJusrles' Enchiridion, 1 vol.; 87 cts. Sir Thomas Overbury's Works, I vol.; $1.2)1, Mather's l'r?videnoes in New I' upland. I vol.: S I 25 liruminor.il's Poetical \Vo>k?, I vol ; JC|.K. Cnrljle's Works, 6 vols.; .?! 50 per vol. no 12 ERA NCK TAYI.OR. PIANOS FOR HIRK. very low.at ELLIS'~9M between ?tb and loth Its. *M Insurance, ftc. WASHINGTON INSURANCE CO MP A NY, CiiARTE RED BY CUMxRESB Capital Thu Cq^apmj is now prepared to rfoeive applica tions for INSURANCE OS BUILDINGS, MFR CHAN DISK, fto., at the usaal tit) rates, without any ohsrje for Policy, at their Ofcce, <?rner of Tenth Sneet find Penney varna Avenue, over the Washington City Savirgs Hank. Diafcuu. Wm. F. Bnyiy, 8&iab?! B?.?oo, Jmdm F. H&u4ir? &J*eP h Brian, m. Orme, r raiiois Mchui Budson Taylor, . W. Gait. B*B|. Stall. JAMES c. MoGI'IRK. Preeideat. G>a?to? D. Hawo5. 9aoratary. ap ll-ly ANKING IIOUS?hi ?F CHUBB BROTHERS. B _ Dkpobit8.? Deposits reeeiv?d an) Cheoka paid without cnarse. DraJta an the aorthern eeaU*rd 0:ties rooeived on Deposit it par. ami Excloui.e on sat<1 Cities furnished to depositois uuliout oliarge. bTUSST os DKi><?siTe.?Interest will allowed on Deposits at ?uch ratg? as m* j be agreed upoa. Dkio?!Ts t* Virginia asd I irrmif?T Mrndt. Deposits in Virginia arid other Ureurrent Money re ceived to he checked for. payaMeinaamefunda.orin specie. wo chargins the regular hifbM ie. DiarocNTa.?Notes, Drafta.and Hillsof Exchange will bedteoounted.and l.oan. marie on Stocks, Brads, aad Securities. at the n.arket rata. Lsttkh. or OagniT.? Letter* of Credit will be furmahed. negotiable in tha different Citiea of the United States, on Depoait ol" Money r?r Coiiaterala. and interest allowed if Money ia deposited. and charged if Collateral*, on auch t oriua as may be a* reed Bpor. Tkavilim Hill? or Kichansk.?Traval era will be furnisheu with drafts in such suns aa may be da aired negotiable in the ditf'erent Cities of the Union. Urixa \I.kt fkk<of CarriTon Exsland. 1 ti Laho and Ecaora.?Billaof Exchange and Letters of Credit on England. Irelaini and Europe. furnished at tha market rate f>r Exchange. in sums to auit. Bosps, Stocks, A c.? Bonds, Mocks, ar.d Securi ties paying from o to 12 pr. cer.t.. always fv>r sale, cr bought in the different Cities at a comimeston of a* pr. oent. Wher?. fctock* are bought up.*:, ordera. wa reserve Uia r.sLt to call for a deposit of pr. c eat on the oust. fcrnds or Stocks will be uruared by tele graph. Kailsoap. Cytr. asd Stat* Roups.?Railroad, City, and State Bbcds be piacod m our ^ar.da for negotiation. either in thia oout try rr Europe. hmil rond Iron purchased for oaah or with Mi.nda. Laud W ar*a^ts.?Ijind Warrants bocsht at tha market rat on. Ail Warrants seict by us are gaorais tttd in every rcapact. Lana Warrant* loaated on oommiss^on. LanJ Warrant quotations recu!arly furnished If r* aaeated. Warranta will ha forwarded to Western Honaea on ordera, or sent for aa.e on oominiaaion to rea?onaible parties. Kn'L F.ktaik aH'j 1nb3ha??c*f.? Heal Latate bought and ?oi;i. and Ir.sunuioea effected. Claims on V'xitko States, Coist or Claim*, Co.NCEKjis.~r:aims on the L'ni"*! Stntea, baforetba Court of Claims or Conrr?:es. ir.trnatad to as, will be arcss3Uted by prompt and aMe nttome^a. CHUBB BROTHER?. Ian 7! OpFoaite tne 1 rea?urr. ANKI N G HOI'# E CHUBK MOTHERS. l)npr.?itois dt'Loaitire linr k Not?a wiU pleaae n.aik thur Ch'CKs pa)ni>> in currency. j)i<(.osilra of <lold wili lx? paid iu (ii'.d. Aco.-tints wi'! be op?ne?! ?-ith dcp<>t>ilora allowmc them to deposit Gold atid <^Jiet-k P-r rnrrvnoy, th? depositor !>eiuK credited wi'h th? dil!er??iic?-. aa 2x-tf CHITWM BROTHERS. |NTERE3T ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES." MOSEY to LOAK on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTIIKRS. BANKKRP. Jan Sn?tf f>rro'*i? ?a< Tr*a*ury. Mediomet. I^HE GREATEST MEDICAL niSCOTEAY OF TEE AGE. Mr. Ki!?tiPT,of Roxbarr, has di?co*ered Id on of our comrntm paatore weera a remedy that cure* fTKBT E:?fTI or HVMOK, . from 7a? ymorst Scrofula doim to ? tomtnon Pxmplt. He has triod it mi over eirven hundred im-ra.aiMJ pevorfaiStHl except in t?-oo&a(.a, l>oth Tnui-'er flu Tior. !!?? hag now in his po^srss'onovoroiie hu:.dre<j oertipcritn* of itava.ue.a'l within twenty in..os oi Boston. Two bottlea are warranted to cure a narainr Sore Mouth. (Jreto three bottina will cura t-te worat kind ol Pimp.e.' on tb? I aoe. Twoo* three b'-ttlfs wit! c e*r tha system of Biles, rwo boiiiea are warranted to curb tha wora: Caulker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to iiV8 *M>ttiea are wtrrr.nted to cure the w.vst kind of Erysipaiaa. *?n6or two bottles a;a warranted to ci-raail Hu m<-r iu '.ho E)ea. Two bottles are wamntcd to cure Runnirr of the Ears and Blotches nnior* the IJa:r. Four t<> six tiot'les ar<i whrranted to cure oormat and rufinmt I leers. Or,e bottle w.Il cure Hcaly Eruptions of the Hkin. I wo or three bottle* are warranted to cure tha Worst kind nfRii)(?orm. I tri> or threo k?f?!ea are warrrvnjed to cure tke tr.o?t most desperate oasc of Rheumar^n:. 'I hree to four hvttlea p.re warrK::te<i to cere Hait r!i?-um. Five to eif ht liottlat will cura the worst oaae of Scroiuus. A beii^fit ia aiwaya experienced from tha first liot tle. a >1 a pcrfect Ciire ia warraii'.^d wuea tneal>ove qo nrit> is inketi. No*.h; it l..oWs so :mpn>hcl.!e to those who have Id V1,;i a" tt.a w<*aderful me^lieinM oft It: a day. a* til.l, T. (? li.fl.UI: WCtXl t.?'Wir.c OD the p^.kt || | t*s 'i no ao olJ kt.-ne va:la. ahouid uure ever\ tiimtor in tha S??tt...; yet It is aIfex.>l faot. It you nave H humor, ? i? to a. art. i uor< are i.,? 15- S u<AiiS, huuia nor i i 4 a iut it au;t)i.? ?oma c.a?t s, l ;it>ri?t \ ''i:rs. i ji> < .li?d over a thousand h* tt!es of it in ?t.e Vicn.ity ot Boston. 1 know the ertaots of it :g every oese. It Usslrpftd) uoid some of the jcr?-'it?*at cures ever done hi Ala^sachuseita. I cave it t?. olii .iren a ?tar oi.i, Ido.'I tl sixty. 1 have seen poor. nuny. wormy lookiai oiulu.en, whose lieah * a* sott and tia' *? , reai?.red fo a perfect state of health by one DO til i 'I o those who are subjact to a i.jJi headache, one bottle will a wars tur# it. it fives areat relief in oatajrh and Jiz^;iiS!>s. Sorre vlio have taken it had been costive for years, tind have l>e?n reiculated by it. \? :>er?-the bwdy ia todiui it worka quite easy, hut w:iere tntirn is ai.y derai:?ement <.f the functions of nature, it will oanae very singular fce!it:ga, tut yon unist not !.e a'anned; the* always d-sappe.ar in from four oays to a week. Ti ere >s never a bad re suit from it; on the oontrarr. when that faelini: is (one, yf>u wol ie?l >t?u1 like a new person. I he.a'il home of ti.< inost i>atravarant enoouuums of it tnat over n an listened u?. In i:it j.wr, r>rr.ot;ce I a'ways kept it strictly for hu mora?bat ftn-je us introduction's a general fKmily nie.!i> ir:?, *r.?at and womle.-fnl \ irtues have been feuud in it that I never euepectod. 5 -veral rasesol epnei tio his?a disease whicti waa alwajs couSKiarod lncuianie, have keen eured by a few l-oitlea. O. wha: a mere* if it will prove eflTco tnn in ah c.aaea of thatawfuf o ? a-!*?there are but te?v who have aeen more of it than I >.a*e. I know of several casea of i>ropsr, a! of them ared peop,# cured t.y it. For the vanoua diseaaee of the Ltver.Siok lfaadacha, Dyspepsia, Asthma. Fevor and Axuo, Pain in the Mde, l;i?eKfces of tne Same and particularly in Diseases of the Kidney a, & c the discovery l.a& dor.a more gocd than any medicine ever known. No chance of d:et eT?r r.eooaaan ?eat the beet yon OC..M set and enough of it. ? Direction* (or L't*.?AdulU one table apoonful p*r d-iy?aiii.oron over ten jenrs dessert ap<M.nful? chi dren rri in five t . y..,irs, tra apoonful. Aa r.o uire -tu na can Ix* sp^iifvih * all ooi.stitutior.s take auifioieut to operata on the levels twice a day. * ArrrrAOTcarn ey ? I><> N Al.D K E N N E I) V. Ao. 130 Wnrren Street, KoJtbury, <nackusttti. A tents for \Vasliinaton.?Ch?a. St< tt. A Co., 7. G-nr n. K:-!we.l ft I.axrenof, J. B. Gardner, flurry ft ( o.. f?. U r.:,.h ft Co F. p. WaUi,. j. p. v.?ne >fartin Kin*. N^irn ft Palmer. Schwartz & Co., O Roaweli, IViniel B. Claik, J. |\ M:ihu,n. Di.uUr 1Kaon, Ford 4 Hio. Aden's for Grorteiown.-R. S. f .Kei'Il, O M Lent.iia.ni, J. L. Kidwell. my i-ly PKlVATii MEDrCAL 'I KEATi^B Ot4 TH K PH1SWLOU1CAL VIEW OF HARK IA (f B, By M. b. I<a CROIX, M. 1).. Albany. N. Y. pagoi an J l?i fine Plain and Colored Lithoer&alis and P:atea. ? im'RICE ONLV2ftCENTS_n? ILr .S'?sit/r?? a/ po'lag* to ah port* of tit Pnitm, Dr. M. B. Ia Croix's I'hysiojrgioal View of Mar ntue. A r ew and rev.aed cwlitii>u of 2.V pfii.cn and l?> plates. Pnc? 26 " ce.ita a oopy. A popular atid or>ni preliensive treatise oil tha duties and casualties of single and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of aeouruig them?lnlchcitoua and infertile one*?their ohviation and removal?nervous de'ulity, its causes and cure, bv a eroceea at once ao simple, anfe, and etfeetuai, that failure is impoasil.la?rules for daily maij^teinent?aneaaay oa f>per mitorrhnsa. with practioa! i<l-ser'.-a!i?ns or a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary htnta on the evil reaulta frew empirior., practioe; to which is added eommentariaB on the diseases of fe tna es?from lafaney to old eaoh o.tae graphienl ly illustrated by beautiM P^iiea. It'pomta out tha remedies for thoae aelf lamo'ed miseries and disr.p pointad hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the joung. It is a truthful adviser to tfee married, and ntoaH oontemplating marriage. Its perusal m partie umr ? reyoiun.ended to persons entertaining s~oret dou.ds of their ph)aioa! condition, and who are e"a soious of having hazarded the health, happir.of* a^d privilogea to whieh every human being is entitled ?o. Price ri cents per r?.py.or five oopies lor fl. nuul ad free of postage to anv part id the Unit?ii ftatM bj addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid.) Albany! New \ oni, encloiini iS trnta. oo;>?vTho*e wno pr?.ter consult Dector |I.A CROIX upon any of the dis&ases upon whioh his book treata. either paraonally or by mail. "lis m?di oines oArn oura in the short space of six da>s. and opmpletc ? and entirely eradicate all traees of those disorders which o?Miva and oubebs have so Ions been thourht an antidote, to the ruin of the ? ??i?k V!V the patient. II,s ? Frauok Secret" ,, the g^Tt S.rl tine:.tal reined* ;or that class of disorders which un fortunate.y, afirsiciana treat with mercury, to tha ^"truct.on tf> the patient', ^natitu* not cure 01 a!1 lhe in the world oac ^Oftca No. Si Maiden Lana. Albany, N. Y. |VEW AND PRF.TTY STYLES f>P WOOL i ^ en u(khi?c i hina Ornaments, l'bp.or \la?h?f ac..&o., inst race.-Ted at r MCLAUGHLIN'S. No. 2? Pa.avenue, n '* between Hth end <Hh at recta. r'OLEV'tlflOI.I) PENS?Bank I'en En.niaauir I Pun, Medium I'en. and cithers, are jus* roocivt-d in variet, from the mf?K?r of nnuaual workmanahip and tiniah, and to Imi Bold at extrenjelow PriM?; f* K A la I A I I ?" I B% ? WOOI.EN GOODS ahaepar at MaLAUGH LLN'8 than sat ?tkar a 1? Tr*Y*Un/ Duactorj. QUNfiKANDALKXANURU RAILROAD !s GREAT SOUTH J'1. I A I L . MM Twine LiMlr. (SerHay r.gMs *x-~r'<* ' Mw?w WASIllNOfu.N ClTV ii-el t.ie ><?l Tlj, ?* X an DRIA. GORI><?NrfV1 LLC a*i) K1CH - ? ? ALEX.. Ko.NO. Lmvn Wa*titre*rn it f oVio'k a. ra. " \\ asfcmgtor at 7 o'cyok p in. For lANlhglKG and tit* SOUTH \V KMT. L??ve Washington at 6 o'olo?k a. ???-. uriee LYNCH BURG u?it nonunffttia. u ^uiicesCm Jitb It* trail ? on t;.e Yirc tu:a ft' 4 Teniieeaee R\n Road lor AlE.VPnfS. Ma.i Stage* from t'har otteavylle to L)nr|iliii|ii^ ofy*1 ri >#. Far* from \Vaautr.cU*u 'o L> :ict.burg, fl.T*. ? er Tbt itMinir GKORUb PAGE. f<H>t ( <S< vei ta street. beir.g owned l.y tiia Kai.road Company, nuie in connection with thotrain*. Ticket* for LjiidiNiri procure rr the B^at. KMfucr W ?r n< wit. MtttlW Depot ??1 the Washington kmlreaH. to e?n.\ey pee ?engersend i?*aa?e to Ike Ste*ml?*t. for A ?iu dna. a distance of aix iu.es. allowing ample t.mt lor maala. J AMES A. EVANS. AgeU. Alexandria, July. 1357. KHV yy A^ ii'.NOTDN BRANCH R AlLRf,AD. TRAINS RUN AS FALLOWS From WASHINGTON it(i. m.. eoooeetiag a* Relay with train* lor the West. and at Baitimore with those for Pmladelplua and New York;at *.? a. m.,ft>r Annapolis, Btltim<>r*. I'hiladephia. and New York ; at t p. m. for Ba-tmiore Mid Norfolk MiJ at Relay with Frederick tram. EXPRESS at 4.2" e. m.at Kn? for the West, and for Annapolis, HaiUu. re, PuLadeiptoia, im N*w York. On Sunuf y a! 4.30 p. m. 1-roiu BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4.15 and ?.15a. m..Stand 5.15 p. m. On Su nday at 4.15 a. m. ? 11-tf T. II. PARSONS, Agent. L^TKAMKR GKOKGK PAGE. O HOURS OF D E P ARTU RE. Leave Alexandria at 4*. 7*. 9, l'*< **l?eeveWaauin*ton at*,*, ?, l'.H, Iji,4,6)4.7. aptfd ELLIS L. PRICE, captain.^ |^EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoent extenaionand improvement of ite isad iOf ooruieotnt* line*at tre West una required aa en tire revision of the running arrangements of this road by which high y important advantac*s to the trav elerare secured. On and after MONDAY, June IS, IkW. THREK DAILY TRAINS will be run id hoih direction* for throath nsssenrers. F irst-Tne ACCOM M O iVA TlO N T K AIN etarta from Cainden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M..'except Suiid;.T,i *fop? * h) atat.ona aoid arnvaa at Ccra i*rian<i at 4 P. M . Sec'Mid-The MAIL TRAIN atvfa (Surday ex cepted ) at a 30 A. M.. and arrive* a* W be?*lmc at 4 25 A. M.. <K?ni;ec'h;? at Ben Wood with Centrai Ohio trainit for Cotuni^im. Cincinnati. Inaianapolia. Loa liviiie. Chic-<(o. Kt. Loui*. Ac., and at nme p.ace with trains f>?r Cleveland. Toirdo, Detroit, Ae.. i?y Cleveland R-tad,and ai?oat Farkerahurr with Ma> netta Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EXFRESS TRAIN leave* <Uiiy at S.ft5 P. M., o<^a oectiiiK at B^hwinm] at 9 A. M. with express train* from Beilaire to Cincinnati, (tcitkovt ?Aaar? 4/ Can at Coluntbun, and reaohinc there in l>?t th hour* from Baltimore and V hour* from Waaniuc ton. It a *0 connect* directly, in tiotn direction*, at Grafton w^th car* br Parkersburn ard Marietta road* for Chillic<*be. Cincinnati, etc. T.ie*e traina oonneet at Xenta for Indmnapons, Chiaa?o and St. I out*, and at Cn einnati with the Great Ohio and Mi**is*ippi F.x^re** for Louiavi.le, Cairo and St. Ixju's through to St. Loui* in le** than 45hour* from Ba ti'nore. B> tin* train the ltm? to a ! t he eantral an^l *oMthern p^oeain the We** is much le?*,whi;? the ditton" 1* ftom 4" to inn nine* * iorter than by the *liorte*t of other route*. F ntm the Wert thoaa 00 nectiorm *re equally cioae and aatiafa?u>ry, ar rivine at Baltimore at f.3<? A. M. J' y Ba?;^'o checked through to all po.ota. THROrtili TICKETS a<.ld at loweat rate* at Cam-ten Station and at Waahiui;toat D- C. Fa?s?n;fr?i Irom Baltiibore or \\ ashing ton may vifvt fkr r?a<i ty dnylitKt, by taking mum - inctra.r f, r t <1 'yirr over at ( nml>erand or Oak land, and resuming aext morning by W hee.mx Ac oommik'niion 'm.n, leaving Cuuit-erlajid at ? and Oakmsd at io jn. FT/ R WAY PASSENGERS. ThaC?mb?ri?itd Accommodation Tram at 7 A.M.. will etop at aii Station* cant of Cumt>arland, and tha Wheeling Aooonunoiiati< u at all Station* t**<>nd Cumberland West. Eastwar?t!v, tha Mail Tr?.in leaves Wheeiior at 8.9' A. M.,ai?! Awx-nimo dation leaves Cutnl er'and at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5*' P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, between GraPam and l*arlcar*^Kr*. way pa**?-r.gers will taka tha Expraaa wastwardly and the Mai! vu*tward!y. The FREDERICK TRAIN atart* at 4 P. M.. atoprn.c at wa\ atati<>n?. Ler.vr* Frederick at 9.15 A. M.. arrivinc at Ba >imore noon. The ELLIC(?T l"S MILLTRAlN leave* at 4.45 A. M.. ar.d 5.15 P. M. Leave* F.lhoott'a Miila at 7 A.M. ar.<I 7 F. M., except Sunday, FOR WASHINGTON AND THF. SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Was hint ton at 4.15 an?i S.1S A. M..Sand*.15 P. M. On Sunaa>a at 4.15 A. AI., ard 5.15 F. .M.oniy. Leave \\ n-iiinrtor; f..r Ba t more at ? and f JSm A. M.nnu 3ar.<l F. M. On Suiiday* at 7 A.M.. and 4*i P. M. oi.iy. The first ami foiuth trains f-um Baltimore, and the second and fourth train* frowi W aakinxion. * ul ba express mail tr: inf. st-.t^iug t-iiiy at \Va*tou*toa Jmict!on and Acnepoli* Junc*ti"n. The ^.ISaift 5 15 train* ir?>ni Baltimore ard the B.* and 4 trn.iig from Wasmagion connect with the tram* from ADtiapoti*. For tickets, 1 ::l< iiwaiK?n, fare. Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, A*ent,a? tne Ticket office, Camdeo Sutmr.. W.M. S. WrCKU>SIDE, jy IS-tf Master of Transportation. Bal:ui.ora. THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY. One of tbe Ste-iiu*hipa of th.a C'?mpany, oarrtirif the L uit *1 >>'.?* Mail* for ACAFl"i.o. <trar C A LI F?' K NI A. xud OK EGON. leave^ ^JT?/* patian.a twi?i> montb. oa 'lie arri ?alot th*> I'nited S;rte?- At*. iS.S.Comr B)'*?te'jn er*. vkit'h leave s? w <?r'? ar> ro.d Nev V"rk regu larly or. Mb Mid df't u i wti month w 'b ti.e ma:1a. and c?>de.:teri c?:.."ro! \ ia PANAMA RAIL K?)A 1)S. These ctei.ir.?hipc have kc*r u.spected and ap proved by the N?ivy Dt [srtir.ci.t,a^u guaranty tptti vi?l/ The Pariama Rn:irord <47 mi >* longli* new ooin pieted knaisciM ' ? Kiid >? msssmm S"' 4 tiour*. Tne lMg<nre<d phssemcer* i* checked in N*w York throutn to San FraaciKOo, aint passengera are ?ratArked at pr.nnma by slexifier at the ooiapany'a expenee. TiiC mouey paid in New York eover* a>l exrenceaof the trip. Reserve tte?:ners are kept in port in Panama acd San Frar?oi8?*o. to p-event detention in '?se of acci dent. *0 the rout* m entire'* rtlt*r>it?uo fail ure haviMg occurred in eight y ear*. Pa**enet-r? leave Panama the eaine day they ar rive at AKpn.?all. Conductors go ihn-urh % y each *ie*m?r, ard take charge of women and cl'iidrer w.thont other proteo tora. F'or through tickets at the 'owe*t ra?** appl* at tiie agency, 177 \\ ?''it s'ri?? t. New N ork.to I. W. R A\ M(?ND.-or to ARMS'! RO.NG, HARP. IS A CO.. New ttilcaii*,- or Jy 24 tf C. I.. BARTLETT. B ?*tor.. 1MIF. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES JtAIL STEAMERS. T 4 iatr.* '"rrrr >???? tAts J.:hi art t The ATLANTIC Capt.o ,ver F.ldndrt. The BALTIC Capt. JoK^rh Com t ok The ADRi ATI J?? Caj't. Jaiue* \\ est. Tli**e flops baT<rig li?m built by ormtract exprera.y (01 the GoTernmeiH *er,. ioe,*\eiy care ha* been taken iu their ror.*trnotior, as a'*n ,1 ttoc.r engine*, to m sore *ireu#ih and speed, an i liieir ac<x>tuih<Klaiiona for p?u.Mi!!iers aie unequalled for e!egcj,c? aitd oum fort. Fric?of pa.F?ag9 from New York to Liverpool, in hrat oe.tir.SiJx; in*i.-?>iw1 do., 9:5 ; *xc nsiTe use of extra aixa state rooms. From Liverpool to NV? Voik, S'and ?>? gi.mea? An expenence>J Sur r?y?r aitacscd to c.irh ship. No!*? rths oen lieseouieO until pa.d for. Tlj^ ehipa of thu line have improved water tight bulk head*. IW 18*7 PROPOSED DATES OF BAILING. *POM RIW WKI. I VKOM LIVSXPOO: Saturday, June 2<v !?~ \\ e,inr?day, June 84 Saturday , July I . l?--?7i \V?vu-eet'ay, July s Saturday, J uly 14 1. ; \V e<ine*dny. July 3 Iit^T Satupday. A ug. I Ik-7 Wednesday, Aug. 5 If *7 Saturday , A ug. IS. .. IrV \Vr ,1tH*r ??a? , A ug. 19 Irll hatarday, Sept. !5 l?57'Wednesday. !*ert.? Sa'urdity, Sept. vi. .. I V W,.dn-?C*y. Sept. ? 1HJW Saturday, Oet. la.... \\ ednest'av. Oet. 14 ia?7 Satiir.tay, Oct.Si... ihT 'A ,->1neede> , mCi . js ia-?y Saturday, N?.v. 7 . "a* Wedreaciay. Nov. II .189T Saturday , Nov. 4.. . wfT \N edn<*?dav, Sov. 25 ISW Saturday, Dec.5.^.. It?.i7 " Wedi eedey , pec. P lij* Wedac*day, Dec. 2J.18jT For freight or paeaage. apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. No. 56. Wall street. New Yora. RRO\VN. SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO.. *T, Anatto Friar*. London. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., I?ariB. The owner* of these *hip* will not Im acooantab.e for gold, ailver, bullion, specie. j*we ry, preoiou* atone* or metal*, ur.les* Nil* of lading are aimed therefor and the value thereol expressed therein. je 15 |JN1TED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINK axa wiTHoyiT raN.cxi roa tienT tea ha, toa CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtgular Sat.'tag Days.Stk f >nk cf ?ac4 wuuik. Capttoji.?So marv frauda ard imposi tion* of various kind* have l>een :it?* ?<' Bt?rpe'mt*d on travel er* Itound toC A I.f ~ F<?RNIA,that the *ul>aerilw<r. the on I* authorited Agent lor pnasage t>? tnel .S. M :il I me. via Pana ma, ia the city el New York, feel* it kta duty to caution all peraona seeking passage to California* t&at, to avoid imposition, they mti*t be oarefu' to find the true office of the Steamships of the U. S. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, as no other ofcte inN?w York is authorized to enrage passage.. The Companies have only one oince ip New Vork. wh?ch ia ai 177 Weat street,o?>rnerul \varrenstreet, fronting on the Nortk River, at the bead of Che Crab pauyj Wharf. ID" Obaenr* my eigr over the door. I.IS rV.?AV-ONR.?Ti