28 Temmuz 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

28 Temmuz 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THr pvrMiivn ad i * mh > kt* nui : BE KI5ID. <> ttyr HMth?r: for whtMi then vtit young Who lo??^hee to fondly as he ? H* eaugirtth* fir?t a<?eent t%at f-Il from thy tongue, \n4/oip?*| iB thy innocent glee B? kind to thy father, for low he ia old, Hii locks intermingled with fray ; - foote'eps are feeble?once Earless and bold : rhr father is oa.<sinr avrar. Bp kind to thy mother ; for. lo! on har brow May traces of aorrow be ae^n ; Oh, wen inn *ttnou cherici aud comfort har now. For lovinr ami kind ahe hath been. FemernKT thy mother ; for the*1 will ?he pray A? l?n< as God civeth her brea'h; "With amenta ofkindne?a then, eheer hartoaeway. K on to the dark rallry of death. B? kind to tlij brother ; h?a heart will hare dearth If tiie urn ilea of thv io? i?e withdrawn: Tb# flowtra of feehn* will fade at the birth, It lov-* and be cone. J*e knid to tliy brother : wherever you are, The love of a b-other Khali be An ornament purer end richer bv Car * Than pear I? irom the depths of the sea. H* k I Hit tn tn til* kiaf*r *? mtni mft.v Irnnnr V Th* depth of a true sisterly love; Th? v?lih of the lies fathoms Wlow Tn? ?U'fa*.e that ?parkies a! ova. T > ki a'..?* ? ?ha;. !>rmj to the man# sveet hours. And blessings thy pathway shall qfown. Auction a bull w??vi? the* a zar!?0f of flowm More precious than wealth ?(nnovn. Operation" ( the Patent Office. The following la a list of patent* isaued from the V 9 Patent Office for the week ending July '24, ir<*>?each bearing ttfat date: Anthony B Allen, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement In mowing machine*. John R Agnew, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For Improvement in school globes S Burlingame, of Warwick, R. I.?For lm iiroi in inuiui ior casting nfenif iDreiafri John A Br ad* haw and A Frank Colby, of Lowell, Mass ?For improved punching machine. J . H H Bennett, of Hunt's Hollow, N Y ? For improved wagon brake John Bean and Benjamin Wright, of Hudson, Mich ?For improvement in grain winnowing machines tioorge E. Baker, of Waukegan, 111.?For improvement in gates. 6 W R Bayley. of Brashear, La.?For improved mode of fastening nuts on railroad bolte. Etienne Bernct, of Paris, France ?For improved machine for cutting tiles. Matthew Bartholomew, of Enterprise, Pa ?For iiupivTuuvm iu uiai/uuici lur wjourrng sua rating grain. Jo tin S. Hro ks and L. B GroTCt, of Rochester. N. Y.?For improved gridiron l.ou>? Bonnett, of New York, N. Y.?For improved meat cutter Thomas L Braynard, of New York, N. Y.? For improved s< sb fastener. John Brown, of New York, N. Y.?For lm provent in ileain boilers Win Cleveland. of New York, N. Y.?For improved curtain fixture Charles Chitteriing, of Dunkirk, IW Y.?For composition for lubricating purposes. R. K Cavauagh and H. V. Lazrar, of Jersey City, N. J.?For improvement in cooking stove*. John V B. Carter, of Albany, N Y.?ror improvement in stove and furnace grat?*. Thomas Champion, of Washington, D. C., and Charles Champion, of El Dorado county, Cal.? For Improvement in gas regulators. James J Clark, of Philadelphia, Pa?For improvement in telegraphic repeaters. Chaa F Cory, of Lebanon, 111.?For improved Luciua CrandaJl. of Plalnflt-li, NJ?For Improvement in coal stoves John (j DeCoursey, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For Improvement in scisaors Jacob Dutcher, of Gibson, Pa?For improved self-acting sleigh brake Daniel I>e Garmo, of Rochester, N Y.?For iroprovement in potato digger * John Den ley, of Warsaw, 111.?For improvement in coffee pots. Wm. \V Din gee, of York, Pa.?For improvement in threshing machines. Wm Ebbitt. of New York,N Y?Forimprovement in switch plates for city railroads. 1 nomas F.ar heart, of Donelson, Tenn ?For improvement in grain separators. Ephraim Evrrson,of Haverhill, Mass?For improvement in venaina iai-.ks Eliaa Forbis, oA^onion, O ?For Improvement In capstins f >r ditching ploughs. Daniel J. Ferry, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For Improved machin? for making friction wires W m. Fulton, of Cranberry, N. J .?For improvement in lamps. llenry Fellows, of Bloomfield, Ind.?For improvement in water wheels. Thomas J. Fitzpatrlck, of New Orleans, La.? For Improved chimney cap , James Flattery, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improvement in faucets. William Flowers and Z 9. Patton, cf Bangor, Me ?For improved boat-lowering apparatus Oeorge Gage, of Kendall's Mill*, Me.?For improved secretary bedstead. RIHMII U..1U- I ??- -? ? " "? * VI ux< 1 V* k pvl kj . x . ? r or I III provemeat in pumps. Henry Humphrevule, jr., of Straaburg, Pa ? For improvement In hot water apparatus William Cleveland Hicks, of Bolton, Miu ? For improvenwnt in s?wing machine* Isaiah Hodgson, of New Michigan, 111.?For lmpro el mole ditching machine. Sheldon S. Hartshorn, of New Haven, Conn ? For improvement in buckles Joseph F Hamilton,of Pittsburg, Pa?For improvement in pumps for steam engines. B. B. Hotclikisa", of Sharon, Conn ?For Improvement in projectiles for rilled ordnance. Julius Hovinz, of Newark, N J.?For Improvement in window-sash fastenings M W Helton, of Bioom.ngton, fnd?For Improved machine for registering fares. George 7. Hockenburry, of Pittsburg, Pa ? For improvement in machines for dressing millatones C E L Holines, of Waterburv, Conn?For improvement In forming seamless tabes. Joel \V Hopp.r.of .New York, .N Y . assignor to himself and EG. Allen, of Boston, Mass ?For improved low water deWtor fnr fcnoch Hidden, of New York, N. V.?For improved portable water closet Jobn Henry, of Lynchburg. Va.?For Improvement in pressing tobacco. fbomu Haivey and Nicholas J Becker, of Amsterdam, N. V.?For Improved horse-power brake Charles W. Isbell. of New Haven, Conn.?For improved ^as and water pipe joint. fc. Jacobs, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For Improvement in Iron prisons B H. Jenks. of Philadelphia, Pa?For improved pattern chain for looms W F Johnson and YV K Johnson, of Wet iinpka. Ala.?For Improvement in bridle bits A. M Karr, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa ?For improvement in mole pleaghs. Samuel B Lawrence, of Hookstown. Pa ?For Improvement in machine for sbocki ng corn stalks John Parker Lindsay, of New York, N. Y ? For Improved cartridge cases. Fdward L*ndi?- of MA ? ? proved roe king propeller. John McDerrnott. of Washington. D C?For improvement in coupling* of thills to axlea. Henry Mason, of Lancaster, Man ?For improvement in e itton press** James Monte) th, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in globes J<ni? Monteitb, of New York, N Y?For improvtd method of suspeudiag school globes. Joel B Morris. ?>f Auaoaia, Conn.?For improvement in machines for polishing cabinet work. Robert .Morruaa. of B?huf?? v i c~- i ? -.-rui improved coupUajr of tbilla to axle* Cyrua Mard. -io4, of Natchez. Allaa ?For improved cracker machine George \V Martin, of Wnt Morr'aania, N. Y. For improved aubmarlne operator Richard Mobler, of Lancaater, Pa.?For improvement In tmut machlnea <>eorge K Moorr, of Pituburg, Pa.?For improvement In Sre-poaera H W. Norville, of Livingaton, Ala.?For improved wa^ou brake. liavirf H ?/ ?IV? " * ? - ? ? ? . . mmwmmrwrn y VI aiV?ll f ) I ?T Of 1 HI * I provemeut In stove jna.lt*. Davids Neai, ofLynn, Mass?For improved fire-escape attachment of horsr alalia tieerjje MeiUon, of Boston, Miu ?For improvem? nt In coffec pots. Jacob Pr Ingle, of Summer HU1. Pa ?For Improved mode of obtaining motive power WllMam S Pratt, of Williamsburg, N Y ? For Improved compensating lever spring Jacob Marsh Perkins, of Chicago. Ill ?For Improvement in water-wheel* Oeorge Palmer, of Llttlestown, Pa.?For improvement In adjustable carriage springs William P Parrott, of Boston, Mass ?For improved itaUB pressure gauge. Cba<lrs T. Pang born, of Brooklyn, N. Y ? For alarm water gauge for steam boilers Barton Pickering, of Dayton, O?For Improvement in eoeks E P. Basse LL of Manila*, N. Y ?For an Improved pawl aud rate bet Samuel King, of Clevelaad, O.?For improvement in Straw eritt*r? I*. H. Ransom, of Albujr, N. Y.?For Improvement 111 ItVIri J M Roberds. of Plaissnee, L?.?For Improved of detaching boms from vehicles Hrwy K Rogers, of South Manchester, Conn. For improved < ^ndlest ck. J am*1* T Smith, of Portsmouth, Vs.?For Improve ment In machines for threshing peas and Mans jersrd Slckel*. of Roxtrarf, Msss ? For improvement i a n Mr meters Junes Sadler of fcgr*mon?, Mass?For improved coupliftg f r thills to anas. Alexander Schwanlager, of MUwaokle, Wis ? For Improvement la apperatas for generating gas Isaac R Shank, of Buffalo. Va?For Improved lujr cheat Sylvester Stevens, of Sacramento, Cal?For Improved hay press gu outer Sargent, of Wstsrtewa, Mass.?For lsaprov?mept in lamps. I* J Isaac C. SauDdei*, of Trenton. Mien ?ror improved method of applying fusible metallic plugs is st?am boiler*. John Schalt, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For Improvement In gas meters. John Schley, of Savannah, Ga?For improvement in lamps. \ James W. Shopman, of Sprlngftald Centre. N. Y ?For Improvement In mowing machine* D E. Somes,of Blddleford, Me.?For ftnproved heel for boots snd shoes J C. Stoddard, of Worcester, Mass.?For improvement in teeth for scattering hay Charles N. Tyler, of Washington. D. C.?For improvement in gas generators Loirus D. Towsley. of New York, and E. Matteson. of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improved motive power. * j B. W. Taber, of Quaker afreet, New Y?rtP^? For improvement in chimneya. Cyrua B Thayer, of Boston. Maaa . aaaignor to Cbarlea Robbinaon, of Cam bridge port, Maaa.? For Improved chain abot battery. John Tiebout, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improvement in bucklea Jacob W Traux. of Richford. V t?For improvement in water-wheela Jonathan Vaile, of Miami, O.?For Improve mrni in swam oouers Andrew J. Vandergrlft, of St Lout*, Mo.?For Improvement in grain separator* John \V Wood, of Watertown, N. Y ?For improved edge-tool sharpener. George H Arnold, Abhy H. Price, and Abby J* Urner. of New York, N. Y., assignors to themselves and A and J Arnold, of ume place.? For Improved fluting apparatus. JaniM Rlmrh?m nf f lillaHplnhla Pa naaicrnnr to F. D Bingham, of same place.?For improved urge reliever for cablet George C Bartlett, of Pari*, N. Y., assignor to David M 0?born A Co ?f Auburn, N. V.?For improvement in potato diggera. Roawell F Cook, of Poladsrn. N V . amlgnor to himaelf, Frank F. Jobnaon, of Brooklyn, and M. J. Whitmore. of Potedam. N. V.?Kor im prnvement In breech-lomfinif flr?-arms Horatio F Hicks, of Grand View. Ind.. assignor to Hicks Brothers, of ume place.?For Improved cotton and hay press. John H. Itay, of Winslow, N J., assignor to Hav 4 Co , of same place ?For improvement in glass furnaces. Charles Hughes, of \ew Orleans, La., assignor to himself and Henry Fassman, of same place ? For improved punching machine Nathaniel C l?ewis, jr , of Boston, Mass , assignor to himself and Edwin Bruce, of same place ?For Improvement in boots and shoes Martin Shirk, of Lancaster county, Pa , assignor to himself, S. B. Hartman, and Wendel Martzall, ui nnie pure ?f or improvement in macni'iea for dressing mill-stones. Elijah D Wilcox, of Bellln<rhani, Mans , assignor to himself and G D Nourse, of Cambridgeport, Mass.? For improvement in grain cradles Heissues.?Theophylact B. Bleeoker, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement In folding bedsteads George W Rains, of N?wburg.N Y ?For improved feed water apparatus for steam boilers. Dengn.?Walter W. Stanard, of Buffalo, N. Y., assignor to S. 8. Jcwett ard F B Root, of same place ?For design for a cook s stove. Additional Improvements ?Wm. F Edson, of I'hiladelphia. Pa ?For improved machine for cutting and finishing shoe heels. Anthony Oveocker. of McHenry, III ?For Improvement in clover nuller. A U U n/ 4 r O a m rw-WT wm - ntvui r/iiiO yii I tit1 tiU'l'tS Ldli NATIONAL HOTEL.?J Morgan, Pa; J Pur nail Va; F 9 tioode, Lp; L A Whiter, Md; H B Mi ier, NY; J N Swill and daughter, Misb J Kirby J M Boon, Ga; R rtexton, G B Petifceld. iurn |'e ifi id, NS; J S( arlile. Va; H C Samson anl lady, .Miss ?am?on, Mi>i Ktcardson, Mix; (i Knox, Pa; J >li?rna?, Md; E F Murdoch, A \V Burgei. La; J Clarke and >&dy, Md; O B Cooper, NC; r M oaiior anil fein, I'eui^; J Coop<tr, Md: R C ? hinig n -j. J W haddock, III; P Fitzhugb, Md; i Genele and lam. Cai; L Albert Va; J V Duralain, L l'remenux, Wni lif zel. F Hugent, W Kike, C < ?akiey, B Ha*ell, La; W Rucker, H Barnste&d and lady, Mi?s laylsr. Ml?* .Nelson, Mm?; G Marye, Cal; P Hijm, h Marshal!, W Ht Ifenstein, Pa; A Sohr 1b*r and lady, Va; F Bar per, NY; K Hall and lam, F Burge??, Md. BROWNS' HOTEL?J McCullaugh. Va; J D Tui ner, Fla; M Keith, Mis? M *d?m>, Ala; l)r S M Cock ane and lain. M>u ** faol.ie. MistM Lela^d, Miaa U itaiioB. W?ik?. i h - , - _ *jr UUII, * ? Miss 1*. Saon, l'a; J Garecne And ly, La; I! Wood, Mary J Bannister, l ean; J Clinkinson. fa; A H Rogsr.W Ciagett, (JT; J Balentine, Vn: C Bradley. Ri; B Wood, Ala; J Borgardas, NY; Rt Rev iii>hcp Davis and ly. SC; 1 Hill and daughter, NC; W Whitfield, S Whitfield, Mist; J Odon and It, MisaECorath, G Corajh, Mrs E C Biroii, U M Birch, Ala, K1KKWOOD HOUSE.-T 8 Barton. NC: A N Molynr, Fla; W Templeton, La; J Face1, NY; W J DeJano. La; J N Cocke, NY; W Brinley, Va; J Stinson, Ga; C E ?inolair. Va. WASHINGTON HOUSE.-H W'atton, Va; D Thorn, La; 8 We.ch, NY. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAI'S From tm r?i?*n St'amert. Leave. For. Days. Vanrterbilt..?...New York...Havre July M Africa New York.. .Liverpool... .Aug. 1 Outonia .New York...Hamburg,.,..Aug. I Jura..?. New York.Liverpool... Aug. 2 Bremen New York.. Bremen?.^. Aug. 4 Janada. _Bo?ton. Liverpool Aug. 8 Arago New York ..Havre.. Aug. 18 From Emor* panada ?^Liverpool Boston ..July 14 ll.moia Somti'ptftti. ..New York. July 18 Bohemian Liverpool port anil July 18 C. VV&flblDrtiin 1.1 I..1? '<? - - . .u..v>rvvi. .. now I VI ? ..alUIJ AO Prinoe Albert Galway New York July 21 Aata^ Liverpool New York . Jul* 2' Auatra aaian Liverpool... New York July 21 Iraco South'pton^.New York. .July 2* Knropa. Liverpool... .Boston July 28 Peraia..?. Liverpool New York.. Aug. 7 The Havana mail at*amera leave New York on the 2d, 12th, 17th, anil 27th of each month, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The California mail ste**n?>ra leave New York on the 5th and 2oth of e??> month. THRBK BEAUTIFUL UPRIGHT OR COTTAGE PIANOS for rent by the week or month. JOHN F. El.LIS, 3n? Pa. venae, bet. 9th and 10th ata. ChickerinK k. Bona' Pianoa at all anoea. lv 211 \JUfcT PUBLISHED. N F39AY on the Fiiuro and ^u^face divimum of the F.arth, ita Geological and Meterolomcal; Phenomena and its Astronomical elements, by Professor Samuei E. Coues. Waahinnton, D C. Price S2_y. M<>deru Painters. vol 5, completing thi c?le brated work of Jolin Raxktn.M. D., containing l.enf Beauty?Cloud Beautj?bea of Reason? Formal and Spiritual, with copious and most beau tiful illustrations, f 13 5-'. Oringdean Grange, a tale of the ?>>nthdown*. by William Harriaon Ainaworth, 91.2s. The i<iu?t a ted Horse Doctor, oewix an accu ate And .. i V- ? _ - - - w^wvuui , nvvuilipDIUUU U J IU"I " HUV'J 4?piet"ria! repre>entat ons of the carpus di?>a?*s to whioh tne Kquine race are subjtct?d; torether with the latest mods ot treatment and all the requisite prescription' written in plain hnglish, by Edward Mahew. #5.10. A course of six lecture* on the various Forces of matter and tneir relations to each other, by Michael Faraday (Scents For aale at Meeopolitian Boole Store. PHI IP ? SOLOMON'S. 332 Pa ar. Sole Agent for (>awrenoe's Stationer?. jy 19 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, POM. Avb?(CB, Between loth and llth streets. je 19 AWM. T. DOVE fc CO. RE Now prepared to execute any orders with wbicli they may be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. IL/~ stora ob 9th street, a few doors north of Pi. * <?!) ue, where ma* be found a complete assortment of CH aNDKIJKRS and other OAS. STEAM and WATER PlX'n'RK.fl. ia?7 It PRIME COST.- Or?andie, Jaconet, Berate, Grenadiae, and Silk Robes, from two to nine flouno**. at first oost. \V? will from this dar forward offer oar entire stock of the abo?e good* at cost; do more will he a?k?d for an; of them. We have gone through our Dress Roods and marked down inoat of thi* kind of good*; and we respeotfuliv aolioit all in want of rioh Dres Rocdi. it very low pnoee, to an ex ami nation of our atook j? 27 e-*t TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. THE sand HILLH of jutland, By Han* Christian Anderson; price 75 oant*. Autobiographical Recollections, by the late Charles Robert Leslie, R. a , edited with a prefatory essay on Leslie as an artist, and aeleotior.a from his correspondence, by lom 1 aylor, Esq., with portrait: price ?1.?6. J ust published ano for sale at PIIILP A SOLOMON'S Metropolitan Bookstore. 333 Penn av , Jli between ath and loth sts _ __ "iHA S FIXTURES. ?? r nave in store, and aredai j receiving, OAS PIXTURESof entirely New Patterns an<J Dusikus and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in tins market. We invite citizen* general ly to cail and sxamine our (took of Gaa and Water Fixture#, fueling confident that we have the beat elected stock in Washington. Ail Work ia the above Tine intrusted to oar oar* will be promptly attended to, MYERS * McGHAN. marj-tf 37* I) street. ENGINEER'S OFFICB. Li Alexanphia, June 36, lMtk MANASSAS GAP KAll.RoAD Six HUNDRED MEN WANTED on the line of thia road from Mt Jaokson to Harrisonburg. Wat's SI a day; b< ard ?10 per month. For information, >o., inquire of WM. S. PEWELL.Compui's Offioe, Alexandria, je 28 dUyftMstwAagfcletv&ep. ^yASHINOTO^^^ [ INSURANCE CUM PAN y. Avtnue and. Tmtk Strut J .If MoGUIRE, President. 0. D HANHON. Secr-Ury. ma T-#otr PIANOH.-GRKAT ttAROAINB ?One Romdkraotx PiAno, in beat order, far t " " " sir" TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. T>HE STGAHER FLYING CLOUD HAVIWO * utderjone ft thorough examiu - _ tint by the gnrer meat inspector, ?ow ratdr ibr Kxoaraion* to Great F&lla or to any ?omta on the river not over ?mileg distant. She will run to Arlington from Fourteenth etreet, or any wharf in Washington at ioctata for the round trip, or 13 cents for the Mngle trip, or from Georgetown, by war of the oanal, for IScenta round trip; To oents tingle trip. Excursions to the Insane Asylum erery WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, starting from Georgetown at 12 o'olook m., and atopping at Stone Mill Wharf and other wharvea in Washington, so aa to reach the Aaylum by I o'olook. jy > eolm JOHN MOQHE. Proprietor. N CAPON SPRINGS. I' EW and improved route via the Manaaaaa Gap Rail Road and the Stnm- ?e? ? hurt and Capon Turnpike. only il mileaofstaxing uve'" ?? a oomfortab'.e and safe road. Leave Alexandri* in the Orange and Alexandria Train at 7.16a.m.t take the Manaaaaa oara at junction, arrive at Capon by 5 o'clock p. m Fare-from Alexandria to Capon 99.no From Waahington to Capon 5 no For informa'ion enquire at the Rail Road Offiae corner of Sixth at. and Pa. av.,'n Washington, *ed at the Tioket Office on Union at, Alexandria, Va. jy 12-dt2QthAug B| ALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. imwtl Chansi or Hour*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 186", tram* wiil run as follow*: Leave Washington at 6 2" and 7.40 a. m. Leave Waahinc'on at 3 i) and 5J? p. m. On Sunday at 3 2" p. m. heave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. eave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. (In bandar at 4 35 a. in. Passenger* for tha Ka?t will take train* at 6.20 and 7.4<i a. m and 8 2" p m. For the West at 7 4" a. m. and S.2*> p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening theSJO p. m. train go?* to Philadelphia only. I ie 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TSRBE DA.Y? WITH TH? CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Nere> Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by Ra 1, thence br Firat olass Packets to Mew Orleans, MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Monteomery by Ru!. thenoe to Mobil* by First class Packets. MoHiie to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Scndats I-iclttded. Leave Washington at 6 a. m and 6 y m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at 6% a. m. and 6.3* p in. and oonneotrf at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Snnthwext. Offioe? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BA66A9E CHECKED TUROrSQ TO HEW ORLEANS. Lynchburg. #S5?i Memphis ? . <31 no Bristol 15Atlanta 00 Knoxville .__?20 0o Macon 28 00 Chattanooga .2* on Cnlumbns 31 SO Daiton?.... ?..24(? Mont*omerv...?...S3 uo HunUville? S7i*> ) via Memphis.42 50 Grand Junotion~_?3foo N.O.J viati. June .42 50 Nashville 25 5< I \ via Mobile .. .46 oo THIS KUllTfc IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is _ 300 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TFME than any other Line? the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It it provided with First olaas Sleeping Cars! STo New Orleans T3 Hours, M "mphi n ?......... 5 *4 do, Montgomery ........43 do. Nashville. ? ??.46 do. fT7"Tbe U.S. MAIl."and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets oan be obtained at the Month Western Office, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following poiots: Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Da'i ton. Columbus, Montgomery Mobile, Memphis, and WfcVV UKLBANB. ID" THROUGH TTCKRTS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPR1XUS f[7*Omnibuaee and Baggage Wagona I en ve the I office at 6 a. in. aud 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket A cast, ma2S-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. ?r. THE 8TEAMKJC JAS. buy Will reeume her trips on TUESDAY, Jlet of JT* h February, i860. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and?*""^" FRIDAY, ate o'olook a. m.. and A I. EX ANDRfA athaTf-paat6 o'olook. for Cl'RRIOMAN and the intermediate l^aodinga. On her return tripa, ahe will loave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. at 6 o'olook a. m. LtTClAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ag't, Alexandria. feao PFOR NEW YORK. ~ ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. ?T.?0. The New York and Virginia Screw Statraship Company's new and elegant steamship MOUNT VERNON, Cast.T.C.Smith.^SOfi will leave the Company's Depot, Wes tern Wharves,atll?o'olooka. m.every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, u a o-oiook p. m. t&tr.o day. Passengers from Washington and Georgetown can take the eoachea connecting with Alexandria steam boata or railroad, which leave the oorner of TVh st'eet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leavs on the steamer from tho Western Wharves at 11 'oiook a. m. State rooms oan bs engaged on apphoation ** Messrs. Morgan k Rhinehart, Western Wharvea Freight will be received np to the hour* oi depar IC7" Irsoranoe will be effected on all goods by thialine at the oHee of the Company at M por oeat premium. Tho acoommodationa for passengers by this hns ars in every respect first-o ass, and every effort wil ! be made to render this commnmoation with New Y ork an af ree*i>,e and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE ft CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL k CO., et-ly 80 Wast st.. oorner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOMIS Ha* closed his office for the sea eon, and will h* absent, a* usual, durinc the sum nier months ; will resume practice about the lut of October, of which further notioo will be given. )j lft-tf D DENTISTRY^ R. HILLS, after a praotioa: test of two years, feels that he oan with oonfidenoe reoom-^aa^ mend the Cheoplastio Process for insertingnUHip artificial teetii It has the advantages or"****1* strength, beauty, cleanliness, and cheapness. Fall QIBAr Mil lniArtM fAr __ - .w, a. mi wmm 1U fivpiniUBt OAoe 306 1'a.avense. seT T royal havanalottkry. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will tax* place at Havana on SATURDAY, ACC.UST 4, I860. SORTEO NUMEKO 640 OR DINAR JO, CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. 1 prue of ... tine, ooo 60 prise* of....?..?l,<** I do fio.noii 80 do 1 do 30,iW) IAS do 400 1 do an, ooo aoapprox. 1,300 I do 10,000 IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Ticket*, tilO-Halves, $ 10-Quarters, ??. Erixes oashed at sight at R per oent. discount. ills on all solveat Banks taken at par. A drawing will fce forwarded u soon as the resell becomes known. I All order* for aohemea or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, j j 19 tr Care of Cftv Poet. Onarleetnn. a. C. f"? IR B, P IKK. D n vn u i /? s ? ?* _ * v i ly in 4 u rr A J jB A? I am (till engared in the PLUMBING and GA8 FITTING BL'SlNEiS at my old stand in Philkarmouie Haiti. Th?> advantage of having a plentiful supply of water waa readily observed at the fire of testerday.as I am vail satisfied I should have been urned out but forth* bountiful supply upor my premises and th?t of my neighbors All order* for the introduction of Water and Gas will be promptly attended to. Terms as reasonable as any plumber in the oity. Jy 8 C. 8NVPEEHOWE'S 1MPR0VEDWE1GH1N680ALE8 These Scales are offered to the publio as the most simple, datable, and reliable saalea ever sat is nse. Firstclass prem'ums have been awarded thea by the United States Fair and Virginia Ag'icnlturiu Society; Virginia State Agrisultural Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fain Vermont State Fair, Jto., Jto. In every ease where exhibited they nave reoeived first olass premiama For sa e at Aft Louisiana avenue, Depot of BiUer'a Chilled Iron Sana. 4e i?-lv fC? C PATTiaON. Agent. PURK.OLA.RVE WfiLI8KY -*)n nana .evert orwa. or I MJ^;nDn?.T^r^U^i Brandy, pureHol^S . er wtaj^ll ?? i g??iH!?BK?1 1 ^Jii-lT ? P? ? -betw.sin sua ??? w 4 MISCELLANEOUS. i ^ & ICONOMT: V. V A f ^ ? DISPATCH! % * ) Safe the Pieces! At mecxdmti wxil tap?**, *r?n m ?mU-rttnlfd fam tins* it ia very daeirable to have tome cheap and oonrenient war for repairing Furniture, Toya. Crockery, Ao. SPAJLDINH'S PREPARED GLUE nNta all such emergencies. and no household oan afford to be without it. It is a wsri ready and ap to the sticking point. There it no longer a neoeaaity for limping chain, splintered veneeTS, headleea dolls, and broken cradles. It is iast the article for 0<>ne. aneii, ami oner ornamental wont, mo n>pn.ar with ladi*s of refinement iuk1 t*rte. This admirable prcpar*!ioa ia u*ed ooid. t<em? I hemioally heid in solution. and joaaes#in* all ttie valuable qualities of the best oabiuet makers' clue. It may be used in the ptaoe of ordinary mociiace, being vastly more adhesive. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." P*ice, 25 oenta. N. B.?A Uruah accompanies each bottle. Wkohsalt Dtrot, No. 4? Cedar street, New York. JLddreae HENRY ^SPALDING tt CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Pit op for Dealers in Cases containing Four, Fight, and Twelve Dosen?a !<eauUfal Lithographic Show Card accompanying each paokan*. C7" A single bottie of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE will save ten tinea lta ooat annually to ever? household. ^3] Sold by all prominent Stationers. Druggists. Hardware and Furniture Deal era, Grocer#, and Fancy Stores. Country merchants should make a note of SPALDING'S PREPARED OL UE. when making up their 1 int. Ft will stand am climate. fe 10-ly / M&MJk a SgkfS $^5*^ **?*' triG^l 3ln**^f/" " * b* (tit JdtH ln*?l'*r ?"?t ^ t ^ / r Iw ^ *V'*? */ '*? Jf(*^ii7?iw?,) /? 3f 9 7t>0 IV** /?"' f"''1''/ *?? rrr>*'*d *? Jr jt fi ^ ^ *? J ^ j^f|^(j?< * J I I r 5^"f* J?"i? ???'?< tv tk* Built amJf. /<???? > " AfLd V eommmtlr'i by lit fit* F\*ttna*? ur ' -d ' 0#f? >7 <*? f"it??i?a?* iu Mtdinnml i 4 ijfr V??'?'" W. $ Soie?K]p^tor.^ |? ' /W ''PjiHr^ *- Gr \S 4&k? j/ K\ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAIiY'S AROMATIC VALLEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL^LL^THE^ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDA1Y, SO LE PROPRIETOR Id PflllTll mil I lAtl or UCUI VftDIT 19 ouum niLLiHm o. tiLn tuniv. fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY 7 1 \y BARBOUR & PEMME8. PARAPFINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN! \Ve?'f now reowvini Paraffins Oil direot from the work* in wwt'rn Virginia. The quality of it >a excellent, producing a ateadr, bnliiant and beautiful light, and more pleanant to th" erta than ran light. Thia Oil ia free from adulteration, and verr much more economical than many of the Coal Oils uieC at thia time. JT7* It ia in no way exploaive. we keep alao a supply of the moat approved tylea of Lampa, 4c., for burning this Oil. KING k BURCHELL, Agenta forita aale for the Diatriot of Columbia, Corner t-ifteerth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma U FIVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TR1JNK8 arrived thia da?, embracing all qua i nrrtB tiea And aisea of Sole Leather, I inliin Bfcl | W Drea<< and Paokin* Trunks. Onr trunk^?*"4' *al?a room exhibit* at thia time the rr?at?i<t variety of traveling re-quiaitea at moderate price*. to l>e luitnd thia aide of New York. AI?o, every deacrip tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALiCEB, CARPKT BAG!*, BATCH ELS. Ac. ]17*01d Trunka repaired or taken in exchange for new oa'-?. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Salea Room, mar Sl-tf Pa. avenue. FFjff \ruiJ yUM uiili V iMACMIMACNOLi We offer for sale the above standard brand of ine Copper-Distilled Malted Rje W bi?ky, in barrel* ami half-barrels. As it is of oar own distiHa tion. and highly improved by a?e, we oqofrieutly recommend it ae the rv&BtfT and best Whisky that oan poaaibly be distilled. We also offer our OL D PA MIL Y RYE WHISKE Y, and other brands, from the largest st-.>ok of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN & SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Sclinyiknli river, Phila. Offices?96 Wall street. New York : and 109 South Front_street, Philadelphia. mar 29-1* " 279 " 206 Pa.Ava., FOEKIGN FRUITS, Pa. Av?^ ?. 10#-11 iktti. CONFECTIONS. WillurftUUL PATES. PRESERVES, CONlilMENTS, Ao., Begs leave to call the attention of his frianda ant the publio generally to his New Store, under WI1larcTs Hotel, just opened, in oonuexion with hie old establishment, where he wLl be hapsr to raoeive an? orders for superior Confections ofnisowm importation. Also, all orders for pinners, Suppers, Balls, and Private Parties, whioh will be served up In hie inimitable stvle, with the same promptneee and di* atQh wh on he has hitherto shown. net BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-IM corpokatkd 1830? John I. Donaldson, Pres.; M. Coclteb, Seo'j. This oompany INSURES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ao, r?- : LI.4. ? _ V. . ^ j _ *. ipuvc pampu.eia may ue umwoou ?i uie Company's Agency for the District of Columbia, offion of Lewis Johnson & Co., Backers, 10th street ami Penn. avenue. J. WMAGILL, Agent, n R. W( n. lf?d fcrr. <i?o ootr I. ?. 0. LAMA*. C. H. MOTT. I. L. AVTKY, Lama*, moti * aute y, A TTORNB Y8-AT-LA W Holly Sr&ifts, Miss., Will yraotiaeinthe High Court of fcrrors and Ar* ?na.sat Jackson, the Federal Court at Pontouw, the Court* of the Seventh Judicial District of Misaippi,aii<l will attend to the Collaatioa *f Claims WrtrfV mm '% ti JACOB RKfcD, M Anvr ACTintn or MILITARY CLOTHIRa, SoVTMSAST COE*H S*COND AMD SPEVO 8tt., PHILADELPHIA. MILtTARY CLOTHS"FOR SALE. ta?-?m 12,000 tS& the attention of the public to oar tarre and vail ce lected stook of Champagne aud Crab Apple Cider, which we guarantee to be pure luioe, and will be old on reasonable term* m order to make rooa for our spriug stock. Give us a call at the Union Bottlinf Depot, ft? i Nn. S7 Hr?*?n at.. Oeorrefcnw A YELLOW PINE LUMBER. LL Description* of the above Lumber, for BOARD? And FLOURING (dreaeedor aadraaaid) furcubed oirwot from tbe aonthern nwH? b? JOY * METCaLF, 7 Bnuth'e Wbarf 4*Mw i?n?r PmM at.. Rtlnmnni, Mi. AKER8' BUTTER IN BALTIMORE.?Wa oan at all Masons of th'year su?alj jou with eyery rrade of Butter. yerj choice. We taye soma now as low aa ten oante, aaJ from that ap to the -r ^ I ?? MHDIC1NB8. . U? - " Ml Ditt?rtd tk? mil CWMm. Smmif. mmd ?U| Kftnmi Rtmtdy ? iti WmU, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPIt I'DENCB LET NO FALSE DELICACY FEE WENT. APPLY IMMKDATKLY. A CUES WAEEANTED. OE NO CHAEQE, IN FEOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. ml III kU.hMtlM ifMWnt(UllMitf Ml Bltddtr, iDvManury tHiektrpi. latr.iM?, ?N?ar%. Dtkiluj, IfirriHrtM, Dttftpit, U- pit ln armu.OM ?!# , Palfrtxmu fdHVMri?TiiulKi1lTtaMw|i D raotti af ftii ?r ttiddmtM. iHituf tfUi Nnl.Tknit m? m ??m.. iht HHifiti bWift. Atanach ar ? *?)?II?m TirnHi [tuorlirt trail.f frrm Hrar; 111 '.I T tii?iImm Orialfil ul Dinracti't Pntvcw wbtck it*< ? Hirmfi ul imraf fcata My ul MM OEM MCII I bfiiullt vto km k*c?M tkt vkimm rf Bmlimry Tt? ifc-i ud <Himun k?ku vk<o* >? >< M an uumtl; (rail .hvMaiidt W T i.f Hli ?f tk? m; tiled Ulknia and brillaol inajlaet, wlM Mifffct mkarvia* h??? MiVucad lUitowflMitH wttk Ifca lt??n ?f m ?>tk w iwun tkt MTi?f lyra, u; Mil vttfe nil ml mmm MAUUID Piuon M T Mm iwiMfUtttf Mu rUfi.kt'Dj ivtriif pt>ra;t?l vmImm. Wful* daVtttp dafcrmr. at. At , af'tadilr carad ?b* placaa htmalf ?s4?r Itl Mn *4 D> J. ? r*Hf1 ?*?. r ?Mi4a hit b?w ii i |*mUbu u4 waNlkllf IM) pau hia akill u a pkyatciaa. urrics m*. t ioiti rasDH.icErra.xrr. left Hand ?id<ifM?| frair Btltiraara ana a*. fit tr*m ki eirair. rail wi uttatm mbi u< Mi, ktllt* Ml ? ftM ud imuii a run p. D* JOIIITOI, M k< ri .fika Bayal tflwiMM, Iwin, fndkM hm mi af ik? mii m?Ml Coilaf la Ik* Saiud Imw, *nd Ik* fr*?l*r part of ?ho* lif* hat k**a apaui it tk* k*o it>i**f Lotidac, Pari*, Philadelphia aad *:u?k?*, ku *f F*ct*d *om* of tk* Mn mmimiiif ear** tkat wm i??l lM*a; maay UvaMad villi nngmf la tk* kaid aad aa** vkaa ? !*# ; ftut a*r<aa*i>?** . k*n,? alaraod at tad*** and*, baahfaTo**a with fr*qa*ot Uaaktaf, au*nd*d ***** ** wttk d*rat>(*ro*nt af mind, **n ?*r?d laaadUMlT. TAKE PAftnCBkAR. KOTJCr. Y*aef M*n aad atk*r* ?h* kao* in|ar*d UiaaalvM ky naio pracuc* todajf *d ta ?ka* *1?* * kaku fraqaaatf) l**ra*d fr*?a **il ctmpuuu*. ar at ackaai, ?k* *f**ia ?) which >r? niffetJ; f*lt ?** ?k*a |a*,*?f, ud if aai c*r*d, r*ad*ra mrriif* in|>?**iM*, aad d*nr?T* kotk atad aad ko*T, *h?ald appl? naiaodiatal? Tkoao ara mi af tka aad aa? m*laackaly *(itu fndwad | fey **rlt kaku* af raaik Tit l Waakn*** af tk* kik aad Unti, Fain* ia tk* Haad, Diain*** of lifhi, Loa* af Maocalaj j r??ir, Palpiuuaii af th* H*art,D??p*p*?, Minni IrnuMdly, MMhmm of tk* Di(*mi?* faaeUMi, 0*e*ral Daktlnp (TBBiata* of Cot *ei*f'iMi., 4c. ' MKJT1 ALL V.?Tna faarfal *f*ct**a tk* mud u* natk t* fe* dr*?.d*d?Lo*a U M?u.?r?, Caafatiaa of Id***. Oarraa*>aa f Spir.u, EtiI Kor'?dinjp, AvtraiaoafSaciatr. *lf-Di*tr?*v Lo>* *f oluad*. Timidity, *U.,*r* hui *f Ik* *?ii* pi* <ac*d. NKKTOBI DMIUTT -Tk?*aad* *aa a*?|tdfi vkal I* tb* c*an of tk*ir dccliniaf k*ailk, W*in* tkair 'ifor, k*katninf tut, p*:*, o*r?aaa and *maeitt*d, 6*?iaf *aiafaiai appaaraoca hoa' tha iyn eaaffc oraynptana *f cwmtflM DISEASES (IF IMPRUDENCE. flu lha TO.agaiiiad and impradant ?on?ry of plaasara li<a li< hu tha itadi a(itin pimfal diaaiat, it in win litppaal uiai an ili-unad aauaa of shun* ar draad af <nm?n da.ara U.n. from apj iriuf ihoaa wba, from adar anas aad raaf-aciability, tan ?fena bafriand him. Ha falla id la lha bai da of i(i<orant and <1aaifinnf pratar.dara. who, mcapabla af taring ilch bia pacamary aabataaca. kaap tin iriting aaouth ?nar mou:k, ar aa laof *a tha aaiallaai faa cu ka ak* Uiuad, and in daapair laa?a bin with rainad baalih la aiirt a?ar tiiarailirg dia?ppai[, traam; ar by lb a uaa af that daaaly paianr. Martarr, haatan tha eanatitaiiawaI aymptarna af tbia tarnbla diaaaaa, aach aa Af acuana o' tha Haart Thraat, Haaa, Skin A&-. prorraaaing with frighfal rapidity, till daath paia i Sar:ad to h?a arasdfai aafariega by aaoding hire ta ihai aaiaca?arad coantry from whoaa boaroa aa traaalar raiaraa. Da. JOMNBON '8 EKV EI> V P >R . >R') a NIC W EAEJfEE* AMD IMPOTEMCT. By tklt graat and inpaauiu ramady w aakr aaa of aba aimaa ua apaaduy aarad ar>d fail ?igar raaiavad Thoaaacda af tha naai naraoaa and dabilit?lad, wha had last all ha pa, aaa* baan iiareadiataly ralia?ad. All inpadimantji la Marriafa. PbyalaU at Maatal DteMaEIcationa. Lcaa af Praeraati'a Pawar, NarToaa Irritability Tratobling *od Waahuaaaar Kiaaaaoac af tha ataai faarfta kind apaaadily carad. KM DO UKMHIT OF TEE PEXEE. TEE A1ANV THOCIJA.NDa caraJ aiuna laatitatlaa wltAla tha laal aaaamaaii yaara, and tha aanaraaa imparu.nl 8arg? Sal eparationa parfarn-ad by Dr Jahoaan, witnaaaad by tha rapanaraaf tha pipara aad maay athar aaraaaa, eaiicaa at whach haaa appaarad again aad aftin bafara tha aabha, haaldaa hia aiauduig aa a faatlamar W charactar aad raaaaaatbilily, ia a aaEciam fmaraataa ta tha aEittad. |aa m- iy R. J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTBRS, Ar# now being used from Main* to the 6re*t Skit L*ke, anl the univeraai wenlict of all who ua# t*em either aa a m*dicm* or aa a brverag*. ia that thi'j are unsurpase?i in the worla. l)r. Dods gi*d them su<-ceasfully in hit practice for 25 years before we purchased of him th<T ro.e nint to manufacture and present them for sale to the public. For tha co'e of Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, DysnAnHiE Pil?? VArvani (liaAa, as tAmaU v.?i M V, I ' i i ia :o VUH1 ptau.U. and all case* reeuirmg a tonic, th^y are be )?>ua doubt a m?>?t inval table rewedy. A*ide from their m*Miiciual projertie* they are a pure, whole oine and dc.igtitfui Beverage, producing all the pl?*a?ant fxhil?'ating effect* of Brandy or Wine without th'ir li,juriou* result*, l et ail friend* of humanity arid at! advocate* of temperance aa*i*t u* in Ruoeiituing these valuable YogetaVie Bitters for the mtMtrml poisons and euitiitrrtuad Liquors with which th? country u flooded, and thereby affeo'ua.iy airi in ban thing Disease and Drenkeneai from the land. CHAKLE8 W1DDIFIELD k CO.. Proprietors.7* William street. New York. i. ?CH WARZE. Agent, Washington, D. C. DR. J BOVKE PODS' IMPERIAL GIX BITTERS. For Diseate* of the Kidne? s. B adder and Urinary Organ*, and especially for Femal* Obstruction*, never fail to care, and are warranted to give satis tuhon. CHaRLKR WIDDIFIELD A CO.. proprietors, 75 William at., New York. I uruiv i btu m i.^/u ?* /in /41'J 1 |?7 ly,r Agent. Washington. D. C. Highly important to all: MHS. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE VECOCTION. It is well known that in the Sprint people are more apt to contract disease than at an? other eriod; and it is nua'j ve!l-known that the way to ward off disease is to keep the blood pure, for "all the 1 Is that flesh is heir to," arise from imparity of the blow*, the main spring of oar ecisteeo*. it is, therefore, important to all that the system should be thorough ? cleansed and panfiei.anc this nan be dons in the most effectual way by nsini MHS M. COTS INDIAN V t- O ETABLK DE CftCTION, the t>est remedy discovered for the ours r o 1,._ t? -1? * ??? - vi m?ww mi okid? r.iyaifeiwi, wjniiu;*, itnvviDft- | tiam, Nervosa Debility, Fevera of different kind a, DT?pnp?y, Liver Comprint, and ali other diaeaeee anam* from impunty of the blood. It Daa effected the moat romarkahle cures, aa oan be ahown by nameroua certtficatea from peraona of the Aigheet reepeotability. and la recommended by all who have ua?d it m the moatinraluabie remedial agent of the day. ITT It la sold by all the Dracgiata of Baltimore, and at the residence of the proprietor. MRS. M. COX. 199 Eaat Baltimore atreet, between Eden atreet and Central a% ease. None ("nuine nnleaa her came la blown on the bottle an<i her aeal on the oork. irr Price 91 per bottle, aix bottle* for WhoUt.aU Atrttt. R. S T. nm?.i?? Georgetown, lJ. C . Wiio'Male Acctit for the l>i? tnot, aoU will auppi the trade at mj prioec. in at 27 tf rj1 h e all sufficient three triescmajr, 1, t, * s, PfitUtd by Kogmi Luur$ Puttnt %( Entlmmd, mm4 ttcurtd by tk* Staii tf tkt Ecolt it Hinm 4* Pufl ?J .1- I - ' " J VIOMA. No. 1 ia invaluable for ukuitioit, Spermator rhosa, and all ?hyaioa! rtiaabilities. No. 9 completely erad catea all traeaa of thcM disease* that have been hitherto treated trt tie naa aeousand permoiona nee of oopavia ?ud oahebe. No. 3 baa entirely au apian ted the lnjarioue in mt mercury, thereby inaurii.jt to the at ferer ipeexfy relief, diaper sine all imparities, and roobac oat the venom onHaesce. TR1BSKM AR.Noa. 1,it and Vare prepared in the form of a ioieage, deveid of taste and mm!I, and vou uv vw I ivu III VM Wftiiiuuai pv'UlOU OOIQ ip UD caaea. aijd divided into aeparate doaea,aa mIouiiii tered nr Va.'peau, Lallemand. R?u, Kioord, Ac. Prioe #3 eaoh, or foar ohm for f 9 which aaves as and 10 B27 oaaee, whereby there la a mtidc of M, To be had, wholesaleand retail, of Or. Ba R ROW. 194 Bleeoter street, foir door* below Mo Donga] street, New York. Immediately on reoemag a re mittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tneeemar to any part of the world, aeoarely packed, and addreeaed aeeordin* to the instructions of the wwter. Sold also br B. CALVERT FUftD, Jr., Weahi ex too. I). Cf. de Ma Buohn. Hospitals, lcrjtrumsnts or Kinfa?ahaa them all, and, if dispesedto prof t br ay ex port sw, write for my private Cuoslar oa SPERMATtiR R H<KA ITS CUKE. With stains snolosed, address, in perfeet oeaA denoe. yoar friend, a former aaflerer, merely sayer acrlbin^Bo^ 1T6, Cbarleetown. Maea. for stamping tf.-?y A PACEET OP PAPRR II A AND KI,VELOPB8 NO TO MATCH, |CHARGE METROPOLITAN BOOE8TORE, PH1LP * SOLOMONS, Agents for Laurenoe's o?iet>ratod Limb Piyw, " Metropolitan Milla," Ao.. fco., )a?-?m.r 3S8 Pa. a*.. b*. Mil and Kb f. If! 4 11-4, and IS 4 ?up*r Linen Sheetings, 10-4.11 4, and 1J 4 Cotioa Sh^tings, Rioliard'on A Sons'. Don bar A Dickinson and Jiarklie's super Fronting and !*h:rtmg Linen*, To>MIII(> is SMiStS. TaJva UMM mmA ? 1U> pieoet ?up?rior makes Ble*ched Cotton*, Whiro Good? innriw, g^sas^^ntisfau Sun Unbr*il?*. Pwueliud?u for a&le low by j? it TAYLOR k HUTCHISON. IffiMaWJSiggg I MISCELLANEOUS. I M DONNKLL* I HI CATAWBA GINGER WINE' MeOONNELL* CATAWBA 61N6EB WINK: MtDOWNRLLH CATAWBA GINGRK WINK* Tkit Smmmrt ? * * #?, TIM HMIUTu! ad T?M PrcfMMtlM Of Which ?t? low wrf! kwt?r mil r?ir?r??ry Admitted Throagboat the (Jiim. la Now For t?<? la WnluiitM Jm. W. Dtrit.lU aad E ?. J. V. Cofcara. 1Mb aad H it*. Ja*. C. ?'Brian,Mi aad 1 au. Win. a. bwwii 13th aad F ata. W. ?. Joaaa. Nuiaokii?MU it aad M at. Patar Munachaa. Mav Jaraay a*. atd U at. T. Cocaa, Pa. tr, aad Vtt at. Jaa. Blifk. 11th at. F. M Orma, Pa. aranaa. E. E. W hita k Co.. Pa. ansae Haarr C. Purdy, Pa a vacua. B Hayaa, ttteaai H ata. Oaori* W. OrM. tiaoriatrvr. D. C. M. L. Oflatt, O#o'fft<>wr. D. C. J a *. MrlNtMNR i.L. tf 9 aolai Oanaral AimI, BaiMam* FOB KKCAIIINV TBF rut I TOM MOl ?h At BALTIMORE. Hu. Ttutnt rmitaixT. 1 Wa?it*?to* illy Pmopo?AL? w'l! he r?c-i?ed at thi? t Pi' i f until the fifteeath day of September, A. D. IM . at 12 o'clock, noon, lor the repairs of t*e Chtorn Hoim tiithorii d In be repaired At Ma lim-ue, Mary aad. aaoordiaa to the ptaaa and Hec fiM tioua prepared at tbie Depart merit. ii>..'<) > wiFV be iuir?"d to reoeive the o d oktt ,roi. work di> I p meed with ID part e%? m?nt of the wort, at tk? 1 rat? of one dollar pe'hundred poar-d*. and will he repaired to famish al m? n ateria, and perform ail the naoer aary labor t?i oon pi<4e Ui* repair* aeoordinc to the p ana fan lahed. N crtr ft <v nt. of the amount of work done and materia!* delivered acc rdmc to contract prie* (aaid amount to b? aa,?rrtamed in the manner pre acrib?d by th? contract. by the eati mat* o| am agent of >i?e Department appoirted for that par poae i wi I be paid month'*. a? the work prn*rea?ee. and tan per oent. r talced aiittl the oomp rtmr of the contract ai d aoc-ptanoe of the work ' y the * It < tiv ? ' I ??> ?l'If T?TI (1> I " I ' - T I II T?It T T FIT- V ' ? 1 1 T nan lulfilwent of o ntraot. J??eo6o?tion? *nd ilr*?inr? Vi'l b? re?1? c?n the TMh ?>f Aaiurt. wk"i thej osn (> h? J on &ppli<?*ioa to Ui |>ep?t?nr nt. 1 he pr i >fo?* ma ?c he mt loth IVh'"**?' ftddrcMfd ? the H*er#Uk'? of the T'r?f ur Y ?m| p*imj mdnriod ikf R<tit* mort Cm*tom 4mm, ?iid will U opsu'd ?t ? ?? o c ock o( the Uat day named lor r?o?iving the ROWKU^dBH. If't 3%w?w Secret*r? of the Treasury. QFFI C I A L . ELECTRIC JKLEGJtA VH BET w E F* TEK ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC PTATHV. TiiAiriT DniiTMRTjdr It, 1M". P*rrro?Ai.* will N> rworivod at Una D*Hr,nt?rr until tiM "ntli day of September o*tt. pursuant t.the following act of CongrvM : An * ct to faomtat* oomaunimtini bttwMii thf At anbc ar.il Paoifcc !<M?t by olfirtric t*i?craph. B' u macitd by tkt Sematt and H<m*? of R*r" srnnux > t> af tkt l'nut4 Simttr of intrrir* mCm rr?M mrmblfd. That lit* !<?cr?iary <-| the Trrw y, itxlrr th?> <lirectn?n of thf Pr?wii?nt of tk* ImWd tttlM. it k*r?l7 authorised Md di'?ot*tl in aoi??r seaiea propotais. to N rtwin i" for (today* a(t?? tfic m>*M* ol this ac'.iai.d ike falftlmeut of which (lift I le (utuUtd by raspon ible parlies as Hi the MM of bid* tor majl 001 tracts, > for tk* use by th? 6uT?ron?i t of a n? or lines of mac netic teiegra^h. to beobstructed villi latwo years from the thirty firit dafuf t en hundred and sixty, from mm- point or points on the west line < ( tas State <>f Missouri by any route or -roates which the said o- ntraotors may elect, (connecting at such point or poitts Itr telegraph wiihtheoitiesof Wa>tiiii(U>n. N w(lr ?n?, New York, Charleston. Philadelphia Boston, and other cities la the Atiauiic. Soatke'a. and Was I tern States ) to the fit* ol r*an F isucimh. tk? 9tkt? oi Ctltfursi?, fort peu<-d of ten ;?kri, tiid ba t award the oontrart to the l?wMt reeponsib bidder or hidden, provided suah aroffer dooa not require ft lar?er am unt per )?'f;on the l'nite<t #tat?t thai, fort* thousand doikara. and p*r?ieaioa la hereby grafted to the aaid parties to whom aaio ooDtraot may be awanie i. or a majoritf of and their aeaiene, to aae unit! the eud of the sajd term, tuch uroocupied pabiio lands of the L'nitMl ??tate? as may be necessarr for the rignt of way and for the purpoae of establishing stations for repairs alone said line, not exceeding at My station one quarter section of aaO.saeh atations mm to exooed one in tfteen milea on an average oft bo whole distanoe. unlets raid iand> anal I be repaired by the government of the United Ma'es for rail rood or other purpoeee. and provided th>tao right t-i pre em pt any 01 s?id lands nnd?r the iaws of Iks United St*t?? shan inure to a?id company, then K|?nti or e^nranta. or to any other peraoa or peraona wbataoever: Pr?r%drd. That no auch ooo tract ahall be made until the aaid line abal! be in ftAtlllJ AMTffilnn r?H naasn ._?* ?kai-aii?i4a? -k* ceaee whenever the contactor* rai to oomp ' with Ibe eontraot; t hat the ? >rammer:t ha):, at a.. ti me* he entitled t?> priority in the mm ?f tne liueor noei, U1 snail have the prime**, when authorised ny l?w,c f connecting uii in eorlii.ee by teietrayti with an) military postsofth* I m ed J*lat-?, ai.d to u?e theaaine for (lover .in Bt purp?ee?: A*4 provided mltc. That said tine or hue*, except ?oea a* mai be gonttrneM by the bovcrnnnt to con Beet aid line or line* with tbe mill tar* poets of the liiited Slate*. *hali be opon t<? the uee of sit aiUs-ns of the United S ato* aannf the term ?>f eaid wmi wji, uii p??>"m u< ma 'egu.ar crargea lor truimiuion of dn^ttohM: And prori4t<L mltn. That iooh ch*rf^? abal! not nc?c taw?? io iar? for a ring e dikpwtch of ten words, with the uaeaJ proportionate d?dicti?ni upon di?tM?k?? of irtftttr length, cruvilad tha' ao'hiog herein e mta'.ned ah&. i ooi.fer upon the *A>d parti** mj ?? oluaire right to cot afoot a tele. *ph to the Past to, or do' ar the government of the l'n:t'd St*' ea from granting, from time to tim?. aim liar fran chiaea and privilege* to other parties 8eo. L And bt %l furtkrr tnfltd. That the Mid ooitraotnra. or their aaaign~, atia i hauUc ri|kt to eoastruot and Maintain, through ai,? of Um Ter ritoriM of the L'biuhI r?i*u?a. a branch line, ao aa to o?'unect their?aid line or lin?a with Oregon; and that ther aha., have the pernan-nt right of ?ay for Mid line or line*. nnder, or over, an* inM^ropuated public latida and watera la the Mid Tern i lories ojr any rouw or rooiea wtnon Ut Mid ooa ] tractora ma/ aekct w;tb the lroe in daring the I a&id tfrmoi aucti landa. aa imj b? neoaaaart fur the purpose of estabUahinit atatinns for rapairs along said line or hnee, not axoeadint, at any si* tion one quarier aeotior of land. aucn ata'ion? not to eioMd om ib fiiteaa mi na on an irarac* of the whole distance, bat abou!4 U< of aaid qua'let sections be deemed eaeeuiial by tke Govataaent or an; company aetiiig under lta authority, for railroad purposes. the said contract or a shall ra j liuquiah the ooeupancy ot so much aa ma; be nee - - j imiruvni, ivoviviuf Ml n|Otl MK7VBI of land for like ua* in ita to*- . aw a And !x it /rlMr enacttd. Tbet if, it. My year dmi( t?e ountiDUftoo* of th? aaid eoitrMl. the buaioeea doue for the Government aa herein before mentioned by nuoh oontaotora, or thetr aaaigna, ahaii. at the ordinari rat of cha'gae 'or trivate meata* ea. ex jr-ed the jnee contracted to e p*id aa aforesaid. the Beeretary of the Trm?ry ?hait, apon aaia acooanta baing tfaiy aothenti oalad, certify tiie amount of a oca ex'eaa to Q< a gre??: Pr?rnUd% That the nee of the Iim bs giren a' an) tiiue, fre<r of ooat, to trie Co art rarver. the Bmitheorian Inatitut on, and the National Ob*er atory, for eotentiftc purpoeec iUr*r M /arlA?r. 1 hat meaaat ea received from aay ia4i>idaaJ. company % or ourporatioa, or from a ay teiegraph iiuea oondrcUnt with ihia noe at either or ita U-r ihiui, run i im inipftrviftl J III Hl? OrafT of their reception, exoeetinc that the deepatchea of the Government ihiJl hare priority: iWpr? ckM further. That CeocrM* ah*' kt My Um have the right to alter ar aweari ttwa act. Appro red J uae IS, lMu. The loweet offer for the see of aach taiacrapti. for the pablio eervioe. wil, be aeo>pted. provided t*e terma and oonditioct eip eaaed m the aot aha I he fu' > net forth and aiipafate* in the propuaale, all maat be aMoiuuiwi br a >aaraalia. in conform l> with lk*m? eeetioa of the act of Jmty i, IWfi, ia rrrajd to mai. ?ervioe, to tke < ffaot that the line or Iiam aha.l be fv>rap#tad vithis the time prescribed, and that the guarantor ahal! than ? enter into obligation to the ycited Statea for the eortormaooe of the aarrtoe for tfce SoraroBMa'. andar said aot. at tha eat? offered m the trn?n-i? Pooh guarantee may M in the folio win* forai: "Tne underlined r**i4iM M , in the Mate of , undertake and ptonuM ti.at if th<-Seore- . tary of the Tr?<aamrj iha accept th? wiUna pro post's, under the act of J une Hi, 1S?. the line or f lino* of macnetio t?>err*ph thai be competed t>d pot into operauoa on or befo.ethe tin?e?tat<d iu th* act.and that w? will than execute witb the partiea ?ifaiag the within proposals an obiica Uoa to the United State*, in due f<trm, aa *are . tie* (or the performance of the ee'vioe, aeoordiuc to'the terms and oonditions oontained in aaok fro po*aJ?." *t ?. Th" above guarantee nut ha accompanied with th? eeniicate of a I'nited State* 4i?t<l*t attora?. or dstnot ladie. a alias that ho Haxia>(l?d with each of the peracna *i|niai the ?aaraalee. aw know* then# to he man ol sufteieat property to matrsi mt\r\A ? ? ? - hI^^vCT.- * if 11 fcyj.wijg Bmh*^! of*h* Tr?i>ry Nbw "ifcijywtM1/?**" Th? BtiMMr MOUNT VERNON wHi l?n fortMKVmf U FD>$&1)aY. w'*3*j(K^ u'afoot p. m., U4 N?r York for inctun OTitrt S*tu'(ifc?. fcll o'clock n N. ?.-! th? ml of tk? MMMraliStlMr ? rontM bar iD?uw^iMM?io*w?ti(,? good* will M proupdyu^itoml to aad troat?? ?* JWfcW H'f VLESOP RICB JKWtUY - Q* g Jr, that ar* wishing to oarrr host* arythiug m hUUjM m pr.-.iu, ?n do v?l to ?anaa??5aauM 13a 4 etiwfc si Pe.siww. jmb* fl ^^_ >. rr/ m? J !?5

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