4 Eylül 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Eylül 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f '' '... \ '^j..f._. ' - - '.???. - t ' ' '- ' V '...' - ! V5i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 4. I860. N?. 2.3.">4. ^ THETEVENING ?5TAR M PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNO&N, (SUNDAYS EXCKPTKD,) AT THE STAR BUILDING*, Cornw of Ptimsjlvanim avenue and ll/A jr., II W. D. W1LL1CH. Papf r? aeryed in pukKM by camera M f < k year, or ST centa per Month. To mail aabaoribera tfce pnoe ia 43.91 a yoar. m advmne*; *2 for ail month*; 51 for three montha; and for leee th?.n three montha at '.he rate of K oenta a week. Single ooptea, n*a cbtst; in wrapp?ra, two casTa. L ^AnrKirmtawn anontd be aentto tba offioe before U o'oiook in.; otaarwiae they may not appear antil the next day. IE?PI!IO UP APPEARANCES. (From " Leiaare Momenta."] "Papa, it it high time we were giving a parrv_l? aLI.L I. ? I ?- ' ? ? ij. \juij waiua uuw in?uj nave ueen given this winter. Fall well I know that the people nrs wondering among themselves if the Wilburn* do not intend giving any. We have been to no less than seven this season, and I think it high time we were giving one. Yet. yes, papa; only think what the fashionables will say if we do not! We must keep up appearances,' aajhow.'' Keep up appearances at the risk of getting largely in debt ? When pay day oomea. what wo?M then be done, if my funds are not suf?. cient to defray my expenses' I tell you candidly. my daughter, that ' keeping up appearanecs' is a hard matter with me. I know my circumstances too well to wish to give way to the follies and extravagancies of the ' berxtt monde.'* There is. indeed, a sort of spler.did ii-ttvi vj nuiviiq oviug vi uuclu . uovauoo vll^t rt6 not contented with the solid pleasure* of"life; hej mdMTor to e?dipse ouch other in mere nhadowy appearances. Many a one. who counts his thousands has bees reduce^ by extravag&at notion* of his -wife and daughter Pray, tell ine if those very peraor^ who will attend your parties in youf more Ciovrfohing condition in life.white you -keep up appearances.' would visit you if you had a downfall? No, no; depend upon it, my daughter, they would not.' Papa, do not talk in that manner, for it aoonds more like a fon<*ral dirge than anything else Only say th it you will consent for us to give the party. J t will not be such an fiiwnM I'm sure.'' -Then let as make. % talcnlation: Firft of all are the kid glove* " Only two pair, ^apa." " Another item sash ribbon?humdrum*, of courae, for 700 would not wi?h to wear what yo? have?a h? ir-dreaser must be employed, of coarse, ainee i.t ia not fashion* bl? to dress one's own hair." " Anoth_er littla item. paps, you left eut." *' what Is that?,' ' Y ax know we mast employ the violfn; it is wf'Jly insipid to danae by a piano?why, t^.era is not the least animation in dancing jbIw we do have a violin. To be sure. I like piano mnsio for a parlor, but oh, giro me a violin to danoe by; it gives me panics to think of not having one. Inow, papa, I am qnite sure you will consent for us to give the party." *' Well, my daagbier, I suppose I must. We are far from being rich. Of coarse, your dressing ia tolerable; yoa do not wear the most expensive kind, nor do you change your velvet cioans every season, nor wear the most costly laces and embroideries, yet you dreas well, that is, as well as I cm afford, to 'keep np appearances.' It is my will to attire yon both in the most elegant style, but a person inuJt go according to the ability of bis purse I never like to go beyond my inoome I do not object to the party at all, I was thinking of the many expenses which would necessarily be incurred. My bills at the grocer s. dry goods merchant's, etc., have already run up hi^h, bat I suppose we mast keep up appearances. '' "We may have the party then, p*pa ?" 44 Yes. my daughter ' - iseiiguMHi . ueiiguieu exciaimaa tn? two girls in one breath. ' We must be about the dresses, which, by the way, we will hare to make ourselves. Oh, dear, how I wish we were ri?h." I will write the invitations, and have them sent out this afternoon To-day is Thursday ? well, what day shall we name for the party ' \V hy. next Thursday!" ' Agreed- Papa, will we not hare a charming time * It is not the party I care to much f tr but the keeping up appearances. W iry, what would the L a and C s say if we permitted the whole season to pass without giving n party ' I could not think of any such thing I knew papa would consent, for ho never refuses anything we ask him " The invitations were written and very soon Vs.?? ui.iuaituvu ? j iuc woiier. Mauy -"miles pervaded the countenanoea ot th -e who received them, and great preparation, of courae, would be made for the party, to take place at the Wilburu'a, for it would, no daubt, be a very brilliant one. A work rolled round. Ilow much had been d^ne in that one week by the fair aex to outvie each other! tlorgeous was the dressing, and large sums of money expended for it. Anxious krew the hearts of many an overiud ilged father and husband, when he listened to tbe extravagant wishes e.\prea*ed by his wife and daaghter, nho had determined upon 1rw>tcin7 X well m ihn '-,l?- ? ^ ? ? ? ? .w?. *??'*uj a iaiiuvr nms doubtful as be surveyed tbe endless variety of dreeeiag purchased bjr hi* daughter, whoso vanity and folly taught her to eoltpse every on? it possible. The long-looked-for evening came at last; a beautiful one it was, too. Each star in heaven was brightly beaming, while the moon was resting among a few fleecy clouds, whiter than the new-born anowflake. A brilliant pt r y it I was, indeed; and much too brilliant, we fear, for the purse of Mr. Wilburn. Ha looked upon the scene, and s doubtful shake of the head waa all that he gave utterance to. Merrily glided the evening away; many were the eotnptimenU passed, and we might add, that a little slander might now and then hlTI h*fi h >rii fnr ? I ?*!?! _ _ _ m-mm ? ? ?? SO luUUVU , OiVCI all. the mult bitter enemy to her own sex. The houra wore on ; the first glimmering of morning wu seen in the Eut ere the oompany dispersed But time waited not for them, and oon the parlors were void. For a week or more the party at Wilbarn's was the chief rabject of conversation. Many wtre the remarks made upon the different atjits of beauty and dress, not unuiingled with a little iealovsy and envy. The Wil burns were, no doubt, delighted with the furor? which their brilliant entertainment occasioned, and eongratulated themselves that after all they had given a party which had competed with any they had attended during the season Gay and thoughtleas girls. They thought not of the shadows which were gathering thiok and fast, that tbeir own livhf anil 1/4 V?_ ?1.1. - " - .? nv?BV WV V VlWWh WIUI Cll/UUB J3UI 8Q0D i* lift! "Mr. Wilburn hu failed!" exclaimed Paulina Grey, looking up from the paper whioh she had been reading intently for some minute* Why, it cannot be; it was only two month* ago since they gave the brilliant party; you know we went to it. Well, it must be true, since it ia in the public papers. "1 thought it would come to thia, after all," replied Laura Merton, who, by the way, was among the guests at the party. '*I always thought the Wilbarna lived beyond income; they strain every nerve to patten aft >r us wealthy people, and for what? merely to keep up appearances I think they were entirely too extravagant; but I witl wager anything their high notions win have to eetae W t - v ? , - ? ?u?u uuw n mi eneci 11 inuftt oe on tnetr px^ic I ?ib Mt at allaorry fur tb?m. for tb?y MM Id not have b?en bo extravagant." "I do not think, Laura, that they wera at all Etravagint in their dreaa."' "They were aa much so aa they wall could * to. Anyhow, he that aa it may, the party thty igaTe waa too much beyond their inoome " *?well, that waa given through oooapliment " "1 suppose it waa. Did jou obaerve what a qaantity of mmmih ooefectioneriea they bad at the party I thought at the time they could not afford it." Laura wanot tha only on* by a great number who thus apo^* they were present, tie, at the party.) afUr hearing of the miifortaaaa of Mr Wilburn So muoh for the eharW itj ef the world *- The Wilburas nv the folly of "keepiag ?p ** ..j k^:i. -i?- 1 ^ m?rr "? iamj ami Im leee faahicnabla life Bat repentance ucame too lata, and they vera compelled to aaffer the ills resulting from it. It ia leedleaa ta k that tke; ao longer found favor in tie eytm tKa faakiivaaKU e^alJ !? - ?? ftl ^ "Vim, WBU W? TOTT ~ ?* H> ui?n?pk OT?r tMr uisferfcum. and ?J J ?". -* .< ft ? 1 .' ' 7 m J #! (M .*)AO H- 1 - I ' that it vu the final result of persons who are not wealthy attempting to pattern after those who are; in other words going too far for the sake of "keeping up appearanoes." Exicfnos o* Mr?DK?zitft at LY?icnac?o and St. Locis.?On Friday last William Hendricks was hung at Lynchburg* Va., for the murder of Thomas Johnson in December last. About 1 mil n?Ms>n? " i?- ?1 VI- " ? ?.?? ^. vhv ?iU ui? eXfCUlTOQ 1 DC d >omrd man acknowledged hit guilt, but drclirrd that he committed the deed tinder deep provocation. The editor of the Lynchburg Republican, who visited the prisoner early on Friday morning, says :?"We found him deeply stfeeted and fully all ve to the perils of the sltuation In which he waa placed. While we were with him, hta brother, a bov about ten yenra ojd, ?'.aa? to take his laat farewell of him. The scene that earned waa alffectlng In the extreme?the i little one clinging to the neck of his dying brother, I and pourini? forth a torrent of tears anrl exclaim lng,**Ob! nay brother, my brother, must you die?' It was a sir tit calculated to melt the hardest heart, and one which, we pray, we may never witness again. At the gallows Rey Mr Manning, the minister, at the request of the prisoner, and In hie name, wnrnea all there assembled Htf^nst drinking hone*-#. bawdy houses, and other like niseis; for to them, and to theeVll company he baa kept, did he attribute th? crime for which he w&sabout to suffer.rt Saiituel Li rust was executed at St. Louis on Friday last, for the murder of Mr Schmidt last March _ He spoke for some twenty minutes from in* scaffold, freely confessing his guilt. and laying he rejoiced thai he had at last reached the end of nis ear hiy r*r**r. Till within a few day* pa?t he had asserted hit Innocence of the crime. Avvrn Hi'man Saciiiice?The following It extracted from the West African Herald of the 13th of July: "His Majesty Badahung. King of Dahomey, is about to make the'Grand Custom' In honor of the late King Gezo. Determined to "urpali all former moaarchs in the magnitude of bis ceremonies to be performed 011 this occasion, Badahung has made the most extensive preparations for the celebration of the Grand Custom A great pit has be?*n dug. which isto< ontaln human blood enough to float a canoe. Two thousand Demons will hi ao *Ki? . ? VII >UI? V" uavivii . M uv expedition to Abeakouta is postponed, but the king has sent his army to make some excursions at the expense of some weaker tribes, and has succeeded in capturing many unfortunate creatures Th? young people among these prisoners will be sold imo slavery, and the old persons will be killed at the lirand Custom Wouldn't it be a "pious notion" for the great Kuropean Powers to examine into this "Grand Custom"' a little, as well as into Syrian affairs Dkatw mo* thi Hitk of a RimHiiii.? The Northern Pennsylvanian says that a resident of Susquehanna Depot, named John England, died on Thursday frutn the bite of a rattlesnake. <>n Wednesday ! ? had the snake In a barrel with one bead out, for the purpose of exhibiting !t. To ?{ive the curious a view of bis prisoner, be " stirred him up" with a stick about a foot long, when the make retaliated by biting him on the l?ft hand. Dr Manly was railed, and prescribed whisky to be taken iuternally, and the application of lobelia to the wound. Iii the course or an hour the bitten man drank eleven full tumblers of wbiskv The first six did not appear to produce any effect on him, but after the eleventh he began to show si^ns of stupor?a stupor from which Le never recovered He was taken home and died on Thurstliiv -J </*'Ty ?Did the patient die of the snake bite or the whisky' I'hk Powkk of thr SWobd Fish.?The Honolula Advocate of June 14th says: "In re-coppering th* guano packer Josephine, now at the wharf, ti e sword of a sword-fish was discovered, broken off in the ball of the vessel. It having passed through the topper, the felting and a three-inch oik-plank Judging from the size of the weapon where broken off. It must have penetrated some 1 r ^ a ? ? * * ~ o i?i i~ mcuei into loiia woodwoork of which tbe *Uth corm>osed. la passing through the oak plank tbt- -word opeut*l quitea large crack, which, bad it b*-?-n in any other part of the ve*ael, would have ?-iu*-d a s-rious leak. Tb?* f,?r? e with which tbe tiah struck the brig nrnst have been terrillc How uiany ve??eli founder from the attacks of these powerful and destuctive fishes will never be known, but it Is proUtbie that not a few are lost from this causealone, lo mo?tca?^a, ia attacking ships, they mistake thMii for whaKa cr ortber marine monsters I*cs*diaei*m add Lynch Lajt in Texas.? Tbe reports from Texas continue to be exciting It is star- d tbat the incendiary who fired the town of HPililcrinn K?? - ?1 tV ~ " * _ ..... v^<cu a t i r?wu, anu VHf pWPiP j *re driving off all *uapectrd persons. The town of .Mount Vernon has been burnt, but one of tbf incendinriea wu cau^bt and hung. A plan bad been discovered to burn Sulphur Springs, and a negro slave preacher arrested as the Incendiary, woo, it ia said, has conf<>ssed bis guilt An attempt to burr the'own of Indianola waa discovered In time to prevent serious loss. At Crockett, and the adjoining county of Anderson, incendiarism c vised the arrest and execution of a white man. .Many persona had hmi o?i?nJ . ? _. *v *c?*c nT >^wir| and vigilance committees were continually forming. n i Capttre of a C apturkr or Slaves* ?a letter to the New York Times fruni Neuvitas. Cuba, tat s that 011 the Itth nit., the UniV"d Staes steamer Criisader. Capt MntBtt, captured a br'.K without papers, flag, or name. The brig bad a aUve deck arranged. and there wai water ard provision* on board tor too negroes. The hrto >? a pratical craft armed with aide guns. T'.?y were plenty of muskets. pistols, and cuttan?a on hoard Toe crew was large, and was made up of f-rocious-looklng desperadoes It la presumed that the brig waa fitted out to seize by force the firat slaver that it met en route for Cuba, and thus obtain as many nejjroes as she could stow awav. The priie was sent to Key West la charge of Lieut J. E Jewett. (XT" A n 1 nstrument, descri bed at length In the journal of the London Mlscroscopicsl Society. avi the V??V T^K v? v. . ... ..wine, uu Ijrm aeviaea oy M. Poocbet. the French nr.icroscopist, for concentrating upon an Inflmtlv minute surface all the s?lld and normally invisible cor pu scutes floating in the ?tu?o*pbere. so a* to allow of their examination by iifana of the microscope. He succeeds in concentrating upon a glas*. and within the space of two aquare millimetre*, all the particle* dlaaeminated In a coblc metre of atmoapbere The n'W Instrument will be valuable In facilitating microscopic analvaea of the air in hospitals and other localities. where, for hygienic purpose*, a knowledge of the purity or impurity of the atmosphere Is deemed desirable. J^T The Archive* du Christian lame s*y* that a s >(ivuaaw(>riiion pu commmca it wurternberg. where numerous missionaries of the Methodls Church and othKs traverse the country and aiinounre th# goenel of salvation The number of awakened souls la counted already by thousands. and It latmettlng to see the reunions which are h?ld la dlferent localities from Mel bronn to L'Un. It often happens that the houses are too small'to receive all the worshipers, and that a considerable number are obliged to bear before the door. The ftund*v rh??U !*?* 1111*1; they number sixty, eighty and ? hundred In rah, and even mere. * . 1T7~The Hon. George Tyler Blwlow, ?e of tbe prearftt Associate Just ces of tbe Supreme Court of Massachusetts, baa been jomlnated to the KxrcutiveCouncil of the J*uie by (Jovemer Bank* for the office of Chief Justice of that Court, In the place of Judge Shaw, resigned. This nomlmti Hi, Unrlr?f th# rul?a ? " * ? v/uuucu. ii reqmrw to i?y over a few day*, but, u it appear* to irtTC general aatUfactWn, thrre a-ema to be no doubt of Its uaanlmoua confirmation. ? J^TWordi are little thing*, but they atrIke bard W e wield them ao eaaily that we are aot to M ? *? * -* ? 1 * * iori{ri weir maaen power. Fitly apoken they fall Ilk? the auoahlne, the dew. and driulla* rain?but when unfitly, like the froat. I be hall aad the deaolatlng tempeat. TaifLiHo with FiBBAKMa ?At Jackaonvllie Florida, on the evening of the 23d Instant g' t* irratt, whHe aittlng with hia wife at tbe tea table, waa handling a loaded platal, when It wait off. the ball paaatng through her throat, rauaitr her death tn a abort time. . "J * A woman, charged wttb stealing, fell aad wu killed in Cincinnati, while attempting to cerape ftom tbe police court room by memntof tbe lightning rod. U_^Oeneroeity coru>*u sot in the sum glvtn but lu tbe aa an nor ud tbe occaaion of 1U being beatowed. IHT1 A simple word of explanation would often are a deal or bad feeling* and ugly thong hta. ST* Beauty without rlrtae la flow* wl thout i perfume. - ? *< V .? .??**.yl Ai<r ? t I (? * ' rJU'.-iX- iUA 4 **??-/ .iu.e'i&kt l> m.u* I Anns. wmiLow, N E**erien ed Norm and Female Phyiiolan. present! to the attention of mothen. ber SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Childrea Teethlaf* Wkl?k (tutl; faetunto tha prtem ?f taatfck-f, ky ?*fta? l*f Ik* fama, rsaacirg a'li 10Iamma'.lan?will alUf ALL Pair ana iptwMdU *eran,and is SURE TO REU VLATB THE BOWELSDaptnd a pan it, mtkara, It will ri put t? nmlni. aad HBLIFPAffD HEALTH TO YOUR INPANTS W biT* pat Bp and a aid thia trucl* Mr ?T?rtm yaara, and C?l? ?AT, IN CONFlDBNCB AND TRCTH of It, ?bal wt ha?? m?ii batn iklt t? w; ?f any OtBl* Majicina?NBTBR .VIK A HB? IT rklLBD.IB * I I N 0 L I lit- "IUCI TO IFr?CT * cuna, WIIWLUW'8 whan tim?ly mil. a*?rdid wa knaw anilTia |n an InaUnea of die niiihcuia by an* . who aaad lu On tha ew.trar}, all ara SYHUf, dalirbttd with iU f imti#*!, and ?WM ib tar ma of kiffclkl enanra and atian of i? m? leal sftcu and roadical virtaaa. Wa aptak in .hia raMta* ' what VI do KNOW," aftartan yaara' aiparianca, and PI.BDsB OUR RBPUTA* tion for thb filfilmbnt op what wb H 8KB dbCLABB. Id almoat a*ar? inatinck vbtra tna infant it anffarInf Iron pain and athatfction, ralial will ba foand in Iftata r twaryy atak aftar tha ayrap ta auminiatarad. Tint riia&bl* reparation it tnt prtacription of mi* *f ih* > 1 liriRillfflo und WPRsft in Ki* Kr.? lui, itdku b**n aiad with !? v br-fai Life ilccin la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It mux *oly i li *th* child frcm pain, bat InTifarat** lk? Itamach and fcowaia, corr*cta acidity, and fi?aa t*n* and narf? la th* wh?l* ayat*m. It will r. I moat inataotly r*li*T* 6*iri*? in m* Bowels and Wind Colic, and rartom# cwi'ilnm, which, If .> ( ?r?adi4r ramadiad and id daaih. Wai ?????j b?i*T* it tb* B 1ST AND ICR IIT R BM-| FOR | Br>V In th* WORLD ? >? v?m ? ui - ^niiivnnn 1 ^ 1 ?** ?no uim a??4 IN cMiL- TKETHISG.lt,"?:'- wfc,th*' 11 ?n?nfr?mnitliir>f lor from tn? othir cilia. W* vooliliir to ?*ory mitinr whs hi* child ??ffmnf from ?n? of th* tangoing complmnu ?DO ROT LIT TOU? FMJl'DICKI, NOR THI PtUl'DICIi Of OTHUI land bnwnn yonr ( rinf child and th? ??!i?f ihit will k* 1CHI-1H, IIIOLITII ) K'ltl?( follow Ul? of Ih aidicint, if nmlj mod. Full dirtcuoi.i et miog will a mpiDf lack h?iu?. Nont r?nuin? anllM tha fae-iirniU CORTlfe * PERKINS, N?w York, ii on th* Hilda wrappa old by Dr? j<i? ? ihrcsrhoBt lh? world. Principal One*. No. II Cidai Strati, M. T. rrci BiiiT so oinu p?r Btuift. u -a?wi? ^fX)RS ALE^N D~RENT\ POR RF.NT-A three story BRICK HOU8K 1 on II street, between 4th and 5th. Also. ft twostory BKICK CO I'TAGK, with earden. corner of T?nne?see avenue ftnd north F street, surrounded by ft large co-nm"" pasture, and would 1*> a dosira ble location for ft dairyman. Inquire of C. B1RGF,, 446 12.h st. jy l^-eoSm* rnn w r\.-r >..i ?? ?- . >l? _ - v,a% A v i a a link ii"W nuu H CII SI GftII?CVI IIII OO r story BRICK HOUSE. No. I'M,on G street, Ix-tw.'en 19th and 20th st*., Firist Ward, late!v occupied hj Mr. Kodixco, Ru?*ian Legation. Pow?i ?ion eivt-n Immediately Inquire of Mr. SOUTH EY S. l'ARKKR next door ea?t. ma 16-eotl I/OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable term*, one of th* most desirahla BUILDING LOTS in the fitjr, sitr<?'cd on the north wei.t cori er of 6th *t..and New York Av<'n?e. Enquire of JOS. P. IIOUGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th st., between H and I sts. ail 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOTTS*E will l>e for rent in a few da*s. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, l??tween Georgia avenue mid K st.. Navy Yard ; has a large rarden lot attached, a pump of g-.od water n-ar. and contains* rooma, kitchen and woodshed. Will l>e rental low, with or without the lot. to a gt>od tenant. For f?ale cheap, a good.stroHg WORK HORSE : works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CI. ARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61* H st . between 4tii and 5th. . jy 16 TO I.ET?Two well arranged ami convenient PRAMK HOUSES, containing six rooms each; one situated on 14tU st. writ, b twen 1. and M st? north; the other on st. north, between 14th and 15th sti. wei,t. Enqiii/eof J. P. Hilton. No. U39 F ?t. north, between 13th and 14th t>ts. west.or No 375 14th st weit, between I. ami M sts. north au2Mf JOHN P lULTON. PVIK RENT-The three story (In-own frort) HOUSE, No. 367 New York areatie. between 10th and llth strc"ts. north side, eontatnin* hiteen room* This lioii?t? is convenient to the Patent Oftiee, Treasury. etc.: is lighted by ca*. and in every way suitabe for a Itoaiding house. Kent mo lerate. Apply next floor, or to A ?>. HJWLKK, tecond Bo >r north wing of Patent Office. .jy 1*-tf I^OK RKNT?Three BRICK HOl'i*E?-one 01, r Twelfth street. Oetweon C and L>; one on the cornec of Twelfth and H sis.; and one on H, l?etween 12th and ISth *t9. Inquire of JAMKS VV BAKKKR.ou II *treet, between 11th and Ifth, No. 4i*5. inaSO-tf FOR RENT?The FIRST Fl.OOR of the bnildtni immediate? opposite the vreat tint of the City Hal.,reoently oocupied by Chaa. S. VTallaoh m an office. Aleo the front room in the aeoond tory and the third floor of the aatue buiidinr. Foi term* apply to RICHARD WALLACH, Si r - ?- ? uuuioit&iii* ?vonuo. J& 13 VI carrTaob factories.WA8HINOTON CARRIAGE K * ('TO K V, " D Street, &eti?er? 9tk and 1?)?A Streets, We have niai ti unified a munii"' i>! tint cnai CaRRIAGKS, such an Litht fa*rv.JfnM.jp n''?r n-. Pnric Pkeatonx. > V f '* nam, an4 B**tir.s, which wo will aell a' w ^ a v?r> sniali profit. Meinc pract.oal m?ohanios in different branch** of th? buaineea. Wf? flatter onrael vee that we know the Ptyles an 1 qua:i?jr of work that wi'l rive aatia faction, oombimng lightneae, oomfort and durabiii t?. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice and mniit reasonable charges. WALTER, K ARM ANN A BOPP, Coachmakers, successors to Wra. T. Hook, ap JT-dly T?? _ ~ ~ CARRIAGES. HE Sabaoriber having made additions to hi factory, making it now one or the largest^ awaa I It tK* I bl a^F I d> t ? h Ar? Kla f.. Q^HrrEitw tH VIIV VIBM IV?t W 11VI C UiO lOVIIlkiCB II" ^ mazulKtuniii OA KKlAti K 4 WAGONS of ail k ti'la c&unot he eurpaaa?a, una from hi? lcni expeneno? in the bvnoew, tie hopea to lire K?caraJ aatis&otion. All buds ofCamacMand Llckt Wa<oaa k?yt?> kauri. All REPAIJISneatly4*aa,aa4all*r4?ra yraafi lyati'c4?l to, .sr*"-4 wsr* ! tf Mnwr af 14th ana K ik DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CAED. 1. 8t*'NBON Um returned ar.d returned hia profession. Office ar.d house at 46.1 E third door tut of Sixth. In Addition t Mtad very o'her app ovrd ?tyle, Or. M. ha? wei^"1-"' t-?'hi)n wnlo-ni'e IUm for the laat thiee ami, from expcrienoe. know* it exoela all otla* t* tiiaold patron* of Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown are respectfully solio tod to call, an 23eoly DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM1S Haa cloaed hia ofhoe for the aeaaon, ami will be abaent, aa u<iual, during the ium> uivi nivuviio , win r^Buiiio practice unoui me m OI Oct twr, of whioh farther notice will be girva. jy w-tf S DENTISTRY. R. H.1L.LS, after a araotioal teat of two mn j that be oan with confidence recom mend the Cbeoalaatio Prooeaa forintertiucHgflPM artificial teeth It nu tLe advantAgea o{*"*** ?? atrenfth, beauty, cleanlineaa.and omroeii. F?1 ?M?r sou inserted for #36. Partial in proportioa. U ace 306 Pa. arena*. ae 1 PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. JThe aobaoriberbega leave to inform the oitisena ?1 k.. .V *01'town and Alexandria that to hl? loix? eataMiihed bunnt>?? the f?w*r f?r ""1(18 ati'< ir.anufao turin* Marble and Brown Stone Work in 'heir va nom brar.onea. M>.rhU Vf&nroi. t.ki? w .. t, M?o?m?nu: Tomb and He?d w*.*' Window LiBt?i?, Hil ,, st^n, at,A M&r bl*?n hl!^k fr?? ?? 5 l**?est<>? k oflt\li*n tfr^Xiss'. RKtev^?'3 RSKi.'J 388 #?jwjfj!sajs rava** ? _ AIJ-.X ftUTHERPoRD. Pion*tr Stemm MarbU and Brown St on* Work*, r*. ? ., oor. Thirt enth *t, *u 21 Sm WMhinrton. D. C. fT ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY te5aws;,?i5.%^tru 5=3 3 c"?THURSDAY, IS, I860. buktmu tfOMSHO MS ORDlNAHiO CAPITAL PRIZfc 4109,000. 1 pn*s of ? ?l(?,mo BO prises ot fl.w? I ?o M,00ii 00 do 80# 1 4* 30,000 L* do _ ?0? I do *1,000 ai'SMrox. ?sno 1 do 1<M?0 IN ALL <90 PRIZES. WhoUTiohsta, 940?HsItos, 910?Vaartvrs, 9 ft. bsootnoTtno forw^raod u soon u ths rossU cr-zzmssm? . ijua,* j-xV'Hc Ji. .aV/ vun 1 ? EDUCATIONAL. I9LAND SELECT SCHOOL. Seventh itrett u>fst, btttce'n B st and Maryland armw, sou A. I). Tin* above School,for bojs and girls, will be opened on MondaT>Septflini**r3d The *tudv pursued will comprise afl the branches r?M|Ui site to a thorough English education. K"r particn lars see circulars. E. O. MANftAKtiE, se1-3t* Principal WASHINGTON F K MAI. E FNSTITUTK. A BOiRDlMi AXD DAY SCHOOL, 283 O ST.. BBTWKR* 17TH asd 1*TH ST?. The Frenth Lanmagg Praclxralln lautht. Mrs. SMITH presents her ooirpliments to the

Crents of her pupils a d hopes their daughter* ? HI present punctually on the firstdat ol the s?Mion, (S^Pt?*ml>er 13.) 'l'hfl ho*rd of inatniftinn its formerly. of ten professors iinJ t 'scher*. ??Ton oI whom taught duri rig the last session. an 30 2w*_ T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent who with their daughters to reoeiv.i a thorough an<1 systematic education, where their physical t amine wi 1 receive daily and sperm' attention, tinder theinost spproved system of f Asthenic ami Gymnastics. are respectfully invite.; to yisit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth si. aud N?w York av MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARD#, au 3f>-tf Principal*^ WMRS. TODD ILL Resume the duties of her School on Monday, S^pU-inhfr 3d. Number of pupils limited to 24. For terms inquire at her residtii.ee, 3*7 D streot, I>etwe-ri 6th ai.d 71 h sts. au 29-1 w* PVERBTT INSTITFTK Kid mask A v., Hkt waas 9rH anh 10th St* The exercises of thu w-11 known institute will he resumed on Monday, the 31 of September. Terms are r?nr reasonable. For particulars see circulars at thediflorent bookstores,or call on E W. KAK I.KV.tiie proprietor.at hit residence. 4US Tenth street. >u 3 6t* BROOKEVILLE ACADEMY. ~ Mostoombrt Cocktt. Md The n?xt session will commence Septemb r31. Uo>s are prepared for college or trained fo- bu*ine?s. Ca*a!oi;ues ma> l>e obtained by addressing the Pnucirai, at Brookevibe. M 1. E. B. PRETTYMAN. \. M.. au29 2w* Principal. Female boarding and day school, Ai.FXAynnt4. VA. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK. Prikctfal The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 18th. in the house rrc-ntly occupied by Sylve ter Scott, Esq.. No. ISO Kin* street. The course of study pursued will eompri'eall th 1 branches requisite to a thorough English Eaii cation, and Music, F.ench, Latin and Drawing, tl desired. In addition to daT scholars Mrs. McCormick is ftrepared to receive a limited number of pupil* as ioard"rH. wlio. constituting a r*f? of her own fam;i?, ?.;n ??? .. i : 1-?- ? - 11 j , w iti un u ' '40I iipf lliuiit'umir r^r*? MIU supervision. Sie will endeavor.as far a? possible, to surround them with the comfort* and kindly influences of Homo. He/trencf ? Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Ror. D . Ritas Harrison, Rev. I) F. Sprigg, Will'am H Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowdon, tsq . Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry M&rbury, fc.kq , L'-wis McKt.i e, Esq.. Robert H. II int'>n, Eiq . W D Wallach, fciJitor Evening Star. Benjamin Waters, E*q.,Jas. Sntwisle, Jr.. Esa , Col.John W. Minor, Loudoun. e?.< r*. Black lock &. Marshall, Messrs Come Brother*. Terms. Board, with Tuition in all the English Banehes, #?) for ilie annual *e?*ion?payable semi annually, I in Hi! vance. >1 uwie and Languages at Professors' prices. fl/*1* >o extra charges. au 2B-tf rp OONZAGACOLLEGE. 1HE Scholastic exercises ol this Institution Will be resumed on the 1st Monday in September. _au27 2w2_ W- F. CLARKE, S J.. Pres't. FRANKLIN ACAIIK.V1V r Cornkk Thietknth and II St*.. A SELECT SCHOOi. FOR BOYS, I Vorm'Tly loratui tit the Fin I W**d.> This In gtriitiuii will commence its Third Annual 8??non, \t it? new location,on .Moiula). September 41. Applications for aUmiitkioii may be made on the preinmes at any tiinr* alW the 25th inst. an 25 1 in K. B 1>E1RICK. Principal. CCENTRAL ACADEMY, J COKSKR E ahd TEXTH Sts. Thia Institution will resumo it#dutins September 3d. Applica ions ina?le to the Principal at the rooms. Circular* at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. HtftTtncf. Prof. Henry. EL. I) , M. H. Miller. E?*., Rev. John C hniith, D D., I?r. C ^P^Culver, rvev. t\. *?. inroiners, Kev. J. 1*. Uavldcon. &u W ASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, Cult if.r of T*mth a!?n G St?. The Mercine* of thin school will l>e returned on M( >N DA V, Sep?eml>er 3d. For t-nns apply at injr residence on D itreet, n?ar Star Otfioe. circulars at booiiftorea. au 22t S AM1"EL KBI,LV, Principal. SELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD ES. Mim M RIDDELL Will resume the duties of hor nch-jol on th* Brut MONDAY m September, at No. 451 I welfth str8? t. au 3>-l<n F^merson institute,a H Sr., Hetwibn ISih a*n I3T1I St?. SELECT Cl.asoma . am) m at ti km ati CAL SCHOOL FOR lloYs. The Kijhth Annual Se?*ion of this itchool will coninnnoe'Hi MO.MUAV, September &J. Nuiut>??r of pupil. limited. an aw iStatc-B j CHAS. H. YOUNG, Principal. the prkscottiugh school. 1 37 0 Kighth St., Bktu-*ek K amd I. Sts. Studios will l>e resumed in thm liihti'ution on MO ? DAY, September 3d. Circular*at iMxikst 'r^.-, an 16 tt A. C RICllAKDs, Principal. jy|KTROPOLITAN ^CJM.LEGIATE INST1FOR YOLMi I.ADIKS, 4C4 K St., Bktwzkn 6t* and7th Str. The fourth annual seB.?n>o of the Institute will commence on tho first MONDAY in Septetnh r. A nnlmii t <> > bktuilil i.lO/L? ? ??? ! - a a * a 1./.? -? i iwu .iimm'iu i?v iii?'i" - 01 i j , n3 w r uuiliwrr ofpnpila is limit'<1. For particular* hog oi'cul*ra or Apply to the principal*, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. II A V bNM F.ft. at the I n*titnte. au 9 tf VILLAGE GREKN SfcMI\AR> IS LOCA ted in a beauti ul and healthful viilace 12 nulca abovu WilmiiiKton, Del. anil near the Philadelphia and Haiti more Railroad. Recommended liv the Philadelpma Anuual Coufeienoe of the Methodist Kpisaopai Church. rhe oourao of study is extensive and thorough?in the Mathematical,Classical and Knslish Departm-nts. (Students are prepared fur businessur nolle.:a. In the preparatory oourne for college sp> cial reference is made to Dickinson College, The institution is provided with a larre Philosophical apparatus to illustrate the study of Natural Science. A library of three hundred volumes is a<MAMSiMa fn mi n I a The fifth year will oommence MONDAY, Sep tegiher *1.I86n. Hoarding,Tuition, Ac., for Reunion of 14 weoka, ?. Great Attention ii paid to the moral deportment of ?tu<leiit?. Monthly reports sent to parent*. Kor circulars or information address the Principal, Rev J. HERVEY BARTON, A. II.. Village Green Seminary, Delawareoounty. Pa. Ke.tf.T*nres?Rev Levi Soott, D D Bishop of M.E. C , Wilmingt n. Del ; Mr. F. A. Luti, Washington. D. C ; Mr. O. W. Angell, do.; Messrs Dick?on k King, Georgetown. au II tS?p5 REV. C. P. RUSSELL, ASSISTED BY MRS. Russell. will rcopan his school for joung ladies on the first MONDAY of September next,at No. 41 East Capitol street, Washington, D. U. au 15-2aw3w* WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL DoliTerod to all pvti of the oity, at the lowed poauhle rates. T J. * W. M. GALT, Ofioe 3S8 Pa. av?, kitvtMi 11th and 18th >u , _ma 17-tf north nae. T^HE SUBSCRIBER RAVINS ON HAND X an exterrive itook of FUEL, ia prepared to ell at a very low figure for oaah. WOOD Sawed and Split any ?ixe. Call and we for yoarmelL __ ? XV. RATFR. Wood and C*4f Pealir. mils 8. K. eorsar of Fo?rto?ithMd C ata. fo. JITkeysJ Y DEALER IN / JjWOOD & COAL, LIME, ( C SANO, CEMENT, HAIR, \V V) Pla?ter, and Whit* Or&T?l, ff I 548 N. E. tor. 13th 4c C 8ts.Il // One miu*r* S<mth Fenn. At. \\ at-if ! Hw. HAMILTON PAINTER, * and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 4ssj Ti? Stiiit, rmt Odd atiew* If all. I an 31 **? * I *' ^ ''* ?'.* ?? A *' * EDUCATIONAL. CJT. MATTHKW'S FLMALK ACADEMY. Ik^ Corner ISffc ,\t. and Sew Yorkav. Thi* Institution. under the din-o?ion of tha twisters of Charity, wit i t>e opeotxl l >r tua reception of pupils on Monday. S"-pt?mh?r 34. The course of instruction will embrace tVa ordinary bianchen of a good *-?qk1i*U aducati n, to tether with musio an-t the French language. Por t^rm? n*l* ? ? ?? tmf f, ? nv viif nw 1 H'll"?l A Free School for girls will aim l>s conducts! by the Sisters at the sain.' p.aoe, but in a ??>p*-%:e ho'i'e. an 24 eo2w MRS. A. K. BELL'S skmTNARV, Cemtr of c mnd Truth it*., Wn ntmrttm rity. '1 ho next session i f this school will commence September Sd, l:<n. The you> g ladies of the Institafma Are paiticntarly requested to lie pui'dnal in attendance at th<* opening of school, ar.d all others who wish to become inemhers of th? same to in*k? early application, as the number of pnpil* will be limited. Terms, A e., given on application. ail jS-il3 AeotUct 15* ST. VIXCKNTvjjTsCHOOI., CORS?E OF T BSTH ASD G ST?. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on tlie fi'st Monday in ??epf<*mer next, its exercises will bo conducted as in former years. au?3e<>2<r (Stages > fr WESTERN ACADEMY. JL HK Exercises of this school, under the charge of Dr S. L 1<oomis, and the Primary D*f*i un>-nt under Miss Asms E 1'ecx, will be resumed Sep iernr>er 3J. Circular* can (> ' obtained at thwboofc?tor??. < Int i aip7-e<-2m_ THE RIPLKV PkUll CHPUlMBV 1 ~ HOAR bi NG an b b~ Y SCHOOL, Sittatrk Brm- Rth M'Sth "ts. K*?t. Will coinmrnee it* n xt vjs*ion on MON 1)AY,St? teintier l"th All de*>rwg further information will Iks furnished with a ca*alo*uegiving lu!t particuia'? by cabling upon or addressing the punc pal. an 16 e<>3w F,^RIPLEY MRS. M.E. KINGSFORD S SEMINARY. 4 I 4 K St.. Wa?h'*?to!I, D. C. The next so>sion will commence October 1st. law. Terms, sc.. for wauled on application. an 15 tf WMRS. M. C. BROWN ILL Re?ume theduflle* o( ner School nnM"rday. September lit Instruction given in hn*lis>> Pr- nch and .\lusio. No. 9 K street, between Bth and 9-h. an SO-ergc -UCTi()y SALES By J. C. MoGCIRR k. CO , Auct:oT.eer* VALUABLE 181.AND PROPKRT Y FOR Sals ?The whole of Square ^o. fins. bourn ed by F a.id G ?lreet* south, and by De> aware avenue and First and Second stieets wpst, having been subdivided into filly corv-nier.t bui din* lutn. With f onls ranging f-om 15 to 2^ A>et, wiJ. be < flered at pnb'ic ?at-, ?-u th? pre?niees, in Lou, on T'-O'hS i>A V. the 6th da/ of September next, at half ps*t 4 o'olock p. in. Person* wishing fo ?ur<*has? a lot or lots can e p ply to the urde*eicn*d, at h s oflioe, where also ta? pi.ii oi 8 jtxiivicon may tie se?u. Title that of t.*^e <>:ip:i! ? ) piopri?*tor. Terma of aa!a: fine fuu th ouh; the reaidue in three p juau in?taln??-nta, at 6. 12 and 18 inorith". with intf?r?*t to be Fecu'ed on the premiaea. I nifn't^e terms *r? oompHed with within five daya from the ilaj o( aale, the light la re?ervd to re?ell. o five day*' puMfc notice, at the riak and o<>?t of d?f*n;tiac purchase r. Ail conve?ancea at the pnrebaeer'a cett. hICHARD H.CLAKKK, Attorney at Law c?>r. 6*h at. and I a a*, an 2Veo?ria J.C. McGlMRR * CO., Aucta. By A. QRKKN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE" SALK OF A PARTot A TRACT OF LA N D catW "Feter'a Mill Seat," aitnated 1 in the oountv of \\ a?hin)ston. on the Kiney Hranoh Rovi, and about three inilea from the eity of Washington, Winn apart of the aroperty known a* the Piney Brat ch Trottini Courae." Br virtue? ft wo deed* of trnat, one hearinr date o or atn.ut thesth day ot Au*u?t, Igtt, and re O'irutxi in i.ii>er J. A. 9 , i*o 139, lo 10a 34".et seq., ooeor th? 'an 1 raoords of the o<-onty ol Washing t m, in the District of Columbia, and the other bearing dat- on or about the 14th aay of Mar, 'R59, a d r^c-?rd<?d in Liber J. A. P.. No. 177, folios 4*4, ot teq-. alto one oi the land eoorJs of ?aid county, 1 will proce<?d t<> ?"'! at public auction tothe hifhect hi 'd?r. on TUKSD\Y. th* Uth^ay of ttept*fnh?r, lW, at 5 o'oUnsk p. in., at the Auct on Room of A. UKKKN, corner 7th and D etre ts, Washington, "a I tiia- part of a tract of land called 'Peter'* Mill Se\t,' situate, lying, and te-iii; in the oounty of Wasbiagton, in the District of Co'umbia, and on the west side of the Pmey Branch road. ooLta-.ned w.thin the following rnet?s and bound*, to wit: Beginning tor the aaiu-* at a'tone. INo 4, planted in the west line of said rnad, for the northeast sorrier of a lot of said land laid otf to Hays !*p ak man. an<) running from thence north sixty one and a half dtereew. we?t lift* aiz and fort*.four hnn. dredth* p-rch . with rp^-kmai/s n^rth line, to a ( in*, No. 3, al the r>oitb west comer of Speak man's !?'gsr lot and the b'finuio; of his smaller lot, their e runuint north tin ty and a half decrees. east tw->nt? eieht and a half peiches to a Make in the outb i;o?> of a ro*d twcnt*-five <Vet wide, and w.th the east li a of Speafcinin's ?ma! er lot. where is p'.anu d a ?t?ne N<>. ,f; i henoe raiiLinir > utt liztruni*r i a ha fd*rree?. e*.?t fifty n.ue peche? and f ur and one hundredth of a p reh ?? a stalt-in the went live oftb? I'iney H ?n h road: theno? with ?a d we>,t - r i -v J Pio0f Branch roM 10 a straight ilne toth?p'?o? of becinoinc, ?-ot taining ten acres aud tliirl) ?ix p< reheaof lacii," more or les?;toeet'ier wi'h the improvements thereon, which o?a?i?t of a r\nvr. rpaoioua, and weil-huiit t*o-story K smo Dwelling hoiue, sl&li.iLg, sheds, a;.d out ho?i?ca. erm? of ?a!e: One third cash; the ba'aroe in 6 *"d II months, for which th purchase' wi I he re3uu*d to give hi* note* hearing inte ent from the %t of tale, aud secured by a deed of trust upou the pre""i?<*r Should the puroiiaeer fail to comply with the f Arms nf a* 'a lr itiil n ft i m ?? *? a c Aar Ha >( ? 'a ? *> "I BC? 'I W IVIIIU II t V 'IU? "?lt Jl kllV UBT BO T| the tru?te? rf??rvei the ruht to re?* 1 m.t proptv, at th' ri?k and e of the defaultirg j a er, upon givint hve days previous putt to i <rire by &<lvarti??imei)t, in eoine newspaper published id the city of VVashingt *n, of the tuiw. plic", ano r-run of *uch re-&Ie. Ail conveyances at the cost of the purchaec-r. *. H. LAPKFY, Trustee, au J'-fotdi A GRfcKN. Auct, IV EIGHTH i A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI; OHIO, St#.\itK-VHK. Th? UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY willliold it* KuTith Annual A&ricultu raj and Industrial Exhibition on the pounds liberally provided by the citizens of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the l*?t ?Uie. There will be Hallh and Tent* for the display ol I ^PLE MKNTSS .MAI Hi\tK) . roOI.S.UOMKSTIl; MANUFACTURES, FAllM AND GARDEN PRODI*' E, FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA T1VE WINES: with Stall* ?-i.| for HORSES, CATTL*-, SHEEP, and SWINE: ami an uneqaal'nd Track,one mil* ib length and fo'ty f??t lu width, for the exhibition of Horeaa Xiia Premium* offorbU-ai cam,?gold, silver, and hronae medals,?diploma* and cetfifioales, amount to -JO,000. The Exhibition will remain open from Wednesday , llie 12th. to Thursday . the Jtth, ol Hepiemtwr, thus k> viu* time to examiue and test the iinple meuts and machinery. For premium lists or information apply at the Office of the Society, No 35ti Pa. avtjiiin. (up stair* ;)or to the Kn'*>writ?er, at Cincjnnatf, Ohio. BfcN. PERLEY POORK, jy 34 tf 8?> U. 8. Agriculture. Society. RXOTICE EGULAR STEAM PACKKT LINK HB TWEKN BAiTiMORK AND WASHINGTON.- Leave Commer^e it. wharf, Baltimore, a* fol 1 " The St Nichol even- WEDNESDAY, at 6 p. m. Colcmiia, every SATURDAY, at G p. m i.Mve Ki!e)'> Wharf, at Um Coot of Util ctreet Washington, aa follow*: Columbia, every W EDNESDA Y MORNINO, at6. St. Nichols*, every SATURDAY,at6a. m. For freight, ao.. apply to tfHOS. W. RILEY, Agent, ' n.l I_ 1171 A .4 .L.l * H119T I BNitM iae u>tii m mar 18-TAT6m 11th at. WuBiiloi Bnew music. ell and evfekktt p"'lka, li<?L'OLAS 80h??tt[?che. LINCOLN POI KA, BKKCKINRIUGK POLKA HR1N0K OF W A LKS POLKA, K.aoh with a ?orr-ot iilantraphic likeneis on t?w tiile pa?e. Ja?i reoeiroo at JOHN P. ELLIfe'3 Piano and Mu?io t*u?r?, au 3> <Kli and l*Hh ?tre> U. W oar1)kn ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. Ntw York are**4, bttwttn Iu Md %d ill. Iooal'.ln* theattertioL ui the pnMic tn n j rroanda I would state that every arrannen. nt ha- A. . X g J. a U hi. l*Ua?eMfM VarjTdi'Mondk;', The ear J?*I dona *re open to the pubhfli iree of obarfe-a coooejt urnbf iHlMtbatxt. Tb?eede?nnj tow Joj the danoe and walta *i I fend the eal<on in t mplau order to render pleaaa/e to all. U - oth*r daje the proprietor will eheerfbily rMt th? ?? >/$ (round* for school or other T?e Nto Pa ttee with?Vor the amueement of children he haa irtr<x*aaad a nnmbsr oflittle ramee, never before seen il thie oitja and oa!eu.at?? at the eaaae bine to awnee the oMfolke." ft. B.?Attached ia mj Bottlinc Eetabltahm at. and families aan be kapplied with any euantiij u their evidence. mi that beaithftti drink. L.AOKR BEKE. apoa ekort aeSae. Je l*-*a D MOTiOK. sraKir jaw eainnot rnj Faratahmc atom. Xh i weet, be ITJT4 u mi?u,T. I 3 ? * - ? . . 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H?>nee it (h*aM be employed for (it* i oft ol not oni) eernfela, bat aao thoee other atfwtiona winch ariae from i*. inch u Krvptir* and f?km Di?eae??, SH. Anthnnf'e K?re. Ko?a, or Krysia*iaa. Pita p ea. i'u?tuie?. Biotohee, Hiaina ana Uoi.a, Tuttora, Tetter and Salt Kh?um, !*oald fiend. Rr eworm, Rheumatism. SyahUitie aad M n-.Miria ! It I Irr.aaa lima ai> ita>A ?* ' VM ? .? l " I ?' J f ?" ' w ?.WI ? and, m lend, all Contluou ariaing f'om Vitiated urlinpure BIjoiI. 'ne p-pu ar belief in 'ttnpvrttw ofih' Blord ' 1* foanded in truth, for aerofum a d?c?a<?^ftti<>a or the Blood. Tne p&rUOMiar pn'?t>*? a:.d virtue ofthm S?r?ap*ri!ia > to pur.fr tu! re cer-.ertte tlii* vital fluid, without whion eound health i* imp.TMi It in aonUmirkMd oonrtitation*. Prepared or DK J C. ER A CO., Lowall. V<u* . a?d sold bj all druggists ?v?ry wh?re. aul3 eolm Helm bold'i Genuine Preparation. M HIGHLY rONCENTKATBD" COMPOUND FLl'ID EXTRACT BUCHV, A Positive and Specific Reined? For ;)!<?? ? <lh? BL.ADDB*. KIDNEYS. GRAVKl..aai DRoFSICA L ELLIN0S. Thi* MMioiB* ine-ea*?s the fofw ofDigesuoa, and excit* the AHMiNHkSj> lutu haalUijaation, tii which the WATERY OR CALCEROrS deposition*, and all I'NN ATI' R Al. ENLAK6K MKN1> are redaoed.aa well aa PAIN a*I IN FLiAMM ATIO,N, a?<dri? cood for MEN, WO^IEN, OR CHILDREN. HKLMBOLD S EXTRACT B,LCHIJ. Arising from KxceaaM, Habit* of Dissipation, K*r ? i ndiiu*ration or AhnM. Attended with ikt/oilmwmt Spmpttnni .? Indmpnamoo to Exertion, Loci of Power, ',om of Memory, P:ff?rrty of 14'eettuaf? Wo?li Nerves. TrewbUnJ, Uorrwr of WtktnuMH, ilimr:of Virion. Pain in the Baek. Universal Lauiiiide of the MaaouJ^r Hot Hands, Fln?hin* of tfcc B"df, i>iyn< * of the Skin, Erotuoiu on tbe Face. PALLID COUNTK.IAN'CK. t , These ?j tapiciwa, if allowed to ?o on, vhteit taia iredicina lnvaria1'!* reir>OT"?, Boon follow* IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EFILEPTfC FITM. In Oxa or ? hick tub Patiuit an Ezra a. _ Who cen ?ay that they arfaotTr'^uent'y fo/.t wed by tho??"DIREFUL DISEASE* " "iri8\*iTT and consumption. Ma&y ar* aware of tu* cause of their ngariaf, BVTXOXF WILL COXFESS. THF, RECORD*OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And Ik* MtUincholt /Imm> 6fr <i<m Bear a"-.pi? witre?? to the trvth of the assertioa, PHK CONSTITI'TION ONCR AFFKCTKD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Re* aire* the aid of medicine to atrenrthaa ? ru* |. Tirnml* the Mfrttn, ITtuA HtLKBOLD'a EXTRACT RLCHI wvariA TtlAL WILL COJtrrfC* TBS KOfT IIIPTlCUi FEM A LES-FEMALES-rEMAl.ES, old or YOUNG. single. mauri ED, ON CftNTEMPiATING marriage. IN MANY AKFfiCTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALKS, the extraot Huchu u iiiMiai.wl t>7 any other remedy, mm 10 Chi>roaia or Hr>ntiuD Irregularity, Pa<nfa.ae?a, or 9o?pr*Mion oiCutomary F.racuatioua, U'oeraUd or Sairrhoaa atata of the I'torm, l.encorrh?a or Whitaa. StarLlity. and for a I ?omplainu incident to tlx a j. vhetMr ariainc from Indiaoretion, Habita of Diaaipcboa* or in the decline or CHANGE op life. NO FAM1LV*\"o5 **Bh*?WITHOL'T IT Take no mort RaUam. Mercury, or mr/Miaa/ Mtdirint for wnwttumt and Damftrtmi IHtmttt. I)ELMBOLl? EXTRACT Bi/CHl SEC R EVK^EASES * - - > " o* A a '.Ml. 1 u ?u iiUMr ai iiw? mi Little or no ohaniain Dirt, No inoonreaMaaa; And no Exrowmt. It rtg?M a fr??v<?nt daaira an? givw straagta to Urinate, thereof Kemovin* ObatmsUoM, Fraventidc and oaring Sinoturer of the Urethra, Anting Pain and li.fl\mn?aUor. eo freqaect >a tne oia*? of disease* and expelUnc ait ftUMMW IhiMftd, indtetrrn e?rt Mftttr. runusAyos upon thousands who havi ens nil tictih* or or*era. and who bay- pa:n kettry ftti to beco-M uauoi tim*. k%r* foumi th?y ware deoeired, and that Um POISON" nao. by the dm of "rowrarPL aatbis?*mt?," been dried up in the system, to kratk out in a" arr^vated fo?-Tr, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Um Hklmbold's Kimct Bucnr for h afaatiom ana di*e**e* of th? URINARV ORGANS. Whether existing ib MALE OR FEMALE. From whaterer_caji?e_tmii iiaunrand no tttir of m i ? Linu r i Ani/M? Dinwn oftheee nnui reoairetheaid olaJPtore** HKLMB?'LP'!< EXTRACT BI CWU 18 THE bREAT Dll RKTIC. And is esrtain t? have the d*aired et!<v-t it aJl Jh? w? FOR ** HICH IT 18 RKCONMI'NDED. EriHfiUf of tk' mo*f mmd rwpMnMi cMr ter will iMi'iTi?*n? the m*?rtiei"ee CERTIFICATE* OF CURK8. From t t? SO *mh ttomdmt. With Nini* how* to SCIENCE AMD FA MR. Price 91.00 per kettle, er Mi tor fti.M Delivered to aaj Addreee, eeovrely fMkad fro obttrniMw. (KnaTiiVTHrTniii rw all CoamnciTieM. Cares liaaraateed I Adrtre Oralis 51 AFFIDAVIT. ?er*->naMj appe?red before me. an Aldanaaa the ci t* of Phi arielpiua.H. T Hklhbold.vIm"'MBc duly swum, doth Mr. hi* prepara'tona oetaio ao naroutie. no mercury, or oi*er iiuinoM cru>, but are surely vi?c> tab'.*. H. T. HELM BOLD. . Sworn aaid lutmonbed before me, Una 2M ui of November. IBM WM P. HIBHFRD. A'dm mmm. Ninth eireet, abore K%o*. Phil*. Addreea letteri for iAfnrn?ci?n in ?nfidi?n?e U> H T HELM MO up, Cheo.iat, AND L'NPRPiC|PLIO> DEA LEB8, Who endrsror to diapoM * or TU*a owtt* ?M ' othik" tiTirtH on m imtAliaa ittaird Helmbold'a Genuine PrMantioai, .. .. Bxtwct Kucl. .. Sold by P. B. Watt**** rtmt, m* B. C Fomn, Je , owiiw Pw*. ?ror?*fcii4 Blrraatk 'Tvlb ALL DROWISTS KrXRYWHm&f. A!*K FOR HKLMBOLiyS. Tf KE NO uTSE*. Cut out th* fcd verti?*m?>nt acd tojod V>rjt _ AND A VOID IMPOBITlONANDKXPOBUmii ap 4 ?o1t XT. O. R^_db T. HTSHEWELI/S UNIVERSAL COUGH KXXXDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Cough* to Actual Consumption. HUNNKWELL'8 JIITLV CBLBIlATIf TOIiU ANODIJOIB, Natural and Sun Remodf far alt Nervous Complaint*. Proa Naaralfia throncti all mm vher* Oma ?m ever u*f?i to tnai oi u-'i'iow rram?u,tMUi oommoB ohiaf Max* of I'lK-sa* LOSS OP BLEEP. The Tola A tod to*, thoaifa nixiUuwH Httartula of Opium, produMa ill the r^nrHMMTMt aod may be oaed id aJl oum vhtnnr 0>iia fu B?od without pro ucing ?nyt)unr bat Cwm,Im the oouauii obieotion of ''?(|^ R'M'41?, whtfb produce nauaaa or proaMtjoa.) aoaaid*r?>.l the oummon ecamj U> fcJ Tkroat aud Lan? Comp>?unt?.iud need with perfect smpuaity Aakiit* tJd to tovt from pro?r??tp2 or ffiaada taa mo?t vera iirtiD|MM af both R ? ?* "* f* ' of oar p\mphi?ta to bak>aa<l with ail H^uara. a J mora partiaa.arly to parakaaa a*J?afth?a???>o nbWmmDm vm, wawtot toaUaMi tha %r?^5S5trt a*?I / aiKiitL A?gntb. J. W. HTTfS*w*LL A Co., T w Coaamal UHC'N - Ssk/x. IPlP^ftiiSP '. ? ' * ?