22 Ağustos 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Ağustos 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THEEVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDWFSDAY Aapil 2'i, 1960 Sptril el the ^lsrnlng Press. Tbs ConHitution applies the maxim " Honesty Is tbe best policy," to politics, and particularly to the relations between Northern and Southern Democrats The stiiir paper pnplishes the sddress of the National Democratic Executive Committee, and comments upon it as follows : 'The address if sued bv tbe National Democratic Execu':vr Committee, of which Hon. 1.1 Stevens is cbftrwan. Is n most abl??. truthful, and lnstruc ttTe doruo:rnt It t#?U forth with rlrarnrti and forre fls? cauift wblch led to tbe withdrawal of all tiue national democrat* from the Front Street Theatre at Baltimore; expose* the absurdity of the alleged regularity of Mr Douglas' nomination; lavs bare the tricks l>v which that nomination was fleeted; acd s;ives, in succinct form, an adm'.rnble rev>w cf the political questions now in issue before tbe people Kvery democrat ought to read it. The honest s-archer aft?-r truth cannot fail to be convinced by its array of facts and powerful arguments " The Inttiliftncer descants upon u Institutional Liberty," as originating in, and derived from hn gland H>~ Dr. R C. Mason has been elected presiding justice of Fairfax county. !ET A project is on foot Id Baltimore for the rection of a bis hotel on Baltimore st JLT Mr. William B. Aster. of New York, it stated to be worth *40.000.000, and the annual In. crease of hi* estate Is about S3.000,000. H r In Baltimore, Gade and Mully, charged with being accessory to the morderof Franklin H. Naff, have been discharged. irr The Boston subscription for the relief of the Christians in Syria has alreadv comm?nmi In earnest The treasurer wai empowered, at a meeting on Saturday, to transmit by the next steamer one thousand dollars to the distributing committee already appointed at Beyrout. HIT" Onthe*i9th inst., at .Niagara Falls, Blondin will cross over his rop? at 4 o'clock,with a woman on his back, and at 9 p m. in a blaze of fireworks. On th? occasion of the visit of the Prince of Wales to the Cataract, Blondin will cross the rope on stilts four feet high. ID- Some of the telegraphic dispatches, rs well as other reports, sent from the recent Charlottesville and Staunton Conventions, were extremely psrtlzan in their nature, in the interest of Bell and Douglaa respectively, and were of course received with due allowance by the Intelligent reader. The newest gossip about the Prince of Wales in New York is that Moses H. Grlnnell, Ksq . has tendered the reception committee the use of his splendid mansion in Fourteenth street. Mr. R. C. Haight has done the same thing, but Mayor Wood, it Is generally thought, will have the honor of the custody of His Royal Highness at his residence near Manhattanvllle. ID" From the present census returns it is estimated that the population of Norfolk, Virginia, will not exceed 16.UU0 souls, all told. The Argns nays: This was the estimate in 1335, when we lost almost 1,Stilt of our population by the epidemic; so that it appears that the increase of population has only been sufficient to make op our loss by that terrible calamity. It is said that overtures have been made by the Breckiiirldge State Committee, in New York, (n t)? n?.<.rK? U-" *-?? " * ? M auu ucii l mua ?iais V/OiniDlUWj for a conference with a view to unite upon a single electoral ticket. Tbe chairmen of the two comroltteea have opened a friendly correspondence, and U ia thought that things will be so arranged that the republican party wiU have to face tbe Douglaaitea, tbe Bell and Everett men, and tbe Brecklnrldgera in solid columns. 117Tbe following paragraph originally apI pea red in tbe English Quarterly Review for W.?k loot. ^r- mwvh, * W 'We ar? not advocate* for visionary project that Interfere with useful establishments. Wt trout tke idea of a railroad as impracticable! * * What can be more palpably absurd and ridiculous than the prospects bela out of locomotives travelling twtci as fast as stage coaches1 We should as soon expect the people at Woolwich to suffer thMiiselve* to be lired off upon one of Congreve's ricochet rockets as to put themselves at tue mercy of such a machine, going at such a rate." YZT' An earut*t appeal Is addressed by the "National Democratic Volunteers." an Independent association in New York city, to the three Opposition committees, urging them, as Union-loving practical men. to unite in one common effort to save the country from evil. They say : " So powerful are the ccmbinations of the Republicans at the North, so unyieldlog aud defiant is the attitude of the extreme disunlonists at the South, that if the Empire State, whose word Is law when she presents an unbroken front, doe* not now give an example of seif-d?nial and compromise, she will again be ojien to the charge of Laving in a moment of passion betrayed those interfltl Of Vhltb frnin ho? r*Aci?lA,. ?,U! ?11 , MV< f>voiuvii} puiuir.anyt geographically, and socially, sue may be s?id to Eola the balance of power." Frons California, Oregon, Ice. Tbe Pony Express, with California dates to the ?th instant. Las arrived at St. Joseph: 5ajt Fsancisco, Aug 9?The Pony Express, with St Louis daVs to the 27th ult , arrived at Carson Valley last evening,and will reach San Francisco to night. Tbe Overland Mails are also telegraphed, and will srrivethlsevening wlthtbe St Louis malls of tbe 16th July. There is but little State news, and that is conIned to politics. Senates Owin and Latham remain In the city, taking but little part in politics. The latter, it is aald, will not participate In the canvass. J. \V Dt nver, e*-bovernor of Kansas, supports Douglas, in a Iouj letter Many are advocating tbe nomination of Governor 1/ownev as one of the Douglas electoral delegates, which," it is thought, would prMllv rttwioih"" -I-* -..j ... tuat BiU*?. Politicians ar?- generally cf the opinion that, If the Presidential election could beheld at once, tbis State and Oregon would go for Douglas, but tbey anticipate a very damping effect upon tbe Douglas s de from tbe continued rcceipt of bid new* from tbe Eut A Bell and Everett State Convention to nominate Elecioral Delegates. is to be held at Sacramento, on tbe 5th of September, theday on whicb tbe Douglas Convention me?i? at tb?* same place Accounts from I.os Anglos represent that gold and silver discoveries continue to be made on Uie mountains to tbe southeast of that plat e, extend ing to tb? neighborhood of Sau Bernardino The Placer dlcglizl are believed to be very rich aud (tensive The a'connts from tbe Cose and Morno I^ke zold and silver mining regions which reach San Francisco eta Vixalta alto continue i f an excHing character The specimens of silver ore topipare favorably with that from the best leads of W ascoe, and many holders ef claims are sanguine of realising fortunes. An election bss Just been held in the Carson Valley region to organize a provisional government for toe proposed Territory cf Nevada on the sqnalter sovereignty principle The returns indj cate a vote favorable to tbe organization _m ? ? * * no aura* hwi piace during the election at Genut, id wGitU R M. Anderson, late Lieut Governor of California, wa? shot aud i* supposed mortally wounded. More ovrrland emigrants continue to arrive ?t Caraoo Valley, reporting large numbers on tbe roatl. Since tbe 1st of June, about 30" tons of Washoe silver ore have been sent to San Francisco Tbe amount of ore shipped from San Franclseo for New York and Kngland, by tbe two last steamers, Is valued at over $9U,U00. Okkgoh. Oregon advice* have bi*en received to the 31st of July. Tbe upinlun prevails tbat larger crops tUruiivitout th? wt?i* k-- ** .vuiu uc iwitciwa idii year than ever before. News bad been received at Portland that Major ? teen' cotiioiand bad bad another akirmiati with the Snake Indiana. A few Indiana were taken prisoner* Tbtre U no general newt of Interest. Tbe a* wtpaper* are tiled with political articles Kotir of th- paper* support Dou^Ua, three favor Breck taridge, aad three Lincoln. Bbitikh Coltmbia. The dates frcm Brittsb Columbia are to Auiu*t 1st Four MSfU ?teaa.er* were building at Victoria, to roa on the Fraaer River and other Inland water* Several brick balldinga were going up at Victoria, aad there was an increaaed dlcpoaltloo to inveat i? The mining news contain nothing of not*-, only ttat tt? Ctiu??? continued to flora to U?? digging*, tlirtdy outnumbering the wbitas five to on* H-r M?jeaty? hip Satellite Mi led from Victori* for haglnnd vln Uw waatern cowl of Mexico ud Panama * * ?* *!! *or * , "I *5 rt .aoo.Ni *? '' t wn-'Jit/: I a I WASHINGTON 1WWI AND OOMIP. j 9kktchk? of 9cmmb> ti^vil.? [Editorial Corrttpondtuet of Tkt Sinr J [no 21.j August 16, ip'io. akbiviho at cha*lott*svu ti. ?Irs H?tkls riowuiD with politician*?tn villaob; its location and scbrorxdinq* ?thb ltnivbbsittof virginia, as sxbn i* thb kiddlb OF THB LONO (SUMMER) VACATION. A considerable portion of the paMenger* of both t*ains?for a Central Railroad's train from Richmond journeyed a few hundred pace* ahead of ns from Uordonsville thia forenoon?l^ft tbe cars, a< I did, at the lower Charlottesville depot, to attend the Democratic State Convention. In all there are perhaps a thousand itrangen now here, most of them sojourning at one or the other of the two comfortable hotels of the village,which, however, are by no means adequate to the proper accommodation of tbeir guests of tbe occasion. These '-rangers embrace, with very inconsiderable exceptions, all the well-known real leaders of the Democratic party from nearly every county of the Old Dominion. True, I miss a few faces familiar on like occasions ; though, in the main, these latter are the well-known " mugs'' df tbe Messieurs Malfmrnnrs nf tK? . -i?? , P? pui>j. v* gcnucuivai aiway? ambitious of candidacies, and as invariably dieappointed in their aapiration* for popular favor. 1 also iniM the physiognomies of a few dozen gentlemen who, having been active Whigs, became flaming Know Nothings when It was thought that Know Nothinglsm was about to role the roost in Virginia, and as intense Democrats shortly after Henry A. Wise's election mad* it plain that the road to political preferment In Virginia was likely to continue to be through connection with her Democratic party. All these gentlemen are assembled at Stsnnton to-day, I hear, together with not a few other leaser lights of like political history and fortune. Messrs. Hunter and Mason, of toe United 9tates ? t ..r.? u- ?*>?? - ? ' - - , _v.v, ?>m mi. <tikii3i uomeiirt. The court-house square, which the priocipal bot*l facrs. is lively with groupes of Virginia'! Demo, cratic leaden, discussing the chancea of the election of their choice?Breckinridge and Lane. As my algebra is none the brightest now, 1 have confessed to fifty ir.y inability to bring that problem out to a result satisfactory to myself; to 1 can but amuse myself with listening to the shrewd calculatious of those here, there, and everywhere around me, who being better (or at least more confident) cyphenrs than myself, have already rrduced It to th? politician's not unusual dead certainty (before election) of actual black and white, on pap*-r Vet I must confess that though I can perceive no lack of the fire to win the victory in Virginia, tn the members of thisConvention?and I see nothing that can possibly prevent the Breckinridge and Lane ticket from carrying the Old Dominion?the shrewdest and best informed around me are as loth to undertake the task of fl^urinrr date* into the Presidency and Vice Presidency J<ist now, as I am. But let us leave tbe crowd of politicians for an instant. Charlottesville, though here and there an improvement in it* n?w streets Is in progress, weirs the air of a finished city?finished when tbe style of village building was somewhat more substantia than before the era of the universal use of paint and putty, and unseasoned Inch plank for the most part. Thus, though not growing, it is very substantially built, and is really a thrifty, thriving place of some 4 fmo t ^ ' ' una jjrooaniy hardly a single pauper among them all. The village or town of Charlottesville consists principally of three parallel streets, perhaps a mile long, with other short streets at right angles to those, and arioos handsome private residences, surrounded by spaciousar.d highly ornamented grounds (with trees) on the outskirts. These latter relieve the appearance of the town greatlyfrom the monotony of Its otherwise very old-fashioned and unpretendIi'g air. The farm mansions in the neighboring valley, too, serve to add to the picturesque scenery of the vicinity of Charlottesville, asseen in all directions from any of its outer street*. Nearly every neighboring such building stands on a gently welling hillock, in the midst of a beautiful grove, a id tells at a glance that it Is Inhabited by pertons of dignity, ef individual character, and reflurd taste, as well as means withal to cultivate and gratify that taste rationally. The far-famed University of Virginia lies upon undulating ground about a mile and a half above Charlottesville, in the same valley of the Hlvanua river Jefferson selected Its'site, and a lovelier on? for picturesque effect is not to be found In all the !*We of Virginia. On two side?, very-nearinnnntal" ?' " * , iwui a raiueraorupi Background. Tbe multitude of brick building* connected with the institution, from the magnificent main collepiate edifice surmounted with a mammoth tin covered cupola, now sparkling like a buge diamond in the light of today's burning lun. are nil familiar to the whole country, which, it will be remembered, teems with engravings of them. I shall nci essay to describe them here, thertfote. further than to remind the reader that each one of them was planned and located directly under the consulting eye and taste of Thomas Jeiferaon, In his day the most accomplished architect in the land, without being a practical builder His refined taste is evident In the tcvt *nttmblt of all of them, from the main collegiate edifice down to the humblest porter's lodge or professor's carriage house. All are yellow-washed, and so shaded with foliage as each to add as charmingly to the UlTM.tlMUIxMk... ?? * " IUC 01 iqc wnoie range (of buildings) as a bouse designed for such a purpose aa that for which it is intended, can add. This is the middle of the annual long (summer) vacation; so the University's avenues look deserted to day. i regret much that I saw it for the first time with v*c?nt walks and groves, rather than with a fair portion of the Institution's seven o{ eight hundred students, a hundred prcf?*sors, teachers, rifilala, and servants, and of the families usually living in the premises, present to give ths scene the air of life it Is wont to wear. Between Charlottesville and the University are Ideated the outside boarding hotels, usually patronized by perhaps half the students; the rest rooming within its sacred precincts These hotels are very plain buildings, answering, however, well for the purposes designed. Their appearance is, of course, exceedingly somber to-day, because so nearly d' aerted; as they are to continue until the beginning of the next setslon. W. D. W H. I | OFFICKKS OEDKBEB TO THE PoWHATA?!.?The following officers have been ordered to the U.S. * tram frigate Powhatan, recently returned from j the fc.n?t lndlea : Captain, Samuel Mercer; Lientenants, John RutU-dge, E. Thompson, 8 C. Harris, W. VV. Qn?en, George Brown, Philip Porettr ; Surgeon, Jo*. Wilson, jr. ; Passed As itiUnt8ur|ie?u, James Laws; Purser,George W. Clark, 'id Lieut Marines, W. W. B Kirkland; Midshipmen, J Bishop, George Dewey, M. 8 Sluyvesjiit, C W. Read ; Boatswain, F McLwod, fl..- ?? - - uuuuci, .? uucyaer ; Sallinaker, J. Stephens; Engineers?Chief, Harman Newell; lit Aunttut*, W. J. I.amtdin, James P. Lam bin; 'id Assistants. J. Mc El well, John Purdy; 3d Assistants, W . H (iladdtng, E. Laws, H. C. Mellvaia. Mkxicax ArraiBs.?Minister McLane is here on business connected with Central Mexican affairs It is known from the latest advices that th? liberal government is extremely anxious to know wbat will be the coarse of the United stales ibould there be armed intervention by several European powers in Mexico. The mere probability rf such united action?a fbrmal reconciliation of the liberal and church parties being considered Impracticable?excites more than usual Interest. It is further known that the in * iioerai government desires the return of Mr. McLane, It preference to the appointment of any other person u Minister of the United State*. Lard Iktbllioikcb vson Mkxico ?Dispatches h .ve be u received from Commissioner Clark, I'i lted Stales and Texas Boundary Survey, dated Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 10, Informing the Department of the Interior of the completion of t'ie survey and^ demarcation of that boundary With the exception of about tlfty miles of merid an upon the i*iaoo Kstaeado (Staked Plain,) wnlch portion h* proposes to Inlsh before bis rrt irn to Fort Smith, Ark., where the commission will h? ? ?.?. ?1? i- *?? ? ... <?? i> |K?:uuariy grit- I Ifylng bein^ far wltbtn the expectation* of the I Department, u we learn, both In point of time I Mid COCt. I ' ' i * i .r. I V' ' * I s ExTKftSlOS OF A. pATIHT FO* HilVIITUI ? On the 5th of November next, at 12 o'clock, the Commlisioner of Patents has directed a hearing In the cat* of Andrew J. Cook, of Knon,Ohio, who has petitioned for the extension of a patent grnated to him on the 20th of November, 1546, for an Improvement In "harvesters," for aeven years from the expiration of said patent^ which takes place on the 2Uth day of November, 1^80. The test!rnony in the case will be close4 on the vi"2d of October. Dkath of a* E*gi*xkxix thb Navt.?Official intelligence ha* )>een received at the Navy De panmeni 01 we aeatb or ultil Kngineer Daniel Turner, who died nt the nary-yard, Mare Island, California, on (he 21st of July last. He has been on duty at this station for a number of years. ? + ? Cabinet MKETrNo ?The members of the Cabinet held an Informal meeting at .he State Department yfsterday. Communications on all important subjact* are sent to the President at Bedford. * The Weather.?The following report of tbe weather for tbe morning Is made from the Ame* I tan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith tonlan Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. August 22, 1960 New York, N. Y cloudy, warm. Philadelphia, Pa clear, rather close. Washington, D. C cloudy. Richmond, Va. clear, 77?. Petersburg Va clear, 79?. Norfolk, Va clear, 78?, wind N Raleigh, N. C clear, 75?. Wilmington^ N. C cloudy, cool. v/uoi mbuii, o. wind E Augusta. Ga clear, 76 Pivannan, Ga clear, warm. Macon, Ga. cloudy. Columbus, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala clear, hot. Mobile, Ala clear, warm. New Orleans, La clear, 84?. FRO* THE WBST. Frederick, Md cloudy, warm. Hagerstown. Md cloudy, warm Cumberland, Md raining, warm. Grafton, Va cloudy, warm. Wheeling, Va cloudy, 68?. Psrkersburg, Va cloudy, warm. Cincinnati, O cloudy, warm. Cleveland. O Pittaburg, Pa clear, wind 8E Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 29.f*3; at uoon. 29 !#?? Thermometer at 7 a. m71"; at noon, SH. Maximum during 21 hour* ending 9 a. m. today. 85X?? minimum 6Sjf'. Amount of rain this last night, measured at the Smithaoniau Inatitutlop, aeventy-slx-hundredth* of an inch. rtmui Hon I.ewls Cass, Jr., la at the St. Nicholas Hotel, New York. -Senator Douglas intends to return to Chicago in the early part of next month. Mr A.M. Ross, the engineer who superintended the erection of the Victori t Bridge has become insane, and is now the inmate of an asylum Col Forbes, of Kansas notoriety, has turned up in Sicily, where he enjoys the confidence of Garibaldi, and occupies an Important military position. A gentleman who came passenger In the Quaker City, from Havana, reports tbat wben he left. Fowler, the defaulting postmaster.w&s down with the yellow fever. George P. Burnham. late llnn?? ??" *? , 1? ????? l? tbe State of Massachusetts, bat manned to get rid of all tbe Indictments against btm for malfeasinre of office. The district attorney lias entered a nolle pross In tbe last of them. .... Senor Mata, the Minister from Mexico to tbe United States, did not take bli family with him, a* stated last week They are in New York city, and will remain till October, when the Minister will return to his post. Hon Edward Hates, of Missouri, is at Niagara. Mrs. James Gordon Bennett, with a portion rf her family. his been stopping at the International She brought her carriage and a span of beautiful ponies, which have been frequently on tbe street. " . _ , . ypCOMF. AND SF.E OUR CELEBRATED J x NAVY KUAN N El. f()A Hs ?? S4J50 at ail 10-2w SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street. 1 ENGLISH SHIRTING PRINTS. HAVE Just receive*! one case or Knslixli Shirtinir Prints of extra quality ami wi<lth<warmuted iwet o?l?ra, at Ida. per yarn. H. EG AN, au 22 fit S'21 7th ?t-, and :t*il Pa. av. FOR SALE.-A pair of COaCII HORSES, jotme and <a*t- milrf for no 1 owner hi vine no use for them. Apply at W. H. IJPPKRMAN'^ Cr03eiy, on Pon i ^"^. yliMittniM, betweeu 3<1 awl 4'? sts. an Zi tf Rock hill academy, Eli.icott'* Mill*, Md. This Institution, conducted by the Christian Brothers, will resume studie* on Monday, Sept^mI>er31. _ au 2t lot Avery nice seven octave piano having been in use a snort time only., t . w ;l tie ??i d At a great saerifi e for i I IBM the own< r bring c>mpell?d to l?av? the*''*"' 01 tv. O uilM piice #0*',will now )>?*old fur If) 0 cash, to be seen at Mr. METZEROTTS Mumc tt. o rner Pa avenge and Eleven1 It at. au 2Z J coal op. U3T Rec*ivod from 'he Virginia Oil Company a- ? - p in. PARAFlNE COAL. OIL, which - ... jf?: l<i mi' :iew t ork or lioston oil. The trade can b? suppii?<1 ua the ?arr>et'iing &a they buy at the North- savine the freight. ail a-lm H.C. PCBDV. 4Q3 Pa ay. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE, Washington. D. C. TIio session of the College open.i on Wedneidi), Sept-ml>er 2Gtli; ti)? preparatory *chco'. Wednesday, Sept?ml>or 12th For term*, catalogue, or other mfjimation apply to the President au 22 2aw4w* G.W.SAMSON, D. D. TTHI'R'DU' AND SATURDAY. WO LAST DAYS OF STEVENS'S AUCTION SALE OF FANCY (JOODS, By J C McGl'IRE & CO. Rare chaDce for French Artificial I)re?s Seta ami Flowers ami l*aces of every kind at auction. Call early and get good seats. au t'Z 336 Penn. avenue. H~~AYING DETERMINED TO REM-'VETO the West, I now off<?r my STOCK, FIXTURK* and GOOD WILL of my GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, on r'asonahle terms Aiiy one desirous of entering in the Giocerj Business, is now orierrd ? hare CKanrt. the location Icing oae of the finest intheCitx. .IAS. E. WAUGHT, corner 9th ?tr*ct ?n.( v? v? ? - w i or fc ftvn ., au22-3t near the Northern Liberty Market 1 WINTER F1'EL. SIlAIili ?hr>rtly receive two cargoes of RED *nd WHITE ASH COAL, ofaupnrior nnahtr. which 1 shall deliver to consumers from tn* Tends at a deduc'ion of twenty-five cent* per ton. SAWED and SPLIT WOOD always on hand. GEO BOGUS, Successor to S. H. Younf. aii a-4t cast side 9ih, between D and E sts. INSTRUCTIONS IN DRAWING awd PA(NTING. Mr WM? MAC LEOD continues instructions in th^ various bran'hes of the above art* at his c!a*s room. No. 17 Louisiana avenue, a few doors ?a*t of P< rr> * Brothor's. Colleton, se?nina-.io? ?nd school* attended. an heretofore, with but little interrupt! u to other studies of pupils Apply a* al> vo on WiMlnesdays and Saturdays, from 9 a. m. to noon, or through the Post Office an H eoSt* l>R()PO!*AC,S WILL BE RECEIVED AT I the I'nitiwt o?_ .--- - -- * - - . r? ? r iuvouviarj, if. <j., ior irie I turning anil furnishing Fifty Thousand, (more or jess) Broom ami Whisp Handles, to heoflium. Maple. Poplar. Cherry, Hirch.or any other ha*d wood. For pattern, and further particulars, call on the Ward-n of the Institution. jTh* Mates and Alexaudria Sentinel will please insert three times,and send in account fur Mine ] au 22-31 J NEW FALL GOODS. 1ST Received my first suppiy of new Fall Goois, consn-tui* of Cloths, Cas*imors, Casino's, Fia->nels. Detains,Merinos, Alpacas, Poplins, Merrimac and Kncish Calicos, Kentucky Jeans, Tweeds, Bleached awd Brown Sheeting* and thirting*. Cuttons, Irish Linens, Ae. , Ai.so, f.arce assortment of Hosiery, Gloves I. men Cam b.ic Handkerchiefs, Ac. H. EG AN. au 22-fit .Vil 7th st.. and 381 Pa. av. FOR 8 A LE.-On tfea?onahle Terms?the RIGHT of BLI.YSON YKRBY'9 PREMIUM B ATTER MACHINE; Patented July J7tl?, 1858. _This machine m?v be serf * " ? - ^ _ ? ?? ? >1 (i i nurn ami uroam Foe??r. Te'ins can >? known lyr applying at No. 339 Twelfth street, hetwren M and N, wa?hington, D. O., or through the Wash ngton Post Office. The ?ubscribwr wishes to employ two or three more active business men lo travel for the sale of the Right. A liberal offer will be made to si.oh as shall come well recommended. au a 1 w* ELl,YSON YERBY. Patentee | AST CHANCE BUT^ONE, rO-MORROW STEVENS'S AUCTION SALE OF FANCY GOODS. On Thnrsdav French Artificial Dress Sets and Flowers of every kind will be offered, as I desire to close oat such stock to enable me to open entirely now styles. Come early aud get comfortable seats and great bargains. STEVE S'S 336 Pa. av , bet. 9th and loth its. I Sold by 1. C. McGuiat k. Co. an 2> GEORGETOWN FEMBJ.K SEMINARY. iruKJI**I.Y itlll L?. ti. KNGI.IRH1.) A BOARD/NO AND 1>A Yt SCHOOL. The duties of this Institutien will l?e resumed on , the first Monday in J*epteuib*r next. The course of instruction embraces all tLat is < taught, from the rudiments to the must highly fu? isitert education. . . The oorps of teachers, t*>? ia number^are < im , uently qualified a..d expertenoed in thetr sdTeral departments , Lectures Friday evening*oo the Nitura' Sciences without charge to the puptla. au 22eo3m T i e. ' ? ?"? J.."> ;? ta I r,j .?a7?va.?H6?r w $ i 0 Proposals for materials for the navy. Navt Dkpaktxkht, ) Bureau t>f (Instruction, tquipment. fc..) August 82, I860. > .Skalid Proposals to furuiah materiala for the XavT tor t|ao fi'ca! ietr ending the 30th June, IbKl. Will? rwivM U ikn bureau eeul 3 o'elojk. p. Til or UuVHh September aext. There Proroaala I rrmat ftw Mlattrinl* f?r >k* A'4r?. Bmnau of Comurhctim. frc.," that they may be disMngaiahed from other baaiaea* |ette?e. The Biferiala and artieiea embraced in the c!aea?* named are particularly described io printed aohfdniea, am ofvhich wiU be formated to rack 1 eedeaire to offer, en appheanoa <o the Comman daote of the reepectwe V erds, or to the Navy Agents nearest thereto and thcae of all the \ arda upon appiioaton to thia Hurrau. Thi* division into class?a heme for theoon- ein?roe?>i dt?ifr? in each, such portion* will ?>e fun uhed ?i arc actuallr re^mrxt for bids The Commandant and Navy Agent of each station will hare a oopy of the soheduii-s of theoth^r \ ani?,for fnmia?'i"ii oaiy, from which it ma* be judptd whether it will l?e desirable to m%ke application for there Offer* m a U be mnde for the whole of the olass at any Yardupou ou^of the prinfd ecli'duJea, or in stnot oonformity therewith, or they wilt cot be considered. The contract will be awarded to the lo ?fst hena .fult bidder who gives proper tecutity for its fu fi ment. The L'uited states reserves the ri?ht to re jeo> all the bids for any oias8,if deemed xorbiiant. All articles must Ik> of the very bt?i?t qua1 it), to be delivered in good order, and in suitable vessels and . U. - -.4 t- * * * " r?vu|->i ?? im cuo rr.a> i>e, r n me eij>eit*e vnfl nek 01 the contiactor, and in all reepeots ?ul>j ot to the inspf ctirm, mea- iiremeiit, count, weight. Ac., of tho Va'd where received,and to th? ant)re satufaotton of the Commandant thereof. Bidder* are referred to the oomit andants of the respect.v* yards for samples, instructions. or par tioular description of the article*, aod, alt other thing* being equal, preferenoe will be given to article* of American manufacture. Kvert offer,a* required by ttio law of 10th Au* gnat, 1846, mu*t be accompanied by a written guarantee, the form of which 1* hrrewi.h given. Those only whoie ofle,* may be aeeepted will be r o ifird, ana the oor.t'aot will be forwarded a* *oon thereafter as practical) e, which they will be re paired to execute within ten day* after it* receipt at the Post OAoo or Navy Agency named bj them. Sureties in the full amount will be required to sign the oontract, and their responsibility certified 1 to by * United State* District Judge,United State* Ihst iot At'.orne;, Collector, or Navy Agent >*s I additional security, twe-itT ?er eei tnm will ?.* withheld from the amouiit of the bills until thA oon tract shall have been competed; and eight/ per oentuni of eaoh bill, approved iu triplicate by the oeinm&ndants of the respective yard*, will be paid by the Navy Atent at the point* of delivery within thirty days after its presentation to him It ie stipu.ated in the contract ti.at, if default be made by the parties of the first part in deliveries ?.M or any of the artioles mentioned in any oiaM bid or in the contract, of the quality and at tbe time and p accs above provided, then, and in that oase. the oonlraomr and his sureties will forf*kt*nd pay iothtlinit d States a suin of money not exoeedmg ta loe the amount of snch cla?s, which may be recovered Torn tnne to time, aooording 'o tne act <>1 Concress iu that caso provided, approved March 3,1843. Uias? No. 6 to be delivered one-fourth part on or before the 15th May,one fourth pa t on or before the '/ith July, one fourth par' by the 80th September, and the remainder by the 1st December, 1861. Cla-? 3, tne wiwle by the l5Ui May, 1861. l'he re mainiiiK classes to be delivered one fourth part oa i r b foie the Wt I) '-cember r?>xt,oi:e fourth part on cr ijcfore th? 1 ?t April, and the remainder ou or be fnr^ the 3 th June. 1861, uuless earlier required, with a notice of twelve days, comprising at each il?"liver? a due proportion ol earn artu> ? n?.? i < nil! alt fuilowiL-g, if additional quartitie* of any of tn? artiolea named therein are< emanded, they are to ! ? furniih-d on hue term* and condition* previou? to tho expnati<>no( t.*ie fiaoil yeir. upon recei< tag a notice oi fifteenda>a lromtheburbau,the oomu.andant ol the yard, or Navy Ageut. Form <J Offer. I, , of , iu the State of , hereby agree to furn.ah and deiiter. iu the respective Navy > ard>-,ail theartio.ee named in the oiaa^ea hereunto affixed aeri eably to the provisions ol the aohedulea iherefor, an; m coclormity wrhthead vertiaement of the Bureau of Conatruction, Jco., of Anrnvt 22.should ir y offer be aocepir<l. I re queat t be addressed at . %nd ?he oontraot ent to the Navy Are--1 at .or to . for aignatare ana oertific&te. -isnature. A. B. Date. W liueaa. The aohedul* which the bidder enoloaee must be p\ated to hia effor. and each of them sicned by ium. Opposite eaoh article in the achedale the nriflA rnu-t h? k? * r..?? irv *io ouiuuui earned oaf, tH6 &( irexato footed up for each olass, ajid the amount likewise written in words. Form of Uuarantte. The undersigned , of . in the State of .and , of , in the Stat' of hereoy uarauty that in c.>*e the foregoing bid of . for any of tiie cl.i*s?-s theiein named be accepted, he or ihey will, wittnn ten dajs after the receipt 01 the contract at the Host Offi'.-e named, or Navy Agent d-sigiated, execute tne contract lor the same, with good and suffirient mrwties; and in case said shall laii to uter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to mak? go<?d ti-e diffjrenoe between the rlfer of the ?aid ? and tnat win >h may be aooepted. Signatures of the twu guarantors. C. D. E. t . Date. W it' e*s. I hareby certiTr that the at?i?v? nam?rf are Known to me as men of property . and able to make good thiir guarantee. Date. Signature. (J. H. To be s'gnrd by the lTnited States Distriot Judge. IUK..I ?!. " n-.-:-. " - ? uioici xjtavi joi i\iw>rney, Uollootor or Navy Agent. The following are the Classes required at the resjK><stt*e Navy Yards: KITTKRY, ME. Class No. 8, yei ow pine infi^t and spar timber, ciaas 10, white pine; cfiisll fish plank; class 14, white a>h oar ratters; eiass *1, iron; 22, tpikasand iaiia; 23, lead, lu.c, tin; 25 lardware: i?. painir, ol a, 4c ; 2*, flax canvas: 24, cotton canvas; 3i. ootton and tlax twiue; 32. leather: as. bunting ai>a drj good*: 37. pitch, tar, rocin, S!, 'allow, soap, and on; 3>, ship chandlery; 40. stationery; 41. fare wood. CHARLKSTOWN. Clan* No. 1, white oak logs; No. 6, yellow pir.e plank itook 1?, while pine; 11, ash and oypreai; 12, track walnut ohem; 14, white ash (?ra and hickory hutia; 15, white oak aiavas and hesulpig: 21, iron;i2, ?pike- and ntiU; ?3. lead, z.uc,an<i tin; i>, hardware; 27. paint', oils. Ac; ill, tUx can va??; f, o?ttou oanvay; 9>, flax and cotum twu>e; 31, glas<; 3<f leather; 3i, hose; 34, brushst; 35, bsnlin* ami dry good.'; 3/, Pitch, tar,rosin; 38, taiiow, soap, and oil: 3) ship chandlery; 40, siatioierj; 41, fire wood; 42, ox hides lor rope. BROOKLVN. Class No. I, white oak io*?; 3, white-^ak proms ouou* tinaber; in, vrhite-piae; 11, ash and o?p es<: It, white a*n oarit, hickory bar*. anJ butt*; 16, white k staves and hc-&iinr*;21, iroi ;2?>, spik >* and naila: 2S. l?mH "? *"" ?* ? , ? - 1 Biuvt WUU Itllly p 1 < irocj hardware; 27 ptintv oi.?, A<i; 23, flux e>nvas; 2), cot'on caiivas; 3 , flax and cotton twine, 31 gia?s; 32, leather; 33. com; 34, brush**: % buntirg an" dry goous; 3> ;a.itern*: 37, pitch, tar, and ro?m; 31, tal'ow, ?oap, ar.it or: 38, sbipchandlerj; V> sta ion ?iy; 41, ire woodTHiLADKr PHIA. Class No 2, whit? oak plank; 6. yellow fine plank stock logs; >*i, wli l? pitc; 16, h aoK sprnce; 21, iroi ; 22, hpilre* aid cars; 21 l?-?d, zinc, and t:n;25, hardware; 21, points sad oil?; 2', flax oanva?; rj co tun o%r.va>; 311, flax aiid coti. u iwiue; 31, glasi; 3;, leather; $4, ho?e; 3t, I rushes. 35, bunting acd dry govids; 37, pifoh, tar, and to.in; 3H, ta low, *o*p, and oil; 39, ship oliaudlery; 40, stationery; 41, fir? wo d. WASHINGTON Clas* No. in, white pine; 21. iron; 22, spikes and nails; 23, lead. ?u.o. tin; 21, pig ir?u; 26. hardware; 27. pamis and oila; 31. gla.?; 32, leather; 33, 'allow, soap oi ; S?, ship ohai dlery; 43, boiltr, tank, anu galley iron; 44. ehain irou; 46. ingot ooppar; 47, bellows; 48. po e?. GOSPORT. Class No. 1, white oak logs; 6, yellow pin? plank stock log*; 1". elm; 16. black spfeee; ID. lignum vi Uk; 21, uon; 2*, spik?- and nails; 23, ea >. tino, tin; 94, pig iron; 2S, Hardware; 2'. p*ints, oils, *o ; 2i, Aa* r>ftr.tr? " ^ M#? ? ? " in u ciiivm, a', ntx ana e >tt iwrf 31,glaea; 32. leathei; Si MM 31, bruahe*; 35, ImatiUK and dry *?>od*; 37, pitch tar, roam; 3b, ml low, aoap, and oil; 39, alup chandler}; 40, eta tionery. WARRINGTON. Clasa No. S, white oak p ank; lo, white pine; 14, white aas o?r>; 15, white oak atatea and beading; 21. iron; 22. apikec and naila; 21, lea'4, unc anu tin; 25. hardware;27, paintaand oi.a;.T?, flax and ootton twine; 37.pit.jh, tar, and roam; 31. tallow, aoap, aud oi': 34, alup onandlery; 40, etatioMftry. aii 22 Kw4w PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN BTONE WOKKS. The auhaoriber beg* lsave to inform the cit lira of Washington,Georgetown and Atexaadrift that h? hah add>d to bia long eatadiahed bu*ineaa the nuxuiarr of steam power for aawing and mannfae tnrin* Marble and Brown Stone Work in 'heir vv rinna Kra???K?* ** 1 * * ' W.auvucr. WJ1IUI9 l iOlO ADC W&fth Can't I Of*, Tile. Monuments. Tomb and Hetd Monci, ? & is. Window Linteia, Sile, Hteaa and P.atform-. riaviug purchiuie<laiargearookofltilikn Martri* m Honk .from first hai.ds,at the owett rataa, he fe*l? confident of being able to furniah Marb<e Work ai low aa itoan be pnrohaaed in New York, Philalelphia. or Baltimore. The trade eupplied with Italian Marble in blook or ?labs at the aame rateaa fnrni?hed in >?w York, and on ac"ommoda'ing t*rms. Alto, on hand, a large supply of PumioeStone, Water of Ayr Hoi.* and Polishing Putty nt New York prioea. Enoourage the enter prise; it wt.l be an soentaition to the eity. aiTkx. ruthrrford PiOHttr Steam M*rblr and Broim Sim* Wort*, Pa. av.f oor. Thirt enth at, an 21 S*n Washington, D. C. riV OPENING. 1 HE E STREET BOWING SALOON WILL o?m tlii4 Mo day evening, Auiuat i. ? . iith, 1U60. For tne season, having\J? I cloaed for tlie pa t three months for XJ ' o the purpose of refitting everything appottaining to the Saloon- It having twen entirelv .usiiou. ana newly Tre?coeiL The proprietor will be pleased to have bis friends and thepuMio give hi hi a call. J. T. MARR. augWlw* DRV GOODS. Just opened superior Shirting Cotton*and Linens, Sheetings. Table Diapera, Napki.-s, Towelings. W hite and ColoredDo v lie*, Table Cloth*, fine and medium Wh to and Colored Flannel*, Scotch and Kuasia Diap*ra, Canton Flannels, new atjle Moo* elinea and fall styl* Calico*, t*h>rtinr Calico and 1.1 nen Shirt Bosoms; WOdozeii 1 .adies' Linen HaadkerebiHa, price-* from 7.0 eerrt > to #2 a doses; all \orjr ehrap; with n.anj other ee?enfiaMe good* Which we are selling at the lowest market prices. | ?1T /' A* nu i? 2w * .J o" wiii-r.r * ro , -^5-_" * 13 Seventh ?t, above Pa. IT wwh?S&iiiSzxKii. idJ1.iV.iVL " '" '"* "'[(J I' ' I . WANTS. I WANTED-A WOMAN to Cook and Wuh.it i**? I *, hot *>th and aut ?t! a Vl/ANTKD?A sintil KARM contsinine I'om " bre to twe?ty-fiv? aero*. ntua'e.1 f om 1 to 2 milM from thu City. App.y to J 4COI1 HEWS. ro.? a?f ol 6tk and oaat Capital Ktre ta. It* UfANTRIV-At Karnnaa A Bopp'? camate fa*" tory, a H Hl.PKR ia Rlaekimith departn nt. ,Toa nood hand steady work and c???d wa|N ?iren. Apply immediacy- It* WAN! F.d-A WIDOW with a .mail family ?o '? takecharcn of a summer Innrdine ho"??.'o oat-d near Drsiiisrille, Ya , tiiilen from Washin*tnn. I). P. linnaa c ontain* ft r#wuu av*nrlw pnoered, paint*! and fnrnished. It Wili )<e rented or let conditionally. A rood living Anil money ran be iniw'e |>y an industrious and good managing person. For particular* apply at a two *tory nrick, ooraar Twelfth and O at*., or addreaa **\V. Waahngton, D. C. a?i 21 3t* WANTED? Bt a steady aad industrious man. a SITUATION as collector. Best of raeora foundations gtvou. Address M. C., Star OJfice. )y I?-tf PERSONAL. ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS arsinit the estate of the late Knsxszsa Rodbird. will present them (properly Touched) to me, for settlement, on or before the 2Mb day of June, next. KPHRAIM B RODBIBD. corner 1st and M st?.. Trnstee for the Heirs. aii 2J.?t*w5t* Am caution. LL Pernor* are cautioned from harboring my daughter Maria, who left my hoar* and I hare r?\tun to believe is aeoreted in noma home of ill fame. t' elaw will It* rigidly enforced upon any per ?o a guilty of the offen?e. a liberal reward given to any one returning her to me at the Navy Yard. ?u21j2v; thomas branson, Madamk fkux, fortune tklleh, from Paria. inform* her former friend*, and the vui/H\j p^ciicmuji Htm bqo nM remove? 10 91 Tenth street, between E and F, where the will be happv to see all who will favor her with a eall. an 13 3w? \4ADAMK MORRICE, TnGiur A?t?olo1~1 gist aud Doctiui, just from Emtop*.?This highly Rifted and icteilisent lady oar. be eon*a)ted on the Past, Present and Fnture Erects. Call at No. 905 Twenty-second street, between H and 1, Washington. jet* 3m* "EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, kz. T POSTPONED. HE BAT.L AND DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS which was to oome off last ovemn; oft COLUMBIA SPRINGS. _ in ru? i ru,> i\L> DDUIH1 TUESDAY. August 2Bth. ?n -1 Look out for the zouave CLUb PRIZE PIC-NIC. I At ARI.lNr.TOM SPR>G. au 20 TUKSDAV, September ??h. 1**?. T MOONLIGHT FXCURSION HK C?ngre*ation offimo* Church (Island \ progo*? fivin? a MOONLIGHT EX-_, ^k CIJRSION for tbe benefit of ih4fl^^5tacr? Ch"i* connects! wits the Chnrch, FRIDAY, AucuvtSlTlier have chartered the steamer Pimnx. which will leave Eleveiith street wharf at & o'clock p. m , prcci*?ly. Withers'* Band hai been en?ared for the *eeaai"n Refreshments on th?* l?oat. Tickets 5" cen *; ch Mr?r. 2\ cents. Committft 8. E. Murphy. C.Jacob*. S. B. Tafior, W. S. Yeatman. W.S Bobsrt*. R. F. BanK J.N Gord it. C. II. Hancock. a-i15-eo AJMUtShMKJNTtS. A ? n I N G T O N T H E A T FTR! Sole Lessee and Manager S W. Gna*. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op n for the r*g u!?r Fall and Wint?r S?a?on on tfie night nf THURSDAY. .Monxiik Ik. josr.pH jT^fferson, The Coine'liM, of the Age, wil eonnnenc an eng?^ein?nt of Twe vii Nuht< on MONDAY, jVovemlier 5th. ai d will b? id low u lut^e m<>?t BRIl.t.l ? NT STARS In the Theatrical Finn* ue t. ITT" Commuuiea'it>n? if a ldrerv*1 to S \V. Glixn. "'OH Howery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an U-tf Eprkk concerts: RNST LOEFFLER, JVste York arm**. btliccim 1?( nnid \tre'ts, wouid respectfully^ flk state to the public 'hat A COM'KRT SELECT MUSIC wilt l*> riven ever* MON V DAY MdTHURSDAY EVENINGS deringthe season. at his Pavilion, commencing at 3 o'clock and ending at l?? p. m. Previous to the Concert, the Saloon is open to those desiring to wbne away a few hv>uis in the maty danoe. ICE CREAM. WATER ICES.and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city FarUes desiring the Girders for Pio Nio per pos-s. are re* nested to give a day or two notio*. je 18 3m Ir'OR PHILADELPHIA ?The etenmerC C. Alter, Cap'ain Fenton. I ** ar- jp? ^ rived au<l will ren*ivn frtuht for atwve port on l hurtuJair. to tail l'rulay morning, at 11 o nlock. HYDE fc DAVIDSON, au 21-St (ieorg?towr?. C 8T&AW HATS, STRAW HATS! LEARlNti OUT STOCK OF STRAW HATS In ord r to dispose of mjr entire atook of Men'a and Boya'STRAW HATS great inducement* will be offered until the close of the eea*on at LANE'S Faahionakle Hat and l ap More, au 21 lm P*. av., near Four-and a-half at. WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, Cobmck or Tk?tth <rd O St*. The exerctaea t>f thia achool will t?e resumed on MONDAY, S-.ptoiul?'r 3d. For t- rm* apply at my residence on D atreet, near Star Office. Circular* at bookato.ea. au 21_lut SAMUEL KELLY, Prinoifal. THE ESPECIAL ATTENTION OF OCR NAVY YARD FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS is called to our new CLOTHINO tSTAHLI ?HMi!.NT, corner of Seventh aud E atroeta. Washing on Intending to make th.a our permanent plac? of tuaine*a, we have lepleniaheri oar n<>ck wiin a fine lot of new (jowl* just raceived, which now in%kt<? oar stock altogether a complete on >. We hope to receive a iberal alia e of patronage from the puhiio Fair dealing and low price* ha? al wa> s Iweo our motto au21_.J: BAR A BROTHER w" TO THE Fl BMC. ' ' K Cat! the attention of our fiends and the publie Rf-neral.) tu the fact that we have < pened a 6 ret quality CI.O I'M IN<J ESTABLISHME NT o,. the earner of Seventh and E street*, Washington, where a e have on hanl a large stock of the aw>r? named food*. with an rlegaot a?sor m-Hit of GENTS FI'H NISHING G<'OOr* OurShirtsar# indeed a superior ki* d to any heretofore sold in thi? citt to the prices. By Fair L)< aiint and U* Prices < winch hah always l>een our motto) wo hope to ob tain a libetal share of patron.*te from < or friends anil thejpahlic. _ au 21-1 w BAR k. BROTHF.R J DRAWING ANO PAINTING. M STANLEY Havm* taken the rooms re eentlv occupied by the Waehmaion Art Association, two doors we*t of the auction 'tore of J. C. McGoire V Co , it is hi purpose in addition *o his accustomed art labors, to open a School for ia?true tions in DK AWING l.AVnsriPf ~X'VT) K>R*I*A1T PAfWTlNG. ftrnunaM?s and Bit dins JicKo u aeoomni'Mated r ith aepaiate cla ? rooms, upon an earlj application, and ma^ find it ad vantai-eou* to have leseo in the?e branohea riven to their pupil#. wh-re it wtil not interrupt the routine of aehofaatie inatruction. Pupils de?i> inc to ant*r will plraae apply at rit present Studio, Penn. avenue, b -tween 11th and 12tn street*, until the it proximo. _ _ l[T^lau rooma open on the ftrat MONDAY in September Wamhinirton, Ammt, lW*. an 21 tg*pt 1* p^R. W. J^CR^ 1GEN having purchased the Dra? rwrw. no. norttiea?t corner of Sev , enth and I at mu. lately owned h? Dr. T.C. 1 i Mclntire, i? bow prepared lo accommodate \ | the forme' patrons or the Store.aad ike pub y lie gene-ally . with everythiuf ihsy may want i in his line of basiness. He keep* oonittnilt ?n baud a fre b and pur* assortment of DRIJGS, CH EMICAL*?,ar,d MEDlCjNES.purohmed from some of the most reliable houses in the I'nited States. There will also he found PATENT MEDICINES*. FANCY ARTICLE SOAPS, and PERFTMEkY. Strict personal attention fires to the compound ng of physician's perscriptions at all hours, dar or night. Surgical Instrument*, Trusses. Ao., ordered from the manufacturer at the shortest notice, and at reaaonab.* pnoss. He pledges himse:f to do all ia his power to please and accommodate every one who gives him a call. He also has a few gallons rf vsrj superior Old Port Wine, a pure article, for medicinal purposes No 3TO,oornerSeventh street west and I sinet north. No. ^70. au m-H* Tmm IMPORTANT NOTICE. O Persons who hare small rooms or passages to ?aper, we oier several thousand piecea of desir .hull' 11 I n ? i? n - - r ?fin no? 14 th# Lm t#? _ an is~tt?w2w t^TS?S^ftT!}Fo .., SCHOOL FURNITURE jc ^ ^ ^ * '*r*?in, aiufl* ud double IWka Kllu^f^ir f?i tW/i T f>ar P?P'l*; ?? "Xerllent 25uVlS24fbfiSi.fcBC'" -*"1,? ma 17** .r. vdiiis ruHNIMllNe GOOvS and CLOTHING at SMITH'S. No. 460 S?T?aUi tu, opponta PoalOSoe. au 11-lw IUBT RECEIVED. and for ?ai? SIR J A". Rheumatism, bj ? . S. C. FORD, Jr., PbaraaaaeuUat. aa M 2w comer 11th at. tad Pa ava. WOOD! WOOD!! W O O D !!! STOVE Md KINDLINfi wnon ?? potaibJ# mo*. I . *. ? ? R? A. KREKN. AioiioMr. 2HAND80M** THUKFPTORV FRANK Hocm OH IJStb o* ?HI llUHI 11 Avctip'"! ?On Tl> *1) \ \ t:.> . *. r I >%' 1 Mil ib frnat of lh* at4 n c'??ok p. ir... part of Lot No.t. ia fquara No. jT.witr hPiir. rorenwnU whtoh ara t* i rood tVaa g\nrj fran.a hon"*. with haoft tianrmc, oaotat.- m? etc bt or room caoh w th p*?'U' , rnaori; nmnmniriy IIIIIIHI, (mntlRf on 13H ?tre??t f?t W""* '"at* B nr.4 f itrwii, n<*r th* T<rm? : One lor.rih o??h. in f ?. It *? d 24 month, for not* b ?.in? 1-i*'*?t fr-ie <U? ?f ? A ?Wd ffitra Mid a d?*4 of tie?t t?k?. Title india taUh'.e. . ? _ .. ?^ an IS d A. ORKEN. Aaet. ICTTHir *OVE SAL* I* FOSTTOKKD ob mooiiI ?f Um molmnt w?tk? aatil FRIDAY. the Mtt ?a?t., eaae koar > * * ?? . . ii.2<l A. GREEN. Aeet THIS AFTERNOON St TO-MORROW By a.?kebn, Amuuiii. /^OODTWO STORY FRAME HOU8K VI TWO LOT* mo*Tnt? o* MA*YI.AWP avkmcb. MT or TBr C A f ITOL, AT AtCTlO* On W kD SDA Y . til* 22d instant, I shall Mil, ia front of the premises, at 6 o'olook p. m . Lois No. M and ?? in sonars south of sqvsrs No.fl(, it heme subdivision of said square. The two Lots front forty lost on Maryland arenas. at the corner oftth street east, with the improvements, wbieh are a rood two story Frame Hons*. As. , Terms: *3?< oash; the faaia- c?in?aad U months, for notes bearing interest from dsj of s*le A 4ord i *cn ?i<u m ?ora oi irgn lUW. l lti? MU d A. WKKKN. A?i. FUTURE DAYS Hj J C MotiUIRK * CO. AuotioDMrm. SNUG TWO-JTOIV FRAME HOUSE AN? LoTonCTn win. bitw?ii G *gr> B tbibt* koith, at A?rr os ?On THCR^DU AFTKRMOON, Aui. *3i. at ? o'aolck. on t m ?r*aiiMst we ahai aUl Lot No. >4 la Sqaar* fronting 25 fut on 6th atreot vaat, botVM>a G %n<' H itmti north, ranatiif bMt M f Mini IS iiv;. ii'i w?ik?i viia %' 9 fflUtl'IBH, WHWliWH of a two-story tram* l>we.ing Huum, ooalutiai (bar room*. Term*: Om third cash ; the reetdae la aad IS months, with interest, socer?d bra deed of tract on th* premiees an20 dta J. C. MoGlMRKA CO , At**. Br BARNARD * HL'CKKV. AaoUosMri. ' /^ORNL'COPIA'VOTkV. aT^rCTlON-On 1/ THURSDAY AKTt.RNOON laetaat at 5S o'o <>ck. in front of the preaueea, ve wi.l aell that a*w and valuable pioperty, the 'Coraueopia Hotel," aitaated on theooraor of Market tpaoe and the Caaal This H?u?f is new aad is pe-h?t order, contain* ton rooms, bar fctted very o?fi?p4*te. auo back bmlding; there is an excellent aod d--y oelsr. This house is ia a most excellent poritioa. tea very popular resort, and is now under good rest to apaaotual tenant. Thia sale offers an opportunity to erenreagood burineea location, or fo- an tareetnuat. Term* i One-third oa?h; the rrsidoe in . It, aod i? noun*, wim interest. *nd oared I y a <?M of tmst nn the pre pert?. Title aerfeot an 17d li_\ R N A HI) k BUCKEY. A ueta. Bt A. GREF.N. Auctioneer. HAND'OMKTW OPTORY FRAME Hnl'8E AJrD Lot 0!? TBI IfcLA*t> AT ATCTI B?<>L TH I KSUA V, (be 23-1 inst. I ih* I eell in front of the yrniiiM, st 8 o'clock p. rn , w??? part of lot S in sqnare No. 496 harms a f-or* of 3S feet oi sooth G tx?twf>r i', and 6th streets. rati in* with a tide alley to a 90 feet a ley. 133 feet 9 inches, wi'h tke impiOT?ment?, which are a good two siocy fra?e house, fce. The o- is hands?aely improved with treoa. shrubbery, Ac Terms : One half ca?h; balanoe id t, 13 aad 19 month*, for note* bearing interest, an 16 d y A. O IE EN. AaoC By J. C. MoGUIRE * CO.. Auotto? ra. DESIHABLE DWELLING HOL'SM ON No*TH I. BTBBET BET to* HIT 1?TM 1TBBKT wb t. as? VhBMOKT Avuri. ?-"o? Pali -On KKIUW AFrtrtNOO.M. An(i(t MUi. at hx o'c ook. <>n the preini??? we shall B?il part of l?t B, in utdirinon slHuarr No 21 *. fronrinE'I r?K on north L hMvfrn Mth ?twt krd Vermont avenue. runn.nf baok ab at It? fr?t w.th a front of 15 fret on Vermont t -tnuf, tojether with the improvrm^rts,cti.i?i?iinE of a throo ?tory I >*.< SaiMinE, oon'airg six roomi.MO atandiriE l?ck from the buildin* ine alx-Bt 20 foet.and ao< med or each id" bj a band-oroe tur?e?trj liriok dwelling hooie. The looation is unexoeribonahl* for a nrirnti 4""*kl" T 7 . * ,. - r J ucsuauiv * a r?f Meaoe for small funuy. Ttrai: t#n*-th:rd o&*h; t e r**idne is 12, an ft it month*, with inter >< cured b* a a?-?u of true! on th? premise* Title perle?t. _M 20-4 J- O. MoiiLlR K ft CO , A not* Bt BARNARD A BUCKEY; Oeor(eto?B. POMT1VK SM.K OF VAU ARI P. AND D*?I*A?L* KbiLDING I^OT 1* ItlotiilTOW!!. *! ?& vM,?!1 "?*? Acctios.?On Tl KfcDAY A r TSlNO'iN,8ih T?t , ?t 5(j o'clock, in froo* of t*? >T?mi?e*. th?t v?lu*he and m?>*t deeirabl* Lot, owned by John CtMin. E*?j . ud ?itu?t?d od tne n?rthw*?t c rner of rrcapec* ?r.d Pitnm*a street a, in Georgetown. D C . aid fron'inc fifti [oir I**' more or lee*, 011 tbe former itrart M ainetf Srf fcftmnreiT I ? on ih< l*tt*r. Title indisputable. Tenni ca?b. and fifty d? ler? o( th? pu chw money to b? p?i<t on theaioand.or the property will be lniTr??1i*te'* reaotaT PoMM ion civen neon o"T??lience vit^ Mid term*. Mil- BARNARD 4 BUCKfcV, Aocti \| ARbHAL'S SALK.-ln v?rt?e of a writ of i" I i?i|fMiu ieau<-d from the Cltrk i OSm of the Oircatt Coart of the Diatriot of Columbia for the County <>l Washington, and to me dreeled. I ?i I expo** lo putxie ale. for naah. in fro?t of tbe Court H"BW d? or of Mid covty on VV KON EI*DAY, the Z?.h da? of Aagvt next.lMh. at It o'clock m. Aii ?ef.-i>dant'a right, title, c'aim and iaten ?t inuillnl^ a;., * ._ t/.-o ? * . ... . iug iu U(VIV Ol Waahington, D.C? togaioer v th al and ai tig alar th? improrei'trU miMl and levied u?i'n as Ck? p-o??rtr of John F. Dy*r. and wi 1 beao.d to ati'f* junioiala Nil. !rt. u? UeU hw t*rm IMn.ia favor of Margaret M i>yar, wile f f J D Cor*. W, SELDENi U. 9 Marihai for Um Diatriot 01 ColMbtna a?7-dta MA R?H AI/8 8ALE.?In tirtae of S wnta ?f ??n facial ia?aed f-om the Clark's oftoe of tae Cirouit t;oart of rha Pietriot of Columbia, lor tha Ocunty of Waahingtun, an 1 to me liireoteJ. i wiii eza<>ae to aoMic ail', for oaah in froct of ike court huar? door of Mid ooant;, on MONDAY. h* Ml da* of Aug net neat, INk'.at llo'olook m .all defrodant'a right,titl<\?Hm ar.d tntaraatir and to Lot .No. IS, io tMoare No. T32. in the city of Wftaluagior. L>. C., together wth al an" at.gular the imyromMti thereon. te.grd and a/i'4 up >n a* t?e proaarty of ?haa. l{ Vaa Patter.,\nd will he aold to aatiafv Ja aicin a no* 71 *-.<11*. to Ootol*r twin )tS*. in fhror ol John W.TboBNun and Z. D Gilinftn yv 8kldenjy 13-dta U. P- Mfcrah*! for District of Columbia. irr-thk abo/f. "sale 18 postponed untr wkdntsfdav, uie *Hh in*u, hour a"?i^ W. %F. LD KTf.P.?. Marrlal. ^CTM!kkysJ y dkaleh in J JjWOOD & COAL, LIME,# / SAND, CEMENT, HAIR, \ \\ Piaster, and Whit? Grrrel, (J lib48 N. E. Cor. 12th * C StoJl i oi* m(uarr South Penn. At. vk II u/?cuiii^**? ? ? ? fpo CONTR ACTORS FOR WATER PIPE*. Owes or tkk Wasrikstov Avvmcr,{ WA?M'*?toh. August 7,1MB. SuLuriorMtiivilIlM r?*e<v?4 MUHiofton ntil 19 ? A ? -* *-* " " . v.^v* nuiuwum MiiRH MW| the following material* : 140 to TOSHneh Pipee, ISfeeOoag, Ball A f*piggot. Waahingtoa Aquadairt ??tt?ru. SJ>to3?? inch Pipe*. IS feet long. Bell Ji Bptggot. Washington Aqueduct pattern. 4 an-i eh Viang* Pipe*, 12 foot long, (drilled) Wa-)iinr?oii Aqueduct pattera. 2? inch Plants Piaea.? foot loag,( drilled) Wneto ington Aqueduct pattern. Alao, a W epecial patterns, anch aa Bvnaobee. Beada. Ac. For farther parbeolara. exnmiaatioa of drawing*. Ae.,apr? at tfuaofiae. The whole of the eaatiaga will be repaired to b* i.Ur~Sb, Fm^^w^vvrm. aoutwDy on hand, by B. O..FORD. fiw "ut. JSyfignfrgS.. "SET THE BE*T. ? THOMSOS'6 CELEBRATED 8 K 111 B. NOTELTItl ro* ACTVHH, 1IM Tkf K^cBt* Parte Om ? StatkeraQiNi. * fairy* " Parlilu Trala. 4 RaacxUiiwl fro? tb* 1st** Pviuu MuibeUrt4 Ml?ly by u ttom Tkoawa'i htMl laarnnl (Vimnta^ *???? 1 ' W'df?Slid? Knrr Ulrt wiU o? mm and tind* nark. U* Crown. For a* ?. Thf l?tl to the ( knpMt. W 8.4k C. fl. THOMSON * CO., Ml BioiDViT, N*w You. w?MATM1XB??>Uwfi mtm H Ut now* 4*4* 'i'

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