21 Eylül 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

21 Eylül 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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* 9m * m Hi v .t I i ?????i THE EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CTTY: FRIDVV September 31, I860. TUB WfcfckLY STAR. That valuable and popular family journal, the Wntu ?T4t, full ?m usual of Metropolitan wwi and goaalp, and rholce literary reading, U now oh osu eratar rtily for delivery to the pub lic Kid braced tn I* tertalniu* contents are the following articles: Dots auifla? * poen; ft\nt l.ove, or Constancy ta tbe NtneW^uth ftrtwf wy Interesting tory; Ambition fo* Sbow; Sensible Talk; A ?k>ldi?rfe KMiunle of Glory; <lf We KiifW-? pi*?i: A Secoad Attack oa tb?? *Abod? of L#Vf"-IL(f Hum baud A^aiii AHer Hi* W ife; Tb* Ureal Ciulita Water i'lM, 'f M Mubi r?i Id >>n*i WUit C04I )?; Oe^opt'lon of Emigrant; Tbe P.irla Oatbednrt of Notre Dmm robbbod of fl60,UU'. The Peculations ef Pt-unaylranla Cenmit RtHrnad Kmpioye*-*; a Shrewd dry goods drummer?Sharp Practice; The Precl ouaneaa of Llttl- neaa; Interesting Detalia i'onc?*rnliti; tbe Eea^ualion of Trust tlo; The Prince of Waltt at Niagara; The Zouaves Disbanded; Reconciliation at Toronto; Bursting of Low* a (irrat Air-ship; Tba Texas K*cilefnei.t; Tb? Lady Klgiu l)y Mtafi l.'fe ?.a the Bo'ilef?A Cold-blooded Murder la Kansas; Affiira In Syria; Horrible Fntrl cide? One Brother Kll!? Another with an Axe; A I'oiaouiug Caae In Illinois; Spiritual Convention la Michigan; ungraceful Aflulr? A Woman Tarrnl md Feathered ; The Fat? of Mr l.nmsden and Family; Movements and End at Oen. Walker; Tbe Ancient Sarcophagus at the Smithsonian; The Putoaaar Water Works?the High Ser vice K--s?-rvoir and Rock Creek Bridge; The Ule Tournament at Annlostan Island; Ka 1<orta of Political Meettngs; Tbe Mtaa Anne t Uern.ott Will Caae; A Swindle upon the I O O F; Report of thr City llealtb Commissioner; In iere?ting letter* from 4iC. S. N." "On tbe Win*'" and 44 L'nder tbe Knapsack," in Vir ginia; Hit J brcjt to Play th? General Hangman Re newed; Whom tbe God* would DestroyTbty First uiake .Mad; Complicating tbe Difficulty; TLa Hr-tt F.aateru. Phbapbatic Guano; Mur der Will Oat; Dfpuimeui >rw?; Fditorlals; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, Ac ". Ac.: Late uews, foreign and domestic, by mail and ie>grapb; Interesting Personal Items; Aid a great variety of cbotee literary articles, both prone and poetry, too numerous to men tion j ma la jusi ino paper aoove ail others lor per sona sojourning In the National Metropolis to sead to their friend* at a distance. Price only three eenta per copy, or St US per annum; postage prepaid by stamps wLen so arranged. \ ' pint *1 the Msraisi Proas. The CmJtitmtiom sketches what It calls "The two facss of Douglssism" ? Northern aad South ern. The ImtelUgtmctr, under the bead of "A Cor recti on," says: "As we mentioned a few days a*o that the Louisville (Ky ) Courier conceived it improper for Mr. Breckinridge to make formal response to the queries propounded to Mr Douglas at Nor folk, on tbe ground tbat he (Mr. B ) u?d no rlgbt to add a new plank to the democratic platform by assuming to spesk authoritatively on tbe subject of seceaaion, we perbape should state, in justice to that joursal. tUat in a subsequent issue It ex presses tbe opinion that Mr Breckinridge baa sufBcleutly answered tbe substance of tbe in uniriM in him n i:~7* Over Ifteen thousand acres of fine farming land* In 9t Mary's county, Maryland, are now for sale?the owners beiag about U> emigrate to Texas fTT" A grand national H*-ll and Everett man meeting Is to be held in the city of Mempb s< Teuncommencing on Monday. Oct. Mb, and cOntlunlng during the week. Soiim of the able*1 orators of tiir country are expected to be lu at endanceon the occasion. \?T By a decree of the Preaideut of Venezuela, rtee, corn, potatoes, aalt beef, Ud, and other necessaries may be introduced free of duty '-and All importation charges, ordinary and extraor dinary. through any of the porta of that republic. The decree will remain in force until repealed by tbe same authority. fJ^The visit of the Prince of Wales to Boston la expected to take place on the i~tL of October In tbeevening a jfmnd ball wil come off at the Breton Tb*ater. I tie price uf tickets will be hied at fiii Ladle* tort :nat? enough to be fleeted by U R H for cotillons. et- , are cautioned against speak ing except in reply to tbeir Royal partner, and tben only in monosyllables. [JT'Gen. I.ane on reaching ludianapolis, Ind , on Monday la?t. was received at tbe depot by a number of bis political and personal friends, and accompanied to tbe rMide?ce cf \V H Talbot. Ksq , wb<?? guest be was during Ivis stay In tbat city. In tbe evening b? was serenaded by U?? Ouards Band, and in response to tbe; repeated calls of tbe crowd Gen, Lane appeared and made a brief speech He was Introduced to the audi oce by Hon Jesse I). Bright fl-^Ottclal returns from thirty-one count! p* !n Ktnsas give an aggregate population of 33.445 JSine counties, believed to contain ten thousand *re yet k> be returned; so that It is probable Vu.ouo people are now riving within the boandaries Of tbe proposed new state Considering tbe de population earned bf tbe opening of tbe gold nine* of tbe Rocky Mountains, and more recently Vy tbe sever* drougth. tbla result la much better than waa expected. Tut Ntrf Ynii Klkctokal Ticmt.?Mr. J. J. H?-i?rv, r La;rman of tbe monster meeting at Coop* r 1 uatltiite, baa, In accordance with tbe reso lution adopted by tbe people m mam, appointed Abe following gentlemen aa tbe Committee of Fif teen to aelect an electoral ticket that every man in Ike flute, oppeeed to tbe election of Lincoln and hanllrcan vote for: Cbx.ti O'Cenor. Ham'l F Botterwortb.Wilaon ?. Hunt, Daniel F Tietnan, Andrew Mount. ^T..T i^aij.ri i/eiiiu, r.awia urMwell, Cbarle* >. decor, Samuel J. TU4?u. Peter 0 pwqnny, Jttuma Moure?, Joabua J. Henry, 8. L. j* Barlow, Jeblel Head. Ho*. A R Boteier. of W, la at Brown'a. Wood, Gibson, iuid party, of Liverpool, England, axe at the National. NakaL Imtcllmocs ?We have intelligence from ttee Brazil suuadrou to the id of Au^ual" Tt* Hulled Stair* frigate C'oagrMe w?a preparing' to leave M Catherine* for Rio, vrhrrf ibt would remain to<u* montha. Tbe ateainer Argentina, of tbc Kxploring Expedition, arrived at Jiuenaa Ayraa tui u.?* 1st ulUiuo It wa* auppoa^d tbr oAcer* of tbe party were about leaving for tbe United State* The Uolpbia waa bending anila at Bueno* Ayraa, wbeee ther?- wee* aeveu uien-of war at aar'iutr There w*a no Unlted Stntea naval veaaat at Montevideo Tbe Puiuaki steamer, en touta to Paraguay, bad been bmd from up tbe am ?ue siraisMM seuiuiole uad not reached Kio The location of the brig Bain bridge ) not given. but it ItproMbta that tUe had niM fir iiuatuu Cotiiitvci or Ambbica* Diplomat* at JiA?L?.B6 ? We learn from our (jeriuaa ex changes thjt during the third week in August B conference of the American Ministers to tb? court* of Berlin. Copenhagen, and St Peiers bar|ik-Mrurt Wright, Buchanan. and Apple ton?wu beld in the city of Hamburg, In obedi ent* to instructions fr<xn the admiuiatratiou at WaablugU>n The ?ub;?xt of tbe confrreur.e i? aid to La re been tbe policy to be adopted by tb? Called fHete* ta tbe present poHricB) position la fcarope, ?ud especially with ttU/etur to tbe clues' ttwu *A protecting naturalize J American cluzmi mf Oenii?? Wrth A* if reporter ?ni preaeut, tbe proceedings base not transpired ?( Applo to* was co hi* way to bt. fetersburgb, via Lutm, tit relieve hti predecessor, Mr. Picket*. IT/' A eorrttp >ndent of the New Orleans tielU, vrriung from Uuuatou, Texas, ou August JO, says: ?. V?MI were duly iuiioruied of tbo burning of Ust |M ??.? ..Ik?. toom "* M-11?" * ttir im-at and exeewtiau of several wLltr niea found tampering with tke aejrroea >ad aowing tbe ared* of luMjrracUon Immediately tbe hue and Bm.a raiaed tbat tba Incendiaries Wrf# iboi( i rmtaaarlea, making a raid into Tex; limit* to lUat uI John Utowa into Virw laf?; but witkift tbe iaat wwk or to public opinion baa been cor rect* d,an4 U aow art-hi* eatabliahrd beyond a doubt dial lb?* late Urea are juatly altribnUtle to Jlflurit.ilMU acting under tbe gaiaeof Aboil tlor.lata ry y=*ni!MP*?KY * O TOOLE. UJ . wnuuttm AMD 'imjlia J. , the Ijaaulifu) alt let- I Pa. At? b*t?r?efi 9tii Sr.floUj u* . i ' fafHUa wSmUtvn. l? WASHINGTON IIKWI AMD GOMIP. JCDICIOr# MlTHOD or PaKVBXTISO Cbimss A*050 THI Isdiabs. ?With a view of more efltctualiy pr^viitlng the evil of druakenneaa, which Is said to prevail to suefc an extent hi many of our Indian tribes, tbe Coinailasioner of Indian Affairs not long since suggsalad to tb? agents of such tribes a plan which sms thus fcr to have worked very well, and is llkaty to pr*vs vary efficacious In removing Ujc e*U. TL!a was tbe propriety of permitting Vie Indians to emct lur.r own laws. ana s^ieci meir own omcrri ror tl* execution of tbem The Indian*, at least the mnjurltv of tbe ruling clans. aeemed well pleased with the suggestion. and expressed Ibelr deter mination to act upon it at.onr?. The Indian Bureau bas Ju*t received the intel ligent of the flrat decisive measures being taien In this respect, by the Omabas Tbe success or failure of tbe plan with tbesn will enable the Bu reau to determine tbe expediency nnd practica bility of establishing ancb aa n universal system among nil tbe Indian racea. A regular constabu lary force has been established by the Oaahas, with a chief, who are all selected by the In diana from their own number. These olllcera are designated by a particular badge, which cauaes them to feel quite proud of tbrir position, and to conduct themselves in a very dignified manner. Tbe Bnrenu baa received a printed copy of tbe oode of lawa adopted by tbe chief* and members of tbis tribe iu council, which are of a moat Kringent character, and aald to be strenuously enforced; they embrace every act ill tbe category ? ? J of crimes. If some of them were adopted by oar corporate authorities. and properly enforced, we tblnk It would add greatly to the moral* of the place. Tbechiet and mem ben of tbe constabulary force constitute the tribunal before which all trial* ?re had, the accused being alway* entitled ton fair and Impartial hearing. Tbe decision of this court is final , and tbe prisoner la sentenced accordingly. Shonld tboae who constitute this tribunal, how ever. fail to agree among themselves, as to the extent of punishment to be meted out, then this question la to be determined by the United states Indian Agent, whose sentence la to be carried Into execution by the police forces The following la the regulation with regard to druukennea*: ?tiu> uui uicmiiri in mil uiue wno rnnv u* found intoxicated, or in whose possesion any spirituous liquors may be discovered, shall be punished aa the police may determine, and the extent of punishment ahall be alike common to all member* of the tribe, whether chief, member Of police, or otherwiae. > That If any chief or member of tbe police i? found drunk, he shall forfeit bis annuity for the year, or. If deemed best, may be whipped for such offense " Swinr-LilD Decisions 1The Secretary of the luterior, in a communication to tho General Land Office on the 15th inst , on the subject of swamp lands, has decided that, in those cases where the State* have presented proof, as required In the 2d section of the act of March 2, 1855, and In accord ance with the instructions prepared, the indent, uity provided by the act should be paid over to the States. He says : " If the regulations are de fective, they should be amended, and the amended regulations applied to cases where proof Is lurt a/ter tendered or presented." The Secretary has also given a decision In a case where the Surveyor General of Illinois and Missouri has rejected certain 14^gU in Laclede county, Mo., reported to him subsequent to 3d March, 1S57, by State ageuta, as enuring to the State, under the swamp grsnt of 28th September, 1950, to the effect that the Surveyor General should be called upon to daelde the swampy character of the lands upon th? evidence presented by the State, and that he should report such of the tracts for confirmation as, by the evidence presented, should be found U> he within lii? urmi ?nil ? ??* those Anally not appearing to be swamp by each evidence. GxiMisiTioM in the Cbsiscs BrKixc -In the VV ashing tou correspondence of tbe New k ork Trit?m? of yesterday, we find a statement relative to tbe operations in tbe Census Bureau,wbicb la as unjust as it is untrue. Tbe writer deaouneea tbe course of examination being pursued with regard to applicants as a great farce, and alleges tbe delay in making tbe appolntmenta to be attributable to a desire on tbe ptrt of the 8errttary to make political capital by keeping large numbers In suspense, in which event It Is not supposed that tti?-y will tie likely to use their iuflaence against th- Administration. He also states that none but Southern men ar* to recHve appointments, others being represented as Incompetent, and refers to the able and efficient officers of tbe Bureau as persons of very ordinary capacity. Tbe writer of this article must either have been most egregionsly Imposed upon by those from whom be obtained his information, or desirous of gratifying a feel nig 01 political animosity. at tbe sacrifice of trutb and justice, to'have made any such unfounded denunciations aa these. The motives of these public functionaries, in adopting the wiae courae they have, arc too well known to need any obser vation from ua. Thi Tkamsfik or Capt. Mkigs?Tte follow ing is the order of tbe Secretary of War, removing Captain Meigs from tbe water work* and sending bim to tbe Tortugas : Wai Dki ABTVint. Sept. 18, 1*60 Captain M C. Meigs, corps of engineers, ia re lieved front all tbe duties assigned to biut in Special Orders No. My. War l>epartnieut, July 17, and will Immediately turn over to Capt H W Benbam, corps of engineers, Chief Kngi neer of tbe Washington Aquedust, all tbe books, pap*ts. moneva, plana, estimates and accounts pertaining to ibe aame, tbat may be in bis posses sion or under bis control. Captain Meigs is also relieved from tbs charge wi lur construction or Kort Madison, and if a? iijjned to the charge of the construction of Fort Jrtferson, Garden Key, Florida, and will enter upon that duty aa soon as practlcabla. The disbursement* on account of the Washing ton Aqueduct and the Potomac Water-works will hereafter be mad* by Captain Benham. John B. Flotd, Secretary of War. By order of the Secretary of War: W. A. Niciolls, Ass't Adjt Gsu'l. Coopsa Amrbicas Opsra Troup*.?This cel ebrated troupe of lyric artistes have been crowding Front Street Theater, Baltimore, with overflowing, house* every night for the past two weeks On Monday next they open In this city, and during the week will present "Lucrezia Borgia,'' which will be done far the first time before a Washington audience, "Fra Dlavolo," "Cinderella," and 44 The Elirlr of Lore," will also be rendered for the first time. A grand miscellaneous concert will be given, In which Mr. Cooper, the greatest vlolluist at present In the country, will Derform several of his owi solo* One of the greatest features offered by this troupe Is mnsical ftreaj which are given every night. Beat* ate d?W being secured very Cut at MeUerott's, for tbe opening night; and we advise all to do the sam? without delay. - . Appoistmist ?John C. Noble has been ?f? pointed postmaster at Psdecah,. Ky., vie* Wfti! Jf nllifcrn removed. -?, . ? Tat Wutiii -The following report of tb4 weather for the morning is made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the tfmlth soolan Institution. The time of observation 1| aboat 7 o'clock. Hirrixan St, 1MB. New York, N. Y. cloudy, cold Baltimore. Md....? clear, pleasant. Washington. 1). C clear. Richmond, Va. cloudy,60?. Petersburg, Ta. cloudy, W?. WJlmlngton, N.C.. clear, windy Columbia, s. C ...clear, pleasant. Augnsta, Oa. ..clear,cool. savmnuab. tta W, wind N Mien. tia...., atear.aool. Columbia, Ga cU-?r, cool. Montgomery, JUa. dear, cool Jackaon, Ala. cfcar, cool. Mabtla, Ala clear, VaoM Tvr wwt. Frederick, M4 clear, cool. liagcratowa. Md clear, plena CwiHbrrUiKl. Md elaar, eoal. Harper's Ferry, Va. clear, cool. Grafton. V? clear, cool. Paxkeraburg, Va clear, ploaaaat. Uirmer, O..,.,,..........clear,cool* Cincinnati, 0.??.ft?.?.p..,oknt|iool. Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a. m rect#d for temperature,) 20.004, at noon, Mj Tbermoiaaaer ?? 7 a- an., S>*; At noon, 02 I Maximum dorta* 4d boats ?din a. Jay- *>* ; mloVmaas AAioual Of M<n p???,44v twenty fotftfcaof arl?<%.'* '4I * 7 ' A**t I*t*llig*wc*.? Company F, second artillery, (now at Fori fctealth,) has been directed to return to Fort Leavenworth u toon aa the emer gency which cabled It to the former poat aball hare ceased Having reported at their headquarter*, First Uleuteaant Kofaa Saxtoa, fourth artillery, has been directed to delay proceeding to join his cwnpaay until the 1st of January, 1961. Pacific T?i.*o*afh Bid*.?All the bids for the construction of tb? Pacific Telegraph have been withdrawn, with Uie eiception of Mr. Sibley's It 1* supposed the contract will bt awarded to this gentleman, after some prelimin ary legal questions have been derided Ltjithiso in Uwmici County, Kt ?A cor respondent of the Cincinnati Knqulrer, writing from Mouth of Sandy, Ky., Sejpt 13th, says: ? nAs an Item of news I give vou the particulars of a case of lynching which occurred In this neigh borhood to-dav. You will probably reeollect that about four or five weeks ago a man named Aa!d rich, who bad been released from confinement in the penitentiary a few weeks previous, murdered bis sitter and his son, who were Important wit nesses against him. The body of the s'ster waa cot nearly in two with au ax and thrown Into the Big Sandy river, and the son wss taken some dis tance into the wood* and thw? brutal father He made hi? escape, after saying lie inU-ndt-d to kill LI* frther and muttier. Auldrlcb was arrested in Greenbrier comity, Va , some few days since, and taken to l.ouisa, haw reftce county, Ky.. where auite a number of tbe citizens of the neighborhood In whlcb Anldrirb lived (*l?out thirty miles above I.oiiisa) took blm from the authorities aud bung blm witUout tbe benefit of a trial. Tbe father and brothers of tbe unfortunate man, I learn, advised tbe people to pursue this course. It la contended that Auldil h could not have been convicted liefore any jury In the Cnlted Htates, inasmuch as there was no | o? U;.?- * *-?? - i?i?c cTiurnuc n^aiiisi uini?not fven circufii stanlial evidence?though there In not a person on Big Handy Ktver tbat doubt* he was gullly The whole community, far and near, are much ex cited Your*, ic. YT. Till Tobacco Plantkk*' Cuxvextiox ?The general convention of tbe tolucco planter* of Maryland does uot assemble at Upper Marlboro' until the 25tli of October The convention held there on the 15th Instant was rumposrd of dele gates from the several election districts of rrince Gemrge's county. Messrs. T. F. Bowie, \V. U. Bowie, Wm. li. Hill, and J H. Skinner were Chosen delegates to the general convention, and a resolution adopted declaring the sense of tbe to bacco grower* of 1'rincc <ieorge's county to W agali.st the contemplated removal of the ware houses la Baltimore; proposing to refrr t?.? whole subject to the next Legislature; requesting the commissioners to abstain from executing the law ...u iuc ?i irjjai' # iiiiui lUf county to act upou their views in the general convention. Whippidby a Niiito ?The Charleston Courier of Tuesday says:?A man named WiHinm 8. Mr Clure, balling fr.mi the State of Maine, was, on Saturday last, l>y order of the Vigilance Commit tee. whipped by a negro at Orabamvillc, for tam pering with slaves in tbat vicinity McClure was then placed 011 the cars of the Charleston and Sa vannah Railroad, and arrived in tbe city yester day, and given into the charge of the Mayor, who will ship Elm by the first conveyance to the North. HICKBRING PIANO FORTES, The unqualified prelnraace g ven them Inat u myitis, au<l tl.eir onusrantlt imcrrasint popularity, is ill- most ODnviiioin* proof of their superior ox ce.ienco. For *a e o-1* by JOHN P. 1.1. LIS. 306 Pa. *v., se 21 Letvrwen 9th and luth sts NMORK NEW DRESS GOODS. OW Receiving a lageaiid beautiful assortment PLAI\ OVKRSTRUXG <>i r??n 1-igureo Meniioa, Caahine ea ai?d Muuito - ine* in new ntylea; >ioh Plain and Repcd Poplu.a in all ahadea: splendid Plain Black ami Bayadere Stlka; rich Silk Robm and Silk* by the pat'erna. with man* now and atyliah Gooda, now daily open ing,to which we a-k theattention ol our fnenrfa and purchaaera generally. J. W. COI.LEY k. CO , ae21 6t 5il3 Seventh at .above Pa av. ^HIRTING COTTONS AND LINENS. 1 have now on hand a Tall auppiv of all tha heat l.randa ol BLEACHED SlIIKTINtiS. tuoli aa the NEW YOHK MILLS, WaMSUTIA ARK WRIGHT " CONTINENTAL " DWITE ft. BOOT.fte. Alao, the original Never Wear Out Family Shirt ing. which 1 have made to order, wuli my nsme xtuuped on them. A ko. one caae of asaorted qiial itisa or lriah Linen* a d Linen Shut Fionti, ol my own importation, inade tu order in Ireland, all warrant'-d jure linen HENR V EOAN. ae 21-6t *21 Pa. avenue ;_52 1 7th atrect JAVA AND RIO COFKKK, Black and Oroen TKA, Brown, Yellow and White !*IJ?>ARS. Received at I,. A. DKLLWIG'8 OLIVE OIL, SCOTCH HERRI.Mi, CHEESE and BUTTER. At L. A. DELLWIG'9. A8WEOO MARCH, and Chemical I*abor ." J*aTin< SOAf. Received at L. A. DELLWIG'9. A CHOICE LOT OF OLD WHISKIES, PORT WINE and BR AN DY received at L A. DELL WIG'S, e 21-lw Seventh ?t . Navj N ard. QIRECT IMPORTATION. KODlihRS' CUTLERY. Just received per steamer from England, another lot or superior T A ML E and POCKET Cl'TLKRY,from the celebrated houseof Joseph Rodf er? k Sons'. Sheffield IVOR Y-H h N DLE1) TABLE and DESSERT KNIVES, IVORY-HANDLED CARV KK* and FORKS, POCKET and PEN KNIVES, BUTCfMbR kNIVEM, SHOE KNIVES, RAZOlV, SCISSORS. 8TEEES, fto..4o Together with a well belecttnl utock of IIOl'SE FURPIIHHING HARDWARE. For sale low by J. E. SHIELDS. Hardware Importer. 339 Pa. av., se21 St opposite Browu's Hotel. t TIE UNDERSIGN ED WILE SEI.I.. at hu ' liuuue, at private sal*, a lar^e Seveu-_. TM*- , Octave Rosewood PIANO FOR IE AIhoBSBB a Five-Octave MEEODEON. Both in HI 111 strumentn are of beautiful wood and elegant tone. Persons who are in want of aueh instrument* will nUa?e call soon. Thry will be rold nmch below their real value. Warranted to h" perfect in every r-'xpect. 473 Fourteenth street, a few doois south of Pa. av. Tor in# cash. ?e 2ii 3t* M ARC US RE BINE. Ldancino academy. EWISCARI.'Sl Takes pleasure to inform Ins friend* and the ptiMio that he will resume his ~~ Dancing lessons, both in private ainl in classes, at his old stand, under the Theater, on the I5r*t Monday in October. I Terms made known on application. Communica tions through the Post Omoe. >nn his & vhutiuj*.?nereaa anme pernons are making iim of mjr name to initiate theinaelvea into poa tion, I hereby inform irijr friend* and the public that 1 have not sanctioned auoli prooee lines. ae?-8t LKWl* CARU8L BAOLE STOVE IIOU8K. g|g t with to call the attention of the puhlic t<> iny N'KW IMPROVED FKINOUR GA8-CO.V feL'MlNU PARLOR UEATKKm beiiif the very l)??t and moit economical heater aa yet invented. I will Kuara ty thwm to heat from one to four atoriea of a iiouae perfectly with about the eante quantity of fuel aa an ordinary grate or *>tove would require, and will furnish aatiafaotory references from relia ble citizens of Washington and Georgetown, who now have them in pae.as to the merita of thia heater over all othera whioh are offered for sale to the pub no. ntMtouM jj. WOUUWAKU'H, 31? Penngjlrama avenue, Uetwr?n l?tli ami 11th tta. P. 8. Manufactured by S. B. Sexton 4. Co., Balti more. MJ. Parlor Heaters and all kinds of Stove* repaired at *bo. t notice. H? tut C. W. WILL OH OPKNKD ON SATURDAY', SXPTIMBIE J'JD. HEW ESTABLISHMENT ! CASH PMNCIPLiB TRIUMPH*XT! AN 1MMSNSM STOCK or DAATQ oii/\r?a wv/v a o* pnuro. HATS. CAPS. AND UMBRELLAS, No. >41 SEVENTH STREET, Tim ifeors ioutk of Kortkem Liberties Mmrkt. UwmivALiD ii* Vakikty, Quality, amd Price? LADIES' SHOB8, of tlmoet Every Grid* i MISSES' Md CHILDREN'S SHOES MEN'S BOYS'. n^'O^THS' BOOTS AND Wirt tk* Pino* wxl Ch?ape?t Aasnrtmeftt of HATS. CAPS and UMBRELLAS To be Found in the City. A? we propose to establish ourselves permanent It in husmwa tad secure the eoufidance of the pul? I? ?-a * 1 -* - v,*" ?jwru?i?u w mil ti uie t?tt aiaaJ<??t powiKle profit anil ileal in oandor and (airnaaawith all who may be dtapoMd to ?atroai*o u*. -c pm 4MMN, (JenMr ifSttrnlk St*ett. rmiTATt l?VTB0CTIO!ie in fbbrc8 AND SpaMI.M DAY ANU KVKNlNGtU.ASBKS " * TRANSLATIONS a *. Db MONTH lJRRY,I*rofj??or of Madam Lan?oa*#?aiw1 Li ratur*. baa the honor to an nounce tliat be WiM raauma bia Claaaaaaaii Private Laaiorit oh \Ve4i>?ed?y next, tba ltth of ?eatain bar. in Uaabo^a Aoadan.v. Tie i. erve, in eohoel* a?Hipri rate fairilie*. a C?ur?c at lecture upon ti.a French UUrat?ue>* r^he'^f' heat Formation or the Language to tba |>r?wsit Wr tarma ami fu'th^rpartipu ara lunar* at th<> .acadainy. wberw Prof. 1* .Monthh* ,,, J U?r?f lm fr0? t U> 11?. m and fn>m 6 to ?j. AMUSEMENTS. FELLOWS' Q D D F E L L O W S ' HALL Positively. Last Night but Ons of - BU4?VORTH-? (Latstns Ofciunui. AKuOnuOmiiii) WOOD'S MIMSTRBLSt THE MODEL TROUPE of m PEOFESSION. THIS EVENING^*]ltim?i? Washington.) Grjil T'medj of DA MIOS AND p\ tAv-1TS; Or Tin T**t or F?r?rr>??i?. d?-mi-on / T_ ir;?n44. J. H. Bndworth fry-thy u. S 1 wo ,nend? W. S. Bud worth Hie oh-mx ous, Prest.lant of De rnmui >?.??? ? " ? ' " j. i?.?. ampoei bu cu ly-oua, Da mi-on'i freed flare .A. H. Wood am-oh clay. a herald M. J. Salomon* Ilermion, wife of Da mi on R. Howaid Rest of Character* by the Company. Saturda y, BBNKFIT J H I^DWORTH. aFTERNOOX and EVFNISC, Matin** at S o'clock j?. m. Kvenin* P*r at 8 o'clock. l.o?k?ut for the Great Opera of 1L TROV A ' A^mution 25 Cent*; Reserved Seat* SO Cent*. Box Ofioe open for the tale of tioketa from !< n. ni to I p in., amt from 2 to 4 p. m. l>oor? open at ?)* perlonnanco to commence at 3 o'c cck. *e 21 I, ? OK AT THIS! m* Gm*AT??T Exhibition Now Tuvnim! PROF. BROOKS' C*le)>rat*<1 t.ir? ?>.ri AXIM AZjN. Cun? htin * of He in, Mnnk???, ?nak*a,Wild Cu^, L<?'i'vda, Parrote. Kaftiea, White Mu ?. Ac.

T!u-? great Kxhihit on can l.? teen t?r ONE WKKK ONLY at Ninth at.,opposite Center Mar ket. PROF. BKOOKS Cliallfnrea th* world t > produce liis equal. He will SWALLOW LIVING ?N AKF.S, and doti*a an* perai>n to brine him a snak* of any description which he oannot avallow in half an hour arter ards. H? will aWoj>orforin with a RI'SsMAN BKAR. AI.UMjATUK. WII.U OAT, and WOLF Pt* fortutnco fioui 9 to 11,1 to 3 and 5 to 10 o'cPk one.h da?. Admission 2>i sent* ; children half-price. se21 31* _ D I) F K L L O W 8' HAL L. FOR THRKr'nToHTM ONLY', CnniiiKneini MONDAY KVKNIN?, HF.pr. ?4th. THE HOLMAN Juvenile Parlor Opera Troupe, CoiipriainK the inost talented children in the world. Ti e names comprising this Troupe are the tame as when at Palace Harden and Hop>> Chhpel N*w Yo-k,a d ii.iw at the Continental Th atcr, Phila delphia, viz: Nii*? S A I. I.IK HOLMAN, Prima IVinna Com-qiie; LITTLK JULIA, "l-a Petite Patti," p;*i.i-t and Comedienne; MA8TKR BKNJA MIX, Balladist and l>iaJectati*U MASTKR Al. FR^i) Comedian, Hantone, iliilf'o, a d Spare Primmer; Mrs GKORGE HOLMAN. Prim\ Don* a S nrano and Pianist; Mr. UKO. HOLMAN, 1 enor ana Tutor. Price of admission 25 cents; retervad seats 25cts. Ticket* for cale at J. F. Kill*', Pa. av., between 9th andJOth ata. ae 21 tf A 3 H I N G T 0_N T II E A T & E. GRAND OPTRA SEASON! Fo* **ix Night* ?>m.y. COOPER AMERICAN OPERA TROUPE, Unaiirpajiaed t?jr anv Company, native o' foreign, in the Unitea State*. and numbering Twenty ttea L'iitxmft Lyric Arttsttt, Wi'l appear on MONDAY EVENING,September 24, t?". Will l>? presented Doniz-tti'a Opera of the DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT. To conclude with the muaioal afterpiece of THEOUAKER. Supported by an efficient Chorim and a powerful Orcheater, the whole mifW the direction of n. i,. vim >r c.n , (Lat? leader of tha Koval Italian Opera, London.) ANNtE MILNKK.i Prima Donna Asaoiuta ) Doors open at 7V Opera to commence at 8 o'clk. Pricea of Adnuaaion : Drean Circle and Parquet .Voenta ; secured >eata 25 cent* extra; Orcheater Chaira f 1 ; Private Boxes fH each. S? ats inay now be secured at Metxerott'a Musie Store. Polite Uahers will be in attendance. ae 19 St J OOK OUT FOR THE SHIELDS BOYS! The Shinlda Boy a announce to their many friends and the public in general that the* intend kit- % in* their SIXTH GRAND ASSEMBLY at 41 Thou*** H*Li.,on7tii at ,ou FRI DA Y.Sep tember2lat. I860 UtM? rh? .v,- " I?w All* IIIIICI P I iiKxi^n nm.iiBfives 10 mage Iran one of the most pleasant and aireoaliirs of the season. Refreshment* included. Tickets 5? cents, admitting a gentleman and la dies. By order of the Committee. Ft.oor Mahaokrs. J. Fb nagan, J. H&rragari, N. O'Shea, N. O'Day. ae 19 3t* STrD~T/rAND COTILLON PARTY OF THK MOUNT CLARE CLUB. The members take pleaauie in informing their inaoy friands that their Third Grand v. otiilon Part* will h? riven at Stott ? Hail TIJF-SDAY EVENING, ?ept 25th, ltfln. They pledge themselves to make this taaiaMeventn* to all who may honor then their presence. Arlh's reWhrated cotillon l?*nd ha* ( et-n unpaged for the occaaiun. Tickets 91. admit ting a gentleman and ladies. COMMITTKK F. Moliler, O. \V. Hmes, J. E. Hilton. J. W. Hill. Mil fit* >g their hi g% "A *n wit* ASHING TON_T HEATER. Sole Leasee and Manager 8. W. THIS ESTA~BLISH M EN T Will op?n forth" regular Full and Winter Season on the night of TH L'RSDAY. Movkmbkm hr, JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Ate, will commence an en ga>cementof Twe vn Night* on MON DAY, Novem^r 5th, and will be fo lowrd tiythe moet BRILLIANT STARS It. the Theatrical Firman>ei>t. Ir?" Communication! if addressed to S W. GLkSN. "Old Bowery Thoater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an ll-tf EXCURSIONS, PIC MiCS, fce. J_|0' KOK ARLINGTON ! OREATFIfT PIC NIC OF THF SEASON' The HOWARD ASSOCIATION of Washing ton aiin?unne to the poblic A OR AND PRIZE PIO-NIO, For the Heneht or the Poor, On MONDAY. Hrrrmiti 94 Two or three thousand Prises lo be distrihted. Kach lady ?nd gentleman aro to re oeive a prise when tb?y enter giite. The prise* are to ??< w ma bold Watches, To* Set* and Jewelry ?.I every de scription: Ladies' Mutts, Ladies' Kur*, Ladies' UloTAf. Children's ram&f-i and Cribs,ftc Also. A GRAND DISP1MY OF F1RKW6RKS A'I* NIGHT! A Ml Brass and String Band haa b?en engaged for the occasion. Tne Prize* will be exhibited in one of the largest jewelry establishment* in the city n?xt Monday. The^e will be a large Irjx upou the riound,T'om which eacli visitor will draw an env lope as ther enter, containing the number of ttie prize, and will receive the price on the card in the etivelom The vtauea will leave hourly, commencing lit 3 o'clock a in. The Geo. \V. Ki?a will leave the wrarf. toot of High atreet, and ruu hourly. Cards ofadtmnHton for gentlemen.S?cents; ladiea, 25 cut*; a-.d children and aenanU lr?e. , Aiy order of _ aoSfc-St COM^OF ARRANGEMENTS. SK iinPL'RSE WHAT thou SHALT UL Y ! GO TO STINEMETZ'S CHEAP CASH HAT STOKF., ?e2ii 236 Pa. a*., near corner I9U at. ISSES'ToCKEV IIATS,(nev at/lea.) ill CHILDREN'S FANCY HATS! At ST1NEMKTZ a. 3 20 P? av., rear IStli at. N1 EW FURNITURE WAREROOMS. Call in and look throuch ray stuck of FURNI* TURK. J. C GRhKN, ae 19 co3t Ninth St., one door from Pa av. -f WAREROOMS If you are in want of any artiole in the Fu'aitar* line, you cm purobaM cheap at J^EW FURNITURE . J. ff. 0RREN*9, sa \9-9QX N inth it, oo? door froig fa. %r. NPECT INK, OR PERSIAN AGUE I CHARM. A Bupplf of thia wonderful Mediums jait re Mirfd. Alao, a t?rf* jwly of fre?h MEDI CINES, TOILET ARTICLES, Ac. At MOORE'S i> 18 tw Wert End Drag Store, 113 P>. >r. CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON Quar terly Six per Cru STOCK l?r ude m wm* to nit. J4ft. C. MoOUIRK * CO , e 19-6t Aaot'ra ud Comnnuian MerohtaU. t9M blkd *T#r?J ?f?i l?nOB 11 twcninl, TUI oov ume her elaas on the Piano, and it dtair-JMHVQ out of oMmmb? m inoreaaeU ftumlMr ofil *.?i. pupil*. Mip will attend them at their own ra.ltleuce. or hare them owme to liar on Ainth itreat, between L and M, No. 33T. Term moderate. ? l?<t* pRENCH ALWAYS AHEAD! I 3T?* Pa. AvKiftri. AWmn fe S:: LINCOLN A HAMLIN dc. do. D<)UG LAS and LADY do.. Af?nta supplied at New York pneu. M 17-lw wm 15 Ct (States ) Pa.av'fiat. 10th am]1!lth^u. IK/ OOD! Tf WOOD!! |7 fc-? STOVE tad E1NDL1NG WoSd. at <? ?wm potaibie pniM. _ . _ T. J. * W. M- O ALT, at?t r*. ?r.. bdVMn lit* Md rah aU., fffW tf _iW?rtkj?H| ZOI'AVK SIGNAL HORN. Prio* tl?, jw jr* "^""rrMiTiwoTT WMf AUCTION SALES. Br WALL It BARNARD. Auetion?or?. SCHOOL AND HOL9KHOLD * L'RNIT'" W R, Siorj^kr., at items -On RATU*PA* MORNINb.Ud inat,?t Mo clock. w? will aei . in froBt of th? A JCtlOE Toem* ft (ri:?til ft*?nrtm?Dt PI dooond Hand HoiMko.d Kurai'ar*, S^oauol K?r Uuki Chft<r?*nt " ftoiboftrd, 84ov??. CftrU^^?oft?. Horses, to , *e. It""" * WALLA BARNARD, Aaot*. By J. C. McOI'IRK ft CO , AaoUr>&??ra CU RNITUR E AN D HOUSEHOLD K.*>-RCT3 r at Fcblic Acrrios-On TO MORkOW (Satunifti) MOlWNU, r**|>t*n?b?r ?2.1. at t?n o'clock, in front ol Ih- auct.ou rooms, w< atift i Mil tb? Furniture fti.d I- lf->oU of ft family dftollaiai hnu*fk?>cpm*, ooinprmui? Mftliofftn.v Hfttr ?pnug aeal Sofft, Rockei and Har lor Cfcmra. Mftho?ftn? Cftae Piano and Stool, W ft.i'Ut Wiiitiot, > arbi* to? Tab.**, Oak French Dintnt Chain, t.oan< p. Mah nftny friiahoart*. *lJ L<>okca??, Kxtenaion Dimnc TftM*. iri4* TftM*a, Chii ft, Glft?a ftn?f Crook*.y VVftr*, Bedatftftda- B?r*ftua. Wftrdrnh**. Hftir and Hu?k Mftttreaata, Bolat*raftnd PtUon. Cook in J, Kft lifttor and in tirbt ?tov*a, Rftfriff ator, Tin 8*f*. Kitchen l)t?nftili. ft'. ft*. Alan. ? 1 ?t of *xo?l?nt t:ftr?rt-. coma lainj ? V?lmt Hraiwla -i- - oonliiuon aod bin ntua ua*d. * * Terina cuh. It J C. McULIRE a Co.. AucU. Br wall a Bernard, AuctionMn. CLUJilNU Oi r SALE OF Ft NOV oOODS. Ac -Is Ljit to ?cit Dkal>iv-In the a*.ca .ooin over MuvHI Fai>ci S'or* No. V18 Pebn. ?r?Bu?. tn-twef n <? h ft id H? u at*. FOR UNK DAY ONLY. We aha!l od??r in lot* to sun daalera? Ladiea Dreaa Trimmcc?, F ower*. Fiint??, Comb*, Gimps. Fnuicee, ttrai la, Maotitlaa, Da atari and Lmim' Draaa HuuJi, Ac., * ? It tint) WALi, A barnard. Awota. Uf J. C. MoSUIRK A CO., AucUt.n<*ra VF.RY VAt.UAHLK IHPROVKD PROPER ttTT m th? Fiest Waud ?t PtBLIC Auctiox. UbTHKHSDaY AFTERNOON, ttrpteniliar 27tti, at Ao'olook o'o'o.ik. on tna premiaaa. * ahail sell thai ilawl ?al?lo firm* " w.__. mi -? vhm* i ? ?iuciiur ( in<? uonrar 01 north i attest and Twer.Ufth street weal, now oc eupied by S. Ku'tuion, K*n. The lot fronts ft left ti'H inohes on 1 sired, at the oort.er of Twantieih street and una back IJ-> fnrt. au<1 m miprov.xl b? a hai>d?oua? three ?t.>rT ai.d ba?emmt b i-.k dtnl in* h > ??. vith tarjte tack hut!dib(?. but t and fin ished throughout in th* very beet n ftiin-r, and 0011 tain a seventeen roumi turuiahed Willi ail the "ml ern improvemetta. 1 he K ovt.on and chira>-*?er of iuipruvt mei.U render thia a very desirable private reaider.ee Immediately after we aha I sell the property tvo doom Wist cf the altove, lately oucupied by M a. iiaohe. The lot fron a aN>ut ii feetou I street,and runs baok about 13>, and i? improved by a tnrea atory buck dwelling lit>u?t> containing l? rooms The above proj>e'tj wili f attively i>a ao <1, as th* owner la about to remove from th* city Term* : ()u* third caah ; t'?e ieai<lna in < and It in utn?. with interest. aeoured b* a deed ol Iran ou t> e premises. Title parf ct aad uuououiubered. ac2i d J. C. MoOt'lH fc, A AueU. By A. liKF.LNi Auctioneer. TKUPTKK'S i'.ah Ok VALUABLE Pior k*TV EltWgKM l.TH AMD ?2Trt STS. *A?T, AND > a a r !**??!. avixi'E, VV AiiiixifToi citt ?By vir tue ol a deed ol trust from Joe* pa Cu vu.isr. caied Ma; 13.1864, du j recorded m LitxrJ.A 0 , No. 77. folios 17, Ao., of the land records of Wash ngtoii oounty,D C.Isha'l, at the re^ ueat of the owaer aud holcer o( uie note ih<leiu ?ecar?*., on TUKj t>A Y, the 16ih daj oi October n< xt, at 4 o'clock p. II,.. on the Dremisea. a?>!i- at " * _ , ?- r--.?w aravMVH, mo IWI" lowing ^alnabla prope t , or ?o ma-h and auoh rrta th?f??r?i m?? w iiMwary, vis: Lota Mm. 2,5 6,7,8, 12, 13.14, >5, 14, 17, 1?, tit t*aare No. 992. l'ermi: One third oaf h ; and the residue ia 8. IS ai.d 11 month* with mu-re-t. l)eea pivei and a deed of trait takee to ??cur?? the d efrrred piyiuvnt*. All oonveyaicf-a at tLe purcbater'a c-<?t- If the tarnis of tale are not compVd with wuhinSda.a, the tru?U>n recrvea th - ruht to r?e*li. at puroaaa er'a co?t am! mk, tfter 1 week a paMic -louca. WH. K. WOOliWj* K D, Tro-ue. -21 Stiwfttfs . A GRfKN. Atct. Di J. C. McUtlRE k. CO. AueUoneari.: PEREMPTORYPALK OF BUILDING LOT o* jiorth iN Sr , iitwiix 12th awd tsrH ?ra. On HATU Kl> ? V AKI Kx M ON. September ?i, at 5 e'e:oek, on the pr?imaer, *? aha.I a-ll, WiUovt raaarve, Uie eaete'b pariuf auUir. la.on 21, 1l <<< are No 231, fronting 3D l?>et on u<>. la M at fret, bet warn I2:n and I3tn street* we<t, running back 12> feet to anal**?. Termr: One-?hud ca>h; tha residue ia S and 12 montha. with ioUreat, ttcnreJ by a deed of t: uat< u the pramiaer. uVd J C. Mcil.'l KE ft CO , \?U_ By J. C. M08UIRK ft CO., Aiotiw;Mri TRUSTER'S !*Af.K OF VKRV VAl.UABl.K BctH ISU Lrf>T OW 1?>*th I PT . I'TWIIK 4th aid 6th m? wwt -nn I'UKSUAY AK'lkK NuON, Septeuiber 25 h, at 5 0 0 ck, on the prem itee, I aha'l sell part of l.ct No 13 iu>quar? oath of eqaare N>?. 516, frontin* 16 te?t 6 irviKa on noith I atreet, Ixivnii 4Ui and 5th ata. vnI, raamng baok 811 feet 8 iuches Teruw: one-half caah; the raridae In and It monthe, with interact, Nturad by a deed of tra?t oa the p em 11 aa. \VM. 6. DCAI.E, Tiuitee. eSid J. C. MoGUIRE ft CO. ftaeta. Bt J. C. MoGUIRK ft CO. Anotioaaara. 1M PROV ED PROPER T V NEAR THE NAVY VA*p-<?n WniVhlMV AFTERNOON. cwfioiiiTi-r iFin. ?l 9 O'tlOtt. OB th? prVKllMa, W? hall II part ufHqsare 906, fronting 3i fatton t**v ei>th htraat e??:. at Utf oofnor of aoath Lttimt, and running back 3> feet, UxrW with u>?ku arovamentr, con?ia'!u? of* two atnry briok dwal' mg containing 9 raotna A ??t4on ol the haudm* h?? bMii oooupied aa (fuovn t->r? Term?: One third caah : th# icraainriar in 6 auJ 1? month*, with ir.t??re?t. aecurad br a dsed of truat on th# pr?nia0>. a# ? d J. C McC.riBK k CO , Aaota. K* J. C. McUlMK E A CO,. A uotio. a?r . TRUSTER'S ?ALK ??F WTY bUM-Ol THUK>DA^ AFTERNOON, September 27th, !?><>, at 4% o'clock, at th? Auo ton Room* of Ju. C Metiuira A Co . by rirtau of adaed oftraat from William I ananan to the eubtonber, dated February 231,1880. and duly rroorded amor t tia land recordafor Wa*niDgton County, D C , I I.all ell, Lota No.land 10. in Sq >*-a No. I.?7? and ti;a VFit?ri part 1.f 1 ot Mo. 4, in Square No. 144. front ing 41 feat i'B north D atrrrt. between l#th and i9 a atrp'-ta wret ar>d ru.r.nu baok that width <51 feat 3inohec,and oontainnf C.19<3 aquara fe*t, men or laaa. Term*: Ona thir l oa?.h; the reB.aiiuier in c *?.i i? m i.H<?, with iuT?reat, necured bj a deeaofiruat on the pTemiM* Ail conveyaucee ?* aur<?h%?era co?t "A aLt L hNOWrp'-N. Tr?at?e. Ml? eoAJa J.C. McbllRE k CO , AueC PERSONAL. A NOTICE. LI, Peraona having r!mmi acainat tho lata firm of B<> tt tr Cnoml* are In pre?*iil their acoounta to m? aa earfi a* poMible. Aiao, ailper oiik luileUoJ to the lata firiu will pliaee call and aettla, as I winli to cloa<> up the t>u*ine?a h> the lit ofOetoW. 19C>. HENRY BONT7., ae 19-eoSt* j*urvtTim Partner. ft IDH REWARD.?Raw awa* from lUe a b J 1IJII ?<-riU-r, living iiaa Ib&rlea county, AM . on Hu.-ulav a taut, NEGRO BOY I* A AO af?~l a' out 18 yeara, about 5 feet height; light copper color; verjr hair. l.a* a acar on hia upper lip; clothmi not remombureJ. I will givo $'5<> for the apprah'naioa of aaiit necro in Charea ??nmt? ..r aiim elarwbere; in either caae he muat be delivered to ute or secured in ja l ao that I get him aaaiu. ??? gAM'lTlfl. COX. ' O THE CURIOUS OK AN XIO LS.-Mlultm * D , to well known aa the moat aucoeaifhl ex plainer ol the Punt. I*re?*nt and Futuie evar iu Waaliintton. ooatimiea to tie cona?lu>d weekly hr liuudroda auxioua to know of thing* at preitcnt hid den from them. Hur ooi.auitation Tee, to bot!i pen tlem-n and ladies, i? extremely numerate. Call at her houae.ou the eouth ?ide or Mu'aeliwittt av , between 17th and Uttli aU.?the only bouee Uiera. tto 17-1 rn \1 AUAWL MOEKiCk, Tm* Okkat A4TB.oi.o 1?1 ?IIT AND I)*tCTEU*i ju*t fr?rn Firvi.-Tmi hirhly ailt d and intelligent lauy ean be eonau'ted on the Paat, Pre* eel ar.3 Future Kventa. Call at ?o. a05 Twenty -aeooad atreet, batwaau H and 1, Talking ton. jei#-Sin* IK AG LE STOVE HOUSE. HAVE Now ta atore a oompleto aaaorttuniit of lk? FRANKi.l.N KAblATOfcS. (th.ee aiaea.l They are* late improvement on the old Franklm Stove*, harm* the rariialinf attachment, eliding doora, &u? poreehan lined ?rna for if^HMiou, and are decidedly tlx nrettient ud moat cheerful sto%o to *i; by (for patlor or eh am bar j that oar t>e fonnil in any market, tit you can be aacorrrmxiatM with a oloaa or aa open * rat* tre a? aleaaura. To be found at v CWOODW7AKI??, No. 31" Pennsylvania avenue. 17 fit IwtvMa leth and 11th ait. BY steamer ^ (September 17,1 we anaii oe to receiptor a icril itoek of ataple DRY ?tM?08 of th. bMt olaM, to u examinationpf whioli we taviU oar ? ?tn?n and the public goneraUy. Faniihee that buv for ca?hare especially anlieitMd to inapect our Hock; they can obtain their pi*** Trom ui at the very towe?t eaah pneee. One price onlj. All tooda will be dajiverrhl promptly oa the oay of tale to any part of the etty. CIM?FTT 4 MAT. ? 17-ftt W Pa av.. betw ?h mrnimkt*. ?.A1!?'? jSlNCElir W*LF> HKMFIBW HATt I ? 'AUCTION SALES. 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