17 Ağustos 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Ağustos 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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0 ,* '^1^ /' V.yilPH Jl)X3 ?'1'?# uV > %t 'V H , < *' ? . ? * -*? jf[U?J T -i*. ... . ] i * * a T/ J dtaxtig pta ' *$* t??$ii* ' *f Af!?i *-.- - *.'? J j '* ** * V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. AUGUST 17. I860 N?. 2.889. Appropriation^ Mew Officer*. &c. ?. STATEMENTS SHOWING 3 Appropristions made during the First SfMsion of the Thirty-sixth. Congress. 2. Officers Created and the Salaries thereof. J. The Officers the Salaries of which have been increased, with the amount of Mich increase, during the xnmr period. JULY *?, I860. Pnn >?^4 ? ?v ?- ? * **- - ? - - 4 * - ivpa.cu uuuci ins airecuoo 01 ine accrwiry 01 tbe Senate and Clerk ef the House of Representatives, in compliance with the sixth section of tbe "Act to authorise the appointment of additiooai paymaster*, and for ether purposes," approved July 4, LS3S. I. APPROPRIATIONS MADE DURING THF. FIRST SESSION OF THE THIRTYSIXTH CONGRESS. f pa?t i vrwn n/.w * ?*??* 1 1 ma >'? " ""?? J By 1*4 tut makimg upprtpriations /or lt~kt \omjer,hmrens. buoy.an i to forth. M *J.?a eh iisetts For a ltf bt-hou?e at Duibary. In Plymouth harbor.... 5,000 00 For the purchase of a suitable lot of land, and the erection thereon cf a b?1id;n<i for the use of the Light* house Board,at Wood's Hole,Qreftt harbor, In the town of Fa(mottth.... 5,(100 00 For a light-ship or tight-house. In the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the recommendation of the Light-house Board, on orooartbe '-Hen and Chickens," ?t the entrance of Buzzard's bay.... 3S.0U0 00 For a survey to determine the proper site for a light-house at or near the "Sow and Pigs," at the entrance of Rnzzard's bay 1,000 00 Rkodo Island. For the establishment of beacons on Coaniminicut point and Bullock's , i i point, lu Providence river 3,U)0 00' For a survey of and for buoying out Seekoak river between Sectoak and Providence 5,000 00 C?H?ertieut. 1 For the re-establishment and alteration of the beacon-light on Long wharf, at New Haven ? a,000 00 For a fog-bell, to be run by machine. ry. at the Stratford light-house 1,90V 00 For enabling the L.ight-hou?e Board, tinder the direction of the Secretary of Treasury to experiment with Daboll's and other ear signals, and to Krchase the signal erected by Da* I, and now in operation at New London 6 000 00 iVeir York. Far the erection of a stone beacon on Mill reef 5,000 00 For three beacon light* upon the Hudson river between Albany and Troy 2,000 00 For a beacon-light at Oak orchard, Lake Ontario 3,500 00 MicAtgati. For rebuilding the towers at White Fish point, Detour and Manlton island, all on the coast of Lake Superior 15,000 0# For a light-bouse at Bertraw bay.... 6,000 00 For a light-Louse at or near Tawas city 6 000 00 For a li^ht-houje at the month of Manistee rtrer 5,COO 0# For one or two beacon-lights, at the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, at the entrance to Graad t_t a * _ ? ? - - ? lsianu oiv mikl naroor, L?ake superior ..... 6,000 00 For a fog-oetl at Grand Haven lighthouse 1,500 00 For a range of light* for Copper harbor, Lake Superior,with a f >g-bell o: such other ear signal as the Secretary of the Treasury, on the recommendation of the Light-house Board may adopt 3,500 00 For a light-house at or near Old Fort Mackinaw 6,000 00 Wisconsin. For the construction of a light-house pier aod light-house at Milwaukee, ra lieu of the North Cut beaconlizhf at that Dla-e snimn no For a fog-bell at Port du Morts l'.gbt hou*e l,;oo 00 f'ot a Ilght-b9<i?e at Kewaunee 6,0U0 00 For the construction of a aaiuuie beac*o-light at the port of Racine 30,100 Of) To taable tee Secretary of the Treasury to pay Peter Cam pan Ill SB Nrtr Jer.tejf. For rebuilding the two light-houae towera at Nave Siuk, and fitting the same with proper a p par at a*.... 72, Ml 0U North Carolina. For re establishing theBeacon Inland lighShouse, and constructing In connexion therewith a l>?aconllghl to form a range for running the Ocracoke inlet 5,000 00 For a beacon-light at ? suitable point at or near Cape Hatteraa inlet. .. 5,000 00 For a new light-house at the mouth of Cape Fear river, In lien of the present structure 40,000 00 For buoying Beaufort harbor and Bogue sound 1,000 00 For tlie erection of a llgbt-hou e at the mouth of North river (Albe marie sound) 10,000 00 Louisiana. For a light-bouse at the month of Calcasieu river 7,500 00 Virginia. For the construction of a first-class light-house at Assateagne, in lieu of the present light-house 50,000 00 F?rt buoying the approaches to the canal connecting the waters of the Chesapeake biy with Albemarle sound 500 00 For the completion of the tower and keeper's dwelling at Cape Charles 10,900 00 i * For i Bfw light-hou*? at Pun Christian, in Ilea of the old light now at Ukat place 1,000 00 California f or a first-ctass light-house at Capo Mendocino, being the extreme western point ofland on the Pacific eotst 80,000,00 For a light-bouse at Trinidad bay ... 20;00u 00 For a light-house at Point del Rays, abrat twenty-eight miles north of the Goldea Gate 40,000 00 Ftrfog or oar vlgnals to be arreted in ronnestop therewith, upon ths recommendation of the Llght-honse , Botrd, ti'ider the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury 3,500 00 1 or baoytng out the channel and the bar at the entrance of Hamooldt bar. and for three movable beacons to be provided with len* Unterna, to be kept ta range with the channel 10,000 00 Washington Territory. For e Itcht-honae et Grajr'a harbor. and for buoying eat tbe channel and bar at aaid harbor *20,000 09 For buoying outtbe channel of the Cetunbta river, from the month of the Wiliainette riwr to the caacade of tbe CoiuuMa rteer......... *,000 *K> For the eatahUabeaeot at tbe points nerein mmraoi men e?r signal* a? inay prove to be Mliafactory under the eiperlmcrrlM hereinbefore authorized to W ? di, that la to wr : at West Qnoddy Head and Boom ' , ( land, In Maine; at Boatoo, in , ' ti Massachusetts; at 8audy Hook, In >ew V?>ki it Caarlesten, In South ' r* , / Carolina, at Savannah, Georgia; at the SoaiMweC Pans of the Mteala Ippi river; and at GalTeetoa 8U.U00;W) - . * n ' > By tk* net making appropi iation for tkt tup port of tk* Army 1?f tk* gtar ending tk$ rkirtietk / Jm m*t ? gktrem hundred mnd For expenace of recruiting, uamportation of recralte, three ao^tba' extra per to aoa-enmnrts?lsoed oftteera. maslcisnn. and Drteatn. on rt*aii?lme?t St,*00 IX) For pay of the army...... 3,591,7*4 (xr For coaauuiloa ?f oAceia' lakilc tmc* MN.434 30 F jf conmuutloi ( forage f?r oflwn l?t, 1*5 ?w For paviMuU to dl?cb?i ged ?otdWjr? for clothing not drawn 60,00<> 00 Far payiiwnu la Ilau of eiotbtng tor oflU*r?' aerranU .*-?-* .t-?9 ?5 For *trba1*teoce In kind ' WW **1 For clotbiog for Um arajr, oaai|?a*4 % { jt?r'uon qatftf*. and iron bedr -flKViir *>*' er.r.ivr', d?p*.-tmea?. e*??i?ting of fuel for (he odoMt, enlioted Hen, tKH, baopttai* nwrtowrt, and ciU-pb; of ion^m la ktod for lb* botM, muW and axen of the qaar' "i?f?r'? department at Ike ar?t~ , I 2 at **al pool* aud ataAioaa, aad wltb > ? / tW arrnia* la iba iddi <ar Ik* ?nw<*MiMWor?glMMal?a#?fB-? 1 """ " rj. and such rompanl? of Infantry a* way be mounted, and for the an* thorlzed nnmber of officers' horses when serving In the field and at the outpost. Including bedding for tbe animal*; of straw for soldleis' bedding; and of stationary, 1 nr.lading blank books for tbe quartermaster a department. certiorates lot discharged sflldiers, blank forms for the pay and quartermaster's departments, and for tbe printing of division aad department orders nnd reports . 1.500.000 00 Tor'the lucidental expenses of the quartermaster's department, OoB* Minting of postage on Letter* and packet* received and sent by officers of the army on pwbllc ftcrvloc; expense* of courts* martial and courts of inquiry, including the additional compensation of judge advocates, recorders, members, and witn^Mes, while on that service, under ihe act of March ri*tee*tb, eighteen hwndrew anil two; extra pay ? soldiers employed, under (he direction of tbe quartermaster's department, in tbe erection of bar raeks, quarters, storehouses, and hospitals; in the construction of roads, and on other constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, under tbe acts of March sec* ond, eighteen hundred and n'ne> . _ J m . - ? ? ? ? * - iccn, suu Autji'M inunn, ci?Ql(ffn hundred and Bftyfour, including those employed aa clerks at divisIon and department headquarters; expenses of expresses to aud from the frontier posts and armies In the fteld, of escorts to paymaster* and other disbursing officers, and to trains where military escorts can1 not be furnished; expenseof the interment of officers killed in action, or who die on duty in tbe Held, or at the posts on the frontiers, and of non-comnraUsioned officers and soldier*; authorized office furniture; hire of laborers in the Quartermaster's department, including the hire of interpreters, spies, and guides for the artpv; compensation of clerks of the officers tif the quartermast?r'? n?nattment! wmiwmi. titan of forage and wagonmasters, authorized bv the act of July flftb, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight; for the apprehension of deserters, and the expenses incident to tteelf pursuit; and for the following expenditures required for the two regiments of dragoons, the two regiments of cavalry, the regiment of mounted riflemen, and such companies of infantry as may be mounted, viz: the puichase of traveling forges, blacksmiths' and shoeing tools, horse and mule shoes ana nails, iron and steel for shoeing, hire of veterinary surgeons, medicines for horses and mules, picket ropes, tnd for shoeing the horses of the corps named 475)000 00 w * ? - r or constructing barracts and other buildings at post* which it may be necwsary to occupy during thfe year; for repairing* altering, and enlarging building* at the established posts, including hire or commutation of quarter* for officer* on military duty; hire of quarter* for troops; of storehouses for the keeping of military store*; of ground* for summer cantonments; for temporary frontier stations, including fifteen thousand dollar* for the pur* cbase of stoves, to be expended a* follows, vis: For rents, including hire or commutation of quarters for officer* on military duly; hire of quarters for troop*, of atorebouse* lor the *afe? keeping of military store*, of ground* for unmrner cantonment*, and construction and repair* of barrack* at temporary irotuier station*; far the purchase of atovea, and six hundred and eight dollar* and eighty-seven cents to be paid as back rent for the site of Foil D?vi?, Texas 195,246 29 For rep tiring, altering, and enlarging build tigs at established military past* 135,547 00 For repairing, altering, ana enlarging buildinga at the following post*. tJz: at Barrancas barracks, key West,and at Fort Mackinac, In the department of the east 20,57b 50 At tteuicla barracks, in the department of Califm-nta f* At Fort Vancouver, in toe department of Oregon .* 7,673 00 For mileage, or the allowance made to officers of the army for the transportation of themselves and their baggage when traveling on duty without troops, escorts, or sup* plies 125 000 00 For the tran*porta:len of the army, Including the baggage of the troop* when moving either by land or water; of clouting, camp, and garrison equipage, from the depot at Philadelphia to th? several posts and army depots, and from those depots to the troops In the Held of horHC MiiininAnfi ?nH nf - -g --r ?? ?w? vwiac enee from the place* of purchase and from the places of delivery under contract to such places as the circumstances of the service may require them to be sent; of ordnance, ordnance stores, and small arm* from foundries and armories to me arsena s, fortifications, frontier posts, and army depots; freights wharfage, toils, and ferriages; for the purchase and hire of horses, mules, and oxen, and the purchase and repair of wagons, carta, and drays, and of ships ai d other seagoing vessels and boats required for the transportation of supplies and fer garrison purposes; fordray^ age and cartage at the several posts; hire of teamsters; transportation of ftiads for the pay and other disbursing departments; the expense ofsalltng public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacilc; ana far procuring water at such posts as, from their situation, require that It be brovghtfrom a distance; and for clearing roads, and removing obstructions therein to the extent which may be required for the actual operations of the troop* on the frontier 8,380,000 00 For the purchase of horses for the , two regiments of dragoons, the two reglmeataef cavalry, aad the regiment ef mounted riflemen 115,000 U0 Por eoatlnrencles of tbearmy 85,000 00 or the medical and boapttal depart. roeut*..,......, 76,825 90 For contingent expenses of the adjutaat general's department at departmeni headquarters 500 00 For compennation of tue clerk and messenger In the oftce of the commanding general 8,000 00 For eoatlpgent expenses af the office v? HIIUIUUI??UIU| Kmviu.... ...?H JW UU For armament of fortifications 200.000 00 For the current expoaaea of the ordnance aerrice......... 156,000 00 For ordnance, ordnance atorea, and aappll**, including horse equip* menu for the mounted regime?)ta... 330,000 00 17 aap Kiwaii ? nJ km ** m?A !/?< hm fnr ? Ka " tottrrfcraol Ughtartnisry7!\T.\V7 39,000 00 Fw the manaffccture of irau *t the astional armories .......... 290,00)1 00 Fur rcptirt and Improvements and new inaobinery at sJprlpMteld ar nory, Massachusetts, Of which twrir* thousand dollar* mv be applied to the purchase of land on the norto side of the new water shops 03,025 00 For repairs and improvements and new machinery at Bupsr'i Ferry armory ?Mf0 UO |w hha Aoegany arsenal MM.* f*??S^(M 4*96 00 Far lWiBeniela ar??Oal.........?.j.... <0,000 00 r\x Mm*I?Son arsenal... 18.000 00 ftk ft>n Monroe arsaahf.,,... ? ?.M0 00 ; For New York arsenal.? ?? ' 1,100 00 K<* North Carolina amaaL repairs. ? I / a ?1 jfas H*iur#?. . 6,900 00 For !*t Loam Oraeaal...? 3,350 uu ror T<-xm arsenal ? 43,000 00 rur w??MIUJ?V?I ? suo iw Far Wat* town ineitt ......... i^UJ uo For Wttenrlkt araMMl 11,000 00 Tor ?odtinfcnelt* ?i Mmi)i SO,000 00 'ywffe^blcil rxploratlons and re connolssances for military purpose* and surveys with armies in tbe field 50,000 Ml For purchase and repairs of Instruments 10.000 oo For printing charts of lake stirrers... 10;i*j?i 00 For cont\nol?)f the surtey or the noriherli and northwestern lakes, including Lake Superior 75,000 00 For tbe manufacture or purchase of apparatus and equipments for field signals 2,000 00 For surveys and selections of sites, and for plans and estimates for militaryposts on or near tbe valley of tbe Red River of the North, between tha forty-sixth and fortyj niath risgraes of north latitude. And (i or near i ort l obn, in tbe Indian Territory 5,000 00 For recoastrnctia* tbe stables at Carlisle barracks S,050 00 To enable tbe Third Auditor of tbe Treasury to settle the sdspenrteA accounts of officers lor disbursements through the quartermaster general's department for supplies furnished and stores transported for the three companies of volnntears called Into the service of tbe United States In the Territory of Kansas, in eighteen hundred and fifty-six, by authority of the War Depaat' ment 5,00? no To enaHle tile Secretary of tbe Interiof to restore to their relatives In Wisconsin four orphan children of Edward Miltlmore, whose parents and brothers and sisters were massacred on or about the thirty-first day of August, eighteen hundred and flfty-nlne, about one hundred miles north of Salt Lafce Cityt by a party of Indians, {or Mormons disguised as such,) and who escaped the massacre and found refuge at Camp Floyd 1.500 00 For tbe following fortifications: Fort Montgomery, Lake Cbamplaln, ! New Yoik I 10.000 00 Fort Knox, Penobscot Bay, Maine... 5O.IP0O 00 Port on Hot; Island Ledge, Portland harhor. Maine..... 30,000 00 rort Winthrop, Boston harbor, Massachusetts 10,000 00 Fort at the entrance of New Bedford harbor, Ma%?achusetts 25.000 00 Fort Adama, Newport harbor, Rhode Island 6,000 00 Fort Richmond, Staten Island, New York 15,000 00 Fort on the site of Fort Tompklna, Staten Island, New York 55.000 00 Additional batteries at Fort Hamilton, at the Narrows, New York 50,000 06 Fort Carroll,Baltimore harbor, Maryland 50,000 00 Fort Delaware. Delaware river 50.000 00 Fort Monroe, Hampton Roads, Virginia 5,000 00 Artesian well at Fort Monrfce , 8,000 00 Repairing government bridge over Mill Creek, near Fort Monroe 500 00 Fort Calhoun, Hampton Roads, Virginia 50,000 00 Repairs of Fort Moultrie, Charleston harbor, South Carolina 8.5(10 00 Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, Florida. 30 000 U0 | Fort Taylor, K*v West, Florida 70,1 UK) 00 I? * ? u? m 1 J "* rvu iin BBuu, ua'uni *cy, nonaa .. 7D,UWJ UU Fort MtRee,and preservation o' sight, Pensncola. Florida 10,000 00 Fort Gaines", Dauphin Inland, Mobile bay, Alabama 20,000 00 Fortifications on Ship Island, coast of Mississippi 20,000 00 Fort Jack?nn, on Mississippi river... 15.UOO 00 Fort St. Philip, on Mississippi river. 10,000 00 FortlBeatfon for defence of entrance Into Galveston harbor 20,000 00 Fort at Fort Point, San Francisco, including outworks?50.000 (JO Fort at Alcatrai Island, San Francisco bay, Californi* 25,000 00 Contingent expenses of forti Heat ions, preservation of sites, protection of titles, and repair of sadd?n damage 30,000 00 To pay to the State of Iowa such sums of money as were paid by that State to troops called out by tDe Governor of Iowa in eighteen hundred and flfty-*even eighteen hundred and flfy-eight, and eighteen hundred ana fifty-nine, to protect the frontier from Indian Incursions 18,968 84 To extend the provisions of the second section of the act of third March, eighteen hundred aud fiftynine, chapter eighty-three, so as to include all the moneys advanced by the State of Texas in payment of Volunteers called out in defence of the frontier of that state since the twenty-eighth of February, eigh teen hundred and fifty-five 123,54151 To extend tbe tweluh section of the act of third March, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, so as to erabrace the pav proper and allowances of the m'-lltla of New Mexico therein named 74,009 00 To defray tne expense of a commission to consist of two senators, two members of tbe House of Representatives, and two officers of tbe army which commission shall examine into tbeorganlzation,?ystemof discipline. and course cf instruction, of ttuAjnited Htates Military Academy, with a view to ascertain what modification, or changes, if any, are desirable in order that tbe / ilAmtr aKal! VtOS * lAAnmnlUk uiuuviuJ DUUI4 wn? <svU?'Uipil0U IUC objects of 1U Mtablishment 1,900 00 15,183 070 01 . ' I . ' By lAe act authorizing a loan mmd providing Jot the rtdtmption of treasury note To pay for engraving and printing the certificates, nod other expense* of executing thl? act .i 5.000 00 By the act making appropriations for the naval service for th? year ending the thirtieth of Jttnt, eighteen hundred and sixty-one. For pay of commiMiion, warrant, and petty officerg and asatnen, including the engineer corp* of the Navy,4,574,7*25 07 Pftr nPAviainna ft\r r?nm mUalAn ?? r rant, and petty officer* and seamen, Including engineers and marines attached to Teasels for seatervlce... 941,700 00 For surgeons' necessaries and appll> ances for the sick and hurt of the Navy, Including the engineer and nnarlnecorpa 35,800 00 For repair and equipment of vessels 01 me niavv 1,523,000 00 For fuel for the Navy, to be purchased la the mode prescribed by ltw for other auUrlili, and for the traas* porratlon thereof 840,000 00 Per the purchase of hemp and other materials of the navy 300,000 00 For ordnance and ordnance stores and small arms, Including Incidental expenses....: 338,000 00 For contingent expenses that may accrue for the following purposes, vis: Freight and transportation, printing and stationery, advertising in newspapers, books, maps, models and drawings, purchase and repair of Ire-m^Ines mod machinery, repairs of sad attending to steam-engines In navy-yards, purchase and maintenance of hor?es and oxen, and driving teams, carts, timber wK?#i? mnA ?fc? ?n??k? ? 1 K^?V?*U and repairs of workmen's tools, postage of public letters, fuel, oil, and cardies for nsfy-yards ana shore rtatlons; pay of watehoen and incidental labor not chargeable to any other appropriation: transportation to and tabor attending the delivery of provisions and stores on foreign stations; wharfage,dockage, and rent: travelling expenses of otcus and sthsrs under orders; funeral expenses, stors and oAcr rent, fuel, commissions and pay of * ' , clerks to navy agents and. store keeper*, flags, awnings, and packing haxes. premiums and ether . rxpenses of recruiting, apprehend- 1 lag deserters, p*v dum pay to perte ns attendlne oourts - martial, courts of InqRiry.'fBd other ser- ' | rices authorized by law, pay to

judge advooate, piletago and tow- - - ' ? a^e of vessel*. ?ad assistance to Vessels In distress, and for tills of < health and quarantine expenses of vessels of the United States navy In bnloa sorfi ana ><a *? 0M0fth?MT7 lO.OWOO ) Marine Corps. For pay of officer?, non-commi*s1oned rfllcars, musicians, privates, clerk*, messengers, stewards; ana f*rWnti?7ior rations and tldtblng for servants, additional rations for At* years' senrlce, for undrawn rlnlhlnu mr*A MtlAii ? aim i uu'Miaj uuuiivio iwi Te-?*>Hstment.. 425 979 PO For 71,759 00 For rlothlng 1I3.SS6 00 For fbet tt,34* *5 For military stores, !*: paTflftrmore*, repair of arms, purchase of accoutrements, ordnance stores, flags, drurtis, Cfeai and other instru* m>u. is,ooo oo For transportation of officers and troops,and expenses of recruiting . 14,000 00 For repairs of barracks, and rent of office* where there are no public buildings for that purpose ?..... 6,000 00 for oontVfigeneles, Til: freight, ferriage, toll, cartage, wbSrfEge, era' peasatloo to judges advocate, per dfentflsr attending courta-martial, courts of Inquiry, and for constant IBKaP V. ? I- '^ ?? ?wvi, UVU9Q icuv in ncu vi auirtern, burial of deceased marines, printing, stationery, postage, telegraphing, apprehension of deserters, oil, candles, gas, forage, straw, fnrnttttre, b?4-sacka, apadea, shovels, a?es, picks, carpenters' toois, keep of a horse for toe messenger, pay of matron, washerwoman, and porter at the hospital headquarters , 32,500 00 Nary-Yard*. For the preservation of works, and for the current repairs at the several navy-yards, *i? : At Portsmouth, 3e* Hampshire...... 10,000 00 At Boston 15,(MO 00 At New York ao.ooo 00 At Philadelphia 15,0W 00 At \Va*hlnj4ton 10,000 00 For repairing and painting the quarters occupied by the olBcers oi ths yard 7,996 00 At Norfolk 'JO,000 00 To complete shtphoiiae nddlber forty el.'ht - 19,rt00 <10 For repairs of shlphouse A and Bt at Norfolk - -- 30,000 CO At Pensacola 10,000 (0 At Mare Island 2t).ott? 00 At Mackctt'a Harbor ? 1,000 DO Hospitals. For the construction and completion of works, and for the current repairs of the several naval hospitals : Boston. For repairs of hospitals 2,1509 00 New Yorl. For repairs of hospital buildings and laboratory 7,000 00 Naval Asylum, Philadelphia For improving cemetery, sk>-lights to main building, furniture, aod repairs of same, house-cleaning and white-washing, repairs to furnaces, grates, and ranges, gas and water rent, And for repairs of all kinds 5,150 00 For support of beneficiaries at the asylum 27,000 Ot) Norfolk. For porter's lodge, replacing w<?oden galleries, and for repairs of hospital, 19,'270 00 Pentacola. n.. -a ??_? ~ rur draining ana nmng ponas, and for repairsof hospital building* and dependencies ~ 10,900 00 Maoazixks. For the construction and comple tion of works, and for the current repairs of the several naval mag tines t JfpttHt. For repaln e^kll kind* 3,"00 00 Philadelphia. For repairs of all kinds 800 00 Washington. For tb? renewal of experimental battery with one p?rt enclosed or ca?*mafed, to gaurd aga)n?t accidents from guns of doubtful character 1,000 00 Nor foil For shot bed and gun skids, fitting np additional storehouse at ma??xin?, converting coal-house at 5t. Helena into gun-carriage shed, tilling racks for arm* and stores, and for repairs of magazine building*... 10,700 00 Penmeola. For repairs of old magazine 1,IW 00 For pay of superintendents, naval constructors, and all the civil establishment* at the several navy-yards and stations 14*,601 00 For the purchase of nautical instruments required for the use of tbe Navy; for repairs of the ?|me, and also'of astronomical instruments; and for the purchase of nautical books, maps, and cfcirts, and for backing and binding the same 35,000 00 For models, drawings, and copyfhg; for postage, freight, and transoorta. tloii; for keeping grounds to order: for fuel and lights, and for all other contingent expenses; and for the wages of persons employed at the United states Naval Observatory and Hydrographlcal Office, vis: one Instrument maker, two watchm-n, and one porter ?. ? ? 500 00 For the erection of hose-bouse 1,M> 10 For the erection and repair* of buildings, impr jvementand preservation of the grounds, and for contingencies of the United States Naval Academy 5?,096 00 For preparing for publication the American Nautical Almanac 25,880 00 For the preparation of tbe report of the results of tbe survey of the route between California and China, and of portions of the coast of Japan.... 5,000 00 For engraving charts of the survey of Bebrings'Straits, tbe North Pacific ocean and China seas, under tbe direction of theSecretary of the Navy. 9,010 00 For tbe removal of the naval monument from the west front of the capitol to tbe grounds of tbe Naval Academy at Annapolis 1,500 00 For pay of commission, warrant, and petty officers and seamen, including tbe engineer corn* of tbe Natrv, for tbeye<i rending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty 39,400 00 To prevent tbe counterfeiting of the coins of tbe United ritatos 6,000 00 T* enable the President to send some competes* person or persons to the Isthmus of'Chlrlqut, whose duty it shall be to examine into and report upon the quality and probable quantity of coal to be footid there, upoa the kaod* of the Cbiriqat Improvement Company; upon the character of the bar bora of uhlrlqui Lagoon and Got II to: upon the practicability of bulioioK * railroad acrosa aaid Isthmus, ao aa to connect said harbors; aod generally upon ibe value of the privileges contracted foe tn acondl tonal contract made on the twenty first day of May. eighteen hundred and flftynine, between Isaac Toucev, the Secretary of tbe Navy of lb* United States,and Ambrose W Thompson, and tbe Cblrtqui Improvement Company - ' - **i nan no S10,461,090 03 ? ' ? I- 1 Bt tkt act making uppropriaiiotu f*T t\e Ugismtict, txtcutivt, amd judicial txptHStt of government ' fit th? fMr dUinf tk* tkirtittk of June, (igktttn kutuirtd and sixtpOfU '' 11 Legislative. For compensation and mileage* of 9CMlUHfl -,.H wimM 10C|13S clerks, f itagwi, ui^&ri uBMinjaplmtb* wrvlce of the Stnitcjp: Secretary of the Senate - 3,800 00 OftoercWgeA with 4Ub5semeaU ! of the S?*paU.. 460 00 .Ckief oierk ...... ... t?U0 00 rr; iicipal r|prk and principal *Mca. ' ' tt*- ##rt tH the offl^e of the Secretary <H the deaate, at two thouand ooe hundred ud ?i*ty dollars each 4,380 86 Kifhl clerks la the oflce of the Secretary of the Senate, at oae thou*. , aod eight hmd red and Ifty dollars , i'i *f8ot w Keeper of the stationery..... 1,752 00 Two meaoenger*, at owe thousand and eighty doiurs each ? - i,ljU UO Out p&x? - ?? 5UU UO dergeaut-aNarma and doorkeeper t irtl) t*i >?**7?ant doorkeeper l ?oo W Postmaster to the Senate............ 1,750 00 Assistant postmaster and ifcall carrKer 1,4?* 00 Two mail boya.at nine hundred dollars each ....... 1,900 00 Superintendent of the document room I St? 00 Two assistants in document room, at one thousand two hundred dollars each .... - 2,4<>0 00 Superintendent of the folding room... 1,500 00 Two messengers, acting as assistant doorkeeper*, at one t bo a sand It* dollar* each 3.000 00 Sixteen messenger*. at on? thou*and two hundred dollars each < 19,9)0 00 Snperintendent to charge of Senate fu'naee* - I,t00 08 Assistant in chariot furnaces _ ?uo (JO Laborer in private passage 6U) 00 Two laborers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each ?W> 00 Clerk or * feretory to the President of the Senate... .............-J................ 1,?3S00 Draughtsman 1,060 W> Clerk to the Committee on Finance? 1 *50 00 Clerk to the Committee on Claims.... 1.830 (hi Clerk of printing records ...... 1,M0 Oil Chaplain 750 00 For contingent expense* of the hen vif For lithngranbing and engraving 30,000 on For binding 50.000 00 For stationary * ...<? 1*,000 00 For newspapers- 3.:wo s?> For Cong regional Globe, and binding the same 32,000 00 For reporting proceeding* in the Daily Globe for the second session of the tbirtv-sixth Congress. at sevrn dollars and ftfty cents per column 11,000 00 For the ut>ual additional comi?nution to tbe reporters of the Senate for the Congrrssional Globe for reporting tbe proceedings of the Senate for tbe second session of tbe thirty-^ixth Congress, eight hundred dollars each 3,COO 00 For clerks to committees, pages, horses, and carryalls 14,106 10 For Capitol police 6,200 00 For expenses of beating, ventilating, and lighting apparatus 12.000 CO For mi?rellan*>ous items 20,000 00 For compensation and mileaue of members of tbe House of Representatives and delegates from the Territories ... 615,230 00 For compensation of the officers, clerks, messengers, and others receiving an annual smlarv 1b the ser vice 01 tne House 01 Representatives, v:t: Clerk of House of Representative* . ? 3.600 00 Two clerks, at two thousand one hundred and sixty dollar* each 4,320 00 Eleven clerk*, at one thousai d eight hundred dollars each 19,W> 00 Principal messeu^er in the office l,7St 00 Tbre<* messengers, ai one thousand two hundred dollars tach 3,6U) <0 Serjeant-at-arms .. 2.160 00 Clerk to the sergeant-at-arms 1 900 t*? Me?eng?r to the sergeant-at-arms.... 1.200 00 Postmaster 2,160 00 One messenger in the office.... 1,740 00 Pour meosengers, at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each 0.760 00 Doorkeeper 8.166 t? Hiuyrint^nd^nt of fh#? fnMiaa roAin 1 JSUU (1) Two messengers, at one thousand seven hundred and fifty-two dollar* each .....i. 3 504 00 One memenger 1,7<0 00 Five messengers, at one thousand five huudred dollaia each 7,300 '10 Six messengers at one thousand two hundred dollars each 7,900 01) Himn messengers, to be employed during the seeston of Congress, at the rate of one thousand two hundred dollars each per annum 8 350 IC Messenger to the Speaker 1.752 tf) Clerk to the Committee of Claims.... 1 .NXJ Oti Clerk to the Committee of Ways aud Means 1,800 (10 Chaplain *50 00 For contin/ent expenses of the Home of Representatives, Tlx: Por binding documents 90,009 00 For furnitutP, repairs, and boxts fjr member* 10,000 00 For stationery 15,000 (JO Por horse*, carriages, and saddlrhor*es. .................... 6 000 00 For fuel, oil, and c%u?lles, including pay of engineer, firemen, and laborers, and materials for engine room 15.000 00 Por newspaper* 14,5*10 0l? Por Capitol police M'-W m For laborers 6.4S5 (JO For pngesand temporary mail boys... 4,500 UJ For folding documents, including pay of folder*, wrapping paper", twine, and paste 3l? OHO 00 Par cartage 8,000 00 For the compensation of the draughuman and clerks employed upon the land maps, clerks to committers, and temporary clerk* In the offlce of the Clerk of the House of Rep >_.i * K,cw w Por two mail boy*, at nine hundrtd dollar* each, and the mMKngef In charge of the south extension - 3.300 00 For miscellaneous items 40,000 00 For twenty-four copies of the Congressional Globe and Appendix for each member and delegate of the second session of the thirty-sixth Congress 17,424 00 For binding twenty-four copies of the Congressional Globe and Appendix fo'each member and dele. gate of the second session of the thirty-sixth Congress ,W1 00 For reporting proceedings in the Dally Globe for the second session of the thirty-sixth Congress, at even dollars and fifty cents per column. 8,000 #0 For the usual additional compeasation to the reporters of the House for the Congressional Globe for npnrtlng the proceedings of the House for the second session of the thirty-sixth Congress, eight hundred dollars each 4,0()0 00 Library of Congress. For compensation of librarian, three assistant librarians, and messenger 9,000 ?0 For contingent expenses of said library 1.000 00 For purchase of books for said library 6,000 00 Vnr nnrrhiaA nf laur KaaW? fnr aalH li. brmry .. .. 2,000 00 For compensation of tb* SuperintradfiM of Public printing, and the clerks and messenger In bis office #,7M 00 For contingent expenses of his ofice, Is: Per blank books, stationery. postage, advertising for propoeela for paper, furniture, traveling expenses, cartage aud labor In storing and transportation of paper, ana miscellaneous items t,8S0 00 For paper required fort be printing of tbe second session of the thirtysixth Congress 100,000 00 For printing required for the second session of tbe thirty.sixth Cue ? ? .1 'O.ood "u :? .. I ? - . # /si * ? - cowrr 9j For naUrtM of tbree j?d|M of tkt Court of Claim*, the oolieltor, assistant solicitor, dejk and assistant clerk, and messenger thereof *7,300 00 ' For stationery, fuel, lights, books. labor, and miscellaneous items for the Court of Claims....4,000 00 Executive. i For eempeasation wf the President of the United States. ,,, 33,000 00 For compensation of the Vice Presldent of the United States 6,000 00 For compensation to secretary to sign patents for tends?1,500 00 For compensation to the private secretary, steward, snd m -ssenger of I the President of the tutted 4,800 00 I For contingent expenses of tbe Kxee- ' utlee oflics, including stationery tb^r^for ? 350 w Department / Stmt* For compensation ot tne Secretary of 8UI*, and Assimaut Secretary of State, clerk*, aiiwlir, assistant mmk*, urf laborers In hl? of- - i V lce .?. ?...??it 67IB) form, and la newspapers 01 tbr Stat#* and Terrttorle*, and > tb? rl ycf VV?tbi?p?B M,7M 00 For stationery, blank book*. bindtaf, furniture. d iture*. rrpatr*. paint lag ? d gl?rteg . ...V-H--t-w--~*w~* I?,WO ? For ui<?et.laneou* item* i,WV> OH ForVoppf rplMrpriBtiuf, books, sad map* t,000 tO H or pit* rlrrk kire ai.d copvl^....- *.*0 0f? To enable (be Secretary of Stats to pu>cu?.M- any copies. m(q, Of ?oiumes twnty-tvo and trnf tln of Howard** Rrporta of tfco Doelstonsoftbo Supremo Court of tbe I'm ted Statu MO 09 JYortA**st Enc*tni For romprautm of foor walckarn and two laborer* of tho nort boost oiorutlv* btilldlim ? ? l^SO 00 For conti agent eipenoea of said buWd li|[, fli: For furl, llfbt, r*poira, and mtwflltniwM npMaH (JSC 00 Treasury l)*fartmrnl. For compensation of tbo Secretary of the Treasury . Aaalstoot Socretary of the Treasury,clerka, oaaonyer, assistant mrsaenger. aad laborers u vi. ..< mail no For rompfnuttloti of tbe First Comptroller. and tbe clerks, messeager, and laborer* in bis office ..? For conipeosatioa of tbe 8nm4 Comptroller, sod tbe clerks, messenger, sod laborer in bis ottce.._? M,MO 00 For compensation of tbe First Auditor, and tbe r'.erka, me?eager, soil* tan t meaaenger, and laborer la bia office .. ?,?0 00 For oompeosation of tbe Second Auditor, nd tbe clerks, me*a?ag*r, as ?tant messenger, and laborer la bis office 9,110 00 For compensation of tbe Third Auditor, and (be clerks. mess*nfer, sad a**]*i*?i messenger, and laborers In bia office - 131,640 00 For compensation of tbe Fourtk Andt f <vr and #>lorlia I mm f a?J ?V1 t ?? IUC ukvwt H|[ri , aim assistant messenger la his office ... M,S04 71 For compensation of tb? Fiflk Auditor, ?nd the clerk*, ffifsatngor. u4 laborer in bis office..... I?,MM IV For compensation of tb* Auditor of the Treasury for the Poat Office Department, and tbe clerka, mt* seuger, assistant messenger, and Imborer In bit office 17* JM 00 For compen?ation of the Tfmunr of tbe L'aftrd State*, aad the cierka, meaaeo^er, a*al*tant messenger, and laborera in his office *7,340 00 For compensation of the Rertater of the Treasury, and tbe clerka, mwaer.ger, assitUDt measenger, aad laborer* in bta office 61,MO 00 For compensation of the Solicitor of the Treasury, and tbe clerk* and me sender in hta office 17,140 00 For compensat on of tk? Commissioner of Customs, and the clerks, DirMrogtf, and laborer lo bis < flae #U,440 00 For compensation of tte clerks, mMot;er and laborer of the LUht> bouse Board t,M0 00 Conttngi*: txpmtt* tkt TVeajwry In the ofloe of tbe Secretary of the Treasury: For cor jing, blank books, stationery, binding, sealing ships' Nflttcrt. traa slating foreign langasgea, advertising, and extra clerk bireftr preparing and collecting inforna tion to be laid before Congress, for miscellaneous Items It 100 00 In the rflt -e of the First Conptrol ler: For fumitory, blank book*, bind'nt, uti'loiifff. pnblk <'<cuinfnt> 8taw and Territorial Statutes, and mlaeeUaneooa liems 1,800 00 1 n tbe office of tbe Second Comptroller : For blank book*, binding, station erf. pay lor tbe National Intelligencer and Constitution, to be ll^d and preserved for tbe use of tbe office, offl e furniture, and rot ace Ua dW items 1 ,006 00 In the rfB~e of tbe Firat Auditor For blank b?okv b'nding. stationery, nffir.e furniture, and miscellaneous limit, including ?uh#cnption for Constitution and National Iotelltg*ncer, to be lied tor the dm of the office 1?M 00 In the rffl~.e of tbe Second Auditor: For blank book*, binding, Utlonery, office furniture, and miscellaneous Item*, Including two of tlx dailr city newnpapera, to be lied, bound, and preaerved for the KM of the office. 1JM 00 la tbe ctB ve of the Fourth Auditor: Far ktnlonfTT. bMkt.bltdlat, Itbw, and m't'HIaneout Hem*., 1,000 oo In the oAne of the Fifth Auditor: For blank boots, binding, (tattonerr, rffl-* furniture, rarpetfag, and mUrei a-i*ou? expenses. ia which are inciudt-d two dally newspapers. 900 00 In lb* othoe of the Treasurer: For blank books,blading,stationery, and miscellaneous Itrma 1,000 00 In the cffi-e of the Register: For ruling and full-binding books for recording collectors' quarterly abstract* of commerce and navigation, and blank abstracts for their use, blank books, binding, and stationery, arranging and blndiag cancelled marine papers, cases for ofliclal papers, and records, and mis< rilaneous Item*, lacludiag office furniture and carpeting 4,000 00 Ltgkl-Home Board. Wlanh hAAha KiluliBff. ithHAil. ery, miscellaneous expanses, and #00 00 F*r tkr ftmtrml purpottB of?kt South ?( hxtemtivt Building tnriudimg th? ?"rf tht Building ocmpi'd 6y the Attorney Qtnttol and the First Auditor For compfnMtion of twelve watchmen and elsven laborers of tbe southeast executive building 13,810 00 For contingent expanse" of said building, fuel, light, and miscellaneous Items 10,000 00 Drpartmrnt of tke Interior. For compensation of tbe Secretary of the Interior, and the clerks, messengers, assistant messengers, *-? -? WU wairomri. uu iiuvm* i> offlce .. JMOO 00 For compensation of lb* Com invasion cr < f the Grufftl Land Office, and tbe recorder, draughtsman, itsalstant draughtsman, cleiks. Tssenprr?, amtstaat BrurBfen, packers, watchmen, and laborers in bit olio* 173, MO on For additional clerks ia the General Land Oflx, under tbeaet of tbtrd March, one thouaaad eight bun a r* a ana nnr-irr, itiwusi wumi and for laborer* empl ved therein - 9,400 00 To enable the Sreirwry of tbe 111*rlor to ran? Intsrff^t t be act a pprowd tbe sixteenth ot Mar, '(Itteen hundred ami alxtr. r reauag an additional land dMnci la Washington Territory Mm 00 For comperiKHtlon of IM lonimte?lo?er of Indian Affairs, and tbe eterka, mcanenjjer. t?lai*al ? "eager, watchman, and laborer* la tats W For compensation ?f flv? extra ciarka employed In the lodtaa OftM, mder lb* Kt of Ifik August, eighteen hundred ard A'ty-fowr. *nd third March. ?4fhtma hundred a ad ftT-i*e. and under appropriation* mad* from vearT* T?ar .?... yj/m W PnrriHnpnMt1oi?f?Mrl*ik latta ? ? ****? - ? a - * - . u the Secretary or the Interior t? aar> r jr eat the r<-*ala(1ona prr*rrth?? to fin etf-ct ?o lb#- e*Tenth n+rttoa mt tbe art of third March. HyhUM bundrMt a->4 flftt-flv*. praatlag bounty lacda l? 1 rxttaaa MM 00 Iimrr M rfB?u>o?, ?rm i?r c*v< ItwiaeJigor. Wl<unl mrtw gar, and laborer! la bla oflee NlgBM W Contxugrut txptnsu?Dtpa 'tmtml of the Int trior. 0?ce of the Secretary of (he I ?tertor: For books, stationery, hrittan (Ml. light*, and otborcvnt:ng<-? for hooka ud map* farTb* M? M For rxpenaa of parking and dtatrlbotine the Cofre? focal jonrnata * and docuaaeata, la pnraaaaoe at tbo provisions contained la tba joint revolution of Coagraaa approved '' nrraiy^tfaii JHM7, f fcifn hu*?4?vd ui Iftf-Mm, an4 wl Prbntrf Mk, d|htm k?*4M and flfty-alM ..w. <? UtotofMlaaAM?: For blaak b?oka,M?4tnSl*MttoMry, ftwl, u4 itafcto, nte KUm out Items, TaclaAla^ tap* of tkt ' 11 ?yt?Mtitfa^ jpwt-. dfed aSftt^T iwut u< Mhrt- ., [CmJ?<MM4 vmfruTlk fmgt.f

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