20 Ocak 1858 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

20 Ocak 1858 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL llITtLLI8EWCK. Yocwg Mkji'* Cbhstia* Association?Tbe fifth unlverury of the Young Men's Christian Association was held last evening In tbe lecture room of the Smithsonian Institute. The audi ence was large and Intelligent, and manifested a great deal of Interest in the proceedings. The exercises were commenced with an elo quent invocation by Rev. Mr. Rittinger. After which the late President of the Association, \V. J. Rhees, F.sq , read his annnal report. This document represents the Association, du ring 'he P,,s? yar, to have been reimrkably pros perous and at the present time Its condition is very encounigiug. As much, If not more than In former years, has been done toward* promoting the spiritual and Intellectual Improvement of the members, and in active benevolence. The li brary of the Association is Increased to upward* of '2,0110 volumes. Its meetings are more largely attended, and the Mission Schools dependent on It are flourishing (Juite a number of the mem bers are stated to have removed from the city during the year, and some have been called to ?'another and a better world." Among the latter is named the first President of the Association, Alexander H. I.awrence. The sermons and lectures delivered before the Association during the year are enumerated, and the business meetings brietlv noticed The re port then proceeds with a description of the mis sion schools, and especially notices the labors of Samuel H Young, Esq., chairman of the com mittee on schools Of these schools there are four?the last one having l>een established in the hall of the Western llosehonse, in Septeinl>er last It is under the superintendence of Mr. Van Santvoord. and is represented as being espe cially prosperons for a new undertaking. An allusion is made in this part of the report to a worthy young lady, not named, who had gath ered into her own residence a score or so of neg lected children for the purpose of giving them religious instruction. On the establishment of the new school in the vicinity of her residenre. she transferred her scholars to It. The l>enevo lent labors of those connected with this school are also spoken very highly of. The sum of Si:tt, b-std's numerous articles of wearing apparel are stated to have been distributed by the teachers among the poor and destitute. The next subject alluded to Is the arrangement made for extending relief to the poor. In this work the Association has co-operated with the Vounsr Catholic's Friend Society and the Indies Vnlon Benevolent Society. Various other mat ters pertaining to the objects and lalnus of the Association are briefly noticed and the Presi dent then lakes tip the matter of finances. Al though several hundred dollars in debt at the commencement of the year, it appears that those liabilities have lieen fully discharged, and there is now a surplus in the treasury. The report clones with an earnest exhortation to the members to press onward in the work of doing good. The report of the Treasurer, Wm. Chauncy Lnngdon. Ksq.. was neit read- From this it appears that the rcceipt* during the year amount to #1.741 So; of which sum WUb.Jl was disbursed for the liquidation of debts incurred during the Srevious year, and SW fiOon account of expenses urlng the year ending yesterday; making to gether the sum of JM,*iH7.*?L and leaving a bal ance in tbe treasury of 345-1 71 On concluding the reading of his own and the treasurers reports, Mr. Rhees introduced the President elect, T J. Magrnder, Ksq , who de livered n brief .tnd highly appropriate address, in the course of which he avowed his own deter mination to do all in his power to promote the objects of the Association, and nrgen his fellow members to unite heartily in the performance of the duties assigned them. He then introduced the Rev. T. L. Cuyler, of New York, who delivered an eloquent and im firessive discourse He remarked, in coinmenc ng that he was riirht glad to have the opportu nity of being in Washington to-night; indeed, one of the reasons of his coming here was to be present at this anniversary?not that he came ex pressly for the purpose of making a speech, but he was anxious to tell his hearers in a few words why he loves Young Men's Christian Associa tions. He loves them because he has laltored for them. He asked. Is there any one here who has labored especially for any object ? if so. do they not love that object devotedly? Ask any mother which of her children she loves most, and will she not answer, the child which lsoften est sick ? It is for that she toils and labors most, and therefore she loves it to a greater degree. So it is with him in relation to Young Men's Chris tian Associations. If any of von desire to love this association, labor for it. If you want to kill It, do not attempt to talk or write it down, but just neglect it. fine great reason why the speaker particularly loves these Associations is because of their cath olic spirit. He cannot tell, in the assemblage l?efore him. to what sects his hearers severally belong. In their labor* here they are not confined by the contracted limits prescribed by sects, but have before th'-in a more comprehensive field In bis own denominational church, a man cannot always let out his whole soul in Christian ial?or, but when he comes before such an Association as this, the restraint is removed and he feels free to express fully his emotions He did not mean to oppose denominational divisions, however, for he I relieves theui requisite for the general welfare of the Church; yet the facilities which these As sociations afford for bringing in contact young men from different sects are calculated to be highly beneficial, inasmuch as they remove whatever harshness may grow out of sectarian ism. The speaker next proceeded to point out the various methods in which these associations were capable of conferring great benefit* on the community. They are e*|?*cially calculated to l?e of advantage to yonng men who are away from home To these they open the way into religious and moral associations, and thus assist them in overcoming the temptations which may Iteset them on their entrance into a stranjje city. The reading rooms ami libraries affoid them opportunities for Passing their leisure hours in the development of their intellects, and the labors of the Association lead them to cultivate an in creased attachment for the principles of Chris tianity. The speaker made some allusirn to the asso ciations in New York city and I.ondon, and of the great benefits which their orgtxnintions were Ixntowiug upon the young men of those cities. He expressed bis coiiviction that Young Men's Christian Associations render the memlters bet ter and more active christians in the respective churches to which they may tielong. as they tend to increase their love for religion and their desire to labor for its advancement. After dwelling at some length upon this topic, he concluded with an earnest appeal to the community to support this association, and urged the meinbsrs to in creased efforts for its future prosperity. On Mr. Cuyler taking his seat, the President announced that R C. McCormick, Ksq., of New York, from whom an address was also expected, had been detained at home by urgent business matters Rev Mr. Bittinger then pronounced a benedic tion. and the congregation was dismissed. The Pcblic must keep its weather eye open for imp^ters. Yesterday a colored woman was detected, on the outskirts of the city, playing the old game of soliciting aid to bury ber child. ?>be told a piteous tale, well calculated to deceive, of her son's deaih, from injuries received by rowdies on Pennsylvania avenue, and of the corpse lying unburied in her house, in conse quence of her iuabilitv, through poverty, to buy even a rough pine coffln. She collected quite a sum but. suspicion was excited, an examination of her premise was made, and the mother was found enjoying a jolly supper, surrounded by her family, all of whom were wnburitil. to be sure, but ??onry one" was dead, or gave signs of ap proaching dissolution Tin Ciar ctT Cocrt yesterday finished going over the trial docket, and then the appeal docket was begun This docket contains some forty seven eases, and will probably occupy several days Theie are eleven appeal* granted the pres ent term, vix. Those of Hood rs Lewis, Luckett r? Milstead, same r.? Vetiahle, same r%. Mr. Therson, Jenkins rs. Trusheim, Hartwell rj. Howell. Briugias e? the Corporation, Alexander i i Parker. MrLauklin v~ the Corporation, Kel eher ej. Braumsteln, Crown rs. White, and do. e? do Tbe Court was hearing in the case of David i?oron e? Peter li aad Robert A. Hooe when our refM>rt closed. SrrREMK Cnr*T ?Twrtny -Jshn Prentiss Poe, Ksq , of Maryland, was admitted an attor ney and counsellor of this Court. No 37. Ann C Smith, use. 4c . plaintiff in error, rs. the Corporation of Washington The argument of this cause was conclude* by Mr. Cushing for the plaintiff in error. No. 3H. Joseph H. Lyons, plaintiff in error rj. John Bertram et al. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Poe for the plnintiff in error, and continued by. Mr. Feaaenuen for the defendants in error. Adjourned. Thi Airuv at the Capitol.?Watchman Lang ley. who was yesterday spoken of as one of the Capitol Police, in an Item beaded "Allabout a basket of <hip?,v is. we are Informed, not a memtier of tbe Capitol Police, but a watchman at the shops ?? 'I'm Officii of Capt. Meigs. Superintendent of tbe Capitol Kxtension, has iieen removed from th* south wing to Dowsen's Row, north of and convenient to the Capitol. Tan Hotel " Hoes" have commenced briskly with tbe new year A vastly pleasant one came off at the Washington House on Monday evening, and bad a large attendance Wltbers's Band oficiated Tmk MrI-ODKOH.?Landis's Opera Troupe per form this evening, with an entire change of pro gramme, concluding with the " Burlesque Ra vels" and the wonderful partomlme of "Sam Patchieno." and sne them., Cou>?l*Aflo* 8oci?tt.?The Bo c ety met last night at Trinity Church?* fair audience being present Hon. Ellsha Whlttleaey, occupied the ehalr, aa the oldest Vice President, in the absence of iin J\rK,,dM,\ wh* ,BJ"?w !* Europe and called the meeting to order. The proceedings were opened with prayer by the ReyP STcuT Portion* of the annual report were then read by the Corresponding Secretary, Kev. Dr Gur ,,v other farts stated to the meeting by he report wm one that the receipt* to the Sorle IV, during the past year, had been 9H7.7H7 U5 and tliei ^outstanding debt* had all been paid' ^ r",nark,bM missions were rapidly on the increase and the lal>or* of the missionaries bringing forth fruit* in abundance. The reporjMwas accepted and referred to the ?er!?rsi> TL? Chair then introduced to the?o o?w?h . sla"Kbt?r, of Virginia, who rein irk* W'?K resolution as a basis to Ma Resolved, That, in our judgment, America in America * nUo? to the problem of Africa in He spoke of the manifest destiny of the African racej that while the people of ail nations were permitted to come to thi* country, and be on an equality with the people to whom they came, l^re t M "naI^ ?Ck """" of Afr>? were foiped here, to be used after a proper course of disc I p 1 ?.Hr ro.mff1M a?d christianizing tlitir countryman of lienighted Africa. He , L *bievemeiit of the American Colo nization Society to thi* end, and of the fact that it* influence had exterminated the slave trade from more thin five hundred miles of Afrfean sea coast. He spoke most ably and eloquently for half an hour. ' The Chair then introduced the Rev. TI.oh J Bowen to the meeting The speaker had spent several years in Africa, in explorations of its sur face and Its convenient openings for colonization. Africa w;?* a home for Ibe oppressed, and an asy lum for those who had i?een taught to appreciate the l??*n< tjtk of civilization by a discipline in this country |t was evident, from the course of events, that God designed, by placing Africa in America, to transplant and forni American senti ments and institutions in Africa. lu regard to the civilization of the African race, a great work had already been done. The slave trade was the most disastrous Influence against which the Society had to contend. The speaker had seen as many as eighteen pop ulous Ah can towns on the slave coast depopul ated entirely in a short space of time by this traffic. But the influence of the missionaries was beginning to be felt far back in the interior of the country; the minds of the whole nation was beginning to be changed, and those benight ed were beginning to feel the benefit* of civifiza iou. rhere was great hope of success in giving then, the blessing of the Christian Gospel. In the hnglish settlement of Freetown, there was : |ready twenty-three Christian churches estab lished and in flourishing condition. If the mind of Africa was improved and strengthened by education and religion, its com merce and its influence would be great indeed in course of time. * lie was anxious to have a colony planted in in ^ urobo, for ir that portion of the country were ever to became civilized, the advantage- to trade b?twcen that and Liberia would be immense. Jbe gold Melds of Central Africa were live hun dred mile* in extent, and the wealth of these mines, whirl, was immense, would, were that portion of Africa to become civilized, be wat lrt'r'.',n a'd in the es ablishment of the future empire of that great country. On concluding, he was followed bv Rev Dr Seys, the Society's agent n Africa for several years past. Hi* brief remarks were depictive of the progress and success of the Society in Liberia and other portion* of the country He had planted the colony at Caievsville, some miles hack In the interior from Liberia. He had explored the bill country, and brought home specimens of the iron ore and cotton of the country through which he had explored. He gave most encouraging and hopeful accounts of the success of the new colony of Careysville; a church bad been erected there In less than three months from the time the col' ony was first planted; all of which was carrying out the great schemeof transfering Africa back to her own home, to the glory of society and of the great Creator. The colony did not starve: on the contrary, they were fed sumptuously three times a day, on venison <for the rorests abounded in oeautiful deer of various varieties) and sheep meat and beef, and on every kind of fruit and vegetable indigenous to a tropical clime. Resolutions of thanks were passed to Rev Dr Seys for his eminent services in planting perma nently the settlement at Careysville, and for his useful labors in the cause of African coloniza (ion. A resolution of thanks was passed to David Hunt, E*q., of Mississippi, for generous dona tion of $l3.UiO to the Society last year. The Society then adjourned to meet at the City Hall at 12 o'clock m. to-day. Piik I i bmc Schools.?The subjoined memo rijl is "ow circulating in the city for signatures : To the Honorable the Senate nm! House of Represrmtatires of the Vniteri Stales in Cone rets assembler! : The undersigned, citizens of Wash ington. beg leave most respectfully to call the at tention of your honorable bodies to the present condition and future prospects of the public school* in our city. That the cause of public education'demands the serious consideration of Congress the follow ing farts wi I <how : First?The Prevent System. The existing system of public schools was es tablished in Hlo, and has done all that could be expected from It. I'here are now four school districts, embracing thirty-two schools, employing forty teachers, and giving instruction to two thousand four huudred children. Five school houses are owned by the city, the remaining schools occupying basement* of ? 'uurche* and such 'jth.r places as the trustees with their limited means can procure. S'-roii'l?The S'nti <tin of tit* Census of KIT. A census of the children l>etween the ages of live and eighteen, has been recently taken bv the authority of the city, and the following fects are obtained therefrom : I. Th* number of children between the ago* o. five and eighteen, is ten thousand six hundred and ninety-seven. ?2 Three thousand tli-ee hundred and twenty e,Kht of this number are in Private Schools. 3 Two thousand four hundred are iu Public 4 Five thousand and sixty-nine are in no school Qt ill 1 . 5. The Public Schools cannot accommodate twenty-five per rem of the number of children of the citv. The simple statement of the alcove facts, care fully ascei tained, sends its warning voice through all ranks of society, foretelling with unerrin" certainty the black catalogue of crime which ig norance will surely bring on this city as the thou sands of uneducated youth develop into man hood Third? Means. From our peculiar position and relation to the .National Govwninent we are curtailed in our means. I. IVe have no commercial or manufacturing relations. More than three-fourths of the citizens are directly or indirectly dependent on Govern ment, and with the change of every administra tion there i* a change of a large class of citizen*, destroying any permanent interest in our Public School*. But a far greater difflcultv lies in the fact that able0"6* fd ?f tLe ProP*"rty In the eity is tax 2 Again, a large class of citizens are not resl tion aMd con*e(luently '*??pt from taxa 3 To secure proper accommodations for Puiiilc M hools by a tax on citizens and on all taxable property of every description, would make a tax many times larger than that levied for similar purposes in any other city or town in the United state*. 4 The security of persons and property, public be d<me sp?ed*l>">IUtel,r rrt*uire* that ??'?ethlng Iu view of the above facts, and of our utter in ability to provide better means to promote public education, we most earnestly but respectfully appeal to your honorable bodies to aid us. by either money or lands, in securing such liberal provisions for the Public School system of this District as is commensurate with that high grade of intelligence, respect for law and love of order wjilch should characterize the inhabitants of the metropolis of this great nation. Ax I'xkast Lodger ?Last night, John Mur. ray, a well known patron of the guard house, went to his lodging place with the expectation of l*>ing treated to the same accommodatiens as under the old rule. Murray, within a few months, has twice l?een iu jail for jietty larceny: on re for stealing a basin aud patcher, and once for steal ing the boots from the feet of a drunken man. L'nder the new regulations, lodgers at the guard house are locked up for the night in the cells Murray was considerably scared by his i icarreration, thinking he was to be "tuk up" on some new chargc. He tried to ellW-t an escape through a hole the size of his head, and in so doing fell several times,bruising himself severe ly- This morning he was agreeably surprised o find himself at liberty to travel.and he ava.led Game. Oy?ters,4c?Hammack, in Willarda' hotel buildings, continues to keep bis tabUa sup plied with such an assortment of luscious game as was never before to be enjoyed in tbia cite, while his oysters also continue to be .insurpassed In all its ui range meats, his restaurant Is one of the most complete and agreeable places of the k:nd in the t. nited States?neat, elegant, and quiet?while his cus.ue u attended to with Pari sian skill and solicitude. All who patronize his house speak in high praises of it. A Da*p*liox in jA*BAkY.?Afiitndyesterday gathered a dandelion in full bloom from tbn swaid of the Captol ground* A CoamsCTio*?Mr. Johu GrumWell requests u? to say that our Georgetown correspondent mls represented him, la his letter of yae??rday, in stating that he had attempted to commit suicide I dl??lty. He requests us ft? no fcrnur difficulty what* t*^,n*?P,',rnfo' 44eroleery in the [ bT mistake took more than he should IM^rfiTIw ?"t,of th>*circumstance, he assures us, grew the whole story. 1 olici Reports ?The following report of the city police officers to the Chief of Police is for the week ending on Saturday last. The arrange ^T?'l:hp new di"tr,ct form? n<?t Wing com p ? e?l it is given In the old form, but compre hends the new districts . First district, W case-s; 3rr.?i! ' THird' 5: Fo,,r,b. H; Fifth, 4; Sixth, st-, Seventh, U??total, TO. Rabbi Nkiiamin Cohen, from tiie city ?f Ti bcria. in the Holy Land, is now in Washington, to raise money to rebuild the synagogue and supply the poor Israelites in the city of Tlberia. He comes well accredited, and we doubt not will be aided iu his mission by the Israelite-, of this city and by ail interested in that land which was thecradle of civilization. Br thk Advextiskment elsewhere it will be seen that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com pany propose to pat a new daily train upon the U asbington and Baltimore branch, leaving this city at 5.15 p m. The time of leaving of the p m. train Is chauged toft a. m. Tub " Oli> For.gs,'' a corps of vocalists who dress In '? Continentaler" costume, and sing an j1 .m ,nf"l are Performing in Baltimore and will visit Washington. . To-Morrost Night the tine ball of the Frank lin Fire Company. ?? Forward two !" A mbkr of returned filllwkters who were landed at Norfolk, are loafing about town. The Smithsonian lecture to-night is by the Rev. T. L. Cuylerof N.Y., Subject, "London. > A large and brilliant party was given by Sen ator Douglas last night, at his new residence. Positively the I.ast Three Days?Since Dr. Schlosser, the popular Chiropodist, hat an nounced that this would positively be his last three days here, his rooms have been thronged ^wJ,UflVure? from corns and other diseases of , .f J ? li"t,a ft>Mr of the Doctor's *kill ruland judicious treatment every patient has left with a smile on their countenance, having been cured in such a skillful manner, and relieved of an indescribable amount of excruciatiiiL- K?iflVr lng, caused by the small but constant tormentor, the corn Go immediately if yon want to l>e cured. His rooms are No. *21 F street, between fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, near Treasury Department. ' It 1 Mixu requires food as well as the material frame in which it is lodged. Philbrick. at 470 Pennsylvania avenue, has a meat-stall for the mind ; to wit, a gift bookstore full of the best nooks of ancient and modern tim^s He also gives away great store of gold and silver orna ments to purchasers, out of his love to the human Watch Returns ?Jas Mulligan, Md .drunk and disorderly; workhouse fti days. Patrick Bradley, Ireland, do , do. John Smith, Va . do ; tine and cobts 11. Seventeen ledgers? non residents. MARRIED, p\ri,hK-RtAhp,'."st,ant\!,y the?.?:,v,.Dr- H,,u^i (Baltimore Clipper please copy.) ? QEOKQBTOWH ADVERTISEMT8. OOD, \\ OUD AND COAL at reduced prices. nr,!'ir0t*UJ>Scr'f>'r w'Bbiiic 1? rrarte his whsrf, and in order to do so, a portion of ins Wood must he re J^,hVp fl>m l,1hl* Wl" o'ier Hickory, Oak, end 1 ine Wood at greatly reduced pricos. All in *, oheaP' will do well to give in in acal .us bargains lor cash can he purchased or to punctual cvstomerson time. u' wr lo Also, White and Red ash Coal, l?6bigb Cnal, Cumberland Coal in lump, will he ?^:ela,ttl?W pri?u-' , M.L. WILU^MS. jan J>-tt U est of Market, Georgetown. (VI OTICK.?This is to certify that I forewarn all I inlhPrr*OD" froin tru,t,n* mJ Margaret Sus Crown, on my account, as 1 will not he respon sible for any debt of her contracting, from this iate. G^r,...... D. C.. J.n. i'&'.N l' C""VN T uaVJffinTr K^n|tmrree ,U'.ry an,) ?I'B'bly' sit n?r M??l. V I tVHVl SK "t"lr t,,e northwest cor ner of heali and \V aslungtoi. streets, Georgetown ihi? is ft superior residence; large snd comrhodioua' Wu.it ,u the very best style, with ? JL"*? i oontaius 13 rooms, pantries and closets and kitchen in the haok huifding. There is also a I Why iVfoi" " tJ"' wh?'" 'IUi'diiij. Tlie lot is \v^l.h.,nVle,la^?.,thre? ,t,,rjr Br,ck House on K st., Washington. 1 he eastern one of the two houses ' Pian,18t,3^w"weW*ry' *'?rl?rn?sa..ly to jan 18-3tawow M.ADLKt. I^OR SALE?ARN'Y'S CONFKCTIONER \ J" ort*rwl at Pri vate sale. A great bargain and a s t and sfi [?' fiu si nVs s * Confectioner who under If not disport of hy the 8th of February next the whole eoncern. together with I ho three story Urick Bridge street, will l,e oilered at'puX auotion.^ Georgetown, 1). C.. Jan ?-tl ORTII side of Market Space,' No. 37 between Bridgo and Canal streets. Georgetown. V c.s patrons that at his^ KKSI ALR AiN I may l.e lound at all rimes thn choicest and most excellent n vl?ri?pt?.?f 'i1^ 1-:,>KS. the freshest VKRSl,n;i s'l kinds of GAMK in season. Meals served at all hours and at the usual prices, jan 4-*jfo $100,000 silk ?100,000 AMU FANCY DRKSS GOODS. At Retail For Cash. FOR THIRTY DAYS ONLY' SPECIAL NOTICK TO THS L A D 1 E 8 OF Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. Messrs. HOOE BROTH KR ft CO. respectfully announoe that they have just reoeived On Consignment* from New York a magnificent assortment of ^ i K JS AND WINTER FANCY DRESS GOODS, comprising All the Latest Paris Novelties in the following descriptions of goods: Superb printed, all wool, Mousseline de Laincs, Do. Cashmeres and Merinos, ni uV ^ o a'Uuille, Plain Blaok Silks in sll qualities, Plain light oolored Taffetas and Poult de Soie. Magnificent Silk Robe* a'Volants aud a'Ouille, Do. Velvet do. do. Two flounoed and double-skirt Silk Robes. FANCY SILKS, new and elegant designs. Grenadine Robes a* Volants, Evening Dresses, in great variety, 4o. 4o. in sty les and designs entirely new *o the 'Washmc tlvely1*' * ? whl0h wil1 1,6 offered posi F O R T H I R T Y I) A Y S ONLY. EXCLUSIVELY FOR CASH. and at prioes less than ONE-HALF THE COST OF IMPORTATION In order to give due effect to this lieantiful stock, aud to anord the ladies an opportunity for a thor ough examination and satisfactory selection from this uuapproachable assortment of RARE AND Dt-.SIRABLE DRESS GOODS, we have determined t o throw open our ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR to the public for the exhibition and sale of this in voice. BAJOU'B KID OLOVBS Tor Misses, Ladies, and Gents, in all colors and sizes. No mixed lots. Every pair warranted gen utiie. The subsoribers respectfully solicit the attention or purchasers to this announcement, and feel satis fled that the attractions ottered will l>e sufficient to induoe every lady to appreciate this rare and valua ble opportunity for securing unprecedented bareaius in new and desirable goods. The sale will oommenoe on TUESDAY, January 19, at 9 o'clock a. m. and will be continued for THIRTY DAYS ONLY. HOOE~BROTHER & CO, . Pennsylvania Avenue, jan 16-1 w between 8th and 9th streets. VfHWS AND OPINIONS OF AMERICAN ???t.at?'aie,lof *" tim?son Foreign Immigration, collected into one volume, with stafistios, Ae., Ac. One volume octavo ; prioe ?5 cts. Mn If FRANCK TAYLOR. pLOUR AND PRODUCE WAREHOUSE^ The andersifned have in store snd for sale? ?e bhjs. Extra FLOUR,from the Valley. SOU hbls. Superior do. do. do. 100 bids. Family do. do. do. . BUTtER, JV**RYS. CHICKENS. LARD. Ac : in fact, til kinds of Country Produoe reoeived daily, by the sdhseribers. 8. HARTLEY * SON, jan 6 2w No. Union street, Alaxaodria. 0?KAN STEAM NAVlGTION and tho Ocean Post; hy Thomas Raiasy. Price $2. A new and important work. Just published, and for sale at .TAYLOR A MAURY'S ^K.kstorft, jaa 1? St near ?*th street. T*HB AMERICAN ALMANAC for IBM. ..... ATJQIIQM A By A. GREEN, Auctions. ?X KCI TOR'# UALE OP HOUSEHOLD *>: iSS&lTo'lS??, tee 25th instant.at 12o'doo* m. at tne late residence of Mary A. Deigenhart. dece**ed, on G street, be tween 10th and llth streets easuoa the Navy ^ ard) a goxl lot of Household and Kitchen Furniture, saoh as? i Mahogany sprine-s?*l ttwfaaad Chairs Do Dressing and other Bareaat Dining. Toilet. and other Tablet Cane and wood so?t Chairs and Rockers Wash stands. far pets, and Toilet Set* Feather Beds, Ruling, Mattresses. A o. Curtains, Andirons. Shovel and Tongs Chi"*. Glass and Crockery Ware Cooking and Chamber Stoves With a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms cash in current funds. JOHNS KUHINSON, Kxe. utor. jan2o-d A. G R EEN. A not. By C. W. BOTKLER, Jr.. Auctioneer. SALE OF HoVKKNMKMT PROPERTY at Littib Fai.l* Bkiook.?On Tl'ESDAY next, the 36th mstsnt. at the i.ittle Falls Bridge, 4 nnles above Georgetown. by order of tne Engineer in charge. I shall sell, to-the highest bidder, all the moveable Properly of the Uriteu States remain ing at the bridge, consisting principally of tiie Shops, Shanty. Ottif*, and all the Tools and Machinery which have been used in the oonstruction ol the bridge, I enumerate in port Blacksmith Shop ami all the usual Fixtures and Tools, Screw-plate, with Stockand Dies to 1*4 inch, in per fect order,

A small lot of New Iron, of various sizes. Lot of Scrap Iron. Aliont )?i tons o| I1, inch Round Iron, best English refined, which has been used for derrick guy s. Eight large Screw Swivels, Cast steel Drills, Points, Pitching-tools, henvy Cast-steel Spelling Hammers, Masons' Hand Hammers. Stone Slrdges. Shovels, Picks, Wheel (arrows, for dirt and lor stone, Ifandlnrrows, Stone scales. Mortar-boxes, oouoretc Box. A large lot of heavy Crow Bars and heavv Mason Hars, Tool-chest, fonr excellent stone Hand Trucks, Carpenter Shop, one Work l>ench. two bench screws one Grindstone, Shanty, of most approved construction, in perfect order, of comlortablo capacity for forty men. Tables asd Bcnche?, Two small Ovato Stove" and Fixtures for Cumber land Coal. Cement House. Tool House, A lot of.1?S inch and a lot of 3 men Manilla Rope, but vary little worn, Eight 22-incn Single Blocks, Waterman A Russet's patent. Two IK inch Snatch-Blocks, do. do. patent. Two 12-inch Double Blocks, four !*? inch Single Blocks, One in inch Gauntline Block. All the Mocks good as new, A lot of heavy proof C*ble Chain, Mast. Booin, Braces, and Traveller of Derrick No. 1 Boom, Braces, and Traveller of Derrick No. 2 Two Crabs lor Derricks, in good order, of similar construction t?? those in u.-ieat the General Post Ollice Extension. Xne Otfiee, D?'sk. Table. Chairs, Ac., Ac., quantity of Lumber, including all ol the present "incline plane,'* and all of the present bridge across the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, A lot of Superior Sand. One Buggt -Wagon in gt?od order. One set of Buggy Harness. One Bay Horse, thorough bred, spirited, gentle, and kind in haiuesi. andoneofthe best Saddle horses in the District. The ssle will commence with the blacksmith shr>p Ac., at I< o'clock. Terms cash in specie. jan*'-dts CHAS. W. BOTEI.ER. Jr.. Auct. MA R>H AL'S S A L E.?In virtue ol a writ ol ben facias, under the Litn lair, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County ol Washington, and to me directed, I shall cxn-ise to public sale, for Cash, in front ol the Court-House door of said County .on TUKSDA Y, the 12th day ol January. 1B68,at 12o el'k in., the following described propertT. to wit: All defendant's right, title, cairn, and interest in aud to a brick house erected on l.ot B, in Square No. 5?-8, on Third street north, between E ard F streets west, in the Citv ol Washington. D- C.. seized arid levied t?p<?n as tlie properly ol John W. J<? i<1 ;iri. and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 48. to October term, 18o7. in tavor of Cripps A Waller, J. D. HOOVER, d 19 ts Marshal for the District of Columbia. tnT" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED uuiu Tlll'RSDAV, the 14th inst.. same hour and place. J D. HOOVER, Marshal jan 12 for the District of Columbia. TUN ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED to Tl ESDA^ next, the 19tli instant, same hourar.d plaoe. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal jan 14 for tne District of Columbia. CLTTHK ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER postponed until SATURDAY next, the 23d inst., at the same hour and plaoe. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan 19 for the Distriot of Columbia. FOR RENT AND SALE. FOR RENT.?A very desirable STORE lor rent on Pa. avenue, suitable for a dry good or grocer* store, ceutrally located. Rent low. Apply lo JOHN L. SMITH, Attorney at Ijiw, Kill street. _janJ9-3t F^OR RENT.?Situated on F street. West End, between 19th and 20th streets, a handsome HOl'SE, containing 13 rooms, with bath-room, and all the modern improvements. To a good tenant the house can lie rented by the year or for a term of years, at a mi?derate rent. A pply at No. H6 Pa. ave nue. Six Buildings. jan 19 e??tf rp WO ROOMS TO LET-Furnished or Cnfur 1 nished. Inquire at No.311 G street, near corner 13th. south side. Terms very moderate. jan 19-tf I^t)R RENT ?Porsession given immediately ? No. 2, a large and commodious House hi Fraiik lin Place, immediately opposite franklin Square, and next door to the residence of the Hon. Secrete ry ol \\ ar. For terms, A c. apply to H. N. LANS DA I.E, ?>r to the advertiser, through Imia i?22, P?-st Office. jan 16 41* I^OR RENT?A RARECHANCE-AFARM in Prince George's county, Md.. adjoining Mr. Hell's and Mr. Johnson's l.irms, four iii>I*-m from ll'adenst nrg ?containing 71 acres of good land antl a good dwelling, n?wly finished, and stable, with plenty of firewood. I propose to rent the above farm for hve years, upon shares, giving the tenant rent free the first year. I have three hundred dol lars' worth ol work to do, which the tenant will be psid for; doing at tunes when wanted. I'h:s is a go?*l chance for one that understates farming. 1 will give a married man a good cliuice that comcs well recommended. Apply for further tnfoiniation to ANDREW WILSON, No. S East Capitol st., Washington. jan 16-lw* tl^OR RENT.?Two STORES, on Pa. avenue between 13th and I3)fc streets, south side. One with cellar at $15 per month; the oilier at $12.50 per month. Inquire on the premises. jan 12-cot f Rooms on pa. avenue to let.-two Rooms, on 2d fl?>or, on Pa. avenue,between I2th ami 13th streets, over Sa*n'l. Lewis' Jeweiry Store, will be let low to a peimanent tenant. Would make good office rooms. Apply to WM. F. BAYLY, Stationer. jan 12-tf ROOMS TO RENT.?Parlors aud Chaml?ers. with all the modern improvements, water, gas. Ac., over our store. WALL. STEPHENS. A CO. jan 4-2w Pa. ave., I?et. 9th and loth sts. BOARDING. Boaiidin a private KAMII.Y.-A IMti and Gentleman or two single Gentlemen can t>e accommodated with a pleasant front ROOM, neat'y furbished, with or without BOARD, or partia: Board. No children or l>oardcrs in the family. Please to apply at517 1 street north, between 6tn aud 7th streets. jan2n-3t* BOARDING.-MRS. RUFF, No. 3* D street, ne?r Seventh, hss taken this large and commo dious House, where she intends to rent her rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their Wives, with Board. Transient B<>arders by the pay or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the day. Also, wanted, 2 girls to do general housework, jan 11-lm* Millinery, &c. Millinery, dress making and TRIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. Ladies visiting Washington are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ao.. at short notice, in the latest sty les, and satisfaction guaranteed in aU cases. A large stock o| Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of latest and handsomest styles, with CLOAKS, BASQUES, UNDERDRESsES, BONNETS, RIBBONS, aud MILLINER Y, of every descrip tion, always on hand. M. WILLIAN, d 15 2in opposite Centre Market. MADAME A. NOURRIT, 1*1 No. 716 Walnut st., below 8th, Philadelphia, IMPORTER Or FRENCH FLOWERS, HEAD DRESSES, BONNETS AND FINE MILLINERY, A Begs leave to inform the Ladies now^fft McCain Washington city that she has opened Oft^) aZllCWor two or three weeks only, a Saloon on p?. avenue, between I2tli and 13th sts.. No. 256, where I Jidies will find all the above articles of the latest and richest style, being seleoted by M'me N. herselt in Paris, during her aocustomed yearly visit there for that purposa. M'me Nourrit having contracted with Mr. Felix, the celebrated Coitl'eur ol the Empress Eugenie and Queen Victoria, for the sole dc,^t in the United States of Ins Head Dresses, she will be able to fur nish all theCoifleures of the latest pattern worn at tne principal Courts of Europe, made by that re nowned artist. Ladies are respeotfully invited to call aud exam ine. d31-3tA2aw4t* IPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.-Jast ~ re oeived, *J) cases of the oelebratod 1 oudou Cor dial Giu and luvigorating Cordial, and for sale by JONAS P. LEVA*. No. 564 12th streot, oorner of B street north, Gro eerieeand Liqnor Star*. ?i 1?-tf TWO VERY FINE SECOND-HAND PIAN JL OS for sale very cheap at our Piano and Mnsie Store. 306 Pa. avenue, bet. Sth and leth sts. jan5 JOHN F. ELLIS. WE HAVE THIS DAY BEEN APPOINTED sole ageut for J.M. Singer A Co's Sewins Ma chine for Wsshingtou and AleXMidri*. Having u ed them for aevsral years, we find them to be the b^st Also, Family Sewin* Maob i nes ofi na I^Ted plan, atlow pnoea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO. N0.322 Pennsylvania av., between jan 9 1m 9th and Iftth eta. ftlPLOM aTIC MlbTOHY of Usa WMhington U aad Adams AdMinistrationa, by W.H. Tresooit, I' it ,M",M"r*AS0S TAVLOS. ^ AUCTIOJ BALM. TO-DAT ? TO-MORROW MORNING Br WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. Ctuer *f Ptnntilvami* stuns* aad 91A ttrrtI. 8M flA * MORNIN07*l?t mtuut, we will tell, at oor Store, oorper Ninth street and Perm. avenue, a rerr cboioe and elesai.t stock of ricli and oostfy For*. R?*lw???c. IneM Gocm1?. m hich ar? from on# of tbe latest establishments in the L ruled States, will he sold without reserre. We name in part? Elegant gsr. nine Rusaiaa Sable Sets, Single jnec? s of mm*. MuHi. Cnffi, Cape*. Sets or dark and costly MuOs. Do. geauiue imported Fitcii. Ermine Set*. d>>. t apes. do. Opera Cloaks, Russian and Siberian Squirrel.very fine, Stone Mai tin Sets of the hue?t description. Single piece* of all the above, with lower prioed nil ul which are warranted perfect. Also, Nutria.Otterard BeaverCape*aiid Muffler* and Gloves. Also, very handsome Hudson Bay, half-Kussicn. Genet, Angola aud Fancy Holies. With a large assortment of other Fure ant here mentioned. To ail of which tlie attention of the public is in\ ited, as this is a chance rarely ? tiered. Terms cash. JtaJMU WALLA BARNARD. Auets. ByA.GRKKN Auctioneer. RUSTLES' SAI.fc OF A VERY EXTEN sivii A^nSi PKKioR Assoktmskt of Gaocaa its. Wiwts a st> Lii/l?obs.?On THURSDAY, tbe ^lat instant. 1 shall sell, at 10 o'clock, a. m., end at t he same hour trom day to day until all is sold, by virtue of a need of trust, duly reoorded in oue of the l*nd records of Washington eounty, D. C.. at the tloreof Wnt. M. Cripps. on I<uui>uii? avenue, op posite the Kink of \N ashmgton.all the stock in the store, Fixtures. Ac., viz: Teas of every description. Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Starch, Salt in sacks. Soap and Candles, Tobaeoo and Cigar*. Floui. Clioooiaie. Coo<a. Superior Wince and Liquors in bottles and oiuk*. Lar.'e platform and other Scales, and ail other fix tures m the store. Togeiner wrh.i large assortment of all other arti cles usually found in a first-class wholesale and re tail grocery store. Term*. Ail sums nnder ?25, cash in bankable fund*; over ?25, a credit of 2. 3. and 4 month*, lor notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest from day of sale. RICHARD H. LASKEY, Attorney for trusteea. jan 19-d A. GREEN, Auct. I^RUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HEAL I statk.?in rursnanoe of a decree, passed on the sixth day of November, 1867, b* the Circmt Court for Princ George's eotinty. sitting as a Court of Equity in a muse in said Court depending, wherein Margaret S. A. <'u mining. next friend to Kdmund D. Cnmming and others, i* oomplainnnt. and 1-dmund K. Cummini and others are defend - ants, the undersigned, a* Trustee therein appointed, will,if the same is not previous-* disposed of at Eirivate tale, expose at public sale to ibe highest nddcr.on ih? premises,on THURSDAY.2let Jan uary. I8jfl. at the hoar of 11 o'clock a. m., if fair, and if not fair at the same time and place on the next (sir day thereafter, all that veluaule Heal Estate situate in said count*, which was Heretofore con veyed to the Hon Thotn ts \V. Cumminr now de ceased aud intestate, by one Martitr Buell and Lacy Anu, his wife, in fee simple, conrainirif one hondred and seventy -seven and a ha?f acres, more or less. These Lands arc very va liable; th? soil is or a character pccnliarly adapted to the edification and ?tuick nia< urity of garden and farming productions; ilie count* road to Washington, by the way of Sev enth and North Capitol streets, is a !i>undary on one side. The health and societrof the neicnl'or Bood is unsurpassed in Mar*ltn or the District. There aie several streams of pi:rf water and one large spring on th:s estate, wtiieh is within two mi'es of the "Soldier's Hunie^' and within five mile* of the Centre Market. The bn*i has been divided into several lot*, raiigin^ in size from 15 to 70acre*, with asulhciency of Wood on most of the tots, and will t>e sold in parceis if deemed to the in terest of the parties. Tne Dwelling House and Out-hoa*es on thi* es tate are large aud oommodiooa, and in exoellent order. Thi*c*tate adjoins the property of late Ste phen Markcood, the Messrs. Wingerd, Digges, Clark and others Any information will be given to persons desirou* of purchasiug.on apphaation to'he undersigned, personally or l-y letter. The Terms of Sale, as prescribed by the decree, are as follows:?One thousand dollar* cash oa tbe day of bale, to be paid iu funds of Home District or Baltimore Hank. The residue of the purchase mo ncv to be paid in one. two. three and four year*, m equal instalment*. Iiearmg interest from the day of , sale, and to be secured h? the Itonds of the purolia I s-r or purchasers, with one or more co-obliters, to bs approved l?y the underaigned. Upon the pay ment of the whole purchase money, and all interest thereon, aud not before, the undersigned, an trustee, will oonvey to the purchaser or purchaser*, or their heirs, the property *o purchased by them. free,o'.ear and discharged from all claim of the parties to thi* suit, and of ail persona claiming by them or ur.der them. The widow has joined in tlie proceeding for a ?ale, and lias signified her consent in wiling to take an equivalent m money (in heu of her dowers out of the proceeds of sale, as ascertained hr law. D\N1EL C. DIGGES, Trustee. ^ SI Staw2wAdts FUTURE DAYS. VfARSHAL'S SALE. ? In virtue of a writ of i?l Fieri Facias, issued fr?m the Clerk'* Offioe of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, for Cash, in front of the Ccurt-house door of said county, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of Jauuary, 1858. at 12 o'clock in . the fol lowing described property, to wit: All defendant'* right, title, claim, and interest in and to Lot No. 3, in Square No. 759, in the City of Washington, D. C., together with ail aad *higutar the improvement* thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Kdmond Knev. and will be *o!d|to satisfy Judicials No. 371, to October term, 1857, in favor of John Waters. J. I). HOOVER. Marahal jan 5-t* for the District of Columbia. %I A RSHAI/S SA I.E.?In virtue of a writ offieri i' 1 facias.under the lien iaw. issued from the cletk's office of t he Ci rcuit Court of the Dist rict of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for i'asn. in front of the Court Housed?x?r of said county, or. SATL' R DA Y, the 31 kt An of January, 1R5K, at 1 i o'clock hi., the following descnl>ed property to wit: Al< defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and tothetnree Frame Houses erected on Lot No. S. in reservation I), on Marx land aveuue, bet weeu 4S and t>th *ts., in the City of Washington, D. C,. seized and levied ii[>on :is the pr?<j>irt> of James B. L.ockev.and will !??* Mild to ?ati?f? Judicial* No 27M, to (Ictol^er term IH37, iu favor of Siuitn A Fowler. J. D. HOOYEK. Marshal jan 8-dtfc* for the District of Columbia. MARSHAL'S MALK.?la virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued f rom the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public *al?, for Cash, in lront of the Court Hou*e?toor.of said county.on FRIDAY,the ?9th of January, 1898, at U o'clock m..the followiug property to wit: All defendant'* right, title, claim, and iut?resi in and to Lot No. 5. in Square No. 5$i, in Hie City of Wasnington. D. C.. together with all and singular the improvement* thereon, seized and levied on as the property of John M. McCalla, and will be sold to satisfv Judicial* No. Ul. to October term, 1857, in favor of Sweeny, Rittenhouse it Co. J. D. HOOVER, jan 6 ts Marshal for the District of Columbia. t ADIES, PLEASE READ. O O K 81 BOOKH" GIFTS I?GIFTS!!?GIFTS!*! For genuine, reliable FURS, free from moth, and fresh made, call at STIN E.METZ'S, 236 Pa. ave nue, between 12th and 13th streets, who has re ceived instruction* from New York, to sell the hue assortment now hand, on commission, at less dis count than heretofore offered. Among them will be found the ha. dsoniet sets Pret ch Salilcs, half and quarter Capes ever brought to tin* oity, for $10 and %\2. Victorines $5. Also, Capes and Cloaks, of superior quality, very cheap. Partioubtr attention is invited to two very large Miuk Sable Capes, worth over $ h*?. each lor $75 and $85. Mink Sable Cape, medium size. $jn ai.d $35. Mink Sable Viuiorines 414 aud $it?. Also, several sets real Hudson Bay Saole. Together with Silurian Squi Tel. Fitch Marten, French SLnk, Ac , in all their variety ltnlrmine Opera Cloaks, very handsome; Muffs to match, of all kinds, froui $^.5" to $S). Every article warranted, and if proven as tot rep resented, the money will be refunded. B. H. STINE.MF.TZ, 236 Pa. ave , bet, 12th and 13th st*., jan 11 next door to Madame Delarae. B | PHILBRICR'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at So. 476 Pennsvlrnnia annul./rut door (Ail tj United Slates HoUl. Our STOCK OF BOOKS consist* of several thousand volumes,embracing the choicest European and American Literature, which will be *nld at the publisher'* lowest prices, aud many of them for le*s, and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will l>e made immediately after the sale) to each purchaser of a Book for which we receive $1 and upwards. Onr PRESENTS consist in part of? t*old and Silver \Y atches. Gold Lockets. Brace lets, Armlets, Chains, Caraeo, Gold-stone and Mo saic Pins and Drops, Sfud* and Sleeve Button*, Gold Watch Keys, Cuff Pin*, Pen*, Pencil*, Rings, Aa $750 worth of Presents will be given away with each thousand Books sold. Catalogues of Books can l>e obtained at the store l adies and gentlemen are invited to eall and ex amine our stock of Books and Presents. Sales Day aud Evening. . a 11-tf J. PHI!.BRICK. Arent. IU GASTON A CLARK, 4o LOUISIANA AVENUE, second door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, dxalcbs m _ CLOTHING AND GbNT.f FURNISHING GOODS* The subscribers otII attention toa desirable Stock of CLOTHING which tbey now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louwiana avenue, seoond door from 7th street, and as tbey are determined to close ofl the lot if ?o**ible. every effort neoeeaary on th?ir p irt shall be used in order to please their customers. in me DtftintiST we ean guarantee the stook to be perlvot in poiut of aurability, fet at.a style, beoause we make everything ourselves, ard have no hesitation in saying our goo?*s will be foana equal to the best order wot* in the country. Watching the vanou* changes of fashion, parties may rest as ured of finding the lateet oat aad make in store, subjeot to their inepeotion and approval. ? w?rth of Goods for Men's, Boys'sad Ser vant a W ear, will be sold at auetion prices, and pur chasers would do well to exarniae the lot. This is no hnmbng, as our assertions can be pnwed on ex amination. Call and aee us at the above Store. d Jl-Sm GASTON A r.^Alll IK. (\KIENTAL NAIL POLISH, giving a beaatiful J' hutre to the finger nails, at GIBBS fl Hair Store, near 1WH itrsst. P? ??? ? '*?*" u iiXuHai.u aiaioai or inti Admirnstratious of Washington ano Adams, nW-liOt ; by W m. Henrv Treeoot j 1 rot, $1^5 "5S17 ~a' TAYLOS. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS 150'A^Aroi.i?, Jaa 19 ?A circular baa b*M Issued for a nm*? Democratic Convention on tbe ?d of February, for expressing the dlaaatistbr tion frit at the resolution* paased by the late PtMe Convention. The final resolution rtta'irf to the Lecompton ConMitntlon U difltreutlv construed It say* that the naked awetlon 1m the Indian* Democrat# in: " Are we In fhvor of contributing to force slavery on the people of Kansas opsin.! their will ? If we are, onr party will be over whelmed in defeat." and they aak their brethren, not to risk defrat bv deserting the principle* which led them to victory. Burning of ? Pahltc KchMl*hn(e> ? ?even < hildrru Smothered to Death. New Yoas.Jau. 19?The public ncbool-booee on the comer of Concord and Navy sts . Brook lyn, wa? burnt this afternoon, owing to aorue de fect in the Ueater. There were iUR children In the buildini: when the fire broke out, and the moot Intense excitement prevailed In their eagerness to escape. seven children wera either smothered or trampled to death' Many were only saved br being thrown from the window* and caught In the arm* of the firrtnea and Othera Tbe building was the finest school building to the city. It w?* entirely destroyed. Arrfvnl of Mall ftteuater Black Nrw York, Jan. 2(Kb.?The mall steamer Black Warrior has arrived, bringing Havana date* to tbe 15th imrt The Spanish sqnadro* sailed on the lfith. to cruiae In tbe Gulf, for health of the crew*.' There wan a tumor. hut It wa% discredited. that Santa Anna wai on board, and that the fleet waa hound to Vera Crwt The Walwili arrived on the 1Mb. with Ander son and forty men for Mrtrasu. Tbe weather wan w?rm. Bu*inana dull. Ki change on New Yo* k, at short date. 5efi premium The Warrior bring* flMi.MM in specie. Drafta Returned? .Norwegian Laau. New Yoaa.Jan 1U?The Havre correspond - ent of the N V. Commercial xavs that a large nntribtrof d ta/ts which arrived out hy tbe last stea.ner have been returned protested The government of Norway had raiaed a loan of two hundred end wenty thousand pound? to assist embarrassed house* The government of sweden would probably do the Pennsylvuniu Politics. Ha?ci?Brs6. Jan. 10?Tbe Democratic State Central Committee bad a stirring ?t??x uaaion hoe* t<v-day relative to tbe time for holding tbe State Convention, the Bucbanaaite* desiring to post pone it till the 1th of July. Tbe original motion for the 4th of March, however, pre ailed by a brge majority. Lebanon Valley Hail read. Habkifrcrg, Jan 18.?The Lebanon Valley Railroad waa opened to-day throughout lta en tire length from Reading via Le!>anoii to Ha ri?bnrg, a distance SI miles The tralaa, filled with paKocnver*. made good time, passing orti tbe track in perfect safety Seizure at Steamer Fashion. Niw OdLitM. Jan -JO ?Tbe aleainer Faabton h.is arrived at Mobile, and baa been eeiaed by tba authorities Advices from Texas report considerable dam ajre to tbe shipping at Galveston by the recetir gale Destructive Fire ut Scrunten. Pa. SceaMux, Pa , Jan Is ? A de*tructive fire is racing here this evening. It 1. feared a Stefan 11 our mill, storehouse, hotel, and several dwelHsg bouses will be destroyed. Heavy Robbery. Acr>r*TA., Jan 19?Tbe sum of 910.000 was stolen from two North Carolinians at Femandina, Florida, on Saturday night laat Most of the mon ey was on the Bank of Wilmington, N- C. Election af Mayor. Rai.ikjm. NC. Jan l?.?Capt.Wm H Har rison, of the Oak City Guards.was elected Mayor yesterday by a majority of 81 vote* over the pres ent incumbent. \V. D Haywood, E*q Election in Middletewn, CI. MtDPLEToWK, Ct . Jan It? ?Tbe Republicans were successful to-day at the city election, Dr. W B Casey bring elected Mayor by a majority of 58. ? New Orleans Market. New Orleans, Jan 19~-Aales of cotton to-da< 3.U*i bales. Quotations 9\alftr ; bolder* de mand an advance Sugar from 4a4\. Flour advancing. Raw Turk Mark eta. Nrw Yoke, Jan 2U ? Flour is drooping, snles of t*,54W bbla ; State *1.30, Ohio S4 ?5a? 90, South em SI..jO*4 90. Wheat is dull and nominal Cora is declining, sales of 15,0t)ii bushels; J*outhern whit* 6?ati9c , do yellow 65rf6a7c. l'ark is dull; mesa 914 90aS14 05 Whiskey ia firm,' Ohio 21c. Financial. N ew \ oee, Jan 20 ?stocks are lower gener ally; Chicago and Rock Island 663j Cumberland Coal Co 13. Illinois Central shares WI jj. do bonds 19; La Crosse and Milwaukie 11 if; Michigan Southern New York Central >V Pa Coal Co Tt , Reading 553*; Virginia 6'a 1*2; Missouri 6's 8I\". ^terl^n^jr^hang(M?^flrmatlO9all0^^^^^^^ 'l'UE SHOALS* AND UlICKSANDS 1 OF YtJlTH. Ju*t publnhtd, tkt 3d edition. in* ON SPERMATORRHEA OR SEMI NaIi DISEASES.?A scientific Treaise on tbe treatment arid perfect cure of Nervous DeMiti. Seminal Weakness, Invoinn'ary Kmissions, lmi*> tet.oe. Ac., resulting from vicious habits acq?it"?1 darutK tbe oritical passage f ora Youth to Men hood. BY DR. CUl.VERWELL. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Erg iand, <lft*7), Licenciate of the Hall, <1850, and >' years Resident Practitioner in London. Aethor ?>t the "Guide to Health," * Greeu Book," "How to l>e Happy." "Memoirs of Single and Married Life. A c. This smal: tiut valusb.e Treatise,wrrten hy uorid renowned Physician and Surgeon, points out th? Ola* onl* aure and permanent core f??rall<^i*oaaes reeu t ine In mi seif almae. and is the only publication is kind wntte j in a tienevoienl spir.l and try a scier t f ic nun. It siiould l>e in the hanas of all who value tneir life and iieaith ai.d happiness here and hereef - ter. Price 12 cfuts, or 4 stamps, at the receipt of which it wi I be sent, Post free, sna well secured, bj Dr. CH KLINE, No. 420 1st Avenue, B? * 4?K, New York. jau it JJEV. DR. STILES' CRKAT WORK. MODERN REFORM EXAMINED, or tie I nion of the North and South on the suh eot of Slavery. u? Joseph C. St ilea. D. D.Ji'rni?'lr of Ueorgia. For sale at tbe Bookstores.*^>ne Do1 tir per copy. Thi* work is most highly oonmsnded Revs. Drs. Spring. Parker, Skinuer. Murray and others, of New \ oik,say *lt is aMe.k'^d. courteous, ^??uted. and in it true christcui sou eloquent?written In a Southern man long living at tne North?it mat ha circulated all over the oountry. The Savanah (Oeorcia 1 News says this work wi I undoubtedly give Rev. Dr. Stilee aa inoreaead per - manenct ainonc American authors. Tbe whol4 South should tell under many obligations to Dt. S.. and as some slight token of gratituda his wort should hnd its welcome reception into every south ern household. Several liberal-minded gentleman of New York, among whom tnay be mentioned Gerald Haiieck. o the Journal of Commeroe. are soatiering this work overall portions of the United States. jan U-e??5t LCHIN'S EXTRACTS,all odors, at GIBBS'S Hnir Store, near iSth at., and at kia Sa.es Room noiler W il'.arda' Isittel ? 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H SI History of tik rrpcblkj of thk t'nited r*ratee.as traced in the wrttiags of A: l?r Hamilton; t?y John C. Harm I too. vo*umel. MXM. suuker'* Hi?tnfT ?f the I'mied States, volum s Sand 4, |l * per volume. Kxanimiius uf ta?i 4>??.d Scott Case; hy 1 hoe. H. Th?tjiieens of ISn?land and tha?f Times, by Fran as fjanoefot, Es^ , * volumes, ft. Port aitaoimy Married P rie.>ds; hy Duels Ben. Rr.?s for the Hnon Circle.'i, ?>e Days m Memphis, or Sketches uf tbe Fsi lisi afl Private t ife ofthe Old Egyptians . by Dr. Uhl iman, 75 oents. lw Hi - J?'??iik Clenesi. |l. ,"*V ,tHe M'rttm o?pr?uga; hy Mary J. Par... ... . Kncbsh Pileessri, a Christ??* ator<; by Dickeaa,Macuta, . .. , ^L? j 'ittaaBiW 9fiHla?11,1 rLaetltstaoii. by JXT*"' "W5Jf??vTS*.