1 Eylül 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Eylül 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 1. 1860. N-. 2.852. ? THE KVSNING ftTAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, rfVfCDAYS EXCBfTED,) AT THI STAR llliBIMM, Comer of Pennsylvania avenue and llrA rt., IT W. D. WALLACH. Paper* served in packace* by oarriers It 94 ft year, or ST oenta per month. To mail atworlbwn til* pnoe in 93.51 a year, <* mdvmnct; $2 for six Month*; 91 for three months; and for 1m? than three month* at the rate of K oenta a week. Single aaeiea. ore cut: Ln wraeeer*. two C1NTI. AovBETt?**i?eT* uoild be sent to the offioe before Uo'dook m ; otherwise tbey may nottf^ar til the peatday. ;TME YOl'NG BLACKSMITH. Mr. Solomon Winthrop ?u a plain farmer? an auster*. precise man, who did everything bv established ruled, could see no reason why people should grasp at things beyond what had been reached by their great grandfathers. He had three children?two-boys and a girl?Jeremiah, seventeen years old; Samnel, fifteen; and Fanny, thirteen. It was a oold winter's day. Samuel was in the kitchen reading a book, and so interested was he that he did not notice the entrance of his father. Jerry was in the opposite corner, engaged in ciphering out a sum which he had found in his arithmetic. " Sam," said the father to his youngest boy, "have you worked out that sum yet?" t. V a a I * ' ' rat nrna.l tK A Kav K*Ai'f t inal V *1 U. Dl I f I ViUI UV?4 IUV " Didn't I tell you to stick at joar arithmetic till you had done it?" uttered Mr. Winthrop, in a severe tone. Samuel hung down his head, and looked troubled. "Why haven't you done it?'* continued the father. "I can't do it, sir," tremblingly returned Sam ' "Can't do it? and why not? Look at Jerry there with the slate and pencil. He hail ciphered further than you have loDg before he was as old as you are.'' "Jerry was always fond of mathematical probUm*. ait; but I cannot fasten my mind on them. They have no interest for me." ' That's because yoa don't try to feel an interest fn your ttudie*. What book is that you .j : in rcBiuug . "Itiia work on philosophy, sir." 14 A work on fiddlesticks! Go put it away this instant, and then get jour slate, and don't let me see 70a away from your arithmetic till y?? eau work o?t those roots. Do yon understand me?" Samuel made no answer, but silently ho put away his philosophy, and then he got bis slate and sat down in the ohimnoy corner. His nether lip trembled. and his eye moistened, for he was unhappy. His father had been harsh towards bias, and he fait that it was without a cause "San," said Jerry, aa soon as their father had cone, 441 will do that aum for you." " No, Jerry," returned the younger brother, with a grateful look, "that will be deceiving father. I will try to do the ium, bat 1 fear I .-bull not succeed '' Sauuel worked very hard, bat *11 to so parCue. Hie mind waa aot on the aubjeot before m. The root* and aquarea. the basis, hypothenuoe and perpendiculars, though comparatively simple in tkemselvee were to him a mingled mass of incomprehensible things, and the more he worked the more he became perplexed and pothered The truth waa, his father did aot understand him Samuel waa bright boy. and uncommonly intelligent for one of hi* age. Mr. Winthrop was a thorough mathematician?he never yet Aftin A ea nrAklem wkLik Ka a.vnlJ v >1U w mm** * VOT ? pi<r?l?Ui nulbU MV VVH1U UUl Mr*, and he desired that hi* bojs should bo like him, for ha oouaidered that the acme of educational perfection lay in the power of conquering Euclid, and he often expre*>ed his opinion that, were Euclid living then, be could gire the old geatleman a hard tusael " He seemed not to comprehend that different minds wen made with different capacities, and what one mind grasped with ease, another of equal power would fail to oomprehend. Hence because Jeremiah prowre?ed rapidly in his math J: J - _ i i -i _ * emnucai smuics. ana cuuia urwuj survey a piece uf land of many angle*. he imagined that bwMiu Samuel made bo progreu iu the mmt branch, he was idle and eareleaa, and treated him accordingly. He n*v?r candidly oonversed with hia younger son, with a view to ascertain the true bent of his miud. but he pertinaciously adhered to it. There was another thing that Mr Winthrop eould not see, and that was that Samael wu ! ? a _ i ______ continually ponaenng upon sucn a matter as was interesting to hiin, and that he was scarcely ever idle; nor did the father see, either, th*t If he wished his boy to becone a matheosatioiaa, he ?w pursuing the course to prevent such a result. Instead of endeavoring to make the study interesting for the child, he was making it obnoxious. The dinner hour came, and Samuel had not worked out the sum His father was angry, and obliged the boy to go without his dinner, telling him that be was an idle, laiy child. ? * ? i vvt (jaiuvoi iVi*. UlO &1MUOU, BUU BSl UOWH and cried. At length his mind seemed to pus from the wrong he had suffered at the hand of his parent and took another turn, and the marks of grief left his faoe. There was a large fire in the room below his chamber, so that he was not very cold, and gelling up, he went to a small closet, and frotu beneath a lot of old olothes, he took forth some long strips of wood and commenced whi t n^ It was not for mare pastime that he whittled, for he was fashioning some our ions affair from tbo^e pieces of wood. Be had bits of wire, little serans of tin plate, pieces of twine, and dozens or small wheels that he had made himself, trying to fit them together, after some particular fashion of hie wn. Mal/ tlv* ?fu?ivw\n K?A - 1 ? f"5U 1W?J, when his sister entered his chamber She bad her apron gathered up in her hand, and after closing the d?or aoftij behind her, she approached (he spot where her brother nt. Here. Hamuij, see, I have brought .jou something to eat. I kaow jou must be Verj hungrj" As sae spoke she opened her a pro a and took eet four cake*, a piece of pie ana some cheese. The bej was hungry, and he hesitated not to avail hun-elf of bu uwer e kioa offer lie kitted her as he took Una eaka mad th?.nW?i her. ' 0, what a pretty thing that is you are making!" uttered Fanny, a* aha gazed upon the raault of her brother'* labors . "Wont yon give it to me after it ia dona V * Ret thia oat, eiater," returned the ho/, with a smile, ''bat as soon aa I get tip* I will make yoa one equally aa pretty . ' Panny tbank?d her brother, aad Htoftly afterward left the room, while the boy went oo with hia werk. Before long the rariou* materials that had been tat^eewd to 8am?el'l jackka fe and pin3 c*t? had assumed a form and *?i?elineM. and tkay war* joined and grooved together in a * cwnona manner Vk The embryo pbiloeopber wt the machine? for it looked very much like a machine?upon floor and tiien stood off and gazed at it. nu ere* gleamed wit# * peculiar glow of sat- I "-e ivQ and ha looked proud and happy. While heatood and gaaed wo the child of on| labors, the door of kfaehaaber opened, and hU father entered. " What, are jam aot atadjring ?" exc latin ed Mr. Wiathrop, ae he noticed the hoj atanding in the middle of the floor. A<7 )Manuel ?r mWed whea he heard bia fhther'* Toice and turned pale with few. A , "Bi! what ia thia ?" aaid Mr. Winthrop, aa he eanghi eight of tneearivaa cone true Hon on the floor. " This ia the eeeret of yoar idleneaa. Nov I aee how it if jou cannot maaler jour aiaiied Ton ipend jour tim? in making play kooeee and fly-pens I'll aee whether Toa'll attend to tnor Immm ?p -?> **? 0 VI HV?. AUVIV At th? father uttorod this coaimon iojuuc*** "S tk>B, ho plaeod his foot upou the otyoo* of his disptoaouro. Tba boj atiorod a quick ory and sprang forward, bat too law Ttao curluu con-1 truotioa wu crushed to atom??tho labor of ' ?- loof wooki Looking at tho mom of ruiaa, J7 and tb?? coloring hU faro witb kia hand*, ho bur". Into laara .Qt M A in'i Job ashamod V* Mid Mr. WiMknp, < y?? ,la croat boj like joa to >poad your timo m making oiap-trapa, and then tn about it, bo*% m ) i-in I cbooao that you (hoald kttoad to wur dudw. 2Co? go to (b? ban and help J#rrj ly ?b?ll eora " ' 2? ,$^rur?LZ?z?r&'i> 4 "*?' ? 0^ fNf*** 1 -1 t|*i .+ *t ? ?? >*1h J* i 0 chamber, but for many days afterwards he was weary and down-hearted. " Samuel," ?aid Mr. Winthrop one day after the spring had opened, "I have seen Mr. Youn^ and he ia willing to take you as an apJirentice. Jerry and I can ?et along on the arm. and I think the best thing you can do is to learn the blacksmith's trade. I have given up all hopes of ever making a surveyor out of Jou, and if you had a farm you would not know ow to measure it or lay it out. Jerry will ?oon be able to take my place as surveyor, and I have already made arrangements for having him sworn and obtaining his oomuiiision. Hut vour trade in a vorwl nn? hn*?v?r and I m ?" - jp ? """ w*? u no doubt you will be able to make a good living at it. Mr Young was a blacksmith in neighboring town, and carried on quite an extensive business. Moreover, be had the reputation of being a fine man. Bamuel waa delighted with his fHther's proposal, and when he heard that Mr. Young carried on quite a large machine shop, he wii in eostacies. His trunk was packed?a good supply of clothes having been provided; and kissing bis mother and sister, and shaking hands with bis father and brother, mounted the stage, and set eut for hit new destination. lie found Mr. Youne all he could wish, and irent into the business with an assiduity that surprised his master. One evening, after Samuel Winthrop had been with his new master six months, the latter oame into the shop after all the journeymen had quit work and gone home, and found the youth busily engaged in fitting a piece of iron. There was quite a number of pieoes on the bench by his side, and some were riveted curiously together, and fixed with springs and slides, while others appeared not yet ready for their destined use. Mr. Young ascertained what the young man was up to, and he not only encouraged him in hia undertaking, but he Ptood for half an hour and watched him at his work. Next day Samuel was removed from the blacksmith's shop to the machine shop. Samuel often visited his parents. At the end of two years his father was not little surprised when Mr. Young informed him that Samuel was the most useful hand in his employ. Time flew fast. Samuel was twenty-one. Jerry had been free nearly three years, and was one of the most aoeurate and trustworthy surveyors of the county. I Mf. Winthron Ionka<4 linnn kii ia?? i with pride, ancf often expressed a wish that his other son should have been like him. Samuel came home to visit hia parents, and Mr. Young had come with him. ' Mr. Young," said Mr. Winthrop, after the tea things had been oleared away, "that is a fine factory that has jast been ereoted in your i town." "Yes," returned Mr. Young, "there are three of them, and they are doing a very heavy business.'' " I understand they hare an extensive machina shop connected with the factories Now, if my son Sam is a good workman, as you say he is, perhaps he might get a first rate situation th?r? '* Mr. Young looked at Samuel and smiled. I "By the way," continued the old farmer, "what is all this noise I bear and see in the papers about those patent Winthrop looms? They tell me they go ahead of anything that was ever got up beiora." "You may ask your son about that," said Mr. Young, "that is some of Samuel's business/' "Eh? What? Myson? SomeofSam The old man stopped short and gazed at his son. lie wu bewildered. It oould not be that bis son?bis idle son?was tbe inventor of tbe freat power loom that had taken all tbe manuactureri by surprise. ''What do you mean?'' he at length inquired. " It is simply this, father, tbe loom is mine," returned Samuel, with consoious pride. "I bare invented it, and taken a patent right, and hare already been offered ten thousand dollars for the patent right in two adjoining States. Dju'tyou remember that clap-trap joucruahed with jour foot, six years ngo ?" 'Yes," answered the old man, whose eyes a i . ? ' were ueni 10 me aoor, mad over wbose mind a Dew light seemed breaking. "Well," continued Samuel, "that was almost a patent, though, of course, I bare made much alteration and improvement, and there la room for more." " And that wai what jou were studying, when used to stand and see me weave, and fumbled about mj loom so much7" said Mfs. Win thro p. 44 And that is why you could not understand my mathematical problems,*' uttered Mr. Wiu throp, a? be started l'rom his chair mad took the youth by the hand. 44 Samuel, my son, forgive me for the harshnetts which I have used toward* you I have been blinded, and now see how I misunderstood you While I have thought you idle and careless, you were solving a philosophical problem I could never comprehend. Forgive me, Samuel?I meant well enough, bat lacked judgment and discrimination. Of course the old man had long before been forgiven for his harshness, aad his miod was opened to a new lesson in human nature It was simply thisDifferwut mind* have differ coi cppsciuei, ua no mina cm be driven to love that for which it has no taste. First seek to understand natural abilities and dispositions of ehitdren, and then in your management of their education for after life, govern yourselves accordingly George Cum be, tha greatest moral philosopher of his day, could hardly reckon in simple addition, and Colbarn, the nuUhemaUciAO, could not write out commonplace address. Particulars ef the Captwre ?f Traxllle. [Fmn the N. O. Picayune } The schooner Dewdron. Cant. Terr* m - r J J ? * ?t U?m port this morning, from Ruatan Island, the MMb iDtt Amun^ the passengers is geaUaaiau who left Truxillo on the 12th. From him we learn full particulars of the capture of that city, and a full narrative of the events up to the latent date. Walkor tnade hia appearance fcefore the town <>f Tmxillo on the 6th of Aagust, at about 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, flls whole foroe numbered .110 men, alt oouuted. They apK>ache<i the town in two separate parties, e first was lan 'od some three miles below 4he eity on the beaeh, and proceeded towards town by land. The second was diaeiubariLed in small boat* and proceeded intrt piissn aloug , A. Tl * uv nun. mej were ui wen irVM with Minnie nniketi. bad twenty round* of eart.rivlge apiece, and were well supplied with everything else necessary Our informant, who i* personally acquainted wi ih nearly *11 of them, say* they were a fine looking set 6f men, and showed a confident bearing as they BOAMhed op towards the town. The news of the landing was eonveyed to the town and fort by a Carib. The fert waa garrisoned by seventy-five to one hundred soldiers, sustained bv thraa <*r fcn? knn^Mi inete*, (cituene,} who were, of coarse, immediately called to arms to diapete toe entrance of the America?*. . . There were noented two 24 poindm, and mm eifkteea entailer pieoee?the first two braes, of otd Spanish manufacture. As the partT advanced,/*iri rassu, along the beach a*<L la beau near the shore, the two larger gone were opened neon tfaea. When witnin half a mile of thefert, the land party also fell into an ambuscade of the pa.Ml ?~ ' "l * ' -r~- >Uf DUD, which *u gallantly and prompt]/ returned bj the American* in ft manner (hat would hftrp dona aradit to an old gaard. Thar war* aooa nattered, and eonpletely c*> a tad. Tha American* than oonthraed their advance in Aill defianoo of the fort, and the order waa rirea to ohftrce th? ran part, which waa 4one & h?4ioa? and tha oecaR | H <')>?<? T \mj !>.<* ;?H v<4*c ij**l J oi,,, t :,fi ,J I**L- mi vl jm I ,4 To 11 13 pants driven in every direction before them. The firing at this time vu sharp, and to give a true description of it. sajs our informant, would require a person more familiar with the mode of warfare of those people, and one who had not quite so many musket balls to dodge as himself. Notwithstanding the burning of o much powder, we took the fort and place with the loss of only four wounded. Their loss as near as can be ascertained is twelve killed, and us many more wounded. The names of the Americans wounded were: Wm. Hale, shot in the right e ve?he returns on the schooner DewDrop; Walter Stanley had an arm broken; John Cooper was shot in the knee, and Bush, a Polander, was slightly wounded in the eye They are all doing well, and will soon be able to report for duty. Amis. WINSLOW, N Experien ed Nurse and Female Physlelan presents to tiie attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, WhUfc [tntlj (admit*? th? pr?et? ?f tictbiuf, fcy Mft*B >U| IW* mwwm, I?ukh'| ail I U u ID IU?U?[J W III KlIIJ ALL run ana tpasraadtc aei>*o,*nd ia SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELSDaptnd pan it, roathara, it will git* rati la Ta?r?tl?aa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS ViIiki pat ap ?nd told tl>i> articla for aaar tan yaaa, rod CAR I AT, lit CORFlDBRCB AND TEVTH of it, what W* h? T? navar bate akla f any af any OTNII Madieina? rbtbb MRS Ma* it failbo, in A (IRBLB IB- WIM-f OWf- ?tarcb to trrtcr A CCBB, WISSLUW'i whao liinalj and Iftrardid wa knaw IIIOTHIAn an iaatanca af diaaatiafaeuan ky any ana wha ???d it. Ou tha contrary,allara SYR Jr, dalirhtad with it< op BR at iors, and 1 J?p?n? in tarn:? a( bifhaat sommandatiau af in <n\ -ital aBacta and madical virtual Wa apaak in .hia miliar WHAT ?l DO ROW," aftartan yaara' aipartanea, ASD PLBOOB our rbpttaTIOR FOR THI FULflLMMT Of WHAT WI HUB DBCLABB. In almoat taary inataoea whtra tna infant ia asffarInf from pain and aihaaation, raliaf will ba foand iotftaaa anvanit minRtaa aftar tha ayrap ia acminiataraJ. Till* praparatian ia lha praaenpiori af an* af th? Mt lirilllKCIDint IIILrOL in New Krrlud, u4ku kiin uid wttn RiTiR-riiLina ivccih ! THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It IK aaiy r*U?T?t tli* child fram pain, tat invlyarataa tat ttroach and bawala, corracta acidity, and fir?? tfo* and loarfj t? tba vbala ayatara. It vill -lireat inatantly raliaTt Oeipih* ii? tbi Bowilb and Wind Colic, and arareoma emaalataoa, which, if lat paariily rtmtdiad and in daath. Wil ? ibaiaraittba HIT ANDtUBNIT ftCM- FOR ?T>T in th? WORLD la all eaaaa af OTI- CHILDREN '?TU(aut cm *<tt IN CMiL* TEETHMIi mm, wh?thar ll aniaa from taathmg 1 <* from anV othar caaaa. Wa voaM aay to arary motliar who haa caild aaf rariof Iroiu any of tbt fnrapainr eompltinU?do nor lit oca miJODicBt, hor thi rn?jrnic?? or oth*a? laid batvaan Tflir aaf ?riB( child and m? Miitf that will 6? r?l-;m, tilOLl'TILT sl'RI-li folio* tha uii of ih aadtcina, if liiraly bhI Full dirtctior.a cr sainf will a eanipany aacb boula. Norn rar??rt arlats tlia fac-aiirila CCRTlf k PERKINS, Naw Tori, it or, tha oataida vn^i oid by Orarrnti throarhcat tha world. Principal Offica, No. II Cl'lir Strait, N. T. Prlea mlr M Canta par B?'t<a. M IHtalr ~foft^ale and rent. IfOH SALE?A fine substantial BRICK HOl'SK.tin 11th it., between Land M ata., with urge Stable and Carriage Houie. Anyone wantin* Huoh a House will be aold on very ac coinmodatint terms, or exchange for smalier property Foraprivate residence none can surra**1 it Inquire of bEO. T. LANULY, ou L at., near Uth at an 14 tf I/OR SALE?Ver* cheao.on renomlili tflrnn. one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTjJ in the city, situated on the north west corier of 6th t.. and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. K. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 40 j 7th *t., between II and I nt?. au l?-tf FOR RENT,?A new and handsome FRAME HOTSE will be tor rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avorue and K st.. Navy Yard ; has a large garden lot attached, a pump of r-od water n ar. aud con'ains 4 rooms, kitchen and w- odshed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a g??d tenant. For sale cheap, a rood.strowg WORK HORSE ; works well in anything luanire of T. E. CLAliK. Navy Vard ; or of JOHN PATCH. A4 O It 1 t . ? oinnn. r>etw?*en 4tn ana Mti jy 16 FOR RKN T?A larre three-story-an<1-attic BRICK DW^hLINQ HOL'SK, situated at at No. 4SH Kleventh st ? a short distance from I'a. avenua. Rooms largn; house arrange*! with the modern conveniences ; .irick stable and oarragph?use in the rear. K?at m?derate to a kooiI tenant. Apply to J ASVJ," MeGUIRK A CO. a?2<otf fr?OR RENT?A three-story BRICK flOUSK on H street. between 4ih And 5th. Also, a twostory BRICK COTTAGK, with garden, Corner of Tenne<soe avenue and north F street, surrounded l<v a large common pasture, and would l>e it desirable location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. BIKGK, 446 12 h st. jy 1?-.>o3iii* IT OK K K.N'T? That new and wol! wrraiiired three r fctorr BRICK HOL'!*L. No. l*?3,onli *treet, between loth an<12t>tli t?., Firit Ward, lately oocupied by Mr. Bodicoo, Rusiuan. Legation. Pos*. ?ioti rivi*n immediately. Inquire of Mr. POUTII KY 8. PARKIER, next door east. ma 16-eotl TO LET?Two woll arranged and convenient FRAMt hOLSES, containing MX room* each; one situated 011 Mth st. west, h lwen L a?i I M ?t? nnrtli;th? other on N st. north, between 14th and 15th st*. went. Krqoire of J. P. Hilton, No. 2t9 K sf. north, between 13th an<t 14ih st?. west, or No 375 Mth ?t we?t, between I, and M Its. north auti-tf JOHN P HILTON. |^(|R PPNT?Thi tKrftfl atnrir /Krnwn f""?> JT HOUSK, No. S67 New York avonun, betne^n lOtli and 11th Htreets. nonii Hide, containing hlWn room*. This house is oonvenu*nt to the Patent Of. fice, Treasury, etc.; is lighted by ga*, and in every way miitab e for a boarding houao. Kent 1*10 ieiate. Apply next door, or to A 0-. FOWLEfl. cond tlo t north win* of Patent Oflioe. jyU-tf FOR Rl-^T-Thrwe BRICK HOLSKi*-orie~^ Twelfth street, between C and D; o#e ou the corner <n Twelfth and H its.; and one on H, between I2th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAME8 VV MARKER, on H street, bet wee u 11th and 12th, No. tji. maao-tf I?OR RENT?The FIRST KLOUK eftho Imuur in* immediately opposite the w*st-win|of the City Hal., recently oooupied by Claas. S. VTallaoh aa an offio*. AUo the front room in the seoond tor? and the third floor of tha game b?iltlin?. Foi tarhut apply to RICHARD WALLAOH, No. 4 Louisiana avenue. ja 13 ti PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WO?K8. I He sunsorioer mm leave to iniorm tie ottmrs of Washington, Georgetown and AWxar.dria that he has added to his ionc estanlishsd bunness the auxiliary of steam power lor sawing an i iii&uufao turmg Marble and Brown Stone Work In <heirva rioas branches. Marole Mantels, Table and Wuhstand Tops, Til*. Monuments, T?.ini> and Head Stones, Sla^s. Window Lintels, Silis* Steps ai,d Platforms. Havingputoliasedalargestoskofltilian Mar bis la block .from first hiui<U,ai i ha '0 west r*t?s, he feels ooniident of being able to furiM*b M?rh e Work as tow as it can be purchase! in New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Tin trade supplied with Italian Marble in bUvk or s abs at the saiue rate as famished in Naw York, and on accommodating terms. Also, on band, a iarg# *upplv ui Puinioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hate and Polishing Putty at New York prioes. Kaooursge th* enter ' prise; it wilt toean acquisition to the aity. AITKX. RUTHKRPORD Planter Steam Marble and Bromn Stone Works, Pa. av? oor. Thirt cnth st, _ao21^-Sm ^.Vanhineton. D. 0. Tnu ROYAL HAVANA LottERY. " HK Neat Drawing ol the Royal Havana Lottery, ooadaotad by the Spanish Government, andtr the supervision of the Captain Sonera! of Cuba, Will fair A iilaiiA al Datrana nn THURSDAY, Skhtembkk U. IMU. SO&TBO NOMSRO W2 ORJDINARIO CAPITAL PRIZK *100.000. 1 pr:i? of ? 4100,000 60 prises oL 91 ,'xd 1 oo 60,000 60 do &*) I do *,ooe L58 do 400 1 oo ~d aogooo 30 fcpprox. 8 sue I do ? 10,000 /If ALL 008 PRIZES. W holl Ti?b?tl. t ft-U nitrUra ft A Prizes oashed at light at ft tor emit disoounL Bills on ell solvent Bank* taken at par. drawing will be for warded an aoon a* Ike remit beoomee know*. All order* for schemes or r.iokets to be addreen4 to DON RODRIGUEZ, in 8-tr Careof CrtT Prxt.fmnrif u>n. H. O. PILOTS* NOTICE.-To all Captains and owners** Vessels, boaitd to tbs Distrv* iJv of Columbia, notice is hereby given, that^SPKfr Pilots 1 nay be foand at all times K4K"* George's Island, at the mouth of t*t. M vy*e river, and near Pinejr Point, and that it is not n?ceesary to take Virginia Pilots from their boats, when the vessel is bound to Georgetown or M'a -hmgton oity, as Maryland Pilots oan be foand of at least equal rfk'H and reliability. a^ u-corftm* K^BRlr^N'^KWJKN^E OF JAMAICA GIN GER. LYON'S MAONKTIO POWDER, ?nd MOORE'S INDIAN ROOT MLui by u vt-fo* * S; FQRD, Jr., Drupri?t, *n 16-l?t botbt KlevanU atrcot aa.l P*. ?t. UOOP SKIRTS! f Nflr!irSlliVfk1 *** *?'? * for LadiM and Children. from 25 o?nU to $i. ****** 111 7U it. Md fe. ?v?ihii. itiiiV.v' .T^?d EDUCATIONAL. T__ . FEMALE EDUCATION. HE Attention of parent* and guardian* is called to the advantage* offered by tlie "Metropolitan Collegiate In-titute" for the education or their daughter* and ward*. 1st. A thorough course of instruction in the various bra?ohe* of female education. 2d. The limited number of pupil*, tha* curing to each the direct personal tuperintendanoe of the

principals. 31. Th? extensive and well shaded grounds, affording tkt but postiblt facilities for proper physical trn tnimg. 4th. The unsurpassed Veauty of the location. r o - fur her particulars call on tRe principals and examine the arrangement*. 464 E street, between fith arwl K -a?a- ? ? I W.u ?uu fkll BVIOVil ftU 31 31 WASHINGTON FKMAl.K INSTITUTE. A BOAR DISG ASD DAY SCHOOL. 223 0 St., Bitwekn 17TH AKI> IHth 8t?. Tkt French Language Practically Taufkt. Mrs. SMITH present* her compliments to the parents of her pupils a id hopes their daughters will he present punctually on the first day of trie session, (September 13.) The board of instruction consists, as formerly, often professors and teachers. ??ven of whom taught during the iast session, au 3D 2w* T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent who wish their daughters to re I wciyn a ?uyru ukii ?u i sv?icn:mic ouocation. wii'r# I their phjsictl training wi 1 receive daily and ?pena! attention, under the most approved s?*tem of Calistnenio and Gymnastic*. are respectfully invited to visit the Union Fomale Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av Ml. 4. MRS. 2. RICHARDS, au 30-tf Principals. WMRS. M. C BROWN ILL Resume the duties of her Sohool on Monda> , Septeml>er 10 Instruction given in Knglish. French and Muiio. No. 9 K street, between 8th and 9th. au 3Q-e??4t UTRAWBKRRY VALE INSTITUTE FOR IULIXU LAUir.'. year P'fitK Grove Pott Ofire, Fhitfax County. Tn. Location one of tin- healthiest in the State; Society moral and refined; Religious ifrivilegea uusurpaired. The fall term of this Institution will commencs on th?'*1 day of September, IBS", and close on the 11 of Febri ary, 1861, under the management iA computer,t teachers. Terms per Session : One-half in advano*. For Tuition in English Branches,Board and Washing - $5)00 For Lessons on Piano 12.<? " use of > ante 2 50 " French, Latin and Greek, (each1. 50" " Ornamental Needle Work 3i? " Drawing and Painting,(each). 5.00 " Monochiomatics 5 on ' Lights l.no " Fuel 2 50 For further particulars appl? to either of the folI^ rnnf-- - -- ? ? it f ~ r nrt *. ? - iUwniK ^wiiviClliriuino D"i*ru Ol 1 ru?IWI> WIIO Will be glad to fu nish circulars and give any inlouua tion nesired in reference to the school an<t .Managers: Board of Tryttteti. Lewis D. Means, Esq., Treasurer, I-^n* ey, Fa.rfax oounty. V*. Dr \Vm. h. MeVeitcij, Ani.a, " Henry Jenkins, Esq., '* " " Mr Joseph Ostnun " " " W W HAH, Esq , Prospect Hill, " Cart w.t mu?e,ij.8.n., I.angly, ' 'apt. Jno. Powell, Hunter's Mill, '4 au 29 4t* Wmrs. todd ILL Resume lh? duties of her School on Monday, September Sd. N uml>er of pupils limited to 44. For terms inquire at her residence, 397 D street, lietween_6th and 7th sts. au fl lf Everett institute. Mass. a v.. hktwbkm 9rH awd 10th !<t? The cxercises of this w^ll known institute will l?e resumed on Monday, the Si of Sopterntwr. Terms are very reasonable. For particulars nee circulars at the different bookstore*, or call on ? \V. KAK LEY,the proprietor, at Ins residence, 4V3 Tenth street. an & Kt* Brookeville academy, Mo>iTc.os??*Y Cocsrr. Mn The next session will commence Septemh rSd. Boys are prepared for college or trained for business, Oatalogues may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at Brookevil'e. M4. E. B. PRETTY MAN, A. M.. *u? 2w* Principal. FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. ALKXAXURIA. V4. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK. PamciPAL. The thirteenth a- nnai ?e?non of this Institution will commence on Tuosdar. September 18th, in the house rac*ntlv occupied l>v Sv Ive_ tor Scott. Km No. 1?0 Kin*" street. The course of study pursued will coinpn-eall the brarches requisite to a thorough English K<la cation, and Mn?ic, F.cncb, Latin and Diawing, if desired. I n Addition to dav scholar. .M rg. MoCormiok it Rropared to reeelvt* a hunted uumber of pupils M oarders, who. constituting a part of her own fami1;, will be U'-dor lier nnm?diate fare and sup -rv. siou. t*he will endeavor. a? lar a* possible, to surround th<rn with thecomiortsand kindlr influences of iloine. Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. I) . Etias Harrison. Rev. I> F. Sprigg, Wilhatu II F<?wl.\ Esq.. Edgar Snowden, fcsq . Edmund F Witm-r, Kan., Henry Marhury, Esq , Lewis McKnz e, Esq., Robert H. Iluoton, Esq. \V D Wallaoh, tutor Evening Star, Benjamin Water*. Esq .Jas. Entwisle, Jr.. Esq ,Col. hn \V.Minor, Loudoun. Messrs. Blacklock ic Marshall, Messrs Co:so Brothers. _ Tnm. Hoard. with Tuition in all the English B anches, . an for ihe annual session?payabte sami anuuaily, malvance Mn*io and Language* at Profaasora' prices _Er No ett a chargea. nu at-t< | Young ladies- academy of the visitation ('om?r of 7v?(a md G ftrefit, Washington City. The exereiaea of thin academy will b? resumed on Mo day n?**t, September 3. I860. Persona desiring n.formation will please apply at the academy, au 28-lw UONZAGA COLLEGE. HE SchoUstic exercises of this Institution will be resumed on ih" l*t Monday in September. au 27 2ar^ W. F. CLARKE,S J.. Prfat. Rock hill academy, Ellicott's Mitu.Mn. Thia Institution ooadueted by tha Christian d will ... Itma .X? U j o liiUkiivia, w ill icauiuo ikumo* ua rauuuaj, ?3"piriir ber 3d. hi ii lot WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, Cob.< rm or Tinth * *d g Sts. The exercises of this sehool will be resumed on MONDAY, September 3d. For t-rins apj>ly at my residence on D street, near Star Office. Circulars at liookatoiea. au 21 22t SAMUEL KELLY, Princ ipal._ gELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD:ES. Min M. RIDDELL will resume th? duties ?f her school on the first MONDAY in Heytumber, at No. 431 1 wclfth sjtreet an a' lm Emerson institute, H St., Uitwuk 12th and I3th St*. CL' I LVT n A sJ _ I 1 A a ATIk IfA mL Oil A TI tJuuuv I V/ uncoil n n 1/ iU A I II HJIA ICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS The Eighth Auiiu&i Bmih* of thia school vrill commenceon MONDAY,September 3d. Number of pupil* limited. au io (StiUos.) CHAS.B. YOUNG. Principal. I^HE PRESC0TTHI6H SCHOOL, 3T? Euihth St., Rrwtn K andI. Sra. Studies will be returned in this institution on MO ^ DAY, September 3d. Circular*&t bookstore*. MlS-U i C. RICHARDS, principal. ]YfRS. M. E. KINGSFORD S SEMINARY, 414 E ST.. WASUIXOTOI,, D. C. The next session will commence October 1st, ia?>. T* a r a. J_!J __ i ?i _ .? a criiis, ?o.? Kirvaiuw un application. au id u M KTROPOUTAN (<^i/|j??IATE 1N8TTFOR YOUNG LA DIE*, 484 E Sr., Brrwnx 6m a.sd 7th Sra. The fourth annual senaion of th? liwtitut* will oommenceon the fSrrt MONDAY in SepU-mV r. Application* should ti? made arl?, as tin nurufcr "(pupils ia limilrd For particular* set* oireulani tKl'fiHfc.S1'- M'* ? IM Hlv IHDVUUVO, au 11 VILLAGE OtKKN SFMINARV ISLOCAt??l in aheauti ul Hid healtiifcl vilhre 12 miles above \Vilimnfton, J>l.. and near the Philaaejphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommended by the Philadelphia Annual Conference or the Methodist Kmsopal Church. The course of study i? extensive and thoroajrh? in the Mathematical, Llatsicai and Eiulish Depart meats. Student* are prt>par*?i lor busiuess or collece. In the pr< paratorr oocrse for oolleg?special refers ence is uude U> Dickinson i.'ollef e. Dl* inttltllUdti It nni(n/4?kH wiVM ft lftrcrA hkiln. aophioal apparwtoa to illustrate trie stmlv of Natural roteaoa. A library of tbraa huadnJ volumes ia aocoaaiMe to pnaila J Tha tfUi year will comaaaaoa MONDAY, September Jd. 1 Mm. Hoarding, Tu\tum, Ao.. for mtioi of 14 weeks, Oraat attention ia paid ta the mora! deportment of atndenta. MoatbTy report* seat to a&rrnu. Fur eiroalara or iuioratatinn adriresa the Principal, Rev J. HERVEY BARTON, A. M.. Vifikge uraen Seminary, Dataware county, Pv . K'termre*?H?v l.?*iSivitt. O lit HUKna nfltf. R. C , V*i!rninft'?n. EM ;Wr F, A7l, i?t?, \V i? h i n? to n ~ P. C ; Mr. 0. W. do.; M?mm Dick on * Kin*, Goorf ttew. ?u 11 t8??5 REV. C. P. RUSSELL, ASSISTED BY MRS. RimmII will reopen hi* ncbool for >oun* ladur* r, Axzzka&-'*N'For wboleMJe fnd roteil hi S C.FORD. Jr., Druccict. ?u M-* mnrn Ki*va*ih ?t. andP*. ?v. ,1' ?'' ; 1?. I <g?J rj|i t j* qR aII >/ a.IH j -* , , VMtlOO Ic 04 | WIICP* EDUCATIONAL. W GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE II<1. H? raop-nrd on Monti) n&xL 3ept?nil .Id Circulars may bj p ocured at 8 ?rOffio? oCrMdelPa Bookstore. The Principal* ?ra* dnrinc the wwk at their new buiidin*, Dumt>art< at, opposite M. K. Church. THOS W. CONRAD.f p.,--...,*]. an W1 lw J..HN 8. CONK AIM 1 rll,<!'p> *' Franklin academy, Coanaa TiiiaTHKTn tsn H Sts.. A SELECT SCHOOi. FOR BOYS, < Fitmnly lotatrd t* tkt Pir$t Wmrit.) Thia Institution will commence its Third Annual Seaston, at it* n?w location.on Monday, September Si. Applications for admission mar be made on the promisee at any tim?? alter the *Sth mat. _au j& im K. B. I)K THICK. Principal. Thk FXKRCISKS of MISS M LEWIS'S SCBOOl. FOR VOl'Nti LADIKS will I* renim d on Monday. September 3d, Ninth (treat, coond door north of F ?1. ail 24 tt* Central acadk.mv, Cor <ikr K and T*s rn St*. This Institution will resume itsduties September 3>1. Appiics'ions made to the Principal at Itia room*. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DK HART. Principal. Ktferemt". Prof. Henry. LL. D . M. H. Millar. Km*., Rev. John C Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culver. Rev. A. G. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Daridaco. _?u 23-1 tn _ ^T. MATTHKW'S FKMAI.E ACAD KM Y. Cor mm ik tk st. nnd Netr \ork ar. This Institution, under the direction of the Sitter* of Chanty. will he opened ft* the reception of pupil* on Moudajr. S~pt*m!>er 34. The course of instruction will emhraoe the ordinary branches of ft food l-'nglish education, together with music and the French language. For terms appl) at the Institution. A Free School for girl* will also he conducted by the Sisters at the i-aini place, but in a sspa-ate house. au 2* wgw Mrs. a. k. bem.'s seminary, Cvmtr of L and T'ntk fir.. Wn ningtim ritf. The next session i f this school will commence September 3d, DM. The youi.g ladies of the Institution are pa:ticularly requested to )> punctual in attendance at th- opening of school, and all ethers who wish to become member* of the same t<> i"*ke early applioalion, as the numlier of pupils w.ll be limited. Terms, Ac., given on application. an 25-d3 AeotO"t 15* Female academy, 1 st reft, Bkfwii!) 13th ajcd 19th. ELLEN E. J ANN EY, PmiNCiraL. The Sixth Annual Session will commence on the first MONDAY in September. au 11 law3w* ?t vincents school, CORMR OF T E>TH AXV Ci St*. T'ie duties of this Institution will t>e resumed on the fi'?t Monday in **epfenier next. Ita o*?rciaes will be conducted as in former years. an 23 ?>2w (Sta'es ) T western academy. n F Exercises of tftil school. ?in<W the charge of Dr S. I. I/OOM1*J anil the Primary l>?parcment under ,mi?i annie fc. Peck, will be reoumed Septemlier 3d. Circulars can (>e obtained at the bookstore* (Int > au 17-e?2m THE RIPLEY FEMALE SEMINARY. 1 BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. !*ITUATKD BKTWIKM ?TH *ND9TH STS. K*?T. Will oommcnca itin it ?e??ion i>n MON DA Y.S--ptfiril?er loth All d^rrinr further information will t?e furnished w ith a ca'aioj: tie ?u int tu.l p&tt: ulnrn by oailtng upon or addrtmsiuc th<* prino pa) ?u IB oo3w O. E. RIPLEY. J DRAWING AND PAINTING. I? M.STANLKY Havin* taken the roomi r?oeiitW occupied or the Waahinit lou Art Asnociibtion, two doors *e?t of the auction ?tore of J. C. M'-Ouire ? Co., it is hi* purpose in addition to liis accustomed art labors, toopt-n a School lor Instrnc tion in DRAWING, LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT PAINTING. Seminaries and H >a'din?c School* accommodated with ??p>uat?< cla*? roouis, upon an earl) application. ami inav fiiid it advantageous to have lessors in tlmuu m?uun ?/> *W?i? ? k. ? ? * ... ... wx. <r> wHuiivti ?i - ?v mi *i i mr u 1/ ii p( w ii I c lb will not mtorrupt the routine of scholastic instruction. Pupils definnr to ?nt?r will please apply mr present Studio, P?*nn. av?nu>', between liUi and 12th (street*, until the 1st proximo. rooms open on the first MONDAY in Septeml>er. Washington, Aornst. 1M0. Mi 21 tSept 1* AUCTION SALES. Bj T. M. MoCOKMJCK; Alexandria C*OMMINIONKR'S SALE OF A /ALUA / BLR TBACT OF I.AXV 15 TH? COC5TT Of ALEXANDRIA, V*? ft> rut A . i. A H K K.? tiv virtu* of dearre ol the fi'cuit Court <>t Alexandria count}, in tli* suit of H<H>e, Guftrdiar, r?. Hftrdiu a id thers. the iinflHrmmed will. Itn 1 II mMIIA V t e 2d <>f O' t l>?", 13*1. at 13 o'oiock. ia Iront of the Mayor's office, in the oitj o' Alexaidria, a*ll at puiilio auction. a valuable tract oontaimng atx n .i1 acres of lacd in tne oounty of Alexaudr a. of * 11-b l.auriet n B. Harbin haq .dj"d aeixe 1. Iha prop r!y i-** ab 7 i. l ?*? from A i?wc i% au i 6 frotn Wa>hi<'itHn and Ge-rgetown, on the road leading f-om '4f a la Church'" to Georgetown, and on the Alesandria, Loudoun and Haicpahire R*i! road, a wator atation h?iut i ar thi? .and The improvement* conriat ?f a good tw -ito y frame Dwelling 4)oj?? with hack bui;ding_*priiig i.ouae, a barn and all nec*aeary out hoaa"?e Phe pro*: -i ttj ot thia (arm to th? throe markets of Alex%cdria, Wa^hiugtouauU G?-orgttowr, th? obaract* < ? ! thj land anj tne h^althfulneaa of the location, make* it a daairable residei.oe. The term sreaoribed bt thedeor?eare On*-tenth of the purchase money In caah; ??d the reeidue in four equal ii.atalmectw at 6 12, if ami 24 oinntni from toe day i.f *ale, tke d?f< rr#d pa>m?-nta to tie "urfxi by tne toad* of the pmcliurr, bearing mt re t from the day o' aaie,ai?ia retention of the titl- au?i' paid- Ifd??ireibj purchMt r.< the p <-opert? would he divided m'o (wo or D?ri paroela, and a plat thereof wlil be exh h t-*d by t>?? axierairnfd. 1 LOUIt< KiNZSK. tu^l 2tawtd C"mnn?? Q"*r By J. C. MoOITlRF. \ C' , Auotio'.eer* VAUUABI-E iS*LAND PROPKRTY FOR Sal* ?The whole of Square No. 0<<v b?unde<t by F au<J b atreeu auuto, and by De aware avenue and Firat and Seooud atreeta veat, kavinc been ?ut>di?id( d into filty oonvr atent hulidinc lota w.th lonta ranging from IS to So feat, will be offered at publio aal?-, ou ths premiaea. in Lota, on T ** L'K 9 D \ Y. the 6th da< of September next, at half patt 4 o'clock p. in. Peraona winhicc to pnrohaae a lot *rJota oan a pply to the ar>deraian*d,at h a oflioe, w^t# alao toe plat of aubdiriaion may be aeen. mt 4 Title that ot tt:e oiigisal proprietor. Tarma of aale: One fou th oaah; the reaidne in three equal matalmenta, at 6,12and 18 mocLQ*. with lot'real.to be aeeured on the premise*. L'alee* the terms Are complied with within five day* from the day of a*le, the risbt li re?ervd to re?eil. O" fire daya' publio nof.oe. &t the rink and eoet of defaulting purohaaer. All eonre?anoea atthe e Prehear r'e ce.t. RICHARD R.CLAKKK. Attorney at Iav. oor. **li at. aad I a ar. aq 2Vco?da J. C. MeGIJIR B A CO.. Auota. Br A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE' 8ALKOF APARTnf A TRACT OF LANDoali?4"F?t*r'i Mil! Seat," aituated In the county of Waphin*t?n. on the Piney Branch RovJ, and about three tnilea from t|e ?ity of W&ahinrton, hem* apavt of tlie property known a> the Piney Branch Trvttln* Coarae.'^ Ry virtue of tiro deedt of truat, one hoarinr date on or atKUi tne?tii on* 01 au*u?l. igr>. iam?oorded in Liber j. A. 8 , n? 199, fo km 34". ?t aeq., oueolth* >ulrMord?ii the o?untj of\\a?hin? t?n, in the Di??not or Colombia, and tb? othef bounce dat* on or about the 14th a?j of M*y, *859, a 0 recorded ia Liber J. A. S.. No. 177, ro!io? 4**, t tea a! to one of tbe land eoord* of *aid eonn'y. 1 will pro?e*<l to ?*U at pub!i" aiotioatothebif heit bi-Wrr. on TIJjESDAY. th* nth day ?f 8'?t?mb?r, l?f>, a' 5 o'clock p. m.. at th?? A net oh Room of A.(ikh!i, iom?r 7th and i> *tra.*t*. vvaahinjton, "a'ltlia part of a tract of laud called ' Peter' Mill Se*tf* ?itn<ite, lyinn, and txubf ia the ooubtt of Waath iKtoa. in the 1>ik*not of Co.einbta, Vn4 oa tbe went aid* of the Pi?ei Branoh :o%d. ooBta<ned w.ilmi tl?t> fallowing met?? and bounds, to wit: g-tfiuung for the sam* aiaetone. No 4. p,anted l the we?t line of rata road, for tbe uo'thnaat ooroer of a lot ofn'il 'and layoff to Haji i*p ak raao. an? running from thenoe north sixtv-oaa and a half degree*, we?t fifty aix and forty-fnur hundredths perchee. with Spc*kmat'e n"rth line. to a tooN No. a, at tne north wet t corner of$peakn*ij'? larger lot and tb? betintuoj of ki? mailer kit, then'* ru'.n.n* r orth thi'tj ard a halfdecr^a. r??i tw<?ntv eight and a hair perohee to a ?tak? in Um outh On* of a rq*d twentT-#refe<t wi4e, ai.d w;ih theeant lira OT rp-annan'a mniv er ot. w'i*r? is pKnteda stun* No. 5; tbeaoe 'anoint aoutt. aixtTnn? an i a ha'f de?re?-?. ea*t fifty nin* perobes and f ur Mul one hundredth of *?>r?h to * ctak* ia th* weat lineo'th* Piney R t>n h road; therm* with ud wast line of said Pine* branch rota mastraifht fine to the pljuse of beginning, w.uinia* t?n aorea and thirty six p-rchea of land," nor or I<h?;together vrfc the imp nwniMti thereon, whi.?h oob sist of a r.nW, spacious, and wefl-bBiip |?ostorr P<m<> DwaHtag hiuss, stabling she4a. and oat ll?ii?*a. i <?ria* of sale: One third oaah; the ba**5?* in 6 and 13 mouth*. for whioh th? purohat*- will be required to gl*a His notes hearing inter est from the day of sale, and aewtrad by a daedof trust upon tha P Should the purohacer fail to oomph With the erty.at the nail and p -at of the defaulting parca aer, upon gmng five days previous pu h ie no io* by advertisement, in some newspaper puttUslitxl IB theoitj of Washiogt-n. of the tfiaa, plao?. Bad terma of aaoh re- aha All aonveyanoaa at UtB MSI of the purchaser. . R. B. UIKKY. TrsUsa au 2 fcAda A GRKKN Aaci p??? ? NOTICK. * KKeONi* DaoUrunc h< u?oke"?yi( o* n( ft Mriina of fconaehold effect! o&n 1ml r**di+ ,l? oy o?. iiuftt my Furai?kiB< Stow. 4?t *h Ar ^ ^ '1* f? !!.-??? I? / / i A . ! I ?' ^1" Mta .. *., !. I . *J- ill *J' OtiUi '?> I r n 41.Hi. . THE WEEKLY STAR JauM tfcaa au b* fcik la My tttw u ftfeUiMi m Saturday awraiaf. gS^C^^ ^~=S8 T*n oopiM m gHSS^gjg5l8% ?T?d. It tavanablr oontaiaa Mm ' ? aihimfnm h*ww" that haa aui TV frntu Star ci rat lata a?i?o?n j thro?fho?t tkaaoaatryfc,C7*8'Mla aoaiat (ta rrVM"1 promrad at the ?<.inur. (hb^i&iaiV Vftur Ua mm a! P*Mr. Pnoa?TH BBE CfcNTS , ITT PoataaaatAra who met m acaata will be m*wmi?ioi oft?? ta. SUMMER RESORTS. WASHINGTON " CITY 9 A K D I If . ERNST LOEKF L.ER, Proprietor. Nne Ytrk (vmm, 1st m Hh llMiiiH UwtttMtioii Mi tM ?oN?e to r jrreand* I would ?tAte thAt arer J ?rrU(M*?t k*. m . . b#-n triad e to mMl Urn "Batraat" ion VrMt attractive aeorj dAy. Mouda?a the $A' XuU daca ara op*n to tl*b?blVB trae of Oki|r-^oMwt Si Ten by a er,*Athand. Thoae d??rlM toat>oy tha anoe And ?? t? wil tad lli? ? m AoMpiato order to ranker ^Ihmu'I to a... <>r other daya l(i? j^sxi^To^'or.'^ wrv.r^i.-t.r oat okarfi. h or thr air o a* mailt of ok 1 Id ran he kaa iBtroCaood A number of , ittia camea, nerar before a a an ia una city, And oA.cu.Atod at the aw uma to aiaaaa Ua "old folka." N. B.?Attacked ia ? Bottling EatAbhahir At. and lamiliea cab fee auaanad with mj quantiij at their reaiaenoe. of that hea'thni! drink. LAut B. BKKR. apoa akort potioe. jyjAjfc CARRIAGE FACT0RIK8. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. TV D Street, Setweee MA mmd V<*k Hirmtt. VVahave jaat boiaaau a liUiAttr ol ft at o.aaa CAKKIAOKH, auob m LttKl F\ ITaimij, park Pkemlont. fkmiif Omr -400: rMO, amA fimriM, which W? will Mil It* ^ ft Tor* emui probt. Hwni rrMtiw, aaehuiM in Ai far rat branokw of the bwio?M, we flitter oar secret th* w? know the ctylra %ik1 M*"'* of work that wi'l t ve aatia faction, oombitunf tif hloeaa, oomfort ft ?l darabtli tf. Rafftirtnc promptly ftnfi oftrefaily ttra?t?d to " csiTfT?f KeSTn^V ifovr Coftohicftkers, auoooaaora to Wa. T. Hook. JfWto The Sihaonhw Ah?*n? ^5^* uMittoM to k> meiory. macing n iov on of im in th* District, wh?r? his flioiltUns forfiBK MMlMjinii CAR R 1 AHfl LI6F WACONd or ti! kinds auaol M >tim?d, from his long eiporwmon in thn biniw, he MfM to fire ftr.ertk! MtiilWitK)*. All kitxfc of Carmc?N?d Ufkl WnwhH? Mud. ii muutewiriwi wfpwn *rr^~ siasmr DENTISTRY. DDLNTAL CARD. R MUNSON Hh rotnrnou and rmMd Iun ' profession. Office and house at 403 E K. third door eut of Sixth. 1 r. kdoium t MKf very o'her appoved styIn. Or. M hM nnt^- ' " " t crhon wulosmtn But for the laat tkrw y?ri. aod, from oxperienon. knows it exoe? all otn-rs. ?. it old patron* of tor. Alexandria, sad (jwirjHnwn are renpectfully nolioit*d to Mil. an 2Seol* D DENTAL NOTICE. R LOOM IS Has cloand his o?oe forth* s?s eon, and srtll be attsent. as u?oal, during the sib mer months ; will reeum* practice a I .out the 1st of October. of which furUter notion Will hn fiona. jy UKtf __________ Diumwiy. R. HILLS, aftar apractica! toot of IV* mp feels tin. he ou vita ooimmn rMoa-^w^ mood Um CbaopiaaUo Prooaa* for L&Mrtiaa|fl|B artificial tMtk It hM the adTUltWOT rtrentth, heaaty, cleaclinoas,aad ofwa >n? Fal MJ?r irti in?ertad for 9M. NrUl la proportion. ?f4K???Pa.ayoaaa. ml TKUy KS, BOOTS ANTD SHOES. JJOOTS AND 8H^K8 TO SUIT T1K We are now muiifMtiriu ill klada of BOOTS and &HOK8, and oonatantlV raoeiv.nc aapply oi ?ut?rn made work of mvrj 4* ? aoriFtio", made xptmb!* to cranr, ?r<f n f VI ' be sold at a mnofa l'mr itimUu tea tea.1 Ilk heretofore ofearjed in tfcia oity for aiaofc inferior "poraona in net of Roota m4 Shoea of aaaiaae or oity mad* work, will always fad a juud utortrnw .. -u.r.^1? i. u,~. OTTa,~..v,at|l-r 114 rHujlTuna knaia JVK HIND*ED T1AV1UN0 TftCNU arr^vevl thia da?.? ?hw;ec a., aaati ?rn baa and aisaa of boie Laatkar. IaoimHA Droaa aad Packing Traaka. Oar trank^^^* saiea room exhibits at thia boaa the ir?at?t rariaty <>f travoiiac reajuaitea at ?io<2erale incaa. to bo CA KPt-T BAO?. SATCHELS, *?. ILruia i run repaired ortuu U au>l(? for now ohm. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., tar Sl-tf tnui, SOUTHERN TRITNK MANUPACTORY^ 4M TTH 8rtm. Oppotxu Odd tuimm*' M*u. Wajkirngtm. D. C. Travelers will ?t*a? 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WOOD 9awad and Mylttany aiaa. Call and aaa for roaraaif. ma IS 9. B. oomar of Foartaaoth a^d C ata. fc mTkeysjI y DEALBR IV It J. WOOD & COAL, LIMEJ /' SAND, CEMENT, MAIt, \ V Plaster, and WkiU Qrtnl. (f f 518 W. E. Cw. 12tk * C Stt. I tj One square 8o?tfc Peon At. b [ WASHINGTON, D. C.J I >i y-tf Nation AKI?HI^X HIIITIOW. At CISC1NNAT1. OHIO, ?*. Vttk-mk. Til* I'MTED FPATW AGRICULTURAL. k" I KT\ viii :.?4U lU u;nhlh A am! A?rioulto r?. U'l t .1 US'll? t." l|l UltJOB ob the f " OUMI li l*f?li? ?rov?J?dlj? Xheciusraa of Cinoinaati, hiefc raff *m>. i'yd Trfcok.o? wui* 1a lowrth ?mI K!isso;^ii^^s?2aSt ?f h? KxJjibttioB will nnuvNi from Wadat*|*,U? 12U. to ThuradarTui* ?5, ? M?Mbf. m uvinf txmm to ?x*raiM ??W Um topi* ilH-ni* kuid machinery. r?x preiiium hate or irfo'T.ta.r tee apply at U? Offiua of Ui* Hooi0t). So. IH fv ftveaaa. < ap NEW SILK MANTUKS vT. h?r? N ARTICLE TO 1EMOVI FAIN TP. oin.or fr*?M> of in Aim, few alk. wool, of syw, witl oot irjun** Uwsruew ii eoler er In ture, b???> lMt h cc fount. Hi* > ?Mttaki4 vsa?r ua raw -."iWlfsT *% a?i * * . - - " %.** "* ..V A -A'l *IT f'r u* r. ?