24 Eylül 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Eylül 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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_ THE EVENING STAR. Tbi Paisca Seis Blosdis ?Tbe Buffalo Com merctal Advertiser of the 17th has the full particular* of the performance of Blondin before the 1?r'nce, frcm which the following la an extra t: "All were now waiting and looking eagerly | for the last and greatfetact of the day'? perform- ? ance?the stilt walking We think that all who , witnessed this feat will agree with m In p*o- , doukIiu( It one of the m-'St terrible and daring ever attempted by morUl man. Many who were there to see would frequently turn their eyes from bioi during the passage, fearful lest, as they gazfd, the Intrepid man might miss his precarious footing and be precipitated into the aeethln<? abvaa "J?Tbe stilus are'slenderly made, are about two feet la height. the bottom having three Iron prong*, mumbling a trident in shape, the wooden portion being covered with silver leaf. An incident occurred when Hlondin was a abort distance from the American shore which produced a thrill of horror in the breasts of ail who witness* d It. It was not generally understood that In the passage over he was to make three leaps on his stilts The first time he attempted It, the center and longer prong in the bottom of the stilts caught against one or the guv*, tripping him M^ntly. All held their breatn In horror f>r an Instant, thinking he had fallen. But tbe daring elf.^aesa^d |>erformer lighted nfely astride of the cable, and looked toward either shore as If thing had happened. In coming suddenly and violently upon the rope his balancing pole?es before slated a very heavy one?was cracked and strained, so that he dared not a repetition of tbe leap l'-st It should be broken. "Tbe task of regaining his standing position on the rope with the stilts on, was seemingly a most difficult one, and many expreeaed doubt as to the s iccess of the attempt. But with him, as with the cunning old Cardinals there se?ms to be no micd wora a* ran; ana, alter two or three trials the d tflculty waa overcome At he procieded, atep by step, the spectators gained confidt nce.and those who cad expressed doubt and apprehension, breathed freer at be approached the termination of his voyage. ' When safely on terra flrma a shout of etultation went up, followed by cheers and clapping of hands, and again was he greeb*d by the Prince, the Duke of Newcastle, and others of the party, tue former expressing to Mr. Blond! 11 in French his astonishment and delight at the unparalleled feat. The Prince, the Dnke and others, took the atihs In their hands and exainiued them, repeating at the same time their encomiums upon the tue professors skill and daring. ' Mr. tiloadin signified to his Royal Highness his desire to visit England, and perform oeforo the Court, when the Prince told him that should he conclude to do so. he (the Prince) would lend his countenance and support. The fact that the Prince and his attendants sat through tbe entire exhibition, something over two to ;rs in duration, Is a high compliment to Mj. Bioudii>. On taking tbeir leave tLe whole parly shook hands with l>im, and bid him good Dye. The ^little Frenchman,' without doubt, regards Saturday and IU work aa the eventful era and great success i i his life" 1X7* Mrs. lloey, the leading actress at Wallark's In New York, after riding bumeon Friday night, lefts jewel case, containing ft 1.500 worth of articles, in the carriage. The driver anil his friends got merry aud distributed the jewelry among their female relatives, but on Saturday were compelled to restore it, aud went locked up for theft. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL.?W Cole. J V Cole, C G Cox, Va; \V E Pinkney, M? ; L)r Vaughan, G W Sparks, H Vauuhan. La; T i/olan. Kv; F Harvay, T B Purche*, Caua, Boarmaa, Ala; T Perry, A Snow, Md, C C Betinam, NC; T Smith and ly Tenn; B Stewart, Si ; E P Winston and lv, W A Boer urn. Tenn; Hon J Hill, C illil, H Hill,Ga; \V Bsliey and lv. Miss Tracy, Miss Owints, A M Hunt and ly, N V; J Moore, Tenn; P L Cox and ly, La; J Neal. Ga; 11 C Dozier and lv, Fl i; J M Boyd aud ly, Tenn: D Price, NJ; \V Polk and I/, La; N Sweet, Pa; J Dexter. Md; C Lathrsp, Ga; R Bennett. G T Fitzhugh, J Bennett, P T Sutton, J L Culler, Va; M W Robinson, J Hartz.R Hak , S H Williams, NC; J B Wilkinson, L?; B H? i ton, M T Stephenson, Ga; C S Prlc-. K Prince, Hla; W K Baytv, Ga; W Campbell. Na; F McCokl ,N J Liilord. Tenn; G Waller, Ala; L Riv?s, Va. E T Meek*, Miss; J C Weaver and lv, Miss Wheatley, Tenn; A J Sp;lng, Miss; O Masange, Ala; M Scofleld, NY; J 6 Morgan, Va; J Love, S S Sukeley, Tenn; W Campbell, NY; L A Sinclair, Cal; C E Tyler, UT; C Carter, Arizona; O P Aubert, Ala. NATIONAL HOTEL.?Mias Reynold, Mian; Min Long, Mrs Long, Mrs Evirson. NY; J A Ma tingiy, IX"; B E Ryan, ?; B T Duckett. Md; R H Stuart, Va; C Donohue and lady, T N?-ale, John Bowen, NY; Dr C P Crane aud sou, La; W L Ames, Miss; R A Pearson. c T Saiuw.i vv A Hunt. Ri, A L Huggina, Aid: H B WaUonand lsdy. Mi*i M Howard, NY: P Parker, ?; Bahop of Victoria. China, 8 M Frieraou, Teun: W C Bentbail, Va, J S Glttings, J G Bird, Ma; J M Brown, C W Walker. Va; H A Cbildi, A Child*, B C Brouzbton, La-, E Brawner,Md; W Thompson and ladv, Pa; A G .Maxwell, R Gerlalea. La; G W Craln* C F Goldaborouj{h. Md; W J Maxwell and lady. T Davia, Miaa Davis. Mra Froat.C R Fro?t, Mi*J Fro?t, K Hope. SC; VV BradtMd, Tex; F Hale, Maaa; D W umb and fam, 9C; A Bone?tal, Wia; W F Dement, J J Brawner, H K Hanaon, W M Lanydon a id lady, H L Broo .e, J D Roman, Md; A Burn*, II E Aenderson.Dr Chrgn and lady, ?; F L Douthal, R T Webb, Vi;H reen, NA; C Moore, NY; R A McComb*. Ga; B Bargee*. J 11 Rawidale, Va: J Johnaton, Pa; Jil Ranadeii, Va. KIRKWOUD HOUSE ?Capt Bradford, USA; D McCullough, J C Mcllvain, O; E Spilnaan, T !,itham, C E Sinclair and ly, Va; S D Foy, R H Foy, Md; Or G W Maa;ruder, Va; W Delano, La; C A Litbrop, Ga; J Bleakam, N V; G Coilln?en, N<"; M N Redgan. La; R B Pvram, Nary; S P Ktlonth.O; Capt Elzey.USA; i W Fan*baw, Va; E D Riebardaon. F H Lafon,Md; P Ellla, Mi; H I '/ i ? ' - ^ - ? - t* buain^wn, l r; J Spinner, Md; H Nicholson, Tennr A Camptfeld, NY; 9 A Sloan, Md; H D Brown, La; W IHonterlo, Va; J Mann.n^. La; B C Upton and lady, \C; J C Sherburne, USA; T MeDoooagb, Pa. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D SlrM, Between 9th and lOlJk Struts, Wi have iu?t finiabed a number of ftr?t cl&aa CARRIAGES, aucfe aa Lirkt ITat ant, Purk Phiatont. ?atn\ly fares, and B*nut, whioo va will aallat ~ TMJ a rert ama.! pr>?&t. Rntnf practical mechanica in different bransfcaa of the baaiueaa, we flatter onraelves that we k;>"? Lfteatylea aad *oaa*j of work tnat will Rive aatia faction, o'xnoiiucs iichtnaaa, comfort and darabUt tyRepairing promptly aad oarefu'ly attended to the ah"rt>?| Bctioe &&d ia.ni reasonable nharefta. WALTER, KARMANN A UOPT, Coaohniakera. aaoeaaaora to VVm. T. Hook, ay o-4Jj ^ T CARRIAGES. HK W?s*ent-er t.avitc niaao aid Hi? to hi faotory, aattui u now oneortiia larteat. J&mkm. m the DiaWiet, wnere hts faouitvea iorbuKiK luiuilaotinafCARRlAGM <fc Ll(>HT*sK WAGONS oTai l.ada caanot ha aurpaaaed, aad from hi a long eiponeace in lh? baamaaa, he kepaa to pre f.ceral aattsfactioo. All iioda of Carriacaa and Lirkt Watiu k?H m z Ali '* E P AJ RS naati j 4aaa, aadall ardara prompt ly amn-iod to. wwm aaad Oanlacaa takan la axahanaa for mv aa?. AJfUREW J. jTA CR, Via u aaraar af 14tk aa^Kik ? DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CAED. , _ w. ?. MVNSON Maa retarned <%nd re*nmed hia ruf?Mioa. office ?iid boaae at 4 6.H K third do?r f?it of Sixth. In aaditiou t erery o'h?T approved atyle. Dr. M. ha* or**'-'' u teeth on valeam'e Bt?? for thalaat thee years, etd, fioiii f*p?ri?nc9, kn?w>s it all others, and 1* uu- third leaa in price than gold. Hit old Ctrone ?f VVwMutos. Alexandria, ai d G?>rgem respectfully aolieitt*! t > oa'l. *a 2r> *>1t D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM1S HucloMd&K uAoe for the sea ?u, and will l>e abaoal. aa during the auni wdt months ; wilt resume practise about the lat of October. of vhieh further notice will be givaa. >7 10-tf _ || DENTISTRY. Bead the Oheuytaa'.io Proceea fericaortir.r?^K| artinoiai testa. it his the Mnotuna svsngth, beaatp. alia alii?.and eneepna?. Pel mpjer seta inserted for ?. Partial in pre portion. OSes 306 1'a.aisnae. m The cmon win, nomattkR WHO'S PRESIDENT! C?ne^uen?li I siiall r?innniu Washington Sod eontinnn to pajaae pit casapation ?f BOt'SE. and ORNaMKNTAIi I A1NT1NG. 6i)d-* 1 iae in all its Ifaosfces. Old Olaaiag promptly attend <xl to. Pai-utig ai.d Ornamenting Cotcacs I Furniture in tho b?st atjle- I fe so, oal< attention < to th* Painting of Ro*if? aod Briek Walls. 1 AH of tfeeahove I will de as cheap &? the cheap eat. ! therefore solicit the patronage of m? at mi ? - # *' ?! I ?i?t net. I'unola^litT I 'naUy v*d, ?ixi work tfoaeu tin be?t man- ? BCI. I ) rig w.i1j!mm mind I>Wr itOM uJ kU>? at M. 1 V I'AKK KH'S Paint!ug EaUblisbnicat, No. A3! A3 " A3!!! Loaiaiao* it., north iid?7t>?tw?ea 9th and 7:4 ?u. I P * *?? > Mt u tr? ?C charge, u uul. i WA?K, T \y.V*r> kn ' ***" ?, diroot from th? vaaael in whieh U??j vara import*!. I ? KING A BIRCHELL. 1 ** y Ptft?nth H. a?d VtrwaatiT. , rifii. * atraat. oppoaUa port J ==S=^I^M,LANEOUS. ~ P OFFICIAL. ROPOSAL3 FOR LOAN OF TBN MILLION DOLLARS. TmiAtriT D*pa*t-w*5t, Pept. 8,186ft. Bialed Proposal* will b* received at this Department until 12 o'o'ook, noon, of Monday, th? (2d day of October next, for tan millions of dollari of stock of the United States, to be issued unJci the act of Congress of the 2Sd day of June last muiui i>ij[ iuiq aau proviumg lor iae reiiemptioa of Treaaury notes, art which time the propoaali w 11 M opened and decided on. The atook will b? reimbursable in ten years from the first day of Jan ary next, and vill bear interest, at firs per oen tan per annum, parable semi actually on the lirai days of January and Ju!y of eaoh year. No offer will be aooepted below par, and non< for any fraction of one thousand do lara; nor wil any offer be oonaidered unlesa one per oen torn o the amount thereof la depoaited with a depositerj of the United Stntjs, aob.eot to the ordar of th( Secretary of the Treaaary. The oertificate of and depoait mnit aooompany the p'opoaala. In al eases the offer muat be unconditional, withou refarenoe to other offe.a. and mast atate ths rate o premium offered. The proposala ahou'd be endora&l on tho outside "Propozala for Loan of I860," and to be oddresset 'To the Soaratary of the Treasury. Washington I>. C." The beat biddera under the foregoing oondition for the aggregate asm of ten millions of dollar win no lmmeoiawiy lnrorm-M! Dy mail of the so ojptanoe of their offers, and they muit deposit th amount so accepted, with the premium tnoreoc with the Treasurer of the United States, or th Assistant Troasurer at Boston, New York, Phila aelphia, Charleston. New Or.eans, or St. Louii on or before the22dday of November next. Shou' ucoessful bidders desire to deposit at other point their wish<>s wrl be du?y considered on bam stated to this Departm?]t. Certificates of inscribed stoolc will be lsrued i sums not less than ono thousand dollars each t the successful bidders, or their assigns, for th principal so deposited, carrying interest at the rat of five per ocntuin from the dato of such doposi Soch stook will be trar.sferrahle on the books c the Treasury, agreeably to tho regulations of th Department. Should any of the snooessful bidders require oei tifioates of stook, with coapons of semi-annual ie terest payable theroon from the first day of Jaauar next, suoh certificates will be issued, with sue coupons attached, in sums of one thousand dollar eaco; and such coupon stock, instead of bein transferable on the boiks of the Treasury, may fc f ftnH ranaforro.1 K? ?1?a . ...n ?u? aiuMUivivni u; (.110 UC1I V OT J UI t I ooitihcates. The mtersst of tiie last-named atocl from the date of the deporit to the first day of Jar nary next, will b? paid to th? successful bidder c his attorney, l>y tlio depositary wi.h whom th principal was deposited. The preliminary deposit of one per centum, r< quired upouall proposals under this notice, wi i>e included in the deposits of principal acd prem um made by successful bidders, and will be nnmi dlately directed to be returned to the unsuocessfi bidders. HOWELL COBB. se l0-2awt1 Secretary of the T'*?*nrT. B(No.?6.i.l Y TUB rRESll?KNT OF THE UNITE STATES. la pnrsuanoe of law. I.Jamkh Buchanan. Pret Meet oi tlie United States of America, do herct declare arid make known that publio sales will I held at the under-mentioned Land Offioes in t> 3 ate of Iowa, at the periods hereinafter design* ted, to wit: At the f^asd Off.oe at Foet Dodo*, commencir on Monday, the 19.h day of November next, for tl disposal of the publio lands, heretofore um.flere< situated within the followinj townships and par of townships, vis: Xorth of th* bate lime an/I west of the Afth printipi meridian. S?ctiocs 1.3. 5,7. 9, 11. 13, 15. 17. 19. 2!. 25, 85, 8 ?>. 31, ^3. and 36. of township 83; sections 1, 3. 5, 9 11, 13. IV 17,19, 21, S 25./7,?, .11.33. and 35, 1 towcsjnp 96; sections 1,3,5,7.9,11,13. IS,17. lit. 2 ?.?, *7, 29, 31, 33, and 35, of township .<*>: section I,3, 5,7, 9,1?, 13,15,17, l"?, 2!, 23 25. 27. 29.3', XJ, ar 3). ol township 97; sections 1,3. 5,7, ?, 11,13,15,1 I t. 21, 23. 25, 77, S), 31, 33, and 35, of township 9 of range 77. amnions 1,8.5,7, 9,11, 13,15, 17.19,21,53. 25.2 2J.3i.33. aou 35, oftownship 93; section* 1,3. 5,7, II, 18, 15, 17, 19, 21, ti, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, a .il 35, '? township SM; sections 1. 3 5.7,9,11.13,15 17.1-4, 2 23 25.27,29, 51,33. ard 35 of lowns'rp 95; s^cti n I,3,5.7,9,11,13,15 17, 19,21,53. ;3. 27, 23. 31, 31 at Si, ol township 96; sec'ions I. 3. 5, 7, 9.11. 13.15, I , 1'. 21, 23, 25, 27, 2?, 31,31, an 1 35, of township 1\ r* tion* 1,3,5,7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17.1i, ?, 23, i5, 27.'.9,3 1 S3 and :tfi, Mf tuwniiiip 9^; sectional, S. 5 7.9,11,1 lft, 17.1?. 21, 28, 25, 27, 29,31, 3J, and 35, of U>v?i,aft: 90. of range 23. 3 otun* 1,3,5,7,9, It. 13, 15.17.19,2!, 2S. 25. 2 2?. 31, 33, and 33, of township 93; sections 1,3, 5.7, II, 13,17,19, 2t, *3, 85. 27. 29. 31, 33, and 35, of luT> ship 94: stotlona 1, 3,5,7,9, 11, IS. 1.5,17,19,21,2i, 2 27, iff), 31,33, and 35, ol township 95; secti ;ue 1, 3, 7, 9,11,13,15,17, li. 21, 21. 25, 27, 29.31. 3J. and 35, ? township M; stO? out 1.3, 5,7, 9.11. 13. 15,17,19,2 ! 23, 25, 27, 29, St, 33. and 35. of 'ownsh'p 97; aeo:i?i I 1,3, 5,7,9, II, 13, 15, 17.19, 2!. 21 25, 27. 29, 31, ?, at 45, of townaiup 98; s?c ions 1,3,5, 7, 9, '1,13,15. 1 i 19,21,21. 25,27 29, 31, 3S, and 35, of township 99, < ranges. seouons 1.3, 5,7,9.11. IS, IS, 17,19, 21,23,25,57.3 SI, 33, and 35, of township 93; aeoticn* 1,3,1,7, 11,13,15,17, -9.21,21,25,27,2-1,31, 33. and 35 of towi llip 94; tec lo iS 1,3, 5 7,9, 11, 13, 15, 17,19,21,23.2 2r, 29. 31. S3, and 39, of to srr.ahi p 35; sections > 3, 7,9, 11, IS, 15, 17, 19.21,21 25,27.24 3!. 33. an 1 35. < township 98; sections 1, 3, 5. 7, 9. II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 2 23. 25,27,29 31. 38. and 35, of township 97" sections 3, 5, 7,9,11,13, 1*. 17, 19, il, 23. 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, an 3i.o' township 93; s'otions 1.3,5,7, 9,11.13.15, 1 19,21. 23.25, 27,29,31,38, and 35. ol toWns-jp 99: set lions 1,3 5,7,9. || IS, 15, 17, 19,21, 23, 2S,?7,&,3 S3 and 35 of towriahia li?), of range S>, actions 1. a. 4. t a 11 i? ?* i- ?? ~ -, ?? vf ?f wf *i| "i * 39,31,33, and 35, of township 99; aecU ns 1. 3, 5,' #, II. 13, 15 IT. 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29. 31. 33, aiH 35. i township 94; aeotiona 1. 3. 5.7, 9, 11, 13. 15. 17.19,2 23. 25 , 77, 29, 31, 33. and 35, of township 95; anat.oi 1,3, 5,7,9, 11. 13. 15,17.1', 21,23 25,27,29 31.33 ar 35, of township 96; arctiOwa 1,3, 5,7, 9,11, 13,15,1 19, 21 23. 25,27. 29,31.33, and 35, of t ivnuhip OT; ? < tiona 1,3,6,7,9 11,13, >5, 17, 13. 21. 23,25,27, *9,3 33. and 3i, of lownatiip 98; sections 1,3, 5,7,9, II, 1 I*. 17,19, 21,23. 25,27, S9, 3'. 33, and S5, of iowr?S| *); aeotiona t. 3.5,7,9,11.15, 17.19 il, 23,25, 27, 2 31,31, and 35, of township 14i, of rang*? 31. t*eotlo:}? 1,3.5, 7.9,11. 13, 15, 17, 19, il, 23. ?5. 2 29,31,31, ana 35, of towuahip 93; auctions 1, 3, 5,' 9, II, IS, 15. 17, 19, 21. 23, 25, 27. ?, 3', S3, aud S5, < township W; aeotiona 1,3,5,7, 9,11 13, 15, 17,19,2 2*. 25, 27,29. 31,31, a"d 35, of township 95; seotio 1,3, 5, 7,9,11.13.15,17, 19, il, 23. 25,Z7, 29, 31,33. an 35, "f town*hi? !*j; necti^ne 1,3, 5,7, 9, 11,13, 15, 1". 19, 21, 23, 25, 5f7, v9, 31. 3?. a :d 3,5, of owrnhlp 9s?ohoas 1,,11.13,15, 17, 19,21, 23, 25, Mi, 2! 31,33, and 35, of U> r.arup SI; s'attoua 1. 3, 6. 7,9. I 13, 15, <7, 19, *1, 23,25, 27,29,31, 3*. a; d *5, of towr a sip 99: ae^ti -as 1,3,5,7,9, 11,13, 15,17, 19,21, 2 25.27. ?9. 31, 3J, a'i?l 35 of township li?, of tai r * 3 Sjootious 1,3.5.7,9, 11,13,15, 17,19, 21. .3 25, 2 29, 31,33, and 35, <'f township 94; township 95; ??k Uuni 1,3,5,7, 9, 11. 21.21. 25, 27, 29.31,31. and 35, ? townsnip 96; otiora 1,3, 5,7,9,11,13,15,17.19 2 25, 25, 27, 29, 81,31, and 3i of town*hip!T7; section 1; 3.9.7, 9.11 3, 15, 17, 19, 21. 23. 2S 27. 29,31, 3 a d 3o, of ?? .jhip9d: seH'tlona 1, 3, 5.7, 9,11.13. !; 17, 19, 21, 23 n, 29. 31. and 35. ( { township 9 s ot < ns 1.3,5,7, 9, 11, 13, 15. 17, 19.21.23. 25.27.-S si, .u, ana ot township 1??. oi range S'. At the Land OIBceat SiociCjtt, ooramencm on Mond&i,tlie ifttii day of November next. fc tha disposal of the pubho lands, heretofore inol f red. siUiaiei within tht following township# at parts of towaebips, vis : North ?/1lu bait lint ant! frtst nf the fifth rrinctpi flections 1,3,5,7.9,11, H, 14,17, 19,21.23, ?. 2: t?, .11. Si, and 3*, of ftwnnhip 96, ?e?:ions 1, 3. *,7,! II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. 2S, 77,21. 31. 33. and 35, t township 96; Mc'luQi 1,3, 5.7, 9, 11, 13.1 17.12! 21, 25.27, 23. 31.33. and !is, rf t.wrmhip !H; uiwniM 91, sections 1. 3,5,7,9, It, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21,23, 2'? 21 2?,3t, 33, aot Si. of townahip 09. Motion* 1. 3, 5, 7, L II, 13. 15. 17, 19,21. 23, 25, 27. 29, 31,53, and S>, C township It*, oi rauge 34. Townships 93, 99, and ino, of range 35. Townsnip SM, of range 36. Townships 9*, W, and iftt, of range 37. TowrRhips98,99,aad lft?. of range XI, Townships H8.99. and Kin, of rauge 39. Townships flA, and l<*?, of range 4<\ Townships 99 and ion, of range 41. Townships 99 and Ifti. of range 42. Townships 99 and 100, of range 4fl. Townships 99 aid l<w?, of rauge 44. Townsuips 99 and 100. of range 4.5. Townships 99 ami !<* , <>f range **%. Townships !#9 am KM, of range 47. ToWnfhip" w and lt?> of range 49. Townships ft) and 100,04 range 49. Laud appropriated by law for the nse of sohooli uiitary, and otimr purposes, t' gnthn- with th< "?wa>np and orerdowea lands," will be exclude* ..???v.. uvwuvfviniiufl wuiuvvnmnitnooi oa the day appointed, and will proceed in the orde in whioh the? are advertised, until the whole shal have been offered aud the aalea thus cloned; but u< sai? shall be kept open lamttr tkam two tenia, ant no private entr y of an; of tiie land* will be adinitu* until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under mvfeand.at the city of \Va?hin(ton tliia foarteenih day of August, Anno Domini om thousand eight hundred and sixty. _ JAMES BUCHANAN. By til* President: Jos. H. Wit.soTf. ,. . Commissioner of the (ieneral Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre emptioi lo aay of the lands within the townships and parti >f towuahipa above mentioned, la required to ea aMiah the aame to the aatiafaotioa or the retfistei Md receiver of the proper land office, and make paynent therefor aa aoon aa practicable filter seeiui hia notice, and lx*fwre the day appointed for th< >oauiienoem*rit of the pnltlio aalea of the landa emiraoiaz tne tract olaimed; otherwise auch olaut rul be forfeited. JOS. B. WILSON. Commissioner of the Oeeerai Land Oflioe. Noti.?Under tks rtfnluinni of ti<? n beratofur* and bow axisUag, no payment o?n N wwle for adYertiaiag proclamation* ?x*ep?U> not >ut?l lahera a* are tptttaily amtkoriztd to ?nbii?k bj * Cora mi??ion?T of the Geaeral Land Office. m fQ-M.wfw ;r hb r<?m ttoe PronoU of Hoaora dn Balzac, trenaiatM >, UrTw W L ? <4 nrntw P.I?Tenth >t. an<? Fa. ?T. CMNE PIANOS FOR RfcNT OK HALE, Pt , . . . _ , V I TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. ' t f HAVE REMOVED TO No. 16 MARKET a ppace, r9iin. avenue, mitmh em 9th streets, where 1 wiil t*> happy to wvtBHJ on aii who will f?vor me wj;h a cai! withv Hi a fine stuck of BOOTS aud 8H<?KS for* Mte Ladies',Gents',BoysVMisjes* and Children's wear. an a eotr J. ROsKNTHAL jjoots and s^js^g TO suit thk j Wc are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oorstantlr receiving a^Aw supply oi eastern made work of every ds-BBi oriptior. made expressly to order, and willfl] be sold at a much lower pnoe than has been* Wfe heretofore oJiarged in this city for much laferior articles. Persona in want of Boots and Shoe* of eastern or oity madrt work, will always find a rood assortmen in store and at the lowest prices. Give ns a call. 6R1KF1N ft BRO., ap *-r 314 Pennsylvania avenne. Five hundred travb'ling trunks arrived thi* dar, embracing all quali-awm ties and sizes of Sole Leather, I ml Mlifl Dress and Packing Tninks. Onr trunk^ **?" sales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites. at moderate prices, to be 1 found this side of New York, Also, evety descn*' tioa.of LADII-S' VAL1CKS, - UAttrr.1 DAU9) BAlXiUfiLC) AO. f ID"Old Trunk* repaired or taken In exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., . Tract Sales Room, 1 marS-tf 388 Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, o 499 7th Snnr. Orpositt Odd je'tUotpj' Hall, Watkimton, D. C. . Travelers will study their interests bj examinm rr.T TRUNKS, V ALICES Ac., before pur-mm ohasln? elaewere. As 1 use none hut theBlww e beat material the market affords and employ^****1 [ the beat workmen, I oan confidently recommend mj ? work to be superior in Strength and Durability tc Trunka that are made in other citiea and sold here 1 keep conatantiy on hand, and make to order (or i, on? wefi'B notioe) every dneonptiou of SOLi A LEATHER, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESi a and WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND ant otK*r VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HAH S NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, fc? #e. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notioe. n Trunka delivered in any part of the oity, Oeorc* o town, or Alexandria. e Also?Arent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILI Z SEWING MACHINES. ? de 15-1* JAMES S. TOPHAM. 2 TKAVl^lLEifcS, DlKflOTOKy. Daily line of new four-horsi coaches to upper marlboro', I- (,'arryin* (Ac U. S. Mail. T The undf?r&i?n?u Are now mUH l)a:',v v. Sunday,* Four horse Coaches tvtween Washington and Upper Marl 8 boro', an follows: g Leave tho Steam!>oat Hotel, corner of Sevent] P street and Ta. at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leav I'pp r Marlboro' at II o'clock a. m.,and arrive ii >s \V a?hington at 3o'clock, in tint* to oonuect wit. t> Uia3 20p. in. t ainfor Baltimore. i- The Coaches are new and commodious. the t??m )r first class in the hands of careful and accommodat in j drivers. 13 Fare to L'ppor Marlboro fin cent*. To Long Old Fieids 25 " j. ToContorville - 38 u ,, Freight an l packages in proportion. au 15 tf OSBORN A CO , Froprietorf. UALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> WASHINGTON BRANCH. ' g^STO.?H? ? Cranos of Hocss. n ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13ti I860, trains will run as follows: . Leave Washington at 6.20 and 7.4t a. m. " Leave Washington at S.21.' and 6.30 p. to. JJ On Sunday at 3 2i> p. m. ie Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 a. m. % Leave Baltimore at 3.15 acd 130 p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. in. i. Passengers for the Kut will take trains at 6J ,e and 7.4f> a. m and 3 3i> p. m. j For the West at 7.4 > a. m. and 3.2^ p. m. ,? For A nnapolis at 7.4A a. m- and 3?0 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. . On Saturday evening the3JO p. m. train com t " Philadelphia only. 7 j? ia-?l T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS l! XJN* TaRHB DAYH 'J WITH TH? 7, CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. filKHHR ALL RAIL ROUTK, VIA I Orange and Alexandria Railroad w- TO LYNCHBURG: 'd Virginia and Tennessee, j' East Tennessee arid Virginia, 1, East Tennessee and Georgia, . Nashville and Chattanoogt p M&mphtt and Charleston, 7, Mississippi Central, . Nrte Orleans and Jacksor - TO NEW ORLEANS! 5; MEMPH75~ROUTEi Memphis by Rail, thence br First olau Packets t L New Orieau. IS ?d MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: 7i Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firsl elasd Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by ,, Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRA1NS?S?!1DATB Inclcdbb juroie n umnfMO Bl O a. m. Ul O p. The Steamer BKOROK PAGE Imtm her whai foot of Seventh street at 6M a. in. and 6fc p. m. an i connects at Alexandria with the Orange aiui Alej J' andria Trama for the Sonthwent. * Offioo? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth at J' SAQQAOM CDICUS THBOC0H TO I1W OKLKAVI Lynchburf ._..#7 50 Memphia ?.?3! c 7 Bnato! ?15W> Atlanta JSC Knoxviile ??J000 Maoon 38 c at Chattanooga 24 oo Columbua ? 31 1 i {KltonT . _S4?; Montfomear 33 1 lluntaville .27 ou I via Memphta.42 ! ,/j (irand J miction __.Sj00 N.O.J viaG. Juno..<2 6 7, Nashvihe 25 to > via Mobile. ?46 c \\ THIS ROUTE IB E~NTIRELY BY RAIL ^ 900 MILES SHORTt R^and 34 HOURS LES j IN TIME ' than any other t.iae?the Lynchburg Extenaia 7 being now completed, aa alao the Muaiasippi j' Central, making it the 4 QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTl 1. FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! *j It U provided with Firat olaaa Sleeping Cars! ( To New Orleana.., ?79 Bonn ' tiuv ) Meraphia? ?M do% Montgomery ~???....#8 do. '< V Naabvilio.46 do. I - s> KTTh* U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESJ are taken over uus New Lin*. 7. >- Tick eta can b? obtained at the South Waitw i Office, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania av 1, enue, to the following points: * Lynchburg, Briatnl, Knoxvii.e, Atlanta S. ChaKatioora. Unntsville, Grand Junction, "> Maoon, Nashville, Dalton, Col nm bus J; Montgomery, Mobile, ,Vemphia, an# \ - t NaW uRfjhANH* . ITT"THROUGH TIFKETS TO THE TA rr RIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. d lE^Omniboses and Hastate Wagons leave U? offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. in. U JAMES A EVANS, Tleket Acent, ma23 tr Comer Sixth at. aad Pa. av. \ X'HK STEAMER J AS. GUY Will rerome hei 1. tripa on TUESDAY, Slat of ^|f?^ I. Fabmarv. I860. Will leave WA8IIP INGTON tverr TUESDAY FRIDAY, at 6 o'clook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA ' at half-paats o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and tU< >f interirMiate Landings. On her return tripe, ah< will lea-/* CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. NATH'L BQ^fs?*a6Ddn?r?r><f>? PA8SA6B, cftf[)Tn?0"fEAJUI AMI STATEROOM. #T.40. The New York and Virginia Screw Steanahlj iompany's new ud elocant steamship IOITNT VERNON, CaptT.C.8inlth,^S|^? will ieava the Company's Depot, 8rn Wharves, at ll*o'oloek a, in-every WEDNESAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o;ciook p. a. same da/. Passengers from Washington and Georgetowi can take the ooaohea connecting with Alexandru ' steamboats or rajtvoad, whioh leave the corner ol ? Tih street and Pa, avenue hourly, or the* oan l*m on me steamer Beta the Wcetera Wharreeat n j o'clock a. m. I btate room* ean be enmed on Mrlkitin ti T Bfesara. Mor?an k. Rhlteh?rt, Wcetera Wharvea Freight will b? received up to the hours of dtpfcr | HT Insuranoe will be eflfeoted on all goods by 1 thuime at the ofee of the Company at % per oenl : ^f^aooonuDodatloni for paeaeugera by thle lfati ? areineveryreepeotsrvt-oaea, and every effortwtl b? made to reader thia communication with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A oo.,A,.n?..AU^raKc|MwEL eet-ly B6 Wectet?ooraarAlbany.NowYorfc. ; IWKW YORK AND WASHINGTON ' The SteamerT?idOIXT 'vMNON wiDVeave r Alexandria and Washington for New . York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at , e'oiook p. m., aad New York for WMh-SiHfc i incton every Saturday, at3 o'olook ?. m. Passengers oan join the ehip at Alexandria at any oroee the bar in oonee* uenoe of low water, aH goods will be promptly lichtered to and from the steamar by the uoderu?ne<L ; ^ Lot? of pianos po* rent at low r?tM. PiMo* for ?" oa the r<?aon?bl? terms. 8l*t bMiiniit>oWMH , Piuoa ; ftlao, in Gutars,Violini, Ma-? I ? ? ! lodeoM. Aooord?oB?, *c. JOHN F> g, , Igt I* ?1* M?I fey duok?n?g A Bo?'Plapo*. n notice. . islettz MEDICINES. I\K. i?wroR, ' 1J lUTUIORI y LOCK HOSPITAL, j H? Di*rtd tKt mm Ctrfm. Sw**df, Mi m>f Ejfutual Rimidf m <i? World, i FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. ' LET *0 FALSE DELICACY FRETS NT. " APPLY 1MMEDATELY. 1 A CURE WAR RANTED. OR NO CHARGE, ^ /JV FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. Wutim tf Ui litk, luittiiw AfaattMa ! lk? Kltoayl ' a?4 lladdar, loTaJmoUry Ducbu|u, Ibmiikj, CaoaraJ Debility, XtrtHiulH, Driyapar, kar r*ar. Law pirfu. Cmfuian ?l Idtaa, Mpiuuan aftbt Maart.Ttinidit*, TraraWunft, DuuiMt(li|<it(r Jtddiraaa, Diiaata ft tba Baad, Threat, Hnim Bktn, ASl?U?nt #f tb# (attack * Ba??la? tiNi Tarribla Diwt4in anaiof rm Mrtaty ItHu *1 . Taath?tbaaa DraadhU and Dttmativa Praeutaa vbtcb iw . ill Maintf* IsfNiiUi, ao4 daaua? b?U M; aad MM I TOIM Mil *. ..1.11* >k> !? klum. ik. ?/ (.libra Tlaa. (kit driadfil and dattracura kakt: *a)eh aaoaaJlr iviifi M an aotirnaly gr*?a thoaaioda of Trtnf Mao of tao mi at- , aitad taiaou and hrillant intallact, who mirbt otharwiaa kiM ' aotrasaad liatoaiaf laaataa with tka tkaadara ! iinuiuat *Ut< M itiuij tka Urimg lyra, u; Mil witk tall Ml4mm. MiUUAflE MAMID mOM,N Tota* Maa?laaMapUttaf Ntt rltxt, baing win ?f akyaaatl vhIiim, ufiut dak titty, daformiuaa, Ac.. apaadw* aarad. It who plaeaa hiBMlf udn Ui MM rf Dr. I. >; riKfl' | It eonlda in hi* hoaar u a f aallaaaa u4 aoaldanOy rill pN kla (kill u a phyataiaa. urncE m?. t aovTH ruomcimin, lift band >id?|M( from BaJiiaora HnM, a fa w twn fna Ua itiaw. Vail not toabaanra uai aad luku, UtMl MM k* paid tad aoaiala a ilaar DK-juurroi, 1 Mtakin of tka Eoyal Callafa ((lupNi, kaadaa, rradaaM f fr*m oaa af tha meat eminent Cellefoe in the Solus Btatea, i and tka greater partefwheae Ufa hae keen apart in the koaaitale of London, Paria, Philadelphia and eleewhare, kaa of! hated wmi af the moot aiteniaoing cart* that vara aval ; known; many treablad with ringing in the head and un j whan aaUee; great oerToaeneoe, being alaraad at aaddaa i ooande, baahnuneee with freqaaat klaebiog, attandad ooaaa Van witk deranrement of mind, war* earad i?madl?talT. *iii rttn iLit miTini Yaaig Men ud etbere who bare m)arod miiiHlfu by aertaiu practise indalged in wbea alaoe?a habit fraqaantly learned from artf corapemiaoe, at at reboot, the affacu al which ara nigbily fall area whan aaleep, and if not tared, r raodara marriage lmpoeaible, aad deeuayi b?U mind amf body, eboald apply immediately. Tboee ara came ef taa aad and melancholy effeeu aredeaid by aarlr babita efyeaih via i Waaknaaa of the Back aad limbe, Paine in lha li'd, Oimnaaa of Bigbt.Leee af Maacaiai Pawar, Palpitation af tha R eart,Dyapepej, Narveae Irritability, Derangement ef the Dif aaura ranclieoe, General Oability, aymptome ofCoi.eainptien, Ac. j M?lJT*LtY.-Tn faarfal af acta an tha mind ara maah ta ba dreaded?Loee ef Memory, Cwfiuao af Ideal, Deproeeiaa af Spirita, E?il Perbodirige, Ararat en ef Society, elf-Pietrael, ? Ue?e af Sehtade.Tiiaidity, eta., ere aana af tba arile ptadicid. a MKRTOIS DIIHITr.-Tketeaada aaa aew)adge what h U lha caaae af thair declining haalth, leaing their rigor, bar earning weak, pale. nertoaa and emaciated, caving aeiegtlai " appaaiaata abeat tha ayaa, coygh or eympteneaf caoaaBptiaa D1SEAHE3 OP IMPRliDKNCK Whan lha aiiegaided and irapradeat votary af plaaaara ladt B ba Ku im>ibad tha eeeui af thie pamfal dieeaee, it taa ellaa happana that an ill-timed aanaa af ehame ar draad af dieeevery 8 datara birr, from applying la tboee wbe, from edacauao aad < raapactability, can &looe bafnand him. Na falle inta tba banda af ignorant and doeigmng pratandara, wha, incapable af caring, tlch hia pecaniary aabaunca, kaap him irtliag month after month, ar aa long aa tha email eel faa can ba attained, and in daapair leave bim with rained haalth ta aifb ever hia railing diaappeintment; ar fcy lha aee ef that deadly peiaon, Mercery, haeten tba cenatitaueaal eymrterri af thie terrible dieeaae, each aa Afecuanaof the Heart. Threat, Ifaae, kin, Ac., prarreeeicg with frightful rapidity, till deato pataa I period ta hia dreadful aafaric.ro by aeadiug bim la that aa* diacavered caaatry fram whoee bourne na traveler re terse, DR. JOmOlllIMEDT FOR ORGAJUC WliUIH AMD IMPOTKNCT. By Ule great and important remedy weakneeo ef the erraal , ?iftimir Cilia ua mi ti(h iwwia. niHUaiMUl * BHt Mtnu iu4 dakdiuud, wka kU last til klf?|klV( kaan immtdiiltly ri'.iivtd. * All lopadlmatiu ta Mirrtafa. Pkyaital tf Miaul Dltaulllutitni, Lhi tf PraerMtlM Ptvii, Hictn Irriusillu rnnuu(ui ViOmmn KikaeaUae ! Ua BMtfurnl kind ifiiilili cut*. EHDouEHurr or fixm. TBI MANY TIUOSANDI curtd uUu inauutise wtu* (0 Ua lut utihUId jiui, and lh? L?iT)tr??? inpartaal lnilu; aparatlaoi parfarmtd k? Dr. Jafcnaeo, vtloaaaad a? t?< rapartar* af tb? paptra and macy aUar aaraaai, aadcaa at fifth hava appaarad again aad afato kafata Ua ssklia, kaaidaa bit aland mg aa a ganilanaa af ahaiaatai aad iniwd 0 kllity, la a iaflaiant gmaranua u tka aStatad. taa li-iy D~ K. J. BOVEK DOU'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being used from Maine to the 6reel Salt . Lake, aui the oni venal verdict of ail who see ' them either m a rrwixem* or an a fc?rera#a, n that they are unsurpased in the world. Dr. Doas need them snnoeusfuMy in hit practioe for 36 yeart before we pnrohaeed of nim the sole right to manufacture and present then for aale to the public. For the cure of lnoipient Consumption, Indigestion, Djtpepsia, Pile*. Nervous Diseases, Female Com piaints. and all oaees requiring a .rmio, they are beyond doubt a most mvala'tile remeay. Atido from their medioineJ prapertie-i they are a pure, wholesome and delightful B^reraio, producing all the pleasant ejhiieratinr effects >f Brandy rr Wine without thoir injurio jt result*. I.et all friends or humanity and all atlvooates of temperance assist us in sab;V.kui^^thea* v*!c?tfcie Vegetable Bitten j. lor me *.nntra: pornm* and aduiteratfA Liquets with whit li the oimntry >i flooded, and thereby effeotua.ly tut in barnhing Disease and Drunkeneaa from the It.nd. t, CHARLES V/IDDIFIKLD A CO., Proprietors, 78 W:lTiam street, New York. J. 8CHWARZE. Agent, Washington, D. C. ? Oil. J. BOVBB DO DP' IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. Sot Diseases of the Kidnjys, Bladder and Urinary rgans, and especially lor Female Obstruotiona, never fail to onre, a.id are warranted to give satis(actlon. CHARLEB WIDJHFIELD k. CO.. , Proprietors, T? William at. New York. J. 8CHWARZE, ri Ja7-ly.r Agent, Washington. D. C. IOY FWR THK HU:K AND 8IJFPERIN6. * J LET ALb WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ' APPLY THE REMEDY 1' REJOICE YN HEALTH. Frjend.do you soffsr? Are you the viotim of an/ of those numerous ailments whioh arise irom im0 purity of the blood.' What are ?hev, do yon ask.' ? Rather ask. what are tbey not ? The blood is tie sonree of lite and health, and it is the first element of our being to respond to any oaase which "ffeots '' th? system, as the pulse infallibly attests. The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Erysipe as, the 10 subtle Scrofula. the agonizing Rheumatism, Nervous Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and dejeotion, and the numberless ills that _ fl?su is heir to, derive their hideous origin from the 8 blood, Deal kindly then and gently with the blood. Us* the vitalising resources of natnre for its aid. and s after us to commend to yonr oonJidenoe and use that truly valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. COX'S J INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible tpeoifio popular sentiment has spoken in deoided terms, and the evidences of this great efficacy are sns. tamed by constant avowals of earative offset* and th? happiest results from its use are after all other remedies and Uie best medical skiii have failed. UO Ml *lu Wl*fc OfriiDCBlfB cures are not sought from the illiterate and super 3 fioial, bat they are volnnt^ered from the most respectable sou roes and justify the highest term* in which it is possible to commend so valuable a Q specific to puniio approval. We may add also that - the ou rati re properties of the medioioe are eq nailed otiij by its restorative effects, the sysUm reoovrring from disease with renewed constitutional viror. For sale bv all ie*p<?otab!e Druggists in titia oity, and by the proprietor, MRH. M. COX, t> one joiiuine unlees her name is biowa on the bottlA and her seal on the oork ITT" Price $1 per bottle, six bottles for &S. WhcUiale Agent. R. f*. T. C1SSJKL. Druggist, G?'irjetr.wn, i> C., Wholesale Agent for thelXetner, and will supply the trade at my pnoee. j an 18 tr QJQ T. POTENTINI, Ot\d iiuoimor^_ ?vU Pa. Ava, FOR EIGN PRUIT8, fa. A 1 k.Wtlltkttt. CONFECTIONS. WilUrittkmL r PATES, PRESERVE8, I CONDIMENTS, I Bigs leave to call theattentien of hia friends an4 the public generally to his New Store, under WU' tardus Hotel, just opened, in connexion with hia old establishment, where he wi.l be happy to re! oei ve any orders for sspenor Confections of his own. isBPoriatian. Also, ail orders for Din&MJ. Sappers, Balls, and Private FarUos, which will be served up in hie inimitable style, with the same jromptaeM and diaaatch which he has hitherto shown ?ol . A WM. T. DOVE * CO. t\ EE Nov prepared to ezeoat* any ordara with irrrm. fE7" Store on 9th street, a few door* north of Pk avenue, where mtj he found a. ownaieteassortment i P^WpKCT^rf^ris; i tillod, .na'le by the moot reliable diatuleraia PennI srivasia, Maryland and Virginia, warrarited pare,. Also, Import^ Hyandies, Hennew, Ot?d Da pay i * Co.. Julee Rohins, ic. A .so. Peach and Apple Brandy, pare Holland Gin, old Jamaica ail St Croix Ram, and Winea oferanr variety, nil of I a? I4-1f iff Pa a?~ betw.ath aadTShfta. W DAMAGED BOOKS. E Hare a lot or Parker & Watson's Readers and Spellers that were dsinagad a little br water in the steamer from New York, which will be aold for ha f the usual prioe. \ ULANCHARD k. MOHUN, 4 , Corner llth ?t. and Pa. a*. COLOUR. MEAL. MILI. FEED. Ae. r J hat received on eonaignmeni? . 410 hhlt. an pen or brand of fresh ground Faaii);, 1 Extra and Superfine Flour, ' SObbla. No, 1 Rjedo., Freeh (round Corn Meal and Mill F?*d of aJl kinds JI UOiLOIL. I UST Received from (fee Virtinia Oil OmlMr i &0barrel* prima PARAFINE COAL OIL, which la warranted equal to the New York or Boston oil. The trade can be supplied on the efcaie ternu M they bay at the North, aaviejr the freight. aaa-lm H O PltRnV.4?JP?.?? V.?Th!? ianld?'{r*n hoji ooly uid cannot flu! &ti*f??tion ^to^oon taTft Wm^'? Pi?w?i-t iwnii?8>2WU ?ta 275 ALkEN 275 | JACKSON, \ P L A S T X R X R #, Pure a., ivnnri, BrtwwnlMfcutfBUivim*, J*l? j I, MISCELLANEOUS. r?? - COLLEOK TEXT BOOK*. , _ . HE FoIiovim n?v B no Ira for oi?i?I itwinrt brer jabhshed. to vhioli tfceattMtion of ffr * a wivwvi'i vi L.AVIU IW MIc w?w?" reraity ol i.Iiohimr: 1 vol.; pno? f I ? Plato'* Ap<>:o<y and Crito with imhm by W. B. rylw Gr?w?, Proleesor ot 6r?efc tt AnMnt C*ietf ; pnoe 75 o?nti Exrreiaae ib ail parte of Fr?web Syntax.arrap*?J rftoc Poitena'a 'Sjntaxr Fiacoajae," by PTT. Wiukoiraann; 1 vol; pnoe 91. A New Method of i.earumt Spanish,after Mm ?y?tem of F. AJui. For mIb by BLANOHARD It MOHfTN. BB y KicTgnth rtjapd Pa.a*, j noBt ample.daraWfi, and reiiah) t BaalM??Br ?*t tt ibb. Fir.toiaw rreimnraa hBTBb^ by tbe U nited State* Fair and Virm. ?f AincnltBral vennont State Fair.ifccTfce Id btbtt wfc*r* exhibited they/jara reoeiTBJ IrBt olaas p p57 ? ?? ? I.oDiaiaaa arenie, Depot 01 Chil-M iron Safee. , <MM-ly B? C. PATTiBON. An^_ tiTABmiMTON BfiWINB BUOMtt. 7" ' ' MMMhmn4MN Nov is thBtun? tofel ttPfUN? aa4 9UMMU ^iifv ^Ez?e:Sr$ftr BANDS neatly rtilafcaa* t??r ii-n p, n. HtfTfv IKE. FIKR. _ POTOMiC WATBK. I am rtill ensued in the PLUMBING *pd GAB FITTING BUSINESS at my old stud in PhilW monio Hall. The advantage ?f hannf a pleatifal supply of water was readily oheerred at the ftre ot yesterday, a* I am waU aaUafied I ahoakl hare ban ourced out bat lor the bountifaf supply apoe aj promises and th*t of my neighbor! . _ Al! order* for the intro<Jaction of Water and 8ai will be promptly attended to. Terma as reasonable as any plnmber in the oity. Jy? C. SNVP^R. W?? GAS FIXTURES. E Hare in store, and are rtai.y receiving, trim PFXTORESof entirely New Pattern* and fcajcn* and Finish, superior in etyle to anything berefcaore offered tn this inarket. We innteaitiaens fener?J ly to oali and examine our stock of Gaa aad Wata* Fixtures, feeling confident that wo hare the beat selected stock in Washington. All Work in the altove line in trusted to oar oara will be promptly attended tn. _ MYERS A MeGHAN. mar S-tf STB 1) treat. 12,000 MMmsttiEisr. the attention of th? public to oar large aad wall aalaoted stock ol Champagne aad Crab Appla Cider, winch we guarantee to be pure iuioe, and will be aotd on rwuinnthl* tsrmi in ornur tn Mkurnmn for oar spring stock. Give us a oall at the Union Bottlei Depot, t* 9 No. iT gfMB ?t.. Oeorrofuw. f! <^/?? BOOKOMT! V \ V^A l'^/? DISPATCH! ^ Jif? the_Pieccs! *K^ At mceidmtt mill kmrun* tvtn to wU-rflmUd fmmiliu, it is my desirable to bare some cheat ud convenient wit tot repairing Parnitara, Tor* Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED ?LCB meets all snob emercenoi#*. ao<4 no hoasebold oh afford to be without it. It is altray> ready and ay to the sticking point. There is no longer a m*msity for nmping chairs, splinter**! Tenders, heaaleto dolls, and broken cradles. It is just the arftole fef cone, shell, ard other ornamental work, so popaw with ladies of refinement and taste. This admirable preparation is asad oold, betu chemically he'd in eolation, and possessing all Um valuable sarC; ties of the best o&hiDet makers' glee. It may be used in the p*aoe of onliaary maoiiage, being vsj?Ut more adhesive. " USEFUL IN E TBR T HO USX." Criet, it oenta. . b.?A Bnih aoccmpaniw each bottlr Wkolumlt No. 48~C?dar street, N?w Yoft. Address HENRY gTsPALDINO * CO.. _ Box No. 3,600, Nnr York. Put tip for Dealers in Ca*es containing Fowr, Eieht.and Twelve I)o*en?a beauUfol LiUocraphie show-Card aoooirpanymr eaeh ^ue. Inr A sinrl* bottle of SPALD1NWS PR*PXhKD GLUE will save ten limes its oost aaDua.i.y to every household Q Sold by all prominent Stationery Drccrists, Hard war* and Fsriutsre Dealers, Grooers, aad t'&Loy Stores. Country merchants should make a not* of SPALDlyU'S PRRPAREP OLUE, wb?n makinc sp their list. It will stand any climate. re 1ft-17 ^ uLriu >?l?y J* c Of V?trh far au if! (U< m A uOCfr' o/lii fnm Wj >700Vi Jl 2*1 (f*** fCMf ?)?n ?tlw|| ly5u^T yluMltlli Mink /!??/ " ^ 2 <7 . ?i? ^dTVmn .*T r >_' P#f? tit r?.? u ?/i if* MtOKin+l , 2M I <#sfo*4 * i $5^ ? BoleK-opr^ior.^ . li5rag?a3M*3i z_?L/ '<> CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAliEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS Hmi> WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE. PROPRIETOR 19 SmnHVIUIUi STREW TORL FOR SALS IN WASHINGTON BY j T-ly flAKBOUK 4 BKMMBR. FREEMAII4 SJlPSnut "*n'"""S WllSrS^iwr 'wih^EMT, andotfa?r brand .from tfeatarfWt MMk of Fiat WhimkiM is the United BtatM _ FREEMAN * MMNOR. riAnix uuuuary, on Ui Sohujlkiil rir*r, flulfc sssnatj^/estjuz imk'jsiisr p>iNcn ?un>, Re?p?ctXuUr ?oiioiu ih? fuimmwd tkrnm^r martwio vutofur ?rt*of# tn U? mowJ>a??w endMvori shall be to rlUN.1^1 Q * ?tnot IM ga fttSE? /.?.?.?'?" . ?. ?*t. ?. k. it?T. L*"" "?"*A5IW(|ir?^MW 1 wmnamwB* JNP^OTINB; u*. PERSIAN FBTI1 C A ft M . nwmm am> aivb *trr* mtirjm TIB MrMAFV OWimTVTICW RAVEP <1 , pmo? wiaoi rur* fiirm/ri ajkd jtMrvor IA iXTMMWmirT AND M/LJOtm FWTMM am IMUIRO MM A DAT. NATWE-k**? ?AltD KMTOBAT1TK. IltrWCTIIfMk IKf&TlNa. im-aotiUMx furBiTwM. lsrscTitrlt, Ixr Meruit. TUUjrrib*# ka??tw UmFRVRI AND MU thro?fko?t th? vort4 mnrr jmt. ami kM nmr *U m? by w4u?l MEDICINAL DISEASE*. whiekaffc* tk? ^I*m. the lire*. tin. heart, or oU ** P*rt? of tfco kiau orga<aiML Tfc* INPECT1N.E u the tatiral M???oaiot of all ft tots,u<flw' j^o??a?ja ?oataot rUto miladiee vluoh ^ro^nrt# Ue auad aatf hoOft'u Mfi the niatrao* of tie dl? That dia the eTetea, lafeM* d"r mmo* ?f epirtte, kaeeitvde, laacaor, paiae. *hilU. hr?r, ui k** tram of diM<nwtli nmIMi, d^pnviaf U? pa beat of ail wars*, aad re4p<?e? Ma o* her to a ooaiitioaof BXTKBMB HBLPLE.S6MK*. Why VfiJ Mr om Buffer th herwi e of a 4oNIitattnc IntarvtitMM Pavar. vta#a t* tfce aoe of Ue IN VALL'ABLB INPUVNK, oa rmUlAH PBTBB CSJaUL Uo ?taeat eiieaJ aad laegieal ?aaH I*? of *Wh ALL TRACES OP DISEASE MAY*,IB ANNIHILATED IN A PBW BOUB B. " r BELP CARB IB BSTTBB THAN PB VBIC. NATURE IB WIBBB THAN AH*. EVBBY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE IHXBDT. THB WISE APPLY WBILE THE POOUSH DBEAM. mm - - ? tmma A M ?f h JJKTTB* rRLfDni IB*n omu? av CURB. DELAYS ARB DARBEBOCB. THE UVPECTIK, PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hm ?W?d IkoaMlll of Mk M1N of tfca Ml draadfkl Pmn. Raad nd utoit WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Um?I Bob?II. mi PIMitMt.lt tr> jmn w?laaa to kiawalf ud aooiaCr? ? U i la CkiUa aad Prrar?aarad la leaa thu tkraa VMta, Mi u?prorad ta atght koara. Mht E. B?lkaa?, flaada*?, Okio, aAar liaoal aiittaat Parar. aritk Ckilla, >aa*orad to kaaitt ta tank hoar a. - " - 1 i. R. Til ton. af Bai?ra4a. Maiaa, fcroackt !H*a daatk'a door, Mrlas aafarad tor faar ran. aUa Adolfka Moahro. of Praaoa, raliaaad la naa kOVa VBtl* MNUIV ? MO ' wn Wayoo m4 Ckioogo Boiln?< H? vm HfMal If 4yiaf wrtk Chili*. Ella* R. Bmkb, of Look port. Tim* Tort, rw8iif4iA(rM*M inn' HTOTH. iivMim ThooMad of ??Uor Mill cwwrt m4 o?rod voir aontk, Mid woi % ?agl? ooaplaurt oi Mm Hkioaof of Uo V WW WP 01 M| w mm lHrKI/TIllK| . ? a , j .? b i P1R8IAN FIVER CHARM. I ! >. | THY IT, FMOTM /*, KNOW If. Ami Mki bm ita BiialwM H*?n Mi oirfcooo, tlmt tkooo wko Wffw, or wbo W thwrtwri with nforuu. nuur bo lod to vm ft do?l?. ? - 4 pfpo/ofcno, tirmfcri by Mm ftoM of < * !>? *? U . It' ; XJJTM BLB83IXO* . ' IS BOLD BY ALL MUMilTI AXB MftMC1NM Mtl M' IM iMMtfU. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, 8M kf Mil ta iw |Mt ( tte Oaitai HM?. It W towmtlT. tamm m v *AJiUFACTU*JH> IT '*, Jomn WILCOX * C , ? ft VTMITf - j RICHMOND, I 10 I Ml A . l* 51* * ^ V BRANCH OPFICX, JH w t'O! WW YO*I CITY. I

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