February 23, 1858 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

February 23, 1858 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

EVENING STAB. jfr Before lnvti| Ctaetnntti, wklle under the Inaplration of Longworth's neotar. Markay's exuberant Ma* decanted the following song . CA rAWBA. Ohio'* irnn kill-top* Glow bright in tke tun. And yield us more trtwur* Than Rkioe or Garonne; 1 hey kit* ii Catawba. The pure and the true, A* radiant aa aunlifht, A* toft aa the dew ; A?d fragrant aa *ardena Whan annimer it new. Champagne :a too often A tnesataj roaiicn. That Hove from the apple Aad not from the Tine ; But tftoa. (it* Catawba, Art mi>4 aa a rote. An 1 aweet aa the lipa of My lore, when thejr cloae To five hark the loaa** My paaaion bestow*. v - hou rt born of the vintage, And ud on ita breaat, Cttawha the nectar - And balm >>f the VVaat. Wjien pledging the lovely, This aparaiar we'll kita; WJwn dnr.kiu* to true hearia, We 1! toeat them to thia? For Catawba ia like them, Though tender, yet stronj. Aa plesaant aa morning, Aa aoft aa aaong Whose delicate beauty The e^hoea prolong? Catawba! Heart warmer! Soul che?rer! lite- zest ? Caiawba, the neotar And balm of the W eat. mr They are crossing the river with aleifhi oa the ice, at Toledo, Ohio The Kentucky Legislature adjourned tut, Jn on Wednesday last jry J T Headley Is wotlng a life of Have lack fT7~ There are forty-aix emperors, kings. prin ret, grand dukes and duke* now reigning in Eu rope IC7* Flour Las been selling at f H per barre In Antonio, Texas, In consequence of the difficul' ty of hauling from the count. The French Emperor holds c-ibinet coun ells on Sunday afternoon and give?* grand ball. In the ? vening. Sunday night ia the great ball night of Paris. |Ty* The Carolinian states that the Banks al Columbia. S. C., are dis< minting freely for thf purchase of cotton The Exchange Bank alon* advanced some S-1l,<"iU on Thursday, on cottoi drafts. Three steamers are being built in Dutct dockyards for the Emperor of Japan One, th? Jeddo, is about to paddle away from Rotterdam under Captain Gerliena , it ha* a scientific librar j on boatd. (fT A large bed of iron ore has been found it Sheffield, Mass , which is supposed to covei about tour acre*. It has ?>e*?n leased to a gentle man from Canaan, Ct., for tlve years, at SI per annum. Baltimoki.?A call has been issued in Balti more for a meeting "in favor of the immediati admission of Kansas under the Lecompton Con atltutiou," which has already received a largt number of signatures. The sale of the "one undivided moietv ol Burner'* White Sulptinr Spring*." with tlie ap purtenancea thereto which ??< advertised to i?kt place un the IIth instant, brought *7,1**1 Pur chaser James Allen, esq. MoriP?The mould on decayed fruit, sfnle bread, moist wood, Ac., is shown l?v the micro scope to be plants, bearing leaves, fluwurs, and seeds, and increasing with incredible rapidity; for in a few hours the seeds spring up, arrive a1 maturity, and bring forth seed* themselves, sc that many generations are produced in a day. (fT On Tuesday last, says the Journal, a man named Edward P. Weston, of Providence, R I waa skating on Jamaica Pond, when he broke through the ice and fell into the water beyond his depth. He had remained in this situation some five minutes, clinging to the edge of tht ice for support, when hi* perilous position wat discovered by Mis* L>un>>ar, a voung ladv resid Ing in Roxbury, who immediately hastened tc his aa*i*tauce, and succeeded in rescuing hiir from a watery grave Cowvictkd ?Major Morris, Henry B adl?yand Dick Bradley, three negroes, have been convict ed for the murder of James C Giant, at New Kent. Va , and have been sentenced to be bung on the 19th day nf March next. It is said that the citizens of the county have held a public meeting and passed a resolution requesting the sister ol the murdered man to leave the county In a given time, It being expected that some quarrel about tkelr respective interest in their mother's estate lad to the murder. L/" The attention of the people of Wisconsin IsTikelv to be turned to the restoration of the death penalty* f>>r murder in the tl *t degree The Milwaukee News is Informed hat a strenuon* effort will be made to accomplish this object at the present session of the Legislature, and that aeverai members of both bouses, hitherto opposed to capital punishment, are now fully convinced of the necessity for the re-enactment of (hedeath penalty, as the only fit penalty for a deliberate murder A whole Tram?The Wheeling Intelligen cer give* the following sketch; ' we saw, yesterday, going up toward the up per ferry, a tea n of four animals?a horse .a pony, a mule, and a bull The horae had the heaves, the pony wa? blind, the mule was lame, and tbe ball had no provision for tly time. In the wagon, Which was an ordinary one. there sat a white man, a crippled nigger, and a tame skunk frailly bonnd wiib a wlsb of straw The white man held the lines, the team held its own, tbe nigger held the skunk, and they all moved forward " 0-/" Readers will remember the horrible story of the mutilated human remains found in a sack at Waterloo Bridge, London Now the story runs that it i* '? beyond a doubt" that they w?*re the remaina of one of the couapiratora to assassi nate Napoleon III; and that the others, suspect ing, murdered him Had the suggestions of the "Man in the Streets'* of the Mctiing Star been acted upon tbe murderer* would have been dis covered, and tbe awful sacrifice of life in the Rue Lepelletier thus been avoided. Our police and tbe Freucb spies were apathetic, says a Lon don letter. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Wll.l.ARDS' HOTEL ?Major S P Hentael man. USA. and family; H A Oakley and lady, N Y; E A and H L Elliott and ladv. E D Tiffany. C B Bowers, Ct; Miss M Carroll, Mis* A Carroll, Mi**S Carroll, >liss Winn. Miss J Winn, J Car roll, Mr H I) G Carroll, Md; 11 Livermore and fam, NY; G Graham, Md Lieut S.irtorl, USN; A R Spear, N Jer; F Wright, S Goulding. Miss R Goulding, G R Jackson, N Yk; E O Porter, J H Hawes, Cal; Rev L) T Carriehon, Miss R A Big ham, Md; Rev J B Hales, Pa; R?-v James Pretty, NY: tili Hurley, Miss Bradner, Cal; L M Steea well. M Bell, NY; J C L.awton, Va; R A White, Ct; A D Russell, N Y; P Storkton, U S A; C Jor dan, NY; J G Warren, Mass; J S Moffirt, Va; G L iJavl*. Ma<t; G II l*urs?-r, NY; J P Sanderson, Ma; F.J Smith, P L Foulke, jr, N Y . NATIONAL HOTEL.?J R Allfort, J Fo-jg and >ady, Mo; W A Lawrence, NJ; J G Hamner, jr, J Polk, Md; K A Elliot, Ct; Samuel Jackson, Mass; '/. F Nnnee Va; L Cooke. La; Capt Wal lea. USA; W F Harris, K P Bullet; Pa, J F Wel ler. Kj; H H Beat b, E H Gilb-rt, Pa; R A Fi.sb. MlnTer; J H Coat<?, J F Henderson, N Y; R M and S BlaU-hford, do; T L Dickey, C Atkinson, 111, Misa M Mnllory. Fla; J H Hawkins*, Miss; It W Berom. Mas* \V Streeter \i?? ? ' " ?, ?? ? -""".j, r ia, j ti Hawkins*. Miss; K W Berom. Mass W Streeter, Mass; J Cars tain, jr. Pa; H C Gilbert, M'cb; II W Covi les. Minn; Miss S A Cowlea, " v * " reys, J W Smit well, Tenn; J Wilson, Mass. Minn; Mia* S A Cowles, 8 F Barger. J Huinpb reys, J W Smith, N York, E Doau, Ct; J M Wis well, Tenn; J H McHeury, Ky; J Ryan, W H Wilson, Mais. WASHINGTON HOUSE.?F 11 Gould, P ; Dr Jas T Barclay aod lady, do; B T Lewis. Ill J C Sidney, NY; W P Morris. DC; N Barnett, J Fetteily, f*a; J A Benson and lady. Vt: J N Tay lor, A Boyd. NJ; J Grlswold, Mica; N Chapman, Mas*; Capt S W Turner, Ohio M B Hone, Ben V Fren? b, A W Hill. Z Pratt, Mass; C P Austin, Pa; J P Johns' n ai d lady. Ala; G Smith, N N k; J a* Proctorand lady, do; P W Fink and son. T P Jones, NJ. KIRKWOOD HOUSE?R J*rks??n. Fia; L E*am, Mass; J R Crawfo.d, Pa; DRW Christy, d<>; Dr G 8 Have, do; J Ca?sw?M, do; T Bifetg y't' u ^ J William* ard sister. 4a, D MeClo?kejr, NY; L G Kemp, Md; G W Morn*, do: J r CornfVR and dauvLUtr, Ivi: Col f'irP'roln i.' w H Stuart, do; H4*"' ' '' Frlce, do; Mr HaugMou, BROWNS' HOTEL -G W I.euU, p.; Hen ry White, do; M Eder, do: Jesse Ma-den nnd lady, John A Carter; Va E Whitman. Md; F Field. Pa; L Myers, NY: N Harrison, Va; W McClure. Mo; A B ^and, NY; T C White. Miss; G T Todd. Pa; P Cowper, NG; R S Tucker, do; P Kelley. Mas*; J II lt?ggett, SC; W 11 Olhi. Mo; Col A G Hloo, Ind; A B Coleman, O. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fmoa tbb Until StAtii. SUmmtti. Ltav*. For. " Day* Niagara Boston Liverpool...Feb 24 India* Portland .... Live-pool.. Feb 27 Bornsala New York... Hamburg ...Mb 1 Africa New York. ..Liverpool ..Mb 3 City Waah'toa..New York...Liverpool...Mb 4 Arago New York...Havre Mh 6 America Boston .Liverpool.. .Mh 10 Glasgow N?w York...Glasgow....Mh U Flos Kviopi. Africa Liverpool...New York...Feb <1 Anglo Savon.... Liverpool.. Portland.... Feb 10 City Wash'ton.. Liverpool...New Yorr!f..Feb 10 A rage Beu'ampton.N'ew York...FeblO America. LiverpoolBoston ......Feb 13 GiMgOW Glasgow.... New York" . Feb 13 The Oaitiernla stall aleamer* leave New York PE k u v I A N SYRUP, Ob PioTirrnD SOLUTION OF PROTOXIDE OF rRO^ COM BIN KD. Having sueoessftilly pass*<l the ordeal to wlnofa new discoveries in the Materia Medic* are subjected, muit now he received m _ _ *n a??tabli*fted medioine. Its P.faoacy in Carin* DYSPEPSIA, Afl'ctions of the Liver, Dropsy. Neurmlfia, Bronchitis and Consumptive Tendencies, Disordered State of the Blood, Boils, Scurvy, The Prostrating Effects of Lead or Aferrwry, General Debility, And all diseases which require * Tonio and Altera tive medioine, ia l?ey ond question. Tbe proof a of ita effioaey are so numeros*,?o wel authenticated, and of auch peenl.ar character, that sutterers cannot reasonably heutate to receive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup doe* nor| proles* to Im a cure all. hut if* range ia extensive, beeause many diseases, apparently unlike are in timately related, and proceeding from one cause, may be cured by one remedy Tbe olaaa of dueaaes for which the Syrup pro vide* a ur#. ia p eciselj that which lhaa ao ofiet baffled the hiKheat order of medical skil. The fa.-ti are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and theaate ty and efficacy of the Syrup incontrovertible. Thoae who mar wish for an opinion from disinter eited persons respecting the clmracterof the Syrui cannot fail to be satisfied with the followif k amon> numerous testimonials in the hands of the Agents Th*? signature* aro those of gentlemen well knowi in the oommuuitj, and of tho highest respectability CARD. The undersigned having experienced the banefi oial effects of the "Peruvian <y rup," do not heaitati to recommend it to the attention of the public. From our own e#>enence, a* weil as from the tea timony of other*, whoae iLtelugenee and incegnt: are altogether unquestionable, we have no doul>t o iU effioHoy in cases of incipient Diseasea of thi Lungs aud Bronchial Passages, Dyspepsia, Live Complaint. Dropsy, Neuralgia,&o. Indeed ita ef fects would be incredible, but from the high uharae ter of those who have witnessed them, and havi volunteered their tentonou), as wo do oura. to it restorative power. Rev. jonv PIER PONT, THOMAS A. DEXTER. S. H. KENDALL, M. D. , SAMl'EL MAY. THOMAS C. AMOR V, PETER HARVKV, JAMES C. Dl NN. It ia well known that t*e medicinal elleet of Pro toxideof Iron is lost by even a very brief ex poaun to air, and that to maintain a solution of I rotox ide of Iron, without further oxidation, ha* bcei deemed impossible. . .. In the Peru vian S> rnp, this deairable point is at tamed by combination in a way bkfosk rv known; and this solution may rcplac? all tii8 prot< oarbonatos citrates, and tartrates of tna Matem Medica. A. A. HA\ KS, M. !).. Aasajer to tM Mate of Massachusetts, 16 Boy Ik ton street, Boston. For saleby Druggists-generally. Prioe for lar*< bottles, 82; medium sized bottles. ;?l. N.L. CLARK A CO. Proprietors, Boston. For sale in Washington by '/. D. Oilman, Specia Agent; Nairn A Palmer, John S<-hwartze, L. M Smith, V. Harbaush, H. H MoPberson, F. S Walsh, Joseph Bury, Jas. H.Stone, J. S, Lovrjoy l)r. D. B.Clarke. D. Rulgely; and in Georgetowi b> R.J. Cis.hcII, and J. L. Kit! well. fehH-6ni PTRIESKMAh. ROTECTED by R??al Letters Patent o England, and secured by the Seals of the E??le d? Pharmaciede Parisand the Imperial College of.'Vied loine. Vienna. Triesemnr No. 1 is a remedy for He taxation, Spermatorrhoea, and Kxhau?'i?n of thi System. Triesemar N<?. i.' effectually, in the shor >paee of three d?y?, completely and entirely er*di rjates all traces of those disorders wlin-b oopaviaaiu cut>cbs have so long been thought an antidote for, U the ruin of the health of a vast portion of the pop u '.ation. Triesenmr No. 3 is the great Continent a remedy for that c.ass of disorders winch. untortn nately. the English ph> sioian treats witli .mercury to the inevitable destruction of the patient s oonsti tution, and which all the sarivipar:l:i init .e wo-lc aniinot remove. Trie?emar Nos. 1,'A and 3 ara aukt devoid of taste or smell, and of *f1 nauseating qua i tiea. They ma> lie on the toilet table without rheii use Ixnng sns^eoted. Sold in tin oases, and divided in separate doses an administered by \ eipeau, I j?I lem*n, Roux, Rioord. Ac., Ao- Prioe .f J ese'i or four cases in on** for *99, which lavos 53; and 11 *Srddhy*br. H. A. BARROW, No. 157 Pnnoe at.,i few bloeka west of Broadway, New J ork. I mine diately on receip of the amount Dr. B. wir forwarii the f9 case* of 1'rieseinar. and the large *ia<>a, car riage paid, thus insuring eeumue Luropean priyjara tiona. The $;i oases ala<? sent, but not free of oar riace. Consultations aa usuc.1, from 11 a. m. till; p. m. and from 4 till 8 p. in., at No. 157 Prinoa st? t few blocks west of Broadway, bold also by J STOTT, Wantn-gton. fe 1 ly Mr. I rainy, of Roxbary, haa dioeoTsred ia ?>f oar oohucod pasture weeds a remedy Uiat omraa avaav *inu or h?mjr, from . Tkt worst Scrofula down to ? common Ptmpl$. He has triad it in over eleven hundred oafea, ami ne/er faued exoept in two oasea. both rhunder Hu mor. He haa now in hia p<jsset>aionover one huiiurai oertifioataa of itaTalua.all within twenty milea ol Boatoa. a Two tiottlaa are warrant*! to oara a nuraing Son MOneto three b??ttlee Will care tha worst kind al Pimpiea on the Face. Two or three holies will clear the ayatem of Bilea Two bottiee are warrant??i to cure the worai Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to Ave bottle* are warranted to oure the worat kind of Krysipalaa. , ? _ One or two bottiea ara warratted to oure all Hu mor in the Eyes. , ? Two bottiea are warranted to cure R unnng of the Kara and Blotehea among the Hair. Foar to aix bottle* are warranted to oure corrupt and running L'loer*. , _ Oae bottle will oure Soaly Lruptiona of the Siin. Two or three t>otties are warranted to oure the vorat kind ol Ringworm. Two or three bottiea are warranted to oure the most moat desperate c*a<? of Rheumatism. Three to four bottiea are warranted to cure Salt rheum, Five to eifht bottles will oure the worst oase ol Scrofula. A benefit is always experienood from the first bot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is takac. Nothing looks ao improbable to those who f ave in vain tried all tha wonderful medicinos of the day. u tha' a onir.mon weed growing on the pasturea,and alor.g old st walls, should cure every humorinthe system ; yet it is a fixed fact, if you have a humor, it baa to start. There are 110 IFS nor A N l>S, hums cor na's about it suiting some casas, buttnot yours. I peddled over a thousand nottleaofit in the vioinity of Boston. 1 snow the efiucis of it in every case. It has already done soma of the greatest ourea ever one in Massachusetts, i gave it to oluldren a rear oid, to oid peopio of ?.xty. 1 have aeen poor, pur.y, woriny-loosing ohildrtn, whose flesh was soft and llabby, restored to a perfect state of health bv one (xttla. , ^ , , To thcuie who sre subject to a siok headache, one bottlo wfI always cure it. It gives great relief in oatarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had been costive for years, and have been regulated l>y it. Where the body ia sound it works quite ea^y, but where there is any derangement of the funotions of nature, it will cause very singvlar feelings, but you must not be alarmed; they always diaapoear in from, four days to a week. There is never a bad re bult from it; on tLe contrary, when that feeliaf u gone, you will feel yourself like a nsw peraou. I heard aome of the most extravagant encomia ma of it that ever man listened to In mr own practice I aiwaya keptitatrictly for hu mors?but aince ita introduction a* a general family medicine, treat and wonderful virtue* have been found in it that I never auapected. . Several case* of epileptic fits?a disease whtoh was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a merer if it will prove effec tual in all cases of that awful ma'ady?there are but few who have xe*n more of it than I nave. 1 know ofheverai casesoi Dropsy, r II of them a<red people yured by it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Si ok Headache, Dyscepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague. Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of tbe Kidi.eys, ic., the discovery has done more good than any metf.oine ever known. No oi.ar.ee of diet ever necessary?oat tho beat yoa oan get aud enough of it. Directions for Use.?Ad'ilts one tf.ble spoonful per day?children ovor ten years dessert spooniui? children from five to eight years, tea spoonful. Aa no direct on* can be app!ical>la to all oonslitutions, take saAoieut to opeiate on the bowels twico a day. MANnrAfruwEn by DONALD KENNEDY. /Vs. 1?> Warren Sir ft, Koxbuiy, MasiacKvsttt I. Agents for Washing ton.--C has. Stott &. Co., Z. Guman. Ki lwell A iAwrence, J. B. (jardner, Burry A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh, J. P. Stone, Martin King. Nairn A Palmer, Kchworts A Co.. O lloswell, Daniel B. t'tark, J. P. Milburu, Dunfttr Dyson. Ford A Bro. Agents for (ieorgetowu.? R. S. Cissell. O M Lenthaiii. J. L. Kid well, my 5-1 j '1MIE SECRET INFIRMITIES OP YOtiTB 1 AND MATURIT >. Just Published. trratic, the Jfitk Thnuwin-I. A few wor>t* of tbe Rational Trealmenl, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Looal Weakness, Nocturnal Enuasio.-is, Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre mature Deooy of the System, Impo tency, and Impediments to Marriage generally, by _B^DE LANEY. M, D. Tue .mfortant fact that the many alarming com plaints, originating in the iinpmdeaee and solitude of yoath, uuty be easily removed without Medicine, is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly successful treatments* adopted by the author, fully explained, ty meanso which every one is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised roatruma of tbe day. Sent to any addresa, gratia and poet (Tee, in ? tT- * ,,n,KDV^)?'tJ8F.vT se? dAwtf IT Lispenerd street. Naw Yortt. ti^ROM LONDON KY LAST STEAMER. Russell's North Amerioa, ita Agnoultara and Climate. , Soott's Seouiar and Domestio Architecture, present and future. ?>elamotte' p?. accompaniments, 1 vol w,IafTe"? w'th Plana I.ndewn^* L.terature of American Aboriginal Lan isiaaau's Emilius, translated into Rnglish. Couaseau's Nouvelle Heloise, translated inta ft.4 U?*. PRANCK TAVI.OR. C ?Kanw CoffinMy ,usntitv. nowfbraalej MUira, without delay,at the ofiaa or tha Oaa Light C4aRH'* ar. BROWN,SWNl?r. 1* MttoHf. - iYEl'l Cathartic Pills, (SUGAR COATED.) The following remedies are of fered to the public as the best.moet ' soienoe ou M perfect, which mediae! _ afford. AYER S CATHARTIC PILLS hare been prepared with the utmost skill which the medi oai profession of Uus ace possesses, and their effects show they hare virtues which surpass any ootabt nation of medicines hitherto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good; but this oures suok dangerous complaints, so guiok and so surety, as to prove an eihaaoy and a power to uproot disease be yond any thins which men have known before. By removing the obetriffetions ol the internal onraasand stimulating them into healthy action, the* renovate the fountains of life and vigor,?health courses anew through the body, and the siok man is well again. They are adapted to disease, and disease only, for when taken by one in health they produoe but little elf eot. This is the perfeonon of medioine. It is antagonistic to disease, and no more. Tender children may take them with impunity. If they are sick they will cure them, if they are well they will do them no harm. Give them to some patient who has bee* pros trated with bilious complaint; Bee his bent-up, tot tering form straighten with strength again ; see his longboat appetite return; aee his otammi features blossom into health. Give them to some sutterer whose foul blood has burst out in snrolula till his skin is oovered with aorra ; who stands, or sits, or lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside and out with every potion whioh ingenuity oduld sug gest. Give him these Pn.ua. and mark the effect; see the scatis full from hia ttody ; see the new. fair kin tuat has grown under them: see the late leper that is cleau. Give them to him whose angry humors hawe planted rheumatism in his joints and bones; move nim. and hesoreeches with pains ; he too has been soaked ttiiough every muscle ol hia body with hniinents and salves; give him these Fills to purify his blood; they may not cure him, for, alas! there are oases which no mortal power canreaoh; but mark, he walks with crutches now. and now he walks alone; they have cured nim. Give them to the lean, sour, haggard dyspeptic, whose gnawing stomach has Ion* ago eaten every smite from his face and every muscle from his body. See his appetite return, and with it his heaitn: see the new man. See her that was radiant with health and loveliness b asied and t?>o earlv withering away; want of exercise <?r mental anguish, or somelurkinc disease, has deranged the internal organs of diges tion. assimilation or seoretion.'.ill thev do their ottioe ill. Her blood is vitiated, her heaitn is none, bive her these Fills to stimulate the vital principle into renewed vigor, to aai;t out the obstructions, and in fuse a new vitality into the blood. Now look again ?tiie r??ees' Mossom on her cheek, and where latel* sorrow sat, joy bursts from every feature, ssee the sweet infant whs led with worms. Its wan, sickly features tell you witoout disguise, and paiufully dis tinot, that th< y are eating its life away. Its pinched up nose and ears, and restless sleeping*, tell the dreadful truth in language which every mother knows Give it the PiLt.a in large doses to sweep these vile parasites from the ls>dy. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothing to do these things.' Nay, are thev not the marvel oi this age? And yet they are done arouud you every dav. Hnve yon the less serious symptom* of those dis tempers, they are the easier cured. Jaundice Cos tiveuess. Headache, Sideache, Heartburn. Fool Stomach. Nausea, Fain in the bowels. Flatulency. I.oss of Appetite, Kiiik's Kvil, Neuialcia, Gout^tud kindred complaints alt arise from the derangements whioti these Fills rapidly cuie. Take them perse veriugl). and under the counsel of a good Physician if you can; if not. take them judiciously by suoh advice as we cive you, and the distress;.*, dtuiger ou's diseases tliey cure, which afflict so many mil lions of the human race, are oast out like the devils of old?they must burrow in the brutes and in tln? sen. Price2S oeuU per t?ox--5 ls>xes for j$i. 55. D, GII.MAN, Washington; and by H. COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and all dealers in Medicine everywhere. _ d9-4m ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSN ESS,\c. The prevalence of ttie above couiplatuls at this seas>n, ge?ieratir has the effect of bringing r?nt a host of professedly new speeifics, and while some are good, many are useless, and hers even danrerous. The wisest course to purnim is to consult jour family physician, or otherwise use only Mick reme diesa?li ntr publicexperience has proved to tie safe and efficacious. Of this character is TYLER'S COM POI ND SYR L P OF GL M ARABIC, t Titiiif ily tne favor te prescription of an eminent physician it soon became a popular remedy, and has continued to enjoy a growing reputation for the last twenty years. I li cases of coiioooti Colds, Coughs, Ac.. it acts like a charm,and in Chronic case*. Bmn oh it is,hooping Cough, Croup. A st lima, Influenza, Arc., its success is nnparal ed, and most will testiy who have used it. Plioe 25 cents and 50 cants per bottle. Sold by Nairn k Palmer, Clias. Stott, Jt c.. Wash ington : Cisset, tieorgetown; Pee! A Stevens, Al exandria; where it i.iar be had also (or convenience, in Lozenger form Frioa i<!>% and J5 oents a t*>x? known as "Tyler's Gum Arabic Cough Can'y Drops." as an elegant, ple-ts-vnt, and * fiiuacious Pul monic Lozenge they are unsurpassed. fell 3m it ? - I^HE SHOALS AND OUICKSANDS OF YOUTH. Ju*l publithe fdition. U7*ON SPERMATOK RHKA OR SEMI NAL DISEASES.?A >cientiho Trea'ise on tl?? treatment and perfect cure of Nervous Debility. Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Impo tence. Ac., resulting from vicious habits acquired during the critical passage f om Youth to Man hood. BY DR. CULVER WELL, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Eng land, Licenciate of the Hall. (1&S4). and 3h years Resident Practitioner in Lonuon. Author of the "Guide to Health," '-Green Rook," "How to be Harpy." "Memoirs of Single and Married Life. kc. 1 his small hut valuable Treatise,written by world renowned Ptfysician and Surceon. points out the oulysuieanl permanent cure for alt diseases result ing from self-abuse, and is the only publication ofits kind written in a benevolent spirit aud by a scientif ic man. It should be in the hands of all who value their life and health and happiness here and hereaf ter. Prioe 12 cents, or 4 stamps, at the reoeip' of which it wi.l be sent, poat free, and well srcnred, by Dr. CH KLINE, No. 430 1st Av?uue, Box \fw York. jan 12 PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON THS ' PHISIOLOOICAL riEW OF MARRIAGE, By M. B. La CROIX, M. D., Albany, N. Y, . 200 pages and 190 fine Plain and Colored Lithograph* _ and Plates. !E7"FfcICE ONLYMCENTS.^CI U3~Si*tJrtt to mil pa>u */tki Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiologist View of Mu ns*e? A now ana revised ed ?'?n of 250 p\g3E and 180 plates. Pric&SS cents a oop*. A popular and corr. preht-nsive treatise on the duties and aasuR'.ties of single ami married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing thein?infeli jitous and infertile>>nes?their obviation and removal?nervous debility, its causes and oure, by a process at once so simple, safe, ana effectual, that failure is impossible?rules for daily management?an essay on Sper matorrhrea. with practical observations on a safer and more successful mode o f treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practice; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old age -ea<-h case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out the remedies for those self-inflicted miseries aud disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, aud those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical oondition. anifVho are oon soious of having hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to whieh every human being is entitled to Price 25 cents per oopy, or five copies for SI, mail ed free of postage to any part of the Unitei; States, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albany, New York, enclosixii 25 cents. N. B. Those wno preier may ?r>n?ult DootorlLA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon whioh his book trea'.s, either personally or by mail. H:s medi cines oft?n cure in the short space of six days, aud oomp'etcty and entirely eradicate all tracos of those disorders which oopniva and ou?<ebs have so tOiig t eer thought an antidote, to the rufn of the health or the patient. His " French Seoret" is the great con tinental reined* lor that class of disorders whioii un fortunately, pnysioians treat with mercury, to tne ir-etrievablo aeatruchon to the patient's oor.btitu tion. and which all the sarsaparilla iu the world oan not cure. IlT" Office No. a Maiden Lane. Albany, N. Y. feb 14?It, T O WF.STERN TRAVELERS. FALL AM) \ri\TEK A R li A\G E M E KTS. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. On and after January ?lh, Two Daily Trains will leave Calvert Station, Baltimore, for Pittsburg, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, *t. Loiiis. and *11 eit^s ami towns in the West and North and Southwest. THE MORNINO MAIL TRAIN Leaves D&llimore'tlaiiy (Suuday excep-edlat 8.15a. lit., for Pittsburg and all Western Towns and Lilies. THE ACCOMMODATION TRAIN Leaves Baltimore daily (Sunday excepted)?t a?. in., for Parkton. THE NIGHT EXPRESS TRAIN (.oaves Baltimore ?ver<r Night at Hip. m., ooDBet ? in< with the Lightmng Express over the Peniisyl van a Railro.id lor Pittsburg, arriving at 1 p. in. 1 he 8.15 a. in. and le p. m. trains connect close'v at Pittsburg wilh trains over the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chioago Railroad and its Northern, Southern and Western connections. ID" Passengers for Chioago, Rock Island, Bur lington. Iowa City, Milwaukee. Dubuque 8'. Paul, M idisoti. and other letid ng eities in the Northwest. Will save onk hfwbbkii Mir.as at travki, and tks hocks 111 time. With roia less changes of cars, br taking this mute. !D* Paasongers for Cleveland. Sandusky, ToIe<lo id Detroit go by this route, and the tini? is in equaled, being 4S mi las shorter than any othar route. !ET" Passengers for St. Loui?, Indianapolis.Terre llante, Cairo, an<1 all points on the Lower and Up per Mississippi, make less ehanses of oars and arrive in advance of any other r?uta:and to Cincinnati, Go Smbue, Dayton, Louisville and other imminent lies as quick as by any other route, AH Western bag g age ohocked through and handled with care. Passengers for WiHiamsport, Nisrara Palls, Elmira, Buff.io, And cities and towns in WKRTERN NEW YORK and CANADA, will find this the shortest, cheapest ami most expe dition! route. ar.d l*?ve liy train af ? is a n. Paesengers for Hanover. Gettysburg. Emmitts bar*. Wnghtavillle, Columbia ami LauoAster leave in the morning train at tl.15 a. m. Passengers leaving \V ashinrton at 6 a. m., connect with tne ?15 a. m. train, and thosebf the trains at 3.4.20and 5.20 with the K> p. m. train for All parte of the \Ve*t. . Por farther eo-reetan* reliableinfbrmation please apply at the Ticket Office of the Nor'hern Ce. tral Railway, Calvert station, corner of Calvert and PraokLn streets, Baltimore. ?? i-ir j, a* WA%NiAflE*m '**??, an |JNI?BS> Post Orvtci DbpIbtmsbt, FtUuvy 1* l?*. vi i, ""?? no" i 'Jti iv; rr?m July l, l&se, to June ?, lM?, in the Statee of PKNNSYLV ANIA, MAKVLAND.ud OHIO: sod f ore July 1. IBM.to J-ne 30.185ft, in the Stat?, of VIRGINIA. NORTH CAROLlNA.SOUTHCAROLINA.GkORGlA, md FLORIDA, wo the roitnu^ in toe times here

to speoined, will be receiv. d at the eontraot -<4t?e of decided by April M following. (Beta*. tiU _ exceptions, routes sstabhshed byaetof Cong thm depertmrnt untri S^g. m., of March SI next, to be . routes eataF approved March 3, 1*57.) MAINE. From July 1, IfiSB, to Jwnt 30, 1861. 15m From Skowhegan to North Anaon. 11 mile* and back, six tiraee a week Leave Skowhetan daily, except Sunday, at 6 p m, or on arrival ut oara Arrive at North Anaon by 9 p m Leave North Anion daily, exoept Sunday, at ft a m Arrive at Skowhegan by 8 & m. 100 From Rockland, by Rockvi'le, Weat Camden, South Hope, Union, McLain'a Mi.le, North Applefnp, Searsmont, South Mnntville, Li berty. Montville, Sooth Freedom. West Freedom. Centre Albion. Albion, East Ben ton, and Bentou. to Kendail'a Mills, 47 milea and back, three tunes a week L9ave Rockland Monday, Wedneeday, and h ridfty at 7 a m Arrive nt Kendall's Mills by 8 p m Leave Kendall's Mills Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 n m Arrive at Kockland by 8 pm. 161 From North i.astme, by West Brookville. South Brookville. a'd Brookvi le. to Sedg wick, 15 milea and baok three times a week Leave North Can tine Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdiy at 4 p m Arrive at Sedgwick by 9 p m Leave Sedgewiok Tuesday, Thursday, end Saturday at 6 a in Arrive at North Caatine by 11 a m. 162 From Patten. hy Island halls, to Smyrna. 30 milt's and hack, once a week Leave Patten Thursday at 7am Arrive at Smyrna by 5 p m Leave Smyrna Friday at 7 a m Arrive at fatten by S p m. Ifi3 From Weston, by Bancroft Mills, Barker Tract, and Reed Plantation, to South Mo Innkus, ;? milen and bnok, twice a week Leave \\ eston Monday mid Friday at G a m Arrive at Pouth Mo unkus by 4 p m Leave South Moltinkus Tuesday and Satur d y nt 6 a m Arrive at We* ton bv 4 pm. 1C4 From Mars Hill, by Letter C and Maple Grove, to Fort Fmineld,16 miles and l?ck, three timet* fi week Litvs Mars Hill Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 a rn Arrive ?t Fort Fairfield by 1 p m Leave Fort Fairhdd Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Mars Hill by 8 pm, NEW HAMPSHIRE. From July 1, 1S5H, to Jun* 30, 19G1. 337 From Keene, bv Swanaey and North Richmond to Richmond, 12 miles and haok, three times awpek A *.V able schedule of departures and arrivals to be arranited. VERMONT. From July 1, lb58, to June 3?, !*il. ?80 From CaLot.by South Walden, Walden, Hast Hard wick an 1 Kaat Greensboro,to Glover, IS miles and hack, tlires times a week A suitable schedule of departures and arrivals to be arranged. t?t> From Joiie?ville, by Huntiurton and Starksbo ro, to Bri*to , Zi milea and back, three times a week. A suitable schedule of departures and arrivals _ to be arranged. 187 From Arlington, by West Arlington, to Sand gate.8 miles and lack, three timesaweek. Leave Arlington Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday atDam Arnve H Sindert'e by 11 Jf a m Leave Shii Icaie Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 12>? p 111 Arrive at Arlington by 2>i p m. M VSSACHI SF.TTS. From July 1,IB.V, *o Jun* 30, l?rtl. Ttti From South Westport, by Westport Point, to Adauisville, R. I , 8 miles and back.aix times a week. A suitable schedule of departures aitd arrivals to be arianged by the postmasters. CONNECTICUT. From July 1, 1S56, to Juifr 30, 1N11. 974 From Waterbury, by Middlebur>. to \\joedhu ry.ll mtles and btok, twiee a week. Leave Waterbury Tuesday ami Saturday at ? a m Arrive at Wor-dhurv by II a m l.eave Woodbury Tuesday and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Waterbury by 3 p m. 975 From Woloo tville, by Torringtou, to Goshen, 6 miles and back, six times a week. Leave Wolcottvdle daily, exoept Sunday, at 2 P in. or on arrival of oars Arrive at Goshen by 4 p m Leave Goshen daily exoept Sunday,at lea in Arnve at Wolcottvitle by 12 m. NEW YORK. From July 1, 1^58, to June 31), lMftl. 1414 From Lowvtlle. by Weat Martinsburg. Weat Lowville, Harnaburg. Copenhagen,and Rut land, to \\ atertown, i<7 miles en ^ back, three times a we?k Leave Lowville Tuesday, Thursday,and Sat urday at 6 a m Arrive at Watertown by 11^ a m Leave Watertown Tuesday, Thursday, anl Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Lowville by 9 p m. 1445 From Hudson, by Humphreysville, to Livings ton, 9 miles aud tack, six times a week. Leave H udsou daily, except s>uaday, at 11 a m (l rrive at 1 mngston by i>y, p m -eavs Livingston dajly, except Sunday, at 8 h m Arrive at Hudson by 103{ a m. 1446 From Oneida, hy oneida C.istle.to Vernon, miles and Isick, twelve times a week. Leave Oneida daily, except Sunday,at 9v, a m and jS p m Arrive ai Veruon by Ham and| p m Leave Vernon daily, exoept Sunday, at7^am and I p in Arrive at On*ida by 9a m and 1447 Prom Conmtock's landing, hy North Granville and Al.ddle Granville, to Granv.lle, 12 indes and lack six times a week. Leave Comstook'a Landing daily, exoept Sun day , at C a in Arrive at Granville by In a m Leave Granville daily, exoept Sunday.at 11 a 111 A1 rive at Comstock's landing by 3 pm. 1448 From North Hector, by Hector, to Logaa. 5 mile* and back, three times a week. Leave North Hector Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10 a m Arrive at Logan by II a m Leave Loam Tue*d*y, Thursday, and Satur day at Bfc a m Arrive at .North Hector by 9t> a m. 1449 Prom F.lizabethtown, by l.ewis, to Keeaeville, 21 miles and back, three times a week. Leave Elizalwthtown Tuesday, Thursday.and Saturday at6am Arrive at Keeseville by 12 m Leave Keeseville Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Klizabethtown by R>$ p m 14? From Havanna, by Odessa. Mecklenburg, and Perry t-ity, to Trnmansburgh, 25 milea and ba<?k, three times a week Leave Havanna Tuesday. Thursday, aud Sat urday at 9 a in Arrive at Trumansburgh hy 4 p m Leave Tr,omHn*burgh Monday, Wedneaday, and r ri 'ay at 9 a m A rrive at Havanna by 4 p m Proposals to run bv a schedule differing from the forecoing. to be stated by the bidder, will be considered. /'reposals to run but twice a week are invited, rom Ow?ko, b? South Owego. to Warren ? Centre, Pa , 16 miles and back, twice a week Leave Owego Tuesday and Fridny at I p m Ainve at Warren Centre try 6 p m Leave Warren Centre Tuesday and Friday at 6 d rn Arnve at Owego by 11 a m. PENNSYLVANIA. From July 1, 1(^58, to Junt 30, 1S60. 8519 From Connemtville, by Croaaingville and Ldnuboro , to \V aterford, 3u miles and back twicoaweek. Leave Conneautville Monday and Wedneadar - at 7 a m; Arrive at Waterford by 8 pm; Leave Waterford Tuesday and Thursday at 7 ft m j A rrive at Connenntville by H p m. aseo From Hanover, bv Little-town and Monoetioy ville, Mu., to Eininittsburgh, XI miles and Lack, three tim^s a week. Leave Hanover Tuesday, Thursday .and Sat urday at I p m: Arrive at Kmimttshurgh by 8 p m: Leave F.minittsburgh Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 a ni; A rrive at Hnnover by 9 a m. aK1 From Brookville by RiohardsvilU, M?ry Ann ville. Shsflner'sConiera, Baaoh Bottom.and " M'"*' to Ridgsway, 33 m lee I and hack, oncv a week. Leave Brookville Saturday at 7a in< Arrive at Rid?eway hy 6 pm; Leave Ridgeway h nday at 7 a m; Arriveat Brookville by 6 p m. SSS ?rom Marietta, by Silver Spni* and Hemp held, to Iwuioaater,l2H milea aad baek.daily, exoept Sunday. ???/? Leave Marietta daily, except Sunday, at 1 p m; Arrive at l.anoa> ter by ft p m; Leave Lancaster daily, exoept Sunday,at 8 IDS Arrive at Marietta by 12 in. 3883 From Lanoaster, br Willow Street. Rawlina nlle. ami Bethesda, to MoCall'a Ferry, 18 miles and hack, twio* a weak. Leave Lancaater Monday and Thursday at 7 A in p Arrivest MoCall'a Ferry by 12 m; Leave MeCali's Perry Moudsy aad Thursday at a p in; Arrive at Lanoaster by 7 p m. 3684 Prom Lanoaster, bv Greenland and Senders burg, to Paradise, S anise aad back, aix times a week. Leave Lanoaster daily, exoept Sunday, at S Arnve at Paradiee by 6 p m: Leave Paradise daily, exoept Sunday .at 7 em; Arriveat Lanoaster t>y 10a m. 38# From Boavsr, by Parkiaon aad Serviee, te Frankfort Springs, SO miles aad back, twioe a Week. i^ave Beaver Tuesday aad Thursday ath am; Arrive at Pnmkfort Springa by tp m; Leave Frankfort Sprii?a Monday aad Wed aesday at 8 a m: A rrive at Beaver by 3 ? m. Arrive at Liaaaville by 11 mi _ Lwn Linasmle Monday. Wednaeday. ud FndvMlrK . . Arrive a* an?bur?h bf 4 p m. From Hofltdaysbiirfh, by * ran ka town and Canoe Creek. to Willianabwrgh, IS nalaa ?ud back, *u timaa ? wmk. Leave Holliday ebuigb dany, except Sunday. P nh on arrival of ^ esten nail; Arrive it Williamsburih by afe p ni. Leave Wllliamsbargh daily, exoept Monday4U tin; Arrive at HolMayebaif k by II a m. Proposes to embrace (lie \ allow Springe of fcoi (ff nvU#4 MB FromOrcutt Creek to Cbenaas, N. Y? *K mitae and back, twioe a week. I.eave Oroatt Creak Tueaday aad 8atarday at tan: Arrive at Cbemaiu by l^S a m. Leave Chemung *1 aaeday aad Saturday at U an; Arrivaat Oreatt Craak by 1JS a m. 3S9 From Stars oca to Taiiinaaavilla, ft nuiaa and back, twice a weak. Leave Staruoco Taeaday and Saturday at 1 p m: Arnve at Tallmansvilie by 2H P m; Leave Tallmaneville Tuesday and Saturday at la m. Arrivaat Staruoea in time to connect with the nail lrom Suaquehauna Depot?aay at 13 ra Maryland. From Jmly I, IMrt. to Jun* *1. 1??0. From Allen's Freah to Tompkinsville, 10 milea and back twioe a week Leave Allen'a Freeh Wednaeday and Saturday at am Arrivaat T<>mpkwsville by 2pm Leave Tompkmavillw Wedneeday and Stater day at 8 a m Arrive at Allen's Prash bv 11 a m. 4010 From Port Tobacoo to P.sgah, 10 m<les and back, twice a w?*-k Leave Port Tobaooo Wednesday and Saturday allan Arrive at Pisgah by 11 a m Leave Pugah Weduesoay and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Port Tobacoo by 3 p m. 4811 From Frederick, by Lewistou and Catoctm Furnace, to Mechamc^town. 30 mile* and back, *ix time* a weak. Leave Frederick daily, except So-day. on ar rival of the Kastera mail by railroad?aay at 3pm Arrive at Meebanicatown by 9 p in Leave Mechacicstown daily, except Sunday, at 5 a in Arrive at Frederick in time to coinect with the mail for Baltimore? wiy t* II a in. 4012 Froin Battie Swamp, by W>at No'tinicham. to Ruiur Sun, 6 miles and Iwok, three tiiuen a week. Leave BattleSa-amp Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 12 m Arrive a Rising Sun by 2 p m Leave Ruing Sun Tuea ay, Tliuraday, a id Saturday at 8a in Arrive at Battle Swainp by in a m. 4013 Fr<>m Oakland, by Slur*'? K?d Houae. Foiks of H.-raeShoe Run. B?>nmfi?>ld's Mills, and Holly Meadow*, to New Interest, Va., 4H mile* ami hack, ihic a week. Leave (>ak and Morula* at 8 a m Arnveat New Interest next da* by IJm Leave New Interest Wednosdat at > a in Arr ve at Oakland next ??at by Itn. 4014 From rocjkcyavillft. In Shawan and Butler, to Black Rock, !3*? miles and back. twioe a week. Leave Cocke* sville Wednesda* and Saturday on arrival of tbe mail front Baltimore?aay at a in Arrive ?> Black R?ick by 12 m Leave Black Rock Weduead\y and Saturda* at 2S p in Arrive at Cockeysviile b* 5 p m. OHIO. F/om JhIi I, ISS*, tn Jmue 3?, IMtJO. N# From New Bremen b* h no* vile. to Wap* koneia. 15 nu ea and back, onoe a week. Leave New Bremen Saturday at 7 a in Arnveat Wapakaueta by 12 in Leave Wapakoneta Saturday at 1 p 111 Arnveat New Bremen l>y ? p m. 94.? Frem Racine to Ravenawood, Va.,11 a.iiCkaiKl back, ouce a week. Leave Raoiue Saiurda* at 8 a m Arrive at Ravenawood by Uiu Leave Ravenswood Saturday at I r to Arrive at Racme Kj 5pm M3" From* Reed'a Milla. I?y Kagle Furnace. Wilks ville, LwnntoB. Vinton and Pine Hrove, to (iallipoiia, 37 inilea nud Itack. onoe a week. Leave Reed'a Mitla Friday at 6 a m Arrive at (Jallipo.ia by 6 p m Leave Gall'po^ia Saturday at h a m Arrive at Reed'a MilU l.v fi p in. 9431 From Onk Hill, bv Rocky Hill and Key St.me. to \\ llkeaville, an unlea aa4 back, onoe a week. Leave Oak Hill Fr>day at 7 a m Arrive at Wilkeavtlle t>y 5pm Leave Wiikeaville Saturday at 7 a m Arnveat Oak Hill hy 5 pm. From Greenville, by German, Republic. Turn no, and Dark, to Greenvillewtwioe a week, equal to 14 milea Leave Greenville NVedneaday and Saturday at 8am Arrive at Republio by 12 m Leive Republio Wediieeday and Saturday at 1 P m ? Arnveat Greenville V f P m. M33 From Conneaut, by Clarkra Cornera Beaver, Pa., and Beaver Ceuire, to Couneautvilla, It rni.ea and back, oncoa week. Leave Conneaut Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Conneautville by 12 m Leave Couneautviile Friday at I p m Arnveat Conneaut bv 7 p m. 9434 From PerTvaville, by Palmer'a X Roade and Riper a Settlement, to Aabland, 16 milea and back, onoe a week. Leave Perry aville Friday at 7 a in Arrive at Aahland by 12 m l.eave Aahland Friday at 1 p m Arnve at Pcry aville by 6 pm. *<&> From New Philadelphia, by Altoaa. to New Comeratown,30 ante* and lai*k, nnoeaweek Leave New Phiiadslphta Friday at 7 i m Arrive at New Comeratown t.y 5 p m Leave New Comeratown Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at New Phuadolpbia by 5 p m. VIRGINIA. From 1 st Julf. 1S56, to dOtk Jmmi. l>ia? ftSlt From Water l.ick to Burner'a Spring!. IS milea and back, aix timea a week from l*t July to 3>th September, and o^oe a week the reaidue affile year. LelTe w atar Lick Tueaday at 11 v, a ra, or 4f. ter arrival of aara Afrive at Burner'a Sprinfe by 3), p m Leave Burner'a Springa Tneaday at 5K a m Arrive at Water Lick l>y OS a in Lai y, except Sunday, daring aame hours, from lat July toSoth September. 6313 From Wo?datock, tiv Saumavil.a, to Mount Olive. '0 mile* and hack, onoe a week. Leave Woodatock Wedne?day at 3 p ru Arrive at Mount Olive by 6 p ra Leave Mount OUve Wedneaday at 12 in Arrive at Woodatock by 2 45 p tu 5314 F rom LanoatterC. H. to Merry Point 5 a i.ae and back, twice a week. Leave Lnncaater C. H. WeJu??da> and Satur day at 4 p m Arrive at Merry Point by 6 p m Leave Merry Point Wednesday and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Lancaster C. H. by 2 pm. 3815 From Norfolk, by Yorktowu, to King and Queen C. H., 108 milea and baok, onoe a weak. Bidders will propose a schedule of departures and arrivals. S316 From William's Wharf, by Green's Wharf, to North Ktd, 6S milea and Uick, twioe a week Leave William's Wharf Tueadav and Satur day immediately afterarrivai of Norfolk i sty 2 p in Arrive at North Knd by 4 p in Leave North Knd Tuesday and Saturday at 9 am . Arnve at W. nam's Wharf by 11am. ?^317 t roin Concord, by Spanish Oak a. to Oakville, 12 miles and l<ack, ooce a week. Leave Couoord Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Oakville by 5 p m l.eave Oakville Wednesday at S Arrive at Conoord by 12 m ? Prop teals for a seooiid weekly trip, and to eud ??,? u rout,S*t ?P*n'?h Oaks will lie oonsidwed. 5318.1-roin Rowlasburg, by Wolf Creek, PunnU.n, a^d Licking Creek, to St. tieorge. a miles and back.onoe a week. Leave Roa-lesburg WednesJay at 5 a m Arrive at St. George by 12 m Leave MU George Wedneaday at 1 p m Arrivaat Rowlasburgbv ? p m. 5319 From St. George, by Holly Meadows and Red Creek, to Dry Fork, So mil-* and hack, onoe ft week. Leave ?r. George Thursday at 6 a m Arnve at Dtv b ork by 6 p in Leave Dry h ork Friday at 6a m Arrive at St. George by 6 pm. 53S0 From St. Goorge, by Laurel Hill.dooal name.) to Meadowville, 15 miles and bask, onoe a week. Leave St. Oenrge Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Meadowville by 12 in Leave Meadowville Thursday at 1 d in Arri ve at St. George by 6 p m 5SB1 From Point Ple-wai.?, by Angerona, to Jackson l>. H.. 80 miles and t?ck. onoe a week. Laave Point Pleaaaut ThL.sday at 7 a in Arrive at Jackson C. H, by 8 p m Leave Jack sou C. H Friday at 7 a in Arnveat Point Pleas nt by 6 p m. 53? From Butlalo to Jackaon C. H., a milea and back.ouoea week. Leave Bulfaio \\ ed-iesday at 6 a m Arrive at Jaokaou C. II. by 7 p in Leave Jackson C. H. Tuesday at 6a in Arrive at Bntlalo by 7 p m. 5S23 From New California. U Wm. Gaudeee. Flat 1-ork. Klijah Leforoe's,aad New Keutuok. week'"00* 35 ? " a?d ouoe * Leave New California Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Sissonville by 6pm Laave Sisaonville Wednesday at C a in Amva at {\ew California b? 6 p m. 5324 From Kati'lvil.e to^tony Cfr^k 13 mil** and back, onoe a week. Leave Katillvilie Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Stony Creek by 12 m Leave Stony Creek Monday at 1 a m Arnve at Estillville by 5 p iu. ? ? ? ? NORTH CAROLINA. From July 1, 1W, to Jwm, 3(1, 183? Leave Durham Tuesday and Fridav at 7W ? ? Arrive at S.??th l^?wellV 4S ? m * ? ?*"' Lo,*U su,,,,!,, ?rrr /rf,T?,at D?r^m by 4 D m. a.?. JB. Farran's, Manly f 5S3& asSsSs ?2k"o^, ar!H l te-CWBiSaTur' ?t^Ta n 8,78 rrKr)CkfijhoiiA' V P""00"-1<> * ^?4 miles and hack, o?m a weak. WTI NrartMvlia D?J.. a. ? ? miip? ana nacK, <>u yy'jT* Pndav at ?a nt Srrs4f,tfasa,:.,.. ? _ Mul ? Dresden . ?nf lm mp ??. vjH to From tljVu'i Bndre. t? St or*, B miles and baok, ora ? *td I ?f? Clinton F uSiri f, rriv# at Harrell'a Hlote he IS i .eave Hwrfl! ? Slor* F n<li) i l,?vf Hatrcl! a (Hot* Frid*) at I p m jkrnvo at Clinton by I p m. Fn>i? y?Till?, I? Fmy.toRo in?ba?u. 'b aulas ami back. who* a wenk. I.mr? LllOTVille F nday ai a in Amvaat Rwkmghtm br U m I ?ivf Rockingham ? rida t at I p ? _Arrive at Lil*e* tile )?* fS ^ r MM From Tn?y. bj Aatuaa'e Hill, t? lain. ? Pace's, (ob Plank Road.* 21 miles aad bMK. on<-? a Leave Tr<_j Wednesday at It ? {irnve at PMf ? h)6pm >a*ra Fare's Thursday at lfca m.or oaair.va. of Htjn Pewt Mail Am va at Trow by iH p m Fri'p<>aa.k I?m an mMiIniu; VMlIf trip arc m ? Ued. ROFTH CAROLINA. From J mp 1,|t-*r. to J mm- 'Ml. laftw 6178 From Anderson C. H.. by Fierce T*wn h ?a? Ity, S'abtown Cburubuaco, and Mnlwea*. to A< d?*r?ott C. H.. moal to 19 mnet aid ta?^, onoaa woek. Leave A ndorson C. H Th i. t sda \ at 6 a m Arnva at Andwwi ? . H >? m, M14 Fmm Anderson C. H. tor Vt/ofnt % d |,*v?i Land, to Abitevtlle C. U.. M an at end he?a. onoe a week. Leave Anderson C. R. WMiwadu) atian Arnva at Abbeville C. H 1/tava M?t?e? ille C. U. Thursday at ? a in Arnveat Anderaoa O. H. by 7 p w, ?ITS Kr^m Horse *boe, to? Sennas, Lena Creek aad Cbsrnbea. to Clayton, Ga . T miles and tatck.onc* a week. Leave norse ??hoe Saturday attau Arnveat Cl*ft >i t.? C p m I .eave Clay ton F ridar at? a m \mra at Mora*- Shoe by 6 p m UK From Piakene C. H., by Cn<a Crt<a, A - aoa'a MiHe. Root Mountain. 1 ai>ie Rooa. Table Mountain. and South >niud. to Ureer. ville. 5n utilaa and baok, onoea weet l.eave I'ickena C. H. Tuttdaj at 1 p in trnva at lirennvil'e next da) by 6 p n. aare Greenville Monday at 6a m A rnve at Piokena C. M. nex t day bf IS m. GF.ORGI A From July 1. Ir<* to Jmn> TU. I^St ?S37 From Aaterioaa. by Danville to Drartoa, ti iialaa and b?ck, ta tor a week. I.mv? Americuc Turadfi) aad Frtdat at it hi Arrive at D a>ton by iJ tu l.aare Diatton Tuet lay and Fndiy at 1 p m Arr.ra at Am*-riras b> p p m. ?S:* Fl*>mAthe n.bf 1'laniei'* Stand. Fart Lamm , t'arneaviila. X^uilla. Parker's ft.?r?, Fa r Flap,S.C..n d I'ownviila, to Fen^latou, 7<> luilej au?i Iwck. taraa t utiet a a .-efc Laive Ath< iia MtindH). \Ve?liiatda> and Fr, day at 12 ra Arnva at Pendtoton naxrdaya h* C p ni l.eave Fei.dirton Monday, Wedueaday an-J F riday at 12 m Arrive at Athena next dark 1?y fi p m . Fr?>p<??ata to run by a ditfervat a?.titniata wiji oouaide ad. &S3B Fr<>m Ciarkaviile, by Naooookaa, MoaiAam Some, Hiwaaita, ,\. C.. aid Peach Tre?e. to Murpltef, Vi mi I at and Uik, twice a waek. Laava Ciarkavilla Wadneaday and RatarJay at 1 p ? Arrive at Murph*r next day a by C p m Laava Murph>*y Tueaday and 1- ridaj at fi a m Arrive at Clarlcville next days by m. &54* Fi??iCovia?ton,bv Rocky rhiiiis and Roap pinc Rboais, to ^.raheba, IS aiuea aad hack, twioe a waek. Laava Covingum Tnaaday and Friday at IS rn Arrive kt Uerabcl'a by * p tu Leave Hersheh* Tuexiat and Friday at lam Arnva at Covinpton tn :Iim. AMI From Lainpkm. by I- lotenoa. to Glannvtl!*. Ala.,2R miles and liaek. on<*e a week. Leave Lumpkin Tur>rday attain Arrive at Ulennvilie In 4pm LoavaG anuvilta \\ eJnea<K> at 4 a m Arrive at Lumpkiu t?y 4 pin. bid* for an ad Utiouai tup par waek *tli b* anwaiderrd. 63U Fr in Newnaa to Weedowee, Ala., 4Amtlasatid ba?'k,onee a week. l.eave Newnan Tburadar at Ta m Arrive at Weedowec next day In Cm Laava Weedowaa Fnday at i p in Arrive at Newnat. next eay by a p m. b>48 From Rooky Mount, by H<?lly. to Grantvill*. l? intles and l>ack. twioe a week Laava Rooky Muant Weduaadav and Satarday atlam Arrive at Grantviiia bv li m Leave (jrauiviiic Wrdnoaday aud Saturday at I p m Arrive at Rocky Mogul tiy Sp m. 6M4 From the termmuk of the Brunkwiek and Florida railroad, west of tbe Hatnla rivet, to tbe terminus of the Savauuah. Albany, and Gulf railroad, weat of tbe Attamnha river. Biduera wi.l klate the diktauoe. naaia iniaraie diate pointa. propose the amount and kind ot aer* ice, aud preaent a kuitabie sokedu.e oi departurek and arrivala. FLORIDA From July 1, 1?5^, ta Junt 3b, Cwn From Orange Springk, to Fleminptoa, SG mi aa and back. oner a week. Laava (Mange Springs Moaday at ? a at Arrive at h lentiucton by 5 p iu Leave Flammpton Tuesday at 8am Arrive at Orange !*pnn?a by 5 p n> Bids to embrace ]ola anill be conaidarad. INSTRUCTIONS, Contai*i*g romd'tn>a< to U $matrporm?td im tkt tontracti (a Ik* txttut the drportmrmt may Item uropfr Seven miRUtea are allowed to each intermediate oftoa, whan not otherwiae apecihed, fbr oprutoj and axamintag the mai**. Ao pay will l?e mad* for trips not performed ; and for each of auoh ofaiaeiuna. not aat it facioruy ax piamad.tLree tnnea the pay ol tb* trip may lie de ducted. For nrrivaia a?. far t>enind time an to break. oonn< xian with dependinc mails, and not tuftcient ly excused. on>>-|oar< b or the eon. pen sat ion lor in? trip ta auty^ci to torieiture. h inae win tie imposed, unleaa tbe delin^aeaey m promptly aim aatisfactoniy explained by ueiitlt<<*te? of pwntinaiitere; or the aitadavita of other cnd.Ne persona, lor (aiimc to arrive in contract time; for nerlaorinK to rake the mail Irom or deliver ii into a poat otb^*; for suticring it to tw wet, tuiaied. do ktroyed. robbed, or loat. The Postmaster General m*? annul the eontra.-t for repeated failures to run agreeai.iy r<> c-oi . a. ;. lor violating the pot( sffroe taws, or disobey in* t na instmotions of the department, for refusinc U> ??it chante a earner wnen reqneat?-d br the Department to do ao; for Maitmnr tlir o<>Btraci without the as sent of the I'oatn.aster General; or lor tranaportinc persona or packa^ea convey m# mailable mane/ oat of tbe mail. Tbe Poatmaater General may order an increaae ??( aervice on a rou'e by allowing therefore pre ran increase on the contract par. He mat chan?esot.o dules of departure* and arnvale in all oaeea.and par ticularl* to make them ooutorm to aonnenons a .t n ra.Iroada. without increase ol par. provided lee tun nine time be uotabr.dfed. He may aieoorderan in oreaae of spe?d.aoowmj. w.thiuth*' .attnctiont ..f the iHW.apre rata iecrease of pay tbe additional stock or oarriera, if any . The ooulractor may. bow erar. in tbe oase of increase >-f speed, relinaui-h thn oontraot by aivint prompt notice to tbe Deportm.. t that be prefera don ?ao ta oarrviap the order ,nt ., etlect. j he Pottmaaiar (ienernl n.ay al?o curtail or discontinue the aervioa. in whole or ui i?art, at ptu rata deorc-ase ol pay, allowin* -?ie month a extra oompenaation on ttieamoiiU diapensed with a hen ever, in hie opinion, the pulilic intere-la do oot re quire the aame. i>r in c.s* he dcairea to auperaeJc a by aditlerent arade of transportation. Fay me tits will be made for the eernea by aoilcc tionsfrom.or drafts on, postmasters, or otherw alter the expiration ol each quarter?say iiiFibro ary . May, Ancu<-t,*nd .November. Thedistanors are given acoordimr to the best in formation: but no inor# a ed pa* will lie altowr^a abouid ther bdereater than advertiaed. if the point, to be supplied l?e correctly stated, hnU.'t m*1 inform ihrmttlvtt <>a this fotmt. Bidders are requested to use. as far as praotira ble, the printed form of proposals furmtbed by the Departim nt, to rrr.te out in foil the sun. of then bid*, and to retain oopies of lh- in. h>oa bid tnasi be gcarant ind by I wo "aepaukr*? persona. Gen?raJ ?anrantee? oanlun ae adiiutied The tad should be s?ia.vd; auprrscnlatd "Ma i Proposals, Siate of addreased Se<.oid As sistant Po4lmaster General, Contract Ofhoe. ai.J ?ent by iM'j. not by or to an and poitntii. ters will not eccioee proposals tor letters ol tut kind) iu their quarterly returns. The contracts are to be exeoutfd ant returned t.i the Department by or before tbe lat Jf AacuM. te-n bat the aervioe muat beoommenced on tbe 1st Ju.," or tbe Lext mail day thereafter, whether it* ? t' tracts 1-eexecuted or not. ? Ki.tl,on aot approved March S.1M5,provides tiat contracts for the tramportate.u ILL a<l 1,6 ev*r'r to tbe lowest bidder tendering aulbcieiit suarantees lor Uitbln performance, without other rrferenoe to tbe Z ? of such transportation thaa" may be neoeaaary t^ provide tor the due oeleritj, oertainty and s^ch, ,i^ of sach transportation." I'mier thTs law . n^r Jl* sorption of bid ba? l>eenreceived. It does not oily a mod* of oonveyance, but enxa?es to uke tn? , entire maueach trip wnh oeieritj/oertaint* %i J security .umii* the terms of the U Tl2,!i, i1"1 i 2Hul,e' which tbe> ared t.? "fit* ;>?farmeat, "rtmr t,,ft ? and ther will be oonatrn- d aa prov.dinx for the ?*>n Z2:?Z,r0Li?> Ttt,re "i*'1 * * hf tkf mod' *? < t star y to t *< * II? *-rtUruy.trr m,m W. ncmn-y.?? In all '*aaet wb?-re the low* t trade of serv ^11/^'I ti^Pw* mittioienr, tb.- low* at hid 7 oeated.ff dulr xu^ra. Ued, u. preference Uvn-.-r * or kciftnl?i(| .jqv hen the lowest bid ia not a btar Uad.and seeoiLet either no mode or an >n<i<i<vwa(? u,^ r o| oorvet mbe biLTr '' n<,t 1,8 ?'taMde f.Talpi \Vult tai^-Ti aervioe. an^l. rL, L, d Jo<^ m>l -IT'I' a iiKKta of er^ivey anoe. nlao, when it prop?i?<,>a tu carry "aveofrfn t t., ? '",l * 'tbotit ?Nch apnasiiaiini vine ?woknJarad as a propositi f.* boraeU. k ae- - PWinaste^ arc to I-. c reA.l not to certify the o.'JvW'??. 'TfitM et a ith .ut I now ? iL!^ ??* P**""??a of aufieient rf?|e-lisilii its ? and all ImbWa taaraators. ar d sureties arx d.?' tiiictly ???tifi.^u that.on tb?- failure to ?*rr in- n perform the <contracts .or ?he service pr.>| or?<d for in the aooepte,f hid-, flhrir fecal iiabilit A w ill be iu . forced aitainst (ben.. """ Present oontrac'orv and p. rs,?n* know n at th,.,i, partmfiit. mus'. equally with J! Zzhrzzv! ??"""?>' *-*23!Z" to44s?i?T AARON V. BROWN, * *-*aW4wT Po?ta.*?t^r ??IM*wt BKIGHTLV*S ANALYTICA f nhii-av^oT Contreaa! 9 eml ot th* Tuirty-IUirib Coatreaa. nsity-lonrtii cou^i lb*rrm:TM, f, *''1 iH-tT-uSld. #W' m tno* TAYt.cn