16 Ekim 1860 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

16 Ekim 1860 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS 13TTfeoagh The Staa la printed on th? feittit (team rtf In uae south of Baltimore, Its edition tf to Urge u to reqalre It to br pot to preaa at aa earl? hoar; Advertisement*. therefore, ho aid b? rat la before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise tkey may not appear nntll the next day. NoTTca.?Dtatrlct of Colombia Advertisements to be liMii I In the BaLTiaaoai ncalrtd at and forwarded from Thi Stu OfBce. Cin CovycrLM, October 15, 1990 ?Bourd qf AU'imtm ?The board met at the ainil boar, rre*14oat Dove la the chair. coxwrsicATtom One from tbo Mayor announcing hla having a p. proved the following act*: An act for trimming aad graveling 8!*th atreet weat, from R to*0 atr**ta north. An act for trimming and graveling Sixth street west, from D street to Pennoylvnal* arenoe Am act for grading and graveling Tenth etreM weat. from N to <4 atreets north. An act authorising the makinrofa gravel walk on North Capttototrret, between O and H atree% north An art to grade and .ravel B atreet South. from Sev enth to Fourteenth atretU weat. An act to grade and snivel F.lrrenth strert weat, from N to P streets north An net to lay wateroiain In O street north, from Fourth to Sixth atreeta west Joint reaolut.on In rotation to tbo Improvement of the foot wars, atreeta. and avenue* tn front of tbo public grounds A loo. one from the same, encloalng a communi cation from tb? Water Registrar, aaking an apprt Delation of 915 to aupplr a deficiency In the a< t of Jnly 20. 1C60. for freight on Are plugs from Xew iwi w iui> rny; rer?rrta Alao, one from the >?me. nominating H H. Bright f<>e police conatable in the aeTenth ward, rler 9. N. Chlpley, removed; referred to pcllce MiiniittM P*TITIOM?. Of A C Ricb~'da and other*, foe a water main; of Samuel Hyington and otbera, for tbe Improve ment of Misaouri avenue, between Foar-and-a half and Sixth ata , which were duly referred. COXMITTXK RKPOSTN SuDDnurr of tbe Water Ke^iatr^r'a report; which w:,? oedrr<?d ti> be printed Hilt exempt.nsj the public srhonl-houae* from tte charge for tapping the wiitrr mains and frcm the payment of wat- r rent, | iav d Bill to lay a wnter man In Eighth tier* wt a>, uuiii f\ aurci iil>riu ill il SdtCl COTllij p ?e<i Bill of ?he lower board granting permla sioB to J. C. 4 H. A Wtllard to er?-ct a private ll-is naanof ictory adjr.iaing their Lotel, wi(h au amtndnit u', which wm adopted, and the bill as amended pasvd bill fixing the aalarv <f the Tren?ur?r of the Board of Tr<'?tees of the Public Scbooia; msa*d Bill for the rrhef of John Wael; paaed Bill for the relief of the Peraeveraoce Fire Company; paaaed Bill for the reli-f of Halfnnn A KeniiMlv; r?-ject-d. Bill for the relief cf G. W. 6. Eallb; passed. Bill to trim aud y rjvrl Miaaouri ?v??iiiie fpiMii h?lf /? Sixth streets west; passed Bill to grade and gravel north Capitol street, between G and H sts. r>ortb; passed Bill to grade and gravel M street north, from Twenty fourth to Tw*nty-*1ith stree's wrtt; passed Bill to eonstrnct a bridge oa Boucd iryawk,near F'.rat street west, passed. Bill to construct a sewer and lay a flig footway In the Seventh Ward; passed Bill making tua appro priation to pay for the extirpation of thistles In the several wards; passed, joint resolution for the relief cf F. 9 Walsh; laid on the table Mr. L> >noh<\ from the committee oa Public Schools. to which was referred the Mayor's nomi r<aUons for Trustee* of the Public Schools, re port iv. L. *_ a? ?*-- ?? ? -? ru lur urar oars IP IOP UOnra. Willi IDC rfCOW nendatlofj that they b? bailotted for; and the aald nominations were confirmed by the following vote: PI rat District?R B Ironildf-avi 9, tan 3; Charles Abert?ayei 12, nap none; C?eo. C. Amn ivnt 12. navs none. ^. ond Duuict?M H. Miller?ayea 11 naya none; James Law ertaon?ayea 9. naya 3; Won. S. Fort?a\e? 1C; uayii. p Third District?F S Walsh?avea 12: navs none; Z W. McKaew?a vet 12, nays none; A W Mlll-f?aves i2, nays none Fourth District.?J. K Willet?ayes 14. nay* none; F. Whyte-ayea 12, nays none; J K. tlol mead?ayes 12, niys none The vote* continuing the nomination* of R K irk eta for S-cretarv and Val Harbaugh for TirtJUfer of the Board wvre unanimous. BUI to gride and pave the alley* in square No 'j'2-V. passed Bill making an appropriation to repair the Northern Market; passed Retolntion requesting certain Information of the Mayor as to t4P/:o*t of sdoptlng Lowry's stoD-cock flre-piu^; adopted Bill to supply a deflclenev in the ap jrroriation for purchasing a quantity of Ayers sidewalk flre-p!ug; [ assea Bill amendatory of the set providtug for the distribution of Potnuiac v ster thru-jgbrut the City of Washington; re ferred, and ordered to be printed in bill form. Bill fur the relief of the volunteer militia of the City of Washington; laid on the table, and made the special t rder for next Monday night. Mr. Bayly addressed the board in relation to the deceas-, on Saturday last, of an esteemed fellow ritizm, Siks H. Hill, alluding in appropriate term* to his many private virtues, and his public ti?ef'.iln< tii Mr. B said that be bad served with the deceased tor maav years in the City Councils, and bid ever found la him an honorable high toned gentleman, a man universally respected as a public officer t he having Mml nm?? chair of the board) for unifo'tn, impartial, and I courteous demeanor to his associate mrmbtn. and beloved la private life at a uniform frier*!, a kind fitarr. and affectionate li'isband Mr B thought it proper tbat the Hoard of Aldermen should t-.k? some action in relation to the matter, and therefore offered the following preamble and reso lution*. which wer-? unanimously adopted : Wbrrras v.t bare beard with prea: regret of the drcruc of our late felluw-oieiiiber and preside at of tli * Board. Alias U Hill, a geutl man so well known and highly esteemed by bis fellow-cj then* therefore Rttaivtd, (a* a mark of respect to bi? memory.) That the members of Mils board will atteud Li* funeral obsequies, and wear the usual bad^e of mouruis* for thirty days R*?oicd,ft$rtk'T, That we berebv tender to the ffcmily sir>d relatives of tLe d?sM(< our sincere condolence for their irreparable loss, at.d tbat the secretary be requested to forward to the family of t the deceased copy of tbis preamble aud retulu M? Tbe Board then adjourned. Cowimc* C. uMiil ?Ttf Board met at tbe usual hour, tbe President la tbe chair. COKSiCllCATiOXf. Communication from tbe Commisilor.ers of the Northern .\1 rket, ?skia? an appropriation of fUM), and suggesting change* in tbe a*s<>sament of rer Ulu stalls, 4-: ; communiratiou from tbe City 8??rre)Of in reply to a rrsol ilinn requesting an call mate f >r trimrul iig and ^rareling 1 entb street, hwtu-eeti L aiid X afreets north, stiting tbat an appropriation of ?375 will be required?all of which were appropriately referred. FSTIT10?? IXTRODCCBO ASD lirillXD p -titiouof F M Holtzman and otbers for the relief of the Western Hose Company; petit:oa of Wm G Smithson, asking tbe return of certain taxes BILL* rxssi9. Bill to grade and pn?e an alley In square l*'f ^o'jstitnu- for tbe bill from tbe opper board to cue-, two allev* in saDare SI3. Rill to aiithnrtT* tue Water Purveyor u connect the 6 inch uiuln of t^? Corporatloa Witt th? United State* 30-inch aaain Hill t? lay ? wat?-r main fn Thlrfc-ealh atr-rt whI f 'onj K street north to UutKhuMtb art-nae Bill to lav a wat;-r main in K street ?rth from Tbirtetath street w?t to Fonrt?fita tr-^t vrast Bill U.e salary of the Board of Trtiatee* (>f the public schools at 0SOU Bill nataSfi/ aa appropriation tor tb? cunUng?nt and otter exienata of toe pnul.c school* for the \ear ending Jane 30, IMI. Bill for t!*e relitf of ttie Kranki a Fir# Uomp-nv. Bill for the relief of H ib M Hhuster i Co Bill Iron) the upper board to Improve Miwo.-rl avenue from Four-and -fcalf lo Sisth street west, and fur relay! ag Ua^ faotw.tr across the saaie Bill making an appro priation for the extern!nation of thistles. DisevAioao CotsmlOt- on rli:ais were discharged fiwm iLm earn deration of the following bills r?Bill for the relief of CuarUo ItloU; also, one for tb? retief mt Jeremiah Crowley; als$, bj!l appropriating fSOO for repairs la tbe Nortb?ra Market joint aasoLonoNS, m. Mr Jones offered the folio wlag Joint reaelatlon urging Congress to -atLor.je tt?e .obstruction of a passenger railroad oa Penn avivani i avenu* and other streets, laid over. Jo! at resolution author.zing the Mayor to obtain crruln information respecting Lowry's tlxej .ug ad stop-eet k, and for other purposes, passed. P.M'I.ll.O V . - .11 #W- 1 ? i ntriuay ail iu? pal tWJIjjni Vk :ib the -aUmptag-f round Ighfe," wbleh wtr? rai-d for trial iMfar Ju?tler Dou, aadt tWIr appraraaee at the hour appointed. It appeared to be tU?- dee!re of all the partita to let tbe matter pjM wttb-jut judicial proreedinga Tothiathe, J lalW would not u?rot. and iaArmrd the per tire i.'ut they ou^Lt to hare arttlcd U*Kr matter* pe-?ra?>ly (Wore It was brought te lag# Install giltuK At ttita au.ui?-nt the countcl for defeMt, Mr lfc.trr. uk-d a postponement of the caaea ua m Tfeerad .y, a* a witneaa of importance traa ab *?t from r% city, and coald ant be bad at (hit , betrfn*. 'I be caam waa accordingly postponed Tteyarf^ bavin* retired, aonte one rrutarfcad fkat it tbe laat < f It" The efllcer In eaa ge , taantefl'atelf replied "Not ao, saaUemea! It aball v* to tbe <i.-and Jury M The lattice directed the . a .ex to be prtetat with bit wHm? oa Thur* 4ny positively. luiu Cask am 4 Doattn, conttactora for lb* muonif of Ite Aq.irdurt brldf* ?rn Rock Cck a?rr had Uon* cuttera employed tor aoroe tiar uMt, and to-4av tbey continence setting 1i~ Tb?y will no donbt puaL tbo work wltS OpKT, but ?re are informed tbat wlU all the e? fSEt(o? poaatMe to be u?ed, the work cannot be completed wottl aome time next Summer. Tbo aaaewtra <ht ia being (Minted, and wfH probably fca completed lUU UU tn Dim. Iaci. Au. Biat?, in tmlKti ir ;n Stab ' ? Tk* Xam* ?/ tk* E4H*n of tk* Star S'rickm from tk* Ami's for Pnhhthmg Rt pofit / Ui mad Dcimgt mf :.u Opfst ti<m Pariof?Sp*'eA mf Mr A<kt?, Seerttmr* mf tk* Nmtimmml Extern**** Cmmmitt** <m tk* Pro.' f*.f? *f tk* Puny, fc ?The Democratic Jackson A?orlrt!on held a rejnlar weeklv meeting last nt^ht at their ball on Pennsvlvnnla avenue. be tween Four-and-a-half an4 Sixth a'reeta After tbe transaction of private fln?n' Ul bosfnesa, and other routine bnstness of no general interest - Mr. C c F-deltn, (otherwise "Luid Cooper,") arsss, icd wlahed to know if Mr Lma WUIar t, Khs editor of the Star, via a tueatber of the Asao clatloo? Um, kaawTcd that hi*name boatrtcke* from tbe rolls, be was vol It to belong to It on rtonnt of the cows? ha had taken with his little, dirty press. He had been tagging around after all the elamentsof opposition to tbs Breckinridge - ^t l#i a a- -I Ui - a- J J ? )|ioriiyiii|( iDeiraciii>ruiuii> ana arnion strations to the detriment of the national democ racy. Ho had hrm In th? habit of pnbllshing -m\f kind of advertisement that ral^bt be brought him by the opposition. however mischievous to the (Hrtr of which he professed to he a member iu abort, he bad aold out bla pirtv for a mess of > potaab. and was not fit to be kept in membership with It. He movrd that his nam* be stricken from the roll* if it w?-re recorded there. [At thia point It is to be presumed tbat Cooper's blood agsin "cnrdled in bla veins."?Ed ] Mr vvm. Hope ?aid that Mr Wallach's name had been proposed for raemoerahip, and enrolled accordingly, but that tbo time for signing the constitution had expired without that set having been done, and tbat. consequently, he was not a member of the Association The pr^a'dent (Dr Bovir) suggested tbat the financial secretary was the proper pt-rson to attend to the matter Mr Robert Sproulc moved that Mr. Edelln's motion be laid on the table. * Mr Edelln fCooper) Insiiteri that his motion should be fairly put. and not disposed of In that way. He said that Dug Waliarh bad proved rec reant to bis party, and ought not to he allowed to in i? xir u?iu coir.e n?r? ?na grown ricD on democratic money, and bad then turned hi* bark npon bin foster fMends He ought to be ex eled from the association without any "aqueam V The motion to lay on thetible being put, wai lest Mr. Ed-lln's (Cooper'sl motion to slrlke the nameof Mr W D. Wall ich from the roll* of the svortation w*? then put and carried,with an em phatic round of ayes, and a few rorservative noes. Mr. Aiken wns then Introduced, as the Cor mpondiMg Secretary of the National Executive Committee, and aadreesed the Association at length He reviewed in detail the political atatua of the Southern States, most all of which be set dawn aa sure for Breckinridge. Next to Missouri, he thought the hardest fight would be in Virginia, but be had no doubt but that the mother of Presi dent* would be all right on the 6th of November. Pennsylvania, he thought, might yet be redeemed, and New York carried on the side of conservatism Missouri was divided among the four perties, but be thought there was no doubt of Breckinridge receiving a handsome plurality. The speaker closed with an eloquent peroration, in which he vividly portrayed the glorious past and brilliant future or the great democratic party; whereupon the Association, on motion, adjourned to a special meeting to be held this week on very important business, wbich meeting was ordered to be ad vertised in the Star and Constitution. Navt Viio Matters?The workmen err., ployed In the foundry department of the Navy Yard are to-day engaged in uncovering the lm m#*nap nrnn?l\s*r ratf tKo?a ?? ? ... ? |,a u'^i v j< *.i i*B| n'i tur new frigate Penaaa^a. now lying at tbe Norfolk Navy Yard, to be papered This propeller ia made on as Unproved plan adopted fey Mr Sickles, the constructor of tUe machinery for tbe PensacoU, and h^a three wiogs instead of two. as in ordinary crew propellen It la tbe largest casting ever tnude In the Washington Navy Yard. containing Mine twenty-live thousand pounds of met 1, the principal I: gredient bring copper, (t will re quire the united labors of tome twelve men up wards of two day* to unover It and make ready for hoisting out of the mould. A number of tbe hands Id this department arc engaged lu eon atructing tbe mould for castiug the chain for the sWin post or bearing of the Pensacola. which of iteeif is a job of some magnitude, requiring the us* of upwards of 8,UO0 pounds of mt-ui The machinery of the Pensacola?all of which has been made by tbe excellent mechanics attached to the Yard?Is nearly completed, and is consid ered by good ji daes to be tbe finest machine?v belonging to the Government. All tae material of the engines it of the best, and the work of a superior quality, reflecting great credit upon those employed in 1U construction. It ia understood that as loon as the propeller can be completed it will be a?nt to Norfolk to be put in the frigate, which will then be towed up to our Navv Yard to receive her engines and armament. Thus our citizen* will ere long have an opportunity to take a look at one of the finest vessels in the American service. A Cask or the Old Soit ?Yesterday Messrs T.W .Williams and Philip Boteler brought before Justice Donn a man named T. L. Marsh alias Henry Wilson, against whom they made charge that he went to the stable of T. W . W llllams and hired a buggy and span of hors?s to go to Marl boro' During the morning two boys, who knew Mr Williams's horses, came in on the Baltimore road, and told Mr W that tljey met the man with bis buggy and horses on the way to Baltimore Mr. W . Immediately got a buggy and started with Mr Boteler in pursuit of the rustomer, overtook him on the road near Laurel factory, and brought him ba.-k to the city He had been boarding for a considerable length of time at Mrs Wll.iatm's boarding bouse, and for several days pait he had a room at Brown's Hotel His appearance and deportment were calculated to deceive, and his ^11 i a i ? * .. iniuw iKuriirn uiu i.truiea an excellent opinion of hi in Justice Dona sent to Brown's Hotel for bit baggage,which wo* brought to the office, and the officer was ordered to search it publicly, tbe prts >oer bei ng present It cons'sted of a common oil-cloth traveling sack, very full and very heavy. On opening it tbe officer was surprised to flud it contained nothing bat s big stone, twenty or thirty old papers, and a lot of hay. The prisoner laughed heartily at the comical expression of the officer's face.and tbeofficer, Justice and bystander* joined, and far a moment judicial proceeding* were sus pended. He wu committed to jail for trial at court. This Is the revival of a trick so frequently played by " strapped journeymen" thirty year* iigo, and before the days of railroads and tele jjrapLs Thi Revival ?The protracted meetings sre still in progress at several of tbe churches, and no d st-os',tion is manifested to bring them to sclose. At the Methodist Protest mt Church, Ninth street, meetings are held d iily at 10 o'clock a. m , for the benefit of those who are unable to attend the meetings nightly. Yesterday the meeting was eondueUd by Rev. Dr Sunderiaud. whodellvercd an able discourse to an intelligent audience. At night the meeting was conducted by Rev 1) A. ithermer. of Baltimore, who 1s again assisting tbe pastor. HI* discourse last night was based upon tbe text: ' The hsrvest Is the end of the world " After which, a short time was speut in singing and prayer. At the Methodist Churcb South the meeting last night was conducted by Rev. J. A. Proctor, who delivered an appropriate discourse. I he remainder of the evenlnir was snent in th? usual .t*1c?-b at tbr altar, ai"d couside able tn terest was lunilfrst-d by tbe church and prnltrnu vrlio p-e?futtd themselves for instruction and prayer. A Se^satios?Shortly after noon to day, the telling of the Perseverance engine bell, on account of tbe progressing funeral of our latesn useful and tfenerallv-re,rarded fellow-citizen Silas H Hill, gave rlae to a rumor of the ai;dd?n death of Mar shall Brown, Fsq , of Brown's Hotel known by the public to have been critically ill last week Prom that moment until going to pres* the Star office has been besieged with anxious and sor rowful inquirers concerning tbe truth of the ru mor, as was the office of the hotel also. We are happy to be able to say that Mr Brown is much better thin on Saturday last, since when he has been rapidly recovering. Fr?* ?About twelve o'clock last night the fine imm and stable b-longing to Mr Jesse B. Haw, on his farm near tbe Park. was destroyed by (Jre The firemen were out promptly to render assist ance. bat could afford none, tbe barn being too far from a supply of water. We have not ascer taiaed the extent of Mr H 's loes, but were in )v>>unt iwai irrerti no* animals were destroyed i* the $ime* CnrriAL Gcakd-kocsk Cask*.?Ditty Harry, col-d, runaway; retained for tbe owner Abraham Cook, drank and disorderly dismissed John Williams, rto ; workhouse 90 days. Wm. Llch tie d, do.; do 90 days Wm. Haghes, do ; fin* and costs, *6 15. Char lea Hughes, do., and car rying a weapon, ,*&> 73 EUxabeth Connor, va grant, wwkfcaaje 90 days. Two lodgers were sccocqmogatsd. National Medical Coimqi ?'Th* lecture room of tbe Intlrmary Building was well filled last evening with an intelll :ent auditory?a large portion of which were ladles?1? listen to the In troductory address delivered by Dr Stone to the class ?*?o? of tbe National Meairal College 9skt?k ADVMTiiinrjTotMr,. Higby, in an other column, about aatr jewelry. We have seen specimens of her work, and can cheerfully com mend bar to tbe patronage of those wishing any thing |9 !?-' Hn* Tat Fbskial of Us late Silas H. Hill took place from bis lata residence aa I; street, sear sixth, this mora lag, at i* o'clock, and was nu cuerously attended by the cltiteas of W ashing ton" CtactriT Cocst .- Yeaterday's session In this court Lav la* clooed tit* caliiug of the appearance ] kiockrt, tb? bearing of appeala from magWtralea' decltioutis being prooreirt*4. Notice -Thn imwiIb the New York avenue Pr'*bftertan Church, will be rented to aucli at want them, to-morrow morning at half-past 10 O'clock. ? 1 JJ1- - - - - - - - I Polio*' Ju?tU4 BmnUeit ? I Brldgft Lynch **? charged with selling liquor witbovt a ftcense, and flnrd *20 94 Georgian* Stmruoad* 'was accuaed ot disorderly behavior and toed *1 94. Patrick O'Brien waa accused of disorderly ?nndoet aad profanity, and fined ft M. W Ward, do do , fj 94 D Stewart, do do , S4 94 .Mary Falls, for using irdecent ianjrna/e, was *1 94 Wm. &nlllvan, acuved rf rarrrlng concealed drs.dlv weapons. '**m lined 04 Tfcorn*? Hall, arensed of dlaorderly behavior, wu flned 11 *1 J. F barker waa arretted tt uHM-fit? obecjoe iangiQEgft, and lined )*i it. J. Morgan was at cased of violating the law la relation *o ezcarsttoM, and waa fta-d ftg 94. Gm.M.N.cb la was ?ortVlctsd oa a charge of Mills* liquor la aauMhl leas than the standard required to bo observed In ht? license Miry Manning was ac cused of disorderly and lndocent behavior, and inad* to pay a fine of *4 94. Lucy Burk was found to l>e au unregistered or Doa-realdeat negro, and was duly fined CIO 04. 9 Bosch was dis covered to have violated a law by buying and selllog old lead. Iron, kc., without a license, and was fioed S10 94. John Pela, similarly accused, was, on satisfactory evidence, fined &> 94 Thomas Miebolson was flned PI 94 for alleged disorderly bebaTlor, and in default of security and coats was sent to the workhouse CD days. Elisv beth Barns, accused of using Indecent language, waa flned SI 1)4 Charles Rizon was found guilty of Ittrbortaft a oar without leyal authority to da bo, and waa made to pay a fine of ?5 5^. Margaret Coiwell was successfully charged wltb giving utterance to indecent language in the streets, and waa duly fined tl W. Caroline Adams was charged with asleg Insulting remarks in violation of law, and was tb^relW fined 91 91. \Vm Wa nen. accused of disorderly behavior, was fined SI 94. Henry Eberlinir, a county constable. w,is charged With drnnktnness and disorderly be havior, and flned, but In default of security and costs waa sent to tbe workhouse J. T. Red well wss accused of disorderly behavior, and flned SI.91 Becca Gunton, cnarged with noisy con duct and open profanity, was fined $2 94 Eliza beth Dtilar.ey, charged with unbecoming beha vior. w?i fined SI W Michael Robbins. drunk and disorderly. wm fined ?3 94 Chsa. Vancey was accused of stealing several shoulders of bacon, ami was duly held to appear at thecrimlnsl court. Patrick Calhune was accused of biting ofl a man's fore fip<rer; for which cannibal exhibition he was required to give bit I iu ft^OO for hisappvar ance at court. Kit:lit small boys,whose nimes we withhold for their own and their parents' sake*, were, caught enUrlng the house of Joaiah Ksaex In the n pbt time, for unlawful purpost-s; they were be d to ball J.>hu Pela was accused of receiving stolen good*. knowing them to have been stolen, beld to bail in the sum of S3UU for his appearance at the Criminal Court Mrs Henrietta Kosch was also charged w.th receiving stolen goods, with a guilty knowledge, and held to bull in a like sum lo answer tbe clrirge Ann Cavanaugh was ac cused of sundry petit larcenies; to answer which she was held to bail Jofcn Tenuis waa charged with the commission of a rape upon tbe person of Ann Tennia; he was held to bail f r court Jirfore Just're Clark?David Dodson. William Butler, and Robt Seymour were s-verally hauled tip for violating the commandment which pro hibit* profanity. They were severally fined 83 and SI -16 costs. Washington Thkati*. ? Wood's Minstrels opened Isst night to a large and fashionable audi ence. who seemed highly delighted by the fine music and eccentricities of this superior corps of talented Ethiopian artists. Tbe new wit that tbey introduce makes tbe entertainment novel, and dispels that sameness which seems to be th? dlth-ulty of other companies In their line of basineas Tbe ladles were oat In numbers, and smiles of true enjoyment at the chaste jokes of veritable, quaint, and funny Jim Budworth. gave htm new impetus, and be out-did himself. The Theater will be crowded to-night, so go early and secure a seat Mr. Editor : "A live dog Is better than a dead Hon" it Las been said, If 1 quote correctly, but a live ox is not no valuable as a dead one, by a 'darned sight " Beef cattle are quoted at ab<jut an average of 3 cents per pound, -.while a very ordinary "pound" in market costs 10 to 12 cent*. Mv friends, the butchers, are a jolly, good set of felloes, but they are getting rich, buying up farms, driving fkst horses, Ac . while we poor devils who have to go to market as purchasers, see our funds grovr -small by degrees and beauti folly less " If anv one of the political parties will put a "cheap ?>eef'' plank In their platform, I, for one, am ready to stand on it till meat conots dowa. A Hkkf Eim. Dbmociatic Mrktis? is Moxtgqmvrt Cors tt. Md ?The meeting of the friends of Breckin ridge and Lane at the Cross Roads !n Montgomery county on the 13th instant was well attended Able speeches were delivered by Messrs. Brewer and Bonic of Maryland, and Frank M.Spencer of this city. The remarks of the latter were parti cularly happy, and were delivered In a ntyle very creditable to our youthful friend whose zealous defence of the National Democracy against the charge of favoring disunion met with a nearty re sponse from the assembled crowd. Mrssrs. Ar*t A Shimi*, on Green st ,!G?orge town, are still furnishing to families and restau rants throughont the District cider, ale. porter, brown stout, and mi neral water, all of the heat *nH pureat They bottle nothing that la not A No. 1, which ia the cjii* of their being so well patro nized, especially by invalids Ladikk and gentlemen, the only sewing ma chine worth buying is Grover ir Baser'a. It has been thoroughly tested for yeara, and found want ing in n particular F.x amine it carefully before in iking a purchase We explain with pleasure the great advantage and simplicity of the in& chine at Htevena', 336, between Ninth and Tenth atr'ets 7t L&Diii, the extensive improvements in my store being now complete in every department, 1 shall use every effort to keep iny stock well as?ort?d with the most choice vonds of the season, and offer the same at the very lowest cash prices, and one price only. Call at once and Judge for your selves. 7t Fot your bonneta, hats, flats, ribbons, French flowers. feeth-rs. dress Mmmlngs, embroideries and real lacea go to Stevens' fancy store, 33G, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets. ?t SrKvaxs. sole agent in this city for the celebra ted Grover k Baker sewing machines, 33C, be twern Ninth and Tenth streets. Prices from $.j0 to f 150. 7t Stevens' dress haU for Udiesare exquisite Go at once to see thein, 336, between Ninth and Tenth street*. 7t Fiver a*d *aor.-This trying and pr 'Voicing disease, which tix?* it* relentless pra*f? ua the bod* of n an. reducing hiin to a m< re s:.adow in a sho.t apaoo of time, and rendering hirn physically and mentally uaelcaj, can defeated and driven f om the body bv the use of Dr J Hosteller'* Rtn'.wntd Bitters. Tlie great sucoesa it ha* m:t with an the Iw e6c a) ro?ults fot owins: 't? use. have e*tib uhed it a? a permanent "intitution." We woo d ad vine our readers to procure this valuable speotic, and if an absent friond is atiiiet *1 with tiie Fever and Ague, or any other nervous di?oase. t > h%?ten and pr cure this much fkvored and greatly deaired arti 'u * I .1?? - ? * vi.oi n mw i a.i mat neeutju lu provj us many excellent qua i'.ies. For ?a'e bydruggiata and dealera gen?rally ev erywhere. oo 16 eoSt Hollowat's Pills. D'Mlitu and Languor ?To remove the can?e and pr vent the effects is the true theory which the treatment pursued by t ??c medicines i* found d. Languor arises from debility an<1 deh lity fr-im the imp vo ishinen: ofth ? blood or derangemont of the duenive organs If from the latt?r. the Pills a^e the best tonic medicines in use, acd for th'ir puri ftiuK a d sanative properties they stand unequaled. For sick headache. nervous disorders, enervation, indigestion, and d?pres>ion of spirits, they are the only remedy. Sold by all Druggists at 25c , (2c. and f 1 per box oo l?-}w Wistab's Bat s&m or Wild Chkkkt, Cutis Bronchial Affectum* and all Disease* of tht Lungs. From the Doston Evening Traveler, January 6. "It is perhaps but a simple act ofJustice to the proprietors of Witlar't Rnbarn of VftH Cherry for us io aay, that our personal esperienee in the uae of thiaaitiol), has impre?se<i us favorably. One if the proprietors of the Traveler was entirely cured of a severe cough nt four months' continuance, by the us? of this lialsam .and several of our f> lenda and ac quaintancea, who have tried the article, have round it of great servioe in >eheving them of a?v?ir? coughiaud shortneaaof breathing, with which they i?M u^vu amiuvru. Nona Kanuioe unless signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. _ Prepared by ?. VV. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for Mia bj Z. D. Giiinan.S. C. Ford, jr.,*. B. VVaite, 0. Stott, John 9chwar*o, Nairn & Palmer, W'ajti iHiton; and by dealers evenyhere. 90 iO -t*lr Rtinn, have you s?*n Prof. Wood'* advortisa ineut iu our paper. Read itf it will interest you. au ??-aoly HOMEOPATHIC RXMIDim All of Dr. Humphreys 4. Co.'a specifio Ho aeopathio Remedies put up expressly for family dm, in boxes, at 25 and So oents each. Also, ia oases, containing 90 vials, from 04 to ? eaeh, with book of full directions. For sale by Z.v- Oilman. 340 Pa. avvnue, wholesale and rstau agauii W. A Pitaxenud. 363 north V ?tre*?; also by r. B, Winter, oornsr of Masaaohusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Als", Pond' 1 Extract 0/ Witch Hazii, for internal and external inflammations of ill kin.Ha BnM u ?hiw? ?- * ? To the A?flict*d !?Be eure to raid the adver tiMinei.t of MoLaan'a Strengthening Cordial and Qlood Purifier, in another column. tf M us. W ia*|?ow, an experienced nurse and female phyaioiad, ku a S nothing Syrup ft Ch ildrtn Ttetk int. win oh g reatly feet I itataet he proeaaeof teething by eoltaauag the gnma, radioing all inflammation? will alia; all pain, and ia aure to racutata the hovela. Depend upon it, wothera, it will give reat to yonrnelres. and relief and health to yoar infanta, *iTm?yra," 7 auuuT '*> t Lewiaburg, Va.. on the 4lh instant, by Rpr, Dr. Mohlhean*, ARCH. W. FOt.K, (orineny of KSb, On t*undar moeemg. t+ih inatant, of the typhoid fev.r. Mr. PHILIP H. VANAR3DALE, In tha Kb year of linage, *

WAffTED?S#reral MDfE5?tovork at drM*n4kJt*,at42 Sixth rtr^t aitf Lo" ?aaj *v. No>y but good >?anl? bwxI aypl?. 1 (? W ?t?T? re?P",'t'H? woman,?^1TI A ?f Tn)J? *? cNunbf nr.ftid aud nvt . AppW at thn c-T>'nr of ?r?th *r,d <? wt? It* WANTED-TWO SHOFMAKKRS. odiwi'i v -rk Apply at No. 647 Seventh at.. I*'woen L 4. and Virginia ar . N*y> Va-J. oc IS i'.*_ .vNTED?By artupfctah'a wwts.i tjf>N ?? wet nur*e. Ap;>ty at Mo ?, betwatt 8 and H, from * till 4 o'cl< 16 ?t* STTl' - tr*.tj&wnkeairmttirniW4o'clock.4 4ih 'ANTKD-A rood cooi, WASHER, and IBONKI. Msit he an Amarican, German Fn*li h or Scotch woman, of good character and industriom habit*. Aptly at No. 6 Four-and-a hair ? " It* ftraet. w ANTED?On* HOk*E and KXPHKfS wagon, iuiuiri c itrwt. i>*tv*r*wi yi 7th ?ta or- iv?* W ANTED?8,000 PI' RCHASERS.?Wantad, Purchasers fjr 2,000 cord* of Wool, standi ne on the land sitnated on the Potomac river, S mi!?i froni Washirttor ,and e\n be bronsht to market by the!oaf al. The wood is of the l?eat quality of hick otv. oak and pine, ard anitnhle for lumber and ship umber. A. Wren* C. L. Jat Star Office oc 13 e> 3t* !VANTEn-SS.iK> wuftU oTSKCONU HAND " FTRNITftRE. Jor which t: a highest cash price* wi]' be pmu Address, or inquire for. C. T. GRIFFITH, at Clear* A Green'a Anction KOom, Ninth street, one door from Pa avenue. ??c S-4' Gt WANTED I MM EDI ATEI.Y?From ?S tn $10.0f*i worth of SECOND-HAND FI1RNI TUR ot all kind?, for which I will rnarantv to par fe highest pneas, and. as u?u*l,at the ahorteat no tice. R. BITCH l?Y, Dealer in Faniitart,iMnra?, Ac . rtc 9 40* 7th ?t., t>et. G and H, eaat aide. YVAXTEI>-AI1 kind* of SKCOND-HAND ^ FURNITURE, far which I wil' pay the cash, at 3*9 S?v?ala street, lv?twe?n I and K noifi-tf nONTX A GRIFFITH. \VA~NTED-A PLUMBE*. Inquire at MY ?* ERS & McGHAN'S. None Lut a first cl*sg workman need apply oc 1 WANTED?To have ereryhodt k?ow that the* can find a fine and well aeiectert ?tock of fali. ar.d '? INTKR CI O ^HING. furnish. IVG <}'???[>*, HAT** and CA^S at the Pe.tp'pn' Clothing Store, No. 400 Seventh st ,oppo?ite Post Ollise. Im It/AN'TED-A CLEkK, who i a acq uai ut <h) with Vw f." - >?"* -- - .. .m, !"l !* VC W li j 'wro IJC81 <>I reference* required. Addrosa T. H., No. i, Star Ofice. ae 14 FOH SALE AND RENT. [For O.'A-'f " ror Sail and Rent" *<lv*rtis*m*nit, get firU f>cjf? } Ii*OR "EST?A lia-d.^ms, first class UF>I DKXCJ-', No 44'i E street, between 6th and 7th*troet ?one ofthe 171 at eligible locations of thia citv. 'I he housais l'urnisliol with a!! modern im provement*, such as bathroom, hot nntl co'dvater ??n *aeh floor, ran?e first and second tl'iots hea e<l from basement, Ac.,&<\ Apolv n?xt door, to Pr. J AS. J. WARING, No. 444 E street between 6 h and 7th. oc 16 eotf FURNITURE AT PRIVATE SALE A N O HOUSE FOR RENT.?Th# Furni'nre in hmse 101 O street, between 19th and 2ii-h streets, First Ward, is for sale at a price considerably be 1<>w .a?h value; thoiuh the larger portion is not oilod or worn in the ] ast A (m il Pia-o is in cttried. The hou e is a demrable throe-stor* ilRICK, with hack buildings, a-d was built only two >ear< ag". oc - l?-3t* J OR RENT?A two story BRICK DWELJ. ? IN(> HOUSE, on Gay street, containing ten roorriK, including a two- tory ki chei.; good cel'ara noiler the house; (as and *at?r in the premises. The > ousn is m 0:>mp ete repair.and to a periran' i,t t i ant the rent will bs? low. App jr to D. ENG LISH, tieo'getnwn. oc 13-eo2w A RESIDENCE NEAR WASHINGTON CITY FOR RENT OR SALE ? HKAP-A l^a't" Dwe'ling liojise.2H miles from George own. i>.? . wun exi? ire Kva-n and o*char"!*. and as innch nr.oro land ?- may e d- ?ir d. It will be rented either wih or without the fu'nture, a<"d, to a good ti?i*n?. very cheap. H. LOIIOHBOROI'GH, ce 12 St* Gras land D. C. ffOR SALE?One two-atory BRICK HOUSE, with two ?t?rr hack bull 'int. preaa briok fron-. on Eleventh at, between O ao<l P ata nortn. Terma, .O^Ocavh; balance in 6,12 and IS i?ontha. Irqnire ofJO.'IN W R EED, on the preiri-ea. ooll-St* fKJR SATE.?Designing improving the store occupied by me, 1 ofler for *?le the two !ar?e row ? INDl)W.?, with a!; the DRA W KKS and SHELVING cornp'ftt" aa now in the store. Appty to I!\R MO\ BURNS, 40* Pa av. oc 11-jt FOR RENT-A new nnd d'airsbl* BRICK DWELLING HOUSE in a plea?ant 'ocali-y. No. tWR I. street, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. CAM MACK. QVJ st. oc in F^OR RENT-ROOMb Noa. 2. 3.4, 3, 6. 11, 14, 15, lfi, 17 1*.SI and -23, in the new fire atory brown atone bin ding oorner 7th atreet * eat and Pa. avenue, known aa "Washington Build inc." They are well adapted for Offices. having cAs. water, Ac. For tortus appl? at our Sfore, No. 40T Pa avenue, or to John H. rtrmme* A Co , No. 5BS 9th *tre?t weat, corner Louisiana av. e 13 2awlm MURRAY A SEMMES. COR RENT?Poaseaston on the l?t of October I? The 1)WE I.LING HOUSE No. 4 D atreet. at present occupied by th j Rev. Dr. Hatler, and uextdoor to the residence of the advertiser. J. !tf CARLISLE. N. R.?Tt will not be let for a hoarding house, ae 18 tf BOARDING. ROOMS* AND BOARD.-Board, with a fine Fron> Room, or other Rooms, may lie had at No 45*? Twelfth at., between G and H?a most de sirable oca ity. <>c 16-lt* C. i l'OVVLSK . .JollS f WKEB .. M. \VM BEVEKIlxJE. CHARLES S. FOWLER A CO MFORTERS. Whalesalo and Retail Dealers in CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, Fine Cut'err. Plated Ware, Roll Metal Gouli, Block Tin Goods Tin t ha-td>er Seta Jtpaaod Waiters, hthereal and Soltr Lamps, obI ?lil I.amps, Lanterns Ac ftOt <Odo F*u.?wV Hali. > *EVKNTH ST., oc II eoC# Washington City. Beli. and everett, DRECRINRIDGE AND LANE. DOUGLAS AND JOHNSON, And all their respective frienda, aie invito! ?o oallat HENNING'S, S*v*nth Street. (lalard,) ai.d examine hu larse and varied atoek. ti i n/4 a if iio .i imm nr.f u?ll Ao liinr an/1 lit IIV J tf*?l IO fffi S>od a-ticies as ft a* oce. en'* Snoos at $1. M*n's Gaiter* ftt 8' 25, .Mon'i Koota at #1.75, Hoys' Bn t* at ?1.25, Yout's' Roots &t $1, B >y?" Sho?>? at 75 cts., Youths' 8 iota at 62 cts..: LaU^s' Boots ? 75o A f 1 A fine lot f Ladies Meal timers fciid No hoel Boot* at #1 ?5 Uwnts' K<n?Gait#rs at 32.r<i. HATS AND CAPS. Vwj Cheap. GENTS' CLOTHING, In Varittjr. Winter Pants fr im #1 25 to SG. Coats f'orn %250 tip V>?U from 1 up. A ice Dross I'oat for #6 : beit tor 918. COATS, PANTS. VESTS and OVKRCQAT*. vatioua Mt>ie?. SHIRT.*, DRAWKH*. NECK TIES, COLLARS,8i>SPENDEKS, HOSIERY. G I.O V KS, ico. 10 Papo Collars for 2j oer.tj. A fine ?t?*l frama Gingham UniUralia, of .a> ? iz?, for f l 3rt. Try a lit. For ? thing_oall at UK (J. C. IIKNMNO S. 7 li it., oc 4-eo2w Near Maryland av., la and 1> I B A N T ? S S~~\ RESTAURANT fmj 4mSwA>L P M. Dl'HANT rakea^l^tQr pi anure in a;aurin? the publi i that he i* at ail timed prepared toaooommodatethem with the finest GAME, FISH, OVSTKRS, MKA I8, and other edibles; and with WINKS LlOUORs*, and CI GARS equal in purity and flavor to any that money will buy in any city in the United Statea. Hia Res tauraot continue* to deserve ita high reputation for tha mannor in which a l ia wrvid that an* guest iaay rail for. On Sunday next hia Kit ng Roopj* will be open, and on each auco?r<hnc Sun;*? until farther nouoe. On HuadVt?s the entrance to hia Entiry; Rooms Will be on Sixth street, the fourth door from Pa. averae. oc 5 2w H MUSICAL notice. A VINO Been induced to accept the posiiion of organist at St. Aloyaiua Church in thisoitjr, 1 have determined to remain during the ensu ing winter, and ahall be happy to reader Sofeasional servieea ;fcj?e trho may require N, OAULFiELD, Professor of tfie Organ. Piano Forte, and Singing. For particulars as to terras, Ac , inquire at the Muaie Depot or JOHN F. ELLIS, Pennaylvania avenue. oc 3-lra* EVERYBODY'S interest. 11ST ... D.i i ?J UfivrcB ion OI $ r auii kmi CLOTHl to whioh yomr atecti.'D is oal'ed, ns I Ml oonndeot that I oan eell iood CLOTill Ne, FURNISHING UOOUS, HATS ad CAPS at URN1&HING GOODS, HATS iwer prioet than any other b >im in me mu. M?-?m ^MiTH. No. 460 Sereolli it. INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC. A. F. LITTLE, PROFESSOR OP MUSIC, ha* returned to the city and resumed the du- tffj ties of his profession Pref LITTLE, har AfEjf iM eharxs of Musioal Department at Alnwick Tig1" and Ptoaeaot View Houtnane*. r.nd beinc engaged fourdaw *V>h wee 1$ at these Institutions, has (M,; ivu u??i in eacn wwok t? devote to private instruction of pupili, or to a similar en gageaartm another institution. Those des;nng hie professional servient will please make applica tion at Dr. Hunt's, 310 Pa. avenue oe l lu.'Hi*^ Tup it .MQEK NBW OOOD9. r ??E UD*w*]inM h*v? ju?t completed their took of Goods for the Fall aixlWiiiter Cjnip J-inf * full well ?electel M?ortwiont of CLOTH'S CASwlMEKE^ana VE9TINGS, with t*u? ;?|ogf ettloa cf Material for BuainCM aa-.u, torrUisr with %A',\rSlT r?S QKNTLEMKN'a . PtlNlSUlNO QOOD8 of the beat quality, to which they re*??ot ralij invite the attention o( their friend* and oaa '"risvarc'W Military Naval and Ciliztnt' Merchant Tmiltrt, fw4-?ofm No. *18 P* ?r. BKtLANO feVEHtr MKIMLS, GUI DON o, on Seventh tueet, for WH ocati i ?? | i i .J r?-?aAMa*riA?i A R*?olctw** In hw?f th* Clerk* contingent Htsoh td bgifu Board of Aldermt* and Beard ?f Comma* Council of tk* C+rpmrmt+o* trf Grorrnom, Tb?t the ton of one Luodr?d and fc;iv dollar* be. and it fwreby. appropriated as a oontlageat fund for the Clerk of the Corporation. Approved October 11, ISflfc A Rn?6LrT,0'* ia favor rf \V.,D. Wallacb. Hf fired fcy rut Urnnt ?f Aidtmtn o*W Board of Omm<m C9mmr%i mf t%oC0rpormt*on of (irorgtlptm. That tt?*Clerk *ntb?ci*>:d top*v *> tb? order of W. D Wallarti twrlre doliara ??d tw*ntr-alx <*?r>U fbr bill for prfntiftg from 9tb March to 3*U> June, UMu. Approved October 11, ls#< A Risoivnow !i? favor of Robert Whit* Rnolvrd by tkt Board of Aid rmtn and Board of feirMOM Cwtmrtl of tAi i'ory oration of Woorfrtotm. That the Clerk be and he ? berebv. authored u> pay to Robet While, pollee magistrate, ?ftv iz dollar* end twelve cenla for fee* from May 15tb to September ?tb, 1?00 Approved October 11. A Rb?oi.ot?on providing fertb* flu ?l payment for dredging the channel of the rivet trsolrtd by the Board of Aldrrwirm and Board of CiHnmvn Count il of Uu Corporation of Grorgtiou-n, rm A I? ?-* - - i u? in oraer 10 previa-jor tb?* fiaal ptrnifit du? the contractor for dn4(fii( the rhannel of IM rlvrr afrr*M>4? to an ordinance approved Novem ber '23, IS3, tb? Maror &nd Clerk be. and th?-T re hereby, antbortt?d to Iwte thevtock of thla Corporation to tue amount of ttve hundred and wenty4hr?c ftlullara and eirhtjr cents redeemable nt the pleaaur* of th? Corporation. bearing iatert *t at the - ate at all per cent, per annum, payable Quarterly: the Clerk la l*r*bv dlrecW-d to pav tbe aaid atock to ihe order of tne contractor Approved October 11,1860 GBOR GETO W N_A DVERT'MTS for other (iem-gttovn mdetrtMnunt* 'ttf.ru par* rr^="THE REV. DR. GL'RLEV Wtil ar-aeh in lljf the Market street i F;e?bjUuan> Cu*f?l Tffl8 K\ EXlN?T.>t7H o'alcok. 1t AKaB MANTLES! A"AB MANTLE? VTR ECT FROM A UCTIOV, FftlCKti AND S ToLLaK*. Itoli t 1 e?s Thau I'mt ot Mite ial Aleo, ae.eal !<>t? . f R KA !. OIM PL' RE OOL L* RS, Ht S;, Vi,62,7j and *7 oei t?. *u th double Couttota.er'a ikIoui al?*i Rid Giovoa, at 75 ject* a pair A verj cheap lot ot Embroidered Tiimmh<??. such as Cambrio HatiJ*. Lluai * Band*, Can?t?rio Edjir.fi and ln->ertin<?, IN ENULE&S VARIETY. Torether with acood araorUnent of Shirt Front*, at IhX couta, which in the ?i?ateat bargain ivar t tf-reJ. A!ao, a K~o?l stock of Ladtea' TV?a* Good', Men'a an.l B??k* Woar, and a great va:i*t? oi other poodi equallr a? o. eaa. Call at the right place?No. 117 t south aide) Bridge htreet, Georgetown, D. C. ool?2w E. GUTMAN. Bonnet ribbon*. VELVET RIBBON'S, BONNET MATERlAUP, FRENCH FLOWERS ar.d BKIIML ? FEATHER8.8TRA W B'lNNKTS, BEAVKK and FKi.r HATiv PATTERN HO * VKT9, FRAMES and HU?*HVS BONNET VKLYETf*, 811,KS ard BLONDE LACES, embracing every tiun* rich aLd new :i: the Millinery I.!1-*, at c prices. fC. CfUTMAN, No. 117 aunth aide Bridge etre*t, oo In 3w fiaergefcnww. D C. F^OR NEW YORK .-The tacket aoh.K>r.er Fair fax. Captain 8 Mott, wiil be rea<H to re rr*L cairo cargo for the al>ove port on Monday, 15tti inat. For fre ?ht ?dd)? to f?"COBB k. DODOF, on 11 11 Water at.. Georgetown. BOXES NEW lORK CHE S*\ fl f 20 t>bl* I.nverinr's Refiner! SUGARS, 20 !>bU. Prime New Oti?a'>a MOLASSES, Superior Sa't Rier WHISKS',at 3 J per gallon. F- r sale l?> ocl^St _ W. H. TENXEV. iLt REMOVAL. UliyS CTj^XTON Has removed her place of bo tine** to S'o.TT B'id^e atr *et, four <!oor? e\?t of the Farmer* antV Mechanic*' Bait, where ahe taa received her FALL PURCHASE?. eor*irtini of nearly ever* thins eaually keet in a firat olaa* TR1 MM I * ft and hANCY STORE. Sh?rr?eert? an eiamination of hi- ?tock by those wi?hi-g to porch*** Tiimri.uig* or Fancy Gooda for fa I an 1 wiT'er we>r Thankful to thoae who have patronlied fc?r4?rt?f the pxat. al.e r.o!ictU a con lnuanee of the publie favor in the figure. ?-c 13 ??t* NEW STORE! NEW GOODS! MRS. M. SIMSON informs h.?r numerous fne< cU and tUe pubiic gon er*ll> that t)ie is now established at liar New Stor-. So. Ill Bridge utroet. Georgetown,,, two duo.-j above th? old ataod, wh-re m >j !> ??_ four.d a? uana . a lar??? aa ortin -nt ?l M'LLfNE RV DRY GOODS. HOSIERY, and EMBROID isillf.s, at tlie very lowest market prices. c>o 12- in FI 9 H! F ! s hT F I 9 I!'!! 400 barrels No.l Pickled Evtport HERRING, a*) do <lo G :pj>?l Bo-ton do 231 do do Round do do lift do 9t. John s ALF.W1VE9. 5> do prime No. 3 medium M \CKEUHL. i.i. \V. 3 Daily p<-r schooners Arnou ... ver, and \\ in. U. C*r|p:l. ar?r1 for gale on or l>efor? t rri > ;il lu lot* ?o suit A so in store? lit I>j4-rels prime Pickle<I HExKlNG, I?i do No.l ALKWIVK3. i> do i*t. John's do Vt h&if l?rrfl? No.lH ER RING, 35 bar e's No 3 iar*e M ACKK.RKL. And a f-.w e<tra R<?e ami Cut HFRRIN'G, in I*' rein and half barrel*. for *al<? on pl?a in* trnns. A?p > to IIAK LEY fc BROTHER, 99 and 101 \Va er tueet, oc 12 1 w Georgetown. D C. F^OH KENT?In Georgetown, two first-class H(>1'8K8, aituatnd on West ?treM, ono con taimnK 16 rooms, and ih^ of Iter 9. with ro? and liath room*complete Appiy to II. L. OFFL'TT, No 4W Hi<h ?t . Georgetown. oc 5-lm HARRIS' IMPROVED Double thread Boudulr dewing; Machine. . This Machine, an mprovetnent on ?iro"' r jv Ba ker's. in i-imMtr than tiiairs. and for its re-'iaht'ilt *n du al>i ity la cot -u paaaxl. A <>' i.d twelve ywus <>.d can run it with eaae; yet it wil: aew fiom the c-iarr.f?: cloth to the fine?t 9ws?. Tin re u n?> tioutiie ol rewind:ng the thread ae it takers ffoi* the ap<>o a. It h*a no b- it* 11. ti ve tr?.u>;e, ?-.a will run backwards as w< II %? f.><warda, ?;iu eti'l sews qa y p-rf- ct ar.d wirhout dagger rf h.-eakin* n-t>Ul? It raus b> friction, aid ti/ oi -t lug t!ie b< x over it. it is thrown out of (tar. In fact wn- have oo heaitMioi in r?cornniei:din< i? a* th ? Family St wing Machmr in ?*/. Areroy at 101 Brid(ert.,6fo*Ertowr..whe;t tray be bu nd i.Al>I K5*' TRIMMIN?;h. ftKR IIN7.K. HVR \VOJ<8TEP9. aad FANCY V A K i KT V Of !?m>. iptio.>. Out T a rortmjr.t la ?< evmplet'* *nd vantMj as anr m U>? i.&uita ooniseott-d with Kenevoleut or utii?r soeiatiea w?T| End it to their adrarta&e to gali t.ef >re curohaauic alsowhere oo 2 ?otf Brt S. K J ARVH. riMiK IJN l?E?iSIGNED CAR PEN f ER AND 1 MUlLLEK oflTara ku? Mrviora to the oab??o of <i?*otg-?town, v\ &?iiuwtor., ml vioiD\tj, ind vt l oor.tr&o: for or aup."ri> tend ooaap nation of potato and private bai diita. Pam %^d ap*cifc o&tioua will h? fqrvahca it ahort natic* iiid <bor cut Oonc rata ?t. Georgetown, tminadiate Ij aortt of Itae Foat Ollia*. au 21 Smeo HENRY WINGATR. Pianos! Pianos:! P I A ^ O 8 >'! I have iu ?ture ^4 tor ???* ma* iubc*:it K.>ae wood [Itx'p J'ltt.iC.: alio, art I prill.t <>rau>:__w? Cotu,e Piar.o Both ac-ven-oc-.ave, UillyKHB iron frarrn, prnnoitnoet tha hn*at lOMdlllli 1 Pi iu>? ever otiurcd in tl.ia city.i warranted fnt hve I ron frarrn, prntioiinoe t ti<? hn*at loued' _*i nut ?m otiurcd in t>.i? city. i warranted _ years.) v' il xMppcti uortti again ti nor no d b? i'uv's*. Plea eitoll and txamiut.at No. 47 Lou i-ia a avenue. oo 6 3t* G M. WIGHT CLOAKS OLOAKJ* !! HAVE Juat received, direct lf??o manufac tarer*. larcB and handaoito *>ortn;em of Lad ea' a LOT a CLOAKS OS ?TI the new stjiea Alto, tiandaome a?so:lmant oi Stella Bo (iered and other r.f>w atjrlea of SHA\VL?. Call early a-d set the 5 at choice. H. EGA>, oo IS Ct A3? 7th at and A?1 Pa av, ivf o W R E A D V : LAIM s*. i n a 1 tueir varieties, STLHEMETZ'9, 236 Pa. avenue, <-c 9 Near oorner i hirteent* U ? MKDICAL WORKS*. Students viII find a rood ar?ortrn*nt of MKDICAL WORKS . At the Ver* Lowrst Price*, at SHEPHERD'S, oo 13-1 w Corner Seventh and Data. B HALL WITH ISRAEL DKMINtV Wholesale and Retail IVtiwrl in tine FAMILY }ROCKKlK*. TEA8, wr^li#. ?4d choice LI Jt'ORSof all kincu. A freeh stock just opened i- od t*utar7 oenta per pound. Ca'lat.Nu 434 7th itreet, between D and Louisiana a v. cc 8-tf f MBB8* WIG, BRAID AND CURL ~AWl> SMKS& ?2-MS?i MR <fcS! at of Kr%:<U.0ar!V.PnirttM, fcp io? M NletMtlio. m*de to order M the (howl iwtloo Milr Work rowured or tMkvt, IC, 6*jL%kt?, <W> 3 to NO T I O II \ KJ THE LAMIK8! * Mil LOWE t&lcoa pi -Mir? in unaouKMiu to .fee Uiiw* that her 8tor? will (> reopened on P?t trd?r,th? IS:h iu Mt, with * new - <? wll ?4'Ma'd inortiMDtof LADIES i>KM9 TKIMMI^. OO 11 lw W7 Pa Mtuth I MM. A SWEDISH i.KECHRg. A. SUPPLY JaM roooivrd Al?> on l.an.l, ?t*f rd i Ultv? T?r aoo Iron fcrvl Sulphur Powder?, IWu '? Oriental 8?ki or j&p.iio?? |'?> vc, Ho'-o Wuthi ' oafae io , * ?I-Un? ti!? , *e.H MOOR K S f bj lxi>e >ta~. MSP* ? Order* f??r l/*oobkA( uul C-p,-ia< ieo iv?d M frrowjU* %Ueu4ea. oo *9 the latest news telegraphic. * t St. Jo?k?. Oct 15 ?Tbe rtetarr Arabia. f^>w lTrp001 ?* *** c*p* r*"* r?*w4?T. mini cpirv ujr ui? orwi ^ ior)atod PrHi II m reported from th*t Gar*bald 1 M obteiatd % vjct >rjr alor? the whole llaafll' tba W al.a | and altu rrpulx j I body of the? fro? Ca rrtu (17 utile* nurtboaat cf NaplM), and bad kin ?.?*) priaobera Tbla, k?vtm, iacto caaftraa tloa The Great I'.utrm steamer ta to be de?ataed ?t MUford Haves during the romlitf winter. aid Capt Ball and the chic# enf laaet hava be** dli rhtml. II la at?t?d via Genoa that Garibaldi ibmsw a vtrAory aloajr the whole line* of tt* eaeoaj. tad tLat ttur r v?l troop* vr*re ba'ng 1 A Naplea dwpairL of the M aJH Utat the royal iron pa bad been repulsed from Taacrta aad Kt rodndad. and that tbr GatlbaJ JUn. bad triad a two thousand of th*ni pr <a,ne?? |l la reported that <;*r.b<!dl baa tavlted Victor Kitimanuel to Xaplea to *sa<iia? 'be Government, and ttatf n? that be wrm'.d n-tlr- to bla kmr The Pnpe baa taaued an Allorotloa. -?ndeiw nice and peov-vtln* %v?ir?t is- ?? ? Lack of tbe King and Government of Pledmof* aa hla dominion*. and call* on tbe Catbolta powm ror a?*nta*ce. He deprecate* tl>? poltrr of no* Intervention. e*pre*a1ne b*a conviction that tbe Catholic Print** would come to hta aaatntaaea ft Is rr ported that the F.apww Napoicoa re plied to the Pope, t.iiWIulag the paltry af w? inb-rvent'on Halifax, Oct. 10?The Arabia arrived bete tliia morning. The lateat Continental dl*patcbet ?av tL*t lb* Pirdmnnteae laj^era galloped claae to the gat*a of Rome In pursuit of tbe Pontile) il trooj* Berton!. l*te t^ecretarv General af the dictator, ietilra th?t he had given ordert to forcibly oppa a the entry of Pledmonteae troopa into the \ea;x>'l I -a territory, nad also sara that neither ba or Uarl h-.ldi counseled the Immediate oecapat oe rf Rome at the rlak of a coa&lct with the Prea. b troop* Letter* from ?yria uty th^re bad b<ea m*ny ar r-su of distinguished chiefs who urged tbe r>r#s*? to massacre tbe Chriatlana, a> d that It bid pro dif-od a panic among the Moslem Inhabitants of the country A < ate al WUaapptag Cmcaeo. Ort 15 ?An oitragaoos caaa of kid - napping ore erred ia Oa'eua la the latter rart af September A a*gro na*ned Jerry Bayd. 43 vetrs of age. his w fe, a mulatto *5 fean. and diufitta*, 14, were Induced toga to Iowatowork aa inm On the *tb of thit month tbe man wat fnnnd mi Iowa city murdered It I* wpwart that, becom lug iMplrlaua. be wat killed or tbe kldnappera ti>8t tbev might retain notation of tbe womea The citizen* of GMem have oflV-red a reward of for the apprehenalan of the kldaappart Flrat ftaaw af the Beaten. PoTTtVtLtk, Pa.. Oct 15 _ | hare Waa a a!! iaii oi wo* Inst ntgtit. coreriny tbe neighbor',um hills to the depth of half an Inch. Bixoiimton, N Y . Oct 15 ?'Three inch#* of n<>w feLi hex? last night, but It la fast disappear ing this morning Philadelphia. Oct. 15 ?Dispatches from tbr mountain r?gHint Id this State reports brisk fall of snow last night. Affairs la hlckasnd RicRMoxo.Oet 16.?The Enqulrrrof thisaaora insf alludes to the late but*- elections aa allowing that Lincoln witl carry tb>- North over all op pe tition; that while tbe South will probably usitw at a unit upon Breckinridge, it leers that It to no* too late to prevent tbe election of Llnroln The Enquirer, however, nrges tbe &onth to Sir mnn tt ita discordant elements, la tdwaw iflke result of the presidential contest. Dael Betwees PelltletaM Nodaway, M? , Ort. 13 ?A duel srt< fought nesr bere veeWdsy morning, bet wen I**Ub J. IVrter. Esq , president of tbe dfaoentte club. >?.i auKirman or ?ne rXfCattv? cMSBttUv of ?t. Jbseph. and Col Harlen of bftonvtlle Mr Por ter wa a addressing a polltteal meeting at Nods way. when Col Harlea railed hltn a liar. B#tb parttss were a-rloaaly tbongh not f- tally wcundrd flallrasd Ebi'ibi Hsmc BbtmJ. FlTT?Jn.a?, Oct 14 ?The ecrlae bouse af tbe Itttaburg and Cleveland Railroad, i orated at Mineueater. three miles below this rety was destroy- d by tire at 3 o'clock tta'a moral n;j Kl?bt lo< omolivea weit buraed It la suppaas t that th* engine houae waa act on Are. The loaa win not -i -erd ?lu,uuu. Tbe tialns are all runftlag regu larly. Fraa MtiUa. Nxwr OiLUia, Oct. IS.?Ttr srbooMT Carrie Sauford. fr<>m Tampico oa the 5th, has arrived iaray, tne Mexican Minister of the frmwr,tad -eaigned The Liberals vers operatiag on Onada . iMJL_>nd the city wti dally ex pasted to fall Mfarifear. making to ralae money to defend the MpPP, and a new forced loan was talked of Hre ia LraUrtllr. Lonavillb Oct 15.?Tbe Interior r>f the edli.*? ircnpled by the Kentucky fcoheol of Medicine. *>rner of Hflb ard Green streets. was burned una Horning. I.oas li <KiO. The muse'im and cabinet ? ?< saved The lee lures will be continued at he bospitnl without interruption Tbe rd.Ac* * Ul be restored In a few days. rbe Heir Apparent Revisits America, a ad Travels l'fr'eagh the Sassy AaatV New Yorx. Oct. 16 ?It Is stated bete that tbe Jriar? of Wales svowed U!s luteutloQ vt revlslt :ijr the United States at no distant dav, dtirlag lie wlater season for tbe porpcv of makla* rip iurou> ti tbc 8011th X?w Y*rL Palttln Lockfobt. Oct 15?The Breckinridge demo rata of tbia eonaty have nr>aitna'e& 7o#epL P. ,*ne. of Mjiiil'purl, f??r Sberlff. with ? ftail .ouoty tl ket A 5*u-wa t Preiiilaa, of th?a rtl ?:d Kdwurd H !.?)?*, of Niagara, ware lonninstfd f<>r the Awmblr. XinM Ihititfr. Nonroii. Oct 15 ?TVe itbovufi %S?Ofel<|U, root for PhH .de'phla, rriv?-d h-t? ? iae, in diatrea* tae'ndln? M e lf?i of Mtli. f?i , **tng otberwiae damaged by the ilora of Suadaj Receipt* ?f Bread tall* la New Yark. Nnv Ynn.Oi t Id?Keceiptaol tour todaf 3,000 bMa Kecrlpla of wb?-al U.abeia ttkiumsra .n?rk?t*. yitf HOEt. Oct I#-Flout la dull ted un b'.n^evl Whnt quiet a?d Urn. r*-d SI 3U9I itt; rlili* 91 4oi1 ?5. Corn firm; mixed '<* Hr? ate Ay, baron aide* 11 \ ; rnra* pork 91 v * 916 S*>: pr'.ice 9M 75. Coffer ttrra ?6 ?k> Irs* t c. fliw V?i. Mai k?u Nww Yon CVt l??Flout flrra; P??l? f*5 4U? 3 50; Ohio >5 9t*a*t; nouthern 95 ?5*90 Wt*.? leady Corn b*-*ev: m'xed TUTlj^C. Pr?v|*lt)U u<l. Wthkv la beld at Cl*c Flatirlal. New <?fte er tfl ?*rh arc lom?; 'titcago aud ho i la.a.id 73: lii.ioj *'?uuai Uar?*? do Ixuida 1*7; MtrL *m. Southern u&naiteeo *7 Si New York C?*tr%l M.., Reading 1, ?.?d*on Hivtr K R <U 1?; Va Qaft \ Mo aV?* UWE'A UMIK.NTai, KM^Ak. ACmroi ViVLONttffi AMD HKADACRK. '? hi# new oir?i>r?Ty h&> produe^-1 ft?*nci <4>t? r-* 11,14 Ih < trios aaJ M -tr' iHI tna Mr fr<m\ ij'lug iitf It r??ovjk vl.jaitfrulf *'iJ ?11 ti? rii.# Am; ? o?rUur. mn f ?r i MMiitfc- *n4 4* Khtfu ?rfc?h &li2 fr'[?iu >. Piiee&>frsU. For ?* y Mmr>. \iuru A nlnM, Cfcfc- Htc?u, L M. milk, J Sehvfrrte ftuu Ki<:%??i ? Utrrao. M U-WllW* j|7 O O D 1 >> WOOD ! V* O > i> ;* 3Tt*YW KIN1)1 INu V\Oim.uw>vVM *re?. r j ^ K% ALl', 4*9 V* ??.. lUk ?M Ifeti >u. m> r? 1W?-* k ? l Mb OKI AN J lu Hut ^tfc.h.fcKk.KB IS. *. W RAKE A CO.H fll]fiXil)OT ?PI cot O?t? 5?^5hbSE; tiltd WlUl MMI,) i_n mmhi Iiiiiii h. .erevVK* CHE gkkatv9t book ~ ivd dinn a uutm. run .?? KWfWSWfc: -?-. < -m? EggcsK r t*T>5ih ?NAtrrfM4K 't n? oJ it>? >>?< ? !? *- # a ??? of U>? mwn. . ? OVll WKCLIffi; * u?t?1 tjM'i <,U* ? nhitor ef I** K?t. v ? :*a lCia**!" . b-Vmm; inMils; ?1. Tmi u.U?r??tui* vorel, b? ? u?**r of t%~ ?.< - I i?h?* oatkor of* T*c \ .?>-* Afo,-* ! w\ ? 4 f le ini'jof v i k ?o u r ? il.-ii- ? *a kiuwakwixi fvnn ? ? 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