19 Kasım 1857 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Kasım 1857 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR rVBUSHHD tiVEKr AFTEKNOON, (SUNDAY KXCKPTKD.) AT THE STAR BCILOISUft, Corner of Fa. avtmv* and Eltvmth str$H, By W. D. WALLACH. Papera aerved id paokacea hj oarriera at $4 a year, ?r Si cen?a per nonth. To mail aubacr.bera the aab eoriptioa pnoe ia #3_5?'a year, im advance; $2 Tor etc rnontha: 51 for three moot ha; and for -eaa than throe mor.tha At the rate of 12 centa a ?eek. Siu?le e^piea. one oent; in wrapper*. tw<> oenta. ADTUTiaBMSHTa (of eicht linea to the aquare) uiaert^J three time* for 51: every other day or aeim w??ekly.25 per oent. advance; ouoe a week, 50 por eent. adranoe. VOL. X WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1857. NO. 1,509. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thti axoehmt Family and New a Joereal?eee tainmc a 1 reater variety of lBtarwtinc readme that aac be found lo any other?ia puUiahed on Saturday ?nit mat. finrie oofy. per anaaia ??#1 * Fivewopioa . . . 6 ** Tenoopiee ? eo Twenty oopiee ...J* ee Caik.imvmriMblv ia aifraait. peroeiv*d. ?.? per o*ti. ot THE beaaved. It invariably eontame the t that bu made T*a kva*i?? Staa eaoa late eo cenerally throashout the ooontry ? ir^8m*le oopiee (in wrappere* oaa be prooered 0 * jT-j? poatn>aater?whn aet aa atenta will be a..owed THE r0>'STITlT10>' OF RAXSAS. The following is a synojieis of tbo leading and most important provisions of the Constitution a lopted by the Conrention to that end recently in session in Kansas : Section 1 That no inconvenience may arise by reason of a change from a Territorial to a permanent State government, it is declared that ail rights, actions, prosecutions, judg ments. claims and contracts, as well of individ uals as o/ bodies corporate, except the bill in corporating banks, by the last Territorial Legis lature. shall continue as if no such change Bad taken place, and all processes which may hare issued under the authority of the Territory of Kansas shall be as valid as if issued in the name of the State of Kansas. Sec 2. All laws now of fore? In theTeoritory of Kansas, which are not repugnant to this con stitution, shall continue and be of force uutil altered, amended or repealed, by a Legislature assembled by the provisions of this constitution. Seo. 3 All fines, penalties and forfeitures ac cruing to tbo Territory of Kansas, shall inure t.i the kn ef the State of Kansas. Soc. 4. All rec:>gnizances heretofore taken shall pas* to. aud be prosecuted in the name of. the State of Kansas; and all bonds executed to the tlovornor of the Territory, or to any other officer or court, in his or their official capacity, shall pas? to the (Joveruor and corresponding officers of the State authority, and their succes sors in office, and for the use therein expressed, and may be sued for aud recovered according ly; aud all the estates or property, real, per sonal or mixed, and all judgments, bonds, spe cialties. cases in action, and claims or debt'* of whatsoever description, of the Territory of Kan sas. shall inure to aud vest in the Stato of Kan sas. and be sued f??r aud recovered iu tho same manner and to th* sarno extent that the ssmo coald have b?en by the Territory of Kansas. Sec. i. All criminal prosecutions and penal actions which may have arisen before the change from a Territorial to a Stato govern ment, and which shall then bo ponding, shall be proseeuted to judgment in the name of the State of Kansas: all actions at law and suits in equity which may be pending in tho courts of the Territory of Kansas at the time of the t hange from a Territorial to a State government may be continued an I transferred to any court of the State which shall have jurisdiction of the subject matter thereof See. f>. All officers, civil and military, hold ing their offices under the authority of tho Ter ritory of Kansas, shall continue to hold and exercise their respective offices until they shall bo superseded by the authority of tho State. Sec. 7. This constitution shall be submitted to the Congress of tho United States as its next ensuing session ; and as sun as official infor mation ha* been received that it is approved by tho same, by the admission of the Stat? of Kansas as one of the sovereign States of the United States, the president oi this convention shall issue his proclamation to convene the feiate Legislature at the seat of government, withiu thirty one days after publication. Should any vacancy occur by death, resigna tion, or otherwise, in the Legislature or other oSce, he shall order an election to fill such va cancy : Provided, however, in ca-e of refusal, absence, or disability of the president of this convention to discharge the duties herein im p sed on him, the president pro tempore of this convention shall perform paid duties; and in ease nf absence, refusal, or disability of the president pro tempore, a ommittee consisting of seven, or a majority of them, shall discharge the duties required of the president of this convention. Sec. 8. Tho governor and all other officers shall enter upon tho discharge of their respec tive duties as soon after the admission of the State of Kansas as one of the independeut and sovereign States of tho Union as may be con venient. Sec 9. Oaths of office maybe administered by any judge, justice ot the peace, or any judge of any court ot record of tho Territory or State of Kansas, until the Legislature of the State may otherwise direct. Sec ly Alter tho year one thousand eight hundr d and sixty-four, whenever the Legisla ture shall think it necessary to amend, alter, ai.'d change this constitution, they shall recom men ^ to tbe electors at the next general elec tion. t "*o-thirds of the members of each house concurring' to vote for or against tbe calling of a convention ' m! if it apj>ear that a majority of all the citi *ens of the Stare have voted for a convention, the Legislature shall, at iu next regular session, c all a convention, to consist of as many members a* there may be in the house of representatives at the time, to be chosen in the same manner, at *bo s ime places, and by the same electors, that cnose the representa tives, said delegates ?o tbosen shall meet within three months after sa:d election, for the purpose of amending. revising, or changing tbe constitution. Sec. 11. Before this constitution shall be sont to Congress for admission into the I niou as a State, it .-hall be submitted to all the white male inhabitants of this Territory for approval or disapproval, as folio vs: The president of this convention shall, by proclamation, declare that on the 21st day of December, 1*07. at the different election precincts now established by law or which may be established by law. or whieh may be established as herein provided, in tha Territory of Kansas, an election shall be held, over which shall preside three judges, or a majority of three, to oe ap; ointed as follows: The president of this convention shall appoint three commissioner* in each county in the Ter ritory. whose duty it shall be to a|?}M.int thre judges of election in the several precinct* of their resj>ecti*c counties, at which election the eonstitution framed by this convention shall be submitted to all the white male inhabitants of ? he Territory of Kansas in the said Territory tpou that day. and over the aga of twenty-one years, for ratification or rejection, in the fol lowing manner and form : The voting shall be by ballet. Tne judges of said ele-ticn shall eau*e to be kept two poll bjoks by two clerks, by ttem appointed, 1'he ballots cast at said electi >n shall be endorsed 44 constitution with slavery, and 44constitution with no slavery.' One of said poll bo>ks -.hall be returned within eight days to the president of this convention, and the other shall be retained by the judges of e'ectioa and kept ojhtu for inspection. The president, with two or more members of this convention, shall examine said poll books, and if it shall appear upon said examination that a majority of tho legal votes ca-t at said election l?e iu favor of the constitution with slavery, he shall immediately have the ?<tme trans uiitrd to the Congres* of the I n.ted States, as hereinbe fore provided. Hut if, upon such examination ??f sa;d poll Ivjoks, it shall apf>ear that a ma jority of the legal vote* c*<?t at siid election be in favor of the "constitution with mo slavery."' then the article providing for slavery shall be stricken from tbe constitution by the president ??f this convention, and no slavery shall exist in the State of Kansas, except that the right of property iu slaves now in this Territory shall in do manner be interfered with, and shall have f ransinitted the constitution so ratified to the i Congress of the United Slates, as hereinbefore ? provided In eav? of the tailuroof the prcsi- j ?lent ot this convention to perform the duties, by rex-oQ of death resignation, or otherwise, tbe same duties shall devolve upon the presi dent pro tem Sec 12 All officers appointed to carry into execution the provisions of the foregoing sec tions shall, before entering upon their duties, be sworn to faithfully perform tbe duties of their offices; and. on failure thereof, be subject to the same charges and penalties as are pro wled in like rsK? under the territorial laws. Sec. 13. The officers provided for in the pre ceding sections shall receive for their service | the Mine compensation as is given to officers for performing similar duties under the terri torial laws. Sec 11. Every person offering to vote at the af>resiid electien upon said constitution, shall, if challenged, take an oath to support the con stitution of the United State*, an l to support this ooustitution. if adopted, under the peual ^ea of perjury under the territorial lawi. i ec. Ij There shall be a general election uDon the first Monday in January, 1858. at which election shall be chosen a governor, liou tenant governor, secretary of Stato. auditor of Mate treasurer, and members of the legisla turc, and also a member of Congress Sec. 10. I ntil the legislature elected in ac cordance with the provisions of this constitu tion shall otherwise direct, the salarv of the governor shall be three thousand doflars per annum ; and the salary of the lieutenant gov ernor shall be double the pay of a State sen ator; and the pay of member* of the legislature shall be five dollars per diem until otherwise provided by the first legislature, which shall fix the salaries of all officers other than those elected bv the people at the first election. >ec. 17. This constitution shall take effect and be in force from and after its ratification by the people, a." hereinbefore provided. Tut S.VAkK that Swallowed a IIorse.? In the province of G?yaz. Brazil. Dr. Gardner came to the fazeuda of Sane, situated at the font of the Sierra de Santa Brida. nenr the en trunee to a small valley. Dr. G. remarked taut in this valley and throughout this prov iiice tho an aeon la attains an enormous size, sometimes reaching forty feet in length; the largest which he saw measured thirty-seven foet, but was not alive. Ifc.had been taken under the following cireu tanccs : "Some weeks before our arrival a{ Sape." writes Dr. ii., kithe favorite riding-horso of Senhor La?*o sira, wliich had beon put out to pasture not Tar from the house, could not be found, althou-h strict search was mad** for it all over the fazen da. Shortly after this, one of his vanucires. (hordsuieii,) in going through tho wood by tho side uf a small stream, saw an enormous sucu ruju susjiended in the fork of a tree which hurz over the water. It was doad, but had evi dently been floated dowa alive bv a recent flood, and being in an inert state/it had not been able to extricate itself from the fork be fore the waters fell. It wa3 dragged out to the open country by two horses, and was found to measure 37 feet in length. On opening it. the bones oi a horse in a somewhat broken condi tion, and the fle*h in a half digested state, were tound within ; tho bone3 of the head were un injured. From these circumstances we con clu'io that the boa had swallowed the h??rse on tire. In all kinds of snakes the capacity for swallowing is prodigious 1 have often seen one not thicker than mv thumb swallow a frog as large ns my fist; and I onca killed a rattle snake, four feet long, and of no grc.it thkknes* which had swallowed not less than three larg* frogs_ I have also seen a very slender snake that frequents the roofs of houses, swallow an entire bit three times its own thickness If su-h be the caso with these smaller kinds, it is not to be wondered at that one thirty-seven teet long should he ablo to swallow a horse, particularly when it is known that previous to doing go, it breaks the bones of the animal bv coiling itself around it. and afterwards lubri cates it with a slimy matter, which it has the power of secreting in its mouth." Xever Whitrwa * h Tr e k s -Theorchard.it should set his face like fliut against all sorts of compositions that leave coating upon th<* bark no matter what they are nor what is claimed lor them by charlatans orempirics. The arbori culturist of Boston Common made a sad mistake in coating those tree? wirh some sort of composi tion. of the consistency of paint. The objection to this treatment is. that it interferes with the functions of the epidermis. But, say the users ot these compositions, thovara necessary for tho destruction of insects. As well might they ad vocate tho whitewhaahing of men. women and children, when infested with the insects of tho genus Pedi out us, in order to got rid of them, as that of painting or whitewhashing fruit or ornamental trees to rid them of aphidrx, habi tants of their bark or outer covering Tf.e tree* grow and seem to flourish, notwithstanding this mistaken treatment, not became of it?it is no iaoro evidence in favor of it?than the fact that some persons who seldom or never bathe, yet enjoyed good health, is against bathing and sur face cleanliness in generally. There is no dan ger of keeping fruit trees too clean, and thisean be done with pure soft water, or if a little soap be mixed with it, it may cause bo harm. A good and the safest wash for trees, is pure water The tree or plant is enveloped with an epider mis like an animal; and for any one to say that this has no function to perform beyond that of covering the organism animated with life, as the envelope does tho letter, is to publish his ig norance of vegetable physiology. The condition of the covering of tho animal is deemod some whu: essential to the state or condition of the animal?so of the tree, its bark or ooverinz is indicative ot the healthful vigor of the tree or of its opposite condition. Any one at all ac quanted with fruit trees: whether from a knowl edge of long cultivated or long observation is prepared to Judge of the condition of an orchard or garden of fruit or other trees, by looking at the condition of the bark. TdeDi-tchmax's -Change. "?On the morn ing after the Bowery Bank had closed its one o! our German citizens possessing a ?o bill of its issue, went into one of our large furniture establishments and purchased articles amounting to $2.75, and proffered his bill in payment. The boy clerk refused it, but the Dutchman insisted that all was right, say ing? ?Itisgoot; the pank will open; dercs lot of bceples uere ; bank is jpening already." Still, the clerk persisted in refusing to take the bill Ihe proprietor hearing tho discussion put in his oar. and the German went through with his former lingo. Knovviiig that the bill* are well secured against loss to the hoi lers, he of course accepted the bill and offered aschange a Quarter of a dollar in sp*cic and a two dollar bill on tho same bank 1 ho German was taken back for a moment, but finally said: '? Ich no take dat." But %ou inuat Like this, or tlio ono you "ave mo is bad ; said the morchant. I don't know as the bank is good as it rai " Said Diediich. " Well you must take this bill or trade it out in these small chairs," pointing to some juvenile uflairs with peculiar seats, said the furniture dealer. ? Veil, I dink I'll dako the shairs;" and he took them. "Therb's mas v a *Lir," bc.-A few days since, a clergyman of this city was invited to the house of a friend to take tea.whe.e he met a nuin r of others. Various subjects of discission or - c ipted the If me. amongst the most prominent of win. h was the reward hereafter for a walk of pu rity in this life. To enforce his belief in future rewa'ds and punishments, at the lea-tahle our ministerial friend remarked. "I am just as cer tain of Heaven and eternal b*ppine? as 1 am that I shall eat (Lis piece of cake,"' and. suiting the action to the word, took the piece from the plate, hut in attempting to carry it to his mouth, It drop|?ed to the floor, and was seized bv a fa vorite house-dog, who greedily devoured it. The clergyman wa* noupl?M<M*d The company en joyed a good laugh at bis expense, and he was forced to admit that there j? "inanv a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.'-_r?* liaztiu. < oRK Man?:fa< ti'Bks. ? Many persons Bee ? > k* u?ed daily, without knowing whence, oine tnose nseful materials. Corks aie cut froin large slab* of the cork tree, a species of oak, which ^row* wild in the southern countries of Europe The tree i* stripped of its bark at about sixteen years old; but before stripping it off. the tree is not rut d >wn. an i* the case with the oak. It is taken while tLe tree is growing, and the opera tion may be reoeat-d every eight or nine years the quality of the bark continuing each time to Improve as the aire of the tree increases. When the bark is taken off, it is singed in the flames of a strong Are, and b?-ingsoaked for a considerable time In water, It is placcd under heavy weights, in order to render it .*t aigbt. its extreme light ness, the ease with which it can be compressed, and its elasticity, are pr erties so pe< uliar to this substance, that no eflirient substitute for it has been discovered. fcr I.arge quantities of spralls are weekly s?nt to London from the eastern coast of Scot land to be manufactured Into sar>lin?s. Young b* r ngs art also Invariably 0>>ed for the sam? purj pott. For Rent and Sale. I.M?R RKNTOR LEASE.?A large and commo dious double HOUSE, with water. gas, and bath room, coach house. stabling, and ornamental gi'deu. The house is elegantly furnished, and in the most central and desirable location. The house wi.l l>o leased. with the furniture, for a term of years to a Rood tenant, very reasonably. For particulars apply to WM. WALL, of Walt, Stephens A Co., 3-* I'a. avenue, between 9th and loth streets. n UHm ''?Hi KENT.?That new three stor*Brick House 1 with hack building, with t>*th room, gas, and all the modern conveniences, situated on h street, be tween Second and Third streets. Inqaireof J. W. ARNOLD.C street,between 1'hird and Four-and a-half; oo 14-tf Ir?OR R KNT.-My HOUSE on F street, between 12th and 13th. ?e2?Mf W. F. PHII.MPH. LH)R RENT?A l andsomelr Furnished HOUSE, r (No. 44ti, northeast oorner of H and M'th streets) containing thirteen room*, with gas fixtures, bathing room. Ac For particulars apply on the premises,or address Box .M3^rity Post Owes. _ se 22 tf I^OR RENT.?Oue large PARLOR, with Bed rooms attached, su itable for a family or gentle man and lady, with or without Board. Also, several other Room*. smtaMe for single gentlomen. Apply at D'l VER NOIS'S Hotel, l'a.avenue,between 17th ai.d 18*I1 sts. oc 22 I^OR RENT.?Prof! H. W. MUNDER having I fitted up his Hall in an elegant manner, which render* if one of the prettiest rooms in thi* osty.will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees, Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Concerts Applv at the (Ia!l on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday even ing* from 7yt until 0o'clock. Ilis School is now open for the reception of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening, oc rf-lf Pianoa, Ao. JI NNS A CLARKE'S i\ and II M.I.K I T, DAVIS A CO." CELEKRATKU PlA SO FORTES, Constantly receiving and for sale onlv by JOHN F. ELLIS, P*. av.. between 9th and 10th st*. Purchasers will find it totheir interest to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the above Pianos. Stools, Covers, Melodeons, Ac., Ac., also on haiv I. n 16-tr /'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM ** PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the tale hrni of KNABR. GaRUI.Z A Co., Cort!nu<*i the niHnuiacture and sale of grand and asuare PIANO FOR FES, undorthe name__? of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand. No*. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Kutaw street op- "II *" ' posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. Tnoy have also just opened a new Sales Room at No2ii7 Baltimore street, between Charier and Light streets. on the premises partly occupiad by Air Henry McCaflery a* a mu*:osloro, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and hirhly-fini?hed grand and square Piano Fortes also, Melodeona, from the best maker*, from 4 to 5 ootave. some with double key-t>oartis, double reeds, an I stops to suit small churohes. Being extensively engaged in the manufaotur? o Pianos, we will sail wholesale aud retail, on the moi liberal terms. Our 1'ian ?s were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two successive yeara?October. 1855, and IH56?in op position to fourteen and eighteen piano* from some of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premiumat the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1856 and IHSfi. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and ain iteurs in the oountry, which can l>c seen at our warerooms. speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in wtiioh our instruments are ?very where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the forst six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaotnwi. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to five us a call before purchasing. Piam s exchanged, hired, ard tuned. mar Ift-ly WM. KNABK 4 CO. ONE SPLENDID PIANO, almost new. for *1?>. Call and see it at the Music De-, pot of W. G. METZEROTT. oo 10 corner of llth street and Pa. av. THK LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF PIAN 1 OFORTF.S is to bo found at the Music l)e? potof [ocl3] V W. G. METZEROTT. Stoves, Ac. MC . WOODWARD'S ETROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cookmt Motu in the United fc tales. 1 have just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Rising Star, or double Oven C<H>king Stove; a decided improvement on the old .Morning Star ; gatented 1x57. I had them got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively foi this market. I'hey are verv heavy and strong, and cast of the very (test Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking Utensils aro made extra heavy. F. H. Churoh, Esq., manufacturer. 1 have also, I'hk 1.1bskty Star, made by Messrs. Abbott A l.aurenc?of the same place. This Lioht Strkkt Docbi.k Ovkn Cook, made by Messrs. Haivan Bartlett A Co.. Baltimore, together with the very !>est Air Tight Flat-Top Cooking Stovks that can be found in this or auv other market, some of which are the celebrated Sc.fRtsic. Improvkd Globe. Flora Cook, N'obi.r Cook, anu tne Blck Rukik Air Tight Cook. If any man can produce a better Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stoves, for roasting, taking, Ac., I will give him .?Vion each one. Please cail and examme them, it will cost you nothing, and you will see all kinds and sorts of Stoves, Ac. For sale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and (irate Factory. No. 318 and322 Pa. ave., bet. lOti. and llth sts. Raloon? in Front full of Stoves. N. B. As to the Ska Shkll plat top Cooking Stovk. I have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a ver> appropriate name?fcMiKLL. Yes, shells will burn out ma few tires. It is a good name for them?good for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star. I sold them last fall, but will not sell them asain. They are as thin as pasteboard. 1 can prove that ttie maker's agent urged me, for almost a day. last slimmer in my counting room to sell them this Fall; saying that if I would take twenty-five of them ho would give ma the exclusive agency ofthcrn for five years. 1 told htm ! would not Fiave them at anv price, they are so thinly inade. Th?v aro hand billed over town by one th?t said last fall that they were not worth having. All Hie above 1 can prove. se 17 tf I M PROVE VOL' R EYE* - STR ENGTHEN I and assist them-bv the PARIS c OPTICIAN-A Wool.son who. just arrived (roni Europe, with his own iimnufaotu red, and also of * good many other Opticians' latest improved SPECTACLES sad EYE GLASSES, winch nre the PEKISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX UK \ZILIAN CRYSTAL, DOUBLE FOCUS and POLISH E D, which Sre warranted to improve ANV EYE aUoote-d with WEAKENING C A I' A R ACT or going to it, also SHORTSIGIIT EDNESS. Al. persons that wear or those which need to be?in to wear them will be suited at fir?t sight. Those wondTlul double-polished Glasses received the very hirhest reeommendation at the WORLD'S FAIR in PA R IS. through their pro ducing a ultHima to the sight the best known till set. Also, all styles of OPERA. SPY. and MAGNI FYING G LASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes are for sale at h is store, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or 4!tl Eighth street. Prices rerv reasonable, the same as he had in his establish ment in Paris. n 9 tf ^OODSFOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. R. II. MILLER. SON A CO.. will i descriptions of CHI MA, GLASS, and! Ql EENS WARE, GAS FIXTI'RE&i A c.. Ao , at thair usual regular iow prices,' with a discount of five per sent, for cash as heretofore, and receive in payments notes of , _ the Virginia Banks (exoept the Bank of Kanaswa) at par. Any and all debts due tnem, can be caid in the same currenoy, with thanks to such or tlieir debtors as choose to avail themselves of this prop osition. Alexandria. Sept. 29,1857. se 29-tf I A DIES MAC I! INK SEWING ROOMS* J So. 152 Pa. are., b*t. 17th and lilf/i sts. Where inav be found Ladies' Under Garments mide in the l>est and latest style, and of the best materials.always on hand. All Garments for Ladies wear made to order at the shortest possiblo notice. A ca 1 is earnestly solicited. Wantku ?Sut Seamstresses, on Ladies Sewing. Apply to MRS. C. J. HINTON, n 13 col ill IS? Pa avenue. ALL PERSONS INDEBTED TO R. C. STEVENS are most respectfully requested to ell and psy their accounts at onoe.as no addition will be made when the old account stands unpaid. n 12-eotf Green ging e r-green ginger. GSliSN ?INGER1^in.n?K?l.l!7 |r Vafinnvt dv?mi# unH 1Mb POAL!!! COAL!!! COAL!!! To arrive, in the fourse of a few days, two car roes of superior red arid white ash COA I. (epe and stove) which we will seil at a reduction if delivered from the vessels. Pine, Oak, and Uickory WOOD, constantly on hand. Order* promptly tilled ? For rent a Store Room, 18 by 70 feet, on Seventh street, bet ween G and H CHAPIN A BRO. No. 422Seventh st. n ll-eo2w between G and H. LOOK AT ELLIS'S STOCK of pianOS before purchasing slsewhsre, a II A Georgetown Advertisement*. LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FALL GOODS, At vtry Lotc Priiet to Cash Customers. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 South Sidk or Bkidgr Stkikt, Georgetown, D. C.. has received au4 now offering at very low prices to oosh and prompt ouatomers, a large assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, purchased in Philadelphia and New York at the large reoent Auction SaJea, and from the importer*, at very low prices. which will enable lum to otfer to paroftnsers, many desirable Goods considerably below their value. In the assortment wiil be found? llu-ti Silk Kot.es and Bayadere Silks

Heat make of UlaokSiika a>adore Yalentias and Valentin Robes Rich Printed, all wool, Delaines and Rohea Satin K(incomes, plain eolors, all wool,a very supe rior goods, dctuble width, at 75o. Leepin'sand other makes Frenoh Merinos, of all the moat desirable colors, including White and Black Plain Dofains, black, white and colored. 8-4 black h renoli Merino*, for Shawls Rich Union Plaid Merinos, at 31J? cts, Do. all Wool do. fto eta. Printed Mouslin Delaines, good styles, at 18J? and 25 cents 5<i pieces, best stylos, English Prints atl2>? cts. Rich style Bonnet and Sasta Ribbons Plain colors do., very cheap V'eivsi Kibltonsard Kmine Trimmings Stella, Htocha Shawls, 111 grest variety Super double Brootta do. Chenille ai.d Cashmere Scarfs Bnjoil's Kid Gloves, all colors and Nos. Saok Flannels, all colors White American, Welch, and ^axony do. Black Bombazines ami 6 4 Delaines Colors and black Cobur(5 Merinos Black Crape Veils and English Crnpes Most black and brown and white English Prints Loag and square Black Thibet ai.d Bay State Shawls IjuIioi and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, in all styles and prioes Hosiery of every description Indies Saxony and Merino Vests With a full supply of housekeeping and domestio Goods, of the best makers. oc9 JOHN H. SMOOT. TV OTIC E .? Having been informed that oer I* tain persons are in the habit of collecting ar.d gathering together the Bottles which contamor hare contained our leverages, and putting therein sn arti cle made by others than ourselves, anrt then dispos ing of such article on the faith and creditofour name stamped on said Bottles, all persons are hereby notified that such Bottles are our own property, and not subject to sale, and that they are delivered toour customers onlv to bo returned.and that it is our firm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any infringment of our riehis oti the premises. ARM" A SHlS'N, Union Bottling Depot. 57 Green street, sell Georgetown, D. C. Dl' PONT'S GUNPOWDER. I am all times supplied arithall thevarious kinds cf Dl' PONT'S GL'SPOWDER, and ain prepared to suppiy the same many quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No. 25 High street, roar 1?-tf Mntel.*State? ??eorrerown. I>. C. Dentiitry, &o. DR. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHI CA6o, would respectfully infonnthecit nens of the District and vicinity, that hav-J nig located himself in Washington, he is now prepared to perioral all operations m hia profes sion, in the most approved style. < trfice, No. '291, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gaatier's jan 2n 1 t T HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOMIS.M. D , the inventor and patenteeof 'l.or-ni*' Mineral Plate Te'th," having. successfully introduced his improvement in] various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself ii Washington. This improvement for Sets ofTeeth oonsists chief ly in making a set of but one pieoe of material, and toat indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from galvanio action and metaho taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or partioies of food, hsnoe they are pars and titan. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produoe a similar work ef art to equal mine in purity, beautr, durability, artistic exoeUenoe or any other requisite quality. ? All work responsibly warranted. 77S l'??M. avenue, between 11th and 12th street*# ap 13-lx D" ENTISTRY, DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Orrici No. 198 Pennsylvania Avknb*, Thru doors from 141* Stritt. Dn. BAILYbejrs leave to inform the publio that he cat. be seen at ail Lours, at his office, located as above. Ho feels assured that an experieuceof fifteen tears' practice, with the large number of patients.ane great variety of difficult oases that he has treated success fully. will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profession, and especial!? Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parmly, has led him, long since, todis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also all Enamels. Gutta Percha, India Rubier, and Ce ments for the construction ol Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that oan be worn in the inouth.aswas most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to hia numeroua friends und patrons, ho begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Churoh of Epiphany of this oity. Dr. Stkphxn Baily: Dear Sir?I desire toexpress my esteem for you personally, and my confidence in you as a superior dentist. The operations executed lor me have been highly satisfactory. 1 hops that yon may receive the patronage from my friends and the publio that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug. 28, 1856. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. E'sggs, Cotir.an A Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baity, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and diffioult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and m view of the fact that ona of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, tailed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it fives ine great pleasure to express my entire confidence and nish estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan.IT, 1R5J. HARMANN BOGG6. Extract from a note rereived from the lato Hon. John M. C'atton. U.S. SknatE. A ng. 19,1&56. The tepth you mad* for ma work admirably ; uoth UU v"'/^'r^';CLAVTON. To thore that 6??k relief from the maladies of the teeth, I cut cboorfully reoommend Dr. S. Baily a* ? superior Dentist: he made a net.of porcelian teeth for one of my familv.and plugged several teeth for "" '"kOBErVt. NI X ON, of the Va. Oonf. of the M. E. Churoh Soutb. A ^V e! Vsmid er s i g ned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been cognis ant of his operations on our families ??r friends, take Pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he performs the most delioate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re commend him to the oonfidenoe and patronage of public, of whioh we oonsider him eminently worthy. Thomas 1t. W'altkh, Aroliiteot U-S. Capitol. Thomas Millkh, M. l?.,of W ashing ton, D. C. B. S. Bohrhh, M. D. of Georgetown, 1). C. . S. Lincoln, M. P.. of W ashington, D. C. Jos. H. BsADLFY.of Washington. D.C. G*orok W altos. Ex-Governor of Florida. Wai.tk* Lenox, Ex-Major of Washington. Henry Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O. C. Wisht, Prinoipal Ritteuhouse Academy, fsb 20 tf I ECONOMY IN FUEL?I have this day reoeived 'j anotheraupplyofthePARI OR FI'KNABES. For sale only at C. WOODWARD'S Metropolitan Stove and tirate Factory, Nos. 3t? and HS2 Pennayl vania avenue, between l6tn and "th streets. n 7-eofit C. W OODW A K D. fOOK IV AT Mel.AUGH LIN'S. No.SO.between i R'h and 9th streeta.at hia large atock of new floods now opening. H OR IE NT XL N AIL l'O I.ISH.givmr a beaut i Jul lustre to the finger naila, at GIBBS S Hair Store, near iSth street. Pa ave. n 10 3in \noLL\S,FLUTES,ACCOR DEONS, M I V Ao., at ELLIS'S, 3%', between 9th and l<<h streets. SCISSORS, MIRRORS. POWDER BOXES, ^ Ac.,at GlBBS'S Hair Store, near 13th street, Pa ave.. and at his Salesroom, under W illards . nit 3m SECOND-HAND PIANOS fer sale lielow their real value, to make room, at the V)<(1ce9^ Depotof W. G. METZKROTT. V^M A large assortment of Flutes and V lolins1*1 * ? jnst arrive*!. " API A NO for $2*; one for '*T*; one for $75: and two Tor 810": besides twenty-two new ones, ranging in prioe from $150 to |K?. All for rent or sale upon easy terms, at our Piano Warerooms *?, between 9th aud IOth streets. op JOHN F. ELLIS. JJ1CKLES BY THE HUNDRED. A lot of selected PICKLED CUCUMBERS, in vinegar, which we will sell in any quantity deaiml. oo 13 KING A BURCHKLL. PIANOS FOR HIRE, very low.at KLLIS'.,?? betwMa 9m and loth ata, Vocal and Instrumental Music. MR.W. HKNKY PALMKR'Spianoforte CLASSESare daily adding new members Per sons desirous of availing themselves of >Ir 1'ai.M k a s services are requested to enroll ifct ir names aa early as possible. Thia Class system ia more advantageous for the advancement of Childreu, than any other system of instruction. It ia equally advantageous for the perfecting of the moat brilliant perforineia. Tkrm* i* Abvascx. Primary Class 55 per quarter. Advance Clasaea to. All applicationa to be made to Mr. W. H. " ".MER, i ? * - ?? AI.MER.at hia reaidc.ice. 2C0 F atreet, between hirtcenthand Fourteenth. IlT" Georgetown Classes meet every Monday and Thursday at lv o'ciock, at Miaa Harruver'a George town Female Seminary. se24tf N JORMAL MUSIC SCHOOL. C. L. IRVING will open a Muaic Sohool for l.a diea and Gentlemen, at Temperance Hall, on E street, betweou 9th and 10th, on Monday afternoon. November 2d, at 4 o'clock. The object of this School ia to make ladiea and gentlemen thoroughly acquainted with Musiofrom the Elementary principles to Composition aud Har mony. Clauses will be formed for f he afternoon and even ing of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o'clock and 7. The Georgetown Class meet?at Miss Harrover'a Seminary on the afternoons of Tuesdays aad Thurs days, at 4 o'clock. Terms?Per quarter. 72 lessons, in class. i?S; pri vate instruction?Vi.cal, Piano, or Organ. *;?. Application iniy bo made to Mr. Ieviku at the Ila!l at the tuneal>ove named, at Elba's Music Store, or though the Post Office. oc 24 tf M MUSICAL CARD. R.GEORGE M. A RTH begs leave to announce to his friends of Washington, Georgetown. VE/j and Alexandria, that he is now prepaid t..4\X.S furnish MI'SIC for Balls, Private Paries. an<l>i2* Soirees. From one to any number of Muaiciana to be had at the shortest notice. ... Orders can b? left at tLe Musical Depotsrtf John F. Kllis or W.G. Metzerott, or at hu residence, oornerfltli and G atreeta, Navy Yard. oc20-8m* Watches, Jewelry, &c. WATCHES, JEWELRY. AND FANCY AR Vt ticles. I have on hand some of the best Gold and Si'ver WATCHES, fine Gold JEW ELRY, in ~ sets and single pieces, FANCY ARTl CLES. Ac. fcS Call and examine, at ? J. ROBINSONS. ?C*> 2m SO Pa. av., opp ??. Browns' Hotel. C'LOCKS!?CLOPkIsTv?cT.( hTkS!!! ' ci.ot:Ks:-cLocKs::-c locks!.! A good BASS CLOCK for -SI. Every styie of CI-ckaat J. ROBINSON'S. i Also, Clack Materiala, auch as Keys, Balls.] Wir?s, Oils, Hands, Ac. Clooks to the trade at wholesale prices. Call and examiae, at J. ROBINSON S, oc ?m S49 Pa. av.. oppo. Browns' Hotel. BA LTIMORE ~WA S HI N G TON. A NO VIR ginia Bank Notes taken at par for all kinds of rich and fashionable GOLD JEWELRY, fine GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, GOLD CHAINS. SEALS, KEYS, LOCKETS, and a., other oho.ee good*. for a few daya. I have just received a fine aaaortment of new Goods, which I am prepared to aell at very low prices. Pleas* call at 3M Paun. avenue, airn of the large Spread Eagle. ae an-tf H. O. HOOD. THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH 1 AND MATURIT,, Just Published. Grattt. the 25th Thousand. A few words cf the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Looal Wenknoa*. Nocturnal Emisalona. Genital, and Nervoua Debility. Pre-, mature Decay of the System. Impo-^ Ni cy,and Impedimenta to Marriage generally, by B. Dfc LANEY.M. D. The important fact that the many alarming ornn p'a.uts. originating in the itnpruder.ee and solitude of youth, may lie easily removed without Medicine, is in thia amali tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new nnd highly aucoeaaful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully exp.amed, by means of wh\e:i evervone ia eiiinled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advortued rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remittmjMwo^nata^e^stamps ae 28-d&wtf 17 Liapenard atreet. New Vork. VIRGINIA AND OTHER PAPER MONEY ? TAKEN AT PAR! CLO Till SO ?' -C L O THING -CLO THING ! CHKAP FOK CASH. MONEY SAVED AND FAIR DEALING, At PiixxeYkVAJUA Avkxck, Uiu'iii 9th and lu(A iti., at tht " 'Jail Houtt." Just opened, a large atock of READY MADE CLOTHING. at the following low prices: We oan otler greater bargama in Clothing than oan be o!.tamed elsewhere in this city. Owing to our building, we did not lay in our stock as others did, and we bought at great sdenboes. owing to the tlate of the market. leavy Winter Ovar<x>flts 34 00 to #10 00 Heavy Body Coats 3 5o to 10 00 Black Cloth Coata. 7 V) to 12 <"0 Winter-lined Cass line re Pants 2 do to 5 00 Wintor-lined Cassnnere Vests,dou ble breasted 1 25 to 2 no Br ) s Overooats 2 75 to 6 00 "loy f Jackets 1 50 to 3 00 Yoolen Pants 1 2S to 2 50 Having oii? of the largest a-id finest assortments of CLOTHS and CASSIMERE?* in this city, we are prepared to make Clothing to order at the abort oat Motioe. WALL. STEPHENS .% CO., n 2 32? Pa ave . bet. 9th and 10th ata. PkogressTn THE FINE ARTS. Paintins and Photo*kaput Combines. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, lu Oil Colors, on Canvas, MisiATtrai or Sm or Lin. 8. W ALKER'S PO HTRAJT AND PICTURE GALLERY. Odcon Hall,oorner4>k at.and Penu8ylvamaavenue, S.WALKER has fitted up the above apacioua apartment* at a very gr?*at outlay of capital.thereby rendering hia eatablihlinient one of the inoat com plete a"d hand?oiu.? in the whole c<?untry. He haa a large Gallery for frit exhibition of upward of 2i*? line Oil Paintings, by some of the beat ancient and modern mnstere. to which ha "ntends to add fresh importations. S. Walkkr ban aiso Utted up a com plete su.t of rooms, with private robing a part menta tor ladies, and purchased the f.iiOKt possible instru ments, and eiij:aged a first class operative artist to assist him in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMBROTVPE AND DA Gl'ER REOTYfE P<l li TRAITS, from the small*\t miniature to si ze of life. 8. W ai.i kk. tiy nombining the Photographio Pro cess with tho art of Painting. of whinn he has had 25 years' exponent, and wnoge specimens of life size portraits may be aeen in some of the first fami lies of the city, as well &s those exhibited in hia Gallery, he will t>e able, tiy the combination of the two, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and ltfe-likeexpreaaion. Can vna and Ixxird* prepared by biuiaelf expreaaly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the paintinjt of Por traits. MmiKiure or life-sue, from small pictures of defeased friends. Photographs taken from oorpsoa. or sick persona taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and classes taken 111 any number in groups, and any quantity of oopiesfrom the same sold at reasonable oharges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stone*. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, aarefully lock lined and restored to their original freshness. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shilliegtou'e l>ook afore? entrance 4)? atreet. two doora from Penr.ay Ivania ?v?nne. \1 Y STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES ivl aliout the largest in this oity at thia^^^ time, and having l>een purchaeed WforethemBjl nae in Leather, oan l>e sold at about 15 to %'v per cent, less than goods purchased at thia' 1^^ time. Call and examine foryouraelvea.at <4. P. HOOVER'S, |? It Iron Hall. P* ??? Wh *r/l ll?li w*m Ta card. O THE CITIZENS OF THE DISTRICT In entering our new building, which we have juat taken possession of, and we return our sincere thank* to tha people of Washington and George town for their liberal patrorage. and we. in pnrt. aa a return, have erected a apacionsbuilding, whioh will be an ornament lo th? cit*. with a large and ?ir\ sa loon, with all the eonvenience and comfort of our ouatomera, and in the establishment are all the nec essary arrangements for manufacturing and enooor aging home industry, and by a stnot attention to justice and integrity, w* h"c- to giyesatiafao'ion lo all. WALL. STEPHENS A PO. opy-4w Nr^ag Pa^ave- >x?t. 9th and 10th ?ta. MADAM KF.?7r,o. P. of Waah'ngton and viemity. that she haa bttednp a Dreaa Making EstaWiahinent, where ahe ia ri^dy to make every kind of work, aa Dreaeea, Mantillas, Ra * >111 ea Ac.and in the best and very lateat style of Paris.'receiving every month the French JournaJ l)e I a Mode, direct from Paris n 11 2m? PA NUTS. 50huahels PEA NUTS for aale by JONAS P. LEVY. aA<|.tf W4 IWIi wvnur o( H RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for aale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of Waat Kails ?? ?sue and filoak at,, Balteoare, Md. mjr 6 if 1) Dancing. A N O I N b ACADEMY < Mr# A Mr. T F. G ASZVNSKI and DAI OHTF.R have the honor to aniionnoe to the I.adiea ar.<l 5*n tiemen of Washington and Georgetowa that he will re open hia Claeaes lor iMnemg mi Washington vm h nda*. the 9th of October. ?'? Mr. Crouch'a Hall, oorner of llth at. and Pa.**., over Farnh&m's Bookstore, for Misses and Masters, from 8 o'clock p. m.; for Ladiea aiid oerjiietneu, from 7 ?'dock p. in. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover'e Ladies Item mary, from So'olook p. in. For tenna and particu.ars application can be made at Mr. G.'a reaidanoe, 4U7 L street, between 9th and l?th streets. ae It-Cm IBVKNTH ITUUST ?|.| tobTas, 0 P T I C I A N. Office Second ?oty, three doora from OtaVilwwi' Hall. Speotac es and Gi&sses suited to every sight; Opera, Reading, and Watvhmak#i'e^^^^^-? G.aaaes; Telescopes. Mioruaoopcs variety; t'osiiiuiamic Stereo?cop?e with views of superior and oitow e picture* on hand. Seeadver t Memeiit in National liiltlucenoer. TkaTlMoSlALa. Nokfon, Sept err t?er 7 1&S4. Six: The Spectacles you made for me suit me very well, and seem to have improved my eigut more than auy other 1 have lately tried. l.ITT. \V. TAZKWKLL. I have tried a pair af Speetah'ea obtained from Mr. Tobiaa, ar.d find them of great assistance to my <>;ght, aud corresponding with hi* deacriptn?nof their focus, i reootumenu L.m a* a skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. PtTEBsetrka, Ootob?si SI, ItM. About fire yeara apo. I obtained from Mr. Tolnaa, in Washington. r pair of Glasses for the spectaeies which I need.and found them of great aansunee to my decay in* viaion; and m* opinion of him ia, that lie ia skillful in the preparation of Glasaea foreyea uot too lar gone to bo benefitted by auoh aid. J? F? M A'N . (.TirllCi*. N ov em l>er 7,1. From an examination of Mr. Tobias* Glasses, and from hia observations and reiuarka, am oonviuoad ,h.t ... .duilfl?CT-il.ACKFO,D. M. D. Lncitma, November 1?. IIM. Mr. John Tobias, having furniahed me with Glas ses, by which I have !>een greatly aided. (my Yiei<n having suffered greatly from reeding at meat in my earlier life.i it a'Jorda me the hicheat pleasure to Kay that I oot.sider U.m a skillful practical optician, arid well prepared to aid those woo ma* teed hia professional services. WM. B. F'?t 7.IL, Elder ol the Methodist Conference. \Vil*isotox, N. C.. June 57. Itt4. Ma. J.Tobias?i><"ir >?> : I am happy u>say thai the Spectacle* which 1 obtained from you mat week are entirely satisfactory. From a* inequality in the vi sua! range of iny eyes, 1 have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasaes of the proper focal dis tance*. It afiords me pleasure to atate, that by the \id of your optometer thia difficulty haa t?ap happily obviated, ?n that the Glaases vou furniahed me are decidedly the bent adapted to my eyeeof any 1 hava ever yet uaed. ? ? Very respectfully youra, R. B. DRANK. Rector of ft. Jamea Pariah. Having been indnced b* a friend to viait the estab liahment at Mr. I obias lor the purpose of trying bia glasses I waa furniah?Ml with a pair aiightiy olorwd hlueKwhioe tiave atforded me mor? refier and gratia - oatiou th&n ftn? I hive ev*r lri#d. My ?icht, orina ally very good", waa injured by writiui and readiu* at nuht, freuuently to a very late hour: but with the aid ol" theae g.aaaea I can etudy alm-.at aa late ae wver. and tLat too without the pain 1 t.ave previoua ly auflered. . ?"jP ^L , ii #ia 1* l^ate Commiaaioneer Gea'l Land Offiee. Dec. 11. l?55. I have uaed Mr. Tobiaa'e flpeetaclee for thraa or four month*, and take great p.eaaure in saying titat I am much phased with them. I have be?t, muoh benefited f>y tnem. ULO. r. ICARBl RUM. May 5th, 18*. I waa reoomraended to Mr. John Tobiae aa a ?W I'.ful optioian ; and aa I have e*ee of remarka)>le peculiari ty, I waa gratified to find that Mr. Tobtaa aaemed to c*?mprehetid them by inspection and e^^e alicht meaaurement. and he haa made roe apijr of ?H?t? olea that suits me admirably. A. P. BLTL1--K. July 11, 1856. \\ aamwoTow, Aug. t. IMV Having been for yeara under the neceamy of hav two pet* of rInspei?on* for vm in 4*ylicht, IJW for lamp-lnht?1 procured o?? fr^ra Mr. robiM whi?h a..iiwored both purposes. I Ijife us^d Lis lor aever&l month.,and find B?8> Of Department of Plata. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of SpecUcjeti??.u furnished me yesterday are particularly aatiafketory to me. They are ver? decidedly the t?a?t 1 posaeaa, a"d I am toe owner of eight or nine pairs, oarefui.y a?!eoted tu d.Cerent piaoes and Trom opticiani reo ommended to mc on sooount of their proftttnoLtl standing in I'ranoe, F.ngiand. and the I nited States. I have t?een a.ao pleaaad with your reii^arki and di rections on the treatment of tne eyes, for the pur~ pose of preserving and nnerovrng the e'<ht Reapeatfully four?. CH?. CALD\VEI,L Professor of M. C.. Louisv.Le, Ky. Bkooklix 0*t?opakoic Isstitvtiom. April. IBM. After most careful examination ol Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses. I ara enabled to testify that tkeir haronesa. oleamess. polishing, and exact oetical ?hape render them particularly reoommendaUe to thoee whose merely optical impairment of tLp ayas are in want ol such auxilianea. I oonaider, mc.reover, Mr. Tetk^a fully qualified to determine tne focuaof the ?ye.botfe by his optical kuowledge and expenenoe. and by means of his optometer. In addition, I oan lurth?< state that Mr. To??ia? has supplied some of my pa Physician and 9ur*eon, Beriia; Member of tka Royal College of Surgeons, Kng.and; Mem'.wr of fhe Medioal Society of Ixxidon. and of the Pathological Society of New \ ork; late J?ur geonofthe Rpval Orthopaadio Inatitutipn cf Manoh<*?'er. tngland. and Surgeon of the b. O. Institution. NotroLK, Va? July ?T. 18M. In the experience of even two years. I have fom d great difficulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ?a acti? adapted to the weakness of my sight. This u, convenicnce Mr. Tebia* seem* to have removed It r the preaont by the substitution for me of better ard more suitable Glasses. They are clear, chrystal-l ka and comfortable to my eyes. I wou'd eommend hiin to those who from age or oUier ^ tifioia.aid in this way. J.J.81MKINS, M. !'? WiLmsiTOX, N. C? June 16. 18S?. To persons who have had the sight of their eyes so impaired a? to reqeire the use of Glasses. 1 wouW reJitnmend Mr. John Tobias as s suitable person from wnom to obtain such O asses as the* ma* re quire, as he has suited ni* with a pair of Spectacles b>r a far ai.d rear sight. Mt sight l a. N?er. m'P*ii^d verv much by a service of years in the Post OOtca Departineiit, winch berth required me to be on diitv from f I o'clock at night. till after da* during which time 1 used but one light. \\ . K. \\ AI.KtK. l)rr.uTM*>T ov Irc-rriroK. May *, F om natural defect* and tne unequal range of bit e\ et. 1 wave been compelie.1 ?o use g:*?-es for wvc ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining giass^a perfectly fitted t? my eyes. I- our months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, w hich I have found to serve ine perfect.*. R* the uee of hi* optometer he is enabled to ad?Dt riasfea moat minutely to the e*e. 1 moat cheeifiH 1* recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and bear "" }",{'{?? ft'1 M sv;pi?'kn- Ass't Sec'V to ?igp Land Warrmtta. WINK, AN{>r gxoRE Tae sul-criber l>egs to inform ?.i? friends and tfca public, that he has opened a N t\V STORL, oo^er of IVth street anu lA>uisiaua avetiue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand * i assortment of Foreign and Dom^stio ^ IN I-. . LI ULOKS, CIGARS. *r.<1 FINK GROCKR1ES. consiHtmg of Fine Teas. Sngar.Coffeje. Flonr.Soap. Itlivcs. Raisin*. Figs. Sardines. Anchoyiee, CUard. Marreit & C??? Pmet A Co., mid Col. Chahari a Brandies in qa?es. demijohns, and casks. Old Ja maiaa Hum, Sherries, Madeira, Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien C^ret. Chateaux Margaux im cases, Chan pagne Cider. Brardy Fruits. R^aoW ? Ktlint>urgh Ale. Annisette. Maraschino. Caracoa. Almynthe,Champagne, and a large and varied ?a soriptiou of Havaiia Cigars. , Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and A^*a Bitters. Porter, A>.and Cider. ?*?.. Families are parfieular'v mvited to eai_and me the stock before peivhaaum^sew'iera. Mern Urs of Congress are else.informed that tt>mr ordvra will promptly attended to. and delivered at taatr residences at the shortest notice. r,r-_ . p<^t^XeoU,Tthe?^r,be'r.at whole^laand ra ^anal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and ^'l^vy's'Old"\V fnskeyToonstant ly on hand. ofW. Country orders sunctuallf attended to. and ooan try produce of ail description^ received ?>^nsica TeD?-tf No. SM Twel^'hVrait. NOTICK. IGS, TOUPEES. SCALPS. &t? mada to orderat the shortest possible notice. A aeleot aa aortment always on d ^ \vaTSON'9. ooa-tm National Hots, and 6th street rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonda of the City of Davenport, Iowa, pa* ing 10 per oent. interest by Coepon in >e* York. Bonda of f5<?i each. The growing oity <* Davenport has now about ?,<*? inhabitants, and in rapidly increasing in wealth and population, it* municipal debt is only ?!?.??. and only ?!?,?*>, and cannot now to mc^ed. i atatiatica of tka eitjr SSJSSSi genoer of the ?Hh Septeinser. **? these bonds, believing them to be as sale aa any State or eity bonda. rHl'BB BROTHERS. II L? A ?p u A R(? AINJ? to l^oopd Pl^POi ^ GHth;AM??.2^?.;^f.?i.,"ht,ID,to on time, or at raduoed p^r Q \j F.T2FROTT, M nth ?tre?t Mnd Pa. avean#. o* r" ?? New BUCKWHEAT MEAL. eboiae ?.t Ba-JIWJcgfflS^ " tor. V armoat are. aad i*h Bt,