August 24, 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

August 24, 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: FRIDAY AlfMt 24, I960. That valuable and popular family journal, the Wsi*lt Stab, full a* usual of Metropolitan newi and gossip, and choice literary reading, is now on onr counter ready for delivery to the pub lie. r-?iui? ru iu lis cuteruiDiD^ conieawtrc iuc following articles: The Rej?rted?an original poem; A Disconsolate Widower?a very ^mnifni;sketch; Tow Hood to bis Wife?a poetic gem; Kitty Clyde?a try ffrtty little storv; How tl?e Eye la Swept and Washed; Historic Doubts; Very Blue? a porno; The late Solar Eclipse? a fall acconntof the observations on the coast of Labrador; Mr. Seward before the Harper's Ferry Investigating Committee; The French Emperor's Letter "to Persigny in England; Three PoeU in a Puzzle: Sensible Wishes?poetic; Men and Women, by a Young Wiftr; More of Blondln's Startling Freaks; Bought ber Husband; The Rescue of Syiian Women and Children by English Men-of-War; Protection of Brickwork; The Simple Secrrt; Operationa of the Patent Offlce; Proceeding* of the District Courts; Propcaed Monument to k. ru..*L -* - nutu. a mi. iu 1'III^IIIUI < U VI A VU1IU, A 4*113 carried Love-Letter; The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal; Presentation to a M?soaic Lodge; Census Statistics of Alexandria: The Douglas Meeting on Monday Niitht ?present ation of a flag?speech of Mr UsllagLtr, Ac ; The Festival of the Journeymen Bakers; The femltbsontan Museum; Tbe Public Schools? election of teachers for the ensuing year; An OatraKeoc* robbery; Diabolical Outrage in Delaware?murder of a Young Girl; The Earthquake at Evansville and Henderson?its Effects on the Earth and Atmospher*; Mysterious Death of an Editor's Daughter; Trouble in Jerusalem; The Per sonal Appearance of the Prince of Wales; Tbe Recent Virginia. New York, and other *Mate Conventions; The Movements of tbe Prince of Wales; The Rumor of Mr. Breck inridge'* Declination Settled. Sketches of Summer Travel?Four very Interest Ing letters front the Ed.tor abroad; Two ex tremely spicy letters from ''C. S. N.," "on the wing" at the North; Our Saratoga Correspondence; The I^ate Grand Tournament at Marshall's pavliion?Water lug Place Correspondence of the Star; Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, Jfcc Late news, foreign and domestic, by mail and teles raph; Interesting Personal Items: And a great variety of cnoke literary article*, both prose and poetry, too numerous to men tion. This is Just the paper above all others for per sons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to tbelr friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or S1.25 per annum; postage DreDaid bv lUmna when ?n arraniraH Spirit mt the .Hernial Press. The Constitution descants* at length on what It ?alls ? the L'ougtas Higher Law vs. the Supreme Court." The Intelligencer, In reply to the Constitution, defendi the old Whig party from the charge of having Initiated the repeal of tbe Missouri Com promise It is stated that tbe Chicago Zouaves real izea Dy tneir iaie (our me turn if 81,600 over all expenses. \J~7~ The students In the University of North Carolina are In a state of revolt. Sixty members of the sophomore class have been dismissed, on account of persisting in exercising their preroga tive of "chaffing" freshmen. tn* Mt. Zephyr, the Virginia estate of the late Aaaron Leggett, in the neigh)>orhood of Alexan dria, Va , was sold on Wednesday. The Home stead tract, containing 471 acres,with a large man sion, was sold to Mr. Ward, of ttaitimore, at $V5 per acre. fir* The grand Saengerbund festival, now being celebrated at Wheeling, Va., promises to wv v? t voaiui ou lii . n mrgc iiuniUCT OI societies from the surrounding country, from Ohio mnd Pennsylvania, were flocking In continuously at the Lett accounts. TT7* The Pope of Rome has had a new idea offered to him. Among the various pamphlets that the recent events in Syria have jjiven rite to Is oae called "Syria and the RuMian Alliance; thff UlTAnilfifl E*?9sw*a *' 1? ??.K4/.k *U- ? IU *? Uivu IUC auiuur proposes that Pius IX ahall have Conatantiuople secured to blm us the ?e^t of the Papacy. l^The statiatica abow that the deatha in Phil adelphia are one in forty-live annually, Bo* ton one la forty-one, New York one in thirty-aeven, Baltimore one In thirty-five, Charleston one in thirty-six, and Richmond one la seventy ! Will kim of the posted inform us what the aver age proportion is In tlie National Metopolis? * ffy The Unltad Suites frigate Constitution, known in the naval history of the country as'-Old Ironsides," was towed into the hirbor of Annapo lis, with all her armament on board, by the steam er merchant, Captain Sands, on Tuesday last The Constitution Is to be employed at Annapolis as a practice-ship for the naval ichool. |[T The latest despatches from China by the Arabia announce the interesting intelligence that lowia uuw ntupj r iw-cjiow-i oo, ana are sacrificing life and property without check. Tbe imperialist! are creatfallen. Tbe native lnhabl^ tanta are flying in alarm to tbe adjacent countryt and all trade la suspended. The Petersburg Eipress says tbe census is showing a great falling off in the slave population of Westetn Virginia Tbev are being rapidly told and removed Sovih. Tbe returns of tbe can vass in Wood county sbow a heavy failing off in tbe slave population ; and the census from Cabell ahnwi ?nl? !??? *"1 ? * 1*50. ' K^In Phl&de'.pbu four pilirem-'n resigned on Wednesday, whil tbe number of persons ap plying for nuoeln in tbe depirtirent baa dwin dled from nearly two hundred to about twenty five. Tbis unusual sl*te of things ia C3U*ed by ibe adoption of a police uniform by tbe city gov ernment Tbe entire nutpber of policemen wbo have already resigned r r are about to do ?o through (A * Kl.^. ?4t ' * " " * -r-?j?- V .* v?# ujuc I'liif is aooui iDirtjf Tut Visit or Jvdge Pornlas to Baltimobe Ppsttohbd?The Ameriean of th'S morning * >> : "Tbt frlradi of Jud^e Douijlu In tb's city were much disappointed yesterday morning oa learning that the proposed visit of tbat gentleman had been postponed, and that be bad proceeded to Norfolk by ses direct from New York. Thle change In the movements of Judge Douclns wa( caused by the Indisposition of bis wife. He will not visit Baltimore until after his Southern tour." The committee of citlzmi appn ntrd to bear the invitation of New York to the Prince of Wale* left that city on Tuesday afternoon, for Montreal The committee coafitta of Wilaon G. Hunt, Robert B Mlnturn, John Jacob Aator. and Robert Kennedy. Ki-tiovernor King and Ex Senator H?U will join them on the way. Kx Mayor Win F. Havemeyer has been unavoidably detained at home The committee will be at Montreal at tbe opening of tbe Induatrial Exhi bition and tbe ceremoBy of laying the corner atone of the great Victoria Bridge?the Prlnte oSctatlng at both. The levee and ball will fol low an Umiiliv Jcdoi Ta*it ioe r?MiD?BT.?a correspond ent, writing to the New York Herald from I,eon ardtown, St. Mvy'i county, Md , under date of August 9th, loOo, recommend* the withdrawal botii of Breckinridge and Douglas aa democratic candidates for the Presidency, and the substitu tion of Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in their stead. The Herald, without committing itself squarely to the reeom mendatioD* of Its ci respondent so far as Judge Taney is concerned, treats the proposition with evident favor, sad is earnest and animated in its endeavors to coocautrau- tl.? ? mcnl of tli* country np?? wme man of ''national reputation" not now before the people m a candi date for the Presidency. We learn from the St. Mary'a Bucon tbat a meeting la to be held at l>eooardtowR. In that coamtw ?? *-??1? 1st of September next, for tba purpose of placing Chief JMttce liner, of Maryland, and Judge ?? marl NeUoa, of New York, formally before U>r i Mutiy ae tbe democratic candidates for the ?<aldaoey aad Vk? Preaideacy. # *1 ^ % WASHINGTON NKWS AND eOUlP. IMDIA!l iMTKLLIQtXCK RECEIVED AT THE WaI Dbpakmint ? Dispatches have beeu received at the War Department from Capt. A. J. Smith, flrct dragoons, department of Oregon, in which that officer gives the detaila of his victorious battle with 150 Snake Indiana, twenty-live miles north east of hake Harney, Oregon. From numerous indications he has been led to believe that all the Indians in that region of country are hostile. Col. Wright bad ordered three companies of third ar tillery, under command of Brevet Major Andrews, and A tniiadrAn a# * to move at once to the scene of hostilities. With these, Maj Steen wu to scour the whole country, and canse the savages to sue for peace. The commanding officer at Fort Kearney. Ne braska, furnishes the Department with a minute account of the fight with the Kiowayiand Ca msnches, near Republican river. He states that twenty or thirty of the 6U0 Indians were killed On the part of the troops, one private was missing, two wounded, and five Indians were killed Intelligence has been received from Brevet Maj J. H. Carleton, dated headquarter*, Camp Cady, on the Mojave river. California, in which Is de tailed an Interview at which a peace was conclu ded with the tribe of Pah-ute Indians which promised to be permanent. Naval OiEdkks?Paymaster J. V. B. Blecker bM been orderrd to report for duty at the Navy Yard, Portannouth, N. H , on the 1st proximo, to relieve paymaster George F. Cutter. Surgeon Win. Whelan, chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, bas been ordered on a tour of inapection. and will vlalt the naval hoapltala and alck quartera between Norfolk,Va., and Porta mouth, N H. Contract Awakdkd?Mr. S. DeCatnp, of thia city, hat been awarded the contract for executing the binding of the General Post Office Depart ment. Thx Preble ?The United States sloop-of-war Preble (ailed from Penaacola for Bolton on the 21st. Thi Wiathih?1 lie loliowlnjj report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer - ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. August ?4, 1880. New York. N. Y clear, pleasant Washington, D. C ..cloudy, wind NE Richmond, Va 75'. Petersburg. Va. raining. 80?. Norfolk, Va .cloudy, 725, wind E Raleigh, N. C 79?. Wilmington. N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm. Charleston, 8. C clear, pleasint. Augusta. 6a ....clear, warm. Savannan, Ga. clear, 82?, wind 9 Macon. Ga clear. Columbus, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala cloudy in wu^t mat * Cifarj W. New Orleans, La clear, 85?. FRO* THI WIST. Cleveland. O clear. 71?, whid S\V Pittsburg, Pa .cloudy, 70' Elgin, 111 63 , wind NW Cairo, 111 clear. 70?, wind S Ottawa, 111 cloudy, wind N W Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (cor rected for temperature,) 29.S54; at noon, 29 "16. .Thermometer at 7 a m., 74#?; at noon, 75X? Maximum during 24 hours ending 9 a. m. to day, 97* ; minimum 71 ^ 1ET The New York Republican State Conven tion, as already stated by telegraph, made ^heii nominations at Syracuse on Wednesday, of candii dates for the various State offices. An electora, ticket was alin fnrmpH tr> cnif all v" ...%.?. *v xui* um ?CV?IUIIB VI IUC pirty. An attempt to denounce the corruption oi the last Legislature was made by lome member! of the Convention, but it resulted unsuccessfully. Modified resolutions, however, were passed, de nouncing corruption generally, and declaring thai the schemes at Albany could not have been got through the Legislature last winter without the almost unanimous concurrence of the Democratic members. Hkavt Rain Siobji.?A dispatch from Phila delphia states that a heavy rain storm yesterday morning caused great dumige to theChesnut Hill Railroad The culvert over Cresbam creek wan carried away, with an embankment 58 feet high ! The large stone bridge on the same creek was also carried away, and much other damage done, especially to the farms in the vicinity, many houses being flooded. No lives were lost as fai as bat been ascertained. Very little rain fell within the city. The storm extended as far ai Trenton and New Brunawick, in New Jersey. Considerable damage waa done to seme of the New Jersey railroads between those points The track of the road via Jersey City was partial ^ washed away, and probably.several days will be required to make the necessary repairs No train1 for Jersey City passed south of New Brunswick yest-rday. A number of passengers via the Jersey Railroad took the New Jersey Central Railroad to Kaston.and thence to Philadelphia. The Southern mail was delayed In the afternoon on the Camden and A in boy Railroad, the guard bant between the meadows and the canal, near Carlsville, being washed away. Th* Riciptios c j Douglas th the South ? Tbe Richmond Whig announces the anticipated advent of Mr Douglas in Virginia, and entreats tbeir " whig friend*, not only in Virginia, fan* throughout the South, to extend to the dlstiii' gulshed statesman tb? courtfiy and hoapitality due to all well-behaved str.tnger*, and cspeeiali/ to one bo devcted to the Uniou of the State* " The Wb1e animadvert* on the treatment of Mr John son in tbe South with severity, and remarks: Now, if Judge Doni!la* is to meet with simi lar treartoient, u is not no probable, let n t such -uk, *' ' * 1 ' * - ..ownrui ciiurr jrariiri hi ur SVll.pathi/ed with l>y a tingle supporter of Bell ana Kverett la ?ny of the Southern Stabs We know that In Virginia Judge Doughis will be received with the uttuoat civility and kindness by our Whig and Ame'ican friends And we hope that he may be received in like manner by our Whig friends In Georgia, Alabama, and all the other Southern states he may happen to visit. If Judge Douglas it to be lnsulb-d and outraged, and lasting re proach thus thrown upon the character of the South, let the responsibility and the shame rest upon the Yancey-tfreckinr'.dgera, and not upon any of the members of that party, whose proud boast it is to ''recognize each other by the instincta of gentlemen!" Photo xaphins raox a Balloon?A novel and inierestint. eiperlment wits tried In Provi dence on Thursday by Mr Hlack.daguerreotypU', of Boaton It was an attempt to obtain Dhou> graphic view* of Providence" and suburbs from a balloon. balloon, held by a rope, wns allowed toon-end to tbe bigbt of 1,2W>feet, from which ievation several pt.otograpblc views were taken of tbe city, bay* and surrounding country. Tbe result of tbis experiment, which was undertaken under tbe direction of Dr Wm. H Helme, of Providence, cannot be fully known until the im pressions are taken from tbe plates; but it has folly provr-d the fusibility of taking photographic views jn this manner. It was tbe intention of tbe jrronauts, after this preliminary ascension, to utake a long voyage in the balloon, and take views over an extent of country; but tbe obscuration of tbe sun rendered this impossible. Home interesting facts about the city of Loi.dun haw been recently published. Tbe J resent Britiab metropol.s is equal to three Lou un4 t l?tf) it increises at the r**e ofab >ut 1,0U0 a wet k, half by births .their excess orer deaths) and ball by immigration (their excess over emi gration.) lu tb>* same way New York, during tbe past ten years, ha* Increased at the rate of about ',311 per week The pie?ent American metropolis, however, istqnal to fifteen New Yorka of I8U0 It ia remarkable that in London one in six of those wbobave tbe world dies in one of tbe public Institutions? a workhouse, hospital, asvlum. or priso- . Netrlv one in eleven or the deatns is in a workhouse '1 be proportion of deaths under such circumstances in Sew v'ork is very small?not at ali to be couijiared with the deaths in London. IfT None of our great men have held so many ofllces. nor enioved such a lunir?iiH m j ? - - ?| ?? mm ? mm a mm ^ < u wv ? ofll'tal career, aa John Quincy Adam* He waa Minuter to the Netberlanda, under Washington, 17 Mlnlater to Portugal, 179#-'97; Ml mater t > Prua*i* during tfa? Administration of bla father, I7V7-I&U3; Senator, l?>3-'0&; Minister to Rutaia under Madison, 1809-'I3; Coiniiii?stoner to (Jbeat, 1U13-'N; Minister to Kngland ieiS-17; ^er.reUry of State under Monroe, t*l7-'24; President, 1-24-and Member of Congresa from lb31 U> I"47. the d?U- of bia death- Tbta. la a period of ytara, tbe IiKerrala b?tweea the laying d w.i cf one t/ittt e and tbe assumption of anoth<r ainonut, when added together, to leaa than two vrui ? I - 1X7' A fl?mp?b'r? (Va.)?-iehnnt{?? tmyn?"Tbe i'l*ctberr]r crop, as in tbe whortieb rry, h*a ten tbia season reiy good?tbt lar^rst for aev. I* Oar Wat*rla|.pi?e? Car respondeat e. Cmrtspomdtnttof Tht Star. Old Poimt, Va., Aug 21,1&<J0. Now Is tbe Mason for enjoying the luxuries of Old Point Comfort, and the brilliant company at tbe Hygeia seem to appreciate tbls fart to its fullest extent, for never have we seen more gen uine pleasure exhibited than meets us at every tarn here: The ball-room is brilliantly lighted every evening, snd from 9 to 12 o'clock tbe dance is Kept up with great spirit. Occasionally there Is * deficiency of beaux in the ball-room, as the gentlemen have sometimes a faucv for a asw light stroll around the ramparts of Fortress Mon roe; or for a ramble along the smooth beach, listening to the ocean's roar, or watching the sparkling wavrs as they chase ench other over the bosom of the deep?prortdcd, alwaya, that they hare some sentimental fair one to stroll or ramble with them. Washington has been fully represented her* during the prrs -nt season, ana her belles carried off the palm. Many of our citizens still linger here, and will continue to do so during the month of September. Hog-tlsh are now as Abundant as they are (at and delicious, and thev eren continue to Im prove; sheepshead, oysters and crabs are brought in by boat-loads, and fishing parties from the Rygela, have rare sport catching them. One party captured twelve hundred fish during one morning, including many of the largest sheeps head caught this season. On Thursday next, &ll hands go ont on a fishing excursion, taking with them a nf hnata with *11 tli* n^rptMfu ??_ rangements for making chowder, crab soup. Jfcc. Col Provost, of Washington, 1 understand, will be the Commodore In command of the fleet. The venerable ex-President Tyler, and his beautiful and accomplished wife, are now at their villa near Old Point, and they spend their evenings, very frequently, at the Hygela, where they engage most heartily in the amusements, or participate freely In the various topics of conver sation. Mr. Tyier positively grows younger as he advances in years. He is'now in the 71st year of bis age, ana looks much younger and more vigorous than when he occupied the Presidential chair. As for Mrs. Tyler, she is tbe same beau tiful tfirl that she was when she stood tbe ad mired of all admirers, a bride In the White House In speaking of the visit of tbe Prince of Wales to Washington, and the manner in which be would probably be entertained by President Buchanan, Mr. Tyler referred to his having had to entertain tbe Prince de Jolnvllle. at a time, too, when our relations with Kngland were of a most delicate character. Tb# oHails Of that enter alnmrnt were highly Interesting, and may be given In another letter. Potomac. Fsrasial. Hon. Win. Blgler, Pa , and Hon. T. L. Clingman, N. C., are at the National. The widow of the late Abbot Lawrence /i i H Kop ~ I> * * ? J ' ' 4 ? uvi >mutuu: in uuiiuii on i u?may ni^oi. Thirty thousand Christian women are re ported to have ben sold in Syria lately, at 25 piastres apiece, for Turkish harems Mr. Bronte, the father of the BronteSli' t*rs, whose remarkable lives were made known to the wor'd through Mr*. tiaskell's blogr?phy of the author of J one Eyre, ha* at last yielded to h s increasing Inflrmlil s, and preached his l**t sermon at Hawoth Cburrh, (where Cbarlott Bront? lies buried,) on the 21st u'timo. He will be succeeded by his assstant minister, Rev. M . Nlcholl, the husband of Charlotte Br< nt?. and will himself live in repr*^ from active duty among the people whose psstar he has been for to m.ny years Twin Births, according to offl-ial statistics, vary considerably In different places At Phili delphla the proportion is 1 in 75; at London 1 in 85; at Paris 1 in 81; at Naples 1 in 258; at Palermo I in 126; at Dublin 1 in 57; at Berlin 1 In ?8; at l^eipslc 1 In 85; at Vienna and Wurtsburg 1 in 74; at Dresden 1 in 65; at Heildeberg 1 in 62; at Prague 1 In 72, at Hamburg 1 in 95; at Marburg 1 in 11 ; at Luneburg 1 in 118; In Prussia 1 in 89; In Wurtemburg 1 In 36; and In Saxony 1 in 7?. From "Hoffman's report, it appears that between the years 1826 and 1844, there occurred in Prussia 4,467,031 single births, 52,384 twin births, 659 triplet cases, and 11 quartet cases In the year 1850 there occurred 574,293 single births, 72 trip lets, and 1 quartet. CI7"lt is related of a personage, more or less mythical, named Fanny Fern, that stopping at the office of a Philadelphia hotel to pay her bill, on the rve of her def>arture, she fouud a charge for breaking of her toilet set She admitted the breaking of one piece, and desired to pay for that, but no more The price of the whole set. how ever, was demanded, becaus-i the "set" whs broken The carriage was at the door; the train soon to siart There was no time for discussion. liLtln fur thnimht hn* n -'" - ... ???-, .?u? vnwuj;u lui aviiUii. iiuou y p iyintr the entire deinind, and directing the earring*! to wait a moment, she went directly bjrk to ber room, and, taking up the poker, in continently broke every remaining piece Id the set. Eliph\st?.?Tbebucbas or little Kicking ele fibanta. of four or Ave feet Li^h, are ludicrous it 1? monsters; they become troiiblesomely famili ar after about two days' Initiation in the ways of civilized life. A stranger arriving in Howell's c^nip, and proceeding in all innocency to the qmru-r were the elephants picketed, those inquisi tive little brutes?one of them, perhaps playfully removing his hat, when, apparently, phrenolotM cally examining bis bead; while another, with cheerful familiarity, would make him stand on one letr- by winding its trunk round the other 1 have known one of them considerably ns'onUh a gentleman, by Insinuating the point of its trunk Into his po?:ket, and the suddenness and facility with which it unbuttoned his pantaloons. Whxiioci Ho.nnkts Come From ?There are six or seven millions of women in the L'niUd S'at?-s, and tacb woman coiulders herself an in hired Individual If she don't have at least four bonneta a var. Now d d all these followers of fashion ever stop to reflect where the multltudin< us chapeaus come from? We think we can enlighten them Fozboro, in Massachusetts, is. nrohnhlv T J g '"J ? tbe largest place of straw manufacture In tbe world At one factory, three hundred girls and I t*ro hundred and seven men are employed outside tbe factory, and ttfu-en thousand U its and bonnets are manufactured per dav. Very little of the straw goods used are pUlted in this country, the wayefc being too high here to aiford it at the importing rates Phockikg Accident?Miss Mary Hochman. a milliu-r, was burnt to death on Saturday night, in Jefl'crsonvllie, Tennessee. She was sitting by a table sewing, and accidentally overturned the limp Tbe flames communicated to her dress, which was of thin material Almost inst.-nt!v her clothing wis in flames, and she w?s su dreadfully burnt that she expired in tha greatest agony in a few hours. irv-A SPECIAL MEETING OF THF 'kj Young Men's Chruti&n Association *11 beheld at their rooms, THI "l Friday) LVEN1NO. at 7>? 'clock. IiiiDOrtant l?n?ir?.? y SAMUEL MeKI.VVKK. Jr .Soe. Pro tern ,Y "&*- M A SO>1C.?The in' inl>t>r? of H i ram Lodise. *L * No. 10, F. and A. M., will meet a? their h>viI on Ninwt-jeoth itroet, ou TO MORROW, the *5 h ins'., at 2 p in , to atttnd the funeral of the.r de <x*a?'d Brother, William A. K cua*D?o5. All Ma?ter Mason* in good standing are requested to attoud. iiv order. _au24 CHARLES CALVERT Se<\ fTfr- COME AND SEE Ol'R CELEBRATED LUf NAVY FLANNEL COAYS?t f 4J0 at au 10-2w SMITH'S, No. 4?0 Seventh street.' AVKRY1MICK flANO IN BK8T ORDER for 9* >, upon *a?y Urma, for ml* at the Muaio fctoreof <au?4) * . \i MK I XKROTI'. THE EXERCISES of MISS M. LKWIS'S Sl'MltM' PHD VAi. Vn a moo v/?v i \j14iu LAuiri? wwi M re turn d on Monday. Septeral>er 3d, Ninth street, second door north of F st. au 34 5t* R~ KCKIVRD PKR 9' KA.MKR MOUNT VFR non a l'resli supply of KMl'IKE WATER, for ml" wholesale ami retail by 8 C. FOR D. Jr., Druggist, au 21 6t corner Eleventh st and Pa. av. A SCHOOL FORihi EDUCATION of BOYS will !.e opened on the 3d of S^ptembor by Mn. G. MONROE, successor to Miss C. C. Kooni*. in a spacious au! pleasantly situat* d room,on Imlinna avenue, near SeconJ street. Inntruotiun will be HI veil 111 hllfiish. French. lAtin *n I ? " . ?? ?-- ? a^itawillg r VI term* apply at 400 i) street, or at the sehol rooin. See circtil?r?. au 34-fo3*. AKL'N THROUGH EUROPE, by Era?tuiC. Benedict 1 vol. THE EBONY IDOL,a novel, 1 vol. Lie E OF WM. T PORTE* 'aU ofPorUrt Srpint of tu? Tiuiea," hv t-ranois Brinkter. 1 vol. Vor rale by BLANCIHKI) 4 MOHUN, au 24 oo'ner 11th *t,>nd Pcun.ave. WORSLEV8 CELEBRATED PREMIUM HONEY SOAP. A MOST DElIitH / FUL * UTICLE FOR THE TOILET. Rec ivetl and for aa^e br 8. C. FORD, Jr.. Druuiit, An 24-flt co n?r Eleventh ?t. and Pa. av. New carpets. . NEW OILCLOTHS. MR. LOUIS PKRRY i? now in New York city makiur purchase for the fa'l trade, an-1 w? will , ..... aiiu mo ubii itrxe !o'? or CARPETS and OILUi OTH3 in all vanoti>w. llJr Hou?ek??per? will plea?? k??p in mind the .\*w Ca pet Rooms, '"Perl-/ BauUnig," eornerof W """ L P. PERRY * CO f'V>LD AND SILVER ?PKCTACLHS.-Ha? ll ing bad rauob experience in th* r-WyT* ra*u u fee lu ring and Ml* of Sp^Jtaolw.s^L*^ 1 am now pi spared to jply any or all that want a erj ?up*nor ?uaity of * 1m? ?, with tk * met t ebar calrnia'ed toh.nal- U.ei-?i?ht. Havu f mm mujh p> actio* ia fitting th? " or diBovlt oa*<xt I ( . I 1 ' "" - * w- ? ? *? ?m '? i v u 'irpi r u *ii u n?? th vt will tint th? Wrtcrer, ud it th? Mm* ?? . .*JE&SSSu. A riTHII (WILLS ff IS MN ARD SOU-IH biW ? Tlx Crown Point (Ind ) Register says On Mon day last the quiet citizens of Hobart Townahip were startled with the sounds of guns, pistols, Ac.. and the cry of murder The sounds came from the vicinity known as the Mammery neigh borhood; and as we cm leva, the particulars art \ about as miows: A ffcaily by the name of Mammery, consisting of tb? old man, three boys, a son-in-law. ana evetal daughters, hare been living at variance for a year or two, have had bard words, and fre quently threatened each other's lives. The qnar rel commenced about tbe old man's property? one son and the son-in-law on one side, snd the old man and the other sons on tbe other. Tbe two have often threatened to put an end to tbe old man if they ever caught him alone. Oa Monday, the old man was told by his daughter that a hawk was flying about the house, and that he could shoot it. He took down a heavy double barrel gun. He did not see the hawk, but looked about until he got & short dis t?nr# from thp hnnu urhna Ka tamn aiisnaa Kla on and son-in-law, who Mid. " Here Is tb? old man?let1* kill him," and at once made after b'm with an ax He turned and fired one barrel at bla on, hitting him in the breast with some fifty large hot, killing blm instantly. He snapped the other barrel at the son-in-law, but It did not go off. He then took a double-barrel pistol from his pocket, and fired one barrel, taking off one of his ears. He then fired the other barrel, and sh#t him througb the body. The son-in-law lived until Tueaday, and gave In his testimony before the Coroner * jury, and died ia twenty minutes there

after. Public opinion teems to favor the old man, and the general opinion seems to be tint he did no more than was neceaaary to save his own life. The old man la about 60 years old; the son be killed about 30 or over. The son-in-law, and leader in the difficulty, waa an old man, probably older than his father-in-law. A Boa. Constrictor at Laeoi in thi Vicih Itt or Bostok ?Among all the attractions whtrh make the vicinity of Boston to desirable a place of residence, lsjustnowallve and active anaconda, wbo was, at the latest accounts, roaming about the neat village of Somerville He was boarded and lodged for some time at the Museum of Natural History in Cambridge; either the food or sleeping arrangements were uns itl tfactory to the constrictor, and he slipped out for a change of air. For six weeks be traveled incognito?perhaps made up his arrears of slumber; but the other day, two children were playing in a garden of Somerville, unri I1-.-I -? ? - - >?viv ?i?wiib?ci ia&uy uiiwca Oimifll, DUD grily yawing. Instead of being charmed by the fellow, the *lder girl seized her sister and fled to the houae. There ?he fainted, while the other gave the alarm. With trembling stepsand quak ing hearta the family turned out to aearch for the reptile, and after acme time the boa was aeen coming etsily out of a rye field adjoining the gar den . As aoon as he saw the hostile party he slunk beneath a neighboring barn, where ne is still sup posed to lie, inasmuch as there is a terrible scream ing heard at intervals, supposed to Indicate the fact that the serpent loves poultry, and that he has no conscientious scruples about helping himself to chickens, many of whom are missing. How to get hiin out is now a queatiou of some importance to the people of the place. Meanwhile, It Is probable that furnished houses can be procured at m >derate prices in Somervtlle. The anaconda Is thirteen feet long, and has a notoriously bad tem per. A white adder escaped with him, and un less the greater has eaten the leu, more snakes may yet be seen. A Child o* Trial for Mrs dir.?A correspon dent of the St. Louis Republican, writing from Cariltle, 111., says that the trial of a boy for mur der is progressing in the Circuit Court at that pla^e. and adds: " The proof shows that Finley 1s not yot eleven years of age. The ev'dence that be killed his u cle is hi ogether circumstantial, and very scanty indeed. The proof is that on the5th of July last >v ren and tbe boy were left al'?ne together for one or two hours, in a room in a drinking bone, and tbat at tbe end of tbnt period tbev were found there?Wren dying rf wcunds and bruise* on tbe h^ad.and tbe young boy sttting or lying on a bench and inking. One witness only testi fled to seeing any act tbat even circumstantially suggest ed tbat Pinlev killed his uncle. He testified tbat as he approach*d the bouse he saw Flnley ' strik ing downward at something,' but no evidence tbat be bad anything in his bands, or that anv object or bt-ing received the blows. There was no ev d-nce tf any quarrel between them, or of any motive for tbe deed. On tlie contrary, it was proved by the prosecution that the boy 'was play ing with his uncle about three o'clo k. and got a straddle of blm as be lay upon tbe floor, doing it in a frolic ksome way. No testimony w.ts of fered showing tbat when be was found by tbe of his uncle he showed any confusion, or sign or fear, or consciousness of guilt, or deiire so escape ' Importation or Stimgless Kkkr fro* Cen tral America?>lr. A O Moore, of New York, who went to Central America last year, has just re lurur-a Ifuiti Ouatemala, and has brought with him two swarms of the stiu^Wss bo s common to tbat country, which he has given in charge of Mr. farsons, of Flushing, who will propagate tbem for the agricultural department of the Patent Office, which will in due time distribute them, if it Is found that they can be kept In any part of the United States. Thrse bees are of two varieties, one large and one small, and both auite different in all their habits from the honey bees common with us For one thing, there appears to be but two r.l*as? s?workers and queens. The largest class are about the size of our common bees, the que^n being much larger; and while laving eggs appear very clumsy, and unable to fly. The honey is deposited in egg-shaped capsules, more than half the sire of henTs eggs, fastened to a plate oi wax only upon one side, and sometimes ar ranged quite horizontal in tiers one above another fO" Why ahouid man be so terrified at t&e ad mitsiori of night air tuto any of bis apartment*' It is nature's ever flowing current, and nrver carries tbe d<stroyin?; angel with it. See how souudly the delicate little wren and tender robin sleep under its full and immediate influence, and bow freah, and vigorous, and joyous they arise amid the surrounding dew-drops of the morning. Although exposed all night long to tha air of he iven, their lungs are never out of order; and t'lis we know by the dally repetition of their ong. ' HE MISSES BALL'S SELECT SCHOOL. ' The duties of tins School will lie resumed on Monday,September 3d. 188), at 179 Sixth utreet, betW'-eu N and O streets. au R~AVEN. BACON *CO '^.ANDSrKlNWiTY A SoNiS' PIANOS are only to -i-i fouid at thn wareroconof W. (i METZ ? KKOlT. Persons in ??iroh of a reliable " *? ? Piano are requested to call and ekami"* bef. re bui on-sin* iK?wlier-. .Music Depot?oornT of Penn av?nuo and Kwventh st. au 23 Red ash coal, WHITE ash COAL, I LYKENS VALLEY coal. oak WOO", PINE wood. Sawed and Split Wood in quantities to Biiit, for ale low l>y R. W. BURR, au .3 3t* corner of 7th st. and Mass. ar. Washington FEMALE institute *2iH G St , BiTwii.i 17th and 18th Sts. Mrs. SMITH presents her compliment* to the Brest* of her pupil? and hope* their daughter* will present punctually on the first day of tne session (Septemb-r 13 ) The Ixjard of instruction consists, as formerly, of ten profesaora and teachers, seven of wtiotn taught during the laat session, au 23 3t* CENTRA I. ir*ni'Mv Vv COK-4K& E AJID TkSTH Sts. This Institution will re?um? its duties September 3d. Applies ion? made to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Prinoipal. He/erenee*. Prof. Henry. LL. 1) , M. H. Mills, Esq., Rev. John C Smith D D., Dr. C P. Culver, Rev. A, G. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Davidson, au WHEELER 4 WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machines, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, which render them abso'uielj all that tan be desired, AT THE NEW AGBNCV, No. 346 Pennsylvania. A vines, uear7th street, rnim 10 |lOO, With instruuuoos free of charge. au >3-1 n P. J. 8TRKR. Agant. I ENGLISH SHIRTING PRINTS. HA VK Jan received mieoueoi English Shirt ing Prim* of extra 4ualitr anil width, warranted fait colors, at I80. par yard. H. KG AN, an 22-61 aal 7th at., and 3tf 1 Pa. av. WTO THE PUBLIC. K Pall thrt f-"J- ? 41 1 v? vui *i ioiius anu lira puo lie *enerali? to the fact th*t welt?v? ? peind a first quality CI.O rHINU KSTABLISHM KNT oo the c"?rner of Seventh and K streets, Washington, where ? have on hand a large a look of the above named good*, with an elarant a-sor ment of GKNTS'Fl'RNlSUINGGiiODH OurShirtaare indeed a superior kind to any heretofore aoiJ in thia city for the prioes. Br Fair J> a! in* and I<ow Prioea i whicri has alwaya heon our motte) we hop* to ob tain a liberal aiiare of patronage frooi cur frienda and th<9 public. _ _ au21-hr BAR k BROTHER. I \R. W J.CR *lfiKN haviag pnrchaaedthe Drug IJ Store, So. 37T?, uortheaU corner of Sev . enth and t at eels, lately ownAi b? Or. T. C. I i Mclniire, is now prepared to accommodate II 1 uia iorrner patro> of ihe Store.and the pub-QAQ ho gene ally, with everything they tnay want^^* in his line of business. He keep* constantly on hand a fie h aid pur* assortment of DRUGS, CHEMICAL*', auil M E DIof N ES. pure based from some of 'he most reliable houses in the I'niu-d 8 ate*. There will also be foui.d PATENT MED LJ3K8i FANCY ARTICLES, SOAP3, and PERP1'ME?\Y. St-iot psnoual attention given to the compound eg of ?fa>aician's petsonptious at all hours, day or intent. Surgical Instruments, Iruoea. ?o., ordered from the manufacturer at it shortest notion, and at reasonable prioea. lis pledges liimse ftodoall in his power to please and accommodate every one who givos hitn a cnll. Ha also has a few gallons ?r rery superior Old Port Wine,a pure aTticls, for medicinal purposes -No. 3 7 0. noruerSeventh street west aud 1 str? et n?rth. EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, jtc. t'he steamf.r phknix will leave jl h?*r wli?rf, foot of sixth ?tr*#t. _jt"^ ^ fn sunuay,?th,?t 9 o'clock ? for the white HOUSE. the nary Yard. bohrer ? vtiarf. half pa?t o'clock a. m. Fare 29 c?i?u rourd trip; rhildrcn half price. Rooming at 4 o'clock p m. au3? 2t e. a r\ther,cu aib. T excursion to gltmont* fTE ISi.a*.d baptist chl'kch and sabbath school willritean - -*?^ excuhs.on to glymont - f f ft Friday, aiwuu si. Tho ?pl?ndi?l steam*r St. Nichot.a? ha? h??n n fftvali vv11 k*r? ' u?m! ? !! k* > ??j? ? v w w ?? '< w w v ? ? ~ "" " ?' ' ? - mm m m ' - m w w ww rnlirw tho oocknon Refreshment* will be pro vided. Tli? boat will loave the foot of Elavaath atr*#t at o'clock a. m , touching ?t the Nary Yard. Ale* dria and return at 7 o'clock p. in. Tioktt* Fifty Onts children half price. Omnibus** wi 1 tie at the corner of Pa arinue ami Seventh stroet to conneoC with the boat. jinM-T P~ OSTPONED. THE GRAND BALL AMD DISPLAY OK FIR F. WORKS At COLUMBIA SPRINGS, It POSTPONED TUESDAY EVENING, Au*u?t 28th. Proa pari'* Band will be to attendance. Tickets Fifty Cai.U. Coaches leave the corner of Seventh s'raet and Pa. avenue at 4.5,6.7. 8, and 9 o'clock Ketnri ing lravethe >pnn<* at 10.11,12, andl 2 o'clock. A ctMch will leave Alexandria at 7'>% returning leave the Spring* at 2 o'clock, au 24-4'. rickets A GRAND PIC-NIC AND FAIR.?A Pic-Nio an<t Far wi I take plaoe onjgrs^^x-^ WF.iiNP.snAV !-??. ?. HilUfi ? . t^rfwssssrvi & ? ? V the farm < ! the late John Hr"nt?* W It r" lr* E?|., in Prinoe G?orjt?'? count*, nra the l a:h.l'? Church of th* Mo*t Holy Rosary. The proeaeds wilt fro toward* the erection of a cottage on the oliurch lot and the enclosure of th? old frave < ard of Boon's Chapel. Pertomd ii oui to oontributa present* or ca*h in car.) in* out th^ea laudable ob ject* will please oa.i next week on the pastor of UL Domini k s Chureh, (Island.) Th* relations and fr ends of those inferred in th*t ancie? t cemetery, with the citizen* generally, are rA?Mc;fallv invited to attend. A splendid dinner will be provided and provend?*r f-r hordes on the ground. The dittanoe iroin w? hinefin is only 12 miles. The root* to tba place is the \otinrham road, by the wood yard farm, to H Mitche Ps gate. It' T ATTENTION \LL! HE GERMAN SEWGERBTND SOCIETY of Washington take pleasure n an nouncin* to t eir friivids and fellow, citizens that they l ave made ev. ry* nt-cessary ar anceirioot to jive an EXCURSION to GLYMONT, nn the swifr and wnwt?lt"m st?am-r Thomas Colltke, on MONDAY, the 87th inst. Meals w'll *?e furni*he<t on this occasion at city price* by the proprietor of GItmont Th<?h<>*t will I ave her wha^f, foot of Ser?n h st., at 8 o'clock a. m. an t 2 o'clock p m Omnibuses will '^ave the rolfowi plaeee at 7X o'clock a. m and p m.: Eighteen st and Pa. ar . **?venth st and Pa. *v? Seventh and L its., and fo t of the Capitol. By order of the _auJ3 3 _ COMMITTEE. LMRST GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC r PIC-NIC of the WASHINGTON RIFLES, Capt. A. Bilbich. The Washmston Rifle* Iter l:ave to announce to the military and t.?#i public that the* wilUivea PIC-nic ?t the PARK i Mf>XUAY, August 27. ... ? - Th?* committee will spare to pain* to make thia th' P>e-S>' ofth? *f Mon. Tickets FIFTY CKNTS, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Omniliusea will run hourly between the Park and the corner of Pa avenue and Seventh ?L. Committtt of Arrant'm'ntt. I.lent. N. ij?rp. ().8fit't John Wahl, Knsi?r> Jo*. Miller, SWr't W Kaiser, ferg'tP Sohweil* T, Private !S>e?en?ohn. Pri vate J no. OsMtig r. au 23-^t Look out for thk ZOL'AVE Cl.UB PRI7.K PIC-NIC, At ARLINGTON SPR NG. a,, -Xi Tl'imuv ' ~~ uu v> m * ouxi i ? cpvniwrr *tn, Tmooni.igiit k.xcursion hk Cen?cre.:ati??u of firaoe Church (Island) pro po?e kivinc a moo!fi.k?ht ex cursion lor the benelit of th cv >r conn*ote<1 ith the Church, friday, antuttji _ t Thev have charterwl th? fteamer Phkmx , which will leave blevoiith street wharf at 5 o'clock p. m , precisely. r \ir.a : ??- n . ? Iinrre a i>?nu nil) ooen engaged ror the OOCfc Bi'n R??fre?bm'?ntt on ?h<! boat. Tickets 50 cen *; ch l<1ren 25 cents. Committee 8. K Murphy, ? O. Jacob*. S. B. Tavlor," W. S. Yeatman, VV.S Rolerti, R F. Bank. J.N Gotd i C. H. Hancock. aul3-eo AMUSEMENTS. . yy A S H I N <i T O N THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager S W. Gles.i. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n for th" regular Fall and Wiatcr S?a?on on the night of THl R*L>A Y. Novbmbs* l?r. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. The Conwli*ii of the Age, will commence an en ga;pm<=nt ?I Twe re \izht? on MON DAY, November 5th, and wt'.l be fo low d bjtne m>>?t BRILI.UNT STARS 11. the Theatrical Fir ma ne t. Communica'ions if a-1drei?ed to S \V. Gli-s* "'Old Howery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an 18-tf Epree CONCERT*! RN8T LOEFFLER, JViw York mrmut, (* ticetn I.K and 2d street*, won d respectfully ML stat* to the Putilio that A CONCERT of|flH SELECT MU*lC will he ?i ven everv MON V DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, commencing at 3 o'clock and ?ndiogat in p. rn. Previous to pis Conoert. tne Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few boars to the mair danoe. ICE CRE4.M- XVATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY alv?ys ready at eity prioes. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nic par p<?s. s, are requested to * i ve a day or two notioa. je 18 3m FOR SALE.-A pair of COACH HORSES, young and fa-t, sold for no fault: the rv owner bovine no use f>r thein. Apply atl^TA W. H. UPPERMAN't* Grosery, on Penn-^CZf^ sytvania aveuu*, between 3,1 and 4S tts au a tf J COAL Oil.. (1ST Rre^ivnH from h? ViKinn r?ii 40 barrel*p ime PAR APiNE COAL OIL, wrwch d ?<iu?l to the N?v York or Burton oil. The trade can t>??uppie1 on the *a-? e they hot at the North. ?avW the fre cht. _ au R-Ini H. C. PUR DY, 403 Pa a*. HAVING DETER MINED TO REM"VETO Turks* JoTV^S SftSfdcElfv ESTABLISHMENT,on r a?'nal,fe u,m. Any one deftinjis of ent ring in the ?i.oeery Bucine?? is now otlorpd a Hurt 1 Atmc*. the location A n A AI t It A t . m 4k a M 1 . A a At ? . . . ? . jB vun vi kiiv llUnb |R III*" \ 'II J. JAP. t*. WAUOUi e trntr 9th ftreet and New York are., au 22-3t near the Northern l.ibf y Market Cm\W HATS, l?TRAW HATS! LEARlNGOUi STOCKOFSTKaW HATS In ord^r to dispose of mr entire stock of Meu's and Boys* STRAW HATS *reat inducement* wili be offered UDtii the clo*e of the it* on at . LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap More, an 31 1m Fa. ar., noar Four and a-haif at. 'j*0 CONTK ACTORS FOR WATER PI PEA Office of th? WimiMro* Aqukpcct,/ Washington. August 1, i860. Skaxxd proposals will be rsoeirad at tife oftee until 12 o'clock m? August 21st, I860, for supplylug the following irate nan t ISO to 175 tVinch Pipes, It feet long, Bell * Spi? got. Was in uk ton Aqueduct pattern. 320 to 390 20 inch Pipe*, IS feet long. Bell k. Spig got, Washington Aqueduct pattern. 4 SO-i eh Flange Pipea, 12 feat long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pat'ern. 3 12 inch Flange Pipes. 12 feet long, (drilled) Wa-hincton Aqueduct pattern. 2 6 inch Flanpe Pip?s. f feet long,(drilled) Wash ington Aqueduct pattern. 14 inch Flange Pipe, 9 feet long,(drilled) Wash ington Aqueduct pattern. Also, a few special patterns, auch as Branches, Rends. As. For further of drawinge, Ao. appi7 it'thie flfio*? The whol? of the raBtinica will be roqmrad to bo l"",O0tob*,r, "wLBKNHAM. Captain of Engineer*, auS-tf Chief Eni'r W aainngten A^aedaot. PIONEER STEAM MA RULE AMD BROWN STONE WORKS. The aubaoriber beta leave to iaforra the oit'sera of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that h* haa added to aia lone eetaDiiahed baeiaoaa the aaxiliarr of neam power for aawiot and manufac taring Marble and Rrown Stone work in ili?r va rioaabranch**, Marble Mantele, Table aad Waah at\ad Top?, Tile. Monument*. Tomb aad Head Stneoe, Sia ?a. Window Ltnteia, Sil a, Steea uj f atformi. Havin* purohaaad a largeatoek ofltilian Marble in block .from firat hacda,at the ivwaat ratea, he feels co n Q (loot of being able lo fkirniah Mar be Work aa low aa it can he pure baaed in New York. Philadelphia. or Baltimore. The trade aappliW with Italian Marble in bloek or aiabe at tlie eame rate aa farniahed m (tew York,and oa atAoano daticc litrmt *! ? ~ ^ ' - 1 rtonetr Steam Marble and Brown Stoat Work*, ?u.!3m K*-'? XHE E STREET B<>XVINO SALOON WILL open thi* Mo day v?mni, Au?u?t Skfa. 1M0 Vnt *? ? v oloaod for the t three months lo ^1^ 0 tiie purpose of refitiinc everything ?p- ~ portkimng to the SScloon. It hmvini bMt entirely SlfipLvii pwiriaaaS gire him ?colI. j. t. mark. A.veiy mice seven octavk puno having boon in n?e? ?bort time will be tell ?t ft great ?fturiSoe for ot'llMI the pvvr being o?m??iied lo le?r? thrj' ?' ' iSi. SW^JnffiSgBMW"rnVi AUCTION SALES. By J. C M QUIRK * CO- AiiioMri. T TKRNOON ,A?prt?ft .?*5 V' tion Room" ?f JTC .M?uwry * 6iU kr rirtM of ? d?#d of traat from Thouw A MiUjImkI. 4*t*d Mn mil, >?*. m4 4m r mwii<h Lib* j. a. r?5. fo '. m. * Ml . of U?? I%?<1 rieordi for WMhl?tV>a ooBBty.p.C., I ?k?ll Nil, Lots ? bO'*d IS lfc.17. M. m4 - ? amamrm n? i..? Terma: On# t"ird rMl<H tat. tad worth*, with tntereat, iwi'W fcy itoi ofUat on t*a rmniN*. All oo.T.,?nc,r,|.ttk- Wtof tKj if nkMkmS J.C McOUIKE A bo.. AM* ICrrHK A?<?V> SAi<H IS POSTFONKDIN eft ???fnc# of U"?i? til SiTl'RDvY AF TER NOO ? Aac tS'h.aam* Loar aad ftaoa. H. F.D* V)<l> CLA??. TrM<*. an ?4-?t J C. A CO^A?*?. By A. GR EEN, AitltnMtr. CALK OP HOUSEHOLD FI'KNITl'RE. *?. 0 4* Apctioi.?On HAtCRUA\ . tk* iS'.ti int. 1 ?a* 1 aaii at my Aactton ooma at 10 o'aloafe a. rn . a tare* ana gtaara. a<a?rtn)*ar of Hons* Iiri fliioe liooda, in rcrjtktni thai ia BXHad in auoh way. _a?i * d A. ORBKW. A?C By J. C. HaGUIRK A CO.. Aaattaaaara FCREMPTORV 9ALEOP PAM* BORBS. Ou MOM DA V AH r.a.NtW ?. Acaattf a. at a o> ?ok. in f'ont of tto* fiabi a?f T. Naitor. Eat-, on E b?Cween 13H and Mth atr ?t?. ?a aaal! aa'i a vary t * But) Horaa, aaid to ba a vrry M aao ftua trav lar, a ad ia aula u> eovvr a? aipud l^iT.'ry b-it. *JI p?ra?>n? mterratad vt'.l i'nh taka noti> a. Te> ina ouk, II 34 s- J. a MeflUlRR ft O Hy A. GKEKNi Aiulion Household and kitchkn TrRNi Kll. PliROr?T>. *0. AT avctior.?Oa THUKcUAI U?e 30th in?t. I ah* I ,i at tl rmdfDMort i* tieman M lining In pi jig on tnwu',ti?t?<?ir?'" ? '(I ?'k at No. 4*", at l# o'oloot i <i, aa MMllMl r " "KilofrtPilar* *'K Kwwiod Piano-fort'. 9tool and Corer.a In trun ent, Ma * Soh, Parlor and Mk*r Ckairi. Do Birwu, Wai ant Kitwioi D kikfaad otner Table., Parlor and other Looking Glaaaea. Loaaf* aatf B?d?d Chair, Cottage acd other B?4m^i, mat itottriw, Kin# Bruaaala Caraot, Oi cloUi aad Matting, Ohi?* <? * an<1 Crookery \V*- , Cooking. Radiator aad other Storea, ?ith a good lotofKitohen Reqaiattae. Taimi: All eama un<l?r #2S, oaah.orar ?2t. a credit oi #o and 9> day*, for aotea aat.?iacionly ea dwra?d bearing iLtereat. au24d A GRI EN. /aot. WIS AFTERNOON b TO MORROW By J. C. McGUIRE 4 CO.. AaottMaara. EXIftABLE DWELLING BOUSB Olf Noam I. niiir inwiin Uth ituit wi r j#" VaEMo.iT Avaacs Koa tin -ua KRIl>^ AFTER NOON. Anrnat Mth. at ux o'c ook. on the aremiaaa are thai! aell partofA*t B, in auHiviaion of aa uar* No D on north 1, >tre t b -fw^n 1?h ud Vwmoti \venu?. rn-o nt b?rk ab at I 'S f*ot with a front of l4f*<oton Vwmoct ?>eno?, toother with Ui? im VovrmrkU, vomiitiBf of ? tkrM-itnr) book hin? inc. eua'Kii ( ?ix room?.?n<l alandinc lock from th-4 bin dine me aboat to f-*t.aid adj<>io#4 on mk id* bj a band'ome thre* at?ry brick 4 wailing boat*. Tbe l< oation is unexo?tt.ooabl* for a private roaidere >. aod th? p operty very doeirabl* a* a r?fcidonoe for nail family Term* : On? ti.rd ca?h; I reaidae ta C, IS, aad l> muntba. with inter'*', ??cur*c by at?M offcast on th? premiftOa Title pr rlrct. anao-d J C. McQUIRE k CO . Anata Ry A.GRKKN. AmOomw. 2HAND?OM*r THRKEPTORV FRANK Hor?k? o> 1 3Sth ? i kbit. ow th? Island. it Acctio* ?On Tt t.!?D * V th-? 2 *: inetan-. I aball oil in front of tb? ?r'mii?w,ttl o clock p.m.~ par'of Lot >0.6 in sqttre No. Jf. wit* tbe in? pn reoKQta *hwh are t?i food * ?? <"'* '?" h ?u*e?, with back builinc, oonUinni euht or Mo nvxnaracb. v tb (UMM? Thu proper'? is haud?o?e!y ?tomt?c fronting oil ISM etreet wnt between ronth II and C ?tre?U, near the Srrith?"ri?n G o?nd?. Term*: Obo-foitrik ea*h; balanoe in . IX. It, aad 84 muaifca. for not?? b a<iof from dar of ?i? a deed givec and a deed of tr??t uken. TiUo indiapntable. an 15 d A. green, Aaot. ETTHE above Tale is postponed on aoeountof the inclement weather unt.l FRl n i ?r *l. ?*? -? i/ ? i , uiv Jiu in'l.) (MIH murtT-fl > M? au .2 d A. GiUKKM. A act. By THUS DOW' INC. Aaotioaear. Otort.t -ten, D. C. TRUSTF.E'* SALE OF LARGE AND DK CIBABLB t*ToCB or n?T 600M, JlWlLlT, l'LATBU Will, B00TS, fr Hum, kc.? < ?n Tttl'R!* DA Y. 2SJ inat.. at the Aoeti m Room*, a* 9 o'clock a. m.. and continae from 'la* to day anul the itook i? told, the ertire HU?r? <?f Chaa. 9. Holt, ?on la tin* ofa genera' a?aort?nent of Dry Goods, Piatad W?'?, fine Jewelry. B ?ota. S*boe?. A e, to. (t7? The en-ire atock will he bo Id withoat re?r vat >?. and the attention of the ladiei aad headaof fainil'ee i< aptciaily o&l'ed to the * a. an 28 S. THOt*. D?WUWfl, Aaat. FUTURE DAYS. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer SALE OK HOUBKHOLD AND K1TCHFN FctiiiTni. at Acctiob ?On MONDAY, Ik* 27th irat, at 1* o'clock a m , I ?h*Jl ae!] at the roei deceofa gentleman declining hoaaakaepipf, on O atree' between 1 th and lltfc atreeta r.ortk, (the Flat 'will den mate toe house,) an aaaortnieot oi Foraiture. wit: Mah ta y Sjta*, Chai'a and Tah'ee. Do Rocker and Caator Ctoaira. Wnlnut What Not, ami Gilt-fra?.e Glaaa. Mant.e Ornaimnt*. and Fw-t **o?Ia, I>a~<a?k, l-aoe.arH othor Curtaina, Mahogany Book Ca?a.and Mat Rack. Do Dreaaim Rar??ofand fladateada, I*>*rain Carpet* atd Stair Koda, Faathe' Bed*, t'i Iowa and Kola,era, very fiae, Qai't*. romfort?, a>d Hiar.k-U, -bP'inp. Hair.and ^haok M?it"??aea. C>ia*. Kiaaa. and Crockery Ware, Radiator, C"ok and other stover, A iot of Kitrh-n K?qui?ttea, and m*ry otter ar tic ea too aamarooa to enaiaerate. Term*: All aim of mH und". ?? oaak; orar 2i, a credit of an and dare, for approv.d aa doraed notea, bearinc interact nil /I i ? ?? - Bt BARNARD * BUCKBY; Geor??towa. pOMTlVK 8A l,K OF VALl'ABI.K AND Dbsirabls Bc.limno Lot in kioiarrowi. D. O., at Peine Apctio*.?On TIESUAY A F TER(*0<?N.?.h ntt.ktSK o'clock, in frM<tf I th" premises. that valuable ud noM dMitb Lot.owm-d In John Casein. E?* . u.d >i<MM oa the m>rthw*?t c rner of Prtapeot and Potnape treeta, in Georgetown, 0. , ard fronting 1ft) f?>nr foe* more or Im*, on tli* (nrn*r street aad ai??t? iv? feet ro?re or 1-aa oa ike lett r. Title indi i utxhle. Terini cuk.aoaiftr de tare of tuo pu chase money to be p*i? on the ciound, or the property will l?e immediate* reeoldT Foeeoe ai?n *iven npon ooTD'tarc* wit1, miiI t'rnw. an M- BARNARD k. BUCKBY. AnoU. \f AR?HALf* SA1.K.?In Tirtae of a writ ef I'l fi-t ifaciaa issu??i from tke Clerk lOfiot of the Circuit Court of ike District of Coiumbta for the County ot Wsahmctnn, and to me directed, I will exp<>?e to nnbue sale. for oank. in f ont of tke Conrt H>nse *~orr>f iMit eoct? na w?l?NBS DAY, the a h day of Angot next. 1M?. at t? o'oUk m. A .I cef;'s r ght, title, c aim aad la'ereet in and to Lot No 6. in H^aare IH in tke City of Washington, I). C , together v th all aad tnciia.r U>* im*roviMiT? t? tad >?YMd u*a M U?? fo?vtj ofJckn P. by?r. and vi I b??old to pMi?/t lu'ioiili No. ?. to Ootrhw Ww MB, ( f?ror or Macaret M Dyw. wile rf J D Com. ?a T3i? for the Dutriut oY Cu^bi*. MARSHAI.*P8ALK.?1? rirtM eft write of ft?n ??,M.,!!2,XF'K" * Clw-k'a ofto* ofttoCir ?"11 .^"r' of I>i?tri?t of ColMBtMft, for tfc* oonnty of WMluniton. ud t? m diroctod. 1 will expos* to mmio ?2e, for CMi. in front of < hoatedoor of Mid oo?Bty. oi MONDAY. 1 dxy of Aaca*t n?xt, 1M>, it It o'oiook a , !)< ii,d intorMt i > tn4 to L?t N}. IS, m8iur? N<>. 79, in tb* eity of Wnlm|H>, P. C.| toe ether witk all an lucal&r U* in Umt*oq. IMt?) MKt iori'4 IK> M tk* j ChM. ii Vu pnni,n< wtii b* km to N<m *l ot John W.Thoi jylS-dt. U.S. m laC^Ji 1%, to October tern Mi, laflfcvor * ?r,?J Z. ^vG^'glfBnEN tot lor DiaUMtol Coii .B^SLAfR?.^4cPOT2?5 W.RELDEN. U.?. Mvtel. C. M. KEYS, ilk* Hi WOOD A COAL I IMF SAND, CeYeRT. NAJt, Plaster, and WhiU OriT*I. .?48 N. E. Cor. 12tk * C tW ?qiiaif fconth Cms At. WASH! N GTO N, D. C. MlHf ALTIMORL UFK IMHKANCK CO^-Ul coiroiATiu ton ?Jon 1. Doiiuua, n*' L - "" NHTWIR Dinwi.ini rracinc ft s*ul or Rkrnwmiiun. f c r p,, p, j ?? 14 tw ?or?r lltt 1?d raassB^ms???