9 Ekim 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

9 Ekim 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I,PC A L NEWS, j in7"TiiOUith The 9ta* la pron ft* faateet tttia. yrtM* In me south of Baltimore, ita edition U so large as to require it to he put ti pn? at a mriy boor; Adu tkiWorr, ihonid h* Witt In before W o clork m ; otherwise they may )Mt appear until the nqit day. City Coujicim, Oet 8, 1860 ?Board / AM**? ??? ? Tbe board me? at theuaoal hour, Mr Btyly in the chair. * c<r**rsicAiio??. . One from the Water Purveyor, traoamlUlap a report of tbe teattngof the four-way stop cook and Are plug invented and patented by Joe L. IjOWry JTb* report Mate* that the cap ??d 0r*t aeetion of due uer nus^ana nirn *u MtedbrHr. I?r* iTe-^v's friend* to aw?it hU arrival, and UJ? w* Q mated. tbe Court postponing tbe CM tilt ?e*l fkurdiy wm%. _ TH* A^C??CCT ? Mr KJUM: I m la tb? ftur short time ago an account of tfc* _ 11 of the work on tbe various part* ?f the r?7 of the Washington Aaqedort, '.aaladicBerk Creek bridg* Now, Mr. Kdtu.r. tf you _M11 l&form nx9 wbo U going to do the tone **m -w utere w 111 be avme proapect of Uxm woik "SSSeinB doue, but U*cl*Bom is waiting for the -fTr and tie is not reody to cocae, and the to-* ho is to d. tbe work* as now is **5* K?t time Numbers of macbastoe aio <wi tUe ^irouad day after day. Wtiwdy swalUng*^. J ?|,iml You will plea*jfjj'e us S?er light iuc uuaru men wo* up me oiu ream cling the ^Mle of zoods, ?u?. sad merchandise The jm tblll requires a special license for the sale of weod, *t<m# *?d lumber Am amendment ?m offered kaepxcepttng sueb persons a? should haul wrtx?d to ?'w>ark?-t by wagon er otherwise. Tb- bill was ?passed. M amended v Tbe beard Ibeu sdj earned. 'OiriAW Covkt ?A rawefMNM neveitynnd ntereet came before the Orphan*' Court on Saturday last It was an application for power of ad* ministration on tbe estate of the late Mrs Chase Harney, who died in New York within a few days past- The application was made by Mr. Kdwsrd DeKrsflV cousin ot deceased, and waa resisted bv tbe friends of Mr. Chase Barney, who is not In Washington, bat Is ex peeled froari Fran.? la a very sbo-t Ume. The administration waa asked by Mrs Chase Barney's cousin on the g rotted that tbe lady had bees divorced. and that tbe law of Maryland of IKM miking her husband administrator did not apply. It was resisted oh the ground that tbe divorce, procured la lovrv on the 17th of Angust last, after only three months' residence, was nail and void, being contrary tbe law of that State, which require* six monthf residence, also on tbe ground that toe^e |s nothing whereee to admlnUter: and, farther, that the separate eetate ot ?be lady la re possible for debts th* Second Ward Bill to pavean^tley In square W> Bill to trim and grave) Sixth ?tr.et wnt from H to D streets north. Bill to trim ajid travel Sixth ?Ur*-i wot trout D street U> Fa aw. Dill t? ;;rade and Knroi Tenth street west from N to CJ streets north Bill U> lav n gravel footwalk on North Cafltol street. Bllltoconstrurt two stench trspa on i ?nth street west B ill to grade B street ?vwth froiu Seventh to Fourteenth street west. Bill to set the curbstones and peve tbe footway on tbe north front of square Jl-. Bill to grsd*- and yravel fcieveuth street west from N to P streets north. B 11 to abate a i.uisance in New Hatnp* shtre avenue at the intersection of Tweuty-s -ootid street w? st Bill to lay a water ma.n on 0 street north BSOLCTlOaS PASSKD. A resolution in relation to the improvement of footways and avenues in front or the ptriblic fee, grounds; a resolution to alter the seventh section * of the act regulating markets; resolution au J thoriz1n?r P. H Sage to weigh hay, fodder, and Z? oats la um straw; a resolution la relation to tbe removing of the marble fiom tbe strssls In the ft* KrflL Word. -d> MISCBLLAIIZOVS. A bill for tbe relief of J ames Towles was r?.ported from tbs committee on claims with an amendment, but both tbe bill and ameadiseuti ik were rejected TW- i -? *1- a. - aa-. ^ -- west; passed Bill to Ujr k w iter msin In b street north. from Fourth to htxth atreets w?t; passed Rill making apprapriatton for tb? contingent i and other expenses or the public athools for the vear eediag Jane 3u. IttOl. Mr. Doaoho moved to increase the aalvy of the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees from #430 to **?. Mr. Bobrer moved to amend by abollahlag the office of the Treasurer, and make It the duty of the Secretary to perform the dutlea of tbe Treatwxtt. Wat, by ayea a, noes 8 The ci'?estio? then recurred on the proposition of Mr l>onoho; which waa adopted oy aye* 9, bo? 1. T lki bill waa tbea read a third tliue and passed Bill of tbe lower Board to make ni^bt arhools permanent portion of the public school system; pissed Mr h *ber, from tbesp*?talcommittee to whom was referred certain pepers la connection with the top-cock of Mr Lowry and that of Capt. Meigs, re per ted the same baek.aadaakedtobealschar^td from tbe further ceasideration of tbe same. la aaktng to be discharged. Mr. Fisher stated tkat tbe question involved in the papers was oae if had thought from the flrat the Corporation of { Washington had nothing to do with Such wm also tbe opinion of the committee It waa an alaed iu/rlngeiuent of a patent right, and cunld y be settled in a proper court. The speaker bed been accused oa all Lands, out of doors, cf a disposition to shirk tbe duty involved in an investigation of the papers, and he wished to state tbat so far fr?m that be bud been ready from the ti st to report. lie had never had but one opinion fn relation to it, and had been preparrd to report In tU'rntv minittM :*fti>r roailintr fh? r*-? iu.rs aiul * ?? / ?i?u w uit u uinncii van nuirn w owu ub tach'from tbe plug without Interfering with each ether la any way J The report was referred to the proper committee. Oue irum tbe Mayor, nominating the following as Fruit*** of iL? Public School*. Flr?t District? R B Ironside, Charles Abert, Geo. C. Ame*< Se: ond District?M-H Miller. James Lawremson, \V. S. tort; Third District?F. S. Walah, St. W Mr Knew, AW Miller; Fourth District?J. E , Wlllett, F Wbvte, James K Holmead; for f*ecrrttrr, Rohert Rlcketts; for Treasurer, Val. Harban^n; referred Also, one f ?o? tbe Mayor trasmitting the report of tbe Water Registrar for the month of September: r--ferred PKTITIOS8. Of the Messrs WtUard, la relation to the man*jf?rture of ?* for their hotel; of Jacob Hideou and othera. for a water main; of B J Klopfer and other*, for a water main: letters from sundry gas-work manufacturers of New York, la relation to the Injury to adjacent buildings where gaa works Mr erected near them for private purpose*; petition of Keruion Mr Kenny and other*. In relation to the ailing np of a gully; all of which were j referred. ctotaiTTFE BJtromrs. Bill autborlninar the Watur l'u'*eyor to connect 1 tbe city water mains with the United State* tbtr- I ty-lnch mains: pared. Bill to lay m water main lu k lirtftt north, froin Sriauth to Mnth w? bm-m ana loewvpvr icrnwi in a nine lev tbun oae minute, on tb? second trial fivesectioas of h<?? were attached ia 2 J| miautc*; an the tbl.d trial tbe cap wm detached from the plug, the water turu?il off, the rap x^aia atlaebnd to the ping. the water tamed on and eight atreams play*ng In the spare of 1)? minutes, without r?se. The eouensalou was tried by water gu&ge placed on a 1'otomac-Water pipe, and was as follows: i TK- eight valves were shutdown lnatantwsiisly, and cauted a concussion of only 21 lbs , on *tautting down five valves, the concussion wuonlr* ; on slutting the plug valve, no coaoassfon whatever was perceptible The report savs. further, ttwlll never be necessary, under any circumstances, for the firemen to shut down these valves, n? wtm done at the trial; and that the moat important f-aUire of the Lowry plug la the remarkabla facility with which wnrssaea cau {((tat aad repair the plug without slatting off at nlnediffereat Ciata. as i* the case with the system now In use, -refer throwing out of use nine different plugs , during the time occupied In snaking repairs. By al?owfw'a plug, only oue plug is thrown out of use ia Biasing repairs Another advantage is the fam rH'tw ailk ta.v.i.1. M. ? -J J ?xilr Wn withheld from <foing to :it tL? r? quest of the friends ?f the contcst'ug lltfxaT>K '? tb? case Thu? tar matter bad b^en postponed for several weeka after the committee had been called ' together and had decided aa to their action la the ca?%. The apeaker made these remarka in order to ** ahow tM who bad been circulating report* of varinu* kinds, tbat he had no disposition whatever to shirk anv duty devolving upon him aa a member of the OHy Couucil or otherwise. Oa motion, the committee vu discharged. Mr Kiaher Introduced a resolution of inquiry aa to how many of Mei^s" atop rocks have Wen u?cd by the Corporation, where aet, aud how set, If - n iUMl B'lTto lay a watermain In Tenth street west, from K to 1 lUreti north; pasaed. It it t to lay Dai; footwaya In the Second ward; pasaed. Li. 11 to a?t the curbstone and pave the fo ttwav on tlx* tu r.ortn front ot aqnare No 118; foavd Joint res-<? olnt'on to repair the roof of the Citv Hall; putted Revolution in relation to the testing of l,owry't w .ter way; p*aaed. Adjourned. Cimmm* linnet I?The Board met at the usual hour, the'President in the Chair. cox*t;*icatio!?s. Report of the Water Ra^istrar for the month of .fH-ptrniUtr, report of the Ward Apothecaries for ?stbe nsarter enaiDK September 3lrth, IsOU; report at .M*ie Water Purveyor; monthly report of the Invrf> Mbw^-Tt ?*f tbe Aay'lom; -all of wblefc were appro Ji'tplrly referred. BILLS UO PITIYIOMS IXTRODCCID. jpipmiar paving sad gravelling Nineteenth street ?Aw?IIMU. hill b> lay footwava in the Second Ward; ^ aatifl to repair an alley fn square 457: petition of <<lary TmIiiiiii, sating to be refunded taxes erro^Jf^rneoualy paid;?all of which were appropriately ^ referred. BILLS, &C., PASSED. Hill to grade North Capitol street, between G and H streets north Hill to lav flair fmtmn I? Him** or tub Jacmsr* fBaicKii?aiT?E> Dwwocsatw Association Last Evuxuru ? Notwitfcsttndlng the ua propitious itate of Ike woathsr last night, the attendance on the regular meeting of this association was eqnally as lirgr a? on any pr?viot>s occasion, sad quite as much enthusiasm ilsfrfared Among otbeT business transacted was the perfecting of arrangements for receiving telegraphic dispatches aver* ball hoar ai the result, as far as cw be ascertained, of the elections to be held to-day la Pennsylvaaia, Ohio, and Indlinv These dlspatrbes will be recelvrd by the Pies'dent of tbe asaoclatlon until a very late hoar to-nif ht. iMimimicijr imouxicca in lot nail 01 tnr Breckinridge Association, on the sonth aide of Pennsylvania avenue, between Ponr-a?A-a-half and Sixth streets. It being known that the Hon. Mr. Wlgfkll, of Texas, Yancoy, of Ala.,ai>d Jenkins, ot Vs., were in Ike city, on notion a committee was appointed to wait on those gentlemen and Invite them to address tbe association In the meantime, Mr. B. A Jamieoon. of Ind., was called upon, and entertained tb? ^isocisUoa until tbe arrival of Messrs. Wigfiilt and Jenkins, by the delivery of a truly eloquent and interesting address At the conclusion of Mr Jamieson's remarks, the President of the Associatton (Dr. Boyle) introduced Senator Wlgfall, of Texas, who lie said had kindly consented to address the association. This announcement was received with loud applause. Mr. Wlgfall commenced by saying that by his acceptance of the kind Invitation to address them It should not be implied thst he intended to make them a set speech. Ho came to exchange congratulations with them upon some facts which he would state as to the condftlon of the country through which be had come, rather than to make anything like a speech The fact of bia presence In Waatlngton should be a sufficient evidence that the State from which be hailed was aafe [Applause.] After the recent election In Tcxm tie found it unnecessary to remain there so far as c.invasslng was concerned Tbe enemy were then completely routed, and there was nothing nojw left of them excepting tbe dead and the wounded; and havlug no fancy to ride over a H?ld that bad already been ploughed by artillery and swept bv cavalrv?havtiur no Inclination to amuse himself in masaacreing the wounded and mutilating the dead, be thought be would come to tome country, if it could be found, where the enemy was standing In square ready for the charge In regard to the prospects in the various State* tbrongh which be bad traveled, be would say that Louisiana tbey expected to carry by a small in-jority: Mississippi and Alabama, of ccurae. were safe; in Tennessee, all parties admitted that unless Mr. Douglas couldcarrv off ten thousand tbey were sure of that State; Arkansas and Texas tbey would carry by overwhelming majorities. As to the other States be could give them uo information, iuasinuch as be knew uothing personally about them. In Mississippi, also, and Tennessee, be arid, their opponents were making singular charges against that uarty. In one breath tbey charged them with being dlsuuionists; with making new and lmnrartirahlfi issn?a ? ? r. vov<v laauu, V4 WD>U?UIIII|??tU ICBW" of political orthodoxy tbat tbe soundest democrats were driven from the platform; and in the same breath they charged them with having adopted an unmeaning and ?enseless declaration of faith. Tbey said, tfcat If by Mr Davis's resolutions, or tbe democratic platform, which embodied tbe prloetpl>* of those resolutions, bis party meant anything. ihev would have voted for Mr. Brown's slavt--< od?i bill, and for bis resolutions declaring that tbe emergency had already arisen. The elo2uent speaker replied to these various charges In atail, and gave ht? reasons for not voting ror tbe slave-code bill of Mr. Brown, aitd his proposition declaring tbe emergency to have arisen reqnirlng action by tbe Federal Government One of those reasons was, that the attempt to pass such a bill In the Senate would only involve a long, agitating discussion, without effecting the least good Even if pasied la tbe Senate, it con Id uot have been carried through tbe House Again, in tbe Presidential contest which was so soon to follow, the friends of the measure, if such had been passed, would have had their whole time engrcssed in defending tbe details of tbe bill, and had no time to dlsonss tbe great principles Involved. He, for one, aid not vote ettber for Mr. Brown's resolutions declaring tbat an emergency now existed, or for Mr: ClinyinanN, declaring that such emergency did not exist. This existence or non-exlsteace of su emergency was a question of fact about which he did not Intend or care to express an opinion. He reviewed at some length the political course of Jud^e Liouglas denouncing biiii at a spy. .Mr. Doughis could not be called a "traitor'' to the democratic party, because be was never a bona fidt member of that party. He was always regarded as unsound upou many of the reat principle* avowed by that party, such as tne internal improvement question, and tariff and others He was now frond to be unsound u)wb the ^reat ailabsorbing: question of "domestic slavery." He referred also to the doctrines and political record of Joltu Rell and Edward Everett. Their election would be highly detrimental to the dearest rights of the Soutu. This add eas was an exceeding able and interesting one; and though be spoke for upwards of an hour, lie was listened to throughout with the most jutease Interest T1* Hod Mr. Jenkins, of the thirteenth congressional district of Virginia, followed in a brief bat forcible speech. At th( Msxtihg of the Teachers' Association of Ibis city, ou Saturday evening last. Dr Detrich gave a criticism on Tenuey's lieology. The critic expressed the opinion that tbe best adapted work for the Sf honirooin that ha? thna 1*r h?n to the attention of teachers Mr O O. Wight gave a brief account of tha lste roeetineof the National Tearhers' Association at Buffalo, N. V* Mr. Wight expressed the pinion that the permanency of thi* association la no w a fli?d fact, and that It has entered upon a career?f influence and usefulness. The speaker also extolled In high terms the hospitality of the citizens of Buffalo. Mr Z. Richards made a brief report of the meeting of the American Institute held in Boston during the month of Augnst He stated that the most interesting feature of the meeting was the discussion of the snbject of physical training in schools, which elicited general interest, and was rendered rmiaently practical by the Introduction of Dr. Lewis, who not onlr gave an outline otf his j>!an for conducting physical exercises in connection vritU sohooia und families, but gave a very ist^resUi??f demonstration of the practicability of hia system by the exercises of a class before a lar^e and intrreated audience. The most skeptical were apparently convinced thst his system was not only practical but just snch as ought to be Introduced into ail our schools. Its characteristics are?1st Simplicity; id Adaptability, tirst in being calculated to develop and strengthen every part of the physical system, aud, second, to excite emotions or pleasure, fun aod competition; 3d Cheapness, so as to bring It within tLe reach of any school where there Is a suitable room, and a tewher who is Qualified to eive directions anil take toe trad. Dr wai called ap aeveral timet, and be succeeded li kindllug a spirit of enthusiasm and Interest which will not probably stop until every school of a prominent character shall adopt his system or something analogous. The Teachers' Association of this c ity will probably take up the report at its next meeting, and fIts a practical bearing to the subject. It may ) proper state In this connection that Mr. Rtenards stated that he hid Introduced tbe systeni successfully into the Union Female Academy, and in a mnrtner entirely satisfactory to himself and to *11 who had become acquainted with It; and we nnde'stand that Mr. and Mrs. Ktcliards will be pleased to wHoosna patents and guardiana, and peraees interested in thle education of youth te auty of the exercise* of their gymnasium er of Hjnr P uwi ; T | -I _ . , r J Thb Revival?The meetings are till In progress In aeverai churehes of the Method!it drmoaaMiaiiua, and with indications of mach longer cmtlm?ar,' although they tare already been prou acted nearly two weeks at aome of them The .loads threatened heavy rain laat night about the hoar of aervtce,*nd the congregations wove much leM than rrtnal. At the Me<bodlet Church South, the paator, Re*. Mr Proctor, delivered a brief exhortatloa, after which the remaining time was passed in slngtag and psayer at the altar, where a penitent invoked the prayers tod counsel of tbe church. . At the Method let Protestant Church, Ninth .?Ve*t. ReT. P. Lltfht Wilson, paator, delivered a brief lor tare upon die text of Hebrews, 4.16; after wliwh the members gathered about the altar and paased tht remaining thrie th Singing and prayer wktn the peottento who pnwtlid themselvea. Rev. mr: Wcrtwoed, of I'fllMi Chapel, waa announced to prcAth to-night at this church. A bavtax Nioat Watcumah^A^ few mornings atuce a woman limped into thetrlfice of the Chief at Police aed exhibited an arm covered with btatek end Mtaa welta, which she charged bad been Inflicted open her tbe night previous by her husband, a member of tbe night watch. $le Shhdttat ber shoulders isd other imIi of Bi>r fi.? Rr.MKMHKR: 1 VFIBffON Hu opcced ta Stvrath itrMt, b*tw?ei I and Northern I.fbgrtin Markc ?3S3. oc 9 Ct IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE COJ^KTl ?.r "^.s^ ? Aaiflv apeuao. Tb* Chief ma( Um unfortunate crtaMNll Jaattae Pur<uaa?. to whom ahe exblbiitt b*-r frightful looking- Irijarlet la U>? pretence f aoveral H#-HUeeBen,e!lof whom concurred fa tb? opinion that Ue Man wb? could thai abuse a belpjU woman, and WMh S?B(fWBffS?!af pfevRi' . ' ^ " forso Friiu DsraavAToa.?Aaa Coranocb, a ?tfl * wreeteeo, ww erfeted laat wbek larceflM wbich afee wa? ch.-.rged with, MdkoM (?f?furtlier hatrlng. Off-e? Wqtfeu, who *< rUrge of tboewea, baa bees ?uttmo:.lug Wltae?t? tfiT aevtral dap part In tbe fol^win* caaee: Laiorny ?X book from St. Mattfeewr i ObitNbi r?r* from 9?. Moyaitit; money front a JTu^F*. ?-?? ??L.T I M r Mitt 1 ttuw *? *?"* ??"w a dwelling on Fowl* itw(. She appetn I* onrc I Mrf IIULb fat tkm matt. Former *rrcsti for p?ty J sftim b*n luidnnnil her, tad the mention of Tw fnende aad aeq?ainiaaoe? of the family an r?M*otf?lly invited to attend hi* funeral. from hn late i? idenoe, No.4?l Sixth at., between C an< Loniaiara ar., on to-morrow (Wednesday) Biter noon, at 3 o'clock. * In lUaeratown, Md., JOHN R. HIJMRICK HOOsI?, formerly of thi* city, in the iMh-yiar o At r.Mi rvnsningion uourcn, on inr?;n miuini hyRevTur KT?nT WILLIAM A. WATSON U MAGGIE F. SMITH. (B&lto. Son aad California paper* oopy.) O* the morniag of the gth instant, ALICE EH NE8TINE, afed 28 days, only child of Wm. H and Elvina N. Harbour (Baito. Bun oopy.) AtTopeka, K. T , October let,ia?, by Rev. Jao A Steele, father of the bride*. Rev. J. H PARK of Nm>iii.T?n . to Mian MART K. STEELE and S. W. HAMPTON, of Washington, D. C? U Mi** MAOQia H. STEELE. DIED. On Monday, the 8th inet., ABNER H. YOL NO in the 58th year of hi* ace. The friend* of the family are invited to attend hit faneral.frontthe Foundry Chnroh, on 14th street on Wednesday, at 3 p. m. On the 8th inatant, in the 39th year of her ace Sisa MARY CARVER AOAMS, daughter o; k*. Adam*. Esq. Her funeral wilt take place from the residence o her ffc*b?r, No. 31 4>? street. to morrow (Wednea day,) at 3 o'clock p in ; at wnich the fiienda of thi family areiavited to attend. * Oa the ttk lnitaat, of constipation and ialamma Uon ? lb* bowela, JACOM SCHMIDT, m th< 3N mm of hi* ace b?n knawhim hot tn Ion kl? bloom ot health to the pailifl eheen. sold Dy Ml ifrncgists, at2Sc.,Kte., and fl per box. wai* To the ArrucTXD!?Be sure to read theadvertineiiient of McLean's trtrenntliemng Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf U> alike, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in oar paper. Read it; it will interest you. au 2fi-eoly Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphrey* A. Co.'s specifio Ho Mopauuo Remedied put np expr?s?!y for family use, in hexes, at 25 and cents each. Also in ease*, containing 20 vials, from 94 to ft) each, with book of fail directions. For sal# bj Z. D. Oilman, 850 Pa. ay en it e, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitrgerald. 353 north F street also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond,'t Extract qf witch for internal and external inflammations oi 1 kinds. Sold as above. ma9-lr f ' ? iuiauuir ^ a A w*__?_ war i* A. _ rti l_ ? AI <>L A an<i when I recovered, 1 w&? so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that 1 x>:an often una!>l? to sie?p or rest apun a bed lyr nuht. The suffering wan extreme, and judging from the ineffieacy a( the remedies used, I supposed the disease incurable. Being persuaded to try a bottleof Wistar's Balsam oj Wild Cktrry. without confidence in ita efficacy, I found the difficulty a.moot entirely removed before on* bottle wai used up. Sympathy with my Ml >w Batterers induo?? me to make tliia polilio statement, a<itl recommend the article to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yoars truly, Hfkrt Wood. None genuine unless Ngned 1. Botts on the wrapper. Prepared by S. W, Fowle It Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman, 8. C. Ford, jr.,if. B. Waite, (i. Stott, John Sflhwarxe, Nairn 4 l'almer. Wash incton; and by dealers everywhere. oo 3-lw,r Hollowat's I'ilt.r. Atropkn ?Discarding the effete theory adopted by the modem phjtsioiau in the treatment of gradual d?cay or wasting ?f the human body, Ilolloway'i medicinea setae on the direot causo of the diaease? the blood. They purify and enrich it?they stimulate and invigorate the exhausted system bjr giving lif<* to eaeh tis<ii<s strength to the in u sole, energy to the invalid, elasticity to the spirits, and the |>uuitc aa one 01 our principal uiercaaui uauors. Nixon's Ciecws, now performing afternoon and night near the Twelfth street bridge, is said to be all that it is represented to be. S*rk Notice in another colnmn of all kinds ol second-band furoitnre wanted by R. Buchly. 40ft Seventh street, between G and H. See announcement in another column, of new attractions at Odd Fellows' Hall. Wistar's Balaam of Wild Cherrt. The foliowing letter from Rev. Henbv VVood.oI Concord.X. II., Editor nf the Congregational Journal, ep'(ik? volumes in favor of Wt.w/?rr* Baltam:? Concord, N. FI? March 2. Messrs. Seth W. Fowle ft Co.?Ge*tUm*n: Two years ago, a KUikien and violent attack upon my Lungs ennfinoa mo torny bed for ncverai w?ok?. amusement, rne waton ana ponce, there so numerous, certainly expected quiet on tbelr regular beats, or were concentrated *t that point to prevent outbreaks. Ladixs, the cheapest, finest, best, and largest assortment of laces, lace sets, lace collars, embroideries, ribbons, silks, hits, bounets, flowers, feathers, trimmings, ruffles, and wors'ed goods, ef all kinds, in tbis city, are to bo found at 51 rs R.G. Ktnhison's, No. 12 Pennsylvania avenue, between Eighth and Ninth street. , J Ckxtral Gca.rd Hovss Casts ? John Norrls, drunk and disorderly; flne and costs, S2 15; workhouse 90 days lj> default of payment. Wm King, whipping his wife; case held for trial at 9 o'clock James McCabe. drunk and disorderly; flne and costs, *2 15; workhouse 'JO da>s. Six lodgers were accommodated. Death of aw old Citizxw.?Abner H. Young, one of our oldest and most respected citizens, died yesterday afternoon. He was well known to the appearing to be intended as a revengeful onVrt by the complainant, Justice Donn dUmlued it for want of evidence. Center Market.?Notwithstanding the unfavorabirness of the weather last night, the proprfe'ora of market farms and gardens in Maryland and Virginia were well represented in the market this morning. They exhibited an excellent supply of provisions at their stands, and appeared to be doing their share of the business The licensed dealers also offered the choice of their stock this morning, and their stands attracted much attention, and were well patronised. The prices were about as quoted la the Star of last Friday. Consecration or a Church in Alexandria ? The house of worship recently erected on Patrick street, Alexandria, under the name of Grace Church, was formally consecrated to Almighty God, according to the order of the Protestant Kpiscopal Church, on Sunday last The basement of the church has been used some time by a congregation in charge of Rev. D. F. Bprigg, but on Sunday the tipper, room, large, spacious, and beautifully finished," was brought for the first time Into use. Will Guarded.?A friend who was present at the circus last night, was convinced that Washington must be remarkably quiet, or that there must be serious fears of disorder at that place of suggestion of her death in New Orleans. The Justice held the defendant to ball in $500, for his appearance to answer the charge before the Criminal Court. The witness was also held to bail to appear as a witness to the ((rand jury. Mr Groux has been several years a teacher of languages in this city. Pkofanity Cass ?Some days ago county officer J . H Stewart had a nan fined for profanity in the market. They had some unpleasant words on a matter of business, when the individual remarked to Stewart "G-d d?n you ! I can whip you.'1 A warrant was issued, and the fine was paid This morning Stewart was arrested for profanity at the same time, using the same words as were used in the first ease. Stewart acknowledged using the language, but plead that he did so in telling his opponent what the language was that he would have him fined for using. The witnesses were not positive whether Stewart quoted his opponent's words or not, but the case pnteil t?? the strange woman bis father showed him a certificate of bla mother's death in New Orleans. which wai false. Shortly afterwards witness ascertained from the French Consul that bis mother was in New Orleans alive Witness lived in New Orleans three years, and then went to France for his education, where he remained three years more Has been back from France about two months, and ia now 'JO years of age. Witness has seen the certificate of his mothers marriage to his father. They bad been married 25 years when she left Boston for New Orleans Has also seen the certificate of bis father's marriage to his present wife, and heard them quarrel about the possession of it Witness' mother is now AO years of age, and has been living in misery. Witness agreed that If hisfathet would give up to his mother her jewelry and otber property he {witness) would withdraw this suit, as he did not want his father to go to the penitentiary. Mr. Winder appeared as counsel for the accused, and offered (not as evidence, however,) a letter from a legal gentleman in Boston, stating that at the time Groux was living in Boston a suit for divorce was entered by Mrs. Groux, which had afterwards been dismissed, on the Chakii ctt Bmut.-lb/ore Juttiot CT?rt ? Tbia morning a caae waa tried before Juatice J. D Clark, in wbirh a young maa named Gostavua K. Groux charged hia father, Daniel B Gtoux, with the crime of bigamy. He testified that lilae yetra ago hia father waa living in floaton with hia mother, and that be wnt hia mother to \ew Or leaaa, ana shortly afterward* took panage for himself and witneaa on beard ahip for Waatalngtoo, that after tbev got to Cape Cod fata father made a bargain with the captain to put htm off, and he did ao, and bia father went bark to B??ton and met the woman who now Uvea with him. Aud they went to Philadelphia, where ther wire married Shortly after witnrs* nrrived In ? a?hIngton his father name en, and had a Woman iu a carriage, whom hia father told wltneas wa* hie mother, and wltneaa on being prevented to her dtacovered a stranger. Witness waa a little boy

at tbe time, and wa* ao badly treated that he ran away from home At the time wltneaa waa pre ' - ; _ VVA8H1NGT0N 8 '""I.UL'RANCK s.?. hai?BON, * ALEX. It. YOUNG. City Po?t Office HENRY COST, oc 4-7t* Jefferson. Maryland. ; C*AKM FOR SALE ?A highly improved Farm, > A oontaining 114 aoree, with two-story frame dwelling and all convenient out house*; fine orchard, excellent spring, fte., situated on the Little river turnpike. Fairfax oountv, V*.. T mile* from Alexandria Term*: #4,000; one fourth cash; the , balanen in 1, 3 and 3 years. Apply to LOUISA SOM ERS, on the premises. ocl 3w* |?OR SALE?A new two-stnry-and-baseinent " BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rooms and cellar, situated on 11 tn ?t north. Iietween L and M sta., f N<?. STS? within 5 minutes' walk of the Northern Liberties Market. Terms unusually liberal, Apply f on the premises, or to McKKNNEY A 1.AN9DALE, corner of Pa. avenue and7tii st. I se3i lm* For rknt?room& no*s. 3,4, *, , n, 14,12,1?, IT. 18. HI and 93, in the new five9 story brown stone bnilding corner 7th street west and Pa. avenue, known as ' Washington Buildin*." They are well adapted for Offices, having gas, water, Ac. For terms apply at our Store, No. > 40T fa. avenue, or to John H. Semmes ft Co , No. 433 9th street west, corner Louisiana av. I sel?aawlm MURRAY ft BEMMES. |?OR RENT?Possession oa the let of October, r The DWELLING HOUSE N?. 438 1) street, f at prseesjt oecnpied hy the Rev. Dr. Butler, and I next door to the residence of tho advertiser, i! J.M.CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. i se lfl-tf ~ contain in* 10 rooms^rith fas in every room. lnquire of JOHN MURPHY,on the premises r oc6-3t? u ! KV)R RF.NT OR SAIJ&?A couple of new briok ' r HOUSES, (six room# each,) situated on Tenth i street, betw*su O and F et?. Applr to D. T. C18. SKL, No .>04 L street, between 9th and loth sta. oc 5St* r I?OR RKNT?A neatly furmsliod HOUSE in tho ' r First Ward, on II. between !7th aal Iflth sta.. No '24T, coi:t\ining a double parlor, 5 or fi chamber*, dining-room, kitnhen. and pantry ; with gat, cold orhot water. hath-rooin, Ac.. Ac. Apply to CHAS. 0. F. BARNARD, next door east. , Ofl4?W PH>R RF.NT?I will icnt my SQUARE OF GROUND, witb two Frame Houses oo ir. sit nated south of the railroad, uear the depot, f.r one or more rear*. For fnrther information oail on # V/Ili? M V " ? ?TVMUV, Wl wcr-w 12th and 13th streets. no !Hf fJH)R RUNT?In tfce First Ward,a DWELLING ' and F< RNISHED APARTMENTS. Tha' desirah'e two story Hriok Dwelling. 260, on ' H, between l?'h and 19;h streets, containing seven room* and kitchen. Also, for rout, furnished or unfurnished, * part or tho whole of tli? JJw lling No 1IO, cirner of I'a avenue and 3*h st , imrtn ide. Apply at No. 110, corner l*a avenue and 29th street ; oe 9-er>6t* DAVtD HINB** F^OR RENT?Two frame COTTAGE HOUSES, situated uu Mam. avenue. tietweeu l-itli and 15Ui kUi , containing 6 rooms etch. A fine pump of good water in the yard. For particulars inquire > a'the brick house ou the premises. Rent $1<? per mouth. _?o 8 3t FOR RENT?Two STORE ROOMS forwent on High street, near First, Georgetown. Ouo I of the stores has been fitted up for a Confrctioaerjr. Aj>ply at the Book aad Fancy Store upp'&iie. TWoTnlrK HOT'SESFOR RENT.?Orison 1. street, betweon 9Ui and 10th sts.. containing k rfiOuiM! the other on Tenth, one door above I. ?t . oen irotn mem. tier connuiuition lee, to (totii tentlem?n and iadiet, is extremely moderate. Call at her houae, on th? south ?ide or Ma?*a-c:iui??tt* av , between 17tii and lM.li ?t?.?the oalr hct?e there, ee 17-1m FOR SALE AND RENTT" [For otktr "For Suit *?d litnt" advtrtistmtuts, *f first pagt ) FOR R KMT-One unuu! ?RICK HOUSE on K tret, h tvreon Utii and l^th aliMto. It i* in rood order and thn rent moderate to & good tenant, nqui'e ?>f a KO. W. STKWART, at the comer of H an<l 13' li ?U. fc 9 3t I?OR RKNT.-Two new three-atory BRICK HOUSES with back IntiMincs, each h?i:a? cortniiuin? 8 room*, with tea*, pieaiantly situated i on 8th street north, between M and N street*: rent moderate. Appl* to K. LAZKNBY. npposite, or IAUM I I'VMlNi I l?w. a l.?. nr.u mn. wnu m>aro unit a nuc f ronv n oom The location is moat pleasant. oc 9 3t * POR RENT?With or without Board, to a sin tle gentleman, a ooinf<>rtabl* ami very convenient hack PARIiOR ROOM, on Kl?r*nUi ^Irwt, not far from Penu. avenue. The family are quiet and there are no small children :n th9 house. Terms will lie made very moderate and every attention paid to tb<* renter's comfort. For address applv at the Star Offue. oc6 Iw 4 CO NINTH STREET.?Pernons rttturuinx to TtiO the city fion> their summer resorts will find vacant several d?3irable rooms, having the convei meuoes of ?a"?, water, and bathing cloeets, at 453 Ninth ?t., oue door south of Ei suitable either for fannliea or single gentleman. Table boarders accommodated on moderate terms. se 5 4w PKRSONAL. INOTICR. HEREBY Notify the public not to trust my wife. ANN L. BOPP ; I will pay ne uebta of her contracting. oc 9 31* J AM E3 II. BOPP TTO THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOl S.-Ma?lam * D , ao weli known as the most su ireesful explainer of the Past, Present and Ft tore ev? in Washington, continues to be consult**! weekly by hundreds anxiou? to know of things at present hid WANTED-Bt a steady and industrious man, a t SITUATION as oollecior. Best of reonui nidations jiveu. Address M. CM Star Oflico. jy 12 tf LOST AND FOUND! FOOD?A BRACELET, on th? everin* of the irework*. The owner ean get it h) paring lor this advertisement and callin* at H SK.VIKI'N'S. Jeweler, 330 Fa. ar., between 9th and lnth its. oe ?-tf BOARDTNG. BOARD? A gentleman and lady, or two siuile gentlemen, desiring a home m a private f?.ron.T, out be Accommodated at No. 4 45 I street. between Yv modern conveniences, situated l>*'we?n 13th and ?Kh and F and I street#; for which a literal rent will be given. Address A and B., Star Oilice. oc 2-tf 1T|7ANTED-A plumber. Inquire at MY" ERS A MeGIIAN'S. None but a first-class workman need apply. oc 1 ^|7ANTRD?To have evorybody know that the* YY can find a fine and well selected ?,/?ck of FALL and ** INTF.R CLOTHING, FUKNIBH. ING GOODS, HATS and CAPS at th? Peofles' Clothing Store, No. 46rt Seventh st.,opposite Post Offioe. se 28 lm WANTED?A CLKKK. who is acquainted with the city trade, fur a Jewelry J'lore. Beat ol references required. Address T. H., No. &. Ftar Office. to 14 iwmr in r urnu ure, iwive?,Mt o oc 9 4QS 7th vt., hot. G and H. east side. SALESMEN WANTED -One or two first rate ^ Salesmen, who can be relied on in every partio ular, are wanted at the Home-Furniture Dry Goods ?tore, No 4 Market f?paoe. near 9th st. A? tune will be valuable to the subscriber, it i? hoped none will apply but such as are competent to fill th? p'ace. oc 9 eon J. n. DODSOX. WANTED-A MARRIED MAN an/I WIPE accustomed to all the dn?i*s on a farm. A eomfortable eottace will be fnrni?hed. Address Mr. El.LET, on the Heights ?f Georgetown ocB 3t 1VANTKD-Six fcr?*-??te DRESSMAKERS. Tf Nod* but rood hand* n?od apply. oc 6 3t M. WII.LIAN, 3'i Market Spaor. WANTED-AI1 kinds ..f SECOND HAND w FURNITURE,for which I will pay the cash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I and K oc 6-tf HENRY BONTZ. WANTED-?*** worth of SF.CON II H AN D ?? FURNITURE, lor which the holiest ?i?h prices will be paid Address, or inquire for. O, T. GRIFFITH,at Cleary * Green's Auction Room, Ninth street, one door from Pa avenue, oe 6-?<>6t %VANTFD?A HOUSE of medium si*?. with IP WANTO. WANTF.TV-Br arespectable woniu,a 81TUATION mwMbuh. Appir on Itlh at., th'ee WWI from P It It* WAl*jTEI>?B? arespectable woman,*SITUATION aa chamHerina> I or aeaiuatrees. Good reference App'y comer Sixth an.l G sta. It* WA.^JTKIV?By a first class eoolr, a ?1TI'A w? TION ina restaurant or boarding-house. Address Box i?. star Offioe. _ Jt* _ Y17ANTEI>?A youug girl wi?'ie? a S TT'ATION " m cliMlieria*id and mvi:ii. or to take nare ! a st reference* can be riven Inquire at SSft Sixth st, between (i and H Ms It* WANTEI>-A SITUATION, Ur a raepectaUe wrunan, aa cook, who thoroughly a??1cr>tands her r>u*iness. She la a rood Sr<?ad and'pastrr baker. Apply to A. M.. Star Oftoe. " If \\ a > i r.u- a iiiKii to do general houaawor*. " She must understand plain ooking. wuhiw and ironing. American or German preferred. 4M Massachusetts av., betwoeu 4th and Hh >ti. oe ? at" WANIKDIMMEDIATELY -An APPREN " TICE, to leam the tin and ?h?t iron l>a?? ness. None need appl* unit*** tie n willing to make himself generally useful. Ap?lr to THOr>. LAMBERT, Pa. avenue, between fVl and <S *ts _LL*_ WANTED.?If the English woman who aprlied for a situation aa seamstress, on Wednesday last, statiuK that her hu?l?aiid wu *oins t? New York and aha wished a situation for the winter, will call at the aa-ne place-10th street, one door above M. -sht> can perhaps l?e suited. It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-Prow #3 to 10.0(10 worth of SECON D-HANI) FUKNI Tt'R b of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to pa* the highest prices, and, a* usual, at the shortest not*09 ? , ? R. BUCHLY. aDfT ftMlTM "If FALIj u>4 WiN TBI lower ?ri?M than ?1UTC? h"?M in the o?t*. ? a-lre SMITH. No. 46?prna it STKAM POWER TO LFT-TO CJRPM# TEHS AND OTHERS.?To Ut, 8 to is taorw 5tr?r, m>1 partial dm of Cironlar ml LfuW IW*. ?Mti *nd Moulding Machine, Jto. A^>?1j a* ount V>mon Factory. ooH* . S.Wtsasa-.BBtBB impoitation U; which ve invite *oor attention. HI.N TON * TEEL, Tailor*, 406 Potn. avenue, J** 2?-*^ <State*. > het. 4H' and 6th streets. Ah" SWEDISH LEECHES. SUPPLY Juat received. Aleo oa hand. Stafford's Oiive Tar and Iron and Salphur Powder*, Paul'a Oriental Hakt or Japanese Toric, Holiowaf'a Worm oonfieolione, Spalding's Gla?, 4o? at MOORE 8 Weat Knd l)rni Wore 113 Pa av. <(7 Order* for l,eechiag and Capping received atd promptly attended. oeC ?v 0|g EAOLE BTOVE HOUS"K! Jj | ^ 1 have juat received a new improved Quart's Cooking ?tove, ra'led the Poe! Saver. Tho improvement on ta* old J*tn%rt Stove ia that they are dwtihte the weight, and will fast twice ?s Ion*. and take mneh l*eaf\iel to keep them in firat-rate baking and reading <(Kmdttlon. If jnn will fkror me witfe a call you wil see at oaee the treat improvement ia the Stove; the roast i at and baking bei g co mil eta. The Stoves are patented and mannfictared Ijj Meeara. North, Chase & North, of Philadelphia. New Parlor Radiator*, called tt?e Violet, with pore*lain lined nrna; Praakbn Radiators and Meteor Radiators, with porcelain uraa. Aleo, a great variety of Cooking aad Htatiai Stovea, at C. WOODWARD S,SIS Pa.avenue,: eo6 at between Hthandlltbsta. I __ KVLatYBOLY'S INTEREST. gie 33-lin* VlSHM AN. out; WHAT IS IT: OSill *oO A NEW STYLE JUST Ol'T, ACH) AT (JLADMON'S NEW JfiJ" aTORK. No 'j*6 Pa Av.( Nfak Oust* Utb St , oc 6 3t Opposite Star Offioe. T FALL AND WINTER (JOODS. HE Mut?*?riWerii lw?g leave to inform citizen* an<t Rtmncwr* that 'hey are in reoeipt of a ?. eloct a??>ortin?iit of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES WK For If GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, -JBm" m!>racir>f aoine of the choic?*?>t noreltiea ami latest Black Silk*. Printed ami Ptain Dela.ne*. Poil I>e Chevre*, Merino Plaids, French Merinos, Val?nerias, Black Bomhaame*, A psca*. Ac., Ac. Cloak*; Tvrinn Eleetro and other Shawl*; B'ankeu: Men's a?d B->y*' Wear, a good assortment; Men's and Hoy^ Merit o **hirt* and Drawers; l.a dn?' and Mi**e*' Merino Vest*; Bajnu'* Kid Glove*; Hooped Skirt#: Corset*; Pinin, Bordered, lleiniHitohed. and Kmnroidered Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs; I'.mbroideries, very eheap, ar.d no hnmhut; Hosier* aMUlovej; White (iood*; Yankee Notion*, a fu:l line; Lin*~y, Osraborg Calico*, and Servant** W? ar in abundance ; and many other thine*, whioh we will I'll ?on of when v. n on. 1 at the Brown <t Whit# Post Store. All of which we will *>11 as cheap as the cheapest, **or any other man." Coine early, and don't for?et the place. se 29 2w NKW SUPPLIES! AYLOR A HUTCHISON. 4tf Market Spae*, are now rece: vine their stock of FALL OOiiUS, embracing all the row and desirab'e stjl s of the sea**n, to wlucb tbe> cordially invite the attention of buyers generally. se24 NOT I C E. REMOVAL. JNV1TATION.?i hereby notify my customers and the public in general that 1 have removed to No 349 Sevontli ?treet, (three door* fiom Mas*, avenue. > where 1 shall keep constant!* on hand a la <e assortment of FOREIGN aad DOMESTIC l?RY GOODS. HOSIERY. FANCY ARTICLES, HTl.LINERY.Ae. N?w Good areceived weekly, wliirli will )wi viilil fit Hktiini. innr Riv D*DV>fl oontract for or t>nperi> lend tbe ooiifttmo'ion of publio and private bui dinga. PIr,? and ep'rittoationa wi;l be furmaAed at ahort notiea. t'ffivM and ?h?p on Concrnas at , Georgetown. immediate ly north of the Foat Office no 27 3nieo _ HKNRY WINQATK. fj^OR RENT?In Ccorjefown, two first clabb situated on We?t *treet, one containing 16 rooma, and ihe other 3. with *a? and bathrooms compile Apply to II. L. OFFUTT. No 4?? tiuh tt , Georgetown. oc 5-Ibi I^OR N EW YORK ?The packet schooner Ilamr ilt?n, Captain Oeden, baa arrivil and roa will sail a* above with di?patch. For freiaht <Wapplj to McCObB * DUDGE, oc 4 63 \Vater fctreet. VV E WI?II EVKRY OXt TO WJOW That DRV GOOI>8 can be bought cheap at BROWN A WHITE S, No. 140(NortuSiftEt Bhid-jkStreet, Georgetown, D C. And to convince jouraeivea of the fact, call and baa thntA Offices?At Dan Brown's, on Holr Hill, and at the >ard. on the canal. adjoining Raj's coal dook. oo 6-co3t _ HARRIS' IMPROVED LOCBl.t. THREAD Boudoir Sewing Machine. This Machine, an improvement on ??ro?er A Maker's, is simpler than theirs, and for its reiialMlitv ?nl du<at.iity is not urp&fs'-d. A chi d twelve yam old can rnu it with ease; yet it will sew from the c?nrsc?>? cloth to the finest Swisr. Ther?* is no trou'ule of rewiud'ng the thread as it is taken from the spon's. It ha* no b*lts to *iv? troiir.le.Aiid will run backward* ai well &? forwards, and still eewa eqa. It pcrf-ct and without dancer of breaking needier. It run* by friction, at?d t>j oloaing tfce bo* over it. it is thrown out of rt-ar. Jn faot we bare no liesitatmn in recommendiuc it as thi Best Familg Stwin* Marh'nt t* u*t A*encyat 101 Hridce*t,.G?o'-|[?town. where ?nay be tonnd LA OIKS' l)H KSM TRIM M INOS, HKR LIN ZErH \ R WORSTEDS, and FANCY VA RiKTV GO? >D* of every deeoriptioi.. our ? sortment is a? comp'ete and varied a* any in the District. l.adi a eonneoted with benevolent or other societies will find it to thrtir advantage to call bef >re purchasing elsewhere. oc a-eotf E JARVI"*. T^HE UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND tilMLDLK i>lf<?rs his serviofs U> the pnrlio of Georgetown. Washington, and viAintT. ?r,<1 will mi oa?n trade in the mr gooda and mii: k v btiatnens ha? fwcn ii?nf at thi? place ani can Ih? continued. Applv toN. A.SCHLO??, No. 103 B idge street. >j?-oritft'>?rn. D C oo >-5>* ()U LA R (iE STOCK ! (lu I/O BEST ?OOD5!! I/O LOW EST P R I O K SV! SPILMAN A HINT. 0* Bndft street, betw*en Washington and Concreca. are now prepare u> ahow their well aelectf<l stock of DR E^GOOn*. DOMESTICS, Ae Their store t the i>H stand of 11. E. Berry ) haviac be-n remodel >4 and fitted Dp in Ihn moit th<<ro?ith m?nn?r, th?> r>< rimn ftcilitie* uuequaed in tne District lor the p oarcnti-n of a qenerai Dry Goods Butinea*. They respectfully invit* a oall lrora the eitisens ol Oeorgef?wn anr* vicinity. nc6-lm tfOR SAI.E.ON THE MOST REASONABLE terma, at BOl*CHER'S Yard, at^-auliful lot of very mperior Cumberland Lump COAL from Uwge's Creek. Also.anioe lot of Red A?h and White A*h OAL.and a superior lot of Hickory, Oak and I'me WOOD nlsb th?- music on that occasion without cuar BoaU commence running at fc o'clock a m GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS fVr otktr UtuTfUctem Mrtrtifnuntt *44 Jtrrl pagt 11! k "ladies ok t h k S ij n d ay _L5 School conueuteil with tho Prot???tAnt F.pis <>pal Mission Chapel uf UeouWown viil hold a F A IK at the Union Hotel, on WEDNE90AY and THURSDAY" EVEMNUSol Una wick. for in* benefit of tiie School. oc 8 tt* Hn. a. suhloss AS Receive.) laa Supply ol fall and winter dry goods. Purchaser* will hnd the quality and price aa reaaon*ble as ever. FOR RENT?A very desirable store, to suit most at,y genteel business. A prompt and auooes - the miscellaneous freight she has on bolrd. and 1,000 barrels of flour to be shipped at Alexandria, she will take out a full cargo th.s trip Attention is called to the advertisement lit the Georgetown column of a fair to be held at the Union Hotel, on Wednesday aud Thursday evenings of th!s week, by the forties of tbe 1'roU-stant Kpiscopal Mission School The proprietor of the hotel, Mr. John Waters, has, wltti rou.iueiidable liberality, granted th? fri* use of his ball-room The fair i? for the benefit of the school and to furnish meaus to be expended in purchasing clothes, shoes, medicine. Ac , tor the poorer children during tbe ensuing winter. With this laudable object In vlevi , and tbe well-known character of the amiable and high-toned ladles who have the matter In charge, we expect to see general interest in the undertaking on the part of the public manifested, and a full atleodance Remember that tbe last pic-nie of the season Will be given at Analostan Island to-morrow The object Is to rslsc money to erect a monument over the remains of the late W D. Kerr, and the Holy Hill Hand have kindly volunteered to fur GEORGETOWN. Correspondsrt of Tie Star. Omuitowi. October 9. ItWt Tb?* link#* wwOiht * *ur City Council* tbU ermine, called bribe Mayor at tba m. f?t of anme of tbe nxii.iwt* Wf bone aoote a< C?? will be taken in relation tnfqu#4nrt atreet. as the large main i? laid and the work on th* t< stead!H-progressing The matter h*a been brou*rlt to our attention by several c!titrm wtio would like to see the street grad'd as tbey consider it a nuisance In It* preaeut ?tiV If graded now it ran be flnabed at the proper time. A portion of Bridge street baa been excavated for the purpose of laying the 30-iach B.aln, aad aorue of it i :u place, but we arc I u.'armed that the satisfactory p-o^reaaof ths work ao far wlU have to be atopi?ed (or want of ft pea We hope the delay la only for a abort time In our notice of the bridge orer Roek rreek we made an erroneous sUUintnt, which, as it dsea Injustice to the contractors for the construction of the superttrm hire, Messrs l^nainsii A <>r ISalti more.) w? cheerfully correct. No racking was naed In the jointa of the pipes which fo m the ribs of the arch to make them water tight, the iron surfaces being ground ao true aa to reader any packing; unnecessary. The Moutlceilo Is taking in over 2,000 barrels of flour at her wharf here this morninir. md with The Spauiah gornnmnt bad advlaed a conciliation wtth tbe Jnarei government Tbe Liberals were auccemful, and hopeful of taking tbe Cabinet. Tbe KasfliiL Minister bad prcnoaod to mediate far peace betwern tbe contending lactloaa, bat ibis offer was rejected. The steamer Pwationtai, with later tawi, ta eipncted New Ok lea.it. Oct fc.?The steamer Lit pi re City haa arrived with Havana datea to tbe *d 1 nat A schooner h?darrived berefrom Tawplee with advicea to the '.IStb, sad from tbe capital la tbe iTtb. t>he bring* f6:1.(00 in apacie Mlramu* waa la tbe capital with 11,0UU bam. Arrival ef tbe Rtmiai of the Late WUtatid at Wlaaafllt. Ixwtitmu, Oct H ?A committee of etUieni of tbiaclty. with tbe remains of Governor XV tllard,arrived yesterday morulBR ou s special train front Chicago, ac/-4>a>panied by l?twraer Ram aey, ex-L'nlirfJ >UU* beaator Kicr. Mate* Oriilea, Mr. Cocbsnn. aud Hon Wm A Bowlea Tbey were met at tbe depot by military eompaaies aad a large number of cltlaena, who received tbe re Tue Douglas and Brec.kiBridge pwtlH hat each nomi listed electoral ticket*?the f Tm?*r headed by LMaioti Smith, tbe latter by Win H Farmer . Aiming news from O rag on aad British Columbians very gloomy. The ceutus returns give Washington Territory S?,(W population. Japanese edvlces bad been received br the brig Orbit, which return^ without a cargo, as tbe J?l*??e* were unwilling to observe the treaty Meilcea dollars 3d per caut. discount, American and other gold alao. I be Frencb Minister at Jedde bad resigned. aa bis representations had all tieca unattended to ta respect to the treaty Tbe Japanese had concluded a new treaty with Portugal i^ter advices from China state that tbe English and French forces bad aasembled. aad it waa rsOiored that the Chlneee would make great resistanoe. {Asperate fl-.-htiag waa expected, ftuaslan wur steamers Lad been very active running aboit *ltL large bodies of troops, Ac. Later frees Mexico. New Oai.ka.is, Oct. 7.?By the arrival of the schooner Potomac from Vera Crot, we have Mexican dates to the 18th Tbe Potomac briars ^ f.Vi ?*) in specie. JHB ? 4*eaor MaU, the Juares Minister to Wathi^^V ton. arrived st Vera Cruz on the llth Tbe IT s steam frigates Susqnebaaea an^r Powhatan bad arrived out Tbe whole snbjert of the condemnation of the berk Mails Conception, was referred to Madrid HMMIU VV bile a British Mr am frigate wm being placed in the Goveramcat dry dock at Utr?'i island. ooe o/tbe sections gave way, quickly followed by other < until tbe whole docs wm* complete wreck The ship was with di Acuity eitrleated. without much damage It will cost VJUO.OUU to repair tbe dock A Are at Pacbeco Contra, in Casta umitr, bad destroyed property valued at S20.WU Tbe Oregon Hecate had to adjoera the day the mall left It wm reported that compromise wm contemplated between tbe DoagUa and Breckinridge men. giving each section of the party on* Senator. Tbe lower Houac had pMnod a rreolutioa inviting tbe Senate to meet them la)oint i ouvtnUou and proceed to tbe elsctloa of United States Senators. tiled with passengers About 1*2 m. Che brtg Mlnnte Scbeffer n our lifntl of dtitrai. ind bore down far ne. About 8 in tbe evening we commenced Mibtrkltft our pnwngfn on board tbe brig, baring a btwm made fart to tbe Connaugbt Tbe starboard tide wm now rrrj hot At 9 3(i all ot tbe puwogtri were oa board of tbe brig, aad tbe malla alao Capt Match waa tbe laat to leave tbe Warning ship Tbe weather waa p>*aant alWr leaving 8t Johns (on Wedneadar at2 p m.,) until Saturdav when it blew wert heavy from the 8.W The last seen of tbe Connaugbt waa at S a. m Monday, wben a be waa one maaa of laroea Tbere were 5U cabin and 417 ateeraga paaaoa L'era. besides 124 of tbe craw, all at whona ware aaved La tar fran (aliformla, Japan and China St. Josephs, Oct. 6 ?The California Pooy F.ipreaa, with ad teas to tbe 2?tfc uU , baa been received Activity in trade continued, bat tbere had beaa no arrivala of Importance, which cataaad a de crewe in ttock. tonnage waaatlll la graat da *-w ?? ?? uvwiis uatc urru njcci'cu [sccoxd Disrarca ] Bo?to*. Oct 9 ?The Cob nam ht ipruBC * leak on Saturday. tad took ftr* on ftunday 140 mllea front tbe Boston light It t? reported tbat the ? p**?n?er? and crew were all saved bv tbe brig Mlaale ftrhlfler A tog ban been dispatched to tow tbe brig Litber [TH1BI 01SP1TCB.1 Capt Metrh. of tbe ComibkM. te porta tbat on th?'rtb, at S p m, ISO nitke eart of Beaton, tbe itmn?f cprum a le-ik la tbe eagtoe-rooTr but Wf eirrffdsd la k?M>1ag It b*4<rw tb* fires until 4 o'clock on Sunday monlnr. when it gained rapidly on tbe pump* and rxtiafutabed tbe flrrs At ft 30 a. m we discovered smoke twitni: from aft tbe stokehole Notwithstanding tbe utmost exertions. tbe Are pslsed headway, and aoon drove tbe cabin p?|f? oa deck The water alao kept gstalag upon oa. Tbe boata wrrr then pot readr- A bun sea prevailed at tbe u?e Tbe first boat l?wered wm store Six others were saeosMl vaiv laaacbed and urn, me win mic noma ivruwiiu The King of Naples had procared tbe oncatlon of (>ca. S*lorra at Gaeta for high txeaaoa Victor Emanuel was ml>oul to go ?:> liolagaa I/edru Rolllo whs at Naples The forta of I'eLase and A neons bad bean assaulted and carried by the Sardinians Prafcabls Lees af the Itttnihlp < eaaan?ht with n Large Passenger aatf Crew List. Boston, Oct. 9 ?It Is reported here that rnllsble Information baa been received of the burning *t sea. on Sunday.of the st^amaLIp Con-ianght, from Galway on tbe 25tb. via 8t Johns on 31. with a large number of passengers A portion of (be panencir* and crew are Hid *o l ava been siv~d by a brig sad brought Into Mtuate (Mass.). \ A filptKce i > W-?? ?? ??M per cent Shanghai. Aug. 3 ? Tbe refr?l? bad taken tbe town of Nataleng in the Bilk district Am Amertcu (limed W est uadfrtMkjth* recapture afSblog boo, but failed and w*? wounded Tbe Allied flr?t left for Pel-bo on tbr 'Atb July, Mid ww to take fnrti before making aa effort f??r peace The French were Landing nt Prh-tang. A severe engagement bad occurred with a pirate fleet. Two hundred pirates were killed, a ad two of tbrir leaders (Kuropeans) were captured. , Paeis, Thnrsdav ?The Sardinian Minister bad an audience wltb Napoleon yesterday, preparatory to taking leave. The Legation was to be left In charge of the tirst serretary. Cen. Guyoa has issued aa order of the day. de clarlag his resolution to defend the Pope to tLs last. An envoy from Rome is said to bnve arrived at Paris with tbe Pope's ultimatum, which was to tie eflV-ct that. If France does not interfere to pre vent tbe further progress of the Pledmmte?e In.... t- in 1-. ** .THE LATEST NEWS - TELEGRAPHIC. Additional tfm Karope New Tm, Oct. 9-The teamoblp Clljr of Baltimore. Intercepted oMCape Race hy the ?r*? vac fat of the AaocltMd Pre?, im??4 her* this mermntf The lie* of Europeaa paper* fur Blah the following additional intelligence : (4?bkm?t?wii. Sept. n.?Aa oActal dUpat^b aajr* that the Oorihaldiaoo, after aabort coon bet, oaaploi the lububi of the Port* Pit of Aaron u The enemy, with fear ptecea of caaaoo, were do iraaiag the r*l*a of the lawn. Ord* a h?<i Imn recelr?d at Touloe to prapar* c?nal4arabl? aumbrr ot iWawett fee traaapo't ia< u. op* It wM M?art?d that three steamer* war* ?i pec '<1 at Malta with reiufnrcemeiite from Eaglaad LetWa from At Lima annouar a dam?aa<ratloa by the atiideuta, In font of the Kiaf "a pala< e, with cri?a of -Dowa with Klag Otho7*' with A urtrla !*? ?0d some cr;aa of 'Napoieoa forerer " Twa Turkiah war ??arU were at ieaa D'Acre. aad the commander declared that he would open a fire oa the aligbteat attrmpt to create a dlatarhaacc There wi* (treat misery and mortality at Cou Uatlnopl* The pahlic trraaurv vai deplrtrd and the payment of the latere*! d?e on the public aecunUes. Exchange ou Laodoa had rlara It main* and conveyed thrm to tbe Executive Man 1100. ?hw thev remained during ylirdir TUey will be taken to tbe Seuau Cbamber tbia 1 afteraoee. where they are to lie in state la charge of tbe military ntrtol Wedneeday morn tag, from whence tbe floal funeral ceretnoniea la uila city will take place, and tbe leatalaa tak? to New i Albany under an eacort af military aad etticena fur interment. Miaate gum were trad ?a tbe Cval of tfca ear* yesterday morning aad during March ef tbe pro- eaaiea to tbe executive man r?j?: i, ' ' ObmI Tall* A"*"V N m"? Si gAruati W -KitwMhm^iniiil ml * from IS countlt# la Florid*. MIUm* BM)?rit7, ; 1.275. a?d IIUfa*' majority, 1,888 1 Kif Tem^OdtV-SfftiiS - ?^JSM33r-<Mfe ZZi y Prortaloua dall W Matey Aafl ? **.