24 Ağustos 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Ağustos 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

THE F.VEIMINU WI'AK. THE CHILDREN'S HOUR. BT W. L059V1LL0W. Bet-reen the dark ?.<i tae d?yh?ht. When the nuht is becinning t > low?r? Conn ft p?t)M in thiimf ooeop*'ion?. Taftt n known ft* the Children'* Hoar. I he*- in th* chamber above m? '? ae patt-r of little feet; The round ot? door thM i* opened. And voice* ?of. ? .d sweet. From bit stadv I e?e in the UmB ight, ^D<>.?seorlin? the brovl ball ?Uir. uiav? Aiion ?nu inurun* a iogi?. And Edith with golden hair. A whisper and then a siienc; Yet I Know by th- me ry eyet The> are plot ing and planning togeth To take me bj surprise. A sudden rush from the stairway, A sadden raid from the hall' Bt ?hra~ doors led unguarded. They outer my castle wall! They climb up into the Mrret O'er the arms and back of mv chair; If 1 try to escape they surround me; They seem to be?everywhar?. They alrroU devour me with kitsrs. Their arms about me entwine. Till 1 think of the Bishop ot U ngen In bis taou.o-towor on the Rhine! Do yon think, O hlu?-e*ed VanditS. B cause >ou have scaled the wall, Such an old mustaohx as I am la not a ma ten {or you *1 ? I bar* you fa-t in in* fo t'?t?. And wnl not let you depart. But put jou down m.o th dungeon* la the ound to we'of my heart. And there will I k<wp you forever, Ye?, fo. ever and a da;, Till the vail thill crumble to ruin, And moblder in dust away ! Operation ( the Patea t Office. The following la a list of patents Imed from the II 9 Patent Office for the week endlnir Auirnit 14. 1-40?each bearing that date: John P. Allen, of Dover, Geo?For Improve ment in seed planters William Bailey, of London Grave, Fa.?For Improved machine for bending trera. John C. Baker, of Mecbanlcaburg, Ohio.?For Improvement in fruit jars Levi \V Baker, of Marlboro', Mass ?For Im proved bread slicer. J. G Barker, of Watartown, Mass ? For Im provement in cheese cutter. Fatrlck M Briton, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For Improvement In compounds used as decolorizers. L\man R Blake, of Abington. Mass.?For im provements In the manufacture of boots and shoes J. N Bodlne, of Bridgeton, N. /.?For im provement in bottles John D. Bond, of Greenwood, 9. C.?For im provement In ploughs Samuel G. Brett, of Newport, N H.?For Im proved machine for pointing shoe peya B. W Bruel, of Belolt, Wis.?For Improved mop bolder. Lyman D. Bnreta, of Sherburne, N. Y.?For improvement in ploughs. Edward G Burger, of Ypsilanti, Mich.?For improved foot scraper. Samuel Canterbury, of Holmes county. Miss.? For Improvement in ploughs. Dan'13 Chase, of Augusta. Ga?For improved anti-friction rollers for propeller shafts Win. H. Churchman, of Janesvllle, Wis?For Improvement in furnaces for heating buildings. P S dinger, of Con?-stnga Centre, Fa.?For improved machine for cutting f<>dder. Richmond Cranston and Henry Bates, of New London, Conn.?For improvement in projectiles for fire-arms John 8. Davis, of TiflUn. O.?For lmoroved washing machine John Devlin, of Philadelphia. Pa?For Im proved lever escapement for watches Henry D Dunbar, of Memphis, Tenn.?For Im provement in piatona for ateaia engines. Jacob I.dson. of Beaton, Mm- For street weeping taaehine. James 8 Fowler, of Peoria, 111 ?For Improve ment In corn planters. Robert \V. Gardiner, of Qulncy, 111.?For Im provement in governors f>r steam engines. R. M Garrettson, of Rhinebeck, N. Y.?For 4mnrni;M) r* at^nl Won. L Gebly, of N'ew Richland, O.?For Im provement in planters. W. T. Gill, of Henderson. Ky.?For Improve ment In air pumps for exhausting and sealing ML Schuvler Goldsmith, of Wataga. 111.?For im provement In cultivators. B A Goodell, of MAlbury, Masa?For improved rotary engine. Charles Fran* Urabo, of Boston, Mass ?For opying press Gotlieb Graessle, of Hamilton, O.?For Improve ment In drain tile machine. John C. Goar,of Monterey. Cal.?For Improved belt shipper Wm H Greenwood, of Galva, 111.?For Im proved l<?ck Asa Greenwood, of Toulon, 111.?For improved tenoning frame. John 3 Hall, of West Manchester, Pa.?For Improvement in ploughs. Lyman E Hawkins, of 9angamon, 111.?For Improvement In cultivators. Andrew A. Henderson, of Phlladelohia. Pa ? For Improvamant In reaping and mowing ma* klia. Andrew A. Henderson, of Hnntlngton county, Pa ?For Improvement in machine for raaplng and raking grain and mowiuggraaa. Jason 6 Howard, of South Braintree, Max ? For machine for applying waibrri to tack*. John Morrison Ilunter, of New York, N. Y.? For Improvement In preparation of glue. gabln Hutcbins and Joseph D. Leach, of Pe nobscot, Me ?For improved churn. Nicholas Jenkins, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in wagon springs. J usee Johnson, of New York, N. Y.?For im proved clothes dryer Herman Jury, of New York, N. Y.?For Im proved spring mattress. Lathrop Kazar, of Leroy, 111.?For Improvement in adjustable mole for mole ploughs. W illlam Kenyon, of Steubenvllle, O.?For Im proved gas-pipe cutter. William kinafftel and Daniel Klmmel. of Cam bridge City, lnd.?For Improvement in stump extractor kr \Cmnnmv PmvM?nr? D I V prorement in valve |(ear f?r steam engines G H Lamb, of Newark, Mo.?For improve ment In carriage spring*. James B Lyons, of Milton, Conn.?For improve m^nt In stump extractor R M Lytle, of Triune, Tenn?For Improve ment In portable scaffolds. Jotia Magee, cf Lawrence, and William J. Fewne, of Newton, Mm?For Improvement in stoves. Robert Marcher, of New York, N. Y ?For Im provement In enameling picture frames, *c. C hit Irs Marston, of Viroqua, Wla.?For im provement in grain harvesters. John Mmrer, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement in bottles. P. G McCulla, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For im provement in grinding mills. William Riley, jr , of Reading, Pa.?For im provement in nail elate feeders. E. H. Plant, of Plantavilte, Conn?For im provement In attaching thills to carriages Geo. W. Ralna, of Newbury, N. VT?For im provement in (team boilers. itriimn j nice, 01 hrMWici city, W<1 ?For improved sugar-grinding mill. O L. Ricnardaon, of Athens, Oi.?For 1m proved curb for rot LI atone* Mark Rigeil, of Dawson, Oa.?For Improvement In cultivators. Jobn Merry, of Eldorado count/, Cal.?For m<Hl? of marking stork. Kara Rtptoy, of Troy, N. Y?For lm pro red wrench ana pincers John K Robinson and John M Clark, of Be.U tre, O ?For Improvement in pistons for ateam enatnee Ji bn C. Rogers, of San Francisco, Cal.?For im provement In tool handles Wm Russei.of Stougbton, Mass.?For Improved wrmcb and vice. Wm. F Babroeder, of La Porte, lnd ?For Im provement In sred-punters John Sesbvrlntfr of PbiladelDhla. Pa ?For lm. provement la prssorvation of caustic alkalies. Jack?<u Shannon, of Dakota, Wit?For im prnT?atst t? cultivators G?o Slusser, of HilUboro', O.?For Improve ment 1b animal traps. Henry T. S.nitb, of Washington, D. C.?For improved >>e<i*'oad fastening. /aui's Smith, of Norfolk, V*?For Improve ment io ploughs. Nathan 1-1 soow, Jr , of Boston, Mass ?For im proved steering apparatus. M .Vesser and A SW-iabrener, of Cleveland. O ?For Improvement in hanging saah of railroad eat windows. W 8 Stetson, of Baltimore,Md.?For improve ment in harvMters. Henry l>. Stover, of New York, N. Y.?For im proved cutter-head for rotary planing. Hugh M Street, of Denmark, Tenn?For Im provement in gearing J 0 Sutherland, of Detroit, Michigan?For improvement in sleeping cars. Jusepb F. Tannehtll, of Staunton, Vi ?For im provement in seed-pi enters. XV A Taylor and W \V. Graves, of Fort Adair s Miss - For iirproremeat in cultivators A. Tbrelkeid, of Moon* countv Inal ?Pn? im proved waablng mar. hi nr. N itLantel Tufta, Jr , of Booton, Maa.?For Im provement id gaa maWs. I*aae Twining, of Wrlghtatoam, Pa?For ]nirri>t<iDeat in automatic rakes for harvest?ra William Van Andea, of Pooghkaspal*. N. Y. For Improvement la machtM for cutting flies. ti W. V?n Dim, of Big Flats, NT V.?For iBipformirat la steam engines Amos WhlOewjoes, of Cambrld^eport, Mm F' r improved machine for making kaeaa ahos Italia I?fdloand Wolf, of Brteklfa, N. Y ?For lm pr< * meat la cultivators. ** <lilasa Wood, of Hartford, Oou<-For Una pecywt la fertoJi iwoklMi . . Albert J. Allen, of ftnffclo. N. Y., assignor to R. Allen, of Rock Stream, N. Y.?For Improve rent In itnm guege*. Allen 8. Ballard, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, as signor to himself and Joseph Howe,of same place. For Improvement In ditching machine. Frederick H. Drake, of Middletown, Conn assignor to himself and Jonathan S Christie, of New York, N. Y?For Improvement In sewing machine needles. J. P Flanders, of Boston, Maaa , assignor to himself and E G Allen, of tame place ?Por im provement In leather splitting machine*. H. M Jacob*, of Hartford. Conn . assignor to Tbomas J. Vail, of same place.?For Improved UTachlne for burnishing spoons Edwin A Leland, of Brooklyn, N. Y , assignor to himself and John Benson, of same place.?For paint can. Douglas F. Maltby, of Waterbury, Conn , as signor to the Waterbury Button Company, of same place?For photographic medal. Aaron Miller, or Brockport, N. V., assignor to himself. George B Whiteside, George F Barnett and JoslahM Lane, of same place ?For Improve ment in corn planters. Bradford Stetson, of Uxbrldge, Mass . assignor to himself and Elmer Townsend, of Boston, A.aas - For improvement In turbine water wheels. Heistu>d ? Edward il. Ashcroft, of Boston, Mass?For Improvement in apparatus for naph tbaiizing glass-s. ? Jobn D. Cunningham, of Franklin, Tenn ?For design for coffins Additional lm/ roi'mmt ?Albertus Geiger, of Dayton, Ohio?For improvement in vapor lamps. U7"Some person whom Quin had cff-nded. met blm one day In the street and stopped him. ' Mr. Quia." he wild. '-I?I?I understand that you have taking away my name " "What have I said sir?" You?you?you called me * scoundrel, sir" "Oh then ke?p youx nam?,sir," replied Quin, and walked on. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?S A Phillips, (NC; T C Brewer, Ala; A A Nndson, do; Hon W Blgler, Pa; P N Oarte, La; J M Duncan and lady. USN; Hon T L Cllngmnn, NC; G K Knight, Ark; C Brochrens. do; O Carroll, Pa; O M Gi Christ, Oa; J P Hedge*. Oel; A E Beach, NY: J V Santvord. DC; O W Knox, Pa; J U Pith, do; J Leak*, Mo: J Johnson and led)', O; M S Kltunmer, Md, O F M :Rae and"lady. La, 0 F Legf?tt, dr; A Berry and lady, Md; Mn O Williams. do; J Carter, Eug; T Htrrain, nc; Hlrram, do; J D Haven, Ct; BROWNS' HOTEL.?B Wnt, dc; DA Roy, W Martin, Mi.?a Martin, Mla? Roy, ft, las Peam. .->> ; H Bankaand ly, Gi; I' Matb-v g-tnd ly,Mtaa M Matbewa. EMathew*,J E Ma hewv 0 Tay lor, Ala; F Sticknev. Macs; Harroh and ly, O; N Hurlep, J C Dent, Ml*? C Dean, Mlu E A D^an >0; A Quiglcy, Ala. T Blnncbard NY; W Piil l'v.in and ly, Ark; W El i?0'i and ly, La; Mn L Perrino, Ala; T Robin# >n and ly. La. K1RKWOOD HOUSE -R W Onnor, Mara; B Bond, Tenn. T H \V better, NV; T VVilklnt n, B Wilkin-on, Ala; B Harris. Ma; How n Md: J Q;ok-?, V*; W Alien, Md, Dr McClendon, V?; C Dugan, Md. Washington house.?o w Tiiietaon, Nt; C II Strider, Ala; 1' H Howard, tin; MIm M F Howard, do; J H Mclm, SO. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fkom ths Uhitbd States. Sunmtri. Ltav. For. D<ty?. Kdnatio ........New York...Havre -,Aur2' Pwraia N ?* York... Li verpool,. ? A ug. 29 [{ammonia... ..?New York. ..Hamburg S-pt 1 ?rabia...?. Hunton Liverpool....ttrpt. f Ifrioa New York. ..Liverpool Sept 25 From Europe v*naert?iit..?. ..South'pUJn... New York...auk. IS \frioa Liverpool... New York.. .Aug I* Jura. Liverpool Npw York...Aug.21 Hiilton .... .South'pton... New Yorit... Aug S3 New York .* outh'pton.. .Ntsw York... A?g.2i North Briton Liverpool. ...C^m-bec... Aug. 2fl O&uatla Liverpool... .Botitop A?r. So Bohemian Liverpool Portland ....Aug. 9! The Havana mail ?u-aincrs leave New York or be id, lit.h, I7tli, and 37th of each month, and Charleaton on the 4th and 19th. The California mail ??"*">?rt leave New Yorkot th? Vh and *>th of en*1 month. Q F F I C 1 A L . ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC SPATES. ^ Triarchy Dkrartmknt, July 10, i860. Proposal* will be received at this Department UQtil the tenth day of September next, pursuant w the following aot of Congresa: Ax Act to facilitate oommuiiio&tion between the Atautio a>.d Pacifio rtMte* by ?iectrio telegraph fin it inact-d by f"i' Senate and Hew** of Rtpr? s^ntatives of tM United States of America in Con M i.1.^ ?. ? ? * L. - pr *9 ? ?- m >tc<+1 m. iidi mo r*coro^ry of (DO I rt*?>3 u j, nud r the direction of tbe fresi lent of the UniV-U states, la hereby authorized and dieoted to a-1vertise 'or sealed propobaU, to b->rco<<iv<d ?>rflOdays aft-?r the passage ul this act, (and the fu'fiimeutof whioh una 1 ie guarantied by respon sible parties, as ih tha oase of Dids for mail 001 traots,) for the use by th-' Goverumei t of a line 01 lines of m*gnetiot?legraph,to beoonstmcfd with ia two years from the thirty-first day of July, e'gh t en hundred and sixty, from mm- point or points on the vest line of the State ol Missouri by any route or routes whioi the ?aul c< ntraotors may select (connecting at such point or points by tele graph with the cities of Wanhingriwi, N w Orleans. N?w York, Charleston, Philadelphia. liont <n. and oth?r cities in tie At:aunc. Southern, and Wes tern States ) to the city of !*an Franciaco, in the Stat* ot California, for a period of ten yearn, and shall award the oontrart to the lowest responsible bidder or bidde, a, provided such oroffer does not require a lar/er a:n untpjr*?a from the United a*r&t<?s than fort* thousand dollars, and permission s hereby granted to th * said partie* to whom said oonirait may be award* 1. or a majorit< of th*m, puien assigns. to uae until tha end or the said t rm, tuab u!-oocupi?d pubiio lands of the U nit.*] mates as ma; be nec"s?arT for the rignt of way and for the purpose of establishing station* for repairs along ?aid line, i ot exceeding at any station one quarter section of and, suon stations no. t?j exceed one in fi:t*eu miles on an werage of th? whole dutancn, u-ilers -aid land' shall be required by tae t???erninnt of the United mvos for rail road or olh*r purpose*, an l provided th tnori<h1 to pre erupt *ny 01 -aid lands und r tho taws of tb?' Unite i States sha'l mute to si id ooinoa-iy. t ten Agents or s rvautu, or to any ?ther p-rson or p'r s.n? whatsoever: trovidtd. Tnat no sno'i eon t'?ot shall be rr a-'e U'til the ?aH line shall b* in ao'ual operation aud payments thereunder shall oease whenever the oont a-tors .an to oornpi with t.K uoiiti act; that tho Government 'hall, at *11 times tr- euut'ed t?. pii?ri y in the use of ins lineor lines, an4 thai1 >ave the privilege. when author xrd by iaw, fcofemot.n^ raid line or It. es by telegrapn wi'.h any ...ii?'iry post* of the Urii ed Statf*, and to a?e the ?ame for Uover in ut purposes: And pro xvltd also, Tt.at said use or liii'-a exuept sue > a< m?y t>e oonc.truoted by tlie Government 10 connect B*il line or lines with the military posis of th? United States, shall be open t > the u-? of all oiti z-ns of the Uniuxi Sates "uring the term of said oeut act, on p?jm ut of the regular charge* foi transmission of dispatches: And prc-idtd. also, Z hatsuon charges ?hali not exceed tiir<?- donari irasing.e dispatch 01 ten words, with the utual propor'iouat i deductions upon dispatcher ol g eater Ungth, provided that nothing herein o"n ta ne-d shall co fer upon th* said parties anv ex clusive right to co> struct a teleg> aph to the Pa^i fio.orde ar ;he Government of the Unit-d 8t*tei irom granting, from tim* to lime similar fran ohis?s and privileges to other partias r-eo. i. And 6? it /nrthsr marled, That the said wuvr?cu>re, or meir aaaign-, ana l have tho ruhl to oonatrnot "*n-l mainta n, through any of the Ter ritonea of the United Mates, & branch line, ko aa te o nu*ot UtMT >arl line or Knee with Oregon; and that tt.ej ahall have the permanent right vf *aj f jt Mid lino or huea, under, or wv?r. aur unappro p iat*l public land* and watnta in tne aaid Terri tories by any routs or routie vliioh the aaid oon traolora mar ael-ct with the tree uae daring the >Md l-rm of auoh ianda. aa may be ueoee?ar? foi the purpoae >>f eetabiiahing rtationa for repaira aloug aaid line or hnea, not exceeding, at an) a:a tion one quarter section of land, auon atari, n* no! t<> exo?ed one in fifteen mi:ea on an average of the whole diatanoe; but ahould any of a^id quaitei aectiona be deemed eaaential by the Government or any oompany acting under ita autnority, foi i<wiu?u gu'poi'i. in" ?aia oo traotorn eha!l re linquish the oooupancy ol ao much a* may be nec essary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount ol land for like u?- iu ta atea . St?o S And bt it furin#? tnacied, That if, in any year during ti>e oouttnu&ooe of tne Mid oontraot, the buaiueaa done for the Government aa herein before mentioned by nuch oontactor*, or then aa?i?i>a, aha.I. at the ordinary rat ^ of NHH pnva'e meeaauM, exneod the prioe contracted tc o-? pud an aforeftairf, the S*ooretary ot the Treasu ry ?ha!i, upon aaid aooouuta being duly autheuti ca'.eO, certify the amount of iuoii ex< ?? to C> n urea*: Providtd. That the use ot tiie liie be given at any time, Pe of oo?t, to tr.e Coast Survey, th? c?mitneo?ian institution, and the National Ob-er ratorr, for aoienlifio purposes: Axdprov did fur* tk r. 1 h%t iiiiwsa; ee rwoeived from an* mrii. Mn?i company, or oorpcat on, or fr-nn tp) Mtur&ph llnea wnni?tin* with 'hta hoe at either o>' ita ter mini. fchall ho impartial y transmit d in th? ordei of their reoepttou. exoeptiug that the deep%tohe< of th? Government ahali have priority: And pre vuied further, TRat Congrete shall at anj tia>< hare the right to alter or amend thia act. Approved J un-' 16,1860. The low eat offer for the u*e of anoh telegraph fur the puh.io eervioe, will be aoo<pt*d, provided the terms and eonditioneexareaeed in the aot shall be fally%et forth and stipulated ia the proposala which mutt be accompanied by a guarantee, ii ?ouformity with the27th amotion of the aot of Jul) *, 189^, in rrgard to mail eervioe, te the effeet thai the tins or lii.es an all be ncmpieted within the tim? pre onbed, and that the guarantor shall then enter into obligation to the United Stat's for the ertormanoe of the eervioe for the Movnrninenf, nne'er said aot. at the ratea offered in the prnpoaa!? eh guarantee may be in the fallowing form: " I'he uuderaigned reaidinc at , in the htaU of?. andertake and proimae that if thefteore tary of the Trraaury ahali aecept th? withia pro poeala, under the aot of Jane 16, I860, the line oi finea ?>f rnagnetl j telegrapn ?hall be oomplated and Kt? IU.V v|rvi">ivu \jas ??' vciuiv in9 llTTI6''Ml d 1 Mt, and that we will then UNuta with the parties "going the within propoaaa an oMira won to the United fltatee, id due forra, m aure u*s for tfte perforuianoe of the sorvioe, a-.oordini to th* wrmi ao4 oooditions contained in saoh aro poaaj*." r guarantee aut be aonorap&nied with thr oertifioat* ofa United State* dutrint attorn*, or distrust jadge. aiatiug that he ia acquainted with h of taa persona signing the cnarantee, and l ow* them to be men of saAeient property to makegood tee above guarantee. be eealed of and directed Jo "tne Seoreta jr of the Traaaar/ Washington. H fi V .>><4 -? < :. tz.1 , tff&m -SJBWI4SSST it MKDIOlBfEK. CCROFULA O OR KIWS EVIL, las nonatitatiuDAi diaeaa*, a corruption of U>? bland, by which ttaia fluid urcumea ritiatad, twk, and poor. Being in tne oiroolaticn, it perradMtfc* Vhoi* *ody. and may buret out in diaeaaaon aay aartofit. Wh*tar?r bs ita origin.it ia hereditary in t^e oonati'ntien, detoerdin* ''from parenta to oiumrnn unio msiorasca lourrn *en-r?iion;" in deed, it seem* to be the rod of Him vho u;i. "I will ?i?it the iniquities of the fathers upon then children." One quvt-r of a'l onr people are Bcrofulona; their peiaona are invaded br this lurking infection, and their health i? underminied by it. l'o oleanae it from the system we moat renovate the blood br an alterative mertioine, and invigorate it by healthy food and exeroiae. Such a medicine we aapply is AYER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA, the mo*t tffactua, remedt whioh the medical ici.i of onr timen can deviae for this everywhere prevail ing and fatal maladi. It ta oombinetl from ihe moat active remediate that have baen di oovered for the ex purgation of thia foul diaordur from the blood, and the reacue of the ay ten from it? destructive conaeqaenoea. Hence it ahould be employed for the cure of not only scrofula, but a'*o thosa other A.fTMtiAni whinh fLrino frnrn it. nur>h m Knint vA anU Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Kim, Ro-e, or Ervsipoias, Pimples, Pustules, Ulotohoa, Blain* and Boi'a, Tnmori, Tetter and Salt Rheum, soald Head, Hi;.* worm, Rheumatism, Sjphilitio and Mercurial Dihwai, l>rop?y, Dyspepsia, Pebihty, and, indeed, all Complaints arising f oin Vitiat?u or Impure Blood, i ho p -pulsr belief in 'impurity of the Btood ' is founded in trnth. for *orofula is a degeneration of the Blood. Thepartiou'ar purpose and virtus ofthis Sarsaparilla is to purify ana r? ceuerate this vital fluid without which sound health is impossible in contaminated constitutions. Prepared by DR. J. C. aY BR It CO., Lowell, Mask .and sold by all druggists every where, ai 13 eolm TTolmVinlfl'a Hflnni na Pronarafion j u uiyu* HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Disease* of the BuADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thin Medicine increases the power of Ducestion, and excite the AB^OKBKNTS into healthy ao tion.hy which the WATERY OR CALCEROl'S deposition., and all UNNATL'RAl ENLARGE MENTS are reduaed, ae well at PAIN and LN FLAM M ATION, a^dtia rooH for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For WeaknwsM Amine from Kxoesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Todisoretion or Abuse. Att?nd*d with the following Symptoms:? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of I>i?ease, _ Wakefulness, wimn*ss oi vision. Pain in the Baok, Unr ersa! Lassitude of the Mnsonlar System, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body, Dryness of the Siin, Eruptions on the Faoe. pallid countenance. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, which this medioin* invariaM* rfmov'i, *oon foKnw* IMPOTENCYt FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, is <l!*K or VV IIICH tm* Patibnt may Ex pies Who can ?a? that the* ar? not fr'?uently followed by fhos*"DIREFUL DISEASES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many >nvare of th? oanse ol th?>r suffering, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THK RECORDS OF THKINSANEASVLUMB And tk* Mflanrkoly Uentkt by Confumptton B?ar amp:<? witne>s to the truth of the Assertion. the CONSTITUTION ONCE affected with organic WEAKNESS Require* the aid of medicine to strengthen And Invicorate the ^ystom, Wkick Hklxsold's EXTR AOt BUCHU imtari ablydo's. A TRIAL will CORVWC* THK MOST SKIPTICAL. females-femaT.es-ffmates. OLD OR YOUNG, SINOLF, MAR HIHD, ON CONTEMPLATINU MARRIAGE. im mAn v AMfRUTIDNS i'ECUI.iaR TO FEMALhS, th? extr&ot Huchu i? unequ?Ued bj an* other reinodj. m in Cbl roaia or Retention Irregularity, Painfumeas, or S-jppreaiion of Cna tomary F.vaouationa, Ulcerated or fcoiirhor* state of th4 Uterus, Louoorrhce* or Whites. Sieriiluy, and Tor a I complaima incident to the a z whether arising from lndiaoretlon, Habits of DiaaipaUon. or 10 the DECLINE OR CHANOE OP LIFE. SKI SYMPTOM* ABOVE. NO FAMILY' SHOUiA> Bh WITHOUT IT Take no mors Balsam. Mercury, or unpleasant Utdictru for unr.t iran! and Da ?trout l>iuase$. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BtCHU cczza SECRET DISEASES In all their States. At little ez^enae; Little or no change in Diet; Noinoonvonienoe; And no Exposure. It ^anaes a' *?i>ent desire an i give* strength to Urinate, thereoy Removing obstructions. : 4J* * - ' ? ** ? -* r iovo'iiiuk auii curing s?vriciur?? OI mf lire(Qrii? Allaying Pain and Iiiflimniation, ?> frequent in the of diseases-and ox piling all Poisonous Dittcstd. and worn out Mutter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVI BKBN TilK VICTIMS OF UUAt'KS. and who hav? paia keavyf*ts to he cared in a snort time, have found th*jr were deceived, and that th? ' POISON" lias, by the u*e of'rownrcL as tki.xgkmts," b?en dried up in the system, to break out in an aggravated form, arid PEKHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Um Hrlmbold'h Exteact BucHufor a. affec tions and disease* of the LRfNARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAi K OR FEMALE. From whatever oaur? originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Disease* of these organs r^outretheaM ot a IHvrtti HELMB<?LD'S EXTRACT BIJCHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, And is certain to haro the d?sir?d effect in all Dis eases FOR WHICH IT IS R ECO MM N DED. Evidence of tke mwl reliable and responsiblt char ier will aocompariT the me<1ier e? CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From 8 to 20 years' standi**, With Nixu mown to SCIENCE AND FAMK. Price SI 00 per battle, ar six tar $5 00. Deliv?red to any Addr?aa, aecurely packed fro observation. PexCK'BK STMFTOMf IN A.LL CoMMrSICATION*. Care* Guaranteed! Advice Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared betor* me, an Alderman the city of Kin adelphia.H. T HKLMBOLD.who being duly aworn, doth nay. hie prepara ione oo tain no narcot'O. co mercury, or o lier injurious aru*?, hutar* parely vegetable. H. T. HELM BOLD. !<?nru and *ul>?crib-?d before ni?, thia SSd day of November. 1854 WM. P. HIBKFRD, A'dtrman. Ninth atreet. above Raoe, Phila. Address letters for information in ooufidrnoe to H. T HELM HOLD, Ch"n.iat, Depot, 104 Sou'h Tenth at, b -t Cneanut. Phila. B^VVARi: OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endeavor U? dispose * or thbi* own" and "OTHBa" A El ICLLP on thk RHrCTATIO* ATTA1SHD ke'ratald'i fientnne PrppftrfttioMj Extract Raohfi ? UitruK n ?4 M It Sold by P. B. Waits. 5U8 Seventh itreet. and 8. C Fukd, JK , corner Penn. avenue aud fcleventh ?treot, AID ALL DlKUOQISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELM HOLD'S. TARE NO OTHER. Cot out the a*l vertiMrrsot and ?*nd lor it AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE ap 4 ?o1t XT. C. n. d> T. A. iivhhewei.1^8 UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOIjTJ A.KTOI3YN*, The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nir Prom NenraUia through a>i ra?et where Opium iraa ever u?"d. to that of |)?hrium l'remen*, and the vovs Complaints",

oummui uoioi oaoio 01 tinriMio LOnS OF SLKKP. ThoToiu Anodvne, though containing not ft par tioeof Opium, prodwcea all the requirement* of, arvi may I* used in all oaaoa wherever Opium wm uimI w.thout pro >uotug anything but Cures, and Wavingthf- patient in a perfectly natural ato. The V tiversaI Cough R?m?wjr, (freed from.ali the ooramon obiection of ough Rein die*, which Brodune nauaea or proatration,) may b? oonaidered le common euemy to ail Throat and Lung Com p'anits. and used with perfeot impunity Asking all to oonrt fr<>iw proprietor* or frionda the most severe investigation orbotn R?mcdi-s,and reading of our pvmphleta to l>e found with all dealera. ana more particularly to purchase unl* of tboaewko oan Lki depended upon, we wait in coufldeuce the decisions or Pati^uta and Ph>aioiana. "Piicea within reach of a 1 " 6KNERAL AOKNTS. J. W. Htnxiwell X Co., 7 and 6. Commercial Whn.rf, Boston, liiu, Hu.nnkwxll, 145 Water at. .New York, Under the apeoiai supervision of JOHN L. HUN N KW KLL, Chemist and rha'maoeutist, Boston, Miss., whoae air nature overs the oo ka of the genuine only, ana to whom addreai all oommuni aatioas. Hold by all reapectable dealers every where, and all the Druggiata in Washington and Georgetown, mar 36-eo.r u ?. lamas. t. a. Korr. i. k avtet. L^?.?o ?AUT?Y. ^ Holly Brum, Miee.. Will ?raetioe in the Hun Court of Errors and ii poaleat Jaokion, the Federal Court at Pontotoc, tae Court* of the Seventh J ndlei&l l)ietriot of ML? will atteud to the CoiiMtion of Ci*un? UPO^TS GUN HOW DKR, F?r eaie at maoutaoturere arioM.br JOHN J. BO??t'K, fijoMiTows, D. Cw Sol* Al*nry for tki District 9/ Columbia. A larce eupp.*, ?mt><Min* r*tj vamty, altrari on hanJ. 'nn delivered free to all parte of the Die t int. Orria.s can also be left at tkanffioeof Adams' KxrM. Cnrnmnf. vVaehiertr.ii. r?. f! f. R ECRIVED AND FOR SALE BR< > W N'8 ESSENCE OP JAMAICA GIN LYON'S1 MAQNKTM MOORE'S INDIAN ' 8 an lft-rn ?ornar KTIC P'VWDER. *nd AN ROOT PILLS by C. FORD. Jr.. Druggist, Eleventh tre?t and Pa. ar. linWUAvi1' lOI Ul?i w . Ei?no?; *!'0t ia Guitars, tdaoBi, Aooordaona, Ao. milM ?? ? TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. AITiY LINE OF NKW FOUR-HORSB COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO, Ctrrynt th* V. 3. Mail. The undersign d are now running Daily. (e*o?pt Sundiy.) Four hose Coaches be tween Washington and Upper Marl boro', as follow*: Leave the Steamboat Hotel, oor"?r of Seven'h street and Pa atTooloek a m. Returning leave U?p*r Marlboro" at 11 o'clock a m , aod arrive in Washington at So'elock, in tune to connect with the 3 20 p. in. t ainfor Baltimore. The Coaches are new and commodious, the team* first-class in the handi of careful and accommodat ing drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro.............50 cents. ?o Long Old Fieida 3S " o Center ville .58 *' Freight and package* in proportion. au 15 tf . OStiOKN ? CO . Proprietor*. B LTIMOKK AND OHIO RAILROAD. WjLSHIXUTON BKAXCH. Chami or Hovaa ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 19th, MP), trams will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 1.4fl a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2u and 5.30 p. m. un sanuay at 3 30 p. m. L^ave Baltimore at 4.25 and 4A a. m. Leave Uaitimore at 3.15 and 4.30 p. m. On 8>ur,dar at 4 35 a. m. - Faseengera for tha ha-t will take trains at (L30 anil 7.4" a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.4?> a. m and 130 p. m. For Annapolia at7.4" a m- and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at? 40 a. in. On 9atardar evening the 330 p. m. train foaa to Philadelphia only. ie 13-d T H. PAK8QN3. Agent. NEW ORLEANS TJBRBXI DA A! ttk WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUftS: Virginia and Tennessee. East JennrxseeanA Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, 6... i\-i 1 ?J T-.L mwcmr ?/h? TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHltTROUTE: Memphis by Ra.l, thence by First o ui Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile by First oiaas Packet*. Mo'-i e to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svruats Included, Leave Washington at 6 m. m. and 6 p. m. 1 hoStoamer.GKORGR PAGE leave" her vhart foot of Seventh street at 6Af a. m. and 6\ p m. and oonnecti at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex andria Trains for the Sontbere-t. Oflioe?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BA00AOB CHBCKBD TB ROD OH TO >>W OBLBAM Lynohbnrc -...$7 & Bristol .. 160' Knoxville St'#' Chattanooga.... 24 w IJa l to n.. ^.... 84 on Memphis #31 or AtlanU 2" 40 Maoon 38 00 t'<i!umbas - - - T m SO Montfomerj J? ?o uunisvine .*7iP'i i via ?iemtnis.<z w Gr*n i Juuotion anon N.O.S vi??i. Juno. .42 50 Nashville 25tu| S via Mobil*...45 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 900 MILES SHORTERand 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l-ise? the Lyn^hbnr* Extension being now completed, as also the Missittippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It is provided with First oiass Sleeping Cars! {To New Orleans ?..79 Hoars. Memphis do. Montgomery ?. . ... 63 do. Ns^hyili* . Afi do. C7"The U.S. MAIL*and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tirtkflta ARn Ka fKa TIME Office, corner of Sixth street aud Pennsylvania av enue, to the following points: Lrnebbur*, Bristol, Knoxvil'e, Atlanta. Chattanooga, Huntsville, Grand Junction, Maoon. Nanhviiie, Da! to a, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile,^ Memphis, and N KW UR LijANSt fE7* THROUGH TiFkETS TO TUB VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Omni buses and Uacgage Waiou leave the offio" at 6 a. m. ac?l 8 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma23-tr Corner Sixth ft. and Pa. * . THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will rerome be* tTipa on TUESDAY, net of JT-" ? February. 1M0. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY PRInAV. itfln'nliink & m ar>H 11 I'TtMnBli at'haTf-pastt o'elook. for CtJRRioMAN and th? intermediate l.an'lincs. On her return tnpa, ehc will leave CUR Rt OMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY*, at 5 o'olook a. ra. LUO!AN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU8H. Act. Alexandria. fe 20 PFOR NEW YORK. AB3A9E, rNCl,UDIN& MRAL.8 AMD STATEROOM. ?T.?0. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamship Company's new and elegant ateamahip f T^n MOUNT VERNON, Capt.T. C. SmiUi,^JCf? will leare the CoirpAcya Depot, Wee-^^ tern W harvee, at 1 Po1 oioci a. ra every W EDN E8 DAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'olook p. m. aamo daj. Paaaengera from Washington and Beorgetowr can take the c whei oonnecting with Alexandria Btean'U>ats or railroad, whioh leave the corner ol tth ati'aet and Pa. avenue ftoorly, or tney can leavt oc the ateamer from the Western Wharves at 1) 'o.ock a. ra. ovavo iuuiur y>u w C7U|?{OU UQ ftf^llCftUOD M Messrs. Mortan Jt Rhirehart, Western WkllTM Frenht will bo received up to the hours of deptr tare. {nr* inscranoe will be effected on *11 jood? bj tolaline at the ofloe of Ue Company At X per oeat premium. The accommodations for paesencera by this lin? are in every reelect firnt-o a?s, and every effort wil he made to render this eommnrioatlon with New York an agreeable and healthfni one. For freieht or pinnace apply to POWLE * CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWELL * CO., M 2 1y 06 West st., oorner Albany. New York. O NOTICB! Mf.GULAR BTEAM PACKET LINE BK TWEKN BALTIMORE AND JT?. WA8HINGTO N.-Leave Com- ft meroe st wharf, Baltimoro, as fol-^**1 *" owa: The 8t Nichol a eve WEDNESDAY, at? p. m. Columbia, ev* ry SATU R D AY, at 6 p. m Learo Riley'? Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washington, m follows: Colfxbi*. every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6. Sr. Nicholas, every SATURDAY, at6 ft. m. For freifiht, ac., apply to THOS. W. RII.EY, A cent, Riley'i Wharf, at the root of mar H-TfcTSm llth at, Washington NEW YORK A ND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINK. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Washington for Now rnai York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'olook p. m., and New York for leg'on every Saturday, at 3 o'olook f. tn. Passengers can join the ship at Alexandria at an? time before the honr of the steamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of the steamera inability to e-osa the oar in conse^nenoe of low water, all good* wiii be promptly lightered to and from tha steamer by the undersiggcf. Fur freight or ?assace apply to MORGAN i RHINERART, ae3C-S.M&Ttr Western Wbarren. PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, to. Whtrtat, At the prM?nt huob of Um ymr CHOLERA MORBUS DlARRHEAbH()Lic DYSENTERY. DY8 '' jjiiBILITY, Ao., Ao.. prevail to an alarming extent: An4 wktrtai, It mutt bo of the F K8T CONSEQUENCE "gV4 EOT at onoe Soft, Bretdy, and Efeaciom*, DR. (WONTAROK. or Pans, fiffers UjUBACULOU8 PA!N KILLER as th? moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS lnorder to Mtiifr THE PUBLIC . .... that no imposition i? irtei.d'd in thesale oftlus THE MONEY^FM?'JuThEFUNDED in a// (tin when the medioine tails to (ire entire satisfkotion. Ask, thsn at any Drue Store for 8R. MONTAP UI.OlJS PAI take as direoted, tad if not Return to oar A??n 4H Ptreet and Ai*nt. D.VCLARK, ESQ... eet and Pennsylvania A who viii reiai a joar moHT. Prioa?8* and M CenU par Bottla. For Ml* at all Drag (Stores erary vhara. JAB. MoDONNKLL, 1 tH-W, m 0"* uJtivttiztk n ?7rW KIN# * BUBGHBLL. MISCELLANEOUS. j, ^ ^ DI8PATCHI v ^ Sa?c the Pieeei! At MfWwn will karum, nwi w? wll-rtrmlmttd fmmUttt, it is very-deairable to have aoma oheap and oonremaet waj for repairing Famitmra. Tor a, Crookery, it o. SPALDING'S PREPARED SLVI mMU all Rttoh eraergeneiae. and do hoaaahold m afford to M> withoat it. It ia always ready and ap to the atiokinf point. There M ao lonrer a a?oaa sit? for limping chairs, splintered ranaera, haau.ess dofla, ard broken oradiea. It ia iuat the arOole far onne, shell, and other ornamental work, ao pof alar with ladi*s of refinement and taata. This admirable preparation la aaad onld, haing ohemioally held 10 solution, and posaoaaiag all the ni.lual.le qualitiea of tha beat on bin at makers' flaa. It may be usad in the plnoa of ordinary maoilace, being vastly more adheeiva. _ M VSrKJL IN etery house. Prict.Si oents N. 0.?A Brush acoompaniaa aaoh bottia Wkolu+U Dtrt, No, 48 Cater atreat, Now York. Addraaa HENRY cTsPALDINO ft CO.. Box No. },6M, Saw York. Pat ap for Daalera ia Caaaa containing Poar, Kirht, and Twelve I>o?en?a beanti'aiLithograpii <o Show Card aeoompanytng aaoh package. afe wwt s-ushbuks: anally to avary hoaeehold.-/TI Sold by all prominent Stationery Dnjirti, Hardware and Fariutara Dm,m?, droaara, M Kmoj Stores. Coor.try merohanta ahoald make a boU of 8FAL DIM'S PREPARES GLUE, when makiac a? thetr liat. It wi'l atand any alimata. fMO-ly ** CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS JIRMCmEYWlllfflf WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A mUNTPRrriT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJ3ALY, 19 SOOTH WILLIAM ST NEW TORIL fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY j 7 \j BARBOUR k. PEMNG8, OLD MACNOLIi bVHLSKhl OLD ICNOI lWHISKEY^J We ofler for aale the above atandard brand of fine Cosaer Distilled Mi l'*' Rye Whisky, in bar rel a ana half barreia Ai ituof oir on aiatilla Uon,and highly improved br ?(?,' we ooiifnJently recommend itae the ruassT ao.1 beet Whiaky tiiat oan poaaibly te diatilled. We alao offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other branda. from the iargeat at >ok of Pin* Whiakiea in the United Statea FKELMAN * SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Schuyikill river, Phila Officee?*6 Wall atreet, New York ; and 109 Sooth Front afreet. Philadelphia. mar 29-ly PARAFFINF. Oil,. THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN! We a*e now receiving Pa affioe Oil direct from the worka in Wr?t-rn Virginia. Tho quality of it la excellent, producing a ateadv, bril ian? and beantifu light, and more pleasant to th" eyea than raa light. This Oil ia i re? from alteration,and Terr muob nore economical than man* of the CoaJ OiU aaad Hthit time. irr It ia in no way exploaira. We ke?n also & supply of tbo moat approved atjle# of Lainpa,i9.J?r bvrnint thiaOil. KING fc HlRCHELL, AfenU for ita sale for the Divtriet of Colawbia, Corner fifteenth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma U HOWE'S IMPKOVKD W KIGHIN6 SCALES These Scalea are offered to the BahUc aa tie moat aijnple.tfaraMe, and reliable aoai?aevnr pot ia use. Firatolaaa prennnma harebeon awardacthea by the UniUd States Fair and Virginia AcieittaraJ Socio; f; Virginia State Afriaa'tarai Fair: Franklm Vistituto Fair, Fennejlvama; New York State Fair, ermont State Fair, Jto., Ac. In every oaae wbe>? axhibited thoy oare received firat oiaae prequaau Fo- aa at ftft Louiuana aveoae, Depot of Stller'a UMIVM iron sua*. <t? 1M? K- O. PATTIBON, A cent. CE7ASR1NGTON SEWING ROOM#, ' ' M *tk it., nee door i North tffi. 4H. eBof 11 thctime to jet 8PRIN0 ?na 81 MM h* l RT8 mad* u? to order. The subscriber 11 pre wtitottke BRUITS, DK\WKRKic.,Mtti Fire, f i r k. POTOMAC WATER. I am still encased in th? PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BUSINESS at mj o'd stand in Pbilkar raoBia Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of vater *aa readily oheereed at the ire of yesterday, as I am well sati find I should hare h~*n Durnea eat out mr the DoonUJol supply epor mj pnmi'ct and th*t of ray neighbors All order* for the introduction of Watar and Gu will be prompt'? attended to. T*na* M m? u any pi amber in th* city. JlA C. SNVDF.R W6 A 8 FIXTURES. F, Have in store, and are dai y rfoeinni, &A8 FI1TVH KS of entirely New Patterns a rvl Dinjoi and Finiah. superior in sttle to anything heretofore off-red in this market. We ianteoitiient renerai ty to oall and examine our stock of Gaa and Water Fixture*, feeling confident that we have the boat selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to oar oai will be promptly attended to. * MYERS ft MeeHAN. . mar 5-tf 3T? D streoC Oneatttoents pe One at & do. c r month lo PUNO " One at ftl < ?a* at ll M 1 fc " FOR One at f 2 t lo. RENT. On* at is ? 1 "TO-r/B.' fe Jya Pa. av., between 9th and 1 12,000 Ike attention of Jthe pcblie to oor Jarje and vall a* ... rsnssgl^SS To??-** PkRSONB Dfteliqinc hoo?fk^pia? or b?rt?? of boBMk.'id ?ll^n ou mnd nmIt " * ??* wfing etmr Kmraietoiu 489 Ttt b? Wi "tr^* ItiAotrM bucket. MKDICINEB. D* POK ALL D1BKABE8 OP IMPftl DHNO*. let no false r^ircArr pkktknt. APPLY llASO ATSLT. A CURE WARM.AJfTKD.OK BO CHAR9K, IN FROM OttK Tb TWO DATE DtHW;. RimaMi.DmtMU Ikm rfM??,hlpwuMMik?VMn,^a4iii1lMaPhm D<mr.*M of Bifkl *r ilMmm, I>MWM af Ifca * ?. TWaaV w IIm, rfiti tup. Iwiw m <?t Miim(i lapanMi. tW Itiuw TOIM MU Bapaatai!; vfta tal Muw Ua Ikr; mm* 1muku'i fcakil H?i at IIm, Afi^utai af ika Uut. I Ifcaa* TfmUi Dnw<?n arxtBf ffta Taath??*a?a Dr?>4M u4 IWmim P ta rttOmm af MMwy *H*, ?kK> U?Mlll M N?| Mao af 111 Mat ? altatf r. trine *4 *tli4 rtUOMt'Taui rtut, k?i>( taint' ?ar? *! ??i ItAriartMi, ?t, ?f ?du? ut*i. Ii ?to il >? kimtf u?ai ik? mm af Dt J. ? nM - nd; mMi ia kM >?ir ? |NthMi u4 ralf Ifat ha? akili aa a fkfaMM. wrriCKi*^rao?ra rajtcsaicsaru lafl >u< ai(ija?| fraa Balut?*r? wtM, i ( ? I Ui caraar u< iba mnut part W *b?i lift iiub of Im4?. P?w. WlUdaiPkia fa.1*4 MtM?f ? MM f a; --?? traatlad *? nof inf uImk imi ??f?! ??? 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