29 Eylül 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

29 Eylül 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OiTTr SAURDAV Sr^mW?9i 1W. - . ? . !*_ u. L_ . ? Spirit ( tbr .<n?rilo? Pru*. TUe Ctnsiitutiom treata upon what It consider* tb* affinity between tin: DougluiUa ud Republicans. mi>?t wpon ?*lh^r petllkit a?ibject?. The iHtillia-Hctr argues again* tbe elective /udir lirv affttpm JIJT Advice* Oom the Weft report the completion of Lanier's ndlilary wagon road, and a disunion of the oiticcrs employed ou the expedition Mi.;Un * rocd ia also, as baa been stated In recent dispatcher partially finished, bnt not yet In traveling condition. Xrir Mrst-.?We have recelred from neighbor J. P. Kill*, agent for tte celebrated Chlcker Ing pianos, "Dlxey's Land," ?oi)g. by Dan. 1) Lmracit. and toe ? Prince Imperial," a set of nrw and des.^ard to be popular quadrillea. by I.. De Uarrao iJrooks. Published by Ditson. of Boston ID" It is oelievedthat another disaster occurred on ! jike Michigan on the came night on which the Lady Elgin waa li it. The acbooner St. Mary, which lefl Chicago on the same day for Cedar rirer, with eight men and several lady passengers on board, ins not since been heard of. Barnnm's large grizxly bear nearly frl<;bten?d the citizens of Bridgeport, Ct., out of their vita a day or two since, he having escaped from fcis keeper, who was endeavoring to ^et him on board of a steamboat, lie \rc? recaptured before doing any damage. fTT" At Reading, N. J., last week, n mother *a< fiiliRi; a burning laniD with fluid. wi?n the whole exploded, end set on fire the clothes of all that were iu the room, herself and tive children. Three children have died of their burnt The aere*iua of the unfortunate family were heard fir from the house. Every oue In tbe room was aerionsly Injured. IHT" Hon. Win. L. Yancey addressed an audience of three or four thousand persons atEaston, Ml, on Tuesday, on the political Issues of the campaign. The only lsaue, he contended, waa between Breckinridge and Lincoln. He is announced to speak before the New Orleans Yonng Men's Bre kinrid^e and Lane Association on the 25th of Octob-r. Mayor Wood, of New York. It seems, has got worsted in a little war he lately waged with the Croton Water Bjard Last Maybe stopped Mill* WArk at Ika Ut..V O.U -A n? ? ? ?v ?* in iukv, at narirm, much against the judgment of the lJcnrd Several tiims since they have suggested a resumption of the work, bat Mr. Wood gave a deaf ear to all their entreaties But romel ody told the Mayor of the lujury which mnst occur to the pipes from expocur* (a tbe fronts of the coming winter, and so he addressed a comm'jnication to the board, complaialag of their inattention to their duty. The board has replied, aud. by publishing all that has passed on the u'>jTt, given the public eye a look behind the scenes Ifr We have received from the publishers, T. B Peteraou &. Brothers, Philadelphia, through Phlllington, of this city, (who has tbe book for sale,) Camille," or, "Tbe Camelia Lady," by Alexandre Dumas, Junior; Mid to be tbe only true and complete translation; and from the original of which Lave been adapted for the stage the drama ef ' Caotille" and the opera of '< La Traviata." Tbe original ef Marguerite Gantlet, the Camelia Lady, was an actual, living individuality, who?e real name waa Mad lle Maria 0u pieaais. some ten years ago she waa a aparkling French beauty, who, In the Parisian world of faabi on .wielded the faaci Bating power* of a Ninon de l'Kncloa and a De >tael combined, and whose brilliant career and melancholy fate created an unasual ?en?ation, ev*n In that ever-excited city [Ylf-MKDICAI. ASSOCIATION.?The aeiui 1L < aanuai ihhmUu^ of liie Medical Association olTtbe District of Columbia, will held at the Washington Infirmary, on TUESDAY, October 2-1, at lx o'clock lu se 28 3t* J. W. H. LOVEJOY, M. D , See. nr 3-" NOTICE.?Union Grand Lodge of the 1>. C. I_K_? A. V. Masor.a, having accepted theinviUUuu ?iMwlitem to i?v I Me cikimk nlnnit of I he Africa i M. K Ciiorci,ob Twont? third xtreet.be> I ? a ma ? - - - ? mti'ii i. sua m w^eis.on Ml I N J)A V. at 3H o'clk, ?h Leri'bj IjlviU- all our member* acl frienrlt to b" pr-? -ut ivuil le:ul u? their a-<si.->t'\uo<? in op'leavor irc to yroiimtn tti* cmm of o-jr Lord. Several adilrcsiiet will b" <lfhvrrred on that occasion. Byor<er of ibrarr* ?>f Troj-t??s. ?e28-2t* A otooi.E. Uj WEDUlyG AND VISITING CARD F!\UKAVEHS, Importer! of line WEDDTNU STATIONERY, \\ iJiUDlXU E>iVELOPK9. tno molt beautiful stjle*. 376 Pa. Av., 1 etweuo 'Jtu actl lot1) ?u , a.i 27-Cm WaamineTOJU The special attention of the la U oImjhi*! fur raur.Jay, Septt-mbnr 29. At STEVtN'rt'S Fancy Store, 336. Fi, Os-.mm-s >j tut S*a*o? ' It ' .. Out Pricf Om.'v ARAFFI.K. Sll.VKR BASkii V \VCI be rnifleJ on MONDAY NLX T, at' 10 roturnfu; House, on Sixth at, I*l&u4. A fcOuJ Laud of lUI'alO is fcJi?:a<ed _U* J ,NO A'AKL. FM>R 9AI.F.-A PUNGV BOAT called the Remittor, Isjiny in the Kast^rn Branch. AVVUtn JAMli SMITH, on I utroft, be twe#' Sd and 3! street*. ?e 3? 3t* . STANDARD BI.ACK TKAD*> CHK?T* STANDARD BLACK TEA AIM ceuta per p-mud. T:t it. KING A BURCHKLL, *e^29 Corner 15th *t. an'* Vermont av. f?Mft*TOPKNIN<?,ON SATURDAY, >*???* bkr - Kirat hni, and Winter Opeuir.z^gk ..I BfiNM; l\<. HA i>. CAI*!*, and Fr?.?-h^H VANCV i.nfiiM ? -WW Vh--| .lb 3 I IJV 8| 33H, Netwyn 9th ud 15th ?t?. _U__ On* P*ie? Unit! _^0\ MRS l?. AT.l.KN Will np?n . CUruf -dii.Ihe ?lo< Oetoh#r,*l?r*5* hwviv>iif *Mortir.?Dt of H().> N KTt*.xwi CaP^. Rill?i?MJ?, HBA1> DRKS9ES. LaThS*, Ao.. to wnicfc ?J?? iwv th" ?tt*n?tna of th* lartit v miMwl i.?T?nrfw*.?wr> ?nd yicin'tr. C. FILI , PKOFPSHOR OF M.VS1C. 4 fhrmiit mt Hr*i Chtrrrk,) R-npfetfi.lt* info mo hit fri?*n<l? and t'tf public tb?t h* r? ???n6?l iWt'H?ti?? of hi?profe?- \?^ lion KriArrra through the P?f?t tfSJ* . wT -**' TS* ivroTice! NOTICE;:* i\ NOT IO E!t! Openit? <>t *il tb? "VorHties of the s?*s?n, on l*u,r?Uf, number ?. l?o. , [ 33?, b^wMn'^h ind'mhitc It One rriM Only ' U W it bN T S, LOW p RJ r US', Thf tilfcn* to ?.? ??- " V.?1 ?r. ktwuff oi f l ie ,"n i j" i r H, CAKPV.T* *Wl H?>I*?K PURMSHlNGfa tiOOW* rhe?n, is where rents are low andV^^ mall. Tbatclac9is |W ' BROWN'S, iTi *r 23 3t 360 ?*ever,th etx> rf.movaL" 1. AJ'L 81POJ* B''g* are to inform hi?customers and t'.e public ienefaii) that he has removed his WINK STORK and I.AUKR HF.KR DKP<>T f.iiH 13] Kit ?M to 447 Hevrntii ?tree*, sscoul .loor abov* the Patei.t wh?r-* he wi 1 t?e liapp} t-> nipfljf them withevory \an< t) of Liquors, t*etar?. A e. s?3> St FONK PRICK ONLY ! INDING it actual? neeoa?arj to enal.le in to give on' castotTfrs prwper attention ami untira aai la/fcodon, we hav- adopted one price only, and w| 1 Aiders aitictiy to that p-u<uiplr. S 1'fcVKN-a?Deaier in French MiJtinery and Fancy Goods, It Pa. ?v , !>et, tth and l??th sts. . or -U A M HKK KltN'ITl RB <l?f~ \ ^ A M.PAKt.Olt Hrocuti-lie I yrRAlJK Mv> n'fiirKHA<>.n W i Kl?< * ?' \-MVVAN">S, TKTr-A-T>.T?*. ?TWa1*?*. ROt'K-^^^* I l-R- A- A-c. Kx/ iii" t?U' dui??r to others' ten; I / * Vm'ftfors ** ch-njer than other*, ?t I c?'tl ' JjROU.\S,>Or-?.enth?t., re wynT^lwrtli^rn NU'k't I , Katici removal. ' I i >i VITATIONz?I Herolir i??*ifT my customers 1 and the puMie in eenvxl th?t 1 have removjiito 1 k> -iia ft??*iith *? *.. Ohretf dojrs from Mam. 1 w~? 7^1* "*?MteBi,hi,>K 'F VlSHKAN. ONE PK1CE ONLY ! N'?ne hut the vary ba?t goods bow^lw^j 1. Warranted in aJl cams m rs#ra?a?tfa. or rrmuft aqJ polite atteuUoa Hi 0* ? 1 wort r?*?actfalt/ solicit aa early call to *? im hit ?toolF. On feturday. &ept?mbar *. Fall Operiu* or new a./ul ?U?a?t mlwof Mll-U: NKRNV FjtKW'U KI.OWKp^ FKATMfH? .^^ala^iaY** : e** ? r r 'i washiifcitor mvi a. pip eoMir. m Fvsio* in New Yo*e ?The most serious blow thai has be?n (truck since the beginning of the cautau at the hope of the defeat of Lincoln by the popular vote. it. doubtless, the speech delivered by Mr. James T Brady, the * Hard'' Candidate for Governor, In Albany, on TuesAav night last j after having, on but the day beforf^ Written a letter concerning the proposed fusiap, In whieh he heartily endorsed the propriety of (be policy be utterly disclaimed in the>?peech la qrtwtloa l<H?f k. -A 1 'k? > # 1 - ? V av??VI f UV OU?W a?CU IUC | I V/ JMIOTU lUBiUIl. in the speech, be utterly condemned it. Mr. Brady, however, is no politician He asks nothing whatever from any branch of the government or the people, and if bis election aa Governor of the?t*t?of New Yoik were within the range of tbe eventa possible, he would doubtlese decline las present candidacy. K? is* patriot, in every sense of tbe word?his every thought and sentiment wltb reference to public affktrs being influenced wholly by pure, public spirited and patriotic pnrpeaea. Nevertheless, Mr. Brady la egregiously, atrociously wrong ljihls last position tiken. We bold to the correctness of every Mntlmeat be uttered concerning the state of public affairs In his Albany speech. But we diuent. tott tato, from his conclusion of tbe propriety of such action on tbe port of the supporters of Mr. Breckinridge in New York as will defeat all bope of having tbe electoral vote of the F.mplre State cast against Lincoln To New York, as to our own Immediate section of the Confederacy, It is of vital importance that Lincoln should not be elected by tbe people. A thorough combination nf tbe opposition to blm in New York will surely combine as thoroughly against blm the opposition in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nothing else, we fear, will. Unltsg that latter combination be effected, we sincerely believe that tbe da,s of the present Union are numbered. Can New York city (of whom Mr. Brady is the moat signal representative now arilve in politicel ntl tlrs) afford to witness the disruption of the I'nlon, when the heaity cooperation of her Breckinridge rote todefeat Lincoln, their direst enemy, may defeat him ' Mr. Rreckinridge'i cause ha? everything conceivable to gain from a fusion In New York on any conceivable term* against Lincoln?the cause of Mr. Douglas, nothing whatever. Mr. Brady is sincerely devoted to the cause of Mr. Breckln. ridge, yet be has played, in his Albany speech, directly Into the hand* of Mr. I)toi?1m h??in. - o ' -/ taining. to the Lett of Lis ability, his (D.'s) notorious policy of no fusion against Lincoln. While we believe sincerely in the truth of all Mr. Brady's prognostications relative to the future of the Democratic party, we have to inform him that there 1* not friend of Breckinridge in this city, In high or low position, who does not sin. cerely regwt that he has even so far thrown his influence against the only policy through which the defeat of Lincoln Is possible. It U not too late for him to stand by th? sentiments of his letter, rather than by those of his speech delivered on the sncceeding day; and we hope to hear very shortly lhat he has done so Thb Captured Slavek*.?Captain Dornin, commanding I*. S. steamship San Jacinto, reports to the .Navy Department that on the Pth of August last, while pro* cediug from Monrovia to Loando, he had fallen in with and captured an hermaphro. dite brig, without name, having on board a cargo of 619 Africans. Of these, 1?0 were men, 130 women, -.*61 boys, and 6c girls. According to the statement of John Lockbart, a passenger on board, it appears that this vessel is the celebrated Storm King, which brought the two United States deputy marahil* at Ntw York into so ranch difficulty last May; that she left New York under his com maa<1, and wu subsequently sold to a Spanish captain Sue left the African coast about the '>th of August. Captain Oornin directed Lieut. A. K. Hughes to take charge of the prize and proceed to Monrovia, where he would transfer the Africans to Rev. John Seys, the agent cf tbe United States to provide for Africans recaptured by our cruisers. After landing the Africans, he was Instructed to proceed to Norfolk and turn the prize vessel over to the United States authorities there Three of the negroes died before reaching Monrovia. Lieut. Hashes reports that while landing tbe Africans at Monrovia the ship Erie, commanded by Lieut Punlngton, with upwards of kmi Africans on board, captured on the 8th of August by tbe United States steamer Mohican, con.aianaer ?. w. Go Ion, enterel the harbor. Tim Orsss.?The benefit of Mlu Milner, l?*t night, we are happy to say, was a grand succca*, the house being filled to overflowing, and the en. tire company acquitting themselves lu the moat satisfactory manner. The beautiful prima donna, putiru'arly, excited the admiration of the audience and elicited the heartiest applatne. To iilght is the last of the present season here, and of course the house will be filled to its utaso* capacity. The programme is one that is not ofl> * played, and is full of life and fun. For particulars see advertisement In another column. Armt I5t*lliok\ci?Second l.t. O. D Bay ant, 1st cavalry, has been detailed for duty at th* Military Aoademy in the tactical department, vice Lieut Hood. 2d cavalry, relieved. ? _ ? ? v> II ?|M WHW ev-nlng he will be prevallrd upon to address the citizens, end at some length, as there lit great desire on the pert of all to hear him. ' Ixrtuii J* tbb Botal Family or Srani On last Thursday Baron Htoeckl, in full court dress, called officially on the President of the United :HaW, and in a formal manner announced the birth of a Spanish Princess, the daughter of Duke de Montpensier. The President responded In an appropriate address, in which he eipressed great pleasure at receiving Intelligence of such an interesting event, and tendered his sincere congratulation to the Duke and his happy consort. ?~? Naval ?Orders have been given for the immediate preparation of the Saratoga. at Philadelnhi* for the coast of Africa ; the Germaotown, at Nor. folk, for the Home squadron ; and the Vandaiia, at New York, for tbe Kast India squadron. l.*kvi or Abkiju a ?It la snld that Mr Ward, our Minister to China, has written to Washington fur six months leava of abaeacr, owing to the condition of his health. HALL AND W1NTKR OPHNING AT PTE r VKN**a. O.MK PRICE OffLTt Mr sty las Imve nil been selected with the greatest ear* from th<-stonks of our Northern importers, and will he ofl*r?t at fair price* anil one prioe only. All order* executed at the ? ortest notice. and fn full keeping with the l%teit ?<%les. Cail on Saturday, S**pteinl>er 0, ar*i inspeet the tame. At 8TKVENN'S P?iwT Htore. It 336 Pa. avenue, hot, 9th ard tOth sts. rr HI?A D KN!*HtiR?i ACADEMY, i HK Abovn iaatitutMMi m reopened on the 1*h instant. The court* of instruction is Class ca!,. Mathematical a?d Coauuevoiai. Younc gentlemen oan l>? pr pared for oallepatoaar scientific pursuit. A I mi tad number of twarriara wll bo receivail and trusted as 10sin tiers of tbe family. Karl* eppiioation ehoii d b- made, as there are bet few va-anoies. Teraos for i?uard: #)*> per seeeioa of 10 moaths : one-half payable in advaaca. liar pupils from ?5 U? 8W per qufcrtsa^jj^jr^^CBJS stun run tvto* ft dtr from IVMlunctoa to the * " ' ^a^asrfa. tr.'iwk.jtH'.. , - - N* W4 G street, ?wmr JWnrury Drpartmrnt, M ?raUf?l!y MkaovlMlfinc tho u|>or?J ?<*tionv vluob MclMrMofor* bora BUSpil ma vrncfb* U tj pi mm hi* t%troM, b?n Iwrt ? inbrm the etfiwui of WMkmitun wd G?or|?U.wi> th?t hail suj^snjss tog. Pittiac mm4 Ismjm IMr?of mr C?r?tu, and Ita U|ii?,Uowi ?f <>lti C|trp?ta ; U? Hanciogiuf CmviK lk*C?w?| ?f Lauh.m. 8ofM, ft o ; V? IflABobetvrf or **no?tjon ul M?ure#?e?.Pi|lo??, CfftoJOM, ? * ' /? ; y?Qr*?toiA ^VlV^"d!? ' i " T"i ??? Fr? CalittraU. Tbe overland mail, with five through psssengera and San dates to the Tth Instant, has arrived at W>rt Smith Ainon^ the pwengers U J tfarifce Kent, of tha San Francisco Preaa, on route to Boston. Tbe A'lantlcaad Pacific telegraph line vM to be opened to Loa Angeloahv the 30th Instant Senator Latham and fcmily were to leaf* Saa Fraacls'o on tbe 15th Instant for Washlngt#?, bf Uie overland rant*. An extra outfit, embracing everything essential to (heir comfort and capven If nee during their jonraay. waa placed at tbetr disposal. The? will proce<M by easy stAgaa and expect to occupy forty daytjh reaching StyLoula. n m imigc >>l anil I1UIIICU ?DII1D, IIUUI Denton, 111 , was attacked by a party of Arepu and Camanche Indiana at Doubtful Paw Seven horses belonging to the train were killed and others atolen. Tne day following the tame party of Indians attacked another train, and drove on 100 horses Eigh y mules belonging to the Overland Mall Company were atolen by the Indiana at the Bora* Head crossing of the Psr.es river, but thev were subsequently recaptured by the men belonging to the station, who took then from the camp of the Indiana by stratagem Two com pan lea of troopa are reported en reute from Salt I?ake to Fort Brewster, on the Mambrlea river. Nothing new baa transpired in relation to the Arliona mines. The suspected Incendiaries are !e?vl?tcT Mnrth. ernTexas'in large number* About 3wTwagons belonging to this clan are now strung along the rood northerly of Red River. Their destination is supposed to be Kansas or Mlauurl. The overland mail waa detained one day by high water In the Colorado, near Sackett's Milla. The California pony express with advices to the 15th lnst , baa arrived at St. Joseph. Hon. Reverdy Johnson, of Md., addressed a large andlence at San Francisco on the evening of the 18th, on the occasion of the aunlvemry of the fire department. The speech was a strong appeal to the t'nion sentiment. The Breckinridge State Convention, recently assembled at Sacramento, after nominating an electoral ticket adopted rt solutions endorsing the Administration of James Buchanan, favoring the overland mall and Pacific railroad, and recommending the people to vote In favor of calling a convention to revise the State Constitution. Dr. Wm. H . Stone baa been tried before Judge Hardy, for killing a member of the last Leglslai ture, and acquitted. The value of the exports of California products since September 1, is stated at near S5UU.UU), exclusive of treasure A new woolen factory U nearly completed in San Francisco, being the second establishment of the kind that has been erected within about fifteen months. Some heavy lawsuits have l>een commenced at rimn V?ll? 'PI ' - - - ?,.,reT, 1 ury lirr uruu^m oyonf Biri/Ill and persons connected with him against the Ophif Company for 81,800,000, and against the Mexican Company for the recovery of 81.?W.UU0. The suits ; are thought for the recovery of damages. The Washoe mining account* continue f?vorahie. The receipts of ore at San Francisco con* tinue large. Trade coutluues steady at San Francisco, with a regular demand for goods from first hands frf the supply of jobbers" stocks. The only article evincing any speculative feeling iscrushed sugar, which may be noted very firm at 13 cents Kx-Postmastir Fowl k a?In the I'nitcd States District Court, at New York, on Tuesday, Judge BetU derided to Issue a corn mission to take the evidence of Isaac V Fowler, late postm-ister, and now in Havana, 1n the case pending between the United States and his (Fowler's) sureties, Messrs. George Law and ti. G. Conover. Overcoats, fall suits, furnishing GOODS, HATSan'JCAPb at my tisral low price*. at SMITH'S. s? i3 I m *- ? ii-?t OTTPIHIl BV? |\T J 1ST RECEIVED i^KW And beantiTuI tyle* of WALKING CANE?, in rich and |>i?aMr.? variety. at I.ANE S Gentlemen*' FarnUhinit Store, ??2K-3t (Con.) 4!i4 Pa ?v? near 4^ ?t M~"FAM. OPENING. 18S THOMPSON Will introdnce our new otyleg of FA!.]. MlLLI.NF.R V on Saturday. -"nti inktant. Lartiftaare respectfully >nvit<HlE&jP Uatuwd. HUTCHINSON A IWl'NRO, av X 3t 310 Pa av , between 9th and 10th ?t?. COUGHS, COI/DS. HOARSENESS, fto. TYLt k'S COM PO V v o 5 YH VP OF G UM ARABIC Thit plMaant and popular Cough Remedy hat l>eeu mi ion* known and extensively used, that moit pori ns h?*o beccm? familiar with iU extraordinary tflioaey. It oan b* had at a'l the Drino:pa! drn< ttores at 25 and % cents a t>ottle. He 23 d>mdcoo4m* HO N E Y : H O N E Y if! HONEY!!! Th?citizen* of Washington can !> ?upp i?l with the very West Honey, in any quantity from one half round up to one ton wei<ht. at 609 Seventh atrai t. ? and, or in Conter Market, between 8th arwi 9th treeta ?e 28 2t? t'ANFIKI.n Birv'Ki vn i. aov First Lieut. John B. Hood,2d cavalry, baa been relieved from tlie operation of the special order assigning bim to duty at the Military Academy, and has been authorized to avail hiirself of tlie eight months leave of absence granted to him in a previous special order. Arrival or Me. Yascet.?Mr. Yancey. It la uppoK-d, will reach Washington tlila evening about aix o'clock, and again be the gueat of ex-Marahal Hoover, who left for Baltimore this morning, with a view of accompanying him hither. J , We hope that in the event of fci? ?")??' ">' la the Store just opened by BAR fc B & O., 391 Skvkxtm Stekrt, Kitwkix H asdI, Jlrrt Door to Thj/"mf9. And why i Lrcanse there *ou will find an nn menfely larte atoek of al! kinds of liooda upper taininc to thin line of business, too numerous to mention?alI the latent and moat nagnikoent at) Sen that th? wrld produeea. Our Kooda are bought on the mo*tfavorable terina. and will be sold at the Hinal>e?t advanc? abjve co.it, 4hien wi'l be adifference of at leant ten per oeut. in comparison to prices charjul in otlitr homes lor the R<vm? tood*. All k?o la warranted aa to their quality, ar.d ijo advantage wlll.be taken in *el in* to anr person unacquainted m the different qualities of gooda Fair J??*alinir anil Low l'rlc*a ia our motto. A glance at our atock, and our way of doing bnsinesa, will be satisfactory to all who will favor ?a with a call. K7* Take notice of the nnmber- 301 ? the or.l? oiore o| tty kn.d in lh\t nqoarc. ne 27 4t F~~OR SAI-K-A ?? >oTn? GRAY HOKSfc work? we'i in harnoM. Apply *" . FLEMMING k. FOY'S* tMfcWf. C ;nr^t,*U3k Iwtw^on Four-and a-iialf and btat'h atreats. * ?' ' *n a>-PoCt YOU CAN BUY AM. KINDS OK GKNTK' UNDKKGA KMENTtf a: tho Paojiea' Okthinc Store, No. 400 Saventn ?U, oppotit* Post Of. tic*. ? H -1m a FELT HATS-FELT. HATS, A!>D CAPS, T? For Gcnta, Youth*, and iioya, in great va-^^ rictr.of all colon, now opening at J.ANE'S Fashionable Hat anil Cap feture. Bea st 434 Pay av.. near 4K ?t. COAL, WOOD. L1MR. SAND, CEMENT. HAIK, AN1> HLA^I ER. r1 M /^? . fl?- ? -?' ? I' - 1 4,?w f?nw?. Him win [#? <m<?nnr?inu on Monday, Tuesday, &iul Wednesday next. 2 cargoen of Co?l, of the very l>e?t quality. lia!tirn??re Company \Vhit9 A?h and Fre? Burning Red Aili Coal of all si*ea. Alao, one cargo NBW YORK CEMENT Alloi whicn will be aold on the mo*t aooootraodaung terini to oaah or prompt cuitomera. C. M. K KYS? Office?No 54** 12th and C atraeta. ae?n-3t Wmm FALL OR* 0OODS H" E Are now receiving abea*tifal aasortmeutvf fuot and Staple Gooda of the latest tyie?,embmciiu all the .ateat importation* ; such as? Poatina, Valour Ottoinana in variety. Franch MonaiHiM*. Fig tired and Plain Satin fintahed Merinos. Cloaking Ciottia, Arab Clo?fcs in creat variety, rascywllrs from ? cents to 42,2no pieoei Callow's, from 6A4 to 12X cent*, Fall and Winter Shawls in iireat variety, Mousselines and Plaid Irom 12 to &i emu. Vaientia fcoclWh Mohair* and Brouatellea Hooped Skirts, Hosiery, Gloves, Gauntlets. Phavl Borderin(. Family Blankets, Bleached and Brown Shaetinga, Toweling*, Tab.e Linens, *c. Oar etook i* now very complete, and we offer it on the noat aoooaimodati % terms. <1, i?n?"K ? HUTCHISON* 1 Notice to journeymen tailors,] [>r at home AND ABROAD. , 1 The following i? ? <**rr?et Hrt of the employer* I who pay the hill ?>* ? recomizwi ky, I $T. H.^tantord!1 MA ^n?th, i uval'ft Bro., Matlook A Herbert, | , J Wm. Tucker, . I G. W. Hinu?n A Co., J-r- MpjnUmh, . tl London fc Co./ '' Tta.lt. 8i*y, I B. M. Draw : Vaixtoraa. *>??3<? | WKUICHURCH REck^lO.N CARDS, I New aod ^ ?e35-e<>St 326 Fa. av^ bet*. 9tTn?,nfi IflttT?t?. I town ; or at the ^gjYLouajjBOROUGH. /t -a*M.W*v ?1? _( iiht KKCeiVBD, ft 6?f atook ot FALL) teeseJrSfiS'Hs uavjl \ fat'J ^ ?f ' I FOR SAIjF..?Patent runts for counties in the Stat-* of Maryland and Delaware ol VAN DEMARK'S PATENT PORTABLE FENCE. To any acti vo parson* who would canvas* the counties and soil individual farm richts of this valuable ?at>-nt it ufl > ? unu?iial inducement*. Address R. IASK1NS. Georgetown, I). C. so28-3t* 'l'HK LADIES MI ST NOT FORGET THAT ' I the* will find ?he lie^t assortment of FRENCH FI.OWKKS, RIB1$<'\S, StrawCd HONNETtj, JOCKEYS, and all kinds of Fancy Goods, at SHEDD'S, *" jay Eleventh street. J EVERY BODY'S INTEREST. U8T Received ?>nr PaLL and WINTER CLOTHI N?i. to whioh your attention is called as 1 am confident that I can sell cood CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS a. d CAPS at lower prices than any othor h 'use in the eitj. ?e 38-1 m SMITH, No. 460 Seventh St. r*i CARD. IMK CHAS. HEPBURN Most ro?p"ctful!> bo^ii 'rare t<< return thanks to his fjc?ndj? and the public dnririf hi* timo in b'ldineT". He now has on hand a lam* a??ortmeflt o! iibaon'a XXX Whiakj. A!*o. the ?fnnrv for *o ;<1 Aie. whirti < *n t?? fnrni?h?<( at Uip ahorteat notice ; and a Krc? atopk of Cigars and (?r At No. 81 L<mi?i?na av.. b?tw?-en Hth and Hth it*. we 'i? 31* / "J.RAND OPENINU! KM NO DECEPTION ! The Best Place now in thia city To Purchase ChiMer, Aun* H<rr??u, U L Stoor, Mrs M 3 Dick, Mtee M V Hinkie. Mr* U ilitair, Emu Ouw, Mia* Nellie Headrreoa, 9?lw Scene, Mr* M II Dt>*, Arabella JMii,hrik E Smith, Sarah A IV* , ElJtxfcedi St Jefcn, Mr* O DaBoitt. J*n?ut K?Hh, Mil Steward. Ann M Duawtry, M*ukU F Keane. Aim Tr>;,Mri twbu I)?ii, Caroline Kiug, Mr* Mary A Tomer, Mr* H ff Dodaon, Marion hi<uer. Mia* J Vuli, Mm M P??n*f, Uu'A Liacoia. UriHarih Well*, Mr* Mary Kaalinau, Pr .itf r F McCaitha, Mirr elah, Mra L McPuftl, Marihi S W*lk?r, Jin* C Eiward*. l*rl>ella MrKtaiir, J.?? ? Watkiae, Ariiee EUnore, Mary A McnermoM, Ann Whiting, M T. Elliott. Mary McMihn, F.mnie Weeton, Alice Finn, C Itharin* M.ice, Mr? Jno Wiluami, Lncy t'mUi Mr* Mary GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Aiidi^vi, I)r F H Uibeo?.Jr, VVaoJ Sfem I BarrMt Andrew*, T F Urod, W? M Nillia, A J Al?x mder, I.te N 8 0**n, Robt T App ?hy, Jaa H <iioa ia, Pauick O'Fallaa. B Andrews, J I)? i tiiiMitCx Pjlmer, Woi

Adam*, Juo (4 timae, J?hri.n Puce, W L Anrii*w*,fiR Borwl;, Jao Pttatii. W 8 V Andrews, I> R tirobb, lie* M Peer*, F F Airi-uider, CO Uotmaii, E<1 .?d Piailar, Peer Hnn.t Tl rn r.i,...- r-w u.?j*? ?" * ~*r-? w?uicv, ni n Bright, IV !I <ir?ei?*ood, A I) Bittli, Tht? H.in, Wm A Po?le, Jat?2 Balzell, Hon Thot llnni, W I' Phillip., J D Brown, S P Hobbt, Wm Palmer,H I. Bryan, Ri.hard Hendcrtc/D. Thne A Pluilip*. P A Burk, Patrick H Handy, S H Peiert.Chat Brown, O Htini & Spillin.m 2 Price, CM?2 Billnrd, MelvilU Hint*. R K (^urtn, Kichalai L Butch, Meh H.ttnurt, Kichd Robinton, Tliua II BilUy, J?2 Howell, P P R,ce, Thot Birch, Jut P Hupkint, P A Robmton, Mulur Ball, J 8 HockidiTi Jno M 2 Ra?tell,J Boyd, Jeremiah Hopkiat, Jno Robmtou, Joa Butt, Jno Heuderton, J O H Remt, Jno Brown, Jno Holielow, Jno T Reine, Henry Boyd,J Herbert,U W Roux,GruS~ Brown, Jat T fluil, Edward Richarrttoo.a C Bojan, Jno P floorer, Albert Riehardt, P J Brenard, .'tut Hulhitfr. I>r C r Btrker, Jacob Hutchingi, Chi* Rnffin, Ldwaid Biley.JF Hunt, Dr CP Raeenel, K P?2 B:ucker, J O B?2 H*y?, B fc Rucker. I) n Barih, H C llmej.AJ R?niit mcr, P A Eicon, He:irv iofalla, C*in R Renuinrer, C Rfi BIov, HtDfr T Jickirp, R If RichiMa, C P Bricham, l? W Jorijrti.R Rainkftrdt, J A Biutli.GC JoUt aou.r Rnflri, A ff Birduil, U N Jaekeon, JS Reed, A Barron, E W? ? Jones,G W Rochefnrt, A ? Burke, Edward Janus, D W C R*nd?il. A W Bisbop, EF Jackmau, AP Handera, Tt>o? B B?*?,DA Jncoha, A R?*J Syininrtin, Th?t Brook., OR Kdn.WKO S>wur, S S Bell, D R Ki.b;,Siiplitt SchenolTou, Peter Blood, CH kirkxm, Mr She i, >1 O B'rrett, C H Ke*U, Jut B-'J Shew, M H Burnliain, B Kaulunn, Jonaa Simih, U M Bonn, Aioui# Kenned;, Jno 51 Sullnau, M Bxker, A R Ko^ken.JR fiir^mmfll, L Bnell, A W?3 Kiii?,(jeoW?i Smith, Lutian Co*. Washington F Kjstleeouy, Frank Smith, Jno Colin.*, Win Kuch, Alex S?tw?rkrpp, K A Crowvy, R?ht Kendall, A L. Sfrwart, Jne N Coleman. R I Matthews, Win Snyder, Jae Campbell, Pat Mothonv, Win Shrnio, Jo* Coons, Mr?i Maxwell,Thoe S'fdraan, J B Coomee. J W Melady, R.chd NnlliTsn, J J LUrk. JliO Mant^n. P#t?r MiKla. ll..a? Campbell, Jno Mtllt, M Stuar'^HA Collura, J**E Moore, J i? If Hlecke, H H (.in.*, Jim Lynch, W Mhow.UeoW Carroll,J A Lillle, W H Sutherland, E C'Uton, llenry 8 Liutbi um, Thoe Sch-ifherd, E Crootle, E O Lent, 8 E Hhnurct, C-rn?!in? Campbell U C Lnwenoicin, M Taylor, Bur k 1 C1??,CM Lour don, L L Thomp.on.T IJfliM.W I-3 Lanin, Jno Thoinr.aoi,, 8 M jJoo.ild, R UtmiKr, H TTiaovaki, Jo* f Hmm01,'; iA Tiioui J. O L T)?nnei.Wr',WtM L(?n, H P T.lbott, G W Pofly, Mich Lualleue. EAT Thmnpeon. E U Dare, Jno Loaf don, Or A Tbonwe, A N Dniimiifrinn, J II Muga.U' Veal, Moat. |) i*un.x. Jnn Mincheater, Job M Vondenmrk, C l)f tuorlin, J II Maree.Jiell Waterbure.WB I>or?ey, l>r Jno Miller, Jno C Wiiuauie/W II Duller, Win Miller, Jno Witu, W ) D.il'ii, Geo M Miller, J-ie A Walker. R T Daw eon, trig* tj Mxrun, Jno B W?tt?, 8 S IkiemiifjC# Martin, J B, jr We bate r. N Elgin, W m Makepexce. J B Wo .de, N A Edward*. R (J M.non, Jaa R Ward, J J A Krvia, J.a W Mitldleim., H O Walker, Jno Edward*, Danl Mead, E W Wilaon, JH?3 rorreet, W II M?nn?kee, E Walhe, J *f ^ ?'d, Tho* Moodr. C C Wiljlrum f P Kljtui, Tko. Miixb?U, C M W*l.h, f'*rr?r, Satnl Mott.R Wngfr, Hrnr/ flmtr, L<?n M?C?nj. C Wood.Gr* Krr, Ll J B ?2 VVhiuir UtsM Fi^nee.J.MD McLcod, R M W.nd.GtoW P*rfi?w?rrt, J B MrMyir, W Wllliim*. O C Krinkland. H W N^n.o.KV WhrtUr.il Krbyn, il l> NiclioUon, TImm W ill, C A t'rami. Anloni Nixon, R B Wajiuan, AUl (iatircll.WB Ntwman, P J MIKtKLLANF.Ol'8 -Ediw nod Propritlor of ih* Fl>( an'1 L'ttion, Prop uf tin Herald; A. V.; A 8. { "Lkttkrb must la all cask* bx Pup aid. ttep 3 WM. J ONES. P. M. WANTS. WANTED?Br a youne centleman, BOARD in a priate family (wiiere tnere are no other hoarders preferred ) Addrets "Herbert," Mar Office. _ ?? 29 2t* BOARD.?Wanted, a eomfortab'y furnished Room, with full Board. Sy a toiiu* man. Term* not to exceed $18 per month Address ''Addison," Star Q(Tm?. ?" 29 2t* WANTED?A TKNAaT for a two story frame house, containing 7 room* and (agrafe ? o? ???ion given tli" I?t October. Inquire at SOU A1 stre-t, betweon Oth and 7th ats., next door. I K.- .'I WANTED TO RENT.?Tke snbscriher wishes to rent* FARM oontaiuing from I* to 60 acre* of good land not over 5 mile* fmiu WaahuuU'S. The hnuae mu?t be in good repxir aMlo-jntaiu ahoat 6 rooinn. For such a pl*c* a? wohM 'lilt, a fair rent would I* paid; and if satisfactory to ail parti**, I might buy Jcfo.-e the onl of the vear. Please a-Uli l>y letter," I. V I) /' Hox 23*, Richmond, Va., stating low**t rent, size of farm, number ef rooms in house, distance frotn Washington, A a, Ac. ?e S9-4t? W~ ANTED?PAINTERS, at No.47# Eleventh street. eea-2.* J. W. KARr WANTED-A middle-aged WOMAN, t? take caro of a small ohi d. An American and Pr<4 r?mni p*eierr?i. Apply at INo. 389 F st. sonthwett ciMUT F and loth sts. Reoommendations required. we at 4t? ANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE. eligibly locato<l i" the First Ward, containing 2 parlors, a good-siz"<d dining room, 5 or 6 chambers, aiifl servants* lod?in*s. A I ne addressed to A.,S'ar Otfior, will receive attention. se2*-?t* W~ANTRD TO B" Y-Cheao for cash in hand,a -all BLILDINU SITKhetwren Washington ami Georgetown, about equally convenient to both cities. Address, witii description of property and lowest ??.?* prioe, P. E. P., Washington I'ost Offioe. >'3 2' I 117ANTED?To have everyf?odT know that thpv " can find a fine and well selected stock pf "ALL and * IftTKfc CLOTHING, FUKNISf. INO (illODS, HATS and CAfS at th? Pfoali' Clott ing Store, No. 460 Seveath st., opposite Pqat Olfice. ?e38 In lUAMTBD-flv a young girl, a SITUATION aa ?? nurse snd chambermaid, or to do housework. Address Do* No 4 , Star Offioe. so 77 31 ?T A *T?w?rv 1* - - -* ??/ ni c.11? *?f it ia?iv in Aiexaoitria.a WHITE WOMAN fr?lRI., tn c^ok, wa?h,and iron. A poly at 463 dixth itreet, Washington, for any information. ? W-8t* ANTED?A SITUATION, hy a younf m?, a* port?r m a grocery atore. er any ether limine* whore he oan make hiinaelf severally ?aefn!. Apply Box 4.at thU office. M27-6t* WHANTED IMMEIHATELY-A food OYSTER 8HUCKER. Apply at ROIMEIT? WhU? H<>M?e,''en Hijh *troet, near the Canal, Qgonretoirn.- MB 3t VyAN rEp-A^WET NURSE, in rood health.. , , wa iuou luimm, ?no wni rccomnwn(M. A<ldreaa to l)r. GARNET T, Nt?tk atraat, batween E and F. 1* 2I-Kt fcbeoan bars an excellent recommendation. rltwt apply at No. 037, oornar Firat aad B atreeta amth, at ih?iix>t of tha Capitol. , aa 87-3t WA N T E D?Cooks, Chambermaid*, Nuraa*, Heamafeaaea, Eanndreaaea. and two Color?4 Waiter* for fanulMa jaat returned to the ait; from their aummer reorfs. App!J, with refareacea. at the Union Intelligence and houm Agency Offiee, Bo. 1* LnniitMa iwmit, nearty opposite City all. Fanuliy can procure *<>o<l and capable ?arvanuatthi* office on rea*onal>le tniu Rote.a and board ng houaea ?ui>pli?d aa uaaal DUNCAN * F*ENOH. ?-aoat* Proprietor a WANTED?Bt aaober and ataady young Ma. a SITUATION aa ooaelrmaa,or aortar ia a rrooerv atora. Beat of raeommendationa fivaa. Pleaeeaddraaa o7H..Star Offloe. aa? lyr* \J7ANTpD-A CLE UK.who iaao?aaiBted with T *Y the city trade for a Jkwaky Star* Beat of refcraucaa required. Addraaa T. H., No. ?, f?Ur \17 ANTE CMBjra ateady and taduatnona man, % THB!KluilB?l?BlK88?W 1 JSST" fWhi""-? 5E55S ~ au lihdi. Porto Rmo and C*b? Hun, pan Mrktl; . flBHS^?lS6l?ET0N * BSM.L. t 4 Rt*AiNi4?8iT tne WMhltlUI I Oity, D. C., a*?te>mber 29. iwn. lOrdered to be inserted in the ?T*m, it iKMuc ids upwBpuprr n%vin* the larecs' eirenlatioo I of any AjuW pap*r pubiuh?d in WMhinftufe] IpPAn pef?>?is Affhifc* far letters m UwWIow- I ing list* will fl*?e Mr the* m OTSftTflUT. 1 ladiks- urr. M Arnij-.A"411"*. r 1". Mmfia < y | Allen, BlitU A KeaMll, M-ry Rifh,Mnli I Arliiigttk>> Qfkclit Flctcfc'r. Mir; A M##u\ f<oj3? I Burlilji?? ?artt?vEVfc Kfet, L^i#B Plltfll, M ller. Mnl Bro>k.Mi**M?n'?E Uvrnn, Mi?? K Mitchell, Mr* Jao Brooke,Mi**M?t'eU <i?iir*ll, Mr* T ft Martin. Mn E Blikt, Mri M ?ry O Orejorr, Sarah A Martin, Mrt M J B<niii>!< JcniiniiM Uillu, Mis* l'lleii Morn*. Belle Biker, Mn A H Gineion, Nmicj Nolan, Mr* Ann* Butler, Mmha UrtCt4, Mi?* A !tixan, Mrs !t L M Btrtin, Rate G?r?er, Lucy A Nichoia, Mr* Ch?? Bnt'er, M*ry linhtm, MriiiW O'Siel, Wiuefied Biwen, M?t? A ll?**<7, Banma J P*rker, Mra J<t>? Colt, Mm A Htot, Mxt* A Aueei, Hr* Aun Ch???, Sinin H Hirrim, Bille It RnhrrUon, Mr* Oe? Ctukt, Bcmu Hthm, Mra W P Roaf, t>tk*rme * Ct-othe, Uo*e M H?oe*bjr,Mr* (.*'? R erm, Mt*? M*ry | (.1 irk. Martha litpraihan. Mr* Jnu llucbie, Mi?* 1 Cow^er, Liine Hoa-leu, Mm M Rot ber*on. Mi?* L Cutamao, tliift lliraoa. Mr* Jao Stake*. AJied Cou?*T. Mr* E J Haiiel. Mr* M'? A AMUSEMENT8. MlftGTON THKATR K. COOPER AMERICAS OPERA TROUPE, l n?ttpas*?<l h* vi/Compare. nun re r*' foreign, in _ 'natedttAtee,end nnmherinc TH?'September 1?T. '1' tk# haaatiful Open of . cmDKRJJLLA! Su,KLi^Mly Pln Chorus and a powerful Orwslw.liiew^tlnder the direction of _ N^J^^-COOPKR. ' ^v^umvA^ U,l'?vn Lnndoa.) AN Nil* MlLNbK,( Prima D<<niift AuoluU.) Rrorn open at ?' ; Opera to oommenoe at R o'clk. noriof AdtniMion: Drees Circle and Ftrqu*. T crata ; ?ccured reata S centa extra; OroheaU Chairs *1 ; Private Boxes ?8 each. Sf?ti tccureu at Metioroti'a Munc St?re. It S~ 0 I RE E , Fo* tki BajtxriT or ? - A WIDOW LADY. JK At VKIDT'S ROOM, rm 1W* and Iili.M Ou MONDAY f. VENINO, Oct. I. M * Tfckets lor sale At the door. it 292.* rpilt OR EAT PARTY OP TIIK SEASON ! REMEMBER LAST NOVEMBER! SECOND GRAND COTILLON PARTT of ti* Metropolitan Club, Ho. L The membera of thia Club take pleaa?re in informing their many frienda that tne> will give ?hair % **conil craod Cotillon I'artv ?t Thorn's Uall. on WEDNESDAY KVKN1NO. Oetober 3 TIim pledge themselves ti at neither rai rsMBB nor expense wilt be spared to make this the rery l>e?t paity of the xeavon. Hchroeder'a ce ebrated rotil.on music has hoeu engaged for the occa-ion. T gats sn cent*, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. i ommtuet of Arranttmt*u. ChM. Lciwh, Geo. Miller, Will. A. Cliaunce), Benj. l?e?ch. It* OOK our FOR THB HICKORY BOYS! rorRTil GRAND ASSEMBLY ot the Hickory Club Will place MONDAY KVKNISO. October 1st, At THORS'S JHALL,1th -t? btt D and E. Tii* inrf"l>er? pl?v'j?> Uiem?e v?s to srare no pain* to make this the inoet agrroaMe and pf<*ai?aiit party of the ?*?**o? Strmt ortJer will he preserved. Kaputa'a Citizen*' Hand haa ttner.JHB encased lor the a gentleman and ladiea, in cents. By o-der'T^lTs Committee of Arrangement* ?e W 3'.* Look out for the stewart hoi. lAMiaiB. % FIRST if RAND BALL fif of the 8TKWART HOLLANDCLUR I# Will take p ate at Stott'? UA.LL.on TUE'DA Y? Ortol>er 16. Particulars in a future advertiaetneal. ?< 27 3t* _ QDD FELLOWS' II A L L. BY PARTICULAR REQUEST. THE IIOIjMANB WILL (ilVE THRKK M"RE ENTERTAIN M F. N T8 THURSDA V. FRIDA Y nnl SA TIRDi V EYENINUS. Sty'- nndi'th. THE HOLM AH Juvonile Parlor Opera Troupe. < Vnrpriaing th? ni"?t talented children in the world. The name* rompi ieint thin Tr???pe are the same as wtteu at Pa'aoe <?ardei? and Hop- Ctiapel. New Yoik, a< <1 now at the Continental Theater. Philadelphia. VI*: Miss SAL I. IK HoLWAN. Prnn? Donna t>M??ue; LITTLE JULIA. ~La Petit* Patti." Pianul JLilii I'ltmAiilAiin* kl fL D IlL'ki I * ? i'lZl' * ?>I\ A MjV. Balladio? and Di&lec'atikt; MAfTF-R aL^ RKI). Comedian. Buntone, Buffo. a d !*rare Drummer ; Mr* (ibl)RGt) HOI.AIAN. Prim* DontaS prano mi l Pianiet, Mr. GLO. HOLM AN. i poor and Tutor. Prioeof a-im???ion 25 eent?; rwerrod neats JS ct?. extra. riokPt* for ?ale at J. I". El!?a\ !'*. ftv . between 9th and tOtli et*. ?o 0 St ^RAND COTILLON PARTY! The member* of the FRANKLIN FIRE COMPANY take pleaetie in informing t.ieir * fri?ndBth(?t!|,PirHRSTCOTll.l.ON P^R If TY OF THK fSKASi'N wiil Imu iii at tlioir^^A Hall on T< KSDA Y, ttie ?'d October, I8h?i. M e 24,26,Z>,Octl .2 YyA?IIINGTON THEATER. Sole Leasee and M?n?*er * W. Glenn. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will o??n for the regular Fill and Winter J*e?*on on the night of THFRWDAY. \n?ism l?r. JOSEPH JKFFFRSOX The C'nnediai: of the A*e, wil. oomuieno* an eumcin^ntnr f*?iTe Night* ftn MONDAY. November Vh. a-.d vi.I be fo.lowil bjt>?e mo>t BRILJ.UNT STARS In taeTheatrieal Firmamert. (L/" CnmroniMUom if addressed to fl. W. Glsxm, "Ola Howery Theater," New York, will m#ft with prompt atteniion. ?u li-tf LOST-AND FOUND. fOST?Ye*ter?i?\ oa Pe?n.avenue.or in an om-A nibus to Geo-setowu, a POCK KT BOOK coi?? tainitic a mm ? f tnon^r, ''<K>k r>f n? mora- rta aud mie papera. Kind-r wil be ?ewarr1->d hv bri .kiiic it to Rev. F. E. iiOYLE, St. Pttnek'a Church. It* rO?T-On Sattirday, 22d instant, supposed in j cnini lrom L>r. Pytie * Church " r it^ /r-*\ a* U - ?i n / *' - J iiiu r ???., or ir<roi metico l<> iihUi..'* rai'rotri depot,a p?ir of GOt.O SPECTACMS. A liberal row*'d will h- given if left at No. 3?'i F t., between 9th and 10th. It* IO'T-Somawliere ix-tweon the Noithern I.itm> ties anil Co!nm'>i* College. ?n Fourteenth ?t . it MOROCCO POCK KT BOt)K oo-Uininf pup r* of value tu no one but the owner. A ewer'of 55 wi 1 l?e eiveu the fin<1er if lelt at the St*r <Jtfiee. or tho re?iileiic? of Dr. G ARNET T, Ninth itree:, !>*tween K and F ?treet? ee 2B-.W ~ for"sale and ke>tt7~ [For otktr ltfor SaU and /J?a" <Hirtrturrnni*t lit jfril ptft ] _ 1TOR RENT-Two ROOMS o?^ the first Coor, r one on tho ceoond, and two in the garret, at No. S97 B utreet, Capitol Hill, which will beremed t j one pen jb, or more. Inquire on the prenieee. e 29-lt* K'un. nr..i i.? ins newchreft-atory HOU?K cm 17 New York avenue, N?. 1M, aew the interaection of New Jersey avenue, containing large saloon, parior, dintnr and rittinf rooms, pantry, bed-rowan, kitchen wit* pump of we|> water in it, and alt >r?tuer one of tbe moat convenient bouses built For particulars inquire next door to the premises.or at POWKLI. 80roo*ry Store, corner of M. V. avenue aad ?th itrMt, ee ? St IRNISHEI) OR I NF1RMSHED ROOM *, with RO aRD. can be i.ad by applying ar 4H9 E atroet. h? t ween 3d and itb et?. ; ??>H it* PQR RBN.T-A Mat HKICK HOCSE. *30 m. rhirw?ntli etre?t, between H Rnd f.lilitiKl, containing 4 large room*. |*?uc?, haaei:i?nt. k t h?u and cellar, ail in tb? l>a?t order, beautiful ?atl, arbor, ah&rte tre?* aud flower#, and a pump of (Xoetlant water To a go *1 tenant rent moderate. For further information iaqaire next door. , , FHURRKNT.-AMtt POTTAGE containing* room*, with A acre* of l**?d, iteiar U:? railroad to Baltimore, aid within 4 o >nrc? of a ?t.i!;on where tlio iare to regular pa**-u^er* krarcely?toarda tha* ot at oinn:hu?. Ko- pa.-ticniar? apply to C. S.C''.Vl'lili. Kaa . near CooUa'a Sta'ioa. ??r to J. f). McPHERSON, , at th? Court o| Claims. _ ?? 3R-3t* OUSK. AND KrRNlTURK. ?nely ?ituatwl, in ttaorgetown, nfor rant. Apply to R. BAR NARD, ooriior 9th at*act and Pa avoaM. af 27jt, I^OR SALJv?Tfte PROPKRTY aituatact at the eoiii^r of C and 13th atraou aoutn. known aa we Feiffion property. Inquire of JOHN f Ml RPHfcY, a-?arent for th? oroaerty corn* l?th and C atraatr, m WILLIAM 6ASTON PSARtfO V & q* Wi . , &*L POR RKNT?Tb? threc-?tory-and-<ha'?niart ? Bnck DNo *9* Li ' ji P It oon Uin?dinrnf-?oom,*itchM.F p?dor?. 6 chamber* and *id? wu?; baa a jrardan attached. with' ff^u'*ve^ to???"> c?T?n on th? lit jTo Md punoiuai tpaiujt th? n?# wll l?mf dtrttt, Appir to GFO J hrI r PGRLR, at Jaakaon, Bro&V argnua. MZl-'f 17UR RKNT?A m rrtrrn hmilt T1m?? - * - d ?_ J. BOUSE. with back-baildiac. oontaiaing tan rooma; food drj cellars; marb.e mantlfa la parlor*; dumb virttr, and other con*?nien?ea; situated an N street aarth, be*we?n Mi aad 19th *traata wear. Rent moderate. For terma ia*aire aoxtdoor weat. aen'TlUMtM. V ' ' [ DOR RENT-Thtaw saw BRICK HOUSES*, r contauiiM rooma caeh, in Um band none raw of briek hniMmta recently erected on Ninth street, between M and N ata. A I*?. eae for rale on rerjr X lOtkU: 'i! bnilder, or at the shoe atUia oppoaite se)5 la" CP OR RKNT-?A oettace built BRICK HOtSK a on Maea. av.. Na. 3*7, between l'Hu and 11th ata., whh side lot, flower garden aad frui? treets. The hoaae oontatna nine room, beside bath-room, cloeete and cellar. A futnp of axeaiiant water ia the kiteiien, aad watei aad gae throughout. AM 1 on ?e yremtaea. . ae^i-it* FOB SALE -<? #er tkr*.ef Um three naw twoIV itt>r> BRIC* BOUpBij with twu rton back h?U(i?ms, with artSTbnJtftonta. on 11th it?*at. between O aad P ata north. Teraw thraa hun Lib?rUe? MirkM, .T*rai uau?u?*J* Ju Affly DALg csr* ^"LicaSsiL* LA'ft-i pmcsw JM^ISSS? ?'a t?rr#n I, andM?maltoHt> m?. 7 pnu?ihini Mvfcu to (J* iUt?r kfcqa* foa* mm ta Oct?rt?*?: |i.? 7 ?. .?? AUUTIUPf HAL EN. S; WALI. t BAINAID. Aimiomm. 4 *OODTHlER BTORY AND ATTIC ?Rir* Horn o? ??*? . JOTVJJMM Haiti, at Ari*Wi.-Ol MONDAY APTRK NiKJN. 1.1 Q?Ufc?',? ? o'alaefc. ? la irftnt of th" nwiwi. Lot No. 1. la nurt ?ai, f ronti?r U IM innh?? But! *tra?t. ta4 ran nmr b*?k ? f*?t mobM. hM?mi M inN Ha., and in arored b? a cood Uiraa-aC^ry *"d attic I.rick dwcilini. lUfMut KMfmaidlfcocJNtiMrf tb? m<et imfroTii;| part of the city. T*rnk? Qa* flird M*k; tM rwlM ia ,12 a?4 U ?llllw lllir>r ?<?? ol UBttM U? IIMifM. M9-d WALL A BARNARD. Aaota. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. By A. 6REEN, AiMoiNr. ON MONDAY. &*ptoatMrM,MM. ? atoll ?l'.. in front of th? ynwiM.tl ?'?o?k p la oomphanoe with th? torn* of* dood of traat to aa ? of lU* iao?l r<?o<"d? of W MklH ton oouaty. parta of oM 11 Md m iimno Mr, bo#iauun lor the watt 40 MM 3 IMM from ? oathwMt oornor or Mid ??*-**> running ami Ml on ? lin* with D ?tr?M Mat* ? ttWH L3S3ERS; SKfiSt T*rmm: Ob?-fourth omu , tfc* biliin tt?,:i?M 18 month?. ?fUr ?Ut ofwTe, with n?U? wnf tw adaed of tract on the proniiMa. lrthf t*^a* of M.* re not cKHnpiiod with within lf*4Mi?lbrU?4*f of tfc? trwstMw rmrvt the ri*ht to rtwii i)m Cpartj U UM ^uritiMer'i riskiMoait,aftor tlrone wot i f n?tie*. uMHtvldi A. GRKEM. A not. p. m..>F ordor of Um TruWM. M 35 . GREEN. Aiiot. ETTHE ABOVE SAUB 18 POSTPONED on aoooant ol Ut rui, anti. SATURDAY. Uw 2?tt> mat , Mm* hoar *nd_p ace. B' order of Um Tr**t?e*. *? A. GRKKN. Awt By WALL * BARNARD. Aactioneer*. A CCTION BALK OF A LARGE STOCK Of /a. fancy ooom at thi itou or J. o. oimm, No so pkhm. avmcb. mtwtu sth amd ttll 9tp ?On TBI r?d\\ ,Scptf rr.bar 7Tlb iu(,?oii mwrioing at 1" o'clock and on mwrtiiif da?* anai 1 ii diapraMt of I will Mil largo ?nok of? L uibraiiaa, RiM>on*, Hon cry. EinhroidoriM, Soapa. IrinuBiag*, Kxt-aota, Velvet*, CoraeU, fonncta. Can brio*. Bonnet Mka. tairt Front*. Nwa, IU??ion*. I Ladiea' Merino Vcata. Handkerchiefs. Geota' Undershirt* and Drawer*. Flowers. Kuchea. Ptilr Fringe*. Berege Grenediae*. Lacs rral Md imitation. and *11 other articles usual.y kept id a Fai.?v Store. It will Ke to the ir.t?reet of ladle* a *4 *11 other* to attend, as the roods nut be sold to eloee. aipt btrcmn* mi* ne expected. Terms: AH "till under cash. over #F? <w credit of an ?m1 do <te* s JNO. rf.Met^iTCHKN.TrMtee eUd WALL 4 UARNARD. AmIS. FUTURE DATS. Rv THO? DOW LING ; Oeorjetown f^ENTEEL ri'RNITI'llE AT ArCTION U i?n MuNDA V MOKNING eeit. the let Or tober. it tfl o cock, aft the eoiwer of FirAsadfota mac streets. I sha 1 veil the Farntere aai KIT" '* of a tent eman deolieiae houaekeepsee.eo*eieti?u?. as t _ ? ? ? * - ? i M?nnsanj J"iaeiK?attl, TeMoe. Chair*. Carpet*. ( r?xsker* nr<) ?? aai Wl a. | Mirrm?,( !ihH, Fwllirr Bede. Hor- fc'j Mftllr< a*?? Bedlln?, & ?. Kitchen Ferwtnre. Stov*a, A c Terme ofmle: AM inmi of and under ?S oafh . | nvm fts % M 3? tift ? dura, (or approved end<>ree?j not re, bannc idImm* b? p St "HiO*. PtJWUNG. A met. \1 * Kc*H A J/t* KALK,?In ti-Im of t writ of 1*1 6?-| fac.as iuum fiam the Clerk Oftoe er the t irouit Court of the Piatnet of Columbia tvr the Count? o( Waftkmctoa. And to me dirented. I will cxp?<. to pub.10 ?*lr, fur ouk. in fo nt of tfc? Court il'iuM ?1oro( ?aiO county on MONOAV. the let dm of 0<"tob??r next.1Mn.ftt tte'elook m a defendant 'a nicht, title, claim and interest in a?<t to Lot No b, in Cesar* 41'.In the oit? of ttmli iacton, D. C, together w th ail and *iafular the improvements thereon, eeized and levied ?por aa the property of V\ illiam BianoMrd, ud will be o!d to *ati?fr judioiala No. M. to JMMry twu 1*?., in favor of J ease B. WUeon. W, f^RLDEN, IT. 8. Marshal for the Diatriot of Colaanbia. ssft-dta By A.GRFEN. Aaotioneer. Tim RUFTFB'SSALB OF HORSES >ai> CAB virtue of a deed of trust 'i?m Jamta ilei<ry to me, the saderMf ?ed, recorded in Liber J. A K., No. 1?. at foliea 4 4. Ae , I shall, on TUBSD^Y. the *4 of Ootober^af 1"?'?)ook a. ! ".? ?f I?'I ,Tf ir-iviw A* UIW B AIOUOQ Roomr, corner of SavenUi and D itmti? 2 Horm awl 9 Carryall'. Term*: On*-third ia oath, ad the raaidaa .r th? pnri?:a?tr'? rauaiacu ril? at dn and to daya, with intaraat. The Tr??t*a rw*irN th? richt of rwaia, up-?L nw da? '? notiaa. at th* ruk and ooat of tka parchaaer iad?-faatt, if th* teriua of sala arc avt oi>.oauad arim 01 tkt day of a!a. W. A. MAl Ky.frgatoa. ufld A. OlRfeV, Aacrt_ I?J BARNAH U k BUCKEY. ahoUODMM, VtTf'Imr-*, D. C. T)OSITIVK SALfc OK VAL.UABI E Bl'ILPi. ix? Lot in Ukokoktowx. D. C.?On WfcD NES1MY AFTERNOON. 3d OcU-bar. at half past 4 o'ol'wk. yre wi.I in front <-f th* pr*nua??, ?*rt < f |,o: GP. fronting t> feat tkf norm aid* \V??r at reel. and manioc r>aak <> fert. between Ji (fereon ami Waa ir.iUm tt.erla. Titla perfect, and sale without r**err*. Term : On* third ca?h; the reaidae ia 6, IS and 13 i?the. bwiac ntereat. aecureo by a deed of truat on Uie preiuiaea. _ _ _ aa^d BaRNAM>* BLCRKV. Ancta M j A. GREEN. Auotiooear. HOr?EHOI.D AND KITCHEN FrtaiTctw at ATrrio*.?oti THl RS>7>AY,tl?e fth nay of Oo?ot>er. J ah ail arit, at the reaidtvoeof Mra Mark, No. 3? 0 Pith atreet. neat to the c fner of H?'., at lOo'cioek a m.,ar.?xoelleot aaao'lniect of Far nit?ire,vi?: . Mahogany and Wa'mit foNa.Clniraand Roekera. Do Diwt m" othor Bm?hh, Marhle top &*d other Tft' iea and bianda, .. , Thro* Painted Ccttaj? C.'>aaher JV-u, on* I**' t^p, 0*latcaaa, Wardrobes, WatiirUada and Cfcne Cfaure, Feather Beds, Bidding and Mattreca. China, b act, Crockery and !Hum Wan, B i'ifli and other Carpeta, 0>< kmc Md other (* #???, With a <ovd lot o' Kitchen R^qoieiter. Tfrm?: A!I i"ina <? and aeder |V cash; over 92V a s red > t of Wand Mdayi, for approvadaotaraed not??. ti?anm inter eat. _wa?l_ A GRKF.N, A?et FOR STAMPING | A PACKET OfVAPB*. [ AND ENTKLOPEfl I NO I TO MATCH, J _ _ I mt ?ka CHARGE) METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMON?, Ar'nts f?r I.atctmrr't ctl?6rm'?d Limem Fmrf . | j "MttrmviuuM 4**c. x? It 33'i P%. ?r . h*. vt *n4 1?f1r ?t?. qld ?ic. nSZf jsrjza MOSONOAHEIA RTF WHISKKV, Co&BOimtionalydinllrd br Mr J?m?? Homndf. rwovr.smr pre* at lov.tamr t?rn> nf pay IB* M SZofi'i>L'~ n&iL??fm"r WOOD! _ ? w o o d n i "i?*" *** a"nuiM *A? <!? ZZc*.?iLifcilMh: IMH??1 WASHINGTON ' ' (FIBS) iN8tT E.ANCJE ? 4>mw?nf t*0tk bin* OHrA^r' ?.. ?! ?jat." *"?' jgr | atti-^frisr I " WTw. KBTHEvTI. or Alle*any County, Pennn.. ia the oid (a?hi<>ne<{ honeet way. (tot. ti>? cbwwH A?xl moat carefully *e.ecuw Kje. and in no ouc vr+i ofered for anie until Adapted to whofeaome nee by at* 1* i? At oom the moat pa)AMtb<e,Aa it i* etna atioallr on# of tfte parget bevar*?*e Um r**?A of Un aii??lie. To the invAlid.aa vail a* to thwaa in baAlUi.it oonunaoda iteeir for tu 'nnnTAlJed qua'itiaaA* a 1 Miaulnnt of tba a* feet. an reel, And moat baaaiier t description. and many of the ataat rl11 a|Btah abjaiciaaa are uncfUig lb air praoUoe with'ha hAppieit reau'ta. CLERY A *TOC*DALB, Pra?iia>w. Agent for the Preariatora 4t? p. A* . eat* *m ppaatte Wizards' Woia.. Tnkw srppurs: AYI.OH k HTTCHfeoff. ?* h?ar*M *P??e. m are now reoeivin* their itock of FA UL VOOW. aailiraoiuf Ail the new mxl daauaU.e ?tyl or tba aea?cn, to wlich tbaj oordiAlhin vita the ntteation of hu yew generally. ? WK HAVE JUBT RECKIVED k NEW Af wrtmul of&toiaway A ^ a afcrafat rjMinUM OirntoartiMititHlilio La i?Mrkl art raapaotfaili tmhmM to ? ! a?4 Mt FFR^OTT*1 T** ** * Or5 ?TOClf~ * ALWA^ COM^LEXlTOF l%h * wrtViRMOHielt^rinc fr-^*?oa' an _ t??W PIANO FUBTK^ ?er? ?iza. ?tyia,?o*Ja and fcmafc.at to suit the tinwa. O'd Piano* token mptrt pifinri for uew. Tbs Ch c*-r,nj?" hav? beau nwardad ?" ail??r mdti* M Oh Mtrnt aatkitotioM in Uta L mtMl Htotoa fur to* aup^riOTita ot tocir I'UUioa ovtr a 1 other num. Thair Pianna ara

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