11 Şubat 1858 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

11 Şubat 1858 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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{? MUSIC. Music! fount of jo? and pleasure. Bright enchantress, hail to thoe W*r? it not for thjr soil ineMHre, Cold and dull this wrth would be. t or thy beamy smile of gladness. Cheers the heart with angaish torn ; Gilding olouds of onre and sadness V> ith the ro?y tints of uiorn. Rayies: is the hero's glory. Till his deeds by thee are rue* ; Uh, how thrilling love's soft story. When the tale by thee is sung And. when o'er thy tar?-*W? bending, Wai! ing forth a tale of woe. Sweet to see, with thine own bianuii*. Soothing tears (tout pity now. But the time when beet 1 love thee. Is, when pcaliug organs ring Songs of praise to the Redeemer, Anthems to our Heavenl) King. Music, fount of joy and pleasure. Bright enchant rose, hail to thee! Were it not for thy soft meaiure. Cold and dull this earth would be. Washington,D. C. Jclia Lcckt. A Htima Loot*?A distressing tragedy oc curred this week in tbe western part of this State. Gannung's Menagerie is wiuteriag two miles w??*t of Paulding, Paulding county. Among the other animal* was a hyena, said to be the largest in the United States The animal was very ferocious, and had twice bitten his keeper. Early Wednesday morning the hyena escaped. Search wan instantly made, and later in the morning he was discovered in the grave yard, having dug up and partly devoured two or three dead bodies Several of the citizens rushed In to take it, when it turned upon it* assailants, striking down a German day laborer, named Jacob PcfT-*nberg, and crushed the head of the unfortunate man in his jaw*, killing him in stantly. The brute then made its escape, after tearing the Ue?h from the right arm and che*t of a lad, who is not expected to recover. The ani mal succeeded in making gixnl its escape. The citizens are much excited Parties are scouring the wo<?ds, and the menagerie men have been notified i?y some of the citizen* to remove ?h?*ir establishment at once.?Cler*'m'i Ilernl'l, 6th. Gkrasd. the Lion Killer, phobablt eillfd BT a Lion ?The Paris correspondent of the Conrrier des Etats Unis, writing on the 14th nit. says: ?? A frightful piece of it-wi has been re ?e)ved tc-dav dv several officers of the garrison It was brought from Marseilles by the last Alge rian steamer Gerard, the bold cbi*s;*ur, known bvhis heroic battles with the king of the Afii can desert, ha* been devoured by a lion. The steamer left Algiers when this horrible event was first made known In the capital, and the let ters from the mountains we e a* vague as the tlrst rumors that announce a calamity usually are " DiALootBt* a School Hocsb ? Schoolmaster (who i* giving lessons in K'ightley's Mytholo gy )?Jupiter and Juno were husband ana wife, ?is you all know, my children. But Juno once hud a little boy called Mars; of whom Jupiter could not claim the paternity. Now, my chil dren, why was he called Mars' Dau't ail sptak at once. Small boy (after some cogitation.)?Because he was noue of pa's. A Gtowixn Political Pakiv.?The Taun ton Gazette ba?tbe following paragraph relating to three of the Republican members of Congress from Massachusetts: ??Hon H. L Dawes, of the 11th Congressional district. Mr. Thayer of the Worccateidistrict, and Mr. Davis of the Salem district, have all been called home recently by their wives to take a look at recent 'pledges of affection,' with which they have been favored " Rrvital* in ihit M. E. Church ?There is ? scarcely a Methodist Church in Ohio that Is not enjoying a gracious revival of religion at the present time More than 4(10 in the city of Cleve land have been converted this winter in this branch of :he Church. In the State of Ohie it is calculated that fifty or sixty thousand have alrea dy been converted this present winter, and the good work still continues to go on 117" A writer in the Democratic Advocate ex Ert-sses the opinion that since the dea'h af Prof tuart, of Andover, Dr. Noyes, Professor of Sa cred Literature at Cambridge, is undoubtedly the first Hebrew scholar of the country. Snalls vs. Oysters.? The consumption of snails in Paris has increased to such an extent as to seriously injure the oyster trade. A whol?side of the new fish market is devoted to these delica cies ir~ The Toronto Colonist, in a statistical ar ticle on the Grain Crops of Canada West, states that the surplus wheat on band i* not less than S,000,(>U0 of bushels. Hi herto Cnuada has had purchasers for its surplus wheat in every frontier town ou the United States, but this year the Uni ted States itself has a su plus crop. ITT" On Saturday evening last Mr. Hurdy, a canvassing agent for Hutcnin's Family Bible, was met by three men in the public street, at Al len town, Pa., who placed a sponge, saturated with chloroform or some similar matter, to his inouth and nose, and robbed htin of a liag cen tals *45 and porteinounaiecontaining *7. jJT" A man named And?*r*on waikilled in Fleming burg, Ky , a few davs since, *y a ball from a gan held iu the hands of John Glover. They were both friends, a:id were joking with each other, until they got to angry words, when fcrlover aimed his gun and Urea, from the ett xts of which Anderson died the next day. IIJ- Mrs Pegg*, the daughter of Mr. Ja* A Jex, of Ghent, Ky , lost her husband by d?atti, three week* siii'-e, and became in*a ie in conse iuence. I.a*t Saturday she st'ayed away from ome, and on being searched for, wa* found d*ad In tbe wood* near her home. She had hung her self with her handkerchief to the limb of a tree and thus expired P^A pretended l*dv,who calls herself "Miss S T ." of Orange, N. ii., advertises In tbe Syra aus?* Journal for a husband. She says she is good looking, btaltby, twenty years of age, and ha* &40,0U> in the bank She prefers a husband from tbe rural districts, but a city gent of steady habits and res|>ectable parentage can shine up to her, if he can only fee. Her speculation sticks out in requiring all who write to her to enclose firr postage stamp*. ARRIVALS AT PR1NCIPA LIIO TELS. BROWNS' HOTKL.?Win Lasler, Va; N H Bell. Md. R C Gloss, Md; G Boynton, C A Hor ner, S C Hunt, Virj!?; H C Dicker*on, Va; John Hug lies, O , W L Walker, J Hill. Nil; Benja'n Brud. Ill; H Milton, do: SM Burbank. Na; ST Walker, do; Kennj Harrison, Md; J W (Jnincy NYk; J L Smith, Ala; A Hilliary. Md ; Win N Jarboe, do; \\ 1J MrJilton, do; J G Olduer; NY; P O Oldner,do; F Valdenar, Md: S Beldm, Ct; D B Hamilton, do; M Cathcart, Pa ; I) A War ner. NH, Coard. Md; Dr W J Kdt-lin, do; G C Morgan, do; R Ford, B F Bowling, Md, R S Flkinton. Pa: H W Moore, NJ; F A La Ginngr, Mo. F W Steediuan, Ky; It W Bnson. do; R B Shelton, do; W G Wooth and lady, Md ; M P Straight. Va. R J Ross and family, Pa; M I'er kins/AY; J B On*tine, Min; R Sellew, Mo; W >V Uilinar,, III, II Henkngshaw, NY; L West brook. do; A Sutnner and Von, NY; F L Davies, N*w\ k, H Du:and, do; J F Johnson, Ya; Mis* Johnson, do, J E Burresa.do; C A Jarvis, NY; J A Phillips do, J n Donnan, Ya; R R Bauks, do, N Sherwood, NY. WILLARDJs HOTEL ?R W Pennock. IJSN, R OSiulth, NJ, R B Petriken, Pa; L Dunop, O; C W Canigan. 1'a; S Se> nour, A B Robinson, II S Cutting, C H\att. R M Hamilton, JRLogic, La; N Osborne, Mrs C A Jones, NY; N Wilcox, Ct; B F Ciiloc 111; Capt liiadford. U S A; W A Word. NY; O Whitney. I'a; M N Falls, Md; J H Ferguson, Capt W II Ga,-diner, do Cb Ann*, Miss Arms, Miss Thompson, N Yk T G Linthi cum. Md. r I) Adams, Mass/ Thos Byrnrs, J W Brown, NY; Mr Swift, Mass, L (ioel, N York; F Chittenden. Ct; T W Johnston, N Ci J H Ward, H R Tiflt. J McCisne, T Krook, S R St John, L> L 1. St John, H L Cathell, J D Jones, G Leary,N Y'; E Hopper. Pa NATIONAL, HOTF.L?J A Simpson, Pa; J Uare, Md; J W Brady. Ys, N C Munson.^Md.W C Wirk li*nr> v- ?. i - ?" - - - , _ >.iuAc.r> w L?eart?jrn. J palm? r. Mr Philbrick. N II. Mbeit B own. do; Albion Parker, do; J G11 man. Pa; Gen T THih inan, Md G LeSur, Va; JasCampbell, NJ;C W lawyer, NH. T W Jenkioa, a d mm ?? ~ V ?? n it"" . i'a; 1 J Moncnn. Miu. W H Ros?, F a. S B Worth. Pa; A W Hidings,M< ; P H Hale. Va; W E \V*ter?; W L Powell, Mo; J Cantee. Md; 0 Caatee.do; C P Marsh, O, Mrs L M <!lory, NY; C J Mallorv, do; J W Wright, W Tht.mimon, Mas?; D L Wintlngham slU fam ily, NJ; W Jones, Teuu. KIK KWOOD HOUSE ?ColSF Houstou,Md; ' H Whitenurst, Va; G P Thompson, Wis A N llrklf 4.1 . o ?- -? "" " ~ OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Kioh tub United Ktatbs Suamtri Ltart. Fjt. Days Atlantic New Yor*...Liverpool. ..Feb 13 Fb?m Edkofb. CitT Baliuuore. Liverpool...New York...Jan 77 Indian Liverpool...Portland Jan ? Niagara Liver pool... Boston Jan 30 ( be California nail stra?ra loaw York en tfce 5'h and *Kfc of each oaont^ Miscellaneous. IMPROVE YOUR ?YB8. StkencIW..y r? has* arrived from Europe with his baa arrived irora mwi- w;m ??? 1 ,?? , aa wall u the manufacture of a rood man; others of the lateat improved SPECTACLES and EYF.-G LASSES ; among whioh are the pERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX, Th? DOUBLE FOCUS and DOUBLE POLISHED BRAZILIAN PEBBLES.CRYSTALS, Eta., whioh are warranted to improve any E-Y E afleoted IlftfFiMiMKNB? t"<hM 10 Persons who are 00m pelted to use glasses, or thosa now using them, will be suited at first sight. Thosa wonderful DOUBLE-POLISHED VENEZUELIAN CRYSTAL ROCK have reoaivad the highest reoommendations at the World's Fair, at Paris, through their producing a olearness and e&siuess of vision heretofore unknown in any other improvements. AJ?o.all atylesof OPERA, SPY. and MAGNI FY ING GLASSES, Compasses, and Mierosoopes are for sale at his store, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or Eighth street No. 491, be tween D street and Pa. avenue. ITT"Do not mistake the corner of 8th street. Prices verv reasonable, the same as at his estab lishment in Eurooe. n9-tf A L K AND P O R T ? R. I beg to inform the inhabitants and visitors of the cities o| Washington an<l 1 Jeorgetown. U. C., that I have and shall ooimtantly keep mi hand, a stock of XX ALE and BROWN STOUT PORTER, maimfactured here entirely from Malt and Hops, wananted free from all injurious ingredients, put up in caitks of various sixes, suitable for Hotels. Restaurants, Boarding houses and private families delivered by my own drays, in any part of the above oities, at the Erewary prices. Orders received by post will ba attended to the day following. Alco, ,5 In !t and Hops for sala. Brewery and Ma'thousd oornar of K and 77th ata. Washington city, D. C. d 14 2m JOSEPH DAVISON. I A DIES, PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable Ft RS. free from moth, ami fresh made, caii at STINKMETZ'S, 236 Pa. ave nue, l?etwecn 12th and 13th streets, who has re ceived instructions from New York, to sell the fine assortment now hand, 011 commission, at less dis count than heretofore offered. Among them will be found tha handsomat sets French Sables, half and quarter Capes aver brought to thin oitj, for $'.!> and ?t2. V totorines Also, Capos and Cloaks, of aupanor quality, ven cheap. . Particular attention is invited to two vary large Mmk Saiile Capes, worth over #100, aach for $75 and $85. ^ Mink Sable Capo, medium size. ?3" and $35. Mink Sable Vietorines .*14 and Also, s' veral sots real Hudson Bay Sable. Together with Siberian Squirrel. Fitch Marten, Frenoli Mink. Arc , in all their variety. Im Irmm* Opera Cloaks, vrrr handsome; Mafia to inatoh, of all kinda, from to.f30. Ever* article warranted, and if proven aa not rep resented, the money Will b* refunded. B. H. STINEMETZ, 238 Pa. ave., bet, 12th and ltth eta., jan 11 next door to Madame DEBIT AND CREDIT, a T< w novt 1, trai slated from the German. The Re?son Why, a liook of oondenaed scientifii knowledge for the million, by the author of Inquire Within." Oortnern Travel, by rayard Taylor. White Liea. a new novel, by the author of " Peg WofRn ton." Hide and Seek, a novel, by the author of 'The Dead Secret." Guv I.iwingstone, or Thorough. Atlantic Monthly, for February. All the new publicitions reovived as fast as pub lished. A select assortment of Stationery. For sale at JOS. SHll.L.NGTON'S Bookstore, Odcon Building, corner 44% at. frB 3t an! Pa. av. AMBROTYPES FOR FIFTY CENTS, PrT nr 1* Good Cases. A fine assortment of cases from 50 c>'iitH to with good Likenesses, either Ainbretype, Daguer reotype, or Meleatnotypea. Warranted good like^ nessea. Coma early in the day. ROBERT SANDS, Pa. ava., bet. 8th and <H h strata, jan 21-tf Market Spaoe. Great sale of carriages. AT COST. The firm of Gardner A Plaoa having diaaolved on the 7th instant, by mutu\l oonaent, to. o'oae up their business we now offer fori, sale, at co.*t. at their stand. No. 553 12th * street, near the oornar of C, the following Carriage;: Five Buggies, four Rockaways. one Four pas aenger Phaeton and two Express Wagons All the above were made orthe best and most tho rough seasoned lumber and built by skillful and ex perienced workmen, and will be warrntod for twelve months; a satisfactory guarantee being given with every sale. N. B. Current funds required in every instance. Also, Hand Buggies very eheap for cash. CHAS. T. GARDNER A SON jan Jo 2tawtiw* SuooMsors to Gardner A Place ? A~R R1AGE LAMPS. We have this day been appointed agents for Edw. Usher A Co.'a Carriage and Engine Lampa, The attention of Coachmakers and others interested la respectiully called to the sample at our store. Orders solicited. ELVANS A THOMPSON, 326 Pennsylvania avenue. ian 14-eolm (Intel.UnionAStateal SUPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.-Just re cei ved. oa*es of the ce'ebrated I ondon Cor dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, aud for sale ly JONAS P. LEVY. No. 564 12th street, oorner of B street north. Gro oeriea and Liquor Store. d l*?-tf ISToKY OF THK REPUBLIC UK THE I'mtcd States. as tracod in the writings of Al exander Hamilton; by John C. Hamilton, volume 1, ?2 50. Tinker's History of tho Uniled States, volumes Sand 4, $1 so per volume. Examination of the Dred Soott Case; by Thos. H. Benton. .$1. The (J ueens of England and their Times; by Fran cis 1 juiceiot. Esq . 2 volumes, $3. Portraits of my .Married Frie.ids; by Unola Ben, 0! .25. Stori?s for the Home Cirole, "5 certs. Thr^e Dr?ys in Memphis, or Sketches of the Pub lic and Private Life of the Old Mgyptians; l?y Dr, Uhleman, 75 cents. Mustang Gray; by Hon. Jeremiah Clemens, $1, SeaStories, 1 volume, 75 cents. Life at the White Sulphur Springa; by Mary J Windle,75 centa. Perils of Certaia English Prisoners, a Christmas story; by Dokens,25 oeats. An Account of the Mnithsonmn Institution; by Wm. J. Rhees,50 cents. Aimanach Franoaudes Etats Unis, 185s, 26 cts. jan 8 FRANCK TAYLOR. \IINCE MEAT!?MINCE MEAT !! 1"| We have a supply of Domesuc Mince Meat whioh cannot t-e surpassed. KING A BURCIIELL, d 29 nnrnar 1.5th street and Vermont avenue. HAMS FOR FAMILY USE, direct from Cin cinnati.? We have received to-day a lot of SI GAR-CURED HAMS whioh we reoommendaa being very superior. KING A BURCHELL, fe 4 Corner Vermont avrny* and 15th st. Rye and barley malt," for aalaat the CITY MALT HO USEr oorner of Waat Falla av nnH R'oolr ?f. Malhmof*. Mrf. m? ?-W A DAMANTINK CAN DLES.?2,nno II*. A?to JZ\ inantine Candles, of excellent quality, at 25 ccnta per pound. Try them. KING A BURCIIELL. fe 4 Corner Vermont ave. and 15th st, C~?OKE FOB SALE. t Superior COK E, in any quantity, now for aa'e. niuire, without delay, at the offioe of the Gas Lignt Company. d M-dtf J. P. BROWN. Seeretarr. FJNGRAVED GLASS PLATES-A beautiful a article for carriage windowa. Transoms for street doors, Vestibule lichts, Ao.,Ao. Can be seen at our store, and needs only to be seen to beappra oiaten and ad mired. ELVANS A THOMPSON. Agents, 328 Penn. avenue, jan 15-eotm (Intel,UmonAStates) Washington. 'PHIS IS TO HIVE NOTICE?That the sub 1 acriber hath obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington county, in the Distriot of Columbia, letters of adinir.mtration. with the will annexed. 011 the personal estate of Sophia M. Cassia, iste of Washington county, deceased. All aeraona having olaima againat the aaid d ceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchera thereof, to the aubecriber, on or before the 3d day of Feb uary next; they mar otherwise by law be exoluded from all benefit of said estate. Given under my hand thia 3d day of February, in the year 1158, JOHN RITCHIE, Admia'r W. A. N- B.?All peraons having buaineaa with the above aetata oan oall upon Dr. Joahua S. Ritchie, of Georgetown. D C . aa my agent. fe 3-law3w* JOHN RITCHIE. ^TATE OF CALIFORNIA BONDS. Tha law jprovidinc for Funding the Bonded, and other apecined nidetiteOncka, of the State of Call forma, rcquirea that the old Bonds and Certifioatea ahail be forwarded to Sacramento during thia year, to be aaueeiled and rep'aoed by new ones, we will act as agents 111 tbis businesa, and requeet an early delivery of the Bonds. janZt-lm CHUBB BROTHERS. WAML'EL P. HOOVER'S HOOT. SHOE, AND > TRUi> K ESTABLISHllENT. I have on haud a large aaeorinient of Ladiaa', Gentlemen's, Missea', Boys'. Youths .andgrTTD Children's Rubbere, Overahoea, Saiidleai?tw? Goseroers, Boota, Slippere, Buskins helled^,tAr" ai d without. Water-proof Boots and Shoaa, whioh 1 will aellcheap for oaah. ? Alao, a splendid atook of Sola Leather Trunk a at reduced prioee. Call and examine for youraelvee. at SAM'L. P. HOOVER, Iroa Hall, Pa. avanoe, between _Mo U 9th and lath ate. R Vr # The new Blue Book or Gov . Re later of all oftoaia in the *nd naval, with their loostioni, salaries, Ao. I n00 fs.10, Postage fifty e*nts prepaid. ^ ' For aate ta Waehiagton by u? l.?r * maury, '?5 Bookaallars near at h etraet. NEW MUSIC reoeived aemi-weekly at JOHN F. ELLIS' Piano St<sre. near loth etraet. No. <m Pa. avenue w?sr Wfc *?***' **" ** u. METZKROTT Hole Agent of frmrd'a ? and Baoon A Raven'a superior Ptanofbrtes, jMl MiMsll&atous. TVTKW PUBLICATION.?"Hist otioal and Legs. 1? Examination of that part of th? Supreme Court's dootaioQ in the Dre<l Scott oace whioh de clares the unconstitutionality of the Missouri Cam promisa Aot, and the self eztensioa of the Consti tution to Territories. earryioK slavery along with it*" By the author of The Thirty Years' View; oc tavo; David Appleton A Co. New York, 18OT. The above work just issued from the press, for sale at the well known st*nd,oon>er of 4H st reel and Pennsylvania avenue. Stereotype edition. beauti fully printed on clean new type, fine white paper and with mw black ink. Bound in black oloth and gilt lettered. Done np iti a durable form lor permanent use. Price #1. This work is what its title purports to be, an ex amination of (what the author deems to be I the po litical part of the Court's opinion, avoiding any no tice of the judical pa*t. which related to the personal olaims of the parties on reoord. It is writen in a spirit of entire devotion to the institutions of our oount^r.and with total abstinenoe from all party views. The authors own words are: "I write for no party, but for all men who venerate the woika of our anoestors, and who wish to see our Government kept on the foundationson which they placed it." (p 130.) And it is believed that this pledge has been kept in the work, and which la considered, by com petent judges, as the most original and profound of all the author'a works, and so treated a a to present new views to the oldeat readers, and in fact to ap pear as a new work on a subject supposed to have heed exhausted. JOS.SHILLINGTON, Bookseller, Odeon Bunding, corner 4>? at. d 14-tf and Pa.av. CHARLES MACKAY. ?Songs for Musie- by Charles Mackay, 2* cents. Baiisds and Lyrical Poems; by Charles Mackay, 25 cents. The Salamandrine; by Charles Mackay, 24 cents. Legends of the Isles; by Cnarles Mackay. 25 oents. Voices from the Cr^wd; by Charles Maokay, 25 oents. Voices from the Mountains, by Charles Mackay, 23 c*nts. The Lump of Gold; by Charles Mackay, 25 cents. Under tireen Leave*:by Charles Mackay,2> ccnts. Poetical Works; by Charles Mackay, antiqne mo rocco, $2.15. For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jan 2 tf Bookstore, near 9th street. qMlE ADVENTURES OF A CAT. and a fcae I Cat, too. colored engravings; London. 1R57. The Adventures of a B?>*r. end a jreat B?sar, too. ool'.rca engravings; London, 1R57. The Adventures of a Dog, and a good Dog, too, oolored engravings; London 1357. The Little Pilgrim, by Alfred Crowquil, beauti fully illustrated; London. ia."!7. Fairy Gold. translated from the French, many il lustrations: London. IS57. Tales and Fairy Stories, translated from the Ger man; London. 1R37. Saxelford, a story for the Young, many illustra tions; London, 1857. Kda Morton, or School-room Days, many illustra tions; London, 18.57. With many other r.nw Rooks, English, French, and American, for youths ofall ages. . jan \ FRANCK TAYLOR. 'fHE REASON WHY.?A oan-ful collection of 1 many hundreds of reasons for things which, though generally l>elievad, are imperfectly under stood. Copiously illustrated; English e<lition; price so cents! free by mail on reoeipt of ninety-six oents io Stamps. Light in the Valley; My Experience of Spiritual ism; by Mr*. Newton Crossland; illustrated, t|1.25. Violet, or the Danseuae. 38 cts. Byographioal and Historical Sketohes; by Macau lay. Apple?on'a Railway Library.50 ots. Punch's Pocket Rook of Fun, do. do., 50ots, Tho Biographical History of Philosophy, from its origin in Greece down to the present day; by George Henry I ewes; 1 volume, 92JJ5. The same in 2 vol umes, .*3 Just published and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jan 7 Bookstoro. near 9th st. J uat published, and for sale at Taylor . Taylor a maury's ' n ** Bookstore, near 9th st. The diplomatic history of the Administrations of Washington and Adams, 1 89-1901 ; by Win. Henry Treaoot ; 1 vol., 91-25 Sent by mail, postage paid, 91-40. jan 14 FRANCK TAYLOR. C^OLD PENS.?Bagley's, Foley 'a. and Morton's I Gold Per,s, various sitesand styles, for aaie at m inu actiirera price. Jus' received by ian.m FR A NCR TAYLOR. ("M'lTAKS.?A large nasortment of Martin A I Schatze's celebrated tiUITARS have juat ar rived at the Musie Depot. Also, some fine VIOLINS and FLUTES. W. U. METZEROTT oor of llih street jan 23 tf and Penn. avenue. BRIGIITLY'S ANALYTICAL DIGEST <>F the Lews of the United States from the Con constitution up to the end of the Thirty-fourth Congress. "The text given in the words of the statue l*?ok ; the matter arranged alphal>etioally and analyti cally." , "And the notes include tho decissions of all tho Courts, both State and Federal in which the con struction of the Statue Law of the United States has been the subject of adjudication,as well as those of the heads of the Executive Departments." 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He bee now is hie poaseaaiou over one handred oertifiaetee of its value, all within twenty miles 4g tio?U>n. Two bottles ere warranted te aare a carting Bore Mouth. One to three bottlea will cere the worst kind af Pimples on the Face. Two or three bcttlee will clear the lyetein of Biles. Two bottles ere warranted to oure the wont Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to oare the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to aure all Ha m?r in the Eyee. Two bottles are warranted to cure Rannwg of the Kara and Blotchea among the llair. Four to aut bottlea are warranted to oure aorrapt and riw.iiin* Uloers. One bottle will oure Soaly Eruptiona of the Skin.

Two or three Hbttlea are warranted to oure the woret kind of Ringworm. Twwor three bottles are warranted to emra the most most desperate onae of Rheumatism. Three to foar bottlea are warrauted to onre Salt rheum. Five to eight bottlee will oure the worat oaee of Scrofula. A benefit 11i always experienced from the first bot tle, a;id a perfect oure is warranted when the above quantity ia taken. Nothing looks so improbable to thoee who have in vain trwu ait the wonderful medicines of the day, ae that a oommon weed growing on the pasturea.and along old atone wa!!s, should onre every humor in the ay stem ; yet it is a fixed fact. Ifyou have a humor, it haa to start. There are no 1FS nor ANUS, huma ?or ha'a about it suiting aome case*, buttnot yoere. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it in the vioimty of Boston. 1 know the ettecla of it in every oaee. It haa already done aome of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 gave it to children a year oid, to oid pen pie of sixty. I have ?een poor, puny, wonny-lookiug children, whose lesh waa aorf and flabby, reetored to a per.rcot state of health bv one b< ttls To thoee who are anbject to a siok headache, one bottle will always cure it. It givea groat relief in natarrh and dizziness. 8ome who have taken it had Monooative for years, and have been regulated by Where the body it sound it works quite ea*y, but where there is any derangement of the ft? net tons . r,li ,0Au*?J v?r? eiagrlar feelings, bet "stnot be alarmed; they alwnya disappear io Xour ?kj" to a week, 'lliero ia never a uad re -ULL 1 ' ,?n,^ oontrary. when that feeling is g?P?l ZffLTfrIl>.feal yonraelf fikca new personf 1 encomiums of it In my own praotic* I always kept it strictly for hu ll!^ SU1C? 118 'Ot^xluction as a general family mcdicine, great aud wonderful virtues have beea found iu it that 1 never suspeotcd. Several caxesof epileptic fits?adiaeaae which waa alwaya considered inourab!e, have been oured by ? few bottlee. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in all oases of that awftif malady?there are but few who have been more of it than 1 have. I knt*w of several oaseaof Dropsy, all of them aged people oured by it. I- or the various diseaaea oftb? i. ""Htoe^iDyapepisia, Aathma, Fevei ami Ague, Fain in the Side, Diseaaea of the Spine, and particularly in Disoaaeac f the Kidney a, Ao., tht diacvery haa done more good than any me<ftoin? ever known. No change of diet ever ne(V*aary ?eat the beet yog can get and enough of it. %A for tr,"-~Adiilta one table-spoonful per day-^hiidren over ten yeara deascrt-spoonful flve,to ?'rht years, tea-epoonful. Ai bo directions <mn be applicable to all constitutions t*ke suae- aut to operate on the bowels twioe a day MANDrACTCXKt) IT DONALD KENNEDY. ffo. 120 Wmrrtn Strut, Rnxbury, Maftmekutottt Agents/or Washington.?Chaa. Sfott A Co., Z G11 man - K i d w el I A LAwrenoe. J. U. Gardner, Ilurrj M?CrV;; k.VVavb 4 ri? \X- ^ Walah, J- P. Slone Martin King, Nairn 4. l'almor, J*chwartg A Co., ( n^el,t < !?rk* J*,p* Milburn, Dunfea Dyson. r?rrd A bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R 8. Ciaaell. O M Lentham. J. L. Kid well, my 5-lj AVER'S Cathartic Pills (SV(iAH COATED.) The following remedies are of Jered to the public as the best.inos a j ? .^ ,.P5.r^00t* which medical science oai afford. AYEKS CATIIaKTIC F/LLs i.av. We#prepared with the utmost skill which the ire.li oal profession of this age posseaoea.and thoir effeoti show they have virtues which surpass any oombi nation of mcdieinea hitherto known. Other prepa rutioDs do more or less good; but this ouree auoi dangerous compiainta. ao ^uiok and eo surely, aa t? prove nil effieaey and a power to uproot disease be yond any thing whioh men have known before. Bi removing the obstructions of tho internal orcansani stimulating them into henlthy notion, they renovsti ::f to ar'd Vi^r,-health oourse. anew tiirough tho btidy, and tpe sick man is wel again. They are adapted to d.aease, and diseasi ?I^/r...Lwien.tate.ntb' ??? In ,i.ea!,b they produoi but litt.e e.leot. This is the perfeouon of medicine It is Hiitagonistio to disease, and no more Tende children may take them with impunity. If they an aick they will oure them, if they are well they wil 1o them no harm. ?r?tl2fJh.?mK f? 80ma 'Mltient w?>o has been pros traten with bilious oomp.aint; see his bent up, tot fering form straighten with strength again ; #eo hn long-lost appetite return ; see his oiammy feature biossoni into health. Give them to gome sutfere whose foul blood has burst out in scrofula till hi skm is covered with sores ; who stands, or sits, o lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside an out with every potion whioh ingenuity c*uld sug gest. G've hmithese Fii.Ls. a?d mark the eflect see the soabs fill from his l>ody ; seethe new. fai Thiy i *ro(1Tn um'*r them; see the late lepe th?t is c.ean. (five tiiein to hun whose anrr< "a",, rheumatism in his joints an Inines, more him. and ho screeches with pains; hi Iwi,h w lTaP ??*ko?l through every muscle of hi plfl.T ^""nents and salves; civs iom thes I ills to purify hiB blood; they may not oure him for.aias . there are enses whioh no morUi powe S ! "row 1 ''"i ? ^'ks with crutches now ^ be walks alone; they have cured lum Gi\'0 tiiern to the lean, sour, haggnrd dyspepllc whose gnawing stomach has long ago eaten ever sini e from Ins fare and every muscle from Ins body . ee his apretite rrrnrn. and with it his hoaitn- v the now nian. See her tlia' was radiant with healtl w* t of e??rMi a"re ' ,ton w"nprinP nway wai.t of exercise or mental anguish, or some Turk in disease, iia^ demnced the internal organs of dices wion. aasmiiMion ur ssoretion.till thev do their ?>ffio. Vr ,V:*r bo,,d 14 vitiated, her heanh is gone. Giv! lier these I ills to stimuiato the viUl principle mti renewed vigor, to ca*t ??ut (he obstruction ?d w {???*'YlP"' ",to "?? Nowl?4ili" ?a! ? ?8 ', 0Js?m f?n her elieek. and where !atel sweeTinfint"y ,rii" 'ro!" evpr> featura. t?ee th sweet infant wfist?4f with worms. Its wsn. sickl fi-iorirfhatftth,,,U w"hVUf d""iS'- an,i Painfully dis rijet, that thry sre eating its life.iway. Its pincbe< I'PDOHenjid er.ru, and re^tieiis fteepin^s, toil th? t: f'?is ,flS?ua?e *h\ch every niothe k ii*wm (jive it the I ills in large 'loses to sweet these vile parasites from t.'ie body. Now turn aeni! ?"?'see the ruddy bl.ym of ohi!dh?>od. Is it notfiiw j * i"**; tb?v not the marvel o Inr ,e ' are 1,6 aronn<l y?u even H?ve you the less serious symptoms of these dis .Pinpers, they nre thecasier cured. Jnundioe Cos Sideache. Heartburn. Fou Stomsoh,i^suse.1. I'hiu in the Mowels. Flatulencv Loss of Appetite, King's Kvil. Nemalcia, GoutJiiii l':Vlri^,CO,nlia,"U a" "o1*? fro,n the *lerangementi which these I ills rnpidlv eure. Take them nerxe veringly.and under the oounsel of a good fhrsicia: if yon can; if not, mke them judiciously by sucl advice as we ?,ve you, and the'distressing dancer ii?,MnffhML ' ?ur0, whlch "tHiol so many mil lions of the kuman race, arc cast out like the devil *L? P ",CJ).mn,t.''"'row in the brutes and in th< v n #T. **crv"f.';rbr*~5fnr 1> . .Jv GlI.MAN, \\ ashington; and by H. COC?F A t <?.. Alexandria, and all dealers in Medicin* exery where. d ?-4m PRIVATE MEDfCAL TREATISE ON THB P HIS IO LOB 1C A L VIEW O F MARRI ABB By M. B. La CROIX, M. D., Al!*ny. N. V. 3on paces and 19> fine Plain and Colored Lithograahi and Plates. ICTPRICE ONLY 96 CF.NT8., ana Plates. ! ONLY*CENT8.^31 lITSia?/rii o/pot ft* to all p?rl? of Vko WmUn Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiological View of Mar riage. A new and revised eqition of 2SA pac*H and ISO plates. Pno&tf oents a oopy. A popular and com prehensive treatiae on th.e dutiea and cauualtiee of single am. married life?haopy and fruitful alliances, mode or aeounng thorn?infeuoiteua and infertile onea?their obviatios and removal?nervoua debility, ita causes and oure, by a prooess at onoe so simple, safe, ana effectual, that failure is impossible?rnles for daily management?an essay on 8per matorrhaea. with oraotiaal observations on a safer an< more successful mode o f treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirioal practice ; t< whioh is added commentaries on the diseeses of fe males?from infanov to old ace?each aase g rap hi oal ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out th< remedies for those self-inmoted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unli>rtunately prevalent in tn< young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, an< those oontemplating marriage. Its perusal is partio ularly reoommended to pers<ins entertaining seore doubts of their physical oondition. and who ars oon scions of having hasarded the health, happinesa ant privileges to which every human being is entitled to Pnoe 25 oents per oopy, or five oopiea for mail ad free of postage to any part of the United States by addreaaing Dr. I.A CROIX, (post paid,) Albany New York, enoloaing 25 oents. 8. B. Those wno prefer may oonsnlt Doctor ILJ OIX upon any of the diseases npon whioh hit book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi cines o*ten care in the short spaoe of sut days, an< completely and entirely eradioate all traoes of thos< disorders whioh oopaiva and ouhehs have so loni been thought an antidote, to the rnin of the health o the patient. His " French Seoret" is the great con tinental remedv for that class of disorders whioh un fortunately, pnysioians treat with mercury, to th< irretrievable aestrnotion to .the patient's oonstita tion, aad whioh all the sarsaparilla in the world aaa not oure. ^O?oe No. a Maiden Lane, Albany. N. Y, From London by last steamer. Russell's North America, its Agrlcnlture an< Climate. Soott's Seonlar and Domestic Architecture, preseal aad future. Delamotte'a Practice of Photorraphy. Mortimer's Pyroteohny,3d ed-tion. Denson on (Mocks and l ocks, Hughes' Duties of Judge Advooatea. Jean's Navigation and Nautioal Astronomr. En?li?h Glees. Duets, and Quartetts with Piatx aooompanimenta, 1 vol. Ludewig's Literature of American Aboriginal Lan (SSfSS. Rousseau's Emilias, traeslated lato English. Rouaaeaii's NoavaUa Haloiae, translated int< English. fe 4 FRANCK TAYLOR Medicine*. ? R U V IAN S Y R V P. Ob Pbotected SOLUTION OF PRO TOXIDE OF IRON COMBINED. Having eacoaesfally passed the new di*ooT?riM id tk?V?tcrw Medica an subjected, must now b* f*?*,v9* a* an established medicine. lur"*">nC'"?'DrsPBr8iA, AJ[*ct%on* of tkf Liwr, D tp*V< f.Vwfn-'f?'#, Bmnekitii amJ Cee*wmy?r?r? Tmmtmriet, Di <ordtTtd Stat*. of ?*' Rl"vd. Rf'*, 5r*rry, Tie PrortratiHZ Y.jf'ri* of J.rad or Mrrrwry, G*neral Debility, And all diaenaes which require a Teric and Alter* tivemedioroe. ia Ke^ond question. The proof* of ita effieaey are ao nuinerons.sowe I authenticated. nod of aurh pecul.ar character. that sutferera e.-?iu?t reasonably lie. itate to reoeive the; proffered aid. ^ The Peruvian Syrup doe* itot| prolog* to he a oiki all. hut its' rai se la extensive. Iieo-uv many disease*, apparently tinlike ?re in timately re'ated, vtd proeeedtns ^.m? froui one cause, may be cured by one remedy The class of diseases for which the Syrup pro vides a nre. ta p ecisely that which iha? ao often Untiled the highest order of medical akil. The fee"a are tangible, 'he witnesses ncoesatMe, and the safe ty and efficacy of the Srrup inoor.trovertib'e. Those who may wish for an opinion from d.sinter- j eatcti persons respecting the ettaraclerof tUc$*?iup rannot (ait to he satisfied with the fotioWM g among nniueroua testimonial* in the hends of the Aretit*. The signature.. are thoae of gentlemen well known in tlit community, ard of the lushest respectability. CARD. The undersisned bavin experienced the liereh c!al eff ?cta of the "Pemvtan -*yrup.'" do not heeitnte to raoommend it to the attentioa of tee public. From <>ur own experience. as we.I a* from the tea timony of others, whoae u 'el igei.ee and inteenty are altogether un?|iestionr.b!e, we have no doubt ot ita efficacy in cases of Ineipont Diseases of the Lungs and Bronchial Passages. Dyspepsia. l.ivcr t oinpiaint. Dropsy, N'eumlgm. Ac. Indeed ita ef fects would I-- incredible. !>ut from the high Chirac ter of thoae who have wi!no-i*od them, ard hare volunteered their testimony, a*. we do oura. to ita restorative power. jnHV p,ERpoNTt THOMAS A. DEXTr.R. r?. H. hKM'AI.I., M. D. KAMI Kl, MAV, THOMAS C. AMOR V, PETER HARV-V, JAMES C.DUNN. It IS well known that i?>e medicinal eUert or Pro toxide of Iron is lost by even a very brief exposure to air.andthat to maintain a aolntionof Protox ide of Iron, wuhoot further oxidation, haa been deemed impossible. Intlic Peruvian S? rup. thts desirable point ia at tained hv roMBISSTie* is a *vat P*vo<b rs ini'WS; and ihia solution im) replace all tr?e pr??to carb-natos ?? rates, end tartrates of the MMeiia Medio*. A. A. H A YES. M. D.. Assaier to the ?tate i.f Masaachus^Ma. 1? Boyletoa street. Boston. For sale by Druggists genera ly. Price f>?r large bottlea. #2: medium ?is?d ho'tlee. #1. N. L. CLARK A GO. f'r??prietor?, Boaton. For aa'e In Waahin*to*i b? Z. IK OHmnn. Special Acent; Nairn * Paimer, John S. Iiwartie, L. M Smith, V. Harlauch. II. H. MoPheraon, F. S. Walah, Joaeph Bur?, Jaa. H.Stone. J. S, Urrjoi, Or D. B.Cln'ke. I). Ridgaly. ?nd in Georgetown bv R. J. Ctsa??ll.and J. I.. Kidwell. ffhB-tm P" TR I E S K M A H . ROTECTED by Royal Letiera Patent cf ?*'nxland. and aecured by the Seala of the Ecoie de Pharma^iede Panaand th* Imperial CoilexeofMed icine, Vienna. Trioaemar No. 1 ia a remedy for Re laxation, Hpermatrnrhwa, and Fahaua'ion of the S?atem. Tneeemar No. J efleetnali*. in the sheft apece of three d^j a, oompletely and entirely eradi oatea all tmoea of thoae diaordera which copaviaand cubeba hare ao Inn* been thought an antidote for, to the ruin ?-f the hcilth of a vaat portion of the popii Ution. Trieaemar No. S ia the great Continental remedy for that claaa of diaordera wnich, unfortu nately, the Enalian ph> ami an treats with mercurr, to the inevitable dettruc'iou cf the patient's const i tntion. tind which a'l the snraaparilfa in tr.e wn-id cannot remove. Trieaemar Noa. 1,2, and 3 are alike devoid of taste or smell, and ofal! nausea) in* nunli tiea. Tliey may lie on the toilet table wi?houf ibeir use beinc suspected. Sold mi tin c*aeavand divided Jn separate doaea as admunatered by A e^peau. I^J lem?n, Roux, Kioord. Ac.. Ao Pnoe #1 each, or four caaes in one for $9, which tavea f J; and in rase a. Sold by Dr. H. A BAR ROW.No.157 Prince at.,a fnw blocks wcat of Hroarlway, New York. Imme diateir on reoein of theami>unt Dr. B wil forward the $9 oases of rricaemar. and the large aiaea, oar ria?e paiJ,thus uiaurinr renuine Kuropean prepara tiona. The 53 oases alao aent. but not free or oer rince. Consutiationa r.s usual, from II a. m. lilt i p. m. and from < till 8 p. m.. at No. 157 Prinoe st.. a rew blocks west of Brtedway. S Id also by J STOTT, Waahi-rton. fe 1 ly IiHE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURIT,. Just Publifktd. Grattc.tkeXtk Tho**n?4. A few worda of the Rational Treatment, without M edicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local Weakneaa. Nooturna, Emiaaiooa, Genital, and Nervoua Debility, Pre mature f>e<ny of the Syatem. impo-, tency,and Impedimenta to Marnaae fenerally.by B. DE LANKY. M. D. The important fact that the many alarming com plaints, originating in the imprudeuoe and aolitude of yonth, mar be eneilr removed without Medicine, ia in thia amah traot. dearly demonstrated ; and tht entirely new and hithl* successful treatment.** adopted by the author, fully explained, br msswo which ererr one ia enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible coat, thereby avoiding a., the advertised rostruma of the day. Sent to any address, gratia and pobt free, m a scaled envelope, liy remittins two ?<>*ta*e stamps to DR. BE LANFY. ae28-d*wtf 17 Liapenard street. New York. rpHE SUOALS^W^TiyCKSANDS /a*t r>Mblt*h?d. (?? 37 'diti*n. IC7-ON SPERMATORRHEA OR SEMI N.ai. DISEASES-?A sc.ieitific Trea'ise on tl^e treatment anH perfect cure of N'ervoiia Detxlity. Sfiiiiii.il akn?ss, involuu'ary Emissions, lrrp?? tei.ee, A e., resultinc from vicious haluts acq"ired durmc the critical p'aasage f oin Youth to Man hood. BY l)R. CULVF.RWF.I.L. Memlier of the Ro>ai Coliec" of >ur*e<>pa of Knc iaiid. (I). I.icenciate of the Hall, (II&4). and rcar<! Re?ndent Practiti?>ner in l.ond?>n. Auth?.r of iho "C?liid* to Health." ' tireen Hook," "How to l>e Happy " "Memoirs of Single and .Married Life. Ac. Thia small but valuable Treatise,wn'tcn by world renowiMi Physician ai.d Snrseon. points out the onlrsurennd permanent eure f?rai!on">aaea result ing frtim self-aluiae. and is the only publication of its kind wi it??"a in a i?eiievo!ert Fprit and t?> a sei?r.tif. ic man It sliould le t!.e ha>-ds of n^l who valu* th?ir nfe and health and iinppiness bere and hereaf ter. Prvce 12 cents, or 4 *tr.:rr* at the receipt of which if wi I tie sent, post free.arid veil secured. h\ Pr CH KLINE. No. 49? l?t Avenue, Box York. Jan 12 Travelers' Directory. r|V? WESTERN TRAVELERS. IPE FALL A > D WISTKR ARK ANU E M KXTS. NOKTHF.H.\ CENTRAL KAILWAY. On ard after jai.u^ry 2H'.h, IK.S9. Two Daily 'i'rains will leave Calvert Station, Ufi!tinu>re. for Pittsburc. Chicago, Cleveland. Cincinnati, St. I.ouis. and all e tirs and towsa intue West and North and Southwest. THE MORS I KG MAIL TR A I V Leaves Baltimore daily (Sunday exot p.ed ? at S.t.ia in , for PitUburg and all Western iowns and Cities. THE ACCOMMODATION TRAl.X Leaves Baltimore daily (Sunday excepted ? at 3 p. m.,for Pari.ton. THE H.lfT EXPRESS TRAl\ t.eavea Baltimore ever? Nishtat I') p. m . oimnec* ing with the l.iglitp ng Express over the Pennsrl van a Railrotd lor Pi.t*bu<g. arriving at 1 p. in. The R.lft a. m. and in p. m. trains connect closoU at Pittsburc with trains over the Pittsburg, I'ort Wayne and Chioago Rsilroad and its Northern, Southern and t* eatern eonnoctions. fD? Passengers for Chioago. Rook Island, Bur liugton, Iowa City, Milwaukee Dubuque. St. Paul, M dison. and other lead ng cities in the Northwest, will save o\k urNnatn milk* or travel and rr* hours in time, with rocs l.Kts changea of <-.\ra, by takinc thia route. fD" Passengera for Cleveland, S-irduskr, Toledo and Detroit go by this route, and the fuit ? is un eu us led, being 43 miles shortcrtbananr other routp. Passengers for St. Louts. Indianapolis. Terre Haiite. Cairo, anO all points on the l.owr a?d I'p per Miasiaaippi. make leaa ohaugesofca-s au?f arrive id advai.ee of any other route:and toCinoinnati, Co lumbua. Day ton, Louisville and other imminent cities as quick as by any other mute. All Westtrn baggage checked through and hindied with care. Pasaengera for Williamaport, Niarara Falls, Elmi'a, Bnifalo, And oities and towns in WESTERN NEW YORK and CANADA, will find thia the shortest, cheapest and most expe ditioua route, and leave by train at A 15a m. Paas^ngers for Hanover. <?eitysburg. Eimmtts burs. Wrichtcvillle, Columb a and l<anca*ter leave lu the morning train at ft.15 a. m. PaaaengeraTeaviiic Waahinrton at fia. m.,e-nnect Jith the R.tSa m. train, and those by the trim* at 3. 4 2nand 5.2n with the 10 p. m. train for ell parts of the West. For further co rect and reliable in forme t ion plea e apply at the Ticktt Office of ths Nor hern Ce tiai Railway, Calvert station, oorner of Calvert and Franklin streets, Baltimore. !?? tr C. C. ADR EON. Sup't II. WARN'KR. Ticket A re.it! |H 11. A ME V HH 1 A. It .MINN TON ANL BALTIMORE RAILROiD. Passencer trains for Philadelphia leave President street depot, Baltimo e, daily, exoept Sundays, as follows, vis: Express Train at B.40 a. m.; War Ma.I Tram at II o'clock a m ; Evening Mail at 6^.Sp m OoSu day a at %7S p. to. oaf j. Alt tram connect with New York traina except f? '.5 p. m. Saturdays. FOt HAVRE DE GRACE u\LY I.eeve Baltimore a* 4. 4 o'clock p. m. 'rom Philadelphia a 8 a. m.. I p. m., and 11 p m. FOh SEAFORD, U&L. Paeaengers leaving H^itimoie at e.*? a. m connect at Wilmington with M* p. m. tra n and 6.S5 p. m. from Baltimore with 9 31 a. in. train. Fare from Baltimore to Heeford MJ" feS tf WILLIAM CRAWFORD. Agent. pOR NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. Va The steamer LOUISIANA leavea the Union Dock, f??ot o?^Conoord_street. Baltr ? "i v/uiimifu iirrn. nnui more.every Tueeday. Thursday, aad g^tsss^'asa.^Ri?*,.?. F? mmJk Trvrttan' Btowtwy. ^yASHlNGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Traoe ma u folio ws: 1-MV# U?*tii||U>I) U(t. CD. IJn. 4?. Bt ? a. in. P?- do. at * ?m. do. MiPpa. 4a. at vise m. j,r*" ? and ? ft. M Mid 4? ?. m. ?nin>nt thTu^V {rH *he k-**1 ?t R#ia? lar ?.!.? Wh I; ? ?. in ft. d S 14 p . m lt?r A oft* - ' n^ ? f 'm. f??r J" reder.ok nod No it .fc. T.'e ?i "MM V IN* r?l | i iv? w - fi a. ni. and 4 p m. train* are KlfiNi, and *V*f only at Amt*po'i? and Vvii<tiiii|toi itnetiwt- T?? Ea?tera tram ?4 >*terda) at 4 1" p? w- a"** ""J lo Philadelphia. (fa Se inlay oaly oee train?at 4jn p. m. an 2nd TH. II. fARSONS. Agent. N EW AMI IMPORTANT SCHEDI'LK. FOR ALL PARTS np THK WEST. Baltimore and ohio railroad. The iT?r,l ex tCtSN-?f>ud IB,>ro . ru,M>l of ill iead ing oonaeoiux 'utM at the Went ;*? (?fViiMUM* to'milittiflTthfn it ? rauxcrienta ofllna ned by which hifhiy iR;po'<a?|t a<lvaa"n..?? to the tr*v eler are sevared. tin v>S ?!t?r M??NI?A\. Jee? 16. 111)7, 'I'M K KK DAILY rRAINS will be ran in both directioiie for tkronih putrntwt. Fi'at-Tbe ACt'O.MMoDATlONTRAlNatar'a from Camden Station. |Sii'i.ik>r*,at 7 A.M.,(tto*pt Suinlnj.) stop* at way stations aod armee at Ce?? bertana at 4 P. M Seoond?TUe M A11. TKAIN stnrts iCaiwftT ** oepte-l?at B? A. M., and arrive* at WkwIiM at 4 ?* A. M., oncn?otiii( at Kenwood with t'fwlni Ohio trains for Coiuinbus. CiiKMiutati. Inilniwf-iia. !??>? .sviile, Chicago, >t. l,<>e,g. A <*., and at same with train* fur 4leve;ai?d. ToImk. Detroit# Ac.. by Clevetand R oaJ, and also at Pa'kersbrrg with Ma rietta Road, Third?The PT. MH'IS aid CINCINNATI KX I'll ESS TKAIN Iwtm diily at .SJte P. M.. eon oeotii.cat B?uw< <d ^t !> A. M. w.th ei^rpu irft.^a frvn< Bella: ro tu Circmziati. (ir?l4a?f 14???? C"~s *t r?>f*w?fca?,) aud reaching tfc<**e .n but 2* hocrsfrom It*!nmore and 2B hour* frriB Wash?nt ton. It also pop'iecta direcMy. tn bntn 4w?(tinat, at Grafton with on l?y ParxernMirg and Marietta roads lor 4 hillicit,>c. t'inoinntti, e'o. Taee# trama connect at Xerm for iudianepolis. Chicngo aad St. I.obis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohi<- and Miacisaippi L'.xpresa Tm l.<>niaviMe, Ci-iro find f?t. (.ou.a turo-irh to Pt. Losia in les* ti:?r clhoara trtmi Baltimore. Br thie tmjn the t? a'l the ??r:rai and aoBlhem p aoei ia the W aat la ma oh !???. whi.e the dttttnr* u from ?P lo l?> miiee shorter iaa? kv tha ahoriaat of other rouiea. Frow the Wrat tli?*a ooaneo'iiin* are equall* oloaa and antiaf*dory, ftr riving at Baitiaiore at A. M. ITT" Baatafe ?h-cked throath tn all Bc rta. THFOl-C^TICKKT!" aoW at lowee? rat si at Camden Station nnd at XVaahinr?o?. D C. PaaaetKer* from Baltimore or \\>?hingtnw ?ae row tkt tnltrt fim< 4? dmylitkt, ht takina a?tr :n* trama, ami lyinc over at Camlxwiyid or l>aa land, and r?iumii? next nv-rmc* Hajaliai >? mmnutdauon ira.u, lcftiuix Camber land at w a*4 Oakland at 1AJ0. _ FUR WAT PAfifiBNGWRB. The Cambriand Aoommodatioa Traiaftt 1 A.M ? will atop at ail SlftUoua eaat of Camberland, and the. Wheeling Accommodation at a!l Ptatiima betynw (^umberlead crma Wwi. I'?Iaaiili the ma* ' Tr^in leevai \\ hepln t at ajn A. M .and Aeeomm" datmn lent ea <Janiil>erwnd at 9, raaeliinc HftitiSK*r? it)? P. M. ON THK NORTHWKPTKRN VIRGINIA BR A NCH. beiween Grafton and Farkerabnrx, war pasaer^eik will take Ute Lxpreaa weatwardf anf the Mail eaatwardlr. The F R KDLH ICK TRAIN aU'ta at 4 P. M . atosDin* at way atationa. Leavet Frederick ftt9.lt A. M.. acnrimt at Baltirm^a ^ iKH.-n. The ELLICC)TT*8 MILL TRAIN laarea at ?.? A. M., and Alk P. M. I.eavea Kllicott'a Miila at T A. M. and 7 P. M.. exoeyt Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THK P*?lTTH Leave Baltimore for \>'aaliimrtcn at aisandt.ll A. M .Sand VI6 P. M. On Sundaya at 4.t^ A. M.. and 5.13 I*. M.only. Leave VVaaluiifion fot Bal'iwreat Kandl^A. M.and 3 and 4.20 P. M. Oo Sunday a ftt 7 A. M., ftaaifl 4 3> P. M. only. The first and foarth trajna from Baltimore, and tka ae#on?i and fcarth fraina from \Vaahinrton. wiil he expreaa mail traina. ati.tpinr only ftt Wftakinctco Junction find Annapol.a Jaaotion. The 9.15 and 5.1 S train* from BaJt iBK?re and ti?e ftjr> and 4 2" arftina from Waahuictou ooanect w.ki the traina front Vnnaaolia. For tiekoia, information, fare, Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, at the Ticket ?>?oe, Caiideo Btatioy. WM. S. WOoDSIDfc. Jy IS-tf Maater of I ranaeortation. HaJtinore. QRANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LIHt Twnce Dai It . (Sandftr nifMita e*ce?t?d.! berwr?4B WASHINGTtlN CITS and the SOl'Tfl. vjft &LEXANDR1A, GORDONSV1LLE an* RICH ON0 Leave* \V aahinrtoc at ? e'oJooi a. m. 14 Waahi&cton at 7 o'olock p m. For LYNCHBURG amT the SfU'TH WEST. Leave Waahinrtoa at 6 o'c'ook a.'m .amve in LYNCH HI'RG next morning at 4 a. m.,oi>iiaeotiOi with the traina on the Virginia and Tenneaac* Rail Road lor MEMPHIS. Mail Su?ea from Char otteavilie lo I.jnchl urK a diatauoe of W' miiaa. Fare from aahuifton to Lynctiburg, fllb. The ateamer GFORGK PAGE, t-wt ofSerenth ?treet. be.ftp owned by tue Raiiruald Company, rana in oonneotion with t^e traina. IVketa for Lyuchl urx procured ol the Boat. |l_/~Ofrtibu*e?an '. Iia?ca?e \Na?on* will beat thft Dep?it of the Wnahiixton K a; I road, to oonvey paa aenxare ard bvrate to the Steamtxwt. for Alexan dria. a diftanoe of an mini, allowing ample time for meftft. JAMES A. EVANS. Ageto. Alexandria, July. inf. i? ITT JEW YORK AND L'VF.RPimiL OSITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. IN Tkt Sktft tt?r"ii?i lAtt mi an .* The ATLANTIC 4)a?t- Oliver Eidridc*. The BA LTlC ._..4;apt. Joseph Com?t.-ok The AIJKIATIC Capt. Jamea Weau Theaa ehipa hancg l?en onilt by cxttract expreeeiy for Gorern'i.ent re:\ic?. every ear* baa b*entak?? 10 their c-vjatrweiion, na alao in their enribea. to n? anre atrenxth ai^i a^ecd. ai^l their aoooroinoda'ioua for pv:aaLgcra Rrf une< ia.lrd Tor elegance and com fort. The ateaineraofth:a line have improved wMer ticht ?"??ni?tartttiaiita. awl iKiexpenae ha* been *j? ?red to make tlinn allaa xoo?t as i.ew. the through ^xan. ination civcn them pro\ their mode <>l oooatiuv tion yet unen jailed. Price oi rt?aance lrom New York to Li?er?oo! ta firet cabin, *1"*': i.iawnd do.. #75; From l.ivef pjoi t? N--w \ ork, *>' M:ti 2" ra.nena. An exper. parienofd Su fe.?a attaet^d to each Rlnp. No!*rt:s oaa tin aecureu astil paid tor. PROPOSEn HATES OF SAlLIM. rioc HZW to?. i rioa uviif^l. Saturday, Jan. 16 ... .I^W Wedreaday, r eh. 3 if* Saturday, Feb. IS .. .IHifl \N'?-dnet<lMy, M'ch S 1 Saturday, Mf>rc.h 13 l?5al Wednesday, >t 8 I '* Saturday, Apr 1 1?? I.W Wcdnea? av, April A.lftf Saturday, April 24 m* Wednead.-w, Ma* 12 I v StitDrday, \fny H lH.Sn i We>lnea<la> . May & lit"1" S\turd.-?> . May 22 lHii Wedneadaj , J wue * i. "4 Saturday, Jur.e.5 1K5P NVednaauay, J uiie .S .-.a Saturdey, June 19 iftK Wedneaday, July 7 l*ls Saturday, July 8.?Wednevdiy, Ju.y 21 lk ? Saturday, Jaiy 17?H5; Wedneart^y, Aue. 4 l*'?5 Saturday, Auc. 14 185Kj Wedneeday, Pept. 1 tR* ? ? - ? ? ? ~ ? 1 ? ? ? ? ? k-' - - ? 11 a ???< Saturday, Ail|./l It58| V% ediie*<ta> , Sept. IA Saturday, Sept. II ...18!<B Wedriea fay, ^ept. k" l"V? Saturday, Sept. -IS .. IWjWedoea .y, Oct. 13 llili Saf urda> , Oct. !? ....18tP We?4iie*day, t ?ct. it IW Safurda). <!ot. it! l%v Wednea la* . N?-v. 1? |f#R Saturday, Nov. t ... USti Wt??lae?<la>, Nov. 8? 18J* Saturday, Nov. 2t>....18?k \\'ediiesd?*, l>ec. a !H * ?at'irday. I>ec.4^_iRMi Wcduee<iay. Deo. ?+ l?M: For freight or pa?aace. applv to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. W, Wftll final, New Yore. 8ROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. . G. WAINRIGH'I A C4?., ftria. The ownera of theae ahipa will not be aoooantaNe for gold, silver, bullion, apecie. jewalry. prec "v.a atotiea or metala, nnlaaa b.lis of Jad.nx ?r? eijued therefor and the value thereof expressed therein, d la T AK PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY. Onp of the Steamahipa of thia Comprcy, flftrryii;g the United Starax Mai la for ACAPl'LO, CALIFitKNI A, and OREGON. i?ave?4 Panama iwi?* ?vh month. <? the ftrn ? rftlof the United i taf ea Mail S. S. Company 'a ateam era, whioli leave New Orleana ami New York rega Iftrly on 5th and 2eth of each month with the ma ia. and p*<aen?ers eoi rftoting via PANAMA RAIL R41ADS. Theae ateamahipa have been mepeoted and M proved by the Navy Department, andgaaraniy ir??d aad aa/?tp. The Pa-Mima Railroed <47 miles long I ia new com Ceted from noaaale < oeaa. and ia crossed is 9 or 4 >ara. The hasjKeof psaeenxere leoheoked in Mew York throuKfeio San Franciaco, and pase#ngere are embarked at Panama by ateamer at the oompanr'e axpenae. The m ?uej paid in New York oovera ftil BXjbenseaof the trip. Reeerveateamera are keat in port in Panama aad San Francieoo, to prevent ae'ention in c*se of acci dent. eo that the row*# i? entirely nliatli?bo teal mre havtsg occurred in eight years. Paaaengors leave 1 uitma the aame day they ar rive at Aspmwa!!. Conductors go through by efteh steamer, and take oharre of women and children without other proteo tore. For throuch tickets at the lowest rates apply at the agency, 177 West street. New % ork.to i. w. Raymond.?oru> ARMSTRONG, HARRIS A CO^ N ew Orlea Jr>l-tf C. L. B ARTLETT. Boeton. [NiTED STATES MAIL LINE U ONLY REGULAR LINE ftRB WITMoCT ratLVXK fOft KlftBT Tlx XI CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rsgai/ftr Sailiaf Dftps.Sth #*??* ?f aftck Caetion.?So ma tions of vftnous nanv fraud* and impoei mikIs have been ia?el? tvellers bound toCALl perpet rated on travellers FORN'IA.that the subaeriber. the naly aatponted Axeat for paaaage by the L. 6. Mail Um, via Paaa ma, ia the mty of New \ orh. fee is it his daty to oaution all persons seekinc passeir to California, that, to avoid iMrosiTinn. they mwst he aarefal to find the traeofloe of the Steamehipe of the U. & Mail I .me. via Panama Railroad, as ao other oAo# lewYei" he Com| eh is at itiayatka North River, at the head of the Con v-a. The Companies have only one oftca is New 1 which is at 177 est street, eorner of War ran street fronting on the North River, at the head oil the i ncuWKfcrte,