15 Ağustos 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Ağustos 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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0 " * VS. XVI. WASHINGTON. I). C.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 15. I860. N?. 2.337 w \tm ??^?????? THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCKPTED.) AT THE STAR Bl ILDINOS, (' 'fr of Prv H-iy/vtnta avenue andllth st., IT W. ?. HilLK ll. Papyri served in p%ck*cM by oarneri at f4 a v?ar. or 77 oect* per month. To mail ubeoribert the price is #3_S> a year, in idrance; ii for aix in'?utii?; .$1 for three months tod for t#M than three month* at the rate of 12?ent? a week. 9in<le c?-piee. onic?*t; la wrapper*, two ci.it*. \rr Ai>vtRTT?KM*?iT? ?hou <1 be sent to th? office ( lore U o'clock m ; otaerwiax they may not appear UBti! tl e next day. ???i?^a?? <)p?'?iltn? ( Ihr I'atrnt Office. The following Is a list of patents issued from the 1 s Pnt<>rit Office for the week ending August ?, l-?k)??ach bearing that date : Walter Aiken, of Frankl n. N. H.?For Improvement in knitting machines. I> I) Allen, of South Adams. iMass ?For improvement in tubes for splnn.nK frames Samuel F Allen, of Chicago. Ill ?For improved w:?ter bwat?r for locomotive engine Kdwa-d B?*hr. of New York, N. Y.?For improvement In carriage brake*. John M Brooke, of the United States Navy.? f or improved dwp-sea sounding metre Charl?-? H Brown, of Fttoh)i?rgh. Mass ?For improvrd low-water alarm apparatus for steam boilers lieorge Blanc hard, of \>w York, N. Y.?For lmorovrmcnt in lamm John Blocker.of \V 111 lam* v! lie, N. Y.?For Improvement in water whreli. f* Bourne, jr , of New York, N Y ?for improvement In trunks , C P Buckingham, of Mount Vernon, Ohio.? For Improvement in governor* for itMm engine*. John M Buell. of Zaneav'tlle, Ohio.?For improved ?hv.rn Richard B Burr hell, of Brooklyn. N Y?For improved window-shade fixture iNeteon Burr, of Batavla, 111 ?For improvement In portable mills, David B Caldwell, of Cincinnati, Ohio ?For improvement in straw cutter* ( eorge I, Carver, of Brazil, 8outh America ? For Improved marine propeller Matthew Chapman, of Greenfield, Mam ?For improvement tn handle* for cutlery. Amos Ct-ate?. of Marlborough, Ohio ?For lm pinitmrni 111 < nam pumps Jacob Loover, of Chambersbnrg. Pa?For improvement tn wiring blind rods (, \V Cottingham and John S Menefee, of Texana, 'lVxas ?For ant trap f dwa d Daniels, of Norttampton, Mass ?Por rase for indellible Ink bottles Jot? c D^vls. of :*an Francisco, Cal ?For improvement in quartz mills F lie Campolora of France?For Improvement ;n manufacture of p.tper pulp Thomas B Dr F<>rest. of New York, N. Y.? For Improvement in lanterns Cornelius Donovan, of Fast Ablngton, Mass ? For improvement In rotary engines Charles Tennant Dunlop, of Glasgow, North Britain ? For improvement in manufacture of oxide of manganese H C Emery, of LlncoLa, Ohio.?For improvement in rotary engine* James R Fnder. of Trenton, La.?For Improved fountain washstand Orlando Foster, of Kenothv Wis?F'or imI roved uiahine f;?r upsetting tire, Ac. William Fmr ird.of Charlestown, Mass ?For tmproven ent in machinery for forming hat bodies. r oarrier, 01 jiiQ.aiia Boro 1SJD, l*a? F c>r mproved apparatus for separating ?late from roal. Henry Garrett, of Richmond. Mo ?For improved spike for binge* \V H Gwynae, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in apparatus for compress ng t.'is Stuart Gwyna, of New York, N Y.?For improved m< tbod of generating steam Wm iiaidrrman, of F'eeport, III ?For improved device for bolting flour Origin Hall and Timotby .Vfc-rrtck. of West WllauiitM, Conn ?For improvement in thread dressing machines Thos Hall, of *t Louis. Mo ?For feeding apparatus for printing pr?-s*es, A G Hatr.aker. of Feor'.a, 111 ?For improvement in ? ?? burners D f? HetTroii.of Utica, N V.?For improved refrigerator \ Hsil. of Dnt>:i )iie. Iowa ?For improvement la compositions for taunlng. Carl Hinricbs. of New Vork. N Y ?For improvement in obtain.ng coloring matter from oak wk 0 B Hutchinson, of Auburn, N Y ?For improved mill for grinding grain and apple*. W m Hyde, of Ktnery. O.?For improvement in bee hives i.ewis > in^ranam, 01 iiraiwn, ?i ?tor lm proved buKer-worker Antboni lske, of Lancaster. Pa ?For lmpioved cupboard and sink B W Jewett. of Gilford, N H ?For Improvement . n artificial legs \\ H Kimball, of Augusta, Me.?For band . uff \\ F Kubler, of New York, N. V.?For shirt studs Wm S. Sawyer, of Gratiot, O.?For Improvement lu se^din*; machineJchn l.eigh. of F.dgefield, S 0?For mproved bedstead B F Lemmon. of New Altany, N. Y.?For improvement in condensers for staarn engin<s N C. Lewis, ef Bofain, Mae?For improved machine fur rolling blanks. Adolphu* Liud, of Sin Francisco, Cal.?For improvement in water-wheels. H Llndtrman, of .New York, N . Y ?For pianoforte Isaac Lindsley. of Providence, R 1?For Improvement In making gold chain J H Maydole, of Raton, N. Y ?For lmprov<?ment :n hirvectia* machines Aici McKlvoy and J. H Kimble, of Fox Lake, Wis ?For Improvement in seeding machines Ferdinand Mevrose, of St. Louis. Mo ?For improvement in mar Li ?ery for moulding candle* J S .Mlddlebrooks. of Salem, Ua ?For improvement in cotton cultivators. S Mills, of New York. N. Y.?For improved life-boat Kvarlste Mire, of New Orleans, La ?For Improvement In mills for cutting and grinding the < orn, cob and busk together R.cbard Montgomery, of New York. N. Y ? For improvement !u iron cars Hiram N'^sb. of Mayrvilie. Ky ? For improvement in water elevators K W Nichols of Worcester, Mass.?Per lm-? proved bolder polisning wheel Jos Oloastead and \N A. Walker, of Victoria, 111 ?For improved machine for upsetting tire William H Payne, of Cheboygan, Wis ?For improved surveyor's measure. F,d Parker lieiij Parkrr. and Thomas S Parker. of " chenecUdy, N Y.?For improved iubri< a tor John Pa-sons. of Cleveland. O ?For Improvement iu t?tttom plates for drain tiles John ; Peckbam and Merritt Peckhaia, of Ftlca. N. Y.?For improvement 111 stoves A W Porter, of St Jonns/ille, N Y ?For improvement in machines for digging post holes ^ ?arle? A. Priest, of Wmslow, Me ?For lm I rovcu laoe pri; mar Dine G K Proctor, of Beverly, Mui?For combin-d clock and bu'glar alarm. Dauiel Read, of Hamilton, N. Y ?For improved gnading mid. C J Schoeueuiann, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement In pitnuforte key* August S*emrnetidinger, of New York, N. Y.? For pbotoy rapnic < aniera C Sewerkood,of l,ou.?vlile, Ky.?For Improvement iocuttiug boxi* George Sherman. of Memphia, Tenn ?For metallic alio) for journal bearing* and boxea Lewi* H r^bewlar, of Crawfordsville, Ind.? For improved car coupling. Normau H Sl*de and John N Soraaton, of Beuiiiugton. Vt ? For improvement in driving hjndft for tpinniug f.-amt? Elizabeth >1 Smith, of Burlington, N J ?For improvement lu reaping and mowing n.arhln*-* Caspar V sutler, of Watagi, ILl?For Improved ma*:bine for upsetting tire Jakob Ttuber, Frederick Frank, and Peter D Tobie, of 1'ilci, N. Y.?For improvement in tov?* Lorenzo P Teed, of White Deer Mills, Pa ? For : in proved arrangement for diapocing of the oark* from lo;omo:ive ei?/tn?? 'Gabriel Ult?r, of ChapefHlll, N. C.?For marhliir for trimming book* and papers David F Waya, of Baltimore, Md ?For !*nproved lightning arrrster for trit*gr?pha Batter D. Whitney, of Wlnctiriid'-ii, M m For Improve! l*ihe Jobn M W ood, of !*ene?~a, N. V.? For willow peeler John II Wygant, of Hackeaaack, N J ?For improvement In stepping and aUrui.g city railroad rara Walter Youmaus of Waterford, N. \.?For improvement In car whrel* Charters K Alaop. of Middletown, Conn., aa>> |(uor to Joseph w A .sop. of Ne'e York, N Y For improvement la runnier for revolving fire arm. Charles Alexander, of Washington. D C assignor U? himself and W C. Cioate, of umt I . >ce ?For improved cor k-d rawer Buton. of .Naatua. N H , aaalgnor to hlma**if and R B Cram, of sam* place ?For Improved l??-d i?ottoin i boa Brown, }i of Sooth Danveia. >la*a . as t t j biros*-If and Wo H Brown, of i<mr piai e ? 1 or Improvement In marblue* for cutting glue O 1- litrtnn. i f \fw Vork N Y , assignor to iiiuiarll and M H Hovey of same plate?For Lre ear.ipe A' riua.ui B**<r of Sbeaandoab count), Va , assignor to himself. G A Brown and John Pirky, of same place?For Improved instrument for paring horse * hoof ; John M Coo|w*r. of Chambersburg, and Wm. 1.. Ilailer, of Carlisle, Pa , assignor to Jobn M. Cooper, of Chambersburg. aforesaid ?For Improvement in sealing fruit cans Wm Glnvas. of Situ Francisco, Cal , assignor to himself and Wm K O'Neill, of same place ? For improved amalgamator. T C. Hendry, of Con vers, Oo., assignor to himself. J Dilworth, 8 H Dean, T. J 'Hutaon. t. H. Patterson, and A J Hendry, of same place ? For improvement in wheels for vehicle*. (Jeo F Hebard, (iecrge J Hill and 8 D.Rockwell. of Buffalo N Y . assignors to Sanford Warren, Harroun and Ueorge F Hill, of same place ? For printing press Geo'ge Hancock, of Providence, R I., assigno*_ c i ? ? ? ? - - - n> uimsr-ii ana james .>1 Kumerlora, ot taair place ?For improvement In hose coupling. Michael Otfley, of Baltimore, Mtl . assignor to himself and VT m. Col ton, of Mime place.?For Improved sHf-locking device for omnibus remitters John Palmer, of Fort }*cott, Kansas, assignor to himaelf and Jas F Draper, of Chicago. Ill ?For improvement in the manufacture of vinegar. Harvey Rice, of Concord, N 11., assignor to James H Denning and T H Jenkins, of New York, N V.?For improvement in journal boxes f.ir railroad cars John B Rowell, of I.vim. Mass . assignor to Jonathan BulTum.of stme place?For composition for covering black boards Volney Stockton, of W illiimsburgh, O , assignor to himself and Mitchell & Rammelsberg of Cincinnati, O.?For improved metallic chair bottom. Charles Wells and Henry Barth, ef Cincinnati, O , assignor to the Cincinnati Type Foundry, of same place ?For Improvement In printing presses ?Henry Wight, of Cqjiiforldge, Mass , assignor to Wm McClallan, of sime place.?For improvement in wooden solel shoes D ?Elemlr J Nev. of I.owell M?i? assignor to the Lowell Manufacturing Company For designs for c?rp?t |<att?riis Henry G Thompson, of New York. N Y., ?*?ianor to the Hartfori Carpet Company?For designs for carpet patterns A<14itintial Jmpror'.tHcnt?M'rhael I, Bander, of Cleveland, Ohio.?For improved churn. TUB rum II BVPUM'S LETTER. "St Ci-ori>. July 25, 1*60. " Mr Dear Pkrsignv Affair? appear to me to be so complicated?Thanks to the mistrust excited everywht re since tbe war in Ita^y? that I write to ycu in the hope that a conversation. in perfect frankness with Lord Palmerston, will remedy the existing e\ 1 Lord Palmerston knows me, and when I affirm a thing he will believe me Well, you can tell him from me, in t ie most explicit manner, that since the peacu of Villafranca I hare had but one thought, ore object, to inaugurate a new era of peace, and to live on the best terms with all my neigh jors, and especially with England. I had renounced i">avoy and Nice; ?- ?...ww.m.u.ij ajumuu i*/ m. iouui'mji mono caused me to resume the desire t<> see reuni'ed to France provinces essentially French Hut it will be objected. 4 You wish for peace, and jou increase immoderately the military forces of France.' I deny the fact in every sense. My army and my fleet have in them nothing of a threatening character My steam navy is even fur from being adequate to our requirements, and the number of steamers does not nearly equal that of sailing ships deemed necessary ra the time of King Louis Philippe. I have -itio.OtH) men under arms; but deduct from this amount f0,000 in Algeria, C.000 at H?me, 8.000 in China, 20.000 gendarmes; the sick and the new conscripts, you will see ? what is the truth?that my regiments are of smaller effective strength than during the preceding reign The oniy addition to the armj list h.*s been made by the creation of the Imperial Guard. Mureo\er. while wishing for peace. I desire also to organize the force* of the country on the l?e.?t possible footing, for if foreigners have only seen the bright side of the last war, I myself, close at hand, have witnessed the detects, and I wish to remedy them. Having said thus much. I have, since Villafranca. neither done nor even thought anything which could alarm any one When Lavalette started for Constantinople the instructions which I gave him were confined to this:?'l"se every effort to maintain the status quo", the interest <f France is that Turkey should live as long as possible.' "Now, then, occur the massacres in Syria, and it is asserted that I am very glad to find a new occasion of mtking a little war, or playing a new part ILeally people give me credit for very little oomuon sense. If I instan'ly proposed an expedition it whs because my feeling* were those of the people which has put me at its head, and the intelligence from Syria transported me with indignation My Brut thought, nevertheless. whs to come to ?n understanding with England. What other interest than that of humanity could induoo me to ( end troop* into that country' Could it be that the possession of it would increase my strength' Can I conceal from myself that Algeria, notwithstanding its fu ure advantages, is a source of weekness to Franoe, which for thirty years has devuted to it the purest of its blood and its gold7 I said it in 1852 at Bordeaux, and my opinion is still tho iiuia?I have great oon({uestd to make, but only in Franoe Her interior organization, her moral development, the increase of her resources have still immense progress to make Tkere a field exists vast enough for my ambition and sufficient to satisfy it. It was difficult for tne to come to an understanding with Engl ind on the subject of Central Italy, because I was bound by the peace fif Villi>fr?inf?a All tr% Knitt H<.rr* ffolw I ???i I wa v ..... ~WW? w VVM - uvt u 4 1HIJ I X ??HI free fr<>m engagements. ami I ask no better than a ooncert with Kngland on this point, a? on others ; but in Heaven's name let the eminent men who are placed at the head of the Enclish Government lay aside petty jealousies ana unjust mistrust*.. Let us understand one auother in good faith, like honest men as we are. and not like thieves who desire to cheat each other. "To sum up. this is my innermost thought I desire that Italj should obtain peace, no matter how. but without foreign intervention, and that my troops should be aole to quit Rome without compromising the security of the Pope I could very much wish not to be obliged to undertake the Syrian expedition, and, in any cu?. not to undertake it alone ; first, because it will be a great expense , and, secondly, because I fear this intervention may involve the Kistern question; but. on the other hand. I do not see now to renst public opinion iu my country, which will never understand that we can lei ve unpunished not only the massacre of Christians, b it the burning of our Consulates the insult to our flag, and the pillage of the monasteries which were under our protection ' I have told you all, I think, without disguising or omitting anything Make what use you may thick advisable of my le'ter. " Believe in my sincere friendship, " Napoleo*." Movement* or Paul Morpht ?The .New York correspondent of Saturday's Philadelphia Pr**s* say* "I had a aalf-bour's chat last evening with Mr Paul Morpby, and ouite naturally al1 nd? d to the repe r'a In 'circulation of bis propoaed visit to and future residence in Pari* Me a?*ures me that therr never was the *light?-st foundation f >r the rumor, and that be h;i* at no time entertained serious thought* of abandoning Lisrt-sidence In the I nlt? d Stat * He propose* to spend vrral werk* at Saratoga, whither he goes on Saturday; thence to Newport, where he will reinaln some timelonger; from Newport be will rvtimi to New York, and regulate his movements uflMlag to cIrcuinstances. It Is a little slngu lar that one #<> fond of chess, anil it? greatest living muter, 11 Mr \lorphy is, should not have I '.ayed ro >re than a hilf dozen during the l*st v*-ar, vrt lurh, It informs tne, is the fact I a?kfii him if ia. k of practice made any dltterencin bit pity' His reply was, not In the least, and tbat be could probably play as strong a paine at that moment as be ever plaved In bit life It may he some satisf irtlon to chess players to know that tue statemeuts 1 now make In reference to hi* leaving the country are on h'S authority and j requeat."' CT-Th' I irtUW Valley railroad, Fa , have introduced the novelty of a restaurant car on [ their trains. \ ?K*. WIKSLOW, N Ki?erien *1 Name and Fem&le Physician, >res*nts to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, F#r Children Teething, Which fraatly facuitaMi tfca pracata af taaCiinf, hy ?aftaa lri{ ibe * "? , r(Qvn( ati ioliirm?uw-will allay ALL Pain ana ap?amohe act an,and it SURE TO REdULATE THE BOWELS. D?p?r i a pan it, mathart, it w*ll grati ta yaartalvaa, aod RELIEF AXD HEALTH TO YOUR ISFAXTS Wa ha*a pat up and aai<l thia arucla for a*ar tan yaara. tod Can fAV, in COnPlDBnCB 4.1D TIl'TM of it, what wabitvi na*ar b a a ri ab!t ta aay of any OTHBR Va Jicn.a? n ?v kk >1HS ha? it failbd,in 4 i n 6 l b w|?a||ftw?c ,tml to *' FBCT a CUR B, 5 vhin uicaj aaad. N i*ar did wa knew SOOTitffYNG tQ '?,lJlriC* dia tit faction by any r ona who aaad it. On U t car.trnry, alt ara SYR J ^ , dalirhtad with ita of br ationi, w ln urma rl hifhaat command?t?on of t? n>\ ical aOtcta and rooriical vi-1 nil W srsaW ?r? In* m ' mr < uru? r " " af irtio yaara' axpariaoca, a?id fl.EDwf our ripiita* tiof? por tmi mrilmiit of what vi n br b d 1ci.arv In almoat r? inatanca whara tha infant > acffarInf from pmo and iihaBiMoo, rainf will b? f^ind in fftaaa f :w ia mti utai ?ft?r tha ajrcp it auminiittrid. Th<a - u*I pr?r*n-ion ia tha praacnption of ont of <ba isna: bl p billbivrbd and 9bilftl rvt'bsbr id Ntv ki r laud, RLdbaa baar mad with utib-pailiiu tUCCBsi ia THOUSANDS Oh CASKS. tl oat aoi? raliaTaa tba child from pain, but in* ft* taa tba itMntcb and bowaia, corracta acidity, and gi*ai tana and anarf? ta Lb a whola lyM. It w?1j pbml iMUtUf rtMlfl Gripins in thk Bowbu and Wind Colic, and avareoroa cot?*Miaiani, which, if lot ataaduj ramadiad i?d id daath. Wa t ~~ ; tf?iar? it tha B BIT ARD KRIIT R BM FOK ui t in tha WORLD in all caaat of DTI thildke^ fTBRT and DIaB R?i?a I cmil teethi^u idBBB, wfcathar i ar aaa fcorn taathinf I <w from *r? ~har caasa Wa wculd an? to a?ar? mothar win baa a child a*fflrinf from any of tha fort*??; i* eomj?lAinw? ?no noT LIT fCUR PR BJCDIt'BS, ROR th< PRBJCDI ' B * Of ftTHBR*, Und ba'aain t"Br auffartnr child and tha r?!iaf the t wili ba IORI?jaa, alsolutilt Pt'RB?to follow tna oia of tb naidicina, .f tin-alf oaatf Full diractior a cf uiinff will a canpana aach bottla Nona reriUina Bnlaa* tha fac aimila Cl'RTl? A PKRKIN8. Saw Verb, ia on tha ouuida wrappa ?r:d by Oru/tfii'a throurhom tha world. Principal Off*t. N^? HCadar Straat, If. T Pnca tnlv 26 Canto rar Battta. aa lldAwl? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A RARE CHANCE IS NOW OFFKK ED TO . any one who mur be desirous of entering in a profitable busin??s, at one of the best stand* in Geore<?town. 1 ofT^r my entire etook ol IjRY ROODS on reasonable terms, in order to make a cliai.?r? in my business. W. R HURDLE, jy 24 lm Corner of Hifh a id Gat sis, i \ FOR HARPER'S FERRY. " "N And aft 'r July 3d. 1-60, th>- st ?mer I.. J. Brenele, Captain W. H Ritt->r will iv ? t leave Oeoriet-iwn EVERY Tl'fcS ^ DAY, THURSDAY,aud SATl'R D AY. at 7 o'clock a in., and return every Alternate dny, a. 6 o'clock a m. On t'je Saturday trip from tiooraetown the boat will run through t<j Shepherdstown. je 21 3in I JUST RECEIVED, UU BBLS WHISKY. Assorted. I ISO do. HERRING a d AI.EWIVES, 2S do. K EFI\ ED SUGARS, Mhhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, I 6 bbls.(Bayfield) WHITE Fl II, 2S bo*?*B priino Eastern CH EESE. For wvle low by JOHN J. BOGUE, je 8 Georgetown. IX C. \GENCY FOR FAIR BANK'S SCALES IN GEORGETOWN. The underniun^I have t-^en app"int<Hl Aeent* f<>r th? ?a of t'ie al?ov? n?lebrate?d and wivi known PLATFOR m ai.d COI'NTKR 3Ca i.ks*. A fu ! 11 pp. j o<>neiant. j on hand and for sa.e at lowent hay and coal, s('alrs erected in any part of the Dintnot or adjoining o<?unties. All Soaiea are warranted durable, arourate, and to giro satisfaction bu3ey * barnari), Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je fl 2m Kriilte atrmt 2 donrn w?st of h /h. f^kanubll. OPTICIAN. v.' No. l!i* hridf$ G*o*tit&wn, Han eonbtar.tly on hand a large assortment oj French Near-sighted, i'oriscopic, Ool * ^ ?u-<?v orKi.andai other spectaclkrt, th? ben qua.itj. la gold, silver, eteol.and tier mar. si ver frames. n. h. Old f-amee Ilepairor; and Qr W K Bnt til lllUUl % ? rj*r. 1-y-ty J (IS. K. B1KCH, UyOKKTAKKH, Cor. Bndt* and Jffmon sts., iitwtttoun. Having given in? persona! attention t'> thia liiai.ch of nir bu*inen*, lain prepared to_?~n ? attend l<> ail c* " with pr> ruptnui ty?:J Persons from adintanoe can t>e?iup piled at a *->w input''*' notice, ag 1 hare a large at aorttnent of C< iKKI NS aiwa?? on hand Partiou ar attention pai l to the removal of the d< a ) from the old to the new buria. ground a. Heareen and Www for hire. ap in-6m jiiAW*EY, COLLI Nfl A CO.*8 PH1LADKL 1*1 PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonatai.tly re-jetving fresh aupp.iea of the a^ove delightful beverage, and invite ah peraon* who want a pure unadulterated A e. to e i ' t a trial. AKN V 4 SHINN, A?enU. fo I 47 Mreen at.. Georgetown* 'IP PROCLAMATION J1 O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fto. Wkerttas, At the present season of the yeir CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, t YSENTERV. DYSPEPSIA. DKBILITY.Ao., Ao., p-ora, 1 to an ala'mini? extent: A*'l wktreas. It most he of tlin FRST CONSEQUENCE 'o every famil j t-) *n"w I A rt F. M K 0 Y at once ?Sa/?, Sptnly, ant Efirattou*, DR. MONTAKDE, or Paris, offers hi* MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the m'i?t CERTAIN AND KFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition i> intended in the Mle of tiua Great Medioiue, 'FU L' UHML' V \U I l I Ol_? brni-ai nun i urj mu.i Li i H"1' '? r< l\nr t HUTiU in all rasfs when the medicine tails to give entire aatisfaotion. /. sk, then at any Dm? Store for l)R MONTARDE'f* MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. t?k<* as directed, end if not p?ri?oty hatinfteil, Return to our Ag?nt, D B CLARK, ESC^ , Street and Pennsyl'-auia Avenue, who will rffui-d jour money. Pnoe?25 and 30 Cents per Bottle. For eaie at all Dru* Stores everywhere. J AS. MoDONNELL, General Aeert, jyll-eolin Baltimore. 11 ROYAL HAVANA I.OVTKRV. . HE Next Orawinj of tne Roya Havana Lot trrj, couduoted by the Spanish Government. under the si pervision ?>/ the Captain General ot Cuba, w.11 tate plaoe at Havana od SATURDAY, Acorsr 25. I960. SORTKO yUMERO 6*1 0RD1NARI0. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. 1 prise of _ ._.?100,000 | 60 prizes 1 do ? M.noo 60 do MO 1 do . 30,000 I isa do 400 1 do io.tioo | 80 approx. IJN I do IO,ooo | IN ALL PHIZES. V.'tole Tickets, $i!0?Halves, 310?IJaarters, $i. Prixes cashed at sight at * per cent, discount. Bills on alt solvent (tanks taken at par. A drawing will beforwaraed as w>od as the result trtcjmes known. All orders for aohemea or tiokets to be addressed t to DON RODRIGUEZ, au 6 tr CareofCitT Post. Charipatou. fc. C. i JM^ORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE A CU.'S ELECT SPICES. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURL, bat (round from fresh Spioas, sal so tod and oleanad bj us expressly for the purpose without reference to ooet. They are beautifully pack(*I in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injur* by keeping, aid are lull weight, while the ordinary ground Spise* are almost invariab.y short. We warrant tl;e.n, in point of strength and richness of fKv*>r, ?* - ? - BEIUilU ALL ViUiUrAKISUN, & a ainele trial will abundantly prove. M at uteocured only by E. R. DURKEE A CO., fa 13 if.DAW.tr 1M Paarl at. N? w York. AWM. T. DOVE-COT RE Now prepare! to execute ai.y ortlara will wh.ch they m%] be favored in the PLUMBING, OAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. (177* Store on 9th street, a few door* north of Pa. a</?uue, where may be found a compete aMuttmool of CII ^ N DEL1KHS and other GAS, STEA M ai*i WATER FI^TURbS. ia?7 1y KjlSW STYLES OF RICH JEWELRY ? hTO* 1 ROODha* jatt op*n?<l a larice i'.ocn wrii :h ht w.lif fforat very low rat?? Therefore tioce fiat are wiahinc to carrr home anything id t,u :tue an preeenu, will do well to M l and examine i>ia took at 338 Pa. arenuo. jt ? EDUCATIONAL. Co M M TT R C I A L COLLEGE, vo. 4 Skvk*th *t ., Opposite tie (itnetal Post Ojfize, ITaAtni r?* City. Armori8.il ?y?tem of Penmanship, R<?oskeeping, >1 woai.tile Form* a:.H Calculations. Huii i?nCi'f respondents, Hi.la of Kxohante, Current Hills, Cymmiwion Sa>s, Gran mar and Arithmetic. lj/"A Preparatory Can* for Boys. I^T Ladies will lie instructed in fane penman ship. Kouin* open from 9 a m. to 10 p.m. Fur terms appW at the Rooms. ina 2?-3m \V M . VV VOFNG k CO. f|,HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 Niw ARRASGKMKNT. This well known and popular r?emiuarT, whioh ha* beeri go <u>poes?ful under the enti re i-are of Mr* X. Rtrhar Is lor more than ten rears. will l<e ooenerf on tM trit Monday in Scytorabw a*it, u4n the united anpervt'ion a'i<l inatrnrtiori ol Mr. tnd Mri. Z. RICH R PS, in the well arranged ami delightfully located I'nion Aoademy Huiluing. For iartioularw.

*><<* -iron nrn at ail the Bookstore*. mn2H tf ^vi KS. McCOR ICR'S* SCHOOL^ > *R8. McCORMlCR deeires to inform he friends and the public generally that i"r.e wi.i resume toe >iD'ie? of her School on the 1st Mocdar in $ept?nit?er next. Thsoonrseof study pursued will oompriaeail th? branches re?maite to a thorotijh Kui ish eduoa Uon. In addition to her day scholars, she is desirous of reoeiving ;nto her family a few pupi s as boarders aged from IP to 14 yoars, who wi.l De under her ire mediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodation and due care of pupils havs been oonsidera.lr increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington uesinuc particular information with refarerice te ' her sohoo] may apply to W. I). Wa iach, Editor o the !*tar For terms and fu-tner partioaiars apply at her resnlflace?No. :<k Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. ? trtf CLOTHING, kc. <KLLING OFF AT COST : In onler to dMf-a'O mi s nrk I have defrniin^d t, , |AaA -vu-1? ?- ~r v v iuop "jui vii*- i'f\ aiio?? ui ill v >1 A| ft K I 11\ f I |j I NO it cost All m want of Summer Clothing are re*p?ctfui f iivitad too*'! at \o. 4ti0 Seventh st , opposite Post < ).fioe, and see the great redu -lion in Summer Clothing j* 12-lm ITMTEOSTATES CAPII OL EXTENSION, J Washington JU;T 17. UA Hkoposal* wii] l?? rfo lvert at tnis Oftio- uitfil noon of ruesday, tho21*t of August ne*t,f<?r Furnuhing and Putting up the Iron Ceilings nf two rooms over the connecting oorridor*of ths Capi'oi Ex tension The proposals ^ust state the prie? fore\choei: in* oomplete, in place, painted with thrse good coats of wnite iea<i in oil. A.! of tne Iron work ofthe Ceilir/s. of ever? description. including the fastenings of the oetiings to the wahs ?".d to the roof frames, must l>e included in the price bid. The propo?als mast he endorsed, "P'-.posals for Iron Ceiings." and mu*t he accompar ie?l by a guarantee, signed lit one or more responsible per Bonn, "ddresoed to tne undersigned. They will he opened at the time mentiorerj ahove, in the presence of suoo person* as may e.louse to atr?*nd. The drawings of the oei Sings c\n been *?en at this Offoe. W. B. FRANKLIN, Captain Topograpnical K ngmeers. In charge ot Capitol Extension. Kach propo?a! should be aooompamed by the following suarantee: Form of Ounranttr.. The undersigned, A B and C D, of . in the State of , and in the State of .hereby *t;a-arity thai in case tt>e f?rer?init bid <>l fur ir^n oeillri*, as above describeb<? accepted, ho or they will, within ten days after the receipt < { theo'-ntiact a! t.ia p \oe i a:n'?<1 ri-nute t ie contract fi.r the o?i in*t>, with good arid nuffi'ien* srjuntief; and. incase th? said nha'l fa.! to enter int<i oon'raeta? aforesaid, wo guaranty to make n<>od trie difference between the offe' of the said and that winoh rna? be aucepted. Date , IRtio. Signatures of guarantors, A B. C D. Witness, E F. I hereby certify that the aboye named are known to m* as able to make good their guarantee. To t>? m* nfl-l r>y*iMV,PMl8u ?>:aie* uisirioiVu , L'nited State? distriot attorney, collector,or ?<>ine persons known to the War Department. jy 1H dtd \IHF.K.KK A VMIXINS HIAVIM; MA ' CHINK A<;KNCY, Kkmovkd to No. 340 l'A. A v., mis 7 ih St. f,np<>ur?K?vi b* the ?uti?tantial and rapidly inoreasin.; popularity of Wheeler A Wilson's ui quailed ra i.ily Sewin* Yachines, which for the lasteight years have most triumph*-tly maintained their superiority, a< a family institution, ov-r all oonip-titors for popu a' favor, ?he Anent hn* taken one of the fine n-w store* lately ore.?t?d on I'a avenue, near 7th at . where a beaut ful assort went of vl tt e variouH ftvie* may at ail time* he seen. There wre 21,94 of these S"wine .Maohi no* sold in th? year 18.t?. Ladies are invited to call and see them. to<ethor with certihcates from mam <?f tin' Icit c tlSSM of Washington and tioorjetown. in relation to their well known and thcuugh y teetod superiority If a'iT ladies cannot cal., 1-t tl.eni sond for a circular by a 1 iiunns It u hikh time every fanult ithe land was :mpp led with one of these health a id life saving lnst-umerits. Full instructions. both printed and verbal, giver free of charge at the home of the purohaser. P. J. STKKR, v? lie o o t'? r a. m ' iiiir, jy 11-lm Between 6tti and 7t)i ?ts. PROPOSALS FOR RKPAIR INfi TllE '"US 1. TOM HOUSE A I BALTIMORE, Ms. Teeabcby Okpaktiikxt. i Wa?hingtos. J uljr 13,18?V>.\ P*dPO?AL? will be r<-o?*ivod at this l}<>i&rtiiient unM toe fiiternth day of Sopt'mber. A. I) , 186', at 12 o'clock, n<on, W ihe repair* of the Cuxtotn Hours *gtkorii?d to l.e repaired at Hi'timore, Mar; and. aooxrdi:i? t<i the p a.ia and 8|>?cificauoi? prep\red at tni* l>>*pMtm??at. Biade'H will be required ?? reof l ve the o'd cant irou ?<>rkui p-ti?t>d wi'h in pa t p^Tni-r.t of the wor*.atthe lata <.f one dollar per hundred poin d . ai.< will i.e r'-quKfvi t j f.irni*h al the if ateriv end perform hli trie iiftoivu'vr t labor to uon.plete the 'epairt according to the p an* furi.mhed. Ninety p?r oent, of the amount of work (?Le and mate' all delivered according to contrast price (nai l amount to be ascertained in the manner p e oribed by tht contract, by the estnna.e of ai; a^cit of ihe l>epftrtment appointed for that pur pr>?>e? wi'l be paid monthly,as the work prc|re?ces. n?l rrin r rt??nt rAfBIMAil iintli t Kfl M<imn >' the contract and aoo^ptAiice of the work oy tlie a?t nt a'ort?>aid, aid to be torf* ite-1 in trie -jvet t ol nun fulfilment of o"ntr&ot. !*p?oifii*tio;is a-.d d r*? me* will be r*a-1" on tho 15th of A utuft. when tli >jr rmi be hvl <>n apphnatiou to tho Jlepnrtniriit. I he proposa nm*t Ihj seut to ih s D p\rtn?ei.t a<!cr?<((hfd 'o the Secretary of the T e.\?:ir* a d p ar.ly ondoree<l"Proi>o.?n/j/or?-?/?aTri?(( tht Ftlti more. Cmtoin Kou.-t, and will r>e opeu"l at one ooocK ot the 1*nt day named lor receiving the ww, HOWELL COfiH, Jy 2nw^w Secretary of the Trtasury. Nl No. 6I>3 1 OT1CE OF THE REMOVAL OP THE LAND OFFICE FROM HL'LSON TO FA LIS OF M CROIX. IN THE STATE OF WIS CF^SlN. In aooordanoe with the provision! of the ant ot Coiffrma ontitled "an ar t authorising chance* in tiie location of lat.d oflfio**," approved MaiotiSd. 1W, it it hereby dt c'ared and ma?l-' known that the (<ffi >*> lo? the sain of publio lands at H r dp ?, in the Slate of Wisconsin, will be removed to Fall* of j St crotx, in said Stati, at a* early a period at practiral'lt. K urthor notice as to the precise time of e'osinc the office at Hudson, prepaiatory to removal and of it! opening for busineesat Fall" of St. C*o x, will be Ktven by the Resi ter and Receiver for the laud district. tfiven under my hand, at the City of Washington, uuk thirtieth any ol J ?r,e. A D., 1<3S0. By ordtr of the President: JOS. 8. WH SO!?, CommiMioner of the General Land Oflioe. _jyJMawbw 4()4 SEVENTH STREET. AT THE oTTD STAND. Th? auhHcri)>er, *rat??ful for the libera! p??trona<e heretofore extended to him. ha* th ^**'5pleasure to announ e to las fornvi [>?* trt^Bciimomert and the public p:ene ail) thM Li I >Mh4 han a^airi opeiei ?tore at his old .stand. ?5*?*oorn?r of Seventh and F ?treeti. with a full an?t complete a?n< rtinent of fine GROCERIES. TEA*, LIQUORS and C GARS H?> *ol cits a at 1 from all in want of goo i? in his line, inti n.Iinn to spare no efforts t;> rive entire ?atisfnction. F>esh BUTTER and E5GS constant!* <n hand daiij. Jj ffl e.tfw WM. H. BR EH ETON. NkiW V O R K A N D W A S H i N G T O N STKAMSH1P LIN F The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Wa?hiniton for New Yorfc EVERY WEDNESDAY, *t iUBfi. o'r nek p. m., and New York for Waah *'n1 111 Ion ever t Sutlirdliw i! ? d'nlrjtk t, m Paner.g?r* can join the ship at A!?xandr.a at auj time before the hour of the rtmmer'* departure. N. B.?Id the event of the Rtmmera inaMIitr tc oroM the liar id ooom* uenoe of low water, ail coodi will be promptly achieved to and from the tetmer br ^he undersigned. For freight or mu&h W'T MORGAN^ RHt.NFH?K7, ?0JS-?.M*Ttr Wmtem Whar-rw For Superior Soda Water, With D^liciauB FiriT and Crbam S?icp?, (ju to OKAY'S, Nurtiieaetoor. Massachusetts av. and Fourth st. Jf ? ifw SUMMER RESORTS. ( AHLI%LK Th* favorite resort for WHirt SILP.UR W^n.yr^ul: SI'RI>US, M'-untiuii Air, InvsgcrK ??tib( Bath*. IArc* *i.J CUM Bf R I.AN l( CO. We,, Vent ?ted K" ma. Pennsylvania. U'XKl Society an?l a Good TaMe. Accom*o?atip>? for p,.r pnrticu ar? Bend 300 for Circular. OWEN 5. CI.EN DEN TERMS LOW. IN k VIS-CHER. ? ? low Cnrlitlt Sfun, Pa. piE ISLAND. NKW jlKRSEY.-VI.itorato > Cap** Mav will hml food a^conimo.it A . . a tion* at W HlTK ii ai.L. 1>mh?oii1? ? wjt!^ V per week, including ttio rid" to the > * iu the morutuK. Dr. S. S. M A KO * . j*27 2w' P Ofll?tor. A H I) - i k &!. ! ?:,? fi?r f?. * . ? . .. ... < I IIVU* 1- 1 "? " I .!- I" ?WJ -'U J li Vy at the " II Y<> Kl A"<turiu<c the in nt.? A . nf Auctift an I Sep'ei>;' t?e 1*i. pr - VtmI t>>ra have redur *?1 tho pn ?til Hoard to per uav an ! 9 IS 5<? p?r w<-<-k. from Augd ?t lat. JOSKPH SKCisR, (pro...,.,, G C WII.UaRD. \ roprift >ra. Old Point. July 26th. jf 27 Ira ucRMiorssi Mvr.H (. \ki?kn -? n am ? A A u.*\ |i at a t: i?|y P'jp'uar. c? i*., urla.io. ami intelli^ei. R .?tau rant . wi.u i>a. Ii? up tim r?>ut*l.oa with la'iEK if - KR from the C tv or I<ili>thcklt l?ovu I'hiladeip.'i.a ; with KKANUII - f om till chojcoat vin?>?nla of France; With WINKS unrtx<-??il?d on the tu.;* ol th? Rhin?-; a J witn an article o| WHISKN' vhith intoka*troii| * of the tru* flavor of t .?> Monoui;afc? a and liourt?>n I'* *'al>l? an ith>*r of 11?* ' ii.a* t*? in<Ji vidially, Ii" ha* aouwiit lo iitak" t'iem ntill more so tl:? predion th* r?-ar grounds of lua ftkrorit? ei-tal'iisninent of a ppac:oti' Arhor, where his gu*sts hy da* nitf min; in<' cool br-vi'< M l l>e fret- from ?ol"* too ardtfnt ra*s ; ami. at "the wit<*hin< hour < f night," quad h's ice cool Laser vithoit le*r of having their eniorinont da'np<*ned l > the falling d??. Such innticrni"lit* will. doahUon. can*'1 n an j of our reader* to drop i n and t iks a note if notlnnc else and, most likely, many of those who g<> will coaeain. In addition te all th:a. he ha* enraged the Pro* p?ri 1 .r< t;,?'> and their associates U> discourse their choi 'fut pieces of music fcverj Wtdnen!a< anil S* f : I rH ?" Af*r I n -* ,A J .... J? I" i HI w amiinu ?? CITY GARU1N. F.RN!?r LOKFKI.KR. Proprietor. New York tt rmue,' t'Tten 1st nn<i id sts. In on. inc M-e attention <>t tne pnbiio t-> my crourca 1 voild ittht: at rmrj irnnf ;.t >i\- A ? A ne?n made t<. i-i^k" thi? "Retreat" m?"' y(7ip>y *tt |atir>tnw) HH. Mouitfa the <>% a. i__ 1 dens %re op<w to thf publl" tree of charge? % oum given b? a select t?ati'l. Th?se des.i ing to*' j < -y te d%noe and ?? t? i l find the saioon in ?on pete order to render plea*!) e to ail. O oth-r da* s the proprietor wi I cheerfully cant th* u?e of ths grounds for cctiuol or other Pio Ntc Pa ties witn out change. hor the nmuneinoii! o'chi'dren he ha* intro<luee?t a nuriitwr of litt.e games, never sH ire se"i n tnm cit?, and caicu.ated at the Mine Uiue to amuse the Mo!d folks." r? B.?Attached is my Bottling KataMishwnt, and families eau l?e ?upp.led srit.'i any quantity at th?-ir'esioenoe, of tiiat hea tliful drink. I.A(J?-R BKKR. upon short mitioe. i? IS St \ N A LOS TAN RLTHKAT, On A\?ro?T*N Ismn, itrroiitt Urortttoitn nnd R'aifttng.'en Th? anbaerib? havir.g xased for % erm of j?ars I this beauMfu and niTiai.lio sput. op?n*tl A ^ . A ' it f ir tu? acoorarri'xiati in o! th?pu!>lio o . >? tup Sis'. da? of May, I***. Kor f^aiity olJy^JI^^ soenerv, Jrinh'fu. pr?me: a l~s, Ac. n<iM i.i superior vrater.it is unsurpassed in the Union. I'll? rioua? i? ;*.rgean<i Commodious, harmc le?en e-ir.r- r renovated It t.as a ,\-f Lia'.cir.? >s <_>? attached to the houa?. Ika dea Inning an* DresasiiK Rooms -..r botn .a' i>*s a tc?rit.- mrn I n adJitio-. up *ndid Arlmrs '( 'tac e I f-iim |fc*? bui 'linra. I'arliea. Camillas and Individua'a w:11 find it & iii<>8t deal at*.e p aoe to ['&?i th? ku try data of Hummer. a? ?-verj a't<-i.tion urii l?? *ua-aMi?-d tij the proprietors. Th? at'icteat p?.!io-? arrmcemei.ta ?i i be enforced, a id ponti a, diacusaio..a will l?? prohibited Th? l.arder will be fotind to contain all the de iHViitfWwirn the choicest Liquors and Wmf>a and th? fin at Segara. ?< >ci?ti<-s. ^invia* f. C ub? and Miiitar* Companies will find this the moat deslralie r- a rt nrtar ttiti motri poiis for spending a p mint a J or d?r jda?. Jlj^Chl'dren unaoeoirDani?d b? their Btr*n? ?.f guardi&r.B, wi he exole<fed front tin* grounds. (tnnning ami doj* prohibited |?7" B<*ts will <ave tne "Kit of High Rtre?t, Georgetown. and G *fe*t, WaahiEgU.*, hourly, fr?>Ti 80c "ok a., m. ti I 12 p. m . dai jr I'ersor prefer in? a p. ?as*iit *1 * can reach the laiand :a the Aqueduct Wesoicitthe puMia t<> judge f r thenuelren. ai.d fe-I aitttured ??I r.vinz earia<V,.i>o?v ie 9 .'otf JA'OB XV.POWKR" A CO. % EIGHTH l\ A T I O N A 1. K X H I B I T I O N , At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Stpt. litk-VMh. The I'NITFD STATE!* AGRICL I.TI R AL S< H.'l F.T V ?i:l :iu ! it* Fu tith A i..;a. A - r <* ,l'i ra! and F diiNtr.a Kxi itution on ti>- grounds 1. -r ?i..y piovi??ed ?>* tu- oitii -n? 1 f C11.all. ? . a-litt-1 up 111 tna ?tv <>. 'f vie *1 ? Halls and Tent* lor t'ie di*j .a> of lul'I.K M K NTS. Ti'OI.S. |.(?\!l-> 1 C MAM FA' ll'RKs, FARM AM' OARDF.N frmul"' f. fk 1 rrs. fi.hwkks * .1 \. * T1VK W 1 N K H: with Stal.a and I* a for HoRSKS. ( A1 I'L . SHKKI', and SWIM.; a id *!i un?-qi:a. imJ T a<-k.one inile in a a tc?rt \ feet in wid'h. for the ex ".ihiti'?n ot li -?%s I he Premium* offer**! - in ra-li.?.to! 1. m v-r. and tiruuze incUa.a. -di^lomai am'. ceit.luatea, amount to 920.000. The Exhibition will remain op?n trom Welnm day,the 12tn, to Tiiurada\. the ;Mti, >1 Sep'e ?r. tnun girniK t.into examine aud teat the itr.p'e m^nts and machinery. For p vim jin luta or information apply a: the Office of the Society, \o 3-'>b Pa. avnuf, up stairs ;?or to the ?uli'cnher, at Cincinr an. Ohio. KhV PERI.KY POi?RK, jy 24 tf Sec.'? 1". S. Atrioiiltur> Societr. I^NA.MELLKI) j . PLATE MANTEI.A, f Direct from tkf Manufaciur^a. Tl^ae are moat beautiful atylea of Mantels. enamelled in imitation o| auch rare maihlea aa the Sparciab. Ek>P ian. Si; una. Verde Aiitiuii". Poron* ry. li >>c kit lie, and othera equally e? iot"<rate>d. iimtwtionN are ku perfect a? to challenge the c!o??*t acrutiny. In elegance of tin.t" they ?taud uarivallea ami a-o an hitci>>* poli*htMl that they p ta u th<ur Ueauty and fre?hne*a longer than the common marblas, vlul#tb*y are told muoh cheaper. They have lie n uae l iii thil country !or trio ,a?t ten. anil in h'irope for more than fifty ye*r'. ai>d have given entire bau.-faction. P ea-e rail a i<! examine at W. h HARROVKRS. Stove and I'm Store, oppo. Patriotic Hank. Jy 2*i 5 doors orth of l,oiii?iaim av enue. OH Kl-'iCK UK INSPECTOR \ND CKALtR OK GAS MGTKI8, v% aaaiwoTox. July 18, lH6<i. XOTICE rs HEREBY OIVE.S. That.a?>e?a! y to the prormiona of the "idiiianoe the Corp??iati?n approve May i2 1A t!i? undoraicueo ia ii.?w pr?par?*1, ' wl.-i.ever r>*qwired ir. writing aid on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta. to r apec'. exain n . teat, prove, and ascertain the aoouracy of rrgiatration of any gaa m<-ler in in tine city." Every in?tnr, ifloiind incorrect, will be condemned, ai d another, aeaied and "ia'K-d aa true, wia t-e aet in I'a piace. If proved to b- accurate in ra moaeur^nient of naa, it will b? aeaied accordingly, and a<ain put in posi 10a for ute. Office No 310 Seven'h itreet,(near Odd Fellow*'Ha 1 "pen from 8 ? m . to 5 p m. CHARt.KS W. CI NNINGHaM. I_ la ?r ? ' ' - - jt in in?pt?ci"r %nn :?i?a;er ?a nas jletera. Treasury department,"" August '?t, 1(60. Proposals will l?e reoeiv-d at the Treasury nepa.rtn.cnt uiitil th? 15th inst , fur fupj y nc, fo- the use of the Departm nt. 150 onrd* of Oak ai d 1(K< cords of Hiokory Wo< <l-all of the heat qualtty, to | i e deliver d a'th? Treasury Hut.dint, corded and ; nira*ure<l m the yard hy a xoru measurer a' the exprn<e of th* c 'ntraotor; snd af l'O t? n* of rum hei and Coai?75 v n? of white and sb tons of r*d ash Anthracite 0<>al, all of the heat qua it*, to he de livered at the building. The Currberiand ? oal to he al lump?hand picked. 1 h? white anh t h? } firnace or larse e*t si??; the red ash to he mail eit sue, and to he weighed hy a sworn weigher au t-eodt!5th OKLl.lNti OKK ! SELLING OFF! | o uheat bahqaixs IN DRY GOOD?. We commence to day sel'inr r ff our entire stock of SPRI\ti AND SIM IK K l.'K E!rH GOOI>S. Black Lace Shawls, aod Marti!las, lit fact a I Fan.i* |)p*ks at er???urv r??i'.c?d I'nces. many at h as than coat of imp Ttation in order to reduce our I l.arge Stock. ALSO In Store a full asso-tment of first casa Stable ' Itora'ttw G'?ods. for ?eneral family purposes, all at the 1 >wcst Market P i .e*. J. W COU.RV A CO. an 4 At A43 7tta ?t., above l a. av. New silk manti es AND HOOPKP 8K1RTS. We havo r*cmvrd hj ?*xp'e?? a supp:? of rich plain K MANTLE8 and RKA L VH h NCR LA-'E MAN rLKf*%uJ ?'? 1NTS t< uitei ofth* fail stv'e of WOV K.N *KI *Ts <>f <?p " ? 9'iality. l,a?lie* m w*nt of anr of th ? aim- e ? ??1e %< v*ri lew prions Will plca>? iivo j* \u-k- > oal!. j?*. _ TAYLOR * in T m? PERSO!*? IN SEARCH OF GCITABS. Vio'ioi. Flutrte, Aocord?-on?, F nt.iiaa, UiMm, Tarabo'iii"*. Braits Ir.i>trunsent? and !*t'ir r? < f tne j fc.?t qUa.itv. will bad an iminer.e* assortment ?t the Music Store of j j 96 W. 6. WETZEROTT. !TUB WEEKLY STAR ITh;? oi?*:iKt Family ?n?: Joirtt. -?? U.r.iif a rr?atrr Tsrietf of irl^rnatmc r?Mtiug than can b?f<>an4ic at* oth*r ? . pa! ii?h*d ?? S*Urla? m?.?riiirif. Tb*k??Cmtk, i?r?r*?4/?,?? V nt cpf.ffriM.um t' * r iv* e pic? s ? Tws oopiNi _ ? no Twoatj oopie*. U w B? In r>'. (> n^i hb?r? withoat Ui? mt?vMi|. * % ?> * u?,t w vill ?> pwvM J" p*r cent of Tkt WmU* Si at w r? *?<?!. It lCTmriftf. ? contain* t!.? a-rur?t. n th%t ha* made TKt Cm*mi htm* urtii.aM <' g*c?ra f throughout lh* o< antry t; T Sir.?> oopiwa ( ID wrapper* Mn h? pro*?r*4 at i"?i>i)urtw, nn diaten at#' la* pap-r Pn?*?THRKK CF.MTR Po?f*ia?t?r? who act Kr r.U will h* |<>? >><1 a Mimieii. i* u ( I'HO C A 1 V A V M Dt'VT i un ua i' i\ r- i. I.'OR RKXT? A thre? at..'j BRICK H'?l HK. I on || ?:h liM M'l A ?< lltu to-J KRIt'K ( III TAliK ?>tli garden. ? ?rner <f tv*nu)>kn'i north K ? *1 rr ,?umJed hj a iar?w common pa?ture. and ? ould l>? % i?atra t!? Itvktion for t Jtirjintt. lnqmrtofC BIRflU, 4 4fi 12 h at. jy W ''WWi' C^tlM K ? KEdiu^AOK. ^ON *?Al> - I hi .. Add a ha fa im of l?atd ?ituat?d at Rai ??' V r >fcda at the int?rae,-li<?n of to* Co umb ac and i.*e?burj turrpik**. a.x nlf? from v\ *?hintt. n and 5 f'otn a ! -taii<*ria. T t? iin(r<'vrin?i>U oou'iat of a houae. eoiiiailiii 16 rumM. i^l oori bona*. IIM'i, t?. Th(> }?'d .? ??U aufeVd With tr??a ai l haai-i it an ?>< .i?nt wrtii of vivr. For furta r parti (Ml ?r? hff J Oil the r?uila?* to V\ M t*A\ AK. or In J V<?. DltU'l.lNO. I ?? . or A. <? S*(iK. at Mtrabt 'a auction ruoma. W*ehin(U>n, l? C. Tha iieaor iNed property wili be iK'id o? for oaab |^?'K t* A L K?A amai KA R M of 'ST acre*. aituaw*4 r at i - Ftiia, htfiu t oonfortftM?dw?4i in? bovae, corn hon*e. atabl??e. %o ; wo; feooed and wMprnl; within four rnil^a of Wukinitnn , kf ao re? iti oaUi vat ion. the a.ar.fw n hanria<<n.e wmJ land. It ta pe> u lai ? dMir?li,?a? a country raa\ denee. being perfectly hea tiiy and mo?trom?ntiotily mrnate>1 . 'iff e?t batting and fantinc. In^ui* "f \l r MaRRKITT, hrid(? kee> <r, Chain H >.?a, |?itt'? (<"t /??t< |?M'R RKNT-A tfcree atory KRICK OWEI. I.INii Not St,on H ?t. .rt'i and I3?h eta.. No 404 Appl> to J. KIRKWOOl*. 4 7* llth nwt if UtI I^OR RKXT- I t'irea atory ihroaii lro-t? HOl.Slv No. 3H7 Naw \ ork ?v*nu?. S*' w^n l?th an 1 II'i north aid*. containing titt^en rooma Thia ho?t?e ia convenient loth* Patent Office, T "%?ur? . etc ; la luht'ol by and in every v a? -uita'i e ! i a !?'a--i i., tun ? * K- iit nu> (e>aie. Apply ?>'?t Joor.w to A ? FOWLER, a-oond tio -r north win* ol Patent Office. if 14 tf |V?>R R I N I -The Im^TR ?Mf HOI *?" kmTwn I a* "French Kvana' Hoair," ? ti.ai-W <>i> ,M at. north. t?twe- n s?th an.l l"th at ?-eia. No. AtfO, one of the n "?t iWliabe private re?u1enjee tti \\ aohincton T la ti use ig aurtoun !? '! by f'u?t tree* a ><1 great ininl?*re of oi irti t btiahea of\a riou* kind*. and fine > liAile tree*, u ith 16 'O' fee* of c oiiml.wa -din *ppl> lo J. C COOK E'thtii at. b Uli? l> ar.?l F. J> H if I/OR RKV P-Three BRICK HOl'^FH?one on Twelfth itrpM 'v t? wn 4 * nit H iin* a?. ?k? corner of Tw'-.ftli aa<l 11 ?t? . anil on? on U tie ! tw- n i?tn an t IStnets. Inquire of JAMKp W KARKFK.on II it'eet. letwwp Uth and lJln, No. 4*3 m?? if h'ORRKNT I at new and weL arraaced three atory BKI?'K HOl>F. No. t - . on <i otreet, l?etwven l^ii an<1 am rtn.. First Ward, la'eir ooeupie<1 t>* Mr. Bod,~oo, Hu*?ian Le.ati >n. Po?? a. ?i?n sivii ur.iiiitiiatel* Inqnire of Mr. J*Ol"thKY S. PARKF.R n<>ii door ewt. ml l*-?ott L'dR R K.NT?A int., STOR K, aorutr of Sth r and Pen-i. aviMioe. u'ider tne C arendoi. Hotel aintaMe f >r a SartierV oon or oi*.ar a to re Fo lnf"-mV: .: inquire at the Hotel war > F"OH RFNT-Tfce FIRST FLOOR of the Nu.d ine immediately opposite the weat wine of the Oily Ha! .recently occupied t>y Chaa. I*. wa .aoh at. an olfio?. A * > the iront room in the aeoond tor; a'd tne third floor of the aaine baiidina. For terms apply to RICHAR1) WALL&CHTiNo. ti Louiein.ua avenue. ja 13 ti ^KNATORP. MEMBF.R8 OF CONG R KM*.? Two hP.i*i.Jid suite* ol RO<'MS, e.enarXy faru ahed, wi.l he rented during the aeasion of Cobe ii. '.he n oat denra:4e -a t? in this e.ty. r??inp within ?n?or two nu?'??urBrnwr,'i aud Nation*'. H<?tr a. Thoa* in purau't of aucb Roowia w:II 4a wsti t*> make *arly application at No. 8T# nh atr?et lrf>- *K-n I) itrM l'? ?v. de ft XJ car 1 {i age * f a(' to r7 e5t~ (TiSHIMOTON TARRIAGR FACTORY. ww It S'rttt. httw'i n and l"f* We hnvf jUHt fir.ikI'M a nunilfr of firat olaaa CARRIAfiKS, iiuoh an Lira.* ^?-'k w*,i* ??, Pn'k Fh'ii.'n?, hmntly (' >' u|okl 'iflnj, ni*?/ Rmtttet, wit.on we will aw, ? jc=3c % v#r ?rr,a;, profit. tiwinc practical m?ehaLioa m diff?r*nt braneh*a <>f tSio t.u?in?a?. we flatter nur?fi?n that wa know tn* ?t?!M and i?j of work that w ! *iv* aatif nnrrhiainc li?ht"#>?a. (Kimfort anc (luraU.i K<*pa rln(? prompt!* and careful!* attended t>< t/ie hortoft n tire and moat r?Hia<'rabia eharrea. wai.tkr, hermann a bopi , Ooaehroakem, auomaaora to Win. T U >ok. ap 37-diT (' CAR KI \6KS i BK 8?t??ritief iM.ax n>t< r aeaitotiU. <u factory, malice it now on* ofitit K'i n the District. where r i fvs<. ti<?? for^"J5aK aanutaciti.-inc C A K Rl AGE A. vVA'ioNS >! a. kiuda ?Ma't t?* ?w ax? from his <?nr exporvenoe ic lu? he hope* to ri*e t?c?r& MtnlkatwD. Ail kin? of OinttcHu>4 L:t?i \Yaioa? t??t *arl All R Kf'AlKS r?*tl?d?n?.?nd^. pr??pt y at*eii<2?d to. iit< CarrUt?? lasei. ^tishtr re Jo ww *a?. *MiRKW J.T' 'OK, i ' f?* I V TRUNKS. ROOTS ANDSHOKS. HOOTS AND SHOE? TO S14 r IHK TIM KB. We ar* now ma; uJbctanci all kind* of ROOTS and ^HdKH, and o??- ?tant:y reo^iTinc t?ib| supp } of ?aet*-rn mad* work of e*er? de-?|Pj ' ortp'.io- , tnad* express j to ord?', and willw \mlj bo K<>id at a nauoh tiw-r price thao raa ! ??" Kl ii.?retoiore charged in thi* oitf for maon interior article*. in want of Hoot* and -*hoe* of eae'ern or oitj work. ? ill a'wav* fine tiirnil a** "nieo in store and at tu? iowett pr,"e? Give u* a oa: . iRI^FIN A MHO., afl-r 314 Penn?ylvar>ia avenue. I^IVE HI NDRKD TRAVELINO TBCNKB r arrived thn tla*. embracing a<< *u%ii avnt tie* and *i*e*of ^oie Leather, Ladie* Drees and Packing Trunk*. Our trauk^***" a."* room exhibit* at thi* Ume ttie greatest varied? of traveling requisite* at moderate prioe*. h> bo found tm* *ide of New York. Aluo, rieacH* U-.u of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALlCBtL CARPET 11AG<*. SATCHELS, Ao. 0-Old Trunk* repaired or taken id exenange for new one*. WALL, STEPHEN# ft 0O? Trunk Hale* Room, mar Sl-tf 382 Pa. avenue. LJOUTHEKN TRI'NK MANUFACTORY. ? 499 TTH STKBIT. Oppcmi* Odd FtUotes' Hm.il. Wj*ktnt:on, D. C. Tr?vei?i will study their lutereata d? eitimoiB my TRl'.NKt4, \ AL.ICK8 Ac t?f*re put MYTTk oharfing elaewere As I u?? OJie but th'KJnfaK twat in&tenal tbe market atlordN *ud -inplo*^^*"*^ the le?e? workmen. I ?an ooufidei.t y re*.oir mend my work hi be aupenor in Sirmtik ai d l>ur*frutty to Truuka that are made in other oitiea and aold hern. I keep coi.atact.; ou hand, and mace to order ion one week'a notoe) every deaoriptieti of SOI S LEATHER, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRFSS nni WOOD BOX TRUNKS, ASHLAND amd 9tk*T V ALICFS : TRAVELING B AOS ; HAR NESS. SADDLES, WHIPS. #r., #e. Truuka, Ao.. Repaired and ? overed, in a work mannke man.tr, at ahort notice Trunka delivered in any part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Aleo?Agent for Hmrt1! oelnb rated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. da IS-Iy JAMES W. TQPHAM. WOOD AND COAL! WOOD AND goal Delivered to all part* of the city, at tne ioweet poaaible ratee. T J A W. M. GALT. 1 L ^ .k^ .1 It. . 1 .A I I A L _ _ -J k _ umd' rt. ?v., iiriWKO inn ?ou inn au . ma 17 tr north aide. THE 8l'B?CRIBRH HAVING ON HAND an extenaive ?took of ft F L, ia prepared to ae> at a vrr? low fir u re for oaah. WOOD Hwod and Split aiy aiaa. CaU aud aee for youreelf. WoiaJTt3?r, mill R. R. oorrar of Fourteenth and C at*. WG A S FIXTURES. K Have in atore, and are da. y reoein nj. BA8 FlX^"ln ESofentirely New Pattema and 0MiiDa and Fmiah, auperior in atfle to anything heretofore offered in tnia market. We invr*citn?na aener*. lv to ca.l aiwl examine our atock of Gaa and Water Fixture*, fwelinc confident that we hare the beat ae'-oted atock in Waahinpt<n .VI! Work in the above Tiae in "mated to oar oare will be promptly attended Hi. MYERS A MoGHAN. mar ft-tf^ 3>T? 1> street. J BOSTON ICfc. I'^T received per aohoonera R. Gilbliaa. Mar? H Banka, .New Joraer. Kealak, and G. tV'Bott. F"U teen Hundred Tona be?< auehty BOSTON If'E. L. J. MIDDLETON. it ww im?w r ? ALU' XX ALK AND XXX ALB!! Jtt OTpSd^.?,?5BTN#ifoJ?uSVW FRY. Thif A > la mnda from ma.t nrx! Mm on y and aannut nil to civ "ntir? ??.n?fkot1on tc ooc camera C C<?LI*KAO. Pro?nator of the '% 4 1? WarKV Mti n0* V ! IJALnMOREBrTTER gouge Daily rMfinnii freah and aweet. in Ooahan pack AJao, Ohio Butter. at lfljj <an* ?{?? "<