22 Ocak 1858 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Ocak 1858 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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t LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Th* AsTLr* f6* thb Dbaf, Dttmb Blibd. An exhibition of the pupil* of the Columbian Institution took place in the old ball of the House of Representatives last evening, and was, per haps, one of the most interesting afialrs of the kind that has ever occurred In this city. The concourse of citizen* and strangers in attendance was sufficiently largr to crowd the hall so that numbers were unable to find seats In this cop. nertion we may mention the fact that the thanks of those present .irv due to Messrs. Ja*. Owner and James I. Wright, for their exertions to In i r?-nse the nccotnmodations. The meeting was caliert to order by Hon. Amos Keadall. President of the Board of Trustees of the Asvluin. after which the Rev. Mr. damson offered an eloquent and appropriate prayer. Mr. Kendall then introduced the principal teacher in th* Asylum, Edward M Gallauaet, Esq., who delivered * very interesting address. He commenced by remarking that the educa tion of deaf mntes'and the blind, unknown in America at the commencement of the present century, is now so general that any argument to prove its feasibilirv i* uncalled for. The spirit of bigoted incredulity which chilled the hearts of the pioneers J has given place to a hearty sympathy and en-operation with all well directed endeavors to ameliorate the condition of the tin (fortn*alri and there is now scarce a State in this Confederacy which does not in~>ke liberal provi sion for those of its children to Whom the senses ot sight or hearing are denied. Foe many centuries after the Saviour had loosed the tongues of the dumb, and opened the ears of the deaf and the eye* of the blind, the children of silence and darkness remained nncared for. They were horn, and they lived and died, and thus, generation after generation, was their brief history written. Without education, social priv ileges. or legal rights?without sympathy in this world, or hope in that to come?they entered upon and passed off from the stage of human ac tion Faintly at tlrst the light from the sun of intelligence dawned upon them on the other side o* the Atlantic; and not until years after many portions of Europe had been blessed by the slowly diffusing Wains was there an attempt made to introduce the benign rays to our own shores. Forty years ago a little band of mutes gathered around their teacher in a neighborhood ha d by the quiet wafers of the broad Connecti cut, and gazed wonderinglv at the lessons of wisdom which fell from his expressive Angers The speaker proceeded to recount the history of this education in the United States, alluding especially to the astonishing rapidity with which schools were multiplied. State after State took the matter up. and in rapid succession pronounced the sacred '? Ej<kphatto thecloset! ears with in theit borders. He also noticed the Introduction of the instruc tion of the blind. Not thirty years ago, said he, the philanthropic Howe opened, In the Old Bay State. with six pupils, the first school in this country for the instruction of the blind. .Now, upwards of a score of similar institutions are es tablished. and, by the facilities they afford, nine hundred young immortalswho.se natural eyes are cl'>?*d have vividly displayed to their mental vision the beauties of the Gospel and the price less treasures of science* Of so recent date is the introduction of these systems of t duration, that Home of the pioneers in the work are yet in the vigorous exercise of all their 'acuities, and still eng*grd in the labor, vet the feasibility of 'he subject is so thoroughly tested that they have been permitted to witness its permanent estab lishment in the land. Under its influence pupils have been instructed and are now useful members of society. And yet. he added, while the despotic Governments of Europe have for years ministered to their un fortunates , while public and private charity Lave freely lavished their bounty in every enlight ened nation on the deaf, dumb and blind, while the care of these has become in our own land a vital portion of our system of popular education; while millions of dollars have been expended by the several States to secure for these classes con venient buildings, and thousands are annually appropriated for their support; whila even the General Government has opened its coft'-rs and made generous appropriation to aid the State in ?titutions ; and while Congress has munificently provided for the sick, maimed, infirm and iu sane in the District of Columbia, the sun of the year just closed, first dawned on a portion of our common country, where the deaf, the dumb and the blind were permitted to grow up in utter ig norance, and that portion, too, is under the espe cial care of our National I egislature ! But. thank Heaven, within the past year be nevolent men have associated for Ihe purpose of remedying this neglect, and by their energy and the aid received from last Congress, have suc ceeded in establishing an institution, which in the few months of its existence has, to some ex tent, fulfilled the benevolent designs of its found ers. Mr G desired his auditors to remember that the great object of such institutions is not to afljrd an asylum wher* these unfortunate classes may be maintained as paupers at public cost during theirlives, but to nttliemselves toconUnd successfully in the tattle of life, and take honor able positions side bv side with those whopos ?ess the use of all their faculties. As the efforts already made for their reclamation from a condi tion of normal imliecility have been sosuccessful, he deemed it unnecessary to detail the course of training, *e., and proc eeded to consider the matter in a pecuniary light. The number of pu pils graduated frcm institutions in this country is altout and the average cost of instructing and maintaining them is estimated at ?lsti per annum. The average period ailotl*d for each to remain at school is six-and-a-half years; thus the cost of educating these 3.0011 has exceeded S:l, 500,Mill. The amounts expended on lands, build ings, Ac., about 91,500.01 Ml, should not enter into the estimate, since they are permanent invest ments. and, by the rise in value of real estate.the property is worth more now than when first ap propriated The rigid and unavmpathizingecon omist may say, Why expend this vast amount on classes comprising so smalt a proportion of the community * Besides the cogent humanitarian reasons to be given in reply, the sneaker urged that if left un educated, the blind, deaf and dumb must be necessarily consigned to paii|>?ris!n. wnile, with education, they can become .>clf-?upporting. Af ter ?3,500.000 have been expended on them the 3.000 grad-iateil pupils ab.tve alluded to have ceased to t>e dependent and become productive. Averaging their ages at vents, and the cost of supporting each at *?Mi per annum, and we have an aggiegate of *?.loo,o?:o as the sum their main tenance would have c??st when destitute of edu cation. Thus the amount saved through their instruction is shown to be as follows :?Add to the cost of their maintenance in the institution per annum as the expense of supportiug them from infancy up to the age of fifteen years, and the whole cost of taking care of and educating the 3,U<*i until they became competent to provide for themselves will 1m- *5,?5M.(iOO. Therefore, the country by providing for their education is already actually the gainer of nearly 92.500 1100. Mr. G. closed his address with an earnest ap ical to Cougress and to the people of the District o aid the Columbia Institution far the instruc tion of the deaf, dumb and blind. The burthen of sustaining it lias become too heavy for the noble few through whose perseverance and gen erosity it was established, and unless assistance shall be obtained from some quarter, it must sink. On the conclusion of the address, a blind pupil perfo rrei a sacred air* n ihe piano, accompanied with singing by her fellow blind pupils. This part of the exercises was succeeded by the deaf and dumb pupils being respectively ? -tiled out on the floor at.d representing by signs various natural phenomena, the passions, Ac. Among the si^ns given by them, at the request of a teacher, Mr Jas. Dennison. (who is lik? wise a mute.) were those representing love, hate, fear, terror, the son. snow, the sea, anger, vanity, humility, courage, and angels. Several of the pupils then took their places on the stand, where they wrote a iiumlier of words on the blackboard. To show that they under stand written language numerous requests for 'bein to perform certain acts were written on the blackboard by the teacher, ai.d the pupils whose names were seveially written, complied correct ly. Three of the more advanced were then as signed subjects on which they constructed sen tences, written ou the blackboard. In every in stance the s-ntences were conclusively evident ?hat they fully understood both the subjects ex pressed and the words they wrote. At this stage of the proceedings the principal announced that Mr. John Carl.n, a deaf mute from New York, bad ju?t arrivd in the city, and he \* as brought upon the stand for the purpose of making a '-speech" to the audience by signs, which Mr. G interpreted Mr Carlinwas stated to be oue of the first mute* educate d iu this coun try. He is now a miniature portrait painter, of considerable skill, and amply competent to earu a livelihood. On being introduced, he represented that he had arrived in the city this evening, and bavin-' only heard of this exhibition after reaching here, was entirely unprepared to make an address. ||e| however, felt a deep interest in the instruction of the deaf and dumb, aud especially in this insti tution He expressed gieat solicitude in its wel fare, and the hope that Congress will extend to It the aid which it tequires, aud which the noble purp ses for which it Is designed so eminently deserve He then alluded to the little chiid'en among the pupils, and expressed a concern that they should be favoied with that geneioiw char ity which shall enable theui to gaiu the advanta ges of education Ater compilm a ing Mr Gailaudet, the teach er, quite highly, Mr C begged to be excused from further remarks.and retiied from the stand Another brief musical entertainment was given by the blind scholars, after which ore of their number wa? called upon the stand, and read s portion vt .H? ripturf, from a volume p, listed With raised clters. Tnis scholar was a gi?l, perhaps, of eleven years of age, aud she lead with Wuu derful flu-ney. A still younger scholar was also introduced, and she re-ad off a portion of Scripture with great apparent facility. I'he blind schotars then joined in singing the P<>xoi<>gy, after whlck the audience was dlS teliMCd u^# the reeelpt from the pub mher, Mr. Wm. H. Boyd, of a copy of his new City Directory (Washington and Georgetown) for and which hu been got out in very creditable .tyle by Mr H. Polkinhorn, printer, inn Directory striken us, from the cursory ex amination we hare been able to give If, as the moat complete ever gotten op here, and aa em bracing a number of valuable new features It contain* some six or seven thousand more names in the two cities than does any previous direc tory. In the Washington Directory we find the nam** of Brown taking the lead, even over the i.T #".'w Brown's there are 147: of Smith's H6. of the*??27 are "John Smith's:" of Johnson s ot Davis's, 79; of Williams's 77 o> Clarke sand Clark'*, 75; of Thompson's, (59; of 5 ?L': ?, 67 5 of Wilson's, 85 ; of Miller s, 64; of Taylor'*, SI; of Stewart's 5'>- of Lee? 50, and of Robinson's, 33 ' ' ?r .< ? PJ,bli"heT" warn ,hA^ "eeking Informa in. tbe Directory to inform themselves of the correct orthography of the name sought, as there are such numerous ways of spelling a word having the same pronunciation, as for instance KUIoty aifd* Kl'llStV- ^!nd Buylyi El,ot' Elletj' r.niot ami hlliott; Pearce, Peerce, Peirce and Pierce ; Semmes, Simms and Sims i Steward Btenart, Stewart and Stuart, and so on ad Zfiif! M^Hen'rTpolk^h b*.oht?ir">d. we believe, at Seventh Polkinhorn s, D street north, n-sr Y KT another Crazy Visitor ?Washington City, as the capital of the nation, is "jest nate rally bound" to be the Mecca of allcrazy, cranky iKMties, and odd fl?h generally. On Monday, a perturbed looking Individual made his appearance In the Capitol rotundo, and inquired anxiously for Judye Douglas, with whom, he said, he had business of importance that would not admit of delay. His language, at wj" *"?Nciently coherent to induce the offl cer on duty to lend an ear to the inquiry; but a r^r ^?addressed ?o the anxious ma'n. showed him to be as "mad as a March hare ' nHPr,K 'T*! that hi" na,,,e Ferdinand, ??nd hough at present residing in the fishy town he.,wa" of r(iyal and w .s u'i!?i descendant from that Ferdinand of Spain 1? 4? wi,h the discovery of America. But this had nothing to do with bis 2Sl!n|Wf,ch. Wa" to inform Judge D.ofagre^t na ional calamity now impending; and whicii in KSi 4",r Ll,,le Giant" was the only man able to avert. He was in possession of reliable hrlTlu, a frightful war was about to >r?ak out between Ru-sia and the I'nited States t?eak"of*the 1fcause he had hlood on the r^f.? ii American eagie, and had come up t's^nnd"^, bylhw Hr*1 hoat tbat niorning Vnr l t^Li "J. Jho Gtticer """red him that f,i?. in T. 0 Russian Bear were on the Ir JnH . # t"'' ^f,er wh,ch he escorted thede ?nd?rL?H n,ni'' Ferdinand to the Capitol gate, and started him on his return trip to Alexandria. Another Attack o.n the Hons* or OrricKR John II. Wise ?Some days ago the residence of Officer John H. Wise, on New Jersey avenue, was attacked by a party of ruffians, who after nf,!r,!V at,emptlng to Are the premises, flred a hu il~n? '"s .shots through the windows of rtrik&tfc ^ one of thp nearly striking his head. About 2 o'clock last niuht wr?nt to 8hUCf m2d' by ,wo me?. who iT.mh . < ( n door and runK 'he bell with h" violence to wake him. whereupon muske?"mad0eU hi *** ?"d *Hz,n2 * loa<?ed tTe appearance at the door, and !5.? i 8 the u?'y looking weapon nrerini^r Pro.x"nity to their persons, fled with J * 'eav,nK him master o/ the battle g ouud; not without some damage to one of " ^fP<>d the garden fence was wY? warm discharge of buck shot, ? pot tenon, which elicited considerable howling and cursing from the discomfited marauder. Cb'minal Cofrt.?Yesterday, the jury in the case of Thomas Hanson, free negro, charged with stealing three coats fioiu the clothing store of Messrs Wall. Stephens A Co . on the 12th inst ?enUten ,? *Uilty *" ind*ted. He wm ' to imprisonment in the penitentiary adjourned ciBh'eeii months. The court theh To-day, the Court met at the usual hour. The first case taken on was that of the I nited States vs. Udshington Sullivan alias Causine, charged with stealing one chic ken, of the value of *1 from one John Reesidc; John E. Norris. Esq. for defence The jury were sworn and the trial wa. proceeding when our report closed. Stolen Goods ?Yesterday, a number of boys were offering a quantity of curiously wrought brass for sale as old brass. Officers Ecklofl- and Fanning of the third district, took charge of the articles, and among them a number of metal iorjis, and upon inquiry discovered that thev were a Dart of the pods stolen from the res7 dence or Hon. Mr. Claik, some weeks ago. The face and. ornaments of the clock stolen at that ihTi. W identified. The boys accounted for heir possession by showing that they found them in the canal at the foot of Ninth street west. Robberies ?Several losses of money and yaj. liable papers have been reported to the Captain of the Auxiliary Guards and the Chief of Police, and some of thein are attended with circum stances which indicate the operations of pick Pockets, and very skillful ones, for in no Instance can the unfortunates give any clue by which the thieve* may be detected or their money rerov f - .T a"d guards are all on the ? f"T operators, and any information ih?rli V r"n WJU thankfully received by the Chiefs of the day and night police. The Franklin Fin* Company had a capital I 'Mt night, and the dancing was kept up with spirit to the music of Arth's band. A tmmber of l>eantifnl wreaths decorated the halt. On the winirf ?f ?ht.S.tifue "at a "taiwart Indian Chief, who testified his approbation of the proceediims inf1"J,"m 'gutteral exclamations, but who could not ??e induced by any entreaties to figure in a quadrille. He thought the pale face squaws bewitching, but distrusted the c.in oline arrangements, or rather his ability ti navi daw*m em 'lirough the intricacies of the A Loxo Chase.?The residents in and about >wampoodle were much interested yesterday in a smartly contested foot-race. The entries were Barrett, a person charged with being concerned in the riot at the Capitol a few days ago, and Of flc< rs Carter, ^ eatinan and Mcllenry, of the r>o lice Barrett took the lead, wiih about one hun dred and hfty yards start, and after a fast run of a mile and a half, in which the C-.poration stock stre'.'.uth Krnat see|ned to gain fresh strength, and ran "clean out o' ?ight " It is whispered tl.at another trial will be given the parties?probably on another track. College Boy Swiswbd. ? The Baltimore Clipper gives the particulars of the manner in which a couple of Baltimore sharpers diddled a young man named Benj. Balbland who ha* been at college in Washington city, but who was about returning to h,s home in Louisiana, of ?X>3. Bal bland having but one dollarand a half remaining was compelled to return to college at Washing' ton and there await another remittance from Louisiana before resuming his homeward voyage. Da so erocs.?We are requested to call atten tion to the dangerous condition of the well on th- south side of the Canal, near Sixth street. It Is unused, is i>i the line of foot-travel, and should be Wiled up Commissioner Wise, if so directed rabid bv hi V hW. mlnil,ps time with the mud raised bv his dredging machine, which is now stationed near this point. ^?calded.?Wednesday night, a man employed at the brewery of Humphreys & Junemann, fell into one of the lager l>e?r vats and was unpleas antly though not dangerously parboiled, as for tunately the beer was at a low temperature The accident necessitated the loss of the lajrer In th! vat, which was thrown away aud ''wasted' (bitter) sweetness ' on the Capitol hill air Otto Siiermak, the marine, who was knock ed on the head yesterday in *he riot, for which Oarner, Shekell, and Atwell were arrested, is not dead, as rumored this morning; ou the contrary it is thought he will recover ?"rary, Melodkoji.?Landis' Opera Troupe perform this evening In the old style of Negro Serenades introducing old songs, dances, An., concluding Uoearly IaUKhable P^tomlme of Sam Patchino. Central honor I. O. O. F , paid a social vi?lt last night to Friendship Lodge, in the First w.M dn-w0n,F'.i,d*yIn,*l,t Beit Columbia Lodge W- veith War'a ^"t to Eastern Lodge in the Tin Commissions of several Justices of the ni?e!T ,rJb? C?Un'y of U a?hingtoB have ex KmSoJ Hvln1 d4y or lwo' and thus they are 1 '"Porarily incompetent for bminess T'*k* -"Spiritual Milk for Bos. B easts of b E*?l,nd? Dr,Wn from the B easts of both Testaments, for their 8ouls> Nourishment, but in? ?>- ?f itb. , Children;" by John Colton B l? ? 'T any title of a book 1-ubIishM in HL?^UCl?^,,the wont find tbat book at rhili.ri. L ? V Vu yo" ?r<> e. but v,m> will .!.?,L0r'lh ? Gift B?ok ?t.> e, but you will find' tbe 'l^TV." "M??k: et.oice and de?iruble literature and Ji^'tment of enu for all who purchase ' "d ele*m,,t P[? WATcnREtrRNs -JohnMurray, Va .drunken v .grant; workhouse W day.. Win Henry Mor V*. ! *'?'k *?" P""""r i <" Himlltun Foster, Md , disorderly conduct; fine and costs, ?3.44. James Green, D C.,drunk In the .treets; workhouse 90 days. John Henaon, colored, D. C , disorderly at a ball; flne and costs, f3 44. Wm. Brown, Md , do-; flne and coats, 96.44. Robert Teasdale, N. J., dnink and disorderly at a ball; flne and coeta,SMI. Fourteen lodgers all non-residents. ?* . Weddiho Cakks very pretty and very oheap; loe Cream and Water loesat flJO per gallon, at the Philadelphia Confeotiunery, corner 12th and F sts. jantf im* J. FussaLL. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Corrf*pondfnr$ of tke Star. 8ioisitowr, Jan. 22, 1958 The Concert of our young friend*, the pupils of the Methodist Sabbath School, last night, was certainly a very interesting and praiseworthy affair of the kind, more than satisfactory to the friends and teachers of the school. Thespacloul Church edifice was crowded nearly to a jam. There could not have been far short of eigbt|hun dred to one thousand persons in attendance; and, as an evidence of the estimate placed upon the performances by the large auditory, the pro gramme bad not been more than half eotten through with, before the pastor of tbe church, Mr. Brown, was requested to secure a repetition of it this evening, which was consented to by Mr J. A. White, the leader, and the pupils It will, therefore, be repeated a^ain this evening, commencing at 7,f o'clock, and the school have determined that tue entire proceeds shall be pre sented to Mr. Brook, the very worthy old gentle man who has served the congregation as sexton for more than fifty-two years, without any inter mission. Mr. Hunter will again preside at the piano, and Mr. J. II. Wilson, O. Godey, and Misses C. White and Uodey, will repeat the so los and duets sung last night. This is recom mendation enough for this part of the Concert. The children have established their own reputa tion?go and bear them. Our voting friend. Mr. James A. White, has certainty got himself quite a name among the young folks?and many of the old ones too?and has entitled himself to the lasting gratitude of the parents of the children who attend this school. We would advise those in want of fuel to pay attention to the advertisement of Mr. M. L. Wil liams. He has a flne stock of tbe article, and of excellent quality, and oilers to sell bargains Give him a call. There is still considerable quantities of pork of superior quality coming in by \ragons, from the upper counties of Virginia. We get from our from our friend Tenny this morning the follow ing report: From wagons ftt 50, and ?6.75af7 from stores. The feeling in the flour market yesterday was not quite so buoyant as it was the several previous days?held at SI 62aSI 75 for standard brands ra mi flour. Wheat, red SI 05aSl 10, white SI 10a SI .15. Corn, t>0a65 for white and yellow ; scarce and in demand. Spectator. RIARKIEU, On the 2'at instant, by the Rev. Father Knight, Mr. CHARLES H. 9AFFELL to Misa ANNIE M, COLL MBl S, both of thia city. ( Baltimore Sun pleaae copy.) * On the 21st instant, by the Rev. John C. Smith, Mr. CHARLES L.GRAENCHER to Misa SO PHIA J. MER1I.LET. all of this city. On Thursday evening, the 21st instant, at 4 o'cl'k, bv Father Knight. at St, Peter's Churo'i, Mr. WM. H. MAGINNIS, of Philadelphia, to Mrs. MARY ELLEN STEWART, of this oity. On the 20th instant, by the Rev. J. C. Granberrv, WM. FERGUSON, of Pennsylvania, to MaRY F.. eldest daughter of J, F. Divine, Esq., of Vir ginia. On the 21st instant, by the Rev. T. N. Haskell. JAMES L. GRAY, Esq., of Texas, to Miss KATE CLEPHANE,of this city. DIED, On the eveniog of th* 40th December, IG57. eirht miles from Cincinnati, Sir. JOHN U. fINLFV in tbettth year of his age. Mr. Fiiily, had! oifly a few weeks since, buried h is wile and son. lie died one ol our best men ; a man of great energy, and had a HPd*.had "".'ditto remove to the Teneumonia. ?D Musoun- ?? died of t, phoid (City papers please copy.) ? months, and 6 days. He was formerly of MarTlnn'i but for many years a resident of this city. He leaves' a large family to mourn his loss. ' 68 His funeral will take place To-morrow < Saturdar I ianc??"nf"tha r? '>ck Th? fiends ^dacqualln S (u ik,n|l) are respectfully invited to*t ^^^j___^JVI_arlI>oro^pwpcr,? please copy.) * ? ??mi GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMT8. F(J?w^IrL~AtCO,'l:MBlA-,V1,''LS.GeorKc whXelTvhea,FAMILV FLOUR' made ^oin prime J*P.i?L3J BOYCB. TAYLOR & CO. ? mini * now. can accommodate several fnmii.ua jan ^r1y|Tj,?e8,r?,''?? ROOMS and good liOARD.' W?<>D' WOODAND COAL 8Ueduced price!. Wood, cheap, will do well to give bim Also, \N hite and Bed a?h Coal, n<r?fi"i f" ' Cu,"l?erlaiid Coal in lamp, will ??. offered at low prices. M. L.. W 1 LI IA \ts ja, >Mt West of MaVket, G.o'fJIwn. T"aVeiui itfr k h7irill*" 8to.ry Hnd el|ci?ly sit ner ??f lfi-.il ?, - bfc near tl,e northwest o .r ner 01 ilea.I and Washington street*. Ijeiirznt.iw, l??by Under th? whole The lot is Al o. the large three-story Bnek House on K at jLi 1"K.'abi.kr. F'fnendV.'ml^^y"ir?"f??trul ly announce to our I .Public that we have at last sue needed in having a largo quantity of ALES of vari us kmds brewed ex press I j to our order, which we ?r? t^?rni lo h*1'16 finest and the iarcest vari aii WM ever"flered in this market. .# i.. -P ron* W!?h,'|K * nice article of Ale can have It by apply nig to us for either ofthe following IithikIk I W^Dh?rd"v^BrtViiX3FX Hale.InJiirisiWi: "xr " "yssrid?rnNNw Liuon Bottling Depot, St Green street, Georgetown-, D. C. F^R i?ALE ? ARNY'S CONFECTIONER V If not disposed of by the Bth of Pehrnnrv next th? JSttwru j J-stm rH side of Market Space, No. iS7 lM>t?n?.. Bridge and Canal streets, Georgitown ^ ^1' RlK?"rAi,!R A v r PRtr,r rthat at h.sf^ limits- k r l?e found at allV times the choicest and most excellent -v??? a?^runent of | lOmms the freshes! ^ it VKKS*n?i all kinds of GAME in season at aU l,OU^? aud at 11,0 u,unl Prices, J>A I fcNT MACH1NK FOK OPENING OYS snbscrihers havine secured a oatent riihi merit, of this econom"^! a'ndT- Li/'sav Machine' GraK,^KS|raEST1Tt For Bwuntf Lands. Pension Claims, Prhsecu tion of Claims before the Court of Claims. c(,,i,ri? and the Departments, Purchase and Sale of real ?? tares, attend to Renting Houses, Bii? and Sell l^aml im,Kh';raNcfe7tiate L,>an"' ^ i,n lfi ?orner 7th and Louisiana avenue, jan 16 ljr Washington, City. ^AVIAR, PETITS POIS, CHAMPIGNONS, portatu?n'?f',a attBntion of oonnoiseura to onrini Ha n SiiM['?I8, inibutter an<1 natural. L'JJjhS, ?n oil. CHA M PlGNONS, natural. n i r "h hV-r k1 ? v 11 ? PAC k 1 rd ? .. , CAV!.Ai4%'r,^' "?'??"?It ""? Dr w a 1)JdJ??\^urwkrv "* "? A. !? RANKLlN continues to DerfnrtTi an operation, on the Teeth in the l^st perform ner and on the moat reasonable term.. ? Pr?'P^e?.f"r a limited period, to rrxiuee charges 20 per oeni. l>elow In. usual rates All oda SHanT*6-- no..?North A.[;r,. Capitol Hill. ian Iff eoSt? * |VEW CONFECTIONERY, " _ . iVo. 447 7tk *t., one door north r>f (J it The .ub.criber re.peotfully announces to the citi xens and the public that he has fitted up h.? estab liahinent in the best atyle. and haa on hlnH ik ?WW^BS?l? "* kJ. CREAM a.waya to be had. and of the vert beat quality, whieii he wi'l furnish to order in an I part of the oitv.at fl an per gallon. ' ftny *nd C A K kS. of a.l kind*, every rta, ?an atl'ord ol lhe beat material the mtrkct All kind, of FANCY CAKES that ia n.uallv kept inapiaoeof this kind. nsuauj Wectdin*., &e.t furnished to order term. notioe and on the most rea?onat>le j*" WM. P. FORD. AUCTIO* SALES, By WALL A BARNARD, Ami*. Book?, books, books-stationery a?id Famcy gSbds-THIS EVENING, at 7o'clock, at Store No. 420 Pa. arena?, near National Hotel, ** ?hall oontinue the sale of fine Standard, Poetical, Historical. and Scientific Books, Sta tloner* and Fancy Good*, Gold and Silver Fens and Pencils. janK d WALL A BARNARD. Aocta. By WALL A BARNARD. Aucta. Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9tk t'rett, Have on hand, remaining from ?ale of Thursday. Jan. 21at, some very rich acta of Ike most valuable Furs, in Capes. Mulls,and Culls. Also, (ieiit's Fur Coats, Caps. Gloves,and Collars, ami a handsome assortment of Robes. All of whioh hare t?*en recently made in the beat man ner, and will be disposed of at private sale for one hair their original o<>?t The sale will oontinue for three days only, and all goods warranted as represented. jan?3t WAlIj A BARNARD, Aucta. H* WALL A BARNARD. Aucta. SALE OF STOVES. CHANDELIERS, Vices,Carriage m% sirs' Tools, Carriage Bodies, Ac.-On WEDNESDAY MORNING, 27th inst., at in o'clock, we will sell, at the building known "s Haslup A Weeden's Carnage Factory, oorner C atreet and Louisiana avenue, a lot of Tools, Materials. Ac., as Sevral nearly new Stores, A number ol Chandeliers, Gaa Burner*, Vices, Carriage makers' Tools. Blacksmiths do.. Lot Anrils, Sledges, Ac., lot Iron, lot Hubs. Paint Mill,one Paint Flag Stone. Lot Carpel, lot trimming Material, Lot Ch*m and Ash Timber, one Hoisting Wheel, Lot large Window Frame* and Sash, With much else not here named. Terms cash, for all sums of and under #20; over that amount. 3D and 60 days, witn interest, and satis laoiorily endorsed. jan 22 ts WAI.L A BERNARD. Aucts By C. W. HoTELER. Auctioneer. Rare old wines and liqiors at AtCTiox.-On SATURDAY MORNING. Jan uary 30, coiumencing ai It o'clock, 1 shall sell, at my spacious ware-rooms, (Iron Ilall) a superior assort ment of rare old Wines and Liquors, consisting, in part, of? bo nottles of Madre Xeres Vino Sherry, vintage of IS3 Rt liottles of Harmony Golden Sherry, vintage of 1816, 59 liottles of Duke's old Indian Queen Madeira,

vintage of iR12, 60 bottles of Dull Gordon's Manzanilla brown Sherry, vintage of 18W. ISO bottles of t-iueen Isabella Sherry , imported in 1R19, Ti liottles of March. Howard A Co. old reserve Madeira imported in 1844, 100 qu^rt-demnohns of superior old Bourbon Whis key. 91 liottles of Duff Gordon A Co.'s old Conversa tion Sherry, imported in l??i, 121 tNitMes of J. Alnntt, Jr. A Co.'s old London Port, vintage of 1844. 60 bottles of old L. P. Madeira, imported by James Owen in 1843. 10 essesof Imperial Crown Sherry, io cases of Lobe Sherry. 52 liottles tif superior old Regiua Port from the London Docks, 9<i bottles of Queen Port, 70 iKittlea of harmony superior pale Sherry, 8.5 liottles Echecopar pale Sherry, 12year* old, I6'J " Rudolph pme Sherry imported in 1348. Ii0 " genuine old Holland Gin, 110 ?? Amontillado choice pale Sherry, 1339, 60 " old Last ludia Sherry, 57 " of Sir John Ollveira's favorite Madeira. imported !8i9, 94 littles of pure J uiceiPort, ?* aduiteratod, 16") "* superior old Cognac Brandy, 1B4H. 360 flasks very old Marott A Co.'s Cognac Brandy, vintage 1820, 120 bottles ol superior old Pinet, Castilion Brandy, vintage 1836. 20 cases Moet A Chandon's oelebrated green-seal Champagne Wine. 20 cases Mumm's Cabinet Champagne. 21 cases d? Ranville Champagne, If) liottles old London Dock Cognao Brandy, 164", 10 oases Lauliauheimer Wine, 2? cases very fine St. Jullien C.aret. 3 dozen very superior old double-orange Curacoa imported in I8V?, 5 dozen assorted Liqueurs, imported in 1853, 3 dozen o'd Maraschino, 5 cases Brandy Cherr.es, 14 cases very superior French O'lves, 3"o Hanks very superior Florence Oil, 20 dozen Bordeaux Tickles. lo dozen Bcgon's superior French Mustard. 7 cases very hue old Calhoun Whisky, 10 oases old Mountain Dew Whisky, 150 t?ettles superior Monongahela Whisky 6 five-gallon demijohns very old Isiay malt Whis ky, 5 cases superior Sauterne Wine. 151 bo'.tles Islay malt Whisky, 6 dozen London Cordial Gin, 48 ha!f-ea!lor. bottles very fine old Virginia Peach Brandy, t.*0 bottles of Otard. Dnpuy A Co.'s Brandy, IV U>ttles of old Topas Sherry. Thealmvestojk comprise* a consignment from an old, extensive and reliable house in New York, ami are represented as l>eing superior in quality to an) thing Heretofore offered at auction in tnis city. Connoisseurs and the pub'io generally are invited to call and test the quality ol the various articles and be convinced of the;r d-cid3;1 superiority. Tnc goods will be arranged for examination two days prior to the sale. Descriptive catalogues may be obtained at the store. Terms at ?ale. jan22 d C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. FOR BENT AND SALE. f^cR SALE.?A very valuable FARM for sale, lyi^g on the east side ol the Eastern Branch am! one ar.d a half mi es from tne Navy Yard Bridge, and adjoining John A. Smith's farm, containing bMw?eii fifty and sixty acres. It has on it a good Dwelling House, with s?*ven rooms end all the necessary out houses. No objection to take a house and l -t iti tne city mi exchange. I* or further ptrtioulars apply to JOHN H. A. WILSON, or to Rezin Arnold, near the Episcopsl Church, Navy \ ard. jan 22 3w* (VOTICE.-FOR RENT.?A fine, large ROOM, on the corner of 6th street and Pa. avenue, suitable for a Book Bindery or Printing < ?flioe. b- ing one ol the largest rooms in the city. Furnished throughout with gas fixture#. Rent moderste. For terms anplv to TllOd. CROWN, No. 357 Pa ave nue and 6th street. jan 22 3'* tjM?R RKNT.-A BBICK CARRIAGE HOUSE ?and S'I'aBLK, with stalls lor four horses, lolt, Ac. Inquire at DOUGLAS A LACY'S Provision Store, corner of 18th street and Pa. avenue. jan 21-3t VERY DESIRABLE KITCHEN GARDEN FOR S A I.E.?The subscriber has the following Lots: No. one (I) and fourteen (14 > in Square 1,WV>. fronting P3 feet 4 inches on Maryland avenue, lh8 feet on I3tli Mreet east, and I2U feel6 inches ou north ti street. The above property is in t(,e highest state of cultivation, and is improved by a ?ul>?tantial Dwelling House, an excellent Pump, together with Milk Hou?e and Stsf'les.all in farst rate order. The till* is from Government. Terms of sale: One-half cash; the lalance in 6 and 12 mouths, for notes bearine interest, secured by a deed of trnst on ihe property I or further information apply on the premises, jan21 3t* JAMES KM.LK. rj*OR RENT.?Situated on F street. West Lnd, between 19th and 20th streets, a handsome HOUSE, containing 13 rooms, with bath-room, and all the modern improvements. To a good tensn' th? housn can be rented by the year or lor a term of years, at a moderate reul. Apply at No.86 Pa. ave nue, Six Buildings. janlSeotf rp\VO ROOMS TO LKT-Furnuhed or L nfur 1 nislied. Inquire at No.311 G street, near corner 13th,souih side. Terms very moderate. jan 19-tf F^OR RENT-A RARE CHANCE?A FARM in Prince George's county, Md.. adjoining Mr. Beli's and Mr. Johnson's farms, four miles from Bladensburg?containing 71 acres of good land and a good dwelling, n-wly finished, and stable, with plenty of firewood. I propose to rent the above 1- afcn for five years, upon shares, giving the tenant renityree the first year. 1 havo three hundred dol lars' worth of work to do, whioh the tenant will be psid for; doing at times when wanted. This is a good chance for one that understands farming. I will give a married man a good chance that comes well recommended. Apply for further infoimation In ANDREW WILSON, No.5 East Capitol st., 1 Washington. ian 16-lw* t^OR RENT.?Two STORKS.on Pa. avenue netween 13th and 13K streets, south side. One with cellar at $15 per month; the other at 912.50 per month. Inquire on the premises. jan 12-eotf Rooms on" pa. avenue to lkt.-Two Rooms, on 2d floor,on Pa. avenue, lietween 12th ami 13th streets, over Satu'l. Ljwis' Jeweiry Store, will lie l*t low to a peimanent tenant. Would make good office rooms. Apply to WM. F. BAYLY, Stationer. jan 12-tf BOARDING. Boarding.?mrs. ruff. No. d street, ne.r Seventh, has taken this large and commo dious House, where she intends to rent her rooms, furnished or unfurnished, >o single Gentler leu. or Gentlemen and their Wires, with Board. Transient Boarders by the pay or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the day. Also, wanted, 2 girls to do general housework, jan 11-lm* Millinery, 4c. Millinery,dress making and TRIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. Ladies visiting Washinctou are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques,&o..at short notioe. in the latest styles, and satisfaction guaranteed in aM oases. A large stock of Dress and Cloek Trimmings, of latest and handsomest styles, with CI.OAKS, BASQUES, UNDER DRESSES. BONNETS, RIBBONS, and MILLINERS", of every descrip tion, always on hand. M. WILLI AN. d 15 2m opposite Centre Market. \f ADA ME A. NOIRR1T, 1"1 No. 716 Walnut st., Iielow 8th, Philadelphia, IMPORTER Or FRENCH FLOWERS. HKAD DRESSES, BONNETS AND FINE MILLINERY, . Begs leave to inform the Indies now^fi ?SLCMCin Washington city that she has oicnetlCUl xfiJEVfor two or three weeks only, a Saloou^^ ou Pa. arenue, between 12th and I3lk sts., No. 256, where Ladles will find all the above articl-s of the latest and richest style, being selected by M'me N. herself in Paris, during her accustomed yearly visit there for that purposa. M'me Nourrit having contracted with Mr. Felix, the oelebrated CoifUur ol the Kmpress Eugenie and Queen Victoria, for the sole depot in tne L'nifed Mates of his Head Dresses, she will he able to fur. tush all the Coiffeures of the latest pattern worn at tne principal Courts of Europe, made by that re nowned artist. ine. ? w nwu ??! tmi ? ladies are respectfully mvited to call and exam ie. d Sl-StA3aw4t* JOHN F.ELLIS, Sole % gent for Ballet, Davis A Co.'s and Munu A Clarke's Pianos, No. 3W Pa. avenue, near loth street, jan 19 AUCTIOJ 8AUB. TO-DAY ? TO-MORROW MORtfllfG 1\|4*SHAL'SSA L E.-In virtue of a w-nt < V*01^' *?der rkt Lfn hit. ISSBad fr?IU the Clerk's oftoo of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of NVashinrton. and to me directed. I shai! ezeose to puMisuf*. for Cath, in fr>?ut of the Court-House door of said County .on ft LSI) AY, the 12th day of January, 185?. at Ho ol'k in., the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, a.aim. and interest in and to a brick house erected on Lot B, in Square No. V-8, on Third atreet north, between E ard P streets west, in the City ol NN ashingtos, D C., seised and levied upon as the property of John W. Jordan. and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 4*. to October term, 1857, in favor of Cnpps A Waller, J. D. HOOVKR, d 19-ts Marshal for the Dietriot of Coiumt>ta. rrr THE above sale is postponed uutil THURSDAY, the 14th inM.. Mme hour and place. J D. HOO\ E R. Marshal jan 12 for the District of Columbia. ITT THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED to TUESDAY next, the 19th instant, same hour and place. ). D. HOOVER. Martha! jan 1? lor tne District of Columbia. JET THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER postponed until SATURDAY next, the 23d inst., at the same hour and piaM. __ J. D. HOOVER. Marshal ian IB for the District of Columbia. FUTURE DAYS. ]\fARSHAL'B SaLE? In virtue of a writ of 1*1 fieri facias issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court or the District of Columbia for the County ol NYa*hinglon, and to me direoted, I will expoKA to public wale, for Caph, in front of the w*r?*houtf* of Wall A Barnard,on |'a. ave nue.on TUESDa V. ?he 2d day of February. IHS8. commencing at 9 o'clock a. m., the following goods and ciiatt lea to wit: A lot of superior I lour. Si;car, Tea, Butter, Sp.ces, Blocking, NN blsky. Molas ses. Vinegar. Starch, Tobaooo. Salt, Soda, 11 ipes, Ground Coffee. Herring. Mackerel, Hats. \>ater Buckets, Brooms. 3 pair of new scales, lot Turnips, Onions, nn<l Wamuts.and IJeans. seized and l*T,ed upon as the property of Willitm Mitchel!, and will be soid to satisfy Judicial* >o. 1, to Mdy term 185*, in favor of Ellis B. MoClees*. ? J. D. HOOVRR. Ma-sbsl jan 21 f.-r the District of Columbia. Hy A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Executor * sale of hooehold asd KiTtUkK Fcihihie at ArtTiojt.?By order of the Orphans' Court. I shall eell. on MO n DAN . i ne 25th instant, at l2o'clocn m. at the late residence of Mary A. Deifenhart. dreessed. on G street, be tween 10th and llth street? tast.ion the Navy N ard I a g<><>d lot of Household and Kitchen Furnitnre. such as? Mahogany spring seat Sofa and Chairs Do Dressing and other Bureaus Dining. Toilet, ana other Table* Cane and wood seat Chairs ?nd Rockers Washstauds, Carpets, and Toilet Sets Feather Bed*. Bedding. Mattresses, fcc. Curtains, Andirons, Shovel ard Tongs China, Glass end Crockery NN are C<?oking and Chamber Stoves NVith a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms cash in current Turds. JOHNS KOBlN!*OV Executor, jan 2iv-d A, GREEN. Auot. By C. \V. BOTELER. Atc'ioneer. SALE OF jGOVERNMENT PROPERTY at LitTLB Falls Bbidgb.?On TUESDAY next, the 2bth instant, at the i.ittle Falls hndee. 4 miles above Goorge'own. by order of tne Engineei in charge, 1 shall sell, to the hirhest bidder, aM the moveable Property of the Unte?i States remain ing at the bridge, c >nsistinc principally of the Shops, Shar.ty, Office, and all the Tools and Machinery which have been used in the construction of the bridge. I enumerate iu part? Blacksmith Shop and all the usual Fixtures and Tools, ^crew-plate, with Stock and Dies to 1 li inch, in per fect order. A smell lot of New Iron, of various sizes. Lot of Sorap Iron, About 1*? tons of l,^ inch Round Iron best English refined, which has t?een usp<l fordcrrick guys. Eight large screw Swivels, Cast-steel Drills, Points, Pitching-tools, heavy Cast-stcel Spalling Hammers, Masons' Hand Hammers. Stone Sledces. Shovels, Picks, NN'heellsirrows, for dirt and for stone, Hantllarrows, Stone scales, Mortar boxes,concretc Box. A large lot of heavy Crow Bars and heavv Mason Bars, Tool-chest, four excellent stone Hand Trucks, Carpenter Shop, one NVork l>ench. two bench screwi one Grindstone, Shanty, of most approved oonstrnction, in perfect order, of comfortable capacity for forty men. Tables aad Benches, Two sinal! Ovato Stoves and Fixtures for Cumber land Coal. Cement House. Tool House, A lot of 55? it.ch and a lot of 3 inch Manilla Rope, but very little worn. Eight 22-inca Siugie Blocks. NVatermanA Russei'i patent, Two lh inch Snatch Blocks, do. do. patent. Two 12-ineh Double Blocks, four 12 inch Single Blocks, One W inch Gauntliiie Block. Al! the blocks good as new. A lot of heavy proof Cable Chain, Mist. Boom, Bracss, and Traveller of Derrick No. f Boom, Braces, and Traveller of Derrick No. 2 Two Crabs for Derricks, in good order, of similat construction to those in use at the General Post I >fti<*e Extension. One I iffice. Desk. Table. Chairs. Ac., Ac., A quantity of l.uuitwr. including all o! the present ?'incline plane,"'and all ot the present bridge across ihe Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, A lot of Superior San<t. One Buggy NN agon in good order. One set of Hugo Harness, One Bay Horse, thorough bred, spirited, gentle,and kind in harness, undone of the l>est aadJle horses in the District. The sale will commence with the blacksmith sh >p Ac., at U S o'clock. Terms cash m specie. jail gn-dtw r HAS. NV. BOTELER. Auct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. I^RUSTEE SALE OF VALUABLE Impsovee PaoPFKTT, O* 7th 8TRFKT.NBAR TBK NaVV Yakp ?B> virtue o? a deed of trust duly executed and recorded being dated the 8th of February. lR5b, and a' the request of ttie party entitled to the debt thereby secured the subsurilier will sell at pub ic auction,in front of the premises, on THURSDAY, Jan. &. IH54. nt 4 o'clock p. m.. part of square nine hundreil anil five.(i*<&( founded forty one feet from the southwest corner of said square, an-1 running thence north a ong the line of 7th s'reet easr 21 feet ti niches; thence enst A3 feet, thence southwardly then"??48 fe^t to the plice of ben inning, situated iu the city of NVaslnnzton. The nnpr??vemen?s ?*oiisi?t of a good and subtautial and well-built Frame House. Terms of sale : One-half cash ; the Isii&nce in six and twelve ir.onths, the purchaser to sive nis not?*s for the deferred payments, bearing interest Iron the day of sale. A died of trust taken to secure the payments ?<f the notes. All conveyancing at the ex penee of the purchaser. If the terms of sale be not complied with i n ten days from tite day of sale, the trustee reserves th* right to resell said premisei at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, by giving tivc day's notice of said resale in some newspaper putbshed in the ci:y of Washington. jan M.NIROd GARRETTSON, Trustee. 13 A. GREEN. Auct. Bv J. C. McGUlKE. Auctioneer TR US I EE'S SALE OF VALUABLE UN improved Kkal Est?TK.?Br virtue of a deed in trust, tiearing date the 3d day of Apri\ 1857, and recorded ill Li!>er J. A. S.. No. 133, fotio23l. et seq., the subscnl>er will se'l, at public sale, on NVED NEsDaY, thc3<l day of Fcbriiary. lR.V.at 4 o\ l?Ksk p. in., at the auction store ?>f Jas. C. McGuire. ?n the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and l"th street wei?t, the whole ol ?*qu.tre 1C5I. frontnig 4J3 f?ct 1 inch on each of north C and D streets, and Svi fee ton each of 14th and 15th street* west, and Lot .No. 14, in Square No. 73J. fronting 54 feet on 1st street east, M?t?een south B and C streets, by one hundred feet deep. Terms of sale: One-third cash; and the ba'anoe in six, twelve and 18 months, for notes bearing interest front day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the property; and if not complied with in five days after the sale, the property will l?e resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and expeuse of the purchaser. All convey anoiig at the cost of the purchaser. CIlAS. S. WALI.ACH Trustee. jan 13-2tawAds J. C. McGI'l RE. Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE. ? In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issue*' fi ? m the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the Distriot of Columbia for the County of NN ashington. and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, for Cash, in front of the Court-house door of said county, on F RI DAY. the 29th day of January, 1K5R, at 12 o'clock m . the fol lowing de*cnl>ed property, to wit: All def?-udai.t's right, title, claim, and interest in and to Lot No. 3. fn Square No. 759. in the City of NVasMngton, D. C., together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Edtnond Riley.and will be soldjto satisfy Judicials No. 371, to Oc'ober term, 1357, in favor of John Waters. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan S-ts for the District of Columbia. \f A RSH Al-'S SA I.E.?In virtue of a writ of fieri l" facias.under the lien iaw. issued from the olerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of i!olumbia for the County of Wasmngton, and to me directed. ! will exposo to public sale, for La?h. in front of the Court House door of said county,on SATUK DA Y, the Slst day of January, 18.58, at 12 o'clock m.. the following descrilted property to Wit: All defendant s right, title, claim, and interest in and to the three Frame Houses erectcd on Lot No.5. in reservation D, on Maryland avenue, between 4X and 6th sts.. in the City of Washington, D. C,. seised and levied upon as the property of James B. I.ockey. and will be sold to satisfy Judic.als No 279, to October term 1857, in favor of Smith A Fowler. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan a-dts* for the District ofColumbi*. MARSHAL'S SA I.E.?In virtus of a writ of fieri facias issued from the C l^rk s Offiof of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of NV ashington, and to mo directed, I shall expose to public sale, for Cash, in front of the Court House t:oor. of said oounty.nn FRIDAY.the 29th of January, 18.5ft, at 12 o'clock m., the following property to wit: All defendant s right, title, claim, and interest iii ami to Lot No. 5. in Square No 53", in the City of Washington, D. C., together with all and sinsuiar the improvements thereon, seized end levied on as the property of John M. McCaJla, and will be sold to satisfy Judicials No. 141. to October term, 1857, in favor of Sweeny. Rittenhouse A Co. ? , , _ . J. D. HOOVER. ian6 ts Marshal fortha District of Columbia. fjCEAN STE.M NAVIGATION AND THE V Ocean Post, by Thomas Rainey, l volume, ?vo. Two dollars. FRANCK TAYLOR Three second hand pianos. One for &?0. , . Two -or ?fc>. At the Musie Store of tan S W. O. WFT7FHOTT GKNTLKMEN'S CLOTHING OF BE*Taml finest quality made to order in superior maut.er at nuoh cheaper rates than the usyal o?ty pneee. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 322 Pa. av., bet. ?th and 10U sts. jan H lintel. A States) TELEGRAPHIC NEWS katns ElKtiw-Olfktal St Lotfs. J*n 31.?Tb* Democrat publlahea the ofBclal retnrna of tb* recent Kidm* electioaa. over the *ign*tU'e of Governor Denver, a* #?Honr* : Constitution -*? Wl?*? alevery" " wltboat ?laeerTv4.nrt9 At 0>r elect!** of the 4th ?**t ill thf Frff W?t? oiwl werettorW bri* *w a*e majority of 115 The Jennie etanri* t) Free State men to 6 Democrat*; flouae 99 Fre* Mate men to 15 Democrat*. The majority ar?m*t the Constitution at the same elect ton Wi* l?,?N. the alleged fraud* In Oxlord, Shawaee am! Ktekapo* being counted. ?? Lynch Law la ladlaaa. Cbicago. Jan '20 ?Twe men. who bad at tempted the robbery of a "tore at Legame'. Indi aua. were caught tn the act and the mob that as sembled hnng them np Tbey were, however, cut down before ltf* WtL% ratine!, and the people, by a ?m*tl nouortty. derided todeiiver tb?m np to tbe authority for trial. They will be taken to Indianapolis to morrow. Verdict In tar Robert*** Case. Rochbhtkr, Jan *?tb ?The rbarge of Jndpe Smith to the jury in the Roberteon caae occupied an hour and a half In dellverv The caae went totbejarvata little after half-pnat 11 o'clock, and alKMit four hour* afterward the jury returned with a ve'dict of "not guiltyGreat exetteiuaut followed the announcement of the verdict. The .Ulaalag Steamer Ariel. Nkw York, Jan 21 ?The ateamer Ariel lef* Southampton. England, on the 31*t ult., alnoe which time *be baa not been beard from bbe h i* one hundred pa*?engera,a large and valuable cargo, and a heavy English and continental mail, also one thousand pounda In apecle, on board Jadge of the &npreaae i oart. Havikrcig, Jan 21?The comminaion of Wtn A Porter, K,<q , a* Judge of the Supreme Court of IVnnavlvama. was issued. yesterday, tiom the Secretary"? cflL-e Thf 5lew York Legislature. Alust. Jan. K.-Tbt Aaaembly has not yet 1>een able toetfec'an o.'ganiiatlon A motion to cdopt the plurality in the election of Speake* was thia morning tabled. Reaalt of a Mnrder Trial. Por tland, Jan 20 ?Abram fox *?d Peter William* were to-day found guiltj* of the taur der of the officer* of the brigh Albion Baltimore market* We have no report from Baltimo e to-day New Yarfc New York. Jan *22?Floor la I'm to-dav with aalea of 6 (Ml bbia : State (4 25*S4J0, Ohio S4 7oit 9(1; Southern 94 Vtot . Wheat I* advancing ; aale* of 11,000 buabeia : Milwatikie 51 U5aS1 *)0. do white 91 AJafl > Corn i* tending downward*, sales of 5.0U0 buah . white GAattec . yellow 65a6?c l'ork ha* declined, rue*a ?14 ?naS14.75 Beef i? quiet; Western me** $9 ?5aSl2. Lard firm at s*a9j|'c Whisky is firm at 2l#c. for Ohio. Flaaaclal ? New York, Jan. *22 ?Stocks are higher gene rally; Chicago and Rock Ialand *0% Camber, land Coal Co 15if; lliinoia Central aharea 90*; La Cro*ae and Miiwaukic 1*2; Michigan Southern 19%; New York Central 7*Pa Coal Co 70; Reading *, Mil and Wis 29^ Virginia 6's 93; Mia?ouri 8'a elj^. $100,000 silk $100,000 AID FANCY DRESS GOODS. At Retail For < a?h. FOR THIRTY DAYS ONLY SPECIAL^ NOTICE TO TBE LADIES or Waahingtoa, Georgetown. aad Alexaadrta. Meaara. HOOE P ROTH ER A CO. reapeotfuliy announce that they hare jast reoatved Or Co?i6xxist, from New York a mignihcen* assortment of S I I. K S AND WINTER FANCY DRESS GOODS, comprising All the Latim Paris NoVCt.TtM in the follow na description* of gooda: Superh printed, all wool. Mousse in* de Lata**, Do. Caalimeres and Merino*. Do. Dctine Rob**, a'Quille. Plain Bl*ck Silk* in a'l qualities. Plain light colored Taffeta* aud Poult de Soie. Ma?;uifaoent Si k Kobea a'Voiajits aud a'Quill*. 1*?. Velvet do. do. Two tlcuuced and double akirt Silk Rohee, fancy sii.ks. new and elegant deaisai, Orenadice Robea a'Yd.uiti. hlveuing Dreaaea, in rreat varietr, Ac. Ac. ke. in atyles and deaign* entirely uew to ttie Waahmc - j ton market, and all of which will be offered ' lively FOR THIRTY DAYS ONLY. EXCLrSirELY FOR CASH. an at prioes leaa than ONE-HALF TIIF. COST OF IMPORTATION Iu order to (ire due effect to thia beautiful atook. and to afford the ladiee au opportunity for a tbor ouch examination ar.i ant a factory aeleotioa from thia unapproachaNa a?a< r^mei:t of RARE AND DkSIRABLE DRESS GOODS, we have determined t o throw open oar ENTIRE SECOXD FLOOR to the public for the exhibition and aale of thia tn voice. PAJOL*8 KID RLOTHR for Miaa^a. l^adiea, ai.d Gent a. in all eolora and aizea. No mixed luta. Every pair warranted gen uine. The ?u' aorihera reapectfnlly ao!ioit the attention o| purci asera to thia aumiuncemeut and feel aatis fcsd that 'he attract or>a offered will b**?ftoient to I'iduee ever* ladv to app-ec.nte thia rare and v* lua trie opportnu<t* for aovurint, unpreoadented ha gaii3 in new and tiea'irabie k<hh1<. The aa>e will oomineuoe on TL'F'.SDA Y, Januao 19. at 9 o'clock a. m. ^AMKIAGK LAMPS. We hare thia da* heeu appointed agenta for F.dw. Uaher A Co 'a Carnare and Kngine l>ampa, The attention ??( (.'onctunakera and other* interested i* re?pect<uhy oailed U?the aampie at our at ore. ('rdere solicited. el vans a Thompson, l'*nusyivama avenue. ?an 14-coltn (Intel.lni<-n A Mates I \KW .Ml SIC received aerm weekly at JOHN F. El.I.IS' Piano Store, near lutn straet. No. St# Pa. avenue. tan 19 ACCORDEONS. VIOLINS. PLfTKS Strsnre. Hai 10a. Violiuoell??e, Tamt>ocino*. Music I'aper. A c.. always on hand, wbo!aia<e aad retail, at our P inoStore. JOHN F. ELLIS jan !9 y* Pa. ar.. l>et ftlh atd loth eta. THE AMERICAN ALMANAC for received, at TAYLOR k MA l'K VP l*n IS Bookatore. near agh at. TO THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON AND A LEX A > DRI A. . Peraona deairoua of purohasirig the SEWING MACHINES ?>f the undersgued will appl) to M*aar>. Wall, Stephen* A Co., who haa h*ee de!r appointed < thia da) I our only agent for Waabingtou and Alexandria. ian Mm J. V. SINGER A CO SUPERIOR MEDICATED OIN.-Ja.t re ? oeived, f1 oaa? a of the celebrated I omioa Cor dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, and for sale by JON ASP. LEVY No. M4 12<h atreet. corner of H htre*t north. Gn* eeriea *n?l Lieuor Store <1 If tl TWO VEK Y FINE SE?'OND HAND I'lAN I OS lor aa e very cheap at our Pinno and Mom Store. Jtj Pa. avenue, l?et. bth and H'tnata >an5 JOHN F. ELLIS VVE HAVE THIS DAY BEEN APPOINTED II aole aceiit for J.M. Singer k Co'a Sewinc Ma chine for \V halungton and Aiex^ndita Having a ed them for several reara. we find them to be the be*! la aao. Alao. Family Sew.ng Maohines of improved plan at low pneea. W AI.J SI EPHENS A CO. No.SA' I eunaj Irania ar? I etweer 1m ath and MVh at* ENUKAVED GLASS PLATES.?A beaatifal article f?>r oarriaae window*. Tranaotea in *treet do .rs, \ eatii>u!e luhta. k 0..A0. Can he aeen at the alaive atore. and only to be aeeu to be appre oiaten and admired. # ELYAN8 k THOMPSON. Agenta. _ ? . ,, A , . J* Peru, avenue. jan 15-eolm (Intel,I nionk^tateal \\ aahmston. \V ?. **ETZEPOTT Sole Agent of Erard's * aud liaison A Raven's aupermr Piaii??f"rta?. Jaai H tMMit'K a hHh.'s a EST A Uk ANT, No. and :??! c* *??nue, I'nder W illarda' H??tel The propn-toraof thi*e* abliahment l?eg leave to inform the palilie tliat the* are now f?i U prepy^t to ?up'*U their vtnti.Rt ill tn lh* \*#r% ?v >i manner. We keep alwaj a on band the !-?t a* ?t ment of Game, of ?-*rioa* kinda, that can l>e bad a ihie ??r the fo*et*n market*. M *a:? aerred at all houra, in or out nf He Parties h.vnn roome ui the vioimt) a ill ki d it t ? their mtere?i to give oa a oal| Ui/.ner ?.r Sapper partiea fumtahed at ahnrl notice . Our Bar will tie audited with the twat thai oati b? procured, a.i:<l (entlrnieu oau rel> on alwata getting aoinerhing good ; and also a *ui*? h nm and p?*l t* and attentive aervanta, and we do not heaitate to aa> that we eau pleas* the m< at fasti-'iou*. ian no-1 w fPMK i>i PL? >.M a f iC hiSioKV *#r ? Hn ? Admipiatratinne ??f Waah naton and A4sir?, 1M9 lt(?i : by Win. ii*orv Tricot ; 1 vwl., ??.# Sent by mail, potugr paid, *1 *e lan 14 PlAWCK TAVIX>S VIEWS AND OPINIONS OF AMKRICAN Stateauien of a l 11 >n*a ? >0 Foral*a lami/raton . oolleeted into one volume, with etnt??U*a. as., Ac. TAYU-K